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#1: Becoming Japan: Geography & Culture

Essential Questions: 1. How did Japans geography affect its development? (5 sentences) 2. Explain with examples how China influenced Japanese culture? (5 sentences) 3. Gives examples of how Japan created its own culture? (5 sentences) Questions/Interactions

Geography Basics It is an archipelago (a series of islands) Four main islands Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu (4,000 smaller islands). Japan is slightly smaller than California. California: 35 million people Japan: 127 million people Problems: Very small country with few natural resources. Lots of mountains only 20% of the land good for farming. Frequent earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis. The Sea Japan relied on the sea (ocean) for Food: Fish and rice Transportation: Boats (bridges not possible at the time) The sea also kept Japan isolated from the rest of the world. Tsunami Means harbor wave Caused by earthquakes or volcanoes in the ocean. Tens of thousands of deaths have been caused in the last 100 years by tsunamis. Mount Fuji Japans largest and most sacred mountain. Actually a volcano last erupted in 1707. About 12,400 feet tall. Volcanoes Japan has 108 volcanoes out of 1500 in the world. Part of the Ring of Fire Mt. Fuji is the largest and most well-known.

Early Japan Most people lived in small farming villages ruled by clans chiefs called uji.

Prince Shotoku He was one of the Yamato clan leaders. By 593 he controlled much of Japan. He loved Chinese and Korean culture. He sent people to learn about China and bring back ideas about government, art, architecture, religion, and writing. Wanted Japan to be more like China because China was RICH and POWERFUL. Encouraged Buddhism Daily Life Japan started to create its own culture. Writing Brought over from China. They needed their own style as they broke away from China. Heian (Hai-ahn) Japan During a peaceful period of 300 years the Japanese moved away from copying Chinese culture and began to make their own. It was a golden age for art, writing, fashion, architecture & the performing arts! The Tale of Genji Written around 1,000 A.D. by Lady Murasaki. A long romantic story about the life of a prince. Most amazing because girls were not taught how to read and write. She listened to her brothers teachers to learn. Folk Tales As with most cultures, folk tales are very important in Japan. Reflected Japanese beliefs and values. Haiku Always has 3 lines Syllables: five, seven, five Deep meaning, few words. Sumo Form of Japanese wrestling. Practiced by many samurai. Origami Art of paper folding. Invented in China popularized in Japan. if you build 1,000 cranes your wish will be granted

Essential Answer Rubric: 1.INTRODUCTORY SENTENCE (2 points) EG). Japans geography affected its development. 2. THREE SUPPORTING DETAILS (6 Points) #1 detail = 2 POINTS # 2 detail = 2OINTS #3 detail : 2 POINTS 3.CLOSING SENTENCE (2 POINTS) TOTAL POINTS : 10 points

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