Rocky Point, Montana Metis Wintering Camp.

Designed for temporary shelter, where food and firewood was available, most Metis wintering settlements came and went in accordance with the migratory patterns of the buffalo. Rocky Point on the Missouri River was one such site. The historic town of Rocky Point was on the south side of the Missouri River in Fergus county, Montana in the Missouri reaks. Rocky Point was located at a natural ford on the Missouri River. !n prehistoric times bison trailed down through the breaks to Rocky Point to cross the river. During the Missouri River steamboat era "#$%&s to #$$&s', the buffalo trail system leading to and from the ford caused Rocky Point to become a steamboat landing, which received freight for mining camps in the (udith Mountains "to the south' and in the )ittle Rocky Mountains "to the north' and also for Fort Maginnis built in #$$&. Due to its remote location in the Missouri reaks, in the #$*&s and #$$&s Rocky Point became a refuge for outlaws who turned to rustling cattle and horses until rancher+ vigilantes took punitive action in #$$,. From #$$% to #-.% it had a post office near by which was known as /ilder and so the community of Rocky Point was sometimes also called /ilder.

0ompiled and 1dited by )awrence arkwell 0oordinator of Metis 2eritage and 2istory Research )ouis Riel !nstitute

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