Wood End or Bout de Bois Metis Wintering Site

Designed for temporary shelter, where food and firewood was available, most Metis wintering settlements came and went in accordance with the migratory patterns of the buffalo. Wood End on the Souris River was one such site. Wood End or Bout de Bois is located at the junction of Willow ree! and the Mouse "Souris# River in Sas!atchewan close to the $S%& anada border. 'he name Wood End was very suitable since it is located on the buffalo hunter(s trail west at the end of their natural supply of wood, due to prairie fires. Wood End was a common resting ground where supplies could be refurbished and wood could be gathered for the rest of the journey. Wood End was a shelter to supply wood and hay, and to repair e)uipment for the *ritish +orth %merican *oundary ommission, which had been sent out in the year ,-./ to survey anadian land. 'he +WM01s first association with Wood End was during the March West in ,-.2.

ompiled and Edited by 3awrence *ar!well oordinator of Metis 4eritage and 4istory Research 3ouis Riel 5nstitute

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