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Pentecost Nation Proclaiming the End-Tlme Isaiah 55.13 "Eveasting Sign" in the Desert!

Home Holyday #2 The next BIG event on Earth! Holyday #3 - The Pentecost Nation Worldwide Petition For Divine The Birthright The Birthright 1. What is THE BI RTHRIGHT? The Birthright" is what the Creator granted to Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Joseph, and lastly to Josephs two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, whose modern descendants are Britain and the United States. Read The Lost Tribes Israel Found by Steven M, @Him for comprehensive research on this heritage. Besides The Birthright, the Creator also granted The Blessing to Josephs two sons as explained in @nem 49 -22-2, which detailed these two sons becoming a company of nations and a great nation that would be very wealthy and mmm-w, as explained on pages 163-164 of the book American and Britain in Prophecf 2. What is a BIRTH CERTIFICATE? In America and Britain, the Birth Certificate is the Estate Equitable Title Receipt provided to each child at birth as their portion of The Birthright as an Estate. The Legal Title to this Estate was lost at the hospital when the Informant reported the c hild as illegitimate, Read WHAT IS A BIRTH QERTIFIQATE? for a good explanation of the trick used to steal The Birthright, It appears the lagobjidmit against Esau has caught up with his descendants. Seven years after birth of the child, it was declared dead under the lost at sea doctrine since it did not appear to be ali ve to claim its title. The infant/ child became a decedent, and lost its Equitable Title to the Estate, and the Estate went into Probate administered by a Probate Court. Did you ever wonder why all marriage licenses are handled by the Probate Court? Now you know the meaning of phrase I see dead people in the movie The Sixth Sense. We are all dead but we dont know it! But there is a way to rebut the decedent status, and recover the chld's Equitable Title to the Estate as its rightful share of The Birthright! 3. How can Equitable Title to The Birthright be recovered? The steps below outline the process: Proof of Legitimate Birth lcertified copy of parents Marrigge Certicate Prggf gf Lifg Declaration of Benecigg mmm m) Indorsed Bill Authorig'gg Payment and Authorities (more info i (SBS) fOr Stlell PrOPerty 4. How to use The Birthright to save America! This CHART Loan Accounting Reveals True Creditor shows that they knowWE are the Credit of the Nation" and entitled to The Birlhright Estate! WE are Entitled to use our credit in this Estate as the Holder of the Birth Certificate, which is evidence of Equitable Title to said Credit for the Beneficiary of same. Imagine how quickly the budget and national debt crisis could be solved by the release and understanding of this fundamental economic truth as shown in the CHART. Not to mention how it would stimulate exponential economic growth by the release of this untapped credit buying power. More supporting educational documents are in this mg. The suppression of this truth constitutes complicity in the crime of treason against the American people. This rise of the people as creditors has been prophesied in Hmm@ and so is the use of this wealth for the L ord of the earth in Micah 4 :13 to fulfill His Holyday Plan. The plunder of His People will be returned by the wave of His hand says mm. To be continued...

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