#1 a) Go to 1stbankyuma.com. List what products they offer to consumers.

(Example: checkin accounts) Personal Loans: -Installment Loans; -Personal Line of Credit; -Savings & TCD Secured Loans; -Personal Secured Loans; -Conventional Mortgage Loans, Home !uit" & Im#rovement Loans; Personal C$ec%ing &ccounts; Personal Savings &ccounts; 'usiness Loans: -Commercial(Small 'usiness Loans; -)#erating Lines of Credit; -Commercial & *esidential Construction Loans; -+overnment Loan Programs; -&gricultural Production Loans; C$ec%ing &ccounts; #1 b) !o they also offer car loans to consumers" ,es ,t$e" offer #ersonal secured loans -$ic$ includes t$e &uto loans.

#1 c) #ind the $%& and 'nterest (ate of the 1st (ate (ewards )heckin $ccount. *ote: +ention all important aspects and please provide the link where you found the information. 1st (ate (ewards )heckin Minimum Balance $25,000.01 , Interest ate .05 and the !"# is .05$over $25,000 % and &.00 ' !"# $ paid on (alances up to $25,000% . Monthly Requirements Must Be Met $1 )irect )eposit, *nline Bankin+, eceive ,statements, and 15 "*. transactions per statement cycle. !"# / !nnual "ercenta+e #ield. If account does not meet re0uirements durin+ monthly cycle a .05' !"# will (e earned on the entire (alance. $100 minimum openin+ deposit. 1o minimum (alance re0uired. 1o monthly service char+e. Must (e a #uma 2ounty resident to open this account.% http344www.1st(ankyuma.com4 ates.asp5

I didn6t find the list with the interest rates. calculate a checkin account/s $%& if the interest rate was 1. (ead this wikipedia.64   APY = / +  637   637 −/ = 5.com..com.Maintain a $&00 minimum daily (alance. *ote: %lease also provide the link where you found the information.et up and maintain one or more automatic.31 as your 4ip code.6a7e sa7in s account ha7e any restrictions or special re8uirements" 'f so please list them below.012 and it was compounded daily for one year. !oes the 5ay. or .or . -ased on the first formula listed on the pa e. 8his product isn6t availa(le for consumer. recurrin+ savin+s options *therwise $5 #1 a) Go to firstambank.#..  i nom   APY =  / + N  − /   N /.012304 2 #0 a) Go to capitalone. *ote: "lease write out the e5act formula and the inputs that you used in order to come to the final answer. enterin . . Minimum openin+ deposit 3 $257 Monthly service fee waived when you select one of these options3 . #0 b) Go to wachovia. List the interest rates for their money market accounts.com and list all the mort a e products we need to include for a loan9to97alue e8ual to :32.

List all the saving products with the most fixed interest rate. Go to bankofthewest. +old Line account #rovides a line of credit t$at advances funds to "our c$ec%ing account in increments of 871 to cover overdrafts. )verdraft #rotection -it$ a lin%ed savings or +old Line account. regardless of account balance.#1 b) Go to unionsa7in s.com out find out the maximum number of <7erdrafts that a customer will be char ed in one day. .com . 2ertificates of )eposit $2)s% 9addered 2ertificates of )eposit $2)s% $ with 3 Year Package and 5 Year Package% #. for Easy checkin account. Total availa9le overdraft coverage is determined 9" t$e credit limit.

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