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This General Power of Attorney (the "Agreement") is made and effective iz" November 2012


SPION CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LIMITED, (the "!lient") a cor"oration organi#ed and e$isting %nder the laws of &enya with its head office located at' P() *)+,1-.-/00100 NA01)*0 MR. DAVID NAHINGA (the "Attorney") )2 10 N34*51 2216782,


&N)9 A:: 45N *; T<5=5 P15=5NT= that this Power of Attorney is given by !lient to Attorney and that the !lient hereby a""oints Attorney to be its attorney and to do in its name and on its behalf anything that the !lient can lawf%lly do by an attorney incl%ding b%t not limited to>


To as? demand s%e for recover collect and receive all s%ms of money debts d%es acco%nts legacies be@%ests interest dividends ann%ities and demands of every ty"e that are now or may later become d%e owing "ayable or belonging to !lient and have, %se and ta?e all lawf%l ways and means in !lientAs name or otherwise for the recovery thereof by attachments arrest distress or otherwise and to com"romise and agree for them and ac@%aintances or other s%fficient discharges for them>


2or !lient and in its name to ma?e seal and deliver to bargain contract agree for "%rchase receive, and ta?e lands and tenements and acce"t the "ossession of all lands and all deeds and other ass%rances in the law therefore and to lease let demise bargain sell release convey mortgage and hy"othecate lands and tenements on the terms and conditions and %nder the covenants as Attorney thin?s fit> Also to bargain and agree for b%y sell( mortgage hy"othecate and in any and every way and manner deal in and with goods wares and merchandise chose in action and other "ro"erty in "ossession or in action and to ma?e do and transact all and every ?ind of b%siness of every nat%re and ?ind>



And also for !lient(and in its name and as !lientAs act and deed to sign seal e$ec%te deliver, and ac?nowledge the deeds leases mortgages hy"othecations contracts charter bills of lading bills bonds notes recei"ts evidence or debt releases and satisfaction of mortgage B%dgments and other debts and other instr%ments in writing of every ?ind and nat%re that may be necessary or "ro"er in the "remises> G0C0NG AND G1ANT0NG to/the Attorney in fact f%ll "ower and a%thority to do and"erson every act necessary re@%isite or "ro"er to be done as f%lly as !lient might or co%ld do if "ersonally "resent with f%ll "ower of s%bstit%tion and revocation hereby ratifying and confirming all that the Attorney in fact may lawf%lly do or ca%se to be done by virtue of this Power of Attorney(


All "ower and a%thority granted in this "ower of attorney will a%tomatically terminate on 1 %nless sooner revo?ed(

z" N)C54*51 2020

0N 90TN5== 9<515)2 the "arties hereto have e$ec%ted this Agreement on the date first above written( i "