How To Be More Enthusiastic POSTED If you want to know how to be enthusiastic about life, change the way you

look a t your life. Let me explain. I spent most of my high school either running away from home (I don t think I will ever write a parenting book) or being depressed and hating the world. I don t think anyone has ever been happier to leave high school than I was. I entered college with only two agendas: get a job to pay my school fees and sm oke weed. But without intending to I got another agenda: become a Goth. This last agenda just sort of happened and it kept happening for 2 years, until I decided to dye my hair orange. So back to my original point: I can write about how to be happy and how to be en thusiastic because I know what it s like to be unhappy, resentful and cynical. And because I have had to learn how to be the opposite of what I normally am. I think I write about all these positive emotions to mess with my childhood frie nds and their memories of me. The Importance Of Being Enthusiastic Luckily (or unluckily) for me I learned at a very early age that enthusiasm is a necessary emotion if you want to motivate people to do something. But even law of attraction teachers argue that positive emotions such as excitem ent, enthusiasm and joy impact our ability to manifest the life we want because they impact the way the mind perceives what we are visualizing. If you re happy and enthusiastic about what you visualize then the subconscious mi nd assumes that this vision is non-threatening and has no troubles making this v ision a reality. How To Cultivate Enthusiasm 1. Practice being authentic Being authentic is about living your life s purpose and values. When you re being wh o you know you were sent out to be in the world, you feel at peace and are enthu siastic about life. Have you ever noticed how pretending to be something you re not doesn t make you exc ited about life or the situation you re trying to hide? All that energy you use pretending and telling half lies is draining you of your enthusiasm for life. When you re authentic and living in line with your values and your life s purpose yo u actually want to get up in the morning and live. 2. Do at least one thing that makes you happy every day If you want to be enthusiastic do something that you really enjoy, something th at doesn t leave you feeling guilty or ashamed but just leaves you loving life. Th is ll remind you of all that is good in your life and also give you a sense of gra titude. 3. Laugh at least once a day Put this on your schedule. Honestly laugh about your current money situation fi nd jokes or explore the absurdity of it all. Just like the simple act of smiling makes you happy, then the simple act of lau ghing will make you happy. According to the two factor theory of emotion our behavior has the power to imp act our emotions. We equate joy and happiness with laughter so when we laugh about something we a utomatically tell ourselves that we re happy. How powerful would it be if you could stop seeing your lack of money as struggle but as part of life, nothing more and nothing less? Now what if you could change the whole situation and see it as an adventure and a challenge to be something more? 4. Play Stuart Brown at the TED Conference in 2009, spoke about the importance of play i n stress reduction and problem solving. Brown talks about how he started off interviewing serial killers and found that

000 people and found that n ot being able to play in their childhood has stopped them from growing into happ y .they didn t get to play as kids.wealthy-money. WWW. He also interviewed 6.

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