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New York Church Famous Churches of New York

People often associate New York City only with Manhattan and its gleaming skyscrapers, forgetting that there are several other types of attractions that the place is well known for. Take for example, the num er of eautiful churches that one can find in this city. !n fact, almost every New York church has some kind of a rich history ehind it.

Not for nothing is New York City often referred to as a cultural melting pot. "ne can find people from almost every nook and corner of the world living here in perfect harmony with each other. #ach community has een instrumental in esta lishing their own worship communities. Take for example the Pun$a i Masihi Church, which is %uite popular among the large !ndian population in the city. The church conducts programs in the &indi, 'rdu and Pun$a i languages that are spoken among the !ndian community.

(part from preaching a out the greatness of )od, the churches in the city are also famous for their different styles of architecture. Take for example the *t.Patrick+s Cathedral in the city. Now this church is known for its eautiful )othic architecture and is counted among the most popular tourist attractions in the city too.

"ne of the oldest churches in the city is the *t.Paul+s Chapel. The church attracts a regular stream of visitors throughout the day. ,ust near y is the Trinity Church, which is again, one of the oldest in the city. !ts classical )othic architecture continues to inspire awe among visitors to the city.

(nother church that has a rich history ehind it is the ,ohn *treet Methodist Church. !n fact, this is the oldest Methodist church in the whole of '*. The )reek revival style architecture of the church is another attraction. The church was uilt way ack in -./0 and continues to e extremely popular.

The *hrine of *t.#li1a eth (nn 2ayley *eton is another famous church located in New York City. The typical )eorgian style of architecture makes this church uilding stand out from the crowd of modern uildings in the Park (venue area in New York. *urrounded y lush greenery, the church has een constructed with limestone and rick.

Not only is New York City home to some of the tallest uildings in the 'nited *tates, it is also the place where you can also find the tallest church too. The 3iverside Church+s ell tower rises a good 456 feet, making it the tallest church uilding in the whole of the country. !n fact, the ell tower in itself has ecome a ma$or tourist attraction in the city.

The list of eautiful churches that are spread around New York is almost endless. (s we have seen, right from the Masihi Church, which is an !ndian Church to the various other churches that are spread through the nook and corner of the city, the devout will e spoilt for choice here.

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