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1. Machine A and Machine B can produce 1 widget in 3 hours working together at their respective constant rates.

If Machine A's speed were doubled, the two machines could produce 1 widget in 2 hours working together at their respective rates. How many hours does it currently take Machine A to produce 1 widget on its own? 12 2 3 5 6

2.Adam and Brianna plan to install a new tile floor in a classroom. Adam works at a constant rate of 50 tiles per hour, and Brianna works at a constant rate of 55 tiles per hour. If the new floor consists of exactly 1400 tiles, how long will it take Adam and Brianna working together to complete the classroom floor? A) 26 hrs. 44 mins. B) 26 hrs. 40 mins. C) 13 hrs. 20 mins. D) 13 hrs. 18 mins. E) 12 hrs. 45 mins. 3. A copy machine, working at a constant rate, makes 35 copies per minute. A second copy machine, working at a constant rate, makes 55 copies per minute. Working together at their respective rates, how many copies do the two machines make in half an hour? 90 2,700 4,500 5,400 324,000

4. Tom, working alone, can paint a room in 6 hours. Peter and John, working independently, can paint the same room in 3 hours and 2 hours, respectively. Tom starts painting the room and works on his own for one hour. He is then joined by Peter and they work together for an hour. Finally, John joins them and the three of them work together to finish the room, each one working at his respective rate. What fraction of the whole job was done by Peter? 1/9 1/6 1/3 7/18 5/18

5. Machine A can complete a certain job in x hours. Machine B can complete the same job in y hours. If A and B work together at their respective rates to complete the job, which of the following represents the fraction of the job that B will not have to complete because of A's help? (x y)/ (x + y) x / (y x) (x + y) / xy y / (x y) y / (x + y)

6. Lindsay can paint 1/x of a certain room in 60 minutes. What fraction of the same room can Joseph paint in 20 minutes if the two of them can paint the room in an hour, working together at their respective rates? 1/3x 3x/(x 3) (x 1) / 3x x / (x 3) (x 3)/x

7. One smurf and one elf can build a treehouse together in two hours, but the smurf would need the help of two fairies in order to complete the same job in the same amount of time. If one elf and one fairy worked together, it would take them four hours to build the treehouse. Assuming that work rates for smurfs, elves, and fairies remain constant, how many hours would it take one smurf, one elf, and one fairy, working together, to build the treehouse? 5/7 1 10/7 12/7 22/7

8. A paint crew gets a rush order to paint 80 houses in a new development. They paint the first y houses at a rate of x houses per week. Realizing that they'll be late at this rate, they bring in some more painters and paint the rest of the houses at the rate of 1.25x houses per week. The total time it takes them to paint all the houses under this scenario is what fraction of the time it would have taken if they had painted all the houses at their original rate of x houses per week? (A) 0.8(80 y) (B) 0.8 + 0.0025y (C) 80/y 1.25 (D) 80/1.25y (E) 80 0.25y 9. Bob bikes to school every day at a steady rate of x miles per hour. On a particular day, Bob had a flat tire exactly halfway to school. He immediately started walking to school at a steady pace of y miles per hour. He arrived at school exactly t hours after leaving his home. How many miles is it from the school to Bob's home? (x + y) / t 2(x + y + t) / xy 2(x + t) / xy x(y + t) + y(x + t) 2xyt / (x + y)

10. Lexy walks 5 miles from point A to point B in one hour, then bicycles back to point A along the same route at 15 miles per hour. Ben makes the same round trip, but does so at half of Lexys average speed. How many minutes does Ben spend on his round trip? 40 80 120 160 180

11. Triathlete Dan runs along a 2-mile stretch of river and then swims back along the same route. If Dan runs at a rate of 10 miles per hour and swims at a rate of 6 miles per hour, what is his average rate for the entire trip in miles per minute? 1/8 2/15 3/15 14 3/8

12. Tom and Linda stand at point A. Linda begins to walk in a straight line

away from Tom at a constant rate of 2 miles per hour. One hour later, Tom begins to jog in a straight line in the exact opposite direction at a constant rate of 6 miles per hour. If both Tom and Linda travel indefinitely, what is the positive difference, in minutes, between the amount of time it takes Tom to cover half of the distance that Linda has covered and the amount of time it takes Tom to cover twice the distance that Linda has covered? 60 72 84 90 108

13. The moving walkway is a 300-foot long conveyor belt that moves continuously at 3 feet per second. When Bill steps on the walkway, a group of people that are also on the walkway stands 120 feet in front of him. He walks toward the group at a combined rate (including both walkway and foot speed) of 6 feet per second, reaches the group of people, and then remains stationary until the walkway ends. What is Bills average rate of movement for his trip along the moving walkway? 2 feet per second 4 feet per second 2.5 feet per second 5 feet per second 3 feet per second

14. Martha takes a road trip from point A to point B. She drives x percent of the distance at 60 miles per hour and the remainder at 50 miles per hour. If Martha's average speed for the entire trip is represented as a fraction in its reduced form, in terms of x, which of the following is the numerator? 110 300 1,100 3,000 30,000

15. What was Bill's average speed on his trip of 250 miles from New York City to Boston? (1) The trip took Bill 5 hours. (2) At the midpoint of his trip, Bill was going exactly 50 miles per hour. 16. A certain investment grows at an annual interest rate of 8%, compounded quarterly. Which of the following equations can be solved to find the number of years, x, that it would take for the investment to increase by a factor of 16? 16 = (1.02)x/4 2 = (1.02)x 1/16 = (1.02)4x 16 = (1.08)4x 2 = (1.02)x/4

17. Louie takes out a three-month loan of $1000. The lender charges him 10% interest per month compounded monthly. The terms of the loan state

that Louie must repay the loan in three equal monthly payments. To the nearest dollar, how much does Louie have to pay each month? 333 383 402 433 483

18. Donald plans to invest x dollars in a savings account that pays interest at an annual rate of 8% compounded quarterly. Approximately what amount is the minimum that Donald will need to invest to earn over $100 in interest within 6 months? $1500 $1750 $2000 $2500 $3000