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B. Tech.

Time : 3 Hours

Total Marks : 100

Note : Attempt a// questions.



any four parts of the




(a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (0

Discuss the relative merits and demerits
and double cage induction motors.

of single-cage

Explain, how the equivalent circuit of an ordinary
polyphase induction motor is also applicable to deep bar

induction motors.

Discuss the concept of constant torque control with

Discuss the starting characteristics of split-phase singlephase induction motors with applications.

Effrciency and p.f. are important in industrial powerdrives but not for ac servomotors. Justiff the statement.
Enumerate the merits and demerits of an ac servometer as

compared to other servometers.


Attempt arry two parts of the following:



State and describe the methods of starting of single-phase

induction motors. Explain how


rotating field is produced

in each one of them at the time of starting.
[Tturn Over

5) O" Compare relative currents and torques of two cages- (i) (ii) 3. Find the new speed and p. draws 10 A and runs at 1400 r. (c) A l6-pole. Discuss in detail. then find what voltage and frequehcies can be obtained from this frequency converter. the motor current remaining the same. Attempt any two parts of the following: (10x2=20) Discuss in detail the principle of operation and characteristics of hybrid stepper motors with applications. 25 Hz supply. EEEOI2IPT'R4G'I3 .(b) (c) Discuss the static slip power recovery control scheme with neat diagram. Discuss in detail the conskuction.. The motor has total resistance of 1 Cl andtotal inductance of 0. 4. (a) (b) atstandstill at a slip of SYo. principle of operation and torque production in switched reluctance motors.1 +j1. If the rotor terminal voltage at standstill is 15 V.1 H. (c) A universal series motor when operating on Z20y d-c_. when connected to 220 V.p.f.3{ induction freq. convertor is driven at 2250rpmand its stator is connected to a 50 Hz system.m.3 + j0. If the standstill impedance of the outer cage of a double cage machine is (0. the constructiorq operating principle and characteristics of reluctance hysteresis motors.4) Q and of the inner cage is (0. Attempt frry two parts of the following : (10x2=20) (a) (b) Discuss the brushless dc motor with their important features and with help of suitable applications.

The motor runs at 1000 rpm when I A from 220 it Y d. principle of operation and characteristics of repulsion motors with neat diagram and application also. a total inductance of 0. EEEOI2IPUR4O513 6325 . Calculate the speed V 50 Hz and pf when it draws the same current from 220 (c) Write short notes on any two of the following : (D (ii) (iii) (iv) Linear lnduction Motor Universal Motor l-$ hysteresis Motor Shaded Pole Motors. i Attempt any twoparts ofthe following: (10x2=20) (a) (b) Discuss in detail the construction.c.2 H. source.I 5. A series motor has a total resistance of 25 Qand draws source. \.

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