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ASAP Phase 1: The Project Preparation Phase Defining the high-level business requirements

Develop the high-level business requirements document:
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business drivers high-level business processes supporting business organization

Defining the project charter

Develop the project charter document:
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mission statement project scope critical success factors high-level project plan detailed project plan

Identif ing the project team organi!ation

Organize the project team: project sponsor project manager technical project lead ABAP/ developer Basis consultant functional consultant Define the !or" plan for developing end-user training and documentation
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Defining the project implementation standards and procedures

Develop project management standards and procedures: scope management plan communication plan qualit# standards Develop implementation standards and procedures:
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s#stem configuration standards

o o s#stem authorization standards testing strategies "ourse: $AP Project Planning and %mplementation Topic: &he Project Preparation Phase ASAP Phase 2: The Business BluePrint phase Purpose: Use this job aid to gain a better understanding of the business blueprint phase' "reating the business blueprint document • • • • (onduct the organizational structure !or"shop Develop the proposed organizational structure (onduct the general requirements !or"shop Develop the standardization criteria: enterprise standards requirements general settings requirements master data requirements (onduct the business process !or"shop Develop the business process requirements )ap anal#sis Develop the development requirements: conversion requirements interface requirements reports requirements !or"flo! requirements *+tract the most essential business requirements Develop the baseline scope • o o o o • o o o • • • • • • Defining the development procedures • • .evie! the development requirements -ormulate the development procedures: • o o o o development tas"s approval process change procedure development standards .

ap the business processes: identif# an# gaps in requirements identif# critical integration requirements Determine the business volume: • o • o o • identif# sizing/ performance/ or availabilit# ris"s • • • development environment testing environment training environment "ourse: $AP Project Planning and %mplementation Topic: &he Business Blueprint Phase ASAP Phase 3: The Realization Phase Purpose: Use this job aid to gain a better understanding of the realization phase' Setting up user roles and authori!ations • Define user roles 0using Profile )enerator1: single roles derived roles composite roles %mplement user roles and authorizations &est user roles and authorizations Perform user roles and authorizations cutover • o o o • • • Developing programs to customi!e the SAP s stem • Develop data transfer programs: • o o o o define the data transfer requirements develop data transfer programs test data transfer programs and fi+ if errors are found verif# the transferred data .o documentation "reating the ris# management plan • • %dentif# ris"s associated !ith the business blueprint using the -easibilit# (hec" tool .

) tool/ or $AP2s $olution .anager (onfigure the $AP s#stem: configure general settings configure organizational structure configure processes and structure (onduct baseline testing: • o o • o o o • o o o • • • define baseline test cases define the baseline test plan .)s1/ !ith the help of consultants/ $AP2s%.• Develop interface programs: create a detailed design for interface programs evaluate predesigned $AP interface programs develop interface programs if $AP interface programs don2t meet business needs o test the interface programs 0includes a data transfer test1 Develop reports: select the appropriate $AP report-development tool define the la#out requirements and technical specifications for the reports develop the reports using the appropriate tool test reports for functionalit#/ fle+ibilit#/ la#out/ and response times3 fi+ errors as needed Develop !or"flo!s: create a detailed design for the !or"flo! have process o!ners and representative users revie! and approve the !or"flo! o define the technical specifications for the !or"flo! o develop the !or"flo! using $AP2s Business 4or"flo! tool o define specific test cases and test each !or"flo! %n addition to developing data transfer programs/ interface programs/ reports/ and !or"flo!s/ customization of the $AP s#stem ma# involve data archiving/ development of enhancements/ forms/ and third-part# applications/ if the business blueprint as"s for these' • o o • o o o o • o o o • • • "onfiguring the SAP s stem • (reate and approve a baseline configuration plan: configuration sequence configuration responsibilities configuration timeline )enerate Project %mplementation )uides 0Project %.

• migrate objects to the 5A environment conduct the baseline tests resolve issues (onfirm and approve baseline configuration: o o o • o o o o conduct scenarios testing revie! the results of scenarios testing approve the baseline configuration Testing the customi!ed and configured SAP s stem • Prepare detailed integration test plan: goals scope completion criteria logistics test cases (reate simulated environment b# transferring configuration objects and settings to the 5A s#stem (onduct final integration test: verif# all business processes along the value chain chec" that reports/ interfaces/ output and print functions/ and enhancements are !or"ing as e+pected o resolve issues as required 6se &echnical %ntegration (hec" to verif# operabilit# and integration across the s#stem landscape: • o o o • o o • o o o o o • • • chec" configuration/ setup/ and performance of critical interfaces chec" version and release compatibilit# for all involved $AP components chec" strateg# for s#stem and business process management "ourse: $AP Project Planning and %mplementation Topic: &he .ealization Phase ASAP Phase 4: The Final Preparation and Go Live Phases Purpose: Use this job aid to view an overview of the SAP project planning and implementation final preparation and go live phases' The $inal Preparation Phase .

GoingLive chec • • • • • 7erif# the technical capabilities of the production environment (hec" the s#stem configuration/ including databases and s#stem components (hec" the version and release compatibilit# of all $AP components and plugins Anal#ze the performance of core business processes (hec" the initial data load Functional and per!or"ance tests • • 7olume test $tress test #utover and production support • (reate the cutover plan: data conversion estimates team assignments and availabilit# procedures for shutting do!n legac# s#stems testing requirements for the live s#stem (reate the production support plan: anal#ze support requirements establish help des" organize production support team create long-term support strateg# $et up the live s#stem: transportation to production s#stem data conversion manual entr# of data )et the final approval for going live: • o o o o • o o o • o o o o • o o o o • • • confirm that end users are trained confirm that $AP s#stem administration is read# confirm that technical s#stem tests are complete confirm that conversions and business processes are verified The %o &ive Phase Pro$ect end • )o live and support revie!: • o o o project management %& infrastructure change management .

< -B. --=: --.> -B(? --.A -B.P1 Topic: )eneral 8edger .< -7:.= --.@ -B.@ -B.• sustained support benefits achievement Project closing: o o • o o o o business process issues resolution business benefits revie! "no!ledge transfer project signoff #ontinuous i"prove"ent • • • Production support Business operations change management Post go live end-user training "ourse: $AP Project Planning and %mplementation Topic: &he -inal Preparation and )o 8ive Phases G%L transaction codes Purpose: Access the job aid G/L transaction codes to view the commonly used G/L transaction codes' &he commonl# used )/8 transaction codes are listed in this table' &able 9: &-codes )/8 Posting )eneral Posting *dit or Par" )/8 Document )eneral Document Par"ing Post !ith (learing %ncoming Pa#ments Outgoing Pa#ments (ash ?ournal Posting (lear )/8 Open 8ine %tems Displa# Document (hange (hange 8ine %tems Displa# Document Displa# (hanges in Document -B:. --. "ourse: $AP *nterprise . --.esource Planning 0*.

.eplenishment 0-C.1 8ead management $ales Activit# management (redit management $ales transaction $ervice resource $ervice planning 4arrant# claim processing m#$AP $uppl# (hain $AP Advanced Planning and Demand planning .1 (reating bids $AP *nterprise Bu#er $elf-service procurement $ervice procurement Plan-driven procurement $upplier $elf-$ervices 0$6$1 "ourse: Overvie! of $AP $olutions Topic: $AP Be!-dimension Products .elationship $AP Bidding *ngine (reating bid invitations ..1 processing Order proposal management $AP *+tended 4arehouse Deliver# processing .anagement 0(.elationship .anagement 0$.1 Optimization 0APO1 $uppl# net!or" planning $AP -orecasting and Automatic replenishment .anagement 0$(.anagement 0*4.&e'(di"ension Products Purpose: Use the job aid ew!dimension Products to view the products and their associated modules and components' Be!-dimension products/ modules/ and components Product 'odule "omponents m#$AP (ustomer .1 7alue-added services m#$AP $upplier .ar"eting (ampaign management .