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Wood Mountain (Montagne de Bois), Metis Wintering Site:

Wood Mountain is located in southern Saskatchewan and was another wintering place for Metis buffalo hunters. In 1871, the Hudsons a! "o#pan! established a trading post there and it beca#e the prairie depot for the $orthwest oundar! "o##ission. See a #ore e%tensi&e entr! under Montagne de ois "oul'e "hapelle and (alle de Saules. )s the Metis fro# Manitoba had to #o&e further and further west in search of bison, the! established wintering ca#ps in places such as Wood Mountain. )fter the 18*+,7.esistance e&en #ore people #o&ed to these locations. Wood Mountain /ele&ation 1--- #etres0, is located about 112 k# southwest of present da! Moose 3aw, Saskatchewan, near the "anada,4.S. border on the 5+ th 6arallel. It has flat,topped hills, dissected b! coulees, which rise so#e 5-- #etres abo&e the surrounding prairie. (he M'tis settled on the slopes of Montagne de ois in 187-, building houses fro# the plentiful poplar trees. In 1871 the H " trading post at Wood Mountain beca#e the prairie depot of the oundar! "o##ission. (he 7ort 8u)ppelle 9 Wood Mountain (rail was a pro&isional suppl! route during the height of the fur trade. It was appro%i#atel! :2- k# in length across &ast e%panses of southern prairie. 7ro# east to west it followed a general southwest direction fro# 7ort 8u)ppelle, going south of .egina, through the ;irt Hills ending in Wood Mountain. (he trail was an i#portant pro&isional route suppl!ing Hudsons a! "o#pan! posts southwest of 7ort 8u)ppelle. <ebret #issionaries also used the trail e%tensi&el!, as it was their onl! access to nu#erous M'tis settle#ents.

"o#piled and =dited b! <awrence arkwell "oordinator of Metis Heritage and Histor! .esearch <ouis .iel Institute