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Funeral Home Resource Case Study

The Savino Funeral Home

Web Marketing Strategy Delivers Results
The Problem
Savino Funeral Home in Margate, Florida is owned by a funeral director who, until 2010, never owned a funeral home. The funeral home is located in an old Italian restaurant storefront and opened in March of 2010 only a mile away from a corporate location that had been there since 1952. Some of the issues the owner faced include: New funeral home with no name recognition No existing referrals or families Strong, established corporate competition Starting any new business can create challenges. The problem Savino Funeral Home and Cremation Service faced was being a brand new establishment in an industry largely dened by trusted providers. To make matters more challenging the location chosen for the new home was a long time Italian restaurant in Margate Florida. Most funeral homes have been in business for generations, have decades of community name recognition, and have an established position in the community they serve. Creating a brand name and starting a presence in the funeral home industry can be a problem that some say can only be solved by years in business. As this case study clearly demonstrates, the answer to the brand-creation roadblock can be cleared away with the right strategy. Turning a former Italian restaurant into a trusted provider of funeral services was one of the problems Funeral Home Resource helped their client solve.

Created custom website complete with funeral home tour, staff pages, and pre-planning information Optimized website through search engine optimization, SEO Created premium directory listing advertising on Additional SEO package to optimize site visibility and increase market share Build it and they will come, might work for Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, but not in the competitive world of the funeral home industry. All homes need a physical location. Savino built a state of the art, comforting, location in Margate Florida and opened the doors in March of 2010. However, in addition to the physical location, a virtual location was needed as well. To meet this need, Funeral Home Resource executed a three-part web marketing strategy: website build, online advertising, and search engine optimization services. During the website build, special attention was paid to the look and feel of the website to reect the special natural beauty found in the Florida natural environment. Because the Internet is the #1 As an entrepreneur that is setting up a business source of business in a competitive area, besides referrals, the having a website that design of any funeral not only received visitors, home website is critibut also caused them cal. Why? Because to choose us over the one of the primary competition was crucial. elements Google Funeral Home Resource looks for when dehas not only built us a termining page rank beautiful website but is something called more importantly, has bounce rate. This is built us a site that has simply how quickly literally placed us above a user goes from our established competisearch results back tors in online visibility to Google to look at and has directly resulted more results. Google in our early success. rewards sites with a low bounce rate. The Bill Savino, Owner reward granted by Google is higher listings for search terms that drive business, or in the case of Savino, the search term: Funeral Home Margate. The entire site built by Funeral Home Resource for Savino employed the latest search engine optimized (SEO) code specically for the key words that drive the most pre-need and atneed trafc. Once the visitors reach the site, the user interface layout is optimized for conversion. Conversion is

The Solution
Establish an online web site brand presence and web marketing strategy that enhances and compliments a newly built physical location.

a simple measure of how many Website visits turn potential customers. With the assistance of Funeral Home Resource, into a step that matters to the business phone calls, contact forms lled out, etc. In todays competi- Savino Funeral Home understood the necessity and tive consumer environment, consumers shop on the impact a fully optimized website can have. The webInternet in a manner that puts buying decision wins site tracking information, combined with a tracking and losses only a click away. Savinos site was built to phone number, allowed Savino Funeral Home to see tangible evidence that their website was not only defend against users leaking away. However, because nearly all users shop around for attracting new families online but also affecting visitors decisions to work with Savino Funeral Home. their funeral needs, Through in-depth analysis, Funeral Home Resource Funeral Home assisted Savino Funeral Home to identify users comResource added a ing to the site from various sources online and what premium directory keywords were most commonly used. This allowed listing as an online Funeral Home Resource to target those keywords advertising compoand increase site performance and increase market nent. Because the share. The results have been outstanding. directory advertisement also ranks Lessons Learned highly in Google searches, more roads lead back to the Savino Website. And, because Web marketing is a crucial ingredient to gaining market the site makes it easier for the user to stay on the site share in the funeral home industry, and consumers who are long enough to look at beautiful pictures of the new in need of funeral arrangements are actively using the Inhome, online tributes to the deceased, and compel- ternet to start the path towards buying decisions. ling copywriting, those users turn into phone calls. Many funeral homes have the false impression that Funeral Home Resource provided a full service Web their homes market share is completely defensible marketing solution to Savino Funeral Home to drive against current competitors or new market entrants. potential customers from Website surfers looking for Ranking highly in Google is the halfway point. a funeral provider into real customers for the Savino Never stop if you rank highly on Google, because the Funeral Home. other half of the Web marketing winning equation is making sure your Website converts trafc to new The Results business opportunities. A Great website is an investment in gaining more Savino has taken market share away from established combusiness, and an investment in serving the families petitors in the market place and has a ourishing new busiwho are now actively use the Internet. Monthly ness serving the community. The Web marketing strategy there are millions of searches for the term Find a delivered by Funeral Home Resource drives at need and preFuneral Home. need families to Savino Funeral Home. Directory advertising on www.funeralhomeresource. Brand new business is on track to do 250+ calls in com drives more business, the listing combined with year one a great website and sound search engine strategy Site appears as the #1 listing in Googles natural can lead to big market share wins. search results (above all competitors) under the at need search term Funeral Home Margate FL, and About Funeral Home Resource appears in the #1 position for Googles map listings Funeral Home Resources mission is to help Funer July 2010 received 24 new family calls al Homes grow their market share by identifying 2,600 site visits in March 2010 increased to 9000 at-need or pre-need Families through on-line marvisits in July 2010 keting, and to help Funeral Homes provide better 50% of Website trafc sourced from search engines service to their Families through the Internet. The Within 6 months, the Savino Funeral Home is on Company operates, the track to do over 250 new family calls in their rst industrys highest quality online directory of Funeryear in business, appears #1 in Google ranking for al Homes, and develops industry leading websites the #1 at-need search term Funeral Home Margate, ( FL, and the website is helping to convert trafc into

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