Dried Meat Hill Metis Wintering Camp.

Designed for temporary shelter, where food and firewood was available, most Metis
wintering settlements came and went in accordance with the migratory patterns of the
buffalo. Dried Meat hill on the Battle River was one such site.
Dried Meat Hill rises about 150 feet higher than Dried Meat Lake which is an expansion
of the Battle River. Dried Meat reek runs into this lake.
In 1! "oseph Burr #yrell described the nearby settlement in his geological and
natural history survey report$
%t &alois' (rossing four miles above Driedmeat )a*e, there is a flourishing
settlement of +rench Half Breeds, consisting of about forty families. #hey are living
in substantial log houses, and there is sufficient land under cultivation to raise all the
field produce that can be used in the settlement. In "uly, 1!, wheat, barley, oats,
potatoes, turnips and Indian corn were well advanced, and I was informed that for
the last seven yeas here had been no failure of crops,. % considerable number of
horses, cattle and sheep were also seen around the houses, and all were in e-cellent
condition. .#yrell, /atural History &urvey of (anada, %nnual Report, 10, vol. 1, p.
(ompiled and 4dited by )awrence Bar*well
(oordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research
)ouis Riel Institute

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