Chapter 1

ABASE:to act in a way that shows that you accept somebody’s power over you A+base….base is the key word Dhiru Bhai Ambani says if your company’s base is not strong, your company will not be able to stand against your competitors and you’ll have to accept their power over you. ABASHED: embarrassed and ashamed because of something you have done Ab + ash+ed….Relate ash with Aishwarya In the movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Salman was embarrassed and ashamed when Aishwarya rejected his offer to marry him and decided to marry Ajay. ABATE:to become less strong; to make something less strong. Ab + ate….ate is the key word If Deepika Padukone would ate less and doesn’t exercise, she can become less strong. ABBREVIATE: to make a word, phrase or name shorter by leaving out letters or using only the first letter of each word Obvious We use abbreviations in our daily life. For Example, CAT is the abbreviated name of Common Aptitude Test or ATM is the abbreviated form of Automated Teller Machine. ABDICATE:to give up the position of being king or queen; to fail or refuse to perform a duty. Abdicate rhymes as indicate Atal Bihari Bajpayee’s bad health indicates that he can give up his position in the near future ABERRANT:abnormal; not usual or socially acceptable Aber+rant….rant sounds like rent Abnormal flat rents in Bombay cause problems for a common man to get an appropriate flat to live in. ABET:to help or encourage somebody to do something wrong. A+bet….bet is the key word. Shakti Kapoor while playing cards with his friends, never help or encourages anyone to bet higher and lose big money. ABEYANCE:being stopped for a period of time or not being used. A+beyance….beyance sounds like Beyonce. Singer Beyonce Knowles’s concert in Delhi was being stopped for a period of time because of the chaos in the audience. ABHOR:to hate something A+bhor….relate bhor with bhor (in Hindi) (morning) In Colleges, usually students hates to wake up in bhor (morning) for attending the classes. ABIDE:to accept and act according to a law, an agreement etc. A+bi+de….relate bi with bai (in Hindi) (servant) A bai (in Hindi) (servant) has to accept and act according to her maalkin’s (in Hindi)(Owner) rules. ABJECT:terrible and without hope; without any pride or respect for yourself. Abject sounds like object When a person doesn’t know the objects of his life, he/she feels terrible or hopeless.

Verbal Ability



ABJURE:to promise publicly that you will give up or reject a belief or a way of behaving. Ab+jure…..Relate jure with jury Phoolan Devi promised the Supreme Court’s jury that she will give up his way of behaving, and that she will behave like an ideal citizen of the country ABLUTION:the act of washing yourself Ab+lution…..lution sounds as lotion Sushmita Sen uses Lakme body lotion to wash her face. ABNEGATION:reject or denial or renunciation Ab+negation…relate Ab with Amitabh Bachhan Amitabh Bachan rejected the Slumdog Millionaire offer. ABODE:A house or home Relate Abode with adobe Interior Designers use adobe software to design homes or houses on computers. ABOLISH:Officially end a system, a law or an institution A+bolish…..Bolish rhymes as polish Indian government is planning to end the practice of shoe polishing by minors and child labour. ABOMINABLE:Extremely unpleasant and causing disgust A+Bomin+able….Bomin sounds as Boman Irani (a Bollywood actor) In the movie Munna Bhai MBBS Boman Irani played the role of an extremely unpleasant and disgusting person. No one likes him. ABORIGINAL:Relating to the original people living in a country Ab+Original….Original is the key word Original people of India are those who live in villages and practice farming. ABORTIVE:not successful; failed A+bortive…..Bortive is the keyword Do you know about Mr. Bortive? Well! Mr. Bortive is the guy who failed or unsuccessful in GRE exam continuously for 10 years. ABRASIVE:capable of polishing or cleaning a hard surface by rubbing or grinding; harsh or insensitive in manner A+bras+sive…..Relate bras with Brass (an alloy) Brass (an Alloy) is a mixture of copper and zinc, which are polished or cleaned by rubbing on it. ABRIDGE:condense or shorten A+bridge…..Bridge is the key word Howrah Bridge shortens the distance between city and the railway station. ABROGATE:end an agreement, a law Abro+gate….gate is the key word If any actor is kicked out from the gate of Karan Johar’s office it only means Karan Johar has ended an agreement with that actor. ABSCISSION:cutting off; separation Ab+scission…...Relate scission with scissors Scissors are used by tailors to cut off clothes.

Verbal Ability



ABSCOND:depart secretly and hide Abs+cond….relate cond with cond (in Hindi) (a crime) In the movie Vaastav, after involving in a cond (in Hindi) (crime), Sanjay Dutt decided to depart secretly and hide from the police. ABSOLUTE:complete and total Obvious In colleges absolute marking is preferred by professors. ABSOLVE:state formally that somebody is not guilty or responsible for something Ab+solve…solve is the keyword Case is solved in favor of Salman; court stated formally that he is not guilty or responsible. ABSTAIN:to decide not to do something, especially something you like or enjoy, because it is bad for your health; refrain Ab+stain….stain (marks) is the keyword Shahrukh’s dentist advised him not to smoke much because it might s tain his teeth. So Shahrukh decided not to smoke. ABSTEMIOUS:not allowing yourself to have much food or alcohol Ab+stem+ious…..Stem is the key word Aamir wanted his abs strong like a stem, so he decided not to allow himself to have much food or alcohol. ABSTINENCE:abstaining, especially from food or alcoholic drinks Relate Abstinence with Abstemious because both have Abs common and both have the same meaning ABSTRACT:existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or practical existence. Obvious When we take projects from our Guide, In report, we write abstract, it means we are giving an idea or thought what we are planning to do which doesn’t have any physical existence till that time. ABSTRUSE: difficult to understand Abstruse rhymes with Tom cruise Tom Cruise is a unique personality. It’s really difficult for his mates to understand him ABUSIVE:Rude and offensive; criticizing rudely and unfairly A+bus+ive…..Bus is the key word In local buses, it is very common that conductor use rude and offensive language when someone doesn’t have the money to buy a ticket. ABUT:(of land or a building) has a common boundary or side with something A+but….but is the key word India and Pakistan has a common boundary but both are very different from each other ABYSMAL:extremely bad or very low standard A+bysmal…...relate bysmal with Bysmilla Bysmilla khan is a great Sehnai Vadak. His knowledge in music instrument especially Sehnai is endless or bottomless. If someone is not his fan it means his taste of music may be extremely bad or very low standard. ABYSS:a deep wide space or hole that seems to have no bottom A+byss…..byss sounds as base. Anything without a base or bottom

Verbal Ability



ACADEMIC:related to education Obvious Every College has an academic building which is related to education ACCEDE:to agree to a request, proposal Accede sounds as acid A criminal threatened Preeti Zinta that if she didn’t pay him the money, he would throw acid at her pet; so she agreed to give him money. ACCELERATE:to happen or to make something happen faster or earlier than expected Obvious When you accelerate your bike or car it means you simply try to drive your car or bike faster ACCESSIBLE:that can be reached, entered, used etc Access+ible…..Access is the key word When you type a wrong password in your computer then it says Access Denied it means you can’t enter into the system. Access means something can be reached, entered or used etc. ACCESSORY:an extra piece of equipment that is useful but not essential or that can be added to something else as a decoration. Access+ory….. Access is the key word You are allowed to access or voice chat from your college computer lab but without headphone (accessory) you can’t do it. ACCLAIM:to praise or welcome somebody/something publicly A+claim…….claim is the key word If Sachin claims to make a century against England then all his fans will praise him. ACCLIMATE:to get used to a new place, situation or climate Ac+climate…..climate is the key word Sunil Shetty gets used to a new place, situation or climate very easily. ACCLIVITY:sharp upslope of a hill Ac+cliv….cliv is resemble to cliff. Cliff means sharp upslope of a hill ACCOLADE:praise or an award for an achievement that people admire; award of merit Acco+lade….relate lade with laden In the movie Tere Bin Laden, Ali Zafar praised by US government when he claimed that he took the interview of Laden. ACCOMMODATE:to provide somebody with a room or place to sleep, live or sit Acco+mmo+date….date is the keyword If a person is not able to pay the rent on a particular date, he/she has to look for another room or shelter ACCOMPLICE:a person who helps another to commit a crime or to do something wrong Accom+ plice….relate Plice with police In movies, its shows that police help the criminal to commit crime. So they are also partners in crime ACCORD:a formal agreement between two organizations, countries etc Relate Accord with Honda Accord Abhishek decided to buy a used HONDA ACCORD so he makes an agreement with the owner of the car.

Verbal Ability



ACCOST:approach and address boldly or aggressively Ac+cost…cost is the keyword Raima Sen approaches and addresses the shopkeeper boldly when she has to bargain on cost price of her clothes. ACCOUTRE:equip; pieces of equipments that you need for a particular activity Ac+coutre….relate couture with court In the Movie Damini, Sunny Deol was equipped with accessories like blazer and tie that he needs for court activity.

Verbal Ability



.Chapter 2 ACCRETION:growth.acid is the key word Sulphuric acid is slightly sour. sharp. bitter smell or an unpleasant taste. ACIDULOUS:slightly sour. bitterness of speech and temper A+cerbit+y….relate quies with quite Sharmila Tagore is a quiet person sometimes she accepts things without arguing. the process of new layers being slowly added to something Ac+cretion…. ACQUIESCE:to accept something without arguing.. Verbal Ability 6 Vocabulary . bitter smell or taste that is unpleasant Ac+rid…. hence she just wanted to get rid of that Pizza. increase. caustic Acid+ulous….crue sounds like crew (a group of people) The crew on the Titanic ship had to be increased due to the popularity of the Titanic ship ACERBITY: bitter in taste. to allow a sum of money or debts to grow over a period of time Ac+crue…. even if you do not really agree with it Ac+quies+ce….cretion sounds as creation Creation leads to growth of something ACCRUE:to increase over a period of time. he found the cerbat bitter in taste. its taste and smell Obvious In the subject chemistry.. ACRID: having a strong.. sharp or caustic ACKNOWLEDGE:to accept that something is true. even if she doesn’t really agree with them. he can create pleasant musical sounds with a stick. ACME:the most excellent example of something or the highest stage of development Acme rhymes with lakme Lakme is the most excellent example of available face creams in the market. you must have heard about acetic acid which tastes like vinegar. The taste of cerbat increased his bitterness of speech and temper. recognize Obvious After you fulfill and submit your entrance exam form you receive your acknowledgement card via post which means they’ve accepted your form. but when he drank it. ACETIC:the acid in vinegar that gives it. ACOUSTICS:related to sound or to the sense of hearing Aco+stic….stic sounds as stick Anu Mallik’s son is very talented.cerbit sounds like cerbat (in Hindi) (flavored drink) Dharam paa ji ordered a glass of cerbat(in Hindi) (flavored drink).rid is the key word At a restaurant Katrina found her pizza having a strong. ACQUITTAL:an official decision in a court of law that a person is not guilty of a crime Ac+quit+tal……quit is the key word When Sanjay Dutt quit every illegal connection then the court released an official decision in the court of law that he is not guilty of a crime.

bitter in words or manner.crow is the key word A crow can’t fly high because it is afraid (phobia) of heights. is the key word In a Research it was found that men are more determined not to change their mind or to be persuaded about something in comparison to Women ADAPT:to change something in order to make it suitable for a new use or situation.ate is the keyword A Friend of Aftab is an actuary. ADAGE:a well known phrase expressing a general truth about people or the world. to make a machine or device start to work (activate) Actu+ate…. ACTUARY:a person whose job involves calculating insurance risks and payments for insurancecompanies by studying how frequently accidents. deaths etc happen Relate Actuary with actually Aftab Shivdasani’s friend wanted to be an actuary (person whose job involves calculating insurance risks and payments for insurance companies by studying how frequently accidents. When he wanted to make Aftab behave in a particular way he gave him lot of things to eat like Manchurian.Relate Ad with Advertisement Idea Company was looking for a well known phrase expressing a general truth about people or the world for his company.ACRIMONIOUS:angry and full of strong bitter feelings and words.cute is the key word Genilia (a Bollywood actress) is not only a cute actress but also intelligent and quick to notice and understand things. deaths etc happen) but now he has become a doctor. modify Adapt sounds as adopt Sushmita Sen adopted children. ADAMANT:determined not to change your mind or to be persuaded about something. fires. Abhishek gave them an Idea to use a well known phrase “Work is Worship”. ACUTE:intelligent and quick to notice and understand things A+cute…. hard. inflexible Ada+man+t…. Verbal Ability 7 Vocabulary .. basically she is trying to change their life in order to make it suitable for a new use or situation or we can say modifying children’s life. ACUMEN:ability to understand and judge things quickly and clearly. ACROPHOBIA:fear of heights A+crow+phobia…. A+crim+onious……crim sounds as cream Jaspal Bhatti ordered for an ice cream and waiter served him facial cream. Chicken etc. ACTUATE:to make somebody behave in a particular way (motivate). after seeing this Jaspal Bhatti got angry and was full of strong bitter feelings and words for the waiter. widely known Ad+age…. Relate Acumen with Acute men An acute (intelligent) man like Chacha Chaudhary(a Diamond comics character) has good ability to understand and judge things quickly and clearly. ACUITY:sharpness (of mind or senses of sight or hearing) Acuit+y….Acuit sounds as acute An acute angle has sharp edges similarly an acute person has sharpness of mind..

muddle. especially to a book. drive crazy.. ADHERE:stick firmly to something Relate Adhere with Adhesive Adhesive like Fevicol sticks firmly to something ADHERENT:supporter. Arundhati Roy usually add extra information at the end of speech or book. dept is abbreviated form of department In IITs. to stop a meeting or an official process for a period of time. the faculty head of each department is an expert or very skilled in their specific areas. follower. especially in court of law We commonly hear this statement that jury adjourns the court for the next session it means jury suspended the court until a later time ADJUNCT: a thing that is added or attached to something larger or more important.Join is the key word. ADDICTION:compulsive habitual need Obvious Addiction to smoking can be dangerous ADDLE:make or become confused. a formal speech that is made in front of public Ad+dress…. addition. She is great supporter of Bhartiya Janta Party (a political party). very skilled A+dept….Add and end are the key words Speakers or Writers like Chetan Bhagat.. something attached to but holding an inferior position Ad+junc+t…. a person who supports a political party or set of ideas Relate adherent with Adhere Sushma Swaraj has adhered or stick firmly to her party. unable to think clearly Addle sounds like idle Madhuri Dixit sometimes gets confused about her career because she has to sit idle at home so now she is planning to work in movies again..dress is the key word Politicians usually wear simple dress if they have to direct a speech to common people. When we join two things. appendix to book Add+end+um….ADDENDUM:a section of extra information that is added to something. ADEPT:expert at. ADDRESS:direct a speech to. they get next to each other ADJOURN: suspend until a later time. ADJOIN:be next to Ad+join…. adjoining Obvious Remember adjacent angles in Geometry. Verbal Ability 8 Vocabulary .junc sounds as junk (useless or worthless article) There are always junk types of projects done by students in colleges but they are added or attached to important professors to learn something. ADJACENT:situated next to or near something. They are next to each other.

Shahrukh decorates his gun to kill his enemy. ADULTERATE: make (something) poorer in quality by adding another substance.ADJURATION:solemn urging. to ask or to order somebody to do something Ad+jura+tion…relate jura with jury Jury ordered Sanjay Dutt to tell the truth in front of court ADJUTANT:an army officer who does office work and help other officers Relate adjutant with adjunct In Indian army Adjunct army officers’ does office work and help other officers. ADMONISH: to tell somebody firmly that you don’t approve of something that they have done.relate Ad with Advertisement Big companies like Pepsi. Adult+erate…. ADVERSARY: an opponent. Adventitious rhymes as adventurous There are many accidents happened during adventures of MTV roadies but these accidents are not planned. ADVERSE: difficulty or misfortune.dorn sounds as don In the movie Don.. Advert is actually advertisement (ads which we see on TV).. ADVENTITIOUS:happening according to chance.Adult is the key word Adult milkmen in order to earn fast money make milk less pure by adding another substance which causes many problems. Both Adverse and adversity means difficult and unpleasant situations ADVERSITY: difficulty or misfortune. Adulation rhymes as education Parents says higher your education the more admiration and praise you will receive. Verbal Ability 9 Vocabulary . reprove Ad+monish…. Relate it with adverse (negative and unpleasant) Sometimes opponents are responsible for our adverse (negative and unpleasant) conditions.relate monish with Monish Behl (a Bollywood actor) In the movie Hum aapke hain kaun Monish behl was the big brother of Salman khan. Both Adverse and adversity means “difficult and unpleasant situations” ADVERT: an advertisement. they occur by chance. ADROIT: skillful and clever Ad+roit…. ADORN: decorate A+dorn….dore sounds as door Salman khan opened the door as he saw someone he loved and respect standing outside. Aamir Khan etc to perform in their Ads ADULATION:excessive admiration and praise. ADORE: love deeply and respect highly A+dore…. warn or speak to with gentle disapproval. He tells Salman khan firmly not to go after Madhuri because he does not approve of something that he is doing. Coca Cola hire skillful people like Sachin.

Aesthe+tic….relate Aff with Afghanistan Afghanistan people are known to be very good natured and sociable people AFFILIATION: a person’s connection with a political party.ADVOCACY: publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy. religion etc Af+fil+iation…. AFFABLE: good-natured and sociable.Aesthe sounds as Aasthaa (in Hindi)(faith) Every contestant for Miss Universe should have believe in herself and must have aastha (in Hindi)(faith) in God. Aeg+is…Aeg sounds as egg Outer shell of an egg protects or works as a shield for the chickens until they hatch. AEGIS: the protection. Relate advocacy with advocate In the movie Kyonki main Jhoot nahi bolta Advocate (lawyer) Govinda supports his client publicly.fil sounds as feel Lalu Prasad feels for the political party with which he is connected. backing. AESTHETIC:concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty. or support of someone. Aff+able…. Verbal Ability 10 Vocabulary .

front is the keyword An enemy came in front of Salman khan and spoke out a remark that insulted and offended him. AGHAST: filled with horror or shock. AGGREGRATE: a total number or amount Aggre+grate…. Af+fix……fix is the keyword Affix simply means fix or stick or attach something to something else. Af+finit+y…relate finit with finite…finite rhymes as infinite Romeo and Juliet have infinite feelings for each other because there is a close relationship between them. status and wealth. AFFIX:to stick or attach something to something else. AFFRONT:a remark or an action that insults or offends somebody/something Af+front….. AFFIRM: to state firmly that or publicly that something is true or that you support something strongly Af+firm…. A+ghast…. status. Af+fluence….gape looks like gap..... When Khali (WWE fighter) laughed with his mouth wide open or wide open.. AFFLICTION:pain and suffering Af+fliction…. AGILE: able to move quickly and easily.Chapter . influence a lot of people.firm is the key word Anna Hazare is very firm with his opinion and stated publicly that he supports the Jan Lokpal bill strongly. she still can dance quickly and easily. Ag+ile…. AGGLOMERATION: a group of things put together in no particular order or arrangement Ag+glow+meration….3 AFFINITY: a close relationship between two people or things that have similar qualities.relate fliction with fiction Horror movies like Saw which is based on fiction can cause pain and suffering to those who are weak by heart.relate ghast with ghost In the movie Harry Potter..grand is the keyword When Nadal(a Tennis player) won the grand slam title it increased his power.relate Ag with age Age doesn’t affect Madhuri Dixit. or wealth of Ag+grand+ize…. AFFLUENCE:having a lot of money and a good standard of living. AGGRANDIZE: increase the power. a ghost filled Harry Potter with horror and surprises.fluence rhymes with influence Rich people like Ambani brothers with lot of wealth.relate grate with GATE exam In GATE exam engineering students had to score a total of 60% to get their stipend.glow is the key word A glow was coming out of the group of diamonds and rubies put together in no particular order or arrangement in a necklace in the neck of Tina Munim. Verbal Ability 11 Vocabulary .. AGAPE: (of a person's mouth) wide open. we can see a big gap. A+gape…..

especially changes in law. He is not sure whether god exists or not. Verbal Ability 12 Vocabulary . Ali+mony…. Allege sounds like algae When American scientists discovered algae they stated that it is a micro organism without giving any proof but later proved the same.AGITATE: to argue strongly for something you want. Alien+ate…. ALIMENTARY: relating to nourishment or sustenance.relate gog with goggle Lalu Prasad got excited and curious when he saw Rayban goggles in Patna.mony sounds as money Mohammad Ali is in great trouble as he has to pay some money to his wife since their marriage ended. ALIMONY: the money that a court of law orders somebody to pay regularly to their wife or husband when the marriage is ended. ALLEGE: to state something as a fact but without giving poof. ALLAY: to make something. in social conditions etc Agi +tate…. Ali+mentar+y……mentar sounds as mentor. especially a feeling. ALACRITY:great willingness or enthusiasm. Relate agrarian with agriculture It is connected with farming and the use of land for farming.lay is the keyword Jennifer Lopez recommends all her friends to eat Lays chips as it helps to feel something special. wherein people argue strongly for something they want. Al+lay…. aliens made them feel less friendly or sympathetic. AGOG: excited or curious to find out something. Isaac Newton studied chemistry of middle ages which involved trying to discover how to change ordinary metal into gold.nostic sounds as naastic(in Hindi) Suresh Kalmadi is a naastic.. in social conditions etc.tate rhymes with state There is a new state Uttarakhand in India.. Jayalalitha accepted a lakh rupees with willingness and enthusiasm from political leaders in order to give them election ticket.Ali is the keyword Mohammad Ali is also known as Cassius Clay. less strong. ALCHEMY:a form of chemistry studied in the middle ages which involved trying to discover how to change ordinary metal into gold. AGNOSTIC: a person who is not surewhether or not God exists Ag+nostic…. ALIAS: also known as. ALIENATE:to make somebody less friendly or sympathetic towards you. Ali is the keyword Mohammad Ali is mentoring a poor child by teaching him and supplying nourishment.. especially changes in law.Alien is the keyword When humans landed on Mars. AGRARIAN: connected with farming and the use of land for forming. Al+chem+y….. A+lac+ rity……lac sounds as lakh. Ali+as…..relate chem with chemistry. A+gog….

. ALLEGORY: a story. Ali+gia+ance…relate gia with hindi word gia(in Hindi) Saif Ali khan sang the song ‘tere bina gia jaye nah’ for Kareena. clothes and food to help the poor. truth etc.. Verbal Ability 13 Vocabulary .All is the keyword In the movie ‘taare zameen par’ Amir Khan wanted to mention that all children are special in an indirect way. ALLEVIATE:make (pain or difficulty) less severe.. ALLOY: a metal that is formed by mixing two types of metal together. because it has the quality to make every girl look attractive. picture. ALLURE: the quality of being attractive and exciting. evil. He wanted to promise her of his continued support. ALLOCATE: to give something officially to somebody/something for a particular purpose. such as truth.All is the keyword All girls are moving towards Shenaaz Husain’s boutique. ALOFT:high in the air A+lof+t……lof sounds like laugh When the giant wheel went high in the air. ALMS: money. etc in which each character or event is a symbol representing an idea or a quality. All+vi+ate…. ALLUSION:indirect or implicit reference Allusion rhymes with illusion Sri Lanka team was in illusion that they going to win the World cup but Indian team effort in the matches were an indirect reference that they are the real champions.Allu sounds as Aalu (in Hindi) (potato) Aalu grows in areas which are made of sand and earth that is left by rivers or floods especially in states like Uttar Prdesh.ate is the key word Doctor recommended Rajnikant that he should eat all the medicines on time then his problem will become less severe. etc Alle+gory…. Sachin Tendulkar located some problems in his Mercedes car and officially gave permission to repair it. ALLUDE: to mention something in an indirect way All+ude….ALLEGIANCE:a person’s continued support for a political party.. Al+locate…. or by mixing with another substance. ALLUVIAL: made of sand and earth that is left by rivers or floods. Obvious….Brass is formed by mixing copper and tin together. play. SRK's son started laughing. religion. All+ure…. clothes and food that are given to poor people. death.Locate is the keyword which means to find the exact position of somet hing..Alle sounds as Ali In Islam ‘Ali’ represents a certain quality or idea like peace. ruler etc. Allu+vial…. Alms rhymes as helps Mother Teresa’s home uses money.

. Al+tru+istic or all+true All true people like Baba Apte care about the needs and happiness of other people. ALTRUISTIC:the fact of caring about the needs and happiness of other people.Aloo is the keyword Aloo (potato) got unfriendly or not interested in other vegetables when it came to know that it was declared king of vegetables. Ambi+ence…relate ambi with Amby Valley (a housing society) Ambi valley’s environment is very healthy to live in. A+mass……mass is the keyword Gold was found in a large mass by the British in India. Verbal Ability 14 Vocabulary .cat is the key word When Sania Mirza’s neighbor altered her cat with a different color. Ambi+valent…..relate Ambi with Amby valley (a housing society) People have both good and bad feeling about Amby valley.relate Ambi with Amby valley (a housing society) Amby valley’s living conditions are good but it has not been clearly defined whether it is for their staff or for general public too. AMAZON:a female warrior Relate Amazon with amazing Rani Laxmibai was an amazing female warrior. Amalgam rhymes with bubblegum Boomer (a type of bubblegum) is made up of different ingredients to form a single bubblegum. Ambi+dextro+us…. AMASS: to collect something. AMBIENCE: the character and environment of a place.. Indian soldiers hid themselves in bushes and waited for enemy soldiers before making a surprise attack on them. she fought like a man against British army. AMBUSH: the act of hiding and waiting for somebody and then making a surprise attack on them.rate is the key word McDonald’s burger hiked the prices (rate) of burgers in order to make the quality better.ALOOF:unfriendly or not interested in other people Aloo+f…. ALTERCATION:noisy agreement Alter+cat+e…. AMELIORATE: to make something better.relate bush with bushes In the Kargil war. Am+bush….. She had a noisy agreement with him. AMBIDEXTROUS:able to use the left hand or the right hand equally well. the guy was capable of using his left hand and right hand equally well. especially in large quantities. AMALGAM:join or combine together to form one.relate dextro with Dexter (a TV serial) In the TV series Dexter.. AMBIVALENT: having or showing both good and bad feelings about somebody/something. AMBIGUOUS:not clearly defined Ambi+guous…. Amelio+rate….

Verbal Ability 15 Vocabulary . statement is the keyword Anna Hazare and his men are trying to change a law. slightly in order to correct or mistake or to improve it. A+men+d…. AMEND: to change a law.AMENABLE: easy to control A+men+able…. statement etc slightly in order to correct a mistake or to improve it. is the key word Taliban has many men who are easy to control and influence in order to conduct acts of terrorism. document.

Obvious Amity University is known for its friendly relationship between students and faculty.. friendly and easy to like person. AMIABLE: Pleasant. especially sound.nest is the keyword Katrina Kaif broke a bird’s nest.Chapter . Aliens from Mars show sexual desire and love towards Ear th’s females. Ampli+fy…. Amen+ity….relate amen with Aman Verma (the famous TV anchor) Aman Verma (TV Anchor) cannot live in a place which lacks features like AC. AMITY: a friendly relationship between people. Verbal Ability 16 Vocabulary . AMPLIFY: to increase something in strength. Relate chronism with chronicle Chronicle is a GK magazine but it seems old fashioned and doesn’t belong to the present because it publishes very old & outdated information.fy rhymes with high The student shouted at a high pitch making a loud sound. AMORAL: not following any morals rules and not caring about right and wrong..4 AMENITY:a feature that makes a place pleasant and comfortable or easy to live in. A+moral….miss is the keyword Miss World Lara Dutta made a wrong decision of entering the Bollywood industry. Television. ANACHRONISM:a person. Ami+cable…. AMNESTY: an official pardon for people convicted of offenses. A+mok……. In the movie Catch Me If You Can.mi sounds as me. AMISS: wrong A+miss….. The bird pardoned her offense.. AMOK:to suddenly become very angry and start behaving violently especially in a public place. he got the job done in a polite or friendly way.morous rhymes as mars. Am+nest+y….cable is the key word Sushmita Sen’s cable man is very smart. AMICABLE: Done or achieved in a polite or friendly way and without quarrelling..moral is the keyword Amoral simply means not moral. refrigerator that make a place pleasant and comfortable or easy to live in. Leonardo Di Caprio played the role of a very pleasant. AMOROUS: showing sexual desire and love towards somebody. a custom or an idea that seems old-fashioned and doesn’t belong to the present. friendly and easy to like A+mi+able….mok sounds as mock During a mock test at Career Launcher Coaching Institute. A+morous…. students suddenly become very angry and start behaving violently. AMPLE:enough or more than enough Ample rhymes as apple Kashmir produces enough or more than enough of apples.

Relate Annul with Anil Anil Kapoor declared that his marriage is no longer legally valid. Anec+dote…. Relate Anneal with Anil Kapoor Anil Kapoor heated a rod and allowed it to cool in order to make it hard. Verbal Ability 17 Vocabulary . ANNUITY:a fixed amount of money paid each year. Relate anguish with anger Don’t get angry because it doesn’t help. ANARCHIST:a person who believes that laws and governments are not necessary. ANGUISH: severe mental or physical pain or suffering. Annihi+late…. it gives severe mental or physical pain or suffering. Relate Annuity with annual An annual amount to be paid each year ANNUL:to state officially that something is no longer legally valid. ANNEAL:to heat metal or glass and allow it to cool in order to make it hard. when director Danny Boyle called him late at night about shooting for Slumdog Millionaire. ANARCHISM:the political belief that laws and governments should not be there and that people should work freely Anar+chism….late is the key word Anil destroys the plan of going out with his wife.relate Anec with anec (in Hindi) (many)…. it was just a short interesting or amusing story about an event.ANALOGOUS:comparable in certain aspects Ana+log+ous….log is abbreviated form of logarithm Graphs of logarithm (y=logx) and exponential(y=ex) are comparable in certain aspects. ANNIHILATE:to destroy somebody/something completely.log is the Keyword…. Obvious Someone who follows anarchism ANECDOTE: just a short interesting or amusing story about a real person or event. who don’t like anar. it was his experiment when he was in college. ANIMOSITY:have a strong feeling of opposition anger or hatred Relate Animosity with animal Sometimes Priyanka Chopra’s animal (a dog) goes against her and has a strong feeling of opposition anger or hatred when she doesn’t give it a biscuit. ANIMADVERSION:critical remark Ani+mad+version……mad and version are the keywords The public is displaying madness by not criticizing the Congress Government & not supporting this version of the Jan Lokpal Bill.dote sounds as dot Chetan Bhagat wrote a book with no words but only dots.relate Anar with anar(in Hindi) (a fruit) In an American research it is found that the people. believe that laws and governments are not necessary. usually for the rest of their life.

. Verbal Ability 18 Vocabulary .Antiq sounds like antique Antique items are old fashioned and no longer suitable for modern conditions. ANTISEPTIC:a substance that helps to prevent infection in wounds by killing bacteria Obvious We uses antiseptic cream Boroline to prevent infection in wounds by killing bacteria.mity sounds as mitti (in Hindi) (Soil) In plants. Obvious “Jana Gana Mana” is our national anthem. flowers and leaves are visible and known to everyone but the roots under the mitti (in Hindi) (Soil) remain unknown to most of the people.anti is the key word which means opposite of something. ANTECEDE:a thing or event that exist or comes before another and may have influenced it Ante+cede…cede sounds as seed Priyanka’s Aunty put a seed in the soil and it is going to influence the growth of other plants. APATHY:the feeling of not being interested in or enthusiastic Apathy is opposite of sympathy (feeling of sorrow for someone else misfortune) Apathy means the feeling of not being interested in or enthusiastic about anything. A Man who is going to die is unlikely to cause disagreement or offend anyone. situation etc. ANTHEM:a song which has special importance for a country or an organization and is sung on special occasions. Ano+dyne…. ANOMALY:a thing. Anta+gonism…. ANTITHESIS:opposite of something Anti+thesis…. that is different from what is normal or expected. ANTIQUATED:old fashioned and no longer suitable for modern conditions Antiq+uated…. ANTIPATHY:a strong feeling of dislike Anti+pathy…. Anomal+y…. Anony+mity…. ANOINT: to put oil or water on somebody’s head as a part of a religious ceremony. ANTAGONISM:feelings of hatred and opposition.ANODYNE:unlikely to cause disagreement or offend anyone.relate dyne with die.anomal sounds as abnormal or not normal So anomaly is something which is not normal ANONYMITY:the state of remaining unknown to most other people.relate anta with aunt Katrina Kaif’s aunt and uncle have a strong feeling of hatred and opposition for Salman Khan. Relate Anoint with annoy.Anti is the key word Shoaib has an anti feeling or a strong feeling of dislike for Sachin which he clearly showed in his book.. Anna Hazare got annoyed when the priest put oil or water on his head as a part of a religious ceremony. ANTEDILUVIAN:very old fashioned Ante+dil+uvian…relate dil with dil(in Hindi)(heart) Mallika’s aunty gave her dil(in Hindi) (heart) to Amitbh Bachhan in a party in front of everyone but that is very old fashioned way of showing love..

.cary sounds as carry Jim Carry prepared and sold medicines in his early career.state is the keyword Anna Hazare plans to reject the religious or political beliefs and struggles to make a new state free from corruption.APEX:the top or highest part of something. Verbal Ability 19 Vocabulary . A+political…. Ap+pall…. Apo+theo+sis….. From there Irfan Khan and his family get appropriate or fitting dresses for Shah Rukh’s shooting. APPALL: to shock somebody very much. Karishma Kapoor was awarded as the best actress for the movie ‘Raja Hindustani’ that was the best time in her life and career. APOTHECARY:a person who prepares and sells medicines Apothe+cary….relate appell with appeal Sunil Shetty appealed in court for change of his name or title because it is not lucky for him APPOSITE:very appropriate for a particular situation or in relation to something. It also means Sister Kareena Kapoor is the sis of Karishma Kapoor. APPALLED:feeling or showing horror or disgust at something unpleasant or wrong Ap+pal+led…relate pal with Sunil Pal On Halloween. but probably not true.. Relate apex with Apex coaching centre Do you know that Apex coaching centre in Delhi is at highest point in the whole city in giving selections in IIT JEE. APOTHEOSIS: the best time in somebody’s life or career.. APPELLATION: a name or title Appell+ation…. Apposite sounds as opposite There is a garment shop opposite Billu Barber’s shop.Not political….phor sounds as four After each four hit by Dhoni..ryphal sounds as rifle Everyone in the city believes that Sallu bhai carries a rifle but he actually doesn’t have any. it a known story. commentator Sidhu used to say a maxim or saying. probably not true. APOCRYPHAL:(of a story) well known.relate pall with Sunil Pal Sunil Pal (pall) shocked everyone when he scored higher than Raju Srivastava in ‘The Laughter Challenge’. not thinking politics or important. a short phrase that says something true or wise. APHORISMS:a maxim or saying. APOLITICAL:not interested in politics.Not interested in politics or not thinking politics or important APOSTATE:a person who rejected his/her religious or political beliefs Apo+state…. Sunil Pal was filled with horror or disgust when Raju Srivastava tried to scare him with the mask of joker. APOCALYPSE:the destruction of the world Relate Apocalypse with Solar Eclipse American scientists predict that next solar eclipse will do some destruction or very serious damage to the world. A+phor+isms….sis is the keyword. Apoc+ryphal….

Ap+praise….praise is the keyword Before we praise Anna Hazare as a person.. we must consider or examine him in order to have an opinion about him.APPRAISE:to consider or examine somebody/something and make an opinion about them. So approbation means approval or agreement Verbal Ability 20 Vocabulary .. Appro+bation…. APPROBATION:approval or agreement.relate appro to approve.

Raj Pal Yadav said to a French girl. Arbit+rary…. ARCHAIC:old fashioned Arch+aic…arch is the keyword There are many arches (for example Qutub Minar) in India that are very famous as they are old fashioned structures. Argot rhymes as forgot. ARDUOUS:involving a lot of effort and energy. Arbit+er…. ARBITRARY:not seeming to be based on a reason..propos sounds as propose Saif ali khan made sure that when he went to propose Kareena. ARCANE: secret and mysterious and therefore difficult to understand.. Ardor sounds like odor There is new AXE perfume for body odor in the market which is used to increase feelings of love among couples. Ar+can+e…..relate can with Coke can.ard rhymes as hard Hard work and lot of energy was involved in making the Taj Mahal. APROPOS:concerning or related to somebody/something.. Verbal Ability 21 Vocabulary .Chapter . ARBITER:a person with the power or influence to make judgments and decide what will be done or accepted. ARDOR:very strong feelings of love or enthusiasm.arbit is the key word Congress party took an arbit decision on the Lokpal bill which does not seem to be based on a reason. A+propos…. A coke can lying on the road of Mumbai may lead people to think something secret and mysterious about it may be a bomb. ARGOT: informal words and phrases that are used by a particular group of people and not easily understood by others. Appurtenances rhymes as assistances or assistants Assistants are always required to conduct any particular activity. system or plans and sometimes seeming unfair. Ard+uous…. ARBITRATE: to officially settle an agreement or a disagreement between two people or group s Arbit+rate…. I really need to learn these informal words and phrases that are used by a particular group of people and not easily understood by others. system or plans and sometimes seeming unfair.arbit is the key word The Supreme Court took an arbit decision on the Babri Masjid case to officially settle a disagreement between two groups.5 APPURTENANCES: an accessory associated with a particular activity. he kept in mind whether the purpose was concerning or related to marriage or only love.arbit is the key word Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has the power or influence to make judgments and decide what should be done or accepted but sometimes he takes arbit decisions. I forgot the word which you told me in the French language.

where there is no rain. natural and honest Art+less….fice sounds as fish Tuna fish use clever tricks to deceive fishermen. ARREARS:money that somebody owes that they have not paid at the right time Arrears rhymes as career Many a times it happens that students take money for college or professional career courses from the Bank and are not able to pay at the right time. natural and honest scenes in it.….. ARRAIGN:bring somebody to court in order to formally accuse them of crime. Farmers in Bihar should get rid of the land.Art is the key word Art created by M. ARRAY:group or collection of things in order. ARTIFACT: art created by human being Art+ifact….relate gate with India gate A foreigner claimed that he built India Gate when he has no right to claim such things. AROMATIC:having a pleasant noticeable smell.ARIA:solo voice in an opera or oratorio Aria sounds as area An area in Kanpur is Armapur. ARTIFICE:the clever use of tricks to deceive Arti+fice….F Hussain especially of historical or cultural interest is appreciated by everyone. Ar+ ray…. ASCENDANCY:the position of having power or influence over somebody \ something Ascend+ancy…. famous because singer Abhijit Sawant had his first solo performance there. Art+iculate. ARID:having little or no rain A+ rid…. ARTICULATE:to express or explain your thought or feelings clearly in words.Art is the key word Raju Shrivastav has an art to express or explain thoughts or feelings clearly in words. A+romatic…. There are many simple. so he was sent to jail.relate ray with Satyajit Ray Snapdeal is offering a huge discount on Satyajit ray’s great collection of movies and songs on his birthday. Verbal Ability 22 Vocabulary ..romatic sounds as romantic Pleasant smell of roses can create a romantic atmosphere.ascend is the keyword All people would like to ascend or rise to a more powerful position.rid is the keyword.. ARROGATE:to claim or take something that you have no right to Arro+gate…. Arraign sounds as arrange The politicians arrange a meeting with Kasab (who attacked on Taj Hotel) to bring him to court in order to formally accuse him of crime. ARTLESS: simple.Art is the keyword The Hrithik Roshan starrer movie Gujarish was not very artful.

Relate Ascetic with acetic acid Exposure to acetic acid can cause harm to people by not allowing physical pleasures especially for religious reasons. In this book APJ Kalam describes his life and achievements. Askance rhymes as glance During the Independence Day celebrations at Red fort Army officers glanced with suspicion or doubt or in a critical way at every spectator. As+sent……. mts in Patna. ASPERSION: critical or unpleasant remarks Relate aspersion with Asperity. ASEPTIC: free from harmful bacteria. it was not in a straight line or level. ASSENT:official agreements to or approval of something. Relate aseptic with antiseptic We use antiseptic cream to free ourselves from harmful bacteria.perity sounds as party In a party Rakhi Sawant started talking in a very harsh or severe tone to Mallika Serawat without any reason... ASCRIBE: to consider or state that a book etc was written by particular person Ascribe sounds as describe The Times of India stated that a particular top selling book ‘Wings of fire’ is written by APJ Kalam.relate ash with Aishwarya Aishwarya looks very pale and ill as she is pregnant. ASHEN:very pale Ash+en……. Management trainees are attacked violently either physically or with words by the higher rank officers ASSAY:testing of metals and chemicals for quality Assay sounds as essay In the movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’ Aamir Khan asked his student to write an essay on testing of metals and chemicals for quality.relate sail with Public sector unit SAIL (Steal Authority of India limited) In SAIL (a PSU). ASSAIL: to attack somebody violently. especially in the way you speak to or treat somebody As+perity…. Verbal Ability 23 Vocabulary . either physically or with work. ASSERT:to state clearly and firmly that something is true. Both have the same is the keyword Bill Gates puts the facts in front of media as they are to state clearly and firmly that Microsoft is better than Apple.. ASPERITY: the fact of being harsh or severe.sent is the keyword TATA executive officer was sent to handle the official agreements or the approval of the manufacturing plant in China. ASKEW:not in straight or level position Askew sounds as Sq (Square meter) When Lalu Prasad bought a plot of 1000 Sq. As+ sail…. As+sert…. ASKANCE: to look at or react to somebody/something with suspicion or doubt or in a critical way.ASCETIC:not allowing physical pleasures especially for religious reasons.

...tone is the Key word The terrorists Kasab tone changed after being questioned by the Police. make a feeling less intense As+sauge. usually because they were in danger due to political reasons. terrible and violent things. ATROPHY: the body becomes weaker because it doesn’t have enough blood A+trophy…. Asunder rhymes as thunder The thunder that had struck Japan brought everything into pieces.. ATROCITY: cruel. ASTUTE: very clever and quick at seeing what to do in a particular situation Astute rhymes with institute Students of Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) are very clever and quick at analyzing what to do in a particular situation. Astrin + gent….. Atro+city….. Ass means donkey Ass or Donkey is a hard working animal.simi and late are the keywords Jimmy Shergill’s sister Simi Shergill works kate in the night in order to understand the idea or information so that she is able to use it herself..relate tire with tired Pooja Bhatt is tired of wearing the same clothes Verbal Ability 24 Vocabulary .ASSIDUOUS: working hard Ass+iduous…. ASUNDER: to bring into is the Key word Gents use astringent (liquid or cream) to stop a cut from bleeding.relate sauge with sauce We eat McDonald’s burger with sauce to lessen the feeling of hunger.relate ‘tenu’ with Tenu Anand Smoking makes Tenu Anand(a Bollywood Actor) weaker or less effective. At+tenu+ate…. ASSIMILATE:to understand the idea or information so that you are able to use it yourself As+simi+late…. ATTENUATE: to make something weaker or less effective. terrible and violent act. ATONE: to act in a way that shows you are sorry for doing something wrong in the past A+tone…. ATTIRE: clothes At+tire…. usually because they were in danger for political reasons Asylum rhymes as Muslim Lot of Muslims get protection from Indian government..trophy is the Key word After trying very hard to win a trophy for many is the keyword. the body of Roger Shah became very weak because it didnt’t have enough blood. ASSUAGE: lessen a feeling. ASYLUM: protection that a government gives to people who have left their own country. who have left their own countries.Ass is the keyword.. ASTRINGENT: to stop a cut from bleeding. Mumbai city is full of people who do cruel.

. without any decorations. AVOCATION: a hobby or minor occupation A+vocation…Vocation sounds like vacation During summer vacations students prefer to take up some minor occupations. AVID: very greedy or extremely eager A+vid…vid sounds like with Aamir and Salman in Andaaz Apna Apna played the roles of very greedy or extremely eager persons who wanted to marry with rich girls (Raveena and Karishma). both have extreme desire to be vaaris of his wealth.not typical or not normal AUDACITY: brave but rude or shocking behavior. AVERSION: strong feeling of not liking somebody/something. Australian cricket team is losing everywhere and so they are getting no sponsors.Chapter 6 ATTRITION: a process of making somebody/something especially you’re enemy. size. Auda+city……city is the keyword There is a city called Auda in US. Munnabhai informed him very late. AUGMENT: to increase the amount. making you feel respect Relate August with 15th of August Whatever our freedom fighters have done for us was impressive and makes us feel respectful of them..trit sound as treat In the movie Sholay. Gabbar Singh treats Ram Garh people very badly (he makes them weaker by attacking or by creating problems for them). AUSTERE: simple and plain. and hence he took an auto rickshaw and reached the operation theatre. values. AUGUST: Impressive. they have strong feeling of not liking windows 7. Auto+psy…auto is the key word…relate auto with Auto rickshaw Doctor Asomethingana had to perform an official examination of a dead body in order to discover the cause of death.Augur sounds as agar (in Hindi)(if) Prophet Nostradamas said “Agar” I tell people about what will happen in future. A+version…version is the key word New version of windows is not liked by the users. weaker by repeatedly attacking them or by creating problems for them At+trit+ion….relate aus with Australia Nowadays. The citizens of Auda city are brave but having rude and shocking behavior. Augmen+t…. without any decorations Aus+tere….augmen sounds like aagman (in Hindi)(arrival) Aishwarya Rai’s aagman (arrival) in Bachhan family increased the amount. ATYPICAL: not typical or normal A+ typical…. Verbal Ability 25 Vocabulary . AUTOPSY: an official examination of a dead body by a doctor to discover the cause of death. players are living a very simple and plain life. AVARICE: extreme desire for wealth A+ varice…varice sounds as vaaris (in Hindi) Anil and Mukesh are the sons of Dhiru Bhai Ambani. people will get scared”. values etc. AUGURY: a sign of what will happen in the future Augur+y….

BALM: oil with pleasant smell that relieves pain Obvious…Zandu balm relieves pain Verbal Ability 26 Vocabulary . BAFFLE: to confuse somebody completely.bad is the keyword In Golmaal. Badge+r…Badge is the keyword According to a rule. Once his secretary accidently disturbed him.Uncle is the keyword Behavior similar to the way an uncle treats his nieces or nephews.fle sounds as fal (in Hindi) (a fruit) Do you know there is a fal (fruit) found in Australia. BACCHANALIAN: drunken Bacchan+alian…Relate Bacchan with Amitabh Bacchan Amitabh Bacchan played a role of drunken person in the movie Sharaabi.Full of bad or unpleasant experiences AWRY: not in the right position A+wry…wry is the key word which means showing that you are both amused and disappointed or annoyed Salman was wry at himself because he was not in the right position when Aishwarya Rai broke up with him. BALEFUL: threatening look Bale + full…relate bale with Graham Bell Graham bell was a scientist. BABBLE: to talk in a way that is difficult to understand Relate Babble with a bubble gum If you are eating bubble gum. BADINAGE: bad jokes on each other but in friendly way Bad+ age…. She was deliberately teasing or harassing him. Aw+ful…relate ful with full…. an officer with badge of more than 4 stars like Ajay Devgan in ‘ Singham’ is allowed to put pressure on somebody by repeatedly asking them questions or asking them to do something. you will talk in a way that is difficult to understand. AWFUL: full of bad or unpleasant experience. similar to the way an uncle treats his Niece Av+uncle+ar…. Dhoni’s cricket bat was stolen by Deepika Padukone. it can make a person completely confuse BAIT: deliberately tease somebody. AVUNCULAR: behaving in a kind and friendly way towards young people. actors use bad jokes on each other but in a friendly way. A+vow…vow sounds as wow After watching 3 Idiots critics said wow!! What a movie and they declared it firmly and public that it is a great movie. BADGER: to put pressure on somebody by repeatedly asking them questions or asking them to do something. if you eat that fal (fruit).AVOW: to declare firmly and publicly. he gave him a threatening look. Ba+ffle…. He doesn’t like disturbance during work. harass Bait sounds as bat or cricket bat In IPL.

BANAL: very ordinary and containing nothing that is interesting or important. BAROQUE: used to describe European architecture art and music of the 17 th and early 18th centuries Relate Baroque with Barrack Obama Do you know that Barrack Obama likes European architecture art and music of the 17 th and early 18th centuries that has a grand and highly decorated style. BAREFACED: showing that you do not care about offending somebody or about behaving badly. BARRISTER: lawyer Obvious BARTERER: exchange goods property services etc for other goods etc without using money Relate Barterer with bartender Now a day’s Bartender does a part time job. India. they sometimes exchange goods property services etc for other goods without using money BASK: to enjoy sitting or lying in the heat or light of something. Amrish Puri made a face showing that he didn’t care about offending or behaving badly with Anil Kapoor.Kamlabane (servant) Kamala bane works in Priyanka Chopra’s flat. Bare+face+d…. there was a continuous firing of a large number of guns in a particular direction in Hrithik Roshan’s neighbor’s garage. ATS (Anti-Terrorist Squad) and their team played a vital role to defend the St. Shakespeare used to go bar for this purpose very frequently. BANDY: to argue with somebody and speak rudely to them Bandy sounds as brandy In a bar Shahrukh argued with Salman and spoke rudely to him just for a shot of brandy. always causes trouble and makes people unhappy in her neighborhood. especially in the sun after basket ball practice sessions. especially in the sun Relate bask with basket (Basketball) Michael Jordan (a great basketball player) likes to enjoy sitting or lying in the heat or light of something. BARRAGE: continuous firing of a large number of guns in a particular direction. BANE: something that causes trouble and makes people unhappy Relate Bane with bane…. Barrage rhymes as garage Last night. Verbal Ability 27 Vocabulary .. BARD: a person who writes poems Bar+d…Bar is the key word Persons who write poems prefer to go to a bar to drink and think about their poetry.face is the keyword In the Movie Mr. Ban+al…Ban is the keyword Government should ban all those subjects in school which are very ordinary and containing nothing that is interesting or important. Sebastian Church. BASTION: a group of people play a vital role to defend Relate bastion with Sebastian In Goa.

especially by being nice to them Be+gui+le…. especially by being nice to them.Drag is the keyword Kajol said to her child. BAWDY: indecent. BEHOLDEN: owing something to somebody because of something that they have done for you Be+hold+en…hold is the keyword Vidya Balan takes care of Emraan Hashmi’s baby because Emraan held her hand and helped her in every stage of her life. but if they don’t agree. James Bond tries to trick guys for doing something.bed is the keyword Mallika likes to dress with vulgar finery before going to bed BEDRAGGLE: made wet. “I want to get another child in this family”.BATE: feeling very anxious or excited Bate sounds as Bat In the World Cup Final. It’s about a girl who felt unhappy that her sister has lot of trophies as a cheerleader than her and she thinks that she doesn’t deserve it. Verbal Ability 28 Vocabulary .gui sounds as guy First. state of bliss Its meaning is same as Beatific BEDIZEN: to dress with vulgar finery Bed+izen…. BEFUDDLE: confused and unable to think normally Be+fuddle…fuddle rhymes as muddle (confused state) BEGET: produce (a child). to become father of a child Be+get…get is the keyword Kajol said to Ajay. Mallika exposes or shows her body. BEATIFIC: showing great joy and peace Relate beautific with beautiful Beautiful beaches in Goa give tourists a feeling of great joy and peace. BEGUILE: trick somebody into doing something. “If you are wet. dirty or untidy by rain mud etc drag yourself away from bed”. every second movie. this is very obscene and indecent. BEELINE: to go straight towards something /somebody as quickly as you can Bee+line…. when Sri Lanka won the toss and decided to bat first. dirty or untidy by rain mud Be+drag+gle…. obscene Bawdy sounds as body In. he uses abusive language. BEGRUDGE: to feel unhappy that somebody has something because you do not think they deserve it Be+ grudge…grudge is the keyword which means feeling of anger or dislike Watch movie The Grudge. BEATITUDE: blessedness. Indians got very anxious because Sri-Lankan could score a bigger target to chase for India.Bee and line are the key words Bees always prefer to go straight in a line as quickly as they can.

BELIE: to give a false impression of somebody\something Belie sounds as Bhilai Bhilai citizens claim that it is a beautiful city but they give a false impression of the city because there is lot of pollution over there.little is the key word Kajol felt that her husband dismisses her little needs as unimportant. BENEDICTION: Christian prayer of blessing Ben+ediction……ediction rhymes as addiction Few Christians have an addiction to praying in the church every Sunday. BELLICOSE: to feel desire to argue or fight Bellicose rhymes as glucose Glucose gives strength to sportspersons to argue and fight for the gold medal.. it a caused a lot of criticism or difficulties for her.BEHOOVE: benefit or advantage Relate Behoove with behave Manmohan Singh behaves in a very kind and simple manner. he started behaving in unfriendly and aggressive manner.labor is the keyword Labor or worker (low educated) they need to repeat an idea argument etc many times to emphasize it especially when it has already been mentioned or understood. BEMOAN: to complain or say you are not happy Be + moan…. argument etc many times to emphasize it Be+labor…. He was selling Nirma detergent powder. When she refused to buy. BELITTLE: dismiss as unimportant Be+ little…. BELATED: coming or happening late Obvious When we forget to wish somebody for their birthday we say belated happy birthday BELEAGUER: experiencing a lot of criticism or difficulties Be+league+r…. Sonia Gandhi takes an advantage or advantage of his behavior. BELLIGERENT: unfriendly and aggressive Belligerent rhymes as detergent A salesperson rang the bell on Kareena kapoor’s door. Verbal Ability 29 Vocabulary .Moan sounds as moon It was decided earlier that astronaut Rakesh Sharma was not going to be sent to the moon so he began to complain about it.league is the keyword When Saina Mirza was knocked out in league matches in Wimbeldon. BELABOR: to repeat an idea.

who shows kindness to others and misuse their benefit. who are determined to do something never bend themselves against corrupt government. BEREFT: completely lacking something.people are criticizing or speaking angrily against congress government. etc.nign sounds as nine In an interview Priyanka Chopra said that she was lucky to have nine wonderful friends. BENISON: blessing Beni+ son…son is the Key word Amitabh Bachhan always gives his blessing to his son. BERATE: to criticize or speak angrily to somebody because you do not approve of something they have done Be+rate…rate is the key word Rate of petrol raises which causes anger among common people…. after you die Be+ queath…queath rhymes with death Ambani said in his will that he wanted to leave his property.volent sounds as violent Violent people like Osama Bin Laden can never be kind. They ask for it in an anxious way because they want or need it very much. BENEFICENT: giving help. They are very kind. BENT: determined to do something Relate bent with bend People like. schools. Verbal Ability 30 Vocabulary ... money. BEQUEATH: to say in a will that you want somebody to have your property.relate seech with seechna (in Hindi) (watering) Farmers ask the congress government for water supply so that they can seech (water) his crops. Anna Hazare. BENIGN: kind and gentle.Chapter 7 BENEFACTOR: a person who gives money or other help to a person. BESEECH: to ask somebody for something in an anxious way because you want or need it very much Be+ seech…. BESET: to affect somebody/something in an unpleasant or harmful way be+set…set is the key word Dhoni said to his team we need to set our goal again because we are affected by England team in an unpleasant or harmful way. showing kindness Relate it with benefit People try to take advantage of people like Baba Amte. not causing any harm Be+ nign…. He gives money to charity for building schools every year. money etc to both his sons so it could be equally divided after his death. having lost something be+reft…reft rhymes with left John Abraham left the party because he had lost his precious watch and he was lacking interest. helpful and generous. Bene+factor…factor is the keyword Jamshedji Tata was a big factor in the development of industries. gentle and can never cause any harm. BENEVOLENT: kind helpful and generous Ben+volent….

best is the key word Dhoni was the best batsman in the team. BETROTH: having promised to marry somebody Bet+roth…. unreasonable beliefs or opinions about race. A chef added 20 mirch (chilli) in Aamir’s Khans dish. it is a sign that he enjoyed his service and is the key word I can bet that he is a big liar. BICKER: to argue about things that is not important Bick+er…bick sounds as byke In the movie Ghulam. especially by not being loyal or faithful to them Be+ tray…tray is the keyword Kalmadi’s servant brought a tray full of sweets but mixed it with poison So in this way he hurt Kalmadi’s feeling. Biker gang argue with each other about things that are not important BIENNIAL: happening once every two year.BESIEGE: surround with armed forces Be+siege…siege sounds as seize Hitler ordered to seize or surround Poland with armed forces in order to capture it. BETRAY: to hurt somebody who trusts you. in a way. BEVY: a large group of people or things of the same kind Bevy sounds as biwi (wife) Sharukh said to Ajay that my biwi (wife) has a large collection of dresses of the same kind. it ruined the taste. and chef did it deliberately to damage the opinion that people have of Taj hotel. when he started his career. religion or politics and who will not listen to or accept the opinions of anyone who disagrees Bigot rhymes as boycott We should boycott those people who have very unreasonable beliefs or opinions about a race. BILIOUS: feeling as if you might vomit soon. It feels as if it might vomit and that’s why it is in a bad mood since morning. BESTOW: to give something to somebody especially to show how much they are respected Be+stow…stow sounds as stove Abhishek gave a stove to Aishwarya as a gift especially to show how much she is respected by him. Compare Biennial with annual (happening every year) BIGOT: a person who has very strong. BETOKEN: to be a sign of something Be+ token…token is the key word When Anil Kapoor gives token of Rs.Bili sounds as Billi (in Hindi)(cat) Rani Mukherji’s billi is not feeling well. who hit bowlers with cruel and disgusting manner. though he has promised her to marry but he will never marry her. BESMIRCH: to damage the opinion that people have of somebody/something Bes +mirch….1000 to a waiter. bad tempered. religion or politics and who will not listen to or accept the opinion of anyone who disagrees. especially by not being loyal or faithful to him. Verbal Ability 31 Vocabulary . BESTIAL: cruel and disgusting Best +ial….Bes mirch(in Hindi) sounds as 20 chilly Taj hotel in Mumbai is famous for its special recipes. full of anger Bili+ous….

. Prem Chopra’s face become pale because he was shocked or frightened to know that he had just eaten poisonous lunch. BLEAK: not hopeful or encouraging.. there is a chance that anything strange or unusual can happen.bland sounds as blind and Dish is the keyword During shooting of Slum dog Millionaire.BILK: to cheat somebody. a blind cook prepared a dish which was liked by Anil is the keyword In the movie Do Beegha Jameen. SRK thought he believed in God or religion but Karan shows a behavior or language that insults or shows lack of respect for the God or religion. BLANCH: to become pale because you are shocked or frightened B+ lanch…lanch sounds as lunch In an old Hindi movie. BLOATED: full of liquid or gas and therefore bigger than normal in a way that is unpleasant Bloat+ed…. The murder was done in an obvious and open way without caring if people objected or were shocked. BLAND: showing no strong emotion. BLASPHEMY: behavior or language that insults or shows a lack of respect for God or religion Blasphemy rhymes as Galat fehmi (in Hindi)(misunderstanding) SRK had galat fehmi (misunderstanding) for his friend Karan Johar. they can prevent a player from joining the club by voting against him. Anil kapoor said pleasant things to him to try to persuade him to open a restaurant in partnership. especially by taking money from them Bil+k….Bil sound as bill In India some people don’t pay the electricity bill and cheat the government.leak is the keyword The Times of India leaked news that Sachin is going to retire after champion’s trophy. cold and unpleasant B+leak…. due to large pressure. BILLOW: to fill with air and swell out Billow sound as below Below Earth.relate ball with football Football club Chelsea has a very strict rule. After Balraj Sahni’s land taken away by the land lord he showed no strong emotion BLANDISHMENTS: pleasant things that you say to somebody or do for them to try to persuade them to do something Bland+dish+ments…. BIZARRE: very strange or unusual Bizarre sound as bazaar (in Hindi)(market) Meena Bazaar (market) in Delhi is place full of strange people. not having strong or interesting taste B+ land…. few terrorists killed an innocent man under Durga Puja tent or pandal. BLACKBALL: to prevent somebody from joining a club or a group by voting against them Black+ball…. BLATANT: done in an obvious and open way without caring if people object or are shocked Bla+tant……tant sounds as tent In Kolkata. Verbal Ability 32 Vocabulary . large vacant spaces get filled with air and swell out. this news was not hopeful or encouraging for his fans.Bloat rhymes as boat A body full of liquid and therefore bigger than normal in a way that is unpleasant was pushed by few police men from a boat in the river Ganga.

BLURT:to say something suddenly and without thinking carefully enough Blur+t…blur is the keyword which means become unclear Shahid Kapoor’s girl friend got angry when he said suddenly and without thinking carefully enough.BLOWHARD: a person who talks too proudly about something they own or something they have done Blow+ hard…. no student is allowed to commit any stupid or careless mistake in his class under his guidance. WWE fighter Khali hit his opponent. BODE: to be bad /good sign for somebody/something. that the picture of his girlfriend is blurred. Blunder in Harvard University. lives in a very informal way without following accepted rules of behavior. BLUSTER: to talk in an aggressive or threading way but with little effect. Bo+de……(bo….Blud sounds as blood During sounds as body Aamir khan’s physique is a good sign that he worked a lot on his body for the movie Gajini. BLUDGEON: to hit somebody several times with a heavy object Blud+geon…. Osama Bin Laden was talking in an aggressive or threatening way but with little effect. with a heavy object that blood could came out from his head. Relate bluff with Bluff master In movie Bluff master. BLUNDER:stupid or careless mistake. Bohe + mian…Relate mian with Miandad After his cricket career Miandad (Pakistani cricketer) is living a life in a very informal way without following accepted rules of behavior Verbal Ability 33 Vocabulary . BOGUS: false Bogus sounds as bokas& bakwas (in Hindi)(false) BOHEMIAN: a person often involved with the arts. a horn was blown loud and hard in order to announce the victory of the King. on the head several times. BLUFF: to try to make somebody believe that he will do something that he don’t really intend to do or he know something that he doesn’t really know.. Bl+under……under is the key word There is a Prof.hard is the key word During Mugal period. Blust+er…blust sounds as blast Terrorist were going to blast the New York City! The head of terrorist group. Abhishek Bachhan was expert in making somebody believe that he will do something that he don’t really intend to do or he know something that he don’t really know.

m.Chapter . BOVINE:connected to cows Bo+ vine…. Bounti+ful… Relate Bounti with Bunty In the movie Bunty and Bubli. Every girl is impressed by his confident way of behaving that is intended to impress people sometimes as a way of hiding lack of confidence. BOURGEOISIE:middle classes in society Bourge+oisie…relate bourge with burger In the society.vine sounds as wine Do you know that in America. class 10th boys and girls give a noisy and full energy welcome to the newly appointed English teacher Aamir Khan. to improve or make his bowling stronger. the lower middle class doesn’t prefer to eat McDonald’s burgers because it is quite expensive for them.Brav sounds as brave Sunny Deol is brave among all the actors in the Bollywood. terrorist were enjoying brandy and waving weapons in an aggressive or threatening way. Boor rhymes as poor Poor people are tortured by rich people very unpleasantly and rudely. Bomb+ast…bomb is the key word On the 15th of August. Bols+ter…bols sounds as balls Zaheer practiced with a ball and a single stump every morning at 5 a. BRANDISH:waving weapons in an aggressive or threatening way. BRAG: talk too proudly about something Relate brag with bag Katrina Kaif bought a new bag from New York. Osama Bin laden declared that he going to blast a bomb in the Mumbai but his words sounds important but have little meaning used to impress people. BOMBAST:words sound important but have little meaning used to impress people. Verbal Ability 34 Vocabulary . BOOR:very unpleasant and rude person. both Abhishek and Rani earned money in large quantities by cheating people. BOLSTER:to improve or make it stronger. BRAVADO:confident way of behaving that is intended to impress people sometimes as a way of hiding a lack of confidence. BOWDLERIZE:to remove the parts of a book which you think are likely to shock or offend people Bowdlerize named after Dr. Brav+ado…. Vine is considered as holy as Cow’s milk in India. Brandi+sh…brandi sounds as brandy After 9/11 attacks. She is talking too proudly about her bag. Thomas Bowdler who in 1818 produced a version of Shakespeare from which he had taken out all the material which he considered unsuitable for family use. BOUNTIFUL: in large quantities.8 BOISTEROUS:noisy and full of energy Bois+terous… bois sounds as boys In the movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’.

Verbal Ability 35 Vocabulary . batsman has to receive the main force of his fast bowling.zen is the keyword It is a shameful to drive a Zen car without following the road discipline. BREVITY: quality of few words when speaking or writing Brevity rhymes with gravity Newton describes the concept of gravity in using very few words that was amazing. BROOK:to not allow something Brook rhymes as book Librarian does not allow any book into the library that is related to adult or illegal content. BROACH:a subject that is difficult to discuss especially because people disagree about it Bro+ach…bro also known as brother In the movie Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya.reach is the keyword Deepika asked her boy-friend to reach at Juhu beach on time but he failed to do that. Son replied in very few words and very rudely that he had lost it.BRAWN:physical strength Relate Brawn with brown Akshay Kumar has a brown colored dog. People from other countries find this kind of driving quite shocking.Brow is the keyword Bruce Lee uses only his eye brows to threaten or frighten his opponents in order to make them do something. BRAZEN:open and without shame usually about something that people find shocking. Bra+zen….. He is also known as buccaneer because he is always found reading a book about robbing ships. BRUNCH:a meal that you eat in the late morning as a combination of breakfast and lunch It’s combination of breakfast+ lunch BRUNT:to receive the main force of something unpleasant. anxious or upset. BRUSQUE:Using very few words and rudely Brus+que… Brus sounds as brush SRK asked his son where his tooth brush is. BREACH: a breaking of contract or duty B+reach…. Such a delivery is really tough to bat. BROWBEAT:threaten or frighten somebody in order to make them do something Brow +beat. Buc+caneer…. BUCCANEER: sailor who attacked and robbed ships at sea.. Salman Khan's younger brother Sohail Khan needed money but he found that the subject (like money) was difficult to discuss especially because Salman disagreed with him. B+run+t …run is the key word When Shoaib Akhtar takes a long run during balling.Buc sounds as book Johny Depp was a sailor in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean who attacked and robbed ships at sea. Its physical strength is great. BROOD: to think a lot about something that makes you annoyed anxious or upset B+rood…rood sounds as rude Amrita Singh thinks a lot about the rude behavior of her husband (Saif Ali Khan) that makes her annoyed. so she broke her relationship with him.

BUTTRESS:to support or give strength to somebody/something Relate Buttress with Butter We should eat Amul butter with bread. Ca+bal…. BULLDOZE: to destroy buildings Relate Bulldoze with bulldozer (a powerful motor vehicle) Bulldozer used to destroy buildings. BULLY: a person who uses his strength or power to frighten or hurt weaker Bull+ y….Bul sounds as Bull A farmer’s bulls (heera and moti) not only do work for him but protect or defend when needed. This bear annoys people and they worry about it every time. BUFFET: meal at which people serve themselves from a table Obvious Buffet arrangement in marriage parties is very common nowadays. BURLY: big.BUCOLIC: connected with the country side or country life Bucolic rhymes as alcoholic or workaholic People who live country life are workaholic and alcoholic. BULWARK: a person or thing that protects or defend something Bul+wark….Bull is the keyword A bull uses his strength or power to frighten or hurt a weaker cow.Relate Bal with Bal Thakre Bal Thakre is the leader of small group of people who are involved in secret plans to get political power. BUGBEAR:a things annoys people and that they worry about Bug+bear…. Verbal Ability 36 Vocabulary . BURNISH: to polish metal until it is smooth and shiny Burn+ish……burn is the key word Ratan Tata sometimes burns the metal before polishing in order to make it smooth and shiny. BUNGLE:to do something badly or without skill Bungle rhymes as mangle Mangal Pandey is always annoyed with his servant because he always cleans his house badly or without skill and fails to do it properly BURGEON: to begin to grow or develop rapidly Burgeon rhymes as virgin Virgin mobile demand has begun to grow or develop rapidly because they were providing free balance just for speaking on phone with the other Virgin mobile users.Bear is the key word A bear came from a jungle to Mumbai city. strong and heavy B+ urly…. it gives us support or strength CABAL: a small group of people who are involved in secret plans to get political power.urly sounds as early If you want to make your body big. strong and heavy then you should wake up early in the morning and breathe in the fresh air like John Abraham..

CAJOLE: to make somebody do something by talking to them and being very nice to them. Cal+amity…amity is the key word Amity College students organized an event that went flop.Relate cam with camera Salman loves to work in front of camera especially some small roles in a film or movie. the way he did it in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.alumny sounds as Alumni Congress leaders gave false statement about IIT alumni Arvind Kejriwal that is made to damage his reputation. it caused great harm or damage to the college. CAMEO: a small part in a film or movie or play for a famous actor Cam+eo…. CAMARADERIE: feeling of friendship and trust among people. Cajole sounds as Kajol Kajol is very innocent. Verbal Ability 37 Vocabulary . CALAMITY: an event that cause great harm or damage. People need to ensure the rise or fall of the level of voice during speaking. whenever Ajay wants her to do something. CADENCE: the rise or fall of voice in speaking Ca+dence…dence sounds as dense In Ramleela Maidan crowd is usually very dense and it’s difficult to hear clearly.allow is the key word Parents should not allow young and inexperienced teenagers to go for late night parties. he talks to her and is very nice to her. he don’t care about batsman’s feelings. CALLOW: young and without experienced. CALCULATED: careful plan to get what you want Obvious CALIBER: quality of something especially a person’s ability Obvious CALLOUS: don’t care about other people’s feelings Callous sounds as Kallis Jacques Kallis is a cruel bowler. CALORIFIC: connected with or producing heat Obvious CALUMNY: false statement about a person that is made to damage their reputation C+ alumny…. C+allow…. Camara+derie…Camara sounds as camera Rakhi Sawant shot a lot of pictures of her school friends at the farewell party with her Canon camera which will strengthen her feeling of friendship and trust among her friends.CACOPHONY:a mixture of loud unpleasant sounds Caco+phon+y…Phon sounds as phone Mamta Kulkarni had a ring tone on her Nokia phone which is a mixture of loud unpleasant sounds.

CAPTION: words that are printed underneath a picture. CAPITULATE:to agree to do something that you have been refusing to do for a long time. CAPRICE: a sudden change in attitude or behavior for no obvious reason Cap+ price…. CANTANKEROUS: bad tempered and always complaining Can+tanker+ous…tanker is the key word Indian military tankers are used to attack enemies. because it has maximum points and the rest are based on it. This attitude or behavior of the company was unpredictable and clearly for no obvious reason.9 CANARD: a false report or news Ca+nard …Nard sounds as narad (a character in Ramayan) Narad was famous for producing false news or false reports. They ask people to support a particular person especially by going around on area and talking to people. Cara+pace…. having other things based on it. sung by solo singers like A.dor sounds as darr (fear in Hindi) Akhsay Kumar says in Mountain Dew advertisement…. Can+dor…. The drivers of the tankers have bad temper and are always complaining.Cap is the keyword Yuvraj prefer helmet rather than cap.price is the key word Adidas increases its cap price when there was no season of cricket. R Rehman. CANVASS:to ask somebody to support a particular person. but when Preeti Zinta told her that you look great in cap. Sonu Nigam is going to launch next year. political party etc especially bygoing around an area and talking to people Canvass sounds as canvas (a strong heavy rough fabric used for making tents sails etc) Political parties like Congress BJP use canvas for publicity of their candidates. Card+inal…card is the key word In the card game of 29.. sung by solo singers Can+tata …can and Tata are the key words Can Tata Industries be successful in music industry? A short musical work on a religious subject. Verbal Ability 38 Vocabulary . he agrees to wear a cap which he has been refusing to wear for a long time. CANDOR: quality of saying what you think openly and honestly. CANTATA: a short musical work on a religious subject.pace is the key word A tortoise moves in slow pace due to hard shell on tits back.Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai…. that explains or describes it Obvious CARAPACE: the hard upper shell of a tortoise or crustacean. CAPACIOUS:having a lot of space to put things in Relate Capacious with capacity Katrina is looking for a bag having lot of space or capacity to put large number of things in. Jack is most important.People like Akshay Kumar who don’t fear of anything have a quality of saying what they think openly and honestly. CARDINAL:mostimportant.Chapter . Cap+itulate….

Verbal Ability 39 Vocabulary .They did not bother to take any action. CASTIGATE:to criticize somebody/something severely. Similarly a cartographer draws or makes maps. Katrina was in America when she experienced the powerful tornado that hit America and disastrously changed lives of many people. CATASTROPHE:disaster that causes many people to suffer.Car is the key word John Abraham and Bipasha’s car killed a deer. CARNAL:connected with sex activities. They were criticized by professors in the departments. lively way. CATACLYSM: sudden disaster or a violent event that causes change. CARRION:decaying body of dead animal.. They left the decaying body of the deer . Carnal sounds as colonel Colonel Veer Pratap Singh is found guilty. of people on road. Car+ nage… Car is the key word Drunken Rahul Gandhi violently killed a large no.CAREEN: to move forward very quickly especially in a way that is uncontrolled. Relate Careen with Kareena During shooting of ‘3 idiots’. he was connected with illegal sexual activities. Relate caricature with capture Times of India capture Laloo Prasad’s funny drawings or pictures which exaggerates some of his features. Car+rion…. Kareena Kapoor came to know that her boy friend Saif Ali Khan had got injured. CARTOGRAPHER: one who draws or make maps Cartographer is just like photographer A photographer takes pictures. CARNAGE:violently killing a large no. CARICATURE:funny drawing or picture of somebody that exaggerates some of their feature. CAROUSAL: drink alcohol and enjoy oneself with others in a noisy. Casti+gate…Gate is the key word Two of our batch mates were not able to qualify for the GATE examination. She suddenly picked her car and moved forward very quickly especially in a way that is uncontrolled. of people on road. Car+ousel……Car is the key word On the New Year Aftab Shivdasani decided to drink and enjoy with friends in his new Mercedes car in a lively way. Cat+aclysm…relate cat with Katrina During the shooting of Mere brother ki dulhan. Casual+ty …casual is the key word One day Nana Patekar was walking casually when he was hit by a car and got injured. Catas+trophe…trophe sounds as trophy Ratan Tata gives a trophy and financial help to the brave commandos who showed great courage in the attack (Hotel Taj attack) that caused many people to suffer. CASUALTY: a person who is killed or injured in war or in an accident.

CELERITY: quick. Cauc+us…Cauc sounds as cock Cock fight is common in meetings of the members or leaders of the Congress party to choose a candidate or to decide policy. Verbal Ability 40 Vocabulary .Caut sounds as caught In Delhi a doctor was caught because he used to burn wound using chemicals like caustic soda which were very harmful for the skin. Munna bhai MBBS. a right etc especially unwillingly Cede sounds as seed In olden days Farmer bought seed from Mahanjan (in Hindi). Ca+vil ……vill sounds as will In the movie.Cavali sounds as kawwali (in Hindi) Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was a great kawali singer but personally he was not caring enough about the feelings of other people. CEDE: to give somebody control of something or give them power. Catha+rsis…Catha sounds as katha(in Hindi)(Story) When Baba Ramdev tells katha(in Hindi) of any great person and his struggle in the life.Cat is the keyword Cat called rat from her new Apple iPhone but he shouted at the other end expressing anger or disapproval to talk. speed. the farmer had to give them control of their land or give them power. CAUTERIZE: to burn wound using chemical or heat Caut+erize…. CATECHISM:a set of questions and answer that are used for teaching people about the belief of the Christian religion. CATHARSIS:process of releasing strong feelings. Cat+call……. Relate caustic with caustic soda Caustic soda is a very harmful chemical able to destroy or dissolve other substance. CAVIL: to make unnecessary complaint about something. Asomethingana! The whole class agreed to this. where poverty cause the disease to happen CAUSTIC:able to destroy or dissolve other substance. rapidity Celerity rhymes with celebrity Celebrities like Aishwarya Rai prefer to make a quick move to the Airport in order to avoid the crowd.CATCALL:noise or shout expressing anger or disapproval of somebody. in exchange. it helps people to release strong feelings. CAUCUS:meeting of the member or leader of political party to choose candidates or to decide policy. rights etc especially unwillingly. Cat+echism…Cat is the key word If you want to succeed in CAT you have to prepare a set of questions and answer that are used for teaching people about the belief of the Christian religion. CAVALIER:not caring enough about something or about the feelings of other people Cavali+er…. CAUSAL: connected with the relationship between two things where one causes the other to happen Caus+al…Caus sounds as cause Relationship between poverty and disease is well known. Sanjay dutt said we will not make unnecessary complaints against Dr.

there are people who celebrate that they are still not married and not having sex especially for religious reasons. both have decided that they do their marriage in a very formal or traditional way. CENSORIOUS: tending to criticize people or things a lot.Censor is the key word Censor board criticized director of the movie ‘Murder’ because director added unnecessary s cenes that were immoral. Relate Centurion with century In Rome after a century a very great officer known as Alexander came who was capable of commanding a unit of 100 soldiers.cer(in hindi)(head or brain)…. CEREBRAL:related to the brain. CEREMONIOUS:behaving in formal or traditional way. Ceremoni+ous…. CESSATION:stopping of something. Ce+ssation…ssation sounds as session Congress government started a session on Jan Lok Pal Bill to decide what to do but they took a long time to decide anything. Cer+ bral….CELIBATE:not married and keeping away from sex especially for religious reasons Celibate rhymes as celebrate In America..sure is the key word Congress was sure that they will receive strong criticism from public on Jan Lok Pal Bill.. he is certain that he can apply in companies for a job.. people outside were very angry but Anna was stopping people to take any illegal action against government. a thing about which you are certain Certi+tude…certi is the short form of certificate When a student gets certi (certificate) from college. immoral or politically dangerous Obvious The Censor board of India is very strict it remove parts from movies. Verbal Ability 41 Vocabulary . CENTURION:great officer who capable of commanding a unit of 100 soldiers.ceremoni sounds as ceremony (a public a religious occasion that includes a series of formal or traditional action) In wedding ceremony of Akshay and Twinkle. CESSION:act of giving up land or rights. The Censor board ordered him to cut those scenes. CENSOR: a person whose job is to examine films. CERTITUDE:feeling of being certain. Cession sounds as session In Bihar many farmers were giving up land or rights so APJ Kalam called a meeting or session with farmers to understand their problem. books etc and remove parts which areconsidered offensive. Censor+ious…. CENSURE: strong criticism Cen+ sure….So cerebral is something related to the cer (in Hindi) (Head or brain).

After one year Anushka gave birth to a very pretty child. Doctor suggested him to take medicine from the medical store but he didn’t get time to purchase medicine. and Ajay Dewgan was not willing to risk buying bad cherries. Chast+ise …. CHARLATAN: a person who claims to have knowledge or skills that they do not really have Char+lat+an…Chaar laat maaro (in Hindi)(Kick) Politicians should be kicked who claims to have knowledgeor skills that they do not really have. Charisma sounds as Karishma Karishma Kapoor has a powerful personal quality to attract and impress other people. Doctor made him feel sorry for smoking a lot and let him quit immediately. CHASTEN:tomake somebody feel sorry for something they have done. Twinkle criticized him for committing such mistakes. CHASTISE: to criticize somebody for doing something wrong. Chafe sounds as safe In the cricket team Sehwag is the only batsman who takes a risk.CHAFE:to feel annoyed and impatient about something. CHARY: not willing to risk doing something. fearing possible problems if you do something Chary sounds as Cherry (a fruit) Ajay Dewagan went to market to buy cherry for Kajol but its quality wasn’t good. Obvious Vishwa Nathan Anand is World Chess Champion. only having sex with the person that you are married Chaste sounds as chest Faking news says that doctors claim that people who do not have sex have chest pain in old age.Chast sounds as chest Akshay suffered from chest pain since morning. CHAMPION:a person that has won a competition especially in a sport. Verbal Ability 42 Vocabulary . CHAGRIN:feeling of being disappointed or annoyed Relate Chagrin with chai ka girna(in Hindi) Mallika’s servant ne chai gira di(spilled tea) on her new boyfriend’s shirt which made him fi lled with feeling of disappointment or annoyance. CHAOTIC:in a state of complete confusion and disorder Relate chaotic with chaos CHARISMA: powerful personal quality that some people have to attract and impress other people. Chaste+n…Chaste sounds as chest Rajpal Yadav had chest pain because he smokes a lot. CHASTE: not having sex with anyone. CHICANERY:theuse of complicated plans and clever talk in order to deceive people Chican+ery…Chican sounds as chicken Two chickens were talking cleverly and about complicated plans in order to deceive their master. When he was asked to play safe he gets annoyed and impatient. CHERUB:pretty child Che+rub…relate rub with the movie Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi In this movie Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka had beautiful life after marriage..

CHIMERA: an impossible hope or idea Chimera sound as camera Lara Dutta promised Mahesh Bhupati if he wins Tennis Grand Slam. rights etc it is known as circumscribe. power etc In Mathematics circumscribe means we make circles around something. she will gift him a Nikon camera but it’s an impossible hope or idea of Lara Dutta because she knows that Mahesh can’t win the title. He always talks in a long and indirect way. Circum+ locution…. Chide sounds as child Sachin criticized or blamed his child for not attending school and not doing his homework.10 CHIDE:to criticize or blame somebody because they have done something wrong. if you will drink Bhagwan Shiv’sSom rous you will become polite. CIRCUMLOCUTIONS:more words than are necessary.Chapter . CHURLISH: rude or bad tempered easily Churli+sh…Churli sounds as Charlie Charlie Chaplin was a great comedian but he gets rude or bad tempered easily. Hansie Chronie (South Africa cricket captain) was suffering from a disease and the pain lasted for a long time. freedom.vent sounds as went Shahrukh Khan went to watch Test Series of India Vs England. Read Chronicle if you are preparing for UPSC. CIPHER: a secret way of writing Obvious Cipher is opposite of decipher CIRCUITOUS: long and not direct. rights. they were just trying to find a way of avoiding the difficult situations. kind and start behaving with honor especially towards women. CHRONIC:lasting for a long time.Ghuma phira ke bolna(in Hindi)using more words than are necessary CIRCUMSCRIBE:to limit somebody’s\something’s freedom. Chroni+c….chroni sounds as Hansie Chronje (South African cricket captain) During 1996 world cup. CIRCUMVENT:to find a way of avoiding a difficulty Cirum +vent…. Similarly when we limit somebody’s. kind and behaving with honor especially towards women. CHIVALROUS: polite. CIRCUMSPECT:inspect your circumstances (surroundings) before doing anything Circumspect rhymes as inspect (search) Inspector Bharat always inspects his circumstances (surrounding) before doing anything. Verbal Ability 43 Vocabulary . Circuit+ous…Circuit is the key word In the movie Munna Bhai MBBS. CHRONICLE: a written record of event in the order in which they happened Relate chronicle with chronicle Magazine Chronicle Magazine keeps written record of events in the order in which they have happened. He saw that Indian team was not fighting against England. Chival+rous…rous (in Hindi) (a type of drink) Som rous (a type of drink). Circuit never talks straight.

Batman was known to show kindness when somebody being punished. Verbal Ability 44 Vocabulary . Both have the same meaning. Cita+del…. or partially divided into two We just learned cleave. CLICHE: a phrase or an idea that has been used so often that it no longer has much meaning and is not interesting.Cita sounds as Sita Ram built a castle on high ground in or near a city where people could escape when the city was being attacked. she cuts the skull of a man in two parts using sharp and heavy axe. CLAMOUR: to demand for something loudly Clam+our…. Rahul Gandhi clicked an idea but that has been used so often that it no longer has much meaning and was not interesting. CLAIRVOYANT:power to communicate with dead is the key word Relate men with Batman. CLANDESTINE: kept secret C+land+estine…land is the key word…Relate land with Woodland WoodLand kept secret that they are taking shoes from Bata and labeling it as Woodland.clam sounds as claim It is our legal right. CLEFT: split. In a scene. Clair+voy+ant…clair sounds as clear and voy sounds as view Do you know that Rajnikant has a clear view of future or has power to communicate with the dead people? CLAMBER: to climb or move with difficulty Clamb+er…relate clamb with climb Small babies climb or move with difficulty or a lot of effort using their hands and feet. in such situations we should claim or demand for it loudly. divided. CLEMENCY: kindness shown to somebody when they are being punished Cle+men+cy…. if any party supporters give bribe to vote to a particular party. CLEAVE: to split or cut something in two using something sharp and heavy C+leave…leave is the key word In an upcoming movie Urmila Matondkar is playing the role of a psycho killer who never leaves any clue. this castle is named in the memory of Sita. Relate Cliché with click During a meeting. CITE: to mention something as areason or an example or in order to support Cite sound as Site People make a website in order to mention about Jan Lok Pal Bill in order to get support from internet. CLANGER:an obvious and embarrassing mistake Cl+anger…anger is the key word Katrina Kaif is very particular about her dresses she cannot tolerate and show anger if her designer makes any obvious and embarrassing mistake. In the movie Dark Knight.CITADEL: a castle on high ground in or near a city where people could go when the city was being attacked.

out is the keyword In World Cup final.CLIENTELE: the customer or clients of a shop/store etc Cleint+ele…. most important Climac+tic…Climac sounds as climax Climax of the movie Sholay was very exciting CLIME: a country with particular kind of climate. Indian cricket team’s power and influence gets half as soon as Sachin Tendulkar got out against Sri Lanka. CHORTLE:to laugh loudly with pleasure or amusement Chor +tle…. COALITION:to make a bigger group from several different groups Coal+ition…coal is the key word Coal India limited is entering into a partnership with Reliance industries in order to make a bigger group. Loy sometimes made tea so sweet that it is unpleasant for the guests. COGENT:stronglyand clearly expressed in a way that influences what other people believe Cogent rhymes as Agent Agent James Bond expresses himself clearly and strongly that influence what other people believe. CLIQUE: a small group of people who spend their time together and don’t allow others to join them. Ehsaan.Client is the key word Client of a shop/store etc are known as clientele CLIMACTIC: very exciting. Relate Coagulate with Colgate Colgate launched its new varieties of tooth paste that are thick and partly solid. Clique sounds as click John Abraham made a group “Click” on Facebook. warm and secure) Raima Sen needed a cosy bed to think carefully about her character in the movie.chor(in Hindi) (a thief) A chor laughed loudly with pleasure or amusement after doing chori from Fardeen Khan’s house when he was out for shooting. CLOUT:power and influence Cl + out….Cogi sounds as cosy (comfortable. Verbal Ability 45 Vocabulary . COALESCE: joins together to make bigger or large Coal+esce…coal is the key word In Coal India. COAGULATE:thick and partly solid. COGITATE:to think carefully about something. Cogi+tate…. Relate Clime with Climate India has a variable climate. CLOYING:so sweet that it is unpleasant C+loy+ing…loy is key word Trio of Shankar. workers make a small lump of coal later joins with more to make bigger or large lump of coal. it’s a small group of people who spend their time together and don’t allow others to join them.

Cog+nitive…cog is the key word Cog is one of a series of teeth on the edge of a wheel that fit between the teeth on the next wheel and causes it to move In a study. so he decided to collect knowledge or understanding of the technical aspects of cars. it is found that the way cog works in the same way mental process of understanding of something works COGNIZANT:knowledge or understanding of something Cog+ni+zan+t…. Verbal Ability 46 Vocabulary . Collage sounds as college In College.COGNITIVE:connected withmental process of understanding of something. Co+hort…hort sounds as heart There is a group or community of people started by Indira Gandhi in which group members donate their body organs such as eyes. COLLOQUY: conversation Colloquy sounds as combination of College+guy In College.Relate Zan with Zen car Vivek Oberai planned to buy a Zen car. COHERE:to work closely together. COHORT: group or community of people who share their common feature. Relate Collusion with collision Collision occurred between Anil Ambani and Mukesh Ambani because Mukesh was planning to set up a secret project and Anil wasn’t aware of is the keyword During recession. COMATOSE:deep unconscious in coma Coma+tose…. Obvious COLLAGE: the art of making pictures by sticking pieces of colored paper fabric. COLLABORATE:to work together with somebody in order to produce something. final year guys (students) used to have conversations in the department about placements.Coma is the key word which is defining its meaning. It is known as collage. Companies like McKinsey said that that they needed employees here who can work closely. Co+ here…. a competition among students is very common in which student uses pieces of colored paper to make a picture.late is the keyword During college days Amitabh Bachhan always reached the lab late and didn’t get time to collect information from different sources to examine and compare it. COLLUSION: to plan in secret. COLLATE: to collect information together from different sources in order to examine andcompare it Col+late…. heart etc to save others before they die. COHABIT: living together and have a sexual relationship without being marries Co+habit…habit is the key word In India people are adopting the habit of living together and having a sexual relationship without getting married.

Chapter – 11 COMELY: Pleasant to look at or attractive Come+ly…. director Prakash Jha asked new actresses to come forward who were pleasant to look at or were attractive. COMMODIOUS:having lot of space. Obvious Any new software or mobile application has to be compatible to the Operating System. Come +miss+rate…miss is the keyword School kid likes to go to her/his teacher when they feel sad because they miss their parents. Commodious rhymes as spacious COMMUNAL:Shared by all community members Communal sounds as combination of “community+all” A community for all COMPASSION:a strong feeling of sympathy for people who are suffering and a desire to help them Com+passion…passion is the key word Dr. Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar had the passion or strong feeling of sympathy and a desire to help people who are suffering. etc for military purpose during the war..relate memorate with memory National flag helps us to remember and respect the memories of the struggle of freedom fighters. COMPELLING:that makes you pay attention to it because it is so interesting and exciting. articles etc) Verbal Ability 47 Vocabulary . Compilation come from compile (to produce a book.. COMMEMORATE: intended to help people remember and respect an important person or event in the past Com+memorate…. list report etc by bringing together different items. articles etc.pance Relate it with Saja-e-Kalapani which was kind of punishment given to freedom fighters. COMPATIBLE:able to use together.Come is the key word In an interview. Com+ pell+ing. COMPILATION: to produce as book. COMMANDEER:to take control of a building a vehicle. important. COMMENSURATE:matching something in size.relate mensurate with Mensuration In CAT’10 Mensuration was matching with Geometry in importance and quantity of questions asked. Comeuppance can be written as…Come – u . list report etc by bringing together different items. COMMISERATE:to show sympathy when they are upset or disappointed about something. vehicles. COMEUPPANCE:punishment. Com+mensurate….relate pell with Pele The way Pele (a great footballer player) made goals in Football makes the whole World pay attention to it because it is so interesting and exciting. quality etc. etc for military purpose during a war Commandeer sounds as commander… Commander of Hitler’s army gave orders to take control of a building.

Speakers. CONCEDE:admit Con+cede….R Rehman is a great composer. Compli+city……city is the keyword In Godhra kaand case entire city police took part and did nothing to stop it. facts. COMPORT:to behave in particular way Com+port….COMPLACENCY:a feeling of satisfaction with yourself or with the situation Complacen+cy…. details.Relate Complacen with Complan Complan Boy are satisfied with their drink they don’t need any other drink.cede sounds as CD In the court Prem Chopra admitted that CD’s which were found from his home contain illegal stuff. Verbal Ability 48 Vocabulary . the items.relate port with Airport At Indian Airlines airport. Obvious…We learned compound in chemistry COMPREHENSIVE: including all or almost all. COMPLIANCE:obey rules or request made by authority Relate compliance with Complan Do you know why parents give Complan to their children? Because boys and girls obey rules and requests made by their parents after a cup of Complan COMPLIANT:obey rules or request made by authority Its meaning is same as compliance. CONCATENATION: link together in a chain or series Con+cat+e+nation…cat is the keyword Few students prefer to join CAT test series of Time as well as Career launcher because both are linked together. COMPOUND: things consist of two or more thing combines together. The total price of Compaq Home package includes taxes and other charges. and Headphones etc. COMPUNCTION: a feeling of guilt about doing something Com+pun+ction…pun is the key word…filthy pun is same as kameena pun Shakti Kapoor is famous for filthy puns but he was always guilty after doing bad things. his state of mind is calm and in control of his feelings so that he can think deeply about the music. Raju Srivastava behaved in a way that made everyone laugh.relate comp with Compaq and prise sounds as price Compaq Home package consists of Desktop. information etc Obvious…Must have read this line ‘comprehensive list of all the candidates’ COMPRISE:to consist of somebody/something Comp + prise…. COMPOSURE: the state of being calm and in control of your feelings or behavior Composure sounds as composer A. COMPLICITY:the act of taking part in crime. COMPUTE: to calculate Relate compute with computer We take help of the computer to calculate.

CONCISE:short and snappy Con+cise…cise sounds as size The height (size) of Rajpal Yadav is short and snappy.relate coct with cocktail In parties. CONCERTED:determined Concert+ed…. drink by mixing different things Con+ coct…. CONCILIATORY:to make somebody less angry or friendly. we get 30% concession on books for competitive exams. Sherkhan decided to organize a meeting to discuss something in private with all the animals in a cave. CONCENTRIC:having the same centre Obvious…. Relate conciliatory with Conciliate which means to make somebody less angry or friendly. CONCORD:agreement Concord rhymes as accord The new Honda accord distributors signed an agreement which says warranty of 5 years. He first shook hands and agreed with the policies and then built the relationship. Verbal Ability 49 Vocabulary . CONCOCT:to make something especially food. CONCUR:agree Concur sounds as conquer Napoleon conquered the whole world. CONCOMITANT:happening at the same time as something else Relate concomitant with contaminant We saw contaminants have increased in the waters of River Yamuna. CONCURRENT:happening at the same time Obvious Concurrent lines intersect with each other at the same time and at same point.CONCEIT:too much pride Con+ceit…Ceit sounds as seat Every year the politician gets MLA seat in the elections. Number of deaths increasing at the same time as the contamination was increasing.In book stalls. CONCLAVE:a meeting to discuss something in private Clave rhymes as cave In the TV Serials Mogali. CONCESSION: allowance Obvious……. Sharukh prefers cocktail which is a drink made by mixing different drinks.Relate it with concentric circles which we learn in geometry CONCEPTION: an idea or plan Conception rhymes with Inception The movie inception is all about the process of forming an idea or planting them in dreams.concert is the key word Anil Kapoor organized a rock concert for her daughter in a planned and determined way on her birthday to impress her.

CONDESCEND:to do something which is that you think that is below your social or professional position to do.. Conform+ity….. CONFLAGRATION:great of destructive fire Con+flag+ration……flag is the key word The Flag of Pakistan was put on great or destructive fire by Americans when the terrorists attacked WTC on 9/11. CONFORMITY:behavior that follow the accepted rules of society. fish taken away by authority as punishment from fisherman because it was illegal. Relate conflate with cornflake At home. MBA aspirants found reading comprehension very confusing and shocking.. CONGEAL:to become thick or solid Con+geal …Relate geal with gel Colgate gel is thick or solid tooth paste. CONFINE: to restrict the entry Con+ fine…. Confidant sounds as confident Dhoni is very confident about Dravid not only professionally but personally because he trusts him thus talks to him about private or secret things. Mother put cornflakes and milk together to make one proper breakfast.conform sound as confirm In the court Sanjay Dutt confirmed that he will follow the accepted rules of society. Verbal Ability 50 Vocabulary . Relate Confluence with influence Due to the influence of Anna Hazare. CONDONE:an acceptable behavior that is morally wrong or to treat it as it were not serious Con+done….done is the keyword Congress had done a bad thing by arresting Anna Hazare but they released him next morning because they thought that Anna’s behavior was acceptable but morally wrong. CONFLATE:to put two or more things together to make one new thing. CONFISCATE: to take away Con+fis+cate…fis sounds as fish In Goa. people of India are becoming one. Con+ de+scend…. CONFIDENT: trusted fully assured Obvious The students are confident of high scores in Board Exams because paper was very easy. CONFOUND:confusing or shocking Con+found……found is the key word In CAT 2010.scend sounds as send Rahul Gandhi was sent to handle Jan Lokpal situation which he thought was below his social or professional position to do.. CONFLUENCE:the fact of two or more things becoming one. CONFIDANT:a person that you trust and who you talk to about private or secret things.fine is the key word Bhagwan Laxman made a fine Laxman Rekha in order to restrict the entry of Ravan.

CONJUGAL:relating to relationship between husband and wife Con+ jugal….Existing from birth Some congenital diseases are fatal. CONGENITAL:present at birth Con+genital…genital sounds as Janm se hi….CONGENIAL:pleasant Con+genial…relate genial with Genilia D’souza Irfan khan found it quite pleasant to spend time with Genilia because their interests matched each others’. CONGRUENCE:having the same size and same shape.. Verbal Ability 51 Vocabulary . Relate Congruence with Congruent In geometry congruent triangles have the same size and same shape. CONGLOMERATION:mixture of different things that are found all together. but he lifted it like nothing. Cong+lomeration…Relate cong with congress Congress is a political party having mixture of MLA’s from different region found together. Conjecture rhymes as lecture Sometimes Newton used to give lectures on the ideas that are not based on definite knowledge but are formed by guessing.P Sharma claims that he can lift 50 tones from his hands.relationship between couple or jugal (in Hindi) CONJURE:to do clever tricks Conjure rhymes as kamjor(in Hindi)(Weak) A magician O. CONJECTURE:an option or idea that is not based on definite knowledge and is formed by guessing. but he was looking very kamjor (weak). there must be some clever trick involved in it.

CONSONANCE:agreement Relates Consonance with consonant In English grammar. Con+secrate. Relate Conscientious with conscience Aamir Khan takes care to do things correctly and carefully. Verbal Ability 52 Vocabulary .Relate conni with Hensi Cronie (former South officer cricket captain) The crime was committed with the help of former cricket captain of South Africa Hensie Cronie. if vowels and consonant are in harmony or in agreement with each other only then words are formed... Relate Consequential with consequence…output of a consequence CONSIGN:to put somebody\something somewhere in order to get rid of them Con+ sign…. CONSEQUENTIAL:happening as a result of something.Chapter – 12 CONNIVANCE:help in doing something wrong Conni+vance…. John Abraham to sign an agreement to put him out of this movie in order to get rid of him.sense is the key word All Indian cricket team members agreed on an opinion with open senses that Dhoni should take rest for few months. CONSENSUS:all member of a group agreed on an opinion with open senses Con+sense…. CONSORT: Husband or wife Con+sort…sort is the key word Shahjahan’s wife Mumtaz made his life sort of hell.. Con+ script…script is the key word Subhash Chandra Bose was good script writer but nation made him to join armed forces and fight against British Army.Relate secrate with secret The Babri MAsjid was constructed secretly but stated officially in a religious ceremony that Maszid is holy and can be used for religious purpose.Rahman gives comfort or sympathy to soul of a person who is unhappy or disappointed CONSOLIDATION: to make position more powerful stronger Con+solid+ation…solid is the key word Large number of Scams in the period of Congress Government made position of BJP more powerful or solid. CONSECRATE:to state officially in a religious ceremony that something is holy and can be used for religious purpose. CONSOLE:to give comfort or sympathy to somebody who is unhappy or disappointed Con+sole…sole sounds as soul Music of A.sign is the key word In the movie 3 Idiots Aamir Khan forced. as he follows his conscience (the part of your mind that tells you whether your actions are right or wrong) CONSCRIPT:to make somebody to join armed forces.R.. CONSCIENTIOUS:taking care to do things correctly and carefully.

CONTEMPT:worthless Con+temp+t…temp is the keyword. CONSUMMATE:perfect Consum+mate…Consum sounds as consume In Sholay. CONSTRUE:interpret words Cons+ true…true is the keyword Shahid Kapoor interprets Kareena Kapoor’s words wrongly. Cons+train+t….train is the key word Railway Minister Mamta Banerjee said that prisoners will not be allowed to travel by trains. Meaning is same as contention CONTEXT:the situation in which something happens and that helps you to understand. CONTEND:to say something that is true Con+ tend…. On computer. CONTENTIOUS:likely to cause disagreement between people. this decision will limit or restrict their freedom. she was continuously asking for an autograph. Con+text …text is the key word Read the text book based on Titanic and watch the movie and then you will be able to understand the situation under which it sank. CONTENTION:dispute. or your freedom to do something. disagreement Con+tention…tention sounds as tension There was a lot of tension between Hindus and Muslims after the disagreement over Babri Masjid demolition. Steve Jobs tended to say something that was true but no one listened to him because he wasn’t the CEO of Apple at that time. it is perfect to call Dharmendra an alcoholic as he consumes a lot of alcohol when he was going to propose to Dhanno. but she was right.CONSORT:to spend time with somebody that other people do not approve Con+sort…sort is the keyword Some sort of film stars like Tushar Kapoor spends time with people that other people do not approve of. Verbal Ability 53 Vocabulary .tend is the key word In a meeting of board of directors of Apple. CONSPIRACY:a secret plan by a group of people to do something harmful or illegal Obvious CONSTITUENTS:a component part Obvious…carbon and oxygen are constituents of CO2 CONSTRAINT: a thing that limits or restricts something. it is worthless to store temp (Temporary Files) files. CONTIGUOUS:touching or next to something Contiguous rhymes as continuous Shah Rukh Khan was sitting next to a girl on the plane.

Converge and Diverge nature of light Verbal Ability 54 Vocabulary . a group of people belong to tin container manufacturing industries came to attend a meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to discuss problems in the manufacturing of tin containers. CONTRITE:very sorry for something bad that you have done Cont+rite…rite is the key word…rite sounds as right Mukesh Ambani Signed a contract with a company of US. CONVERGE:come together from different directions so as eventually to meet Obvious…. CONTRABAND:goods that are illegally taken into or out of a country. Amitabh asked a question related to music instrument. Contra+vene…. Kaun Banega Crorepati.tri is the key word….tin (a metal) is the key word In Delhi. Contraband sounds as combination of country + banned Ban gets stricter on the goods that are illegally taken into or out of the country India. CONTINGENT:a group of people at a meeting or an event who have something in common. Relate Continence with continents (one of the large land masses of the earth such as Asia. CONTROVERT:strongly disagree about Controvert comes from controversy (strongly disagree about). later he felt sorry because it wasn’t a right decision because it was a fraud Company. Europe or Africa) In a research it is found that people of Continent of Europe have control on their feeling especially desire to have sex..Contra is the key word In childhood we played a game called contra. Con+tin+gent…. CONVENTION:the way in which something is done that most people in a society expect andconsider to be polite or the right way to do it Relate Convention with conventional I hope you are aware of the word conventional it means natural and ordinary. CONTRIVED:planned everything in advance and not natural or genuine Con+tri+ ved…. if you do something that is not allowed by a rule. Conun+drum…drum is the key word In the show. Rohan Gavaskar tried very hard to get into the team but wasn’t success ful. After the win.CONTINENCE:control on feeling especially desire to have sex. CONUNDRUM:very confusing problem that is very difficult to solve. CONTRAVENE: to do something that is not allowed by a law or rule.tri sounds as try Sunil Gavaskar planned everything in advancefor his son’s career Rohan gavaskar in cricket. the game gets over automatically. the drum and the contestant found it very confusing CONVENE: to arrange a meeting for people. Indian cricket team coach arranged a meeting for the team members to come together and discuss future plans. Con + vene…vene sounds as win.

CONVERT:a person who has changed their religion. beliefs or opinions Relate convert with convert (to change something from one from to another) Do you know that Saif Ali khan is going to change his religion? CONVEYANCE:the process of taking somebody/something from one place to another.. you will feel that you are familiar with him for years. Verbal Ability 55 Vocabulary . CONVIVIAL:friendly and cheerful in atmosphere or character Con+vivi+al…Relate vivi with VVS laxman VVS Laxman hit a triple century in a crucial test match against Australia and that made the atmosphere very friendly and cheerful. CONVOLUTED: extremely complicated and difficult to follow Convo+luted…convo is the key word In convo or convocation. Conviction comes from convict (declare to be guilty of a criminal offence by the jury) Daud Ibrahim was a convicted of murder and was charged with other criminal cases.We say that you are cordially invited meant you are pleasantly and friendly welcome them. students purchase books and copies in large numbers.Conveyance also means vehicle People accepted that process of taking their goods from one place to another through “FedEx” is the best way because their vehicles never get delayed. CONVOKE:call together Convo+ ke…Convo is the key word During convo or convocation in IIT Kharagpur. CONVERSE:the opposite or reverse of a statement or fact Obvious…. COPIOUS: in large amount Copi+ous…copi sounds as copy When the school session starts. in your first meeting with him. COQUETTE: to impress Coq+uette…coq sounds as coke When Katrina wants to impress her boyfriend. CORDIAL:pleasantly and friendly Obvious….CONVERSANT:familiar with somebody Conver+sant…sant sounds as saint Baba Ramdev is a great saint. CONVICTION:the act of finding somebody guilty of a crime a law. she offers Coke and samosa to him. but students rejected to take their degrees from him. procedure to get degree is extremely complicated and difficult to follow. recently passed out students were called to receive their degrees and Manmohan singh was the chief guest. Obvious….Question on Converse of Pythagoras theorem is very common in X th Board exam.

Counter is the keyword At Taj hotel’s reception counter there are both males and females as the both hold the same position or function in different places and situations. CORPOREAL:physical rather than spiritual Corpo +real…real is the keyword I want to tell a real story that Baba Ramdev saw God’s physical p resence rather than spiritual at his home. COSMIC:universe. huge Relate cosmic with comic A comic book was launched in which Chacha choudhary was roaming in universe with Saabu in search of Raaka.Chapter – 13 CORDON:to make a ring or line of police officer stopping people from entering or leaving a place Cor+don…don is the key word Waise to don ko pakadana mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai lekin ek din Don pakkda gaya that day police officer ordered the police force to make a ring or line of police officers to stop people from entering or leaving the place where Don was caught. COUNTERMAND:cancel Counter+mand…relate counter with encounter In the Movie Ab tak Chappan. CORRODE:destroy something slowly Cor+rode…rode sounds as road In the Movie Manoj Bajpai was trying to destroy Vivek’s and Antara Mali’s relationship slowly. Companies like Reliance. COTERIE:a small group people who have the same interest and do things together but do not like to include others Coterie sound as katori (in Hindi) Utensils like plate. CORRELATION:mutual relation Cor+relation…relation is the key word Love is based on mutual relation rather than one sided. COUNTENANCE: a person’s face or expression Count+enance…count is the key word During the Lakme fashion week Judges Count the number of models and check a model’s face or expression. spoons. COUNTERPART:a person or thing that has the same position or function assomebody/something else in a different place or situation Counter+part…. katorie can be compared as a small group of items who have the same interest and do things together but do not like to include others like Gas cylinder etc. CORROSIVE:tending to destroy slowly by chemical action Obvious…Iron gets destroyed slowly if not painted. Verbal Ability 56 Vocabulary . theory etc Corroborate rhymes as Corporate In the corporate world. CORROBORATE:to provide evidence or information that supports a statement. Infosys appreciate if you provide evidence or information that supports a statement or theory etc. encounter specialist Nana Patekar has order from higher authority to cancel his plan to encounter a criminal.

it didn’t obey him so he frightened it in order to make it obey him. COZEN:cheat Co+zen……Zen is the key word Cost of Zen (a car) is very less in the market but a car dealer cheated Rakhi Sawant and took more than actual price of the car. Relate cow with cow (an animal) Rajpal Yadav has a cow. Coy sounds as combination of cow+ toy In a store. toy of a cow was very cute. making it difficult to notice.Ajay and Kajol make a great couple COURIER: a person or company whose job is to take packages or important papers somewhere Obvious…. COVERT:secret or hidden.COUP:suddenly attack Relate coup with Allen Cooper (a brand in shoe industry) Allen Cooper launched a sudden attack on the shoe industry by capturing brands like Reebok and Adidas. COWER:to bend low or to move backward because you are frightened. Verbal Ability 57 Vocabulary . Cower sounds like cover Gabbar Singh’s gun went off and villagers made their family member bend low and cover children with sheets because they were frightened. Son of Sachin Tendulkar was eager to have it but he was shy and innocent to ask for it from his father. First Flight etc courier services to deliver our important documents COVENANT:legal agreement Covenant rhymes as agreement Divorce between Saif and his Amrita Singh was a legal agreement.cover is the key word There are still many scams by politicians are covered in order to be hidden or making them difficult to notice by public. CRABBED:small and difficult to read.covet sounds as Kuwait Salman Khan’s brother has a great desire to settle in Kuwait as hi s girl friend is from Kuwait.. CRASS:very stupid and showing no sympathy or understanding Crass sounds as cross The Indian police are very stupid and show no understanding or sympathy for poor people in trouble during cross questioning. Cover+t…. COW:to frighten somebody in order to make them obey you. Crab+bed…crab is the key word A doctor’s handwriting is small like a crab and is small and difficult to read. COVETOUS:having a great desire Covet+o+us….. COUPLE:two people or things Obvious…. COY:shy and innocent.We use DTDC.

cres sounds as Krissh Rithik Starrer Movie Krissh didn’t make a very good collection in the first week but later there was a gradual increase in volume of collection. you need to have the ability or willingness to believe in things that are true. CREDO: set of beliefs Cre + do…do is the keyword Every religion has its own set of beliefs which mean a lot to them like they perform prayers every day in the morning. Relate crone with cone Helen is an ugly old woman and loves eating ice cream cones. CREDENCE:belief in something as true Cre+dence…. CRESCENDO:a gradual increase in volume Cres+cendo….dence sounds as dance Michael Jackson was a legendry dancer. Crest+fall+en…. CROTCHETY:bad tempered Crot+chet+y…Chet sounds as chat Sunil Shetty got bad tempered when a girl don’t respond him on facebook chat. CRINGE:to moved back C+rin+ge…. his dance was best and everyone believes that. Islam or Hinduism.Rin is the key word Kareena Kapoor accidently washed her face with Rin detergent cake. CREDULITY: ability or willingness to believe that something is true.fall is the keyword Roger Federer was sad and disappointed when he falls during a match and looses a point against Nadal. CRUX:most important reason Relate crux with the bike Crux R When Salman Khan was questioned by the police regarding an accident. He said that brake failure of the Crux-r was the most important reason of the mishap. CRITERION:a standard or principle by which something is judged It comes from criteria. She was shocked when she moved back and saw her face in the mirror.CRAVEN:lack of courage C+ raven…Relate raven with Ravan( a character in Ramayan) Ravan was a brave man. he never lacked courage and even Ram accepted this fact. CRONE:ugly old woman. Verbal Ability 58 Vocabulary . CREED:set of principles or religious beliefs C+reed…reed sounds as read Hindu pundits always read set of principles or religious beliefs before saying their prayers.. CRESTFALLEN:feel sad and disappointed because you have failed. Relate Credulity with credo (set of beliefs) When you are following credo of certain religion like Sikhism..

CURTAIL: to limit something.. Cull sounds as kal(in Hindi) (tomorrow) In Gwalior. Cur+tail….cursor is the key word We move our cursor quickly and without giving enough attention when we are in hurry. take care of objects or works in museum or art gallery CURMUDGEON: very bad tempered person Cur+mudgeon…cur sounds as kar(tax)…relate mudgen with Mahajan(in hindi) “Mahajan ka kar nahi diya to” he will be very angry because he is a very bad tempered person CURSIVE:with letters joint together Curs+ive…. He has a strong desire for more wealth possessions. CURSORY:done quickly and without giving enough attention. CUMBERSOME:large and heavy.curs sounds as curse In the olden days.Culi sounds as kuli (In Hindi) Few Kuli at the railway station connected with 5 star hotels and responsible for cooking of food CULL:to kill a particular number of animals of a group in order to prevent the group from getting too large. now a days are an object of attention or admiration for all scientists. Cupid+ity…. power. etc CURATOR:a person whose job is to be in charge of the objects or works of art in a museum or art gallery Curator sounds as care taker A care taker. CULMINATION:the highest point or end of something. CUMULATIVE:growing by addition Obvious CUPIDITY:strong desire for more wealth possessions. Cul+mi+nation…. it was a curse to write with letters joint together.nation is the keyword The highest point or moment of time our nation was when India got freedom from the British. CYNOSURE: a person or thing that is the centre of attention or admiration. CULPABLE:responsible and deserving blame for having done something wrong Culp+able…relate culp with kriya kulp(in Hindi) Sanjay Dutt was caught in the wrong kriya kulp of shooting the deer and was responsible and deserved blame for having done wrong. Cynosure rhymes as dinosaur Dinosaurs. Cursor+y…. power.cupid is the keyword Cupid not just wants love and wants to be loved. Verbal Ability 59 Vocabulary ...tail is the keyword Raavan cut the tail of Lord Hanuman to make him powers less and limit his freedom.CULINARY:connected with cooking or food Culi+nary…. many Hunters and villagers decided that kal(in Hindi)(tomorrow) they will kill large number of dogs to prevent the group from getting too big or large. difficult to carry Relate cumbersome with cucumber Cucumbers are very large and heavy and difficult to carry.

Dally sounds as Delhi During the election rally BJP leader LK Advani take a lot of time roaming in villages and urban areas in hope of getting good number of votes. Dapper sounds like diaper Charlie Chaplin was a man with small and neat appearance. cold and unpleasant. mud etc thick and carelessly. Dais sounds as days During school days. Verbal Ability 60 Vocabulary . DAUB: to spread a substance such as paint. DAPPLED:marked with spots of color D+apple+ d…. mud etc thickly and or carelessly onto something Dau+b…relate dau with Daud Daud Ibrahim spreads his network on to Mumbai like paint. Dank sounds as Damp (slightly wet) Anna Hazare started his fast for the LokPal bill in a damp cold and unpleasant Ramlila Compound. DALLY:to take lot of time. The apple is marked wit h spots of color. and he loved to wear a diaper. DANK:damp. DAPPER:small with neat appearance.DAIS:stage on which people stand to make speeches to an audience. APJ Kalam participated in debate.There are unique variety of apples found in Kashmir. He can still remember the stage on which people sood to make speeches to an audience.

Daw+i+dle…. a belief is false. DEBACLE: an event or situation that is completely failure and causes embarrassments Debacle rhymes as oracle Oracle a software company totally fails to make new software and it causes embarrassment among employees DEBASE:to make something or somebody less valuable or respected. DEADPAN:without any expression or emotions.Dead is the keyword The UPA government leaders feeling dead on the issue of Anna Hazare and the Jan Lokpal bill. Relate it with Debonair Magazine Fashionable and confident actor like John Abraham read Debonair magazine DEBUNK: to show that an idea. Abhay deol played a role of immoral and drank a lot of alcohol.Dead is the keyword When former Prime Minister Narasimha Rao died. DEBONAIR:fashionable and confident. Dead+lock…. DEARTH:lack of something D+earth…. DEADLOCK:complete failure to reach an agreement. DAUNTLESS:not easily frightened Daunt+less…. Verbal Ability 61 Vocabulary . De+bunk……bunk is the key word Mathematician Aryabhatta showed that the idea of attending classes is false as he was able to get marks even he bunked classes.... drinks a lot of alcohol.Chapter – 14 DAUNT: to make somebody feel nervous and less confident about something D+aunt…. water and gas in the near futu re.relate dle with dull The ministers in the UPA government are dull and take long time to do something on corruption. DEBILITATE:reduce ability of mind.aunt is the keyword Rakhi Sawant’s aunt has a strange behavior she used to make youngsters feel nervous and less confident about acting in movies. earth is the key word People around the world will lack Earth’s resources like petrol. Dead+pan…. Deb+auch…Deb sounds as dev In the movie Dev D. Debilitate sounds as combination of De+ability…. Debase similar as degrade DEBAUCH: a person that is immoral. there was no expression or emotion on his face. they completely fail to reach an agreement on the issue.ability is the keyword Smoking reduces ability of the mind to remember.Not daunt DAWDLE: to take long time to do something.

DECRY:to strongly criticize somebody/something especially publicly De+cry…cry is the key word Aishwarya Rai was crying very hard when she was criticized by Abhishek Bacchan in public. DECIMATE:kill one in every ten Relate decimate with decimal The answer of a question was 2.Only the experts can decipher the scripts on the cave walls. Deca+dence…. calm and polite way. DECELERATE:to make something become slower. Verbal Ability 62 Vocabulary . DECADENCE:decay of behavior.6387285 but it was instructed to calculate it into two decimal places.decay of behavior. Obvious…opposite of accelerate DECIDUOUS:(of a tree or shrub) that loses its leaves every year Decid+uous…. rich woman who is going to fashionable social events for the first time Debu+tante….Decid rhymes with acid Acid causes trees to lose their leaves annually.DEBUTANTE:a young.. DECORUM: to behave in controlled. decline Relate Declivity with decline DECOMPOSITION:decay Obvious…. DECIPHER:convert from code into normal language. the officer with higher degree is allowed to give official orders that can become the law. Johny Depp after drinking rum. Obvious….de sounds like Di(sister)( in Hindi) Rahul Gandhi challenged his sister to pour water on him but she wasn’t able to.deca sounds as decay…. DECANT: to pour De+cant…. succeed in understanding or interpreting (something). DECLIVITY:a downward slope. Decre+pit….Relate pit with Brad Pitt( a Hollywood Film Star) Brad Pitt was worried about his survival in Hollywood when he got very old. talented women who are going out into modeling for the first time. forgot to behave in controlled.Decomposition is aided by the bacteria. calm and polite way Deco+rum……rum is the keyword In the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. worn out or ruined because of age or neglect.debu sounds as debut Lakme fashion week is the debut venue for many young. in this way we reduce the answer. DECREE:an official order from a ruler or a government that becomes the law Decree sounds as degree In CBI. attitude. attitude etc. DECREPIT:elderly and infirm.

Obvious…Defeat+ist….. to join another that is considered to be an enemy DEFER:to delay something until a later time. country etc. DEFILE:to make something dirty or impure especially something that people consider important or holy De+file…file is the keyword In the movie ‘Sin’. DEFIANCE:open refusal to obey somebody/something De+fiance…. especially by not paying a debt De+fault…. Verbal Ability 63 Vocabulary .Things that is definite and can’t be changed DEFOLIATE:to destroy the leaves of trees or plants especially with chemicals De+foli+ate. not able to be changed.fiancé sounds as fiancée In ‘Lakshya’.fault is the key word Sanjay Dutt made a great fault in his life when he failed to legally pay debt to his wife after divorce. DEFEATIST:expecting not to succeed. Shiney Ahuja played the role of a priest who mad e the reputation of church dirty or impure that people consider important or holy. because he had a relationship with many women and local people decided to file a case against him.Relate foli with folic acid Folic acid is a chemical. DEFACE:damage the appearance of something especially by drawing or writing on it. country etc to join another that is considered to be an enemy Defection is opposite to affection…loosing affection and leaving political party.Defeat is the key word DEFECTION:to leave a political party. Hrithik Roshan’s proposes co-star Preity Zinta to be his fiancée but she refused to obey his marriage proposal. De+face…face is the key word Posters of Shoaib Akhthar’s face were damaged by drawing or writing on it by his fans when he was caught in match fixing scandal.DEDUCE:to form an opinion about something based on the information or evidence that is available De+duce…duce sounds as deuce…a deuce ball Dhoni had an opinion about the pitch in England based on the information that the deuce ball will swing a lot and that it favors the bowlers. DEFERENCE:a behavior that show respect Deference sounds as difference Children who came from Pakistan make a difference when they showed a behavior that was showing respect to Indian culture. DEFINITIVE:final.. It can destroy leaves of trees or plants. DEFAME:damage the good reputation of somebody or something De+fame…opposite of fame (the state of being famous) DEFAULT:to fail to do something that you have legally have to do. unlikely to change Definit+ive…. Defer sounds as duffer Teachers believe that Darsheel Zafari (actor in TaareZameen Par) is a duffer student because he delayed his homework until a later time but reason behind it was that he was suffering from dyslexia.

DEIGN:to do something in a way that shows you think you are too important to do it Deign sounds as Dean The Dean of the college takes all decisions related to student’s activity and performs them in such a way which shows he is too important to do them. DEFUNCT:no longer in use De+funct…relate funct with function Something not in funct or not in function. DELETE:remove or erase Obvious DELETERIOUS:very harmful Delete+rious…Delete is the key word The Shift + Delete key in Computer is very harmful. Verbal Ability 64 Vocabulary . this is done intentionally because government knows that they will be able to collect a lot of revenue by doing this. while degenerate means make it worse DEGRADATION:the condition or process of degrading or being degraded . Obvious DEHYDRATE:lose or cause to lose a large amount of water Obvious…. Deli+berate…Deli sounds as Delhi Delhi Govt.DEFROCK:to strip a priest or minister of church authority De+frock…frock is the keyword To take away the frock is same as stripping a priest of church authority. is levying tax on smoking publicly. no longer in use DEGENERATE:to become worse Relate Degenerate with Regenerate Regenerate means make something better. Deify sounds as define Rajnikant defined as God in Telugu movies. DEFT:skillful Deft sounds as deaf Tushar Kapoor played a role of deaf man in ‘Golmaal-3’ and he played his part skillfully. It could remove your important files forever. done or acting in a careful and unhurried way. DEIFY:to treat or worship somebody as a god. DELIBERATE: done consciously and intentionally.Dehydration occurs when no water is left in our body.

try to find out more information about the problem and give complete solutions. usually because of illness Assume that a new metal delirium is found by scientist.Del is the key word Dell’s (a Laptop company) services are good in India.mean is the keyword Anna Hazare is getting offers to join political parties.. DEMEANOR: the way that somebody looks or behaves. If you have any problem with your laptop. Relate it with delusion DELVE:try to find out more information about something De+lve. DEMEAN: to do something that makes people have less respect for you De+mean…. DEMISE: somebody’s death. Genelia was very upset.S Politician In every election his policy is same as Lalu Prasad Yadav. When Imran Khan asked her what had happened. Its exposure could take a person into an excited state where he/she will not be able to speak or think properly. draw or explain something in detail De+lineate…Relate lineate with linear Professor Einstein converted a complex expression into linear form. He never demeans (degrade) any actor because of their looks or behavior. she replied that my cat’s death has put me in a state of shock. It’s very dangerous. Dema Gogue tries to win support by using arguments based on emotions rather than reason. DEMAGOGUE:a political leader who seeks support by using arguments based on emotions rather than reason Dema+gogue…Mr. but he is rejecting those offers be cause he doesn’t want to make people respect him less. Verbal Ability 65 Vocabulary . He described his drawings or explained it in detail in front of other mathematicians. Dema Gouge is an U. De+mi+se…mi sounds as my In the movie ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’. they come to the client’s house. DELUGE:a great quantity of something arriving at the same time Deluge rhymes as huge Huge number or great number of calls arrived at the same time to Kareena Kapoor on her birth day. Relate Delude with delusion Delude is to make (someone) believe something false and delusion is a false opinion or belief about yourself or your situations. it took him one week.. DELUSION:a false belief or opinion about yourself or your situation Relate it with illusion DELUSIVE:the action of deluding or the state of being deluded. Demean+or…Demean is the keyword Salman Khan’s behavior is very professional. DELUDE:make (someone) believe something false..Chapter – 15 DELINEATE:describe. DELIRIUM:a mental state where somebody becomes delirious (in an excited state and not able to think or speak properly).

DENIZEN:a person or an animal that lives. DENIGRATE:criticize unfairly. portray in words. DEPLETE:to delete or reduce Deplete rhymes as delete In order to make your computer fast you need to delete unused files. Deny was a great actor but few directors criticized him unfairly. or other art form. grow or is often found in the freezing north. DEPICT:represent by a drawing. De+pic+t…pic is the key word Leonardo Da Vinci wanted to convey the mind and feelings of a woman through the painting or pic of Mona Lisa.zen is the keyword Deni is usually found in his Maruti Zen. book.Deny is the keyword In Bollywood.…Relate mur with Marna (in Hindi)(Die) Marne se pehle Dhiru Bhai Ambani wanted to say that he is doesn’t agree with conditions on the will. painting. Deny+grate….. etc. DEMUR: to say that you do not agree with something or that you refuse to do something De+mur….Demon is the key word Someone or something connected with demon DEMOTIC:used by or typical of ordinary people Demot+ic….. Verbal Ability 66 Vocabulary . He will be publishing another book as a final part in which matters are explained or resolved DENOUNCE:criticize De+noun+ce….relate demot with de-motivate Ordinary people should motivate their child to do higher study and never de-motivate them. De+nou+ement…nou sounds as now The conclusion was not written in Jeffrey Archer’s new novel “Now”. grows or is often found in a particular place Deni+zen…. DENOTATION: distinguished by name De+notation……notation is the keyword The notation of Pune University mark sheet is distinguished by name. Similarly Polar bears live.DEMOLITION:pull or knock down Demo+lition…demo is the keyword The demo version of FIFA 2011 pulled or knocked down from the Game market. DEMURE:quiet and serious De+mure……mure sounds as more Drew Barry more (a Hollywood Actress) is playing role of quiet and serious girl in her upcoming movie.noun is the key word Definition of noun was initially criticized by all English professors but later accepted it. in which matters are explained or resolved. DEMONIC:connected with demon Demon+ic…. DENOUEMENT:the final part of a play.

DEPRAVITY:the state of being morally bad Dep+ravity…. DEPRECIATE:to become less valuable over period of time Depreciate is opposite of appreciate DEPREDATION:an act that cause harm Dep+redation……dep is the key word Johny Dep in his next movie will do acts that cause harm to human life. The dog licks his feet when he wants to eat food or play. DEPLOY:to move soldiers or weapons into a position where they are ready for military action Deploy rhymes as apply The U. DERIDE:to treat somebody/something as ridiculous and not worth considering seriously. his son was once caught in rape case. DEPRECATE:to feel and express strong disapproval of something Depre+cat+e…. he is out of range now.lic sounds as lick Salman Khan doesn’t care his dog and puts him in bad conditions. every year thousands of tons of iron are taken by people by force. But Circuit and Munna Bhai were quite hopeful that he could be treated. He will never be able to behave and think normally.ore is the key word In iron ore mines. from power De+pose…pose is the keyword Lal Krishna Advani of B. DEPOSE:remove somebody especially a ruler.S. this act is strongly criticized by the public. DEPOSITION:a formal statement.. DERELICT:not used or cared for and in bad condition Dere+lic+t…. Johny depp was warned by the director because he was behaving morally bad with the actress. President George Bush once applies force and moves the soldiers in Iran where they were ready for military actions.P was removed from power because he only poses in front of the media and did nothing for the party. He just took formal statement from that girl and used it in the court of la w that he wasn’t the guy who raped her. DERANGED:not be able to behave and think normally De+range+d…range is the key word In the movie Munna Bhai is the key word Many Students feel and express strong disapproval of CAT’s new pattern.J. Verbal Ability 67 Vocabulary .relate dep with Johny Depp (a Hollywood actor) During the shooting of the movie ‘Pirates of the Carribean’. De+ride…ride is the keyword When a terrorist hides a bomb in a crowded marketplace.. taken from somebody and used in a court of law De+position…position is the keyword A minister who was at higher position in the government. a Doctor declared that the patient is not normal anymore. shopkeepers treat it as ridiculous and not worth considering seriously.DEPLORE:to strongly disapprove of something and criticize it especially public Depl+ore….

De+spise…Spise sounds as spice Once Bipasha added some spices in is the keyword…….relate desi with desi (in Hindi) During Shooting of the movie Dostana. making you feel sad or frightened Deso+late……late is the key word When Salman Khan was late for a movie shoot he was forced by Director to work in an empty place without people who caused him to feel sad or frightened. give insulting remarks based on the behavior of a few students when he caught Aamir and his friends in a drunken state.Relate secrate with secret Terrorists secretly damaged the holy place Golden temple in Amritsar. DESPISE:dislike and have no respect to somebody/something. Desi girl Priyanka Chopra dried coconut to preserve it for a longer time which she collected from a nearby place in New York. DERIVATIVE:copied from something else. DECRY:to strongly criticize somebody/something especially in public. not having new or original ideas Obvious DEROGATORY:gives insulting remarks Dero+gate…Dero sounds as diro In the movie ‘3 idiots’ Diro aka Director Virus. DESICCATE:dried in order to preserve it Desi+c+cat+e…. SRK strongly criticizes his wife for not taking care of him. DESECRATE:secretly damaged a holy thing De+secrate…. John disliked it and had no respect for her. De+cry…cry is the key word When SRK’s son was crying in a public party. DESOLATE:empty place without people. DESPERADO:a man who does dangerous and criminal things without caring about himself or other people Relate desperado with desperate Spider Man is always desperate to do dangerous and criminal things without caring about himself or other people. Verbal Ability 68 Vocabulary .DERISION:ridicule De+rision…rision sounds as reason The reason to ridicule his attempt is very simple because Raj Pal Yadav’s legs were not reaching the bike’s brakes.

DEVISE:something new De+vise…vise sounds as wise Only a wise man like Albert Einstein could invent something new like the theory of relativity. food and the other necessary for life..Desult sounds as desert Once Abhishek and Aishwarya got stuck in Thar Desert. DESTITUTE:without is the key word The US spotted the ruler with great power especially Saddam Hussain and decided to nail him down. DETERRENT:thing that makes somebody less likely to do something .spoil is the keyword Terrorist destroyed and spoil the WTC and made it less attractive. but his destiny was to study in a good engineering Institute. food and the other necessary items for life. and was left without much hope. DETACHED:to remove something from something larger. Desult+ory…. Sounds as combination of destiny + institute I met an extremely poor student who was without money. to become separated from something Obvious….Opposite of attach DETERMINATE:fixed and definite Meaning of Determinate is similar to determined. DESPOT:ruler with great power.Chapter – 16 DESPOIL:make the place less attractive. De+spot…. Deterrent comes from deter (to make someone decide not to do something or continue doing something) DETONATION:an explosion Deto+nation…nation is the keyword Every nation shows its power by doing explosions. DESULTORY:going from one place to another. Verbal Ability 69 Vocabulary . they were very confused. Obvious DEVIOUS:behaving in dishonest way. DESPONDENT:without much hope Despondent rhymes with correspondent Aaj tak correspondent lost live coverage of Saddam’s death.mental is the keyword Cigarette is very harmful as it decreases our mental strength. De+spoil .. and were going from one place to another for water. DETRACTION:opposite of attraction Opposite of attraction DETRIMENTAL:harmful Detri+mental…. DEVIATE:to be different from something. Devi+ous…relate Devi with Sri Devi (a Bollywood Actress) Sometimes Sri Devi starts behaving in a dishonest way..

DIADEM:crown.DEVOID:completely lacking in something. Dia+dem…Relate diadem with diamond The Kohinoor diamond is on the crown and is a sign of royal power. DICHOTOMY:the separation between two group and things that are completely opposite to each other Dichotomy rhymes as botany Both the subjects Botany and Zoology have a big separation because they are completely opposite to each other DIDACTIC: designed to teach people something. DIAPHANOUS:so fine or light Dia+phanous…phanous sounds as fineness The dress of Sonam Kapoor at the filmfare awards was so fine and light that everyone was appreciating her dress DIATRIBE:a long and angry speech Dia+tribe…. De+volve……relate volve with valve Anil Ambani received a valve manufacturing plant after the death of Dheeru Bhai Ambani. De+void…void is the key word…. DIALECTICAL:methods of discovering the truth of ideas by discussion and logical argument Dial+ectical…relate ectical with electrical Electrical engineering involves methods of discovering the truth of ideas by discussion and logical argument.V serial. it shows that people admire them.relate tribe with tribes A minister of Jharkhand was sent to jail because he gave a long and angry speech against local tribes of Jharkhand. don’t want to deduct scene from his movie Aarakshan because movie was designed to teach people about reservation. DEXTEROUS:skillful with your hands Dexter+ous……Watch Dexter an English T. DIABOLICAL:extremely bad Diabol+cal…Relate cal with Calcutta.void means completely blank or lacking something DEVOLVE:you received it after somebody else dies. Weather conditions of Cal (Calcutta) are extremely bad. Didactic sounds as deduct Director Prakash Jha. DEVOUT:believing strongly in particular religion and obeying its laws and practices Dev+out…Relate Dev with Anand Dev Anand left Hindu religion. DEVOTEE:a person who admires and Devout De+vote+e…vote is the keyword Indian people give votes to congress. the actor in the lead role is skillful with his hands. Verbal Ability 70 Vocabulary . sign of royal power. now he believes strongly in Buddhism and obeys its laws and practices.

DIFFUSE:to spread over wide area. causing delay Dila+tory…dila sounds as delay…causing delay. Dil+a+gent…Gent is the key word In a research it is fund that Gents show more care or effort in their work or duties than ladies. DIGRESSION:to start to talk about something that is not connected with the main point of what you are saying Dig+ression…dig is the keyword Congress leaders are trying to dig the points which are not connected with main points of Jan Lokpal Bill.Dil (in Hindi) (Heart) is the keyword In the movie ‘Dil’. Aamir Kahn was studying Psychology but he was not serious about it and doesn’t have much knowledge because he was wasting a lot of time on Madhuri Dixit. until the teacher comes. often one in which you have to make a very difficult choice between things of equal importance Dil+emma…. Obvious DIMINUTION:act of reducing something. children make continuous loud noise din-bhar (in Hindi)(whole day). Diff+use…use is the keyword In Rang De Basanti. her father’s eyes became larger and wider in anger.Relate emma with Emma Watson (Harry potter Girl) Emma Watson had a situation in ‘Aapna dil kisko de’. Relate diffidence with defend Pakistanis couldn’t defend our attack in Kargil War because they don’t have much confidence in themselves. DILAPIDATED:old and in very bad condition Dilap+idated…dilap sounds as Dilip Kumar (a Bollywood Actor) Do you know that Dilip Kumar is getting old and living in very bad condition DILATE:becomes larger or wider Di+late…Late is the keyword During college days Kareena’s elder sister Karishma Kapoor came home late. DILUTE:to make liquid weaker by adding water or another liquid. DILEMMA:a situation which make problems. DILETTANTE:a person who does or studies something but is not serious about it and doesn’t have much knowledge Dil+ettante….DIFFIDENCE:not having much confidence in you. DILATORY:not acting quickly. DILIGENT:showing care or effort in your work or duties. In this problem she has to make a very difficult choice between things of equal importance. Verbal Ability 71 Vocabulary . Dim+inution…Dim is the key word Congress’s political power going to dim or reduce in the coming years DIN:continuous loud Relate Din with din (In Hindi) (a day) In Delhi Public School. Police uses tear gas to spread away Aamir and his colleagues and other supporters who came to raise the voice against a corrupt minister.

Relate Dire with General Dire General Dire took a serious decision when he ordered to kill everyone present in the Jalianwala Baugh.Not in array.DINT: by mean of something Relate Dint with Didn’t Film stars such as Katrina Kaif didn’t succeed in the film Industry by means of hard wo rk but because of luck. “wow what a news”. rock band stopped operating as a group due to some proble ms DISBURSE: to pay money to somebody from a large amount that has been collected. DISBAND:to stop somebody/something from operating as a group. Disa+vow…vow sounds as wow When other businessmen got to know that Ambani brothers are divided they said. DISARRAY:state of confusion Dis+array…. Dis+band…band is the keyword In the movie ‘Rock On’. Ajay Devgan lodged a complaint against the villain. DISABUSE: to tell somebody that what they think is true is in fact not true.Disapproval (Disappro+val) Disappro is common in both the words and its meaning is same. DIRE:very serious.. DISAFFECTED:no longer satisfied with your situation Dis+affected…affected is the keyword Few affected members & no longer satisfied with the party’s situation left to form a new party DISAPPROBATION:disapproval of something/somebody. not arranged. Boman Irani abused Aamir Khan that he will not be able to become an engineer but in fact that was not true. Dis+abuse…abuse is the keyword In the movie ‘3 Idiots’. Dis+lodge…lodge is the keyword In the movie ‘Singham’. Disburse rhymes and sounds as disperse During recession Satyam Pvt. but in public they stated that they have no knowledge of their division. Verbal Ability 72 Vocabulary . So he was forced or knocked out of his position and transferred to another police station. Dis+claim…claim is the keyword The Congress government claims publicly that they have no knowledge of money that is stored in the Swiss Bank. state of confusion DISAVOW:to state publicly that you have no knowledge. Disappro+bation…. DISCERN:to know Discern sounds as design Only experts could understand the time machine designed by IIT Kharagpur mechanical engineers. Ltd dispersed or pays the salary to their employees from a large amount of money that had been collected from investors. DISLODGE:to force or to knock something out of its position. DISCLAIM: to state publicly that you have no knowledge of something .

engineer etc.cord is the key word If any cord of the guitar is disturbed. even professors need to have a long and serious discussion.concert is the keyword Shakira was confused. DISCONCERT:to make somebody feel confused. Discord+ant…discord is the keyword…Meaning is same as discord DISCOURSE:longand serious discussion of their subject in speech Dis+course. DISCREDIT:to make people stop believing that something is true. DISCORD:disagreement Dis+cord….. Dis+credit…credit is the keyword Salman Khan had a credit card and it doesn’t have money. anxious about her live concert in South Africa for FIFA 10. it made people stop believing that it’s true. Madhavan purposefully dropped green color sauce on his sherwani to make him feel confused and embarrassed.Course is the keyword Course in computer Science department of advanced Probability is difficult to teach. Govinda was confused about his career as he had pictures of him in different professions like lawyer. anxious Dis+concert….DISCOMFIT:to make somebody feel confused and embarrassed Dis+com+fit…fit is the keyword In the movie ‘3 Idiots’.. ‘Raja Babu’. Verbal Ability 73 Vocabulary . because she didn’t even get a consolation prize in Filmfare awards. DISCOMBOBULATED:confuse Discom+bobu+lated…Relate Babu with Raja Babu In the movie. the cords get in a disagreement. the sherwani didn’t fit the actor because R.. DISCORDANT:not in agreement. doctor. DISCONSOLATE:very unhappy Dis+consolate…Relate consolate with consolation Kareena kapoor was very unhappy.

Opposite of engage DISFIGURE:to spoil appearance of person. DISGRUNTLE:annoyed or disappointed Disg+run+tle…run is the keyword In the movie Run.pan sounds as pen Nataraj pen and pencils are market leaders because there is huge difference in quality of pencils which they provide than others. she made him lose hope or confidence forever DISHEVELED:very untidy Dis+he+vel+ed…. DISHEARTEN:to make somebody lose hope or confidence. Opposite of cursive…hope you remember the meaning of cursive DISDAIN:the feeling that somebody\something not good to deserve your respect.when she rejected his offer to marr y him. Verbal Ability 74 Vocabulary . DISCRETE:independent of other things of same type. Obvious…opposite of embark…we will discuss embark later DISENFRANCHISE:to take away somebody rights Obvious…opposite enfranchise DISENGAGE:to free somebody / something from the person or thing that is holding them Obvious…. DISGORGE: To pour something out in large quantities Dis+gorge…Relate gorge with George George Bush poured money in large quantities to fund the Iraq War. DISEMBARK:to leave vehicle. she completely spoiled her appearance. Discre+pan+cy….Chapter – 17 DISCREPANCY:the difference between two or more things. Dis+dai+n…dai sounds as day One day Saif Ali Khan realized that Kareena is not good enough to deserve his respect because she was still not faithful to him. Dis+figure…figure is the keyword Preeti Zinta has a great figure but nowadays she is looking bit heavy. Vijay Raaz (Kawwa Biryani guy) was very annoyed or disappointed from everything like tea-stalls. Dis+heart+en…. Obvious DISCRETION: the freedom of power to decide what should be done in particular situation. Discretion sounds as discussion Anna Hazare.heart is the keyword Aishwarya broke Salman’s heart.relate He with He Man He Man (Comic Character) looks very untidy in his initial appearances. Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal had discussion on JanLok Pal Bill in which they decided that everyone should have freedom to decide what should be done in this situation.. DISCURSIVE:moving from one point to another without any strict structure. hospitals etc.

.. Dis+junction. But Ajay was forced or knocked out of his position and transferred to another police station. Now Uttaranchal is not a member of Uttar Pradesh. Dis+lodge…Lodge is the keyword In the movie “Singham” Ajay Devgan lodged a complaint against the villain.spel sounds as spell In the World cup bowling Spell of Harbhajan & Zaheer was so economic that they made sure South Africa got rid of feeling of winning the match. Uttaranchal and Uttar Pradesh.Junction is the key word On a Railway junction there is always difference in the announcement time and actual arrival time of trains that we expect to be in agreement with each other.member is the keyword Uttar Pradesh is divided into two parts. DISLODGE:to force or to knock something out of its position. Dis+inter…. color etc of parrots of north India is different from parrots of south and can’t be compared. DISMISS:to decide that somebody/something not important and not worth.relate it with Disparate DISPASSIONATE:not influenced by emotion Dis+passionate…. Opposite of inclination DISINGENUOUS:not sincere especially when you pretend to know less about something than you really do.not passionate The soldiers of the Indian Army are passionate about their work and are not influenced by emotion. DISMEMBER:divide into parts Dis+member…. DISJUNCTION:difference between two things that you would expect to be in agreement with each other.parate sounds as parrot Behavior.. Opposite of ingenuous…we will discuss it later DISINTER:to dig up something. Obvious DISPARAGE:to suggest that somebody/something not important or valuable Dis+pa+rage…Relate pa with Paa or Papa Abhishekh Bacchan’s Pa(papa) Amitabh Bacchan said that he should not perform roles in the movies that are not valuable or important. Verbal Ability 75 Vocabulary . feeling Dis+spel…. it is very powerful resource to get information. DISPATCH:to send somebody/something some where Obvious DISPEL:get rid of something. DISPARITY: a difference especially one connected with unfair treatment Obvious….Relate inter with internet On internet we can dig up any information from Google. Dis+parate….DISINCLINATION:lack of willingness to do something. DISPARATE:so different from each other that they cannot be compared or cannot work together.

As it was very late in the night Ajmal Kasab had no hope of getting a bottle of sprite. DISSEMBLE:to hide your real feelings or intentions. DISSECTION:to cut up dead person’s body. DISPUTATIONS:debate or argument Disputations come from dispute Hindus and Muslims always had an argument on Babri Masjid as they couldn’t agree on certain issues. the Professor spread information that they will never able to get a job from campus DISSENT:the fact of having or expressing opinions that is different from those that are officially accepted... written for a university or diploma. coins fell down and scattered everywhere on the floor. DISSEMINATE:to spread information Dis+sem+inate…sem is the keyword…. Di+sport… sport is the keyword Baichung Bhutia keeps himself fit by enjoying doing something active like playing football.. Dissert+ation…dissert is the keyword which means the sweet course eaten at the end of a meal. DISPORT:enjoy yourself by doing something active. Danny o’brien gave a long complicated speech about the rules. Dis+sent…. Sonali Bendre ordered a dessert after dinner in hotel Taj while she was reading a long essay.dent is the keyword which means a hollow in a hard surface After an accident Salman Khan strongly disagreed that there was a dent on the road.DISPERSE:scattered Dis+perse…perse sounds as purse On Mumbai Airport.Quis sounds as quiz At the start of the Bournvita Quiz. DISSERTATION: a long essay.sent is the keyword In IIT’s It was decided that an academic performance will be sent to parents but students expressed opinions that were different from those that were officially accepted by departments. Dissemble rhymes as assemble When Sunil Shetty called a technician to assemble his computer. Sanjay Dutt wanted to be a doctor. in the hospital he has to cut up a few sections of dead person’s body to study it.. DISPIRITED:having no hope Di+spirit+ed…. DISSIDENT:a person who strongly disagree Dissi+dent.spirit is the key word. technician was hiding his real feelings or intentions to work in film industry rather than working as a technician.section is the keyword In the movie Munnabhai MBBS. when Deepika Padukone opened her purse.. Verbal Ability 76 Vocabulary . Dis+section…. especially one written for a university degree or diploma.sem also known as semester or term In the movie 3 idiots during semester. DISQUISITION:a long complicated speech Dis+quis+ition…. plant animal to study it. relate spirit with sprite. When Aamir’s friend didn’t get good marks..

DISSIMULATE:to hide your feelings. Dist+end…end is the keyword UNO decided that they need to end this poverty problem in Africa as young children stomachs will swell because of pressure of hunger inside.relate distill with distill water Distillation is a process of creating a liquid that is pure and without impurities. Opposite of consonance (harmony) DISSUADE:to persuade not to do something. DISTEND:to swell because of pressure inside. Diss+ipate…diss for dissipate and diss for disappear Anna Hazare is trying to make India a better country for the poor people by making corruption weaker until it disappears. DISTIL:simply a process of making a pure liquid Distil sounds as distill…. DISTINCTION:a clear difference between people or things Obvious…In Board exams. DISSONANCE:a combination of musical notes that sound harsh together. Disi+simulate…simulate is the keyword In the movie Simulate one. DISSOLUTION:the act of breaking Dis+solution…solution is the key word The act of breaking of movie sets by political parties caused a lot of trouble for actors like Amitabh Bachhan. topper got distinction in all subjects that make a clear difference between him and other students. DISSIPATE:make something weaker until it is disappear. Sunil Shetty and Salman Khan. Verbal Ability 77 Vocabulary . the villain Johnny Depp tries to hide his feelings but is not successful as the other people get to know about it. DISTANT:far away in space or time Distant sounds as distance Distance learning programs by certified institutions are conducted by use of satellite that is far away in space or time. DISTORT:to change shape appearance or sound of something so that it is strange or not clear Obvious DISTRAIT:absent minded. distracted Di+strait…strait sound as straight In Black Rani Mukherjee was absent minded she can`t walk straight or talk properly. Opposite of persuade….So dissuade means persuade not to do something. They found a solution and stopped these acts from taking place again.

DOCTRINAIRE:strictlyfollowing a theory in all circumstances even if there are practical problems or disagreement Relate doctrinaire with Doctor Doctor Asthana in Munna Bhai MBBS strictly believe in following theories in all circumstances even if there are practical problems or disagreement DOCTRINE:set of beliefs taught by church. DIURNAL:active during day Opposite of nocturnal (active in night) DIVA:famous women singer Relate diva with Divya bharti Divya Bharti was a famous singer before getting break in Bollywood. DOCILE:very quiet and easy to control. Di+vulge…Di sounds as Die In the Hindi movies. Obvious Christians need to follow a set of doctrine and beliefs that have been taught by the church. DIVINE:connected with god. DIVERGE:separate and going in different direction Obvious…. On movie sets. Dis+traught…traught sounds as taught In the movie Main hoon na. Relate Docile with DOSA (Dean of student’s affairs) IIT Kharagpur’s DOSA was very nice. he was very quiet and easy to control. Verbal Ability 78 Vocabulary . professors taught so badly that students didn`t understand anything this made them extremely upset. Obvious DIVEST:to remove clothes Di+vest…vest sounds as west Rani mukherjee is from West Bengal. Kagana Ranaut found herself connected with god.Chapter – 18 DISTRAUGHT:not understand anything…makes them extremely upset. DIVULGE:to give somebody information that is supposed to be secret. she is used to wear and remove clothes very fast in changing room.Converge and diverge are the two properties of light DIVERSE:different Diverse sounds as divorce Divorce occurs between those couples which are very different in nature and having lack of understanding DIVERSION:the act of changing the direction. if someone is going to die. Di+vine…vine sounds as wine After drinking 5 bottles of wine. he usually tells information that is supposed to be secret to the hero or someone important in the movie.

in order to make the performance look real Naseerudin Shah recited a poetry that was badly written and ridiculous later that scene was removed from the movie. can’t able to think clearly.real is the keyword In the movie Sarfaroz. without paying attention to evidence or other opinion.. weak and not able to walk in a steady way. Dog+matic…dog is the keyword Bulldogs are special breed of is the keyword Akshay Kumar’s dog is loyal and showed determination when few criminals attacked his home. or that can be used as evidence or proof of something Obvious DODDERING:weak. especially because of old age Dod+dering…relate dod with dad Deepika Padukone’s dad was an athlete but now he became slow. DOLOROUS:feeling great sorrow or distress Dolor+ous…dolor sounds as dollar Ambani`s brothers were in sorrow or distress when they lost a million dollar deal with an American company. Dor+man+t…man is the keyword Spider-Man by nature can never sit inactive. DOFF:remove (an item of clothing especially a hat) D+off…off is the keyword Police officers remove or take off their hat or cap in respect. not giving up easily Dog+ged…. DOGGED:showed determination. DOGMATIC:being certain that your beliefs are right and others should accept them. Bulldogs are certain that their beliefs are right and that other dog should accept them. DOLDRUMS: the state of feeling sad Dol+drum…relate drum with drummer Bryan Adams wanted to be a drummer but now he has been in the state of feeling sad ever since his dad threw his drums. she wanted to play with that doll. DOLT:a stupid person Dol+t…dol sounds as doll AishwaryaRai behaving like a stupid girl. Dot+ age…age is the keyword Because of old age. Verbal Ability 79 Vocabulary . DOMINEER:trying to control other people without controlling their wishes Relate Domineer with dominate DORMANT:not active but able to become active in future. DOTAGE:to be old age.. Manmohan Singh is not able to think clearly.DOCUMENT:an official paper or book that gives information about something. slow and not able to walk in a steady way. especially because of old age. without paying attention to evidence or other opinion. when she asked her husband to buy a doll for her. DOGGEREL:poetry that is badly written or ridiculous. Dog+real….

DRONE:a person who is lazy and gives nothing to society while others work Relate Drone with Dronacharaya Dronacharya (in Mahabharat) was an idle person doing nothing to society while others were working. Down+cast…cast is the keyword The whole cast of Golmaal-3 were disappointed when movie flopped at the box office.Douse rhymes with house…dou sounds as dau(in Hindi)(Uncle) Raju srivastava’s dau(in Hindi) (uncle) did a great job when he stop fire from burning by pouring water over it. but he couldn’t drive well in real life and madee silly. giving the impression of being unfriendly and severe nature DOUSE:to stop fire from burning by pouring water over it Dou+se…. Dow+dy……dow sounds as dau (in Hindi)(Uncle) Brad Pitt`s dau (Uncle) is not attractive and fashionable and that’s he don’t go with him into any party.. DRACONIAN:extremely harshly and severely. DOWDY: not attractive and fashionable. sad. Dour sounds as door Rekha closed the door when Amitabh came. Rakesh Raushan hated doing experiments. Dote sounds as doubt Ajay Devgan has no doubt that he feel and show great love for Kajol. D+roll…roll is the keyword Scary movies make us roll on the floor in amusement.ross bole to rossan or Rakesh Raushan In school days. Verbal Ability 80 Vocabulary . DROSS:waste substances D+ross…. DREGS:the worst and most useless parts of something. nonsense mistakes during riding a bike. DOUR:giving impression of being unfriendly and severe. DOWNCAST:disappointed. not pleasant. DROLL:amusing but not in a way that you expect. DRAB:a dull and boring manner D+rab…Relate rab with Rab ne Bana Di Jodi Director of Rab ne Bana De Jodi presented a relationship of married people in a dull and boring manner.DOTE:feel and show great love for somebody. Relate Draconian with Dracula Dracula punishes innocent people extremely harshly and severely. once he made a big mistake. he collected waste substances and threw the important substances out. Dregs sound as drugs Few drugs such as Marijuana contain worst and useless particles which could be harmful DRIVEL:silly nonsense Drivel sounds as combination of drive+well John Abraham rode a bike in Dhoom like a pro.

sex etc in an open and direct way that some people find rude Verbal Ability 81 Vocabulary . he is unable to speak because of surprise when he came to know that his movie Main Meri Patni aur Woh is a big hit. DUPLICITY:to make somebody believe something that is not true. DUMBFOUND:unable to speak because of surprise Dumb+found…dumb is the keyword Rajpal Yadav looks like dumb person. DWINDLE:to become gradually less or smaller D+wind+le…wind is the keyord Against wind power every other power is gradually less or smaller. DULCET:sweet Dul+cet……dul sounds as dull Some people believe that Airtel’s Hello Tune is very dull but most of the people think that it is sweet.duti sounds as duty Shah Rukh Khan’s wife is very obedient. human beings are most concerned with the body. EARTHY:concerned with the body sex etc in an open and direct way that some people find rude. Dupli+city…city is the keyword There is a city in U. People use such persons in order to make somebody believe something that is not true. Salman Khan wore the dress of an inspector. Earth+y…Earth is the keyword On planet Earth. DUBIOUS:doubtful Relate Dubious with Obvious Probability is a subject in which it is obvious that student will be doubtful about problems. she performs her duty then works at home. he threatened and forced the criminals to not do bad things. DUTIFUL:doing everything that is expected to do. among different living things. Duti+ful…. DURATION:the length of time that something lasts or continues Obvious DURESS:threats. DUPE:to trick or cheat somebody Relate dupe with dope Strangers on train sometimes offer food which contain drugs in order to trick or cheat passengers. During duty she does everything that is expected to do and never misses anything important.S where each person has duplicate.DRUDGE:a person who has to do long hard boring jobs Drudge rhymes with grudge Sonia Gandhi had a grudge on Rahul Gandhi because she has to do long hard boring jobs while Rahul didn’t work at all. force Duress rhymes with dress In the Movie “Dabangg”.

EFFECTUAL:producing the result that was intended Relate effectual with effective. ECLIPSE:an occasion when moon pass between the earth and the sun so that you cannot see all or part of sun for a time. E+bullient…relate bullient with bullion (gold bricks) If a poor guy found bullion on road…how he would feel…he will be filled with confidence.Chapter – 19 EBULLIENT:full of confidence. mysterious and frightening Eer+ie…eer sounds as ear Neil Nitin Mukesh keeps his ear at neighbor’s door because he heard strange. EFFACE:to make disappeared Ef+face…face is the keyword On birthday. Verbal Ability 82 Vocabulary . Mother was filled with feeling of very great happiness when she found that her daughter`s boyfriend is interested in her and not in her daughter. he asked a very strange or unusual kind of question. ECCENTRICITY:behavior that people think strange and unusual Relate it with eccentric ECLECTIC:not following one style or set of ideas but choosing from or using a wide variety Relate Eclect as elect Manmohan Singh is elected as Prime Minister because he does not follow one style or set of ideas but choosing from or using a wide variety. Bipasha was looking very unhappy. EDIFY:to improve people minds by teaching them about something Relate it with edit When we edit a Word Document. unhappiness disappeared from her face. suddenly she saw John coming. EDICT:An official order or statement given by somebody in authority Edict sounds as addict Political leaders such as Sharad Pawar. “Why does circle have only one centre?” He found the geometry very strange and unusual subject. energy and good humor on his fate ECCENTRIC:very strange or unusual Ec+centric…Relate centric with center When Salman Khan was a student. we improve the written theory similarly when we edify we improve people minds by teaching them about something EERIE:strange. mysterious and frightening voices. energy and good humor. Obvious ECSTASY:feeling of very great happiness Ec+stasy…stasy sounds as stacy You must have watched the song Stacy’s Mom. they are just addicted to corruption. Pranab Mukherjee just give official order or statement but don`t believe in doing anything.

the actor made scents are so effective that. EGOISM:the fact of thinking that you are better or more important than anyone else Ego+ism…ego is the key word In the movie Singham. EGRESS:the action of going out or leaving a place. EFFUSION:something especially a liquid that flows out of somebody/something. Eshan and Loy are a band of fusion that play soothing music after they have had enough of wine pouring forth from their bottles. self-important. Effervescence sounds as combination of effective+scent In the movie Perfume.fusion is the keyword Shankar. Jaykand Shirke says that the police can do everything but not hurt his ego.. exit Relate Egress with aggressive After watching My Name is Khan. Verbal Ability 83 Vocabulary . EGOTISTICAL:excessively self-centered. EFFICACY: effectiveness Eff+icacy…eff for efficacy and eff for effectiveness EFFLUVIUM:noxious smell Effluvium smells like alluvium…it has noxious smell.late is the keyword Saif Ali Khan is usually famous for coming late to the shoot but during shooting of Kal Ho Na Ho. Ef+fete…fete sounds as feet After running 10 kms Ronaldo’s feet did not have strength and he was feeling very weak. their smell made people excited and full of energy. the fact that makes him think that he is better than anyone else. he came on time which made everyone happy. Mallika Sherawat comes in front to claim that she is most confident and very rude without any feeling of shame. it was extremely bad in taste. EFFETE:without strength. pouring forth Ef+fusion…. EJACULATION:a sudden shout or sound that you make when you are angry or surprised Obvious ELATED:very happy and excited because of something good that has happen E+late+d…. full of energy. feeling very weak. EFFRONTERY:behavior that is confident and very rude without any feeling of shame Ef+front+ery…front is the key word Among all models and actress. people were exiting from the theatre in a very aggressive manner because the movie was a not very good.EFFERVESCENT:excited. conceited Meaning is same as egoist person…self centered EGREGIOUS:extremely bad Eg+regious…Eg sounds as egg When Sanjay Dutt started eating egg maggi made by him.

especially for somebody who has is the keyword Spider Man ate lot of protein to show or to produce six pack abs to impress his girlfriend. they usually sing a song that expresses sadness. especially when she spoke in front of local public ELUCIDATE:to make something clearer by explaining it more fully E+luci+date…Luci is the keyword Luci. E+mac+iated…mac is sounds as mass When mass or weight of body decrease. EMANCIPATE:to free somebody. she became difficult to find forever for Sunny Deol EMACIATED:thin and weak. EMBARK:to get onto ship Em+bark…bark is the keyword Bruce Willis decided to travel India by ship. child becomes thin and weak EMANATE:to show or to produce something. a Hollywood actress went on a date with Sunny Deol and made it clear by explaining it more fully that she couldn’t marry him. define or achieve E+lusi+ve …Lusi is the keyword The same Hollywood actress after her meeting. political or social restrictions E+man+cipate…man is the key word Women will be able to participate in every field when they will be free from legal. and doctors performed the operation to remove the glass that had fixed itself firmly in his leg. disturbing other passengers. he was lying in hospital bed for one week. ELOQUENCE: able to use language and express your opinions. especially from legal. political or social restrictions designed by man EMBARGO:an official order that forbids trade with another country. Verbal Ability 84 Vocabulary .ELEGY:a song that expresses sadness. EMBED:to fix something firmly Em+bed…bed is the keyword During shooting of Sholay. especially when you are speaking in public Elo+quence…quence sounds as queens Queen Elizabeth was able to use local language and express her opinions. whole journey dog barked a lot. he carried a dog with him. Amitabh got injured. one day he got onto the ship. Eli+cit…cit sounds as sit Few bad people in the movie Book of Eli caught Denzel Washington and asked him to sit on a chair to get information about the book. Em+bar+go…bar and go are the keywords A foreigner Em said to his friend that they will go to a bar and trade with local people in Mumbai but there was an official order that forbids trade with another country and its people. E+man+ate…. ELUSIVE:difficult to find. well. especially for somebody who has died Elegy can be read as Algae Algae are a microorganism but they also have life and feelings. well. ELICIT: to get information about somebody.

EMBEZZLEMENT:to steal money that you are responsible for or that belongs to your employer Em+bezz+elment……Relate elment with element Microsoft discovered an element which will help to find out the employees who stole money that was their responsibility or that belonged to their staff. people bring bells to make Christmas tree more beautiful. Ajay saw her and put his arms around her as a sign of love EMBROIL: to involve somebody in an argument Em+broil…broil sounds as boil Laalu Prasad involved himself in an argument with reporters on Chara Ghotala. Big Boss name is written in a raised design outside his room. Em+bell+ish…bell is the keyword On Christmas day. EMBRACE: to put your arms around somebody as a sign of love Em+brace…brace is the keyword Kajol before marriage used brace for her teeth. EMBOSS:to put raised design on paper. Em+end…end is the keyword Mahesh Bhatt said to his script writer to end this discussion and remove the mistakes in the script of the movie Zeher. When she removed her braces she was looking more beautiful.Embryo sounds as Ambrose (a West Indies fast cricket bowler) Ambrose a fast bowler of West Indies succeeded in cricket when he was in an early stage of development EMEND:to remove the mistakes in piece of writing. he felt that his head was boiling on heater. Embryo+nic…. Em+boss…boss is the keyword In Big Boss serial.. EMBRYONIC: in an early stage of development. Verbal Ability 85 Vocabulary .EMBELLISH:to make something more beautiful by adding decoration to it.

. typically by imitation Emu+late…late is the keyword Akshay Khanna usually comes late for shooting. now it is area of country or city where people have different religion ENCOMIUM: a speech or piece of writing expressing praise Encomium rhymes as chromium Media praises the scientist through writing articles. Obvious…You must have heard Empirical formula of compounds that`s based on experiments rather than ideas or theory.missary sounds as misery Rahul Gandhi was in misery when he got a job to deliver an official message especially from one country to another country. EMPIRICAL:based on experiments rather than ideas or theory. ENAMOR: in love with somebody Enamor sounds as pyaar main marne waala ENCIPHER:convert a message into code Opposite of decipher ENCLAVE:area of country or city where people have different religion En+clave…relate clave with cave Today the definition of cave has changed. EMOLLIENT:used for making your skin soft or less painful Emoll+ient…e-moll is the keyword From an online e-moll girls purchased a cream that used for making their skin soft or less painful EMOLUMENT: salary. compensation E+molu+ment…molu is the keyword Raj pal Yadav’s friend Molu got his first salary.Chapter – 20 EMENDATION: correction Emend+ion…Meaning is same as emend. speeches etc who did the discovery of chromium ENCOMPASS:include or surround all the points. students make a circle using compass which include or surround all the points. he was very happy EMPATHY: the ability to understand another person’s feelings experience. EMULATE:attempt to match or surpass. EMINENT:famous and respected in a particular profession Relate eminent with Eminem (famous English rap singer) Eminem is very famous and respected singer in music industry. Relate it with sympathy. En+compass…compass is the keyword In school. E+missary…. Verbal Ability 86 Vocabulary . EMISSARY:a person who is sending to deliver an official message especially from one country to another country. Kareena Kapoor attempt to match or surpass him typically by imitating his habits.

Obvious ENGENDER:to make a feeling or situation exists. it is regularly found in there and difficult to get rid of it. End+emic…end is the keyword Bird Flue is going to end the whole city of New York. En+dorse…dorse rhymes as horse In a race course. ENGAGE:to succeed in attracting and keeping somebody’s attention and interest. ENERGIZE: to make somebody enthusiastic about something. ENDEAR:to make somebody popular En+dear…dear is the keyword Parents always say good word or expression to their dear children’s because they made them popular from their work and achievements.ENCROACH: begin to cover more and more area Relate encroach with cockroach The growing no. Verbal Ability 87 Vocabulary . of cockroaches will soon begin to cover more and more area in the Kolkata city. ENDURING:long lasting En+during…during is the keyword During school days everyone has some sweet memories which are long lasting. En + gender…gender is the keyword The issue of reservation of female gender makes a feeling or situation of chaos in the Parliament. statement or course of action. Ener+vate…Ener sounds as inner Wearing innerwear other than Lux innerwear can make you feel weak and tired. Deshmukh and Narendra Modi.. ENDUE: to give a large sum of money to a school En+due…. he said publicly that he supports this horse. En +franchise…relate franchise with election franchise The election franchise gives people the options to vote in an election for special candidates like V. ENFRANCHISE: to give sb the right to vote in an election. Obvious…relate it with energy ENERVATE: make somebody feel weak and tired. ENCUMBER: to makes it difficult to somebody to do something or for something to happen Relate encumber with cucumber When a cucumber gets very large it makes difficult other crops to grow. Mike Tyson was very sure that Black horse was going to win the race.Due sounds as Dew Akshay kumar gave all his money collected from the Ad of Mountain Dew to a school. ENDORSE:to say publicly that you support a person. ENDEMIC: regularly found in particular place and difficult to get rid of it.

tail is the keyword Tail is a part of body that Animals can`t avoid. En+join…join is the keyword Amitabh Bacchan ordered or advice his son Abhishek not to join group of smoking people like Shah Rukh Khan. value or status En+hance…hance sounds as hence… Sachin decided to do advertisements for Tide detergent Powder. ENMITY:feeling of hatred towards somebody. En+sue…. ENIGMA:a person.ENGROSS:give it all his attention and time En+gross…gross is the keyword Microsoft gives their employees so high gross salary that they give all their attention and time to his job. ENTAIL:can`t avoid En+tail…….. En+rap+ture……rap is the keyword The new rap album of Baba Sehgal gives people a great pleasure or joy. Enmi+ty…enmi sounds as enemy Politicians created a partition of India and Pakistan and made them our enemy because of that both side people have feeling of hatred for each other. thing or situation that is mysterious and difficult to understand E+nigma…nigma rhymes with Nagma( Bollywood actress) Nagma`s life is a mystery and difficult to understand for everyone. they don’t think of other jobs. value or status of the company. ENSUE:to happen after as a result of another event.sconce sounds as Iskon People join the Iskon group to make their life comfortable and safe. ENNUI:feeling of being bored En+nu+i…nu sounds as new In The Movie Masti. ENORMITY:very great size. Vivek. Hence it is an opportunity to increase or further improve the good quality.. Verbal Ability 88 Vocabulary . ENIGMATIC:mysterious and difficult to understand.sue is the keyword Abhishek Bachan was trying to kill Aishwarya as a result her family sued him. effect of something Relate Enormity with Enormous (Extremely Large) ENRAPTURE:to give somebody great pleasure or joy. Aftab and Ritesh plan to have affair with a new girl in order to remove the feeling of boredom. Meaning is same as Enigma ENJOIN:to order to advice somebody to do something. ENHANCE:to increase or further improve the good quality. ENSCONCE:to make yourself comfortable and safe En+sconce…. John Abraham.

Relate entice with enticer John Abraham got a new bike Enticer. now he can persuade his girlfriend Bipasha Basu to go somewhere on his bike. EPIC: a long film/movie or book that’s contains a lot of action. En+treat…treat is the keyword Abhishek and Aishwarya went on a treat of their marriage Anniversary. Aamir and his friends has no right to attend a social group (marriage) or take an entry where they found that their professor is present. mercy killing is illegal. Environ comes from environment or surrounding. gate Obvious ENTREE: the right to enter a social group or institution Entrée sounds as entry In the movie 3 idiots. ENTREPRENEUR:a person who make money by running a business. us ually about a historical subject E+pic…pic is the keyword…. Enthr+all……. Enume + rate…rate is the keyword The rate of all the dishes is mentioned one by one in the menu of Taj Hotel. Movies etc. ENTREAT:to ask somebody to do something in serious and often emotional way. ENTICE:to persuade somebody/something to go somewhere or to do something. ENVIRON:the area surrounding the place.pic is the abbreviated form of picture or movie Bhagat Singh is a picture or movie that contains a lot of action usually about a historical subject Verbal Ability 89 Vocabulary ..Enterprise is the keyword We must have heard Jitendra enterprise or a company which is involved in making serials on TV. ENTHRALL:so interesting that you give all your attention. EUTHANASIA:mercy killing Ethan+asia…. Obvious ENUMERATE:to name things on a list one by one.ENTERPRISING:a company Enterpris+ing…. Abhishek begged in serious and emotional way to Aishwarya not to do Hollywood movies. ENTRANCE:a door. ENUNCIATE:pronounce clearly E+nun+ciate…nun is the keyword A senior nun in a church pronounces clearly that mother Teresa will be our head nun.. ENTITY:something that exists separately from other things Relate entity with identity In colleges the students have their Identity Cards in which Roll No is written that separate them from other students.all is the keyword In Devdas Shah Rukhs Khan’s act was so interesting that people gave all their attention.Asia is the keyword In Asia.

Nane`s (Madhuri`s husband) can cure cancer. ”Best bro” these words are written on his gravestone. EPILOGUE:a speech that end a play. Episod+ic…. Epi+tome……relate tome with Tommy “Tommy” a dog is a known or perfect example of loyalty. EPIGRAM:short poem that express an idea. EPITAPH: words that are written or said about a dead person. Compare Epilogue with prologue EPISODIC:comes occasionally and not at regular intervals.EPICURE:a person who enjoys food and drink of high quality.not easily annoyed EQUANIMITY:a calm state of mind which means that you do not become angry or upset especially in difficult situation. Obvious Verbal Ability 90 Vocabulary . Epi+gram…gram is the keyword Sohail Khan wanted to send a short poem that express an idea through courier to his brother Arbaaj Khan. its weight was around 50gm and cost him Rs. EQUABLE:calm feeling not easily annoyed. after operation he loves to enjoys food and drink of high quality. book or film as a conclusion. 150. Epi+cure……cure is the keyword Dr. especially words on a Gravestone Epi+taph…taph sounds as Taif Taif was brother of Saif but he died in childhood. especially one during which important events or changes happen E+poch…poch sounds as Pak……1947 was the time in history during which Ind and Pak faced a lot of important events and lot of changes happened. Equable…equal feeling…calm feeling…. EPOCH:a particular period of time in history. Meaning is same as equable EQUILIBRIUM:balance.relate it with episode Episode of Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi comes occasionally and not at regular intervals.. EPITOME:perfect example of something.

.. Equi+vocal…vocal is the keyword If your vocals are not equal it means you speak words which don't have a clear meaning. wrong.rat is the keyword Micky mouse is a rat. ERUDITE:showing great knowledge that is gained from academic study Eru+dite…dite sounds as diet If you want to have or show great knowledge that is gained from academic study like Einstein or Newton you have to have a proper diet and nutrition.Relate it with equal EQUIVOCAL:words not having one clear meaning. Er+rant…rant sounds as rent If you are living on rent and not paying then you are doing something that is wrong. It difficult to catch him because he doesn't run in any regular pattern ERRONEOUS:error. EQUITABLE:treat everyone equally.Escape is the keyword Movie Shawshank Redemption is an exciting adventure of escape from a prison. ERRATIC:not happening at any regular pattern. ESCAPADE:an exciting adventure Escape+de….table is the keyword A judge when sit in the court on his chair-table he treats everyone equally. Erro+neous…error…not correct.Chapter – 21 EQUINE:connected with horses. Erode comes from erosion. EROTIC:showing or involving sexual desire and pleasure Obvious ERRANT:doing something that is wrong. Er+rat+ic…. E+quine…quine sounds as queen Queen Elizabeth was fond of riding on horse. ESCHEW: avoid Es+chew……chew is the keyword Chewing tobacco is a bad habit.. EQUITY:equally treated Obvious…. Equi+table….. ERODE:to destroy the surface something through the action of wind rain etc. Verbal Ability 91 Vocabulary . wrong. EQUIVOCATE:to talk about something in a way that is not clear Equi+voc+ate…same as equivocal. not correct. you should avoid this habit.

race or tribe. that event was sponsored by Esteem. ESSAY:a short piece of writing by a student as part of course of study. E+spi+on+age……spi sounds as spy Media especially reporters. admiration and esteem ESTRANGED: no longer living with your husband or wife E+strange+d…….real is the keyword Mozart’s music is extremely delicate and light especially his live and real performances. He is praised highly by DEAN in convocation. Estim+able…… estim sounds as esteem Anna Hazare’s effort is worth deserving respect. ESPIONAGE: the activity of secretly getting important political or military information about any country. ESTIMABLE: deserving respect and admiration. this title bring a great respect and admiration to him. ESPOUSE: support each other in difficult situations Espouse sounds as spouse Spouse support each other in difficult situations. Obvious ESTEEM: great respect and admiration Relate Esteem with Esteem Car company Michael Shumacher won an international car race. it can only be understood by a small number of people with a special knowledge mostly those who are part of the company. race or tribe Eth+nic……nic sounds as nick Nick name of a person sometimes tells that he belongs to which nation. Ethe+real…. EULOGY: a speech or piece of writing praising somebody/something very highly Eulogy comes from Eulogistic EUPHONY:the quality of having a pleasant sound Eu+phon+y……. secretly get important information about celebrities in order to increase the TRP.phon sounds as phone Salman’s new girlfriend’s voice is very pleasant on phone Verbal Ability 92 Vocabulary . ETHEREAL: extremely delicate or light.ESOTERIC: likely to be understood only by a small number of people with a special knowledge or interest Esoteric rhymes as turmeric You must have seen advertisement of Vicco Turmeric.strange is the keyword It was very strange news when Amrita singh and Saif Ali got separated after years of married life. ETHNIC:belong to which nation. EULOGISTIC: praised highly Eulogi+stic…Eulogi rhymes as geology A student from IIT Kharagpur did an extraordinary work in geology.. Vicco Turmeric powder and cream are produced in a very complex manner.

he decides to take revenge from him.EUPHORIA: extremely strong feeling of happiness and excitement. EXASPERATE: to irritated so much Sounds as combination of Exhausted+ separate Bipasha irritated John so much that he got exhausted and decided to separate from her. E+van+scent……van and scent are the keywords Bollywood star Preeti Zinta was driving a van going for the shooting of Sangharsh. EVASIVE: not willing to give clear answer to a question Eva+sive…sive sounds as Shiv Bhagwan shiv sometimes dont willing to give clear answer to a question asked by Parvati EVEN-HANDED: completely fair Even+hand…. takes help from Jai and Veeru. she was wearing a pretty dress having pleasant scent but suddenly she disappeared from sight. a memory or an image into your mind . EXACT:accurate. Relate Euphoria with Euphoria Band Euphoria band’s music album Dhoom gives an extremely strong feeling of happiness and excitement. EUTHANASIA: practice of killing without pain Euthan+asia…. Exception+able……Exception is the keyword Exceptions are always unusually good. his pictures bring a feeling or memory into her mind EXACERBATE: to make something worse. Sanjeev Kumar lost his hand because of Gabbar Singh.hand is the keyword In the movie Sholay. very accurate and careful about details Obvious EXACTING: needing or demanding a lot of effort. it was a completely fair decision taken by is the keyword In Asia. EXCEPTIONABLE: unusually good. Exa+cerbate…relate cerbate with sharbat (flavored water) If you will add excess sugar in the sharbat.voke sounds as woke.. whenever Sharmila Tagore woke up in the morning. After Death of Nawab Pataudi. EVANESCENT:suddenly disappearing from sight. EVOKE: to bring a feeling. E+voke…. Verbal Ability 93 Vocabulary . you will make the taste worse. especially India practice of killing without pain is illegal.. Same as exact EXALT:to make somebody rise to higher rank. Later it was found that she got lost somewhere on the way. correct in every detail. Ex+alt…Ex is abbreviation of Excellent grade If a student gets Ee grade in a subject it helps him to rise to higher rank in the class or department.

he found every detail except the short piece of writing which he was looking for. Verbal Ability 94 Vocabulary .EXCERPT: a short piece of writing Excerpt sounds as except A student was looking for a short piece of writing from Ramayan.

Ex+hort…relate hort with heart Everyone try hard to persuade Rakhi Sawant not to join yoga but she has to win the heart of Baba Ramdev EXHUME: to remove dead body from ground Exhume sounds as assume In a movie. EXECRATE: feel or express great hatred Exe+crate…crate sounds as create People feel or express great hatred for the government. are now free from an obligation of paying interest on the money which they took for study. EXERTION: the use of power to make something happen Exert+ion…exert is the keyword which means applying force or power. Relate Exemplary with example Sachin provide a good example for new generation to copy. EXEMPLARY: providing a good example for people to copy. there is a detailed explanation about Jesus' life.crab is the keyword Crab tastes very bad. Amrish Puri killed Shatrughan Sinha’s wife and assumed that he buried her body properly but Inspector Shatrughan Sinha found the dead body from the ground and arrests him. Verbal Ability 95 Vocabulary .Chapter – 22 EXCISE: a government tax Obvious…. who cleared IIT JEE exam. EXECRABLE: very bad Exe+crab+le……. EXEMPLIFY: typical example of something Relate it with example EXEMPT: free from an obligation or liability imposed on others. Exem+pt…Exem sounds as exam Few Banks announced that Students. EXCULPATE:to proved or state officially Ex+culp+ate…Relate culp with Kriya Kalap It is officially proved or stated that Salman Khan is not guilty or not involved in bad kriya kalap. it’s high time to create or set an example against them by supporting Jan Lokpal Bill EXEGESIS: detailed explanation Exe+gesis…Gesis sounds as Jesus In the Bible.You must have heard of excise duty (a government tax) EXCLAIM: to say something very suddenly and loudly Ex+claim……claim is the keyword When reporter asks who is the best actor in the Bollywood is?? Every actor claims very suddenly and loudly that he is the best actor of Bollywood. EXHILARATING: very exciting and enjoyable Relate exhilarating with exhale (breathe out air) When we exhale oxygen in the morning it is very exciting and enjoyable habit. EXHORT: to try hard to persuade somebody to do something.

EXISTENTIAL: connected with human existence. Exodus sounds as ek sau dus(in Hindi)(One hundred ten) At least one Hundred ten people are moved from the accident site at Taj hotel to a safer place by brave police officers.EXIGENCY: emergencies Exigencies rhymes with emergencies. Ex+patriate…Relate patriate with patriotic Indian people living in other countries are as patriotic as proper Indians. she usually prefers to eat Chicken Burger and can write or speak in detail about the same EXPATRIATE:a person living in the country that is not their own. especially a tropical one Exotic rhymes with erotic Erotic scenes of Mallika`s Sherawat in a new movie are shot in another country especially a tropical one. EXOTIC:from or in another country. it was a useful or necessary action but not always fair or right EXPEDITE:to make a process happen more quickly. gas etc is very high but congress government said that they are not responsible for what they have been blamed. Expati+ate…ate is the key word Katrina Kaif loves burgers. Congress leaders absorb all the pub lic`s money in scams that’s why people need to purchase things in unreasonable high price. Exorb+itant…exorb rhymes with absorb In five years. Exone+rate…. EXORBITANT: (of a price or amount charged) unreasonably high . Exist+ential…pertaining to existence EXODUS: a situation in which many people leave a place at the same time. speed up Expe+diate…Expe sounds as XP Windows XP new version “window XP professional” has the ability to speed up the performance of the computer. EXPENDITURE:the act of spending or using money Obvious Verbal Ability 96 Vocabulary . EXPEDIENT:an action that is useful or necessary for a particular purpose but not always fair or right Expedient rhymes as incident The incidents of swine flu causes authority to control the disease by not allowing anyone to leave the city. EXONERATE: officially say that somebody is not responsible for something that they have been blamed. Exorcise sounds as exercise Practice of driving out evil spirits need lot of physical exercise in the morning.rate is the key word Rate of petrol. Obvious EXPATIATE:to write or to speak in detail about a subject. EXORCISE:a person who make evil spirit leave a place or person’s body by prayers or magic.. EXPANSIVE:tending to expand.

he makes amends for what he has done.. EXPLICIT:clear and easy to understand.relate propriate with appropriate Coal India Limited took land from its owner for mining (public use) which isn’t an appropriate decision. especially a rude word. Verbal Ability 97 Vocabulary . he will explain the Jan Lokpal Bill which is very clear and easy to understand. which you use when you are angry or in pain. Obvious…State of being exposed. EXPURGATE:remove improper and objectionable parts Expur+gate…relate gate with GATE exam If you are planning to give GATE-2011 first remove improper and objectionable parts from your books then study. EXPOSURE:a state of being in a place or situation where there is no protection from something harmful or unpleasant. Ex+propriate…. Obvious EXPOSTULATION:to protest something. EXPROPRIATE:to officially take away private property from its owner for public use.Expos sounds as expose People protest the excessive exposure by Vidya Balan in the movie Dirty Picture EXPOSITOR:a person that explains complicated ideas or theories Expos+itory…Expos sounds as expose A reporter exposed Urmila Matondkar when he explained complicated theory behind the murder case of Divya Bharti. Obvious EXPIATE:make amends for guilt or wrong doing Ex+pi+ate…pi or peena (in Hindi) (drink) Whenever Salman Khan drinks a lot of vodka and eats meat of rare animals.. EXPLOIT:to treat a person or situation as an opportunity to gain an advantage. Expos+tulation…. Expli+cit…cit sounds as sit Anna asked Sonia Gandhi to sit in relaxed way. EXPUNGE:to remove or get rid of something Expunge rhymes as sponge (a cake made with egg) Shah Rukh Khan wanted to get rid of sponge cake when he was in London for the shooting of Ra-One. EXPLETIVE:a word. swear word Ex+plet+ive…plet sounds as plate Ajay Devgan uses rude word because he gets angry when he didn't find boiled eggs on his plate during breakfast. EXPLICATE:detailed explanation Sounds as combination of Explain+cat Career launcher posted the detailed explanation of CAT 2011.EXPERTISE:expert knowledge.

this phone is praised by everyone. EXTOL:to praise something / somebody very much.relate Extr with extra In colleges. EXTIRPATE:to destroy. EXTRADITION:to send back somebody who has been accused of guilty of a crime to the country where the crime was committed. professors hardly set their students free for extra-curricular activities. After the war. EXTORT:to make somebody give you something by threatening them. using the facts that you have now Extra+pole…pole is the keyword American Scientists form an opinion about poles (North and South Pole) that it’s going to shift in few years is based on facts that they have at that time. soldiers made tent to take rest. Extirpate sounds as Extra-paid Every terrorist would be extra paid by Osama Bin Laden if they would be willing to destroy America completely. EXTRANEOUS:irrelevant or unrelated to the subject Extra+neous…Extra is the keyword In World cup test series Nehra’s performance make Sreesanth irrelevant but in the final match he got the chance. those tents are still in existence. EXTRINSIC:not belonging naturally to somebody/something coming from or existing outside Relate Extrinsic with external…opposite of intrinsic Verbal Ability 98 Vocabulary . EXTENUATE:to lessen the seriousness Ex+tenu+ate…Relate tenu with Tinu Anand Doctor suggested Tinu Anand to eat more fruits because it will help to lessen the seriousness of the disease.. Extort rhymes as start Jackie Shroff in start of his career make people to give him money (hafta wasooli) by threatening them.EXTANT:still in existence Ex+tant…tant sounds as tent During Kargil war. EXTRICATE:to set free Extr+icate……. EXTRAPOLATION:to form an opinion about something. EXTEMPORANEOUS:spoken or done without any preparation Ex+tempo+raneous…. to get rid of something that is bad or not wanted. Ex+tradition…tradition is the keyword British government has a tradition that they always send back suspect who has been accused of guilty of a crime to the country where the crime was committed. Extol rhymes as install Microsoft has launched a new phone in which you can install Linux and Windows together.tempo is the keyword Barrack Obama spoke without any preparation but with full tempo (confidence).

FABRICATE:to invent false information in order to deceive people. Verbal Ability 99 Vocabulary . it reduces the effort to transfer the money. Aamir Khan got highest marks in all the subjects. Katrina feels irritated talking to Salman and said “Excuse me. FACILITATE:to make an action or a process possible or easier.rant sounds as rent Shah Rukh was full of energy. EXULT:to feel and show that you are very excited and happy because of something that has happened. This was achieved too easily without any effort against Germany.. On the other hand his friends were not happy because they got low grades. Face+tious…Face is the keyword In the movie Dil Chahta Hai. EXUDE:if you display a particular feeling or quality. FACSIMILE:an exact or similar copy Facsimile……. in a very rude manner when all of them protesting against a minister. FACILE:produced without any effort Fac+ile…. Ext+rude……rude is the keyword In the movie Rang De Basanti police force push Aamir Khan.fac sounds as fax When we sends fax to someone. a particular part of something Face+t…. excitement and happiness. Exube+rant…. but when he returned to his flat.Chapter . because he hadn’t paid the rent of last two month. Relate Extrovert with external…opposite of introvert EXTRUDE:to force or to push something out of something. But his opponent invented the false information about the quality of the cloth in order to deceive people. Aamir was making funny faces in an Opera show with Preety Zinta. FACET:one of the flat sides of a stone or jewel. Relate Facilitate with facility Facility of internet banking helped people to transfer money very easily. his landlord criticized him. he was feeling happy and excited. EXUBERANT:full of energy.. Fabric+ate……Fabric is the keyword Dheeru Bhai Ambani started his business in fabric with a brand name Vimal.Fac sounds as Face Brazil supporter’s facial expression was full of confidence because their team scored two goals in first 10 minutes. when result gets out. Can we talk later” but this feeling was easily seen by Salman. he was trying to appear amusing. Kunal Kapoor etc. Ex+result…result is the keyword In the movie 3 idiots.Face is the keyword One of the flat faces of the gem FACETIOUS: trying to appear amusing. he or she received an exact or similar copy.23 EXTROVERT:a person interested mostly in external objects and actions. excitement and happiness when he got his first movie. people can easily see that you have it Relate Exude with excuse During shooting of the movie Bodyguard.

fan is the keyword Fans of Sachin Tendulkar organized a short loud piece of music that was played to celebrate his arrival at the airport after World cup. he feels hesitated in front of everyone. we should learn from him.. Obvious FALLACIOUS:wrong. FANCIED:based on imagination Fanci+ed……fanci sounds as fancy You must have heard of fancy dress competition. Fall+cious…. Fall+ible…Fall is the keyword Vijay Malya fall from his position. Faction rhymes as fraction Fraction of leaders within the large group of congress is against the government policies and they support Jan Lok Pal bill indirectly. farmers should follow the method of not using land for growing crops. so that the quality of the land will improve. FALTER:to become weaker or less effective Falt+er…Falt sounds as fault The one who keeps on doing faults becomes weaker with time. competition is about imaginary dresses which kids want to wear. People are looking extremely enthusiastic to get this offer. FANCIFUL: based on imagination and not facts or reasons. FACTOTUM:a person employed to do wide variety of jobs. Fact+otum…fact is the keyword In spite of the fact that Madhuri is old and has kids but she could still do a wide variety of jobs in a movie. FANATIC:person who is extremely enthusiastic about something. Fan+Kinetic…Kinetic is the keyword Kinetic is giving free iphone with Kinetic Pride (a Scooty). FALLOW:not using land for growing crops. FACTITIOUS:not genuine but created deliberately Fact+itious…Fact is the keyword It is a fact that US helping Pakistan in order to produce arms/guns deliberately which is not genuine. based on false idea.FACTION:a small group of people within a large a larger one. so that the quality of the land will improve.Fall is the keyword Youngsters should never fall in false love. human beings are able to make mistakes and one mistake can make you fall from highest position. Verbal Ability 100 Vocabulary . Fanci+ful…fancy is the keyword Meaning is same as fancied FANFARE: loud piece of music that was played to celebrate somebody/something important arriving Fan+fare…. FALLIBLE:able to make mistakes. FACULTY:all the teacher of particular university or collage. Fallow rhymes as follow In India.

FARCE: a funny play for theatre based on ridiculous and unlikely situation Relate Farce with force Balaji Tele films force Ekta Kapoor to produce a comedy serial or play based on ridiculous and unlikely situations whereas TV channels are already flooded with lots of comedy shows. tired etc Relate feign with Fena (a washing powder) House wives pretend that they have a particular feeling that they are tired after washing clothes. FAUNA: all animals living in an area. FEASIBLE: that is possible or likely to be achieved. excitement and very active. excitement and very active. Fat+alism…. FAWN:to try praising them or paying them too much attention Fawn sounds as phone Katrina Kaif tries to please directors on phone by praising them or paying them too much attention to give her a break in their movies. their feeling of tiredness completely gone Verbal Ability 101 Vocabulary .Fat is the keyword Fat people believe that they are fat because of fate and they can`t control it. FEIGN: to pretend that you have a particular feeling or that you are ill. Feb+rile……relate Feb with Feburary On 14th February (Valentine day). Obvious FEBRILE: nervousness. FAZE: to make you feel confusion or shocked so that you does not know what to do Faze sounds as phase Aishwarya sent Abhishek Bachan in phase of confusion or shock so that he does not know what to do. FATOUS:very silly and stupid Fat+ous…Fat is the keyword Whenever fat girls laugh they look silly and stupid for example Tuntun (a Bollywood actress). FASTIDIOUS: being careful that every detail is correct. but after using Fena Washing Powder. FATHOM: to understand or find an explanation for something.Flora and fauna (plants and animals). Sounds as combination of father+mom It is hard to understand or find an explanation for the death of Divya Bharti and the pain her father and mother have after her death. Singles and couples are in state of nervousness. FATALISM: believe that event are decided by fate and that you can`t control. Remember…. Fast+idious…fast is the keyword Mark Zukerburg (Facebook founder) is a great coder. he codes very fast and he is careful that every detail (or code) is correct. FECUNDITY: able to produce new things especially ideas Fecun+dity…Relate dity with duty On duty or during work it’s difficult to produce new things esp ecially ideas because it needs a lot of thought process to get new ideas. when she told him that she is going to divorce him.

Strong feeling about something FERVID:strong feeling about something. Last year he was caught in committing a serious crime. it is well chosen by Manmohan Singh in its priority list. Its meaning is same as felicitous. Strong feeling about something FESTER:(wound or cut) to become badly infected Relate fester with faster Sachin`s wounds grow faster. FERRET:to look for something that is lost or hidden among a lot of things. the congress government planned to solve it completely. Strong feeling about something FERVOR: strong feeling about something. Fer+ret…rret sounds as rat A rat was looking for food that is lost or hidden among a lot of things. FELONY: act of committing a serious crime. FELICITY: the quality of being well chosen. FERMENT: a state of political action or social excitement and confusion Fer+ment…ment sounds as meant Manmohan Singh resigned from his position but didn’t mean to create a state of political action or social excitement and confusion.FEINT: movements that is intended to make your opponent think you are going to do one thing when you are really going to do something Feint sounds as faint Coach advised the football team to make movements that were intended to make your opponent think you are going to do one thing when you are really going to do something else but Maradona tells on the ground that they will not perform such movements.relate lony with SL Loney Do you know there was a writer called S.L Loney. and farmers are feeling happy. it gets badly infected because he didn`t take precautions before the World Cup. who wrote a book on trigonometry. After listening him everybody fainted. Verbal Ability 102 Vocabulary . Fe+lony…. FESTIVE: typical of special event or celebration Relate festive with festival An outdoor entertainment is organized to honor Amitabh Bachan for his contribution to the Bollywood but his fate was not with him and he couldn`t attend the festival. FERVENT: strong feeling about something. FELICITOUS: well chosen Felicit+ous…relate Felicit with facility For farmers. water facility in India is a major problem.

trustworthy Fi+deli+ty…deli sounds as Delhi If you want to do any business. FILCH: steal Filch Sounds as combination of filthy+chori(stealing) FILIAL:connected with the way children behave towards their parents Fil+al…. people in Delhi are very trustworthy and helpful. ginger etc. FEUD:avery bitter argument that continued for a long time. Delhi is the best place to start with. FIASCO: complete failure causes embarrassment Fi+asco sounds as fee+disco Entry fee of a night disco in Mumbai is very high. lemon. you will get the people having quality of being loyal and not betraying.Fil sounds as fill If parents fulfill their children's need then children behave properly towards their parents. Authority decide and gives official order regarding the car. children see characters and people that are things imagined by producers and film makers. FIGMENT: imagined thing Fig+ment….e. Bollywood actors like Sharukh Khan FETID: smelling very unpleasant Feti+d…feti sounds as fatty Fatty acid smells very unpleasant. FICKLE: changing often Fickle rhymes with pickle Pickles of different flavors (i. FINALE: the last part of a show Obvious Remember Grand finale of Indian Idol in which Amit Sana ended up as runner up Verbal Ability 103 Vocabulary . FIAT:an official order Relate Fiat with Fiat Car Fiat is the leader in car market. Relate fig to figment In the movie Smurfs. Musicians like AR Rehman. Laloo Prasad booked that disco and invited politicians but no one could dance therenso it turned out to be a complete failure in an embarrassing way. Feu+d…feu sounds as few Because of few rupees Salman and Shahrukh had a very bitter argument that continued for a long time. mango.) helps to change the taste of food frequently FICTITIOUS: imaginary Obvious You must have seen declaration before the start of any movie or serial that.Chapter – 24 FETE:honor at festival Sounds as fate Only few people have good fate to get honored at festivals like Cricket players like Sachin Tendulkar.. all the places and characters in the movie are fictitious (imaginary) FIDELITY: the quality of being loyal and not betraying.

Priyanka Chopra got drunk and failed to move around with control. Flag+rent…Flag is the keyword In.nicky is the keyword In the movie Neal and Nicky. FINICKY: too much worried about what she eats. FLAIL:move around without control Relate flail with fail In the movie Anjaana Anjaani. weaker or less enthusiastic Relate Flag with Indian Flag On 26th January. America few politicians burn their national flag that was shocking because as it was done in a very obvious way and shows no respect for people and laws etc.. FLAGRANT:shocking because it is done in a very obvious way and shows no respect for people and laws etc. weaker or less enthusiastic carrying flag in parade for a long time. FINITE: limited Very obvious FIREBRAND: a person who always encouraging other people to take strong political action.acid is the keyword Exposure to acids can make your skin soft and weak FLAG: to become tired.FINESSE:fine skill in dealing with people or situations especially in a delicate way. disliking many things. FLAMBOYANT:confident and excited in a way that attracts attention Flam+boy+ant…boy is the keyword Sachin`s wife said that his boy (or son) is very confident and excited in a way that attracts attention before his first trial in School cricket team FLAUNT: to show something you are proud of to other people. he encourages other politician to take strong political action. Verbal Ability 104 Vocabulary . troublemaker Fire+brand…fire is the keyword Laloo Prasad is known to cause fire in the politics. in order to impress them Fl+aunt…aunt is the keyword Shah Rukh Khan`s aunt shows Shah Rukh`s home to other people. FITFUL: irregularly or not continuously. FLAIR:natural ability to do something well Fl+air…air is the keyword…Relate air with Indian airlines Indian Airlines has natural ability to reach airport on time. wear. FLACCID:soft and weak. wear. Nicky was always worried about what she eats. etc. etc. disliking many things. Fit+ful……Fit is the keyword When we don`t feel physically fit. Finesse sounds as fiancé Preet zinta’s fiancé is a business man…he has fine skill in dealing with people or situations especially in a delicate way. School kids get tired. in order to impress them.. we sleep irregularly or not continuously. not firm and hard Fla+acid…. we can`t sleep properly. choosy Fi+nicky….

FLOURISH:to develop quickly Flour+ish…flour sounds like flower Flowers in the Garden are started developing quickly because Preeti Zinta put a lot of effort. FLIPPANT:showing you are lacking proper seriousness. it shows that he has no respect for a law etc by openly not obeying it. Obvious Verbal Ability 105 Vocabulary . it’s better than to hit horse with a sudden quick movement. FLOUT:to show that you have no respect for a law etc by openly not obeying it Fly + out…fly and out are the keywords When John Abraham fly out on his bike he don’t care about law. which could be dangerous. Obvious…Voltage fluctuation at home is very common issue. FLUCTUATE:to change frequently in size amount and quantity. it moves lightly and quickly from one place or thing to another.inch is the key word Tailors don’t prefer to use inch tape to take measurement of cloth because it is an unpleasant work and they avoid doing it. FLOUNDER:to have a lot of problems and to be in danger of failing completely. Flounder sounds as founder Founder of every big company faced a lot of problems and to be in danger of failing completely in start. FLORID:having too much decoration Relate florid with Florida Local language of Florida is very decorative. FLICK:to hit something with a sudden quick movement F+lick…lick is the keyword Shoaib Akhtar prefers to lick his horse in order to increase its speed.FLAY:criticize severely F+lay…lay is the keyword Lays Company`s Management criticized ITC`s brand severely in its meeting. If you don`t wear pants it shows you are lacking proper seriousness FLIT:to moves lightly and quickly from one place or thing to another. FLUENCY:the quality of being able to speak or write a language especially foreign language easily and well. Flip+pant…pant is the key word Do you know that your pant describes your seriousness towards life. FLOTSAM:wreckage found floating on the sea Flot+sam ……Flot sounds as float Sam lost his flat in hurricane and it found floating on the sea as wreckage. F+lit…lit is the keyword On Diwali children use to lit rockets. FLINCH:avoid doing something unpleasant Fl+inch….

FLUX:continuously changing F+lux…. FORAY:a short sudden attack For+ay…For sounds as four Sachin decided to do a sudden attack on Australia from start. FORD:a shallow place in river where it is possible to drive or walk across.relate Fop with flop Mithun Da gave a lot of flop movies. FOIBLE:a silly habit of a person`s character that is considered harmless. it was a lucky or unusual thing that happens by accident. Hardy Boys were known to be foolishly bold.. he created trouble or violence in crowd. Foi+ble…ble rhymes as able Silly habits of Aditya Chopra’s character during shooting of Dhoom were able to be tolerated because it is considered harmless. one of the reasons was that he was excessively concerned with his dress and clothes not concern about acting.FLUKE:a lucky or unusual thing that happens by accident. Relate ford with Ford Ikon Do you know that a Ford Ikon can be driven where a river can be crossed on foot Verbal Ability 106 Vocabulary .lux is the keyword Lux soap is continuously changing its brand ambassadors from Madhuri Dixit to Kareena Kapoor. FORBEARANCE:patient and self control For+bear+ance…four+bear Fardeen Khan was patient and self control when bears attacked him from four different sides during shooting of the movie Jungle. Do you know that Foist is the new title of novel of Eric Segal but title Foist for his novel was forced on him by the publishers? FOMENT:to create trouble or violence Foment rhymes as moment The moment Rahul Gandhii started speaking against Anna Hajare. FOPPISH:a man who is excessively concerned with his dress and clothes Fop+pish…. not because of planning or spill. FOIST:to force somebody to accept somebody/something that they don’t want. not because of planning or spill. FLUSTER: to make somebody confusion and nervousness especially by giving them a lot to do Flus+ter…flus sounds as flush Never keep confusion and nervousness in your mind. Relate fluke with God flake Sharukh Khan got a gold flake in the middle of Arabian Desert during shooting of a movie. so he hit four sixes in McGraths`s first over. Fool+hardy……Fool and hardy are the key words You must have read stories of Hardy Boys. FOIL:contrast Relate it with foil (metal made into very thin sheets that is used for covering or wrapping) Color of the foil is in contrast with the black colored Tiffin box. FOOLHARDY:to be foolishly bold. just flush them.

especially because you have a responsibility to stay.FOREBEARS:actual ancestors Fore+bear…bear is the keyword In a research it is found that bears are our actual ancestors not monkey. Fore+boding…relate boding with boarding In the movie Taare Zameen Par. Fore+stall…. he needs to book his place before anyone else does it. Fore+sight…sight is the key word Nastredamas(a great prophet) had a great sight to see the future.shadow is the key word Hurricane in Japan was shadow or sign of Doomsday that will happen in the future FORESIGHT:ability to see future. especially when you have a responsibility to stay. FOREBODING:a strong feeling that something unpleasant or dangerous is going to happen.relate lorn with long In Jail Sanjay Dutt was feeling unhappy and lonely for a long time. FORGO:to decide not to have or do sth that you would like to have or do For+go…go is the key word Narendra modi decided not to go for the meeting with the Prime Minister of India. FORSAKE:to leave somebody\something. For+mid+able…mid is the keyword Mid semester and end semester exams together make a situation that is threatening. Very obvious FORMIDABLE:feel fear for them because they seem very difficult. students feel fear for it because they seem very difficult. FORESHADOW:to be a sign of something that will happen in the future. FORMALITY:a thing that you must do as a formal. for God sake doesn’t leave me. the child Darsheel Jafari has a strong feeling that something unpleasant or dangerous is going to happen when he came to know that his parents were sending him to boarding school. FORLORN:feeling unhappy and lonely For+lorn…. FORESTALL:to prevent something from happening or somebody from doing something by doing something first. Verbal Ability 107 Vocabulary . Relate Forsake with God sake After marriage.stall is the keyord If any shopkeeper wants to put his stall in Durga Pooja. Aishwarya said to Abhisek. Fore+shadow….

Obvious FRACAS:a noisy argument or fight usually involving several people Relate Fracas with fracture A noisy argument or fight usually involving several people in Vidhan Sabha of Uttar Pradesh causes bone fracture of many ministers FRACTIOUS:bad tempered or easily upset Relate Fractious with fracture Fractured Rahul Gandhi get bad tempered or upset when he had to talk to media in such condition. Verbal Ability 108 Vocabulary . FRANCHISE:formal permission given by company to somebody who want to sell its goods or services in a particular area. FRAIL:physically weak and thin. because they give FORTHRIGHT:very straight in manner and speech. FORTE:a thing that sb does particularly well. Very obvious FRANTIC:unable to control your emotion because you are got frightened and worried about something. F+rail…rail is the keyword Mamta Banerjee is going to start a rail for old people or senior citizens who are physically weak and thin. Fort+e…fort rhymes as effort The Indian Army is the best in the world it can do any things better than most people their best effort.Chapter – 25 FORSWEAR:to make a promise that you will stop doing something For+swear…swear is the keyword John Abraham said to Bipasha that I swear. deceitful Fraud+ulent…fraud is the keyword Fraud means cheat someone. it shows his courage in difficulties. I promise I will never smoke again. Sunny Deol killed forty people alone. Forti+tude…forti sounds as forty In the movie Gadar. FOUNDER:a founder who start an organization. Forth+right…right is the keyword In the movie Tiranga Nana Patekar was very straight in manner and speech because he was talking right. FORTITUDE:courage shown in difficulties. You must have heard of beer foster…it encourages people to be a proper boozer. FORTUITOUS:happening by chance that brings good fortune Relate it with fortune FOSTER:to encourages something to develop. Fran+tic…fran sounds as friend Kareena Kapoor unable to control her emotion because she got frightened when she found that Saif Ali Khan is meeting with one of her friend FRAUDULENT: cheating.

One day he had an argument with his friends. especially when such behavior is not suitable.fri sounds as free During shooting of Dabbang..toiba the militant group was energetic. FRAY:a person who is short temper F+ray…relate ray with Satyajit Ray Sahjajit Ray was a great director. FRICTION: the action of one object or surface moving against another. Frig+id…Frig sounds as fridge The Whirlpool`s refrigerators or fridge makes water intensively cold. use only as much money for food as is necessary. which was his last letter to her. in free time Salman used to do silly and amusing thing with Sonakshi Sinha. F+ret…ret sounds as rat Micky Mouse is a famous rat. but they are very economic. make or become fruitful (producing good results) Fruct+ify…fruit is the key word Something which is fruitful or bear fruit FRUGAL: use only as much money for food as is necessary. FROLICSOME: lively and enjoyable Frolic+some…some is the keyword Sometimes parents should go for a lively and enjoyable activity with their children from their hectic busy schedules. FRITTER: waste time or money on thing those are not important. but too much energy and activity in a way that is not organized is not good for any plan. it made him worried and unhappy and not able to relax. Verbal Ability 109 Vocabulary . Frenetic rhymes as Energetic Lashkar –E. especially when such behavior is not suitable.FRAUGHT:filled with sorrow F+raught…raught sounds as wrote Salman wrote a letter to Aish which was filled with sorrow. FRESCO: a picture that is painted on a wall while the plaster is still wet. always ready for fight or argument with team on sets. FRENETIC: involving a lot of energy and activity in a way that is not organized. FRIVOLOUS: silly and amusing thing. Fritter rhymes as twitter Do you know that Twitter founder waste time or money on things those are not important. FRET: to be worried and unhappy and not able to relax. FRUCTIFY: bear fruit. Fru+gal…gal sounds as girl Pussy cat girls are Hollywood singers earns lot money through albums and live shows. but he was short tempered. Fri+volous…. Rres+co…fres sounds as fresh…Fresco rhymes as Franscisco San Francisco is known for artists who made pictures that are painted on a wall while the plaster is still wet or fresh. Obvious FRIGID: intensively cold.

Rakhi Sawant take a lot of effort to behave in a way that shows that she want to keep something secret and don’t want to be noticed in public. Furt+ve…furt rhymes as effort On Airport. FUNDAMENTAL: the most central and important part of something. the most wanted. FULSOME: praising.FRUITION: successful result of the plan Same as fructify…fruit is the keyword. Ful (fruit)+minate…ful sounds as ful (in Hindi) (fruits) Shahrukh started criticizing angrily the vendor who gave him fruits. Verbal Ability 110 Vocabulary . Obvious FUNERAL: a ceremony.e . saying sorry etc. FUSILLADE: firing rapid series of shots from one or more guns Fusi+lade…fusi sounds as fauzi(in Hindi)(soldier) Fauzi are expert in firing rapid series of shots from one or more guns especially. it was about criminals who has escaped or is running away from somewhere and is trying to avoid being caught. Furor rhymes as uproar (great excitement) FURTIVE: behaving in a way that shows that you want to keep something secret and don’t want to be noticed. Everyone watched the serial “Fugitive”. usually a religious one. Obvious FUROR: great excitement shown by number of people. thanking saying sorry Relate Fulsome as full of something i.praising. thanking. for burying a cremating. FULMINATE:to criticizing somebody or something angrily. FRUSTRATE: to make somebody feel annoyed or impatient Obvious FUGITIVE: a person who has escaped or is running away from somewhere and is trying to avoid being caught. Credit goes to people with official duties who organized that event. FUNCTIONARY: people with official duties Function+ary…function is the key word Opening function of CWG (common wealth games) was great. FUSION: process of joining two or more thing together to form one thing Obvious FUTILE:efforts get pointless Fu+tile…fu sounds as few Aishwarya asked Abhishek to order tile for their new home in Mumbai but efforts get pointless when he found that only few tiles are available in the market.

GAMELY: in a way that seems brave. is person not a fly (a flying insect) sent by god.GADFLY: a person who annoys or criticizes other people in order to make them do something. Obvious GALE:an extremely strong wind Gale sounds as GAIL(Gas Authority of India Limited) GAIL (Gas Authority of India Limited) is a very strong public sector like an extremely strong wind GALL: rude behavior and showing lack of respect Gall sounds as girl Shakti Kapoor shows rude behavior and showing lack of respect for the MTV roadies’ girls. it was a mistake he made in public especially very embarrassing for both of them. Verbal Ability 111 Vocabulary . GALL:upset and angry. GAIT:a way of walking Gait sounds as GATE Students. Gad+fly…Gad sounds as God Gad fly. to disagree with or deny something Gain+ say…. GAINSAY:to say something that is not true. he started jumping and running in a lively way. GAFFE: a mistake made in public especially very embarrassing. who annoys or criticizes other people in order to make them do something. although lot of effort is involved Game+ly…game is the key word To win a Game against England seems brave although a lot of effort is involved. especially because of something unfair Relate Gall with gal Pretty gal aka Priety Zinta gets upset and angry especially when her team loses a match against Mumbai Indians GALVANIZE:to make somebody take action by shocking them or making them excited Relate Galvanize with Galvanic cells Galvanic cells are used to make a machine take action by shocking it GAMBIT: a move or moves made at the beginning of a game of CHESS in order to take an advantage Gam+bit…Gam sounds as Game Vishwanathan Anand prefer to take moves at the beginning of a game of chess to take an advantage GAMBOL: to jump or run about in a lively way Gamb+ol…Relate gamb with gambler In the movie Gambler.Govinda won lots of money.Gain is the keyword Saif said he gains a lot of money in gambling but Kareena disagrees with his claims. Gaffe rhymes as café John insulted Bipasha in a café. can take a walk to reach their GATE exam centre. who wake up early on the exam days. GALAXY: a system of millions or billions of stars together with gas and dust..

hunger or worry G+ aunt…aunt is the keyword Pooja Bhatt`s grand aunt doesn`t give food to her dog. GARBLED: told in a way that confuses the person listening Garble+d…. especially about unimportant things Relate Garrulous with Gairola (a surname) My friend Smriti Gairola talks a lot about unimportant things. it is a complete range of human emotions GAPE: to stare at somebody/ something with your mouth wide open because you are shocked or surprised G+ape…ape is the keyword When ape are shocked or surprised. especially the official one of an organization or institution Obvious Verbal Ability 112 Vocabulary .Chapter – 26 GAMUT: the complete range of a particular kind of thing Gam+ut…Gam sounds as game Game of human emotions is from joy to despair. that was very awkward. they make their mouth wide open.. he became very thin and weak because of hunger. GARISH: very brightly colored in an unpleasant way Garish sounds as Girish Girish Karnad wearing a brightly colored pant and shirt inspired by Govinda GARNER: to obtain or collect something such as information. support etc Garner sounds as gardener A gardener collects or gathers flowers from garden. GASTRONOMY: the art and practice of cooking and eating good food Gas+tronomy…. GAUCHE:awkward when dealing with people and often saying or doing the wrong thing Gauche sounds as gosh In the serial Coffee with Karan. GAUNT:very thin.Garble sounds as garbar (in Hindi)(something wrong) There was a garbar Message from Kareena that told in a way that confuses the Saif on his answering machine GARGANTUAN: extremely large Relate it with gigantic WWE champion Khali is gigantic or extremely large.Gas is the keyword LPG gas cylinder is the start of all art and Science of cooking and eating good food. GAWK:to stare at somebody/something in a rude or stupid way G+ awk…relate awk with awkward Akshay when saw Kareena in swim suit. Karan Johar said “Oh my Gosh (God) what a girl I am dealing with!”. usually because of illness. he stared at her stupidly. Kareena behavior was awkward when dealing with Karan Johar. GARRULOUS: talking a lot.. GAZETTE:a journal or newspaper. GAUDY: too brightly colored in a way that lacks taste Gaud sounds as god God hates too brightly colored things in a way that lacks taste.

GERMINAL:pertaining to germs Germ+inal…germ is the key word…pertaining to germs GERMINATE:begin to grow Germ+inate…germ is the keyword Germs start or begin to grow in rotten food. Ger+rymander…rhymander sounds as remainder is the keyword Mulyam Singh has strange way of calculating votes.GENERALITY:quality of being general rather than detailed or exact General+ity…general is the keyword GENERATE:to produce or create something. films or music Relate Genre with general In defense. Lieutenant Generals are very specific about movies. kind and polite pretending to be from a high social class Relate genteel with gentle GENTILITY:very good manners and behavior. not specific Again general is the key word…not specific GENESIS:beginning or origin of something Gene+sis…gene is the key word Beginning or origin of gene GENIAL:happy and cheerful happy and cheerful Relate genial with Genilia Genilia D`Souza played a role of happy and cheerful girl in the movie Jaane tu ya jaane naa. divide those votes with total number of votes. GERRYMANDER:manipulate the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class. He said that the votes we collected by manipulating the boundaries so as to favor our party. arts etc. GERMANE:relevant to a subject German+e…. Obvious GENERIC:characteristic of an entire class or species. Verbal Ability 113 Vocabulary . GENRE:a particular type or style of literature. they only prefer particular type of movie to watch GENTEEL:someone who is gentle. German is the key word Joining classes of German language is relevant if you are planning to go to Germany. art. remainder will be the winning votes. that fact of belonging to a high social class Being gentle GENTRY:people belonging to a high social class G+ entry…entry is the keyword It`s difficult to take entry for middle class man to attend parties where people belonging to high social class such as Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan come.

G+ lib…lib is aka library Amitabh met a girl in a library. GIBBERISH:words that have no meaning or are impossible to understand Gibb+erish…gibb sounds as geebh(in Hindi)(tongue) When gibb or geebh causes problem you can`t talk properly. it is very funny. she said “be careful because she was afraid that kids could hurt themselves. speech or conversation Obvious The essence of writing a short story is the art of chetan bhagat. Verbal Ability 114 Vocabulary . he gather leavings and throw them in the dustbin.ginger is the keyword Kajol warns her child not to play with knife and ginger. you start sounding words having no meaning or are impossible to understand. she was using words that were clever but weren`t sincere and didn`t show much thought. of making a noise Ginger+ly…. GLAZE:cover with a thin and shiny surface G+ laze…laze sounds as lays Lays launches its new product “Mirch Masala Chips” which are covered with thin and shiny surface of chilly. because you are afraid of being hurt. Gibe sounds as jibe There is a Facebook application Jib-Jibe. GLARE:very bright and unpleasant Glare rhymes as aware Everyone aware that in summer sun gets very bright and unpleasant. GLEAN:gather (left over grain) after a harvest. Ge+state…state is the key word when the young of a person or an animal develops inside its mother`s body until it is born this state is known as Gestation. GIST:essence. the main or general meaning of a piece of writing.GESTATE:state when the young of a person or an animal develops inside its mother`s body until it is born. GESTICULATION:gesture or movement of your arms and body in order to attract attention or make somebody understand what you are saying Relate Gesticulation with gesture Gesture or movement of your arms and body in order to attract attention or make somebody understand what you are saying GHASTLY:causing great horror or fear Relate ghastly with ghost Ghost causes great horror or fear among children. GINGERLY:in a careful way. gather information from different sources Relate Glean with Glenn Mcgrath(An Australian Cricket Player) Glenn McGrath was asked to clean his room. GLIB:using words that were clever but weren`t sincere and didn`t show much thought. GIDDY:dizzy (feeling that everything is moving and that you are going to fall Giddy rhymes with dizzy…it means tendency to fall or feeling dizzy. it gives insulting or mocking remarks about someone. that girl was Zia Khan.. GIBE:an insulting or mocking remark.

GORY:involving a lot of blood or violence Gory sounds as gori Remember the song “Gori teri aankhen kahein. GOAD:to keep irritating or annoying somebody/something until they react Goad sounds as god Kajol keeps God irritated and annoyed until God fulfills her wish. aggressive way GLUT: lot of. raat bhar soyi nahi ”. GLOAT:to show that you are happy about your own success or sb else’s failure. aggressive way Relate glower with Grover In movies Gulshan grower always looks in an angry. GOURMAND:person who takes excessive pleasure in food and drink Gourmand sounds as government Indian Government employees takes pleasure in food and drinking when that’s comes free. viscous Glu+tinous…Glu sounds as glue Fevi Quck’s Glue is very sticky and viscous GLUTTON: a person who eats too much Glutton rhymes as mutton If Salman’s mother makes mutton. in an unpleasant way.Goat known as Bakri (in Hindi) During Bakri Id a goat was happy about his success and its friend failure. Do you know why Gori couldn’t sleep because Gori saw the violence and blood which happened in Mumbai blast. excess G+ lut…relate lut with lot GLUTINOUS:sticky. in an unpleasant way Gloat sounds as goat…. GLOSSY:smooth and shiny Relate glossy with glass Rayban glasses are very smooth and shiny.GLIMMER:shine faintly with a wavering light. Verbal Ability 115 Vocabulary . Obvious The stars in the night sky shine faintly with a wavering light. GLOWER:to look in an angry. to remove or form something by digging into a surface Relate gouge with gouge (a sharp tool for making hollow areas in wood) In the movie Psycho. Salman eats too much. a psycho man carrying gouge in his hand forces strangers to pay an unfairly high price for that gouge. GOUGE:to force somebody to pay an unfairly high price for something.

. especially in the production of books. GRANDIOSE:seeming very impressive but too large. Taare Zameen per. magazines etc Obvious GRAPPLE:to take a firm hold of somebody/something and struggle with them Grapple sounds as combination of Grapes+Apple In the movie. GRATUITY:tip Grat+uity…Grat sounds as great When waiter does great job Salman never forgets to give him a tip.Grand is the keyword Meaning is same as grand (great and impressive) GRANDILOQUENT:using long or complicated words in order to impress people Sounds as combination of Grand+Eloquent Barrack Obama’s words are eloquently grand which means they are complicated in order to impress people. eating and drinking them. expensive etc to be practical or possible Grand+iose….Again grand is the key word to remember its meaning. GRATUITOUS:unnecessary Relate gratuitous with gratis(free of charge) We should avoid gratis things because they unnecessarily produce problems. GRAVITY:extreme importance and cause for worry Relate it with gravity (the force that attracts objects) Gravity is now a day’s a matter of extreme importance and cause for worry for scientists because it can change its direction in by 2012. Darsheel and his brother are struggling to take a firm hold on basket containing grapes and apple. GRATE:when two hard surfaces grate as they rub together. please Grafity sounds as combination of greatly+satisfy This combination describe its meaning GRATIS:free G+rat+is…rat is the keyword Sushmita Sen bought toy rat from a shop for children. GRATIFY:satisfy. eating and drinking them Gourmet sounds as Gurmeet Sunny Doel’s cousin brother Gurmeet Deol knows lot about good food and wines and he enjoys choosing. GRANDEUR:the quality of being great and impressive Grand+eur…. they make a sharp unpleasant sound Grate sounds as great Mozart produces a great music out of two hard surfaces as they rub together.Chapter – 27 GOURMET:a person who knows a lot about good food and wines and who enjoys choosing. Verbal Ability 116 Vocabulary . the shopkeeper gave a small toy cat free of cost with it. GRANULATE:form into grains It comes from granules or grains GRAPHIC:connected with drawings and design.

all stains simply gone.Gruel is the keyword…Gruel is a t hin liquid food of oatmeal or other meal boiled in milk or water. GROUSE:complain G+rouse…rouse (awake) is the keyword Preeti Zinta always complain when he roused (awaken) early in the morning by her mother. mask was extremely ugly in strange way. you need to get sociable to gather information regarding preparation. often causing laughter. showing her teeth after using RIN. usually because it is connected with death or injury Grue+some….Relate griev with grave People think that congress is doing unfair by not passing Jan LokPal Bill and that’s why people are complaining or doing protest against it. after washing clothes with RIN Powder. exercises etc in an unpleasant way GRIMACE:to make ugly expression with your face to show pain. she has a feeling of anger or dislike towards her sister because of something she has done to her in the past GRUELING:exhausting Gruel+ing…. disgust etc Grimace is brother of Sachin Ramesh Grimace made an ugly with his face when he got injured GRIN:smile broadly. GRUDGE:a feeling of anger or dislike towards somebody because of something that they have done to you in the past Watch movie Grudge…It’s about a girl. GRILL:to ask somebody a lot of question about their ideas. even people are ready to kill congress leaders and let them sleep in the grave. GRIEVANCE:something that you think is unfair and that you complain or protest about Griev+ance…. John Abraham exhausted eating Gruel everyday GRUESOME:unpleasant and filling with horror. it was very unpleasant and filled with horror because it is connected with death or injury of innocent people Verbal Ability 117 Vocabulary . GRISLY:extremely unpleasant and frightening and usually connected with death and violence Grisly is brother of Bruce Lee Gris lee involved in crimes which are extremely unpleasant and frightening and usually connected with death and violence GROTESQUE:extremely ugly in strange way. Doctor started asking a lot of question about her eating habits.ill is the keyword Kareen got ill during shooting of the movie 3 Idiots. A housewife smiled broadly. showing teeth G+rin…Relate rin with Rin detergent powder In a RIN advertisement.GREGARIOUS:sociable Gre+garious…relate Gre with GRE If you are preparing for GRE. actions etc often in an unpleasant way Gr+ill….some is the keyword…relate grue with group Some group of terrorist attacked in Mumbai recently. often causing fear or laughter Sounds as combination of Got+Mask Suresh kalmadi got a mask of Lalu Prasad.

HAGGLE:argue about price Hag+gle……Hag means old woman and gle sounds as gal A Hag and a Pretty gal (Pretty Zinta) were arguing with each other on price in the Big Bazaar. Asha Bhosle etc. appearance Guise sounds as guys Filmstar Govinda called his friends and said guys let’s do some crazy stuff. They decided to have funny costume and running on the road GULL:fool or deceive (someone). Verbal Ability 118 Vocabulary . not knowing how to deceive people Opposite of guile GUISE:costume.GRUFF:rough-mannered G+ruff……ruff sounds as rough Mallika talk in very rough manner with reporters regarding her new movie. illness or worry Hag+gard…Gard sounds as guard Guards looks very tired because lack of sleep. it affects the sense of taste of food. HAGGARD:looking very tired because of lack of sleep. HABITUATE:accustom or familiarize. they keep us safe whole night.gull is the keyword…meaning is same as gull. GUFFAW:to laugh noisily Guffa+w…Guffa(in Hindi)(Cave) is the keyword During shooting of Jungle. GUSTATORY:affecting the sense of taste Gus+tatory…Relate gus with gas Did you ever notice that if LPG gas is leaking. addict Obvious…Habit+uate…Habit is the key word…habit of something HACKNEYED:used too often and therefore boring Hack+neyed…Hack is the key word Window XP is getting hack by programmer’s too often and therefore boring news. Fardeen Khan heard that three terrorists were laughing noisily in a guffa(in Hindi)(Cave). GUSTO:enthusiasm and energy in doing something Relate gusto with guts New Singers need to have guts to sing with enthusiasm and energy in front of judges like Anu Mallik. Himesh Reshamiya. GULLIBLE:easily deceived Gull+ible…. GUILE:the use of clever but dishonest behavior in order to deceive people Relate guile with gaali (in Hindi) (abusive language) James bond not only use clever but dishonest behavior to deceive his enemies but sometimes use gaali (abusive language) to teach them a lesson. GUILELESS:behaving in a very honest way. Gull sounds as gal or girl Girl make fool their boyfriends and let them spent money on her.

HAMPER:to prevent somebody from easily doing or achieving Relate it with Gift Hamper A girl was about to win a gift hamper in a contest “Sawal 10 crore ka” suddenly Salman Khan obstructed her playing because she was cheating through mobile. you just have to call and say Hello Baba Ramdev! And tell your problem. everyone was saying Hale Mogambo. passionate. students used short form of hallucinated as hallu. India. loud speech on loud speakers during election by candidates is very common. HALLOWED:respected and important Hallo+wed…hallo sounds as hello Baba Ramdev is a very respected and important person. HALE:healthy and strong In the movie Mr. luck. HAPHAZARD:a Random or without planned hap+hazard…Hazard is the keyword A random or without planned selection of movies by Sonam Kapoor could be a hazard for her career HAPLESS:unfortunate Hapless rhymes and sounds as Helpless Indian team was unfortunate and helpless when they lost semifinal in 96` world cup against Sri Lanka due to bad condition of Eden garden. Students usually get hallu when they see their grades. HALLUCINATION:the fact of seeming to see or hear somebody/something that is not really there Hallu+cination…. HALTING:slow and hesitant Halting comes from halt (come to an abrupt stop) Sonia Gandhi`s speech is very slow and hesitant it suddenly halt when people started criticizing her. Do you know that Baba Ramdev is available on phone. HAP:by chance.HALCYON:peaceful halc+yon…halc sounds as Hulk Hulk was happy and peaceful when he found that his weight is reduced by 100kg. loud speech Relate Harangue with hairaan(in Hindi)(annoy somebody) Hairaan aur pareshaan karna by speaking long. Verbal Ability 119 Vocabulary . passionate. fortune Hap rhymes as cap Happy Singh was very happy when he found cap of Sachin Tendulkar signature by Sachin by chance. it means everyone was praying for healthy and strong Mogambo.Hallu is the short form of Hallucinated In College. HARANGUE:speaking long.

strong and able to survive in difficult conditions You must have read stories of Hardy Boys. HAZY: uncertain or confused about something Hazy rhymes as lazy Rahul Gandhi seems like a lazy politician because of he is uncertain & confused about his position in the party HEADLONG: determined to do things Head+long….Heck sounds as hack (computer hacking) Barak Obama was interrupted by Indians in a public meeting by shouting out questions or rude remarks when he was blaming them for hacking their networks. HARROWING:shocking or frightening and makes me feel very upset Harrow+ing…harrow is a heavy frame with metal spikes During shooting of a movie. they can tell lot of stories of this instrument. they can talk very persistently and tediously on a Harp. Haven sounds as heaven Do you know why everyone wants to go to heaven because it is the most safe and peaceful place. finally he came up with the idea of making movie Pearl Harbor. HAUGHTINESS:pride and arrogance Haught+iness…haught sounds as hot Kareena Kapoor was filled with pride and arrogance when she got the film fare award of hottest actress of the year. HARDY:very tough.Chapter – 28 HARASS:annoy Obvious HARBOR:a place where ships may move in shelter Relate Harbor with the movie Pearl Harbor Director Michael Bay is thinking of making a movie on a place where ships may move in shelter. it was basically shocking or frightening and made him feel very upset. Harp+ing……Harp is an instrument Farmers of Bihar use Harp in fields. Verbal Ability 120 Vocabulary . very tough.Head is the keyword Michael Faraday used his head for a long time as he was determined to invent a bulb HECKLE: to interrupt a speaker at a public meeting by shouting out questions or rude remarks Heck+le…. HAZARDOUS: involving risk or danger. HARPING:talking very persistently and tediously on a particular topic. and he never tried it after that. especially to somebody health or safety: Obvious Bhuj has covered a long hazardous journey after the earthquake encountered it. they are very young boys. HARRY:harassed or annoyed Relate it with Harry Potter Harry Potter was harassed or annoyed by his magician teachers. Shahid kapoor got chance to harrow the field but it was a bad experience. HAVEN:safe and peaceful place. strong and able to survive in difficult conditions…very hard kids.

S govt. he used it to cut big rocks HEYDAY: time of greatest success.atus sounds as Atlas (atlas is the keyword) Foreign travelers often refer to atlas while making pauses in between their journey when they visit India. HERESY: a belief or an opinion that is against the principles of a particular religion He+resy…. showing his careless attitude. He wanted to work with her in her next movie but she told him that openings are closed and it’s difficult for him to become part of it.HEDONIST: pleasure is the most important thing in life. HERBIVOROUS: any animal that eats only plants Obvious Cow is an herbivorous animal. he just believes that pleasure is the most important thing in life. he should be punished. not noticing or disregarding Heed+less…relate heed with hide…less is the keyword Sonia Gandhi warned Rahul to hide the party plans.Hermet sounds as Hermeet An actor named Hermeet met Asihwarya in a party.S Government to start making dominance especially of U. prime Hey+day…. HERMITAGE: home of a hermit (lives a very simple life alone and does not meet or talk to other people) Hermit+age……hermit is the keyword…Hermet means a person who usually for religious reasons lives in a very simple life alone and doesn’t meet or talk to other people Ramdev Baba is on the way to live a life alone in the home of hermit HETEROGENEOUS: consist of many different kinds of people or things Obvious…compare with Homogeneous HEW: cut something large with a tool He+w……Relate He with HE-Man He-Man has a big sword. that day is known as Heyday.Day is the keyword Business Man like Ambani. HERMETIC: closed and difficult to become part of it Her+met+ic………Her met are the key words….He is the keyword Kasab attempted a morally very bad act by attacking Taj.reshy sounds as rishi (in hindi)(Saint) Rishi Valmiki’s few beliefs & opinion was sometimes against the principles of Hindu religion. HEGEMONY: domination He+gemony…gemony sounds as Germany In the movie Bourne Ultimatum. hero sent to Germany by U. HEEDLESS: not listening. HEINOUS: morally very bad He+in+us……. over Germany. Verbal Ability 121 Vocabulary . Hed+onist…hed sounds as head Vijay Malya don`t think from head (mind). gap Hi+atus……. Vijay Malya etc celebrate a day when their business is at time of greatest success. HIATUS: pause. not noticing and disregarding her advice. but he didn`t listen her.

Obvious HILARITY: a state of great amusement causing laud laughter Relate it with Hilary Clinton (wife of Bill Clinton) Hilary Clinton is in state of great amusement or happiness when Bill Clinton told her that they are going to India next month. Verbal Ability 122 Vocabulary .. Hitler had a very emotional behavior intended to attract attention in a way that doesn`t seem sincere HOARD: store money and valued objects for future purpose Hoar+d…hoar sounds as whore A whore store money and valued objects for future purpose because she knows that she will be useless after certain age.HIBERNATE: to spend the winner in a state like deep sleep. it means to make it sleep HIERARCHY: a system especially in a society or an organization in which people are organized into different level of importance from highest to lowest.. HOAX: to trick somebody by making them believe something that is not true. then he said it was a joke.relate it with Hinder HINTERLANDS: the remote land of a country away from the coast or the banks of major rivers Hinter+land……relate land with Island Andaman & Nicobar Islands are remote land of India away from the coast or the banks of major rivers. HINDMOST: furthest back Hind+most…Relate hind with Hindustan Hindustan or India is furthest back in FIFA ranking. HOMAGE: to give tribute or to show respect to somebody Hom+age…. Watch movie Cannibal holocaust In this movie few young people does large scale destruction by fire and do great loss of human life.Hom sounds as Home…. she got scared.age is the keyword Harivansh Rai Bachan died at the age of eighty. HINDRANCE: a person that makes it more difficult for somebody to do something or for something to happen. HOLOCAUST: large scale destruction by fire and do great loss of human life. he was just tricking her by attacking on her and that attack wasn’t true. Film stars went to Amitabh`s home to give tribute or to show respect to Harivansh Rai Bacchhan. Ho+ax…ax sounds as axe Brad Pitt picked an axe and attacked Angelina Jolie. HIRELING: a person who is willing to do anything or work for anyone as long as they are paid Hire+ling…Hire is the keyword Terrorist hire persons who are willing to do anything or work for anyone as long as they are paid for illegal or violent activities in India HISTRIONIC: a very emotional behavior intended to attract attention in a way that doesn`t seem sincere Relate histrionic with history In History. Obvious There is a option in computer to hibernate. Obvious….

HOVER: remain in the air in one place H+over….over is the keyword In the last over of Zaheer Khan. . where people make lot of noise and talk at the same time. reached home at 2:00 AM Amitabh Bachhan gave her a speech and piece of writing giving advice on correct way to behave at home.OMEOSTASIS: the maintenance of a stable equilibrium. Obvious HONE: sharpen H+one…one is the key word There is only one stone which can be used to sharpen the object. HOMILY: a speech or piece of writing giving advice on correct way to behave.. when new students entered in hostel college they had to face unfriendly or aggressive feelings or behavior of seniors. It is known as whetstone HOODWINK: deceiving or playing tricks with people Hood+wink…Relate Hood with Robin Hood Robin Hood was expert in deceiving or playing tricks with people and helping poor. Ricky Ponting hit the ball very high.. Horde sounds as Hord…Relate hord with hard It is hard or difficult to control large groups of people came to watch and listens Akon concert in Delhi. HOMOGENOUS: consisting of things or people that are all the same or all of the same type. HORTATORY: encouraging Hortatory sounds like combination of Heart and laboratory AIIMS in India has a laboratory of Heart that is built after spending crores of rupees. HOSTILITY: unfriendly or aggressive feelings or behavior Hostil+ity…Hostil sounds as hostel In the movie 3 idiots. Hub+ris…hub is the keyword Bangalore is the hub of IT companies. HUBRIS: fact of somebody being too proud. when Jaya Bacchan. Hub+bub…hub is the bay word BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange)is the hub of Brokers.Home is the key word At home Mother always maintain the stable equilibrium through physiological processes HOMESPUN: made at home Home+spun…Home is the key word Imran Hashmi likes to eat Chicken Biryani made at home by her wife. Verbal Ability 123 Vocabulary . HORDE: large groups of people. it is India`s pride. Homily sounds as combination of Home and mily In the movie Mily. especially through physiological processes. HUBBUB: people make lot of noise and talk at the same time. Its goal is to encourage doctors to do research in it. Home+ostasis…. the ball remained in the air in one place for few seconds but ultimately Sachin caught it safely.

idol Relate icon with desktop icon People keep image of religious person as desktop icon or desktop background. Hu+mid…mid is the keyword Mid of June and July is the time when climate is most warm and damp in Kolkata. Human+e…human is the keyword Do you know what is the difference in human and animal. it was a drum. HUMDRUM: very dull Hum+drum…. it could move very fast in opposite direction. HUMID: (of air or climate) warm and damp. Verbal Ability 124 Vocabulary . but it was sounding monotonous or very dull. the quality of being humble Hum+ility…relate it with Movie Hum starring Amitabh.Husband is the keyword Do you know that Hema Malini`s husband (Dharmendra) was in agriculture business before coming into movies. Govinda and Rajnikant Amitabh played a character that has quality of not thinking that he is better than other people or he has the quality of being humble HURTLE: to move very fast in particular direction. HYBRID: an animal or plant that has parents of different species.. HUMILITY: the quality of not thinking that you are better than other people. Obvious…. Govinda and Rajnikant) In the movie Hum. Hyper+bole……Hyper is the keyword which means in great amount Rabindra Nath Tagore was famous for his hyper writings that make them sound more exciting and hence he won himself a Nobel Prize. than it really is. HYPERCRITICAL: too much critical Obvious HYPOTHETICAL: based on situation or ideas which are possible and imagined rather than real and true. so that song was deleted before the release. HUSBAND: save or conserve money In relation of husband and wife.based on hypothesis ICON: a religious image. Obvious HYPERBOLE: a way of speaking or writing that makes something sound better more exciting. Hurtle Sounds as combination of hurdle+turtle Do you know if you will try to put a hurdle in the path of turtle. there was a song using only one instrument.Chapter – 29 HUMANE: showing kindness or sympathy towards others.relate Hum with movie Hum (starring Amitabh. human has quality of kindness or sympathy towards others but animal don’t have any feelings. husband tries to save or conserve money whereas wife tries to spend it HUSBANDRY: agriculture Husband+ry….

ILLUSION: misleading vision or false idea. ILLICIT: illegal Ill+cit…cit sounds as sit Youngster used to sit in internet café and watch illegal stuff ILLIMITABLE: limitless Obvious… no limits…Limitless. IGNITE: to start to burn Ig+nite…nite sounds as night In village. that year he was nominee for the best director in FilmFare award. IGNOMINY: public disgrace or shame Ig+nominy…nominy sounds as nominee Do you know that Mahesh Bhatt is living his life in public disgrace or shame. movie is about a man who criticize popular beliefs or established customs and ideas IDEOLOGY: a set of ideas that an economic or political system is based on.. IDYLLIC: a very peaceful and pleasant Relate idyllic with idly (a South-Indian dish) There is a very peaceful and pleasant restaurant in Tamil Nadu that restaurant is famous for its idly. They brighten every hostel with lights. because he got into a physical relationship with a new actress.Infinite ILLUMINATE: to shine light on something Illu+minate…Illu is the keyword On Diwali IIT Kharagpur students celebrate Diwali in their own style. IDOLATRY: practice of worshipping statues as gods Idol+atry…idol is the keyword Rajnikant is worshipped as idol in south. Obvious Verbal Ability 125 Vocabulary . Obvious…Idea is the keyword…Great ideas from Mahatma Gandhi and such kind of idealistic persons developed a system of ideas that an economic or political system is based on. IDIOM: a group of word whose meaning is different from meaning of individual word. not noble Relate Ignoble with ignore The politicians of India ignore the public after the elections because they are not good or honest. IDIOSYNCRASY: persons with odd ideas Idiosyncrasy sounds as idea+syn+crazy……Idea & crazy are the keywords The old generation with odd ideas doesn’t seem to have a match with the crazy ideas of the young generation. belief. IGNOBLE: not good or honest. people use wood or candle which starts burning easily to produce light in the night.ICONOCLASTIC: criticizing popular beliefs or established customs and ideas Icono+clas+tic…clas sounds as clash Watch movie Clash of the Titans. it is known as illu. Very obvious…For example “Let the cat out of the bag” is an idiom means to tell a secret by mistake..

opinions or values I+m+bue…. Im+balance……balance is the keyword Darshil Jafari in the movie Taare Zameen Par falls from cycle again and again because he was not balanced. it sounds very stupid or idiotic IMBIBE: to drink alcohol Im+bi+be…relate bi with bi(in Hindi)(servant) Imraan Khan has a bi(Ghar ka kaam karne wali bi). Obvious…Immune system is different for persons to person…resistance to fight against diseases. Im+mobil+ity…mobil sounds as mobile…. deceptive Relate it with illusion ILLUSORY: based on illusion. Basheel used to repeat “I am Basheel” after every sentence he spoke. painful or complex Imbroglio rhymes as Bhaaglio(in hindi)(run away) People suggest when situation gets complicated. India. Every day he works late night and his work is perfectly clean and tidy. he quickly called the police. IMMINENT: likely to happen very soon Obvious Nostradamus has said that the end of the world is likely to happen very soon.ILLUSIVE: producing illusion. not real Relate it with illusion IMBALANCE: not balance or lack of balance.Something which is not mobile…not movable IMMOLATE: as sacrifice.becile sounds as Basheel (a type of name) Basheel is friend of Salman.Relate bue with blue Every Indian says I am feeling blue means they filled with strong feelings when Indian cricket team won World Cup IMMACULATE: perfectly clean and tidy.. IMBUE: to fill something or somebody with strong feelings. Mogambo kills his employees as sacrifice if they come late and forgot to say Hail Mogambo. Immo+late…. IMBECILE: idiot I+m+becile…. IMMUNE: resistance to fight against diseases. Verbal Ability 126 Vocabulary . she has a bad habit of drinking alcohol. IMMURE: put in prison Immure rhymes as impure A shopkeeper tried to give Imran Hashmi impure milk. Police put him into prison.relate m with am…. IMBROGLIO: situation which is complicated. IMMOBILITY: not movable. Im+macu+late…macu is the keyword Macu is the name of servant of Manisha Koirala. She is very impressed with Macu. painful or complex chupchaap wahan bhaglio.late is the keyword In the movie Mr.

Immu+table….physically impaired…physically injured or hurt. IMPEACH: accused of charge Im+peach…peach rhymes as speech Manmohan Singh in a speech accused Mulayam Singh that he committed a lot of crime and accused of many charges.…pass is the keyword Darshil’s father in the movie “Taare Zameen Par” said to him. you can never pass this exam.. IMPAIR: physically injured or hurt. IMPASSIVE: no sign of sign of feeling.pecunious is the keyword (related to money) Rajpal Yadav in the movie Hungama was having no relation money or little money with him Verbal Ability 127 Vocabulary . IMPECCABLE: in accordance with the highest standards Impecc+able…Relate impecc with impact Only Amir Khan is able to impact Hollywood because only his acting is in accordance with the highest standards of Hollywood actors. Obvious…Im+partial…not partial IMPASSABLE: impossible to travel Impassable sounds as impossible It`s impossible to travel in Delhi after 2:00 am especially for girls.We will discuss palpable later. IMPARTIAL: not partial. IMPALE: pierce with a sharp object Im+pale…pale is the keyword which means light in color Murderer pierced Divya Bharti with a sharp-pointed knife. Relate passive with passion…. suddenly her face gets pale (light in color) and she died in few minutes.IMMUTABLE: can`t be changed. that position of the table can`t be changed in his absence. IMPASSE: position from which there is no escape Im+pass+e. IMPECUNIOUS: no relation with money or having little money Im+pecunious….no passion for anything…... IMPALPABLE: able to be touched or felt Not palpable(able to be touched or felt)….table is the keyword Imran Khan`s wife removed his table from his room. because you don`t want to study. Imran got angry and said to her. Obvious….

you should start working on that idea. IMPERTINENT: rude and not showing respect for somebody who is older or more important Relate impertinent with important In the movie Tare Zameen Par Darshil Safari don’t shows respect for his teacher who is elder and more important. IMPERMEABLE: that cannot be penetrating through. Obvious…not penetrable IMPENITENT: not feeling or showing sorrow and regret for having done wrong.. IMPENETRABLE: not penetrable. It seems that his retirement is approaching. Im+pen+itent……pen is the keyword Darshil Safari felt sorrow and regret after being caught by the teacher when he had stolen the pen of his classmate. IMPENDING: Something approaching. IMPERIAL: connected with an empire. Relate Imperial with Imperial Blue The whisky named Imperial Blue use to be the brand of Emperor Alexander.Chapter – 30 IMPEDE: to delay or stop the progress of something Impede rhymes as speed Constructions of Big Bazaar in every small village was going on very good speed but interferes from some villagers delay or stop the progress of it. IMPEL: force or urge to do something Imp+el……Imp is the abbreviation of important If an idea or feeling forcing you to do something. something about to happen Im+pending…. IMPEDIMENT: something that delays or stops the progress of something Relate it with imperial blue whisky The over dose of the imperial blue whisky stops the growth of the body. IMPERIOUS: arrogant and domineering Relate imperious with imperial Now you know the meaning of imperial Arrogant and domineering are the characteristics of the people in imperial army of Alexander. Im+permeable…not permeable (permitting passage through its substance) The egg’s yolk cannot penetrate through its tough coverings.pending is the keyword Subhash Ghai advised Anupam Kher that he was too old for acting and a lot of work was pending in his movies. IMPERATIVE: of vital importance Imp+erative…. Verbal Ability 128 Vocabulary . IMPERCEPTIBLE: very small and therefore unable to be seen or felt Im+perce+ptible…perce sounds as purse Aishwarya bought two different purses but the difference is very small and therefore unable to be seen or felt.relate imp with important Anna Hazare raised his voice against the most important and vital issue which is corruption.

Im+plac+able…. IMPLEMENT: put into effect Obvious IMPLACABLE: strong negative opinion about something that cannot be changed be changed. Imran Hashmi was not a pious. he gave a nice performance in Zindagi milegi Naa Dubaaraa IMPETUS: driving force Im+pet+us……pet is the keyword Sometimes Imran Hashmi’s pet drives him forward when he gets tired. Imply+cate…cate sounds as Kate Kate Winslet (a Hollywood actress) is found to be involved in a crime. showed lack of respect for God and religion. IMPLICATION: the conclusion that can be drawn from something.. IMPERTURBABLE: not easily upset or worried by a difficult situation Im+perturb+able…. IMPIOUS: showing a lack of respect for God and religion Im+pious…pious is the keyword In the movie Awarapan.relate plausible with possible The lawyers in the court always presents the possible explanations which sometimes are not considered likely to be true. Indians life gets disturbed because of attack from Pakistani army but Indian army was very confident and it can’t easily upset or worried by such difficult situation IMPERVIOUS: not affected or influenced by something Im+pervious…relate pervious with previous Hrithik Roshan’s performance is never affected or influenced by previous flop movies.IMPETUOUS: running quickly and without thinking carefully about the result. IMPLAUSIBLE: not seeming reasonable or likely to be true Im+plausible….plac sounds as place People have a strong negative opinion that can’t be changed that there is no place in India which is not corrupted. Im+pet+uous…pet is the keyword Imran Hashmi has a pet(a dog). IMPINGE: to make an effect Im+pin+ge…. IMPLICATE: to be involved in a crime. Amitabh Bachchan showed lack of piety towards God. IMPIETY: lack of piety or not pious.. Im+piety…piety is the keyword it means quality of being devoutly religious In the movie Deewar.. Obvious Verbal Ability 129 Vocabulary . whenever he goes for a morning walk with his pet.perturb rhymes as disturb During Kargil is the keyword Tsunami is a natural calamity which is making an effect on Japanese like a pin. his pet starts running on the road quickly and without thinking carefully about the result.

IMPLICIT:understood need not to state; suggested without being directly expressed Imply+cit…cit sounds as sit When Abhay Deol went to Rithik’s house, he didn't need permission to sit, itis understood need not be stated. IMPLODE: burst inward. Compare implode with explode…..Explode means burst outward where as implode is burst inward. IMPLORE: beg earnestly for Impl+ore…ore is the keyword Indian Government found important iron ore mines in Rajasthan, now Reliance group is begging to get those iron ore mines. IMPLY: to suggest that something is true or that you feel or think something, without saying so directly Obvious IMPOLITIC: not wise Im+politic….relate politic with politics It was not wise when Indian government playing politics with Anna and rejected proposal of Jan Lokpal Bill. IMPONDERABLE: something that is difficult to measure or estimate Im+pond+rable….pond is the key word Do you know that there is a pond in Allahabad, it’s difficult to measure or estimate how much liters of water it contains. IMPORT: significance Obvious India imports grains from abroad are of great significance for poor people because it is available for them in cheap rates. IMPORTUNATE: demanding or begging persistently Sounds as combination of a Important+fortunate India-Australia match is going to be important match in World Cup`11. Only fortunate people got the tickets, other people are demanding or begging persistently to issue more tickets. IMPOSTURE: an act of deceiving people deliberately by pretending to be sb else Im+posture…..posture is the keyword Rajesh Khanna played a role of thief who has a bent posture; this was so he could deceive people deliberately by pretending to be a beggar. IMPOTENT: having no potential; very weak or ineffective Obvious….Cigarette smoking can make you impotent IMPRECATION: cursed Im+precation…relate precation with precaution Global Warming is a serious issue and scientists are taking precautions to avoid it. IMPREGNABLE: strong and impossible to defeat Im+pregnable…relate pregnable with pregnant Never underestimate a pregnant woman, she is still very strong and impossible to defeat.

Verbal Ability



IMPROMPTU: done without planning or preparation Im+prompt+u…prompt is the keyword A prompt (quick) decision of choosing Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister was done without any planning or preparation from Congress leaders. IMPROPRIETY: behavior or action that is dishonest, morally wrong or not appropriate Im+propriety……propriety sounds as property In the movie Khosla ka Ghosla, Anupam Kher was cheated by Boman Irani whose actions are always dishonest or morally wrong IMPROVIDENT: not thinking or planning for the future Im+provident….relate provident with provident fund MS Dhoni don’t have provident fund it means he is not thinking or planning for the future IMPROVISE: create and perform (music, drama or verse) spontaneously or without preparation Relate improvise with improve In National School of Arts, Nana Patekar learns to create and perform (music, drama or verse) spontaneously or without preparation to improve his performance. IMPRUDENT: not wise or sensible Im+prudent…prudent is the key word which means sensible It would not be prudent or sensible to invest all the money in Reliance when the market’s condition is not so good. IMPUDENT: not showing due respect for other people Impudent sounds like combination of Important+student Important students are those students of a college or school who are good in studies but they get unimportant or lose their importance when they do not show due respect for their teachers. IMPUGN: to express doubts about whether sth is right, honest etc Im+pugn….Pugn sounds as peon Bill gates in his office always expresses doubts about whether their employees, peon etc that they are right, honest etc or not IMPUTE: to say, often unfairly, that somebody is responsible for something or has a particular quality Im+put+e….put is the key word Anna Hazare forcefully put in jail, and government saying that he is responsible for all this chaos in the country IMPUISSANCE: unable to take effective action, powerless Im+puiss+ance….relate Puiss with pussy Wills Smith thinks that he is very strong but he is not because when actually courage is needed he started behaving like a pussy and unable to take effective action IMPUNITY: being exempt(ed) from punishment. Im+pun+ity….pun sounds as peon Do you know that Kasab was Peon in Pakistan later he became terrorist. Now, Kasab has attempted such a big terror attack on the Taj Hotel; still he is exempted from punishment.

Verbal Ability



Chapter – 31
INADVERTENTLY: by accident, without intending to In+advert+ently…advert is the keyword…relate advert with advertisement In an advertisement of “Dabur lal Dant Manjan” Shahrukh has to broke a coconut from his teeth but accidently he broke his two side teeth. INALIENABLE: that cannot be taken away from you(able to be transferred to new ownership) In+alien+able…..alien is the keyword In the movie Koi Mil Gaya, Jadoo was an alien, who was not able to reach his planet, Rithik helped him since it was his ownership which can’t be taken away from him. INANE: silly, stupid Inane rhymes as insane. Its meaning is same as Insane (silly, stupid etc) INANIMATE: not alive in the way that people, animals and plants are In+animate…..relate animate with animated movies (full of life) Animated movies like avatar are different as compared to inanimate movies. INARTICULATE: not able to express ideas or feelings clearly or easily (fluent and clear in speech) In+art+iculate…..Not good in art of expressing feelings or ideas Do you remember the movie 3 idiots? The audience made the fun of Chatur because he was not good in art to express his ideas and feelings clearly. INCANDESCENT: shining brightly (of electrical or other light) Obvious….you must have seen incandescent lamps. INCANTATION: special words that are spoken or sung to have a magical effect In+cant+ation…can`t is the keyword Only a magician like O.P Sharma can spoke or sing words having magical effect, a normal person can`t. INCAPACITATE: to make somebody unable to work or live normally In+capacitate….Relate capacitate with capacity Most of Banks like Deloitte, Barclays etc stretch the capacities of an employee that make him unable to work normally INCARCERATE: imprison In+car+cerate…car is keyword One day Bipasha imprison John in the car just because she was angry with him. INCARNATION: physical form of human being In+car+nation…car is the keyword Do you know that every god wants to take physical form of human being only when he will own a Bungalow and Mercedes car to drive. INCENDIARY: designed to cause fire Incen+diary…diary is the keyword Inspector Bharat found a diary from a suspect flat, in the diary there was a plan designed to cause fire in railway station, Airport or any other public place in Mumbai. INCENSE: make very angry In+cense…cense sounds as sense Dog smell senses are very strong; smell of cat makes them very angry

Verbal Ability



INCENTIVE: payment or concession to stimulate greater output by worker. Obvious INCEPTION: beginning of an activity Watch movie inception, it is all about beginning of dreams and its different levels INCESSANT: never stopping In+cessan+t…cessan sounds as session Before choosing any new actress, Aamir organize never stopping sessions with the actress until he completely convinced. INCHOATE: just begun or not clear, in early or developing stage In+choate….relate choate with chaos Ideas make chaos in A.R. Rehman`s mind when they just begin or not clear, in early or developing stage. INCIDENCE: occurrence of a disease, crime or other desirable thing Very obvious INCIDENTAL: happening in connections with something else as minor Inci + dental…dental is the keyword AIIMS decided to build a big medical college in Bombay; it will also open a dental college as minor. INCIPIENT: just beginning In+cipi+ent……cipi sounds as CP (nickname of Chandra Paul, a West Indies cricketer) When CP qualified for West Indies cricket team, he was just beginning his career in cricket. INCISIVE: intelligently analytical and concise There is a story behind this word, there were two brothers Decisive and Incisive, Decisive was good in settling an issue quickly and effectively where as Incisive was intelligently analytical and concise. INCITE: to encourage somebody to do something violent In+cite…cite sounds as site….relate site with website Famous website is a search engine that encourages the users to explore the varieties of something violent all over the world. INCOGNITO: a way that prevents other people from finding out who you are In+cogni+to…..relate cogni with recognize Before the release of 3 idiots, Amir Khan was playing tricks with people; he costumes in a way that prevents other people to recognize him or prevents them from finding out who he was. INCLINE: to lean or slope in particular direction Very obvious INCLINED: tending or leaning toward; bent Obvious INCLUSIVE: having the total cost or the cost of something that is mentioned or contained in the price Obvious Must have heard that VAT is inclusive in this purchase

Verbal Ability



INCOHERE: unable to explain yourself clearly In+cohere…cohere sounds as kohra (in hindi)(fog) One of my friend met Aamir Khan but he didn’t recognize him due to kohra(fog) and unable to explain himself clearly. INCOMMODIOUS: not spacious In+commodious…not commodious (spacious)….not spacious INCOMPATIBLE: not harmonious, not compatible Obvious….not compatible (harmonious) INCONGRUITY: strange & not suitable in particular situation In+cong+ruity…relate cong with Congress In Congress party, Manmohan works according to Sonia Gandhi, because he gives ideas which are strange and not suitable in particular situation. INCONSEQUENTIAL: not important or worth considering In+consequential…..relate consequential with consequence (result or effect) In the final match of Cricket World Cup, consequence of bringing back Srisanth was not important or worth considering because he bowled very badly. INCONSISTENCY: tending to change too often In+consistency….no consistency…not consistent….change too often INCONTINENT: uncontrolled; lacking self restraint In+continent…continent is the keyword In a survey it is found that among all the continents American people is most uncontrolled or lacking self restraint INCONTROVERTIBLE: not controversial In+controvertible…relate controvertible with controversial…not co ntroversial, not open to question. The Defence confidential information is so important that it is not open to question by anyone and even the higher authorities like President is also not allowed to do controversies on it. INCORPORATE: to include something so that it forms a part of something In+corporate….corporate is the keyword In corporate world it is very common that big companies include small companies for example Reliance Industries include small companies so that small companies become part of Reliance Industries Limited. INCORPOREAL: without a body or form In+corporeal……Not corporeal (relating to someone`s body)…Hope you remember the meaning of corporeal INCORRIGIBLE: having bad habits which cannot be changed or improved In+corrigible…Relate corrigible with courage John Abraham don’t have enough courage because he can’t change his bad habit of smoking INCREDULOUS: not willing or able to believe something In+credulous…relate credulous with credible India is such an incredible country that the foreigners are still not able to believe the richness of the culture and the precious heritages like the Taj Mahal and many more.

Verbal Ability



INDEFATIGABLE: to never getting tired of doing something or never giving up Indefatigable…relate it with undefeated Undefeated people never get tired or never give up like King Ashoka. INCULCATE: to teach simple calculation In+culcate…relate culcate with calculate Sachin tried a lot to teach simple calculation to his son but he doesn`t able to calculate anything. INCURSION: sudden attack on a place by foreign armies In+cur+sion…. no one was around her.. his income was very low. INCUBATE: (of a bird) to sit on its eggs in order to keep them warm until they hatch In+cub+ate…cub sounds as cube There was a hen found in Africa.cur sounds cur(in Hindi) (tax) If you are not paying cur(tax) on time it means you incur something unpleasant. you are in a situation in which you have to deal with it. as a result he spent two years in Jail.INCREMENT: a regular increase in the amount of salary Obvious INCRIMINATE: to make it seem as if somebody has done something wrong or illegal In+criminate…relate criminate with criminal High court’s Lawyer make it seems that Sanjay Dutt done something wrong or illegal and declared him as a criminal. she got awake but that was a nightmare. you are in a situation in which you have to deal with it In+cur…. finally it hatched cube shaped eggs. INCUBUS: nightmare (a frightening and unpleasant dream) Incu+bus…bus is the keyword Once Madhuri Dixit fell asleep in a bus journey. You might have heard of Microsoft Windows operating system that is installed on normal pc. INCUR: if you incur something unpleasant. it does not allow deleting its files by the guests. it was sitting on its eggs in order to keep them warm until they hatch. INCRUSTATION: process of forming hard outer covering or layer In+crust+ation…crust is the keyword…crust is hard outer part of something The earth’s crust is so hard and forms the outer covering to protect the living beings form the hot and molten magma. she was traveling alone in that bus.cur sounds as cur(in Hindi)(tax) Government attacked on Laloo`s property because he was not paying cur (income tax). Verbal Ability 135 Vocabulary . INDELIBLE: not able to be deleted In+del+ible…del is the keyword…del is abbreviation of delete…indelible means something that is not able to be deleted. she felt someone was trying to touch her. he had no other option and rickshaw driving was getting necessary for him as a duty or responsibility towards his parents. that was very strange case. INCUMBENT: necessary as part of somebody’s duties Incum+bent…incum sounds as income Dharmendra was rickshaw driver before coming into movies.

relate determinate with determine The Congress Government was not able to determine how such huge public came in to support Anna Hazare’s fight against corruption from all over the country. INDETERMINATE: that cannot be identified easily or exactly In+determinate…. INDENTURE: a type of contract in the past that forces servants or apprentice to work for their employer for a particular period of time Indenture sounds as in danger Your life could be in danger if you signed a type of contract in the past that forces you to work for your employer for a particular period of time. INDICATIVE: indicating or suggesting something Obvious Jan lok Pal Bill is indicative of downfall of Congress government Verbal Ability 136 Vocabulary . it’s like a bond.. public just wanted him to compensate for loss but he didn`t give a damn about it.INDEMNIFY: compensate for loss In+demn+ify…relate demn with damn Once Abhishek did an accident with his car.

signs Relate indices with index You can find the index of this book Wordfox. INDIGENOUS: native.. INDISCRIMINATE: doing or acting random or without careful judgment In+discriminate……discriminate is the keyword US Government discriminate in treatment with people. Before election they looks very concerned about public but after the election they show no particular interest or sympathy towards public. sex or age. INDIGENT: very poor Indigent comes from indigence Dharavi. especially on the grounds of race. they become completely unconcerned. at the starting. which will indicate the page number of a particular chapter of your choice. They are doing it or acting random or without careful judgment INDISPUTABLE: not open to question or debate In+disput+able……. or loosened) The sand is not soluble in water.disput sounds as dispute Anna Hazare followed the path of Ahinsa (non-violence) because he did not want any kind of disputes. INDISSOLUBLE: not able to dissolve or end In+dissoluble…not dissoluble(able to be dissolved. there are so many poor families in India. Verbal Ability 137 Vocabulary . belonging to particular place rather than coming to it from somewhere else Relate it with indigent Indigents (poor) are the native of India. INDIFFERENT: they show no particular interest or sympathy towards something In+different…. INDIGENCE: poverty Relate Indigence as India ki Janta India ki Janta (public) facing the problem of poverty. a place in Mumbai is the biggest slum in Asia where the people are living below indigence line INDIGNATION: show anger on whatever unfair has been done Indi+g+nation…nation is the keyword India is a nation known to have people of very calm and peaceful nature but they show anger on whenever unfair has been done to them INDIGNITY: state or quality of not being worthy of honor or respect In+dignity……dignity is the keyword The politician felt no dignity or dishonored when someone from the public had thrown shoes on him.Chapter – 32 INDICES: indications. INDICT: accused or charged with a serious crime Relate indict with indication High court gave an indication that Navjot Singh Sidhu is accused or charged with a serious crime of killing a man.different is the keyword Politicians attitude is different before and after the Lok sabha election.

diet. in a party Salman ate lot of chicken and got drunk. the reason was simply a table. she was getting lazy and very inactive. very inactive In+dol+ent. Sachin and Kambli practiced whole month with tennis ball for a cricket championship but later they came to know that other teams succeed in persuading organisers to play with a deuce ball. why he was impossible to defeat or unconquerable.INDITE: write In+dite…dite sounds as diet Do you know about www. unquestionable. INDOMITABLE: impossible to defeat or unconquerable Indomi+table…. she used to play with it all the time. she don`t even go to school.. In PSU government offices use particular fact and example to form general rules and principles for new management trainees INDULGENT: become involved in activity Indulgent comes from indulge (become involved in activity that is undesirable). The Indian public became indulge in the Anna Hazare’s protest against corruption INDUSTRIOUS: working hard & busy Relate industrious with industry Reliance industry is nourishing or developing just because it has so many hard working employees.…dol sounds as doll Do you know when Karishma Kapoor was a kid she had a doll. it was gifted by his parents.relate dubi with doubt Performance of Sachin is impossible to doubt. INDUBITABLE: impossible to doubt. The computers are nothing but a machine that is designed so that it is incapable of doing errors. INEFFECTUAL: without ability to achieve much Obvious…In+effectual…not effective INERRANT: incapable of doing error In+err+ant…relate err with error…incapable of doing error.table is the keyword Do you know what is the reason behind the success of if you are confused about your diets just write your query on this website you will get your answer within 24 hours INDOLENT: not wanting to work. INDUCE: persuading somebody to do something In+duce…duce sounds as deuce In school days. not open to doubt In+dubi+table…. INEFFABLE: not able to be described in words Ineff+able…Ineff sounds as enough In CWG scam Suresh Kalmadi looted enough money to live comfortably throughout his life. INDUCTIVE: using particular fact & example to form general rules & principles Relate inductive with induction Every management trainee in PSU does induction (formally introduce) program. Verbal Ability 138 Vocabulary . INEBRIATED: drunk Inebri+ate+d…ate is the key word After success of Dabbang.

. After death he went to hell. INFER: conclude or deduce Obvious We used to see infer in many questions like what can you infer (deduce or conclude) from above problem? INFERNAL: related to hell. chemically inactive Obvious You must learn about inert gases in school days. inert gases like Nitrogen. INFALLIBLE: never making mistakes In+fall+ible…fall is the key word Google search engine is the best search engine. extremely annoying In+fernal…relate fernal with funeral People don’t prefer to attend funeral of bad people like Hitler.firm is the key word which means strong…so infirm is not firm…weak or not strong The political parties that run our country are very weak and unable to remove poverty from India. INFILTRATE:to enter or make somebody enter a place or an organization secretly In+filtrate…relate filtrate with filter Aquaguard use filter which didn’t allow any impure particles in water where as infiltration is a process in which we allow somebody enter a place or an organization secretly INFINITESIMAL: very small Infinite+simal…Infinite is the keyword Can you see infinite number of Microorganisms in curd from naked eyes???No.Infant is the keyword. INFIDEL: no belief in a religion Infi+del…. etc. it was extremely annoying for him. simply mean chemically inactive gases. INFIRMITY: weakness or illness over a long period In+firm+ity…. Infant means child or baby A mother bears a lot of pain while giving birth to an infant. it never falls from its top position. INEXORABLE: that cannot be stopped or changed Inex+orable…Inex sounds as Inox Shopping malls like Inox are developing in every city. Verbal Ability 139 Vocabulary .relate del with DELL (a laptop company) Do you know that Dell (a laptop company) owner doesn't believe or has no belief in a religion. because they are very small.. INEVITABLE: that you cannot avoid or prevent Inevi+table…table is the key word In Olympics. Table Tennis team of India was very weak. they couldn’t avoid or prevent their defeat against Chinese table tennis players.. It always gives correct results and never makes any mistakes INFAMOUS: well known for bad or evil There are two words famous and infamous Famous means famous for doing good things like Mother Teresa…infamous means famous for doing bad things like Osama Bin Laden INFANTILE: typical of a small child Infant+ile…. their growth can’t be stopped or changed.INERT: without power to move or act.

INFRINGE: to break law or rule. so RIN had to stop it. In+gra+tiate…gra sounds as grey Salman gave a grey color suit to Karan Johar in order to get him to like him especially because he will be useful for him in the future. In+f+rin+ge…. Verbal Ability 140 Vocabulary ..grain is the keyword Do you know that grains of wheat are deeply rooted in the soil. he decided to quit.INFLATED: higher than is acceptable or reasonable Relate inflated with inflation During the time of inflation Infosys fired its 14000 employees. INIMICAL: very unfriendly Inimical rhymes as chemical Faculty of Chemical department of IIT Kharagpur is very unfriendly. it is a punishable offence. when professor did something very unfair or wrong with a student. INHERENT: thatis basic or permanent part of somebody\something that cannot be removed. of fragrances in the market. INIMITABLE: impossible to imitate (copy) In+imitable…. INFLUX: an arrival or entry of large numbers of people or thing Inf+lux…Lux is the keyword Lux is making its arrival again with large no. INIQUITOUS: very unfair or wrong Ini+quit+ous…quit is the keyword In the movie. 3 idiots. INGRATE: ungrateful In+ grate…grate sounds as great (not feeling of showing gratitude or kindness) Great people like Abdul Kalam Azad. original and inventive INGRAINED: deeply rooted or firmly established In+grain+ed…. it broke a law or rule. original and inventive In+genious…genious is the keyword A genius like Einstein is clever. INGENIOUS: clever. Obvious INHIBIT: to make sb nervous or embarrassed so that they are unable to do something In+hibit…relate hibit with habit Deepika Padukone has a bad habit to make Shahrukh nervous or embarrassed so that he is unable to perform well.can’t be imitated It is nearly impossible to copy this book Wordfox as it is subjected to copyright act and if someone attempts to do so. it was higher than is acceptable or reasonable.not imitable……. Sachin Tendulkar can never be ungrateful (not showing gratitude) INGRATIATE: to do things in order to make sb like you especially sb who will be useful to you. INFRACTION: violation of rule or regulation In+fraction…fraction is the keyword It takes only a fraction of seconds to violate rule or regulation for criminals like Dawood Abraham.rin is the key word A RIN advertisement on TV was very vulgar.

students use ink pen to write formula to give other students. INKLING: a hint Ink+ling…Ink is the keyword In examination. Obvious INJURIOUS: causing or likely to cause harmful Obvious…Must have heard that Cigarette smoking is injurious (harmful) to health. INNATE: natural and inborn talent Inn+ate…ate sounds as eight When Sachin was in class eight. it’s a hint about the answer. Verbal Ability 141 Vocabulary .INITIATE: to make something begin. INNOCUOUS: not harmful In+nocuous…not nocuous (harmful) or not noxious (harmful) The army personnel consume liquor in a limited quantity as it is not harmful to their health. his parents found that he had natural and inborn talent of cricket.

Scrutiny means careful and thorough examination The Lokpal Bill that is available for the public scrutiny is impossible to understand. INSATIABLE:not satisfied.Chapter – 33 INNOVATION: the introduction of new things. INSALUBRIOUS:dirty and with many things that need to be repaired..relate scrutable with scrutiny…. ideas or ways of doing sth. Verbal Ability 142 Vocabulary . INQUISITOR: a person who asks very tough questions. In+quis+itor…quis sounds as quiz The Bournvita quiz Competition is the really tough one because the anchor asks very tough questions to the students. cleaned or replaced In+salu+brious…. Very obvious INNUENDO: an indirect remark about sb\sth usually suggesting sth bad or rude. INSENSIBLE: not sensible. In+sat+iable…. In+sensible….relate salu with Shalu(a name of a girl) The name of girlfriend of Rajpal Yadav is Shalu. INSENSATE: no sensation. In+sensate……Not sensate….relate sensate with sensation The deo AXE nowadays come with no sensation as it has stop producing good fragrance.. INORDINATE: excessive Inordinate rhymes as co-ordinate Director. Subhash Ghai couldn’t co-ordinate with the team so he is working excessively to improve his coordination skills. In+opportune…relate opportune with opportunity Ashish Nehra got an opportunity to prove his bowling skills but he was beaten by a batsman in his last over in league match of World Cup`11 and the Indian selectors realized that he was not an appropriate or convenient option. she lives in slums of Mumbai which is really very dirty place to live in on which government should take care upon.relate sat with Saturday Generally a private employee not satisfied with a company if he has to work on saturday INSCRUTABLE: Impossible to understand or interpret In+scrutable…. Cds is spreading gradually because it is very cheap and easily available. INOPPORTUNE: not an appropriate or convenient option. the use of remarks like this Innu+end+o…end is the keyword Shakti Kapoor is usually gives an indirect remark about new actresses suggesting something bad or rude but many girls starts complaining about it after that he has to end it.Not sensible…sense is the keyword In the movie Titanic.. during the climax Jack Dawson was not able to sense anything as he was in really cold water INSIDIOUS: spreading gradually or without being noticed In+sidi+ous…sidi sounds as CD Business of DVD.

people of Insularistan interested in their own country and not in those from outside. INSULAR:only interested in your own country. INSINUATE: to suggest indirectly that something unpleasant is true In+sin+uate…sin is the key word The priest always tries to suggest indirectly that doing sin is unpleasant and one day you need to suffer. ideas. etc and not in those from outside Relate Insular with Insularistan. In+sip+id…sip is the keyword As soon as Inzamam took first sip of coffee in CCD. strong or important In+substantial…relate substantial with substance The government of India state that child labor has no substance to discuss and believes that it not an important issue.solve is the keyword During recession most of the banks like Lehman Brothers got bankrupt and they weren`t able to find any solution to solve money problem. INSOLVENT: not able to find any solution to solve money problem In+solve+nt…. he found that it is lacking in flavor.. INSOLENT: rude and showing a lack of respect In+sole+nt……relate sole with soul There is a straight forward rule. usually something official Insti+gate…Insti is short form of institute Directors of IIT officially started a new trend in the institute that there will be an assembly in front of the institute main gate in the morning. INSUBSTANTIAL:not very large.INSIGHTFUL: showing a clear understanding of a person or situation Insight+ful…. Verbal Ability 143 Vocabulary . good souls go to heaven and bad souls who are rude and showing a lack of respect go to hell. It rhymes as Hindustan Insularistan is a new country newly developed country. INSOUCIANT: state of not being worried about anything In+souc+iant…souc sounds as sauce One day Mallika Serawat was very hungry she ordered a pizza with chilli sauce and started eating.insight (the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of something) is the keyword Anna Hazare has great insight of corruption of India and through Jan Lok Pal he shows a clear understanding of corruption to the common man. that’s why nobod y knows about Insularistan. INSUBORDINATION: refusal to obey orders or show respect for sb who has a higher rank In+subordinat+ion…subordinate is the key word Subordinate or assistant of Madhuri Dixit refuse to obey orders or show respect to her when she didn’t paid him on time. INSIPID: lacking in flavor. Jo raat mein so nahi pata hai use insomaniac kehte hain. she was so hungry that she was not worried that she doesn’t have money to pay the bill INSTIGATE: to make something start or happen.. INSOMNIA: the condition of being unable to sleep.

INSUPERABLE: difficulties that can`t be overcome In+super+able…super is the keyword…relate super with Superman Superman is a superhero. Rebel In+surgent…surgent sounds as sergeant Aamir Khan played a role of rebellions or revolutionary sergeant in the movie Sarfarosh. INTELLECT: the ability to think in logical way & understand things especially at an advanced level Obvious INTELLIGENTSIA: the people in country or society who are well educated & are interested in culture politics & literature etc Intelligent+sia….relate dict with dictionary New Oxford Dictionary is prohibited by court of law due to some illegal words. INTERLOPER: a person who interferes in another`s affairs. INTERDICT: prohibited by court of law. Anil Kapoor played a role of a person who interferes in another man's affairs. an official order from the court of law that orders you not to do something Inter+dict…. brilliant and intelligent and are interested in culture politics & literature etc INTER: to bury Inter is the key word Inter cast problems should be buried down in the ground.Intelligent is the keyword The people of south region for example Andhra Pradesh.. INSURGENT: a person fighting against the government or armed forces of their own country. Kerala are well educated. INSURMOUNTABLE: not able to overcome Insurmountable…not surmountable (overcome)……. Inter+loper…relate loper with lofer (in Hindi) In the movie is the keyword When Bhuj has encountered the natural calamity of earthquake it is still not able to overcome the causes. understand or measure In+tan+gible…relate tan with Tan α (a mathematical term) The value of Tan 90 degree (a mathematical term) exists but difficult to describe or measure INTEGRAL: being an essential part of something Obvious INTEGRATE: to combine two or more things so that they work together It comes from integration (we do in Mathematics) INTEGRITY: the quality of being honest & having strong moral principles Relate Integrity with Integrity blue (an alcoholic drink) People who have a quality of being honest and having strong moral principles prefer Integrity Blue as their drink. he can solve many problems but there are difficulties that can`t be overcome by even superman. INTANGIBLE:that exists but that is difficult to describe. Verbal Ability 144 Vocabulary .

INTERPOLATE: insert into a series by estimating or calculating it from surrounding known values Relate interpolate with interpolation In Mathematics. and he was actually very hungry and looking for food. INTRANSIGENCE: unwilling to change their opinion or behavior In+transigence…relate transigence with transcend (a company of pen -drive or USB) The CEO of the Transcend was unwilling to change price of USB because he don’t want to compromise with quality INTREPID: very brave and fearless Intrepid sounds as interpret In the movie Sarfarosh.trac sounds as track The international phone calls from Dawood Ibraham are not easy to track by any detective agencies of the world. INTERVENE: come between to interfere. they saw a kid coming at irregular intervals. Imran and Genelia were relaxing in a tent. but management came between to interfere... INTRACTABLE: not easy to control In+trac+table…not tractable (easy to control)…. in second half of the movie..relate mate with classmate Vidya Balan has a close and friendly relationship with one of her classmates. he becomes very brave and a fearless IPS officer.tent is the key word During shooting of Jaane tu ya Jaane Naa. INTIMIDATE: to frighten or threaten somebody so that they will do what you want Intimi+date…date is the keyword John went to date a girl but she completely frightened of him because she was the sister of Bipasha. Inter+vene……Inter is the keyword Inter hostel competition in IIT Kharagpur started. Verbal Ability 145 Vocabulary .. INTIMATE: having a close & friendly relationship Inti+mate. INTERMITTENT: coming at irregular intervals Inter+mi+tent…mi sounds as me…. it was difficult to interpret the kind of role Aamir Khan was going to perform by watching first half of the movie. country or organization Inter+ne+cine…cine sounds as sign It’s a bad sign for the country that there are lots of scams is happening or perpetrated by members of congress..Chapter – 34 INTERMINABLE: lasting a very long time & therefore very boring & annoying Relate Interminable with Intermission In the movie Zindagi Naa Milegi Dubara intermission was very long and therefore boring and annoying because everyone wanted to watch its second part which was very exciting. INTERNECINE: happening between members of the same group.. engineering students perform interpolations (insert into a series by estimating or calculating it from surrounding known values) INTERROGATE: asking questions aggressively Inter+gate…gate is the keyword Police caught Bobby Deol near India Gate and started asking questions aggressively about the murder case of his ex-girlfriend.

so that she would do what he wanted. so she criticized strongly Raveena on phone. INVEIGLE: to achieve control over somebody in a clever and dishonest way. so people lost all their money. INVALIDATE: to prove that an is the keyword On Shahid Kapoor`s birth date his female fans send him so many cards and emails that he gets overwhelmed and cannot deal with them all personally. without the need for conscious reasoning. INTUITION: ability to understand something immediately. INUNDATE: to give or send somebody so many things that they cannot deal with them all Inun+date…. Invei+gh…. especially so that they will do what you want Inv+eigle…eigle sounds as Eagle John gifted an eagle to Riya Sen in order to achieve control over her in a clever and dishonest way.. especially something unpleasant In+ur+red…red is the keyword Saif said to Kareena. Invect+ive……relate Invect with invest People invested a lot of money in shares in Satyam Group but Satyam was a scam.Invei sounds as envy Twinkle Khanna was envious of Raveena Tandon after watching song Tip tip barsa paani. please try something new”. Verbal Ability 146 Vocabulary . Obvious…opposite of extrinsic INTROSPECTIVE: tending to think a lot about your own thoughts. He entered a party as an uninvited person and behaves rudely with new actresses.INTRINSIC: belonging to or part of real nature of somebody or something . “I am used to your unpleasant red dress. people started using rude language and unpleasant remarks against Satyam computers because they were angry INVEIGH: to criticize somebody / something strongly. wrong or out of question INVECTIVE: rude language and unpleasant remarks that somebody shouts when they are very angry. In+tuition……tuition is the keyword Tuition improves student’s ability to understand something immediately.relate spec with specs Katrina Kaif whenever wore her new specs she tend to think a lot about her own thoughts. INURED: used to something. feelings Intro+spec+tion…. without the need for conscious reasoning. story & argument is wrong Invalid+ate……Invalid is the keyword The Traffic Police in Delhi don’t allow anyone to ride or drive a vehicle with an idea that is invalid. feelings INTROVERT: a person who is more interested in their own thoughts or feelings than in spending time with other people Obvious…opposite of extrovert INTRUDE: uninvited Int+rude…rude is the keyword Nana Patekar is a very rude person.

it is unacceptable. IRATE: very angry I+rate…rate is the keyword The rate of petrol are increasing. she started to drown in the sea. from a god or from a person in authority In+vocation…….INVERSE: opposite Obvious INVERT: turn upside down or inside out Obvious INVETERATE: create or design (a new device. process. INVINCIBLE: unconquerable. On the beach. INVIOLABLE: that must be respected and not attacked or destroyed In+violable…Relate violable with violate Salman never violated any rule of traffic because he knew that rules must be respected and not destroyed. we can watch decent rainbow showing many bright colors that seem to change in different lights Verbal Ability 147 Vocabulary . INVIDIOUS: unacceptable. changed In+vinci+ble…vinci is the keyword…relate it with Da Vinci code The novel Da Vinci code is unconquerable in the novel market.) Relate inveterate with inverter SU-KAM inverters created or designed a new technology so that inverter lasts longer than any other product. INVOKE: to make a request to somebody especially a god Relate Invoke with invocation…. so she started asking for help from god. INVULNERABLE:that cannot be harmed or defeated Invul+ner+able….descent sounds as decent In rainy season. it makes everyone very angry with the government. unfair and likely to arouse resentment or anger In+vidious…relate vidious with video Mallika Shehrawat’s new video song is vulgar. IRIDESCENT:showing many bright colors that seem to change in different lights Iri+descent…. too strong to be defeated.. The priest of Tirupati Balaji invokes God by offering prayers. INVOCATION: the act of asking for help.vocation sounds as vacation Kareena Decided to spend her summers in a Beach with his Boy friend. etc.relate ner with ner-naari(in Hindi)(man-women) Ner-Naari(man-women) or the human beings are the most powerful creature and can’t be defeated by any other living things IRASCIBLE: can easily get angered or irritated I+rasc+ible…relate rasc with risk Akshay kumar is known to take maximum risk in the stunt scenes but he easily get angered or irritated when couldn’t perform given task properly.both the words have same meaning. unfair and likely to arouse resentment or anger in public.

.rever sounds as river People show disrespect towards our rivers like Ganga. it’s impossible to approach him IRRESOLUTE:not able to decide what to do Irre+solute….IRKSOME: irritate Ir+k +some…. IRRELEVANT: not applicable Obvious…not relevant (applicable) IRREMEDIABLE:impossible to cure Irre+med+iable…relate med with medicine No medicine can cure cancer. IRREVERENCE:disrespectful attitude Ir+rever+ence….some is the keyword Some charity organization came to Deepika Padukone for the donation and irritated her a lot. this is happening in the opposite way to what is expected. Accidently a security guard press the alarm button which causes chaos in the crowd IRREPROACHABLE:beyond criticism Ir+reproach+able…..relate solute with solute and solvent of chemistry In School Days. happy and full of energy Irre+press+ible……press is the keyword The crowd during the matches of IPL was looking lively.reproach rhymes as approach (come near) God is beyond criticism. IRONIC:happening in the opposite way to what is expected Iron+ic…. happy and full of energy. Yamuna etc when they throw garbage in it and make the water impure Verbal Ability 148 Vocabulary .repar sounds as repair The reputation of Congress is impossible to repair now IRREPRESSIBLE:lively. it is impossible to cure IRREPARABLE: impossible to repair or rectify Ir+repar+able…..retrieve is the keyword which means bring back Once the data has been deleted from the recycle bin of computer it cannot be retrieved again. IRRECONCILABLE:not compatible Irreconci+lable…lable sounds as label Scams put a label on congress leaders that they are corrupt. and when congress government didn’t found any compatibility with Anna Hazare’s Jan Lok Pal Bill. it made public completely annoyed IRREFUTABLE:not prove to be wrong Ir+refut+able…relate refut with refuse No one has refused till today the Newton’s laws of motion.Iron is the keyword A Coal India mine was supposed to produce coal but in many mines workers found more iron than coal. Sarukh Khan was not able to decide what to do with chemicals because he is confused about which one is solute and which one is solvent IRRETRIEVABLE:not able to be retrieve or bring back Ir+retriev+able….

Chapter – 35 IRREVOCABLE:not able to be changed. reversed or recovered Irrevo+cable……cable is the keyword Aishwarya took cable connection from local. we read about isotope. he/she always travels from place to place. ITINERANT: travelling from place to place Itine+rant…rant sounds as rent One who lives on rent doesn’t live at one place. KISMET: fate Kismet sounds as kismet (in Hindi) (fate)…. KNELL: sound of a bell especially whom rung solemnly for a death or funeral. Shahid believes that his kismet is related with his girlfriend Vidya Balan. KERNEL: the most important part Kernel sounds as colonel Any colonel of army is the most important member of the military force KILLJOY:spoils Kill+joy……kill and joy are the keywords Shakti Kapoor is famous to kill the joy and deliberately spoils the enjoyment of other through resentful or overly sober behavior KINDLE: fire up or a fire or set something on fire Kindle sounds as candle A candle can be used to start a fire or set something on fire KINDRED: one family and relations Kindred…it comes from kin (one family and relations)…. order. They had respect for the moral values of relations. or arrangement Relate invert with inverter KEN: range of knowledge Relate Ken with Keanu Reeves (a Hollywood actor) Keanu Reeves can only understand the complications of matrix because his range of knowledge is very high. INVERT: put upside down or in the opposite position.Have you watch the movie Kismat Connection??? In the movie. KNOTTY: very complicated and difficult Knotty sounds as naughty In childhood Shaharukh Khan was very naughty very complicated and difficult to handle. channels can’t be changed. KINETIC: producing motion or related to motion Relate Kinetic with kinetic pride Kinetic Pride is a nice scooty in the market produce a lot of motion. she don’t want to watch few channels which she wanted to be removed but cable guy told her that the number of channels will remain same.The director of the movie Hum Sath Sath Hai has tried to show one family and relations between a number of members in the family. ISOTOPE: one of two or more forms of a chemical element with different properties but the same chemical ones Obvious…In Chemistry. Verbal Ability 149 Vocabulary . Knell rhymes as bell its meaning is sound of a bell especially whom rung solemnly for a death or funeral.

LABILE: likely to change Lab+ile……Lab is the keyword Congress Government is likely to change all the lab(laboratories ) in school trying to make them better. LABORIOUS: requiring considerable time and effort Lab+orious…Lab is the keyword Lab experiment demands considerable time and effort. Lamb+aste…Allen lamb was a former England cricketer he had a bad habit of criticizing his team members harshly. LACHRYMOSE: sentimental Lachry+mose …relate lachry with Lucky and relate mose with munh(in Hindi)(face) Lucky Ali is a very sentimental person he gets sad or starts producing tears very easily making sad face (munh) LACKADAISICAL: lacking enthusiasm or determination Relate Lackadaisical with lack of daily Amir Khan believes that lack of daily exercise makes him lack of enthusiasm or determination LACKLUSTER: not excited or interested or dull Lackluster…relate it with lack of lust (or energy. LAMENT: feel great sadness or disappointment about sb/sth.Lac sounds as Lack One of the great leaders of our country Indira Gandhi uses to deliver her speech in few words. enthusiasm) means not excited or interested or dull The crowd of students was not excited or shown interest this year when Jal band came to perform in IIT Mumbai. layperson Lai+ty…. LAITY: all the members of the Church who are not clergy. Lamen +t….Lai sounds as lay…Its meaning is layperson LAMBASTE: criticize harshly. LACONIC: to use only few words to say something Lac+onic….KUDOS: honor or glory Relate kudos with kids Sachin in the early age or when he was kid start playing cricket gives sign that one day he will bring a lot of honor or glory for the country. LAGGARD: a person falls behind other or lags behind others Lag+gard…Lag is the key word The press reporters always lag behind the celebrities.Lamen sound as lemon Madhuri dixit got sad and disappointed when Salman did not bring lemon for her Verbal Ability 150 Vocabulary . it doesn’t mean that she was lack of words. LACERATE: tear or deeply cut Lace +rate…Lace is the keyword During shooting of Jism John Abraham forget to fasten his laces which cause his face down during shooting and he got tear or deeply cut on his knees. Albert Einstein is one such great example who spent days and years with his labs.

LAMPOON: to criticize somebody/something in publicly in an amusing way that makes them or it ridiculous. after drinking lassi your tiredness gone in a minute LATENT: existing but not yet developed You must have studied latent heat of energy LATERAL: connected with side of something or with movement to the side Obvious LATITUDE: freedom to choose what you do or the way that you do it Lati+ tude…Relate lati with latika…In movie Slum dog Millionaire Latika fighting for freedom to do or the way you want to do it. theft Relate larceny with Larcen and Tubro…. LAUD: praise highly Laud sounds as loud Indians loudly praise Sachin Tendulkar when he made his double century in one day cricket match Verbal Ability 151 Vocabulary . LANK: straight.Larsen and Tubro aka Lnt Larcen and Tubro were two brothers who started this company but Larcen cheated Tubro. Larcen was caught in theft from Tubro’s Bank account. LANGUISH: to be forced to stay somewhere or suffer sth unpleasant Relate Languish with language Aishwarya during a Hollywood movie forced to stay somewhere or suffer unpleasant place in Africa where people talk in local language that was difficult to understand. LARGESS: generosity. everyone criticized her publicly in an amusing way on this act. LASCIVIOUS: feeling or showing strong sexual desire. Largess sounds as largest Bill gates have the largest sum of money but Bill gate is very generous with money he gave money or gifts with generosity to people who are in need. LANGUOR: feel lazy and without energy Relate Languor with langoor (a type of monkey) Langoor feel lazy and without energy when they are forced to kept in zoo they belong to live in Junge not in zoo. dull and not attractive LARCENY: the crime of stealing sth from sb. Lamp+ oon…Lamp is the keyword Lamp is used when there is no electricity but Nigar khan carrying a lamp in the middle of light. Lasci+vious…Lasci sounds as lassi(in Hindi)(a drink) Faking news says that Lassi can make you feel or show sexual desire LASSITUDE: a state of feeling very tired in mind or body. lack of energy. Lassi+tude…relate Lassi with lassi(in Hindi)(a drink) Lassi work well in summer. dull and not attractive Relate lank with Lanka Cricket players of Sri Lanka are Straight.. Money or gifts given generously.

LEGACY: an amount of money or property left to someone in a will. LEERY: suspicious about something. severe. Lee+r…. if your boss is not sufficiently strict.nine is the keyword Once nine lions attacked Anil Kapoor during a shooting and he got scared. LAX:not sufficiently strict.LAVISH: large in amount. very harmful or destructive. it means you will get lot of time to relax.relate Chery with cherry Cherry (fruit) can give you excessive or offensive sexual desire. impressive and usually costing a lot of money Lav+ish…..relate Lee with Brand Lee Lee jeans and t-shirt are very comfortable gives you great amount of freedom to move or act. Le+ chery…. LETHAL: sufficient to cause death. Lee+way…. LECHERY: excessive or offensive sexual desire. and trying to avoid it. Lax rhymes as relax In office.Leave is the keyword Govinda advised his director we cannot leave Johny Liver because we can make movie more interesting or cheerful by adding Johny Liver. LEAVEN: to make something more interesting or cheerful by adding something to it Leave + in….relate Lav with Luv and Kuch Ram brings a lot of gifts in large amount and usually costing a lot of money for Luv and Kush.Relate Lee with Brand Lee Lee is not making good jeans now a day’s people are suspicious about lee’s products. Obvious LEGEND: a traditional story popularly regarded as historical but which is not authenticated. Watch movie The Legend of Bhagat Singh LEGERDEMAIN: skilful use of one's hands when performing tricks Leger sounds as laser Who is the most skilled person in doing tricks with hands? Someone who can produce laser light from hands LENIENT: merciful or tolerant Relate it with Lenin Lenin was a great revolutionary. Obvious…watch movie lethal weapon of Mel Gibson…It was all about deadly weapons LETHARGIC: lack of energy Obvious Verbal Ability 152 Vocabulary . or careful. LEEWAY: the amount of freedom to move or act that is available. he was known to be very merciful or tolerant. LEONINE: Like a lion Leo+nine….

After wearing Levis Jeans and shirts son of Sharukh khan forgot to respect and seriousness towards his father. Relate it with Levis…. it has right to keep animal’s property until debt is paid. LIBIDO:sexual desire. George Bush etc. especially as a tax to the government when it exports Jeans from America LEWD: referring to sex in rude and offensive manner.Lib is the abbreviation of library In library we could easily found publication based on false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation for example publication on Bill Clinton. In an advertisement she says one who wears liberty footwear that person gets freely indulgent in sensual pleasure. Lewd rhymes with rude In the movie Koyla. LIABILITY: legally answerable Relate Liability with Liable. Relate libertine with Liberty Liberty is a brand in footwear used by Mallika sherawat. LEVITY: forget to respect and seriousness. especially by means of magic Levi+state…relate Levi with Brand Levis Levis made magical jeans after wearing it Salman went in a state where he can float in the air without any support. Li+bid+inous…bid is the keyword In Red light areas youngsters bid on prostitutes and fulfill their sexual desire LICENTIOUS: behave in way that is considered sexually immoral. Lib+ el…. especially as a tax to the government Relate Levy with Levis Levy’s pay an extra amount of money that has to be paid. Lexicon rhymes as Mexican Mexican people don’t prefer Oxford dictionary. LIAISON: communication or cooperation between people or organizations. Relate Licentious with license After marriage Shakti kapoor thought that he got license to behave in sexually immoral way. Amrish Puri tries to do sex in rude and offensive manner with Madhuri Dixit.relate son with Larson Larson and Turbo (LnT) founder worked hard to establish a communication and co-operation between people or organization as a result LnT formed. LIEN:right to keep somebody’s property until debt is paid Lien sounds as lion Lion is the king of jungle. LIBEL: the publication of a false statement that is damaging to a person's reputation . LEVY: an extra amount of money that has to be paid. Verbal Ability 153 Vocabulary .Chapter – 36 LEVITATE: rise and float in the air with no physical support. It means responsible by law Mahatma Gandhi as a lawyer always tried to be liable in every situation. LEXICON: a dictionary. LIBERTINE: a person who is freely indulgent in sensual pleasures. Liai + son….

So the word itself says its meaning.relate lee with Bruce Lee Bruce Lee can move his body in any way because he is very slim or flexible. LINGER: to continue to exist for longer than expected Relate linger with lingerie Neha Dhupia was looking great in Lingerie. LINEAMENTS: the typical features of something Line+a+men+ts…Line and men are the keywords A palmist by looking at lines in the hand of men can find the typical features of his character. LIQUIDATE: to sell something in order to pay debts Liquid+ate…. Lion+ize……Lion is the keyword Lion is treated as a celebrity in the jungle..liquid is the keyword Guru Dutt decided to sell his house to get liquid cash in order to pay debts LIST: to lean on one side Relate it with List (a series of names) Rani Mukherji received a list of so many wishes on her birthday that she leaned on one side of the chair and fell sleep. LITHE: very slim or flexible Li + the…Li sounds as Lee……. LITIGATION: the process of making or defending a claim in a court of law Lit + gation….Line and age are the keywords In palmistry there are different lines for example Head line. LIONIZE: treat as a celebrity. List+less……List is the keyword When two of the idiots in the movie 3 idiots found that their name was last in the list of high scoring students they lose spirit or energy or had no enthusiasm LITANY: a series of prayers to god Lit + any……Lit is the keyword Dino Moriya screamed in church that can anyone lit a candle so that he could start series of prayers to God. Limn sounds as Line Akhshay khanna uses few lines to make portray of Dimple in the movie “Dil Chahta Hai”.Lit is the keyword Shahrukh made a mistake when he lit his cigarette in a police station now he has to go through process of defending himself in court of law.LIMN:represent in painting or words. so she decided to continue to be in lingerie for longer than expected LINGUISTIC:connected with language Relate Linguistic with Language. He represents his feelings in painting.. Verbal Ability 154 Vocabulary . LISTLESS: having no energy or enthusiasm. LINEAGE: the series of families that somebody is descended from Line+age…. Sun line similarly there is a line of age which tells about series of families that somebody is descended from.

One day light gone in KFC but luckily Shahrukh was carrying a lighter with him. Verbal Ability 155 Vocabulary . Loll sounds as lol(laugh out louder) When Kareena saw Saif standing on the chair in relaxed way she laughs out louder (lol). he collects money from directors in dishonest or immoral way and never come for the shooting. easy to understand. Lucid rhymes as acid Sulphuric acid is a strong acid it is used to clear or make your toilet bright.Zukerberg is a creative person. Lu+crative…crative sounds as creative…. LOUT: an aggressive man L+out…. Long+evity…long is the key word You can live a long life if you are a follower of Baba Ramdev.out is the keyword Shoaib Akhtar is a very aggressive bowler.LIVID: extremely angry Liv+vid…Liv sounds as Live and vid sounds as with Ajay Devgan said that he cannot live with Kajol because she got extremely angry on small things. Susmita Sen said to Lara Dutta look at Anil Kapoor. now he start fooling directors. school teachers quack about Darsheel Safari that he is a talkative student. LOQUACIOUS: talkative Lo+ quac+ious…. LOATH: not willing to do something L+ oath…oath is the keyword Laloo Prasad doesn’t want to take oath he was not willing to be the chief minister. LONGEVITY: long life. Relate it with lighter Amir. LOATHE: feel hatred or disgust for something L+oath+e……oath is key word Laloo Prasad feels hatred or disgust for taking oath. He made facebook which is highly profitable website in the world. sit or stand around in a lazy or relaxed way . He was not satisfied until he bowled out his batsman LOW: below average in amount. extent or intensity Obvious LUCID: clear. especially when gained in a way that is dishonest or immoral Luc+re…Luc sounds as look. LUCRE:money. LOLL: to lie.quac sounds as quack (sound produce by duck) In the movie Tare Zameen Par. LOITER: stand around or move with no obvious reason purpose. LOFTY: very high Lof+ ty…Lof sounds as laugh Kadar Khan laugh in very high sound even his neighbor can listen him. LUCRATIVE: producing a great deal of profit. Salman and Shahrukh used to hang around with no obvious reason in KFC.

.crous sounds as crush When Raju Srivasta said he can crush pepsi bottle with his two fingers he sounds ridiculous and unreasonable LUGUBRIOUS: serious and sad.lusci sounds as lassi(in Hindi)(a type of drink) In Punjab you can easily find Lassi in restaurants which is pleasant to taste or smell LUSTROUS: soft and shining It comes from luster (shining) You must have heard of metals. LURID: too bright in color. They possess the property of lusture. awkward way. LUMBER: move in a slow. LUNAR: connected with moon You must have heard of lunar eclipse LUNGE: a sudden forward movement of the body in order to attack somebody Relate Lunge with Lounge Amitabh relaxing in his lounge suddenly someone took a forward movement of the body in order to attack him.LUDICROUS:ridiculous and unreasonable Ludi+crous…. she wanted to get rid of such dresses. Do you know lullaby (soothing song sung to send a child to sleep) so lull is almost same as lullaby.. in a way that is not attractive Lu+rid…rid is the keyword Lara dutta had lot of too bright color dresses. they are soft and shiny. i. heavy. Relate it with lumen Lumen represent light similarly a luminary is a person who enlightens us with his knowledge like Abul kalam azad.e. heavily and awkward way it means there is going to heavy rain and lightening. LUSCIOUS: having pleasant to taste or smell Lusci+ous…. L+umber…. LULL: calm or send to sleep with soothing sounds or movements. LUMINARY: a person who inspires or influences others.relate umber with umber (in Hindi)( clouds) When umber (in Hindi)(clouds) moves slow. LUXURIANT: growing thickly and strongly in a way that is attractive Lux+uriant…Lux is the key word Madhuri is the brand ambassador of the Soap Lux. Lugub+rious……replace lugub with se…it will become serious which is its meaning. She believes that Lux soap produce foam in thickly and strongly way that is attractive Verbal Ability 156 Vocabulary .

MACHIAVELLIAN: use clever tricks to achieve what he wants without people realizing what he is doing. popular in 16 th century Relate Madrigal with soccer team Madrid Before every match Madrid team members listen a song usually without instruments. Obvious Verbal Ability 157 Vocabulary . generous and forgiving especially towards Anil Kapoor aka Mr. powerful and successful business man Dheeru Bhai attracts people. Machia + vellian…. MADRIGAL: a song for several singers. Gabbar Singh was very smart villain he use clever tricks to achieve what he want without people realizing what he is doing. Ma+cabre…. MAGNITUDE: great size. Mael+strom……. or importance. generous and forgiving especially towards enemy Sounds as combination of magnitude +animosity Magnitude of animosity (feeling of dislike) of Mogambo becomes finished. MACHINATION: a secrets and complicated plan Machine+ nation…nation is the keyword China is making a secret and complicated plan against Asians basically they are building big machines to attack on Asian Nations. Shahrukh lost his temper and fired him. usually without musical instruments.Relate cabre with kabr(in Hindi)(grave) Kabr is always a subject of disturbance and horror because it is concerned with death and injury. Once Macu came late and brought clothes marked with spots and stains. MAGNILOQUENT: uses high flown or bombastic language Magniloquent sounds as combination of Magnet + eloquent (fluent speaking or writing) Magnetic people like Anil Ambani are eloquent but use high flown or bombastic language. MACULATED: mark with a spot or stain Macu+late…Macu is the keyword Macu is the name of a launder (one who wash and iron clothes) of Sharukh. India MAGNATE: a person who is rich. extent. popular in 16 th century MAELSTROM: a very strong current of water that moves in circle.Chapter – 37 MACABRE: disturbing and horrifying because concerned with death and injury. similarly rich.vellian sounds as Villain In the movie Sholay. now he become a kind. powerful and successful especially in business Relate Magnate with magnet The way magnet attracts iron.mael sounds as male…relate strom with storm Male emotions for a female are strong like a storm and move like a strong current of water that moves in circle MAGISTERIAL: having or showing power or authority Relate it with magistrate District magistrate of a city has a great power or authority given by chief minister MAGNANIMITY: kind.

relate Mala with Mala Sinha Mala Sinha usually makes mistakes during speaking. illegal or wicked things not female. next day she had general feeling of discomfort. that annoys people Mala+ droit…. but means something different Mala+propism……. What factor could be responsible for it? MALEVOLENT: wishing evil or desire to causes harm other people Male + volent…. illegal or wicked things Male+ factor…. Maim sounds as mame(in Hindi)(Madam) In the Movie English babu deshi mame. illness. MALFEASANCE: illegal or dishonest behavior Mal+feasance…feasance sounds as fiancé Do you know that fiancé of Mallika Sherawat is a criminal known for his illegal or dishonest behavior. illness or unease. During shooting Sharukh got injured or wounded so that part of his body is permanently damaged.volent sounds as violent Prem Chopra gets violent or wishes to be evil or show desire to cause harm to his wife after getting drunk. MALAPROPISM: an amusing mistake sb makes when they use a word which sounds similar to the word they wanted to use. Sonali bendre and Sharukh were in the lead role..MAIM: wound or injure (someone) so that part of the body is permanently damaged . MALEDICTION: a curse Malediction sounds as combination of Male +addiction Someone told Shahrukh that addiction of smoking is a curse on him and he will never be able to quit it. MALEFACTOR: a person who does wrong. or causes trouble in order to change it Mal +content…content is the keyword Javed Akhtar was looking for a content writer.relate Mala with Mala Sinha (a Bollywood actress) Mala Sinha was an ineffective actress. she uses a word which sounds similar to the word she wanted to use.Male and factor are the keywords In most of the cases male are found doing wrong. MALADY: a serious problem Malady sounds as melody Melody hai chocolaty but now a day’s melody chocolate causing serious problem to children. MALADROIT: done without skill.. MALAISE: a general feeling of discomfort. after a long struggle he found him but he left because he was not satisfied with situation and complained about it. or unease. MALICIOUS: having or showing hatred and desire to harm sb or hurt their feelings Relate Malicious with Malaysia People of Malaysia are known to show hatred and desire to harm sb or hurt their feelings Verbal Ability 158 Vocabulary . but means something different MALCONTENT: a person who is not satisfied with a situation and who complains about it. Her acting was without skill that annoys audience. Malai + se…relate malai with Mallaika Arora Mallika Arora ate a lot of malai on her birthday.

release from slavery. or object that is a sign that sth exists or is happening Meaning is same as Manifest The tele-shopping on television always put the demonstration of their products. Malinga pretend to be ill in order to escape from the match against India in the finals because he knows that Dhoni going to hit him badly MALLEABLE: that can be hit or pressed into different shapes easily without breaking or cracking Two very common properties of metal are malleable and ductile MALODOROUS: smelling very unpleasant..MALIGNANT: strong desire to harm Maligna +nt…. Holi etc are the demonstration of Indian culture. MANIPULATE:to control or use sth in a clever way Mani+pulate….Mani sounds as many Many shopkeepers control their weights in a clever way and take money of 1 Kg Sugar and give only 900 gms MANNERED: behaving in a specified way Obvious…. Manu+mit…Manu is the keyword In the movie Tanu weds Manu.Having many different forms or folds. MALINGER:pretend to be ill in order to escape duty or work.Relate malign with Malinga(a Srilankan fast bowler) Malinga (a Srilankan fast bowler) always has a strong desire to harm the opponent batsman. Man+date……. MANIFOLD: having many different forms.. when he was set free then he came to India Verbal Ability 159 Vocabulary .Man and date are the keyword If a woman is calling a man for date he takes it as an official order from her MANGY:dirty and in bad condition Mangy sounds as Maggi In college days Amir Khan used to eat maggi at the place which was dirty and in bad condition and the price of maggi was very high MANIACAL: a person exhibiting extremely wild or violent behavior. Mani+fold…. MANIFESTATION: an event.. Maniac+al……maniac is the key word Maniac means insane person or person exhibiting extremely wild or violent behavior MANIFEST: demonstration Many + fest…….relate fest with festival Many Festivals like Diwali. because he smells very unpleasant. Mal+odor+ous…odor is the key word During shooting of the movie Murder.mani sounds as many…. action. MANDATE:an official order to do something.Many is the keyword…. Mallika advised Imraan Hashmi to use a good Body odor.Relate it with manner MANUMIT:set free. Relate Malinger with Malinga (a Srilankan fast bowler) During World Cup. Manu was a slave to his profession when he was in US.

MATERNAL:relating to mother Mater+nal…. Masti + cat+e…relate Masti with masti(in Hindi)(enjoy)…. noticeable.relate Maso with macho Machoman (WWE fighter) involved in practice of getting sexual pleasure from being physically hurt..Mater sounds as matter Matter of child birth is related to mother MATRIARCH: a woman who is the head of a family or tribe. having a visible mark Obvious…. disfigured Mar+red….A marked increase in profits MARRED:damaged. when they will get married they will go to place connected with the sea or ships to spend their is the keyword Few terrorists were planning to damage the Red fort but their mission got failed by few brave police officers MARSHAL: an officer of the highest rank in the armed forces of some countries Obvious MARTIAL: connected with fighting or war Obvious Bruce Lee was best in martial arts MARTINET: a very strict person that demands that other people should obey his order or rules completely Martin +et….MARITAL: relating to marriage or the relation between husband and wife Obvious MARITIME:connected with the sea or ships. near the sea Mari+time…mari sounds as marry John promised Bipasha. MASTICATE: chew (food)..relate Mar with mar(in Hindi)( killed) Bhagat Singh was made to suffer greatly because of his beliefs and mar diya gaya(killed) because of their beliefs MASOCHIST: practice of getting sexual pleasure from being physically hurt. Verbal Ability 160 Vocabulary ..relate Martin with Martin Luther king Martin Luther king was kind but a very strict person who demanded that other people should obey his order or rules completely.Mastise chabana(in Hindi) (chew) After killing a rat the cat chews it happily. MARKED: easy to see. When a Mata (in Hindi)(mother) rules a family she is known as Matriarch MATRICULATE: enroll or be enrolled at a college or university. Matric+ulate…matric sounds as metric You can enroll in college or institute if you are metric pass... an older woman who is powerful within a family or organization.. MARTYR: a person who suffers very much or is killed because of their religious beliefs Mar +tyr. Maso+chist….

MEDDLESOME: fond of meddling. often full of pity for herself. especially when you are drunk Maudlin sounds as modeling When Sushmita Sen was doing modeling.. especially when she got drunk. MAXIM: statement expressing a general truth Max+ im…. when the waiter bring the coffee. Yuvraz was get angry and asked why there was not proper amount of sugar in the coffee. often full of pity for yourself.eager is the key word In Café Coffe Day. It has a short tagline expressing a general truth “work is worship”. May +hem…May is the keyword Terrorist planned to start a violent or damaging disorder in Mumbai from the month of May but it was crashed by brave Indian police officers MEAGER: lacking in quantity or quality. she used to talk in a silly. MEALY MOUTHED: hesitant to speak frankly Mealy+mouthed…. MAYHEM: violent or damaging disorder.e. emotional way. student who don’t get good score and are seriously preparing for it gets sentimental in a sickly way.MATRIX:a rectangular array of quantities or expressions in rows and columns that is treated as a single entity and manipulated according to particular rules Obvious….relate Max with Max new York (a insurance company) Max NewYork is an insurance company.In mathematics we solve problem on matrix MAUDLIN: talking in a silly. M+eager…..Mealy sounds as Mili In the movie “Mili” Jaya Bhaduri played a role of a girl which was hesitant to speak frankly. Mawk+ish…mawk sounds as mock After TIME cat mock tests. emotional way. MAWKISH: sentimental in a sickly or feeble way. chaos. MAUL: handle or treat savagely or roughly. media always interfere in private cases of Bollywood stars Verbal Ability 161 Vocabulary . Yuvraj was sitting with Preeti Zinta. the sugar was lacking in quantity. interfering Meddle + some…Meddle sounds as middle Someone who has habit to come in the middle of interfere i. Maul sounds as mall Reliance shopping malls securities never handle public very roughly.

especially for religious reasons in order to make your mind calm. Relate meek with Mikka (a Punjabi singer) Mikka is an awesome singer. MEEK:quite gentle and always ready to do what other people want.Chapter – 38 MEDIATE: try to end a disagreement between people or groups Media + te…. Melancholy sounds as combination of Mele(in Hindi)(My) +Uncle Daughter of Arbaaz khan said to her school friend that Mele(in Hindi)(My) uncle( Salman Khan) is always in deep feeling of sadness that last for a long time. MEGALOMANIA:a mental illness or condition in which somebody has an exaggerated belief in their own importance or power Megal+omania…Megal sounds as Mugal Mugal Emperor’s like Humanyun. not telling the truth Menda+cious…Relate menda with Mondela Nelson Mondela had a habit of being untruthful on Monday. it was really a very strange habit. Memorial+ize… Memorial is the key word You must have heard of Mother Teresa memorial school which is established in memory of Mother Teresa. Akbar had a mania of doing grandiose things. MENAGERIC:a collection of wild animals kept in captivity for exhibition. by nature he is quite gentle and always ready to do what other people want. Obvious MEDIUM: a way of communicating information Obvious…Mobile phones are the best medium of communicating information MEDLY: a piece of music consisting of several songs or tunes played or sung one after the other Med+ly …med sounds as mad Anyone could be mad after listening to a piece of music consisting of several songs performed one after the other by Anu Mallik. Melee sounds as mela(in Hindi)(festival) In Dushera mela(in Hindi)(festival) it is very common situation that crowd of people are rushing or pushing each other in confused way. MEMENTO:a thing that you keep or give sb to remind you or them of a person or place Obvious MEMORIALIZE:a structure or statue established in memory of a person or event.Media is the keyword Media sometimes play important role to end a disagreement between political parties MEDITATION:the practice of thinking deeply in silence. Verbal Ability 162 Vocabulary . Menager+ic… menager sounds as Manger SBI bank manager have special interest in collection of wild animals kept in captivity for exhibition. MELANCHOLY:deep feeling of sadness that last for a long time. MENDACIOUS:untruthful. Tajmahal is the example of Jahangeer’s mental illness or condition in which he had an exaggerated belief in his own importance or power. MELEE:a situation in which a crowd of people are rushing or pushing each other in a confused way.

it captures the whole attention of Amitabh. he don’t think about anything else that’s why he is the best actor in the Bollywood METE:to give somebody a punishment Mete sounds as Mate When Einstein was in school. METICULOUS:very careful and precise. MENIAL:not skilled or important and often boring or badly paid. MENTOR:an experienced person in an organization or institution who advises and helps new employees or students. MERGER:an act of merging two things.MENDICANT:a beggar. Relate mercurial with Mercury Mercury often changers its shape similarly People changes their mood suddenly. living by asking people for food and money Mendi+cant…cant sounds as can’t A child beggar gets a living by begging but he can’t survive like this for man y days. MERCURIAL:to sudden changes of mood or mind. his class teacher gave him and his class mate severe punishment because they didn’t finished the homework.Merge is the keyword Asian paints planning to merge with Burger paints. Merce+nary…Merce sounds as mercy Saddam Hussain was primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics.relate Mercant with merchant Merchant’s life is related to trade and commercial affairs MERCENARY:primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics. Merge+r…. he has no mercy feeling for their people. METHODICAL:done in a careful and logical way Method+ical…Method is the key word Einstein’s method of working is very simple. into one. MESMERIZE:capture the whole attention of Mesmerize sounds as memorize When Amitabh memorize his dialogues. he does things in a careful and logical way. Relate Mentor with Mentor graphics (a company) Mentor graphics has so many experienced people who advise and help new employees MERCANTILE:connected with trade and commercial affairs Mercant+ile…. Menial sounds as combination of Man+ denial Bat Man decided to denial the work that is not skilled or important and often boring or badly paid. Verbal Ability 163 Vocabulary . MERETRICIOUS:showily attractive but lacking real value. Met+iculous…Met is the key word During shooting of the movie “Jab We met” Shahid kapoor observe that Kareena kapoor is very careful and precise about her diet. especially companies. and then he came to know the secret of her figure. Mere + tricious…Mere (in Hindi)(My) is the keyword Shah Rukh Khan said to Aamir mere dad ke pass ek ring hai that ring is showily attractive but lacking real value.

especially to achieve social or political change Relate Militant with Military In Pakistan. regular migration It comes from migrant or migration MILIEU:the social environment that you live or work Mili+eu……. force or strong pressure to achieve your aims. the position of onion is same as a person especially a servile or unimportant one in an organization. MILITANT:using or willing to use.You must have heard of metropolitan cities like Kolkata. MINION:a servile or unimportant one Minion rhymes as Onion Among vegetables. She was actually her secretary. Relate Militate with Indian Military force Our Military force made it difficult for Pakistani force to capture Kargil. especially when calculated from the traditional date of the birth of Christ Obvious MIMICRY:the action or skill of being able to copy the voice. MINUTE:extremely small Relate Minute with Minute (unit of time) Minute is the 2nd smallest unit of Time.relate mili with mili(in Hindi)(found) Milind Soman ko uski wife mili first time in a social environment where he used to work. Nawaz Sharif used his military to achieve social and political change MILITATE:to make it difficult for sth to happen or exist. MINISCULE:extremely small. Sunny showed us that a person has ability to cope with difficulties when his courage and spirit are hard as metal. Mettle sounds as Metal In the movie Gadar. Obvious…. MIASMA:unhealthy ad unpleasant atmosphere Mia+sma….METROPOLIS:the capital city of a country.relate mia with Mirza Galib (aka as Mia) Mia Galib was a great writer but lives in an unhealthy or unpleasant atmosphere. to prevent sth. METTLE:a person's ability to cope with difficulties. movements etc Obvious…Raju Srivastava does fantastic mimicry of Bollywood stars in Laughter Challenge. Verbal Ability 164 Vocabulary . Obvious MIGRATORY:having the habit of. spirit and resilience. Delhi Bombay etc these cities are very large and busy all the time. MIGRANT:a person who moves from one place to another so as to find work. Mini+scule sounds as mini + school Meena Kumari (a Bollywood actress) completed her school from an extremely small village in Bihar. a very large and busy city.. MILLENNIUM:period of a thousand years.

missed out on all the fun when a friend of theirs died in an accident. after that he had a bad luck because he was not getting the chance to do movies with good directors.Miso means hatred and gamos means “marriage”(in Greek language)…so its meaning is hatred of marriage. He said that she actually misunderstood his words or actions wrongly and decided to do breakup MISDEMEANOR:a minor mistake but now very serious. MISOGYNIST:a man who hates women Miso+gynist…miso means hatred (in Greek)…hatred of woman Verbal Ability 165 Vocabulary . MISCONSTRUE:to understand somebody’s words or actions wrongly Mis+Cons+true….mean is the key word Rajpal yadav’s friends made a minor mistake but not very serious when they mock about his plans to be an actor.adventure is the keyword Few tourists from America came to see Taj Mahal. MISANTHROPE:a person who hates and dislikes other people Misan+thrope…misan sounds as mission Pope John Paul started a mission to search persons who hate and dislikes other people and try to solve their problems MISCHANCE:no chance or bad luck Mis+chance…. but unfortunately an unlucky accident took place in the flight and everyone died. MISADVENTURE:death caused by accident Mis+adventure…. Mis+de+mean+or…. MISHAP:an unlucky accident Mis+hap…mis sounds as miss (fail to go somewhere) Ratan Tata missed his flight to London. MISNOMER:a name or a word that is not appropriate or accurate Mis+nome+r…relate nome with name and you will get the meaning MISOGAMY:hatred of Marriage Origin of misogamy….MIRTH:happiness.true is the key word Salman told true story of his relationship with Aishwarya in front of Media. fun and laughter Mirth rhymes as Birth Birth of a baby girl in Bachhan family brings a lot of happiness.chance is the key word Vivek Oberai performed great in the movie Company. MISGIVING:a feeling of doubt Mis+giving…. they didn’t mean to discourage is the key word Giving lot of amount to a new actor in a movie brings a feeling of doubt in the mind of Director Karan Johar. fun and laughter on the faces of the family members.

Chapter – 39
MISSILE:a weapon that is self propelled or directed by remote control Obvious MISSIVE:a letter Miss+ive…Miss is the key word Ajay Devgan was missing Mrs Devgan (Kajol), so he decided to write her a letter. MITE: a small child or animal Mite sounds as might Sourav Ganguly said to his wife, Sachin might come to their place with his wife and small child. MITIGATE:make less severe, serious, or painful. Miti+gate…Relate gate with GATE(Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineers) GATE stipend has helped a lot of engineering students to make the problem of money less severe. MNEMONIC:word sentence, poem, etc. that helps you to remember something Relate Mnemonic with Pneumonia If you are suffering from Pneumonia, word sentence, poem, etc. that helps you to remember something will become ineffective. MOBILE:able to move or be moved freely or easily. Obvious With Help of Nokia mobile you are able to move while talking MOCK:tease scornfully; ridicule; copy of something Obvious…We give mock test which is copy of CAT. MODE:a particular way of doing something Obvious MODICUM:a less or small amount Modi+cum…cum sounds as kum (in Hindi)(less) Modi Cement producing very less or small amount of cement now a days because they are in debt and very small demand in the market MODISH:a very fashionable person Modi+sh….Relate Modi with Modi cement CEO of Modi Cement is a very fashionable person. MODULATE:change the mode or quality of voice in order to create a particular effect by making it louder, softer, lower, etc Mod+late….Relate Mod with Mode Lata Mangeshkar has the quality to change the mode or quality of voice in order to create a particular effect by making it louder, softer, lower, etc. MOGUL:an important or powerful person Relate Mogul with Mughal In Mughal period, Akbar was most powerful among all emperors. MOLECULE:The smallest unit, usually consisting of a group of atoms, into which a substance can be divided without a change in its chemical nature. Obvious

Verbal Ability



MOLLIFY: to make somebody feel less angry or upset Moll+ify…Moll sounds as Mall…relate Mall with Reliance shopping Mall A customer service representative in a Reliance shopping mall tried to make Mallika feel less angry or upset because Mallika lost her purse in the mall. MOLLYCODDLE:protect somebody too much and make their life too comfortable and safe . Molly+ coddle....relate molly with Antara Maaly In the Childhood Antara Maaly’s parents protected her too much and made her life too comfortable and safe. MOLTEN:metal, rock or glass heated to a very high temperature so that it becomes liquid Obvious MOMENTOUS:of great importance or significance Moment + ous……Moment is the keyword 3rdapril 2011 was the day of great importance or significance for Indians because it was the moment when Indian cricket team won the Cricket World cup after 28 years. MOMENTUM:a force that is gained by movement Obvious…Every science student must know about momentu m MONARCHY:a system of government by a king or a queen. Mona +rchy…relate Mona with Mona Koirala Mona Koirala is the sister of Manisha Koirala, Mona Koirala controls the government system of Nepal as a queen. MONASTIC:relating to monks or monasteries (place where they live) Mona + stic…Again Mona is the key word Mona Koirala (sister of Manisha Koirala) decided to live a life of Monk in her later life. MONETARY:connected with money Mone+tary…Relate Mone with Mona Lisa Mona Lisa painting cost lot of money MONOCHROMATIC:having one color only Mono+chromatic…Mono means one…having one color only. MONOTHEISM:the doctrine or belief that there is only one God Mono+theism…theism is the keyword. Mono means single or one and theism means belief in the existence of God. So the meaning is belief in one God. MONOTONY:boring; Lack of variety Mono+tony….Mono means single and Relate Tony with Tony Greig Listening to a single or one ring tone again and again made Tony Greig will get you bored. MONUMENTAL:very important and great influence Monu+mental…relate Monu with Monu Nigam….mental is the keyword Monu Nigam (Brother of Sonu Nigam) was mentally prepared to start writing a dictionary based on Mnemonics, writing a dictionary was very important step from him and had a great influence in his future. MOODINESS:a mood that changes quickly and often Modi+ness…Modi sounds as Moody Tom Moody (a cricket player) was very moody; he had a mood that changes quickly and often.

Verbal Ability



MORATORIUM:a temporary stopping of an activity especially by official agreement Moratorium rhymes as Auditorium Construction of an auditorium, in the name of Gandhi, stopped by Indian Government temporarily because of some illegal issues. MORBID:having or expressing a strong interest in sad or unpleasant things especially disease or death Mor+bid…bid is the key word Nana Patekar has a very different interest in sad or unpleasant things especially disease or death. Nana usually bids on people who are going to die whether they will be able to survive or not. MORDANT:critical and unkind, but funny Mordan+t…mordan sounds as modern Nowadays, Siddhu is being critical and unkind but funny against cricketers, he says it’s a modern way of appreciating them. MORES:customs and behavior that are considered typical of a particular social group or community More+s…More is the keyword….More is a Aditya Birla Groups shopping mall. “More” Shopping mall developed customs and behavior that are considered typical of “More” employees MORIBUND:(of an industry, institution etc) no longer effective and about to come to an end completely. Mori+bund…Mori sounds as Meri (in Hindi)(Mine) and bund (in Hindi)(closed) Anil Ambani said to his brother Mukesh Ambani, I had a feeling that meri company bund hone waali hai, it seems no longer effective and about to come to an end completely. MOROSE:unhappy, bad tempered and not talking very much Mo+rose…rose is the keyword On rose day, Salman gave a rose to Aishwarya, she didn`t accept it because she was unhappy, bad tempered and not talking very much. MORTIFY:to make sb feel very ashamed or embarrassed Mort+ify…relate morti with Mortein Mortein Mosquito coil makes feel mosquito ashamed and embarrassed. MOTIF:a design or pattern used as a decoration Motif sounds as motive Motive of Archie Card Company to create creative design or pattern on cards which are used as a decoration MOTILITY:capable of motion Moti+lity…Moti(in Hindi)(Fat) is the key word Moti (fat) actress Tuntun can only dream to be capable of fast motion or move quickly MOTLEY:consisting of many different types of people that do not seem to belong together Sounds as Combination of Mote+patley(in Hindi)(Fat+Thin) In U.S, Motley is group of many different Mote(fat)-Patley(thin) people that don`t seem to belong together. MOUNTEBANK:a person who deceives others Mounte+bank…bank is the key word CEO of Deutsch bank is known to be a person who is not trustful because he deceives his clients. MUDDLE:bring into a disordered or confusing state; to confuse sb Relate Muddle with murder In the movie Murder, Mallika Shehrawat was confused about her relationship with Imraan Hashmi.

Verbal Ability



MUGGY:warm and damp in an unpleasant way Muggy sounds as Maggi Maggi brings a new taste in the market which is warm and damp in an unpleasant way. MULCT: a fine or compulsory payment Mulc+t…Mulc sounds as Milk Government made a rule that, If a vendor is adding water in milk, he has to give a fine or compulsory payment to his customer. MULTIFARIOUS: having great variety and diversity. Multi+farious…multi is the keyword Multi means many types, so multifarious means having great variety and diversity MULTIFORM:existing in many forms or kinds Multi+form…multi means many…so its meaning is sth existing in many forms. MULTILINGUAL: speaking or using several different languages Multi+lingual…..Multi means many and relate lingual with language Aamir Khan speaks or uses several different languages. MULTIPLICITY:a large number or variety of something Obvious MUNDANE:not interesting or exciting Relate Mundane with Mundela Nelson Mundela was a great person, he accomplished many uninteresting and exciting tasks which a common can man can imagine of doing and completing. MUNIFICENT:extremely generous Muni+ficent…Muni sounds as Munni(Malaika Arora) In the movie Dabbang, Munni was behaving extremely generous in the item number Munni badnam hui, Darling tere liye. MUSE:to think carefully about sth or absorb yourself in thoughts for a time, ignoring what is happening around you M+use…use is the keyword When Shahrukh is in doubt or confusion he just absorbed himself in thoughts for a time, ignoring what is happening around him, he used this trick very often to overcome such situations.

Verbal Ability



Chapter – 40
MUSTER:gather Relate muster with mustered oil A farmer gathers all his rai (in Hindi)to get mustered oil out of it. MUSTY:unoriginal or outdated Musty sounds as Masti (in Hindi)(fun) In the movie Masti, Vivek, Aftab had planned to do masti(in Hindi)(fun), they bought bottles of beer, but bottles were outdated or spoiled by age, they had to throw it. MUTABLE:likely to change Mu+table……table is the key word Akshay and Twinkle were planning to renovate their home. So Table, Chair and other stuffs in room is likely to change its position MUTINY:an open rebellion against the proper authorities, especially by soldiers or sailors against their officers Mu+tiny…tiny is the key word Did you hear the news of an open rebel against the proper authorities of Chinese Army, by China’s most tiny (small) soldiers. MYOPIC:lack of foresight or having problem of short-sightedness Myo+pic…pic is the key word Do you know, Shahid Kapoor can`t take pic aka picture of long distances because he lacks foresight or has problem of short-sightedness. MYRIAD:an extremely large number of something. Myri+ad…relate ad with advertisement During cricket world cup, Dhoni’s ad comes in extremely large number. NADIR:the lowest or most unsuccessful point Relate Nadir with Nadir Shah Jafar Mugal Empire reached its lowest or most unsuccessful point when Nadir Shah Zafar got defeated by British army. NAIVE:inexperienced; lacking experience, wisdom, or judgment. Nai+ve……..relate Nai with nai(in Hindi)(Barber) In the movie Billu Barber, Irfan Khan played a role of an inexperienced Nai (barber). NARCISSIST:excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one's physical appearance Narci+ssist…..relate Narci with Naari (in Hindi)(women) In Hindu Mythology, Naari(in Hindi)(Women) is depicted as someone who usually have excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one`s physical appearance. NARRATIVE:a spoken or written account of connected events; a story Obvious….Narration of story NASCENT:In growing state, not fully developed Na+scent…scent sounds as sent Krishna don`t want to sent Abhimanyu to fight because he knew that Abhimanyu was in growing state, not fully developed.

Verbal Ability



NATTY:(of a person or their clothing) smart and neatly Natty sounds as naughty Nadal (a Tennis Player) is a very naughty and carefree person but when Nadal used to play tennis he dressed neatly or smartly. NAUSEATE:feeling of sickness with an inclination to vomit Naus+ea+te…..naus sounds as nose If our nose smells something unpleasant or rotten then comes a feeling of sickness with an inclination to vomit. NAUTICAL:of or concerning sailors or navigation; maritime Nauti+cal…nauti sounds as naughty In an American research it is found that people who are naughty by nature prefer to select the profession of sailors or navigation NAVIGABLE:(of a waterway or sea) able to be sailed on by ships or boats Nav+igable…relate Nav with Nav Sena(Nau Sena )(in Hindi) Waterway or Sea must be sailed on by ships or boats then only Nav Sena(in Hindi) is allowed to pass through the sea. NEBULOUS:in the form of a cloud or haze; hazy Nebu+lous….relate Nebu with Nebu (in Hindi)(lemon) If we mix lemon with water its color becomes vague and hazy. NEFARIOUS:wicked or criminal. Ne+fari+ous…….Relate fari with fari waala (vendor) Women should be careful from fari (in Hindi) wale. They could actually be wicked or criminal. NEGATE:nullify; make ineffective Neg+ate…relate neg with negative Make (clause, sentence) negative or ineffective in meaning NEGLIGENCE:to neglect Obvious NEGLIGIBLE:very small or unimportant as to be not worth considering; insignificant. Obvious NEMESIS:a long-standing or persistent rival or enemy Neme+sis…sis is the key word Manisha Koirala`s sis Nimisha Koirala is seeking revenge from her father’s long standing enemy. NEOLOGISM:a newly coined word or expression Neo+logism…Neo sounds as new A new or newly coined word or phrase NEOPHYTE:a person who is new to a subject or activity Neo+phyte…neo sounds as new and phyte sounds as fight New strugglers have to fight in Bollywood to get a good role in movies, i.e Randeep Hudda, Rajpal yadav, Manoj Bajpayi

Verbal Ability



NIGGLE:a slight feeling such as worry. NIHILIST:the rejection of all religious and moral principles. it commonly annoys its users. NIGGARDLY:ungenerous. it will help people to get linked or in connection with each other more easily. NOMAD:a member of a tribe that moves with its animals from place to place No+mad…mad is the keyword Brad Pit got mad when Angelina Jolie divorced him. We learn about nomenclature (terminology or system of names.. and no sense of self Relate it with Nirvana the band. and no sense of self. NETTLE:annoy.) Verbal Ability 172 Vocabulary . Now he become a member of a tribe that moves with its animals from place to place NOMENCLATURE:the selecting of names for things in a particular field Obvious…. irritate Net+tle…relate net with internet 3G Data Card of idea of internet is very slow.NETHER:lower in position Nether sounds as neither Neither Nehra nor SreeSant is capable of making good runs. Google Nexus. NOCTURNAL:that becomes active at night Noc+turn+al…turn is the key word During exams our life style takes 180 degree turn and we studying or become active at night. NOISOME:having an extremely unpleasant or offensive smell Noise+some…Noise and some are the key word In front of Sunil Shetty’s Bungalow. Some children making lot of noise in the street and playing in dirty water having an extremely unpleasant smell. because they aren`t good batsman and they come lower in position of batting order. she was very careful with small details.relate nihil with Nikhil…Nikhil Chopra (a fast bowler of Indian cricket team) Nikhil Chopra after retirement from cricket started rejecting all religious and moral principles often in the belief that life is meaningless. mean Niggar+dly…relate Niggar with Nigar Khan Singer Nigar Khan is very ungenerous and mean by nature. doubt etc that doesn’t go away easily. NEXUS:a link or connection Relate Nexus with Google Nexus Google launches its new mobile.In Chemistry. Nirvana Band’s songs can take you in transcendent state in which there is no suffering or desire. NIRVANA:a transcendent state in which there is no suffering or desire. often in the belief that life is meaningless Nihil+ist…. NICETY:very careful with small details Nice+ty…Nice is the keyword Shilpa Shetty was trying to prepare a nice tea for his new boyfriend. doubt etc that doesn’t go away Relate Niggle with Nigalna (in Hindi) Akshays son ek rubber nigal gaya by mistake which gives everyone a feeling such as worry.

NOSTALGIA: sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past. NOVICE:a person who is new to and inexperienced in a job or situation No +vice…relate vice with Vice President Do you know Vice President of US is a new and inexperienced young man? NOXIOUS:poisonous.script is the keyword Javed Akhtar wrote a script for a new movie but nobody want to make movie on that because script lacking interesting characteristics. NONENTITY:an unimportant person or thing Relate nonentitywith “no identity” or no importance or an unimporta nt person or thing. harmful or very unpleasant Noxious rhymes as poisonous Verbal Ability 173 Vocabulary . NONDESCRIPT:lacking distinctive or interesting characteristics Non+ de + script….NOMINAL:very small.. Nostalgia rhymes as Nigeria Sushmita Sen went for shooting in Nigeria. no anxiety. NOTABLE:worthy of attention or notice Notable is something can be noted or worthy of attention or notice Katrina Kaif is worthy of attention or notice NOTORIETY:famous for some bad quality or deed It comes from notorious NOVELTY:the quality of being interestingly new or unusual Novel+ty…. NONCOMMITTAL:not displaying commitment to a definite opinion or policy Non + committal…relate committal with commitment…. It was an ineffective medicine prepared by an unqualified person. flummox Non+ plus…plus is the key word Sachin confuses his son “Arjun” when Sachin told him that 2 plus 2 is not 4. NOSTRUM:an ineffective medicine prepared by an unqualified person Nost +rum…rum is the key word Do you know that an unqualified doctor gives rum to Amitabh in the name of some tonic or medicine. when she came back to India he had a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past which she spent in Nigeria.not giving any commitment. far below the real value or cost Relate Nominal with normal Price of Peter England shirts is much lower than the normal rates because its Diwali season NONCHALANCE:casually calm and relaxed Non+chalance…jo nahi chillate hai or shant rehte haibole to calm and relax. NONPLUS:surprise and confuse.Novel (a long story) is the key word Just read Chetan Bhagat’s new novel “2 states” it`s interestingly new or unusual.

make unclear or unintelligible Ob+fus+cat+e…cat is the key word…. make CAT question paper very tricky to confuse students.Relate Cat with CAT (Common aptitude test) Every year. Verbal Ability 174 Vocabulary .Chapter – 41 NUBILE:sexually attractive Nubile sounds as combination of New+mobile During Shooting John Abhrahm saw a girl carrying a new mobile of Blackberry.obeis sounds as Obese (very fat) Whenever obese singer Adnan Saami met with Fateh Ali Khan he always gave a gesture expressing respect. slanting Obvious…Must have heard of oblique angle in Mathematics. NURTURE:nourish Obvious NUTRIENT:nourishing substance Obvious OAF:a stupid. AIEEE. OBLIGATORY:compulsion Relate obligatory with obligation…. personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts Obvious…. OBDURATE: stubbornly refusing to change one's opinion or course of action Ob+durate…relate durate with duration It took Aishwarya a long duration to convince Abhishek about her relationships because Abhishek is a stubbornly refusing to change his opinions about her relationship with Salman. etc.. The actor (Abhishek Kapoor) was so stupid to fall in love with a rich girl (Twinkle Khanna).relate Nug with Nug (in Hindi) Nug (in Hindi) of diamond on Nagma`s ear ring is worthless because that is not a diamond and it is of no value or importance. make null and void Null+ify…relate null with null(in Hindi) (hand pump) Mulayam Singh saw that a single null(in Hindi) (hand pump) can`t fulfill the supply of water. he simply cancelled out the agreement and told the officers to make a new agreement of at least 20 null(in Hindi) (hand pump) in area. NUGATORY:of no value or importance Nug+atory….Students who are not influenced by emotions are able to qualify in objective exams like CAT. boorish.Meaning is same as obligation (compulsion) OBLIQUE:neither parallel nor at right angles. OBJECTIVE:not influenced by emotions. Cat question selectors. she was young and sexually attracted. OBFUSCATE:make confuse someone. or clumsy man Oaf sounds as uff(in Hindi) There was a movie named as Uff! Ye mohabbat. AIIMS.. NULLIFY:cancel out. OBEISANCE:a gesture expressing respect Obeis+ance….

Dev Anand was constantly worried about something or thinking about something constantly. OBTRUDE:impose or force (something) on someone Obt+rude…rude is the key word Nana Patekar behaves very rude with his wife. OBVIATE:remove Obvi+ate…. OBTUSE:annoyingly insensitive or slow to understand Opposite of acute (sharpening mind)…slow to understand. Kiran Bedi. out of date Relate obsolete with absolute Now-a-days in engineering colleges absolute marking is outdated. OBSOLETE:no longer produced or used. he started attending Shilpa Shetty’s yoga classes and ate according to diet told by Shilpa. his friends attended his funeral ceremony few days back.Meaning of Obnoxious is same noxious. uncertain Obs+cure…cure is the key word Cure of Blood cancer is still unknown or not discovered or uncertain to the doctors.noxious is the key word We already learned noxious (Harmful. or out of date. Verbal Ability 175 Vocabulary . he forces her to leave him and find another husband.OBLITERATE:remove or destroy. Poisonous or very unpleasant)…. professors use relative marking to analyze students. OBSESSION:constantly worried about something or thinking about something constantly Ob+session…session is the key word Shilpa Shetty’s yoga session helped Dev Anand.. OBLIVIOUS:not aware of what is happening around one Relate it with Oblivion OBLOQUY:strong public condemnation Oblo+quy…quy rhymes as guy A guy named Oblo from America faced a strong public condemnation when he robbed bank of America. Anna Hazare etc of India trying to remove or destroy corruption through Jan Lokpal Bill OBLIVION:the state of being forgotten Ob+liv+ion…liv sounds as live Guru Dutt lived a long period of his life in the state of being forgotten from Bollywood. wipe out Ob+literate…literate is the key word Few highly literate people of India like Arvind Kejriwal. he died because of obesity. After yoga session he became perfectly fine.ate is the key word Rahul Gandhi wanted to remove his fat. noxious Ob+noxious…. OBSEQUY:funeral ceremony Obse+quy…quy rhymes as guy Rememeber the guy named Oblo. OBSCURE:not discovered or known about. OBNOXIOUS:extremely unpleasant.

OFFICIOUS:believe in giving orders in dominating way Offic+ios….Offic sounds as office In Income Tax office. repulsive Relate odious with audio Himesh Reshamiya launched his new audio album. or phenomena Oc+cult…relate cult with cultivation Tenali Raman had supernatural or magical powers that`s why he did his cultivation of field in few days faster than other farmers. ODORIFEROUS:having an odor (distinctive smell) Odor+iferous……relate odor with body odor Salman use Body odor when he has an odor (distinctive smell) problem. insulting Obvious OFFHAND:not showing much interest in sb/sth Off+hand…hand is the key word Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t prefer to shake hand with a director. ODIOUS:extremely unpleasant. Verbal Ability 176 Vocabulary . especially Europe and America Relate Occident with accident In a survey it is found that maximum car accidents occur in 2011 in countries of the West. OFFENSIVE:attacking. Employer believes in giving orders in a dominating way. OCCLUDE:stop or obstruct Occlude rhymes as include Sreeshant was included in the final match of Cricket World Cup to stop or obstruct the batting line of Sri Lanka but he completely failed. practices.OCCIDENT:the countries of the West. it is very annoying and extremely unpleasant. usually showing sexual interest during shooting of Zindagi Naa Milegi Dubara. if he is not showing much interest in his project or movie. OCCULT: supernatural or magical powers. ODIUM:general or widespread hatred or disgust Relate Odium with podium As soon as Obama stood on podium he fell down and this caused a lot of hatred or disgust for maintenance team of podium. usually showing sexual interest Ogle rhymes as goggle Rithik Roshan was wearing a RayBan goggle and looking at Katrina in an offensive way. especially Europe and America. ODOROUS:having a distinctive smell Odor+us…Odor is the keyword Having odor (a distinctive smell) ODYSSEY:a long and eventful or adventurous journey or process Odyssey sounds as Odissi (a type of dance from Orissa) Foreign Tourists travels a long journey to reach Orissa to see Odyssey dance. but they himself don’t want to work. OGLE:to look sb in an offensive way.

OPPORTUNE:Appropriately timed Relate it with opportunity Aamir Khan never missed any opportunity. your sense of smell gets sharp when you pass through that oil factory. ONSLAUGHT:a fierce or destructive attack On+slaught…Relate slaught with slaughter which means killing of large number of people Gabbar singh was famous for a fierce or destructive attack and slaughter in the village Ram Garh. trouble. ONUS:responsibility or duty On+us…on and us are the key words We should understand that responsibility of our old parents is with us. regardless of planning or principle Obvious…Relate it with opportunity…a person who ta kes advantages of opportunities. OPPORTUNIST:a person who takes advantage of opportunities as and when they arise.OLFACTORY:relating to the sense of smell Relate olfactory with oil factory Dabur Kesh Tel’s oil factory is situated in Pune. OPTIMIST: hopeful and confident about the future or the success of something Obvious Verbal Ability 177 Vocabulary . he does everything at appropriate time. OMINOUS:giving the worrying impression that something bad is going to happen Relate it with Omen (Suggesting that something bad is going to happen) OMNIPOTENT:(especially of a deity) having unlimited or very great power First understand the meaning of Omni…it means all or of all things and potent is potential or power. OMNIPRESENT:present everywhere Hope omnipresent in now easy to understand…Something present everywhere OMNISCIENT:knowing everything Omni+scie+nt…relate scie with Science Einstein known to be a person who knows everything about Science OMNIVOROUS:eating all things means plants and animals Obvious…Compare it with Herbivorous and Carnivorous. So omnipotent means person having all power or most powerful like God is most powerful having all the powers of the world. Gods know that Somras can be obtained only after someone overcomes a great deal of effort. ONEROUS:involving a great deal of effort. trouble or difficulty. OPAQUE:not transparent Obvious OPIATE:a drug derived from or related to opium Opi+ate…relate opi with opium and ate is the key word After dinner Amitabh ate a drug derived from opium. or difficulty Onerous rhymes as Somras (in Hindi)(a holy drink) In Indian Mythology. it helped him to sleep properly.

ORACLE: the advice or information that the gods gave. It was really a difficult or unpleasant experience for him. Authoritative order of making such arms is given by Government. we got a new project of Ra-one. Verbal Ability 178 Vocabulary . which often had a hidden meaning Relate Oracle with Oracle Software Company Do you know that the success of Oracle is because of the advice or information that the God gave to CEO of Oracle software Pvt. ORDINANCE: an authoritative order Relate Ordinance with Ordinance factory (an Arms factory in Kanpur) There is a ordinance factory in Kanpur in which arms are made. etc finally he got caught. Ltd which had a hidden meaning. ORATOR:a proficient public speaker O+rator…relate rator with writer Barrack Obama is a great writer and proficient public speaker. drugs. we need to prepare a separate composition or set of compositions for it. spent two years in jail. OPTIONAL: not compulsory Obvious OPULENCE: ostentatiously rich and luxurious.OPTIMUM: producing maximum or best possible results Optimum rhymes as maximum…producing maximum or best possible results. only an extremely wealthy and rich man can afford those lenses. OPUS: a separate composition or set of compositions Op+us…us is the keyword Anu Mallik said to his team. It`s a great opportunity for all of us. they are very costly. ORDAIN: to make sb a priest or minister of a church Ord+ain…Relate ord with order It was an order or command from higher authority that Pope John Paul would be the next priest or minister of the church ORDEAL: a difficult or unpleasant experience Or+deal…deal is the keyword Sanjay Dutt started dealing with weapons. Opu+lence…lence sounds as lense Bill Gates uses contact lense.

ORTHOGRAPHY:the conventional spelling system of a language Ortho+graph+y…graph is the keyword A google graph shows that Orthodox people follow the conventional spelling system of a language. if umpire gives a player out it doesn`t mean that he is out. OSTENTATION:the pretentious display of wealth. if the third umpire says it is not out. conventional. conventional or generally accepted methods of learning of vocabulary.. but not necessarily so Os+tens+ible…tens sounds as tense Scientists are tensed about doomsday (or 2012). ORTHODOX: traditional. OSTRACIZE:exclude from a society or group Relate ostracize with ostrich Society of ostrich (a type of animal) decided to remove a male ostrich from their society. OUST:drive out or expel from a position or place Relate oust with Out In world cup of cricket-2011. or knowledge. OSTENSIBLE:apparently true. students try to display an exaggerated form of their work to impress others. designed to impress Ostentation rhymes as presentation During presentation. following generally accepted beliefs Orthodox rhymes as WordFox WordFox doesn’t follow traditional. he will not be forced or expel from his position to go out of the field. ORIENTATION: action of orienting Relate it with Orient ORNATE: elaborately or highly decorated Relate ornate with ornaments (decorative items) Aishwarya in film fare awards wearing ornament which is elaborately or highly decorated with diamonds. OSSIFY: to become or make sth fixed and unable to change Os+sify…Relate sify with Sify Broad Band Connection Sify Broad Band made a system in which Internet speed is fixed and unable to change. skill. it has an affair with another female ostrich. he could review his decision. End of earth is apparently true but not necessarily so.Chapter – 42 ORDINATION: the act or ceremony of making somebody a priest or minister of a Church Relate it with ordain…. OSCILLATE: move or swing back and forth in a regular rhythm Obvious…In physics we study oscillation (move or swing back and forth in a regular rhythm).We already discussed ordain ORIENT: to find yours position relative to your surroundings Relate orient with orient fan If you have an Orient fan please keep its position relative to your surroundings unless you will not get complete air. Verbal Ability 179 Vocabulary .

Sri Lankans were very sad because they had excessive confidence or pride on their team. better or more successful than other actresses. OVERT:done or shown openly Over+t…over is the keyword During a match against Srilanka.. Over +wrought…. They prefer to wear jeans. it shows that he is trying to control his team members in an unpleasant way. OVERWEENING:showing excessive confidence or pride Over+weening…weening sounds as winning When India won the world cup. OVATION:a sustained show of appreciation. even if this shocks or offend people Out+spoke+n…spoke is the keyword Rakhi Sawant spoke exactly what she thinks. OUTWIT:to defeat sb/sth or gain an advantage over them by doing sth clever Out+wit(intelligence)…wit(intelligence) is the key word James Bond use his wit(intelligence) to defeat his enemy or gain an advantage over them by doing sth clever.OUTLANDISH:strange or extremely unusual. OVERWROUGHT:state of nervous. especially applause. OUTSTRIP:to be faster. OUTSKIRTS:the outer parts of a town or city Out+skirt+s…skirt is the keyword In a survey it is found that school girls of outer parts of a city don’t prefer skirts. Verbal Ability 180 Vocabulary . excitement or anxiety.wrought sounds as wrote Salman wrote a letter to Aish after the break up. Yuvraj said to Dhoni very openly that he wanted to bowl for at least five over’s because he believed that he could be economical in bowling and take few wickets. even if this shocks or offend people.out dated. OVERBEARING:trying to control other people in an unpleasant way Over+bear+ing…over is the keyword Sometimes Dhoni don’t give over to Ashish Nehra or SreeSant . excitement or anxiety. bizarre or unfamiliar Out+land+ish…out of land Something which looks out of this land or place is strange or extremely unusual for example Jaadu from the movie Koi Mil gaya. PACIFIST:people who believe in peace and war and violence are unjustifiable Relate pacifist with peace Mahatma Gandhi believed in peace and thought that war or violence are unjustifiable. OUTMODED:old-fashioned Out+mode…change of mode or out of mode…. from an audience Ovation rhymes as innovation Innovation of sixth sense technology brings a lot of applause or showing appreciation to an Indian researcher. better or more successful Out+strip…strip is the keyword Mallika’s strip scene in the Movie Murder helped her to move faster. after reading it Aishwarya went into state of nervous. OUTSPOKEN:saying exactly what you think.

PALPITATE:Beating rapidly strongly or irregularly Pal+pitate…pal (in Hindi)(moment)is the key word Through the song Pal Pal Dil ke paas tum rehti ho Kishore Da trying to say that his heart beats rapidly when his wife is not around him. Chandra Pal was not feeling well. PALL:to get bore Relate Pall with Sunil pal (Laughter Challenge hero) When you get bored by studying words just call Sunil pal or Raju Srivastava.PACIFY:Make situation calm or peaceful Relate pacify with pacifist A pacifist help make situation calm or peaceful PAEN:A song of praise or triumph Paen sounds as pain There was lot of pain in the voice of A. PALATIAL:spacious or grand Relate palatial with palace Birmingham Palace is spacious and grand. Palp + able…. effort and attention PALATABLE:very pleasant or acceptable taste Palatable sounds as combination of plate and table Priyanka Chopra is planning to eat a plate full of Chicken Biryani kept on the table. Rahman when he sang the song in praise or triumph of Indian army in Kargil war. PALTRY:very small or meager amount of wage or money Paltry rhymes as poetry When Rabindra Nath Tagore started poetry in his career he get very small or meager amount of wage or money Verbal Ability 181 Vocabulary . She loves juice of orange pulp in her breakfast. PALLID:to get pale because of illness Pal+lid…Pal is the key word…relate pal with Sunil Pal Sunil pal was supposed to come in laughter challenge’s special episode but he did not came because Sunil pal’s face get pale because of illness PALPABLE:that can be touched or felt.Palp sounds as pulp Smell of orange pulp can be easily felt by Preeti Zinta. PAINSTAKING:a lot of care. its smell is very pleasant or having an acceptable taste. Pal + liate…. effort and attention Pain+s+ taking…pain is the keyword Parent’s take a lot of pain to nourish their children because children need a lot of care. doctor advised him few medicines. it reduces the pain but without removing the cause of the problem.R. PALLIATE:without removing the cause.relate pal with Chandra Pal (a West Indies Cricket Player) During World Cup season.

Pant is the keyword On Independence Day.Relate anacea with Anacin (a tablet) Anacin tablet is for cold. PANDER:do what other wants. Amitabh got crazy and criticizes harshly a paan (in Hindi) shopkeeper because he did not make a good paan(in Hindi). he really made ache (in Hindi) (good) Paan. it always does what other animals want. he started using movements and expression of face to communicate with people and successfully made people laugh.PAN:criticize harshly Pan sounds as paan(in Hindi) (betel leaves prepared and used as a stimulant) In Allahabad. study or set of pictures that presents all the different aspects or stages of a particular subject. India etc PANDEMONIUM:lot of noise and confusion Pandemonium sounds as combination of pendulum + millennium On the night of millennium. PANACEA:a remedy for all P+ anacea…. he started selling Paan. cough etc it’s a remedy for all diseases.Pan sounds as Pen Use of Reynolds Pen is wide spread over countries like Nepal.relate ache with ache(in Hindi) (good) Sanjay dutt now a day’s doing a business. Pant+omime…. Raju Srivastava took entry into the Laughter Challenge. It was highly praised by Indian Soldiers. Verbal Ability 182 Vocabulary . PANEGYRIC:a speech or text in praise of someone or something. PANORAMA:a description. Panegyric sounds as combination of pain + lyric Gulzaar wrote a new lyric expressing pain of solders. event. try to please them especially when this is not acceptable or reasonable Relate pander with panda (an animal) Panda is a very calm and quite animal. a large pendulum fell down near New York City at exactly 12’0 clock. PANACHE:confident and elegant way Paan + ache ……relate Paan with Paan(in Hindi)Betel)…. Panorama rhymes as Manorama(a magazine) Manorama is a year book it has description. PANDEMIC:widespread over a whole country or large part of world Pan+demic…. it causes a lot of noise and confusion because people got scared. He had planned to make this episode special. Panda tries to please them especially when this is not acceptable or reasonable. Pakistan. he really has quality of being able to make good Paan in a confident and elegant way. headache. PANTOMIME:the use of movements and the expression of your face to communicate something or to tell a story. etc.. He was wearing a white colored pant and shirt. study or set of pictures that presents all the different aspects or stages of a particular events happened in the whole year.

PARABLE:story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson Par+able…able is the keyword Stories told by Jesus as recorded in Bible are able to teach us a moral or spiritual lesson. its owner always relies on a benefits from other people and gives nothing back. used in Egypt for writing and drawing on.Relate papyr with paper Ancient paper made from stem of papyrus plant. Para + site…. PARIAH:socially outcast Pariah sounds as Pariyaa (in Hindi)(angels) In ancient times Pariyaan(angels) were socially outcasts that’s why they do not belong to site with website There is a website known as www. PARCHED:dry especially because the weather is hot Par+ched…. PARAPHRASE:restate Para + phrase…phrase is the keyword When you don’t understand any phrase. PARAMOUR:lover Paramour sounds as Pyaar main Marne wala(in Hindi) or simply a lover. thing or situation that has two opposite features and therefore seems strange Para+dox…dox sounds as dogs Abhishek has a dog which has two opposite features (he doesn’t bark at strangers and bark whom he knows very well) and therefore seems strange. Verbal Ability 183 Vocabulary . a personal possessions especially the equipment that he need for a particular activity. PARADOX:a person. PARAPHERNALIA:a personal possessions especially the equipment that you need for a particular activity Relate Paraphernalia with Paragliding Akshay Kumar was planning to go for Paragliding.par is the keyword Summer of 1996 was very dry more than par (expected amount) especially because weather was very hot. PARALLELISM:state of being parallel or similar Parallel+ism…state of being parallel or similar PARAMETER:independent Values Obvious… length and breadth are two parameters two calculate Area (independent Values) Lx B= Area. he need a large number of objects.Chapter – 43 PAPYRUS:stem of papyrus plant Papyr+us…. PARAMOUNT:at highest positions Para +mount…. teacher restates that phrase in his own words PARASITE:a person who always relies on benefits from other people and gives nothing back .parasite. PARAGON:perfect model of excellence Relate paragon with Paragon sleepers In footwear industry Paragon sleepers are perfect model of excellence.mount is the keyword Mount abbu is one of the mountains which are at very highest positions.

Parsi + money…Parsi sounds as Parsee (a member of a religion group in India whose ancestors came from Persia and whose religion is Zoroastrianism A Parsee shows extreme unwillingness to spend more money or use resources PARTIAL:Incomplete Obvious PARTIALITY:biased Obvious PARTISAN:a strong supporter of a party. Parti +san….PARITY:equal status or pay Parity sounds as party Akbar organized a party in which he invited people from equal status or pay.lance sounds as lens An American Scientist has invented a contact lens using which you will be able to express yourself in a particular way or you will be able to use words. arm etc to one side Relate Parry with Parry ware (a sanitary ware company) Parryware’s manager defends himself against Hindware’s manger that is attacking him. artist. arm.Parti sounds as Party Sushma Swaraj is a strong supporter of her political party. PAROXYSM:strong feeling or expression of an emotion that cannot be controlled Paroxysm sounds like a chemical compound Hydrogen Peroxide In Chemistry Lab. PARLANCE:a particular way of using words especially one common to particular subject Par + lance…. PARSIMONY:extreme unwillingness to spend money or use resources. Relate Parley with Parle G Conference between Ind-Pak to discuss terms for peace is held in Delhi. PAROCHIAL:always concerned with small issues that happen in your local area and not interested in more important things. especially one common to particular subject for example medical parlance PARLEY:a conference between opposing sides in a dispute. a structure dividing a space into two parts Obvious Verbal Ability 184 Vocabulary . Paro+chial…. by pushing their hand. PARODY:an imitation of the style of a particular writer. exposure of Paroxysm causes sudden strong feeling or expression of an emotion that cannot be controlled. Paro(Madhuri Dixit) was always concerned with small issues that happen in her local area especially connected with Devdas and not interested in more important things. cause. or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect. to make this conference more interesting Sonia Gandhi distributed Parley G biscuits to both side members. weapon etc. or person. PARRY:to defend yourself against sb who is attacking you by pushing their hand. Obvious…In the movie Mr India there was a parody song. especially regarding an armistice. PARTITION:the action or state of dividing or being divided into parts.Paro is the keyword In the movie Devdas.

accepting or allowing what happens or what others do without active response or resistance. stories of a movies the way Anu Mallik does now a days. music. Compare it with active…. PASSIVE:not active. especially one with low status in relation to thestandard language of the country.PASSÉ:no longer fashionable Pass+é…pass is the keyword Social Network website Orkut was the best networking website once upon a time but it is no longer fashionable.pecu sounds as piku…One of my friend piku. PASTORAL:country life Past + oral…Past is the keyword….. he always had problem pertaining to money. PATENT:an official right to be the only person to make use or sell a product or an invention Obvious PATHETIC:feeling sad Path+etic…Path is the key word The path of crime makes criminals feel sad at the time when they lose everything in life. PAUPER:poor people Pauper sounds as papad(in Hindi) Lizzat paddad are very famous among poor people because it is very cheap.not active PASTICHE:copying artistic words. like Pune small number of restaurants is available as compared to the number of people.relate Oral with Oral B In past oral B was very famous in rural area of India or country life. PATRIARCH:the male head of a family or tribe Patri+arch…relate patri with pati(in Hindi)(husband) When pati(in Hindi)(husband) controls the family then he is known as Patriarch PATRICIAN:the highest social status Patri+cian……relate patri with Janm-patri(in Hindi) After looking Saif’s Janm patri Pandit said he belonged to the highest social status. stories Past+iche……past is the key word In past people believe in copying artistic words. PATOIS:the dialect of a particular region.Patron is keyword Patron means a person who gives money and support to person organization etc PAUCITY:the presence of something in only small or insufficient amounts Pau+city…city is the keyword In City. Relate patois with patana (in Hindi)(convince) In the movie “Dil chahta Hai” Saif Ali Khan ek french ladki ko patana chahata tha but he need to understand dialect of her region especially one with low status in relation to the standard language of the country.. PATRONIZE:act as a patron Patron +ize…. music. PECUNIARY:pertaining to or connected with money Pecu+niary…. Verbal Ability 185 Vocabulary .

Pen is the keyword Shakti Kapoor assaulted a girl just because she took his Parker Pen.lucid is the key word Do you know the meaning of lucid it means clear or extremely clear or transparent similarly Pellucid means extremely clear. she had large collection of it. Dushera etc situation of disorder or confusion is very common. PENCHANT:a special liking for sth Pen + chant…Pen is the keyword Do you know that Karishma Kapoor had a special liking for Parker Pen. PENANCE:a punishment that you give yourself to do or that a priest gives you to do in order to show that you are sorry for sth Pen+ance…. a teacher. PEJORATIVE:to criticize or disapprove anything Pejor + ative…. Peda+gogue…Relate gogue with goggle Do you know that. but later he was feeling sorry for it so he decided that he will punish himself to show that he is sorry for it.PEDAGOGUE:Someone who like to teach. a Pandit (in Hindi) is a person who is concerned with small details or rules especially when learning or teaching PEDANTIC:too worried about small details or rules Like a pedant PEDESTRIAN:an ordinary person or very unimaginative. PENDULOUS:hanging down loosely and swinging from side to side Relate pendulous with pendulum Pendulum hangs down loosely and swings from side to side. PELLUCID:extremely clear or transparent Pel + lucid….Mell sounds as Mall During festival seasons like Diwali. Verbal Ability 186 Vocabulary .. a person walking on the street and not travelling in a vehicle Relate Pedestrian with Paidal chalne waala(in Hindi). PEDANT:a person who is too concerned with small details or rules especially when learning or teaching Relate pedant with Pandit(in Hindi) In Hinduism. is always a common man or an ordinary person PEERLESS:better than all others of its kind Peer+less….Pejor sounds as Pager Shabana Azami always criticizes its Nokia pager because it doesn’t work when it is needed.relate peer with Peer Mohammad Peer Mohammad was superior or better than all others of its kind. Thomas Edison likes to teach the topic on 3D goggles. very quickly & in a way that cannot be controlled Pell-mell…. PELL-MELL: disorder or confusion.

PEREMPTORY:immediately obey an order without question or refusal Per+emptory…Relate emptory with empty Sachin said to his son. PERFIDY:a disloyal or deceitful person Relate Perfidy with Afridi(Pakistani Cricket Player) Pakistans Cricket player Afridi used to say he is disloyal or deceitful person but no one agrees to him.Tom Hanks gets punishment that lasts forever after his death. PERIMETER:the outermost parts or boundary of an area or object Obvious Verbal Ability 187 Vocabulary . it is really difficult to forget it because they remain or continuing for a long time in your mind.Pen is the keyword In school days Abdul Kalam’s pen got broke in the examination hall and he started thinking deeply because he was worried and sad that he would not be able to write the exam.Pen is the key word Once Abdul Kalam said in his speech that only “Power of pen (or education) can only help to remove extreme poverty from India” PEON:a person who does unskilled work Obvious PERCEPTION:the way you notice things with the senses Obvious PERDITION:punishment that lasts forever after death Watch movie Road to Perdition…. he kept that penny in his pocket but later he was feeling sorry or regretful for doing the wrong thing. PERENNIAL:remain or continuing for a long time Perenni+al…Relate perenni with purani(in Hindi)(old) Salman is not able to forget Purani baatein which he did with Aish.Chapter – 44 PENITENT:feeling sorry or regret for doing a wrong thing Peni+tent…peni sounds as penny…tent is the keyword During Shooting of Taare Zameen Per.. PENURY:Extreme poverty Pen+ury…. clean your lunch box but Arjun (his son) said “Dad am very tired”!! Sachin replied back No!!! Immediately obey whatever I said without question or refusal. Darsheel found a penny. PENSIVE:thinking deeply about sth especially because you are worries or sad Pen+sive….fun is the key word If job or work is interesting it seems fun but if it’s boring then we do it as duty or routine without any interest. PEREGRINATION: a journey especially a long & slow one Peregri +nation…Nation is the key word Sushmita Sen decided to go on a journey especially a long and slow one of rural India in order to understand the nation more closely. PERFUNCTORY:do something as duty or routine without any interest Per+fun+ctory….

PERORATION:final part of oration Per + oration…oration is the keyword Oration means a formal speech especially one given on a ceremonial occasion and Peroration means final part of oration. PERSPICACIOUS:able to understand somebody/something quickly & accurately Pers+pic+acious…pers sounds as purse….PERIPATETIC:to go from place to place in order to work Peripatetic rhymes as very pathetic Dharmendra tells that before coming into movies.Person is the key word Everyone knows Lata Mangeshkar is a great singer. Aamir khan always keep his pic(picture) and other information in his purse it helps him to understand somebody or something quickly and accurately. he had to go from place to place in order to work (deliver couriers) that was very pathetic job. PERQUISITE: something to which a person has a special right because of their social position Per + quis+ite…. PERIPHERAL:connected with the outer edge of a particular area Relate Peripheral with Pheri waala(in Hindi)(vendor) Pheri waala of Bombay usually lives in outer edge of Bombay (or any other area) PERJURY:the crime of telling a lie in the court of law Per+jury…jury is the key word In court Sanjay dutt gave false testimony (tell lie) while under oath in front of jury. after committing this crime they left her dying. IT students had special right because of their education that’s why they were sent directly into the finals. cuity sounds as cutie Sonam Kapoor is the new cutie pie of the Bollywood. PERSPICUITY:clearly expressed and easily understood Pers+pi+cuity…. PERMEABLE:penetrable allowing a gas or liquid to pass through Obvious PERNICIOUS: having a very harmful effect on sb/sth especially in a way that is gradual Perni+cious…Relate perni with penny Penny or money is a very destructive thing people can do anything for penny or money. PERSONABLE:very attractive or having a pleasant appearance Person+able…. she is very attractive has a pleasant appearance. PERPETRATE:to commit a crime or do sth wrong or evil Perpetrate sounds as penetrate Few criminals penetrated Divya Bharati’ home and murdered her. Her singing style is very attractive.quis sounds as quiz There was a National Quiz started by Infosys.. She performed well in Delhi 6 especially her expression in the movie are clearly expressed and easily understood PERSPICUOUS:expressing things clearly Meaning is same as perspicuity Verbal Ability 188 Vocabulary .pic also known as picture In the movie Ghajini. As a person also.

PETTY:very careful about small and unimportant issues Petty sounds as Pretty Pretty Zinta is very careful about small and unimportant issues in her personal life. Users didn’t understand this act of changing something good or right to something bad or wrong. read it carefully then only it will be helpful. Australia show a lack of respect to their boyfriends especially in a cheerful or amusing way.use is the keyword In the Movie Swadesh. Per + version…version is the keyword Microsoft launched a new version Windows Vista which is not as good as Windows XP. PETRIFY:to make somebody feel extremely terrified or frightened Petrify sounds as combination of Pet + terrify Manisha Koirala’s pet (a cat) got terrified or frightened when it saw Shakti kapoor. he make situation worse when he show deliberate determination to behave in a way that most team members think is wrong. PETULANT:bad tempered and unreasonable Petu+lant…. Bheem was petu(eat a lot). Australia are determined to achieve a particular aim in spite of difficulty or opposition.PERT:showing a lack of respect especially in a cheerful or amusing way Relate pert with Perth Girls from Perth.verse sounds as worse No one like Sreesanth’s attitude on the ground. unacceptable or unreasonable. unacceptable or unreasonable Per+verse…. One day he didn’t get food he get bad tempered and unreasonable. PERVASIVE:existing in all parts of a place or thing Perv+asive…. PERTINACIOUS:determined to achieve a particular aim in spite of difficulty or opposition Pert+inacious….Pesti sounds as pastry Haldiram brings a pastry in the market but its pastry is of very bad taste people found it extremely annoying. PERVERSE:deliberate determination to behave in a way that most people think is wrong. Verbal Ability 189 Vocabulary . Diwali Perv is now celebrated or existing in all parts of the World.relate Pert with Perth People from Perth.relate Perv with Perv(in hindi) (festival) Diwali ka Perv is celebrated in all over the world.. PERVERSION:the act of changing something that is good or right to something bad or wrong. A Old teacher said to his students that the way you are reading is of no use. PESSIMISM:a feeling that bad things will happen Pessimism is opposite of optimism. Actually it is really bad. PERTURB:disturb greatly Perturb rhymes as disturb…Perturb means disturb greatly PERUSE:to read something in a careful way Per+use….relate Petu with Petu( in hindi)(one who eats a lot) In Mahabharat. PESTILENTIAL:extremely annoying Pesti + lential….

Finally he stopped by Jai and Veeru.Pharisai sounds as Pharisee Pharisees paid scrupulous (attentive) attention to tradition PHENOMENA:a fact or an event in nature Obvious PHILANDERER:a man who has sexual relationship with many different women Philand+erer…. each man has sexual relationship with many different women. In Finland. PILLAGE:steal things from a village using violence Pillage rhymes as village Gabbar Singh steals things from the village Ramgarh using violence.Phlegm is the key word…phlegm means the thick viscous substance secreted by the mucous membranes of the respiratory passages especially when produced in excessive quantities during a cold. but his father cut it down. Verbal Ability 190 Vocabulary . PINE:to become very sad because sb has died or gone away Relate Pine with Pine tree Ritesh Deshmukh had a beautiful pine tree in front of his home. Doctor suggested Imraan Haashmi that if you are suffering from cold and having problem of phlegm try to be unemotional and calm.relate Pie with pious Being pious (devoutly religious) PIGMENT:naturally coloring in animal or plant tissue Pig + ment…Pig is the keyword Pig has natural coloring matter. PHILATELIST:a person who collects or studies stamps Relate Philatelist with Palestine Do you know that people of Palestine love to do collection or study of postage stamps. music etc Relate Philistine with Palestine Palestine is an undeveloped country where people are hostile or indifferent to culture and the arts.Philand sounds as Finland Do you know that.PHARISAICAL:pertaining to the Pharisees. who paid scrupulous (attentive) attention to tradition Pharisai+cal…. literature.. Now Ritesh became sad because Pine tree is gone away. PHILISTINE:a person who doesn’t like or understand art. PIETY:being pious (devoutly religious) Pie+ty…. it will help to reduce the problem. PHLEGMATIC:unemotional and calm Phlegm+atic…. PHOBIA:an extreme or irrational fear of something Obvious PIECEMEAL:done or happening at different times and often in a different ways Piece+ meal…meal is the key word Preety Zinta usually takes her meal in pieces she used to eat meal at different times and often in a different ways.

Vital means something important similarly pivotal means something of great importance.Relate pitt with Brad Pitt. PLACEBO:substance that has no physical effects which is given to those patient who do not need medicine but they think that they do Place + bo….Chapter – 45 PINION:tie somebody especially by their arms so that they cannot move Pinion rhymes as opinion Public has an opinion that every politician should be tied especially by their arms so that they cannot move until they accept their sins especially those who are already caught in scam. PITHY:concise and full of meaning Pithy rhymes as tithy( a date) (in Hindi) 26th January is a tithy with full of meaning because it is related to our independence. PITTANCE:receive very small or insufficient amount of money Pitt +ance…. Nokia mobiles are at peak but Nokia CEO feel annoyed or bitter feelings because Micromax is slowly and slowly capturing its market. PITH:the most important part of something. PIQUE:annoyed or bitter feelings because your pride has been hurt Pique sound as peak In mobile industry. PIOUS:having or showing a deep respect for God and religion Pi+ous…Pi (π) is the keyword The Mathematician who derived the value of mathematical term pi(π) had a deep respect for God and religion PIQUANT:exciting and interesting Pi + quant…Relate Quant with quantitative analysis In CAT.Place is the keyword There is a place in New York. PIVOTAL:of great importance Pi+ votal…Relate votal with vital (important). you will find Quant section very exciting and interesting. He give it to those patient who do not need medicine but they think that they do. Verbal Ability 191 Vocabulary . where a doctor is very famous because he give medicine that has no physical effects. PITFALL:danger or difficulty especially one that is hidden or not obvious Pit + fall…fall is the key word Brad Pit fall in danger or difficulty especially one that is hidden or not obvious when Angelina Jolie decided to divorced him. more than Data interpretation or Verbal Reasoning. PINNACLE:highest point of success Pinn + acle…acle sounds as akal (in Hindi)(intellect) Film stars ki akal( in Hindi)(intellect) goes away when they reach highest point of success. Brad Pitt(Hollywood Film star) receive very small or insufficient amount of money for the movie Fight Club. Relate pith with pitch Pitch is the most important part of the cricket ground.

Anu Malik took pledge that he would never copy (the work or an idea of someone else) another person’s ideas.. When base is mixed with acid. In the final match Dhoni’s performance made it possible.attitude is the keyword. Bajaj etc and collects lot of taxes. round of applause Pl+ audit…audit is the key word. Plastic can be easily shaped or molded into different forms. Alien belongs to a different planet but plebeian belongs to planet earth.PLACID: calm and peaceful Pl+ acid…. Conference or Assembly attended by all participants of Congress to take decision on Jan LokPal Bill. it seems reasonable and likely to be true because the team was in great form. PLASTICITY:the quality of being easily shaped or molded Plastic+ity…Plastic is the key word.thora means less (in Hindi) rather bahut jyada or plenty or abundance. PLAUSIBLE:reasonable and likely to be true Plausible sounds as possible. A doctor gave Emraan Hashmi a tonic after having that tonic Emraan became friendly with every girl but this did not involve sex. Verbal Ability 192 Vocabulary . Before the cricket world cup India was a strong contender of world cup. There is problem in Shah Rukh’s attitude that he made comment or statement that has been made very often or not interesting like is the King of Bollywood.Relate pleni with plenty Plenty of or full of something PLETHORA:plenty or abundance Ple+thora…. acid becomes neutral or calm and peaceful. PLAGIARIZE: to copy another person’s ideas Plag+iarize…Plag sounds as pledge (promise). PLATONIC:friendly but not involving sex Pla+tonic…. Kajol had to go India on plane to meet his boyfriend.tonic is the keyword.. PLAUDIT:praise. people praise his act and gave him a round of applause. PLATITUDE:comment or statement that has been made very often not interesting Pl+attitude…. Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha.acid is the key word. A Chartered Accountant audits so many private companies like Satyam computers.. PLENITUDE:plenty of full of something Pleni+tude. PLEBEIAN:connected with common people Plebeian rhymes as alien. PLAINTIVE:sad or mournful Plain + tive…plain sound as plane Remember the movie. PLENARY:to be attended by all Ple+nary…Ple means all. it was a very sad or mournful experience for her. the common people of earth.

pol sounds as pole. A plumber was trying to understand the problem and finally he succeeded in understanding mysterious problem of water at Raju Srivastava’s flat. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.PLIABLE:to control Pli + able…. Someone said that a lot of courage and luck is needed to remove somebody from a place or situation especially one that is dangerous.light is the keyword. good news was that no one was hurt in that accident. she is not only a good player but great in argument in support or against any topic.. During the shooting of Jab We Met whole team was in a plane. the plane fell suddenly and quickly from a high level and met earth. POIGNANCY:having a strong effect on your feelings especially in a way that makes you feel sad Relate poignancy with pregnancy. Do you know that Riya Sen was pregnant few months back? This had a strong effect on her feelings especially in a way that makes her feel sad.Polemi sounds as Poulami Poulami Ghatal is a table tennis player from West Bengal.Relate pli with pliers (used for bending wines) Pliers are used to control screws and wires. PLUMMET:fall suddenly and quickly from a high level Plum + met…met is the keyword. PLIANT:very flexible Pliant sounds as plants. The North Pole and South Pole are separated in two groups on the globe. POLEMICAL:involving strong arguments for or against something Meaning is same as polemic. Aamir Khan was travelling in a flight suddenly light got off in the plane it was really a difficult situation for travelers. PLUCK:to remove somebody from a place or situation especially one that is dangerous P+luck…luck is the keyword. Relate plumb with plumber. PLIGHT:a difficult situation P+light…. Plants are very flexible and can be easily bend. POLITIC:based on good judgment Relate politic with politics The youngsters who want to join politics. they should keep in mind that their actions should be based on good judgment then only they will known as a great leader like Lal Bahadur Shashtri.. PLUMB:to understand something mysterious. POLEMIC:great in argument in support or against the topic Polemi+c….. POLARIZE:separate in to two groups Pol+arize…. Sardar Patel etc Verbal Ability 193 Vocabulary .

Emperor Mohammad Gajnawi had more than one or many spouse at a time.relate post with post office. On the other hand pond moves slowly and heavily. painted or drawn). Raja babu behaves or dresses in a way that is intended to impress others. PORTENT:a sign or warning that something calamitous is likely to happen Meaning is same as portend PORTLY:fat Portly sounds as potly (in Hindi)(a type of carry bag).relate humus with humour…. Do you know that Paul Adams can talk in many languages? POMPOSITY:showing very self-important behavior Pompo+ sity…sity sounds as city. PORTEND:a sign or warning that something calamitous is likely to happen Relate portend with pretend. In that serial Baba was very fat and he always keep a potli on his back.Pose is the key word….POLYGAMIST:one who has more than one spouse at a time Poly+gamist…Poly means many. POLYGLOT:in many languages Pol+y+g+lot…Pol sounds as Paul…relate Paul with South African Cricket Player Paul Adams. If you compare the movement of pond with a river.Poster is the key word. POSEUR:a person who behaves or dresses in a way that is intended to impress other people Pose+ur…. Poster of cricketers like Gautam Gambhir. POSTERITY:future generations Poster+ity…. In the movie Raja Babu Govinda had photograph in different poses with different professions. Government decided to open a post office after death of Johnny Walker known for his great sense of humor. Verbal Ability 194 Vocabulary . river moves fast and lightly. Virat Kohli is coming in the market because they are the future generation of the Indian cricket. Scientists pretend that earthquake in Japan is a sign or warning that something calamitous is likely to happen by 2012. published. POMPOUS: self-importance Its meaning is same as pomposity PONDEROUS:moving slowly & heavily Pond+erous…. Do you know about “Potli baba ki” it was a serial showed on Sunday on Doordarshan. There is a city in U.pond is the key word. POSTHUMOUS:happening. etc after a person has died Post + humous….Relate it with pose (a particular position in order to be photographed. done.S called pomp city where people have very self-important behavior. PONTIFICIAL:connected with a pope or bishop Ponti+ficial…Relate ponti with Ricky Ponting(farmer Australia Cricket captain) Ricky Ponting (Australian Cricket Player) after retirement is planning to be a bishop or pope.

this letter was used as a self-evident truth to decide the owner of his property. Verbal Ability 195 Vocabulary . Johnny Dep used to talk foolishly or at tedious length with everyone. PRACTICAL:connected with real situations Obvious A teacher should give practical examples to students to make the subject more understandable. In old days.Chapter – 46 POSTULATE: self-evident truth Post+ late…Post is the key word. POTPOURRI:a heterogeneous mixture of many ingredients Pot+ pourri…. PRAGMATIST:practical person Being pragmatic PRATE:talk foolishly or at tedious length Relate prate with pirate…relate Pirate with the movie Pirates of the Caribbean . Saddam Hussain had lot of power or potent. its water is most suitable for drinking. having lot of power.…relate poori with paani poori(in Hindi) Paani of Paani Poori is a heterogeneous mixture of many ingredients. he posted a letter about his property to his lawyer. POTENTIAL:having the capacity to develop into something in the future Obvious POTION:liquid with healing or magical properties Relate Potion with Palan potion (in Hindi)(Nourishment). Before Dheeru Bhai Ambani died. POSTURE:the way in which person holds their body similarly persons approach or attitude towards something Obvious POTABLE:suitable for drinking Potable sound as portable (able to be easily carried or moved) Hindustan Lever Limited launched a Portable water cooler. Akbar had a liquid with healing or magical properties. PRACTICABLE: feasible Obvious Practicable steps to be taken to help the person. Someone who is having a lot of potential or power like Superman POTENTATE:a ruler who has a lot of power Potent + ate…. Pragma helps Nagma by solving her problems in a practical or reasonable way.Potent is the keyword. He gave this liquid to the parents for a better palan potion (in Hindi)(Nourishment) of the child. POTENT:someone who is having a lot of potential or power Potent is opposite of impotent (powerless). PRAGMATIC:solving problems in a practical & reasonable way Pragma + tic…Pragma rhymes as Nagma Pragma is the sister of Bollywood actress Nagma. He was the king or ruler of Iraq. In the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

He will try to prevent me from doing things in my way. He started learning rule about how to behave or what to think. The Editor of the Times of India newspaper exploits content writer under him. PREAMBLE:preliminary statement or an introduction Pre+amble…. Sachin Tendulkar’s parents took lot of precaution about his initial cricket career because they found that Sachin developed certain abilities & inclination at an early age than usual.Presi aka (also known as) President.Relate carious with care Our soldiers should take care that they could be in a dangerous situation like attack from Pakistan happens. PRECEDENT:a similar action or event that happened earlier. Once upon a time a rat (Mickey Mouse) was sent in a battle. traditional Precedent sounds as President Process of electing President of India is an action or event that happens in the same manner. no one knew what would be the preliminary statement or introduction of the constitution.Pre is the keyword. Abdul Kalam explained a short version of a speech that gives the main points in a very simple manner.P. a person or an organization that uses weaker people for their own advantage Pr+edator…edator sounds as editor.rat is the key word…Also rhymes as battle. PRECARIOUS:a dangerous situation Pre +carious…. PRECEPT:a rule about how to behave or what to think Precept rhymes as accept Do you know that Emraan Hashmi want to accept Buddhism as his new religion.PRATTLE:talk about unimportant things P+rat+tle…. rat could not fight. Verbal Ability 196 Vocabulary . PRECOCIOUS:having developed certain abilities & inclination at an early age than usual Relate Precocious with precaution. If you want to write anything in Word format you need to use your mouse to put cursor at that point from where you want to start writing so cursor comes before you actually going to develop article. and he was just talking at length in a foolish way about unimportant things. after listening that shit enemies escaped from there. Former President of India A.J. PRECLUDE: to prevent somebody from doing something or something from happening Preclude rhymes as include. Pre independence. PREDATOR:exploit. PRECIPITANT:something that causes a substance in a chemical solution to separate out in solid form Obvious In chemistry we study about precipitate and precipitant PRECIS: a short version of a speech or a piece of writing that gives the main points or ideas Précis sounds as Presi…. Aamir Khan said to his director we cannot include Shah Rukh Khan in Dhoom 3. PRECURSOR:a person or thing that comes before somebody/something similar & that leads to or influences its development Pre+cursor…cursor is the key word.

. especially a crime) in advance. she actually spend a lot of time to wash her face with Rin detergent cake to make herself look attractive. please do something to prevent Jan Lok Pal Bill from happening by taking action to stop it. PREEMINENT:outstanding. PREDICAMENT:a difficult situation Predic+ament…. Pre+empt. PREHENSILE:(of a part of an animal’s body) able to hold things Pre+hen+sile…. PREDETERMINE:determine something in advance or decide Obvious Shah Rukh Khan had predetermined that he will be going to London for vacation. Akshay Kumar has a special liking for the action movies. PREEN:to spend a lot of time to make yourself look attractive P+reen…reen sounds Rin…Rin detergent cake. Disposable syringe are safe to use. one who surpasses all others Pre+eminen +t…eminen sounds as singer/rapper Eminem. it’s not Lux. Osama Bin Laden starts doing meditation but his purpose is not spiritual.ection sounds as action. doctor give an inclination towards using disposal syringes. Sonia Gandhi said to Manmohan Singh that you are completely empty minded. It will be a difficult situation for everyone.. Prefatory is derivative of preface You must have seen before every book Content or Index then Preface is given.relate predic with predict. PREDISPOSE: to influence somebody so they likely to behave in a particular way Pre+dispose…relate dispose with Disposable syringe. PREDILECTION:special liking for something/somebody Pre+dil+ection….relate empt with empty. these matches happens before another more important one (Semi-final and Final matches) and forms an introduction to it. PREMEDITATE:planned in advance Pre+meditate…. Basically Preface is an introduction to a book. especially one that explains the author’s aim. Do you know that what is secret of beauty of Kareena Kapoor . he meditates in order to think plan (an action. PREEMPT:to prevent something from happening by taking action to stop it.relate meditate with meditation. Hen has a tail which is able to hold things PRELUDE:an action or event that happens before another more important one & forms an introduction to it Pre+lude…Pre is the keyword. Every Team had to play Pre-Quarter final matches. PREFATORY:introduction to a book typically stating its subject scope or aims.hen is the key word. Eminem is an outstanding singer who surpasses all the other singers. In World Cup Cricket. Scientists have predicted that everything will be finished by 2012(Doomsday). Verbal Ability 197 Vocabulary .PREDECESSOR:a person who did a job before somebody else Obvious Saurav Ganguly was the predecessor of Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

PREMONITION:a feeling that something is going to happen Pre+moni+tion…Relate Moni with Monish Behel. he is an arrogant or too selfconfident person. PRESENTIMENT:a feeling that something is going to happen especially unpleasant Pre+sentiment….PREMISE:underlying assumption Prem+ise…. PRESTIGE:respect & admiration because of one’s social position Obvious It was against Salman Khan’s prestige to work in a Marathi movie PRESUMPTUOUS:too confident Presum+ptuous…Presum sounds as presume (to suppose that something is true).Prem is the key word…. In 2010. Before the release of Hum Aapke Hai Kaun. Development of Science is amazing. Shah Rukh Khan’s fans presume that he is nice person but actually he i s not.sentiment is the keyword. Everyone prayers that Anna Hazare should get the right or privilege to be the first LokPal of the Jan Lok Pal Bill PRESAGE:to be a warning or sign that something will happen Pre+sage…. PREROGATIVE:a right or privilege Prer+ogative…Prer sounds as prayer.relate pond with Ponds Talc. PREPOSTEROUS:unusual or silly in a shocking way Pre+post+er+ous…post is the key word. She couldn’t control her sentiments. Katrina Kaif pretends to appear more important intelligent etc in order to impress big is the keyword. Youngsters posted ridiculous. she started crying.relate Prem with Prem Chopra If Prem Chopra is in a movie it’s an underlying assumption that Prem Chopra will be fat her of the actor/actress. Monish Behel had a strong feeling that movie is going to be big hit. Verbal Ability 198 Vocabulary . PRETENTIOUS:pretend to appear more important intelligent etc in order to impress others Pretent+ious…Pretent sounds as pretend. PREMONITORY:a feeling that something is going to happen Premonitory is the adjective form of Premonition PREPONDERANCE:larger in number than others in a group Pre+pond+erance…Pond is the key word…. Customers of Ponds Talc were larger in number than any other Talcum Powder company. unusual or silly remarks in a shocking way on Facebook wall against Congress leaders. When Priyanka Chopra had a feeling that something was going to happen especially something unpleasant.Sage is the keyword and it means a man recognized for his wisdom Do you know that sage Swami Vivekananda also had ability to tell what would happen in the future? PRESCIENCE:having knowledge of events before they took place Pre+science…. Its simplest example is weather forecast. with the help of Science we can collect the knowledge of events before they took place..

the child (Darsheel) was not able to read text books so he try to create false reason used to justify why he was not able to study.natural is the keyword In the movie Spiderman. PRETEXT:to create false reason used to justify something Pre + text…text is the keyword. Peter was a simple college student but accidently he got power which was beyond what is normal or natural and he became Spiderman. In Taare Zameen Par. Verbal Ability 199 Vocabulary .PRETERNATURAL:that does not seem natural Preter+ natural…Preter sounds as peter….

Verbal Ability 200 Vocabulary . PRIVATION:Poverty or hardships Relate Privation with private. In the Cricket World Cup Final. PRIM:behave in a careful and formal way and easily shocked by anything P+rim…rim is the keyword Rim of a hero bicycle behave in a careful and formal way and easily shocked by anything (bumps) that is rude.Chapter – 47 PREVAIL:prove more powerful or superior Pre+vail…vail sounds as well. There are many problems or question designed by police officers which help in investigation into a crime. PREVARICATE:to avoid giving a direct answer to hide the truth Pre+vari+cate…. PREY:an animal. PRIVY:allowed to know about something secret Priv+y…priv bole to private No one other than family members should be allowed to know about secret things like private matters PROBE:problems or question Prob +e…relate prob with problem. There is very less probability that Anil Ambani and Mukesh Ambani will work together after their father Dheeru Bhai Ambani’s death because there was lack of honesty and decency among them. PRIMOGENITURE:first child of any family Primo+geniture….Relate primo with prime (first or main or primary ka Janm or first child of any family) PRIMORDIAL:existing at or from the beginning Prim+ordial…Prim sounds as Prime Prime numbers are exists at or from the beginning of invention of Numbers PRISTINE:fresh & clean Pristine rhymes as Christine. PROBITY:honesty and decency Probity sounds as probability. Guru Dutt started living a private life which covered his poverty or hardship with anyone. PREVALENT:that exists or is very common Pre+valent…Relate valent with valentine Valentine’s Day is wide spread or is very common day for people who love each other. India performed very well and proved itself to be most powerful or superior to any team. Every bird prays to God that she shouldn’t be killed or hunted by another animal for food.vari sounds as very Abhishek Bachchan can speak or lie beautifully because he is a very good actor. Christine Aguilera (a Hollywood Singer) loves fresh and clean flowers. a bird etc that is killed or hunted for food Prey sounds as pray.

time in a careless way Profli+ gate…. Crust of the earth is getting damaged heavily but scientists are avoiding it and keep postponing or delaying its treatment. PROCUREMENT: obtaining something Pro+cure+ment…cure is the keyword. Priyanka Chopra falls into a problem in which it becomes difficult for her to deal with. Fusion is a reaction in which light atomic nuclei fuse to form a heavier nucleus releasing large quantity abundance of energy. PROCLIVITY:a natural tendency to do something Pro+cliv+ity…Relate cliv with cliff (a steep or vertical rock). In college boys waste or spend a lot of money or gals. PRODIGIOUS:remarkably or impressively large Prod+gious…Prod sounds as proud. PROFUSION:a very large quantity of something Pro+fusion…fusion is the keyword. PROFOUND:very great Pro+ found…found is the keyword. PRODIGAL:too willing to spend money or waste time Prodi+gal…gal is the keyword. We feel proud of Taj Mahal in Agra. Sachin Tendulkar was feeling very proud when his Coach told him that he was a young person who is unusually intelligent or skillful. It is remarkably or impressively large. In many schools teachers use rod or finger to push or poke their students when they don’t study.gate is the sounds as proud. PROCRASTINATE:to delay doing something Pro+crast+inate…crast sounds as crust (the outermost layers of rock of which planet consists). Nikhil obtained AIDS from his girlfriend. PRODIGY:a young person who is unusually intelligent or skillful Prod+igy…. In engineering college students utilize GATE stipend in careless way. Scientists found that impact of Dec 21 2012 (Doomsday) is going to be very great or intense on everyone.PROBLEMATIC:difficult to deal with Problem+atic…Problem is the key word. In the movie “My Brother Nikhil”. PROFANE:not to show respect for god Prof+ane…Relate professor is also known as prof. Do you know that Prof (Professor) mostly is secular rather than religious they do not show respect for God especially the Hogwarts University professor. Cliff is a symbol of inclination similarly proclivity is about inclination or natural inclination to do something. PROD:use rod or finger to push P+ rod…rod is the keyword. In the movie Fashion. PROFLIGATE:using money. Verbal Ability 201 Vocabulary . it is one of the seven wonders of world. He died at the end because there is no cure for AIDS.

Verbal Ability 202 Vocabulary . PROLIFERATE:to increase rapidly in number or amount Pro+life+rate…life is the keyword. Eggetarian who eats eggs similarly proletarian who don’t own any property or working class. Nastredamas predicted that in 2012 earth is going to be nast(in Hindi)(destroyed) by some natural calamity.PROGENITOR:parents or ancestor Pro+ geni+tor…relate geni with janm(in Hindi)(Birth) Janm dene waale parents or ancestor are everything for a child PROGENY:a person’s children Pro+geny…geny is the keyword. PROLONG:to make something last longer Pro+long…long is the key word M. PROLIXITY:using too many words therefore boring Meaning is same as prolix. In India the rate of life (population) is multiplying spreading growing rapidly is horrible. in morning breakfast produce or gives a lot of calorie or energy to work.F Hussain decided to go for a long journey to Paris before he could last longer. PROLETARIAN:those who do not own any property Proletarian rhymes as Vegetarian. Calorific value of Cornflakes is very high. PROJECTILE:a missile fired or thrown at a target Obvious The Indian Army had planned a projectile in order to finish the Lashkar-e-Toiba base camp. Vegetarian that eats vegetables. etc at the beginning of a play. Prognosis is forecast especially of the likely course of a disease or ailment similarly diagnosis is identification of the nature of an illness or other problem by examination of the symptoms. PROHIBITIVE:(price or cost) so high that it prevents people from buying something Pro+hibit+ve……relate hibit with habit. Pranav Mukherji has a habit to make a budget in which cost are so high that it prevents people from buying it. PROGNOSIS:an opinion based on medical experience Prognosis rhymes as diagnosis. PROLIFIC:producing many works Prolific rhymes as calorific. PROLIX:speak or write at tediously lengthy Prolix rhymes as Horlix. PROLOGUE:a speech. Horlicks gives energy to President Obama to speak or write at tediously lengthy. Geny is the mother of five children. or film Compare prologue with epilogue Prologue is introduction whereas epilogue a section or speech at the end of a book or play. PROGNOSTICATE:a thing that somebody says will happen in the future Prog +nost +cate…Nost sounds as Nast (in Hindi)(Destroyed). book.

One of the children of Shah Rukh Khan is inclined or likely to suffer from Polio because he was not given polio drops. Mike Tyson is a boxing pro and when Hollyfield challenged him to fight. PROMPT:immediate. PROMULGATE:to spread an idea or belief Meaning of Promulgate is same as propagate (spread an idea belief etc among many people) PRONE:likely to suffer from something or to do something bad Pr+one…one is the keyword. PROPENSITY:natural inclination towards something Pro+pen+sity…. PROPOUND:to suggest an idea or explanation Pro+pound…Pound is the keyword. Government promoted (idea knowledge) widely that GATE scholarship is going to be 15000 per month. There are many opponents of Jan Lok Pal Bill in Congress but there are some leaders in Congress who also support Anna Hazare’s idea or course of action. Mike Tyson gave an immediate acceptance of his challenge.PROMINENT:important or well known Pro+minent…pro is the keyword Sachin Tendulkar turned a cricket pro in a very small age and he became important or well known person of the Indian Cricket Team. Pen city people have natural inclination towards using pen they don’t use pencil.Prophet is the keyword. Do you know that Pound as currency was put forward or suggested for consideration before Dollar. Rupees etc Verbal Ability 203 Vocabulary .sity sounds as city…Have you heard of Pen city in U. PROMISCUOUS:having many sexual partners Promis+cuous…Promis is the keyword. Do you know that Lactic acid is used to prevent diseases? PROPITIOUS:likely to produce a successful result Propitious rhymes as ambitious Ambitious people like Dheeru Bhai Ambani are likely to produce successful results. PROPAGATE:to spread an idea or belief Prop+gate…gate is the keyword. A person who predicts the future like Prophet Muhammad PROPHYLACTIC:done or used in order to prevent diseases Prophy+lactic…lactic is the keyword. PROPHETIC:correctly stating what will happen in the future Prophet+ic…. Shah Rukh Khan promised his wife Gauri that in the future he will never have any sexual relationship. done without delay Pro+mpt…pro is the keyword. PROPONENT:a person who supports an idea or course of action Pr+oponent…Opponent sounds as opponent.S.

A doctor prescribes medicines to Dilip Kumar but later he found that they are expired so the doctor stated officially that those medicines are dangerous. PROVINCIAL:connected with some of the large areas that a country is divided into Provincial comes from province (a principal administrative division of a country or empire)…. his eyes stick out when he is very angry. NASA launched a rocket which has a powerful propel and it also has action of driving it and pushing forward towards the space. Proto+ type…. PROTRUDE:to stick out from a place or surface Pro+t+rude…rude is the key word. Government needs to protect our natural resources like Petrol. Reliance launched first design of the modern bike. PROSPERITY:Good fortune successful or flourishing especially financially Obvious We use to say Happy and Prosperous New Year. You must have heard of ICICI provident funds. PROSCRIBE:state officially that something is dangerous or forbidden or outlaw Relate proscribe with prescribe (advise and authorize the use of a medicine or treatment). Verbal Ability 204 Vocabulary .Now relate province with prince. Prince Charles of England is responsible for principal administration division of the empire. Shakti Kapoor has a very rude behavior. Bill gates own a lot of property but he is very down to earth person he has a social or moral behavior that is considered to be correct and acceptable. diesel. because they are not going to last longer. This type of bike will run on petrol as well as diesel. PROSAIC:having the style of prose. PROVIDENT:careful in planning for the future Relate provident with provident fund. PROTRACT:lasting longer than expected Protract sounds as protect. PROTEAN:able to convert quickly and easily Protean sounds as protein. etc. With the help of Protein Salman Khan is able to convert his slim body quickly and easily into bulky body.Chapter – 48 PROPRIETY:social or moral behavior that is considered to be correct and acceptable Relate propriety with property. PROPULSIVE:action of driving pushing forward Relate propulsive with propel. Pros+aic…pros sounds as prose (ordinary written or spoken language without poetic structure) so prosaic means having the style of prose. PROTOTYPE:first design of something. These are funds which people save money for their future or emergencies.type is the keyword.

rune sounds as ruin. PRUDENT:sensitive and careful while making judgments and decisions Prudent rhymes as Student. Superman and Shaktimaan have extraordinary ability or power to fly in the sky. PSYCHE:the mind Obvious Everyone was psyched out when the Mumbai blasts occurred. to cut off some of the branches from a tree. PSYCHIATRIST:a doctor who treats mental disease. one day Professor catches him and throws him out. he is easily shocked by things connected with sex or nudity. PRUNE:trimming. In the movie 3 Idiots. PRURIENT:having or showing too much interest in things connected with sex Relate Prurient with orient. Orient fan used by Mallika Sherawat which shows that she has too much interest in things connected with sex. Do you know that Prem Chopra has rude and strange behavior. PSEUDONYM:a name used by somebody instead of their real name Pseudo+nym… pseudo name not real…. Verbal Ability 205 Vocabulary .pet name Every person is known by a pseudonym – a pet name. etc so that it will grow better P+rune…. Aamir Khan tries to give proxy and to be authorized to act in his batch mate’s behalf.PROVISIONAL:temporary or arranged for that time only Obvious You must have heard of provisional degree or tentative degree or temporary degree PROVOCATIVE:intention to make people angry Provocative comes from provoke (make angry or annoyed)…Now relate provoke with Provogue. bush. Billu Barber ruined (destroyed) Shah Rukh Khan’s hair when Billu was trimming his hair. Obvious Amisha Patel had to visit a Psychiatrist after she saw the movie Bhoot. When Sushmita Sen was a student she used Pepsodent toothpaste and brush because she was sensitive and careful while making judgments and decisions avoiding unnecessary risks in buying other companies toothpaste and brush. PRUDE:a person who is easily shocked by things connected with sex or nudity P+ rude…. During shooting of Zindagi Naa Milegi Dubara. PROWESS:great skill at doing something Prowess sounds as power… Superheroes like Spiderman.rude is the keyword.Proxi sounds as Proxy. Hrithik Roshan wore a Provogue shirt with an intention to make Abhay Deol angry. PROXIMITY:authorized to act in person’s behalf Proxi-mity….

Children are pure by heart that is why when they do childish. In the movie Shrek. In the movie Deewangi. PUNCTILIOUS: very careful to behave correctly Relate punctilious with punctual. PULVERIZE: to crush something in powder Pulv + rize…. Relate Pugil with pagal boxer. PUISSANT: powerful.Puer is sounds as pure. A pandit is someone who has great knowledge in subjects similarly pundit is someone who has authority on a subject. Pussy cat is very powerful. The great Khali is a WWE fighter eager to fight Undertaker (WWE fighter). Adolf Hitler never let his enemies rise against him. When Usain Bolt was running fast he made strong regular movements which made his heart pulses fast.psycho is the keyword. PUNDIT: someone who has authority on a subject Relate pundit with pandit (in Hindi). He was taking very heavy Pug when he was coming towards Undertaker in the final fight. Children are the gift of God. PUERILE: silly. PSYCHOSIS:a serious mental illness Psycho+sis…psycho is the keyword. strong and potent.Kishore Kumar tries to appreciate the beauty of the actress in the movie through this song. PUGILIST: a boxer Pugil+ist….relate puls with pulse. PULCHRITUDE: beauty Pul+chritude…relate pul with pal (in Hindi) (a moment)… In ‘pal pal dil ke paas tum rehti ho’ (a Hindi song). silly and trivial mistakes and no one minds it. Verbal Ability 206 Vocabulary .rize sounds as rise. PUGNACITY: having a strong desire to argue Pug+city……Pug is a Hindi word which means steps. Psycho person is someone who suffers from a serious mental illness that causes him to behave in a violent way towards other people. Akshay Kumar is very punctual in his daily exercise he behaves correctly and carries out his duties exactly as his gym instructor told. Professional boxer Mike Tyson was such a pagal boxer who ate Holyfield’s ear. Ajay Devgan behaved as a psycho because he was suffering from a serious mental illness.PSYCHOPATHIC:person who is suffering from a serious mental illness that causes him to behave in a violent way towards other people Psycho+path…. he crushed them into powder. strong and potent Relate Puissant with pussy.. suitable for a child Puer+ile…. PULSATE: to make strong regular movements Puls+ate….

PURCHASE: firm hold on something with the hands or feet John Abraham purchased good quality Reebok Shoes for rock climbing to get firm hold on rocks. PURPORT: to claim to be something or to have done something. Osama Bin Laden didn’t appreciate puny effort rather such efforts are intended as punishment in his army. now people believe them as the person or thing mentioned. when this might not be the case Relate purport with passport. The Indian Government needs to make sure that the cities are rid of garbage.First understand the meaning of puny (small and weak). Now he supplies foods and drinks to other people as his new business. Osama bin Laden had a false Indian passport and claimed to be a citizen of India when this was not the case.PUNGENT: having a strong taste or smell Obvious There was a pungent smell in the house after Sanjay Dutt celebrated his birthday at his residence. PUTATIVE: believed to be the person or thing mentioned Put+ative…put is the keyword. PUSILLANIMOUS: frightened to take risks Pusi+llanimous…. PUNY: small & weak. when this might not be the case Purported is same as purport. Pony tail of Murali Karthik (Indian Cricket Team member) was very small and not impressive. This will prevent decaying and therefore bad smell. Amitabh Bachchan urged Karan Johar to remove Rakhi Sawant from the movie because he doesn’t like her personally. Dheeru Bhai Ambani put Anil and Mukesh as his successors. PUTRID: decaying & therefore smelling very bad Put+rid…rid is the keyword. services or information to people Add ‘a’ before purvey…apurvey…it sounds as Apoorv Apoorv Agnihotri took retirement from Bollywood. Verbal Ability 207 Vocabulary . PURPORTED: that has been stated to have happened or to be true. Pusi sounds as Pussy… Pussy is slang for being scared Bruce Willis (a Hollywood actor) is an action hero but in real life he is actually a pussy and frightened to take risks. PURGE:to remove people from an organization P+ urge (request)…urge is the keyword. PURSE: to form a your lips into a small tight round shape for example to show disapproval When Abhishek asked Aishwarya whether she brought her purse(a small bag made of leather) she made her lips into small tight round shape to show disapproval. not very impressive Relate puny with Pony tail. PUNITIVE: intended as punishment Puni+tive…. PURVEY:to supply food.

PYROMANIAC:a person who has the obsessive desire to set fire to things Pyro+maniac…Pyro sounds as paro(A name of a girl in India). In the movie ‘Devdas’, Paro had obsessive desire to set fire to things. QUACK: a person who dishonestly claims to have medical knowledge or skills Quack, quack (a sound made by duck). In the movie ‘Munna bhai MBBS’, Sanjay Dutt was a quack as he dishonestly tried to have medical knowledge or skills. QUADRUPLED: to become four times bigger Single, Double, Triple and Quadrupled

Verbal Ability



Chapter – 49
QUAFF: to drink a large amount of something very quickly Quaff sounds as Kaif. Did you know that Katrina Kaif can drink a large amount of beer by taking large sips. QUAIL: to feel frightened or to show that you are frightened Quail rhymes as rail. Whenever Rabri Devi travels by rail she feels frightened or shows fear. QUAINT: attractive in an unusual or old-fashioned way Quaint sounds as Quant. In CAT 2010 Quant questions were very unusual and old fashioned. QUALIFIED: having passed the exams or completed training Obvious All the employees in Facebook Inc. are well qualified and graduated. QUASH: to take action to stop something from continuing Quash rhymes as squash (crush or squeeze). Police were forced to squash meeting of Baba Ramdev and his supporters due to riots. QUERULOUS: showing that you are annoyed Relate querulous with quarrel…. In the movie Chillar Party, school kids quarrel with each other and then complain in whining crying manner to class their teacher. The teacher makes big eyes to show that she is annoyed. QUERY: a question Query means inquiry (question especially one expressing doubt) about something. QUEUE: lane or sequence of people Obvious The queue is too long in morning at most of the Mumbai suburb railways stations. QUIESCENT: quiet, not active Quies+ cent…relate quies with quiet. In the movie, “3 Idiots” there is a scene when everyone gets quiet when Aamir Khan electrocuted his senior. QUIETUDE: the state of being still & quiet Quiet+ tude…quiet is the keyword. In the Kargil war Indian soldiers kept still and quiet before capturing Tiger Hill. QUINTESSENCE:the perfect example of something Quint + essence…Essence is the keyword. When Mahendra Singh Dhoni won the 2011 World Cup he was shown as a perfect example of leadership essence to the world. QUIP: a quick & clever remark Quip rhymes as equip (someone prepare mentally for a situation on task). In the movie ‘Tere Naam’, Salman Khan’s friends are generally equipped with quick and clever remark on girl’s dresses, behavior, attitude etc.

Verbal Ability



QUISLING: a person who helps an enemy that has taken control of his or her country Quis +ling…quis sounds as quiz. During the Second World War, when resistance officers were quizzed, Adolf Hitler came to know that they were helping enemies who had taken control of his country. QUIVER: Shaking Qui+ver….qui sounds as kyon and relate ver with var-vadhu (in Hindi)(bride and bridegroom). In the movie ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’, Shah Rukh Khan started shaking when he was chosen as the var-vadhu of Anushka Sharma. QUIXOTIC: involving a lot of imaginary ideas that are not practical Qui+xotic…xotic sounds as exotic (exciting and unusual). Angelina Jolie wanted to get rid of her exotic life with Brad Pitt because she knows that it involves a lot of imaginary ideas that are not practical. QUIZZICAL: showing that you are slightly surprised or amused Quiz+ zical…quiz is the keyword. In the Spelling Bee Quiz competition, Aishwarya was asked a number of questions that left her slightly surprised or amused. QUORUM: the minimum number of members necessary to conduct a meeting Quorum sounds as carom. If you want to play carom the minimum number of members necessary two conduct a meeting before the game is two or four. RABID:violent or fanatical Rabid sounds as rabbit. We know that rabbits are very calm and cute animals but sometimes the rabbit gets violent or fanatical. RACONTEUR:a skillful teller of interesting and amusing stories Racon+teur…relate racon with recon…relate recon with recognize. In the movie ‘Dark Knight’, Joker is recognized as a skillful teller of interesting and amusing stories of his scar. RAGAMUFFIN:a person in ragged, dirty clothes Raga +muffin…muffin is the keyword. Eminem (rapper) likes to be in ragged, dirty clothes, likes eating muffin (a thick flattened spongy break roll). RAIL:to scold or always complain about something When Dhoni was in Railway department he used to scold or a lways complain about students who don’t buy ticket. RAIMENT:clothing Raiment sounds as Raymond. Raymond is the best brand in clothing. RAKISH:dashing or sporty or fashionable appearance Rakish sounds as Rakesh. Rakesh Roshan’s son Hrithik Roshan has dashing or sporty or fashionable appearance. RALLY:a large public meeting especially one help to support a particular idea Obvious Political parties like BJP, Congress organize rally before the elections.

Verbal Ability



RAMBLE:to walk for pleasure in countryside Ramble sounds as combination of Ram+gamble Ram won lot of money in gamble. Ram decided to walk for pleasure in countryside with his wife. RAMIFICATION:one of the large numbers of complicated and unexpected results that follow an action or decision Ram+ification…Ram is the keyword. When Lord Ram decided to leave Ayodhydya with Sita and Laxman, his decision gives large number of complicated and unexpected results. RAMIFY:branch out Ram + ify…Ram is the keyword. In Ramayan, you must have seen whenever Ram attacked Ravan with his arrow it branched out in many arrows that was amazing stuff. RAMP:a slope that joins two parts of a road, path, building, etc Obvious Models walk on ramp. RAMPANT:existing or spreading everywhere that can’t be controlled Ram+pant…Ram is the key word. Lord Ram sent Lord Hanuman to Lanka to save Sita, Lord Hanuman burnt the Lanka with fire; fire was spreading everywhere which couldn’t be controlled. RANCID:smelling or tasting very unpleasant Rancid sounds as combination of Rain and Acid. When rain mixed with acid it smells or taste very unpleasant. RANCOR:feelings of hatred or bitterness Rancor sounds as ranker. Good students in IITJEE known as high ranker are students who don’t get qualified, feel hatred or bitterness towards top rankers. RANDOM:without definite purpose plan or aim Obvious Random numbers are important in simulation of numbers. RANKLE:causing continuous annoyance or resentment R+ankle….ankle is the keyword. Ashish Nehra’s injury in his ankle caused him continuing annoyance or resentment because he was unable to play in final match of world cup. RANT:speak or shout at length in a wild impassioned way Rant sounds as rent. In struggling day’s Shah Rukh Khan lived as a paying guest, his landlord spoke or shouted a t length in a wild impassioned way when Shah Rukh Khandin’t give rent on time. RAPACIOUS:wanting more money or goods than you need or have Rap+acious…Rap is the keyword. Rap singer Eminem is very greedy. After a show Eminem always demanded more money than he needed.

Verbal Ability



RAPPORT:sympathetic and harmonious relationship in which people understand each other very well Rapport sounds as report. In Colleges, Students keep sympathetic and harmonious relationship with professor so that during project report submission professor show some mercy on them. RAPT:so interested in a thing that you not aware of anything else Rap+t…Rap is the keyword. When rap singer Akon came to Delhi for his show, people were so interested in his show that they were not aware of anything else. RAREFIED:understood by only a very small group of people Rare+fied….rare is the keyword. Dhobi Ghat is a rare piece of work it is understood by only a very small group of people. RASPY:having a rough sound Raspy sounds as recipe. Twinkle Khanna tried a new recipe but it made Akshay Kumar’s throat completely harsh and caused a rough sound coming from his throat. RATIFY:to make an agreement officially validated by voting for or signing it Rat+ify…Rat is the keyword. Everyone knows that Rat and Cat are enemies of each other, but few days back they made an agreement officially validated by signing it that they will be friends forever. RATIOCINATION:a subject of thinking or arguing about it in a logical way Ratio+cination…ratio is the keyword. Ratio and proportion is a subject of thinking or arguing about it in a logical way. RATIONALE:based on or in accordance with reason or logic Rationale comes from rational (based on or in accordance with reason or logic) RATIONALIZE:attempt to justify with logical reasoning Obvious The student rationalized the answer when Professor asked him a tricky question. RAUCOUS:harsh and loud Rauc+ous…Rauc sounds as rock. Rock music of Rammestein is very Karkash(hindi) or harsh and loud. RAVAGE:to cause extensive damage Rava+ge…..Relate rava with Ravan. Ravan is known to cause extensive damage. RAVE:shouting in loud and angry way Relate Rave with rave shopping mall. In Rave (shopping mall) employee were shouting in loud and angry way because they did not get their salaries on time. RAVEL:confuse or complicate path it’s difficult to travel Rave+l…Again rave is the keyword. Rave (a shopping mall) is the biggest shopping mall in Delhi has very confusing or complicate route, it’s difficult to travel in there.

Verbal Ability



Nana Patekar scolded or spoke severely to a shopkeeper when he gave NanaPatekara local company shoe instead of Reebok. In school days. REBATE:discounts. if someone took his calci (calculator) he has to return it on very next day but his classmate unwilling to obey or follow his rule it causes a fight between them.Relate but with Salman Butt. RECALCITRANT:unwilling to obey or follow rules Re+calci+trant…Calci is the keyword…Relate Calci with Calculator. REBUT:to say or prove that a statement or criticism is false Re+but…. Akbar had a real estate business because his kingdom was very large.but sound as butt…. before you pay for it Rebate rhymes as debate.RAVENOUS:extremely hungry Raven+our…. an amount of money that is taken away from the cost of something. School going kids used to play a puzzle in bus in which words are representing by combinations of word and letters. REBUFF:an unkind refusal of a friendly offer Re+buff…buff rhymes as puff Shah Rukh Khan rejects in unkindly manner when John Abraham offers him a puff of cigarette. RAZE:to completely destroy a town or building. Do you know that Ravan gets extremely hungry in every hour. Videocon etc when they need to give discount in festivals like Diwali and Christmas. Raaka(a diamond comics character) raised his sword and destroyed a big building of the city in a minute. REBUS:combinations of word and letters Re-bus…bus is the keyword. Newton made a rule. There is a debate among Washing Machines manufacturers Whirlpool. Salman Butt was criticized by Pakistanis when he found to be involved in Drugs case. etc Raze sounds as raise….finally ChachaChaudhary and Saabu came and controlled him. but finally court proved that statement or criticism on Salman Butt is false. REBUKE:to speak severely to somebody because they have done something wrong Relate rebuke with Reebok. Reaction of Congress on Jan Lok Pal Bill is very obvious. Verbal Ability 213 Vocabulary . RECANT:to say often publicly that you no longer have the same belief or opinion that you had before Re+can’t…can’t is the keyword.. In the comic Raaka ka Hamla(in Hindi).reaction is the keyword. Akshay Kumar blamed that Twinkle Khanna is not faithful and got apart but Akshay cannot live without Twinkle Khanna so he said publicly that he has no longer same belief or opinion that he had before about his wife (Twinkle Khanna). Leaders are opposed to this political or social change REALM:Kingdom Real+m…real is the keyword. REACTIONARY:a person who is opposed to political or social change Reaction+ary….Raven sounds as Ravan (a character in Ramayan).

TV serials show recap or summarize and state again the main points of last episode which help to understand the new episode. He allocated the role of John Abraham to R.RECAPITULATE:to repeat or give a summary Recap+itulate…Recap is the keyword. Madhavan.cast is the keyword. RECAST:to change something by organizing it or presenting it in a different way Re+cast…. Verbal Ability 214 Vocabulary . Receptionists in 5 star hotels are always willing to listen or to accept new ideas or suggestion from guests. Aamir Khan decided to change the star cast of 3 Idiots. RECEPTIVE:always willing to listen or to accept new ideas or suggestion Relate Receptive with receptionist.

planes etc. RECONNAISSANCE: the activity of getting the information about an area for military purposes using soldiers. RECONCILE:to make people become friends again after an arguments or a disagreement Obvious Salman Khan reconciled with Shah Rukh Khan after they had an argument at Katrina Kaif’s birthday party. many people are losing their jobs. RECIPROCATE:to behave or feel towards somebody in the same way as they behave or feel towards you Reciprocate comes from reciprocal return (Love. continues to commit crime and seems unable to stop even after punished. planes etc. RECOUNT: count again or give an account of something Re +count…. Affection etc) to someone who gives it. the cashier counts the money again to give an account of something. RECONDITE: not known about or understood by many people Recon + dite…Dite sounds as diet… The diet that Salman Khan takes to keep his body fit is not known or understood by many people. Short term course started by FIIT JEE Classes for IIT JEE is really a source of help in difficult situation for students.clu sounds as clue. RECTIFY: put something right that is wrong Obvious Anna Hazare rectified his statement about the Jan Lok Pal Bill. Racism in U. RECIPROCAL: two people or group who agree to help each other or behave in the same way to each other Obvious In mathematics we study if x is reciprocal of y it means x=1/y or xy=1 similarly two people or group who agree in the same way to each other. RECLUSE:a person who lives alone & avoids other people Re+clu+se…. Reconnaissance sounds as combination of recognize +sense. In Bank of India branches. During the Kargil war Indian Government considered the activity of getting the information about an area for military purposes using soldiers. Police force is trying to find clue (a fact or pieces of evidence) about Subhash Chandra Bose’s hideout. RECIDIVISM:a person who continues to commit crime and seems unable to stop even after punished Relate recidivism with racism.count is the keyword. Last words he said that he wanted to live alone and avoid other people.Chapter – 50 RECESSION:a period or session of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced Obvious Due to recession in India. RECOURSE: the fact of having to or being able to use something that can provide help in a difficult situation Re+ course…course is the keyword. Verbal Ability 215 Vocabulary .S.

Salman Khan was bent and he was lying down on the chair when he gets news of his father’s death. Imran Khan uses bad words which keep on occurring again and again. Reek rhymes with creek. In ‘Munnabhai MBBS’. It was not useful so it had to be re done. REDOLENT: smelling strongly of the thing mentioned Re+dol+ent…. The creek next to the River Ganga smells very strongly and unpleasantly as there is a lot of garbage and dirt in the water. Sanjay Dutt was trying to cooperate with patients to get back their health strength and energy after illness. A designer ruined the dress of Bipasha Basu. RECRIMINATION: an angry statement that somebody makes accusing somebody else of something Re+ crime + nation…. RECUPERATE: to get back your health Re+ cuperate…. Anna Hazare has an attitude of having quality of thinking or behaving in a correct and honest way. REDUNDANT: not useful Re+dun+ dant…Re dun sounds as re done…Done it again Pranav Mukherji prepared annual budget but it was criticized by everyone. REEK: smell very strongly and unpleasantly. now the tailor has to compensate whatever he did.Cuperate sounds as cooperate. Government should give an angry statement accusing terrorists or the nation which is responsible for 26/11 attacks in the country. REFRACTION: to make a ray of light change direction when it goes through at an angle Obvious In physics everyone studies refraction and reflection.. There is no doubt that Bal Thackrey has a strong quality that makes everyone respect him. In the movie ‘Delly Belly’.RECTITUDE: quality of thinking or behaving in a correct and honest way Relate rectitude as rectify +attitude. REDRESS: to compensate Re+dress…dress is the keywo rd. RECURRENT: occurring again and again Re+ current…Current is the keyword. REDOUBTABLE: a strong quality that make everyone respect him Re+doubt+able…. they said that the food smelled strongly of lovely spices used.nation is the keyword. When Sushmita Sen bought food and dolls for orphans. RECUMBENT: lying down Recum + bent… Bent is the key word. In the movie ‘Wanted’. Verbal Ability 216 Vocabulary .doubt is the keyword.dol sounds as doll.

Re+gale….ful sounds as ful (in Hindi)(Fruit). REFRAIN: to avoid yourself from doing something Ref+rain…rain is the keyword. useful life again after they have been very sick or ill for a long time Relate Rehabilitate with rehabilitation... a person who is guilty of this crime Regi+cide…. REHABILITATE: to help somebody to have a normal.. REGIMEN: a set of rules to follow a regulated system of diet. in order to make it more attractive. Riya Sen refused and denied to agree that she has any relation with Kunal Kapoor. REFULGENT: shines brightly Re+ful+gent…relate gent with gentleman…….gal sounds as girl. stories etc. Rani Laxmibai wasn’t a normal girl (gal). more useful.REFRACTORY:difficult to control or behaving badly Re+fractory…Fractory sounds as factory In the movie ‘Singham’. REGALE:to entertain with jokes.Relate Regi with Raja (in Hindi)(king). Riya Sen suggested her husband to clean and decorate the room.gale sounds as GAIL. for therapy or the maintenance or for improvement of health. REFUTE: to prove that something is wrong Relate refute with refuse. Sushmita Sen’s face always shines brightly because she eats ful (fruits) daily in the breakfast.. REGENERATION: to grow or make something grow again Re+generation…re-generate something The word itself tells its meaning. and fully refurnished. Gorkha regiment has to follow a regulated system of diet. etc. for therapy or the maintenance or for improvement of health. Ajay Devgan doesn’t like to work with corrupt police officers who are difficult to control or behaving badly. Drunkards need to go for rehabilitation program to help them have a normal useful life gain after they have been sick or ill for a long time. REGICIDE:the crime of killing a king a king or a queen.. REFURBISH: to clean and decorate a room Relate refurbish with refurnish. she belonged to a family typical of a king or queen. In Kashmir. stories etc. exercise. REGAL: typical of a king or queen & therefore impressive Re+gal. In PSU GAIL. Verbal Ability 217 Vocabulary . If you are not feeling well avoid yourself going in rain. In Nepal the Raja didn’t commit suicide. exercise. there is a tradition that every management trainee has to entertain his seniors with jokes. someone murdered the king. Relate regimen with Regiment. etc.

Verbal Ability 218 Vocabulary . REITERATE: repetition of the process to get the accurate answer Re+iterate…. Similarly Rejuvenate means make somebody young again. REMISS: not giving enough care or attention Re+miss…miss is the keyword. RELEVANT: closely connected with a specific subject Obvious A speaker should be relevant to the subject he is speaking on..Relate burse with bursha (in Hindi) (rain).. RELENT: to finally agree to something after refusing strongly Obvious Relent is opposite of relentless which means not stopping or not getting less strong. In math’s we do iteration process (repetition of the process to get the accurate answer). There are lot of written or spoken description of Ram are available that many old people remembered.iterate is the keyword. RELINQUISH: to be forced give up something unwillingly Re+linq+ uish…Linq sounds as linc. party members get pleasure by the attention given to them by the senior members. students miss a lot of classes because they don’t give enough care or attention. REMINISCENCE: written or spoken description of something Rem+ iniscence…Rem rhymes as Ram. Re-iterate is same as iterate or repeat. The Supervisor of Infosys assigned the watchmen an inferior position of small gate from main gate of the building because he wasn’t cautious at night. REMEDIABLE: that can be cured or solved Re+ medi + able…medi is the key word. In a Political rally.REIMBURSE: to pay back money to somebody who spent or lost money Reim+burse…. RELISH: to get pleasure from something Reli + sh…Reli sounds as Rally. REJUVENATE: make somebody young again Re+juvenate…Relate juvenate with juvenile…juvenile is related to young people. Atal Bihari Vajpayee joined the discussion by giving a reply to Sonia Gandhi. In college. Medicine can cure any disease. Linc Pen’s CEO gave up against Reynolds companies strategies of marketing. REJOINDER: giving a reply Re+join…join is the keyword. It’s like paison ki baarish when someone repays or refunds your money. RELEGATE: to give an inferior position Rele+gate…gate is the keyword.

You must have heard of Ram Krishna Mission. Verbal Ability 219 Vocabulary . Municipality people promised Riya Sen that they will come this Monday to fix their drainage system but they break their promise. REMUNERATIVE: paying a lot of money Re+munerative…Relate munerative with money related. In the movie ‘Rang De Basanti’.. REMORSE: feeling extremely sorry Re+morse…. RENEGADE: a person who leaves one group to join another that has very different views Renegade rhymes as Rani Grade. Dracula ended the life of innocent girls by tearing them apart by force. Remaining part of something REMONSTRATE: to protest against something Remonstrate rhymes as demonstrate. In horror movie Dracula. RENDITION: the performance of something especially a song or a piece of music R+end+ition…End is the key word and rendition rhymes as audition. In RKM doctors ensure that patients achieve the period during which a serious illness improves for a time and the patients seem to get better. RENDEZVOUS: an arrangement to meet somebody at a particular time & place Rende+zvous…Rende is the keyword. Do you know Rani (Rani Mukherji) got very less grade in her 10 th class. Relate Remission with Ram Krishna Mission.Chapter – 51 REMISSION: a period during which patients achieve the period during which a serious illness improves for a time and the patients seems to get better.end is the key word. When scientists found there is a possibility of life on planet. RENEGE:to break promise Renege rhymes as Drainage. REMNANT: remaining part of something Relate remnant with remaining part. It means paying a lot of money REND: tearing them by force. R+end…. a role in a play etc. She has to leave the school and join another school. John Abraham and Rende (his new Girlfriend) decided to take a view of the meeting place where they were going to meet at a particular time and place.Morse sounds as Mars. they were feeling extremely sorry because they didn’t approach Mars in first place. In Indian Idol audition it was decided by Anu Malik that every contestant has to end her/his audition with a performance of music. Dracula provides death when he ends the life of kids by sucking blood from their throat in a particular state of condition. Aamir Khan and his friends demonstrate in order to protest against a corrupt politician. RENDER: to cause somebody or something to be in a particular state or condition R+end+er…end is the keywor d.

Abhishek Bachchan had an accident. he said that in his past life he never had such a tasty meal which he had in Taj Hotel of Mumbai. RENT:an amount of money that you pay regularly so you can use House etc.Partee sounds as Party In a party. REPARABLE:capable of being repaired Repar+able…Repar sounds as Repair. Kitesetc.RENOUNCE:to state officially that you are no longer going to keep a title. REPENT:to feel sorrow or regret for what one has done Re+pent…pent sounds as pant A designer accidently designed a very bad pant and shirt for Abhishek Bachchan for his Marriage Anniversary. REPEAL:if a government or other group or person with authority repeals (declare invalid) a law. but if government or other group or person with authority declare the bill invalid. RENOVATE:restore to good condition Relate renovate with Renew. RENOWN:achieve a lot of fame in something because of something you have done that people admire Re+nown…nown sounds as known. HrithikRoshan gave a clever replies and comments to media on his flop movies like Gujaarish. He achieved a lot of fame in cricket. Sachin Tendulkar is known as God of Cricket. The designer feels sorrow or regretted for what he has done. Siddhu Paaji had an accident with a girl. Siddhu Paaji said that he will help her to take her Scooty to the mechanic and pay the money to girl to compensate the accident. REPARTEE:clever replies & comments that are made quickly Re+Partee…. Obvious Giving flats on rent is now a good way to earn money and do business. push or keep something away Obvious Two magnets repel each other or drive away or push back when the same poles of magnet are keeping near. his car got badly damaged. Relate renounce with announce. that Bill will no longer be valid. Amitabh Bachchan had dinner in Taj hotel with Jaya Bachhan. accident or defeat Repar+ation…Repar sounds as Repair. position etc. Families renovate their house in good condition on festivals. Verbal Ability 220 Vocabulary . that law is no longer valid Repeal rhymes as appeal. REPAST:a tasty meal Re+past…past is the key word. REPEL:to drive. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced in the parliament that if opponent party will keep on blaming him he will give up his position. REPARATION:money paid by someone to compensate a mishap. but mechanic assure that car is capable of being repaired but it will just cost higher. Anna Hazare appealed to everyone to support Jan Lok Pal Bill.

REPRESS:to try not to have or show an emotion or feeling etc Re+press…. In Indian Idol Grand finale. on weekend he makes plan with his friends to go in a bar. REPREHENSIBLE:morally wrong and deserve criticism Repre+hen+sible…hen is the keyword.Plen sounds as plan John Abraham is an alcoholic. Rekha presses her feelings and emotions for Amitabh. REPRIMAND:to order officially that they are not approve of them or their actions Repri+man+d…relate man with is the keyword. she tries not to have or show an emotion or feeling for him. she believes that it is morally wrong and deserves criticism. Pine tree always complains to Apple tree that why they can’t grow apple. REPLICA:a very good or exact copy of something Obvious Repetition of something or exact copy of something REPLICATE:make a copy of something or reproduce something Replicate rhymes as duplicate. drama etc. To issue a duplicate driving license one needs to always make a copy of the original license. you will find students. REPINE:express complains Re+pine…pine is the keyword. there were many reporters who came to catch this event. Spiderman and a women ordered officially that they are not approve of their actions (they were in a lift for a long time) Verbal Ability 221 Vocabulary . He makes his glass full again by replacing what has been used. businessman asking the waitor to fill the glass with beer again.relate percussion with percussion drilling Coal India Limited perform percussive drilling in their mines but there are many bad consequence of such (event or action) drilling took place. REPLETE:filled with something Replete rhymes as Repeat. In a Beer Bar. Do you know that Saddam Hussain was retrieved (bring back) to the jail when US government cancelled or postponed his death sentence for one day but on the very next day they hanged him. pieces of music that a performer knows & can perform Relate Repertoire with reporter. Menika Gandhi is against killing of hen (female chicken).REPERCUSSION:bad consequences of an action or event that may happen sometimes afterwards Re+percussion…. REPERTOIRE:all the songs. to perform. REPLENISH:to make something full again by replacing what has been used Re+plen+ish…. performers were given a list of works of music.. REPRIEVE:to officially cancel or delay a punishment for a prisoner who is condemned to death Reprieve rhymes as retrieve (bring back)..

RelianceIndustries promised that they will give prize to their every reliance mobile user but the y didn’t. Watch movie Requiem for a Dream. A director offered Shah Rukh Khan a B grade movie. In college days. a favor etc. Einstein proved a theorem and showed it to his professor. REPUGNANCE:strong feelings of dislike Re+pug+nance…relate pug with Pug (in Hindi)(steps). Professor told him that you are not approved to prove such theorems which are above your standards.prise sounds as price If you want to see repetition of BidiJalai le song by Bipasha Basu you have to give more price for it. He refuses to accept it. REQUIEM:a piece of music for someone who has recently died . Aishwarya Rai failed to kill a cockroach. she believed that we should give love. everyone criticized or blamed her. in return for what somebody has given you. Force of Attraction and Repulsion (repel or driving back) REPUTABLE:respectable Relate reputable with reputed or respectable Michael Jackson was a reputable person. REPUTED:supposed Obvious It is supposed that whatever any reputed person like Mahatma Gandhi speaks must be true. In college. kindness. So everyone decided to have an aggressive act of protest towards Reliance because they broke their promise.REPRISAL:an aggressive act towards somebody because of something bad that they have done towards you Re+pris+al…. Zindagi ke har Pug main kaante biche hua hain (in Hindi). etc in return for what somebody has given you Re+quite…. Abhishek and Jaya said that her approach was wrong. REPROVE:to tell somebody that you do not approve something that they have done Re+prove…prove is the keyword. REPRISE:a repeated part of something Re+prise…. It means a piece of music that has recently died. everyone has strong feelings of dislike for these kaante. kindness. REPULSION:a feeling of very strong dislike Obvious There are two Forces. Amitabh. there are subjects (example solid mechanic) which are prerequisite.Pris sounds as prize. it was below his reputation.quite is the keyword Mother Teresa was a very quiet women. REQUITE:to give something such as love. Verbal Ability 222 Vocabulary .. a favor. REPUDIATE:to refuse to accept something Repu+diate…Relate Repu with reputation. REPROACH:blame or criticism for something Reproach rhymes as cockroach or approach. REQUISITE:necessary requirement for a particular purpose Relate requisite with prerequisite. It means there is a necessary requirement that student must first study mechanics to take solid mechanics.

. RESENTMENT:feeling of anger or unhappiness Re+ sent + ment…sent is the keyword During project submission in college.relate resc with risk and ind with India. Deepika Padukone was of reserve nature when she joined film industry. Verbal Ability 223 Vocabulary . students sent project reports again and again because professor found mistake every time this causes feeling of anger or unhappiness among students. RESERVE:the quality that somebody has when they do not talk easily to other people Obvious We used to say that girls are of reserve nature means a lack of openness in nature.RESCIND:to officially state that a law. contract. decision is no longer valid Resc+ind…. Indian Cricket Board officially stated that earlier decision of organizing a test series of Ind-Pak is no longer valid because a lot of risk is involved for Indian players in Pakistan.

RESIGNATION:the act of giving up your job Obvious Steve Jobs. RESPIRATION:the act of breathing Obvious Excessive consumption of alcohol affects a man’s respiration. During school days. Gautum Gambhir and Virat Kohli prefer Sprite in short break or in time of rest. RESPONSIVE: responding readily and positively Respons+ive. RESILIENT:able to recover quickly from difficult conditions Re+silient……relate silient with silent Everyone got scared when Priyanka Chopra had an accident during shooting of Anjaana Anjaani but she was in silent mood when she got injured.Chapter – 52 RESIDUE:a small amount of something that remain after the end process Obvious After the 9/11 Attacks in USA. RESOLUTION:a firm decision to do or not to do something Obvious New Year resolution (a firm decision to do or not to do something) is very common among youngsters. RESPITE:a short break or time of rest from something Re+spite…. Verbal Ability 224 Vocabulary . Katrina lost her favorite novel in tuition. clear and continuing Relate resonant with Resonance. Restive is someone who is restless (unwilling to be controlled). gave his resignation as he was tired working. RESOLVE:settle or find a solution to Obvious Vivek Oberoi had to resolve his fight with Salman Khan. next day a boy returned her lost or stolen novel to its proper owner (Karina Kapoor) that boy was Shahid Kapoor RESTIVE: restless or unwilling to be controlled Rest + ive…Rest is the key word..Response is the keyword. RESPLENDENT:bright and colorful in an impressive way Re+ splendent…Relate splendent with splendor. because she knows that she will recover quickly from this difficulty. there was residue left at the blast place. CEO of Apple Inc. RESONANT:sound of something deep.Relate spite with Sprite (a cold drink) Cricketer’s esp. Coaching of IIT JEE in Kota makes one hear a deep. Mahendra Singh Dhoni gave a very good response to the Sri Lankan bowlers by responding steadily and positively during the World cup Final match. clear and continuing sound of success there. RESTITUTION: restoring or returning of something lost or stolen to its proper owner Rest+ tuition……tuition is the keyword.. Hero Honda Splendor launches a series of bright and colorful bikes in an impressive way.

You must have seen that your computer is resuming windows. Manmohan Singh said something to opponents. In a movie. RESUSCITATE: to make somebody start breathing again after they have almost died Re+susci +tate… susci sounds as Sashi. After a major accident during shooting of ‘Deewar’. Sergeant Bruce Willis after being defeated from criminals disappeared for few months and he came back becoming stronger and more popular again. tali rhymes as Italy. Students who are attentive in class are able to retain facts and remember things easily. military force.K. RESUMPTION: begin again continue after a pause Resumption is noun form of resume. Small children give lot of strain because it’s difficult to prevent them from doing something or keep them within limits. RETALIATE: to make an attack in return for something harmful done to you Re+tali +ate……. Retort rhymes as resort. RETICENT: unwilling to tell one’s feelings or not revealing one’s feelings readily Reti + cent…cent is the keyword. RETORT: to comment in an angry or offended way. Shashi Kapoor got unconscious but doctors make him breathe again after he almost died. Italy decided to make an attack in return for a similar attack from U. There was a meeting between political leaders going on in a resort. In the movie Lord of the Rings. When people get retire from their job they tend to avoid company and became shy. RESURGENT: becoming more stronger and more popular again Re+ surgent…surgent sounds as sergeant (a rank of commissioned officer in the army or air force above corporal and below staff sergeant). There are kids who do not reveal their feelings or thoughts until you promise them to give some cents or money like Darsheel in Taare Zameen Par RETINUE: a group of people who travel with an important person to provide help & support Retinue rhymes as continue. RETIRING: avoid company and became shy Relate retiring with retire.S. Verbal Ability 225 Vocabulary . the supporting actor said that he will continue to be along with hero of the movie to provide help and support to him till he reaches his destination.RESTRAINT: present from doing something or keep within limits Re + strain+t…strain is the keyword. L. Advani replied quickly to his comment in an angry or offended way. it means it is beginning again after a pause. RETAIN: to keep something continued to have something Obvious Deccan Chargers did not continue to keep Adam Gilchrist in the team during the IPL auctions. RETENTIVE: able to retain facts and remember things easily Retentive rhymes as attentive.

active is the key word. Indians got engaged in lively and noisy celebration after win. Reverse means move backwards and revert means return to (a previous state. a referee was giving wrong decisions against India. condition etc.tract sounds as track. In a cricket match against our biggest rival (Pakistan) during the World Cup. In a match. REVERENT:showing great respect & admiration Reve + rent…rent is the keyword.) Verbal Ability 226 Vocabulary . REVEL: to spend time in lively and noisy celebration Revel sounds as rival (a person or thing competing with another for superiority). Every Indian forms an active part of the flag hoisting ceremony which is celebrated on 15 th of August taking effects from a date in the past.. In Delhi Public School it was announced that there will be a prize distribution to the students who scored good marks and severe punishment to students who fail in exams. REVERBERATErepeated as an echo Rever+berate….specs is the keyword In a Hindi movie Tasveer 8*10 it has been shown that the Akshay makes use of Specs to look for things connected with something that happened in the past. RETROGRADE: make the situation worse or returning to how it was in the past Retro+grade…grade is the keyword. condition etc. Suresh Kalmadi said that track is ready for Common Wealth Games but it wasn’t. In China. Media wanted to know the truth finally he said that whatever he said earlier about track is not true or correct.RETRACT: to say that something you said earlier is not true or correct or that you did not mean it Re+tract.. Relate revert with reverse. The sound of the River Ganga is repeated as an echo between the hills and mountains that it passes through. RETROSPECTIVE: thinking about or connected with something that happened in the past Retro-spec + tive…again Retro means past or backwards…. RETRIBUTION: severe punishment for something Retribution rhymes as distribution. REVERT: return to a previous state. RETRIEVE: to get or bring back something Obvious Retrieve the car from the parking garage. REVERIE: a state of thinking about pleasant things Reverie sounds as referee. RETROACTIVE: taking effect from a date in the past Retro + active…. Sonia Gandhi said spend less money in constructing a trench near Delhi Metro Rail.Rever sounds as river. Grading system is very bad in colleges especially P and D-grade it makes CGPA worse.. RETRENCH: spend less money Re+ trench…trench is the keyword (a long narrow ditch). Landlords give deep respect & admiration to paying guests if they give rent on time. Dhoni found that referee is actually in state of thinking something else about pleasant things.

REVULSION: a strong feeling of disgust and hatred Revulsion rhymes as repulsion. John Cena is a wild WWE wrestler. RIG: someone who arranges or influences something in a dishonest way in order to get resultthat they want Relate rig with Rigved(Hindi literature) In Rigved it is mentioned that someone who arranged or influenced something in a dishonest way in order to get result that they want is a punishable crime. RIBALD: referring to sex in a rude but humorous way Re+bald…bald is the keyword. Repulsion means feeling of intense distaste or disgust where as revulsion means feeling of disgust and hatred When Sanjay Dutt passed a garbage bin on his way to a shoot he was filled with a strong feeling of disgust and hatred. When he was in Indian cricket team he annoy his team member Lala Amarnath Verbal Ability 227 Vocabulary . When Lasith Malinga (Sri-Lankan fast bowler) took a hat trick during a cricket match he responded to Ravi Shastri’s questions with language of speech that influenced people. If a king wanted to change or add condition to a legislative bill he needed to send a horse rider (Person who rides a horse) who take his message to lawyer. In most cases youngsters refer to bald people having sex in a rude but humorous way. carrying knife in pocket is widespread or common. email services available. RHETORIC:the skill of using language in speech or writing in a special way that influences people Rhetoric sounds as retrik and retrik rhymes as Hat-trick. RIFE: widespread or common Rife rhymes as knife. RIGID: unable to bend or to force out of shape Obvious A labor has to break a rigid piece of metal. In China. RIDDLE: make many holes in especially with gunshot A riddle for everyone…Can you tell how many holes Rajnikant can make with a single gunshot? Answer is many holes RIDER: change or add condition to a legislative bill In old times there was no phone. RILE: to annoy somebody Relate Rile with Royal.relate vile with wild. Nawab Pataudi belongs to a royal family.REVILE: criticize in angry and abusive language Re+ vile…. because of safety of girls. Bald means having a scalp wholly or partly lacking hair. He usually criticizes his opponents in angry and abusive language during the fight. RIGOROUS: done carefully or with a lot of attention Rig+o+rous…relate rous with rus(In Hindi) If you want to taste Rigved’s ka Rus you need to be careful and paying great attention during its study.

Verbal Ability 228 Vocabulary .RIVET: so interesting or exciting that it keeps your attention completely Ri+vet…vet sounds as wet In wet clothes in the song Raveen Tandon looks so interesting or exciting that she keeps your attention completely. ROBUST: strong and healthy Obvious Java is a robust language in computer programming.

Pink colored rose is rare to find.relate rud with red. ROUSING: full of energy & enthusiasm Rousing rhymes as arousing. stirring. Verbal Ability 229 Vocabulary . RUDDY: looking red and healthy Rud + dy…. ROIL: the act of churning. undeveloped or basic form Rudimentary sounds as combination of Rude+ documentary BBC said that Documentary on rude and corrupt politicians of India is in an immature. undeveloped form also politicians will never be able to make it complete. When WTC collapse it is found that it was made up of waste or rough fragments of stone. If you add oil. tossing the sand. water and sand. RUDIMENTARY:immature. stirring. brick concrete. rubber etc. tossing something R+oil…oil is the keyword. repeat kar kar ke(repetition) yaad karna.. Yuvraj’s six sixes in a single over arouse energy and enthusiasm among Indian spectators ROUT: a situation occurs in which somebody is defeated easily and completely R+out…. Before solving Rubic cube we must have to read set of instructions or rules to solve it.Chapter – 53 ROCOCO: highly decorated and ornated Ro+coco…relate coco with Coco Cola Coco cola’s owner home is highly decorated and ornated. RUBBLE: broken stones or bricks from a building or wall that has been damaged or destroyed Relate rubble with rubber. ROSTER: a list of people’s names & the jobs they have to do at a particular time Obvious When we go to work we need to enter our attendance in the roster provided at the entrance of the building. Sand will settle down and oil will float on the water but we can make this mixture turbid or muddy by the act of churning. Priety Zinta eats a lot of red tomatoes which make her look red and healthy. Rote rote (crying) ratta marana. In World Cup Final against Sri-Lanka when Sachin Tendulkar was out then a situation occurred in which India could be defeated easily and completely but Gautam Gambhir and Dhoni saved the team.out is the keyword. especially as the debris collected from the demolition of WTC. RUBRIC: set of instructions or rules Relate Rubric with Rubic cube. ROTE:the process of learning something by repeating it until you remember it instead of understandingit Relate rote with rona(in Hindi) (cry). ROSEATE: pink in color Rose+ate…rose is the keyword. ROTUNDITY: round and spherical Rotundity comes from rotunda which means round and spherical.

RUSE:to deceive people for your benefit R+use…use is the keyword.. RUMINATE: to think deeply about something Rumi+nate…. Johnny Depp is mad for rum. Never violate or misuse of something regarded as religiously sacred or as having great value. at home he moved things around carelessly in search of rum. Amrish Puri use trick to deceive hero for his benefit. they are expressing regret especially in a mournful way. RUNIC: a mysterious symbol Runi+c…relate runi with Roonie. Soccer player Wayne Roonie always wore a T-shirt with the number 10. especially in the presence of moisture)is usually occurred in typical of the country or country people.RUE:expressing regret especially in a mournful way. Anil and Mukesh Ambani ruined their father`s reputation when they got apart after his death. Relate rue with ruin (destruction or collapse). In movies. RUFFIAN:are violent or lawless people by nature Relate ruffian with Russian.Rum is the keyword. RUTHLESS:hard & cruel Ruth + less…less is the keyword.rumi sounds as roomy. If you will add sachhar(in Hindi)(Sugar). SACCHARINE:a sweet chemical substance used instead of sugar Sacchar+ine…relate sacchar(in Hindi)(Sugar) with saccharine (sugar). Do you know that Srinath and Kumble were roomy in college days. Few countries believe that Russians youngsters are violent or lawless people by nature. Srinath always found Kumble thinking deeply about cricket.Rust is the keyword. Rajnikanth talks very less and hits very hard and cruel SABOTEUR:a person who does deliberate damage or obstruct property Sabo+teur…sabo sounds as Saboo (Chacha Chaudhary and Saboo) Saboo used to stop Raaka who deliberately destroyed or obstructed property in every comic. Rust+ic…. SACRILEGIOUS:an act of treating a holy thing or place without respect Sacrilegious sounds as combination of Sacred+ religious. RUMMAGE:to move things around carelessly in search of something Rum+ mage…. Rust (a reddish or yellow brown flaking coating of iron oxide that is formed on iron or steel by oxidation. Now. in tea. because it is a mysterious symbol and lucky for him. RUSTICATE:to suspend or dismiss somebody Obvious One has to follow the rules and regulations of the college. otherwise he/she will be rusticated. Verbal Ability 230 Vocabulary . more than needed then tea will become excessive sweet. RUSTIC:in typical of the country or country people.

SERVILE:wanting too much to please somebody & obey them Serv+ ile…Serve is the keyword Servile is someone who is excessively willing to serve or please others SERVITUDE:the state of being a slave or servile to someone more powerful Serv+itude……Serve is the keyword. lost all moisture Sere sounds as Sher-e-Punjab (a famous dhaba in Punjab).SACROSANCT: that is considered to be too important to change Sacro+sanct…Sacro sounds as Sacro(in Hindi)(millions of) Sacro(in Hindi)(millions of) sant (sage) decided to perform a prayer in front of Wankhede stadium before the final match of India and Sri Lanka. SERENDIPITY: occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy way. SERPENTINE:winding and twisting like a snake Serp+entine…Serp sounds as Serp (in Hindi) (snake) Serp(a snake) moves in winding and twisting path. SHAM:a situation feeling. Uncle Sam is not what he is pretend to be. system. In Ramayan. SEQUESTER: isolated or hide away. this prayer was regarded as too important or most sacred that can`t be charged or inviolable. SEVERITY:very great. that is not as good or true as it seems to be Relate Sham with as Uncle Sam. Scottish people easily get excited or frightened and it is difficult to control them. Verbal Ability 231 Vocabulary . Lord Ram cut Shoopnakha’s nose forever. quite & far away from people Se+quest+ er…quest (a long search) is the keyword Quest for Atal Bihari Vajpayee is started because he got isolated or hidden. Sher-e-Punjab is a place to eat veg and non-veg but in summers it gets dry because there is crisis of water. SERE:dry. intense or extremely bad or serious Severity comes from severe. feeling. this movie is about occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy way. You must have heard about severe diseases like Bird Flu and swine flu. etc. The state of being a slave or servile to someone more powerful SEVER:cut something forever S+ever……relate ever with forever. SCOTTISH:People who easily get excited or frightened and difficult to control them Relate Scottish with Scottish people…person from Scotland known as Scottish. SERENE:calm & peaceful Relate serene with Serena (a tennis player) Serena Williams (a tennis player) keeps very calm. Watch movie Serendipity. peaceful and untroubled temperament during match.

SHERBET:a flavored sweet effervescent powder that tastes of fruit and fizzes when you put it in your mouth Sherbet sounds as sharbat(in Hindi)(a flavored drink) A flavored sweet effervescent powder made into a drink called sharbat.hard is the keyword. SHYSTER:a dishonest person especially a lawyer Shyster sounds as sister……Shy+ ster….Shy is the keyword Do you know that Brad Pitt’s sister is very shy by nature but by profession she is a dishonest lawyer SIBLING:a brother or sister Obvious In America. glass are very hard. SHREW:bad tempered or aggressively assertive Relate shrew with shrewd (sharp power of judgment).. Preparation of Abhisek and Aishwayra`s shaadi were done very badly without enough care. especially because you are too lazy Relate Shirk with Shark. connected with monkeys or apes Sim+ian……Sim is the keyword Now-a-days even monkeys are buying Idea sim. SHUNT: to move a train car from one track to another Relate shunt with shunt resistance. Profession or line or career of prophecy is loved by women because women have strong sixth sense. it can be move from one place to another place.SHAMBLES:complete disorder and confusion. Shah Rukh Khan avoids his son to watch movies late at night. Rahul Gandhi organized the meeting between BJP and Congress leaders for peace but it converted into complete disorder and confusion. most of the time it rests. we prepared Rasna in summers by adding Rasna powder into cold water to prepare a sweet effervescent drink SHIRK:to avoid something you should do. they are picking career or line of foretelling the future or prophecy. SIMIAN:like a monkey. SIBYLLINE:foretelling the future or prophecy Siby+line…. especially an ape. metal. and talking on phone.line is the keyword. SHUN:to avoid somebody/something Shun sounds as son. Shark is a very lazy animal. SHODDY:made or done very badly. SHARD:sharp piece of broken ceramic. chaos Sham+bles…Sham sounds as shame. not with enough care Shoddy sounds as shaadi (in Hindi) (marriage). Madam Curie was a shrewd scientist but she was a bad tempered or aggressively assertive woman by nature. 71% people have siblings. Verbal Ability 232 Vocabulary . metal. For example. shark even avoids swimming. glass are very hard S+hard…. In an electrical circuit shunt resistance is movable. Sharp piece of broken ceramic. what an Idea sirjee.

Example .He was as brave as a lion.SIMILE:a word or phrase that compares something to something else Relate simile with similar A figure of speech involving the comparison of one thing with another thing of a different kind. Verbal Ability 233 Vocabulary .

Aryabhatt was trying to prove a theorem of Geometry. SKIMP:a try to spend less money. SKIRMISH:a small fight between small groups of soldiers. Atal Bihari Vajpayee missed short arguments or fight. in first look. If your job is to just sign on papers and you are paid good salary. SINISTER:seeming evil or dangerous. SKULLDUGGERY: dishonest behavior or activities Skull+duggery….. SIMULATE: to pretend that you have a particular feeling Simu+late……late is the keyword. especially one that is not planned with Sonia Gandhi (both are political opponents). he thought it’s a simple problem but it wasn’t. SINECURE:a job that you are paid for even though it involves little or no work Sine+cure…sine sounds as sign. SKEPTIC:a person inclined to questions or doubts accepted opinions Relate Skeptic with Antiseptic.Chapter – 54 SIMPER:smile in an annoying and silly way Simper sounds as combination of Simple+per(in Hindi)(but) Deepika Padukone is a nice and simple looking actress per (in Hindi)(but) sometimes she smiles in an annoying and silly way. making public feel that something bad will happen to them. making you feel that something bad will happen Sinister sounds as combination of Sin + minister A minister in India can be evil or dangerous against public. SINGULAR:that refers to one thing or person Relate Singular with single. he just pretends that he was feeling sick. Verbal Ability 234 Vocabulary . SIMPLISTIC:make a problem look more simple or oversimplified Simpl+istic…Simpl sounds as simple. Whenever Aftab Shivdasani is late for the shooting. Many customers question or doubt on accepted belief that Antiseptic cream Boroline is effective. If you are planning or want to be an actor or actress you have to spend lot of money on your looks especially skin. Jab Insaan ka skull (a person`s head or brain) ghoomta hai to he gets dangerous and starts behaving in dishonest manner. Do you know that Rani Mukherjee doesn`t like spending money on her skin. remarkable in Chess from India. etc than is really needed S+kim+p…kim is the keyword. Kim Sharma didn`t get success in Bollywood so now she spends less money on her skin in an attempt to save money.…Skin is the keyword. especially one that is not planned Skir+mish.mish sounds as miss.Skull (a person`s head or brain). then it must be a Government job (A job that you are paid for even though it involves little or no work).. SKINFLINT: a person who does not like spending money Skin+flint….. time. Vishwanathan Anand is the single (only) person who performed exceptionally great or good.

SLANDER: a false statement spoken intended to damage the good opinion people have of somebody Slander sounds as cylinder or gas cylinder. saying that they couldn`t take care of lights. College students fill bank payment slip or other forms without care and create mistakes. Amitabh Bachchan planned to go Allahabad. SLIGHT: to treat somebody rudely or insult somebody S+light…light is the keyword During shooting of Swadesh. Shahrukh treated the whole team especially director rudely or without respect.P. SLEAZY: very dirty. SLEEPER: something of little value or importance that in time becomes very valuable Relate sleeper with Sleeper Class.G gas cylinders. unpleasant and not socially acceptable S+ leazy…leazy sound as lazy. suddenly lights went. In the TV serial Mogli forest animals go to the lake to drink water so that they no longer feel thirsty. loose S+lack……lack is the keyword Lack of stretch or tightness or loosen. SLAPDASH: done or doing something too hurriedly & carelessly Slap + dash….Slap is the keyword. unpleasant and not socially acceptable. SLAKE: to drink water so that you no longer feel thirsty S+ lake…. he has to count large number or quantity of money. Verbal Ability 235 Vocabulary .G gas cylinder that is intended to damage the good opinion that people have of L. SLEW: a large number or amount of something Slew sounds as slow. SLIPSHOD: done without care Slip+shod……Slip is the keyword. Nana Patekar is so lazy that he doesn’t keep himself clean. a WWE Wrestler was trying to hide or move around secretly especially when Undertaker had planned something bad. SLEIGHT: skillful movements of your hand that other people cannot see Sleight sounds as slight (a little).P. Accountant shouldn’t be slow in counting because in a day. A magician moves his hands very slightly but he can rotate 10-12 balls with both his hands. He didn’t get any flight but he had sleeper class ticket of train that sleeper ticket had little importance especially when he wanted to go by flight. H. He is very dirty.P gas made a false spoken statement about L.SKULK: to hide or move around secretly Skulk rhymes as hulk. SLACK: not stretched. Ajay Devgan slaps Kajol when she does something hurriedly and carelessly. Hulk Hogan.…lake is the keyword.

SNICKER: laugh in a half suppressed way S+nicker…relate nicker with nicker (in Hindi) (half pant). Preeti Zinta loves to be untidy and dirty or careless or excessively casual during shooting. SLOVENLY: untidy and dirty or careless or excessively casual in habits S+love+nly…love is the keyword. Security guards of Manmohan Singh are very lazy. reacting or working more slowly than normal and in a way that seems lazy) Due to arrival of Manmohan Singh in Delhi traffic gets sluggish. Shakti Kapoor wore a nicker (half pant) in the movie Raja Babu. SMATTERING: a small amount of something. SLUGGARD: very lazy Slug+gard…gard sounds as guard. it`s a silly smile. Mallaika Arora starts lurna(argue karna) with Rakhi Sawant because she was trying to harm Malalika Arora’s reputation by making harmful or unfair statements about her. SLOTHFUL: lazy Sloth+ful…relate ful with fully SRK is fully lazy when he has to promote his movies but for promotion of Ra.Slo sounds as slow. It doesn`t matter that you are Jack of all subjects (small or slight knowledge of subjects) the thing that matter is great or wide knowledge of at least one (subject) SMELT: to heat and melt ores S+ melt…melt is the keyword. SLUGGISH: moving. Verbal Ability 236 Vocabulary . We need to heat and melt ores (rock that contains metal) in order to obtain the metal it contains. often close to the ground Slit+her……her is the keyword During rainy season. Kajol was carrying her Childs school b ag and holding her tight so that she didn’t slide on loose or slippery surface SLOTH: the bad habit of being very lazy & unwilling to work Slo+th….one he is energetic SLOUGH: to lose a layer of dead skin Slough sounds as slow. SLUR: to harm somebody’s reputation by making harmful or unfair statements about them S+lur…lur…lurna(in Hindi) (fight or argue). SMIRK: to smile in a silly or unpleasant way Smi for smile and smi for smirk Smirk is different from smile. Nana Patekar has a bad habit of being lazy and unwilling to work. especially knowledge of a language S+matter+ing…matter is the keyword.SLITHER:slide or slip unsteadily on a loose or slippery surface. During the summer season the snake shed and lost a layer of dead skin slowly.. working more slowly than normal & in a way that seems lazy Sluggish same as sluggard (very lazy or moving. Girls watching him and laughing in a half suppressed way.

SOLECISM: a mistake in the use of language in speech or writing Sole+ cism…sole sounds as sholay. Do you know that Sonam Kapoor is a sleepwalker only her parents know about it. SONOROUS: having a pleasant full deep sound Sono + rous……relate sono with sonu. SOJOURN: a temporary stay in a place away from your home So+ journ…relate journ with journey. such as support. SOMBER: very sad and serious Relate somber with samba (a Brazilian dance of African origin). SOLICIT: to ask somebody for something. or information Soli+cit…soli sounds as saali and cit sounds as sit. Sonam Kapoor is learning samba dance. we prefer a temporary stay at a place away from home. Basanti does a lot of mistakes in use of English in speech and writing. In the movie ‘Sholay’. money. Sonu Nigam sings very well. Abhishek Bachchan made a sudden plan that in coming holi. SOMNOLENT: almost asleep Relate somnolent with somnambulist……but somnolent means almost asleep (no walking). Later everyone found that Sania was crying and complaining in an annoying way because she forgot her tennis racquet. it`s a movie of James Bond who tried to find feeling of emotional comfort when he was sad or disappointed. Sophi uses clever arguments to persuade her friend that something is true (that she is a great singer) when it is really false. SODDEN: extremely wet Relate sodden with sudden. SOPHIST: someone who persuade people that something is true when it is really false Sophi + st …Sophi (Bollywood singer) is very smart women. In a long journey (road trip) on a bike or car with friends or family. SOBRIETY: the state of being sober Sounds as combination of Sober and celebrity Kingfisher Owner Vijay Mallya though being celebrity is always in a state of being sober. She is going to perform in IIFA awards but she was looking very sad and serious before the samba performance. Saali(Twinkle Khanna’s sister) welcomed her jijaji (Akshay Kumar) at her home and asked him to sit peacefully then she asked Akshay for support or money to get out of her financial problem.SNIVEL: to cry complain in a way that people think is annoying Sni+vel…vel sounds as well Sania Mirza was not feeling well and looking upset before the match. Verbal Ability 237 Vocabulary . SOMNAMBULIST: a sleepwalker Somnam+bulist…somnam is the key word…relate it with Sonam. he will make Aishwarya Rai completely or extremely wet with colors. Sonu’s voice has pleasant full deep sound. SOLACE: to find feeling of emotional comfort when one is sad or disappointed Watch Quantum of Solace.

culture and other thing that people think are socially important.relate Sophi with Singer Sophi. Sophi+ stry…. Verbal Ability 238 Vocabulary .SOPHISTICATED:having a lot of experience of the world and knowing Sophi+sticated…relate Sophi with soophi (soofi singers). Singer Sophi use clever arguments to persuade people that something (she is a great singer) is true when it is really false. Soophi singers like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan has lot of experience of the world and knowing about fashion. Supari make him feel like going to sleep. SOPORIFIC:making you feel like going to sleep Sopori+ fic…Sopori sounds as Supari(in Hindi) Once Amitabh ate lot of Supari with Paan when he was in Allahabad. SOPHISTRY:use clever arguments to persuade people that something is true when it is really false..

after drought they are now facing flood problems. SPECIOUS:seeming right or true but actually wrong or false Specious sounds as spacious (having plenty of space). Periodic is something appearing or occurring at intervals but sporadic is something which is appearing or occurring at irregular intervals. A thief like Telgi (Stamp Paper Scam) spent a lot of money or wastes money because he didn`t understand the importance of money. where the people were not interested in comfort or luxury. SPARTAN:from Sparta a powerful city in ancient Greece. SPAT:a small dispute converted into a big chaos Spat sounds as spaat (a train`s name) (in Hindi). SPENDTHRIFT: a person who spends a lot of money or wastes money . In Spaat Express a small dispute among passengers became/converted a big chaos. Fate of Spain farmers is very bad as they have to face a large number of problems or events coming in quick succession. or dishonest or immoral Sordid sounds as combination of sorry + did. Mango slice gave energy to Katrina Kaif to join the ends of two pieces of ropes by weaving them together. SPLICE:to join the ends of two pieces of ropes by weaving them together Splice sounds as slice. Spend+thrift…Spend is the keyword and thrift sounds as thief.. SPASMODIC:happening suddenly for short period of time Spas+modi+ c…relate modi with Modi Cement.poradic sounds as periodic. Initially it seems that Tata Nano has lot of space but actually it`s wrong or false. SPONTANEITY: the qualities of being spontaneous Obvious The quality of being spontaneous (spontaneous reaction are those reaction which happen naturally without being made to happen) SPORADIC:appearing or occurring at intervals S+poradic…. In India spa are only present in small amounts or numbers in cities but often spread over all the cities. SPATIAL:relating to space Obvious To seek a job in NASA. a powerful city in ancient Greece. SPATE:a large number of similar things or events coming in quick succession.Chapter – 55 SORDID:dirty and unpleasant. one should have spatial knowledge. Spate sounds as combination of Spain and fate. where the people were not interested in comfort or luxury Watch movie 300 days it is a story about Sparta. Verbal Ability 239 Vocabulary . SPARSE:present in small amounts or numbers and often spread over a large area Sparse sounds as spa (a commercial establishment offering health and beauty treatment). Madonna made Wills Smith’s house dirty and unpleasant and said sorry for what she did. Modi Cement Owner showed his interest in politics suddenly for short period of time then gave it up.

SQUABBLE:quarrel or a trivial noisy argument S+quabble…quabble is the keyword In “quabble” Replace ‘b’ with ‘r ’you in will get your meaning. Squirrel loves to be extremely dirty and unpleasant in rainy season. STAID:uninteresting. SPURN:to reject/refuse someone or somebody in a very proud way S+pur+n……relate pur with pur(in Hindi) (but) is the key word Katrina rejected or refused to marry Salman Khan pur(but) she still like him. He was trying to plant a bomb at the Pune station. time etc in stupid or careless way Squander sounds as splendor. Verbal Ability 240 Vocabulary . SQUAT:short and wide or fat Relate squat with squad (a small number of soldiers). SPRY:make you feel lively especially an old person Relate spry with sprite. Indian Youth wastes a lot of money. boring and old fashioned. Sprite (cold drink) makes you feel lively especially of an old person SPURIOUS:false or fake. Dhara refined oil is false or not pure although seems pure or genuine. time etc. SQUALOR:extremely dirty and unpleasant Relate squalor with squirrel.relate aid with AIDS Someone who is suffering from AIDS. boring and old fashioned St+aid …. STALEMATE:a situation in a dispute or competition in which neither side is able to win or make progress Stalemate rhymes as checkmate. Passion etc. Checkmate is a position of check from which a king cannot escape whereas stalemate is a situation in which a player cannot successfully move any of their pieces and the game ends without a winner.SPORTIVE:playful Obvious Kapil Dev was a very sportive player in cricket. Police squad caught a short and wide or fat terrorist. SQUANDER:waste a lot of money. in stupid or careless way on bikes like Splendor. his life gets uninteresting. STAGNANT: water which is not moving and therefore smelling unpleasant Stag+nant…Stag (a fully adult male deer) is the keyword A stag died after drinking water which was not moving and therefore smelling unpleasant. he was looking like Ajmal Kasab. SPRUCE:to make somebody/something/yourself neat & clean Sp+ruce…relate ruce with ruce (in Hindi)(Russia) People of ruce(in Hindi)(Russia) keep themselves neat and smart. although seeming to be genuine or pure S+purious…relate purious with pure.

STEM:stop or restrict We know stem as main long thin part of a plant above the ground from which leaves or flowers grow. STAMINA:ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort Obvious Sachin Tendulkar has a great stamina. When Tendulkar scored ten thousand runs. Zaheer Khan is the only fast bowler who is steady or consistent or not changing in his performance. steals in a quiet or secret way so that no one knows that. TV Serials. STEALTH:the fact of doing something in a quiet or secret way Steal+th…. people in Wankhede stadium made loud and powerful noise by their voice. The launch of Murder 2 starring Emraan Hashmi and Jacqueline Fernandez was stopped or restricted as there were many erotic scenes in the movie.. STANZA:group of lines in a repeated pattern that from a unit in some types of poem Obvious Lyrics of a song are written in stanza. Ex.Steal is the keyword. there was heavy flood occurred. Dev Anand aka Jewel Thief. Ads. STATUTORY:fixed by law. Verbal Ability 241 Vocabulary . Most people`s insecurities is result of something that happened in their past. STATIC:lacking movement. – On Cigarette Packets – Cigarette Smoking is Injurious to Health. In Ram Garh. Once Upon a time. etc. STENTORIAN:loud and powerful by voice S+ten+torian…ten is the keyword. he wants to be the loyal supporter of Anna whom he can rely on. action or change Obvious A paralyzed person is also called a static person. STEM FROM:to be result of something It`s a phrase “stem from something” means to be result of something. Jai and Veeru decided to stop or restrict (the flow of flood) by using heavy piece of stem of bamboo tree. The tall WWE fighter Khali decided to join Anna Hazare. STEADFAST:consistent or not changing Stead+ fast…fast is the keyword.STALWART:the loyal supporter that you can rely on S+tal+wart…tal sounds as tall. You must have seen statutory warning before Movies. STANCH/STAUNCH:stop or restrict Stanch/staunch…staunch rhymes as launch. Remember Batman`s Story. that must be done by law. He performed well in every match of World Cup.

Maa can never be a mark of disgrace (loss of reputation) in any circumstances. Stig+ma…Relate ma with maa (in Hindi) (mother). STIGMA:a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance. STICKLER:a person who sticks with certain type of behavior or type of quality Stick+ler…stick is the keyword. STILTED:not natural or relaxed. STINT:be thrifty or use only a small amount of something Relate Stint with stunt. Karan Johar state clearly and firmly that. STIPEND:a fixed regular sum paid as a salary or as expense to a student. STOCK:supply of goods or materials Obvious A shop-keeper has to keep records of the stock in his shop.STEREOTYPE:a fixed idea or image that people have of a particular person or thing but which is not often true in reality Stereo+type…stereo is the keyword. STIFLE:to prevent something from happening Sti+fle…. STINT:a period of time that you spend working somewhere or doing a particular activity Relate Stint with stunt. Himesh Reshamiya is stuck with particular type of singing that’s why people are getting bored of his singing. it’s too formal. Verbal Ability 242 Vocabulary . Ranvijay (MTV-VJ) spends a lot of time in doing stunts whenever he is free. Sony stereo player.. STODGY:heavy and making you feel full Relate Stodgy with Sardarji. quality. Salman Khan tries to show his style of removing his shirt but the director prevents it from happening. or person . too formal Stil+ted…. STIPULATE:state clearly and firmly that. Mr. a good image that many people have a Sony stereo player (that its sounds are awesome) but which is often not true in reality. The relationship of Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha is still not natural or relaxed. Ranvijay (MTV-VJ) shows small amount of skills which he learned in his free time.Relate sti with stile or style. everyone (especially Shah Rukh Khan) will come on time for shooting on time and no one will be late. In the movie ‘Dabbang’.. Siddhu had food (makke ki roti and sarso ka saag) that was heavy and made him feel full after that Sardarji started his dull and boring cricket commentary. teacher or public official. Obvious A student doing his internship in a company is paid a fixed amount of money called stipend.. something must be done Stipu+late…late is the keyword.Stil sounds as still.

Anil Kapoor made a strategy that he used to gain an advantage or to deceive his opponent (Amrish Puri).STOIC:a person who is able to suffer pain or trouble without complaining or showing what they are feeling Origin From the stories. very calm. It is true that. The Common Wealth Games planning and finance structure collapsed or finished during preparation. who believed that wise people should not allow themselves to be affected by painful or pleasant experiences STOKE:to add fuel to a fire. they could be very strict for your hands. In the movie ‘Faltu’. STREW:to cover a surface with things S+trew…trew sounds as true. STRIDENT:having a loud. STRICTURE:severe criticism especially on someone’s behavior Stricture sounds as structure. STRATAGEM:a trick or plan that you use to gain advantage or deceive an enemy Relate Stratagem with strategy. harsh. STUDIED:deliberate and carefully planned Obvious The terrorist had carefully studied the movements of Taj Hotel before they carried out the attack. We shouldn’t use cheap detergents or local washing powder. STOLID:not showing much emotion or interest. furnace. In the end of the movie ‘Nayak’. Kamal Hassan is very solid from heart which means he is not showing much emotion or interest. Naseeruddin Shah. whenever Shah Rukh Khan sings there are leaves falling to cover or spread or lying over the path behind him. & unpleasant sound Relate strident with student. etc. STRUT:to walk proudly with your head up & chest out Strut sounds as stud…stud is the keyword. sits on the stool which make s him feel very bored and unable to think of new ideas. a group of ancient Greek philosophers. very calm Stolid sounds as solid. in the movie Mohabbatein. etc. Stoke sounds as stroke. Suresh Kalmadi was severely criticized by newspaper and public. college students like to hear loud harsh rock music of Rammestein (a Hollywood singer) STRINGENT:very strict Stringent rhymes as detergent. STULTIFY:making you feel very bored and unable to think of new ideas Stul+tify…Stul sounds as stool In the movie ‘A Wednesday’. Verbal Ability 243 Vocabulary . When Mahendra Singh Dhoni played a stroke and made runs it seems like he is adding coal to a fire. Stud Indian cricket players walk proudly with their heads up and chest out after winning the World Cup Finals.

or to make him unable to think clearly. Bipasha Basu makes John Abraham stupid by surprise or shock. Stupid people like Devdas take alcohol and go into a state where they are unable to think clearly. Verbal Ability 244 Vocabulary . STUPOR:state where one is unable to think clearly Relate stupor with stupid.STUPEFY:surprise or shock somebody. etc Relate stupefy with stupid.

elegant and polite Suave sounds as Shoaib. exercise. he was willing to obey his teacher whatever she want him to do in exchange of taking his exam again. male aspirants defeat female in most cases. Lime water has very high quality and causes great admiration by the users. many subjects are worthless. HUL (Hindustan Unilever Limited) launched high quality lime water. Shoaib Akhtar is a confident. In GATE exam or any other exam. SUBMISSIVE:willing to obey somebody whatever they want to do Sub+miss…miss is the keyword. In school days. causing admiration Sub+lime…lime is the keyword. SUAVE:confident. Einstein missed his Mathematics subject exam. SUBLIMATE:to direct your energy especially sexual energy to socially acceptable activities such as work. SUBDUE:to bring somebody/something under control by force Sub+due……Sub sounds as SAB (a TV channel) SAB TV channel is going to be banned and closed by using force because lot of money of customers was due. Sub+lim+ate…lim sounds as lime. SUBJECTIVE:based on your own ideas & opinions Obvious Opposite of objective SUBJUGATE:to defeat somebody/something Subju+gate…gate is the keyword. SUBLIMINAL:affecting your mind even though you are not aware of it Sub+liminal……Sub is the short form of subject. exercise.Chapter – 56 STURDY:to be strong and solid Relate sturdy with study. In engineering colleges. elegant and polite cricketer of Pakistan. Verbal Ability 245 Vocabulary . art. Salman Khan studies a lot of books and magazines on health and fitness to be strong and solid. art. SUBLIME:of very high quality. the river in the underworld which the souls of the dead have to cross Greek myth STYMIE:to prevent somebody from doing something that they have planned or want to do Stymie ounds as combination of Style + me Every youngster thinks style me rehne ka (in Hindi) but their parents prevent them from doing what they planned or want to do (to be stylish). STYGIAN:the river in the underworld which the souls of the dead have to cross Greek myth Origin of Stygian is from the Styx. they only affect student`s mind even though they are not aware of it. etc. etc. Salman ate lot of lime and other fruits to direct his energy especially sexual energy to socially acceptable activities such as work.

SUBPOENA:a written order to attend a court of law as a witness to give evidence Sub+poena…Poena sounds as peena(in Hindi)(Drinking) Sanjay Dutt again started peena (in Hindi)(alcohol) on the road side in the middle of night. In the movie ‘Rang De Basanti’.side is the keyword.. so Congress need to provide evidence to support and prove it. Lawyers had no solid substance in large amount or value against Jessica murder case that’s why initial trials failed. The Hindu Newspaper announced that 80% people are in state of having just food or money to stay alive in the country. but they said this claim has no solid substance (solid basis in reality or fact) SUBSTANTIAL:in large amount or value Relate substantial with substance. SUBSTANTIVE:pertaining to substance Relate substantive with substance Substantive means something related to substance. SUBSIDE: to become less intense or violent. After few days he received a written order to attend a court of law as a witness to give evidence. One day a murder took place on the road and he was the eye witness of that murder. Newton was born intelligent. during protest. police was trying to control the crowd and bringing everyone aside so that crowd becomes less violent and calmer or quieter. SUBSIDIARY:less important that but related or supplementary to something Obvious Many companies are subsidiaries of larger companies. calmer or quieter Sub+side…. SUBSEQUENT:happening after something else Obvious Apple Inc. Verbal Ability 246 Vocabulary . SUBSTANTIATE:provide evidence to support or prove the truth of Relate Substantiate with substance. SUBORN:to pay or persuade someone to do something illegal Sub+born…born is the keyword. Sunil Shetty and Akshay has to act like servant and obey Paresh Raval.SUBORDINATE:lower in rank or position Obvious Vice President is the subordinate of President. likely to obey other people Sub+servient…servient sounds as servant. made subsequent decisions after Steve Jobs passed away. Congress suspects 'foreign hand' behind Anna Hazaare fast but this claim has no solid substance to prove. SUBSISTENCE:the state of having just enough food or money to stay alive Relate subsistence with substance. his friends tried to pay or persuade him to do something illegal but he never obeyed them. In the movie ‘Hera Pheri’. SUBSERVIENT:behaving like a servant.

SULTRY:very hot & humid Sul+try…try sounds as tree. SUBVERSIVE:trying or likely to destroy a government or political system by attacking it secretly or indirectly Sub+vers+ive…vers sounds as worse. instead of giving clear and briefly expressed speech.SUBSUME:to include something in a particular group and not consider it separately Subsume rhymes as resume. In Maaza cold drink advertisement. SUCCUMB:to fail to resist an attack or illness Suc+cum+b……relate cum with cum (in Hindi)(less). In school days Shah Rukh Khan used to show to his mother that bulb is fused and he can’t study. SUCCOR:help that you give to somebody who is suffering or having problems Succor sounds as shakkar(sugar)(in Hindi). SUBTERFUGE:a trick used in order to achieve ones goal Subter+fuge…fuge sounds as fuse. help that India gives to Koreans who are suffering or having lot of problems. Sania Nehwal plays in a clever way during badminton match. Actually it’s a trick used in order to achieve his goal of not studying. Many companies wants that subjects studied in college should be included in resume or CV and don’t consider it separate. Congress party made its situation worse when people came to know that it trying to convert or destroy the education system by attacking it directly or indirectly. Subtle sounds as shuttle. Shakkar(succor) is provided to flood victims in Korea. If a child sucks milk very cum(less) from mother`s breast. Katrina sucked all the mangoes because they contained lot of juice and good taste. SUFFUSE:to spread all over through somebody/something Suf+fuse…fuse is the keyword. When Bajaj bulb gets fuse. damage the purity or integrity of relation of jija and saali. SUBTLE:making use of clever and indirect methods to achieve something. SULLY:to spoil or lower the value of something Sully…sounds as Sali(in Hindi)(Sister of wife) Twinkle Khanna`s sister or Sali of Akshay Kumar. Verbal Ability 247 Vocabulary . SUCCULENT:containing a lot of juice & good to taste Suc + culent…Suc sounds as suck. he will fail to resist an attack or illness. SUCCINCT:expressed clearly and in a few words Suc+cinct…suc sounds as suck (very bad) Benajeer Bhutto (Farmer Pakistani Prime minister) suck (very bad) in speech. etc. she gave very lengthy speeches. darkness spread all over the house. Only a banyan tree can protect us from hot and humid weather. She uses clever and indirect methods to drop shuttle cock to achieve points against opponent.

its effect on the skin is not very deep or thorough. On Sundays. Amitabh and Jaya decided to remove various items not important enough to be mentioned separately.SUMMATION:sum or total Sum+mation…. SUPERIMPOSE:place or lay (one thing) over another Obvious We studied it in physics. Nagraj. Superior heroes especially like superman do work which is more than needed or superfluous. Superman thinks that he is better than other people or superior to others but don`t you think that this is very silly thought because there are other superheroes such as Batman. SUPERCILIOUS:behave towards other people as if you think you are better than they are Super+cili+ous…cili sounds as silly. Superman is getting old annually or every year. SUNDER:to split or break somebody/something apart. Last Sunday. The cashier needs to find the sum or total of all the cash that has been deposited in the bank on each day. Verbal Ability 248 Vocabulary . just effective on surface of your skin therefore no body is serious to buy. John Abraham split apart his jockey`s under wear. Shaktimaan etc. Superman is too old for work now. performance of more work than duties Superero+gatory…Relate seperero with superior hero. SUPEREROGATORY:more than needed or superfluous. SUPERANNUATED:too old for work or to be used Super+annuated…Super is the keyword. from their house. SUNDRY:various. people taking precautions more than wanted against bird flu. not important enough to be named separately Relate Sundry with Sunday. SUPERFLUOUS:more than you need or want Super+flu+ous…flu is the keyword. SUPERFICIAL:only affecting the surface & therefore not serious Super+ficial…ficial sounds as facial There is a new facial cream launched by ITC known as super facial. SUMPTUOUS:splendid and expensive looking Sump+tuous…Sump (cave in which water collects) is the keyword Akbar built a splendid and expensive looking sump to solve the water problem of local people.. In order to trace a picture we need to place a blank page over the drawing.Sum is the keyword. In India. especially by force Sun+der…Relate Sun with Sunday.

SUPPLE: able to move or bend parts of your body easily into different positions Supple rhymes as apple Those who eat apple can move or bend parts of their body easily into different positions example Shilpa shetty SUPPLICANT:person who supplicates (the act of asking for something with a very humble way) Supplicant is the adjective of Supplication SUPPLICATION:the act of asking for something with a very humble way Supplication rhymes as application. SUPPOSITITIOUS:supposed or assumed Suppos+ititious…supposed or assumed. SUPERSEDE:to take the place of somebody/something that is considered to be old fashioned or no longer the best available Super+ sede…relate sede with seat. Police said to Kareena Kapoor Sarmao mat. Sunny Deol never attended any class. he always made his sir bad tempered and unfriendly. SUPPOSITION:suppose or assume something or hypothesis Suppos+ition…Suppos sounds as suppose Suppose or assume something or hypothesis. Supplication is same as application just a lot of humbleness is involved. extra Super+numerary…relate numerary with number Rich people like Mukesh Ambani’s have money in large number or quantities that exceed normal requirements. Do you know that scientist found a new plant known as supplant. After the movie Batman Begins Batman replaced or took the place or seat of Superman SUPPLANT:to take the place of somebody/something Sup+plant…plant is the keyword. what type of clothes he was wearing etc. at least make a guess based on facts that you know already like at what time he entered in your room. in the near future supplant will supersede and replace the plants. Forcibly press or put an end to.Chapter – 57 SUPERNUMERARY:more than you normally need. SUPPRESS:forcibly press or put an end to Sup+press…press is the key word. Verbal Ability 249 Vocabulary . SURLY:bad tempered and unfriendly Sur+ly…sur sounds as sir. SURMISE: a guess based on facts that you know already Relate Surmise with sarmana (in Hindi) (shy) Someone stole money from Karina’s house. SURFEIT:an amount that is too large Sur+feit…feit sounds as feet and sur sounds as sir. Sir Don Bradman runs very fast it causes an excess pain in his feet that`s why he took early retirement from cricket.

Bachendri Pal and her team deal successfully with the difficulty of reaching Mount Everest. especially of a suspected spy or criminal. In the movie ‘Singham’. SURVEILLANCE:the act of carefully watching a person suspected of a crime or a place where a crime may be committed Surveillance sounds as combination of survey + lens. In month of May and June. SWILL:to drink something quickly and/in large quantities S+will…will is the keyword. SWARTHY: having dark skin Swarthy sounds as Sarthy (in Hindi). in the hope that other people will not notice Surrep+titious…Relate surrep with surp(snake) (in Hindi). SUSTAIN:support physically/mentally Obvious Poor people cannot sustain their families without working hard. Rafael Nadal (Tennis Player) learned a new serve in which he changes its direction suddenly and it`s difficult for opponents to take such serves. SURPASS:be greater or better than Sur+pass…pass is the keyword. Verbal Ability 250 Vocabulary . SURROGATE:describe a person or thing that takes the place of or used instead of somebody/something Sur+ gate…gate is the keyword. Amitabh’s son Abhishek Bachchan passed the school board exam with better or greater marks than him. SUSCEPTIBLE:easily influenced. SWELTER:to be hot in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable Relate swelter with shelter. harmed or affected by somebody/something Suscept+ible…relate Suscept with suspect. Lord Krishna (known to have a dark skin) was the Sarthy of Arjun in Mahabharata. animals & plants need to live & stay healthy Obvious The sustenance of life for the young animals is needed. New York Police Department does survey using lens so that they could do close observations. SURREPTITIOUS:done secretly or quickly. Surp remove their skin secretly or stealthily in the hope that other will not notice. At India Gate you can find so many surrogate mothers for orphans. Salman has a strong will-power that only he can drink Pepsi quickly and in large quantities. SWERVE:to change direction suddenly Swerve sounds as serve. SUSTENANCE:The food & drink that people. Ajay Devgan doesn’t easily influence or affected by suspects stories. poor people in villages need shelter to avoid hot weather that makes them feel uncomfortable.SURMOUNT:to deal successfully with a difficulty Sur+mount…mount is the keyword.

SYCOPHANT: person who praises important people too much in a way that is not sincere Syco+phant…syco sounds as psycho and phan sounds as fan. In the movie ‘Zanjeer’. Verbal Ability 251 Vocabulary . It is a summary of project. he doesn’t need permission to sit it`s suggested indirectly or understood because they are very good friends TACITURN:tending not to say very much. In the movie ‘Mann’. SYMMETRY:the quality of being very similar or equal Obvious The father is a church treats everyone similarly and equally. synthetic fabrics Obvious Synthetic clothes are cheaper in Bangladesh. uncommunicative Taci+turn…turn is the keyword. SYMBIOSIS:the relationship between two different living creatures thatlive together and depend on each other in particular ways. etc. beliefs. SYNTHETIC:artificial or resulting from synthesis or made by combining chemical substancesratherthan being produced. reserved. There are people who are fan of important people like Sachin. style. Aamir Khan played a role of person who is very fond of luxury and comfort which is not right. SYNTHESIS:the act of combining separate ideas. each getting particular benefits from the other Relate symbiosis with Symbiosis Business School. but Jaya Bhaduri turned him to speak. In Symbiosis Business School the relationship between students and professors is such that each getting particular benefits from the other. SYBARITE:person who is very fond of luxury and comfort Syba+rite…rite sounds as right. Amitabh played a role of angry young man. Aamir Khan.SWINDLER:cheat others in order to get money from them Relate swindler with schindler. naturally by plants or animals. TACIT:that is suggested indirectly or understood Ta+cit…cit sounds as sit. If Kunal Khemu goes to Emraan Hashmi’s house. Mahatma Gandhi etc but psycho fan are those who praise important people too much in a way that is not sincere. which tends to say very much or very reserved or uncommunicative in speech or saying very little. Obvious The synthesis of chemicals was so explosive that Michael Jackson lost a few fingers and his eyebrows. Watch movie ‘Schindlers List’. Ex. it`s about people who cheat others in order to get money from them. SYNCHRONOUS:happening or existing at the same time Obvious SYNOPTIC:a summary of project Obvious We submit synopsis of our project in college.

Harry (Harry Potter) whenever went to Emma Watson`s home. In school. lizards. which causes uncontrolled outburst of anger and frustration in his son. TAUTOLOGICAL:a statement in which you say the same thing twice in different words. they spoke in turn. one after another. turtles. when this unnecessary forexample. especially when you ought to leave. TARRY:stay in a place. Verbal Ability 252 Vocabulary . teachers taught us about statement in which you say the same thing twice in different words. he starts stretching tightly his muscles.. You have to use your sense of touch to feel snakes. skin. TAINT:to damage or spoil the quality of somebody/something or the opinion that people have of somebody/something Taint sounds as tent (a shelter).TACTILE:connected with the sense of touch Tactile rhymes as reptiles (snakes. he makes Shane Warne want what he can’t do. etc. TANTALIZE:to make a person or animal want something that they cannot have or do Tan+talize…. Emma doesn`t like this kind of behavior TAUT:stretched tightly Taut sounds as taught Whenever Sachin Tendulkar taught his son. etc. that was really humiliating for administration. he stayed longer than intended and delayed in leaving. TANGENTIAL:having a a slight or indirect connection with something Obvious In Mathematics we study circles and tangents. and gave amount in dollars which is equivalent in value to ten crore rupees. Danny Boyle signed Shah Rukh Khan for his new movie. turtles. He actually damaged or spoiled the reputation of congress government. Suresh Kalmadi arranged a tent for athlete to stay. Nikhil Chinapa (MTV-VJ) was so tan that his tan could be seen clearly to exist. TANTRUM:uncontrolled outburst of anger and frustration Relate tantrum with tantra-mantra (in Hindi). Shah Rukh Khan tried tantra-mantra on his son. whenthis is unnecessary Taut + ological…taut sounds as taught. TANGIBLE:that can be clearly seen to exist Tan+gible…tan is the keyword. TANTAMOUNT:equivalent. TANNER:a person whose job is to tan animal’s skin to make leather It comes from tannery (a place where animal skins are tanned and made into leather). After returning from Goa. In Common Wealth Games. virtually the same as Tant+amount…amount is the keyword.). It means a person whose job is to tan (to make animal skin into leather by treating it with chemicals) animal skin to make leather.relate Tan with Tendulkar When Sachin Tendulkar is in form. delay leaving Tarry rhymes as Harry.

TAWDRY:intended to be bright & attractive but cheap & of low quality Taw+ dry…dry is the keyword. Don’t buy them. Now a day’s dry fruits in the market are looking bright and attractive but cheap and are of poor quality. Verbal Ability 253 Vocabulary .

Verbal Ability 254 Vocabulary . Classification of tax or how many type of taxes are there. TEMPER:If somebody has a temper. everyone gets sentimental or full of extreme emotional and excitement especially Amitabh in a scene of the movie ‘Deewar’ gets very emotional. There is a student who has extremely confident behavior that their name will come in merit list.Chapter – 58 TAXONOMIST: a person who studies or is skilled in taxonomy The branch of science concerned with classification. John Abraham started drinking Red label tea to quit alcohol completely. that people are likely to consider rude Te+merit+y…merit is the keyword. Temporary things are connected with real physical world. In temple. TEMPO:the speed or rhythm of a piece of music Obvious The tempo of A. TEMPORIZE:delay in giving an answer. For ex. TENACIOUS:someone who doesn`t give up easily Tena+cious…relate Tena with Teena Munim (Bollywood actress) Teena Munim is a very determined lady. TEMPERATE:having a mild temperature without extremes of heat & cold Temp+rate…relate temp with temperature. that people is likely to consider rude.…Tee sounds as tea. TEETOTALISM:Never drinking alcohol Tee+totalism …. they become angry very easily Obvious Harry has a very short temper. TEMERITY:extremely confident behavior. People are raising questions why prices of petrol rise? Government is not in a position to give any correct answer. TEDIUM:the quality of being boring Relate Tedium with tedious (too long. slow and boring) Javed Jaffrey had a tedious time on the sets of the movie Double Dhamaal which made him bored. TEMPORAL:connected with the real physical world. not spiritual matters. Rate of temperature is very mild or mild temperature without extremes of heat or cold. TEMPESTUOUS:full of extreme emotions & excitement Temp+estuous…relate temp with temple. not spiritual matters Relate temporal with temporary (not lasting forever).Rahman’s music is very great. they are actually delaying in giving an answer. doesn`t give up easily.R. in order to gain time Tempo+rize…rize sounds as rise. TEMPERAMENT:a person’s nature as shown in the way they behave or react to situations or people Obvious Amitabh works with great temperament.

Verbal Ability 255 Vocabulary . Did you ever notice that tap water is slightly warm in the afternoon? TERMINATION:the act of ending something Relate Termination with terminator. the terminology is complicated but the concepts are simple.TENACITY:someone who doesn`t give up easily Tenacity is noun form of tenacious. especially a political one Ten+ure…ure sounds as your Sonia Gandhi sent congratulations to Manmohan Singh that he completed successfully five years as the Prime Minister of India. Internet is based on the principle of free access to the information. TENUOUS:weak or uncertain that it hardly exists Tenuous sounds as tennis.Ten is the keyword. Sushma Swaraj always has tendency (likely to behave or act in a particular way)to express a very strong opinion that people are likely to disagree with. Terminator. TERRESTRIAL:living on the land or ground Obvious you must have heard about terrestrial bodies living on the land or ground. Do you know that tennis player Rafael Nadal. TEPID:slightly warm Tep+id……Tep sounds as tap. a movie of Arnold. TENDENTIOUS:to express a very strong opinion that people are likely to disagree with Relate tendentious with tendency. Team members of Movie 10th (ten) December made indefinite (not definite) arrangement to launch it on 10 th December in theatres because they may want to change it later. TENSILE:capable of being stretched out Obvious Must have heard of tensile strength of rubber TENTATIVE:indefinite. TENDER:a formal offer to supply goods or carry out work at a stated price Obvious Governments publish different tender notice like petrol pump tender notice. TENURE:the period of time when somebody holds an important job. TENET:one of the principles or beliefs that are a theory or larger set of beliefs is based on Te+net…relate net with internet. in the newspaper regularly. his role was to end the crime in the city. was very thin and weak when he started playing tennis. etc. Lions are terrestrial animals they live on land or ground.. not definite or certain because you may want to change it later Ten+tative…. TERMINOLOGY:the set of technical words or expressions used in a particular subject or terms which we use in particular subject Obvious In some engineering text books. road development.

Verbal Ability 256 Vocabulary . connected with theme of cricket THEORETICAL:connected with theory.. THRALL:slave. servant or captive. There are many Marathi actors who act in theatre or drama.theme is the keyword.TERSE:using few words & often not seeming polite In the movie ‘Main Hoon Na’. Shah Rukh Khan dedicated a song to Sushmita Sen with a few words which were not polite and were misinterpreted. THERMAL:connected with heat Obvious NTPC has biggest thermal power plant or thermal energy resource is Singrauli THESPIAN:someone who act in the theatre or drama Relate thespian with theatre.Test is the keyword After looking at his medical test results. all those people who opposed him.. THEMATIC:connected with theme Them+ atic…them sounds as theme. Ambani was careful about money and did not waste a single rupee. THERAPEUTIC:designed to help treat an illness Therape+utic……Therape sounds as therapy (the treatment of a physical problem or an illness). servant or captive. THREADBARE:old & thin because it has been used a lot Thread+bare……Thread is the keyword The thread used in a sweater made by Jaya Bhaduro gets old and thin as it has been used a lot by Amitabh Bachhan THRIFTY:careful about money and not wasting thing Thrifty sounds as combination of three+ fifty (350) After getting profit of 350 crore.. controlled or strongly influenced by somebody/something Thrall sounds as combination of throw + all Saddam Hussain throw. not practical Obvious Most of the subjects in Commerce are theoretical. Rajnikant had to go to Singapore in order to undergo the therapy designed to help treat an illness. TERTIARY:third in order or level Obvious Primary. Secondary and Tertiary TESTATOR:a person who has made a will or given a legacy Test+ator……. Jagjit Singh called a testator to make his will or legacy because he wasn’t sure for how many days he will live more TESTY:easily annoyed or irritated Testy sounds as tasty Emraan Hashmi gets annoyed and irritated if his food is not tasty. in prisons and made them slave. Lagaan is a movie.

important. THROTTLE:to attack or kill somebody by squeezing their throat in order to stop them from breathing Throt+tle……Throt sounds as throat In the movie ‘1920’. During World Cup Yuvraj’s throw injured Dhoni. he hates to spend money and is a very miserly person. Saif Ali Khan’s friend Tim gets nervous and easily frightened when he approaches any girl. THWART:prevent somebody from what they want to do Thwart sounds as thought In India. THRONG:a crowd of people Th+rong…rong sounds as wrong. the ghost tried to kill the priest by squeezing his throat in order to stop h im from breathing. Obvious I will thrive when I am older and I hope I am successful.Meaning is same as timid. Dhoni had a very intense or violent pain in his finger. TIMBRE:the quality of sound that is produced by a particular voice or musical instruments Relate timbre with timba Musician Timba land has the quality of sound that is produced by a particular voice or musical instruments. strong or difficult Have you seen the movie Titanic? The ship was very large and gigantic. TIMOROUS:nervous & easily frightened Timorous sounds as combination of Tim and nervous…. TITANIC:very large. On 26th January. TIMID:shy & nervous and lacking in courage. who were protesting against a politician. John Abraham drinks an alcoholic drink regularly and never forgets to give tip to waiter. THROES:very intense or violent pain Throes sound as throws. it is many girls thoughts that they want to become model or actress but their parents prevent them from what they want to do. strong. after the parade. In ‘Rang De Basanti’. police uses wrong method to disperse the crowd of people. Verbal Ability 257 Vocabulary . TIGHTWAD:very miserly person Tight + wad…Tight is the key word. TIRADE:long speech of angry criticism or accusation Tirade rhymes as parade. As soon as mid semester exam approaches students get nervous and lacking in confidence or courage because they don`t study for the whole year.Tip is the keyword. Anupam Kher had a tight hold on money. TIPPLE:an alcoholic drink Tip+ple……. etc. Prime Minister gave a long speech.THRIVE:to become and continue to successful. full of angry criticism or accusation of corrupt politicians. healthy. not brave Ti+mid…mid is the keyword.

complicated and difficult to understand Relate turgid with rigid. A magician in a show gave a magical coat to Lalu Prasad Yadav which turned him into a person who leaves his political party and joins one that has very different views. Verbal Ability 258 Vocabulary .Chapter – 59 TITHE:one tenth of annual produce or earnings Relate tithe with tenth. TITLE:name of a book. One tenth of annual produce or earnings TITILLATE:to interest or excite somebody. TURGID: very boring. disagreement and sometimes violence Turbulence rhymes as ambulance. She wrote very boring. confused noise. Vegetable oil cause fat and other problem while turmoil cause uncertainty or disturbance. it means there is a situation in which there is lots of confusion. TURMOIL: uncertain or disturbed. complicated and difficult to be understood novels and books. especially in a sexual way Relate titillate with titli(in Hindi) (a Butterfly). etc Obvious WordFox is the name of the book which you are reading right now. so that we can`t see through it. they laugh quietly especially in an embarrassed way when they see funny and silly updates from Rakhi Sawant TITULAR:having a particular title or status but no real power or authority Titu+lar……take titu as the keyword. as caused by large mass of people Obvious During protests there was a loud confused noise caused by a large mass of people. Titli(in Hindi) (Butterfly) excite flowers in a sexual way. Once a Scientist bid and questioned with other Scientist that how much the turbidity should increase if we add mud to the pure water. We saw a lot of ambulance at Taj Hotel after the attack on Mumbai. TUMULT: a loud. TURBULENCE: a situation in which there is lots of confusion. Aamir Khan’s friend Titu has a particular title or status but no real power or authority in the industry. TURBID: not transparent because a lot of small pieces of matter are held in it Tur+bid…bid is the keyword. film. TITTER:laugh quietly especially in an embarrassing way Relate titter with twitter. TURNCOAT: a person who deserts one party or cause in order to join an opposing one Turn+coat…turn and coat are the keywords. Turm+oil…oil is the keyword. Arundhati Roy is a very rigid editor and writer. On Twitter there are many actors and actresses. disagreement and sometimes violence involved.

He behaved unfairly with new trainees in his army. ULTERIOR: other than what is obvious or admitted Ulterior rhymes as interior. trucks. Karishma Kapoor was talking to Kareena on the phone suddenly a violent tropical storm with very strong winds came. TUTELAGE: teaching instruction given by a tutor or in tuition Relate tutelage with tutor. corrupt It is a type of attitude in which people behave immorally or corruptly. UBIQUITOUS: seeming to be in all places Ubi+quitous…. Freedom Fighters felt offended or annoyed or upset by angrez. starts his career with changing tyres in cars. the rejection of which will result in breakdown in relations. TYCOON: wealthy & powerful person in business or industry Obvious Bill Gates is a business tycoon or wealthy powerful person in business or industry. If a lotus is in the room its fragrance seems to be in all places. tuition Meaning is same as tutelage or tuition. TYRO: having no experience or a beginner Relate tyro with tyre. UMBRAGE: offence or annoyance Umbrage rhymes as angrez (in Hindi) (Britishers). TYRANNY: government by a ruler or small group of people has unlimited power over the peoplein theircountry or state & use it unfairly & cruelly Relate tyranny with trainee.TURPITUDE: immoral. Adolf Hitler`s was the ruler of a cruel and unfair government. ULTIMATUM: a final demand or statement of terms. Saddam Hussain had such immortal attitude which caused USA to launch war on Iraq. Tansen was a great musician he tutored many people by giving teaching instructions.. It’s about final warning to Bourne. A mechanic in TATA motors having no experience or a beginner. TYPHOON: violent tropical storm with very strong winds Ty + phoon…phoon sounds as phone. In Mumbai. ULTIMATE: final Obvious Goa is the ultimate destination for tourists. Karishma got scared. etc.quitous rhymes as lotus. because angrez took our freedom. the rejection of which will result in retaliation or a breakdown in relations. Verbal Ability 259 Vocabulary . Interior Designers of Taj Mahal had some motive other than what is obvious but no one knows about it. Watch the movie ‘Bourne Ultimatum’. and end up with a great mechanic. TUTELARY: instruction.

Cartoon character Uncle Scrooge was known for giving praise in a way which was not sincere.. not right or reasonable Unconscion+able…relate unconscion with unconscious. UNASSAILABLE: unable to be attacked. He is very modest. Un+account+able. In India we have seen unity or agreement of people on Jan Lok Pal Bill..can is the keyword. Relate undermine with underground mine. UNBRIDLED: uncontrolled. In Coal India. questioned.account is the keyword.assum sounds as assume. Relate unanimity with unity. Un+brid+led…Relate brid with bread. immoral. Under+lying…under is the keyword. Underground mines are made weaker or less powerful at the base by using explosives. UNCTUOUS: giving praise in a way that is not sincere. UNCONSCIONABLE: bad. or defeated . Anna Hazare ke Anshan todne ke baad he was anointed with oil as a religious rite. UNANIMITY: fully in agreement. they have made it very complex. UNCANNY: strange or mysterious. UNCTION: the action of anointing someone with oil or ointment as a religious rite Unction sounds as Anshan (in Hindi). It’s impossible to understand or explain accounts statement of Axis bank. UNDERLYING: existing under the surface of something. SAIL can’t be conquered defeated or questioned by other PSU’s. It’s impossible to assume that Sachin Tendulkar is an arrogant person.. There are many precious metals under the surface of the earth which are yet to explore UNDERMINE: make less powerful or effective. especially in a gradual or insidious way . immoral things with Aishwarya. He doesn’t want to draw attention to himself or to his abilities. UNASSAUGED: unsatisfied Un+as+saug+ed…relate saug with sauce. Kareena Kapoor had a strange or a mysterious feeling for Salman Khan but she cannot explain it.. During shooting of ‘Dhoom 2’. they feel unsatisfied. Unc+tuous…relate unc with uncle. UNASSUMING: not pretentious or arrogant. Un+assum+ing…. Government companies especially SAIL (Steel Authority of India Ltd) is superior among other PSU. Un+as+sail+able…sail is the keyword.. Until children don’t get tomato sauce with maggi. he becomes uncontrolled and extremely violent. can’t explain or difficult to explain Un+can+n+y. extreme or violent. If Khali (WWE wrestler) doesn’t get bread in his breakfast.Hrithik Roshan got unconscious and started doing bad. Verbal Ability 260 Vocabulary . later on it made him feel very ashamed.UNACCOUNTABLE: unable to be explained.

UNDERSCORE: to draw a line under a word. Hope you remember the meaning of fledge (develop or grow) UNFROCK: strip a priest or ministers of church authority. steady or resolute Un+falter+ing…not falter Hope you remember the meaning of falter (loose strength or momentum) UNFEIGNED: genuine. The decision of the prime minister is an exception and can’t be criticized and is not open to objection. Pope decided to remove the frock or strip the priest of church authority for the mistake. not natural. Un+frock…without frock or defrock. UNEARTHLY: not belong to earth. and therefore frightening . sincere Un+feign+ed…feign is the keyword Hope you remember the meaning of feign (pretend to be affected) UNFETTERED: chain or shackle to restrict freedom. Unearthly…not earthly…not belong to planet earth…not natural. UNEARTH: to find something in the earth or ground by digging. not open to objection Un+exception+able…exception is the keyword. awkward. etc. Salman Khan’s dog. not varying. inexperienced Un+fledged…not yet fledged. found something in the earth or ground by digging in front of his house. Verbal Ability 261 Vocabulary . Emraan Hashmi gains a lot of shame because he behaves awkward or clumsy way with new actresses. UNEQUIVOCAL: leaving no doubt. and therefore frightening. Un+ earth…earth is the keyword. sentence. Uniform+ity……. In the movie ‘Singham’. Un+gain+ly…gain is the keyword.Uniform is the keyword. Un+err+ingly…. UNFALTERING: not faltering. unambiguous Obvious Opposite of equivocal (hope you remember equivocal) UNERRINGLY: always right or accurate. Un+fet+tered…fet sounds as fat Fat terrorists like Ajmal Kasab should be chained or shackled in big chains to restrict his freedom. UNFLEDGED: not yet fledged. Ajay Devgan says that police officers with different designation shouldn’t provided with the same type of uniform. Obvious We give an underscore during writing our email address.relate err with error Someone who don’t make any error is always right UNEXCEPTIONABLE: can’t be criticized. UNGAINLY: clumsy. When Pope found that a priest is involved in crime. UNIFORMITY: same.

similarly their sons sang the same song at the same time.kem+pt…. Unkempt is opposite of kempt…So first understand the meaning of kempt (neat and clean)…. Verbal Ability 262 Vocabulary . Un+in+hibit+ed…relate hibit with habit. Unintimidating…not intimidated. UNISON:do something at the same time Uni+son…son is the keyword. Hope you remember the meaning of impeach. Un+impeach+able…can`t be impeach. The way Amitabh. UNKEMPT:untidy or not neat. UNINTIMIDATING: lacking intelligence. Relate kem with kim. Deepika Padukone has habit to express her feelings freely without worrying what other people will think. Mile Sur Mera Tumhara at the same time. UNINHIBITED: behaving or expressing freely without worrying what other people will think. Hope you remember the meaning of intimidate.UNIMPEACHABLE: beyond reproach. Jitendra and Mithun sang the song. Kim Sharma maintains herself in a neat and clean condition.

UNTENABLE: not able to be maintained or defended against attack or objection. Un+sullied…not sully. so it is difficult to control or manage him. Hope you remember the meaning of savor. Un+ruly…not ruly……relate ruly with rule. UNSULLIED:spoiled by anything still pure or in the original state. UNSCATHED:not hurt or not harmed. UNSEEMLY:not polite or not proper or not appropriate. UNTOWARD:unexpected and inappropriate or undesirable. Hope you remember the meaning of sully. harm. A prophet told Abhishek Bachchan that he is moving towards unexpected or inappropriate path and that is why he is giving so many flop movies. Un+ravel…not ravel. Un+warranted…no warranty…not authorized or unjustified. Un+prepossess+ing…relate possess with possessive (demanding someone`s total attention or love). Hope you remember the meaning of requite. Hope you remember the meaning of seemly UNSIGHTLY:unpleasant to look at or ugly. Un+sight+ly…not sightful…Unpleasant to look at or ugly. UNWARRANTED:not authorized or unjustified. UNRAVEL:separated and untwisted threads. smell or look at. Verbal Ability 263 Vocabulary . UNRULY:difficult to control or manage. UNPREPOSSESSING:not attractive or appealing to the eye. Un+seemly…not seemly. which is able to maintain or defend against attack from other big companies so untenable means not able to be maintained or defended against attack or objection. UNREQUITED:(of a feeling. Unprecedented…not precedent Hope you remember the meaning of precedent. Sharukh’s son don`t obey rules made by Gauri. not considered morally acceptable.Chapter – 59 UNPRECEDENTED: never done or known before. John Abraham is very possessive about Bipasha Basu because she is very attractive or appealing in appearance. un+toward…toward is the keyword. Un+savory…not savory…not savor. Un+scathed…not scathed…. especially love) not returned Un+requited…not requite.scathed means injure. UNSAVORY: unpleasant or disagreeable to taste. Un+ten+able…not tenable……able is the keyword Teena Munim made a defense system for Reliance. Hope you remember the meaning of ravel. disobedient.

often who has no home Ur+ chin…Relate chin with China. In China. URBANE:someone who is good at knowing what to say and how to behave in social situation Ur +bane…bane sounds as behen(in Hindi) (sister). Verbal Ability 264 Vocabulary .UNWIELDY:hard to move or manage because of size. Un+wonted…not wonted…we will discuss wonted later. Unwonted means not usual or expected. VACUOUS:showing a lack of thought or intelligence Relate vacous with vaccum. In Raj Comics. UNWONTED:means not usual or expected. Up+shot…shot is the keyword In the Final Match. Un+wield+y…wield rhymes as field. SurpNagdant was adversary of Surp Nagraz. Ajay Devgan criticize or speaks angrily to Kajol because she didn`t bake the bread properly. shape. people started shouting and made a lot of noise because they were angry and upset about his comment. U + surp……relate surp with surp (in Hindi) (snake). UPBRAID:to criticize somebody or speak angrily to them Up+braid…braid sounds as bread. Vacillate rhymes as oscillate. Inzamam-ul Haq had lot of problems like difficulty to move or manage because of his size or shape. Vacuum means empty or lack of something similarly Vacuous means showing a lack of thought or intelligence. UPSHOT:the final result of a particular series of events. When Rahul Gandhi stand up to speak about Jan Lok Pal Bill. Nagdunt take (a position of power) illegally or by force from surp Nagraaz. Up+roar……Up is the keyword. URCHIN:a child who is poor and dirty. UTOPIA:an imagined perfect place or state of things. USURP:take (a position of power) illegally or by force. UPROAR:a situation in which people shout and make a lot of noise because they are angry or upset about something. On field. or weight. In the Final Match of World Cup. and often who has no home. Karishma Kapoor’s behen(in Hindi)(sister) Kareena is good at knowing what to say and how to behave in social situation. there are places where you can easily find young child’s who are poor and dirty. Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s mind was fluctuating between two emotions or actions that he should take Sreesanth in the team or not. there you will get topia(in Hindi) (caps) free of cost. VACILLATE:fluctuate between different opinions or actions. Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s last shot decided the final result of World Cup series. U+ topia……relate topia with topia(in Hindi) (cap) Do you know what is the specialty of an imagined or perfect place.

Va + gary …gary sounds as giri (in Hindi) (fell). VALEDICTORY:farewell Valed + dictory……relate valed with valid and dictory with dictionary. Raju Srivastava bought a new Maruti Van. VAGARY:an unexpected and inexplicable change. he wanted to become one of those people who are without home or job. Newton used to teach so rapid or fast that students were lacking interest from the subject. Verbal Ability 265 Vocabulary . He is the leader of the Jan LokPal Bill movement in society. he decided to leave his home and job. Vaga Bond is the brother of James Bond. VALOR:courage in the face of danger. Vaga + bond…bond is the keyword. After that he became very boastful or proud about his Maruti Van. especially in battle. Oxford gave a farewell to old version of Oxford Dictionary. VAGRANT:a person without a home or job especially the one who begs Vagra+nt…. known as Valid Dictionary. he had a very strange effect on him. Oxford Dictionary launched its new dictionary. VALID:legally or officially acceptable. he has no home or job and he travels from place to place. Valor. When Sunil Shetty tried Viagra. Obvious A ticket checker has to check whether the ticket is valid or not. VANTAGE:position giving an advantage. art industry etc. Australia batsman Mark Tailor had a brother Mr. Vant+age…age is the keyword. VAPID:lacking interest or intelligence Vapid rhymes as rapid. Vain + glori + ous……relate vain with Maruti van. VAINGLORIOUS: boastful or proud. Maruti Van brings a lot of glory to him because it won a race. Van+ guard…guard is the keyword.VAGABOND: Someone who has no home or job and who travels from place to place. During Shooting of Bodyguard. Anna Hazare is the guard of Jan Lok Pal Bill. VALIDATE:to prove that something is true. Kareena giri(in Hindi) (fell) from her horse. This incident brings an unexpected and unexplainable change in her. Valor got a bravery award for showing courage in the face of danger. Obvious After the date of the license is expired. one has to validate the license. In college. especially in battle Valor rhymes as tailor. especially the ones who beg. VANGUARD:the leaders of a movement in society for example in politics.Relate vagra with Viagra. With age. VAMPIRE:a dead person who leaves his or her grave at night to suck the blood of living people Obvious When a humanoid is bitten by a vampire they become a slave to their master and are known as a ghoul. Amitabh Bachchan achieved a position in Bollywood which gives him an advantage to go further.

revenge Watch the movie ‘V for Vendetta’. VAUNTED:proudly talked or praised (something) excessively. Relate Veer with movie Veer. In our country. was proudly talked or praised as being very good by critics excessively. Veg+etate……Veg is the keyword. VENDOR: a person or company who sells things. Obvious Velocity is equals to distance upon time. VEER:change direction suddenly. Vaunted sounds as wanted In the movie ‘Wanted’ Salman Khan. Salman after doing many flops. in which people are murdered in return for previous murders. Vehe+ment…ment sounds as meant. Vass+al…Relate Vass with Chaminda Vaas(a Sri-Lankan Bowler). The movie is about a long and violent disp ute between two families. Chaminda Vass’s father is a farmer in Sri Lanka. he has to show strong feelings especially anger. VENDETTA: violent dispute between two families. Obvious A vendor always wants to provide good services Verbal Ability 266 Vocabulary . changed his direction(the way he was choosing the movies) suddenly and decided that he will do a historic movie.VAPORIZE:to turn into gas. we know that few politicians are motivated by susceptibility to bribery. or intense. VEHEMENT: showing strong feeling. In a restaurant. passionate. Obvious In the Water Cycle. India gate has various historical meanings. Amitabh Bachchan played a role of an angry young man. he choose to do Veer. VELOCITY:speed in given direction. his father promised to fight for and be loyal to king in return for being given land to live on. Sonam Kapoor found veg biryani very dull and bored. in which people are murdered in return for previous murders. VARIEGATED: various meanings or colors Varie+gated…relate varie with various. VASSAL: a man who promised to fight for and be loyal to king in return for being given land to live on. VEGETATE: very dull and bored. In the movie Zanzeer. the sea water vaporizes to gas. VENAL: Showing or motivated by susceptibility to bribery Venal sounds as we know. forceful. to make something turn into gas.

Ven sounds as van…. Brad Pitt realized it after spending 2 years with her. Ven+erable…. VENERATE: regard with great respect. wisdom.relate van with Maruti Van The Maruti Van was accorded great respect because it is the oldest car in the automobile industry.VENEER: an attractive appearance that covers or disguises someone’s or something’s true nature or feelings. Angelina Jolie used to live near Brad Pitt’s home. or character etc. Ve +neer…neer sounds as near.. Verbal Ability 267 Vocabulary . Relate Venerate with venerable (regard with great respect) Hindus regard with great respect the statue of Lord Shiva. She had an attractive appearance that covered or disguised her true nature. VENERABLE: entitled or accorded great respect because of age.

Verb+alize…relate verb with words Aamir Khan had a very tough time trying to express his feelings in words to Asin in the movie ‘Ghajini’. during the test R. VENTRILOQUIST: master in art of speaking without moving his lips and making it look as if your voice is coming from another person. so he has the habit of telling the truth from his childhood. and liquid to pass out or into a room or into confined space. Obvious The venue of the next cricket World Cup Final is not decided yet. We know that if we do any mistake that is not serious and able to be forgiven. VENOM: poison of snake. Sonu Nigam belongs to the city Faridabad. VENTURE: a business project or activity that involves risk.61 VENIAL: not serious and able to be forgiven. Veracious comes from Veracity VERACITY: habit of telling truth. He was master in art of speaking without moving his lips and making it look as if your voice is coming from another person. energy etc Vent sounds as went. Obvious VENTURESOME: someone who takes risks. In the movie Devdas.Madhvan copies word to word from Amir Khan. V+entri + loquist…entri sounds as entry. feelings. VENT:an opening that allows air. Vent comes from ventilation VENT: release or expression of a strong emotion. VERACIOUS: truthful.Chapter . not very wrong . The poison of a snake can cause your body to become numb. energy etc by drinking alcohol. Vera + city…city is the keyword. VERBALIZE: to express your feelings or ideas into words. When Aishwarya Rai got married with someone else Sharukh release or show his expression of strong emotion. Ve + ni + al…Ve sounds as we. Ve + nom…nom sounds as numb. Venture+some…some is the keyword Some one who take risks like founder of Flipkart VENUE: place where people meet for an organized event. VERBATIM: copy word to word. Verb+atim……relate verb with words In the movie ‘3 Idiots’. his parents teach him never lie. Entry was closed for the show of a great ventriloquist when Akshay and Katrina reached in New York during shooting of the movie “Humko deewana kar gaye”. gas. our parents will surely forgive us. Verbal Ability 268 Vocabulary .

e. VERITY: any principle or belief about world. Verti+ go…. Verb+iage…relate verb with words. director. VERTIGO: feeling dizziness and fear. very near to the moment when somebody does something or something happens. and of losing balance. a girl used to eat fresh and green apple from her teeth VERGE: border of edge. Round table conferences were used to be based on genuine. Preeti Zinta decided to go vertically up above Kutubminar. Appearance of being true or real VERITABLE:genuine. VERTEX: highest point. Ver+tex… tex sounds as tax Tax laid down by the Indian government is reaching its highest point. As soon as she reached its top she started feeling dizzy and feared of losing her balance. or of more difficult words than are needed VERBOSE: using or containing more words than are needed. the little girl was on the verge of tears. that is accepted as true can be expressed in variety of ways as the truth. actual and real facts. Verb+ose…relate verb with word.VERBIAGE: The use of too many words. life etc. Any principle or belief about world. producer. VERSATILE: able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities. Something which is very similar or seeming to be true VERISIMILITUDE:appearance of being true or real.table is the keyword. Ver+satile…relate satile with style. Aamir Khan has a unique personality that`s why he is able to adapt to many different activities i. or of more difficult words than are needed. It`s getting difficult for common man pay those taxes. acting. VERDANT: green and fresh. Verbal Ability 269 Vocabulary . The Government’s Lok Pal Bill has statements that are using or containing more words that are needed. Verisimilar sounds as very similar. Veri+similitude…Meaning is same as verisimilar. VERNACULAR: the language or dialect spoken by the ordinary people of a country or region. Obvious After being scolded by her father. Relate verdant with Vicco Vagradanti. real Veri+ table….relate verti with vertical. top. In the advertisement of Vicco Vagradanti. The use of too many words. actual. VERISIMILAR:something which is very similar or seeming to be true. Verna+cular……cular sounds as cooler Cooler is spoken as cular in a small village of South Africa. life etc that is accepted as true Relate verity with variety. This is a different language that is spoken by the ordinary people of South Africa.

Vicari sounds as bhikari(beggar)(in Hindi). Ver (in Hindi)( Bridegroom) is full of energy.. VILIFY: speak evil of or write unpleasant things about any one.. Vex sounds as wax (hair removing cream). say or write unpleasant things about someone so that people will have low opinion about him. irritate. VIE: compete eagerly with others in order to do or achieve something. VICISSITUDE: a type of attitude which causes change of circumstances or fortune typically for the worse. Wax cream makes Kareena annoyed or irritate because it is very sticky. enthusiasm or excitement on the day of his marriage. Ver+ve…relate Ver with ver(in Hindi)( Bridegroom).Vil sounds as will. rather than by doing it yourself Vicari+ous…. VIABLE: able to be done. Arundhati Roy said that she will never speak evil or write unpleasant things about any one VINDICATE:clear of blame or suspicion by evidence or argument. feasible or practical VIAND: an item of food Viand sounds as “wine and”.VERVE:enthusiasm or excitement. Freedom Fighter Chandra Shekhar Azad`s prestige didn`t allow him to stop. VIGOR: good physical strength and health. He fought till the smallest amount of courage was still left with him. VEX: annoyed or worried. capable of maintaining life Vi+able…able is the keyword. Vie sounds as why. After watching Shilpa Shetty`s figure. feasible or practical. Why our cricket team perform well in the World Cup? They have motivation to compete eagerly with others in order to do or achieve something. clear of suspicion etc. Verbal Ability 270 Vocabulary . Vin+dicate……Vin sounds as win.Viciss sounds as Vishesh(in Hindi) aviciss(or vishesh) is a type of attitude which causes change of circumstances or fortune typically for the worse. VIGILANT: very careful to notice any signs of trouble or danger Obvious Vigilance team used to come in class during Board Exams. Combination of wine and an item of Mexican food make it delicious. rather than by doing it himself. Viciss+attitude…. Sanjay Dutt finally wins his case and he is now clear of blame or suspicion. Vigor rhymes as figure. VESTIGE: the smallest amount Vestige rhymes as prestige (honor).. VICARIOUS: felt or experienced by watching or reading about sb else doing sth. Please avoid viciss(vishesh)(in Hindi) attitude. A vicari (beggar)(in Hindi) felt or experienced of working in a company by watching his son doing a job. Vil+ify…. Able to be done. you could say that she has good physical strength and health.

When Viru aka Virendra Sehwag is in form he is extremely severe or harmful in its effects against opponent team. VIRILE: one’s having strength.Vir sound as Ver(in Hindi) (Bridegroom). Obvious Virus infection needs to be placed in perspective. VINTER: seller of wine. VISCID:sticky or glutinous (like a glue) consistency. too small to be seen without a microscope that causes infectious disease in people. Relate viscid with viscous. Viru+lent…. VIRTUAL: almost or very nearly the thing described. Obvious Ten years of incompetent government had brought about the virtual collapse of the country's economy. Australian Hockey team started harming or upsetting Indian hockey team members that show a strong or unreasoning desire for revenge. In the Rakhi ka Swanvar. energy and strong sex drive. Rakhi wanted to choose someone as her ver(in Hindi)(Bridegroom) who is highly skilled. Obvious Jawaharlal Nehru was a visionary statesman. revengeful. VIRULENT:extremely severe or harmful in its effects. Ver(Bridegroom) before marriage try to show high moral standards or attitude with his Vadhu(in Hindi)(Bride). Verbal Ability 271 Vocabulary . animals and plants. who was instrumental for the progress of India. energy and strong sex drive. VIRTUOSO:highly skilled or a person with special knowledge of art Vir+tuoso…vir sounds as ver(in Hindi) (Bridegroom)…relate tuoso with choose. Vinter sounds as winter A wine-seller. Obvious Fevicol is viscous liquid used to stick woods. sells a lot of wine in winter.Chapter – 62 VINDICTIVE: a strong or unreasoning desire for revenge. VISIONARY:original and showing ability to think about or plan the future with great imagination and intelligence. Salman Khan played a role of man having strength. Vir+tue…. in the final match. Fevicol has sticky or glutinous (like a glue) consistency VISCOUS:thick and sticky. Vir+ile…Vir is the key word…relate vir with movie Veer (in Hindi) In the movie ‘Veer’. VIRTUE:behavior or attitude showing high moral standards.Relate Viru with Viru aka Virendar Sehwag. VIRUS:a living thing. tending to seek revenge Vin+dictive……Vin sounds as win. In the movie Chak de India.

he preferred revital to make him feel lively and full of energy. Vivek Oberoi`s girlfriend is attractively lively and cheerful. We know that nature of volatile gas is to change rapidly and unpredictably.VITAL: full of energy Relate Vital with Revital (an energy tablet). Vora+cious…relate Vora with political leader Motilal Vora. Barrack Obama gave a valuable talk in volume (in large amount) about U. Relate volatile with volatile gases. VOGUE:fashion Vogue rhymes as Provogue. VOLATILE:to change rapidly and unpredictably. VIVACIOUS:attractive specially women or girl. Vitu+operative…Vitu is the keyword Vitu is a doctor during operation Vitu use bitter and abusive language to get things done. VITRIOLIC:bitter criticism or hatred. Before Dheeru Bhai died. Verbal Ability 272 Vocabulary . he filled with bitter criticism or hatred and killed her. Khali ate lot of burgers before a fight which reduce or spoil his strength. VITIATE: to spoil or reduce. Viva+cious…Relate Viva with Vivek. VITUPERATIVE:bitter and abusive language. he gave both of his son a voucher and tell the mantras of his success as a privilege. an alcoholic guy asking for more alcohol. Viti+ate…ate is the keyword. Voluble sounds as combination of volume and valuable. Provogue garments are in fashion again. Motilal Vora (former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh) eats a large amount of food when he is hungry. Whenever Ajay Devgan got tired. VOLUMINOUS:large in volume or large amount of something Volum+inous…. Indian Volleyball Team coach has the power to include a player or remove a player using his own will. especially as a privilege Vouch+safe…Relate Vouch with voucher. offer or tell something to somebody. Something large in volume or large amount of something VORACIOUS:wants or eats a large amount of food. Vitriolic rhymes as alcoholic. In the movie No one killed Jessica. Voli+tion……Voli sounds as volley (volleyball). VOUCHSAFE:to give. when Jessica didn’t gave him he couldn’t control his feelings. VOLITION:faculty or power of using ones will.S economy which is very valuable for the market leaders. VOLUBLE:a valuable talk.Volum sounds as Volume.

They always speak at length in an uninteresting manner. WAIVE:choose not to ask questions. a farmer’s wife gave birth to a child who appears very thin or poorly nourished. Politicians before the election are full of promises but nothing useful. sand. W + angle…angle is the keyword. After buying Mercedes. When ner-naari(man and women)(people) gets old they become weak and can be easily hurt physically and emotionally. WAIF:a child appears very thin or poorly nourished. In the movie Jab pyar kisi se hota hai. even though they have official right to do so. WANDERLUST:strong desire to travel Wander + lust (strong desire)…wander sounds as wonder. water to keep cool or for pleasure etc. Verbal Ability 273 Vocabulary . In the movie Ab tak Chappan. WANGLE:to get something that somebody wants by persuading someone by clever plan. Relate waif with wife. Relate wonder with wonderful. WAFFLE:speak or write at length in an uninteresting manner. Amitabh has strong desire to travel and go to a wonderful place with his wife Jaya. In the country Somalia. Wa+ffle…relate ffle with full. Udit Narayan gargle his throat to avoid singing in unsteady or not very steady way. it was a sexually immoral behavior. Salman played a role of young man who wanted to have many sexual partners. VULNERABLE:easily hurt physically and emotionally. WANE:less important Wane sounds as van…relate van with Maruti Van. Vul+ner+able…relate ner with ner-naari(in Hindi) (man and woman) (people). Inspector Nana Patekar changed his angle of asking question to a criminal to get something that Nana wants by persuading criminal by clever plan. even though they have official right to do so. to keep cool or for pleasure. During lecture of wave motion in an University by Newton. Waive sounds as wave. WALLOW:roll about in mud. W + allow…allow is the keyword.VOYEUR:one who obtains sexual pleasure from watching others when they are naked or engaged in sexual activity Voyeur sounds as wire…relate wire with wireless mobile. student choose not to ask questions. People use wireless mobile phones to make MMS in order to obtain sexual pleasure from watching others when they are naked or engaged in sexual activity. WARBLE:singing in unsteady or not steady way Warble rhymes as gargle. Maruti Van gets very less important for Siddhu Paaji. Shah Rukh Khan allows his dog to lie and roll about in water or mud. WANTON:sexually immoral behavior Want+on……Want is the keyword.

WASTREL:good for nothing Relate wastrel with waste. Verbal Ability 274 Vocabulary . Waylay rhymes as Pele (a great football player). Aamir Khan is very cautious before choosing a movie. he was stopped by few people especially in order to talk or attack him. In the movie Masti. Their wife’s realizes that they are good for nothing. WHIFF:puff of smoke. In the movie ‘Ghajini’.. WEAN:to gradually stop feeding a baby or young animal with its mother milk and start feeding it solid food. Gautam Gambhir made very small amount of runs in his starting matches but in the final match he almost hit a century against Sri-Lanka.WARRANTED:authorized or justified Relate warranted with warranty If a shopkeeper gives you warranty of two years on your Onida TV. WAX:become larger or stronger Wax is used for hair removal..Will and full are the keywords. Once Pele going home after practice.. Aftab wastes a lot of money and time on girls. WILLFUL:intentionally or deliberately. When a women stop feeding a baby with its mother milk and start feeling it solid food it means he/she is now a grown up child. W+hit…hit is the keyword. In a movie. Women use wax cream when the hair becomes larger and stronger. odor. WEATHER:the condition of the atmosphere at a particular place and time Obvious People see Weather Forecast of each city on News channel. Gauri said to Sharukh. Will + ful..relate Whim with Vim New advertisement of Vim Bar is unusual and not serious in a way that is anmusing WHIT:a very small amount. WELT:mark Welt rhymes as belt. Vivek. it means it is authorized or justified WARY:cautious Wary sounds as very. she will go back to her mother`s home. WHIMSICAL:unusual and not serious in a way that is either amusing or annoying. Wh+iff……iff sounds as if. Amrish Puri thrashed his daughter’s boy friend with a belt that he got a mark on the skin where belt was hit. if he took anymore puff of smoke in her room. he decided that he will kill Ghajini because he murdered his girlfriend intentionally or deliberately. WAYLAY:stop by people especially in order to talk or attack. air etc. Aamir Khan was full of anger. Whim+sical…. During World Cup. Wean rhymes as mean.

Wil sounds as will. Verbal Ability 275 Vocabulary . and willing to trick people. Wil+y….WILY:clever at getting what you want. and willing to trick people. James Bond is a person had a strong will power. He is very clever at getting what he wants.

Wis+tful……Wis sounds as wish. Many Parents withdraw the name of their daughters from because she was feeling unusually shy or reserved. someone was looking very pleasant and attractive. Rekha’s all hopes became less or weaker. Very Less intelligent or we can say stupid or silly WITTICISM:quick and inventive humor. Fans of Michael Jackson wish and would like to see him performing live but now they are sad because they can no longer see him. Wit+less……less is the key word. Verbal Ability 276 Vocabulary . she is famous for her quick and inventive humor. When India wins the World Cup.Chapter – 63 WINCE:feeling pain or embarrassment. we know that farmers still blow air through grain in order to remove its outer covering. With + her…. WINNOW:to blow air through grain in order to remove its outer covering Winnow sounds as “we know”. Win + some…. it shows that he is strong enough to be hurt or damaged by extreme conditions. With+hold…hold is the keyword A mother holds her child very tightly. WINSOME:attractive and pleasant. In India.Win is the keyword. WITHSTAND:Strong enough to be hurt or damaged by extreme conditions. Name of new girl friend of Shahid kapoor is Witti. Witti+cism…Witty is the keyword. show bodily or mental pain or distress by slight start or loss of composure. WITHDRAWN:unusually shy or reserved Relate withdrawn with withdraw (move back). Wince sounds as wins. Kumar Sangakarra suddenly had an expression on his face that shows that he is feeling pain or embarrassment. Rani Mukherjee was not able to reach top of the tree to get fruit but suddenly fruit blew from that tree by the wind. when Amitabh chooses to go with Jaya not with her (Rekha). WITHER:to become less or weaker. his dream came true that day.. refuse to grant. WITLESS:stupid or silly. With + stand…with is the keyword. In the Final match Dhoni took lead and played well with other batsmen. WINDFALL:fruit blown from a tree by the wind. WISTFUL:sad about something that someone would like to have.her is the keyword. and that someone was Sachin. especially something in the past that he can no longer have. Wind + fall……Wind is the keyword. it means she refuses to give her son/daughter to a stranger. WITHHOLD:refuse to give something to someone. The moment India wins the World Cup..

WORLDLY:concerned with material affairs rather than spiritual ones. magician O. WRY:showing that you are both amused and disappointed or annoyed. How funny it will look when a rat (Mickey Mouse) shows his extreme anger against a cat. WRANGLE:quarrel. China. Wr+angle…angle is the keyword. Raju Srivastava explained it that she was actually a packet of trouble. WRATH:extreme anger W+rat+h…rat is the keyword.P. WOE:trouble. Remember the song. Japan etc and earn in currency dollars. Xeno+phobia……Xeno is the Shahid Kapoor’s new girlfriend Xeno didn’t want to come to India because she has a strong feeling of dislike or fear of peopl e from other is the key word. World+ly…World is the keyword. he earns his living by working on his land. YIELD:produce. nazar mila ke jaan le gayi jo’. When wise people like Albert Einstein. Obvious A chicken yields an egg. their skin gets smaller and having many folds. Different newspapers explained the chaos between Harbhajan and Sreesanth in a different angle. yen etc. Do you know that Yeoman is the brother of Superman. Verbal Ability 277 Vocabulary . ‘Wo kaun thi. Wry rhymes as cry Cry (disappointed) and laugh (amused) are two faces of emotion. Yeo+man…. Indians have strong desire to work in US. get old. Newton. WIZENED:when person gets old his skin gets smaller and having many folds Wize+ned……Wize sounds as wise. In India. Things related with world (material affairs) rather than spiritual things. Sharma has great skill in magic. Woe sounds as wo( in Hindi)(he or she).WIZARDRY: great skill in a particular field Wizard+ry……Wizard rhymes as lizard. YEN:Strong desire Yen is also currency of Japan. he can convert a man into a lizard. WONT:in the habit of doing something Wont sounds as want Rani Mukherji did not want to get in the habit of sleeping late in the morning. but when both the emotion or feelings are mixed it`s called wry. YEOMAN:A man who worked on his land. XENOPHOBIA:strong feeling of dislike or fear of people from other countries.

YOKEL:someone who don’t have much education or understanding of modern life. ZEPHYR:gentle breeze Ze + phyr…phyr sounds as fire. Zen is at top or at peak in sales of small car. Poor people living in villages don’t have much education or understanding of modern life. Yokel rhymes as Kam Akal (in Hindi). ZEALOT:person who shows excessive zeal Zeal+lot…lot and zeal is the keywords In the movie Gadar. Fire can be made bigger by use of gentle breeze. Verbal Ability 278 Vocabulary . YORE:long ago Y + ore…ore is the key word. ZANY:someone start behaving in a strange or unusual or amusing way Z + any…any is the key word. After watching comedy movies like Hera Pheri or Andaz Apna Apna anyone could start behaving in a strange or unusual or amusing way ZEAL: enthusiasm Zeal rhymes as meal. Meal gives us large amount of energy or enthusiasm to work. Few years back or long ago India used to be the highest producer of iron ore. Sunny Deol shows excessive or lot of zeal ZENITH:peak or top Zen+ith …Zen is the brand of a Car. they are treated as Kam Akal(in Hindi).

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