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Pulseira da Amizade muito original – Demora apenas alguns minutos a fazer. Material • • • • • • Fita de Pano Colorida Tesoura Velcro Autocolante (compra em tira e corta em pequenos rectangulos) Cola Tudo (opcional) Etiquetas Brancas em Papel Caneta ou Marcador Tempo: menos de 30 minutos COMO FA E!" Para cada pulseira# medir e cortar a $ita do taman%o do pulso e mais um &ocadin%o para so&rep'r as pontas( )o&ra a pontin%a da $ita de um dos lados e cola uma das metades do Velcro( Ver a $otogra$ia( t%en $lip o*er t%e ri&&on# $old do+n t%e end# and attac% t%e ot%er %al$ o$ t%e Velcro( Add a drop o$ glue under eac% piece o$ Velcro i$ needed (depends on t%e ri&&on and Velcro used)( . it to t%e inside o$ t%e &racelet( .( Cut t%e la&el to $it (i$ necessar-)# +rite a message on it# t%en stic.

Colored +ire (+e used 223gauge) 0cissors Pencil . ome girls paint their names on one side and their !est friend"s on the other.13 mem&ers A variation on the age-old nature necklace.Close / 0end to Printer Rock Necklaces • • !ated &. and wear them as a proclamation of their un!reaka!le !ond. these wire-wrapped pendants are fun for kids to trade. Materials • • • • A small roc.

73inc%3long piece o$ +ire and +rap t%e +ire around t%e roc. at t%e center o$ a .e9cess +ire( 3( To $inis%# t%read a nec.• • 4eedle3nose pliers Colored leat%er cord Total Time #eeded: . 5our 6nstructions .reat Camp Cra$ts and .ames .not t%e ends( !eturn to : . a $e+ times to secure it( 2( T+ist toget%er t%e ends# t%en +rap t%e t+ist around a pencil to $orm a loop( 8se pliers to close t%e loop# t%en cut o$$ an.lace3lengt% piece o$ leat%er cord t%roug% t%e loop and .( Place t%e roc.

Mod Podge 0par.( Cut out a card&oard triangle +it% a .le Paint&rus% > $eet o$ clear elastic cord Total Time #eeded: A$ternoon Or E*ening 6nstructions .e+ers . swank% !racelets that cost ne&t to nothing to make.Magazine Bead Bracelet $ec%cle old catalogs and magazines into stretch%. Materials • • • • • • • • Card&oard !uler Old catalogs and maga<ines =ooden s.lue stic.3inc% &ase t%at is > inc%es %ig%( 8se it as a template to cut 30 to 37 triangles $rom color$ul maga<ine and catalog pages( .

not t%em multiple times and trim( . t%roug% t%e $irst &ead# t%en .2( To ma.e+er and roll t%e ne9t one &eside it( =%en t%e s.e+er is $ull and t%e &eads are dr-# slide t%em o$$ o$ t%e stic.e+er# t%en glue do+n its tip( ?ea*e t%e &ead on t%e s.le and let t%e &eads dr-( 3( To assem&le t%e &racelet# t%read one &ead onto t%e center o$ t%e cord( Add t%e ne9t &ead# as s%o+n# t%reading one end o$ t%e elastic t%roug% eac% end o$ t%e &ead( Pull t%e elastic tig%t( Continue adding &eads in t%is +a-# tig%tening and straig%tening t%em as -ou go# until t%e &racelet is long enoug% to stretc% around -our c%ild@s +rist( Feed t%e remaining lengt%s o$ elastic &ac.e a &ead# tig%tl.( Brus% on a t%in la-er o$ Mod Podge 0par.roll one triangle (&ase to point) around a s.

these fa!ulous rings and !racelets should do the trick.A3 and 213gauge cra$t +ire Beads (+e used seed &eads# &ugle &eads# and rocaille &eads# all a*aila&le at cra$t stores) Pliers Total Time #eeded: .Bedazzling Beaded Jewelry Turn &eads and +ire into $as%iona&le rings and &racelets 'f %our child wants to add some pizzazz to her wardro!e.32 5ours 6nstructions . Materials • • • • 0cissors . The% make great gifts for friends too.

B1 inc% $rom t%e end o$ t%e +ire# &end o*er t%e end o$ t%e +ire# lea*ing some room $or t%e &eads to mo*e( T%en +ind t%e &eaded +ire around a pen# mar.B2 to<ed round o&Cect# suc% as a card&oard tu&e or a rolling pin( .er# or ot%er round item to s%ape t%e ne+ ring( 3( (or a !racelet.B1 inc% o$ t%e +ire at one end# t%en string on t%e &eads( 2( =%en t%e &eads are a&out . use a piece o$ t%e .A3gauge +ire (ours +as . cut a >3 to A3inc% lengt% o$ t%e 213gauge +ire( 8se t%e pliers to &end o*er .: inc%es long) and rocaille &eads( T%en +rap t%e string o$ &eads around an appropriatel.( (or each ring.

rather than -ute.2 mem&ers The groov% macram) ' remem!er from *+ %ears ago is !ack in force. it looks earth% and cool.oven from sleek hemp twine.Bar&ara !o+le• • !ated &.. Bracelets 5omemade camp cra$ts $rom Famil-Fun &. it also makes a perfect !racelet for a !est pal. And. when strung with !eads .e a &racelet# -ou need t+o strands o$ %emp# one t+ice as long as t%e ot%er( (T%e lengt%s +ill depend on t%e %emp@s +idt%# &ut a >03 .either store!ought or made from seeds and shells/. WHAT YOU'LL NEED: 5emp cord# scissors# tape# &eads and &uttons( HOW IT'S DONE: .(To ma. . and ' must admit ' prefer this reincarnation.Close / 0end to Printer Macramé.

e9tra %emp( CAMP CRAFTER'S TIP: A $un *ariation on t%e &asic .not( To continue# simpl.ids@ +rists() Fold eac% strand in %al$( 5old t%e t+o midpoints toget%er and tie a loop +it% t%em( 5ang t%e loop o*er a nail or tape it to a &oard( Dou s%ould no+ %a*e $our strandsE put t%e s%orter t+o in t%e middle( 2(?a.e a t+isted &racelet( To do t%is# don@t alternate $rom outside strand to outside strand( 6nstead# ma.e t%e num&er $our)# t%en under t%e rig%t outside strand( 3( Bring t%e outside rig%t strand under t%e middle t+o strands and up t%roug% t%e loop o$ t%e $our( Pull t%e ends o$ t%e outside strands tig%t( T%is is t%e &asic .and a 303inc% lengt% s%ould $it most . li.not eac% strand end and snip o$$ an.not( =%en -our &racelet is done# slip a $our3%oled &utton onto t%e $our strands (one strand in eac% %ole)# t%en .not starting +it% t%e same outside strand e*er.not is to ma.alternate t%e side $rom +%ic% -ou start t%e .not( 1( To add a &ead# slip it onto t%e middle t+o strands# t%en tie t%e .time( Dour +ea*ing +ill t+ist around in a spiral( .t%e le$t outside strand o*er t%e middle t+o strands (it s%ould loo.e -our .

lace c%ain .pliers 4ec.: mem&ers 0our child will love having these colorful creations hanging around.Close / 0end to Printer Bead Buddies • • !ated &. she can easil% craft an entire collection of one-of-a-kind -ewelr% pieces. Materials • • • • • Beads C%arms . And with countless design possi!ilities.auge +ire Fe+elr..

Total Time #eeded: .pliers to .onto a c%ain $or a nec.eep t%e &eads in place( For arms# t+ist a 13inc% piece o$ +ire around t%e &od-# Cust &elo+ t%e %ead( T%read on &eads# t%en trim and curl t%e +ire ends( Finall-# string t%e &ead &udd.( To ma. 5our 6nstructions .03inc% piece o$ 213 gauge +ire in %al$# t+isting a loop in t%e middle $or a %anger( T%read &eads and c%arms onto &ot% sections at t%e same time $or a %ead and &od-# t%en separate t%e sections and add more &eads and c%arms to eac% one to create t%e legs( Trim t%e ends# i$ needed# t%en curl t%em +it% Ce+elr.lace( .e one# $irst $old a .

ing paper 0cissors Pus%pin 213gauge +ire Pipe cleaner 2 seed &eads (+e used si<e >B0 E) . a pon%tail charm. a pin.Close / 0end to Printer Mini Pinwheel Charm • • !ated &. or even a shoelace decoration. Materials • • • • • • 23inc% square o$ color$ul scrap&oo..3 mem&ers Put a fanciful spin on %our summer st%le with a paper pinwheel that can !e donned as a twirling ring.

+ise# t%read t%e +ire t%roug% t%e %oles in t%e paper points# &eing care$ul not to crease t%e paper( 1( 0lide anot%er seed &ead onto t%e +ire( Trim t%e +ire .3inc% slits at eac% corner o$ t%e paper square( 8se a pus%pin to po.B2 inc% a&o*e t%e &ead and use pliers to t+ist it into a small circle to %old t%e &ead in place( .ing countercloc.e 7 %oles in t%e square# as s%o+n( 2( =rap t%e middle o$ a 13inc% piece o$ +ire around t%e center o$ a 13inc% section o$ pipe cleaner and t+ist t%e dou&led +ire to secure it in place( Pus% t%e ends o$ t%e +ire t%roug% a seed &ead# t%en t%roug% t%e %ole in t%e center o$ t%e paper( 3( =or.( Cut .• 4eedle3nose pliers Total Time #eeded: 233 5ours 6nstructions .

7( =rap t%e pipe cleaner around -our c%ild@s $inger and t+ist t%e ends toget%er to secure it( =rap t%e e9cess pipe cleaner lengt% around t%e ring# or trim t%e ends( >( top o$ a pencil( 6nstead o$ +earing it# +rap t%e pin+%eel around t%e .

s . .ant a few more ros% design ideas1 2eaf through a seed catalog or wildflower field guide for (optional) Cra$t glue Pin &ac. out Magic Ca&in) )isappearing $a&ric mar.G mem&ers These colorful corsages !loom %ear-round. Materials • • • • 0ti$$ $elt (a*aila&le at cra$t storesE $or a +ide selection o$ colors# c%ec.Close / 0end to Printer Felt Flower Pins • • !ated &.

32 5ours 6nstructions .s%apes $rom t%e $elt# c%oosing designs and colors t%at la-er nicel-( (Tip" use a disappearing $a&ric mar.• )ecorations# suc% as seed &eads and &uttons (optional) Total Time #eeded: .( For eac% pin# use scissors to cut t+o to $our $ to s. and glue toget%er t%e $elt pieces# t%en glue t%e corsage to its pin( For e9tra $lair# em&ellis% -our pin +it% &eads or a &utton( .etc% t%e s%apes $irst() 2( 0tac.