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Recording the Indemnity Bond is a major part of the UCC/Secured Party Creditor Filings. Many people ask if it is a Requirement to have this "process" completed before engaging in any attempts to discharge debts. I do not have a for certain answer, but this section here gives you my oppinion, and also attempts to help you understand exactly WHY one may wish to have the Indemnity Bond on Record and how it relates to A4V's (Bankers Acceptances) Secured Party Indemnity Bond and Discharging Debts.doc After reading the this article, hopefully the videos below will make more sense to you. PART ONE - September 12, 2012 update - TEX ATTEMPTING TO DISCHARGE THE TRUE BILL associated downloads: Discharge of Indictment (Avaialable for download in premium membership area) Secured Party Indemnity Bond and Discharging Debts.doc (Avaialable for download in premium membership area) UCC-1 Financing Statement /Public Debt (Avaialable for download in premium membership area) PART TWO - October 5, 2012 update - TEX DEALING WITH DISHONOR OF TENDER AND MAKING SPECIAL APPEARANCE The Tender (PART ONE) was dishonored as may happen sometimes. As a result it is necessary to put Trustee (clerk) in Default. While this occurs we still need to address any summons are attempts to bring us into the public to be subject to the proceedings. If we do not show up, then we will be found in contempt. If we do show up, we risk being subject to the GAMES and VIOLATION of our rights. Thus, we only make special appearances, and I only do special appearances in writing.

pdf .October X.pdf [Avaialable for download in premium membership area] Default and Dishonor w/ Opportunity to cure. 2012 update .TEX NEEDS TO SEND THE EVIDENCE OF DISHONOR TO THE TREASURY FOR IMMEDIATE DISCHARGE PART FIVE . 2012 update . TEX REPORTS FINANCIAL FRAUD TO TREASURY AND OTHER FEDERAL AGENCIES PART SEVEN .pdf ARE YOU LOST AT SEA.pdf This document was used to put the Transaction into Public Reocred(public debt) [Available for download in premium subscription area] Pay particular attention to my notes at the bottom of the document.associated downloads: Affidavit of Special Appearance. These are the basis from which the Clerk (for failing to perform her obligations) will be added to one of my several adjoined cross-claims. Bill of Exchange Act. 2012 update .pdf 13332899-Why-We-Are-in-the-Admiralty-Jurisdiction.October X.PDF UNCITRAL IBOE IBPN convention.TEX FILES CROSS CLAIM WITHIN THE ADMIRALTY against multiple debtors and defendants .TEX NEEDS TO MAKE SPECIAL APPEARANCE DURING ARAIGNMENT (avoiding failure to appear) PART FOUR .TEX SENDS EVIDENCE OF DISHONOR TO JUDGE and NOTICE TO SETOFF ACCOUNT PART SIX . 2012 update . COMING SOON PART THREE .October X.IF MATTER IS NOT DISCHARGED. 2012 update .pdf Bond to Discharge Debt.doc [Avaialable for download in premium membership area] UCC-1 Financing Statement.October X.October X.

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