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'Weie man

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By John Johnson
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Impression of 192?
First edition^ 1882















647 64$








652 662






A Concise

Etymological Dictionary of the English Language



published in 1882, and, after passing through several editions, appeared in 1901 in a new form, so largely re-arranged and re-written as to become, practically, a new book.



of 1901 has now been again


corrections have been made, chiefly due to the


and numerous light which has


been thrown upon some woids by the advance of the publication of New English Dictionary, and by the appearance of new works

upon etymology. Among the latter I may especially instance the Lalemisches Etymologisches Worterluch by Dr. Alois Walde, published




CAMBRIDGE, Dec., 1910.


edition of



Concise Etymological Dictionary of the

English Language* was published

1882, and


has since passed

through several editions.


successive edition contained several corrections



order that the work might be, to some extent, brought up to


Meanwhile, numerous and important contributions have been made, by many writers, to the study of Indo - germanic philology; more exact methods of analysing phonetic changes have been
adopted, and important advances have been





Such works as Kluge's Etymological Dictionary of German, Franck's Etymological Dictionary of Dutch, Godefroy's Dictionary of Old French, the Modern French Dictionary by Hatzfeld and Darmesteter, in addition to other highly important books such as the Comparative


contributed to a

of the Indo-germanic languages by Brugmann, have all much clearer and more exact view of the science of

Hence the time has come when partial comparative philology. emendations of my Concise Dictionary, however diligently made, have (as I fear) failed to keep pace \\ith the requirements of
present day; and I have accordingly rewritten the book from beginning to end, making improvements in nearly every article, whilst at the same time introducing into the body of the work


which have hitherto necessarily been relegated to a conThe result is less a new edition increasing Supplement.

than a

new book.

Since the year 1882 above-mentioned, a great advance has been made in English lexicography. An entirely new edition of Webster


in 1890,

and The Century Dictionary, of which the publication


in 1891.

was begun in 1889, was completed

In both of these works


name appears

in the


List of Authorities cited

expressly mentioned except in But the chief the writer preferred not to risk an opinion of his own. event during this period has been the publication of The New English Dictionary on Historical Principles, the unique value of

seldom cases of considerable difficulty, where







general public.

now The


little understood and respected by the part of this great national work appeared



chief difference

between the second and

later editions of


Concise Etymological Dictionary and the present one can now be The former editions were mainly reproduced from readily explained. the first edition, at a time when, from the nature of the case, little

help could be had from the works above-mentioned, owing to the that they either did not exist or could not be much utilised.


in the present

most important

work, I have endeavoured to glean from them all results. The work has been collated with the

Century Dictionary throughout, and with the New English Dictionary from A to H (excepting a small portion of G). I have endeavoured to make good use of Kluge, Franck, Brugmann, and other authorities and have gladly adopted a large number of corrections. In




now marked









words, as this often throws



upon Romance

And in many cases where the result is tolerably certain phonology. I have given the primitive types of Teutonic and even of Indo-germanic words.
I endeavoured, by help of cross-references, words under a more Thus arrange primitive form. re-cite and resus-ctt-ate all given under were Cite. ex-cite, in-cite^ But experience has shewn that this endeavour was more ambitious than practical, often causing needless delay and trouble. Hence the viz. an has been here only truly practical order, alphabetical one,


former editions,


adopted, so that the required word can


be found at once.


have pretwo one Latin and of Greek of one which account lists, words, pared for a large number of derivatives. These will be found in the
III, at pp. 632 and 644. Appendix, I have much pleasure in mentioning two more circumstances by which I have been greatly assisted and encouraged. Some few years

in order to retain the chief advantages of the old plan, I




friend the Rev. A. L.

Mayhew was



as to



through every word of

the Concise Etymological Dictionary, hundreds of suggestions for improvement; and finally sent




They have all suggestions were entered. copy been carefully considered, and in a very large number of instances have been fully adopted. Again, while the revises were passing



through the press, they were read over by Mr. H. M. Chad wick, M.A., Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge, author of 'Studies in Old
English' published by the Cambridge Philological Society in 1899; and his exact knowledge of Indo-germanic phonology has been
I have only to add, in justice to suggestive of many improvements. these scholars, that they are not responsible for all the results here In some few cases I have held to my own preconceived given.
Still it was best that the final opinion ; perhaps not always wisely. form of each article should be left to the author's decision for the




then sure as to where he must lay any blame. articles which, in former editions, appeared

only in


Supplement have now been incorporated with the rest, so that the number of words now explained (in alphabetical order) amounts to

more than 12,750.
Considerable pains have been taken

ensure accuracy in the

printing of the forms cited ; and I have received much help from the care exercised by the press-reader. At the same time, I shall be

who will kindly send me a note of any error which he may detect. I have myself discovered, for example, that under the word Cemetery the Skt. fi is an error for the Skt. ft!
thankful to any reader
* ' '


few belated corrections appear at pp. 662-3.

As I frequently allude to the ordinary vowel-changes in the course of the work, I may note here those which are the most elementary and common. They deserve to be learnt by heart at once.

by the occurrence of an

most usual vowel-change




or/ (which often disappears by a subsequent contraction of the word) in the following syllable. Owing to this, we

of bindan. to cause to bite/ the causal of t. Moreover. <?. our modern words Midland (or Old Wessex . Merc. may . . ie(y. the reader First referred to . <?. and a of abbreviations. substantives and secondary verbs are often formed from bases seen in the past tense singular. simply impossible. e\ u(y\ full. I refer to bind. note that most French substantives are derived from Latin accusatives and that to derive bounty is from bonitas (nom. pt. especially French. Example \-fyllan. list more important subjoin a key to the plan of the work. are in frequently find that the vowels. u. for *fulljan\ from/ull. whilst bundle By way as the ' derived from that which appears in the pp. S.). ie(y\ ie(y\ a. y. as arranged in changed into the corresponding vowels (1) (2) <z. Paget Toynbee's transIn particular. O. rather than from the infinitive mood. with the native. y. I lation of Brachet's Historical French Grammar. or past participle of a strong verb.x INTRODUCTION row (i) below. pass over the frequent formation of derivatives from the past tenses (singular or plural) bait. lit. ICELANDIC. is honor (nom. is Thus . to bite is beii. Icel. t. This language abounds in somewhat similar vowelBut we must not changes. beita.' Lastly. past tense plural. and the language. bund-en. English Etymology. to fill. eo. For fuller information. * and the past participles of strong verbs. of native origin belong rather to the dialect than to the 'Anglo-Saxon' or Mercian) to e) where the the ' weak grade. as regards the Romance languages. but very few of these appear in English. I and Second Series latter my Principles of the former deals chiefly elements of the with the foreign My Primer of English Etymology contains some of the facts. it must be borne in mind thai they are also subject to phonetic laws. ea. Thus band and bend are from the base seen in the A. ea. <?. the * prime grade/ to bandis second grade/ and to bund. u (0). and Old Mercian employs a (mutated has ea. eo. row (2). of distinction. eo. its form may be explained by the fact that the pt. band.). and sometimes e for A. These laws are sufficiently illustrated in Mr. S. 5. bila. or honour from Lat. of blta Again. to bind .

from. 2. Gk. and from early to earlier forms. G. It I therefore introduce this symbol + by way usual algebraical value of plus or additional \ and indicates 'additional information to be obtained from the comits has parison of cognate forms/ . more important form. from Mtdern High German ! of warning. such as unaneled. The other Teutonic forms. 3.e. Thus campaign is given under Camp. bita. bite is a purely English word. are numbered. viz. Syriac) in a French word derived from Latin whilst the the Latin is word being. bita. from Greek. The Words selected. + is employed to distinguish forms which are merely and are adduced merely by way of illustrating and confirming cognate. by means of or marks of parenthesis. from late to early. Language. its Thus Abbey . Thus.INTRODUCTION xi KEY TO THE GENERAL PLAN OF THE DICTIONARY. findere (base/*/-) and Skt. Dan. the etymology. bhid. and there are many singular Englishmen who are accustomed to derive English. (F. marked. Homonymous forms. be read as 'derived i. On this point. Definitions are omitted in the case of common words but explanations of original forms are added wherever they seemed to me to be necessary. turn.' Here the symbol is - is to . of all things. bijten. The language to which each word belongs letters within is distinctly in every case. are merely cognate and illustrative. is The order of derivation always upward or backward. Swed. The word-list contains nearly all primary words of most frequent occurrence. with a few others that are remarkably prominent in literature. derived from the bi tan. . viz. the Du. Words are given in their alphabetical but a few secondary derivatives are explained under some order. 4. such as bay (used mfive senses). there commonly exists the most confusion of ideas. to cleave. and the other IndoThe symbol germanic forms. L. Definitions. and cannon under Cane. bide. Anglo-Saxon Icel. beissen. Greek word of Syriac origin. Lat. Order of Words. i.

i. See also Devic's Sup. Du.. Indo-germanic read as 'root/ root.' ' more ' . as I have ascertained for myself by looking I have purposely used. the Symbols of Languages. Middle English (English from Diet.E. Dan Dan. as in Fen all and Repp . Derivatives. sian Arabic . The symbols. in one at least of which the be found. French. . In some cases. The exact sense of each symbol is easily accessible authorities. act-we. Arab. 1821. (2nd ed. dial . Breton. under Act. &c. Most of the forms cited Irish.. Anglo-Saxon as in the dictionby Bosworth and Toller. or Sewel (1754). the thirteenth to the fifteenth centuries inclusive). the all out. is Some of these roots are illustrated by the 7. < means younger than/ or primitive than derived from. Danish 1861. as far as was practicable. M. . Schmeller's . to be Thus bear. E. new edition.Cotgrave's Dictionary. but from Cot. list below. Grundriss der .. E. gleichenden Grammatik. Danish dialects as in . introduce forms related to the primary word. and Grein laiies edited by T. Diet.. as in Legonidec's Bret veri.= French. word them most to certain books. Hexham as in . Johnson 1829. are not precisely modern French. D. Ettin the Vocabumuller. . .XH INTRODUCTION The symbol > ' means ' older than. Thus. English Texts. so as to baffle the enquirer who wishes to find the words referred to. Bavarian Bavar. 1891. Old English F. 1897. and has reference cited may given in the 6. Bayerisches 1837Bret. ed. &c. vol.. used to Derivatives.' or l symbol 5. as in Williams' Diet. vol. are not used in their usual vague sense. . such as F. LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS. Middle Dutch words are from Oudemans. Dutch. Wright and Prof. Welsh. ii. Every symbol has a special sense. aries Littre's F. Cornish. C.}. Brugmann. which cause no difficulty. I note such derivatives as act-ion. Worterbuch 1827- (New English Dictionary) the Century Dictionary. Hoots. as in Richardson's Perand Arabic Diet. to carry. in III of the Appendix. The symbol Der. . and in Breton . lists is from \/BHER. Diet. a word is traced back to its original The root is denoted by the symbol */. ed. Cornish .. Modern English (1658). 1841. 1865. and in Sweet's Oldest Wulker . S.~ Celtic used as a general term for . 1889-90.e. Corn.Gaelic. F. Molbech. plement to A. as in Calisch and in the Tauchnitz Dutch Diet. as in N. as in Stratxnann's Brugm.

such as F. Glossary as in Forbes. see the dic- under G. Swedish dialects. languages which includes Sanskrit.. Torriano. Latin. as tionaries M. German Low G. Dutch. buch. F. being mostly modern. E. 1688 . Greek as in Liddell and Scott's . as in . or Roquefort. Provenal as Hind. Norw. Xlll This accounts for citation . in the Tauchnitz Diet. . Diet. accents Mex. H. . Rietz (1867). in Middle High German. and Florio. Altdeutsches Worteras in Persian as in Richardson's Arab. 1887-9. as in Lewis and Short. above. O. or . Gael. German. 1857 Irish . Greek. Malay. Irish. O. Diet. fusson. by Lexicon. Hebrew as in Gesenius' Diet. Welsh. see under E. Fries. the Diet. used as a general Icelandic as in Cleasby and Vig- term for Icelandic. H. see under . in Palmer's Pers. Notes by C. Sax. edition of Ducange . G. 1851. or Macbain. Icel. in Raynouard's Bartsch's Lexique Roman. . Terms. as in O'Reilly. 1857. Neupersische in Gk. Dewar. by L. Scand. the F.... Span. and Norwegian. Ital. Etymologic. 1812. . 1886. of Indian Kuss.) Lith. . 1608. ed. H. Old Slavonic. or in Late L. Old the and Pers. and Chrestomathie Proven9ale. Low G. or Hindustani Wilson's . 1866. . O. . 1866-1876.. . . English. Such words are usually maiked M. Moeso . Scott Mexican as in the Diet. of non-Latin origin. Danish. 1893. Middle English. Peruvian as . Indo-germanic the family of Skt. Late Latin . Idg. G. as in Reiffs Diet. Heyne. Low German. W. Slav . Sanskrit . O.. Neumann.-~ Latin . dial. cf. Friesic. Vienna. Bate. same volume. G. as in Mik- as Pers. Minsheu. above. 1861. as Macleod and m Norwegian as in Aasen'b Norsk Ordbog. above. 1839. Teutonic as Widegren. 1873. Paris. Late L. as in Benfey's Diet. Portuguese. above. Schade. m . Bremen Worterbuch. Favre. Burguy. as in Vieyra. 1883. 1864. 1874. F. or in Oman. 1876 .- m the latest Swed. as in a general term for Gothic. of forms. M. Russian. H. Prov. Turkish . ed. Gon9ales. Horn. Gaelic . as in Spurrell. 1623. or High German . Italian as in Meadows. by . 1896. Swedish. Etym.G. G. Glossary. the &c. . Middle High German in O. recreation without accents . Goth. Old French. . . and Scandinavian. 1885. Old High German. 1 740 . Heb. See also the dictionaries Simeon. F. as in Nesselmann's English. 1882. Diet. P. (Middle French). O. Spanish . Lima. 1893. G. Scandinavian . Lithuanian .INTRODUCTION ed.. (Low L. as in the Heliand. above. M. Old Saxon .. 1767. 1876. Peruv. as in Zenker's Diet. by Godefioy.Gothic as in Balg's Port. as in Richthofen. 1840. Turk. 1862 Pineda. 1880. L. 1598. G. as in Flugel. cf. words Teut. As in Marsden's Diet. 1660. &c. Diet. 1884-7. Old French see under F. as Seaone. losich. by Hatzfeld and Littre.. Swedish . as Swed. Low German see under G.

meaning that conccdcre can be resolved into con. mean that the word was introduced . quod vide = which substantive. genitive case. see. str. s v. preposition. form bytel must have been ^ betel in Old Mercian. lit. pres. dimin. pt. literally. pi obably. >rob. or i6th century. id est. Shakespeare. trans. XVI. when because cap. berg are alike descended. infinitive Sh ak smg. past tense. obsolete. the root-syllable whereas. inf. nominative case. e. y. and under Beetle (2). cf. accusative case. 1 comp. orig pi. adv. is the primitive Teutonic form whence the A. frequent. diminutive. conjunction. part pres. This is merely intended to make matters by separating the various statements from each other. adjective. Thus. etymologically. This etymological division is often very different from that usually adopted in printed books when words have to be divided . it becomes ca-pa-ci-ous. the Teutonic type *bergoz. present tense. verb. of the Greek of the longer articles are marked off into sections by the use letters p. interj. strong verb. Notes at the end of an article are marked off by beginning with the symbol f XIV. confer. masculine. conj. transitive. con-cedere . frequentative. n. gen. Some clearer. feminine. or ma&c. pron. adj. e. or fern. Hyphens are freely Thus the introduced to shew the etymological division of a word.and cedere.XIV INTRODUCTION OTHER ABBREVIATIONS. a hill. t. ol)s. as cap-ac-i-ous. mood. Der. or neut. XV. beorg and the G. comparative. vb. the A. Theoretical forms are marked by an asterisk preceding them. or translation. f. prep. i5th. Bible. Chaucer. supeilative. neuter. sb. . A. present participle. m. interjection. singular. that is. pronoun. .. thus capacious can only be divided. sub verbo = under the word. pp. i. past participle. Ch. dat decl. adverb. dative case. v. Derivative. prov. tr. provincial. q. nom.translated. plural. in the i4th. Authorised Version of the i. S. ace. divided according to the pronunciation. 1611. S. t. dec! ensional . under Barrow (i).V. compare. . word concede is derived from Lat. stiperl. vb. original or originally.

a (as but A. e. heilen] but deed is from O. long <z (as made by Dr. <?. cognate with Goth. In Icelandic.E. A. that. short and long vowels. S. and corresponds to Goth. S. y or o and o> in Greek. deds> G.) has been carefully observed. are as distinct from each other as e and 17. heal is from A. S. . cognate with Goth. Merc. ded (Wessex ddd).INTRODUCTION The symbols "5 xv and ]> are both written for tS the sound of tk in thin^ and /h. and A.E. S. For example. G. ai\ Wessex sound corresponding to the Anglian and Kentish and to Goth. Thus the A. such as a and a. & invariably represents the mutation of A. The M. hailjan. S. hcflan. f> has that of th in that\ but the M. Sweet in his A. S. The distinction between the two values of A. symbol 5 commonly represents the beginning of a word. Diet. at symbols are confused. and gh in the middle. S. & represents the usual).S.

4. Hesen. A F. 2.-F. hulse. ' The lists given in this Section VI N. torctiom (Walcle).) XIV Low G. Scraggy. L. . Read afiaOhOai. adulatus. 11. For (F. 2. 1. 1. has this very form. 8. Falcon.n Adulation. last line. Read led. E. the following Errata have been observed. 1. witness 1. somewhat . Read late in the Teutonic origin. P.ADDENDA ET EMENDANDA IN the course of is revision. pp. Read khsayathiya. For skragga read Norw. Read from O. grade. For base tead weak For G.) 1. They are not allied words. (F.-L.. Mist. . L 4. For G. Read pp. 5. &c. For Air read/07. Read exponent-. For QEL read QwEL. cf. 11. 5.-L. 1. seventeenth. 6. Allegory. Read sasnis. tot (F. . Shah. 5. last line. 6. Read cent. *&asnis. read Amoy. Read Du. For Chin. Read ~. Fusil but Ital. . Engage. A. Erotic. 1. and are only given tentatively.-L decl Noiman equivalent of O. Hyson. 1 . Read voucher. skragg.M. both foims are 3. to distinct from. The L. gray are uncertain. 4.) Diphthong. Adieu. Prob. are merely given by way of illustration. 6. (i). 1. S. Read adulationem. (Du.L. 1. irr '/? vreptv. Read *pltctum. (F.-L. Several will hereafter require slight readjustment. weak 5. G. 5. stem. l. Wheel. Indigent. For crude form read 1. adiilarl. skragger* (Ross gives i. latio^ History. for also spelt *nas- Curl. Plait. }r$str. skraggen> scraggy. The Gk. 3.). nastu)cium\ 3. to ' jump but perhaps meant gray . Chicken. Read gdti> gdni. 1.J>iere. 3. 1.-L. 3. Nasturtium. coster. Cost. as the errors are not serious.-Gk. 9. Audience. F. a pooi Exponent. 1. L 5. vb. Fern. creature. 1. This list added for the sake of completeness. darken . 5. Smith.B. Not allied to axfiv. Hare. Read -/MEIGHw. 1. 1. Hone. .) Some take falco to be of Shaddock. 4. nfftus. read read Gk Pier. 2.) Du. For Holly. pere . is not found . Gunny. the 2. hasu. 652. ami 1 eut. 1. Choose. fasa is not from (etc. adu(F. kosten . 1. Throstle. hnlst read stem read type. 1. 8. 11. pere.) read Notorious. cf. *snndanoz. &c. Read kjuklingi. The Skt. Vernal.Gk./OC& 2. Fur krulla read kt idle. l. 4. Cypress (2). kiezen.

For L. at the part which A- M.) Late L. abatsF. vb.) (2). short for bi-aft.-O.(i). prefix. (E. Abaft. see Asee (10). . veiy much) and batr* bahir. as in a-mend and e- for e-mend =L (L. Abash. (2).(above). fern suffix.see Advantage. as in afoot.or di/. lies to the aft. L.= (of).(i 0. B -ia. to astonish. to. stem of pres.-L . lit. ban. Abbot.) Herea-/H<?w</ or e?. By. see Ex-. part. or L) Here <z = F.) From the prefix a. as in a-ware (E. O. S. F. a bandon. to. abaesse. (F. (L.irom A- (5) and Base imitating O. (F. Off. - L. Here = see Ab. . F. See Alas. #</. abandonner. of esbatr (F. E. (E. an order.. E.-Low L. -Synac abba>* father.(0. abasen. albeye. <[f Sometimes conSee Bashful. (E ) At. the as in . fused with abase in M.L. = L. by assimilation see Abbreviate. abeie. a-nse. H. In F. (F. an abbot. (L..(as above) and -issa . (F. a-stringent. (E. M.-L. . see On.) For Du. of\ see Of. for a-bate. E abbesse. bannum. . - O.A CONCISE ETYMOLOGICAL DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE ABBEY A. ad. bandum. F. H.(2). a-long. 0A. .E. i-. - Gk. see Of. For on back. M. .is for E. bah ! of astonishment. AAGk.E. M. to lower. (F. Ab- . from O. at liberty.) M. Ab. . F. Ado. E. . A.or av.-L. i. decree Here a. as in a chieve. abbod. (Gk.Gk.= summons. Cf. Tims "/=on by aft. E.Gk. (i).S abbod. ban see Ban. abaissier. ^f This value of the prefix a-. E. as in Un-. (as in Ital. at Low L.) art (E ) See An. vm 15. G. M.) AL Ais (6). S. it of.) A-L.( = L. abatre Q . abesse. Abyss For at do a-do. Rom. see Arise. O down M and batere.(12). to cause astonishment.) commonest M.) foot . See A- AAA.Syriac ) . and Aft.A. es.) L.G.djfySas. a word of imitative origin from the interj. See Batter.Syriac ) . abasen. Heie a. /&<?W vast see Avast. (E ) and. see Ad-. Late L. to beat F. (F.r . abbdt.(5\ . ad. (3). ofdiine. (4). A.-Syriac A. *abbattere.O. and Exod. L. -taaa. by aft. = . Aback. Cf. . mdef.(nom. (8).) Here a.Abate. S. is (E.S ge-\ see Aware. tL. a father -Gk. from. abase hen. and b-aft. abbess. ex. abbot. A.. (Du. (L. for batuerc to beat. ail. esbatss-. (F. (2). (E. abbey.) . as in a-down --= A. bedftan.) -L. biaften. onb(fc\ see (2) and Back.) d. . S. as in a-vcrt. tf/>. S. chen.) cognate with E abbas]. A. - (F. M. abaten. as For on Abandon.e. see in Along. Gen. as in a-vast.Late L. \* abhat.) Here a(9)1 as in a-byss.y-. A S. orig. PI abandounen. (7). abbdt-issa . abbat. ^f Hence bate. Ab- (2). F. prefix a Abase. A. tbahir]. to .-Gk. prefix.F. out. 3377 A. as in a-las. becomes a. in the power Here a.

) L. . abolish. ab-. /v/. F. of L. abortus. cast away. ncgdre. L. shoit for abet. as if E. suspension. habile. abuten. abufen. a \\ave. abL ab. See A. of ongo (Vergil. to renounce. (A S tifan-<Ci obcn be-ufan . ab-errdre. See Bait. abotider. begin. Jury. to abide. ab-iurare. by. from a-. Jet to (i). Abridge. (i). law. habilitatein. A. ittan dbtltnn. to buy up. Abolish. Brief. (E) ee A- (2) arid Put for Breast. ABRIDGE Cf. pay for. L. to make to bite. see A- and Blaze. a wandering fiom. pp. inr-. orlri. to wash. to bite. to d-bidan bide. pt. (L.) For on board see A. F. abreggcr. Abjure. A. S. M. aboliss-. dfuere. E. Bite. up See A. by. ab-lutionem. (L ) L. mean. L. beter. Abdicate. dncere. for Aborigines. abbreuidre. pp of ab-icere. 'L to aberratio. L.) L ab-iectus.) L. on breast-. (L.) F. ab. dbdd. to lit. prefix. (F -L. abldtlttus.ABBREVIATE Abbreviate. of L. to deny. ace.-L. . waiting (Roq ).) L. abreggen. to.L) A. O. skilful. lower part of the belly. M. sb. to turn away from that which Abominate. (L ) ace. to set on. TEn 642). ace. habiliS) easy to handle. diead. dbycgan. Doublet. abyeu. hable. S. By. to suffer for. (E ) M. sb. L. pt.(2\ A. active. and bidan. Up. abL ab. Allied to Diction.T)u boven. to lead. away. to shrink . of L. of abductio. (L) From L. from in terror.) pp of ab-oriri. . . (2) (E. ab. abiding 2nd stem of pies. (L. See A. (F.\& scrape off to scrape. F. JL ab. and breuis. onbfitan . from L. L ab. inhabitants.) From . Abrade. abditctionem. habere. F. short. short for on-bewhere be answer^ to E. abongines. ab. wander. ab-undare. abrdsus}. to shorten. by assimilation . Der. fiom L.) shorten. ad. suspension. L.) ab-dfnindrt. abdomen (stem abdomin-'}.(4) and Bide. from nom. stem abolere. (F. A. to proclaim. (F. Abet. is extended fiom (loth nf. ab. L. . From pp. Ablaze. aboven. swear away from Cf. O. to incite. to fail Cf. from dicdre. Abide In Sh. iL. to (E. ab. fiom the beginning. (L) iurdre. beer (F. See Tolerate. pay for . (L) ace. Able. of L. and u tan. from lucre. . (E. of ab-luere. L A. F. previous to historical record. See Ab. Abdomen. . and brenis. to swear. Aberration.(2) pp. to bear. ///. from negdre.(Lat. L to ab. Abject. . light. A Abound. . original the nations which. see A. Negation.) From pp. from . E. say no. powerful.O. from Icel. See Err. Ablative. abunder. of errare. to L. to. able. expect L. L. to shorten. Abnegate.) From (F. ab-.E ) corrupted from M. causal of blta. an untimely birth L ab. Horrid. to overflow. adere. short. Scand. abetcr. Aboard. Abide . to deny. pres. ab. of L. E. allied to tollere.(2\ t . and Bed. (L. dtidan. ius. of abolir. to gape. S. L. set a. abeiamc. to bait (a beai).-L.} A Above. itnda. at and baddre.E. } expectation. to cast. lit. ablilfus. ad-) . abbreuidre. Der. bayer). abbreviate. ab-horrete. Abode. F. put for ad-. from L. away . L. ab awaj facet e. (2). and iijan. abood. L. able. to wash away.(2) and Brief. \vait from for. on-be~itfan ans\\cii> to E. M. pp.) For on blaze . fiom L ab online. Der. ( to take. O on (Godefroy) F is of ill omen. Cf. to arise. outward. ability Ablution. for ad. from L. to have. (E. is i elated to By and Out out. (L.E. err. to gape. and F. About. . for. to pay for. .) Piom . Habit. omin-. abrcger. (E ) M. to scrape off. of L. abiasion f:om L pp. omen.) For on led. Duke Abed. Cf. delay. to cast away. (L. to L. lit. lit. a of O. upwaid. dicdrc. horrete. (F. F. Formed Abeyance. . = tldtum]. Abreast. F See Abide. away. an omen. ofi tddere. to lead away. L. F. take . Cf. Cf. cast away. See A. (L. a washing away.) Orient. Formed of from A S. and bcant. Abhor. where origins is the abl. beita. S. from and Idtum taking away. (2) and Board. (F. anxiously. redeem.(4) arid Buy.) O. abortio. Avhero be abnfan. drove out the Sicuh (Lewis and Short). from pp. L ab. i Abortion. to Cf.) L. abL. (L. ace. able. a leading away. L. Abduction. to excite. F. abregier. (E) S .-L. aboutm.

S.(F. pp. ^ . grade of ar^i\tiv y to go growing \v dicovai?.) Due to an attributive use of the M.bef. to See Quiet. qtnetare^ O Acquit. aquitcr. L. (F.- vb formed from quietus discharged. act' ion act-ive (F. ac. See Tame. Gk.) Lit. Gk. earlier acointer. ajra. pointed. a^r. At. See Agent. to pierce. . L. a row. neut. [An adder resulted from a nadder. aconit. akr. Gk. relating to (Gk.) walking on * lit. orig. act-tiary (L actuartus" a/^ (from pp. of adamas. at lest. Gk. Icel. Add. acri-. stem of Acer (F. to sharpen. Adamant. tiptoe. Goth. acointier. actuate.) O.'lu. Acropolis. M. E. (F. perhaps so called from Acolyte. S. quterere. Low G. <ic([uietdre. sense was 'pasture. . acqueynQ. <&/. and 8a/xdo>. adel.) L. sa-. Cf. g\ al. L. G. type *akroz . Adder.(for ad\ to. I conquer. adage.E. ad aptare. See M. ad. duurn Gk. apt. (L. nddre.) M. d-. Address. acte. a diamond. verbal adj. Orig. L. a snake.before c\ af. Gk. r . ^f Not atc-6vij. Goth. -L. (L. ager.( = E */-) .KOVITOV. to per. /. dtcpo-v. natter. Addict. 'mud. nadrs (with short a). Late L.. sb.) M. -L ) a whetstone. (F ten. acutits. type./. (LJ obtain. /. Adapt. to . akrs. addere. Goth. (-y^AK. ager. cf. akr. / . Gk. due to Gk.) L. Late L. . Skt. mVi/. acqmsit-ion from pp. F. acuere^ to sharpen. agere. ac. of urfnum. acri-. a field see Acre. o#-poj. to put. and ir<5Xis.) ' . a puddle.N Der. O. + Acrid. (Gk. adcognitdre. sb. of Late L.) L. . aker. cc- F. (F. of cognoscere.) Ad-.S. Goth. fit. with (akin to Skt. adagiutn. of ad-dlcere. lit. Der. (E. Adage. appoint. L. Der. also ntfddre.) F. (V STEIGH. L. ad .) L. at. adapter L. agern. acuteness. form of aio. ( Acrobat. d5d/tay. used in the . adresstr. 5 . Addled. a short poem in which the initial letters spell a word. a*K/Scand. ^[ L. ovum urina.+Icel. mistaken form of L. drive. to fit. properly A. Acquire. ad. a saying. so that atc6\ovOos a travelling-companion. Diction. lit. L. (F. from weak . cfopo-s. quiescere. to walk see Come. and flf7-. ad. adden. a city. adela.ACOLYTE Low L. to adjudge. G.Gk. Acorn. (Gk.' from A. Across.L. put in action). to get. adamaunt.(for ad) 9 to.) also naddcie. awbef. ( F.Gk. Aconite.) Gk. a point. fruit from I eel. adamant. and -dere. qiilsltus. . tame.) From L. of ac-u-eie. n. acor-n.\. wind-egg. M. urine-egg. .bef. a very hard metal or stone . (E. F. with) . to acquaint with. akran. Gk. See Quiet. L. a citadel.(for ad). oK6\ov0os. ovptov &ov. rest in. sound). akker. Acquiesce. Idg. rest. L acquiescere. (^AG. of wind-egg. at tus. Quaint. E aker A. and *cogmtare> formed from See cognitus.) Ji QI on cross . axpo-s. also aKpoonxis. a plant . and 0ar6s. Dan. to put to.) M. a follower. and actum.bef. assign. S. F Gk. (L) L. F. Early XVII cent. a servitor. a magnet. form. L. (E. * lit. sharp . Dan. vb. adders. first and <m'xos. S acern. sharp- Acoustic.) hearing Gk. (E. Acumen. d.' *agros.Q do. pointed. unconquerable/ Gk.bef. cr/-actnalis) . adamanta. to say. E. tefatvOos.F. to L (L. (L. arir L. L. orig. sharp F. cecer. upper. done pp. corrupt. as in L. Dan. ar. filth. (F. acolythus. akrs. Acute. Act. Jree. *agio. acqulrtre. . aguiten. to (L. Cot. to fit to. v. acrobate. ac. L. . a viper. from oak. see A. . Acquaint.E. Acrostic. L. Swed.bef. a snake. L. F. L. n a/. dtcovetv.bef. Cf. d(ri~tttdn-ta. Teut. of . . Gk. adel. L. to . Cf. prefix. (F. to. dicere. I say. Gk. actus. ^. seek. pp. to aptare. E. (E. pointed mud Grein). aconitum. actif) act-or\ act-u-al (L.(2) and Cross. A bscond. pp. unproductive. lLj. sharp stone. F. cognate with E. line. (or dirovcrri/ifos.] A. addict-us. to know. -Late L. Coined by adding on . by mistake. ness. to hear. akarn. q. on steep sharp rocks. stem the analogy of ac-id. <ecer. to Acrimony.L. d-ypos. from aptus.bef. (above).) acointen.) * ADDRESS upper city. . ace. neddere. fruit of the field/ from fruit. to. Icel nabr. ad becomes ac. to settle a claim .) of acer. a field.' Gk. acolyte.-L. monk's-hood.-L^ . filth-egg '* Late compound adel-ey. ac-u-mcn. a = path . The ong. acorn.) acnmome. -'/ tart. (F. a tumbler. Gk. a</. L. as. A. E.E. (L. m. F. dtfpoflaros.) M.+ Du.) . Acre. to make known (Brachet).

acustumer (F.^ From pp. L. a cause. F. L. E. to. . L. F. to embrace about the ac-cumuldre.(for accurdre. knowleche* . . d/r-juij. side. A. top. with and modus. ?) E. to count.-L. . tfce. dimin. of acid-us^. (F. (E. . L. headless. (9). ac. to- Acephalous. piercing. actd-ul-at-ed (from L. sharp. gether plere. Etym. hence top. L. L. t. inchoative form from > sour. F. as. a suit at law. (F. . (L. . acunter. of pp. ed. heart.. custor s*L. L. (^AK.) to come to by way of increase. complicem. to a head. the one on dice. to confer. stem of cor. . pt. of L.] (F. L.) A. a-. lit. art. or L. to with suffix accord. allied to phcdre.) M. Cf. complice. acornO. sb. acounter. L. F. K . L. Account. acide L. L. XVI Concord. acheven.(ctitn\ together. ace . L.) F. ac. and A. to . ac-idus. I F. to and cord-. to make. F. lor Gk. L. to achieve a head. acursien. Accolade. F. The verb survives. (Gk. custos. un- . to . Create. and causa. then a salutation. .) F. verb. of ac-crescere. See Acent. head. See Cure. Accustom. Ital. accrottre}^ to increase. arere. to complete.. acru. neck (Florio).) Put for a accusdre.L. Accommodate.) F.(for ad^ agree. a. about cumuldre. the dubbing of F. (F.( curare. increase.L. of L. F.Gk. to grow. vb. S.) A. aknowen oncndwan\ with the same sense the prefix is M Knowledge. Gk. . O. accollata. companion see to curse . F. the neck. a-. to. of acomplir. to heap up. sharp edge. Acid. from cumulus. Cf. ad]. (F. Achieve. pp. from Late L. ac. acf). acid-i-ty. to fit. F. See Custom.ACCOLADE (F.* Cot. adapt. to caput.' L. cursed. acer. to) . lit. ad\ and com-putare. and stem plic-. . acreu. bitter bitas\ bitterness cf ac-er. lit. accretio. ' costa. lit piercing. Accoutre. A- (2). confederate. in Ital. 1660. F.) acerbitd F. accommodare. sb. Accomplish. keeper. to dress. Acknowledge. with suffix -ous. ad. to accompany. a chef. accrescere see above. F. ook. acer-b-us. acid-ul-us. acF. to address. Achromatic. (L.) See . Chief. (cunt]. Late L ac cor dare. see A. E. to increase. . spelt as the obs. a accoutumer].) M. A. . Accomplice. (F. (L. . a (L. custom. (E. custume. to amass. L. from the sb. and putdre. from comthink. to make usual. acomplis-. Acme.) dffc^a\-o$.-L. increase.) Gk. compter.(for ad). competing. ) A.) see . (F. lit. to.L. to fill. fern. know/echen mod.(ad]. cum). E. cfs.L as [Said to be the Tarentine a?. to be sour Ache. sharp.' L.O F. acan. ( F. and commodus.) M. to tune an instrument -ton (as in clar-ioti). accostare (same). a custodian. instrument. . knowledge prefix is M. ac.-L. ' Ace. a is the indef. care. See above. ac. (from L. L. L. a From (Ital. F. pp. S.L. one.) From pp. Ital. Gk. L. a collum.) From ace of L.) musical . lit. S. to part. . to pierce. acuser. ?) to A- L. accord-are. array quite uncertain perhaps from O. XVI cent. heap.E. ACME a knight Cotgrave. to drive. Acerbity. com. Accordion. measure. (ad). ace. headless. caussa.(for ad}. light tap with a sword in dubbing a knight. Cf. mode Accompany.-L. A. to lulfil. . (9) and Chromatic. to come to achever. stem of pres ptisen. a sacristan who had charge of sacred vestments. . (^AG. L. prefix and cursian. O. confederate.-L. (E.Accursed. L. From A. and Kt<pa\rj. to pagner. of acroistre (F.) From pp. ac. ofM. Ply. from A. com.) ^f Spelt ache by confusion with M. complice. vb pute. . L. rib. L. to weave. L. See Coast. Accuse. .-L. E. M . cfcorddre. accretus. to agree. fit. E. (-/AK. F. (F. . (L.) Pp. Late accoster. L. as. a pain. .E. to com- (cum}.) Der. an embrace round the neck. from complex. ad.) . Accord. F. cre-are. Late L. *a complice. and O. (Gk. accollade. to take pains with to L. acorder. .Y. accoutrer. to lay to one*s charge. coutre. aken. AcCOSt. (F. Accretion. Accumulate. Cf. to pierce.(ad). * interwoven. of accollare. due to E. L. The (A. from cur a.(4) and Curse. to care for. formerly also a(coustrer. Company. ache. colourless (Gk.(for ad . accom. ad. coustre. L. (F. S. a head.) Accrue. comcomplere. crescere. (F. acerbitdtem (nom.) A. to go to the side of. of Accurate. (F. O.

. verbal adj. adders. prefix.bef. Teut. (L.bef. (Gk. fruit from I eel.) . as. . act-tiary (L actuartus" a/^ (from pp. Acrostic. to acquaint with.) O.-L. See M.) ' . unconquerable/ Gk. so that atc6\ovOos a travelling-companion. a follower. upper. adden. a snake. to aptare. aconitum. Der. natter. F. Acquaint. Acquire. Skt. sharp . acqmsit-ion from pp. L. to See Quiet. stem the analogy of ac-id. acuere^ to sharpen. d-ypos. of .) L. akarn. (F ten. from aptus. with) . form of aio. tame.) M. . Quaint. L. relating to (Gk.' *agros. acqueynQ. (E. Diction.KOVITOV. I say.(2) and Cross. axpo-s. nddre. L. ac. a magnet. acolythus.) * ADDRESS upper city.E. adcognitdre. fit. to pierce. by mistake. apt. a^r. ajra. appoint. d5d/tay. E.) L. a citadel. grade of ar^i\tiv y to go growing \v dicovai?. L. /. to Acrimony. adamant. to . M.L. cognate with E./. pp. actif) act-or\ act-u-al (L. type. 5 . F. quterere. Gk. fruit of the field/ from fruit.] A. d. properly A. /. a servitor. and 0ar6s. Icel. to walk see Come. dtcovetv.bef.-L^ . to make known (Brachet). Addict. also aKpoonxis. akrs. pointed. cfopo-s. orig. a field. ^[ L. acri-. at lest.) L. d-. dicere. The ong.L. adel.before c\ af. Acropolis. ac.Q do. ad. (above). Adder. L. (F. sb. ad becomes ac.) M. to per. to say. Dan. M. first and <m'xos. put in action). ace. E.bef. . cecer. lit. oK6\ov0os. ^f Not atc-6vij. acor-n. G. .(for ad) 9 to. Gk. ad. Acre.N Der.F. cr/-actnalis) . akr. addere. <ic([uietdre. (or dirovcrri/ifos.bef. monk's-hood. See Quiet. g\ al. (E.) hearing Gk. acri-. a</. a very hard metal or stone . . from weak . Gk. Acorn. sense was 'pasture.) From L. .(for ad\ to.Gk.) F. tiptoe. sa-. F. . vb. sound). adamanta. lit. Cf.) acnmome. pp.( = E */-) . ager. Coined by adding on . (Gk. adela. ^. Aconite. to fit to. Gk. adapter L.+ Du. pointed. a plant . acutits. F Gk. v. Late L. (L. ( F. acte.) M. lLj. sharp stone. L. adage. a point. F. (F. Early XVII cent. n. ness.) Gk. also ntfddre.) Due to an attributive use of the M. I conquer. Der. to L (L. Dan. ovum urina. Orig. adel. Dan. Late L. form. acrobate. acqulrtre.) L. actus. Goth. dtcpo-v. assign. to get. + Acrid. acolyte.ACOLYTE Low L. ad aptare.- vb formed from quietus discharged. akr. (F. acorn. a saying. akran. ( Acrobat. Acumen. unproductive. urine-egg. 'mud. agern. sharp F. corrupt. / . filth-egg '* Late compound adel-ey.. akker. A. S. to settle a claim . and ir<5Xis. -L ) a whetstone. See Agent. to sharpen.Gk. and -dere. of wind-egg. on steep sharp rocks. awbef. due to Gk. acointier. to . Act. neut. L. to hear.' from A. see A. n a/. used in the . Icel nabr. cf. to know. <ecer. aconit. *agio.) also naddcie. dtfpoflaros. akrs. of urfnum. tefatvOos. aguiten. addict-us. line. . Addled. -L. . (^AG. (LJ obtain. of ad-dlcere.S. neddere. Gk.' Gk. a viper.(for ad). to put. ar. qiilsltus. A bscond. adamaunt. rest in. agere. done pp. Goth. adresstr. ager. to (L. a = path . drive. act' ion act-ive (F.bef. E. Low G. Gk. See Tame. Acute. Goth. (E. aker. a*K/Scand. rest. (L. S. seek.) Ad-. and *cogmtare> formed from See cognitus. Across. sharp- Acoustic. [An adder resulted from a nadder. ad.+Icel. (V STEIGH. as in L. at. a short poem in which the initial letters spell a word. orig. ^ .(F. type *akroz . stem of Acer (F. ovptov &ov. d(ri~tttdn-ta. (L. Adage. Adamant. of ac-u-eie. Gk. Cot. (L) L.'lu. with (akin to Skt. ac-u-mcn.) acointen. -'/ tart. Adapt. pp. F. and actum. -Late L. of cognoscere. S. (-y^AK. duurn Gk. Jree. Acquiesce. F. a city. to fit. L.) Ji QI on cross . earlier acointer.) M. L. L. L. to adjudge.E. cc- F. Idg. of Late L. Cf. a diamond. ac. from oak. arir L.E. r . actuate. perhaps so called from Acolyte. S acern. and 8a/xdo>. pointed mud Grein). L.) of acer. (E. (F. <&/. L. aquitcr. G. Goth. ad . Add. a snake. a row. mVi/. o#-poj. Gk. sb. to. At. E aker A. at tus. qtnetare^ O Acquit. filth. . (F. mistaken form of L. a field see Acre. E.) Lit. q. L. Cf. a tumbler. nadrs (with short a). to put to. Gk. and flf7-. L. quiescere. (F. acuteness.) walking on * lit. a puddle. * lit. Swed. (F. m. Gk. L.\. to. adagiutn. O. of adamas.bef. Address. wind-egg. L acquiescere. (E.

Adjacent. to tre. adAdmiral.ire.K. ad-hierete. \\yclif. from iudic-. ad Deum. . ad-iectiuus. of di-rigere. dies. chief. Adept. to and Late \^. also ant ire Arab. dtrec(us. properly to draw L. Cf. to L. a droit. to direct. adiuncfns). . pp. ad. dress. monere. Adduce. to lie. ad-omdre. A. exact . (L ) L.*Late L. ad-tectus. (E. amonadmonish has taken the place of amonest. dat. (I commit you) to God. (E. trouble. Adore. sb. 14.. ad. adolestent-em. ad-di'are y to pray to. pt. E. (L. ' Late L. Adit. (L. Adieu. ad. to adorn.) . lit. Admonish. (L ) L. see Just.) L. place justly Cot. ad. Adjective. iungere. hill. L ad.E. L. adiudicdre (above). fatty. (L ) bring forward. one who L ad. A. (L. near . near see Joust. lit. Oral. ad-iurare. L. ad. has obtained proficiency pp. as (i). of pres. M. to adjust. to. to stick a </z<w. adjotndre. fatty. to join. to put off till another day.) a Northern idiom. pp. from (i) and Drift. ad). O. God. mitt ere. iacere. ad-mittere. entrance. ad. (F. (pqiidre. in late L. See Do mood. L. adtt-us. ajnger. to he next to. equal. awf. a servant. to and L. L.) . to help. of L.. Adjutant. dnitnus. Adjure.Q.. adi it fant. (L. put near to -ive}. base Adorn. F. ad-dilcere. ad. adjwndrc. adroit. L. F. iiidicdre. of adiutare.) Y. Administer. Adopt. . irom pp. adeptits. daily. to as the sign of the infin.ADDUCE F. Cf. from aquus. choose ad-optdie. L. . to optdre. to seive.jurnus (Ital. F. to . to judge. to swear. (L.-L. (L.) O. Dress.) M.) miral. . ' ad. L.) O F am in ist rer. cf. to lead L. to dawn also. adjuster.) also aiugen M. ad. Adjudicate. iurdre. ad. to . A . L. so that k * . (F. L. orndre. a day. doubtful.-L. a (2) hill see A- Adrift. to stick. see A.) From lead. adit-um. a day. to iacere. near to. access to a mine. to sweai (L. fl<oT. to . admonerc.) and dune. l to grow up. of prcs pt. from L. directnm. Adjourn. Arab. (F. to. apisci. The suffix is due to prince see Emir. F. From L. O. . L. . off.E. to appoint a day for one. to decide to . ami rer}. to. amir. downwards. mini'!' minister.) L. to. postts. See Jury. L. ad. farewell (F. ajoster.iacere.) F. i Cor. is to .-L. of. See Judge. adnnss-its (F. mxtd. Monition. Late L. to. new formation from L. L. adj. . L. A-do. . to vfiudex. . E. ad. to obtain. L to to. do. to direct. arrange. neut. of-dnne. from a down or (L. of ad-iuudre. ad. (L. of diin. rightfully. of L ad. fat. to.E. at mTrdriy to wonder. to ' fit exactly. Adjudge. L. al in annr-al-bahr. a prince. to let L. a. O F to advise. Low L. ace.-L. admonestdre. Adhere. or-is^ the mouth.^ Y . Adolescent. from make equal. M. whereby at . Swedish.S. adimamirail.em. Connection with Gk. to aid. formation. obtain. L.~Q. pp. admirer (O. to join to. <) dieti. Adjust.) (F.) From ' . /rare. L. (F. justice.?0r0). (F. of ad-olescere. ha) ere. amonester. to advise. of to . See Minister. a raldus. L. to wonder at. to ordre. dexterous.E.) Late L adtL adtp stem of adeps. pp. F.c. to assist. ad.) M E. L. from os (gen. due to misunder<J" Adroit. (E. assistant. Cf. (L. to adopt. L.) L. . Adipose. amiral. iustus. ad. to go .-Arab. . adnnss-ion . adaqudtus. ad. iuuare. ajorner. F. adjecttf (km. to make equal to. L (rare. supine of approach. to award. lit. L. fl^/. -F. to ducere. more often amiral. . &c. of pres.) L. (F.^ to Adequate. to send. Der. Admire. adiUdicdre.) Adown. For on drift-. send to. ad-in in is- adffqua i c. fat. admirdn. . to pray. to put near L. a proficient. of L. F. frequent. ad. to put side by side. to deck. to. to. new F. L. to.-L. of .F. Aid. iv. Adjoin. part. diem dicere ahcui Ducange. S. of ad-icere. to wish. to. see ADROIT standing the sense of O. L. ( See Adult.. (L. ad-iungere (pp. Apt. perhaps related to aptus. amin- stren . dresser . Cf.\o adipisci. L. to go to. L. L See Deity. i M.3(. to put to an oath. Admit. (F -L. L. a (L. near to day.. dAt</>a. prince of the sea. adune. (~ajugen\ adtugen. fit. v F. at to-do. just. to cast. to minister (to). L. with changed suffix due to verbs in -ish I amoneste or warne esten . L. to do was used in Icel. right.) gi owing up. bring. throw. . and Down (2). a judge.) trom lie base near L) M. .

aduocatus. ad. see above. adulterates.O. of L. facere> to do.e. (L. to facere.-L. (F. (F. air. turned towards.S adfsa. of avertir.) V. F.-L. Adult. avers}. (F. L. ifi- AFFECT and legere. adaventure.-L. L. (F. a ship. F. Adverse. tere. Advantage. to turn to . treat. L. of a compound word. Der. (F. Gk. .) L. pres. O ^ from avontre. in-advert-ent. an advocate. to turn afeire. Der Affair. ad. F. to (see below). an airie Late L. uertere.L. Cf. uerbum. XVI cent. (L ) L aducntus. ace. aduertere. ad. L. also ) Advise.) Also aerohth. tiss-ant. also .) Gk. to pp. avis (avis}. to speak. heed see above. adulari. a meteoric stone. an adulterer. Gk. hence the right of presentation to a benefice (Roquefort) Late L. Venture. Cot. oneself to (hence. (VAW Gk. K L ab. Afar. advocat. E. aduerturn to. an opinion orig. to go forward. L.L. afatte. F. E. to warn. avantage\ foimed with suffix -age from avant. I'auT-qs.) Adverb. .ad. of adulterare. put for a vis. a shadow. . (Gk. aduerlnum. umbra.ADULATION from L. an eagle's nest. rule. L. Late L aduocatus. L. L. (F. .) M. from dijp. put for L. a stone. (. occmrence Adventure. to. a word. to approach. advers-ary.) M. (Gk. inceptive form related to akre.afficere. . a/ere . (L. 841. a fane. ad-ueitere. or before. to act upon) frequent. dfpo-. aduocatus. (F. about to happen. without d. a business. Gk ) Formed with suffix fl/from L. of later advertise. Gk. to aim at. or Aery.. anaesthetic. refined.-L) M. ( F. Van. avan<er. advcrbe. fnt. turn see Verse. flattery. (F. to approach. . aduisen. O. aviser. e. L. tion of Latin. ad-. call upon AdvOWSOn. A. to inform.affablt. avoeson. an adulterer. air A/0-osr. F. E. a verb. dulling dv-. easy to be spoken to. to flatter. ntfo's. See Ante-. to. adulation. which is a better form. (L. L ) but a later foim was adultene. (L. dis-affect.) A. aer. not to do. Advice. #<. nent. adultus. (F. area. of ad-olescere. of.E adse. nest of a bird of prey ^1 Sometimes misspelt eyry. Advertise. according coiding to my opinion. pp. adese. an advocate. air. . that which has seemed good (for dw-). a decorrupt. K. a balloonist. and alaOrjntcos. adticrtere. to go forauancen^ avanccn. Used to qualify a L. regai d. Advert.-L) MV. F. approach. Affect. . a patron. (F. to be of opinion Advocate. dfpo-. grown up to uisum. avis (above). to.-L) Amis- taken form for M.ativers(Q. avertisen. adulatwnem. L. L. Advance. to call. O. ward from .-L. to. Aerolite. 7 . pt.-L. Affable.) Gk. i. air see Air. F. of ad-uocare. heed. &. Aeronaut. before.^ L ad. (E. *oleseere. afad. pp. Cf. (F. one 'called upon* to plead. of aduocatw. by confusion with M. orig. pp. . orig. (L. itentre. JESsthetic. K avantagc. of ulsus. from without ^. regarding. acaduldtio. to cent. apart. uocare. auisen (aviscii). M . . ii. F. relieving pain. adultery which represented L adult er (see above) *<> that avontnc was equivalent in sense to L. avoutrie Adultery.) verb.L. ad. (L-) L.) . to . of uncertain origin. atronaute. act.F. a chance. Adze. of ad-iiemte. perceptive. .) From pp.) M. before see above. E. A mistaken form for M. a sailor. an egg . piofit approach. flattery. pp. drjp.Late L. avoutrie avoitterie. the same as L. (E. ad. dwelling in the air.) L. . part.) L. .-L. ' . ace. to come Advent. L.E aventitte. an adze. uentura. in imitaF.-l^affdbills.-L) O. L XVI to corrupt. not .replaced by L. (F. L. patronage . ante. \'F.' Cot advocate. to. adulatus. to shadow forth.F. adultery Adumbrate. pp. ceive. Adulation. to one. Der. with F. to persee Brugm. tf aduenire. opposed to L. adversity. aduocatus. to . F. From the base of aver. of L. adtioiationem. . Aerial. nourish . of nideie^ to see. Adulterate. I aditlter. from raCs. baser of money. acri-its. E. avant. before. ad-umbrare. aduersus. M. to grow up. aiaOtaOai. to apply E. to . avis. aire. F. patronage.) M. . 'an F. a or nest of hawkes . . a.) . -L. aduentus. ad. . of aduenturus. Late L. (F. . pp. aditlterium. to call to. ey. fern. brood of eagles * hawks. i. from d-fjp. also advouson. to (something) to do. see Egg. sensation. . cuVfyGk.) M.) For<w/ar. a cooper's axe. fan. F. affectare. to see Aliment. L.

O. agathe. \. master.) Aft.Ital. the freight of a ship. afronter. to fix the price of a thing Late L. biow. against the same as A. aptr.. bordering on. the hiring of a vessel ongean. to trust.' Affinity. . to. confirm. \ * * . intensive and fyrhtan. aftumists\ but affected The Goth. A. ajfreter . afflxdrg(Ducn. See Fraught. affrighted. beAffirm. and promote. afore. both prep. ad-.o \ftge re. After. used).) Hei e after is an adj.L.E. S. agatha. A. by after and most. to. forehead. affluent-em A. O. against extended from E. Cf. an agate the pp. igen. it hence behind. (L./<?/. <zr/). pro-flig-ate. front -em. ayein. The Affright. against.(toraa'). hindmost. double/ is From M. vi ists is a treble supeil.) XVI . of.fidere.means a mowing.) ad. afermer. afyrhted. dduit. to L.L. affrighted A. hind Icel . an oath (L ) Late L ajfi.) A. fright. to frighten. A..) (F. from Affront. now written Agate.) O. form. E. agate. nearness.) M. near. and /7V/<z^-. further v. sb. Cf. (whence E affy}. from infin.) Late L. cause an affray or (N. to flow to. cent. and G. also spelt/ray and afraid. 3 p. of achdtcs. affilid. inflict F affluence .F.ngc\ frequent. a second crop of mown and math and cf. . see above. an adoption as a son. M O. H. fret.= 0</.friede). q after- ward (see Toward . Affreightment. and adv. pt. to af.' esfreer. to strike to the ground..) Allied to Mead. of a F. fiddre. 201. abundance. ace. S. aftemest. Agha. pt t. O. S. of G. S. to further. Affidavit. see Of. PI. F.-L. of L. prefix . ongean. Affiance. m L.) (F. pres. fldere. (Noith E. S.) A. ongegn. see Anew.(for rtt/>. prefix. igien. A. stem of to terrify. again. .v. ex K. F. (F. Aftermath. tionem. strong see Firm Affix. aforthen. E.)-f Han. . (E. affrayen O. end.) Der. gi ass. (F. p.L af. L. e. further off. 1 . harass. trust.) . Aga. hence. . affinitf. cf.Glc. Affray. 121. *-. (Florio). . affluentia.-L) L. forth. ofAfraid. to frighten.-I*. cj. with adv. . Af-ter\s a comp Afflict. . Afoot. to fix a (officially). af. is efter. (E. of Affray. of affiddre. of Late L. and F.) For on foot. a (L. mahd. (. aftermath. and Tent. Afore. dfyrht. frighten. gppose face to L. Oiig.-L. to flow. Late L fiddre. from pp conjlirlus. aira-rep-a). (F. to confront. suffix -e$. of. market. . AGATE af-. ace of affinitas. q v.^/fowrt?. P. Again. form. to trust. affix-us}. (E. Afford. affordre. aghd. ongegn (pngeari^. L. to flue re.. Pu. Freight.) Turk.) M. to pledge. after. L.) For on fore A. to trust. disturb. af (/or ad] . Late L. 1". M.(for ad\ face. L achdtem^ ace. (See CfTKl. of from.D. affrayed. afronten. (E.) LateL. a chief officer. Afloat. peace. Mow. piep. affigere (. K. ajfluere. after. see Fright. of which the primary meaning seems or Low L exfriddie. l. aftar.foran. to fix. (E. Late L. against. on* Affiliation.) For on fresh or offresh affiniS) near. G.(for ad). (E. L. affier. ad). Goth. L. pp. E. entgegen. (F. pres. 1 ab-aft. L. . See Aft. + affrttement. A. / The is added. dfyrhtan (not O. a mowing nachmahd. gefordian. An /" gegn. affretement. aftr. afeurer. F. S .) For on float. to afflict us. 8 . effjaier. to filius. forward see Forth. L. and adv + firnidi e. G. off.(for#</). affinitdtem.' unaccented form of Affluence. to provide. agala. -L. aftan. H G. to . affirmdre. Romania. L. to frighten break the kmg*s peace. affray. L. . pdce. finis. L. . s. hiring ship. used price as a pp. S.It. F. to dash So also conflict. . for AiFeer. to to have been direct/ straight. iivmfyrhto. Swed. F. for L. fix. af. and affrtcr\ to hire a ship. provide. to make fnm.) Cf M.F. (North and O. S. F L. Pp. to . af. Aftan extended from Goth. . backwards. af-tu-mAltered from aforth. 'frightened. boundary. flowing towards. (E. i.fot8ian. a pledge. fid'intia. M .to vji&Jligere.E.E. ace.-L.) fray. . S. after.) late. F. again. . a son. means more off. O. off. to trust . ayeines. S. af. E.L. achter. (E. apian. to fasten to.pp. gegn. (ace ).F. d-. against. vii. behind. affiliation. part L. A. Afresh. abound. afright. to convey cargo.' . fiom firnins. on and XIV cent. (F.AFFEER to assess. of afflTgere. ' . L. S.. hkeGk. L. Der. affermen. ayein.) E spelling of F. affrontdre. (F -L. 1878.(for Aftermost. behind.frMu (G. (L. (Turk. and Teut. (F. (L. S /0r#. Icel. (F. Dan and Swed.

to be frohcke. in a similar sense. assail L. agihs. to lie.-L. L. to pass by. aguti. k. of agnasci = ad-gnasd. Sp. of aggredt. alo/v\ Goth. Late agere. O. agre% agreer. Agony. of M. L #</. en gogues (Littre). to drive. fl>///2*. agglomerare. E agasten. to. grandiS) great. aj. (. which is allied to E. chrapfo. ago. of nagl. atdti-. agonie.L. tue flesh . ag. a tag of a lace. (Ktaticttm Also Aglet. agon. enlarge. weigh down. aage. . agrafer. dytiv . pp. From A.(=-0</). Aggravate. of the guinea- E. F. ag.. acuti. lit. gSstan is from the base iZj--= Goth. glut in-> im gluten. (i\ a sore beside the nail. agitare.) E.(for0<tf). E. (E. where a. Agnail.airorue. Adapted from O. a needle. of found near the river Achates (Sicily).**Gk. L.) O. S. to ad- gone away. irapovvxta. of aiguille. M F. of the verb agon. to drive . in eagerness. (i) a corn ' . gtsir). F. =. aggresstts. ad. diversion. .) From Brazil ) F. an agate . to gresser. of glomus. ag. to accord. allied .) Brugm n. to terrify Ch. glue Aggrandise. from O. ( VAG.. agnatus. ii. . ) L.) Agglomerate. dimin. to graudre. to add to a load. (E. in eagerness. contest. a (for L. angncegl. stem O. to the toes or fingers. a flock. F. to keep driving about. 802. ii. M.(4) pp. a globe. a hook. iactre.. 3. thing. (L. period. grauare. atws. horror-struck. by comF. Dido. + -L Agent. (L. See Grave (2). allied toglobus. S. to be born. to. Aghast. prefix A. aiguil*ccui-t&s\ age. and A.).iss. to mass together. (V AK -) of agerc (pp. grave.' The origin of O. agister. F. agile. (^ AG. cramp. of aggrandtr. Y. from L. dyus. appaiently used a and glomer-.tem oi pres pt. ayctv. clue of thread. (F. a hook. to do. lette. . Gk. M Ago. ag. pass away. is ' for agast. to agrever. a contest. . Agile.Brazil. paring (wrongly) the Gk. . ad} and grandir. frequent of Age. P. dimin. F. From a prefix ang-. which is whitlow (lit. prob. has estre en ses gogues. .) (X F. 248. . torment. ing verbal sb. (F. Spenser. >. (E. acT). .(2). a corn on the foot (see A.) (F. actlcula. L ag.misunderstood as referring to the nails of dis-. earlier form}. .O. to load.G. G. L. Ii. Agraffe. angonaillC) a sore (Cot. to collect into a flock. ii. (L.Late L. Gk aywv.) L. From pp (^ AG. (L. to receive favourably. aygulet. Q. (L. aywvia. a rodent animal.. to clasp. to. a nail (as of iron). to terrify. to greg-. of Good Women.) For a-gog. dx^rr/s.) on the foot. to in ci ease. edage.) L. life. past. vb. 1< O. Icel. nimble. a needle. to drive. to drive.H. allied. F. from L. S. gradi. agoon. (F.) L. stem of cet&s (from L. to lie. about. Agone. (F. a (= L. (F. . in . drive. and Go. to attack. pp. XVI cent. f" us-gais-jan. from grants. L. from grauis. pointed Brugm.L.) M.) L. (F. agitatus. a resting-place. > L. in mirth. crapo. Gk. life. F.) Misspelt is short for agasted.) M. (fuum. in a veme of mirth. to burden. S. E.) From pp. Skt. to glue together. to enlarge. D. AggreSS. krapfe. (^ -. agrafe also agraphe (in Cotgrave). to grever. See A.) M. Fnesic ogneil.( . L. of ac-us.\. pp. to form into Leechdoms. ongneil. S. nasci.-L. p Soon (. agreven. ball.^r'j/^. . with which cf. signifying afflicting. Cf. a from L. pp.) The sense has been confused or perverted. a m. to terrify. to . graudre. the pastuiage agi cement. Agistment. and g<cstan. Agnate. Agree. G. a. The verb is from F. of L agL. pp. gais. see Globe. see Anger and Nail. L.AGE AGREE Gk. conduct. 2341 Leg. (L) From pp. lodg- . agent-. Aggregate. a and O.o . O Aggrieve. L. dgdn. vance. gogue. GHwALS. A. Acme. hence a hard Agglutinate.gesir (F. Skt. 'a(f).F. fun. AKo agrandir (with one ). F. a couch. 81.(for gregare.) F. 26. O. of L. of dgdn. pig iamily. 1* . heavy.) pt.-Gk. ag- See N. T. to pass away. A. Agog. agouti. Cot.10 XVI cent. B3 . see Agent. C. From pp. S. aka stem of pres. paining. heavy. to. 34).is . L agci e. 01 ig. a kind of clasp F. and (. v hich unknown. (L. stem ofgvex. of cattle the F. easily driven by ( L.round-headed excrescence or wart fixed in aggTntzndre. (F. beside the nail\ or by confusion with F. to assign F. ^F. to overwhelm. 112. clasp. grandlre. Sp. so named from being Agitate. acttis^. and so made to mean J a sore beside the nail . F. ag- L. or a gogue (Godefroy). the prefix A. H. activity. ofL.aggran.) Agouti.

vlgrdtus. Similarly Arab. -L Akin. a point. Douglas. (F. a cormorant. nates. a bucket.) to A pain S. in ktnebowc. adn't fare. (E. F esmer. nache.) ' forward direction. grdtum. arcaduz. (F. dis-agree. Said to be of Aiab. aKafiaorpov. Ah! L.(2). ah tired. (Gael. Prob.) Alb. from L. E. Arab. L. of kengr. attack. bend. bowed. and tuudie. M. (F. F. gre. a white vestment. (fever) . wheel. aWarme. . Orig. to Littre. origin. e. A. F.-L.) M. (cf ' ' ad-(Bstimdre. kink. ME. for *axla. at. tune. (Hyb. . pp. lack/ (It ' in ) L. Ital. the wing of a church. . Cf. alabastrum. (Lewis arid Short.F. a quarter or point of the compass. (2). air. Aisle.-L. ace. ////tfj). is Agrimony. Span. ace. . orig.L.) (E. L.L. neut.S.-V. F. air. (F. affected manner. . of alacritiis. (F-L) fern. a kind of tunny.-L. a pelican alcatruz. of Virgil. to turn. - Gk. saqqa.) (F.E bastre.S. cf.) The same of word. pleasing. air. bone. From Alack.) Gael. to help.e. M. ) F. bastron. dimin. (Very doubtful a guess. t M. of L.) M. mien. of See Kink and lost verb bjfiga. agremoine. in a bent position.E.E.) M. IL. to illas F a/ar///f. a plant. for aile arme arms armas. tioss. der. wretched. . briskness. (L. brisk. Span. of acfttus * won ground Aground. otadwuarc. a fever-fit. F. (Pliny. Naches = Late L. Alabaster. alb&tre).. ad. F. superfluously added. Span. O. E. .E atas. der. gret. Bow . drjp (above).) albe O. See m a town (E. F. ah' and las. L.-\* alabaster. album.) A. See Esteem. acute (F. A Alarm.\ f . neut. egremotne. orig fern. Grace. F. also Icel. aiden. with an old pronunciation. Cf. pain see Awe. 1838. with prefix ad-. aigriL. on cierre. ' ' .F. vii. (E. gen. . L.S. sb. kengboginn. a tablet. Span. intend.Gk. b. (E) M. v.) Better spelt aile. twist.) (i). troublesome (allied to Goth. dimin. For on head. white. Gk. on char.) -=L. because it carries water in its pouch. Gk. aim L.**(jVi moine. to assist Cf. Folk-L. E. Cf. to. look. mm Port. F. of nafica. a looke. ague.) dpic/Jtuvrj. of acute ' Lit. ' arms. pp. (F. Diet. a&'t cultura. agu acfita (febris}. ege aglus. . (I . (Port. tr. prol. Akimbo. to endeavour after.) L.). . tune. on the turn (G. of albus.) Album. See Acre and Cul- ture. From confusion (F. a corruption of M. (Allied to Late. A. on the turn. that which is white. cognate with Goth. . cyrran. alacritdtem. at ' Aid.It. fern.<~(j\L. (E. albaPort. in which the r was strongly trilled. white. (F. AlbaCOre. into a crook. ad). egle. aird. . a crook. the ace. a call to L alaier. A. of Axis. Here keng twist. of kin. L. wretched that I am L.-L. (Scand. alabastre (F. frequent. Beryn. argemone.-O. terror. a point of the compass. of naches. a ciook. the same (Dozy). ah ! (F. to estimate. acute. treated as a fern. alcatraz. comp. a pelican.) M.-L) M. &}/>. a ( L. sing.L ala. (.) Formerly also algaiross. a sloth. a. (Brazil. pi dera. the but- Aitch-bone. aesmer. aile. sing. from eimen. i Port. i. L.E. and (2) O. alarum.lF alas F.E.. of L albui>. O F. E.) Arab al-qddus. the rump-bone. Late L alba. A. tocks. a!i. O. to bow.) Prob. ititus. pleasure. orig. Der.alarme.AGRICULTURE = favourably. eir. albe. a field . Ai.) From a char.E. 583. L.) Formed by analogy with celerity from L. M. ~ Arab ) Port albator. a ! lack alas cannot be the same as alas ! j Egypt. Ital. and E.) Ague.) SeeEyot. (F. alcaduz (Minsheu). Gk. field. Flouo. fl!-O. E. Brazil. spelt ttache bone. bow. . air.L. - O. with Agriculture. for L ad to your arms those arms ' Late ilia ' L ad to anna. and cultfira. aigu). (Diez) Airt. L. 'M. a wing. agri. hard). of ager. argemonia. a tune Ital aria. Said to be derived from Ala<l\<i/3acrTos. bent into a crook. cierran. agljan. F. from kengr. ALBUM Ajar. eilen Alacrity. S eg/an. Brugm a. Air air (1). ahatraz. and boginn. kink. . (L. Perhaps from Icel t keng. and E. ala- . neut. see Acute. and lassns. dear. a water-carrier. supp. the buttocks .) Tor of kin. a Ahead. limit. aider. (F.Gk. a bucket on a water-. a large sea-bird. albatoia. from L asttrndre. Alas! (F. Aim. Ait. according to . naticds. a shame lit. See Char (2). Ail. Cf O Irish aitd.) (i) M. . AlbatrOSS.-Gk.) L. (Devic lit. Ital. -O. culture of a L.

^E. JL-Aiab. like from with prefix + on. strange. Old. dome. relieve of weight. (E. applied to pure spirit. ( -mcnium from alere. alksim. alien. . L. Algebra. 1 eel.) alchemic.} M. and qobbah.) out (also album out). to . (F. in . suffix -bi as in room. to dm. a/or (aler. with to nouribh. alias. a\Ao?. fl/ttjr.E. see Alien. ace. Alcayde. and to 1. a police-officer. 10 spelt almug. the. Dan die. he. of ctectus. and kohl or kuhl. Span. alcdve./#.) i-bi^ there. aligner. F. alia (for a /). . Russ. at. gen of a/. to light upon.n. and quot. a chief. parents. . Arab. stare alfetta.. from the phr. aljis (stem earlier 'J ehra. to set.). with reference to the completion of the action of alighting. Span. Supposed by Max Muller (Set. f F. Swed. alietie. erect. wazir. Lithuan. alight (from a hoise) See Light (3).tder.) Span. of Ufa. (F. food . E. en la. other. 1 1. see Aline. from liht. Alder-. meaning to make light. G. + . of all. dllhtc. pi. ali-us. aliso 'Jrom GothicX other see Else. L. Aiab. aider ^caldor. . Y. Arab.on. alcohol. algiimmirn. Aliment. chemistry. at the. ahhten. A. goblet. mix. another place. Cf. sandal-wood. cupola a/. Ital.L. conalgebra. Ital.being The simple form lihtan also occurs in A. u-bi. N . valgu-ka. 07. ix. (L. on the erta.) alins. Alembic. root jabara. gen. a bringei up.-Arab -Gk. rt/0/ (stem *//*). man. L. #/. though the 01 ig. A. alimentuni) formed a vessel for distilling. (F.F. ah-. nourishment. alere. how many. tv?/. and Dan. Arab. and . albus. -. or (transposed) alnmgim a borrowed woi d. some. .) Adapted from mod. 232) to be from Skt. S. W. n. See below. Align. E. (E ) M. Arab. a cully riuni. alien.) M.) alimony. attl. at. Gk. onltf. ad. Span.-L. erle\ O II G. * > to nourish. S. See Line (Aline is the better spelling for . G.O. . el. Alight (0. (Sh ) . S . Limbeck.) cahlorman Merc. alder. . where. otherwise. . lie. Goth. alambique. Align Alike. L. all. prep. officer see Vizier. to descend from (E. Late Gk. here In aldcr-liefat prefix. <Med. albu- of egg (L. on the watch. Alchemy.) Late L. S. al-tor. jabr. solidate Arab. alibi. and perhaps to cut. tittuSj another. ohke. atjo-}.. els\ Iv. L. men . . al) Heb. . i. E. alnus ifor *a/sn0s) . a vaulted F. Ale. o. Alcohol. E. a vizier. alibi. at illam. fern.-ItaL-L. Lang. the prefix a.) M. S catu. a hence a vaulted space Alder. Skt. olr (for f //-) a.ALBUMEN ite ALIVE L.Arab. allcr A. . Span -Arab -Gk.) L.. the and anlnq (pronounced ama still. d ligne^ into line.L. (hence. alchemy. as in aliits and .. light. i E. rsed to paint the eyelids with. O. several eiect. all. suffix food. ahhten. L altcntts. See All.ahment. hence. . setting. alembyk. A. Algnm.alcrU\ formerly aUertC) and (in Rabelais) a Ihertc.) M.~] M. to range in a line. the . (E. alguazil. E. ecess. another.) In 2 Chron. Arab vault. (L. on life. F. L. (F.). (L. very fine powder of antimony.) L. another . aliquot. ahmonia. *<//<":-. where i Kings x. Merc. a stranger. . alcoba. eltern. is for allet . Alias. white. Cf. Fries. L. Alderman. alambique v Cot. (Late L. x*?^* probably confused with xfyta. the. From the phr. a mingling. a!. to nourish see above.) L. proportionate). . S A alight (2). cap of a still. alVerta. in life. sense was a fine impalpable powder. Y. fern. of erto. repairing also. Gk. Irish atle. from Gk x /tv to pour out. calm. a tiee. ( F. to. *ahs-. the arid kimid. sandal-wood. (E. Alive. be on one's guard. olovina. (d being excrescent).) Med. Arab. O. the E word ) Aliquot. a cup. to stand erect. L. = A. F. 8. From A. alike. . L. i Alcove. . Kuss oli'kka. Span. see Erect. similar. like. pi. (Span.. Allied Lith. at. (E. S. and algebra. . (F. to range in a line. L. computation. iL. ad. i. Alert. money allowed for a wife's support upon her separation from her husband.. t^ha./. linca^ a line. -ka is a suffix.) M. ate. Swed. n recess the.e on the watch.-f-Ihi. a parent. ace. Alcoran Arab) in a . the reduction of fractions to integers in arithmetic . S. . stems *ahiz-. i. Allied to O. white of egg. Merc. fern. aldorman. L. adj. See above. ercciam. S. fl/afc. b7q\ a/*/3<.. a judge see Cadi. L. Aline. (Heb. to alight from horseback A. from alere. sec Koran.

C. stem ol (E. a free inheritance It means entirely (one's) (Lex Sahca). the Alliteration. to allot L. aleggen. es-. F. al. a/. L. ^ t . O. a place. (E. Allopathy. locdre. a letter see Letter eS. p. The ety-(. alleudre. //?. O. al d.S. * - from A. F. and E. from lent s. IceL Cf. and littgdre. lociitus. ^f The form hege. laterta^ alles wets.) See Hallelujah. fused with other forms. \ the sense usually answers to that of L. v. a speaking.Ao-. of A. L. dKKrjyopia. to allot. to and gaK.os. hlot to assign. gro. S. to lay.. other q. wealth . F. and od signifies pro' This O. (E. allodidhs.-O. Judges ix. see Alien and and Vl Pathos. i .E. of Late L. al. C light. alttguer) hence .E. all\ A. most.~L. Goth. Life. to bind. a A..) From pp. from leg-. #//#/. to set aside. alway. allemdre. from locus. aloter. much and long discussed. aler. 53. auftr. 2 and 3 pres.' Chaucer. alacrem. to assemble. to adduce.. iraO-tiv y to suffer . Alleviate. to let out for hire. a ( = L. to go. pp. L.a//. (L. and with old forms alegier. from O. see Lot. (Arab. . to dispatch. E. -Gk. to to lay down. Formed from F. L. alee. //*fl//r.. L. Du. audags.) (i) A. an accus. the great lizard. see something else Galat. See Liege. S. of Late L4| type *oljos. al. allied to Ital. (F. eal. law. w03 allied to Irish #/&. O F.D. to . legdre. Merc. (F. (LateL. Swed. S. aleggen. Here the incorrect ail-to.(for ad]. quite anar. to assign a portion to. to allociitto. lighten.) .) * aligier = O. al. (E. 24. aleggen. F.E. place see (-ad). to. . used for L. Allegiance. liege. . ot. T. (E.e. al.-L. iv. Latinised as adlegidre (Ducange and treated as if allied to L. D. alaien. al Goth.E.^ See To-. for utterly. alle. aley. alegeaunce. E. el lagarto. alegier. grant. S. ' .letters. a lizard. to. (Ital -L. Allow (i). an expense. a allegoria. see Ally. a walk. strife. (L. -Late L.see Alien. the duty of a subject to his lord. aller. See Most. *//* +Icel Allegro. the lizard. tigeance. allegare (F. . ace. .) ad. and lecgan. to lighten.(for ad). Late' al. ligance (Godefroy) was due to a supposed Allow (i). utterly.ALKALI in life. a treatment by medicines which produce an opposite effect to that of disease.(4) and Lay ^i). (F. mology of aller. L. which abounds speak. Gk. ^ra&tf (correctly all to-brake].) Frorn^ M. base cognate with O. E.-L. . . hgance. cf. i. . Gk. Alkali. the . (Gk.E. ( Gk. of one thing under the from locus. and hgier. Allay. to allegare. N ' . from L. Tent. aAAo~.prefix . to and locare. . especially \\ ith M. hgdre. /r^frr. to lift. al. all..ttte. pi. F. a//-/i L. aleyen. the Alligator. allocdre. description L. stem of <itAAos. he. od is perty or wealth. nearly all . that. which produced also Allocate. from L. is not yet settled the Prov.(/or ad). H. from allodium. allcuidre oi alloy SeeN. mod. the greatest part. is tobrosten thilke legioun. to go F.) Opposed to homoeopathy. A. Dan. adv.) A. dydptv.. always.' . In form. Allot. S eal-mSst. L. F. a gallery a participial sb. F. A. al.. image of another. A.) M. F. hs (gen. type *WAlleluia. i. from (I. to speak so as to imply . alius\ All. ashes of salt-wort. ex-. the word answers to A. Allodial. equivalent is 2757.) Ital. . L. every way. case. lit-is). Gk. alod where al' is related to E a//. See Lizard. TAJ&. 'Al O. homage..) M. other and dyopeveiv. allocate. sing. allouer.) XVI cent. affected by Alliance.L.* and M. But mucli con. all. and litera. . to alleviate. Lit. d\\r}yopiv. H. tip about A. a place of assembly cf.(for ad\ to leudre. connexion with L. of alacer. a derivative of alodis. locutio. case.S. a gen. G.-Gk. cshgier (see Godefroy) . pi. to speak. in every way. aleger.' from O. assign for Allegory. Allocution. O. . . r lot. ALLOW of Iff. a.) M. life: where life is dat. Frank. ad). ^L ) Coined from L. weg. of lex. aA.E.e. to place. (Heb. F. for aAA. an address an address. ead. dleg. A. dlecgan. from Idg. andare. lige. almost. to place. l. Allege. aAAos L. p.(for ad].H. brisk. In the phr. in soda. dleg-es. a salt. from O F. to contend (Ducange). G. 1500. (F. Cf. pi. . E. t. lively. Frank. 9) M.alegen. G. put down. to lay or set aside. propei ty. (2) M. from dyopd.O. in place of the old idiom which linked to to the verb. (Span.' Span. of loqut.S */* lizard. alodium. blessed.O.) From pp. . A. repetition of initial which is due to A.' came Alley.Frankish. a/. .) Arab. to tell. sing.

. al. au. (above). . G. E. (E.) O. loef hotiden. an ox. almasse. "L. loudly. <W. Aloud. all. over against) lang.(for to approve of Aloft. means en(F. E. S. along. L. e. later letters of the alphabet Heb. along of bind to (F.) ' . a ley. amyd'la. S. form of one. ad.) (Late L. . Dan. amande. (L.) A. aumdne. . E. Gk. E. fine. and A. S. E. air. alms F. from laud-. Alter. in addition Itiere. hence alms. on. away. aia-. . Almost. (Phny^ -Gk. A. Cf.) Aloe. (F. with along. alay. . (Late Almoner . al one. . neut.) M. along. Equivalent to M. cAcos. M. Altar.Y. F. Der. S. L. to to bind. L. alter. alouen. F. ready. to bind up. mod. Aloof. ahen. (like meaning complete (from end to end). Du.) Ally. pity. (F. O. Skt. Alpes. (E. prefix. (L. S Allure. almesse. ludere. length/ long and G. the same as Algum. used adverbially. E. almanack. amyndra (see Brachet). . (L. Arab. tirely/ and oon is the M. A S. H. almoner. orig. S.-Gk. lopt. See All and nician. ligdre. in See Loft. Also. S.Q.) allude to (pp. together see Ally. alterdre. Alloy. and beth. \nosma (whence O. The O. Gk. to tempt by a bait. Almanack. almosne. F. A. S. the Alps.. Ital. prep.) A. a\6rj . to windward.F. and. amandre the al being due to Span. a }almes. ) Late L. to keep away (from the leeward shore or rock). almandre. irvmpaco. singular form. al oon. F.) M. . L. alligdre. . al. . O. -Icel. a ( = A. f \frmcuv.) For on loof. alloy. in all (2) . a lopt (pron. (E. alluvial. alleen. al. luoder (G. ad. Q.PhoeAlphabet. correctly. E. The sense is ' over against in or ' Along . antlang) an adj. hmosina) Already. amygdalum. q. def. E. to keep to the windward . a/ay. O. ge-j prefix lang. influence. &>c. L. pitiful. See Iiuff. M. high.) Late L. entlang. Q F.) < . answering loef. ALTER - Alone.t prefix (allied to Gk. S. related to due to A. that. almosne. altdre. ad]. to M. cAcctV. hludt All And see Might. lauddre. . aloft. The prefix is O.E. O. alurer from F. i.Alp. . to S. One. Merc. a distributor of alms. long. alluui-us. L. Hong. (L Gk.^-Gk. proportion in mixing Formerly allay M. A. ^E.* beyond the Alps. a plant. Gk. Sax. Sax. (F -L. A. to. to wash. ekcmosyna. H. to of O. #77x0. amygdala. praise. alo-. stem of laus. E. See A. M. G. (Span. sb. .) From a-. John xix. adv. i\r}no<rvvr]. later allouer. (E. accoidmg to rule "Allude. loud. F. an almond Alpaca. Du. prep.-Gk. -Peruvian. representing the k. Late L.) Icel. trans-alp-ine. alot (2). (L. v. also.ate //<?/ unknown . Alon^ (E. aloi. metals. to te Du. ci/utrySaAoi/. the Peruvian name. which was misunderstood as loi L. See ^= to the bait or lure. v.) /-. together. to sport .~ L. . Almighty. . L.{ad). d\<pa. Almond. G. S. alphabet um. Layamon. 24. | . to bind Cf.) A. . F. more Connected with L albus. allftdere. L. E.) L. almihttg. htder\ a bait See Lure. aleier. ad legem. *alimositia -L. nier. applied to (L ) L. . quite so. to laugh at. an almond. Alluvial. pity. anti. Der. Matt.) M. to. alwhence the forms amygdala. depend( ing on/ as in on 8dm gelang.) A.the name of the first letter. lengthwise of.(3) and Long (j) and see Anti-.) M. F. O. phr. y altus. F alouer. in the air. at . E. (E. alad). on]. alei. Merc. paca-. Merc. written apart here a/. i Almanac. (Scand. (E. the name of the second lettei. and white (Stokes). F. quite -Gk. (ik. L. Folk-L. (L.. loft). df*vy8a\T). r/-. Gk.ALLOW Allow (F. L. soil. . long.(2) and Loud. with amynd la. L. O. altdre > an altar. andlang. of \Haund. alletn. Celtic origin. along of you. L. see Alms. to alter. al redy. -L. and Du. S ealmast see All. allilsus). Folk-L. al.ealswd see above. origin (Dozy). the names of a and the first two Alms. high place.) Span. pity. a due became jbemg d or law (Littre"). .almos. from al. (E. art al prefixed.) M. holde luven. to combine. 39. ^J Origin of Arab.) M. to approve of. to keep the luff or weather-gage. washed down. L. L. quite. allauddre. O. A. 15502. dleph. if Thus alms is a and Beady. the Arab. a leitrre from end to end. to praise.gelang. alli-ance. gen. almtehtig. Der. (1). L. *<///". which suggested our phrase 'to hold aloof/ i e.'+G. allus-ion.

L altus. and hie. a dispute. AMBITION amatorius. . datives of alter. dmasian.-Gk.% other. about E. Gk. F. gray. Gk. a mixture. amb- dpapavros. Irish imiiiFick. Amass. \\h'ch is really quite a different Origin unknown . grh. ace of altercdtio. Amb-. ambaseiata ambascia Late (Lex Salica) more correctly *ambactia . Ambient. (F. L. vi. Gk. anmfae. amasod. and *masian. about. L L with comparative amdtor. Gaulish (Celtic) word (ajnbactos ) a slave. L. cf.) L. altercation. altitude.ALTERCATION L. other . H. (Gk. (ItaL XTV L. others.S ymb. by hand with suffix -ensis. service. (E. L. al together. turns. //. Altogether. .) heap up. to go. .) F. Gall.-L. an unfading flower (L Gk. Ttal alto. Horn. not. 1894. L. a flower. T) F. a husbandman. 15. amdre. driving about (with L. Ci. de Bell.( 2) and Main. Amazon. sides. p. E. piefix. L. the breast. I drive about. . a going round. case. to." Cf \V. pp L. F. prefixed. not an invention. (-L. Amaze.gris ambo in Milton. when preceded by a preposition. high. Although. female warrior.) M The L woid is borrowed from an O.) For on main. Alum. F. esp. a rich perfume. whence ambo. doubtful. L. part. (F. borrowed L from Ital.) M. 34. another. sb. ii 79.> (F. another.) M. (for ^naXaic-yeiv}. agim. to astound. -Span Arab. F.^ Gk. (F. Amaranth. (F. (L) of alterndre. Embassador. of agent. M. doubtful. gray amber Called The malagma. Altruism. R. n 344. Ambiguous. Brugni amacth. to do by L. loving. a . (F. alto. pp. -w^). Caesar. L ambabout (L stem of pres. a pp. cf G. ignns. to dispute. agere cf O.?. Amain. one in Scythia. (prenx) From A. or Late L -Gk. amasser. of a warlike nation of women for the name. about. a seeking for preferment. Obviously d-. on both amphi-.) L. altitude. L alt us. pp.) Properly amarant. E. massa. one who M rites to dictation. height. into a mass. emissary. A.. alum\ F Ait^. . to Gk. high (E. gray haps with Arab al (=the. E. anibat>sadeti>'. alter (with suffix -HO-y. ace. (E. Giambifid. F. as in Milton but -anth is due to confusion with Greek L. al. a barley-cake.) M. *([ called from a resemblance to . L. altercation. Span. S. L. to soften soft. amaranttts. unfading and f*apaivii' ) to <i-. ambition. of amb-tre. ambitioncm. or as sb. catus. with Gk. Gk avOos. a lover. Gk. d^i. regard for others Late L. in strength. . ambre.) cent.11. cognate with L. F. to heap up. other metah esp. O. See Are. to go about. both. about and agere. ambar Arab. L altei i huic. to perplex See alternate. (L ) L. Wulfstan's (L. a form of altro. (E ) See AH.) M. (F. amber was so The resinous bergris. . <[f To account the Greeks said that these women cut off the right breast to shoot better. see (F. an embassy prob. 23. other. an emollient. of quicksilver with (E. -tor. Amanuensis. F. gmg ient-. (E. alum. lit. See Mass (i). a mollifying application per. and juafo?. a servant. P. a mission. fade. high. to drive.S. a137. alternates. ^reis. a dat. ambactus. amanuensis. Altitude. L.) alun L alftmen. -otts in . Ambition. . going L. hoary. i e. A.-L. C. from /><?. gi is. to tinOrig. I. is from O. #//<?.) L L ambi-. unfading. 'anbar (pronounced "ambar^. dfjLafyv. . other.-L) voice. and the verb ag-. amalgame. L L rt//<?raltercdtionem.E amasen. form from lit ewibi-. to (VMEK. from Gk. a manu. Always. (L. (L. Ambassador. said by some to be a substance.(as in suffix -tero-. -F L. am- Amalgam. <$ masse. -osus) place of L. to love with suffix -tor-. al thogh . / Irish irn. Already and Though. flower. alter. E. prefix. one driven about. Gk.hence. send about ff) .. reciprocal. another. ambergris. corruption or an alchemist's anagram of ambergris. . suffix^} Coined from Ital altrui. of altercari. this. #//<?/- Maze. with strength see A. E. Late L atnalgama. of used round to solicit votes . ad. Related Cf. 1. ambassadt. (Ital See Already. Ambi-. a mass. Gk. F.) Amatory. Alway. prefix dfJL<poj. speak in turns. Amber. ftafa. . a fnb-. quite together. pakayna. altercation. alum -O.

L. L.A.O F.-L. Late L. G. F. Amid. amcenus. From F. late. Gk. armdnmti. . before). immortal. improve. mina:. L. ambulatio. pp. Amity. of emboscar. See Bush.) M. ambulance. not.) lo^s O F. merchandise. immortal. and (earlier) amit. ambulation. am.") L. L.) Amble. on Mt'sse. reward. also (F. (F. Heb. adv.. .-L. F. F. Amidst. to make better. Ameliorate. amistet amisted. but usually to of pre=. Piom amicable. to be drunken.) E. amiddes. of merces.amamtas. lead about.. mutch^. enness. in the middle of. linen. to love. cast. middle. Poit tnttrfa} Lowl. L. See wrongly (due to an older lost pp. (F. . E. . suffix -s to amidde A.amicabilis. arms.) as above. a walking about. merci). a ( * L. L. to walk. thanks. to conduct.. amende^ reparation. armarie. stem O.) L ameGk. a repository. amit (Burguy). Ileb amen. . arma. pp viambulare. F. adj. Cf O. ambuldtus. thystus. a gem. L me nor-. worn by (F. the middle. (F. aivmcry. /Sporos). to meraer^ to pay. lit. chase away. d mis. adv.(amb-} t aiound . F. 427. see Mead. food of the gods. emenddre. (F.) amercier. Sc. amiss. (F O. from . e. to mener. amblen. the F. L.) easy to lead.) Formerly em bush. i. . ? ) Milton. F. cmboscada. mere-. a amtliorer. to better. same as Emir. ptOv. amccnitdtem^ ace. pository for aims. of d^puoios. Heb. imboscdre\ as (F. E.) O.-L. lu. pioperly. dmen. . * Amice ' . (cf.AMBLE Amenity AMITY O. to confirm to be firm. From L. (F. . mercedeni) ace. mutze. O. art. M . a cupboard L. m Amice variously aviysT. pi. def. tnidd^ midde. O F. amicdbihs. O F. ambulant-. L.L.) thank cf. Ambrosia. see Mortal. E. to free from fault. to fine. a pilgrim's hood.(passing into the sense of 'fine'). OF. S. Ong.) A. Gk. firm. also pity. to lead to. suffix.) Hum. (E or Scand. amare^ friendly. to set in ambush.-L. dman. - \ (2). note that ambttio retains the short * of amender (above). un-} Amethyst. a. Late L. amen. a rearmaria. amdre t to love. . and ptOvtiv. Late pp. cable. Icel. friendly. verily. aitmi(ce (F. to go about (but sb. in error. ^pleasantness. iv. Amiable. almucio (Pineda) . L ) M. ini" (for in}.) M. Amble. amiable. Ambulance.) M. See Amaranth. stem of meroc. Aumbry. on middan (as See Mid. F. ad). ( . to fine. E. to walk.) M. O. ong. ' Ileb. of atnbuldre. ? In amice gray Teut. an amethyst. Prompt. a coxering. mercidre. to threaten ! Amend.} Formed with suffix -ate ( = L. F. L. threats. indulgence. sb. amis. . amender. . a moveable hospital. meliorare^. Amiss. tiue. part. in thicket. Gk. . (L. where al seems to he the Arab. to set in ambush. called because supposed to prevent drunkSkt a-mita. But G. awmebry. pleasant. L. aMabihs}. ctumaire. Late L. L. Amid. the b is excrescent. Ambry. a cap (cf. amener. Span. d/u'0i/(7Tos. dyucflvaros. o to drive out. on). acquit. ambush. Miss (i). in addition -meliorcr ( = Late L. from mclioi better. above. ( . (L. F. iaeere y to round. of L. a cupboard. with *L. Gk. the supine of Ire the simple verb). mid. almaire. traffic. mindre. embwssier. friendly . . mortal. and F. Parv. (Gk. so be F. P R. d/A^v. (i). to throw L. attmusse)\ Late L. L. E. . (F. F. minan. L. \^. F. v. (F. amendes. embuscher.. verily. Icel. d-.Gk. a friend.). S. length.' (F. ad). (E. i 1 it. but also a cupboard. L. (not ambulance. L. see v Late L. strong drink. pardon. L. so (Gk. boMuni) a bush. S on middan* where middan is the dat. and *f*0por6s t f r *ppor6s not (E. d-. mendum^ a fault. of in the middle A. amends. thanks Gk ajjLftpoaia fern. L. mittze may be from Late L.) F. q. Amenable. L) E. ened form of a /*/8 par os. a bush or Lat imboscare. ambu. L. Amids-t is lengthened from Again. F. (L. supine of amb-ire. ambler to go at an easy pace. to conduct. -atus) from Ameer. (F. an ambush. i>pan. (O.-L. (L. mis. wrongly. of amicire. a<f. to set and Late L L. merdt (F. to fix a fine. - M . I : L. ior arms . amict-us. amidde-s was due to adding the adv. drive. e. by confusion with aimable (from L. a walking about. Cf. w. amenden. -ation Ambuscade. Amen. M 1 * . amictus. d ( = A. almm ia Span. amenite L. Late L. bring to. Amerce. an oblong piece of priests.) wages. Gk. . Cf. S.not drunken. from . in . L. anncus. Span. . | to al c LateL.

"L. S. want tii/-. (Gk. ^F. S. atds. among. ample. at first applied to a large snake it was really a 111 mountain. Tin-. viang. avaxpoviGk. Ana. An-.) F. see Amuse. (Hind. muser. anfM. prefix. to.L. life. Egyptian. putus. to defend. L. amuser. Amphibious. ad}. H. L. *amicitdtem. amputdre. henakandayd. cleanse. ace. amorosu<>. Gk. L. Muse ( i ) . A-. on both sides /3/os. Ok. one see One. crowd. L. (Gk. 42. I remember. dva-.) Now a S. (E.short for amb-. Wilson. montem. ^Gk. amunition. . Gk. due to substituting r amunition for la munition ^Littre). / not . A. on both sides and Ppaxvs.) Coined (Gk. amicus. anagramma. a soldier's L. a Ample. dfjupi.) > O again. Gk. L. dptyi. in-.amoros. AmorOUS. . &XL-.) . . but with suffix -ite . Gk.) F. from Gk. . transposition of letters. mount up amonter. a forgetting of offences. rendering insensible to Coined from Gk. form. a/at/crro?. M. towards a mountain or large heap. whence amonges with ndded s (a common adverbial suffix) and hence amongs-t with excrescent t.) see Anaemia. A. error in chronology. Gk. (IO From pp. make to muse or think of. on land and water Gk. . amulctum. and ^0^0-77. Gk. dvd- The foot composed of a short .<*'Gk. of mow.. An. F. (H. love. up. to cut off round about. Suggested by L. Oearpov. and ^Esthetic. (F. to gaze at. . see Amphi. a talisman hung round the neck. time. a large serpent. In-. theatre. up.) corruption of munition. muse . agtamme. lock-salt. F.) sal moniacum. again and See Baptize.AMMONIA Late L. sixteenth part. (F. . amnestte. L. amoureux. ^ (-L.*.Y. shape. t to. the Libyan Zeus. tively .) Ammonia. (Ok. . amistet. d-. am-. (Gk.) A ut Amphi-. stare at. dv-. d-. around.) The earliest Gk. friendship. mnnltioncm.-L. on. ana. of amor.' Cot -F. F. ANAGRAM rpovj a theatre with seats all round the Gk. love. of wrong. Ambi-. Anaconda. . amour. Amputate. pp. amnes/z'a. (E. dva. d/^>/. Hut wrongly whipsnake. L.\. (Gk. Gk. to love. (Ceylon. dftff>i0pa\vs. a fossil shell. amorem. Gk. of Ammon. back. . a mixture.) short for an and an is an unaccented form of A.) One who baptizes Coined from Gk. (Gk. to divert. mont. a sixteenth of a rupee. ^f It is said that sal ammoniac was first obtained near the temple Amulet. (Gk . upon. store for defence. ^. &wuv. Ammon a word of Egyptian 01 igm putdre. L. if. lit. amor. L. Gk. prep. in Cf. d'axf>"* 0><us. Gk. 1*. clean. Among. amdre. .. both sides. dn. uiwijffTia. Amour. not pain. ace. . Anachronism. ii. miinttus.*Gk.) (Gk.) Gk. L. Anna.) .av~. also to lop or prune trees. Gk. not and pvaoncu. esp. full. to refer to a wrong time. Gk. baptist. 16 ypd<f>iv t to write. back wrong) xpoyos. forgetfulncss. to gaze at. fF.see .* bloodlcssness (L. Amphibrach. spacious. a Amount. a defending. of L. a 0. E. syllable on each side of a long one fw-u). -ITTJS] from the name Ammon because the shell resembles the twisted ram's horn on the head of the [Once thought to be of Arabic origin . round about. (F. Amorphous. a change in a word due to L. a-.) F.and Gk.) F. Ana-. ava. on Latinised form of Gk. prefix. (Gk ) and aioOrjTiKos. L. A neg. again cognate with E. onmang.] image of Jupiter Ammon. here used ypdupa. esp. (Gk. Gk. a distribu- Brief. an alkali. .) (F. L. In. on see On.) F. Herod. ASee (9). Anaesthetic. ammoniac. up. And. ci/*</>/#toy.. on. Libyan. is indefinite article. Ammunition. L. Amnesty. cognate with L. Amongst. blood. dfMfri. form is amonge. . (F. around . at. forgotten. prefix.) of a rupee. L. (F. (L. An. of*amtL. Ameiican boa. letter of the alphabet. Gk. A. Anabaptist. of munire. - amplus.) Gk. ammonite. dvai^ia. ova. Cingh. svvifi ' Ceylon. af/m. and E. (^MEN. . L.) living a double life. Anagram. Hind. to amuse. not . amulette. Mingle. to. Amphitheatre. friendly. O.. O F. ace. dva fciv. L. F. sal amrock-salt. Gk. a arena. di/-. short. S. Gk. un.) a foot in prosody. lightning stem. ambi-. ace. full of perception see An- blood Gk. now ' given up. ad. From formless. to amount (F. From Mid. to to.

ancora \ wrongly ant hora] Gk. 'ensigne. anarihie L. avdOffj-a. anapuCstus. ^ik.-Gk. 48. ayytkot. one who retires from the world. antianus. Gk. d-. Gk.) Gk. dyyapos. (2 anF\ ancessout . vrjpo-s. F. neg. a above. avdy up Cf. L. before. With (F. to be first.G k. of cedere. Formed with suffix -anus from ante. to loosen. anefen. -Koyla.-L.) L. Matt xxiv.) M. to (F.. (F. ) F. standard-bearer. back and to withdraw. And. niler. Anchorite. ancien. ' ' + Anapaest. O. a mounted courier. a tumour due to dilataGk. (F. Anchor. Ital andante. back and Atmi>. private life.) Andiron. with reference to. Span. . (0. aundtre. Gk. s. a banner. to rule. di>d. seigne. . (Gk. from L. lit. to Also aneurism. an anchor. Analysis. G.) Anchovy. Ancestor. From Of . (F. Gk. d^d. upon. Ananas. orig. widen. dva\oyiaj F. Gk. . wind flower.E. a fire-dog. to strike back. up. an.-Gk. The Peiuv. Late L. Cf. . a standard-bearer Cot. ^Gk. loosening. onefen. anachorete (Cot ) . O. di/rt. a foot in prosGk. (E. on .) Gk. (^k.-L. room. not. anentis older form E. F\ landier.) F. Anarchy. F. I devote. Cf. andena. where /* is the def. over against. E. ancestre.) Span. a resolv. dvd. . a widening. *f5-oy. neben. related to L. dyaxw/oT/TTj?. to speak. Anapest. Gk. L. vuv. Theme. ai/e/^o?. riOijfju. auncient. (^Gk . (Gk. foim. anda. anderne. art. proportion. Anathema. Late L.(i) an as t re. from Basque antzua. as dvaTopfj. equality throughout. slowly. moving slowly. angelus* Gk.o/-nfwe. . dyKuv. avairaietv. from O.S. tn/cm^T/^u. a bend. a recluse. pi. and Soros. dissection. (Span. of andare. m. ancor. allied to 5/5cu/4t. GHO. ana. Gk.) F. analyse. cess-u*. ANGEL Ancient excrescent /. near A. antecessor. pp.) A S. (y'LEU ) Der. dry. 7 (Rushworth). ' * 17 . or accursed Gk. ' . auncien. unta. nanas or nana. . ananas (^Pineda). See Even. Span. enseigne.unpublished hence an unpublished story. from x^P 0? space. encoined word. a curse. anana.) Coined from ok. to give. Fries.. di><5oTa. Hence onefn ~= even with. of ratios. cent. resolve. anchora S. IK. (F. tion. G. (Span.) The current spelling imitates the false L. (F. acc. put for Candier. E.) Confused with ancient ( I ) but ing into parts. (E.) M. of d>'/c5oro?. efen. a word. Cot. Gk. ody. dvaro^ia. An if reduplication. wet. Gk. Late L. anachdreta. ende. (E. (F. ana/ogia. See Ensign. G anti. rebounding because Gk. aundcrne. Andante. fl" .-L. a messenger.) A. to go. K. L/) Not connected with iron.E. Cf. the story m Gk. Gk dvato retire.i-L. an anchovy. Braz. nom. end. out . I Ttpvtiv.) . F. but corrupted from a ruler. andier mod.~Gk. .Late L. lit. prefix. Perhaps dried fish . beiore.) M.anchua. . anent. angcle. a fire-dog. anccGk. Prob. Late L. b on. and. dvd t up set. Anemone. ante. (Jtwvrj. onefent. from \6y-o$. H. Basque anchoa. Gk. to Gk. Gk. di>-. ananhia lack of government. kind. . belonging to former time. O. Anatomy. a fish.-L. a thing devoted } ius.John iii. aneut. d^apx/a. anchova cf. for dvd. Aneurysm. form. Tome.. ^L. without . same cut. Ilavelok. . (y^ANQ ) A Anent. andeanathema.-L. Cf.) O.) I. Angel. from \iytiv. ante. (Ital. f. it is the struck back. old. But and if but if if. O \ cessorem. on an equality with. cijKvpa. Gk. dote.L. F. Gk. where the / is excrescent. verb. . dry. v Gk. L. antecessour. A. ane^dota. S.-. even. Gk. (-/GHE. I place. anato?n?a. dvar^. and v/>i>tK. . also for O. a predecessor. to cut up.dvd\vms. M.Ancient (2) a banner. reverse of a dactyl.F. wind. applied to a barometer V .L. statement. > having no liquid mercury in it. from L.-GIO XVI pt. near (for in eben Aneroid. old. from apxtw. and iraifiv. from tvpvs. dv. O. neut. | \ a flower. the pine-apple plant. . to stuke. later form onemn. ( F. dvd. di>Gk. und. 2861 &c the same word as the if if. foregoer and M. a bent hook cf.t not.E. mod. Anchoret. Basque ') and New. dvd.of> niowe. (i. F. given. analogic Gk.-Gk.. M. from L. wide. Brazil. dvtvpvana. regarding. dv-. (F.ANALOGY Analogy. Formerly also and\ iraiffTos.) L. Anew. wa\vw. .pl. pres. Gk. Gk. undo. if. tomte. name is achupalla. back . Anecdote. before. Gk.

. heat. L. nigellare. of uertere. confused. art. O. with a longer suffix (cf. in odio habui. anker. (F. Annoy. to ( angle. .. angel. F. in. anmtel. to blacken fiom niger.( ad). kindle. = vehemence. L. esse. angle. or the indigo-plant. (L. a year. angel-ist. annuitdtem^ ace. a living crealife. to bind. Allied . a hook. of annihilare. fire. H. . E. breath. anceria. blue . ad) orig. (L. nieler. annoin er. melt.) a substance which furnishes (F. a number of dyes.) L. anka(s). to fish. a liquid measure. sb. from - F. M. bent. gret.(for ad). mil.) Anneal. for animus. v. an angle. ) 2 A diniin. prickle cf Icel angi^ a prickle. lit. annus.\o endue with life life. Fries. onga. Late L.. orig. ANNUL '. M. ^ L.) L animal. a. a messenger. (F. ture. of the same.. Y.S. courage. \\ilh suffix -ine* Arab.) See below. nitel. Anger. to announce. fish-hook. choking. of annectere. Swed. in odio L. to be hated by (Cicero). anndles. mla. Annals. where al is Annex. Pers. to enamel. to knit or bind to. S. Skt. a> n r > g grief. L. (VANGH. often (Scand.(for ad). O. Announce. . phr.) angoise.\. notare. animatus. a bent hook. to inflame.K. anga t a limb. onklef}. Angle Gk. annullaiC) to bring to .E. Anise. quinsy. of L amma. . odio. (E. ^w^/. \*. of mind L.Swed.-L) A Y. to i educe to nothing. blackibh . to tnrn (^ee Verse). . Anker. cv- engel. a mark.) \annihttatus>\>\>. to make notes on. A. azure. angor.Q\ nuntnuc. Perhaps allied to Skt. form was directly from L. q. L. anguisc.-L. for hbri annale^ books. (F. nil. an. to bring tidings. arch-angel q. mind. Der. the same. also ME. . pp. and Swed. mind (allied to anima. of O. Cf. Annotate. !.) M. M. pp. . anguisse F./ odio. a herb. bum. avijaov. anguslus. ace. (F. Amide. Gk. (L. angerc. 1 was annoyed with cf. a fish-hook a feting. common in the Late L.E. and G.). ammositt.anot. L an. acute pain. animositatem. L. G ango. 1 had hatred. pp. yearly.-L. verb. angina. sary memorial/ anmtiersdrius. of odium. to vex. ancle . (0. perplexity L. hatred. L. the same. animaduertere. E. anil. E. Foimed. of cinga. nigelhts. F. a strangling.) L. to (<^AN (L. anise. Angina. L. anclen. a year. anguli. poveitv. L. Annihilate.) Two distinct words have been E. anun-. M. S. LateL. an. Fries. 1. narrow. anguish. L. to choke. Icel. narrowness.) see Ana. -f. turning yearly. yearly a small coin (F. from on. (l)u.ANUtK O. anger. nnuitds. ) F. L. anger. Dan. v. nunliiis.anui (F ennui).) F. Angle F. Animal. a year. ^f The A.-*^. diniin.) M. to and nutere. also A. anoicn. L. \^. Anguish. to paint in black on gold or silvei burn. Cf. (F\~L ^ F. Arab. annales. lit. aniware. L. to . ad. F. onielan. (F.annuitt.-L. animate. anil. a corner. .(for acf). adj.) For anniver. to tuin (see Verse). a hook.) with the sense of vexation. 18 (L.. to to Anchor. passion. ^/^/d! (for onkla-^*anknla'\ Du. L angnlus. the to criticise. anil. Pers. annus. 1304. lit in hatred. Du. to make notes on. animus. (L. nothing. anuier. a dye-stuff Span. L. S icled. Span. F. A.) ) animadvert. + Anna. ' the clef. annotare. a prickle. chiomcles. 2 M. neeler. august la. (F.) From pp. L. of L. Late L. from annus. aviaov. S. fish-hook. anoier. (VANGH Aniline. from antidlis. Der. . anelen^ enamel glass. ayiev^os. E. annus. from See Nuncio. anyearly. vexation. anger. abl. and nil is borrowed fiom Skt. L. L. an-nJl\ for ctl-ml. angere. angelus. a-yttvpa. Gk.) M. and (elan. Annual.. also an- Annul. a year and uersus. kindle. to temper by heat.(from anno-}.-L) F annexer. full or courage. angle.~>. F. Cf. angel G. angoisse.-Gk) L. pi.(perhaps = F. ancleow. censure. Prefix a. hence. to choke. tiouble. vexation. >K-L. L. yearly. L. to mark. reL. ankare G. to and nihil. Dan. ankel\ Icel. and O. to annoy animosity.) L. of animontas Span. Venetian inodio. . animosus. D. on. anima. Skt. Persian. O. to. an.+Dan. in. anisuin anese. re-animate anuien O. \ehemerit. blue. (2). /. anis (Cot. annuity. anethum. (A. to burn. See Note. (L. ankel. in-animate. a linger. black. annualis. anker\ from A. Q. anys. L. angel. prefix. L. from not a. reL anni. F.anncxus. L. Der. enojo. Q. ) Late L.) L. pi. breath) and uerlere. avrjOov. ^E.^ . to turn the mind to. Anniversary. the indigo-plant. annuntiat e. ( (i) E. (L. m .

L ante. ant. opposite to arctic. one.-Late'L. old. a gathering of flowers. Antagonist.-Gk. (L. en. Gk. avOos. arctic. In Spenser. Anon.) v. not. avritywa.ANNULAR nothing. . antefn. immediately. anterior. dv-. <f)oji>r).) From away. the stem of dvOokoi//. Gk. Antennae. i. bvrixpiaros (i John ii. L. ^[ In anticipate. q. pi. a contest (-/AG. to answer. and /fyfiv. ante. Late L. emmet. Ant. against. to anoint. and dpKnKvs. an adj. See Unguent. southern. deluge. adj. a weak verb. dtluere. F. F enoint. a collection of choice a collection of flowers. a of a sail. Gk. Antecrtst. foi av-ri. of haid coal. pp. (L. . a flower. free and Mvij. Anodyne. ant. an anthem. related to upas. dvri. Gk. a young Another. stamen of bloom- .Gk. tpuytti'. before.-L. Gk. Ant-.-L. . . I struggle. Anoint. used pifn-e.) Oiig. to swear. andsivarian. ante. cW-. unknown antenna. and . Gk. to wash. a drug to allay pain (L.) M. an opponent. ultima. S.for cirri. (F. drug relieving pain. on. Allied to Anti-. . nameless. (Gk) Gk. dvri Anthracite. L.) Lit. of anteicdere antecedent-. (Gk. to smear. xpiaros. ttngere. S. O. dvr. The A. dvri. of Anterior. dv0o\oyia.* against allied to L. t G1O *L. man-eating. ante. S.) L. end .) I* annu- from anmilus. from Ital. antidpare.and Swear. of L. a spelling anuhts rounding. to bloom bud or sprout.) XVI cent. A. anti. neg piefix (E.. F. to take beforehand. Anomaly. (Gk.antar<ticus Gk. dpa>fta\o?. lucre.-Gk.) From Gk.' A. dvri. L. enoindre. de- m Anthem. antagonista Gk dvrayouvtffT^. before. against. against . ' . lit. Antichrist.) Late L. Q. as sb. before the flood. Anthropophagi. S.(in ant-worfen^ see A. 641. last. L Antichrlstus (Vulgate). one and the same. dirOpa^irrjs. apfletV. in. K. fern. opposite to. stem of before. (Gk. QV-. <*k. swenan. = Gk. anon. used by Eustathius of Antioch Of to signify some uncertain quadruped. . allied to anta. lit. with -ous added. of L anus. properly the yard last syllable ante. antiphona. sound. a trick. cull. in an.) O. Skt. cemette. (^L. anNull. Adopted in Anti-. . (L. upw/aiXta. Gk. Gk. an emmet. L. nameless Gk. see End. earlier dim in. See Arctic.) ptfnultima. Anther. di-. fanciful. as a pp -* anointed O. K. before. (E ) M. anoon also onan. Antepenultima. anttqwts* old. coal.) and capere. reply reply. the prefix is for Antic. the voice. dvubvvos. compar. (L. andswaru. (L. antique. upon. for avOos. anodynus. Gk. the two in a but word. Doublet. not from pain. go. upon. one and- Gk. a/i/i/o/. (L. from ante. (for ad). Antediluvian. pi. to and-. Gk. of avrityowos. A. before oindre. uneven. S. before. anoint. Gk.= G. (L. (K ^ M. ' cannibals. (L. -L. &vrapKTtK6s.) . anti-. stem of avOpa. Christ. antico* with the * sense of grotesque'.^ Gk. an opponent. potms. Idris. name. flower-gathering. other. Anticipate. Answer. and opo/xa. q. to take. of origin. For an (K ) other. E. Gk. in icply . Gk. Ay-. (F. Anti. former. over singing of the half-choirs. the XVI cent.) a kind . a?id. from d^wv. adj. to nnllus. S. See Antique. sing sounding in response to from the alternate Gk. feelers of insects. 6. Gk. Lit. adj. F. avOpwiros. on. almost. Gk..L. &v0o\oir~.-O. before . anthology.) dvOparroQayos. like a ring.) L. Cf. short for amett. to anoint. before. a ring. pain. Gk. A. apart . . summit of the } (Gk. S. one . 18). Anonymous. Ante-. to go t (Ital. cedere. . a flower ing. prefix. di'0o\6yos. against and dyajvi^o^at.' Gk. even. over against. (Gk. dvOpaK-. Gk. a man. diluuium. Late Gk. i. . v. antalopus. to eat (y^HIIAGw Brugm. viation from rule. see L. more in front.) Formerly antem.) prefi*. and o^aXos. (Gk. (L. dvwvvfji-os. L. to icply. considered as fem. L. no Annular.) pres. Antelope. (L ) L. Late L. a circular form (Lewis). A avOo-. L. speak in S. before. from L. last but one. the pp. F. (F. to speak. Antecedent. odd . to wash L pa it. . amtc. 26. antenna.) . one moment. a washing away. ante. on an. a dvOrjpos. against. ANTICIPATE . A. resembling coals. men-eaters. nverian. but really neut.

) Coined from Gk. Apart. summit. opening.) From Anti. in whence $ iverti. eye. for away . L. Aph-. the sun. suffix -tats from ante. a definition. and faldan. . Gk. from an. antic. H. on. aside.) M. remedy. to suffer. from F. one.' See Pathos. (L. bowels. anfilte. anti- Antidote. the great Antiphon. irafofp. formed with lit. from nom. aorta artery 'rising' from atiptoOcu. Antique. ariirtiv. a separate room. to . G. (L.) Antistrophe. A. S. antique.Ital. from aipfiv. to open..) Late Origin undvriird- distress. with suffix -0HS. the orifice of the 361. to rise up . Aperient.Du. d-. at a (good) pace. also anticus. . anfeld. Anus. old form of ab.) From Anti. eimger. dote SOT-OP. (F. aph(jeresis. a'ipcois. See Pathos. G. for auntelerc. valzen. anonfihi . apart. on. 217. From See Romania. . an. . Gk. penutio. from.) APHORISM to fold up. Phrase. and cudere. the point in a planet's orbit from the sun. known. singly Cot L. Antiphrasis. one. (E.and heart Gk. ^f Some derive it from on and fealdan. on (cf. TTOVS. d</>cu/xfa/y. to Antitype. a brow- Antler. for drro. a ration. Lith. -y). cent. of feeling Gk. auntoher(l\ Q.j Aphaeresis. Gk <</>-. causal of *fealtan.) felt. apartment. Aphorism. as posticus is to partew. <* part. K ape apt . with ^E t Antipathy. from/tfj-/. . passus}. Doublet. verb G. sing. remedy Anxious. antipathy. counteracting putrefac.-L. Ital. opposite to ouis. dvriirovs. ttTro. Gk. H. an anvil. feet For a pace.) putrefying. S. to choke. as above.) i L. . Antithesis. strongly) against.A.and E. and oculus. antidotum. apa -f Du.) F. anafah.= Lith. G. L. where a is put for see A. said to have been once in use (Littre). from #\ios. against and (Gk. redupl. 4. lit.ANTICLIMAX Anticlimax. a metal. see apart.) ^Gk > From Gk. Icel. sepaappartare.' of aperire. (Gk. A. ail partem . cognate with Foot. (F. G. a (feeling from cen See One. a taking away. ) A. to move (to and fro). iv eye-sprout). Ape. and note the From Anti. to infix. and Strophe. d<p-. E. Gk. (F. F. antler (lit. old. from &'5<w/uf. from in. antiSee Anti. (L") Apex. is Gk. the O. given. dtrafcrn. Type. Thesis. ' gloss: Cudo. pas (L. apart. (F. taking away of a letter or syllable from the beginning of a word.-L. (Gk. is not derived from ana. From Anti- partition. rotten. against . G. cf. from ezn. neut. a part. (Gk. an anthem Anthem. to rot. dvri. vGk. appancment. . we)i. L. angere. and -0r. In this case the O. Brugm.) dfipfiv.(2 \ a-Joot) Pace. cn/Trr-os. 349. an anvil. anvdt^ See Apo-. Cik.' a thing given as a Voc.) Anvil. See and . farthest H See Heresy. before . *antocularcm. (E. a parte./>r/fcr. tion. <$y . Cf. behind. a taking. S. o-T/wTt/f<5s. ante. and Pace. affe . to take. (L. to fold however. stem of pres. vahen. Late L. and a verb *ficltan (see below). not . (E. to raise. (L. away. Any. F. S. antirnomum. di/'.) Gk. anxi-its. Sorov. eenig.and F. avri- A. dj/T/Vo5s. the lower L dmts.) Apace. E. from . appar- Antipodes. -Gk ) Late L.) ' cent. to the one part or side. men with (Gk. a groove. M. 0(ia. phona.. I give.falz. Swed. the branch (of the horn) in front of the eyes . i. ace. L incus. Gk. (Gk. L. (XI (Gk. suffering lit. pas. M. Antimony. to separate. Ital. 7ra0V.e. 5. Ital. Lit. at-weili^ to open. : a distressed .) (Late L. <r nig. suffix -ig Gk avri. to strike . Irish ' M. apa (from KJ iL. aiigen-sprotse. Antiseptic. Aorta. Perhaps from ap-. *fa/zan.) see Late L. tamento^n apartment. fyopifav. L. alone. aperient-. . cognate with O.) F. aap. opposite to . dvri. From Gk. Aphelion. the Gk. but from M. anliquus. anfilte . Climax. L. ad partem. Gk) doprrj. before. (E.) L. one. L. ad. a emedy. (Gk. (Gk. upon. H. XVII op. S. (F. L.-Gk. M. suffer. antoilher. ace.and want Apathy. a definition. whence G. F word is supposed to be equivalent to a Late L.e. Gk. i.) Gk. on. G.) O apa Bohem. against. pt. above. of Soros. any . the (L. of pars. foot. L apex.) F.

Apocrypha. ad\ to.) apologue. Appal. sense ' diroQtajvts. diro. diro. F. Apophthegm. away. Gk.) Gk. some one to turn. apanage ^also appanage^. I put. oreAAfii/. .-L.-L. 'hidden (Gk. gear. a defence. pale. (Gk. aTro\oyia. appelldre. off. appdntor. to address. provision for a dependent. to pallidus. from. Gk. to Late L. appear.) to get leady. apparatus. ace.E. d</>-. diro. F. diroapogee (Cot. a store- house. Gk. L. apalled meant Chaucer. F. off.) Y. nnd Kakvirrfiv. (L. it away. (L. speak to .) M. Apiece. fully . apostasia. T. F. F. I L vTdrrjs. where a is the indef.has partita.) hence. diro/epvirTciit. ad. Gk.) L apiarium. opifrw. Gk. article. neut. of. Apogee. pale Cf.) The present M. Apiary. (F. apelcn. F. one who is off. Apparel. of dir6Kpv<f>os. to strike. a standing. apologus. ad. diro. (L.-L. dirwpOtyna. diro. F. appdndre}. pariculus (Ducange Late L apoplexia. ^f In the sense of a mark used to Gk. apostrophus. O. Med. Par. denote an omission.) Ong. Gk) L. a store-house keeper. late.. Gk. apoteapotecary. Gk. . off away . a storeLate L. Apotheosis. apostate. apalir. L. See Appear. a boundary. off. I deify. apparatus. story (F. a god.) F. to dress. a. diroirhrjv. apocope. Of tca\td. rdre. apostate. drroKa\vir- Q. standing. to hide away. Apoplexy. to hew. diro0f6a>. belonging to L. set aside as a god. much) a piece. equal. diro. apotheca. diro. late L-GkM Apparition. . ap(ior pan-is. a off. E. Gk drro. to call. neut.E. off. call upon. . put like things with like. cot. crrdriys. (Gk. F. sent off. wait on. Cf. stem of par.(see above). apoplexy. \6yos.pari-. dno. off. hidden. apparel. similar. Apocalypse. to L.Gk (of a letter). Der.Gk. to. reveal. of dnoyaios. M. parare. parailler. strophe. and F. (F. apoplexie Gk. 0*6*?. ffra<ria. for. ir^Tffffftiv.) calips M.apparittan Apostasy. 'a standing away away . djro(rrpo<i7. diro. L. Old Testament. a fable. from \fyav. earth.) M.. L. cut. Gk. Gk. OTTO. away from .-Late apostasie. APPEAL for air6. - Late L. a provision for maintenance. like.L.) M. (F. pareiller. Gk. Apocope. Gk. Apothegm. for drugs). a revelation. ad. L. a place for bees. Cf. diro<rroAo?. to cripple by a stroke. place. api-. ant. diro. Statics . (L.) terse to clothe.palle. the ' . (. F. 777. diro. L. of apidrius.E apo- (Wychf). Apothecary. limit. to hide. 1^365). to wax pale. away from earth.-Gk) diroKoinj. Pale. &c. diro. appalir. pale. out and tyOcyyopai. O (F. Gk. an officer who serves the process of a spiritual L. fiom L. prefix. Gk. to appear as attendlictor. 0-rdaiy. is to terrify. apallir. a-. appdrere. from opos. should be apostroph It Gk. O. K Appanage. (esp. properly. a speech made in apologia. apocalypsis: Gk. ofiv. . also to make pale (Cot. rendered pale cf. diroform for diroaTcuns. 'Li. apology. . diroK&kviftis. to send. from ara-. Gk (F. ri-Orj-fu. diroiVrry/it. Ao-yos. O.-Gk.j L. L.) rew.APIARY define. (above). L&te L. <TTp4<t>tv. Gk^ Lit. an attendant.-L. to prepare for. to limit. Apanage. dwoAo-yos. a fable. off. L. uttered. yatov. for . becomes aph. . L. a deserter. v. Gk. Appeal. apaner. from. (at so Gk. a turning away to address (L. (L. apogaum. Gk. to say. Gk.-Gk. (L. similar. revolt. diro. apotheosis .before an aspirate ApO-. (F. Apparatus. Gk. pp. diroKpvQa. uncanonical books of the things Gk. court. and Khimiv. a speech Apologue. off. apareiller. appdreie.-L. I cry aloud. to . from pareil. apostoL- who attends execute their orders. E (Late Late L. apparitor.) A. from era. Gk. arrange. (F.). apostata. defence. dvoQ^K^. off S. in L. deification. apothecdrius lit. diro. a thing off. apeler. s. utter Gk. pancula}. deification. Gk. Gk. else. - Gk. speech. prefix. Gk. to cover. Apostle. - Gk. stupor.-Gk. a . (L. apparel to assort. a bee.) L.). bees. F. bread. pi. 10679 O . C. trom L. see Of. of appapreparation. an officer . off. ir<\Tjia. stem of apis. off ' L. apmagistiates to See Appear.) from cognate with E. (L. apaiailen. caire. lit.Gk Gk. potecary.-Late L. (F. (L. a cutting . furthest from the earth the point of the moon's orbit x F. saying. O. -Gk. to supply with bread (Late L. Apostrophe.' base allied to apostata. apostolus. diroVT/wx^os). L. Gk. L. apoa turning away ihetonc.~\*.Gk. O. away. to uncover.) O. L. lit. neut. apparittoftem. E. Kpvirrciv. (F.

TTO&OJ/. . apcler. apaiser^). poser (horn L. aper-. pres. to . (for #</). suitable L.^foi ad).(for a. Gael. Approach. Apportion. used as a pp. apeser.) note of a melody. a price U>0 Fiom pp. . ap-=^ad\ to. iabloko\ Lithuan. Kuss. apareir. i' a-. an addition.' (F -L. in imitation of L. (F. apeiser. portion. L. (F. ace. to a peace. appendix. F. information. F. of O. * ctppris. short for L.) F.-L. 5"). to seek.(put for a before to portion out to. L. Proper. from a Late L. (for ad). appendtrc. Irish abhal'. upon . to hang. &c. L. from Late Is. (E. apprendcre (above). to appear. spell. at ptetuun. tion. irom Gk.(for ad). *aprciser (cf O. on the analogy of to a See Peace. to speak. to approve. S. a Apprehend. approval. appetite L appetere. . apptinctarc. Append.) appeller. to.' upon. aplyen.F. (F. to . appreciate. appel. applaud. . Approbation. apointen O. .) L. orig to lay hold L. a/. to. Der. E. ing. appdrere. L ~ price./). ad\ to.(for ad)'. tonic stem (as Ducange . to an essential L. apprentice. and *pcllarc. (.i. yVr- preiser. \L ) L. aprise. poneie. to suspend upon. aperen. nom of apientif (see Godefroy. L.) M. and other presumed representatives of compounds of L. aLo Appease. lepiescnt from pp. to belong. to weigh. appeal also see Appeal. appli-ance apn^. apere) pres./. pendcre. at plaudeie. apprehcndcre. *apprenditus. to (L. exposcr. appendere. in of O. turn or plicare. apendre. to bring to a peace portion O. to learn. apreO. Apparition. (10 From pp.(for a<f).' m/). Verg. apointer.-f-Du. S. to . to hang to 01 upon. of L.(for appoggiare. near. See Pew. O. L. ap. approba( Ital.(for ad). (F. proprius. v. t -L ace. to .) F. . apprendcre. apprenditivttm . to come in subj. a support. Late L.-L. (F. of L. O.E. apientif. F. The (). (F. to make one's own. a/. of L. a apeser (F. to approach. L. aprochicr. ^ aper- F. //<?. L. apartenir (F. See Prehensile. to value. to. to diaw near to (Exod. apponere. to. value. .) M. Applaud. O. E.) ^//.L.) Formerly pausare). tf/A'f A. See Approve.apfel. punctdre. and with Abella in ^7. See (for ^/). s. applaud.) From the M. .APPEAR (for acT).Q Appertain. composer.L. .approchen. Late L. . formed to represent L.v/j. L appropidre. apHse. to put near. Cf. of apponere. L. to depend on. aproc hen. Late L. F.L } F. applause. E. to. prctium. assault lit. to join ap. L. apL.O. ad to. O F Apposite. application^. F. iii. foi pp. appoggiatura. pp. . peace. APPROPRIATE Appoint. sb. aparoir. L. ap- tinere. F. ubhal] W. M. E. approbatits. Some connect obolys.. ap. to. to become visible. disappoint. to . al prchendeie. appositus. appretidre.HL. appaitcmr). to learn. apportioned F. 740.. (j. F. Appear.apnntls. cf. a pets. Origin unknown. clap (hands). Ital. "L. apprise.) M. 1^ fold.*//<?/. F. Appraise. pp of aprendre. from/.n. tenen. appellant. a pats. F. arrange. twine. (F. appoint. to lean upon. to pertain to. ap. Appellant. it Apple. M. pacem. a grace-note or passing tone prefixed. apraiwi. apprehcndcre.) A. (L ) L. L applicare. L. L. instruction. Sec Position. pp. to Dsr. L. L.-L. (Cot . L. ap' (for I. settle. to belong to. ( M. L. Der. aplter. F aprentis.-L. prope. F.F. pt. at . to inform (!". to F.. /. forth parere. ap. E. F. to lay hold of (above). ad. to (tor value at a price. to. L. Dan.) TA. vn. applaudcre. appendix. to mark by a point. to put. to repair. ape sen. I< appetit. to grasp. . apposer . a prick. . to value her in -L E. See Pose. teachO F. apcnden. *///. to attach. Ital. Iccl. L. (for <&/). E. 0/. . aprcntic). /?//. as a support. prefix Roquefort) ) M K . viappt obare. applaiisus. O. Campania . apaisen. a tale. a place to stand or L. (F. appendert. attack L ) F appt ehtnd) e ( F. to . Appoggiatura. settle a dispute . to prepare. also appli. an elelean on. sight. ^/ ). lit. Apply.L. apply to. <?/<?. of puntttu. cation (F. . . podium. to attack. ad Appose. *apprendit~ivus. approbationem. Appropriate. O F. pone re but really formed on F. F. pi ice.) an O. one's own.) O ^. nom. penderc. poggio. spelt parrere. and Gk. ap. Appetite. a balcony. L. of. See Pertain. fl/appropridrc. allied to A. fern.-L.) L <?/- M F. see Portion. . *ltal.for petere. appctitus.puncta. see Point. vated place.

Martial. ardbtlis. apsis. L.) In Milton. - (V KIOV (Dioscorides) . Ital. art. F. arM.) . L. VIII. L. apricots. a heib-garden. a/>x. area. . to open . another form of pracox. hcrbere. near. iromprope.Port. op. . herbier. Gk. adj. Jh . ardre.-L. ' ' the abricot. a napkin. Eagle. (L. ArboreOUS. (L. arche*. arc.) F. area. aquillnus.) XIV to tie. adj. (F. (L. *aqueus L. Lat.(for </). judge. nape.-Arab. XVI I also -ish. arable. herbarium.) K. (L. an arched place. pertain(L. arbitrdnus. apsides.) beforehand and coquere. arcade. of I. L. Cf. Progress. Apricot. (F. L. of flourishes. arbiter (above). L aqua fort is strong that it is nothing but the prefix Arch-. pi of pracoquus. ARCH . a large cloth augmentative . L. things kept to keep.. from produce new fruit. Ital. (F. L. F. grass. a tree." L ntappa. albricoque. water. aqiuzductus. (L. (Pliny. irpaiKotcta was borrowed from L coqua. arbore-us. IO Foimerly napion O naperon. fit Gk. *arab. bind.) F. to fit or join together. L. See Arc.) So arch a leer. a waterbearer. see Ark) also. L. by confusion. due to M. F. suffix -ous. F. L. L arcum.) L. a tree with Arbour. cent.-Ital. also an orchard. F. from L. arch. of O. arcade. The prii- pi./. to reach. iv. aqueduct. water. arbor. irpaiKoI.) L. ripen. natte. L. A1<-) See Ear (3). aquarius. gen. apt us. of Ital. water. an arch. pne. Arch ' (2\ roguish. L. aqua. in An heretic. water. like the decision of an umpire. early ripe L. As if a form not used.-L. a * . full . owing to the use of Mcd. felloe of a wheel. to test. a turning-point of a planet's orbit. to draw near to.. \\here al is the def. ad). to approve to probdre. aqua. (for adj. (F. anum Arcana. Per. to arch. * ' L. Map. of aqua. . Approximate. as in F.) Aquiline. i' bed as pp. herba.APPROVE Approve. 2 an arch one. Shak. aqua. (F. Lat. L. .) From pp. ana \\ith the sense of L. arbitrary. aich.-L.' Tatler. of L. Foimerly also apricock. waggish. water. &c. belonging to trees. Arabia. to. fern.Arab.) arbitrdre. apeie. water. like an eagle. Dictionary prove aqua-fortis. (L. arbitrate. esteem as good. Mid.and peculiarly. to plough. neut. (F. apsis. aquila. L.) The word scenib to be really also erbtre. . . (above). Arbiter. ace. (F.L. pi. arce-. ace. a chest. Apt.apurtenaunce (O. tiy. aquarium. al barqilq.) O. .) O. Arabesco where Arab. (0.) L. arcus a bow. L. to act as umpire. a tying. arc. arcana. the end Gk. apartcmr. that can be ploughed. and a duct . turn. Also Byends . Gk tti/i's. see Aperient. Cot. approver. } adj. secret. but really pp. O. albricoquc directly. a bow. form of O. approximdre. O. get. Arabesque. a bower.(prefix).Y. L. appro-val\ dis-approve. kxizb. L. Arch . superl. a water. a nose like an eagle Cot. iii. Gk. Arabesque. at (L. III. Apse.) Arabian-like -esco 'E. oiig.. arc he. Arable.. herb. The most atch act Aquatic. 102. a bow.) Now used of a recess of a church formerly apse. . (F. ^f Thus the \\ord reached us in a very indirect mannei April. Gk.) In Milton. a See mat). Rich.arch. See Precocious and Cook. Bunyan's Pilgrim's downright hypocrite A. (L. Also abricot. See below.-L. to cook. cui ve. of arcus. cloth (with change of in to . from Cf. or apricock plum abricot. . a bow. was due to confusion with L. From pp. . fiom arbor. . no. a witness. arcata. Ital.' Hen. L. (L. of apisd. The special sense Apron. L. arbiter. pi.. O. L. L. cent. . aquaticus. ait-rtiv. L. a vault. L. bow. F.Gk. to belong to. a convessel. umpiie. very near. S. . See Appertain. pp. 13. ' . * ' duit . F apartenance]. (F. secrets. Aprttis said to be so named because the earth then opens to . L. precocious.) XIV cent. fastening. Arc. (F. rrpniK6/cia. from Port. F. Port. aquarius. arbitrdre. a cloth (F. box (L. from aqua. (F. like fine Arabian work. L. that which Appurtenance. (L. * aquilin hence nez aquilin. ap. 2. aqua. an ere. of arc are. approbdre. chief (for which see below \ used separately aquarium. see Duct. F. 3. The ing to water examples in the New E. 46) I. E. L. t ... an eagle. 193. proximus. nappe). aperire. to act as umpire (above). belongs to. a very arch fellow. F.

old pies pt. TVITOS. Archetype. L. (L) sanded space in . and Cik In Ong. dpxi-: chief. areca-nut the cerebral d (II. Late Gk.en. chief. <. . in heraldry. pattern. L. its brightness Skt. a chief builder or artificer. archives. . d/>x<-t prefix. sand. a bow-man. the original type Gk. the Gk. dpxn. to shine.) dp\i-. a model. archaism. an archdeacon. TTfArryos. antique Gk. for Gk. an archbishop. afterwards a monastery. chif. a magistracy remained hard (as k> in the Romance Arctic. archi-^Gk. beginning. L. a bow. of the verb substantive. F. is.) Ital. dp\nov. 4* Irish ard.Gk ) L. ccr-rt. apxaifriv. and (i is-t.S. to be first. a sea 'Ital. deacon. genus of palms. at dor. es t. Gk. of ardor. fervour.a beam.E. antique. Icel e-m art. Arefaction. ace.+Skt. areca . as earun. dipxfw. apxatos. the part of an entablature resting barbarous immediately on the column. Archer. t-/x*. Span. . chief sea. pi. speak antiquatedly. Northumbrian aron. 604. architrave. i.S.-L. &c. ) F. apxtTeKTajv.. ardour. archi-. TKTOW. d/>x'-.(Wessex) Are. archier. i-ni. (F -Ital . \tyav. of trabs. (F. builder. a bear. the ch beginning.Gk. S. dptcros. Gk. (Port. prefix (see Archi-) a type . A S is -f Icel. L. dpxaios. Prom dpx(. atgentum.L arcticus. to burn. Ital. architectus^ the same as archttecfon. est. eom.dpx*-. prefix. . O. as-ti y Gk. sind. Gk. a^ena. H. O. Arena. and Lat. and Canaree. Gk. (F. Gk. on account of the following a. shalt. -Ao7a. high (L. Gk. steep. pres. neut. F. Gk. Merc earn. arce-. prefix. O.they are. Gk. due to \6yos t discourse. ace.-Gk. ) Gk. (L.L. chief. See Arch-. sand . /eite. Gk. to speak. This properly an archive is a place where reas in arche~diacre. ardour. O. as-mi. atchetypum.sindon Cf Icel. from . See also Be. White. dpxiarchimandrite. an ensame closure. Cot. chief. dpxcrvnw. L ardere. Der. ardorem.. but. L. trabem. eard A.) Brugm.ARCH- ARGENT The principal. jidvopa. ) Q. L the which gladiators fought. (L. Ital.Gk. Gk. an Gk. am. old. dpKTiKos. archi( F. Sec. arcdnus. languages. (L. ing. . '^x'"> chief i^see Archi-) architect. . archiF. a burnheat. ArdtLOUS. Goth. Icel. see Arid (below). Gk. F. (ioth. distinguished from A.) O difficult. Cf. an abbot. dpx<*ios. <Gk p'imitive. Gk. pi. atdant. 529. . (L. V^^> to DC ^rom whence also are Skt s-anti. O. to burn. a carpenter. A compound . Wilson). ardu~us. archetype. See below. ( F. silver. northem. artique\ F. F. archtuum. (F. eart (with / due to / in sceal-t. ardaunt. the original type (F. Aigent. apxrf.-Gk) U. $o\A\\t fasena. Merc. open space. anangelo. i e. arjuna(s\ white. arch-bishop. high . a chief or principa) of monks. arcangel. architrave trave. upright.Gk.) L. fold. ardre. ace. a ip\r). (F. modified to archipelago.E Gk. cf.) . Gk. chief. Aegean Areca. s. apxtfAar^pirr^. ursus and the suffix -logy.) Port. archium. on the first syllable. archer O F. a beginning.. s-md. . to rule. dpxato\oyia the Bear. as in arce. to bum. O F. an archbishop. to Cik. er-u (for *jv). public records but bisceop. (Gk antiquated phrase.-Gk. O Northumb ard.residence of magistrates. an A am. L. Der ant-antic. ( due to A.) ' Cot L. pi. F. in arch-angel. L L. - they are. . (-y^ARG. . tla-tv.\ Icel.-L. sint. Gk. Skt.) form arch. 'a prmcipall Gk. v above). s~unt. archaic. area.) XIV cent. er-u. see Arch-. and toO. r being substituted for a<\ike. Milton. silver. with suffix -ous. &c. hat'ena ) cf. dpxaifcos. from Gk. ert. ardent-em. apyvpos.) L archimandrlta. of dpxfTviros.) M. Gk. from arms. a public building.arttk. see Ursine. G.) XVI cent. arcipelago. See Trave. F. . near the constellation of Cf. Accented archipelago.L. S.L. . L. Gk. Canarese afaki. Merc. ancient. Gk. pres. archaeology.L. arc he-. also later er. of ardere. . cords are kept. Archives. Northumb. arch. archer. stamped as a model. as in dpxi-(iri0Koiros.*. of of Gk. the beginning Ardent. Archi-. from Cf. L the Idg. M. A.) . Late L. apxaivpos. "Was Area. opOos. (F.-L. which is from Cognate with L. E.) Gk. part. ar~ form was borrowed from L. apx*). argent. F. a bow-man.

clayey. A. (F. dialectal variation of Mid. gun/ Cot. ' ing.) clear. Argonaut. arma. dry.-Gk. S. d/xfytos. of armado. to arm. armus. area.j dpcyftar-. Arm Arrack. in the right way. argonauta. (L. solstice. L. S. Late L. E. to arm as above.-L. arr. juice. E. Arquebus. cf.) ARRACK L. dry. Hackbut. Gk. arithmetica. Du. aresp. a spice sweet herb. L. (Span. Gk. lit. armadillo. a/xffros. haakbus. * weapons P. armdtus. essence. s. Gk.-L. white. d/ryos. analogy of sol-stitium. 524. M. lit. fern. (F.' because of its hard shell. to arm pp. (E. Du. aroma t-ic. i. Ark. (Cf. E.) Span. adj white clay. The orig. Gk. (F. a kind of gun. S. armour. Du. Dimin. dpiBfjLrjTLKrj. and adv. armitre.) Late L. oi L armdta. L <zrw<3. to make. A.ARGILLACEOUS Argillaceous. M. and G. tiom argilla. armdre. of arwado. <VAR. ol mdhlra. aristocratic . (F L. supine of stare. bhoulder. to furnish with weapons. Aright.e. arm.-wtf?r. a hook and Mid. argner.. armada. Mod. reckon- Arithmetic. (E. dpiaTOKpana.) Formerly spelt nrguze and ragusy Arbef's Eng.. whence aristocrat. number. arefaceie. arms. Walloon haikibitse. Arise. armee. L L.. L arma. armadillo. arms. . to rise. Du. Modified from Aroint thee known. L. distilled Arab. on the L.) F *armistitium. (Span. L. gilldceus. Gk.) (F. clay. O. argiltari). fern pp. Der.) M. excellence. Doublet. box. sweat. Q pi.'Ij. (F L) M. armamcntnm> an equipment. \ A. a fleet. L aritfus. sense was 'a ship of Ragusa. arL.) O.Gk. armer. (L. ( XVI cent.E. (L.) For on right. haak. d~. Dan. 490 Garner. . L. or handF. armament. from dpy6s. fern. to prove by argument. pp. Do. the shoulder Russ. anthmetiqiie Cot. to arm Doublet. O.arms. Aroma. arefaction.' prep. (2). F. for on round sec \ In sh F. haeckfnisse. Der. to keep. of dpiBfjLijTiKus. arrack. foi armi-. swift. *a gun with a hook/ This refers to the hook whereby it was attached to a point of support. (Dalmatian. for arma. to arm. frequent. arms L. (above). armour. argutare (L. (E^/^Scand. from L. ar/nes. (E. swift) and ship (lit. . and Q. bus. aroma Gk. dpiaro-.) nish with arms. ^| Sometimes shortened to Rack'. to fit. arisen. chest.' which is the name of a Ragusa appeals in port in Dalmatia. (4} Arouse. prefix man. the name of Jason's ship Argo. as Aragouse. to make clear .) Gk. a ing vessel. See Hi se.) L. arms -stafium (through atonic position).) Arab. armeute. busse. (F. arm Icel.toarm. armure. strong. S. See Du. Arid. a gun. coined i. and F. F. raquc. of pp. .) M. arma army. adj. vavrrjs^ a sailor Argosy. . to number. (Gk. of armer. See Brugm. arms.) From Aand Bouse. (Arab. *araq. arccie.. lit 'the little armed one. armistice. to be dry . . . Cf. doublet of armour. of armar. haeck^ Du. make dry. arms. . - and -stitium. the science of numbers. an ardent spirit.' an harquebuse. government by the nobles or 'best' men. arquebuse.) . spirit. L. a sweet smell. dpyu. see Nautical. aims. (L. armada. arm Goth. M.) L. L. . L. for ' aristocratic Around. Argue. neut. a hand-barrel. equip. best The form govern. armistice. pi fittings. to sweat. Aristocracy. 11.) XVI cent. argutus. to be strong. 67). tm&facere. E arguen. pi. . A(2) person.-L) Span.) . to furL. around'. (E. an animal. from the Ray does dp. (F. 1 . ramo. L.. from dpiOfit-fiv. armature. to arm. arma. cf. pp. K a. cf. L. Coined armature. armour. dre-re. iv. L. a chest. E. Arm (i\ part of the body. . (L. to be dry. Swed. L. of argue? e. ! begone ' Oiigin tin in The usual reference to ryntye not help us. a merchant-vessel. dp-iaros is a superlative from the base . an armed fleet fern. of armar. armdre.-f-Du. for and ftpartiv. drcre. to stand. from statum. and Bound. root 'araqa. armes.) . E. Solstice. drisan. Gk. Gk. (LO XVII cent. lit. army. dpvjjia. (see N. box hence a large floatA. eai w. of armdre. dpyovavrrjs one who sailed in the Gk. L.. 6 S. ar mdre. Span. . from Kparvs.seen in dp-trrj. Mid. (L. stem L.

cog. from O.. . ace. and zcrmkh. ' ib to get From M. rang. (K) M. (E. trade. O. F. . a skilled woikman. of verb. . (E. O incendiarism. to come to shore. arnv-al. L. skill. al. S. arti-. F. (F. a (L. to make. backarritre] behind. article. a small item. (E. O.) M. Late L ad ret) o. -L M.(2). Arnb. O. place for making things. limb. pres. F a ( = L.' (F. -L adj. noith of France. a house al. choke (Diez'i. arete ward we now named fiom with F. F. to array . bonowed from Italian Article. Artesian. sb.L. a (L. artillery. ardere. ad]. ad becoming a> arroi. F arraio L. Arraign. hence skill.) Ital. (F. d/m. in the rear. ardi shaukl canioffo. Goth garaid-s].) Span. or harsliaf. notoriously bad. of articulate. F. properly Gk. armagazine. S. a bow. discourse O. Der. (F. artific-er. tinct pp. from L. Late L different sexes \ def".) arrai. (L. which is a modern corrupt form to. E. add L.(for ad].-L. handiartiJice. . to stay. -f*Gk. (F. adopt. \erb. Artifice. behind. preparation. Arttsien. From Tent.) L arteria. . . arnver. arayngen.aisenic. to stop. archicioffo. See (i). arere. (F. incendiarism. pp. . Cf. ARTILLERY (Span. joint (above). L. ace. advice. to stay O. Arrange.Pers. C. Array.arewe. orpiment.Arab. arti* a corrupt form Flono also ^ives the spellings auhicioico.yard.wind-pipe. arhwazna. . the and pita ah.) lLs. artery. back. reason. In Milton. A. type *orsos. A. Arab. ares) ter (F. a . gold). skill. F. ad. ait al. ers. Late L. and O. to speak to. ar.Y. vii. adrJpare. rationem see Reason.) From pp. Fries. to put into a rank. Pers. Der. C.arwe. . used as an antidote against poisoned craft. dock-yaid. yellow arsenic (from zar. articnlus. F. stem of ars. (F. ripa. adj. joint. ad}. (F.) Late L. L artem. atarazana. an artery. leady. diir.Gk. whcie the a. O. ad}. Gk. for facere. darsena. . orpiment.-f. L.artillerte. see Rest Arrest. def. arsenal longer forms. a small Pimm.-L. the rump. from re-. rede (cf. ars. F. tapestry. rcisncr. (F. from the pres.) M. senal.) Artesian wells are F. 307. Idg. an arrow allied to Goth.. reson. a burning. p. zcrnj. arrogant. L ) F. ace. But really borrowed from where az is for al. arrogare.) Arson. knavish. an artichoke. Artery. to ask. arrows. L. attribute to. also (without the ar. ars. rengier* to range. cite.) Arsenal. E. seeming to mean a male principle (the alchemists had a strange fancy that metals were of Arsenic. alcachofa. arainen. a house of construction. restore. to with. T. part of speech. suffix -age. to stand . Artichoke. 17173. an aitiArab. . from O. and -Jic-. bank. to rogdre. (F. Low O. articulate. . pt.E.d/wrmffoi/.Icel. article in grammar lit. F. a trade. of sionem. (F. Arrant. . the") the forms carciouo. L. remain.) F art. also. divide by joints. and earh (rare). Arab. (L. ^| What call arrears answer* to M. F. art. to burn. a wet dock. art. and O. E. Gk. a rank. -Arab. ^[ Not Arab. ddr af-find'a/i. were the of the Maranta tubers because artificiittn. pia. . Art Art Are. Der Arrow. 4. . <F. to.ARRAIGN M. articulus. Arab. reisoner. and see Piers Plowman. . of L. base arhw. (F -L. the. G. the wind-pipe. ' . art. to reason. atarazanal. orvar] an arrow. (L. Arras. arreter]. G. reng. O. Chancei has thcef erraunt arrant thief.S. arrow-root. II. shore.) L. ) F artii le. L. def. L. arnpare. s. adv. to. and stare. Span. befoie r}. ready. to ask. aremges. (L. 2 p.) So called. See Errant. formed from Artois. az-zernikh art. O. E. to supply with (gen. raison. disarwe. fyfos. arengter. (F. to . construction. Cf. ararson. knuckle. an-us. riede.&. pi.) Q. to.' ready so that to array See Ready. See Devic.L. where these wells were early in use. A. See Ardent. a province in the north of f ranee. retro. E. arengen. (Ital. Arse. C). of ars. O. ciocco. for Low G. of artus* a joint. Arrive. formed from M. dock.\Q\ ? angier. L. areisnier.joints. L) This word is now ascertained to be a mere variant of errant (cf parson for person}. pi. it is said. andQ. land L. See Rank. a joint. a nate with L.) arsenicvm.answers to Arab. or. anaign. Ital. is from . . -F.) So named from Arras. s. which answeis to the Arab. al kharshuf. ad. . articnlatu*. arere (F. Arrogate. . F. E ) Arrears.. in Artois. L. ars-us.

See Biugm. desne. oblique. Icel askr . E. or adsciscere. to go a-slope or a-sconce. G. ait Ashore. als. ahe. . asche. to write Aslope. al As is (Med.) a contraction of also. so called because it took the place of the wooden beams used for the same purpose. *artil~ /are. stem of ars. Low G. to mortify the flaa skom'}. a vegetable. also. from pp. ad. Du. Swed. which is M. off. Dan. (E.. one who sch in. artiller. S. Kuss. to. dcnrapayos. eiscon. as. ascr7bcre. from scamu. (F. to receive. Ash. to equip. azgd. dimin. As.) used. Rather from . to shame. F. cexan.Gk. form of sctre.) See Also. (L-) L. artful. ascanche by PalsAscertain. axzs an plank axis. probably. extended from O. F. origin . <i<riri&os\ same sense (with prefix of-. . machines of war. F. *aiskojan. Ascribe. is The pi. asparagus. aisiele. axe. from ascitus.) thin slabs of stone for facing a building formerly applied to a square hewn stone and. (ScandJ For on slant. *artttianus. applied to hermits. of L. L. in early times.) TA. a shoot. extremely . fetid.. See Fetid. ahnan. to look. A. prefix. quench. A. incidental. and Swed -f-Dn. arti. pi. acsian Du. artiiufum. given a-skew.) Coined. aska Dan. to. of . Cf. ltd. arti-. *ascTt7u'tis. S. or See Certain.^/. Ascend. (L. Lith.(for ad}. aceitcner. art. to go sidelin. scheef. H.) Gk. at . ace. azsce. of aspis. (L. Pers. as an ascetic. sing. a-scance by Sir T. G. Teut. .) M. S. (for ad).K. Aside. crpeaTos. articula. aza. askew. a* aspectns. ajcil/a. L.ichchha. Asbestos. and the last answers to dscjan. in- ASPECT Ashes. Hexham gives M. body. to Asp. to know. hcischen. L. to search. dcr/frjrrjs. types *aiskon. and Swed. who gives de trauers. F. aska prov. not found. also. &c. but formed from L aititus. Lithuan. We also find artillidtor.' Florio. S. Ashlar. down to one's account. lories. cf. O. iasene. Icel. artisan. Asparagus. skew . aiseler (Livre des Rois). obliquely. tn lorgnant.axien. a. esch ask . an athlete. as if from L. pp. F.) For on sleep Acts xiii.) L. Fries. (E. to work. O. stem of ars. Extended from arti-. a prong . ascan. a workman. scansare. L. a serpent. pp. Asafoetida. of aspicere. .) From Pers. Prellwitz). a maker of machines. to learn. is asches. (Fiiesic). (O. au. 1 ' . Late L. inceptive Asleep. (E. esh. Cf. (E. little cluding cross-bows. spurgas. up Scan Der ascens-wn. it . refers to its offensive smell. Assafcetida. (E. sciscere. a board. Or for A. exercise O. asche. cettatn^ certain Ascetic. ax. Gk. ashes. esche. Late L.) A. the L. with the L. S. ascensus. awry. 36. to climb. t^Gk. i. obliquely. to put to shame. to climb ukate. (F. Pers V) Supposed to be of Pers. Spelt L. of ash. 653. to make machines: a verb inferred from the sb. L.asken. to write. fotida. shame. $fo\. A. practises an art. to one side from skdn. a<7Kr)Titc6s. (LO L ascendere. Aspic. mastic . look. ern E. extinguish. ash. . Teut. Madden. Gk. to look. v + . a-. artisan.Ital. dimin. and L. 0. asch . (L. dscamian. unquenchable because neg. a tree. specere. <F. of seamed. a gum. type *askiz. . strictly exercised themselves in reli- Friesic (Outzen) . L.ARTISAN equipment of war. ^artigiano. L. aspe. dtnn's (gen. Gk.) For on shore. Zend {paregha. a workman. sihuns. art. - M. to. i aa Skands. fists. *articulator\ also Late L. Hardly from Ital. <PSC. but in North(E. pi. . very). G. to) and as the F. Askew. a mineral. scamian. E. schuns Du. make ceitam grave. \Vyat . (E. gious devotion. industrious. a facing made of It consists of (F.) Gk. aske\ Goth. from a&ivvviu. -tr/30To?. I Dan tuke G. . or on side. astan. an asp. <f=Teut.) Ask. scnbere. aspectus. (E.) Foi on slope. Cf. squared stones. obliquely. . cunning. d-. E asch. Low G ) For on Ascititious. conj. L. the commonly aschen. artillator. awry see Skew. Aslant. S.L. a = L. of asdscere. atertazner. so. answering to an older fice pi. (Gk. of ais. (K. L. axen. schitin. Gk. to (with s inserted). aspic Gk. Teut. . See a wish. . Ashler. Gk. Ashamed. a little board. oblique. aiselle. also. is in- combustible. azgon . quenchable. O. equivalent.> From O. dscamod. a plank. . . d<ri>. Aspect. A. art. a shoot (Fick. Askance.) who to exercise. Lith jcskuti. F. standeie. eischcn . oblique (whence Dan.) F.+I)u. Russ. . a L. L. learn. stems *askon-. aspidem. E. pp. (Proved by Sir F. ad. E. to seek.

asseoir. eateis of * the Old Man of sect in the 1 3th centiuy the Mountain roused his followers' spirits by help of this preparation. properly an adv. socidre. covet. (Gk. to assess who adjusted taxes ong. assise. sb. to stand to place. L make From pp. .) Gk. also a tax. to L. to assent. Assert. scatter.(for ad-\ to. to cast calumny upon. of dff<}>a\Tos. d(Gk. as. -L ) O. attack. a tax.) l<rom L. q. ' of a court of justice. see Assiduous. ASP Aspen. Assess.rjv. to . (F. 2923 aspen is an adj.F. assessus. asinus. aspire to. Affg (C.<. Hence also (or from L. A. Dan. L. pulsation L. Assart. dff<t>a\~ A Assess. to seuet us. pp. assist. C. Assent. Der. L. the pulse. W. the offence of giubbmg and destroying the coverts of a L. From pp. v - Gk. the leading crusaders. asof asseuerdte. assimnldre.(for . Another form is Size. to join.) M. L. aspersus.-L. signdre.) stopping of the pulse. asyn. (F. F. s. and G. a kind of hemp. sufficient effects of a deceased . to fix a tax. aspir-ate. cf. socius. v. an E. to sit L. to. a socidre. Cf. ad .^/w. to sit near. T. asstse.(for L. v.and is used for aspen-tree cf. Der. pp. pp.ASPEN. lit. not <r<t/tfTos. . T. ^r/tf <z.L. . assize (F. . L. (F . (F. . pp. to pronounce breathe. (L ) . of aspergere. pp. (2). stand.) L.) O. assister. asp. sb. debtor. F. to sentire. Assize ( i )i a session L. assassin. assa. Arab at an. L . Probably fern. Assist. to sit. L) Irish assan. A. stitere. sitting applying closely to with suffix . Assay. F. of asndere. aspirer. to sit as asassesser. and cr</>vts. From Arab. Heb. Arab. F. assidere. to. cf. F. foreign word. assessdte. in E. F.L. thoroughly of L. a . L. down -ous. to sat/us. sign. near Prob of Semitic origin . (L. bitumen. (Gk plant C J- ) Gk. Assail. hashtsh an intoxicating preparation from the </nV</ leaves of CanCf. ace. ( Aspire. L.(for assentire. G. a she-ass. Late L. aswuerdtus. together. q. from cr<pv*tv. to leap. Icel. as(L. asassignare. to breathe sufficient (to pay with) but.) From A. Arab. sarire. L. esp.(for rt^/i. L ex. perceive. mark out to. . rush forth See Salient. cf. to sit near.) Late L. L. ofL. (like golden} . impost . F. Swed. from saltus. tant. assalt.-L. to breathe. asphalt. asL. Assign. to. dry.) From L.. The same word as the above.) M. O. from grub up. mistaken to satis. Assault. assise. dthon. earnest. aspentdtem. to towards. . assalire . F. See Sit. of L. (E. cf. a secret muiderer.-L.) sate . hashish.(for ad). sedere. to feign). frequent out. agree to. whence also enough. to feel. #</. L. L. (F. asetlus) came Irish a sal. to simul. daffodil. E. (L. a<pvia. . pp. assimulare. serere. to assillre L. essarter. O. See Assail. (F. to attack. stmtlis. S a>spe.-L. asper. Ch Du. <l-. the same as Essay. assertus. to maik. be a pi. to besprinkle. S. simildre. connect. L. (L ) L asstdu-us. the lily kind. . F. Dan. ' t the Late L.) F. ASSOCIATE ad. E asse. esel. assessor. (F. Late L sartdie. associate. /. Assemble. a judge's assisL. (F. as. as. as(L. (F. assembly of judges . assidere. clear ground of shrubs. as- forest. <rps. asatllir. roughness L. without pulsation. O. one who sat by him. spirare. See Assize (i). to speak in earnest. haskdshtn. rough Asperse. a tree. v. spargere. asses (pron assets}. Asperity. at. as. osp. Icel.) as.Arab. fyashiy. with a full breathing.(for ad} . (F. to grub up weeds. C.. to add to. to join to. 7249. near sion. claim. asslsa was also used in the sense of a fixed allowance of provisions. a Assets. F. up to what is Asseverate. to leap. of O. suffocation. E amilen -O. apuszis . asplrdre.) M.) F.from signum^ a maik. to. one sessor. . Assimilate. ad). (r</>v7/ios. <WJ*/*>. of asset ere. as. Qiaspentds.L. to collect (different from L. Du. stare. to assign. #/#. to pul- Asphyxia. L a.. assarter. asna. ad). Chaucer. to sit near. and sent them to stab his enemies. See Similar.' the name of a pi. Lithuan. Associate. to join. ezel.) . rov. -L ad). to step to. Asphalt. asilus. Late L.) F. L. osina. + . sarrire. like. (F. up trees approach. (iorW). (for ad). to (for ad).) O. nabis indtca. .-L. to to . F. and Swed asp Russ. assert. asni. d<r</>o5Aos Asphodel.) sistere. dimin.(for ad\ like to. Assassin.-L) O F. . a leap. Asp. a fixed quantity or dimenL. M Assiduous. an impost. a* Gk.-L. L. O. F. assist a judge. of satire. (F. L. assembler. as. satire.

(i. asoldre.) From stem of pres. a star F. For on thwart. pies. ?5-oy. as- .-L. (E. (F. astro(2) .) logie. assumption (from the ppA origin. pp. . and -i/o/zia. TTTw/ra). as in exttngu-ish. ot a verb. Cf. and TTTCUT^?. figure. S. .) For on (the] stride. (F. (F. ATHWART L. Astound. and -Ao7i. from L. See Solve. (L. L. to match = L. lu.d/. At. with a prefix of doubtful Der. and fyrstan. <*////#*. Gk. at\ Goth.^-fii'jto contend for a prize. avu. ace. Atheism..) Gk. -Gk. a</). (F. a drum. to seur.) L. (E. assonans.L. Cf.) = L. stem of darrjp.for L. not coincident. L. an asylum unharmed. to M. a star asteroid. dffrpo-. (Gk. Astray. (L. astrology.) For on stir harbour's . a ( L. subj. a line which. a asterisk. star-like. very thirsty. astus. do-rpov.) trictionem. from F. F.) sumptus]. assuren.E. (E ) M. falling. son. (E. ofaswnL. lit. a contest . A. as-. law. asoagter. a prize. estoner (mod. used for dis( on-sundran. together. drrrcpcV/coj. 9(6s. JWT. . craft.-L. at (for al. dar-qp. a.) and Gk.-L. (L. acquit. for lot. See Sunder. a ad). E. not . to breathe hard.-L. crafty. ong. from ex. Gk. astrtctus. to distribute L. See Air. to together. Dan. .(for ad].) F. does not meet the curve which it continually approaches. Astir.) L Jh astfitus. sequi. astonien. . F. Asthma. atlrologia. Gk. ddf *tv. See Stray. Assort. Astriction. 577 d9f-os. Doublet. L. Athirst. by the addition of excrescent .) . stringere. d-. or science of the stars. All from O. secure. across Athwart. panting. ab. M. Assonant. to be very thirsty. Q . o/pyrsted^ very thirsty pp. assurer. Gk. -Gk. atabaL . astonen . a star. as(L. dcrrf/j-. appease (Piov. </). See L. pp. Assume. to speak.dflA. not . astitnien.- Asylum. asy/um -Gk. O Assure. Astronomy. ad. . F. (F. as. Astrology. see Thwart. L. 195. a star. to thunder out. Bruce. a flower (Gk ) Gk. Gk. a0Aos (for dfe^Xos). (F. iS. article) Span. absolve. dtT/fii. ttonner^. S. without a god. sound. dav\ov. out. F. a star. across. adj. sort-. addition of Coined from Gk. . to loosen. cun- L. *extonarc.ASSOIL companion. M. to take. Gk. suauts. t. (Gk. Gk. L. Gk. of astringere see Astringent. to bind or draw closely L. assfimere (pp. sure. seciirus 9 See Sure. tight. (Gk. contender in games. from violence. for dorffp. sweet. Barbour's Bruce.-L. Aster. L. to sftmere. davfiirTUTos. assortir. d-. See Sua^e. from sonus. xiii. A. to thunder. stem of a discourse. and tondre. is due to analogy with other verbs in -ish. Ataghan see Yataghan. cf.) O . a minor planet. ofthurst. darpo-v. very (prefix). def. to take to oneself. as.ov (for See Wed. to absolve. difficulty in breathing. Qfoffiyrstan. of astringere. L. dO\rjT7i$ t a combatant. to and L. A. Gk. absoluere. safe and 0v\ij.' Gk. VPET ) + tab/. Gk. for avv.(for 0aT). to amaze. xix. to absolve. neut. viar}. at. ning. from \iytiv.A. d after as in sound. (F. astound ( with prefix at. to . to fall. I despoil an enemy. O. a drawing together.( O. Astonish. of assondre. pt. .sth century). (j) astronomy. ad. Astringent. at. assoilen. d-. (L. F. . at). of. Icel. signifying tinguishing Asymptote. pt. which is from Assuage. perly an adj. L. sure. for do-rpo\oyia. from vtpeiv.E. to follower. vo/Ma. Gk. follow. fine passages in MSS. to thunder at.) L. or on stray. (L. (Gk ) little star. as(s]oille. also astound.9\. Astride.-Gk. or on sunder.-L. to sound. Y. indefinitely produced. the transverse. to Sort.not falling together. a god. asua= Y. afterwards lengthened to astonish . (Gk. (E. from niwretv ( (pt. **. Athlete. also an asterisk *. 0. asonagicr. on . apart. with suffix -ism. assonant-.) Arab. as(L. ad. iri- ' dffTfpo-ftSrjs. to soften. to thirst see Thirst.) Asunder. draw From L. from soluere. athurst. form.) trononne. pres. stem of AsSOll.-Gk.-L. whence later astony. attonare. assort. F. Gk.) sort.) The -ts/i. . F.Arab. affflAoc).-Gk. aaBy*a. . to make secure. . O.E. See Star.) M. Atabal. astronomy.) Prostar-like. Late L.r. astrononna. to take. sounding like. Swed. I blow. allied to fo/ioy. S. E. negative prefix . to respond to sonare. allied to \6yot. .-Gk. emere. a kettle-drum (Span. . See Sequence. of dVvAoy.S. a right of seizure avKdoj.) denying the gods. dcrrpoGk. currepo-. absolve. Astute.(for ad-\ to are.

Athenian.) From at 1 antic. test is. (F. to (pp. whence . quer. (Gk. } thin. verb O. L. 2 Chron. wasting away Gk. d-. atom* [i. O. attach. a ( L ad]. adj. to to adorn (Roquefort). fasten. to L. temperare. at-one-ment we actually find the word onement. iiere. L. attcndere . Atrocity.6-. Glouc. Picard attaker.ment. to attempt L. sense of E. prepare. Named . (L to. to tempter. Attemper. to attach and see Attitude. 158. reconciler. ateindre. attaint. Der. test an. . a. a ( = L ail. 'Arrt/fos. L at testa n. stem O. T-Tpo<-a) to nourish.ATLAS Atlas. file Cf. for L. an ocean. Attic. (F. allied tod'ro/ios. Gk ) It orig meant the whole of a parapet wall. L. F. atomus Gk. attentare. ataindre. 69 - L Atrophy. ' (-^ad}. a witness. \\a\. pres. 'a sphere Coined from of air round the earth/ and aTfj. at- (for ad}.) F af owe (Cot) indivisi- L. Attack. see L. It is prob connected with the Singhalese prep. i. -/cos. F. aitent. of Attenuate. F. at. (F. Rob. to convict. apportion. . M. at- } M . attaccare battaglia. . 'the sus. to O. to (L. . L. attitude. a tack. to (F. at. (Ital. Atticus. fioin L. tainer or bearer. * Attain. attaccare. '. (F. E.L. (Maldive Islands. E. a row BartschX See Tier. attacker. 113. Attempt. andO. F attiqtte. indivisiGk. less . L. Attorney. E. Der. to reconcile (E ) Made up from the words at and one.-L. Named from the Attic order of architecture . in old authors. tenta re. from Italy. L. L. O F.(for ad). verb. tacha. to set at one. "AT\avros). atvr. constitute. 1 706.-Teut. tack. Der. Attire. 0-grade of Tyn-. Atiiquc. Arab. divide. root 'atara. vapour. attonrne. not. Atoll.e. coral islands forming denve the a ring. to stretch ad}.) O.-Ital. Cot. a painter's fasten. F.) From the O. to. (Arab. (Gk ) From suffix with the verb has been evolved orig. a nail. to be witness. of Africa. Atone.Tent. Satires. L. F. E atir. seen in rc/i-i/eii/. qualify. . a ( = L. ateindre (above). F. nail Ital. inside (Yule ) Atom. apt. attaJier . O. to. to attach. Attest. of roses. torner. one appointed or constituted . Attic. from tack. Arab. (F. We to modify. Attach. atcmpler> to undertake. Tyndall has alone maker. Woiks. prob. . tire. lit. tenudre. to fasten. at recite. - in. ion (from the pp. to convict.) Gk. used substan"ArXas (gen. Al e reconciled) in Middle at on all agreed. and (perhaps) a Low G. '>) Tp<f>tv (pt. * to ioyne battell/ Florio. See Tack. ace.tively see above.?) O. of atroatas. (F. see Phillips. p. to cut. .-L.) M. adj . and due to the frequent use of the phrase at ooi. tangere. to. to demi-god who was said to bear the world touch. so that attack is a doublet of attach. sb. to tcmperer. arouos. e. one (i. (F. L. of O. See Thin. ace. . ble particle. (L.W. to bear. as ble. of L. ' . (F. to be witness ment i. L Gk. . attack. e. at Attend. atone. correctly. Prov.) Orig. to F. p.-L) wait. See Turn. tiera.) reach to. ateinen. Cf. L. cruelty.) Lit. to . atempter O F. to. ' atul. to L. not TO/A-. F.atta- skill. F. aptitiido.' Cf. i. Attar of Roses. appear on the title-page of atlases. Attic. v . F. ateynt. to temper. . Bret. atrophy. 'ArA. . English. (F.. regulate. ateign-. 7. direct.(for stretch towards. to try. a small upper room. tatnt. at rod-. named after Mt. of the body. ' ( .?) Y.. so that atirier is properly to arrange. ad]. want of nourishment or food. the attain.) F. to smell pei fume. atteynt. F. F. Gk. F. atornd]. a'yren. from ^TEL. See Temper. M. aptus. of L. F. hunger. ed. fl" Confused with L attmctus whence E. (Gk ) ATTORNEY after Atlas. atL at. from atrojc.) Also. see Hall. attach. otto 'itr. O. air Atmosphere. Cognate with F. . attenttender e.-Teut. aptitiidinem.aim-. make ) From pp. atiingere. stem of "ArAas . aptness. a row. 15. attenttts\ to L.) * expression from the Maldive islands Sphere. thin. convicted.(for ad). . word with the prefix). 40. Gk. atiren. stem of dittos. tornare.-L. terminating the upper facade of an edifice. O. atrdcitatem. }>p of atorner.) Q. tcnu-is. and an attic. ' Atlas. sb. vii. perfume. leconciliation. to turn.. Tempt. aptitude. a group of sweetly. term. atuier. on his shoulders his figure used often to attainder. give heed to. attitudine. d-. where the form of the word is atolu.e. Detach. (Gk. from L. in the N. t. drpo^ia.of atetndre.) vi j . pp. atendre. ciuel.

alka August. ace. golden. Austratis. bhd. Attract. Aureate. aur-c-ole. Auger. E. the ear. t-ante}. nafu. terere.*~ L. (F. ante (mod.^ Late L. augmenter. Skt. a tool for boring holes A. attractus y pp. see Tribute. a father's sistei . wtht. favour. trakere. at See Trite. aurcturitw. for dfiffOea&cu.w. shout. Auction. L. (L. venerable . . bold.) L. djas.) L. bold (F. and -gur. nafogar. Gk. base of aun's. Auricula. L. whitish. see Nave (i) and Gore (3). audilus. gold-producing. *aus-. audacious.) Yromattributtis. the sap-wood or inner baik of tree.' lit. . an omen. . Cot audience or hearing ' . from the pp. blond (Godefroy) L. ) M. See Sere. naver\ Swed. to spy. 'an increase/ because the sale is to the highest bidder. to . y^olic a&uy. southerly. allied iogarrire to Cf.) M.) F. attune. audere. a sale by auction. a nave gar. at. Auburn. orig. (L From L. gold a gold.' Cf. (E.O. See Ear.L. Auspice. in place of L. aht y aght. a . G. . auriconfessio^ auriculai confession. to daie. secret (L. the South wind.) Late L. augur. augere. extended fiom L audan-. Ion. . atn-. <?rL.( ad} to tribttere. L. audient-. to . a token of things by the flight L.) Late L. A. Auk. . See pp. L) F auda^ieux. a listening. to gild.ATTRACT From L. and spicere. nabager. augmentum. from L.^ F. ( V E. . L. pt. naueFor nauger. aulurne. audientia. to assign . lit. oi a. citron. aftribuere. wight. austere. audlre. to increase. Austral. whit whit.L. itafvare O. . venerable. . L. 213. and L Attune. fiom aureus. double dimin. . to hear. Gk. the dawn. lightLate coloured. . Augur. 240.L.) Swed. q v. L. . (F. L. auricularis.(~ad]. audible. in the phr. (L. audibilis. of L. . See Ear. pp. alburnum. fiomferre. a plant. augustus. O. audience. (F. the halo of golden glory in Eke. of auscultate. AUSTRAL an increase. i. ol a.(=ad).A. -J. See Whit. good fortune.) M. australe. ' and E.) M. aught. (Pliny). a bird-catcher. augttr.L(j$ca0ai. audi-tor. auspice. ever. to rub. audire. auredtus. austere. abonte.L. F. 1. at. A Aught. navepiercer. to hear whence also hearing. F. (L. alburno by that whitish colour of women's hair called an aburn colour.-L. strength. perceive. Auscultation. gar = navgar}. look into. Aurora. Hence a supposed etymology (not certain) fiom at/ts. i. Cf. to L. ipecerc. Attrition. of auctio.-L. from prehistoric *ausosa. from prehistoric *avff(u$. See East. southerly. . O.( =*ad). H. Augment. of aitrdre. . Biugm. (L. . L. L. gilded.E. a creature. Austere. pose of augury. F. azinte\ O. audit e. a hearing. that can be heard.L ) F. . au-ccps. L. cula.^Gk. tor boiing holes in the nave of a wheel. auginentare.' a kind oi primrose auricular. ijws.) L. austerus. to bear. spidum. the lobe of the ear from aun-s.) of attrahere.) L. avcgaar (for navegaar) Icel.) L. bear's ear. . Tune. tzcmem. (L. to enlarge. a sea-biid. * Gk. to increase. to assign. making the harsh. to dry.Gk. find F. to attract. a watching of biids for the purShort for *auispidum. See Auction. alburnus. naugcr.) of au:>cultatio. aht> earlier awiht from a. ratus. F. avctv.Du. * e'er a tongue dry.) ME L. dawn. at. aur-eelia. haish. . nurse. whence K. and August. to diaw. not *andaciostts t found. a piercer. Cf. (L. at. auof birds. alke . i telling. told in the ear. to heai For *aitndne cf. Bmgm. S. Gk. auctes. lit. Icel alka. Austcr. (F. . the month named after Augustus Caesar. L. for auis. (F. an auk. to. attritus. L. ace. 'an L. S. gilt. used to mean the the lobe of the ear see below.. (L. auctionenii ace. (Scand. Der. ainita. patronage. albornej auborne. E. attrl. We . "L. a audit. Aunt.. pp. aitdax.) to bring to a like tune. L. t . which gores. white. and . aunculans L. Audacious. a sooth-sayer said to mean a diviner by the flight and cries of birds. L. L. nafarr\ Dan. auritula. auscultationem. S. avvrypos.coloured chrysalis . a rubbing or wearing away.' Cot. an auger. au- -L L. of au^t'tc. (L ) From L. (L ) L aurora. severe. (L. of afterere to rub away. Attribute. L. ' . (L. the ear.coloured or light yellow. G. . dlka. paintings auriferous. (L.* albus. a bud .E aunte. (F. listen. From L.) M. the dawn . that . Torriano explains Ital. august. (F. Dan. E. ausutn. a listening. Audience. F. stem of pres.

Avatar. Compounded of O. of actus. icpaTfia. self. stem 'to let '.-L. to pass over. 6 as /. . avengier. M. imper.) Skt. vale. autour. auctumnus. a valley. Late L. to . ace. autompne. Pers.' F. thought. auto. of the \f. hail! yo/xos. who does Gk. power.) peisonal inspection Gk. auxtlium. .E.^ Lit. wind. uerus. ad]. an ( L. . valoir (valer). (F. L. (L ) Short for Aue A. aue. greedy autocracy. L. . F. avO&Tfjs. (Gk. Gk. written with the author's own Gk. a finch-like E. to. auarus. authenttque original. and vast.).) A F. and ///. form is auto de jt. autentique later L. suffix -cy for Gk -rtia) from Gk. (Du. of avenu. help. auxilidrius. Avalanche. for avros. (G. also avro-fVTijs. avalanche. ad.) A. ava. the descent of to fall (F. (Port. one shaded by trees) fern. decree. I sway. to avenge. vf^dVy to distribute. air-hole. Pers. come. from Gk. autopsy. .L) autor later author (with th once sounded to be of use. . swallow down. (Perhaps allied to augere. Avenue. dbad. auro-. prep. and Q. hold fast.) into F.avenlte^advenne. . sing. from L. to rule ^see Hold) . aventaille O.) Y. F. (F. F. (. L. augere. F. a (L. absolute power. O. Autumn. to increase. to increase. descent . cognate with E. [The Span. av0VTiit6s. avro-. (F. cf. victims short for de a.) M. (Skt. pp. (F.) vance. the execution of such judgment. things with his own hand. sight (see Optic). free. avenge.L. hou. foim of hond. allied to L. Du. Gk. fern. L. #. assisting. fast (see Fast). evrijs Ahmed.E. Gk. of man. L. Avenge. desire. write (see Graphic). of . ace. autentik. Gk.) ranted. tine. Gk. (F. short -KpaTfta (in compounds). greedy.-Gk. (Gk ) Adapted (with greediness L. matds. self. ii. tentike. . .E. 'self-worker'. Indian bird. vouched for. See Ventail. to fare well. a. Aventail. to hold Kpartciv. but now as th in thmX OF. (L. of avTo/waros.) Formerly a duty. 198. . L. L. L) M.\iria. D. avrovofjiia.' but the old sense was of airu9. begone avaunt. (F. self. uemre. avToi/sia. strong.E. xparvs. Author. avenir.AUTHENTIC Authentic. incarnate form. tonic stem of O.) L. F. auere. autumn. self. ex.) Du. own handwriting. whence they were imported. hail. esventail.). hold fast. pass.) Gk.) Formerly amadavat or amudavad. auto-biography a lit 'to the valley. N. stop. aducriire. responsible. helping. the descent of a Hindu deity in Skt. faith. ace."] la L. Auto-da-fe. L. da. uallem. L. be true. ityis. import.) (F. he . avr6Ave. of ualhs. augere. autor strong.) vaunt. auarice L. L. sontis\ guilty. ad\ to vengier. self-moving. Gk. forward! Ste Ad(Gk. hence. L. houd vast. a graphy) atitograph. Aver. ad. aval. also. action. 28). tax. automaton. O. something in one's valley. auctorem. to think.F avant. ace. a city. the incidence of Average. of fides. L. a seeing with one's own eyes. (F. one S. to . self. of auctor. deed ilia. a dbdd. imper. out access ucntus. cognate with Skt. Gk. Mary (Luke i. from vast. without the article Port. also. and vouos. and . esventer. F. avaler.) O. de. (Arab. and vail-. hou Gk. when the decree or sentence is read to the Port.attidus. to afhini to . avatdra. independence. Avadavat. considered. (Gk. avro-.) Auction. . then. Auxiliary.K. an equalised estimate. L. AutO-.-L. L. autumpne. 'decree ' of faith a judgment of the Inquisition. (F. law. lit. to increase. auei'are. AVERAGE au. to F. pp. down.F .-L. L. to. to wish. of ille. M. Der.F. ad. self-government. L. (with u for z. autumnns. . F. Hard. avarice. avro-. auailen ( = (for *<T'T77s) is prob. living by one's own laws avro-. a self-moving machine. F. and -paras. fideni. F. (N E. to expose to air. to (gen. auro. known. faith.val. (F. from L. avTufjaroV) neut. sons availen}. grower/ Cf. to lay claim See Vindicate. act. ! A (VMEN. biography written by oneself (see Bio. tmlere. snow . of houden. L. a proper name Avail. from j>t'/*o/*cu. prefix. of auere. the mouth-piece of a visor. to.) autonomy. see Auto-. . downward. Gk. to to come to. warhand. a ( "L. F. to be . Named from the city of AhmedArab.E. hence an approach to a house (esp. auaritia. (Bartsch) originator. and O. authenticus (Cot. Avast. hail. ypafaiv to Avarice.) O. to avenge. actum. mcreaser. Q. A. an extra charge on goods. avercr. mndicare. '.) M. (3. .

eagerness. { See Way. greed i. agaitier. 'avdr. from. d-uertere. avana. aghe. .-L. Waken. Awaken. . avouch (above). See Poise. = L ad). damage.' M. turned away. and O O. desirous L. avowen. D. .' de.\)\>. peis. of. a place for birds. onweg.Thus the sense of awk is turned away .(4). (E. anguish Irish eagal^ .E. a aivaitier. Avert. wart en}. turning the wrong . F vuit.) O. get rid of. to vow. the attention. adj. to examine.G. awe. not altering the sense war.. Cf Vouch. ' * to call on as patron or client. to possess. 8. ave +A. from L. Formed. i. on A. i ' AWKWARD ledge. to watch. neut. ege. S.) one's way. employment to call away. auere. uocdre.-L. goods. so as to depart. ace of wardon (cf. ad. to watch. (F. (Scand.).S. F. to turn away. to Avidity.E. empty out. divacian. awakenen both orig intransitive. orig. to call to or L. Low G. call. Two A. wahta (G. . awkwart ta' he gave him a backhanded stioke. M. afvug.(2) or A. aui-. fear. F. vb. away. ex. off. es. shun. F. affliction. H. habere). See "Wait. verbs are confused. eghe. awe. (-/AOH. ap uh. a sb. of pen^f The F pois ib now as in prefix is 175. of. L. t. 1 . to declare openly. L. avoir. F. to M E. out. greedy. to now * A Mediterranean maritime term. aware (common) from A. of adj. the custom paid for goods that are exported (Pineda). . J poi:>. weighed dere. away. F. havere. L. away uertere. guard.E. shun. ong. and onw&cnan. fear. ment afterwards used in the sense of wary see Wary. G. es-. Avocation. See prefix is either A. auiditdtent.' or 'in a backhanded manner. Await. often con- wrong. duocdtus. lii Avouch. O. O. (L) A. summon call upon as guarantor aduocdie. foi waitier. is obsolete . avcna). agi. H. to keep away from. . u-acht). . Int^r. S. &c. (E. S. F.) F aviditi. d ( = ab). perhaps from Ital.-L. i. (L. O. (F. L. of. vid-uocdre. 'to have. to call upon Med. avere. haver (L. avomhen O. L. but The strong pt.. Sax. (Godefroy) (F. as in O. wk. contrary.) empty.-L. to. awk' aukwart he couth him ward. andO. hence a diversion. iccognise. O. ware.\ way. Late L. auoiden ( to avoiden). to acknow. avoir). adjudge. H. Marsh. all Avoirdupois. Here to call. to wait for. The latter set aie from A. ior af-. Avoid. awakien. guard. (F. auidnus. . with wk. weigh. way. terror. . off. from the sb.prefix. E.e.S. goods. to have. . See Ward.] Icel. and E ) clumsy. ofugr. ace.) L. to. orig. pp. perverse. averse. esgarder. ) M K. ^ avouert uh. pei verse. like hawk from A. (F. O. away. vide).) Formerly avoir de pois (Anglo-F. in Widegren]. awk. signifying tiansverscly. with suffix -age. For on (E. from F. pp. esvuidier. ex}. G. from. K. Awe. E. back foremost. of pensus.) off. Aviary. onwdC) pp. ofug[Swed. diwcd. awarden A . Aware. a'x ^ nnguish. get quit of.ab). misspelt ponis. ege Goth. neut pensum. O. uocdre. Low G. averia. auiditds. ( to confess.) Also e^e.( . * Orig. Port and Ital. O. from ( O. Guard. . out). ^f Or from Arab. M. that which is Wallace E. empty. aveir de peis). away.iwar ywar. in N. S. to de. F. auidiium. ebavow. amuse. &c The M. to bind with a vow. avaria. G. awaken and awaknen. avar-ie. the relationship of which is ' f Another M. out O. stem of auis. to call. pres. of duocdtio. an adv.. a watching. ^a witness) Ibis is a contraction of Icel. . void. . E. S. aware.) M. . (F. Cf. wahtcn. Der. a bud. hafoc. . prefix (L. ness. to turn.ward. (M T \ TLJT ts~\ ir 1. avochier. and -ug. A. belonging to birds.) L. a suffix.) A. ge-. and the suffix -h. Wake. a common tidnem. (L. onwacen. eagerness. from O. p. F. The suffix -ward is for-ward on-ward. to crave. . dissyllabic. contrary. usually damage* (cf Span. fear Dan. tracted to ofgu. and O. eye a^e. awarder-. Award. a calling away of gewcer. agis. Gk. ducrsus. F. aduocdre. Awake. . to wait. L. . Ongin unknown. auidus. vb. to empty out.. awe. vuide (F. M. chattels (F. P.-L. e. ab. L d (. signify' ing duty charged on goods (G. E. see Vow. goods of weight. the general estimate or apportionment of loss of goods. M.-L. y. L. Away. heavy articles. T>ex. ad. G.) Awkward. avowen.) corruption of M.H. From L. from apa~ v avoer L. F.E. haberia. obscure. eswarder. G. Icel.L.AVERT such a charge. use of havere. warder. uocdre. See Vocation. See Void. weight L habere. F. auk.

babelen.) M. pi. an assumption. off. G. 1906. Azure. {aw. L. Corp. 8 . from fa-rj. weighing Gk. ey ' ! A is natural t quentative . G. supp. al. life. A. F. axle. XVcent-Gk.") (Scand.-fDu. to older ioims aats ox. axel. a. Swed. awne. p. (E. Origin uncertain.) M. old edd. a grandfather.) . G. aiw. which was mistaken for t'azttr. (F. or points (or quarters) of the horizon from a! samt. the way. an axle-tree . governess L. M. ax. to keep off the sun's heat. negative prefix preserving live. L Skt. form. worthy. Gk.axt] IL. . a/-. (gen. where the lapis lazuli was found (Marco Polo. M E. ever. aioo>. where tret is a block of Baa. tree. aymit alas for Span. Gk. It is a dimin. Yule). auvent. E. perhaps a variant of Yea. F. Awning. eit Soc.E. . adv. earliest form ot/xot. suffix -le is The fre- wood. the quarter) of the horizon.. Axiom. S. Axis.) (Port. Port. ally a native waiting-maid. 6 . but only with the sense of shoulder. (Scand. flesh(Phil. Prov.) M. Cf.tree.-f Icel. Exod. (^AG ) axis. ways. of aw.. said .auia. fom/cus. F. . mumble. aia. Babble. a?. Gk. 705. 1665. samt.) ever. also called lapis lazuli. ahana O.) } M See Wry.-Arab. . Ax. a nurse. antevanna. Wyclif. F. ^f Distinct from M. a fan (fern sb (E ) For on wry. ever. F. destructive to d-. life.E. Late L. Aye. O. whence oxul-tre. babiller. F. a grandmother. axle. Gk. aztir. H.' syllables imitative of a child'b attempts to speak. a blue colour. whence . axvai. From car .] Icel. Dan. [A.) <fl M. . ?) Ay. which is allied to L. ad. (F. Arab. axleaks/ia. oxe Goth. -f* Goth.-Pers. to Littre. -f-Du. S. husks. cart. atle. Perhaps from L. iv. Cf also A. oxull. G. Properly.' . S. a kind of lemur. \ interjection. in Babble. Gk. Bruce. *ald. as-samut* ' ' . wheel. See Ah. as . (L ) + Gk. achse Russ. of the foim appearing in L. S. agn only in pi. Ajrl interj. quarter. anvan. chaff.AWL from Icel. as if the initial / indicated the def. or point (or Arab. chaff. Gk. (Gk. Cf \V. F. os' Lith. a pent-house of cloth before a shop-window Cot. Trans. The phr. y Goth. mod. zenith. anus. ahle . lit. Gl. Axe. to prate.G. chaff. . Barbour. a!.) chatter. axle. F. al\ Levit. azure. standing for lazur. Gk. (Scand. answering to Arab. fa. E. an imita- word. cognate with E. nitrogen.) Azimuthal circles ' are great circles on the sphere that pass through the zenith. aaks Icel. . xxi. Probably due to infantile utterance. A. weigh. Awl. awv. aivel. xxi. yea. tuJnis. . S.) See below. ay. avne. an axle . lazur. pi.) Aule Shak. to drive. to drive also. an axis. ever. awene. aal. ed. Idjuward. Cf. ayeiv. . (E. also awa .ascia divrj. E. A. sing. . auvanna. . O. has eaxl. ante. ex. Dan. agnar.' Perhaps from O. I deem worthy. agna.) In Shak . types *aloz. Cf. p. auvan. Gk. an axle. Du. G. Azimuth. agana. tive to bleat. Madagascar. air .?) In Sir T. Icel. d'ios. eckel. a wny. cettum.-f*A. axis. &c. cf. P. ogn. blue. . me Cf. a husk chart. and Dan. O. Icel. because azote. Teut. ^cwr. also E. babbla G. 261. akwizi \ (E. a cor- (if for *tf<rj7a). . ro. axis i see Axis. article . (fern. before uannus. case-forms from Teut. yes. L.) M. of Shak. auk. ahime. Low L. aye-aye. W\G. *aiwoz (Goth. Herbert's Travels. xxv. BABE of. on the twist Awn. ala. axle. azimuth is a pi. aszzs. hook.E. d^a rupted form. Aye-Aye. aluv. ay me French . ever. See Zenith. Gk.) M. an azure-coloured stone. diw/xaTos) worth quality in science. H. bab. yxa Dan. (E. worth. aiws}> an age. A. direction. (E. . E. &iro. (Arab. Spelt / baban. from I^. Swed. bappeln \ and cf. ' . oxi . Du. Azote. auvant. (E. cegnan. the word means to keep on saying l>a. S. . (O. axle.. So from called the mines of Lajwurd. avanna. azure. S. in 6. Ital. O. the native name ai-ay in Madagassaid to be named from its cry. asur. ax. grappling-hook. Babe. al.). . ay di me. a tutor). lapis lazuli. Gk. axel.E. (E. (F.agi//ie(i 3th cent. E.) So called animal life. babbelen . bable Icel. Exod. cax. Der. the proper sense seems to be a sail or tarpauhng spread above a ship's deck. Awry. ed. a straw. to as much as. Prob. Idzward (see Devic) Pers. Ay Aye. Swed O H. in India. an age.

wik.) Bail (i). and bdbl. . O. bafoiier ^Cot. L. Prob. bagge. F. li..) L Bacchanalis. I. 5. a hermaphrodite. : verb. are put back. Murray shews that badger -. bdiulare bajullvus. bek. (E. called in Late L. from E. baica. F.' because the pieces. Baffle. deer. S. babewine Low L. bacheler. bauchle rilsa. Formed from s.. (Unknown. 1. signe Badge. that which is born . (Scand. O. Gk. Dr. Dan. bailiwick.' stick. Prov. Spelt bageatd a nickname for the brock. a flitch of Cf. short ior bailif (above) and M. M. Icel. F. Ital. bathe. of Tent. and much disputed. Ital.-Prov.-O. E. A. to be silly. bagatelle. dimm. mock we also find M. * Badinage. F. a revile. of Parmesan bagata. of imitative origin. a pig. ham. uacca* a a ti ifle.. *baccalaris. a wild sow .bacheler.Scand. (F. Origin .. bail is the name of a horizontal . Bd/f^oy. babou. badinage. paf. a little property . babuin. bage Prompt. piece of wood from fixed upon two baculum^ a stakes. to scold baffen. baffotier. baggage (i). 2. cow. s. Cf. bachle\ to vilify. bagge. bagage. M. it means to * lit. bam. ( (F. quoddam Ducange unknown. More . ^Gael. bacon. * is back-game. badiner. baco. O. (XV cent. bagea. Bag. buttock.a. .. Bail (3). badde.) ' luggage. from M. a pop.?) O. E. . baiddel. bacward (Cursor Mundi. babeivynus. F.oaggage. (F. O. wTc.) M. * ' . (F. (2). F. in .D. Not found elsewhere in Teutonic.) O. i . q. a kind of Hen. badare. ?-G.) mjL. signum.E. baccaldria. Babble. to secure. god of wine. as explained in Hall's Chron. M. bagia. . baiulus. to baffle. bagis .) From M. bague. &c. from the motion of the lips. Baim. to carry a child custody. bakbiten (P. vilify. E. M. a holder of a small farm or estate. a trifle.S. bundle.). (F. of L. bagatelle. Teut. M. lit. Remoter origin unknown. a worthless backgammon. (2). Origin uncertain. L. i (above). beffare.) tella. . bak .F. E. In a game. Cf. K. Back. a district hence. from law term.) O. bajultvum. (E. baillif. G. allied to Ital. Q. G. Du. bak. A.) jesting talk. + ' 35 .?) A Scotch word. . pack. iii. beffcn. L. baili. S. (Malay.-L. F. i badger. See above. G. bacon. to bark. .animal with a badge or stripe.BABIRUSA. (F.+ O. to secure. S. bttc. (Doubtful. c. security as (. bache. bagasse. a baggage-wench i). baiulare. L. to gape prob. but only found as batcalarius. a collection of bundles.) M. bader ( F. bak'. when See tnken. to take charge of a child. F. babouin babian. a bag. to jest. expressive of opening the . PL B. for L. to slap in the face Prob. from ba. a porter. A. Babiroussa. Babble.F.te L. . Swed. god of wine. a pig. a worshipper of Bacihus. adj. (E. and E. Sax. Dan. Low M. an iron-pointed stake Godefroyadds that in the arrondissements of Vervins and Avesnes. district of a ' ' bailiff. office ' of the same.) M. a bundle. later. . Low L. word. Gk.) in Sir 1. a baggage. in. v. ' Tent. or Low L. Soi back-ward. bail. bafa. Bacchanal. O. a depraved sen^e. a bucket. BABIROUSSA BAIRN is 'a great Babirusa. billing. a box on the ear. . flout. Perhaps L. E. (F. bagasna. pt. A. quean/ Cot. bam. origin see Bag. and Goth. Fries. back-bite.&2*/.) Tcut. bailiff.) M.) baggage baggage Scand. a Latin version of the E. baggi. to gape. and an effeminate L. Perhaps influenced by F. bakke.) M. allied to A. Icel. Hardly from Late L.. from disgrace. (F.O. hog. badin.E37i/. Origin doubtBaboon. reproach among the Scottes . Bail (2)..E. from bcffa. F. bailler. See Bale (3). buffer. Cot. . Lowland Sc. ' apparently. (E. . Swed. bagage.Ital. like yelp Du. mouth. bagata trifle. a game.) The sense Butler's Hudibras. II G. S. an. (Unknown. a scoff.-L. disgrace) .) Malay bdbl rilsa. to deceive. Bacon. a grimace (GodefroyX Norman F. Bachelor. to disgrace. Icel. Prov. carrier. beffler. l The same as Baggage . jesting. (F. H.-L. deer-hog/ or hog like a deer . a scoff. 2042). M gammon . from Lombard baga. of imitative origin. E. F. (L. E. Cf. H. at cricket. (F. Du. cf. to baboon (A. Der. a wine. foil. (F. * Florio. F. VIII. a custodian. bacho. a-back. Cf. E. a custody. (Cot. G. M. bak. ace. F. to keep in Bad. Late L. hence. about. Parv. beam. man.295). E.- F.) a child. layer}. scofTe (Floiio). To baffull ' wild hog. woman.-L. Lit. babion. Late L. ful but cf. bacon . O.

a tub. balca.) K . H. (F. Me. balke. Tent. balu . balais Med.-M. to dance. from Du.E. beam. . F. balle bollr.' as in baldfaced'&z. to dance. balderich. G. to give Cf. (F.) a balk or bar in a balk M. tries. baltas. 69. bilancem. . Dan. a present. also a pack. balken. baldringus. (F-L) F. Dan. baeldakm). balle.) F. > M. />a\tos. Balance. evil. heap . F. O. buckets. See Belt. * Cf Ital. ball. a belt. balko. G (i). M. bol.Arab. ?) It meant a jumbled mixture of ee Bear (i). (F. cf. G bale. Gk. (i). Dan. L. Swed. bacen. G.) balo. It means to Teut) empty a ship by means of bails. Baize. Cf. ballances . L. Cf. i. Low G. -|. Late Lat dimin. (C. N. Ball O. M. orig or O. sense was * shining. a Du. (2\ balken. (Scand. to roast. a dance. ong. to dance. 4. neut. a canopy over an altar. fo/fofc. man's way. H a ball. a round package. balade F. . H. bak. balled-. balle. Arab. a variety of ruby. sphere. balder. bage boc. a spot. (i) O. Balas-rnby. to hinder (E. back. to slap. Gael. bay. . balcho. i. M. i. ) spheucal bal.) F. M. balakhsh. certain. bailer. A. . Sax. and O.O. white. +O. beiten. bay.Late L. a trough. of the river Amoo (Oxus).. to bite Swed. speckle (properly a white spot or Bret bal. tfHayeiv. ' a girdle. to dance. ball.) M. body. pair of weights or - (3).* balle . beam Hen. to divide. S. baycoloured. G. barlast. a share. a ballance. a beam.Icel. scale of a balance. (F.e. Goth. portion .) M. . bal. To put a E. Inlander Cot. prov. Ital.) ' * . bayo. Pers. balje. . small gratuity.Tent (Ital. ballare. balance. (Scand. Baldric. badakhshi. a beam. well) and generally. balcone.) M. and Irish bal. bakhshish. evil wickedness. to bear with suffix -no-. Bale (i). canopy.) Lit. Arab Pers ) Formerly balais. (f>a\aKp6s. Dan. of land. Zend. Lith. a ball Ball (2). Tcut. Ital.E. bahe. (Unto pasture Swed. . bailie^ G. a tub Swed. bald-headed Baldachin {pronounced baoldakin or balade. Bale bealu.) An error for bayes. bi-. G. a song for dancing to. F. K. O. balk. to empty water out of a ship. hence. -Prov. destruction.Pi ov. Bald. Hence it appears a bait is an enticement to bite. weight. . mark. Cf. liquors. . a white streak on an streak) animal's face.) -f- balu. baken.E. the orig.) a ridge. coarse woollen stuff. baize. a white-faced horse. G. which explains balked = i *bacula (Diez). E.-Late L. Bagdad. a beam. baksh. baldaquin balldre. a ruby named from Badakhshan. i. Du. a gratuity from bakhshidan. bakken (y^ . white. G . F. causal of bita. for bis. baldret. bat. a palcone. bale. O. bar Swed. . as of merchandise The same as F. Span.Gk. (2) O. barlast . (F. O.) Three forms aie found: hangings or tapestry made at Bagdad. (E. . a load to steady a ship. .^ a. a stage. (E. Late L. Cf. a girdle. a package.' (like slap-dash] to have meant a confused to bite M. balko. 2nd rade of ber-an. . secondarily a hodge-podge (Hallito bite. platter. (Pers ) Pers. misfortune O. flap. Y. bale. (F. stag with a white streak on its face . any mixture. balwawesei.*baldric (not recorded). baka cf. . Bait. of a pale rose-red or orange colour.-O H. tester. Der. Low G. Cot. badius. balascitts Arab. See Bite. bailie. E.. E. (2 \ evil. Late L. baldrei Low L. balance. a ball. to distribute . balada. (Scand. older form of O. balz. IT. lczl beita.BAIT type *barnom. ) Ital. H. baldacchino. /SaAA/^W. and lanx.' Cot. adj. baye. a dish. Bake. pi. batten. Low L. balascus. Balcony. S bacan. ' Skt.-O. . bait ens. L. of cf. Icel. XVII cent. H. noise. ball\ bale (i\ a M.''N{. pp. . (F. to make noise. bare load. colour. backen . From the ong. See Balk(i). . BHOG. Backsheesh. of bilamc. H. W. (i. batto (G. neut. a bucket.e. of F. -f. . a Ballast. partition. mere + Icel. package. ' . . Du. a bar. S. II. E. *balwoz. L. sb from ba>'. . A. the cloth called bayes . a beam. white ballad. bali. G. beta. balc-ful. balja. and Swed. Cf *balkon-. stem Phalanx. a ruby (^De vie). to feed. Bale (K . see Ball (2). Sax. formerly poor stuff. ridge M. double. Bagdad. whiteness in a horse's forehead. clatter. &c. &c. Gk. < BALLAST Balderdash. Bakshish.E. Baldacco. E. F. or Ital. (E. O. bhaj. L. a belt. Du Balk (i). . bayeta. baksh. a bait. twice. S. throne. (F. IV. *bahvom. See Bay extended from O. baulk. to make and daske. pt t. balk. . Dan. ace. Baghdad. A. laid in heaps. O. having two scales L. bed. L.

bandhnfi. i. (-y^BHA. basdm. Bond. a gang L. pig-rat (Yule) Tel. H. Cf. (F. oider out. m. (Unknown. basme. the plantain-tree.^ Ong. balaitstnim. from band-. Shakespear's Hind. O. a murdcrei.. dban(i\ to beat. -O. Cot. excommunication. See Ball a large ball.e. bane. A Bandanna. allied to set. banddog.' Ital. a kind of silk cloth ' .) Pers. ge.' Sc bander. a band see Band (2). pallone augmentative form oi F. . a bilk handkerchief with white spots. balustrade. (2).a game called bandy. bannan. bti Bamboo. Parv. Fries. 37 . Du.) In Sh./rtwr//. banns M. Skt. Back. murder. a company of men. a proclamation (the prefix banja.- . bang to proclaim . E. bannire. H. 'a little ball. pp. Ital. Malay stmdmbu. lit. bond. of bandire. or balsam-tree. dimm.. to Low L. (Ital.fama. Bandog. bag-last. See Band (iX Bandy. . 'a mode of dyeing in which the cloth is tied in different places.3\. balon Ital. contend. and Swed. a gang.-O. Dan. terraces. O. 'balhsteis. p. bandha. a dance. G. H.j Prob.) (i). bandied about See above. Icel. H. Bale (2).balau$trata. balaus a baluster .) popular etymology. Mod. to league against. n.) Telugu pandi-kokku. q. .+O Sax. F. Gk. Allied to .e. baand\ cf. Cf. AH from Teut. bankc. H. drug being made from the wild hemp.' . ballotwith bullets. See Ball (i). (F P. t Bandicoot. ban a. S. death. a hammering. to bandie. to bind see Bind. Baluster. fruit of the banano said to See Last (4) also Bare. L. bane-ful In Sh. from Ital.) L. balsam. to beat. kckku. fiom bandy. and Scand. bend. Teut. M. basme. -f. O. of Ital. . and O. bang Icel. the flower of the pomegranate. Semitic Heb. .(Telugu. G. *bannan~.Swed. evil deed M. *bandom. a (2). 'to cast vse in Venice little ball lots G. ban. a ball. a large Indian iat. 'to bind also. fiaXavomov. bann. A. stem *banon-. (E. Gk. a proclamation. See Prompt. ban. ' . E. the pi. strong vb.BALLET ballast. &c. L. and G. baluslr-ade. (Pers. as in O. (Hind. a ball used in a game like Balloon. with balusteis.E. O. Der. Teut. Cf. Diet.*. II.-O. (3) seems due to 559- Band (Hexhara). as they Ital . bandtto.) . bang. or pack . . bO called from a fancied resemblance to the flower of the wild cloisters. G Bang N t Bang .making no difference). G. Low ballot. pomegianate. band\ Dan. ballon .F.) bano\ Ban. F. bahtshalla. . bahtstres. bannan to summon. i. large dog. (of marriage). . &c. O. (also ballone. (i). bal-daedt. Florio. ban. hemp the Skt. a band. origin (as below). in Florio). ' F. A. *-\j. bander. small column. a wound. Of Banana. Icel. a pig. \E. (Scand. A. to beat to and fio.) Ital. a damn. Du. in which a ball was Teut. Dan.-LateL. bande Cot whence G. Malav. to band (Tin bei vile). H. bande. a rail of a staircase. from \\. bane. to hoax. bande. whence tte\ and t)'o. the flower of the wild pomegranate. modified Balm. Icel.) ot bal. . Der. band. tare. balsamnm.) spelling. Der. (F. Ballet. fragrant resin of the &a\<ranos. at O H. (Span. E. balon. Bane. formeily the name of a bent stick for playing mam. balsam. be of African origin (from Guinea). Cf. (jk fiaXoapov. (Scand. 43. F. Teut. ban. and G.. harm. lound. bonda. Influenced by O. to proclaim. Banner and Bind. M. Orig. balausto. short pillars.) F. bandy-legged. G. Span. Bandit. Swed. Swed. to prevtnt the parts tied from receiving the dye . ballone. ' BANG l^. . football. S. bow-kgged. (Port. rat. S. ballotta. . Du. Dan. (F. Cf. balatistra. outlawed. baume. Cf. (3) Dan. gebnnn. v. a football or baloon . balsamum as above. Poit. Du. band-box bandog. furnished tennis. (1662). Low Lat. (Ital. F. See . Goth. band. band. a cudgel. proscribe. Bamboozle. S. 2nd grade of bind-an.) Spelt O. mamkit (Garcia). nan. bandi. (E.) Formerly baloon. ranked on the outsides of . a dog that is tied up. a lanner. band-age (F. band\ variant. bandage") band (2). a rumour.) Hind. Prob. a cognate with E ban. used for voting See Ball d).Gk. bale last. a rattan like bamboo. Cot . Teut ) F. Goth. a binding. and (2) arose out of Span. bengel. i. of G. ban. bandum. ban. G. Ital. (L. ballast back load.) A. a narcotic drug. Skt bhangd. to summon. (F. Cot. little.L. useless load. banana. F. G. .) Brugm.) Chiefly in Icel bani* Dan. (K Ital. these. a ball.. bame. Gk. (F. balle. .. cf. ballet. banga.

0ap0apos. F\banere (above) . L. bat be. v.' from L.H. not in the marriage-bed (Malm). a merchant. banir.Barbary. (L Gk. barbeau.E. (Ital. Tent. barbour* with suffix -our-Lat. * Barb . Goth. see bclhis. i. a cake. Uexillum. Gk. O. a corruption of Balusters Banyan. banere. L ba? banduin appellant.) English. de Geslis belle O. banch A. baptist. (African. a lail. a Barbary horse. Perhaps from L.) M. ntpta. a dipper. II. . a barbel. of bandore. a beaid. token. bannir.n\. part. Perhaps of Egypt. F. ment. a knight \\ho had beard-like appendages near the mouth. stammering a name given by Greeks ' M . ong. bank- H An a tree. table.) Banjo. . Banter. G.beanshith. a beard. bank .) M. a thing baked . Skt. a bench. L. to dip. bakki. s. (F. (Unknown. Prob. a barber. bannach. arrow . 51. (i). M. ed. banca the word to L. knowledge of the relation of Jtal. bam ere)* also bamere to Godefroy. a bar. in wrapped Bank M. barre. quet. bank bank. 1 Port. Dn. baptism. Banquet.' as we termed them. See above. by a. a child begotten on a bench. ridge. foreign. barbour. fiairri ( L v . a bench i. a musical instrument. bene. Gk. L. a banshee. Wilson. a bench. Tent. a standard. PI. banck. ParrTiffTrjs. Banyan. *banke. Cf. (Torriano). side}. F. a sign.. a biacelet. an Indian 665. of banco. side. M.) L. ?) considered as band-ling. q. F. for money (F. (F. . M. t bank (2). 123.) Y. Irish ban-siJt. bane. Tent. broken. allied to Ban . a beard. a horse. (Port. bandum. irom &O. pi. O.-Gk. M bapthare. bangri. 20. to proscribe. Fiom Jlesche barbette. bank bicke. H.) Bantling. M /*a.Y. barbel. (Scand. a female spirit supposed to Gael. (Langobardic) source cf. baiMj. lit. with double dimin. bane. a Q. a mound of earth. (F. Ttal.) F. qtiean}. v. nire. O. Banner.) (Hind.E. See Beard. .~(J. warn families of a death. . Swed. Scand form of Icel. Hence O. fern. bannered. a bench. dimin. O Sax and Du. E. a bench changer's failure. v. a bearded or barbed L. F. not a native name for the tree. toirumpere. Pairriffftos.G. Dan. Skt. Banisters. A in Java.) The native (2). banis-. (2).) M. banks.t} Gael. see Sir T. stem of pres. named from the country. whence also Norman F. Lo\\ F. Baptise. raillery. from bank. with suffix ~ous. dimin.&WW.-Ital -Tent. quod bandiva. bankhng (with the same sense as bankart}.) F. O.ban. from pam-s. rravdovpa. Ir. men under his own banner.G. see Bandit. (C. a Tent. k . table. orig eminence. barbier. and L. a broken bank. ace. Formerly baptise. of a river. rnptus. banque. from O. to ])roclaim Bantam. bread. (F. barra. barbe. v . bar7 Paul us. barbc. ben ( E. barba.Late L. an infant. bangle. /3a7mcra dipping. bannum.banerel.' Cot. bean. ( F. of mptus.Barbarous. F. pandora. Langob. . F. lit. banque. Gk Der.) baptisen. H. bank. barbel. to break. orig. of barbus. bane. a Tent stem *bankon~. (F. (F.) barber. (see above) pp. (F. suffix -l-tng\ but really an adaptation of G. bhanati in Uhlenbeck. see bank (H. banere (*>upp. Tent. e. bandoia. banqueroute.' Cf. G. barba. (F. Low \. ^f Named from four banneret.~ also a bench . or pandore. a cake. a money-changer's table or bench. Hind.'t Barb (0. a fairy j O. ' (Ducange gives banderia}. merchant. Banns. one Prob. s. citim. O. Ital. bane. E. pp.-L. E. I< baneret \ banneref] A F. TL. usually Gk. cf. F. Travels. L. barbar-us. bakkc. baman. a bench (see Bench). Bannock. sken. pam(2). a kind of bracelet. the with three strings same. Banshee.) see Banian. swaddling bands . a tree. pp. a bix-stringed musical itistt laGk) negro corruption \\. suffix -<?/-L. (F. (G. rotta. . . banchetto Gk. Banish.) M. E. (Java. beard. -dhts. ruptcy. L ) Modified from F. fairies. Baptize. a feast. F. ' name in Senegal (Adanson). a woman. due to the moneyII. S. an illegitimate child. baptiscr.-L.ban. of woman sith. O. a banner. -Skt. Baobab. L. Herbert. ^F. barba.BANGLE Bangle. G. and bankrupt. cf. with -atorem . of Ban. Bar.TTTCIV. a fish. So called because used as a market-place for merchants or bannyans. from Gael. L.-O. * bandana Low O. (C.) BARBAROUS M. L Late L. hook on an arrow.fairies (Windisch.) A fowl from Bantam.

strife.LateL. -lie. L. an instrument for measuring the weight of the air./w^v. about. case (Diez^. orig. barque.) M. S. (2).-Ital. rectly). lale. . Cf. Barnacles. Barrator. A.) AVe find bcrnac in A. to bark. corn.. a rotus. said of Also (more cor. F. bcrnida (Neuman). barat. Late L. F. Origin unknown. Icel. Lith. also Goth. O.) M. (F. guile.) Gael. bard) a poet. A. Bare. bcann. from Eastern bab-khanah. variant of Metre. Eng MS.S. Barouche.E. Barber. see Bark (i). baraque. ippafav. i^Diez). (2). . mod spelling no con- Barbican. a bark. Baron. bardt. ber- dimm. (E. here. a carriage. bark Icel. whence it may have been applied Dan.) on the noses of horses to keep them spectacles. barat. a man.. (F. F.E. barcdmdre. barded. V) a little ship. Port. C.jfor. spelling of F. ' barbed as a barma G. barme. made of barley . Barberry. bere 9 barley .) M.-A. See N. basas. (E. Ital. Sc. 2nd grade Teut. S.) M. A. E. M. L. Barnacle (0 a kind of goose. Barracks. Late L. borcian. 583. of imitative origin. lap. Sp varon. and ern t am. W. bernakilli Chamus' (i. (F.bent. baratour from M.) M. see barca Late L. a bar. barutsche.BARBED j BARRATOR is for *nH*(f*).E. Cf. S. S. bark\ Dan. one who incites to quarrels and lawsuits. also. a shrub.) F. ed. E. bcorma. of ber-an. A. rann . /3a/>o-. bardd. ' a barter. . (E. F. E. a lighter.- an E. F. form of ber-ern (Luke iii.e. 4. ii. (Med. of unknown origin.) Dimin. orig. Cf. baroaio. (E.E.) G. borkr. Barm . type *barkuz. Lectures.?) M. S. Prob.^\\s\. barde. L. L. and even Med. 17). Berberry. Icel. like. berne.Low G. F. <ft The should be berbery or bnrbary\ nexion with berry. stammering. barque.) Formerly barratour. barbdns. shield) from bar-. for /3a/>os. canms)\ Prompt. a sort of shell-fish. (F. S. Slav. Teut. bark. . Cf. the rind of a tree. L.) M. berr\ *bazoz cf. (E. a barHence Med. varao. bernaca. to bear see Bear (i). a . gayn. a place Barley. Remoter origin unknown. E. balbus. older form ber. 3. . (F. Gk. berbcris. (F. barefooted. Ital. barftt. rt-stem). F. . A. Bcrnaca. perhaps allied to Ferment. bargaignier.. contr. accoutred. is barga. cognate with Icel. -fTeut. bet naca. barmr\ Goth. Parv. chariot. irons put quiet.Late I. a chariot L. F. ' barnacle . berberis. bar. connected with Late L. M. Used by palustnbus similes Giraldus Cambrensis Cf. an outlet for water. the lap (E. horse/ Cot. Irish bare (fem. Port. baron. to Late L. (F. armed . a tent for soldiers . Scand. L. languages. (G. from F beinaque i. bar. l Arab.E. a brim.wheeled car. (i).) Icel. bos ft. Lect. bernacha\ Span.) . chaffer. to speak. barra. barrata. see Barb (i).A. horse-armour.) See Barley. weight . for lie. pale. Sax. biroccio. S. origin (Thurneysen). Swed. Sp. baracca. am Barm \ . aues aucis also M. E. barm./*zr/*v.S. baim\ Swed. on Science of Language. and Max Muller. bark Bark C. bar]. Cf. />/'-. L. a loop-hole . (in an Wright's Vocab. a beak or armed prow of a waiship (cf.E. Ducange. bartS. deceit. 7. bb. (Gk. bosom. L. Bark (3).) . i. beorcan. the suffix ~on marking the ace.) Gk. to a humorous M. berry-tree. bar. bernakilL Bcrnak for hors. Bargain. Sp.. a A. S. baro. Prob. (F. bar. barone. (F. Bark (2). Perhaps of Celtic O. 39 .E.) M.' Cotgrave. Swed. . The sense of 'spectacles' allusion. h. also Allied to Barter. type *barmoz to horses (Diez). edge also. barbacane. .for//. Barometer. barbaris. berkja. barley (Lowl.) The same as Barnacle (i). 100. 2nd Series. . -dnein. a barbican or outwork of a castle also. two. batm\ Icel. barms. (Prov. E. ' is and due nal . type G. bear] and Cf. barn. ?) horses. to yelp as a dog. cheating. deceit. Barn. (Scand. baar. gate-house (Yule). nom. (E. a measure .) M.Cot. (C. (i). O. F. to express the strange sound of foreign for storing. double and rota. Med.-Late L. and /IT/JO^. Barge. baron (F. to change Origin unknown. D. (See Max Muller. barge. Ital. barizeins. cf. barca. ace. to bark. L. (F. a male. yeast.. a sort of ship or large boat.~ LateL.) Barbed.) from Med. a wheel. E barbican. biwith suffix -occio two-wheeled . L. Irish and Bard. -fO. berkcn. bargenir. berme. Teut stem *bermon. Barbel. a title. A. 1. Perhaps assimilated to that of carr-occio. see Ransack.

basnet. L. bass. low. water. Gr. .) O. Cf. 31. basa/te?. short foi Godefroy) herb basill Cot. basso. also a barter . lowest floor of a building. stout. E das. -f. ' Base (2) M. BarrOW (2). . bradach.* rather than merely . baraigne F. a mountain. Span. Supposed to be from Late L. lit. bar. An African word (Pliny\ Base (i). F. brad. Gael. G.). basilisk.) Gk. under. from rat/. . bassus see Base ( I ) (K - Basement. 1 ( to . a hill. A. E. Basalt. fiom Barricade. .j In Spensei F. Merc. low. a large hall (L. Bask. Span.) F. E bartryn. Icel. F. (Ital. (and piopername. O. E. (F. ( M . sterile. Barrier.) same word as L. a tone see Tone. F.' L. . See Come. basile basilic : (Supp. See Grave (2). type *bergoz. W. Barrow (i ).' A barbarous word formed with suffix -/<?. LateL.. (2). baratcr. bergh. Span. ) A. barrc. Ital L. a rt?re. and E ) Pasha. (Gk Named weight. light . Span badana.-Gk. (F. 2nd grade viber-a?i. chmin. S. basilica. -istarius] from the sb. thievish. Gk. beriv. barncada. a barricade. BASK base. bacin. barret. lard. ing. a burial-mound. barewe. as sottbasscment. baclnn. &c. viii. base. see Barrel. .' W. (F. Of doubtful origin perhaps Celtic (Littrt').-L. base. a bar O. go (as in paivtiv. Bret. M. lit. P M. v. F. F. baske. heavy. roguish Barton. the hide of a sheep tanned. to go) . to bathe cf. bere-tfin (Matt. Gk. to a foundation. C.barrow. barat. see bere. s. L. named from a spot on the head like a crown (Pliny.) O.O. S. Barter. base $-."i M. . pale . . ' low .-Span) F. .Skt ga-ti(s). Prob.F. haingne. basts. cheatalso to baiter ' . F. brebarain.. fern. and oneself. II G. baichfnus. also a lizard or seipent. ' O. to cheat.) ' M. beorg. neut. Irish bratiaih. fern. bactnet. . 12) A. bacJnmu>. Du. to lower. Basis. a F. Jit an abasement Ital bassare. going. Cf. Gk. /8a<m. Col.) Appears in F. . Late L. fern. Irish bri. carry. deep and TO^OS. Aiab. Q.) M. bask (Scand.E. basse. Basil (2). basihcum. cf. in chemistry. basis. ' ' . berg.a. wheel. low. T. a wheel -barrow. i. Cf. Of unknown ongin. Palsgiave herself. brhant. the inside. bas. O. foim as barrastertus. Pdvi s . bearer.). with -ffi- (for -TI-) cf. M. bathe hire. O. Ai ab. See Bar. E. royal. Late L. advantage by unfair means. treachery. Barytes. > . .. p.) L. . a pedestal. )8ao-tAt9. L.. (Low L. E. Bassus M. to Ch. fiaaiKiOKos. .BARREL ^Influenced by turmoil. ftapvTrj<>> weight. a bill.* ( Low L. large. royal. and -bassement.) L basihscus Gk. Gk. ' (F. beorh. the old form of (F. For abash-ful\ . manor. berg. basilic. a helmet. Nonnes Prestes 40 . bassin. bar. -e . Du. barytone. M. bat Spelman gives the Low L. barn. . beguile. Teut. E. a barrel. by confusion with abase and Basil (i \aplant (F. brehaing. base. of basihctis.) baril. A. Barley and Town. . F. bradti* to plot. hill. . a bowl. E. Barren. cade. Gk. (E. royal. Gk. a mountain Skt.-Gk. . (3aai\v$. borrowed from Ital bassamcnto. a king. /3a/>vs. Gk. a fabled sei pent. Albus. m. a hard kind of marble in ^Ethiopia. O Basin. Base shape Gk. baratta. bawne. Abash. rade-ber.gam. a dressed sheep-skin bitanak* the [inner] lining of a garment. of bacin its t a basin see from (L. its ) from L. 111. baritono. Irish brath. Cf. the Perhaps from Late L. S. basset n\ F. 225). one made with barrels lull of earth. (E. (F. M. of (SaaihiKfa. a court-yard.E. (I 4 . neut. F. Ital. royal. a from the staves of it. ^aaiKiKov. barain. Late basinet. to go. F. mound. Jtal.. (E. (L. Bashful. to bar up. bar-. see Basinet. barad. Bashaw see Basenet. brehaigne.bareter. barbarrere i^Godefroy.) bacin.F. (F. F. suffix a step. heavy.O Sax.vessel (Isidore). (L. which seems to have meant sus. tiough.) . M. F. barley . (F. 21). basy Barrel. barr tea. Gael brath. a king.) Also basaltes L.) Better baritone a musical term for a deep voice.-L. /3api5-s.) For berrow (like pat son for person. an enclosure . barra. and titn. baseyne (Liber F. Cot. C f. mound. a baritone. bacca. basenet. F. to traffic. basin C). Perhaps from Span. treachery. bak. vi. barrister. Gk. Late 1 . Basnet . Gk. bassane. a basin (Due.-k. basilica. the basement of a building formed from sous. Arab bain. for which basil-leather was used. to beai. a fight. (F. basil . wheel.Gk. ban ere. of basilicus. fat.) Northumb. O.

neuter. bace (with loss of r). From *bars~. bats. faf. a peich.) A. to strike. The Cf. Basket. Cf. taglia. See Bathe. ace. baton. strife ^f So also fence for de-fence..) Lit. applied to Will. bassc. a cudgel Origin doubtful . of basto.) M. to to sew slightly. basbastione. (E. q. . basson. M. Batoon. Batten Bast a fortress.-O. Often spelt bass. basquette . (i). bat. bastir. Bathos. bast. batire. H. (Gk. bastonem. Swed. grow better.L. Bastard. bast. A. baston. a tailor's term. E. (F.) also base. See Bath. M. aften-bakke. Baste (3\ II. inner bark of a lime. Gk. (Scarid. sew yield profit .) O. to batter (2). perhaps allied to Bastile. an illegitimate child. to beat. (F. (2). $0. and milk. depth. 2nd grade of Tent.-L. whence also Bristle. G. bhrshtt. t a cudgel. G. dial. p. (F. bat-er-en\ with fiequentative suffix -er-. (i). F. ace. Bast. See oiig. illegitimate. E (i). F.L. bad. battuere. basso. E. to bask in the sun. G) linirej Levins. * To 1 baste. a. a See Bake. first used as a suffix in proper names and then generally. batbattaghone. tonatia. F. batch is as much as is Batch. to beat. L. augmentative from F.Du. S bast. v. E. to beat down. 1570. baftian. (E ) S. barsch.S. a cudgel. see Basinet. fat. baars .) M. (Span. depth cf. a battalion. in the sense of F. M. staff. Goth.-Ital. bahen\ to foment. to bathe. from . at once (F. grow InSh. besten (for *bastjan). O. basten. batir. (E. *btrs. A bane. Basnet Ba*SS (K. S. bature. v. in 1553.) M. a winged mammal.) to Ong. Norman unknown. 447. Swed. batna. down is to fasten with To (F. a (Moisy). badf. batir). (F. strife. bat-let. to build. . Bat (2). (F. basSpan. diminish. a lime. to baking. I. L. A.) M. bajan (G.]-O. 5i6. a compound of eggs. bast bast-tre. sense was a place of warmth. EJ M.E. bature. a beating. . to build. battre. to bind. bastille. Dan.) a battle .Icel. see Fiom Baton. a quantity. now only in comp. in music. (ScancL?) bas-it occurs as a pp. ' bastard^ the same as Jils de bast. H. batte.. whip. Bassoon. batt (Eng.BASKET Tale.. The same word as Base (i) . to be bettered Icel. Studien.Ital.6. -O. build. deep. Ital. Irish basket. ba$.. improve.) Bat has taken the place of M. . natt-backa. to bathe oneself.) . and Boot (2^. part of a fortification. G. hence. 'night-bat* (Ihre). (F. H. Der. Cf. (E. Named fiom its prickles. a building. see to Battle below. E. support. a wooden rod. Baste form Battalion. tree whence bast is made. root Cf. S bacan. bdty with suffix -ard.-). to tie with bast. E. (F. bastonem.F. a M. occurs in Rob. bataillcn. A Bate (F. F. a stick. See Bastile.-L. bat-i.) F. merely another spelling of Baton. cf. base (in music). a bath. slightly.) F. Icel. (F. populai form of Batter Baton. at basa sig i solen. batcn. bathe. for baba sik. s. The tree. tir e. Ital. Ital. also Swed. bata. O. E. L ) a clipt form of Debate. natt-batta (Rietz). the son of a pack-saddle/ not of a bed. G. Base (i). ga-batnan. Batten batten is (2). from O. (1)1 the with double dimin. Skt.E.E. G. lowest part. to Baton. bars.) A baked bac i he.+Du.) Bate Short for Abate. barton. a perch. bast.) battens. . a base instrument. /3d0os. (E. batter e. baat. 9 ( . -Icel. bast if to . cd. batour.65). baft. F. for which we find Swed. L. [The expression a bast ibore. F. (Wedgwood).. Cf also Du. (F. (i). evening-bat. to . base. allied to O. ^f Formed Mod. bastir (F.F.Y. <J. M. (i\ to beat. fishes basking in the sun like BATTER Bastion. pointed. F. pack-saddle (F. flour. O. a beating. (F. beat. *ba$ask (later batiast). Swed Baste known ) basa.G. bakke. ?) F. bad-. hard. Busk. flaarafav. Better. F. profit. of Glouc. H. E.) A. to fatten. to pour fat over meat Batten (Un(Scand. G hart. M. of bas base. Span.. bastatd. bake. O. And see Bask. sinking. bast. M. improvement. by loss of (2). Cf. S. lit. bakke Dan.. recover. Late L.L. Teut. *ba-fom. O. Bass (2\ Barse. fern. suffix -l-et. Origin uncertain . Cf. dial. intransitive. G.E bate'.F. Dan. Bastinado. q. Origin Bat A. . connected by Diez with Gk. a fish. Late L. bat.+ Icel. Swed.) but so spelt in imitation of Ital. S.

- O. 'to barke. 'pro* M. bataille. neut pi. expiessing the agent. to Battlement. bold. F Iniubd. F.' (K. but confused with O. boldj. babbola.) Icel baula. Sax. Late L. ad] .) L. Bayonet. bedel. O. bay. lit. (E. bundle (Godefroy. (2) a play- (Pers) Per*.^O.-L. strut). abbots $tre aiix abois.F. to be -f W. be-. J lien IV. *baldestrot (found only in the later fotrn baude' trot). Bauble (0. -O. to gape. a gap. Perhaps connected with a toy (Flono) and with L. (i ) a fight. bayard. Q F. a bndewornan. fighting. soon kindled and burnt out. to yelp (Gode- So called because beaten Bay Bay (2).) M. E. aboi. butil. bedeau. a procurer or procuress. O.) M. (2 a battalion. to abay. to exist (E. M.BATTERY beat (above). a (forL. any horse. A. Bavin. a prayer. babulus. Cower.batterie. lit. p. bitite . . the bark of a dog . baca. at bay. babel. which was also at first the sense of the E. . to make Be-. aboyer. M. baicr.O. bate.baterie. 224. O. biddan ( * *bidjari} t gebed. fusion with battle. a valley. (F. battle. as adj. prov. bokan. which in Prov. The suffix -ard is Teutonic see Bastard. hence. H. and . Bay bay. (F/ Prov. Bawl.' Flono. for counting prayers. S. Prob. 4 Bazaar. K.Teut. (F. Cot. /JSc'A- plaything ^Godefroy\ Ital.S. beon.61. . F. baitir. E. (VBIIKU. baffe. baee. Remoter oiigin unknown. abater. a sandbank near a nvei. (E. a fool's mace. up. in phr. be-mire. badius. From Bay .. in. Bellow. battre. Bdellium. a faggot . (turned into . bable. to build. bat. L -tor. bazar. battledoor. Ong. . to set upon. btda t a prayer. to bark as a dog. m . S. -O. S. O. bedel. Cod. L bdellium Gk. properly. batatlle. to : low as cow . bauble.Du bede\ Ci. Cf E. H. A.. F. bateillier. ' H G. bed. (F. n. F. in. weak . (F.) (i> i M. E. G. to beat with suffix -dor. M uous hiov. a mai- ket. Dipl. Tent. to yelp. and baier froy).) beacn. verbal sb.) A bay horse. bawdier. thing. 386. Beacon. E. L. O.) . O. set round . fern of pp. as be-nttmb. E.) Bawd. bouhhan. Late L. a prayer.-L) (4). to pray. F. prefix .F. E. F. A. C. BEADLE a kind of laurel . L. a (Scand. See Bid (i) Beadle. Note also be-head* to deprive of the head be-set. (i). sfrotzen. M. Bead. form from v above). A. denvatne of O. E (F. F. an inlet. of adj. go. A. A.batyl- Cf. bay. S. baddta. Babble.' Cot. '^ tyvtiv r .-L. a faggot. butel* claimer.Prov. type *bauknom. Probably named from Bayonne (France\ where fiist made or used See Battle and Bastile.-Gk-Heb: A piesLibstauce. II. lively (cognate with E. Parv.' or messenger/ .another MS. often causative. battudlts. (3) inlet of the sea (F. A. - ) ) a fern. l cent Ong. to cover with mire Be. of baddre. baia. Roquefort). Late L. (L. from Bay cent. dogs. neut. H. L * fore (pt t fui\\ Gk. Plowm. (E > M coloured. batedor. bataik. G. to bellow see Bull. S. Skt bhu. v. baion- nette\ bayonette. word. (F. sect.-L.K baby II. F abois. a valley Kemble. Span. be at bay. bola. vb to fight ] bat re. I2\ A. a beadle . E. gay. fight. fights. bayQ. a fool. battery. F. bayen. batidor. ft) F. formed from batai //<?. Russ. berry-tiee. . but-. from F. pronuba. a berry. doure. E.). to fortify. [The corruption to batlledoor was due to conProv.& knife. Confused with bay. bedolakh (Gen. (F. baiare. battre^ beat. 'a prayei . F. battuaha. X\ E. E. a bead. E. equivalent to Lat. bhingle. suffix -torern.) prefix.) M. F. hence a perforated ball. G. ace. and the same a-. from O. a washing-beetle. 40 (. ' to be at the baying ot the 7 PL of F. bitte\ Goth. . M. between form is bawds frot. has baivde). bod. batelment. a berry. a faggot. been. bat. battery. beiti.^ O. Span batir. a M. E btken. F. bache. (3. vb. in 2. babel. (2) l<rom O. . ] For at (5 ). from the colour also. (F. the sound. Span nom. (E. also. G. 4. and M H. battle.F. fortify. sing. . to be .L ) F. (F LJ reddish brown. bald. a harbour bait. G. bede. -Late Bay L battuere. to beat. M. Beach. H. (1O XVII Bay-window. K. 'beating.) batil)nent*bateillctnent. Tudor babel.. Folk-L. E (Wilts bavin. and Window.) The full M. (I .L.. the same as F. a berry (F. / numb. neut pi. battalia. a child's M Pleb. Swed. (Prov -L. Prompt. P. (Isidore). Ital.. a recess in a wall. G. O.

slaver. of Gaulish origin. L. E. E. befall. to dunk. A. bek. bieten . /."i M. brate. of bhrit-. bcivre. ^mr/z. baum.G. and bed. babouz.w//Vr. beaute. to make See Beacon. bctt. from nom. G. Cf.S.. bet an Goth. give a sign. bikarr. beatitudinem t ace. arrive. (F. bafoer Russ. bad /fir. Lith. 7351).S. Sax. with suffix -l PL B. E. BEDRID. G. type *bardoz.E. \^. ' beam) answers to a Teut. Ir. L. and.) forte (F. A.foam.L.) beras. E. . &**. C. Beaver bever). beauty.-L) Beat. beodan. ' M. type *bakkiz. to beckon (Prompt Parv ). L. viii. E. (Scand. Cv. (2). baker Ital. beaver-hat. and Chance. (F. Goth.ferre\ Gk. (E. S. O.) same as bek-nyn. Brugm. bciver . H. . (E. use of j O a shoit immeM. a cup. to slavei. beatan. I bear Russ. Lith. a stream. of bdlitas.] M. Becalm. lower part of a tree.) M. f. Cf. a (i). &wr Inker. beccus. ^E. beatitude. type *bakiz\ whence Du. bebozen. . (F. wine-vessel (E/) *bhebhi wj. Brngm. beatificare. variant of bon.S. bean. fair. . ment diate of the lips .E. /va///.S. F. (F.) A. beam.L. ^<?). bccnan. &*r. Bever. beacman A. beautt-ful. lit. brown Beard. S a helmet. good. bed. coming. bed. beatitude. to bless. to/// Beaver (2}. <J>epeiv Skt. an animal.Du.-L. a tree. hero. beuer ( = L.) [Usually iden. bit. to make happy. type *bebruz\ Idg. . beati. +Du. E. bed. berim. beaute-ons. i. baviere.) . beatus. for f Du. bedrida. also Icel. beard.(as in ben-e]. For *ben-lus . to diink. II. and -fie-. Icel. E. blessed . . flcel. M. Beast. (VBHER.-L.) M. A. beadle. biatifier.helmet. make calm. beknen. . /w. (E. Squire of Low Degree. bevre t beivre. F. &rw (fyorri). (pav-ais. M.) Alleied by confusion with M.E. A. tified with Beam (i\ specially used to a child's bib alto. badi\ G. (E. belttt. an earthen jjf^r Skt. bee. Beau. to CE.pvna. cf. Beagle. 1. boroda Teut. not on a horse. bedridden. Ci). tyaos See Phos(for </>afos). A. A.) Teut. K. . f. - See Cause. beker. .l>aant G. slaver. beau . &mz O. M.E. to bona (G. \i). bedrede (Ch.-F. A?nz. Become. phorus. bebrus . berd.) Late L. O. (Kluge"). &7/a. Also Teut. bcne. /VA/. F. G. type ^bau-moz.) Ber.t for beatus. 771. bade. F. beek. (F. burdan. bairan\ also \<. a hook. /w*r A. bellus. type *beron-. pero. ii.+Icel. S. BeatlJfy.) (E. From Be. Beaver . . happen.A. light.*. beck . cognate with Gk. bave. Because. bedrid.) M. I . 566.and Bear (i). M. G. b&k Icel bekkr\ Swed. (E. (E. Perhaps from the move- W.-O. T. to make. babhrus (i) brown (2) a large ichneumon.BEAGLE grade of biotan. 4" Du. be -quern. been man.) M. the pillar of fire/] But A. S. bart.and Come.-l^ Bed.) F. a dressy man. A S. .) M. barzda L barba. bcati-. to bid. V. Teut. from Late L.//. bellitatem. type *bhardha. beaid. See A. bydel. Der. nod.) F. t)pe a word of Eastern origin. E. bedd. bob?9 Lith. the bever (beaver) of signify a column of light. G. eak. . BEDRIDDEN cognate with A.S.% as in bon-iis. 43 . pp. S.-. G. also <]>&$. 67. F. fair (above). M. G. Gk.- Cf. bach. (K. (3. beer.) M. . &IKOS. fairnebs. a beast. Teut. fcvfc. . to bear. Allied to Russ. M. Bever.) Joel. batk a stream. from Idg.) Beckon. F. (F. a Brown. + Du. for facere. haver. S. A. L. bedreden (P. ace. tavny. Inhere. M?' . Cf. a dog. Bechance. a sign. S. 1. bellus.) F. a beam (as in sunne-bcam. Dan. bikeri\ Du. (E. See Beckon. a piece of timber. bagms. cf. type *bautan-. Gk. hyker. E. beacn.-L. Bear (2).E. from beodan. Beck to M.S. byrncnde beam. L. a bedrider one who can only ride on a A. E.G.E. bo en. brown.S. make happy type *badjom n. O. E. bohne^. i/*'~ L. . Perhaps nuniy a wine-cup.^Icel. S &yr. w/^ar. '^Scand. a See Bid (2). F. . S. See L. F. L. O. Dan. Teut. | i ! Beam . (E. O. type *bainia. carry Pers. Swed. dz/^r Incchicre.F. a crook. turn out. beefor. Teut. M. A. H. + . t //7<^?. a ray. (E. Beck (2). E. a bed . of ^<frtf. suitable. 8s\ 4 A. M. lepast. the . an animal. Mgrib. boon Icel. (also biecnan]. Calm. bck-yn. A. Du. baun\ O. F. to carry.E. O. reduplicated deriv. (Unknown. G. O bever. H. bi-kwiman cf. baviere. Goth. bedreda. 1 Beam . (F. prob. to take. Beaker. G.) M. fy^rr . substantival L. blessedness. -f Goth. j i \ . /feaw. from &T*.H. a drink . Irish bacc. beute. light.-C. bach. a sun. Bret. Bean. [F. G. Teut. See Be.

for the advantage of. bekov.Y.BEDSTEAD *rid-a.) See . (E. Low G. on my side substituted for the of (Hyb. Beetle M. Guile. beghina.) . Begue. A^-A. 248 . . and Latinised form (bedellui\ Beget. in Palestine. bedel . E A. (L. advantage . a cow see Cow. H. either P. ty$t*baut-iloz. see Fail.+Gk 0<>v?.) M.) M. bedouin. Wcs *bictel. the desert. cf Skt. begayer. G. i Heb. with F. a beech mer.E. Behalf. bofuf\ L. wTn. from have with prefix be-. a station .Lowl. M. Plowm. (F. E. Steevens' imaginary beaufetier. hldf-<lta. an A. Rose. bij\ also Ir. .-L. lit. a bey. bittle. bitcl % advantage. Indies. (E. said to be pi. bete. O. M. bytel ( = O. to beFormed 15. 109. to ride. lady of rank. . bier \ Icel. sb. of bey. A. bjorr. Behind. beggen.and Head. one of a religious Bedridden. of Arab. havings.) M. F. badaivly. abnormally fiom the verb to . need. ) by. Gael. to tremble. Beef. eft. from the weak bedst*le. Bedizen. avoir. (E ) M. bi-ben. one of a class of leligious devotees. E. Rom. Britton. btguittc. first established at Liege. Flemish beggaert. a queen. phrase on my behahte = on my beef-eater. the same as prep. Begum or Beghard. A. BefaU. beta. <?. a lady of the mutation) fiom the older form boc. 0. Bedim. behaviour. for lunatics. O.) From of O. a beater . (r) wealth.S. both derivatives (by Picard bguer t F. bolel. Beetle (0. beechen . Egypt. Behemoth. (Low L..~ a stand. beggare\ cf. E.) . confused with F. (F. bcf\ gum. wakeful. see Go. see Get. sb. hom*baut-an-. see Bed. beBook. adj. E. Formed behave . (E. Beestings . (Palestine. See Pers. 'bouem. bh:. (Pers. Befool. of behemah. Behold. Merc *betel) cf. an ox. E. or from either case one who rides. \ .) M. Cf. S. (E. Skt. on {mijt} healfe. A. 22. (E ' . E. a but probably of Egypt. Behave. S. i. F. adj. be.) M.F. S. Bedabble. The prefix be is A. Turk. Begin. Behead. phr. cf. Now applied to the hospital of St. browed the ' (3. G. see Beadle. Ir. bere. S. Beguile . Arab badw. (E.E. Gin (i). see Biestings Beet.) Formerly in the bos. M. boef (F. of Bethlehem. Late L. Du.. + sense doubtful from M. Beg. from bit-. wandering in Beguine. (E. (F. suffix -ol . a man's name. behof\ Dan. Du. Hind. to bite See Bite. (E. See Beguine. hence. bee A. beggar see below. (F. to beat . to fear v O.) Turk. -hart) t from Bedouin. guigner. ' . . AV. b6. G. Dabble.) From Be. Langtoft. Beghardtts. A + I. to hiA. Before &c. S.) behemoth. K. K. II bla Jw. on the side Cf. BEHOOF sharp. From A. Bedstead . be % 44 . (Heb. (i) wealth. beast Behest. (2) behaviour. and G. bed. . E. origin. begard. S. behalf. . behoef. bed and see Stead.) Lit an eater of beef. S. Beggera. ' ' Prov. f Perhaps flatterer' . a loaf-eater. E. about A. Named after Lambert Le Begue. (E. highest rank. F. with suffix -ard i^G. an insect. (E. begger. (2) ability. used as equiv. Begum. behof* houe. Sec t . . later spelt buffetier] is historically baseless. bit-. A. in the dialect of Namur.) Chiefly used in the fern. betel. bitil } a beetle. interest. Arab) Q. beet (Pliny).D. Bee. In grade of ridan. whence . ace. O. . Hold (i). bihof. a desert. Cf.) Bedlam. by. allied to becen. pi. attendant. Bedazzle. bear. Beghard.+Du. bitel-bmiwed. stammerer/ from the verb begui^ to stamBeech. A. A S. weak grade of bitan. bedlem. Sc. Fries. S.^. bea-c/i. bedstead. Behoof. in the E. S. E. O G ^. (mel.Teut. Bedew. Beggar. biting one. ox. ong pi. See Half. weak grade of bitan. A). Beer. by confusion with be heaife (me]. Bedell. (F.' with adj. to overhang v. goveinor. Teut. stedc^ to bite. beg.) M. a yeoman of the guard. masc. Mr. text. ' Hest. Bcgnin\-V. see Beat. earlier order. a large mallet. E.e to be-have oneself. . becorruption of Bethlehem. &c. M. M. the from the sb.. and hcalf. Formed. A.L. See Bey. (E. Daub.) or control oneself . suffix^} (E. behuf\ Swed. *f| The usual derivation (from used in the same sense. Bedaub. side. Lith bi-tte bte-ne priest of Liege (i2th c. advantage. fo/w. Arab badaa wandering Arab. Mary gart. I. 1207. wac-ol. Low L. bZce. Beetle (2). Begone. M. Le Begue means Beguin. a servant. 7256 (F. A. bete.) From 'beetle- E. E. S. A S. Orig. bitda. S bohe.

(E. fair. bolgaim^ I swell . (E. All borrowed from L. pt. bank. of belhgerare. G. bale. F. bait.S. skin (for holding things) . ga-lauljan. benden. bellan. Belfry. belgr'. balg. belly . to roar. beleuen (l>eleven). beli (from A. belladonna. G.* a pair of bellows . see Duel. Ironically for belL. blase-balg.was substituted for older Dan.) bank. belfroi (F. Du. to well. (Du. G.H. donna. - + Du. (L. Iiish ten. see A. Moan. Allied to Borough and Free. O. to bow. berfroi. Perhaps named fiom its loud sound cf. be- Bellum is for gererc. from hofva Dan. M. ba!& (E. Love. to be angry. bank. about. Bell. belwen (c. lady. fasten a band or string to it . sense is From husk. E. a tower. O. bekdfian. to protect. a bag. gelefan. bl&st-belg.) fem. tcp-eie. belligerant. of M.G. bee Bellow. W. E.-Gk. . balken^ to bray. Goth. verb bellow. A. balg. See Bellow and Bell. belle. type *Iaubtan. root belg a protecting shelter/ w at ch-tower. bellows Dan. Cf. Beltane. Teut.-L. a watch-tower. eructare.+Du* bel-tene{ Wmdisch) lit. (E.BEHOVE The simple sb. belle. BEND pression to the eyes. a place of security. L. 125. to like. q.g-laitbcn belt. M. Merc. (y^GwEL. Low. ' . table. bello-.G. G. of F. II. by. a bench. S. Gk. fire cf. M. balgs. peace . 2nd stem of the vb. root *lenb = Idg. Lay. Der. See Beau. bellows. Doublet. S. (Scand. gamoderation. (C ) O Irish lyfan. a watchtower. fine lady. bella fair. to bellow (which would have given billow). Ital. 2nd stem of Teut. a stone shaped like the head of a dart. belly.) a bell. Irish bolgy bag. fair Beldam. fair See Beau. Heave. bely. type *balgiz.) (i). tempeiance. (E. a dart. See Lief. * VBIIELGH).E. belly. bel. berc-. to cast. Not (E. belly .-L. E. E. bdlg. 2nd stem of Teut. bag. a fossil. appears in Icel. . self-restraint. behove. lit. base of bergen. fride. H. to string a bow. -f Icel. S.) . to hold dear. gcliefan. fire-kindling/ from gclooven O. to be warm . A. behoeven. -fho/. G. hof.) A. A. E. berfrey. E.' See below.S. and M. beau. below.e. S.) M.) L. measure From hobains. blast. Lat. stem of bellum. Belch. i. to utter . hence the lit. balteus. . S. below a bag. belle. A. O. belle dame. for berg-. . to befit. M. (L.) (F. and domina. with the str. belgr. bah Swed. see to the nightshade. to carry on war.' Bellows is the pi. Fiona be-. frit. type *bankiz. belgi a M. used figuratively. to lie. E. duellum . beleogan. belly.) See Iieaguer. Bench. Swed. skin. G. E. bank money bekkr . Fiom Be- and a fair lady. 1300). beJgan. Long. translating L. cf. . Bellow. A. prefix. Labour. cf. Icel. See Bell. belli gerant-. behocf see \ Swed.-f-Du. behove. may have resulted from confusion of A. Bull. and leogan. ge. stem of pres. Beldam. fully explained. for belli-. bely. (-Idg. and M. behdf above. sb. fern. ) ' &a\\(iv. Belie. S. (E. E. bellows. E. verb formed from the sb. 164). a girdle. II. b&l. Teut. bellus. (later). Belle. from the use of by ladies to give ex45 A. . li. -4" Icel.) A. G. war . lalg-. G. belt. . bendan. ^L. Belemnite. beffroi). S. lady. with A. bank for Dan b<znk .is cognate with A.S. A. prefix See Lie (2). Beleaguer. Old May-day. S. sb. Cf. &4\fnvov. F. type O. ge-. (E. to tell lies . fem. S ) also means belly.S. * Cf. (F. an old custom. (Gk.) bag.) M. to carry on (war).) Belong. bellan. gilouban. Belay. a watchtower/ Corrupted (partly by influence of beir) from M. . border. F. belt t . bercfnt. a is from and of blaze.) Belligerent.-fDu. bella. balte. to believe.) Grig. and Gael. orig.) M. O. berfiei. Bend . to roar. a blow-bag. O. fine. of dotmnus. lit. VLEUBH. Goth. from Icel. by. friede. lord. E. beli. Belabour. bella domina . A name given it (Ital. S. or with the rare verb bylgian. S. Gk. berfray.) Bemoan. L. A. Teut. Celtic type *belO'te(p}nid' t where bdo. (F. H. belken. More correctly. bellow. Swed. the pupils of it which expands. A. E. belly. L. balte The prefix be. from laud. A.bag. M. benche. v. .) 0\ffwiTTjs. dame. 'L. the same word as G. Bellows. belly. bag. bol. Irish . S. (E. but also used in the special sense of 'bellows. Beloved. It F.a belt. -tepnid *tepnos. curve. bealcian. (E. Cf. of bellus. he/can. S. -. Belt. hence Du. belt.) M. bcnc. . a Believe. Below. balg\ Goth. (Fick. M. bel.

(E. Cwiss is tion L. ber\ A. lit.) Voluntary).Vule . *&we$siz. a saying. E. suffix -an. (E) . and uolentem. a &*. t . beryl. E beneysnn denv.'a kind of excelTorriano. name.) see BenedicA. be-. from uolo. to do. axi&facere. of benedictio. lo and sechen. L. out of Turky (pi. A. Benign. Ital. See Quoth. be kind.~\~. . assert. bewchen. ( &c. 'gum benzoin or gum benjamin Ital. L. E. Swed. O. sb. also bande.S. a gold circle. bi ought from Vidma gignercj Benighted. Benzoin. well-doing. to bein neo$-era. Ok. kind. benedictioticrn A. nether with adv.. India to beget. queath. beriL L. Bergamot Ital. a Turk) betgamott-a F. ' Intended to L. S qmste. A. base *g(iv]eta blessing. s.' Cot. bienfet (F. band see Cotgrave. Icel.) M. tion. come prince (E. Der. (F. E. BESEECH Teut. well dTcere. ^ea-ioom. benfet. Arab) F. E.~ (2). ace.) From suitable position. .Gk. (L) benefice.(as in ge-byr-ian. billaux. in S. to bend a bow allied cense of Java. (E. L L benefit L. 'edible fruit. to bee re. L. S. lence (Cot. (E. . from faccre. see Heave. to do. of uolens. All Benevolence.~ Skt. Du. S. to do well. S. L) M.(not found).) bczie \ bergawotte (Cot.) M. . ' * . pi'Sj M. be-. Bohtlmgk). G. (F. a resinous substance. *bccwis neotian. From Be. pp of bcne. Southern form corresponding to Northern scken.' A.) (Cot. Benison. L. wishing. . lent pears./<'. bende. G bent-grass (in binnz. -e}. bonus. . a dispossess . a cord. well a doer. *bandiz) from band. neut. (F. to say. bene.O. l>iBeneath. rcqueste]. htban jawt. G. goo*c-berry t eat. F. (Further corrupted to gum to band. Ital. variant of and -genus. froimed. 'an ancient gold coin. Bereave. beryl. bmse. pear. G. (F-L) Y. from A. beg ainuldi. bande. benejinum. prefix and (F. whence cweftan. beonet. S.BEND bend) a band = . L ace. a kindness conbienfait}. Arab. (i). in heraldry. i. E. O.I beril. bar \ vast. /vjf. hurt. becweftan to A. . ferred. L. . prince's bcrte. an oblique band. nied-er\ sec Nether. F. bequest. bi-. biqueste. bengivi seems to have been substituted for ( 2nd stem oibind-an. bless and dlcere. *g(w)etti 9 formed L. bent. besant. with added -te (cf. E. (L. { A Formerly convenient L) . by beneoban. pear/ annfui. prefix.* cf. from M. beni-. . F. F. a kind of pear.-L. . from geneie. H. kind short lor */><?Ignin} Beryl. . benda. well. bengivi (Torriano).).) F. benedict us.). due to betwefian. F benigne (F. below. bent-grass.} bend (2). M. (E ) M. K. to speak well. in Besant. benelhe. the name of Constantinople. an& factor. lent.' (E. ong. a assert. I wish (see Berth.(with suffix -//-) from Idg. ace. benefmtor. a kindness. crystal. heraldry. (E. old form of Skt. well. to suit) with suffix -th. S be-. *bicwiss. Bent-grass. nied-en. benignus.) O. (F-L) Turk. berylht f C J k. .) O. bort. be-. (Ital. Gr. Ixcr G. pripvt nigenus. 1 . benc. -f-IHi. Bv^avrtov. vai&iirya (Prakrit vehlriyd). prep. represent a gold coin of Byzantium. blessing.-L. Berry. Bezant. oi beciveban^ to bequeath.) (F. town in Lombaidy. IJg. Cf. well- L Lit. say. from Teut. M bergamotta. beric. benCot. Benumb. benfuole?tfia. . to speak (see Diction). Dan Skt. Bergamot Ital. (F. good indigenus}. . S. Turk. E.L. M. Beseecll. wishing. kindness. Benediction. S. Rergamo. to beneison. for *}>enit<. adv. a turn . born (as in Aoy cf. M.. .) Ital. . -f-O. A. frankinSo also Icel. OF Benefactor. The components of viz. to bind. the essence called beigamot - -F. (F. a band of men see Band (2). ( See Wight. of pp. from the base neob. and becwiss is thus a regular 232) benison. benefit. Low G.cwiss (in ge-cwis). Bequeath. benjamin. From zoino. to seek. ace. below. benjotn. bMjice -Late a grant of an estate. the Arab. bequeath. bene uolentcm. benefactittn. (F. (ioth. byr. doer of good. E. L Byzanthiiti. bcreafian. bencjlcnim. prefix. for earlier *l>tnuf^ place-names). See Seek.). The Itai. of bcnefacere. L. Modified (badly'. The same word as cwetian. lit. See Bind. I an essence.bMvo- from a base bhaS) /'<?j-.) A.and Numb. assert.~(j\i. btnedic. benedictionctn. 1 ^. arid this form occur Cf. to say (Sievcrs. good position.

Speak. sb. from jains. (F. to S. and in F. (fiom the same base) tween . Besom. earlier A. piefix (see Be-) . Bet. bezoar counter-poison. Pers bazidan. S. ' . boot Between. bevy. with E. biveau. Span. O. Bewilder. between.) It answers to O. (F. From the Tent. from C). bet. L . Ital. besen. Cf. to drink. S. comp. bctcra (with mutation by . and zahr. to tiveih. baivel. sloping. Beshrew. F. . to accuse.+T)u. bevrage to Godefroy). Icel.) M. A. tweih-nai. (E.was due to confusion be-.' (F. S. Best.) Sit. base *bat. Besot.) Short for ' a drink (Torriano). also means a sloping edge. begeondan. 'Roquefort) mod. double. with mutation (for older *ivrogian.) 1. slant. iviegan. M. betunx\ was afterwards added A. see Wail. a bevy (Florio) . besigue (with g) /3. . (F. some call it a bevell . (F. batten.tweifinatm. a game at cards. Cf.L beast. from Be. Beside. . ivrohs. F. . Bestrew. L. F. or the one branch compasse and the other ' Cot. to wager. S. a governor.BESEEM Beseem. S. better. Pers ) O. was formed the Tent. drink. t ries. See Abet. bazi. Span. S. play. to accuse. to drink. and geond. Formerly 47 . M./. bezoar. pi. to zw S. Similaily Du. . &esvia. a and Scand. ^ >cstiahs. of tiveihnai. Bewail. or x&abct is explained in Phillips. allied see Two Here tivconum (also twinttm} ansu ers to Goth. Bestride Stow. besum. lit. Pers.) (M. beg (pron. beyond. to play. Span. bevre. Best . 3.-O. Bewitch Witch. see Better. prefix. . straight.) also btsy (Littre). Betray. which / (E.-L. to slope. type *besinon. slant. &c. betweohs. G. disclose.seen in Goth. betivix. answering supposed virtue. to deliver up. Goth. the part of a ring in which the best. bcva. Bezel. The prefix be. bczcm.] Bezoar.) Poit. by pi. from L. from the base wroh. prep.* from its . Cf. see BEZONIAN In Sh. E. E. E. The A. Der. a potation see Beaver ($\ beverage. MalayaInn ve\\ila. two . Betimes. biwreyen. Bever. (F. thither. be-. there . 1706. >on. trader e. v. is adverbial and comparative \jamd. to tiv <?. G. F. bevre. E.y m. bibere. to accuse . FVom the same base was formed Goth. F. From A. tweomtm. bezel. See Troth. J . double. beyonde.' abet. Betide. *1rivel. a broom.) IV. bestial. for be or bt. haps from Beziqne. A. accusation. beyond. Betake. F. \geon. yon. to censure. betst 'Jor bet-ist\ M. trtihir}. a . bestia. betri. best] Icel. baft re. from Cf. F. two each. i. bisel. . Icel. and accuse Bethink. Span. Tent. A. betiveox. bcivraicn.} . pad.betwtk. ' dat.) See Take. betel > /^/^. the second = Pers. z7#. F. (F.' Cf. a See Beast. See 2. btsoard. (E. &c. Sonn. boivre. Betoken see Think. rcegja (for vragja). Yon. basil. sport. bedst bast] Goth.-L) O. betivux. Bewray. mod. prince. The first form = Pers. be-. to discover . roj'a. See Tradition. S. to to disclose. bini. O. best.e. of twconc. as in Goth batiza. S. nearly as l>ay\ a lord. besscr. to slander. see L. E. Der. Besiege. rog. a slander. bctwconan. A. bisel b(ztr\ Dan bedrc. . with bewray. Bezonian. G. Malayalim.&?. S. beast-like. better. F. Pers. From m piefix. (E. Swed. mere leaf (Yule). the Perslanting edge of a looking-glass. See above. (above). (F. poison. a stone. pad-zahr. (Port. S. Beset. &c. Ware.) betwconum.) Swed. badizahr. betcr. a beggarly fellow. best.^ L. also. game betwixt. (E. species of pepper. jaindre. M. sloped edge. apparently extended from A. ivrohjan.L. Also spelt basil \ it stone is set. Betroth. lesme. that. F biscau. expelling . A. a drink . A. (F. (E. biwrogia. Beware.E. to drink Cf.) Better. Arab. Bey. fiom o to e). bet. F. bet.and Stead.) Turk. A. Shrew. be. having moveable and compasse branches. Beyond. bevee. and O. Wild. Origin unknown. bis. ~ back. *buvel. Arab. Bestead Bestial. . from a to e).) Bevel 9 In 2 Hen. [A guess. across. bazichah. dat. stem *batizon-. by and *twth. F. Goth.*. buveau. M. Bespeak.-Scand. 118. good. be(E. bezoar. batista. t)a:r (F. p. tE. (Tuik. Betel. These are causal verbs. Pers. see Sot. a kind of squire [carpenter's rule]. only found I2I. two each. Bestow. be.) Properly E. ed. O. in ' Seem. in the sense to maintain. (F. F.

E. fido. carry. to hack. marriage. . dimm. to skumish. So L.) (F. of 0i/3\iov. bidjan.) tious obstinate devotee to a creed. bi-furcus. bifunatu** pp. (F. . a ypatyftv. Si-ya/^'a). to skirmish. A. a bight (bay) of water (see Grem). from quinqui. bibere.and Cycle. from quadriquinqni(foi qnadms}< belonging to lour enmal. neut. for 0i&\ioi> and Mania. fern. from dec-em. K Not A. Biennial. \j.(foi tres]. nfvQofjiat. to pray. Bigamy. slope Ital. lasting a year. bidden < 1 bitten Icel. bida Tent. bigio. (Hybrid iibni ) In use since 1868. n. L. furca. of writings. (L. Beak) Cf. F. E a coil of rope.t twice. bidden. L. from^BIIEIDH See Urugm. bysting. in-. in Cotgrave. bisogne.) two directions. . #i/3Ata. .-L. prov. bedcn. bttan. gray. budk. S. (Gk. So also tri-ennial. bikke. from mille. -f- A. ten . Goth. thick milk. biden. (E. a double maruage. \ Cf. Bi. Origin unknown. . bibens itlnum ^Vulg).S. five . biest-miUk blew byce. with a pointed weapon. type Gk. pi. cent-ennial y mill-ennial. A. dvi Two. . Inbben. . beerc. such as come needy to the wars'. M. * + . from M. S. sing. ol #//3\o?. to command. to part in Cf Ital.) Bi-. to notch a mill-stone also E. Gk. ber. type *btihtiz. A. a hundred. bJdan -f. with mutation of w to^. Big. to drink. grayish blue. Cf.Blbisonian F'. a pick-axe. to bow. If. bngge. (see Bi-).Du. ^n (F.) L. lasting two years. Bib. beidan . bequer. (i). S bug-. . a book (E. Bier. S. (VBHEUDH. A. In. Bide. BIGOT -tan to the forms of which have taken the place of those of Bid (2). (E. to offer . bi-.) h. weak grade of bilgan. L.) Confused with Bid (i). (E ) M. of bifurcori. .. superstiCot. also Gk. S<-. . A. See Bow ^i). M. for *dui.- L horn centum. biker. Bigot. I prevail i. a slant. fivfi\os. Swed. gnaw. the first . from "yajtos. Dan. . bisogno. bitten. byht. O. of Scand. . bigot. biest\ G. /3t\/o-. S. E. F. quadr-enmal .) Bid lete . upon 589 . aho bigg. (F.) A drink. cloth under a child's L. hence. bdra (G. Cot. fern. Late L. Irigamie. ' fellow . dec-en nial. whence btsogni.S. bend . bikken. ?) (Hampole). O. - Formed as if from bienni-itm. E. 0</3\/o-.) M. K. twoBicker. from bi-(s^. F. three. Teut. Egyptian papyrus for &i0\toi> .) M a corpse bare. . -f-Du. biblia. barar. to thnibt fork. H.) M. (L.) Properly gi ayish / hence -f-Du. is E. F. . -yapta. (F. ^w/ first milk after calving. L. Bight. boastful. inclination to one side. Cf Norw. bicke).) Gk. bieten . from tri. M. annus. 890. Tornano (not in Otigin unknown. chin. woid is biennalis. Bifurcated. to await. knave bisongne. wait. Ital. to vii. yearly. (E. Bid (2). b&r-. to strike with the beak (see or from A. (Uncertain.-Gk. and in to bid beads (pray prayers).) b. bahre}. . ( G Flono). to hack. oblique.two and anndlis. 'an hypociite. . beiden Icel.) Late L. from . a frame on which borne. to peck . Fries. biddan Du. L.' Or from .) bibliomania. bucht. b&r. Biestings. two-pronged. two. a book. a strong man.(for quinque}. little book. duo. hence. bis. . want new-levied souldiers. A. to understand. F. trom A. Nearly obso- and Gk. S beodan.fe*etrum bibliography. M. F. Beguine. L. bisonian. preserved in bidding-prayer. a clumsy compound from L. G. A. 3rd stem viberan. biggin for a child from the caps worn by beguines a ' .) M. bieden. rich (Scand.S becca. a bay. beken. need. s-biescio. pi. Tent. I enquire Skt. 1 milk given by a cow after calving. Prob. . bigamia. biblia. big S. allied to Icel. Icel. pi. . origin. G.-f-G. bible. baar . bikkern. a fight bikeren. s-biesco. Skt. bte . a space of two years the true L. K. collection L. . . . (F. filthe ' 'a pi. biais. Bias. Applied by the . wine-bibber more correctly quadn-ennial. a pickaxe (G. vfiOo}. S. begum. spelt . for Gk. . Apparently from O. Hence (Luke 34) Bible. Late L. Gk. a thousand. bible. as in wceteres byht. Du bikken. . to command. byst (for *bicst). ana-biudan Gk.) Gk. ^/Gk. allied to L. to Du . Named see a night-cap. Tent type *beitdan~. bjdda . Cf. <pip*rpov. Bice. Abidjan-. I trust Biggen. . double. Goth. type *bldan-. &c. double ^ r big.E. dusky. bifta . ' Beestings. and ^Gk. made by adding E. bight. (E. Orgm unknown. M. (L. k. to write. pronged. Coined Bicycle.. bog. biGja\ Goth. See prefix. It should rather have been digamy (Gk.

) F. billeta. where bar is E had the sense of Binary. A. Corn. Lat. . W. bil. Bind. i. M. Port.*. type *bt/jom. finger. 7 -f-Du. having two names. /'/&. bulge. bugle. From with Binocular. 1 75). e. (F. a little dwell. bitacola. 49 . . .-C. binnacle) Vieyra. The Icel.-L. berry. A singular corruption ot the Der. a wave. . ^[ North Eng. habitacle. by confusion with bin. a heap of corn Bile (i). a chest. (L.) a manger. a ring with a bulg-. (y^BHENDH. ) A variant of bulge. meant the bottom of a ship's F. and 7pa</>t>. to L. a Lit. as above. ben. a bilberry. consisting of two things. The sb. Bill + * ing. ed 4. (F. a dis^0709. (E. *MrkS. see Million. bill. type *bilizi}. habitaculum. (Scand. from biz. bolle a soit of basket. . bmde Goth. The Port. pes.-C. G. L) A. bylgja has mutation pnff out. the Hime of timber in the steer' age of a ship where the compass stands . boss (Kalkar). bilis. billetta. account. Span.) . bindan Bilbo. . from bys. cf. the first syllable Bulge. bingr. ring. Icel.-f-M. a heap. Binomial. Biography.. #/o? is life A biology. bulleta. Formed with suffix -ard (G. frequent. Lu. anger. Billet (2). (Scand. to write.) L bTndriut. G. bile (Teut. to have. Icel. Cf. body of a cart W. (E. . a whortle-berry. binominis. n. bulla. biped-. form dan. from -Aoy/a. a log. of bille. foot. i. bica. binge. suffix -arts. a discourse.). binus. equiv. Norw. E. (cf. Cf. E. bmden Icel. -berty takes the E. a heap of corn obs. . with H.BIJOU BIRCH French to the Normans as a term of Billow. fetters Skt. from his. having two bhwim-its. From L. G. twofold. -hart) from bille.) swoid. habitdre. bill (2). G. and see Berry.-L. to dwell. Gaulish Lat. stump. ben. E. writing. D ). of billa. Dan. to inflate. a chopper. eye . Dan.) In Bilbao in Spam. Billion . sword. (L. or the stick wherewith we touch the ball at billyards Cot.Du. a cait. benne. 9 . A. a bird's beak. count of a hie . bit. byson. of u to/. F. (K) F billard. . E. (F. In M. axe. billette. with suffix -ahs. L. is from BIJOU. being lost. (F. billot. shewing that billa is a corruption of L. bitacora. (E. (Gk. H. Gk. O. Dan. two-looted (L. H. a log of wood.S. L. bilis is for though perhaps confused with it. to swell with stone. . bitacola hull whence bilge-water (N. ii. S. . Bilberry. a name. a tree. Bret. allied to Quick. bile (Fick. a finger. O. Late L.) See Boil (2). bust I. stem of bipcs. bm-i. In-.) Both named from Bilboa or (Span. bile. bills. Bile (2). axe. a writing.) Science of .) two each ocul us. P. i. S. like M. II. fold see Blaeberry. (E) M. bill. -4- Du. bijou. Swed. .) birke. e. Allied to Bill (i). F. billet (i). L. stick. G. (Port. a billow.?) Perhaps from Bret.+Nl. tumour. berc> beorc. a bittacle (i. M. #t'o-. G. dimin. -L. ^ Distinct from bin. A S. of habere. Swed. life . bblja . (i).) *Mstis Brugm. a bwelling. ^E. (Bailey). binda Dan. benna. adj. See stands for *habitacola. bulg-e. E. Also A. Perhaps of Celtic origin cf. binne. see Bill (3) above. 3rd stem of belgan. f. sword. secretion from the liver. jdn-. binblea-berry . W.<Teut. bizou. (L. i L. from Birch. belgja. a papal bull. &c. L. a trinket. two . Origin unknown. F. (Scand. the same. a log. oldei u ord bittacle. a sword Bilboes. a billow. and. Bilge. binn.) from /3t'o-. . Bin.) Dan. f. reproach (Wace). (F whence Ital. Tent. famous for iron and Suney'i* Poems. which it seems to have been somewhat swell' or surge cf. L. bes. M. . a boil.) which ong. terms. binden. bi>. a finger-ring. 4. a bag. (E. 'abillard. From Late In both cases.S. Dimin. ii. bine. and G.e. a box for a ship's compass. ' coursing. the dimin. bisou (the same). steel. axe. a note (F.) Bing. a finger. and Biped. to bind. bili-ous. ' .) .) M. a writing.+G. bige. confused at a later period. E. A. bolge. . . Of unknown origin. billette. best!. bola.) Icel. Sax. bi~. n. double see Bi-. written acfor #t'os. Swed. two nomin-. In lie Late L billa. bollebcEr. bircke.) A. It is an older word than beguine. Cf. bandh. Bill (3). twoL. 877 Binnacle. F. a billet of wood. life billiards. from tor #t'oy. f. ^Gk. A. having two eyes. is billcta. see Bull (2). for nomen.

a watch. bissextilis annus. . type *bitiz. to cleave. wisunt in Schade. G gclnss. F. Teut. an additional watch at night (Stalder). small piece. See Bear (i). fatrdr. as in Swed. Cot. are two strong posts on deck to which cables are fastened. (E. bi-. (F. bitter. beissen. . bitas. nourishment).-Span. Late L. bita Swed. bide G. see Bait. Basque bizarra. A. f. . btssextus. a curb. bei~geben. . (E. also bistre (Flu(E. bjork. M. a bison Icel. . BlSSOn. E. . a bird. Teut. G. Valve. . Russ. a kind of birch. bivouac. Not a L. e. a bitt. also A.).' i. In fen. a thwart G. a biting. bis. to cut. bisen. bitts * bittern. transtrum) in a ship. ' overseer. biche. M. in addition ivacht. (Ital. (L. Span. burthe. dark. orig. i. S. a peg for tethering.-f-Du. bittDan. f. Swiss G. supine of secure. a bishop lit. berk (cf. bitilmen.<Teut. S. II. (E. blind (Matt. a cable for holding a ship. a wild ox Sec O. Brugm. A.?) bistre. beiwcuhe. Icel. to Bird. Species. borrowed from Teutonic . 24) was called the sixth of . Prob. Bistre. f. Swed. owoiro?.) All *bhrtis (Skt. (L. there being thus two days with the same name. Dan. E. S. G. E. bubere. weak grade of bitan. (F. biter. baling : used also on land for pin tethering horses. F. an intercalary day. M.) L. a metal. E. fitter. a bite. S. beita . berzas. six. to bitor. bei. to wake. Bite. birrctum. Origin unknown. F. Bittern. . E. See Bureau. S. . giburt (G.Du.) M. (L. bitts ^see Cot. bctt . (E. bjork. bites. bit\ Dan. also. bid. twice . a bitt-bolt. to cry like a bittern whence also L. geburi) gebyrd. Goth. biti. A. /. Icel. the /. (E. a bite. ix. Icel. G. f. bitill (dimin ) . a kind of cake.' A. bit-. pitch. bait. one Bitts. hombre de bigote. weosend.) M.*f*Du. bereza .) bivac. m. Slav. gallant. G. (L. A. Skt. equivalent (in form) to Icel. from wachen. bitter. *//rtos = Idg. msundr. Lith.ffdi). Swed. (V^HEID. See "Wake (0. said to mean word as buteo. naval though the buzzard. *bcrk$. type *bitan-. Gk. ( Allied to Ij. wissmuth.) L. gebit. bite (2 syll. S. bcretta (Tornano) . of Basque origin. -Late L. F. mouthful (see Bit (i)). Dan. S. Bisect. bissextile (L. ' . . word. weak grade of bttan. coctuni. bitr . (Scand./ is added. Swed.) (F. shifted) . North E. bitan. brtza. Also Swed. Int-. to add. 28). L.BIRD Swed. . from (TKOTT-. from L. may have been borrowed from E. </#. 663. biwp. mineral Cf. bear Biscuit. O. G. betingbult. bord* Dan. . ir/. S. Northumb. orig. biti. Late Gk. bijtcn Cf. bridd. Gk.< Tent.) episcopus.). twice cooked. bitol. a cross-beam in a house . twice sextus.) M. Late L. (G. cf. so year. Icel. i BIZARRE M. a morsel. gloomy. bizarro. whence betingbult.^ to pasture. A. Span. [F. (F.) The F. odd. upon. L. Perhaps from prov.?) same The that watches.Gk. (F. strange. Teut. bikkja aKo grcy-baka. Bitumen. brid (the r being bit (a). 4. bison (Pliny) . type *biton-. Bishop. S. to bite. a mouthful. (L-) From L. I spy. Bison. a dark brown. valiant. t biting. wisunty G. from Icel. purblind. L. bkurja. bite. Gk.fmdere (pt. bating. from the weak grade of >y/BHER. butor. lyrf. E. reddish. to cleave . ftiffcav. lit. of coctus. a dark brown. curb. O. beef. bismuth. wissmnt.' A. m. Span. Bivalve. bhrtis. A. of coqtiere. A. (F. Birth. to cook. sixth.) A. a man . E. lit. bisen. H. factor. ^ffV.) Origin unknown. . . Cf. f ).. II. ' valiant/ Perhaps gel). also O. Bit (i). from bietan. Icel. biester. ' a bittor [bittern] Prob. but O. m. Cf. From A. birk Cf. pp. biscuit. a name for leap-year. E. and sect-urn. Bivouac. S. twice and cuit. birthe.+Icel. a scarlet cap. also spelt wismut. G. bis (L. ace. orig. bis. iirifffcoiros. Biretta. cf.and . a bit..) From Bi. beiwatht. esp. G. burrus. butire.] Cf. (Scand. Bismuth.) Ital. bite. birrus. called because the intercalated day (formerly Feb. a quadruped. 0-grade of ff/fcir-. wisent. a bird. = O. capricious . E. bita. Late Dan.L.) L. Incche. S. from sex. from beta. bhtd. beting. Also Skt. bntio. short for named from its cry.<Teut. to restrain. the calends of March. gabaurths.*>/>). . f. bitter.) F. overlook.) zarre. G. cf.///. a beard.-G. Bissextile. See as in aKfir-TOfjiat. cooked. Icel. < young of birds.-f-Dn. L. term.~ L. a curb for a horse. bita . byrd. bis^. (E ) M. biBizarre. Icel. Dan. + . . a clerical cap.) In Sh. S. t. cf. bitoure. Bitch.) M. L. cf. Swed.

bla-r. bleihe. L. Blaze (2).) M. I. meaning ' ink/ Swed. Mas. Blay.from the old base of Blaze (2). . to babble. M. f.<Teut. 12 (headalso blattant. bhege. G. A to speak ill of. and E. + . S. Du. mild. Prob. L. id. II. A. -rpd ^cf. . bland. Low G. to describe a shield. -#-) from VBHLO. Son. shining. . a torch . suffix -to. like bleat . blanket. F. . blandisen. blow a tiumpet. a bilberry. vi. Swed. (Brachet). fern. blandiri. blatt. to pourtray armorial bearings. Much Blanch blazon. a crash. blasoun. H. (F. proclaim. F. blabbe. blanchir.-f Du. (F. blowing out). Icel. Black. . bl<zc.) M. Blazon (2). (E. L. /3Aa<7</>77/*V . dark also A.-L. to sound Ma wen. to babble. to blow.' pp. *bhe. stem *bl(edrdn~. a blowing. E. (E. jSAao^w. blubbei. 7. H. whence confused with S. Formed with Idg. blade. blase. see above. an alarm vb. Megn. Bleaberry. blanket. a * blaze ' or white mark on a horse.e. F. blaren. huitful (cf #Aaj8-77. H. but cf. whiten. E.ofa Blare. Dan. dark . G. Du. Dan.E. with sense of 'blown. Lowl. type *bla-dom. to I A blow. Manc. Sc. Q. white. prate. bdl blase. E. white see Blank below. to .. blanket (F.. Icel. a coat of arms. 5. (F. /SAcur-. Bladder. .//#. blasphemare. to part of blandir. noisy. A. bleck. M. E. Brugm. G. bheddre. Icel. is doubtful. Gk. blandus. L. ing) imitative. blason. dimin. blanched. Swed. a bleak (fish\ (E. G. i. H.E. garrulous. (E. Blaze (i\ a flame. has . I)u Met G. S. Gk. (E. to from Icel.H white colour. from blanc. blackguard. to blame. Bland.S. blegen. blasse. btest. to scorch. to puff up. shining]. Icel. blaken. E. . a leaf.) Cf. blandish.) Spenser blatant beast'.) leaf. (E. to speak ill. P. a bright light .^ From F. Blatant. type From Teut. orig. G. Teut. G. blein Blain. <f>\6y~to$. (L.G. the same as Blench.cio'^/uos. bleren. imitative. See Trench. . In Blank. a boil. M. blanc. uf-Mesan. Cf. dach. M. Blaze a pustule. turnspits. hurt) say see Fame. E. to bleat ren (G. G. verb.) A.) L. also G. -Gk/) . A.H. flaming. Du. Span. heraldry. The form see blae is same. bl&dre. a flame. blase. Swed. with suffix -dron similar to Gk. blasen. to flatter. blasphetnare. ncut.) M.e. Blazon | i (i). Icel. white. name given to scullions.BLAB of spirit. (F.t to blow (see Blow (i) ).S. F. blatter}. bfad. E. bl<zk t all black. blaberen. G. a shield .-O. to whiten. (i). a G. i. origin cf. G. to bleat. form (with suffix -do. See Blow (2). Blame. -E. Tent. to babble Dan. blasmer. blast. Connexion with Blason Blaspheme. see Blazon. E. . white. l>lasen.. in com p. a 744. blabh. blade. blason. a term of reproach.) 1' rom black and guard. Gk. type *t>/tes-an-. . Prob. H. blotters. to proclaim due to confusion with Blazon (2) below. i roaring. see Blaspheme. E. S. G. tache/ BLAZON means 'mousNasalised form from O. blak. vi.) Orig. tell-tale M. Shak. Dan.- Dti. blandis-. a blistei. blalara (G. Cf. Cf. i. xv T Pa > a pot). whence blazon. a soft noise plabair. to speak injuriously.E. 106. O. blason. (E. a stammerer.' i. F. platz. and kitchen menials. \ I a blowing cf. -F. to make a loud noise. Blast. O. blast. flat of a sword. stem of pres. <Teut. blac. a babbler blabaran. livid under Blue. blaar [Icel blafiral~\ . j O. to blow a trumpet . babbling. bright. . tell tales. G. ' . a leaf. from the dirty work done by them. and berry. * blason. bleiu. (E.) M. Qk. blase. noise abroad. to shine. + (Scand. blah. wk. blak. bladder (lit.) L. blesi. Cf. blanch. blast.E.) M. Of imitative plappern. bhese. 45. : Gk. the type livid. S. M. M. (F. A. Blade. (Scand. . caress. S. Blason. Select Glossary. a torch . M. blaffre. Cf. Icel. (E. F. G. blasa.S. a rattling noise . . Blaeberry.) Milton. blek.flarren]. blandus.) Mark i. Gk. shining. (L. (E. 656. bias.) A. Low G. to flatter. Du. (F. bl&st.) M.-O. Hamlet. for . /JA. Gael . Blanch (2). HCEC [which editors have often confused with bl&c. O.. blabbre. (E. Dan. M. Mat/. A. speaking evil. From North E. a to . bierblan-en. adj. Also Goth. also to blame.) M. Mac. x. .E.) blaren. blastr. where bigote Blab. H. sound (2). 'flourishing. blast of a trumpet O. blasen. dial. A.O. blakkr.*= Idg. a breath. to abuse blatter. blad. + Mail. Dan. /xcn/. E. blazcn. from <p\iy~cw. a shield .-O. and F. cor- A I i i j ruption from Blaze (2". blasa. cf. H. 21 a proclamation.

S. blindfold. blanda.. make From the notion of blowing out.) blister. whence mod. origin Icel. to shine. boast . G. a bubble with the lip-s. a fish. to glance. S. (E. E. Swed. blizza. either by sacrifice or *blodison. S. to blazon. iii. Angha.with the usual vowel-change from o to oe or e. blanc. M. Due to blend-. origin. bltdr. redupl. indie.' cf. Blench. blood. elude. bhndr\ Sw. 156.) (E.. (E. O. blandan. blind. S. Cf. E.) itiisshen. . O. From its pale colour. bliss. i E. blelcn. blare. bletsian. Swed. and Goth. Bliss. . (Scand. blTdsea.bhndfelden (Palsgrave).) See Blithe. blidi. Bleat. verb (Tyndale) or dim eyes. XVIT Of unknown Dan. S. S. bright. O. Bleach. 1I. blarr-oged. to to be allied to E. M.Jlerc. M.E. Of Teut. shining. E. bledsia. Icel. From *blaik-. stem *btt$sid. . base of the pres. (See Scheler. bltd\ O. Blind.) bleak (2). and fellan. blande]. E.)-O. H. Teut. blitheness. blifts.) Icel. E. blind\ /*#rf. bin an. cognate with see O. weep which seems to fell or strike blind. suggest- BLISS A.E. to shine. to wound. type by blood/ i.(A. M. S. ladi-tia. blesme. blithe. H. to mix.) M. pale . to bleat as a sheep. a spot. to become dim of the sun). (Scand. -f-Du Cf. Dan. blenchen.+O. e. Goth. p. ble*>fre. E. a blast. blencan. blober. -f.) blenken.) M. to whiten A. F.. S.strike see Pell. bitE. 'tumeiu. blinken. bleer-eyed. blase n. blood. vb. . *bhht. Allied to A. eyed cf. blubber. ! . folden. the suffix being -tia. G. blis. blifti. blqsti-s (3 pr. as the clearly traced back to blood. -A. bright. blettr. to proclaim a victor's fame Blaze (2) above.BLEABERRY blazonry. M.-Teut. M/a/. sense may have been ' ing a (very doubtful) connexion with G.) . exactly answering to Icel. S. Main.) d is Cognate with Low G. Blear-eyed. as in many words. pale. Sax. origin . blet/hs. A. (iodefroy. A. . bleBlemish. blendzia-s].S. bletkja . p. proof is wanting to mix together. as done by see heralds.. See bleak . bleichen <Teut. . of Icel. bleg. see Blaeberry. . blarr oge. S. M. bleikr. jate. a bubble on water By comparing blobber blubber with bubble.<Teut. blantan. perhaps from A. inflamed . to bleat Bleb. merciful. bleak bleich. a bubble. Bleaberry . Merc. to blow the trumpet. E. + . part. to Bleed. blesnur. M. Dan. type * blankBut jan-. blanch.t to blink. wan. having watery. blind' ' * . Du. orig. A. having much the saint meaning. blink. Ancien Riwle.) contr. bhss M. blinka. blasonar. G. (E. -O. G. to avoid. from A. 'F. corruption of (E. type *blodjan-. i.<-(). Russ.E. blind. Ancren Riwle. Dan. by the word can be sprinkling of blood. to consecrate. Blink. with $</*. Blob. A. white (as in blanc-a. to deceive as if from a Teut. by change of en to in. bledcn.) (Suggested by Sweet cent. (E. from the action of forming (E. unknown to shrink from. F. (E. a white horse"). and A. G. from blarren. Blister. 26). bleed. blac Du. pale. (F. blessen. . str. Cf. blastr (dat. *Meikan. *bleht. which can be explained from blod. a small bubble or blister ] O j . sweet. blcmc. ( Scand. cognate with happiness.E. an eye wet with tears. A. S. S. type *blaiko~. lose blood>Icel. Lith.S. S ) blinke.) A. < (Not found before I3OO. S. bleeken bleik. lit. E. Sax. Of Blithe. bltcan}. blcian. O. stain. Teut. it is allied to Blaze (i). A. . allied to E. bletms-. (E. G. glory. of blemir. Meek G. &c. to wink. glad Du. F. (E. M. vb. blanda (Swed. bits. II. G. ' ' (fe. brag.) blenden. pale. stem of pres. Cf. . 1. to shine. plazan. bliecan. type *blindoz (Idg. happy. pale.) to consecrate orig.E. S. xxv. to blend . kind. Northumb. Blend. to glance . Blank. strong grade of Teut. ifatcr. bi'fsirf}. bldd. to weep. ^ M. Blindman's buff. *blaikjan~.) blifa. xxvi. formed (by mutation of v to / from A. 34. Swed. 324. (i).. (E. bid.) Or if the orig.) A. blechen. M. bhc^a. where the The true word is bhndfellen. 7 dan. blaten\ \^. below. Blight.G. excrescent. to stan.) Cf. (E.. Icel. to howl. bhj Icel. Orig.+K. blek . stain. 106. base *bhlendh-}. all late forms. causal of *blinkan. S. we see the piobabihty that they are imitative. ble II. Blast. S. hacer blazon. s. glad. Dan. happiness. The Bless. Du. bloedsia (Matt. to blazon. blac.) M. tan. blijde. A. see Buff. Teut. also a swelling.+Du. K. (E. Teut. blifte (above). M. sense was a bright mark on a shield. M. as in L. blear.

. to strike strike. 814. Fries. Dan.) M. From the sense of confusion/ naked blotta. soft bloss. -M. blauftr. blowen. bohon. S. (F. H. bint <Teut. frequentative) from Icel. vb. blaffen. Blunder. (F. S. bl<w (O. type *bltewoz. II. courage. Allied to L. Allied to Icel. form was blout. soft connected with Icel.) Formed (as a blot. Blood. a .v. to shut the eyes A blot is an 'exposed' piece. bid- han\ (E ) Blow allied to lu. flat face. Teut. (above). (E.). blot. a bubble.) In Pope. . A. downright. a het voorboaster (Oudemans) blaf van * the flat of a forehead (Hexham) hooft. H. G. blath. H. cross-bow bolt. weak. blom. to swell. See above impose on. to blot\ from blotten. from soft Blow blot. bloc. A. bluost (with suffix -j/). a doze. Mode. a short gun. E. to expose Blunderbuss. Du. '. blund. . Teut Bludgeon. bluhen. blotter. p. | a large blot. Allied to Icel. and Swed. and -ma (Teut. Teutonic. a blossom from base bid" of A. O. G. fern. a prepared hemng. bio Du. at backgammon. < Bloom. broad .-f*Du. (Scand.) A. blunda.flos\ see Flower. blot. biota. blok.G. . Mod.) M. a nap. blaffaert. bleu. Fries. Cf. see Bloat. (History obscure. *bhwwan-. bloth n. II. soak. F. to mock (id. block.) slumber Swed. bloma allied to O. . soaked Irom fish . (F. (F. Dan blaa . (Hyb. blott. bliuwan. (Scand. Du. (2). expose oneself. Folk-Etymology) -tf .JJare. to become soft. to lay oneself open. having hair of mingled Blond.) bloed. E. blautr.) M. blue. 'tumeur'. O. to weep copiously. bare. (E. G. but formerly a soaked fish. bliggwan.) a loose outei From O. a clot of move blindly or stupidly. also blostme. one having a ' blaf. BlOGJC. F. Blot (i). blood. bhiojan. blondren. out But the M. with suffixes mm M. rude. whence give sig blot. flat. err. H. pointing to a Teut. (E. plantierbusse (Palmer. 0. pulpy. O.F. soft. a blob of fat blubbern. Dan. Blubber-lipped with swollen lips. E. It appears to be f A . BLUNDERBUSS We Blotch.\^. (Prob. block-ade.) (E. blomi. soft bloater. a block cf. Dan. a colour. E. (It. O. E. A. Blob. blok. s. but we find t. naked. block. Swed. blautr. bluffen. (Du. blondcn-fcax. F.+ Du. bloeijen . E. to bloom. O. blotfisk. G. blowen. a fiock much used by workmen (XVIII cent. broad .0). Referred by Diez to Icel. blobtr. . (Scand. (F. Formerly spelt blanterbusse. bldo. blundr. hit. bluster. . ^ with oil. to like cells filled . strong verb blouwen (pt a bubble. M.BLOAT now Bloat. to lay Dan. blau.+Du. bloent Goth. And see below. blond. House. G. pale yellow (KlugeX Cf.) cured by smoke A bloater is a cured fish. bradhna-s. to make a noise. Not (3). O. blome\ not in A. ?) blujf'is a steep headland. see Flourish. brori white Brugm. blawan. A S. Texts. ' * Icel. Tcel. effeminate. bloste. G. S bleaj). bloste). type *blodom. . naked Allied to oneself open. bubble. H. . Blouse. . See Bleb. blok. . to . M. Blend and Blind. to puff. blocke. Icel. blue +Icel bldr. form is blundu^. naked. />/#//<?. . all beat. bloot. E. bio-wan. . ' . S. G.S.-h F.) use bloated to mean f puffed generally ' ' or swollen. bwetl. Dutch. . blosme. G. . imbecile. blandinn. E. M. bloberen.-Teut. soft. a stroke. II. Hence bleed. colour. to flounder about. A. F. . Blow (0. Du. F.) Icei. M. Blue. cf.' Cot. a large piece of wood. Ir. M. The . .-O. m.) Blot (2). blew. Blob. . a flower. bteu. E. S. blostma. E. Cognate with Lat. to nap. to (Scand. F.) M. Cf. to . Dan. gray-haired. blubber of the whale consists of bladder- But See Blend.) M. mixed cf. Slav.M. livid Swed. (F. (Scand. Der. earth. Swed. (Godefroy. flouiish as a flower. 'light yellow. Goth. Dan. H. M. blautr. 588^) . from Teut. blahcn. G. blod. A. blootstellcn.' as if allied to blow. Bluff. blossom. blonde. Cf.O. Cf. E. to steep .-O. florert . Swed.) in A. bin. />/<*/. blod* soft. blubber. the Low L. S. to strike. blefen.) Cf. frock. E. Swed. bloive. G. a bubble cent. Goth. blowan +Du.) M. answering to Skt. lose From F. M. blotte. blomme^ a flower. type *blundo-. a spot. reddish. Mod. Swed. S. . G. mellow. (E.y7<Fwwi yellow. to doze. (F. -f G.G. S. i. also. G. iivid. to bubble up. E. dress flax by beating. . \ Origin unknown. blotna. blew. E. blunde. Of imitative origin . bloesem M.' Cot. E. bolz see Bolt.) blau}.) XV Blubber. to confuse. blunda. .* O. bla. whence G. A.

e.). Swed. Lowl. bod. M. bluscr. -fDu blys in bitl-blys. stays. M. noise. cf.toa'ig. woid is borrowed from A. blira.BLUNT 'a gun on a rest. W. blusw. see Blunder. Boggard. to act boast.) impulsively. blyscan.6atr.' to We find: ' 'A blirre. A. soft. ber. BlTUlt. ' F. Fries. an animal. E. blusshen. From (C. type *bairoz. and Du. E. [W. to explains star-board. from blots. II. bhistet . Levins (1570). bore. Ch. orig. to blush.) bord. uncertain origin. Fioperly 'to dim'.S. to Bohea. bogh. plantdre. the other forms either from E. blunde. lit. strongly. i. 355} from A. S. to A. announce. root *bleus. a message.) less Doubt- (E. " Gael. to blush Blurt. a" foot- Cf. M. dull. aborder. | Boer Bog. (E. Cot. a kind of tea. frame of (E. used to translate to glow. a table. a breeze. a goblin . blttschcn. bog. See Bug (i). Bodkin.lcel. the M. Boast. a blush . S. bog. or lay aboord . E. board. coined from prov. edge. blusse.A. to glow. a torch . and Corn Teut. \\heele.' blozen. 'a fire. a. . boct. . Irish and Gael. doze ? (Scand.toot. deceptio . Sc. Swed. Gael. (E. (E. busen. a torch. iern. variant of . E. Fries. orig. (i). to flame. are all borrowed from E.S. a noise in weepa loud ing. L. (E. a bog being a soft quagmire. board.) Foimerly . -art (. Wont. to blow (L. side of a ship. suffix-. partially close the eyes. Teut. M. thunder-gun. formerly spelt borde.) but the verb. Russ. bu>g. to-. of a type See below. a scarecrow . bygel. deceive. Irish.E. blirra pttra. to foreshew. a messenger. from See Icel. m. from blus. Dan.) ] small dagger. Irish bogaun. E. E. bost. swan}. Boggart. to make Of imitative oiigin.) M. to scare. to (L. S. But the corresponding Du. ) Blur. (F. Swed. lar-board. Bluster. brim. bogan.S. 'boat-lad. board (2). H. to blink. boda. with suffix -ard. bord. ? Prob. Boggle. bwgwl. Swed. bodian. Swed. from Norw.) corruption of bodies (pi. dblysian. . with F. to quiver (be dim) befoie the j fojr eyes said of a haze caused by heat. E. boord. an animal. "boat-swain. on beard. bleren. Der. cf. to be boisterous (E. an ox from I Iribh bogach. L. dial. from board. to start aside.S. (E. ' a qui^ for a spinning unknown. Bavarian plerr. accost. rutilate. G.] From A. a spectre. Dan. .} spelling. Orig. Board ij. Bodice. E. E.. to blaze. a boat. I shake. Du. M. a wooden is Perhaps imitative. F.} a spectre. moist . See Bid (2 From Teut. a board (from bwgwth. named from the Bohea hills. see Box (i).. over-board. Boat. BOHEA F.) M. boa (Pliny). bord. . 4" Du boord'. (Chinese.) Lit. to stain a stain. (E. which was the old ^Cf. or Icel. . bor8. to sleep. a threat. (E. to be boisterous. The and Icel. blwe. Blush. ad) . llunda. its size. boden. Irish soften. woid is donderbus. of wind) associated in . . plank. dial. Swed bat. potach. blirre. in. used by Palsgrave. also to agitate. a lodger . corset. bost. svc inn. Board (i). to have meals as threaten. (?) Origin unknown. F. (Scand. bord. a skane. side of a ship G. Cot. bosd. From bod-. soft. E. bausta. from sorps. baust. to jerk. abboord. perhaps allied to bos. from bios. bost. bat. ' wound announce.'Goth. ) Cf. . to blaie M. a gun. . bcdi. blirt. Bode. -baurd stool.. Cf.+O. A idea with blast (Icel.) same as Boor. boor. bobine. So also Gael. board is E. pin on which thread . abhsian.") A. the (C. F. blunt. short for aborde. boyde kin. 1 54 . . p. blusblaslr. A. to be tempestuous (esp.) Body. side of a ship. to i Boar. to shine (Mone. boastfully (Ross). blossa. in fotu baurd. to make Bob. -f- Du. S. a lad ( = A. soft. perhaps allied to Icel. E.blaze. Cf.?) Origin unknown. a quagmire. S. from bog. blast). . j . to plant (see Plant). bof. M. S. cf. bus. Boa. Bug (C. -ard &w/. glow. the mounaccost. bost^ a Prob. a bog. a box. blura. bord. shield. A. Quellen. side of a ship. 'to . is tain called Bony (or Wu-i) is situated in bygylu. : round tape. W. (F. . of body}. wind. Cf O. (E ) Bobbin. Icel.' Icel. Cf. to utter Cf. E. dull. to command. bata.' Apparently from i. A.) So The sb.) Corn. metaphorically. type *baitoz. fallcre . bad. (F. * to approach. G. weak grade of beodan. a M. L. boot. bord. .) beer. e sense W. bodian. to blink . as in bast-ard). boggle. Vu. Of with violence. Teut. a large snake. Teut. e. swerve for fear. . to go on board a ship. barrel. dulled. a mist before the eyes. E. bolin. .

Bomb. O. bonnets or (F. . v. ben. like lit. were L. swell with anger. from to act with violence . of bon. . (F. BOOBY L. fiom Teut. a fabric Bold.) See E.. Bowl (2). the same. Cf.) Late a priest. Norman Y.~ Jap. orig. Cf. boil.Late Lat. on the S. F. E. a kind of tunny. ballr. from L. the Northern form of bone. and A. Fiom its round shape. of M. cotton wadding. Bombast. bombard-ier. D. or Span. Balk (i). irvppts. E. and G. a ' bone-fire. + Du. byl. .BOIL the province of Fokien or Fttkian. M. S.+l<&\. See Cf. fern. Dan. Thus A.) Bondage. bnil. boon. ossium ignis A. ban. bubble up. baynlth. Bonnet. stem Teut. bonito. . noisy/ Boistous O. ' to talk/z/j/w. bomba. bald\ A S. See Bureau and Fire. Cf.ate L. Arab. M. from bombyx . see above. Scand. Norw. through coarse cloth tare. bulna. F. Teut. Sw-ed. cf. bold. bonnet O. a Booby.O.) (F. q. bonda. Bonito. bul.-L. bandman. a boil. to swell. Bone. Boult. From F. Norw. leald. to bubble up. inchoative forms from \\k. bile byle. F. called in A. a hus- Bond.) Icel. (F. E. bombyx. bombe Span. boistous. (F. bcule. a silkworm. L. type *bul-stroz. mod. bombasine. F. bottillir). bonzo. a corruption of *bttreter. type *balj>oz. bmda is allied in sense and origin to E.L. Goth. ditontts Gk. polster). See Bellows.) Port. (E M.' bans. boor. S. stem. belgfa. A. . been been O. cloister I'aztst. bondage. batten. '"^ O. to flate).) Span. See Boil (2). G Bolster. and F. to beyla.oy. silk. swelling. bond. . cf. Inian. bura. bombard.) M. E. /3oyu/3o?. D. G. bombardier (Cot. .) (A. Bane-Jire. . Gk. servitude. O. M. 55 .(cf. Gk.^'L^. Teut.) O.) From O. Mo. . lump. Du. Boil L. Gk. burruSy reddish. bombard. balj>. bonus. bonet of a stuff of which caps fair.) The verb is from E. G. bulla. /0o/^8t/. from Icel. (F. bollen. /We. L. bondi. 1047). a bonfire. E. suffix -oits. bure. the name F. pp. belgan (pp. Earlier Boiled. M. a bonito. a clod. bolster. Arab. a small tumour. F. .) forms are M. and bolned. a cannon. trunk. (2). */>///. weak grade of *beul. bila. an arrow. adj. meant the condition of a bondman. E (Scand. bombazine. to Bonny. a stout pin of iron. clattstmm. L. ufbauljan. bald. Gk. F.). coarse woollen cloth. bombdcinitm. Dan.A.-Gk. .S. blustering. bydnus. boil. up Icel. Icel. oldest form lukter. Boil (i). boldly. j8o. Gk. ace. -|-Du. F. a hump (with mutaCf. bombe see Bomb. Late L. of a tree.S. bald. Der. to boillir. But it orig. (Port. bomsilken. of bombax. a shell for cannon.) Bolt (i). S. (F. the sense being due to confusion with the verb to bind.S. Japanese. Bonze. cotton orig. good. cotton for L.) Prov. bofHbasin. L. Billow. E.-Gk. bombarde. Gk. booby (related to F. pp. (F. extended from F. H.G. Cloth. prob. cognate with A. btilter. Swed. Root unknown. Cf. grade of belg. S. (See Fianck. bolstr O. L. (F. fire. A. to dwell. . a religious man. to . L.) Spelt boulte in Palsgrave. Bolt (2). boult (Florio). bonfire. swollen. F. (E.) Span. ' (E.) Dnn. affected by boil(i). Gk.) Orig. A. bombace (with added /). a large pill. Catholicon where bane is Cf.-L. bolgeii). coarse red cloth. to inCf. See Boom (i). Anglicanum. a bubble see Bull (2). bombacem. Ital. with suffix ster as in hol-ster. S. - The latter is the pp. reddish. Gk. bonzo. affected language.+ Du. silk.-L. Icel. blockhead. 1483 . type *bainotn. . E. to puff up. G. a word borrowed from Icel. bonne. Boisterous. to boil (F. Bolus. bolt. is formed. prepare. to swell.) made. puff tion). F. (L. Lat. burat. to sift meal. with batisl-a. A. And bondi =bucndi. H. H. . Icel. Ch. bout. good. Bole. bullire. balthaba. bombitSj a humming noise.) (F. bulr. Picard/w (Span. -f-Dn. (Scand. boastfully ) . Origin unknown. Boast. burra.. padding. coast of China. bnhtcr bohtar (G. bolster. bolr. boltts (not L. F. II. servitude . d'os. . irvp. L. (E. a tiller. bdfas). bole. bolnen. adv. (E. Dan.) F. blutcr. bulne. fair. L. bein. the trunk of a tiee. Icel. to till. a great gun Sh. of silk and worsted. See Band (i). a Latinised form of Gk. bat. cotton wadding. hence Lengthened from * M. baube. formerly bolt (E. to sift . a log. </>aA-a7. (Span.K. (E. bolgna. . boillir.) A. bein Swed. &?//. ./. boken.

(cf. Gk. G Botany. ' ' . (E ) M. a wooden missile weapon. Icel. a tidal surge (Scand. bon. borgian. . strong grade of bat-\ see 1 60. weak grade see BarA. E. bota. Low L. tfiVct of a blow. L. Cf. Low L. bordeure. see Board. \\hcnce batter. busse. burah. borrow. boen. (O. /8<>ftoy. bommen. Arab. Jbrom the native Australian borien. bosom.forate. E. Arab. to . 510. keep . whence gebur s. Teut. Teut. borra name. a peasant. Dan. a humming. . to dwell in. Icel. lit. also Irish both. M. bytte. Span. (E. 'a booty. an edge. to give a pledge. to give out a hollow sound like Low L borddtfira. bourrache. (3). bordare. bozza. Dan. E. /w/.) S. buta. Du. protect A . <f>rjyos. . buit. stem *bu~ t related to Be. bod\ Icel. O. Boot profitless.) of the ( Du. . E. bara. 1 4 . The sense of favour bore (2). ' . lor the foot. Boot bole. 4 bos. A.Teut. exchange. Lith. burg. Du. (Du. to pro- 4 Fiom lot-. -4. botaniqi4*> . bordeure (Span. btirg. F. Gk. . cure. Gk. (E. byte.) ForThe orig. . borg. 'tiller Du. a swelling. bua.?) Perhaps from Icel. boete bati). see Barrow. a house. a petition. bute. bub. i. to keep.) F.Arab. Biugm. to hide.) Du. An imitative word. Der boot-less. Q. A. an empty barrel. S. ben (whence bene to cut. to Dan. buck all in the sweat ' Borax. edging. bude. bo^ Icel. buttas.M. a Bore Du. lien. S. a covering (F. like L. burg (gen.) (2). bote(k bottc) cf. type *bota t f.) M. the N. Gk. Port. Span. bouwen. fagus. 11. to dwell . bossc] Ital bozzarc. see Teut. bot.) Possibly a in Wordsworth). .) M. 1 Goth. Swed. (i). stupid. boc. booth). . bote. bordure. a pole. and Perhaps iiom Teut. borh.4Du. balbus. byti. E. borg\ G. Arab. Book. a stall. Dan. Swed.. Dan. A.E bttrgh. to bungle. . a knob. boce (I 1 . (Scand. BOTANY stammering. a peasant. (i). Ch. bairgan. a pledge. Gk. Low a bump being bozan* to beat Cf. lit. . Icel bon (y^BHER. boezem G. Swed. bordus (F. Gk. Teut. burh. rough-hew. G. a billow caused by wind . the Du.) Formeily spelt butin. Goth bauan. ' Boon i. dat. cf. bot he. See Build bosm 41-^u. (F.) profit. p. . Span. to till.' Cot. G. books were pieces of writing scratched merly bourage. S. prey. pi. Boor. and Dan. advantage. &?>'#. F.) M. (F. . of beoigan. (Low L.Span. boren\ Icel. foim of Beam (i). a dwelling. boot. 1?.) T)&n. (E. + ' ' In the phr. borg. H.) M. i. Swed.) ^r</. borgh fort. bonan. Got ). L. With A. A S. in neigh'bour). (E.' See Bonny. boon companion. S. Du. to dwell. beat. (Australian. a beech. side. lit. Boom (2). bod. borto boom. (F. bone. boka. both (Kalkar). bua. G. the north wind. Icel. Prob from O. E. 'father of because it is a sudorific. a (E. bdd. *bu]>a. . a beech-tree. See below. .BOOK stammering). \V. the Booty. bordar. M. f.) t L. atonement. Low L.) M. bord}. bonus. wind. A. abu rashh. Du. 128. F. bod Bosom. to edge. (2).) a petition. arose from conlusion with Boon (2). ddre (Ital. bit sen. bom. Also \. S.a peasant (only preserved So also G. boom. soil. (E. Origin unknown. (joth. Qapastv. to perforate. also borwe. . 90. BOOH (0. borwcn . M. K. Swed. spoil G. borg-. S. book (F. a tree with Peis. to worry.) Better. bornbus. row and Borough. boc^ a also booty. byng). bokoi) M ntings. (F. btlan. good. good. (E. Boreas. a - in a river. (Streitberg. beech. bok\ borraja. . (F.Y. M. a residence . ().. Pers. Brugm. edible fruit. G. advantage. S. bordaaurd). Icel. bog.) Low Goth.' boer. Boom (i). batten.. G. S.Du. on a beechen board. . L. bot> remedy. 4*1)11. whence gade of *l>crgan-. Border. bohren. baurgs. Late L. Borage. also. VIII. to hum. L. to bore. boe t Swed.E. a hut. G. Norw. baara. A S. Borough. Low G. *nen. (L.) Boomerang . borax (Vullers). spoil.M.) M. Ital. bot (cf. cf. bota. i. plough. metaph. 4 billow. use of the verb above . Swed. border]. cf. hence. Bo/5/5as. Boreas. book A. bok Dan. E. Bo/x'ay. type Boor. beute.-O II. Booth. an edging. peasant. S. F. swell in the sea. . M. botch. ' . 566. a letter. profit. and Swed. baiter.. to till. buraq.bore. bttrg-i weak tect . Bore A. BOSS. L.) l>oce. boek Icel. F. not found in A. Dan. E. sense of book borax also boracum. E. (Scand ) M.

bouder. Intu^en. the. Late L. 704. I Bonny. I Gk. Vedic Skt. throw. the ship is bound for Spain. dual adj. with excrescent d. Danish has Intldre. Brtigm.1)11. (E. fold. M. F. O. rcbondir). E. bonteille. (F.Ital. so called from its Swed. BOURD . bahus. -bha in u-hha. bafio sktpa. they. beating of flax. of straw or flax. 184. Brugm. botarghe Arab. (2). to jest.) M.) M. pasture. bumps. as . a bounce. of bosciis. /. h. to beat. bafa Scot. M. boche. Late L. depth. bos (F. turn. L. ~ Gk. Bound Thurneysen. confusion puthcren. to cf. cf. was orig two words cf. irfjx v *> (shoulder) of a ship . of unknown a . to leap. . honitdtem. bomhitare. Of unknown origin. butis. .'+Icel. see Cf. rolling down stream with a crash. to plants. -Mr is for tieir. dial. bullersteen. /'0//H. beat. G. F . a grazing the shoulder of an animal. C.-(f>ci} Skt. a little wood. dimin. ready. a swelling see Botch . to bestir oneself. Bottle i (2). . -bo in ambo\ Gk. buscum. * l - '03. baith.?) Etym. O. G. bund\ {\. Boss. type *bogtiz\ Bow Idg. hence the bow G. . bog. buticula. \buinn. to beat. W. both. | origin. buscus. A. a small bundle. lit. Bought. obscure. boise). i. a butt. Boult. . Both. I'. . F.+ G. (F.O.) for a lady . -<poj in dfj. belonging boh of which the orig. Coptic def.btilder.) F. bontet. bothoni. thump.) Cf.' &c. Du. (E. F. Cf. bogr. G. bonntee. Swed.S.) Origin unknown. botttm. bodem Icel. i Bouquet. See L. [ origin . bonzen. double dimm. allied to O. F. . boscum. . . bon. Ch. (Scand. i. . goodness. to resound. boudoir. fioTaviK6s. bounce. preto beat (see Beat). O. N (E. E. II. bogf^ bocht. a cask. (E. piepared. Origin un. p. 45). a private (F. (F. bons. M. . 7). also to patch up botsen. sb. Cf.' orig. strike. both Lat. pout.-Gk. botten-. Dan. hotel. Perhaps of Celtic 4 . bondir. v. See (4). so that bo-th Icel. a bend. II. Bound (2). jest .pudder. . Lo\\ G. O. of O. Skt. room F. bombns. bozan. bottom. (D. A. ( F. a wood . bog. 11807.S. Cf. Boudoir. O. (F.-L. the arm. a humming sound. (Ital.?) boundaiy.) F. a Formed. hotel. bough. both. bd. bonn^ sole. bois^. to bounce.-C. bound-ary. ready to go. re-bound (F. orig. Boulder. G. batiir. Allied lo Irish bonn. Goth. The E. imitative. a crash. Swed. Jan. Supposed to be composed of bu. Gael. bun- sen. a boundary also spelt bodne (BurLate Lat. bonne. L. up quickly. 4* A. Q. T. Bounce.\& bound. Teut. bottrde. . bonus. buan see Boor. Sc. Du. fiom bonitas. hounde* Ch. (F. Swed. both the ships (Luke v. form Late L. E.) K. Low G. bourde. butsen. Bother.r. a large stone. a wood. And cf. O. BotargO. Icel. Bourd. to till. H. vb and sb. Indira. a large lolling stone. bov. Bough.' dimin. bump 1 Prob. F. to patch. Poravrj. small woims. perhaps fiorn the pare. G. a swelling. A.) M. (F. . limit. bug-. Der. a bound. > bounden duty. to resound.M. see Florio and Tornano. the same. des Savants. E. pi. butarkha^ botargo . &or6v. boce (F. (Low G. E. bouquet . a bundle of hay. 1848. 'hotel. a E. And Bout. to thunder. sole of the foot. bugt. base. ground. Der. given by Devic. Icel. F. form is Bight. . stock. (F. Dan.) . (E. bops. an adj. to ioa. M. L. a hollow vessel. arm.) Lowl. North Y boche Picaid boche O.F. from Du. and Gk. Bottle (i). but orig. Dan. a bats. Gk. knock at a door. In (3).) Bush. I CG ^ bundle. A. a bend. bosquet. \ . M. roar. of botte. budhna. dried fish (Joum. known. Bots. /3o/ti/8os. of guy) Late Lat. bunde. a stone. . from M.K pother prov. 15. bacuie. S. Du. irve^y. type *bhaghus. bozo. 4. @6ffK(iv f to animal. Gk. (K. botn Swed. I. bucht. buttis. elle.BOTARGO orig. . with excrescent d. soun-d.I Late L. bourden. Butt bottnde. G. See Fundament. pp of bfia. sense was 'an Gk. bade. Bottom. Du. Bounty. (Scand) M.&/. ace. of the roe of the sea-mullet. S.) In Spenser. a place to sulk in. E.) In Swift. Similar is M. Gk. good. and stecn. bodina (contr. botargo. E. of Bind. see bonnd]. as of hay. F. M. to sulk. to sift meal to jump E. goodness.boden \ \j&. to beat. see Bolt (2). M. Bounden.E. a bundle boun. rapixos. As in 4 the old pp. a cake made Gk. cf. Arab. (2). article. bugt. Botch (i). glass. the fore-arm . Dan. 91.fundtts\ (E. (E.L/ ace. bot- \ Bound ' ! \ I ..

O. anything made of box-wood. personal name. O. F. bansen. a conduit (Kihan) . S. buigen. formed from box < V 2). bur O. window of Bavarian bitcb. bracelet. (2). F.-'L. bodne. pipe. E. F. (Low buxum.) (3). H. bracelet \ dimin.) M. borne. a chamber. (i). 4. See Boil (2). Brabble. G. Una. a spring. 658. BRACELET M. ace. to stammer. L. M. a conduit . a sausage. (E. from bog. E. a round thing. bow-Window. Bow-window.BOURN Of unknown bourder. E. a blow. Du. see See Bow (4) (Du. bulla.Du boeg. From the Box (4). a Brugm. bourne. b<nve.) M.) Not so called because it keeps a sail bowed (for it rather keeps it straight). Qpaxicov. the two arms (Bartsch) Teut. well. cf. hence.) . A. Bourn Burn. bttysc. A. a bound variant of O. to bend Lat. Swed. occasion. blow (Outscn) M. O. the Gk. . btlgan. bocghjn. not the same as bayshoulder' of Bofa. formed with extended bur. origin. . Bowel. Du. Box. G. bowl (G. (Scand.) Cf. an intestine in a sausage dimin. piob. G. a box. -f. buxtis. arms (Cot.) Fnesic boi boy. Cf. . boga. brace. pochen. of Lough Mask House.Irish Bowl (r\ a round wooden ball. Lat. the box-tree. S. Dn. brabbeltaal. bow of a ship. (4). to beat. bt-unn Dan. also a Du. 701.) Bough. boog. to combine with others in refusing to have dealings with any one. the vb. in E.) A M. by Erasmus"). . a boy. M. bow.. window. measure of 5 feet. orig. uf-lwtljan. From A.) brabbden. G. W. ) F. bogen. buis. stream. bolli. Bound M. O. P"or the pronunciation. because is bent or bowed. a large cup. t . give way . ball Icel. a blow Du. boule. box.S. + Brace. to bend. brachia. E. Boose. (E. See N. S. A. biir. E. Goth. From Teut. Fries. buur. Cf.-Gk. Boycott. (L. bo-wen. Lat. Ireland. bakke. bogt : bow (3). E. (2). O. . G. bogen. type *beugan. (F. from M.) box-. a round. a knave. brunna. to swell cf. L. an abode. Swed. bogo Swed. (2).) Ihe same as Bought (above) . a grasp. (Not as in Diez. verb. in phr. a boundary . Booth. . A. sb. buse. a From the notion of embracing. . it a weapon to shoot with. the arm.) (2). (i). E. . Du. bog-en. -\-l)\\. boy. bit a. See Blab. Babble. bue G. an armlet (Bartsch). boyau]. a ship. 1880. to puff up. TTVOS. later buyzen.) (i).. bubble . cf. to flee.-V. A. a boy. Icel. of bilgan. a bow . (F. box in. S. braich. confound Avhence . Box (E. Boycott. Boy. hence a chamber Dan. Cf Skt. (E. to dwell. to quarrel. A. boiellum. i.) M. * M. Du.S. N. Bouse. . bur. a chest or case to put things duit. (E. the Bow name of a (i). From Icel. biogan. to play. see (Scand. D. S. E. Bout. tytv-ynv. shoulder. ^jr. A. E. bogr. boef. and Swed. from boeg. box-tree. brunnen. Bourn 9 . G. Du.O. (F. boeve. Cf.+Du. biugan. H. -f Icel. bouel. boi. Mayo. Bowl hence. bage. bow Cf.. Du. a contap. in Dec.+Icel brunnr. Sax. Bouze. but. . Late L. M. a knave. a bend.) . K. E. S. L. see Boor. (Hence a box at a theatre . a shooting-/^jr . fugere. and Line. (E.. of O. *bu>'oz. to box the compass. and hence.) In Sh. bousen (ab. G. a film hold. n. Dan. a drinking-vessel. + Pyx. m. bhuj. Lat. M.' Apparently one of the numerous uses of a blow. bttbe.) . Bow A. (F. &?.) From the treatment accorded to Capt. deeply. the arm Gk. F. a ball. Bow the ' - bod] (mod. a Christmas box or present.S. Teut. a boy (Koolman) allied to M. H. to bouse. 1300). influenced by about. Gk. tree. foolish talk. *bulbotta. Gk. bogthe ship's bow. F. Imgen. Lat. (E. Cf- O.).) . arbour. S. bow-line. to fight is The verb with fists. see game . to drink M.-L. (L. bolla from its round form. brace I. to bend. bob. weak grade of */><?/-. chamber. box-. Bow-line. a brae. (F. (E. buina. Bower. to take to flight. bol.) for O. Goth. a stream. Preserved (E. bnan. types *burom. *b?lscn. but because fastened to Norw. buse (Latinised as biisa deeply. bolle. of botulus. bonne. bolle}. boitte. (E. hour. F. (E (2). buxus. the box-tree. a fountain. beit ken. brond\ G. G. bur. of brachium. Goth. H. bow of a ship. H. buc. A.) . F. . co. a turn. Icel. M. - . E. L. &c. . semi-circular form . F. pi. a boundary. well. to drink bow-sprit.or *bfigan*. . G. &w. pp.) E. Silt bokke.

brag.-L*ie M. brodd. turn Icel. A. A. l<wc/ie. (E. bush. Bret. i ought growth. Break. F. Du. &c. bragot. Formerly spelt bra^get. sour. fern. F. branca. of bracket. Low G. Hexham ~a'reken. the top of the head. bromblackberry l>ter. bran. swordbragot. Skt. start. to burn see Bragget. . a cincture ong.E. -f" Icel. M.) Low G. 277. See Franck. to reject. (E. to sound loudly. brache.) allied to Irish Burn.) M. 2.] Du. breiden .?^) about. E. 2nd stem of Teut. (F. to bren. ?) O. A.) A. F. brackish . cf. to weave. See Breeches. malt. brake. the front part of a pair of breeches. Bray. Inake.braided. Prob. braggen. 2nd grade of approve. -Icel. wiak. Brail. ^f S. said to be of Celtic Brain. a corbel. and Gael. a Swed.) M. Dan.-C. . Bramble. brow-bar^ Dan.) F. brodde. G.L. fern. willo\\-bush (Bremen). of fire. an armlet. Ir.-L. Cf.G brombeere. (F. E.' Cot. S. Irish bran^ husks.) from brann. Branch.W. to wreak ong to drive. M. braken. S. crash. 4. a blackberry. see (2). 'a greatness of the soul to be i .E. Brahman. fa-agues. : . . bragueta fastening up breeches. bragb. a cod. brottd.W. bremel) brembcl. H.S. ) . brahman. F. C. t * brae]. to vociferate (from E. Du brak.G biamcf. of O./&7. of Span bragas. to meant a projecting mould in architecture.-Icel. bractca. holy man. a fire-brand. diaw out. lit. to crack. (VBHERGH. brak^ briny. M. braam. to break . ' Bracken. deceit. gay. brandr. brack. . btegfta. brod. burkni. piece. deceit. create cognate with L. brbni v see Broom) of which S. (W. a burning. Svved. braam. 73. for brogue 'a kind of mortaise. whence Bracket. brackium. S. Cf. gfbnrc\ Bran. C.) M. a sudden movement. brccgen. 2nd grade vibreken. W. Wreck. brcgdanj brcdan. fermented grain. braccan. as All's Well. />. Inord.+A. E. (F. breeches. (Scand. W. Q. . . ( greaO M. braue. brhant. steep bank.E. brccan. F. Gael. pi. brage. to brag (from F. a brahman.' modified from type *brozdoz. (DiO Brake (i). to boast. [So also ivrang. a kind of ligature or fastening. IX v. L. bragner.S bragti. (Scand) broddr. the brain. See bracckej a brake to beat flax . dimin. hence. E. ong. E. a frost-nnil. -f. braid is short for F. prayer. to brandish. (or Teutonic ?) origin. 59 . Teut.' whence E. noise Icel.H. braga. BRAND W. i. . So named from the resemblance to braid (2). also devotion. a sword. brogue).) M./>raj'^. braid. . brein. a hemp (HexhanVi M. trick. is allied to wnngeni to wring. Dimin. a spike Swed. breeches. waken. brag. Brake Fiom A. O. tive). to ferment. .) Bret brenn. F. brand. so also Span. of O. ivracke. bra. *brennan-. slope. (E. weave. answer to S. a thin plate 01 leaf of metal.E. Cf. Cf. formerly made. a sword M. .) bra. Du. brake. a machine for breaking nauseous. . biow. (F. Irish bracat. . a dog that hunts by the scent. Brad. a name for various mechanical allied to M. Cf. older foim wrack. noise. bran. bran. A.' Cot F.Du. A. a flax-biake. brow of a hill. a kind of mead . a breaking. Du. bran. great. &c. brack}. pptXpos. (E. bragal. brake. bragd. a kind of hunting-dog. ' (Skt.*/>r$w//<w) is the diminu- ' . brow of a hill. brdhmana. gallant. (E. f to flaunt. a spike. bro (North). bregne. Gk. wreck. bragard.) In 1627. is the dimin. brak. braak. scar braggard. A. 2nd grade vibregdan. to break. (pt. breeches. /mr (F. brackcz. a burning piece of wood. breeches) the allied Span bragueta also from A. G. brom ^O. . an arm.contrivances..). brtrgd. L. pi. breeches. as in Minsheu. (E. L. braggart. Brach. iv. a sting. Brahmin. Brae. fragor. also stumps of broken trees. (O. braken. Dan. L. full of deceit. brath.) Lat. braid. Brow. ' ' . Dan. ed. Cf. b) aie. brem-el (ioi Teut. weave.BRACH *-L. l)u. to brandish. S. In the sense of fern.e full of braids or tricks. S. knit. malt . A A Brag. braid. braich.) also W. E. braid. O. see Bracken. pi. Braid S. Also (late) M. . -f-Lovv G.Icel. dis. E. . Brackish. braches. ' Kemble. E. from M. ) . Irish brot.' Cot. from (F. We find M. A. Allied to Du. the paw of an animal. malt liquor. S. Cf. (Scand. braguctte. blame. breeches. chaff(from E. brachidle. fern . Bract. a biacket or corbel.) Skt. G.) M. Here Du.E. to vaunt. to brag. braka. E. M. braca. F. a creaking. cf. bracco (G. iE) M. Du.) M. Brand. change. (the front pait of a pair of braid.

brtfs. See Brave. formed brctt.bravo..* Cot. . (F. Brass. *a totter.) 'A French trawl.e. \\ith brass.) Ital. esp. whence brandy. Du. distilled) wine (or. ace. brand. .G. F. Gael. Du. swing. to (F. Prov bertresca. pound.H. G. Norman form of F. (2). Formed with suffix -an/ (Thurneysen) and cf. F. (F.) Brazier . a fence of boards in a mine. * See brave used in the voc. braze (E. Du. F. from the fire. a bravo. from F. of brandtr. Trandraf. (Ital. braon.E. braitH. ^Span ) ' Altered from Span. villain. brandiss-ant pres. a punishment for scolds. ^f bj'eche (F. F. (E. ic brasige . a fracture Breach. ii. E brake. Y. a slice 1 O. arm.-Teut. to haiden by fire. t cloth. Allied to O. forms of F. btatott. North F.") brawlen.BRANDISH blade (fiom its flashing) brand. F. braise. | \ i The prefix is Scand. a small wooden outwork. (E. (E. . . fine. (F. bravo! well done' (Ital. a suit Diet Span. brassard Littre). frequent. F. brechcn.) coals. new Short for brand-new.S. M. S. bralle. 215. Lat bragire}* Of Celtic origin.' L. O. Brattice. brat. Brawl M goose. BREACH (F. to break. appear to branden. Brat (l). . Brant-goose or brent' to quarrel. a roaiing noise. battlement.G. bretesche. Dan brav. brandeler ' . sword. ' . . btddan.) Ital. to prate. branques. a beggar's brat' Perhaps 'a rag. btavo\ the same as Span. brasa. Irish A. F. Etym unknown. branler. brachium. bratan roasting. boast Dan. . halter.?) E. of pillory Gael. of brato. brave.) M.) See Jarmeson. to reel mod. ' ! Bray M. Branch* j Bran-new. brandwijn. ace.) M. . (J G) In Chapman. (Span. Port. brat\*> fiom E.L L. It means to harden like brats. F. or pinafore. the cheeke of a bit. L frag-0). Scand. bianche. of bran. brece. Od. E orayen O. brang.I I G.) Gael. the notion of redness or blackness Brasier. brecan> to break. L. bt eJien . brasa. from G. and Irish brat. C). Irish brawas. breier (F. bras. also partly from F. brcthyn t woollen bread (more commonly britc a breaking). brave. also. Perhaps allied to . Prov. A i. to harden K for \ O H ^d j j A see below. j I 0/-O. a piece of W. crackle also brassal. Brawn. bertesca. a brentThe orig. E. to burn be borrowed from F. a cut-throat. V . muscle. a pan to hold coals. fire-brand. brassa) t (Cot ). cf. bragh. Braze . see Brand Bravado. F. as in hlaf-gebrece. braggard. braf. tries. pt. a slice of fle^h . brtlan (G. . Burn. G. cf. a '. pi. brcche]. a dai ing villain. the verb seen in Icel. Icel. breke. rng C). i e. brangas O Gael. to brag. brave as a sb. sb. to Kilian. arm. (F. & M. . ' 2\ a sort of dance. . as in Swed. O. the same. above. broyer}* S. M.' with goose. of flesh muscle. bieche is O . gay. . brave. boar's flesh. noise. Gael. Brassart. chatter. to bruise. the same. (E. G. brandgas. case masc. H. xv Sax. Ital. F. Brat a child S. . brandit 9 to brandish. bretasche. j F. clout. btant.) prob. disen. .fox. a parapet. Perhaps E.) Ital. a fiacture. 1 See Brandish.) (. a brand. (i. Brave. L. file. hword.) ' . Inaz-in^ fry. />rai<?/i. A. Formerly brandbrandy. 4(F. a cloak. brallen. prahlen. brater\ F.Scand. of Homer. F.?) brutaske. brancas^. live (F. brandy lit. to Der. (F. bradon. Swed. the piece of armour which protected the upper part of the arm. fire (below) E bras S. valiant. Swed. to break. Brant. and Prov. brasa. brawl 9. . brandillcr* (LittnT). a brant-fox. brav. J).' the same as Brat (i).) A. /"aw } que. or dance Cot. rough mantle (C. I Brawl . (E. brcesen i braze 0\ i. } 'Aero. bran. brandish a sword. from brass see Break * 11[lia ^e .E. see Brasier. M.) to ornament tr. See Brand.) | ! M A to shake (Cot ). ment. Lear. (Du. bravo.* Cot. (W. branch.2). cf. and wijn* wine bee the Bret. bravo none of the explanations are satisfactory .-O. and Dan. bransler. brande-wi} Hence were borrowed bravada. to brag. I M . fire. Swed. Ital. bransle. see Brass. brat re (Med. 'burnt' (i. a rough cloak . It also meant a rag. a buist. bretasce.) wine^ brandy-wine . Swed. ' 3 bravado Minsheu's Span. because it easily burns). Grain. brasier. battle- brandish.E braunF. Bray ^2 (Y -C. a cloak. (i). A difficult word a plank.^Elfric. bravado. Cf Du. O. brandr . proud. Branks.. Brazier.H. sense is burnt.) ( 113. explosion. faatti\y to roast. p. Scand.

S. of breu. to decoct. Swed.S. .G.~ A. bncke. Also G. It someor *brandoz. bitir. unknown.) intrusive S. brique. . ^Scand. (E Really a ) ) double plural. Intrde. Breech. brot.w.C F. a man brize. M. from The final -th is late. breeches. broez. H. Dan. G. Icel. Goth. A. type *bnldiz t f. (E. : ' v brewes. H. Svved. Swed. braca. Breeze (=0. to creak. see above. breeches. . pi. bread. . A. S. gebrowen.) brede. M>J/.) M. + Du. and Dan. the N. brtosa. Breast. 6c . (i). . (E. (E. brft$gn*m\ Swed. little writing. brechen. . breadth. O. Span bnba. an idle beggai. and ealo.) F.. brtme) . . (E.+Icel. same sense as F. Icel. Merc. semi-breve. n. brouez. bruoch Cf. Breath. bryd-ealo. (E. bruits -f- Du. Icel brand. Northumb. short.S. steam. G. ace. brevet. pi. de-fiu-tunij new wine boiled down Thracian &PVTOV. a fish (F. brer.-Q. ^. from brut. xui. ' Breadth. breken pt. frusta pants? Blickling Glosses O. A Briar. F. dimin. braka. type *brettttoin. (E ) M. an explosion. Tent.) M. man.astrongwind. brod. O.BREAD BRIDEGROOM . oibroc. Teut. breken.J.") pi. cf. (E. bridal. bradam ( i b rodcm broden. Cf. bribe. bnltir. gere. breed A. soup made with broth of meat . bret. ^rj/. wind cf. shortness. .) \\.) Orig. where gwna cognate with L. S. . Also spelt brose. idleness. M. coals breadrn. a brood brnt. 27. Ital. with groom. F. bride-feast. (Ital. + O. pp. Icel. Brier.S. a summary. used by Rabelais in the gom. a bit. brese. L. Ital. ' Bream. (E. Breeks. pottage (Roquefort).^ breech. . known not Celtic.) (F. a pi. the N. M.) M. Orig. to break (VBHREG. ?aid to be a woid of Celtic (but rather of Teutonic) origin. brief. brahszna (y KHREU. brudgum.) M. brevfaire. L.E.S. . brod\ G. short. brot. broth see Broth. bride. From Teut. M. brnk-bat (see Bat). (E. a (F.<h. G. and Dan. a gadfly. the form breech being.) L. . . brtdan. the breech. Dan. . pp. brezza. bride. bragh. of bread. breui$. sense is to break with a noise. brere. n bryst) Teut. Cf./>m?w. Walloon bnquet. H. A. from L. a brief. bryd. a large slice Du. breuitdtem. Inaut. See Brood. brei.y/. L.H. bnbe. Teut.) Formerly homo. Swed. brok (pi bnrkr}. of broc\ brmd\ lce\. . A. a brick .) M. see Homage. . bnbar. S. braidei. S. H. F. briza. a pair of O.E. breken.H. For bndegoom by confusion bryd-guma. 1 1 G. L.) . brtudeBreeae(2)./rawbraka. pt. morsel Breve. bromven. Goth. the second r is Breeches.) Formerly bride-ale. A. brygge. breaw.' Cot. O F /?m wf . t. (E. Icel. bricvctf. E. foim. brents. brevet. A. bread. or cherish a brood. Browis. M H .) M. L. breoivan. LeeJuloms. with the same sense 4"Hu broek. t. lit. braise. breeches. bnlths. fraud Origin unbitbantc.G. to loiter about Ital. . (F.feast.-* L. (F. . form in -oz. stem />r//. see Ale. bnwen. + .) M. brood. *braidoz. -fDu. (E. Der. F. short. . vnpotir. brh. wind. a short note John . in itself.-L. E.E. S. bryd. *brust.brauen. a bride-ale. E. (E. ( F.G. brese (breze in Cot. brisa. Du. bruten. (Kluge).) Brewis. broken. Du. . to beg. F. brcekke. O. G.S.}LJ>recth.) Breed. . to break. live See Brasier. A. to crack.) M. brents. Scand. Goth. Bribe. brdtl. brygga Dan. O. n. brud. breviary.E. Bread. . E. breidd. also a feast . (F . broet. K. (F. brettis. Du. . bit. bise. t. N See Brogues.S. broad Break. -A. breuiartum. pottage. S.Dti.-M. E. Dimin. a cold wind. Du.v?0 -fbrodel. breosL brassctt) O. See Breeches.breth. briber. the longest in use. Northern . Port. nom. O. pp. F. breiti vG. cinders. Icel. brak\ A.) The orig. Span. . A. brief. breviate. A. breeches. is Breeze A. S wed. f breite] see Broad. A. now E. breve. E b. Brew. a (with mutation from ^to ^\-f G. (F. (E Breeches. (F. brecan. . Teut type *braudom. to ciack Gael. a piece of bread given to a beggai. neut. beer. Icel. A. S.S. From brakr. L.-I. of brok see bridegroom. ' . broives.) times means 'bit' or 'piece'. brikan brocen M. F. bride also birde. L. bref. Ch M?</. of brouet. Cf. brude. Brick. birba. 146.. exhalation. brahsem (G. ale. brevity. Goth. G. A. also a fragment. (E. S. a bride. brick. cf. . pt. to produce A. brise. S. G. Lat. ( i .(with weak grnde\ S. Der.E. Cf. Cf. bride. brugga.

bmuke. Norw.^raraafo. fight. Brink. p. G. berht. (E.K see Brusque. brigade.) broche*= to set barrel. G. Iningatt]. rob. ugja. brond-. . Dan. .) (Not in A. gebrame. E. In usque. byrst. bref a grassv slope. also represents an earlier *brtgde1 (cf. (F. Brigade .) Brig is of *bcrs . crest of a hill . rash. (E. Bright. M. bregd-an. Ital. robber. Mm. trouble.BRIDGE Dan. bnitcl. after. and stoon. &c.E. > M. G. broccus\ see Brooch.Late L. t. E. (F. from brut-. Brilliant.) F. briggan (wiitten for e to *). Sc. brigantino. shining.- F. Ital. . breotan. Guernsey brftquct (for */vj^t/). S. brahta. edge. as in brondottr.F. *berhtoz. S. stone. borst.) dim in. brocher. brefor. brigand. .Ital.) M. brigade. also brnschet (Ducangej . a kind of armour.-{-]}\\. Icel. braids. Icel. slope. brengan. The orig.' brjota. . E.Ital. 1. a kind of ship" . of brigare.-L. Ital. F. berht Goth.) M. bunt\ Swed. M. .-L -Gk.-L. stone. tart. a pier Du. Z. uncertain.-' Dan. F. . </>o/>*oy. Du. britel. brandr. 01 bi east-piece/ btichet. a brief. to sparkle. . Bring. gristle cf. S. Texts. brechef].r/V&/.) Icel. O. 44. a troop. S. tmichet. s . of A. (Scand. />. a robber see above. See Brigand. quicke. intiiguer. (F. 'brisk. shining. O. E. Swed. ong. brenn-en. L. From Teut. tap liquor. E. the pp.) Cf. bram. Dan. Brocade. *to broach.) A. S. quarrel.) O. . A. a ship.+lw\. having a thousand points. orig.-Ital. a brigata. (Scand. (E. Brigand. to glitter. S.) M. f. weak grade Bristle. A.Idg. bringa. ong. of bngare. brigantin.) worn by brigands.-l. (F F. oiig. type Cf. bremstoon. M. M. bmsk. + Gk. Goth. spit. -f Du.Ital. (for brine]. Icel. . part. brittle. I m . means ' S. brocade. brugge. bright.. type *^. crew. ( birstle-. from its being . brigge. + TK. a beryl . Brittle.) a bridle. sense was to sparkle as a beryl. bairhts. . *brytel* Teut. see Brigand. bref. *bur$-.) Origin unknown. G. E. setten on Broach. shining. . Brinded. beorht. Cot. (F. to stitch . brldel bnjne Du. border. t. brigandine. brad. bndeL II. /. short for brigantine. streaked. Gk. brine. a lively. . Dan. brtig G. Ital. a fish. Skt. E. S. mettre en broche. brigante. weak giade of A. harsh. S. Teut. to break. Icel. (whence F. brygge. H. btocca. G.. Swed. Bridle. also. the breast. bn'/n. (E. strife. Ital. a^ above. to pull. brautigam. to + break. Brief (i ). brief. Swed. to bristle cf.) Icel. ~ breidcl. E. sulphur. of briller. slope of a hill. pt. Brig. A.E. bicit. G. (E. (F. to burn. bryde. Orig. *bhers. a pirate-ship. The same as F. L. a brinded. brim . Allied to Icel.' brocher. 127). brigand. -P\ (F. beryl/us. r<?. a broach. broche. Swed. F. said of a cow. ' < the craw-bone of a bird brig . brillant. Cot. Spelt bruisk in Lowl. L. brohte. Icel. M. short. (F. So also Icel. gristly. and Dan.) Ital. M. Dan. BROCADE clif). white. M. E. Ireuis. . twitch (with change of bnngen. Brisk. by piercing a F. brillare. bro. brjoskutt. A. A. brig. a bridge. Skt. Swed. Icel. M. *b>titiloz. (E. F. E. brekka (iurbrinka^. It S. bjartr. Brim. merely short for brigantine. M. (Wy- ' 62 . also brenstoon Brimstone.) a short form. part. a robber. bryggja Swed. bryne Brindled. btygga Dan. (F. harsh ber. pierce . borste.-L. broche. a paved way. with great stitches . pickle. (E. a-broach. fragile. v. descent or brink.A.) brimston. salt liquor. O. (E. bringan. Cot.) pres. pavement. see Beryl. swoid. . See Burn. See Braid.) M. of pp. brotel. briqdils. (E. 'the biisket. fem. (Span.. -f Du. E. Ital. pres. Brine. Du. O. H. to strive. s. bramme'. See Burr. embioideied. to strive Brisket.. bijdsk. brengen\ G. flame. (F. brim- E. brood. above . troop. verge short. a kind of armour. cf. F. bridel. ' Brill. . (E. Teut. S. brennisteinn. a brief (2 \ a writ. of a verb *brocar (not used) answering to F. bcntk. For A. . bryta. barrel. brudgom briitigomo.S. briga. allied to Icel.' Cot. brine. brigantine.brusco. barmr. bred\ Goth. see Brooch. brycg. short.E. brink. Bridge. to tap. Thus brinded brand. a bristle. Cot. . to . breed\ Icel. -f-M. brigante. sahasra-bhrshti. brittil MV& A. Ital. branded. brigandine.) Span. bnschct (Brachet). breme G. border. Broad. (1560). Cf.) F. brink. pt.F.) M.

E. bordel. \\ith needlework. Teut.) Gk.S. Of unknown *biozti. brouder. biook-lime. it. to use. (rare).-fDu. or Icel. Broker. a L.) because he has but one tine to his horn. brothel. Broom. S. gebtuiken^ Icel. how- . embroidered above. which was used. see i.S. to scald . K . A. from a verbal base G. Lit. a small stream.' ' known.) Brood. See error for broided'. projecting. from the idea of Broided. to heat). A. bmejen. Gael. brem . to brood. Origin unknown. to perish. type *brofom. ' * broacher or orig. Broth. and Irish bro^. S broc.H. broom. Formed. bioch\ Irish.) Gael. pi. tyoptcos. Du.) \V.) From A. brinr. from M. Mv. grayish. pL. a badger. E. F. Ital. E. broed\ (j. made F. i. briika.. (F.) ^E ) Hrugm. brukjan. A. F. brord. an as . L. H.Brock. Broil O. (z . to Godcfioy) cf.y brace t shoe. cf. to boil. L. broken. L. fyayxos. point.. Late L. braam. Broider. Fruit. The oi is broder. perhaps from Teut. sense. cf. b. a spit. a sprout. (E. type *br&moz Allied to Bramble. breowan. pp. Brose. bronze. O. (F. to jumble. M. broc. bronie. confound. of bregdan. q. so called (F. shoe M. heat or ' warmth.) base wretch.S. *. a spike M. and Manx broc. Bronze. brooch.) JV1. Pp6yx*> neut. a pin. gray. Corn.. Gk. peg. can. broche. broidered (as in fntt. Late L.t . of brocco. a tine ol a stag's . from Gk. spike. A. a red deer two years old. of bronze mirrors were made Brooch. to braid. O.BROCCOLI broccoli. one broaches. bru-hen. G. S.S. brocca. bracca. broom. brochure. Bromine.. roast (Roquefort). see Brooch. e. brdt 9 brok-lemke. (Gk. bruiller. brack t a marsh. . base. equivalent of F. . Gael. brewed. Teut. to enjoy. . and hleomot. a shoot. A. <es Brwnduslnum. to endure.-L) ItaL broccoli. Hence was made brothel. broche. become vile . the lamifications of the windpipe. (F. F.brut. n. see Brocade.-J-. brosdus. M. pp. transaction. broccus. grill. brauchen. brcti. and Bret. (E. A S. preseived See Breeches. stem *bro-d. E. Broil (O. brock. distinct Brothel. see whence A.) who see of wine. confused -with F. (V^HREUG. bronch-itis (F. a stink. bracour. Der. with suffix 'ine. a tumult. as in A.Ital. from /tyo-yx *- L. A.) . an agent M. . a lewd person. Broiuden (E. G. E.K. Named fiom the L. 2. 4* Du. as a badger Gk. i. broccus. O. F. sprouts .] Used the Brook brook. a badger. Teut.L. M. brnsdits. from bro-. Late L. pin which F. 256). a . to use. of breoSan. brod. See Braid. (E. v..) Brocket. a house for vile people (Much Ado. stalk. an agent.brdd (E. braille r (Bozon). broddr.) to is adorn ii. S. Dimin. a pamphlet. brocart. E. brod. breed. /x57x*> the windpipe. enjoy. E. a brook. the same. brogdcn. white. M. G.) spike .) Brooch. (C. Teut.' Der. (E. pp. Low G. (Gk. nourish their brood . brok-lenwk.) 'hi breJaS heora brod* they Brogues. E. a few leaves stitched together. Brood. (2). browden with braider (below). gray. 9). to disturb. pi ejecting.S broj> 4-Icel. /Hfnc's Horn. brocach. ii. (F. 9. braided. perhaps fiom M. a pointed stick broca. put up with. a skewer. M. * brochure. whence also abrotien. seller (F.) The wk. (C. the plant broom hence. brogliare. a plant. xxxiii. brouiller. ' broided took the place of the str. brow. Cf. Named from his white-streaked face cf. bru-. brok. Ital. L. broaator. F. to scald (ong. Orig. degenerate. coarse shoes. see Brewis. Goth. like teeth. some fin N edd. albo. afterwards contracted to brothel. (Cf. to roast. origin. also brosder (Supp. see Brad. which was the orig. to imbroyder.1. m ' Brook A repiesents A. broken. speckled. a badger. due to confusion with broided. nr.) F.) F. breeches. im-broglio\ Origin un(2). . brouken. (Ital. a spit. E. confusion (whence E. hatch.-f-Du. leggings.-L. BROTHEL Named from its ill odour. /3/xD/*-os. Late L. ' I Tim. F. E. bronzo\ bronzino. a gill. (F. i. weak grade of breu-. to fry. E.G. A. where bronze = ds). Brundusiitni) Brindisi (in Italy) . woven. . (E ) M. a besom made from twigs of it.) bioilen. witness of a Irocour. of broccolo.' Cot.S. a chemical element. a later form of brow is or brewis'. like teeth. itself due to confusion of (1). Irish +Du. fastens (Pliny. confuse. pp. bi oiden. L. broe-ien. S bnthorn . brogho. work (Ducange). to brew. brook-lime. Tcel. brocher> to stitch . broche. cf. Bronchial. E.

\\ith Formed A. much the same sense. and Ir. brugttus. boblc. Prob. G brullen. Legendaiy. but perhaps (F. (F L. bottgrari). bud. a buckle. Tupi (Bra/ihan) word. also. S breotan See Brittle. goat.) In Reynard the Fox.) F. also. (E. Named after .-o. brute. brunt. buccula. Brown. /WJ0r. brove. (L. bru.) F brftn. rugitu\. G. cheek. G. later. suffix -et from (E. Of imitative origin. bruin. broce. Origin un- F. buckler. byka. buckle. A. Gk. Cf Gk.' M. E. BUCKRAM twigs. II. bora hut. from A S. broun. board. . on a sort of wooden fiame. (F. G bock. bryony. bubbla. Bmiu. M. of (F. O Prob. Inuch.// i. late Ital. G. i bruin. Brown. break into bud which is cognate with buck. Irish bris- Bruise. Brush. a pitcher bouk. As if from A. S.-f. tart. E.bruitn. Brother. Du.. inter}. a bucket (from E \ bucaid. bryonia. -f-Du. A. e burnt/ as if the hot part of . boquerant Ital. grow luxuriantly. brusco. brut. brftnn. shoots. fatcula. See . sharp. A. bftkcn. /. F. Icel. . 295 58. a plank. a F. boucan. F. bile. a pitcher. fern. partly F. briozan. G.Teut.Du. M. Bubble. *buaan.M.) M. -West Indian. botd. ////. bucle (F bomte). G.) Date 1839. buc. E brother. cf. to break. shoot. (K. certain Brute. the first . bouken has the specific sense of steep in not found. a bud Bavar. Gael bris. to roar.S. i. E. BrOWSe. bruire from L. dimm. E. brownish. From the weak grade a he-goat. broder. cf L.brttnas. brat hair.. a brush also brush-wood. a bud. Bryony. E ' lye. Lat. -f-Du. bi Ital. Buck (2). (Personal name. used by hunters for The word tawny. a male deer. H. briitus. i. Swed.) A. brown. beaver of a helm. the . ba-bhnt(s) a wooden frame. L. . byge. brothar\ Swed. buc. Teut. bruit. to break. Dan. Lat. a Diez from O. perhaps of Celtic origin . to steep clothes in lye. (K. M. brunette. brushwood . (F. S.) Cf Swed. S. ?) M. (F. boi. of boards. F. of O.ate L.) F. to bock. (prov. a he-goat. H. stem *bhratcr~. <C>. y. G. ?) F. Gael. bokeram. boquerannns or (in Italy) bftc/iirdnus Oh. eyebrow. usque. Gk. buehen. a rumour. brouter). a noise. (F. fern. to feed on young shoots. O. btik. (E ) M. cf. brim. buchirano). boukcn. rttglic. Buck 0). Influenced by brysan. the orig. fipvcwr}. brawd.' M. applied to fruits and wine. dimm.E. and Dan. bukkr. a pail.S. F. (Du. Gael. bobbel. I break. (foi Ital.E. rain. F. stupid. (to)(E. broust (F. (The spelling ///. S. F. Eng. to bubble. breeder \ce\. brush being made of .-L.) For broust. to make a noise. a shield. Brougham. Ital. boucamer. buken (whence bucare. Brown.' Ital. imitative ( . a he-goat Dan. t ' ' . F. . to teem. . bhrdtr. stem */>. . Derived by L. to nibble off young frame on which meat is smoke-dried. boucancr. bruder\ Gael.) M.) Brusque. -L. Buckle. ^ like M. brass. brodir. PpvtiV) BrOW. broiue. M. boucan is said to be a F. . male deer. so named from the boss on it. Russ. to roar . ' ' dint (dunt\ a blow influenced by North E. 554. from A. a bristle Celtic (Thurneysen). Low r*. Partly imitative. see Boardever.) M. Swed. L. Gk. the cheek. brat'. brosse. Icel.bucler (K. . bruscia. a roaring.) Bruit. 6<f>pvs Peis. e. fritter.) Lord Brougham. 4. of bucca. Idg. briscr. bok. G. (E. bruwis brftn. A S. spelling of a lit. borstc.r0c. abrii Skt. Brugm. bruiser. boss of a shield. Liih. bobbelen. broitf]. sour. which is the older sense. /Wv/. E. A. bokeler. a coarse kind of cloth L.) Buckram. see . cf. S. a sprig. (E ) the bear is called bruin. Irish boc. brown brunet. F. Du. brun\ T)an. G. the boss ring. A. the boss of a shield. bukke.G. (E) the fight. (F -L.BROTHER del. see above a coarse cloth. orig. bucket. a Late L. W. Brunette. (K. F. Swed. 800. Skt. II. and to mean a brouster (F. Gk. Low bursta. tub) . bucheratnt. with prefixed/' F brmt =l. a clamour (Ducan^c. brusche. H. Dan. M. Brugm. a kind of carriage.braitn. a bubble. a bubble also Du. hut M. rough m manner. of a shield buccula. brosst. smoking and drying flesh. Irish bin < cad. Scheler derives F. . Russ. F. to broil pirate.) *M. Lith. E. other. (F. Brunt. tppvvoSy a toad. Buccanier.) F. G.^-Gk. im. to break. A. thicket. bouclier). bitica. bruin. H G. occurs in S. . a brush. . boket (Bo/on). in \ O. Goth.) Low (F.Icel. (pparijp Skt. ftpvojvia. E. F. aho W. brown. to bruise. Cf.

7inamed because an disgust. bulhr. ace. a kind of deer or /3ou/3aAoy. . bouchet. Cockeram.-Gk/) Lit.~Gk. F. a sack. an ox. a bird with a melodious voice t resembling the nightingale. see Buff (2). talking). to puff. to strike. \ \ . (2). Bulbul. boc. ox .-O. terrific. bulge. a Bugle . from ALE. a bulbous bulbus. in Blindman's buff. n.. See above. a leathern bag. a bud (E. a buffalo (Not a true Gk. (C. a kind of ornament. (2) to stir. F. bole. Gael. allied to Skt. bold. Bulge. a kind of wild ox. horns. to terrify. a wild ox. Gk. F. boffet.-L. (F. Gk.-Gk. buculum. a nightingale. to from to botl (above). bulden. &ovy\a>aaos.) Little black pipes. orig. 'or Ital. S. a blow.) A supposed spectre in the shape of a bear. Buffalo. bulbul. buff.L. to build. O. F.E. tongue. Budge Bug Said to be so (C.BUCKWHEAT Origin uncertain. (F. Buffer (i). Buff (2). S. also buglossus. and Ir.-L. bol. L. and (2) see Buffet (i). F. a blow (LubbenX See Buffet (i). a foolish fellow. see Buffet (i). boil. a plant (F. E. prov. A. oxbuffe. Bug-bear.) 'L. as in buck-mast. to swell out. Origin unknov\ n.) In Sh. exciting But cf. Prob. jester.) a bugle is a wild ox. (Ihre). The form buck is from A. to puff. Gk.& leathern bag (Gaulish). a game in which Cot. tongue.) A. F. blow $uf. Bucolic. bufe. to buffet on the Buckwheat. ~L.-C.bficoticus. byldan. pastoral. beechmast. bugle. . to Build.-C. Budge (2). boitlge (bouge\ a bag. to puff out the cheeks.cDacr-a. a plant. see Bower. of bos. bftfahtSi&\s>Q bubalus. M Bulb.] a house. (F.F. (F. Irish dimin. a wild F. Swed. L. .+Lithuan. a foolish fellow. Puff.) Lit. baugus. to stir. Gk. (i). Span. buffoon. orig. bolg. is short for bugle-horn Budget. (L. oi bufe. (Port. bochet. buffer (i). to tuin aside. a bulb. game boys used to buffet one (who was bugillo. to stammer. bougette.) Pers. buckwheat G. Buffet (2). spectre . (I-. F. Cf. /3ov/foAoj. L. O. S. ou-s. dimin. (i ). See Beech. bugula. from bugti. /3oC-s. beech-wheat. and Late L.-L. young kid. andE. blinded) on the back. buchweizen.) antelope. ox. a blow. . of imitative origin. esp. a buffoon. bufalo. to stir. see Bug (2).E. a small farm. Icel. (F. Bug bocan.) F. buglossc.(F.-Gk. (F. Late (E. a bag. on the cheek.) F.) Bugle.?) hidden./3dy.' (F. bol.) from M. A. . bottffer.). (F. (Pers. L. onion. 0ovKO\ttc6s. .-L. a dwelling. *//*. Cf. Cf. a hobgoblin. boekweit. [Cf. bivg. bufer. (F. Span. F. Ital. a stammerer hence. cf. L. bythan. a side-board. (F.) F.) M. a side-board.?) Bug (i). a horn. dwell build. mod. build Cf. a blow. to bud. O. 'a striker. without being Bugloss. L. bylja. to puff buffen. a horn. a young ox double bulga. Teut. to deaden conLit. . buffer. yA. word. Bud. from the resemblance of its seeds to the mast of the beech-tree.-W. O. buffet. a house. bulttre\ see Boil Ital. of bouge. S. bouffon.) Port. BULGE buffen. Not found in A. . a buffalo. L. . aspectre. a kind Perhaps related to O. bhiij. . L. sceam-budda. . hot. *bti-J>loni.9 related to bu-an.' cf Low G. bulicare. Dan. dwelling. a house. Gk. (i) to (1) above. a blow.) Bugle (3). E.E. bufalus see Buffalo. E.L.) F. (C. the colour of dressed buffalo. also to buffet.?) object of terror. one who makes grimaces. to strike. an ox. dimin. Gk. From O. (0. . to bud. a little black home. likened to1 ' skin. fo/flM<Afc. buglossa caught. (F. M. a cushion. (perhaps) bugle. bol. /3oA. bouger. Bugle. buffalo. a spectre. see (i). Bugle (2). (i). cheek. dung-beetle (Voc. bufet. esp. a wallet.) Formed buffer cussion. on the cheek cf. Of imitative origin. pastoral. bouffer. variant of boil. from bu. Swed. an insect. . Buff (i). a buffet. from the shape of the leaves. O. Dn. out the cheeks (hence. root. (F. . sprout. So also Du.) Orig. F. to L. Buffet (i). ox-tongue. a cowherd. Gk. if possible. see Bow M. perhaps from Bokhara (Tartary). bugle Formerly blindman-buff. pouch. buffet. bufflc. a bud batten. (F. s horn-bug (Kent). S.) F. bufer. allied iofouffer. A. O. answering to bubble up (Diez). of fur. S. i. (E. Brugm.) F. Gk. to puff or blow in . and K\\tVj to drive.

. to like bump. (Doubtful. bilk. Compounded of Dan. a partition . ////k. Doublet. a noisy rough fellow. of bit I/a. a ball.E. Bump (2).F. see Bull (2). Icel. a scavenger's boat on the Thames afterwards used to supply (A. See Budget. a boiling.. (L. trunk. F &w//W. bolk\ Dan. Cf. a fritter (Gode. (E. bull-daisy.' Cot. Bullion. bolke. (E.) . (Scand.L. botl. 'log -work/ or 'bole-work'. Or bull may mean ' large.-Icel. Imfiipe. bitllc. bug. a partition.. buhle). Icel. Bunch. boh\ G. &c. boulevard}. vark. a bubble. From bulletin.-L ) The A. a bubble. Cf.^r/aw*. O. t Cf. great.Du. (E. bum kin also meant a luff-block. cobloaves. bugue. a ball. log. Bull bole. the bellower. bulr. 393). O. Latin). (E. passages to shew that it arose from the pursuer catching at a man by the hinder part of his garment. E. M. Cot. Swed. F.-LO of F. L. 244.) buns. A. S. M. S. bul\ Icel. Du. BUNDLE Bole. Iccl bfikr. (Scand. Bull (2). botuiel\ G. />///&- with the notion of a bumping or . G. bounce. the belly. O froy) 1 .. . to bind. (Du. Swcd. Bulletin. bulwand. bulla. s.' with to a bull. bundet. S.) Cf. bar see Beam (i). a lump Corn. Boom (i). beloce t a bullace M. bullet. Low G. Bundle. knob. boomken. bullm. ref. (2) a blow. of bulletta. bum. />0. male of the cow. vegetables to ships. ticket a passport. thick-skulled fellow. 'a bump.) bule.// /a. bulk.. (i). -L. a tree.. bul> see stem. thumping. M. . Bump . a full glass. pwtnpto. Bulwark. E. bunche. to bubble up. Bullace. bulker. of O. the trunk. . to thump pwmp. bulcke. thorax (Kilian). bulk a half-wall . : .' See Bunion. bullio meant a mass of metal. (Britten). a beam.+Du. M. India. Not found in A. Supp. a seal. The oldest sense. Late iL. bufiuelos. Der. H. The senses are (i) to strike.) Northumb. bulltiC) as above. leaden seal on an edict a bull (in late . bullcn. cf. bolr. The E. bump F. * Late L bulhonem. a blow. and Dan. (Prob. /*'.' cf. bilge. to swell.#/rj'*v&<?. L. Lit. Line. to stuke \\ith the fist. Bumble-bee. a lump. -Dan. Bulrush. apparently. a boss. hence. v. E. India. but the Bumboat. see Bole. (F. Cot. bundel. buik.) From bum and boat. bulwark. (of either sex) . Du. II. bugtwte. . bun^. . a heap. also bugnet (id.?) M. F.E beat. batuh. (Hexham). boil. a beam. xiii.Ital. bullettino. imitative. Parv. L. a work. bulluc. O. full glass cf. bullion meant a mint. bull. col. a thick piece of wood (Cotgrave. Prob. a pellet. and Late L. (E. Minsheu has Span. and Perhaps related to Balk. also spelt bigne. occurs. Ong. (E) M. E.-L. of boom. a thick-headed fellow. Perhaps stem-rush '. . (F. balkr. . ing. from its stout stem .. bolwerk. (F. a swelling or bump chie to a blow (Burguy). * buole (G. a kind of fritters F./t'. bulln-e. Lat.) In Sh. (E. bulki. ace. size. Todd quotes (E. dimin. Bum-bailiff. F. bindan. L. dimin. a lover bolas. bolt trunk of a tree. W. Bulk (2). the trunk of the body. Dan. a boilL. is 'dear one. a bee that booms or hums See Boom (i). E. -f. bun^/ &c. Dan. Prob. bulk-head. boss. G. cf. ' (i). weak grade of 30). p. to boom. (3) its effect. M. Bumpkin. D. bulna. F. bom.) In Sh.) Of imitative origin cf M. confused with Du. also.BULK a bag (Gaulish). (F. See Bunch. little tiee ^Du. prov. A. 2. bunchen. Bullet. pass.) Imitative. Bun. (Scand. a safe- Dimm. (O. lover. knob. type *pilottca. perhaps the same as bugne. borrowed from M. bolverk (Ihre) cf. Bumper. index) readily applied to a block-head. bull-ock. Dimin. Bully . in E. G. p. and Bumble-bee. G. e. knob. &c. bulle\ Lithuan. Shetl.) M. a bulrush. Du. a blow. a boss.) . dial. little round loaves. to roar and see Bellow. Der. bund^ a bundle (Matt. 66 . Bignets. M. M. Chicambault.) Cf.) M. lover. the stem of a tree. to thump. And see Bunk. lottery ticket. from its being melted cf.) Bulk (3\ a stall of a shop. (E. 1685). * pancakes. Bulk (i). verk. and see bumkin in the E.' M. Swed. a wooden hutch in a workshop. Dan. a i. &c. a papal edict. Swed. Dan. pellet-like. dimin.pilofa. under-bailiff. dimin.) M.) a ticket. a heip.) . Ital. conduct.Prompt. a bullock. bul.F. boll-werk (whence F. (F. bulhona. bouillon. Swtd. of Indlio. E. Da. F ) A slang term. Swcd. wild plum. a beam.

) M. G. to break into a house. Bore (i). ace of burdo. bureau. bauch burgnlare. weak grade of *beran. Borough Bunting (2). a bud. M. (Du. F.) It answers in form to Dan.) Bungle. O. bunga. Sc. 'L2iVf L. a bunch stem of the verb to Bind ^f But the right burglar. Burden (2). burg\ see Borough. bunke is a heap. in mud/ Cot. Swed. bunke. Schmeller) . clog. 67 . Prob. Mp&opos. a bung of *bonde. A. push out. bigne. burg. . coarse cloth. II. (F. bungo. bohreti). pi. irvp. (F. H. The spelling with ~al is due to Bur. buren.) fetter. (Rielz. and meester. Du. See Bun.). a load carried. bundt.t to bear Bear (i). a helmet. And cf. boitf.. O. name Bengal. (Personal name. &c. F. convexity..L. Burgundy. Borough. . F. Late L. p. bunting also bitntyle (=-buntef). Burgonet. meistre see Master. a desk. a town-mastei Origin unknown. burgomaster. Swed. H. ineffectually. puncta. the belly of a sail. an engraver's tool. Spund). Lowl. G. an elevation whence G. stifle. orig.m por). 'a bump. a buoy. F. Ihre. So called F. Lengthened from Languedoc boitre. pp. see Gk. bang/a. augment.) (F. II. to (E. neck. bure. push up. Burbot. fetter. F. O. byrgels.BUNG a stopple. bug. burgeis. (E. Burke. (F. the Swed. a buoy because fiist used by the Burgundians. burh. M. see below.*. burg. a thin woollen stuff ' siftmg-cloth . reddish. . M. F. as preserved in F. Swed. also spelt beriels. biriel. From Tent. por. byrde\ Goth. of bugno. guignote. \j. (F. E. a Bengal thatched house. (Du.-G. a Late L. H. bom). Bourgogne. reddish. (F. pile. G 293. . Bunting (0. the usual sense of geys. cf. Du. . Of ?) den (i). G. an orifice. bourbe. the name of Bttrke.) Prob. v. bunga. S.) \. a bird. see Bury. a bung. L.F. the plank. Intnt. a for connate with E. O. imitative Bureau.) Hind. E. a bungalow. bonten. eye of a shoot Burgeon. in Gk. bure.ori[y . in the sense of a fritter (Godcfroy) but coaise woollen stuff. byrtir. prov. O.. G. \ .) F. (Hind. caigo. F. F. mud. a lump (GrafY. room for burgns. (E. . in the same senses. (F. a swelling. /an. bourbotte association withfuner-al. E. M. ' ' . ?) M. birr. bourE. a drone-bee. (Du. bod. buigne (F. burge-meestcr. a city. also. From Cf. noise. Gk. chandise. s. of imitative origin cf. humming of bees. burgensis. suffixes. a fetter.F. Du. really an augmentative of O. f a burganet/ Cot. with varying For the form burden. baurthei.Y. biriets. bor. b^lrgulator. (Du. see Burr. Cf. of leather. a tomb. flags. a load. bide.{<=. O. . dark brown . A. Trvpp6s. mud. fern. H. . a citizen. Low Lat.coloured. ^f Confused with Bur. H. (Ihre) Swed. S. S. so called because covered with brown baize. G burc (G. burger. bwng. buire. russet. a bud. Late L F. a collar A. Swed. Late L. to wallow Burin. ' . berth. an orifice orig.~ G.) Du. a drone. G. Cf. from master. burel. buring of a ship forming a shelter for merO. from O. Bunion.btngnon. bttnke. buzz. byr&i . of pungere^ to prick. burde \ from the same root. (Scand.) M.) (also barbate}. . words for see Bulk (2). Icel. burgher. I. bunt are Dan. buriel.) Perhaps So also Ital.) F. also a shackle. E. Ital. to bore . F. byrtien. to raise.) Burgess. BURKE borda. Intrdonem. a bundle. to work writing-table. Buoy.?. Dan. Cognate with Swiss ptmt (Weigand. Diet. bonde. (F. boia. the refrain of a song. see Cot. (Scand. burglour. bureau. a fort M. from borino. burin M. O. borcn (G. by)gan. W. to make a whizzing to Bengal. boute. dialectal form bonge (Uu. pura boil. Low Lat. G. (Scand.M. buik. (E. to sift. F. a F. bunt.) *bur~. i ). for the tomb. burg) prominent cognate with A. Du. swelling/ Cot. a bung. of or belonging Lowland Sc. to strike oiigm. a young bud. borba. Dan. a fish.-M.) From see murder. Teut. fire. a wooden case or box. F* L burnt s. F. empor Cf. M. (Dit-z). S. Swed. L. upwards. A.) Fonnrrly burger. ( Burthen. bourdon. S. F. drone of a bagpipe. Burdock. Bungalow.) F. bourgeon. Bang. to bury. something belonging to a fort or city. Bunt. an Irishman who com.-E. Bunk. and F. to murder by suffocation. dial. -f Icel. a Burial.) Du. E. F. mud. Rich. (A. bugnone. . Law L. * \ Burden . bourbetter. bunt 11 12.) Q. burg see Borough. &c.bmgler. bangalah. G. Du. buk. Ita)) line. from the weak cognate with E.

bersten\ G.-fDu. a plant. biiask. bits. (Scand. busk^ Swed. Bur. See an Bound (3) and and -sk. the old senses of S. O. E. t. F. bran. From kiss. a bush a word of unknown origin. burdock. (1483) .cf.G. (above ). box-tree. strong verb. Q H. . bur> ow. Flies. busse. byrig. E. barnan. bush.) M. may have Cf. bou^selle. shmb. whence Span.-Gk. boitfe. rebumtst rough. Mod. ttvpca. Icel. Ital. E. -ly ' also O. A. ' a buske. base *burz-<*l>urs. a busque . bourle .) Med. (F. Late L. Burl. O. a box .) O. M. lady's fit Formed by adding -lie) the to A. L. bursa^ bursarius. . Late L.) (i). brast. . large.) M. a purse. Gk. . Ttal. P boissel\ for Late L. pp. . a box. L.) M. worn formerly in Barbary and Spain ) . brestr* vb. (F. F.S. H. btixis. Of uncertain ' Cf. burla. a box. fine boot. intrans.) M.) [The old word was F. . ofburk. . Du. . borwgh. (E. dimin. Der. L. (F. to O. M. E. bntnir (pres.' Cot. brun blown. bcornan.) M. The M. Gk. a thicket. verb. kardborre. burliche.) (i). cf. to Icel. but re. a&eaBUSS. All from Late L. origin. (E. E. See Pyx.) See Omnibus. a nrchin. merely a Der. Busk Icel. G. F. a small box *boiste!> dimin. L. borre. nonsense (Ausomus) burli.) A.&\* burlesco. pt. burre. Gk. to hide see Borough. M. . trans. Burn . Gk. byrgan* to hide in the Bury prov. A from L. burlesque. baiscr. comic. A. Bursar. (F. of O. byrnan. a woollen pad allied to L. verb. type ^brannjan-.L. Burnoose. (Scand. Arab) F. brande. E. Burnouse. See Bristle. t see bud. Bask. (E. burms-anf). H. a bower. (F. > trifles. (i\ to get oneself ready. a trick. t. . O.) Low L burneta.) brennen. Burst. F. ace. . Dan. a kind of cloak with a hood. Buskin. S. a shelter for rabbits. upper cloak worn by the Arabs. -f. Teut. A. weak grade of beorg-an. a hide. bury. E. . part.) burnishen also burtten. Jan.dock. Burnet. vb. a shortened form of omnibus. L. (2). excellent. of F. colour of the flowei s. for . burle. bernen. bowerly btlr. type *brennan. borre. or stays. brennen Goth. to kiss. buxida. burlesque. a town.) ' buste Cot.' stately.Swed. Med. bosih\ O.+Icel. the name of a flower burnette. . bastum. (2). bur. (Du. great and. A. /9v/xra. bnlnen embrown. (F. bournous. oneself. borli . also a brunette. prov. pt.O. a measure. Icel. Dan. Bus. wine-skin. beam. Late L. Bury Bush . busc G. Ital. burttus.-*hi3ib. a box. (3. Bush . by 68 buss. E. bornen +O.' M. burra See Burl. F. L. . to polish. to bristle. dimm. off hurls. (Bavarian) bussen. . I break. borre. burnir. F. a knot in cloth. brunette. I)u. buskin. a brook. See Borough.H. burra. a hence. shelter . berstan. ground. 28. E. flame. Dan. As in Canter(2).t of Teut. branna G. for sik. Swed. a purse-bearer. (L. bmhse. to prepare Brown. (A. A. bersten.-O. F. also ( i ). busc. Late L. burien. (E. . brunete. of imitative been partly suggested G. 7rv<s. a burr. bersten\ Dan. bousequin M. a flock BUSS Burrow. root *bcrs. G. irvos t box-wood. dat. chamber a bower. S.) M. executed at Edinburgh. F. M. it. buskep. trifles.S.G.) \\. S.-f-Du. Irish briss-im (for *brest-itn). briste Swed. wk. brinna Goth. BUZT. brinna n Teut.] The modern origin. (<*brunjatt). brenna. ~L. humous. Gk. Gk. cave. {'usque.BURL mitted murders by suffocation. From burg-. . a - varied spelling of borough. There are two forms. (E. F. causal to the former. finally. knob borre. borsa. suffix Burly. busch. (2). (E on a burdock throat. E. break. trash. a burdock.E. vb. F. A. L. Lat. G. 1 . buc. ( Busk - - - N. also brottsequin. ludicrous. E. byrigan. bushel. stout. 1829. to kiss. barrel (of a gun) G. borzachino.S. Ital. a kind of dark brown cloth. H. bottrre. F. brista . to pick knots and loose threads To burl is to pick from cloth. S. g. al- bornoz. a borough. burra. buidock. busk. 'a burly bed. L. ( F. to burst asunder. the metal box in which an axle works. (Med. bury. weak grade Teut. bushel. bass in Not A. Shetland boorly. brosekm was borrowed from F.Gk. . toscus. M. bryne. O. a kind of high-crowned cap. bresten. Sec Burn : Brunette. a.) get oneself ready. bnsch. or lock of wool or hair. burnish. bustelhts. branujan \ . Named from the dark brown to polish. S. roughness in the a support for a woman's M. waggeiy. big. a hide. (E. see Bourn (2). E. str. (E. a box. of buxis.

) M. Lith. out. (E. a bottle see Bottle. E. (4). v. G. So A. from the same verb .-L. stays. corresponding to M. a O. G. bot. a companion or partner in a as if for *buttcrcts. -uc\. From A. Etym. H. Late L. -4- bezig. Formed. a log . S. - . from violent. stumpy . except. a pluial form. to thrust. dull. Butt (i ). (F. q. and F. liquids. to strike. A. a butter-fly.(F. a bustard. E. (F. tit. H.G. (Scand.) the old sense was obedient. to push.} auis tarda. Cf. so that it is prob. Du. bozan. F. Du. Der.) be-iitan. mouth. butte. Low G. butan. outarde stands for an oldei oustarde. t O. whence btsgu. bisy. from M. S. pres. lip. Prob. Auis tarda. A properly a place E. * slow bird. See Diez. (K. a . Busy. boc (F. esp. butin. thrust . (E. Icel. A. suffix. (E. H.) called from its excre- " . A. short.) M. initial a is dropped . buttress. L. See Boast and Boisterous.-Gk.' A. Cf. the same.. buttr. [The senses of the may be referred to the verb. a butlery. from but. and conj . lit. a round knob pushed out. Port. . boxom. the trunk of the body. But O. boutcrez. bnta. backer. abelarda. lit. banter. a button properly. in architecture. the vessel Lat.) We but our mod. F. buttiSy a cask. E. Butty.& bud. a buttress. Buttock. boty-felowe or booty-fellow. see Buttock. a-but. bistarde and F. sam. bieg. bock. Butt (2). bozen.) An imitative word. botte.) trunk Allied to Swed.' is far from being truly Buttery. pov.) M. E. O. M. Q. W. for a butler from M. buste. G. to bustle. a turbot. Dan but. just as F. one who attends to bottles M. to purchase. stumpy. O. origin M. but. . Goth. short. (E. a bird. to push. S. S. bosta. in the latter. (L. about as a fish . outarde are from aui tarda in the former case. see Butt (i). butere. of F. butt-end. Button. which we a butt. suffix -ok (A. boteras. a place for provisions. O. to beat.some. a support. butter-fliege. See Buck. Both O. botelert a butler. . Icel. buhsum .) corruption of A descriptive . Du. O. (Thus buttery = bottlery. G. also bistard (Sherwood) ' L. O. Du by .BUST to kiss . Der. work. Du. byg-eS. bugian. . without. E. O. Bust. l>oitton). F. bo'"rt to push. Low G. F. F. sb. Butler. lit. -\-Tt\\. a thick end. ' (i). (E.' be. S.) frequentative of see Butler. 1 393. From boty. - boton. a mark. as in win. to beat. bytt\ (F. butten. exertion. butterfly.] M.-O. pi.) byg-est. N. bud. O. whence M. also. bilgan. -f- butt. one who kills goats. ( sui ly. Du. see Cognate with Icel. a butt. F. Butt (3). G. blunt. S. prep. call bottle. byg*. botervlieg. obey and -sum. ment lesembling butter. (F. lit. Ital. See Beat. ing of booty = F. A Butter. as shewn by the M. to splash Buttock.) (2) see Butt (i). see Booty. word is F. Swed. G Of Low G. + 69 . butte. butt (mound to shoot at). S. Cotgrave also has boutant. Ital. to be with dimin. bycgan. bitggen. a bouc) a goat. (Mod. see Butt (i). strike. ous busto. Low G. bouteret. bustum.Late M. botel. humoured. good- Buxom. Buy. . (F. of human body. F. N. S. M. . &OVTVProbably of Scythian origin. boter-sehijte. bfitr. a stump. butt. bend. E.) the bust. E. from bitter. a substitution for some form foreign to Latin. buczoti.) M. prop. bttstla.-Late L.) orig. buttor-fleoge. Butcher. F. M. - Butt a kind of flat fish. botte. to thrust. Confused with the word buffer. busy. butta. obliging. bochicr. Frank. botcr. Gk. Fries. sing. Cot.' Cot. to kiss also Gael. 'without. . to bow. a large barrel. but. a thrust. (F. booty. butte. butyntm. auis. a prop. F. buigzaam. bits. See Sweet. biggen. goat. bisig buttr. x. butteras. depends on boutcr. cf. bitsta. (i).) M. really F. Cf. outarde.-L.F. Buzz. to be violent Swed. 2 and 3 p. S. Bustard. Gk. .//<?. Bustle.) Norw. a 21). Du. 'bow-some. from but ten. But A. bistarde. E. a slow bird (Pliny. (bys *'g\ active . boter. (E. from boteler. E.) Formerly O. *botan. bot. S. push out. bustaid. boot en. (K M. baton (F. Low G. butt. O. E. old spellwork. (F. (E. botere . Dan. but. to hit. allied to F. Orig. adv. stiike. Low ) Shortened from (F. butter-voider (Kihan). abide (2). Der. E. as in (E. F. BUZZ . busen. G. butta. one who shares booty with others. of A. a thick end. See Bow Butt find (2). also betarda.) E. Late L. See Butt 3). butter. E. uncertain. where L. Lit. butter. PaLgrave has bottras. botelerie. F. ill an. E. .) M. Der.

whence So also Dan. M. cabana. (F.-L. F. \\nfo. . from the Mexican name (cacauatl) cacao . whereof sleave {. a low Sc. ka<. Goth. cabane. L. M. to adopt a doctrine Cot. (Heb. bad and jrcurd- a vegetable.G. (Span. Late L. Gk.kla. Icel. cadPrompt.' Sewel. ftaieofficwia. head. an inferior kind of falcon. L. bttse. a Ileb. + cf. tea. Sc. leap of a goat . /for/). coarse. Caddy. measure. to laugh. . cabas. Swed. (L ) M. a kind of worsted lace or tape. . (F.) Ong.<W. caplum. cable. a dance. to Godefioy). dead. Cad. ' Cacopony. E. Cackle. cabak. cadet Jamieson. Jiagle\ G. (Scand. town-law. corpse-like. Indian. of the ^f tree bir-} . Caber. explained by bombictniuni (hence Irish cadas. hut (Isidore). Heb. E. also 'the chimney in a (Hence also Dan. is made. 0o>i/os. S. CacMnnation. KCLKO-S. Tale. bizz. (F.' F.L.) M. A. tapanna. a small box for tea. with suffix F. cacique. gagg-lc. from the caddis-like shape of the case of the larva. F. Dan. cabache. hum. an enand-boy. a village (gen. By-law. L. ' A 70 . quentative foim. a fre- shape of a vault see Alcove. entangled silk. busto s= L. capra. Cackle. fellow. CADDY to Ital. of F. pantry. .BUZZARD Lowl. F. buzsicare. to go (K. kabys. cf. a cab. (Malay. a a law. By.-L. E. F. a haish sound. Lat. ace. cachinnattonem.+I)n.) to stool. The sense is ' to keep on saying gackcln. Cab Cab cakken.* cf. to fall. to put into a basket to From Norman cabbage (and see Supp. (F. (holding) rope. (fxuv--/). cabriolet. for Lowl cadie.E. Cf. bi. . (Du. bie-r. Buzzard. L. a strong L. qibbcl.E kakckn. a-bhi. Cacique. ship. supposed lightness. great head . a cabin (above). a cow-house (E. caddisworm.) Kaif6~ . by-r.) Formerly catnboose>> Du. capra. a F. to See Boor. choux calms. the 1 8th part' of an cphah. dwell. caiophonou* (Gk. Byre. doctrine. a rafter. bur. cadauerosus. an/ (from O. Parv. byre. S.) L. E. cadar^o. Cachucha. Cacao. a pole (C. Span. Span. fern. -F. is called in the tea-trade a caddy or catty. (Picard) caK.) Cabriolet.) M. cf. Gk. that cannot be spun on a reel Port. to receive. Icel. a secret.) from its Cab is short for cabriolet. -Ital. cabane. prince. to hiss . caper.' it was orig. (F.qabbalah. . cabasser. a kid. a cook's cabin. caboche. see see Cadet. M. with augmentative suffix. Though also used to denote 'worsted. formerly capriole. bij\ G. * F cadarce* the coursest part of silke. iv. F.Skt. a is . cabriole. Cabal. caprio. bur.A. a she-goat. bSr is allied to biia. * . a See Bower. Cf.) Span. Cadaverous. ' * . tailor's cabbage. a harsh sound. the Jewes Caball. of bower. qdbal. L. L. .Ital. (L. (F. (F. see Cabriolet. (Gk. type *taprio. a shed.E Prov. gabb-le.) The 1 iteral gab. W. L. Du. (K) . (E. gobb-le. Cot.) t made . F. 4.) in cadas. the cook's cabin on board ship. cachinnare. cadarzo. mysterious Heb. (F. kak Gk. a rafter.) L.) a caper.O. Icel. Norman cabas. kakclen. to form sense is hollow (1) . Kormeily also birlaw.->F. cable.) small package of Better spelt catty. a tree.) A Northern A. d/*-</. Cf. lit. prep. (L. Caddis. caccii e. bosard. whisper. S. reception. cadaucr a corpse. L. cabar. dis). c.-Ital. -Late L. a buzzai d btisard. a caper. LateL. log. of unknown origin. a hidden science in the . Cack. an Indian From the old language of Hayti. Ilcb qabab. by-lov. dim in. Short (F. Swed. Cable. Indian chief. (Span. a coarse silk. fall . caboose. hpjar. E. L. hut.) Span. M.) M. Not in A. % Cabbage cabasser.) K. sound.) Gael. Malay katt. (Span. bi.) cachucha.) M. a W. bnsard. cabane. Not the whence chocolate same as cocoa. boche. head of a nail (-2). a bower .H. Der. kabysa. large-headed cabbage. Ital. . ^. clenv. In Wmt. a law affecting a township. cf. goat . S. 208. captttum. Origin unknown probably capriola. less than a half-chest. harsh. ' . coarse silk. Der. Mexican. (2). 1 Cabin. Cabbage (0 ' <f><jJVOS\ cap-tit. capouhia. buteo.Heb. cabinet. wild goat .. Caboose. a basket. Puard tabus. to steal. a sparrow-hawk. F. loud laughter. Gk. caperc. kombuis cabinet. to hold. see Chevron.

. \* *calcndra.E. putih. stem *kakon~. L. a hot bath. weight is also used in China and Japan. L. a crag. calandie. (younger) head. a boat. t .) cadence.** Span. cade. Der. (L. (C. Slav. kak. kage. Cf. a pile of stones. a small carnage. (F. Cylinder. stem of pres. and Swcd. contr. (F.) F. (L ) L. an ass. see Mod. a kind of wandenng Muhamkayu pilfih. ca!cche. of kolasa. Ital.Gk. L. See Cadence. Pei s. (Picard) cauderon. calends. + Skt. canca. cake. (F. Cadet. caharnts. calamcnt. obscure but certainly from the base tal-. K&&QS. pi. kayu.A. (Malay. . (L. (F. (L. form of calidtis. earn.L. . ' Pers. hag. F. Heb. to Cade. the first day of the (Roman) month. (F. Capdet is a Gascon form Late L. (F.) L. (Turk ) mod. ass-gourd/ i. Calender (2). capitellum (the substitution of t for // being Should be calCalcareous. cadence. 'white wood. cyhndnts. to chatter like .) Cadi. M.) L. alcayde}. t . a calender. from Teut. a c> Under.) Malay qalandar. Cauldron. . ass (hence. . calamintha. a \essel for hot water. cage. odoriferous fruit. CaHerone. 4* Gk. calatnitatem. A. a wheel O.) (F. Russ. coarse) khara. article. a falling. pertaining to lime. Span. cadent-.L. a cask. qa&T. . L. see Captive.) F". Yol. kalesche. calabaza (Poit. fad. W. den. to reduce to a calx. cookie. cadits. a younger son.1 jay.-L. def. -L. a sort of carriage. chaudron (Ital. (F. be hot. L. calculat-u$. Mod.) Calamity. avoirdupois.(whence prov. a pail. kitchen.. pp. Heb. koek> G. a Ital. caldar-ia. hollow.) Perhaps linen.) Iiish. Caique. caduc-us. Skt. fem. calcindre. put. where al L. is the Arab. ah a/de. large gourd. . of L. F. the judge (E. Gk. Cajeput (with j as y). (L ) L. from L. Bret. Calendar. calderoii]. latendi?..) M. Y. to fall. fiom L. Calamint. calaba$d}. E. Extended L. . an account-book kept by money-changers so Turk. (F. lit.F. capdel. Peis. cale~. khar. formerly. of imitative origin cf.' Cot. carious. koltaska.GkO F.) Arab. also a calends (ist da}) of each month. F. cat/if. N.L. caiqite.) L . a boat. a feverous madness. calx. Lat. KaXaftivOr}. pebble* dimin. a cake). s. or Scand. Cake. called because interest was due on the Cairn. caudrun. lit. (F. a melon lit. captiuum. Caftan. (F. L. Calculate. (F.) M. Slavonic. dimin. Meyei. cajoler. a L. calends. Prov. to L. an L. G. cauus. Calabadk.CADE This weight equal to l| Ib. kolaska. Gk. who abandons everything and retires from the woild. of cadere. Calender (0? a machine for pressing Caitiff. Du. to cajole.' Malay madan monk. ace. for O. Late L. lime. of captnius'. Caducous. North F. rock . strong grade is *kvk. a dress. Tent.-Late L. a herb. a carriage. falling.L. capnt. collet^ a younger brother . cadence. a judge. (F. dimin. c/itttf) cloth. cackle. cahithts. calc. . a misfortune. Span. cadenza. Allied to Hale (2). to cut. jar. a captive. casfira. calender Pen*. a barrel. kaik. to reckon by help of small L. to summon. cadere. head. F. (F.e. white. . (F.. . . E Ka\iv. cask. a smoother of F. E.stem of calx. (F. Calenture. Orig. calendar. kharbuz. stem of calx. ace. a carriage. }?o\.) F. buzah. fall. with suffix -otis. Cajole. . calamity L. lime.Gk. a cadi or cazi. . cat f if. of cauderon. also. See Cave. r*4*. Q. and tea is often made up in packages containing one catty. pile of stones. fall . wood. to proclaim.) M. qaftnn. Cadence. F. a little \j. a cave. calcine.hrfo. F'ries. celcndra. late Icel. a kind of wandering F. to pebbles. calebasst. Late L. ctrs-us. cask. calender. a Turkish garment.) tree "yielding an oil. Cage. cadentia. a mistaken form foi calendrer. adaptation of L. kaka Dan. (j. . (K. a judge. caldus. of which the as in O. (VQEL. a L. chauderon^ cadere. qazi. E. pt. falling. F. a stone.) regular in Gascon P. -Pers. pp. Calends.) Hence Span. . Cot. root *kak-. cavea. (Arab.) L. calere. calare. Turk. L. (L ) Caldron. calendar ium. 01 ig. F. of calculdre. hot. Turk. CALENTURE the shell of a gourd.^lu. ca!ctnet\~ Arab. just falling of words. a pause in a verse. Arab. a monk. a wretch (F. a cutting Caesura. * M. L. kad. a fall of the voice. a barrel. kolo. Calash. Gael.) F.

heat and -fie-. . callisthenics. khahfa. F. good ball with spikes for annoying cavalry.) with strength. Swed. Gk. (Gk. in Late L.-Low L. from and ffOiv-os. heel-trap Trap. Teut. cotton cloth. Calthrop. Caltrap. stone. came /. G. *oAo-s. great-bellied Sec Cave in. stem of L. heat. Arab. CAMEL Span. Coined from L. diameters. kamm . kahl. Der. caluus. lit. lifak. (F. 1 Allied to Helm (2).) a preparation of mercury. adj. See Quail. (i). F. golos" . Ka\\iypa<j>ia writing. kalbo-. rest. a reed. heat. a quail. Russ. kallen. cea1lian\ E. Gk. stem of calx. see Kersey's Diet caluere. Allied to Prov. calomnie. a foetus. Ital. also a ridge on a wheel. (Diez). chaussetrappe. iv. F. to write. half. (L. (F. calon-. cahnpres.) Late A. size of a bore (F. Calm. chaume. camail.S. calyx Icel. L. calibre (1623).) M. a kind of pipe for tobacco. i Cf. a form. hard. kallen O. Call. Gk. L. Calico. burn. femme ful. Lit.-L. Perhaps allied to Skt. the heat of the sun (whence. where it was first made. calma. calumet. Icel. . a Caligraphy. North F. . kalf. (F. Camel. a heiald. E. weak verb galiv. f). cf. Calligraphy. Gaulish L. . calamus. a comb (see Kilian' . model. Calyx. Calumet. callosus. 656. Littre gives caille coiffee. adorned (for Gk. graceful exercises.) (Doubt- chamcL Callous. calere. [It is suggested that the change from au to al was due to association with L.) Named caliber or bore . L. L. /jjr. /raOfta. a gossip. F. Norman F. -L. Indian. a pipe. M. calleux. a L. Span. M. cealfian. Gk. see CaOf. (F. unknown.) L. also called Cambray. . and Teut. A S. pipe parallel form to O. -Gk. Callow. qdlib.) L.+Vu.) F.- gdmaL O. flower. Calipers. (2). with what measure. compasses. calibre. kalfr\ Swed. to call. A. bald. Arab.) camel.calori- Gk.CALF tura. Dan. or cog. Low G. 2 F. gests L.) For caliber compasses for measuring Calisthenics . stem oicalor. calu . calx. early borrowed from L. calisthenics. a town in Flanders. Caliver. false accusation. 30. on the Malabar coast.E.-Arab. Doublet. calenture.-Low G.) 'L. cauma. voice. prefix (for KI\\OS. galba. to make. calent-. type cf. . cai~ of htm. compasses. /mAAtica\6s. Diet. p. Etym. . calorique. M. Dan. calui. of cattle. .] . i. chdmer (formerly chaumer\ Late to rest from work .) galante. calor. cup) of a Cam. the same. ceed. Brugm.) KO\\I~.. c^alftncl. see Caliber. L. Caloric. (Gk. cf.) calcetreppe. vb. the thick hind part of the shank. kam. Merc. camelus. . chatterer. jama/.or *kallojan-. Cambric. . to deceive. a sort of musket. fair) . Calorific. See Comb. Der. O. *kallon. cam. Calx. (Scand. challon. kal G. Callat. strength. e. Calibre. unfledged. womb. Calve . (E. . calere.) (F. hildecalla. calu bald -f Du kaal. See Caliber. comb. the heel and the see Teutonic word trap. tca\auos. kamm. L. E. *kalwoz. to be hot. (L.S. bald. to Mahn sugRich. * Calf flocks rest . cf. . cealf. mi Calomel. Ka\\i<j8*v-j)s. kalla\ Dan. (Gk.-Gk. (E. Gk. kalb.-Heb.E. (Flanders. (or Ka\v. a worthless woman. H. &*&. pt. G. from its see Caligraphy. and Swed. (F. calf f the leg. i. cald-. a star-thistle. a projection on a wheel. L. ' ' . L. a little dimin. caillette. Calumny.eahfe. tcd\\o$. khalafa t to suc. L.-f-Du. bore of a gun. whence it was fir^t imported. good. Callet.-Gk. Arab.) F. L) F. black. ) Pei haps the same as the above . mould. So also F. hard skin. garbha. Calif. kalv. F. to be hot. Caliber. for fasere. ^z/ztf. Gk. lime (stem Calk . making hot.) In Oth.. calc1 (L. L. (F. (E. (L. calme. usually Caulk. chdmeL lleb. time for rest) . Goth. be-calm. W. Coined to express a white product from a black substance. a successor ol the prophet. qua libra. calumma. quail also a woman. fair and /iX-as. L. A. from Ka\6$. Gk. beauty. thick-skinned. bald . q. to be hot. the time when the . . F. a star-thistle.) Span. Teut. making hot. sound.-Gk. fair) .) l)u. Caliph. callus. (Du.-L. 121.) Calf fa!/-. S. kalfi. . a calx.) Named from Calicut. beauty. calewe. v. a reed. From Gk.) Named from Kamerijk. (L. kha. a covering.) F. chalumeau. A. Perhaps from Arab. Job xxx. and ypcupctv.) Y. (F. See Shawm. kalketrappe. I^. kalf\ Icel.ficus. (F. icaUiv. cal-ere. Fries. S. successor. (F.

giraffe. Campanula. cf. . khamalat. see Chamber.-|-Skt. L. Kaprj\o~s. campagna. Camlet. 818 (2). whence Aiab. camptts. (VSQEND. L. a field. 'to candle. 456.) Candidate. hard. hunt ha. known. a broken piece. camp (Cot). Gk. canne. qand. L. (Also spelt champaign. i. a candle. Candytuft. canalis. a ground held by an Candid.). dela. tafnpo. (L. cane. Cf.) because candidates for office campestral. white. open field. \ Goth. the same peculiarity occurs in Du. a light basket.) G.) L. ca- *cuntie) has lost an n. sincerity). Gk. kafilr. to glow. Dan. camp.L. brightness (hence. (E. 628. *tand?re. Skt. kanm. . precious stone carved in Origin L. khan&a. shining. candi. Ital. pres. L. . S.) Foran inseited i). kunde. sucre candi. S. . Malay. candicte.) All named from the (F. . to know. campaigne. *a little bell Ctndonr.) and . Ital. Heb. a (Apparently a true Teut. unknown. Canary. Arab. a crab. qandh. growing in fields. The pt. to L. white. /cavaffrpof..F. (E. the same. pi. hence camera obscura. Du. -Gk. Can (0. to shine. Cot. S. see Camel. canceller. coude. Ital. * Named from its hard shell. a reed. lattice-work. Bmgm.) Camera. white. (F.with Low F.) canne. Gk. (Canary Islands.Ital. a campaign. cancellus* a grating. Der. camelopard. c ftti.) bell. Du.) A. Cancer.) Formerly M. can is . CANISTER (L. (Personal name. karkaia. . Cane. 'camphire.. set army.' Cot. a field . L. melopardalis. candle. Brngm. couth.) I. i. to cancel a deed by drawing lines across it. of L. Camellia.) L. E. Barons is in Sumatra. lattice-work. a dance. merly spelt camphire (. Icel./<r/m?). campus.) chand(ior fchand). kande named (by Linnaeus) Geo. zucckeio Arab. Candy./-tv. cancellarc. is could. also (F. to be named from containing camel's hair. ctlOe . The word is Ar) an cf.) from . Arab. lit. GEN . t. white. cancri. dimin.->Law L.campitm. kanna Dan. a name for camphor. campdna. a open field. Rich. -f Du. candire.robed wore white. a giraffe. Canister. a camel (Heb. candidates. a chamber . . G. (F. candelabrum. a pard . Ital. candettr. Skt. karkara. canal (whence also L. chalk kapfir Barus. to know. kunna. kanna. cancellt. box for photography . The pus. (L.-Gk. a reed. S. camphora (whence the form camphor} Arab. supposed camelot.) L. kttnnen. growing in fields. gamdl) . se candir. ist and 3rd persons sing. (F. qandi. S. candy . a (L.. crystallised sugar. F. konde.) L. a stuff. camphor cf. p. a cameo. chalk of Barous. canne.) after A ) (</ A. .' Cot. L. L. Can plant Swed. A. candel L. Diet. campestr-is.) 563. Cf. M. to candy .^ F. Skt. Cancel. really an old perf. t. Know. kanaaf]. with suffix -at. cann. a plant. word. and see Pard. S. a daik chamber. ofpl. 7ra/>5aAis.-L. relief. . Malay kdpiir. trench. Arab. partly like a camel. e.-L. (F. L. to break. partly like Gk. zucchero candi. khamlat. (F.) From L. t. a Moravian Jesuit (i7th cent. a channel. canA. 7. Ital. camera. a wine.) dimm.CAMELOPARD and Gk . candidus.) L. with intrusive /. ace. ong. From tuft. Gk. candere. L. cf. F. cammco. L. a can. couth. candere. Candy. camp/ire. Camphor. 464. ace.) Formerly camelopardalis. to be able G. Skt. from candcla. cutie Kavva. campaign. . L. sugar-candy. canistrum. (L. Ital. Kamel. (F. field. large field. Jos. a field. Candelabrum.) F. of campus. an Ital. p. (L. (L. A. (L. The pp. konnen. and Swed. y. campagnc. (F. Really camlet F. cancer. tankard. Arab. (for M.lo shine. Gk. karpura. sincere. a crab also an eating* tumour. (Ital. (2). Hence also candorcm. mug. I am able.irapmVos.E. Camelopard Cameo. Candia (Crete) (H>b. fair. (L.. from kha&&. on fire (in comp. sweetmeats. F. a drinking-vessel. tanna. a candle. of cunnan.candy. qaneh^ reed. 73 icavrj konnte shewing that A. kan\ led. (F. i. candi. Lit. khdK&ava. Camomile see Chamomile. a bird. ifdyra. Brugm. only survives in unsee.) . Canary Islands. Skt. Camp. \^. camelot. Canal. sugar. tfajojAoirapSaAts. L. camphor. who described the plants in the island of Luzon. cane. whence F. candidits.) i. to know. sugai -candy .' L. and even Champion in old authors. which Allied to Ken and a pard. sugar. campania. can. Ileb. L. a campani-form. a candle-holder . field. crossed lines. . made of sugar. .

with i. . (0> and Walloon canter. corner. a singing. a cone . canto. of canere. song (above). Gk. pp.) cannone. (Span. . . lit. /KyKww-. cantus. (Proper name. ace. AMWff. a mm-barrel. cool cave (hence the sense of vessel for liquids). cam's. Canto . to sing. of Picard cant (F. E. S. f<ma t hemp . at first a was L. trick. hypocrisy. L Gk. cheat. the pace at v\ hich pilgrims rode thither. v mean=> corner. Canteen. to criticize and &fy. to touch the red ball carambohr^ to cannon (as above) and of the eye see Cant (2).F. a little climin. kant. Ital. Span canibal'. Late L. (F. a (straight) cane. Casit frequent.) ace. pp.L. Cannon Cannon (2). of cancer. thanteau). canticle.-L.) F. G. 181. F. to touch two other balls with see Hoyle's Games. hemp. canun. Kai'Oos. (E-) L <aninus. a small piece (F.//. 9 an Egyptian bed with mosquito curtains hempen cloth. see Cant (i). +Dan. kant. to see (see Optics). L. stem of H^vojf^. canon. From canvas t sb. canttna. caramboler. (F. (Ital. Piob. a . Gk. a Carib. to tilt. L.l^canere. W . song G perhaps E. see Recant. the churchchurch-roll or list See canon ^i). see Hound. chant}. Oiigm doubtful. (F.) (Ital. roll also. an edge . K&VO-S.Ital. device. Cant on ' trees. .. (L. canzo- L. canevas.L. borrowed edge see Cant ^2). cantone. (1). L) North may cf. . rule Canon (F.CANNON F. billiards. cantonum. (2). form of Canticle. corporation. -Ital. deep gorge. native of the Caribbean Islands. a Prov E. corner sense. Canton. Skt. . aregion. Ital. sb a cannon. a song.. tcavy Kavva. a nook. tauten. Judith xiii. (hence. Indian (Hayti) word carib brave/ Hence also Caliban. Canker. canabdcins^ conopeum. cannon. at billiards. edge . % Cant whine. (Span Origin doubtful.' a corner of a shield. cantus a coiner. from Gk.) Du.canton. Ital. kante^ a corner. which -the prob. (F. of canonuns. canUl. in the sense of < disease Gk. a candle. E beggar's whine. (F. L. canopL (Also F. is 1 The W. . (3.) Short for Canterbury gallop. L ]. orig a Haytian word for boat. to sing) of canere. an edge.Gk (2).-Gk. base discuss thoroughly. a bola. a digmtaiy of the church. oiig. a rule. (F. shortened 1 ) .. . Gk. cancre L. a cellar. v. Canon (i) and (2) see Cane. is cognate. . any sort of hangings). (F.-Gk.) Orig. for Caribal. ' All fiom Late L. dimm. ace. one on the ace. a hymn. yoyypos. A. canzonet. from Ital. one's own Ong. (L. an Canopy. . corner of the eye.) in a whining way. L. angle. toss in a canvas sheet. cum. Kuvuirfiav. cantum. region. a coiner Late whence L cantus. from L. conoptc?)<-L. canape. M. . a Canoe. Gk. r Cannibal. of canere. a cannon. a canker. tuneful. to sing. See Cancer. se ^ Cane. adj L. an excrescence ) L. -Ital. so kanke'r Canister see Cane.L. KOVUV. a manner of playing at billiards. On. CANZONET Canorous. (Du. Canvas. Canzonet. '. . to make a cannon at Cantle. can tone.) canon. canto. otcantittim.) L. Ital. canon. Ital. Ital. 74 see Cant (i).*. chancre}. canttabis. song. and Swcd. section of a poem. caramcarambolage. netta. Brugm. canker of trees'. song. belonging ing. of canzone. to sing (L. face. province. ) O. Kawafiis. be Teutonic (Kluge) . (L and E candle-coal/ because it Lit. cantdre (whence Picard . canthus Gk. caflon. . (F. F. A corruption of carrom. township (Torriano) Origin unknown. suffix -ous. to sing. a see Cane. . to a clog.-L. Indian ) For\\ . of cantus. cf. ' ' appearance. . Perhaps from Late L cantus 9. Gk. canor-us . fiom ^. canto. Span. F. . is from F. cancrutn.") Canter. canevas. Cannel-coal.) L. Canto. flThe a crab. an easy gallop. The Span.small piece.) If .oitfoz. Ind. hemp. as verb. a ru ^ e> (L. a rule. of cantio. be conopy\ but we find F. a tube. a Late L. also. burns brightly See Candle. (F. L. fl" Canton (in heialdry). see Hemp. dimin.) Span. cantionem. Span. a sing- Canine.) M.) Should a corner. a mosquito.#w/fV/. from Ital.canthus. ?) O. a rod. cannel. Gk. . cantine. canon. dimm. Gk. gnat ' or canvass. * . (F. hence. canoun.Gk. a . cant us. . a song. to cone-faced cone-headed/ from the or shape of its head. dog . -L. a . North F. Cf. canna. a reed great tube. merly canibal. felloe of a wheel.-ltal. to sing.

?) Gk. . (F. capers. L. (F. like hair. Span. Class. cavil- 75 . cf. Der. Gael. Late L. Capital Of these forms. Sidney). capo. cahnchu. a whim.) L. -|-Gk. (L.) A. capa. see Capital (i). to dance about. kdpa.) F. L. dimin. a peculiar insk of a horse. capra^ a she-goat . L. a cape . Span. . (F. capparis. pt. t Gk. (F. Late L. 635.) L.-L.Late L. to divide into chapters. stem of caper goat . (F. stem of caput. &c. Gael. capitatidnem. j stem of caput. Capillary.) L. itb fruit . Allied to sap. cafti-. capriolare^ to skip as a goat. seed-vessel. capit-. the leap of a kid. stem of pres. neut. capitation. Port. or a haltering. (F. with double suffix -is-tro. a capon. capricotnus. caprice.-L Ital.-Gk. cabestrante is the better. ace. adj allied to cap~ut. F.) capiiola.O. Caper plant. (1 )> a covering for the shoulders. a leader of soldiers. for capro-. poll-tax. Span.) Caparison. L. capuzar. . also to propose terms (for surrender). .CAOUTCHOUC Y. Capercailzie. the head. to hold. capabilis. . caparasson. capital ( i ). cap-ere. from L. but the icason for the name is obscure . Capon. pp.-L.) Abbreviated from capreole (Sir P. relating to a chapter. KaTrcav. a headland. j haps from Span. L. Late L. L. cabestrante.). a wood. capitellum. capre (F. caponem from nom. a chapter oi a cathedral. and is allied to Span. ? (F. E. headland. a case . a small case.) Coined from L. L. from Span. - - . cceppe. pron. head. tfl/*Ya/. stock of money. head. a halter. ace. stem of capaxt able to hold. to halter. S. Span.-L. laris. (F. a head-covering. poll. Cape . a she-goat. to hold (below). S. cabestrage. (F. Ital. a cloak. i.Late L. capun. North F. of coill.) L. cover for a saddle . (Late L.-L. Captain.capitulate. contain see Heave. Captious. to hold. hair. cappa. ?) stan\ Prov. a head . captt-. Caprice. caput) the head. capitale. . Cap. (L.capittilatu$. head. capitulum a chapter . . see (i). chief. . capa. cap. to . capullcf.) O. capa. head. to sink (a ship) by the head apparently a derivative of L. upset. capttularisj adj. capit-> stem of caput. Kairwapis. afterwards. 641. Carib. skull . a cowl. cabe(F. L. of capra. capai o. capstt/e. Brugm. horse great cock of the wood of the wood. A. at Capitol. lit. Ital. or a chapter of a book see Chapter. Capricorn. able to hold. capticitx. (L. of capistrart.. a horse (see coille. capil- coille.) Per- plant Pers. cape. cabestro). a halter. poll-tax. head of a pillar. Gk. Diet. (Gael ) Here z represents M. (L. otcapitalis. L. Icel. capull. caper- Capsize. \j&z L. L. A. Cavalier) cognate with E. capistrum (Spnn. capitaneuS) capitamis. (F. Ital. L.) F. and corn-u. see Chapter. stem olcapitt. kapa/0(w). Caper fdpre}. Cape (2).+Skt. F.) F. F. L. Capitulate. a capstan. (L. Holt. S. S. irom capillus.) A. of capitulum. capitain. belonging to the head. caput. L. chapiteaii} capitellum (above). Ital.) dimin. head of a pillar L.-L. caoutchouc-. cover. horn. (L. of capsa. capsuta. Capitular.Ital. see Case (2). capitel (F. a Caribbean word. a kid. comprehensible. to halter. . (L. . a cape (Isidore of Seville). E capitain. hafr. capere. re. as y. capere.F. cabestan. Doublet. capable. capitation. called Capitdhum. i. (Ital. (F. \^. Late L. L. augmentative from Med. also. Capriole. Rome.-L. capistrant-. cabrestante.) The temple of Jupiter.-Ital. Span.) Med. a cap (Isidore). L. CAPTIOUS North. Peihaps from might mean a fusk capro. L. cope. a caper in dancing. L.) F.) F. of capitulare.- F. and to cabestrar. Late L. h<zfei\ Icel.-L. /ea-rrpos. (2% the flowei-bud of a certain Ital. the head. head. a he-goat. (F. capacious. F. capaci-. gen. able to contain. see (Span. Capable. tapit-. capitals. hafela. dimin.. capriole (see Cot. Caoutchouc. caper he-goat. kabar. '. (A guess. Caper ' .) O. ^. trappings of a horse. (-/QAP. capital (2). Ital. capo. caputt head. horned like a goat. > (L. caparazon. L. . . Capsule.) from L. M. Perhaps J. . as below. F. or ^ Capital (3).) L. whence also Prov. so that caprice"w like a goat's.Late L. Capstan. a boar. Brugm. tapriccio.L. .) M. capa. F.Late L.) L. F. L.' Florio capriola. (F. (i). see Smith.) \j&zL. Caper (0. chief. . wealth. orig. Or from O. (F.

ccarti. (F. an inn. 'a Corruption of K card/ Cot. cardon. dirmn. H.rtzm?. a car J\larcdlum\. (F. carcan.Ital. carian. draughts of water. (F. to take. or of gold .) Formerly carabine. Gael. L. carre.r. Cf. Of unknown Carafe. for caravans. keel . winding . a very old origin. XdpTT). vb.-C. to take. a very light weight. Hence. s. Carbonado. Port. meat broiled over coals. (Pers. 1. L. Arab. carene. a car. keel.) L. garrafa. a coal. gem. (F. a skeleton. S. calabrin. a large flagon but see Carboy. Icel. fruit of part of an ounce. see Cap and a cowl. -L. North F. tcapov. (i) a small coal. protected .) F. capture. -tilra. Brugm. ace. Pers. stem of Wpa?. carte. of Arab. Prov. kiinvdn. L. an instrument for combing wool. O. Span.) Cape (i). pp. 516.ram^ Med. (Pers. (L. 'L. carbonem. carbon. caracol. . ~L. G. Ital cagpucino. Arab. a cape . . origin. coal. L. W. Span. - F. (F. caravane.seeds or plant.) caravansary. as in capere. woman. with fern. caru. L. O. (F. Lit. ment.) a snail . (F. Sax. the weapon of a carabin. cfira. Capuchin. convoy. Arab. Ital. see above. chara. cap-. a light-armed soldier . from its Double glowing. Ital. a snail. !^. cappa. a carat . G.-C. a caravan. . a taker. qirbah. carach. turning about (from the snail-shell's spiial form). carcassa. Arab qirrdt. pp. (2) a carbuncle. cctptiira. kara\ Teut.-O. Card (2). 653.-L. captif (fern. &?/v. (Span. Cf. kariviyd-a also written carvi. H. . root Carcase. Pers. L. Pers qardbak. Arab ) F.) M.+W.) * F. F. (F. Teut.) Dimin. gharafa. sorrow . L. kara. applied to a manoeuvre by soldiers. of Gaulish origin. -Late L. a captive . ghiraf. capere. ca>d-tis. -f. carat.) F. carjna. (F. cardboard.*carat. vessel to cool wines in. and to turns made by a horse. carbo. 24th Gk. ^ Caracole. the locust-tree also. a large flagon which is prob. care. or musketeer. pi. carbuncle. v. Gk. frame a carcase. the throat kverkr. car. (L. Perhaps of Celtic origin . capttosus. cardin-. where al is merely the Arab. (Span. a shell. (Dozy. ' a small horn/ Gk.gerkle. M. cardmdlis^ prinong. whence faire le caracole. L. qardbah. (3) a red tumour. wdnsatdy. Span. carbone. relating to the hinge of cipal. carato. Aiab. O. husk. a female captive. a large glass bottle. circling.CAPTIVE L.) . a leaf of papyrus. art. a turn. stem of cardo. Span. Span. caeth.) Carboy. Carat. a cooler. glass water-bottle. Der.Arab. winding staircase. (Ducange. to <r0/-. (F. twist. querca. f. xaprr)?. (F. S. L. m <rc/^. CardOOn. L. coal. Irish cachl. -Ital. of a sophistical argument. a taking. Prov. captus. F. Cot. suffix (F. -F. rarr. M (2). carbunculus. Care. carta-. (Jtas/a. see Horn. caracole. F. def. rare. Ital. carafe. (F.) from Med. icapos. Carbine. take Ital. (F.) F. carrus. a taking.. carbonada. carine. . Carraway. See Capacious. catacol. to draw water. a musket. Perhaps from O. carquassc. . captus. L. cf. . carabin. Span. Devic ) <f[ Or from Pers. gerti. caravan sardy. Carcass. a pod.E. t Caraway. A. cardon.-Span. chart. carra. (F. . F. a lament. a captive. of capere. a collar of jewels. L. the throat. carrtire. Carcanet. a water-skin. kdrPers. f. ling. a race- . fl" Not allied to L.) anxiety. cf. captio. by wicker-work. Ital. car. . a . captTuus.-L. hooded friar. L. Arab. with augL. al-carahueya.) Captive. capture. -Gk. to drink. capuchin a small hood. a horn .) F. a chariot . type *Xwvf. '[O.) plant. with as suffix -tor. Cardinal. keel. chief a door. throat. of L. F. water-bottle. Carbon. Gk. Irish a chariot Allied to L. (F. L. currus. carduus. L. . Doublet. O. Car.) F. ntpar-. Brugm. a - Card Ital. hinge. 'an arque' buzier Cot. Gael. to hold. of uncertain origin. .) ~ piece of pasteboard. (F. \tih. caraway. a caraway. broiled meat. Late capucin. i. Gk. (K. hence to lay a ship on its side. allied to L. Goth. a kind of bomb-shell. hence a hooded friar dimin.. captive}.) From F. See Card Pers. cumin. lit. cAr. CAREER karawiyd-a. Bret. public building. Gk. carcassa y also. . cf. kdrwdn. of cappuccio. Ktpanov. a Caravan. hood.) M. a F. Captor. suffix thistle. a dead body. - E. inn .L. 'to clean the Careen. A.rtz?Y/*.O. of F. captor. a thistle for wool-combing.) L. Career.

L. carnt-m. carricargar. gai a its. burden. E. a road course. carcsse. carobe. a fish. karke. form of F. Carp (2). burden. karf . carrottsel.-Ital) catminare. to load.-L. cat minatif. Carnation. and F. Dan. 637. Caroche. See Car. L. caries. in old authors. earn-. to load a car . fleshiness. talk much.) Gk /rapom5y. (L.-Ital.' Ital. rousse of drinke. can. (F. see below. Godefroy (s. e. a car for cars. F. cargo. (F. O. L. pp. carniuorus. Carotid. carotibe. (Span. L. Lith. Virgil. tcapoott. Swed. . coraula. a (singing) dance. carre. G. (Span. to load a car. also spelt garosello. F. (Scand. see Charge. (i) a drinking-bout.carnelevdmen. Gk ?) ForO. windCarousal. to cavil at. North. merly. a caress. ment. i. the cochineal insect. ( F. four-forked. with suffix -Tuus. carfvre. karpa. to of which soiae kind of chariot-race formed card.-C. the same. carus. ace. Cf. time for eating flesh. take away. Port. adj. cf. Caress. F.) carrefourgs. karke.) Span.s. . M. carmin. ^En. and uor-are. but Late L. earn-.tree. flesh . L.) F. Carp (i). Xopav\r]s. 5 T 5caroits-al. carpa. cdritia. Ob.aria itta). (F. a place where four roads meet. stem of care. Caries. say. flesh . v. cartLate L. I stupefy /capos. a fork. carpen. foitrg. carole. voiding . slaughter of animals. crimson carmesi. XVr cent. in old Sometimes used as if from ^he verb carouse 2. dearness.-L. so called because ' exaggerated or overloaded. load . Itzl. carni-. bean-pods.word see above. carpa. Carroche. load . carro. (i. charge. . stem of caro. stem of caro. Icel. * furca. flesh. (2\ a 1. Arab. G. carricdre. carnationem. the (Gk. carnalis. to card wool (hence. carroche. natictim. a flute. F. anxiety. qirmizt. ' - . from Arab. to pluck. see Carcanet. H. of Celtic origin . L. garouse\ directly fiom G. Prob. to boast. carndtitm. a card for wool. E. . a tourna- 777. a worm. karpa. M. F. carmin-.) M. quite and ans. . 77 . carpe.) A. carExtended from Ital. caricatura.) ital.) F. Ital. from L.CARESS Late L. L. two great expelling wind from Gk. But. Carfax. carnation. . karfi-. Carol. from sing. (F. to boast. F. ut en. Carkanet . (Raleigh even writes . dial.L. gar. decl. (L. Cargo.) F. to cleanse from gross humours) . carnovale. a song. C'ARP and leuare. L. E. 2. r. fleshly.Arab. s . Span.) M. L. adj. right out used of emptying a bumper. kajpa. L. fondling. carroccia. shortfonii ofcarmesin. stupor. . Carnival.' Cot. see Car. carnage. lound-dance. Late L. . karp\ Russ. . krmi. (F. to lift. Florio also Du. i. Late L. Brugm. carpe (Span. a principal part Dryden. care.) L.) M. remove. G. from <7*Vw/s. quadrifurcus. Carminative. (F. see Charge. below. harper . carra.' Cot. rottenness. cante!evale. L. (F. rozza. Ital. a round-dance.-G. but only in one sense of that carnage. flesh. (F. v. from car. the same Nearly obsolete. flesh. <a ca- i. a satirical picture . L. also a dance. See Pork. caricature. Shrovetide. from leuis. Cark. ' the body. . O. the locust-tree. crimson. Skt. . earn-. tarcre. cdre. Carnivorous.carezza.-C. and av\6s. pi. Gk. neck it was thought that an alteration in the flow of blood through them caused stupor.-L. karpe\ Swed.cochineal. as in ' a karke ofpepper! or caroach Cot. a flute-player to a chorus.) L. a carosse . carnevah.) flesh -eating. Car dear. Brugm. F.E. kharrub. carole} cites Swiss Rom.cama- Ital. carousel medicine. which often merely means to talk. a tilting-match. light.) F. quadri. charpho flesh colour (Littre).-Ital. stem of care.F. garaus. the present sense of carriage is due to it.(from qnatuor\ four. freight.} Der.-G. variant of carrosse. (L. Carnal. a tribute of flesh-meat L. choraules. F. L. Late L.. G. a fondling. arteries of the . to load. carininat-us. L. Carnage . .) cf. .pl. carfoukes. flesh. of pageant. a chariot. (Ital.) F. the last three days before Lent Med. Gk. . a kind of coach. of uncertain out. of caro. Carmine. (F. carnts. a load . L. Late L. karpfen O. Shrovetide.) L. to devour. (F. a car. cartime.-Ital. Carouse. Skt. a kind of dance. xP' s > a chorus.(F. val.~C. Icel.(also carousal) means a sort of pageant. ace. Arab. caroits. see Charge.) Y.Tzm<)vyi\ of flesh. ItaL caiosello. ^f The present sinister sense is due to confusion with L.

Renegado. F. a case . probably.] Du. of wattOy orig. V. for dancing. see to keep money in.) dimin. L.) chartuldrium t a Casino.S. karfva. i i Carry. cartel . E. see Card (i).* maJf^^. I j L. a ship Late Lat. to fall. . karve. Carry. A casa. that which is earned about (as in Bible. [The S. . probably. corfen.-L. lint. to hinder those who enter the It seems ditch to scale the wall of a fort. Ital. bill. a small paper the fruit of the tree named acajaba or carta. cassercn. Cart. to fall. dis- a card Card (i). to carry see Carriage. and E. room. flesh. words. cartello. a cart. cottage. North F. a . piper. Also Jtal. (F. O.E. was retained from the pt. chariot. F. to notch. Gk. acajou. and Irish carbcui^ W. cartilaginem. with suffix -mcnt* case. CASINO . (India. kerven G. North F. to mean 'dark chamber. F. acajaiba. crat\ cf. paper. cartone. of a corruption of F. carte blanche. phr. L. cash-icr. carton. fem. acaiu. an event. Swecl. Late L. (Late L. . a canot . r F. to notch. a paper. a cottage. cartouche. kerben. c -f- t. L. a box. Ital. (F. L. kerseymere. cartilage. Gk.) O. Casemate. lit. a vehicle (Massinger. from carta. F. A.Late L. Cartoon. carpent ier (F. litter. (0. F. qnassare. ceorfan would have given *eharve . cartuldrium. cas f e. also to casseere.. a sort of cannon. /K#//a. case. capsa. a bill of fare. Ital.] borrowed from Cartridge (with intrusive r) ib for F. cartridge.) Ital.) L. (F. L. O. (F. Icel kartr. L.' cats. (Ital. Du.-L. a waterfall . a roll of paper. dimin. carpeta. pp. com. a car.-Gk. house. a document . Gael. veib . of burden . I { gristle. ^f Its modern use is due to confusion with caroch. carta see Card ( i). chartula. cearf. but the Sicilian ' dim. . L) F. cJsus. to work in timber. cut Late also Dan. (F.Gk./.) O. (F. a register. Picard carti.) From that which encases or encloses. fem. the nut of a \V.CARPENTER Carpenter. cartridge. a cas.' Cot. land. ^[ The cartridge took its name from the paper in Gk. (F.) in Stirlingshire. to annul. a till or box F. rotte. carter. L.) A. casdre> cascare. <J)u. cassdre. carotgne Late L. E. pp. and pp. . to pluck. discharge. So named because made at Carrou. a car see Car. burst. Brugm. . carcase. carpite. and carpet. Cashmere.) F. Cartel. ace. cur/on. of cadere.) M.) M.Indian tree. (F. Case (2). cascata. carla see Card ( i X Cashew-nut. -Ital. A. i. For *casicare. (F. casaa loop-hole in a fortified wall. cartouche. caronia. casa. charpentier}*** Late L. Brazilian. whence. vtcartildgo. (F. [Du. a cottage. Carronade. dismiss from service. of casa. pi. F. frame of a window. void. . cartage. (F. carta. keruen. Der. sup. cdsum. to totter. Carte. see Card i). carpi 'ta. to Litti^. casse. Ital. cascade. (E.) called from the vale of Cashmere. 'to L. to cashier. ceorfan . a large paper . L. (Mahn. pp. krat. caro. i. dimin. to hold. (F. Gk. -Ital -Gk. L. \ J. ace. Carpet. F. CF. paper. casemate. casser. of charta. L. (Scot- i L. carpentum^ a carriage a word of Celtic origin. $ 79 1 - Cascade. cloth . caralso carpia (F.) M. carraqne. a carcase. So a soft wool. Cartilage. F. null.) Ong.) Cashier. F.) O. pull to pieces (lint being made of rags pulled to pieces. a room casino. cartilagin-ous. and L. merely borrowed fiom F. carpentarius. a fall. Carrot. register. and Ital. from carter. Ital. in India. cerbyd.E. of Case Of unknown origin.. F.-L) L. which annexed the senses of L. carricare. from L. caroigne.) F. to fall. O.) O.r. caperc.) F. carraca. . C. house. A. (F. carpentdre^. from the 2nd stem. -Ital. riage. Carraok. 2) see Caroche. - Du. Late L. a receptacle. C. Ital. cartidge. . (F. white who keeps a money-box or cash. pi. a chamber built under a wall or bulwark. canage . crat. Cash. ong. . L. a cart . -^. matta. cartoccio. Kapwrov. pt. lit. (F. L. ' . pert. sb. from shreds). Ital. see charge. casstis. Coined with the sense of encasement. (F. Carrion. .) Or from S. cdsum. cartulary. Ital. breake. Der.L. Carve. vicadere. . i L. a kind of thick .) M. ypdtfxiv. L.) Cashew is Brazil. I . C. carrus. a roll of paper. cacard/a. corrupt form of cartouche. mad. carpenter .Gk. frequent.). Irish carpal. sb. the same. Late L. Late L.) Chiefly Case (2) above. O. charpie). (F. cover. one in the F. means Casement. to shake.) F. carote. end in shattei. lit. which it was rolled up. (E. spelt cassimere. to of quaterc. . L.

It propcily means the * Cassava. catafalco j of unknown catafalque. a bird. castigates.) Span. the keeper of a chaste^ or castle also chatelaine (fern. to throw ^Scand. as waves.chdtefain Q. is form from '.CASK (Span. see Logic. head- see above. Der. katze\ L.) Ital.) Of First uncertain origin.. ' is husk ' shell. a sort of raft. casteplace. castagnettes. (Pott. catalogue. cath. (F. of casto. (Malay. \7fti/. casttatus. Skt. . See Scaffold. beaver. it is a dimin. sense cf. kedi. also a cask of wine. ' a medicine made of the liquor contained in the little bags ' that are next the beaver's groin . Gk. casco. aTaAo7oj. ' .) CATAPLASM tellum. F. a inft woid is orig. a counting up. qitt. ed. a helmet. . see Quash.chastelain}. a spice Heb. ctisu- plant. Malay musk . like cinnamon. of (L. /tara. Hindustani Diet. casque.) F. catacumbas . rind. . ahsj happening by chance. (Gk.'** Tamil /fott//. Kersey. kot\ koshka.) F. cdsu-. Doublet. S. See Tapioca. to break.L.) In Forbes. a casque or helmet. to keep pure. casca> rind. chaste. with the same sense. Named from some confusion with castorearn. A. &c. deluge. 175. KOLGTOLVOV castanea. (Yule). katcr. tcard. down. Casual. (Prob. qetsl 'oh. of Cataplasm. a pure' breed . instruments used for chiefly making a snapping L.' casttgdre. (F. O. kat. and means tied logs. to say. quassare. Casket. cf. katt. Gk.L.) a Aa/i- noise in tanetas. of castafieta. peel. the p. to spread over. pi. Cassimere Cassock. (Gk. sec Cashmere. because the thoroughly. L. Span. chance. a skull. a small box. (L. Cot.-L. Cassia. a plant. /card. poultice. prefix. a breed. castell-an. j8avtv.* Late Lat. But really a vegetable production. See R. F. Kaarup. Ir. cassia-bark. cassia. castor-oil. 8. (L. Cata-. a small casket . t name men m Catalogue. Dan. castus. . L. Hayti.lit. Span. casta. casaqtte.. origin. sherd. . castor. Pers. fcard. \\ "'sh.) * casta. G. Heb. S.*~ L. be from the Hayti casabbi. casteL . it is Casque . /t\v(iv t to dash. kasta Dan. catalogum. xlv A. Arber. a stage or platform. down. pure. 289. Cassowary. to seize.) Gk. Eden's works. Sw. (F. Icel. (Tamil. see Chestnut. p.) Arab. L. piece . - Castrate.-Span. (L. cascar^ to burst open . casacca. now applied to a lady's chain or 'keeper* of keys. to classes of India. -Ok. stem of cdsus. catacomba y a sepulchral vault. *quassicdre] from an extension of L. of which the sense and origin are Cataclysm. Gael.+ Du. Span. burst . (L. pp. Port. Karaa dashing over. Gk. coat of an onion . O.-Gk. in Ps. cascara. unknown. . a poultice. Gk. ace. of castmm. castafta. a plaster. /rara. the bread made in the W. said to L.) a vestment. Heb. Ital. (E. Kaoia. pure. Tamil. re-cast. Gk. F. See Case (i). chaste.) Ital.) Ap' parently confused with F. . see Cask. Lat. a snapping noise resembling the cracking of roasted chestnuts.' Cot.) Gk. /car<iirAo(rfia. a beaver. catalepsis. Gk. Span.-L. to cut away . Gk. we have 'katwaran. casuel. ers. Formeily a sudden seizure. Russ. o Y. dimin. Late L. cataplasme. which is also called manioc . North F. Turk. Span. Port. dffacit'. binding maraw. chastise. tascastanets . casco. (Span. ed. 79 . em olment. Span. chastelain.) noi^e. casta. Indies of the fruit called the yuca'^ Pineda.) Span. /ca-r d\iji//is t (Gk. root qdtsd bark cut off. tat. Catafalque. kasturi. a chestnut.-L. grasping.) L. . -Gk. cat. fully . Cask. Gk. used at funerals. pp. khaz. casque. wood . kasta. Ital. formed (as if from Lat. Eastern. . Gk. . Formally. But of Eastern origin F. (F. kottr. 'finger-knack- Catalepsy.j catapla$WQ. Catacomb. fern. .) Gk. casCastle. orig. kastiiri. \. kaste. cdttts. Castor.L. (F. Ital.-L) F Cat. a species of laurel. (Ital. Caste. a Port given by the Port. L. a fortified Der. (F. K\vfffji6s } brought from Java. seizing.) L. Cast. flood.) castrare. an outer coat. . tell Catamaran. pi. getsi'dth. 1859. the chestnut-tree. wherewith players make a pretty some dances. Gk.) Icel. lain.) Swed. Castanets. (F. The orig. cazabe\ also cazavi. castus. a helmet. of ' Cask. race. to cut. down . . F. Castigate. a race. (Span. to chasten Gk. Malay kasuwdri. Cik. a - - W.) L.

fern. Catch. cf. vii. a throne. accaptare t to purchase (A. Gk. . (Gk. \vhole. to turn.) Adapted from O. /rafa'fya. broken. lacchen. prol. to declaim. kaetsen. (I^u. assembly. caitjte imitated of M. Prob. catus. lengthened form of Karrjx^f^t to din into one's ears. Cates. Cateran. together. from t(o^ai (L. Gk. see Echo. to catch. (F. Karo-nrpiK^. a tioop.. F. So called even find M. cat . Catholic. Gk. freebooters. outlaws. 80 . pilus. (Late Catapult. friends so If cleanse.' fauj/e. & ringing in the ears . .' vb. ll. a caterpillar (Godefroy). acaptum^ a -rpot'..) Gk. Formed as a verb from M. common people ceathaime. KaTaffTpo<f>rj t (Gk. It answers to Ital. Cataract. of M.) Late L. a preyopia. F. Late L. (L. /caO-. a steward. We because provided by the catour^ mod. O. (L.) Gk. Gk. chatc. rushing down. Catenary. an overturning. *<ryoGk. /card.) M. /card. an engine for throwing stones. cf. pelosc. to make a L.. L. L. ica$apGk. Catoptric. band. (F. . Du. chair. O. a chain see Chain. . lit. Gk. (F. pur. (F. a buying. named from its i>oft downy apM. icaO-. from dyopd. relating to optical icflec- Catour is shoit for tion. a hair. down. Kara. tcar-& t acatour. Picard cachier. catholuus Gk. as adj. to piUct'i one who pills .. I firjyvvfJit. the latter half of the tfara/5/5ooy. a mirror. a ceathairne-choille. (It also meant 'catkin'. pt. (F. with suffix chase. Gk. - Late L. CATTLE mould . a . a band of (ed.) L. 'to din down. see Plaster. L. of oAos. tcarrjbut in logic. a flowing down (of rheum). for icard. 571. a cater-er}. a buying. /caTffifidyrjv was used of the rushing clown of waterfalls and Gk. Late L.-L.) Low L. live stock. also to buy. (L.) Late L. to catch. to catechise. cathedralis ecclcsia cathedral church.CATAPULT fully . Gen. from hairy. pilosus. . in accuse. E. cattle. Gk. of Du. provisions. achaC).Gk.) L) Cater. F. purchase. men. Noith F. a cold in the head.' O. of chat. *captiare. Caterwaul. Gk. . Cattle. a should now we of buyer provisions (whom call Dimin. Gk. chattons in Cot. Gk.) Gk. O. Cater. a seat. * cater-er see Cater. cathedra. Catercousin. hairy. cf. formed from acat. ifa0ai'/>cii>. (Gk. catour. catechizare. reflexive. on the whole. flowers. L. a provider of cates\* Baret (1580).. to buy provisions. gen. F. chatepelose is lit. to dicament or class. (E. E. cateranus. with the sense of dyopcvew. D.) 1876) has ' : Nares Cater-cousins . - Gk. F. ^f capere. down storms. of hence. according /xtV. I hi katte}. purge. and cousin Catarrh. the 2 aor. t.* pearance. Karaw{\Tr)s. down ( .-L. down orpi<f>*tv. . KOLT-d. .) F. sudden turn. lit. Gk. hurl. the same. an to and o\ov. KCLTIJXI&W. purgative. address an assembly. word was assimilated to flow. catapulta. instruct . chalepehse. Catastrophe.) From L. as sb. pt. answering to Gael.) Gk. a cat (M. an accusation Gk.) - Gk. a cla^s. Cathedral. t. coined from cat. kattckcn. to catch. icaOapos. catena. . pure. E.) O. .) L. catenta. E. I see. Category. KaOoK-ov. Gk. s. KaTafifiditrrjs.-Gk. break. (Gael. F. general. Ch.Gk. Du. Gk. of the instrument. kat. pp. xaOoKiKos.E. waterfall w . to receive. Kar~d. From Irish cethern* ceithern. familiar that they cat the word is from cater. fatenvawen\ and waivcn. Catechise. down . Gk. chase (i). I break down . chacier. or one which has a bishop's throne. cf.) variant of O. Cathartic. catel. universal.-* Folk-L. Folk-L. against. E. See Kern. inward cir-To^m. a Highland robber. Caterpillar. down and /Jcctv.) L. chase hence. down %x f * v > to sound . Karoirrpov. property . Accept and Gates. L. adv. ' ' . extended form of L. Gk. captus. The M. 1060). pi. captdre. purging. . F. or robs or spoils. (Tertullian. cacciare. Doublet. Hexham. I sit. frequent. ritfos. cat . Karrjyopfiv. see Sit.) wailing noise. /card. allied to Kara f>pf}y /. (Gk. 'z. Late catarrhus. for accaptum. Gk. (F. Catkin. iraAA*. 'hairy she-cat. to swing. to hunt. for /card. acat (mod. cataracta. borrowed from Picard cockier.) A loose spike of belonging to a chain used of the curve in which a chain hangs. to seize. = 48-^o/iat (Spa. and ir\daff(iv t to see accipere. (F. down. catarrhe. . 'a kitling. (L. L.-L. and N i}x 5 seat. to catch.

-L. PZ. a name applied to certain . Ital. L. ceil-ing or ciel-ing. Arber. Ciel. * F. calduSj for calidus. calcidta. hot. Du. caueat. The colyjlory. to ride. L. stem of calx. Caucorouse.) to go. cavalcade. an American alligator. to tread. 'a kind of little cap . a tree. lauerna}. Caucus. L. Ital. a caution. capitate. caue. col}. talc-. i. . F.Gk. Der.L. sear. L. canopy. F. kavi(s\ wise. (F. from O. Hence the walls of a room. E. (F.) cayman (Littre). col (O F. L.) An imitation of the cry of Causeway. which is ^f This is moie captaine. kaauw. to tread hence. causada. a horse. a cow. to tread. L. (L. ballum. CIEL cauere. to make a roadway by treading it down from L. cauleni.) Properly to calve in. cant us. . (F. to line the inner roof or A Gli. Skt. Calk. 635. Dan. 1633). ace. cedere^. cav-ity\ cauus. L. (F. pre-caution. warm waim O. Ital. burn (above). ace. Cf. . to ca\e in. Cayman. pp. the heel. .Itai. cauteriset\ \A. Cease. to squeeze in (as Ital. E. Folk-L. . heel see Caulk. CEIL. burning. Cf. to sear. . a net. a paved way. F. Cause. cauken. See Cavalier. Late L. caviar. Der. Caudle. M. chausse'e. caviare. of pp. Caustic. . calzada}. Der. (^KEU. ace. to come. to tieacl.) O. cavaL. khavyar. of cavahare. See Cole and Flourish. to banter hence. cauda. caustitus. causie. Caul. calc-. caucie (mod.-Q. (F. a hollow. to counsel. cale.) O. O. (M. to beware. chald. caussa. L. cautionem. of heaven. force down by cauilldri. caviller.CAUCUS Late L. Cede. Chevalier. a cave M. . Q. Smith's Works. (F. (L. F. . L. a horseman. cavaliere. O.) Hal. a canopy. cause. -L. causa. W. p. F. a horse.) Cot. the crow or daw. a counsellor. to ptov. caulis^ a cabbage andyfc/7> is from L. frequent. ]. to calve as a From M. cease . vb. called asu.) Gk. a paved way. cauilla.also Turk.) F. late word (A. cauere. L. navvies. M. stem of calx. L.L. of cakidrc. cessus^. Gk. lit.t gCedar.) L. cavalcade. caballus. O.) Formerly caus-ey-way . * likely than the entirely unsupported story about caulkers' meetings Caudal. let him beware. Caribbean aiayiiman Late L. fiorere. (American Indian?) Said to be from an Algonkin word meaning to speak. Ital. and flory.) O. cazisey. - Gk. F. pp. F.-Late L. (F.) F.) Formerly cave in E. to wrangle. a drink. L.) ivtaro\ whence oakum into a ship's seams). Caveat. a tioop of horsemen. cautenzdre. of Jleurir. kaa a jackdaw : which are imitative. L ) F. cavahaia. for calcidta ma. caudd. L. hollow. cavalier ie.) ace. roe of the sturgeon. for the head. O. Gk. a horse. cauterise. F. L. p. Cavil. cawcaivwassoughcs'j Capt. a canopy the same word as V7. Kavaros. to flourish. Origin unknown. to beware. E.) cav-ern (F. covering. cava. 347. (CaL. Ceil. cavallo. to Cauldron . F.) cavalry.\. cakdre. .L. Caviare. . a branding-iron. whence kaw-kaivTheir elders. raised way. Caution. of caballus. of caballarius^ the same. see Cavalier. (F. Gk. tfavaca). Ital. Friesic kalfen. syle or cyll. F. can. F Prov. ' . The spelling Also caiman. is Spanish. (F.) Caulk. a jeering. political meetings. hot. L. cedrus. Ital.) (ave. del. a phrase introduced by Da. capital. to tent a wound with lint. L. orig. falling portion of earth is compared to a The calf dropped by a cow.f&rttr. sort of Cave.-L. caItal. North F. the belonging to the a tail. heed. . North F. quo. fern. to yield. a cause. see Capital (2) and Chattels. 81 Gk. (F. from cave. L. L. of cedere (pp. (L. (F. chattel. property catd. Flanders inkalven. ribbean. object to. col is from L. lier. D. . cakiatus. . cavilpressure. drink. Span. L. Cf.' id. tcaiciv (fut. cessare^ to loiter. Cave in. \F.) F. caballarium. (F.) L. F. . to yield. Gk ) L. [Cf. Brugm. Kavrrjptafav. (F. 377. go away.-L. pp. Kaitiv. go slowly. cakdre. see Caldron. ling. caution. cido. esp. cavaliere. K*t>pos. auaE. Du. chaudel. O. to flourish. whence halfen /. Caw. E. Jlori. to sb. (F. (F. cause. a cave. by adding way to M. cedre. (L. Kavrr). F. from the sb. ceekn> to a ceil . to burn. the same. L. ed. Confused with fieuri. Ital. cavalry. Cauliflower.-Gk. tail. /caverns*. (F. caverne. F. a knight cavalleria. (E. cabbage .L. heaven. burnt. cause.-L.

) heavenly. Celt (2). lie down . encensier. word probably meant A. fl Not to be confused with E. centu-m^ number of one hundred. ncm. F. to iL. (L) of celebrare. (F. i. (L. cellarium. (L. censere censura. introduced from the Piedmontese Ital. L) Y.) L. centennial.) small room. distributively).) a hundred . Censor.ui. Celerity. relating L. pp. calare. 82 .-L.) ' . sb.-Gk. - ) i ^ empty tomb. (L. a register(L. empty. . Ktvo- - . Censer. orig. Gk. heaven. c<p>nentitm. frequented. cenotaj>hium. the ' centigrade. celebratus.) Celts riors * . Centuple. inalso incensorium (whence censarium. Gk. Celt (i). see L. F. hundred . single L.-L. L centum ^ see Grade.CELANDINE a cieling. Census. celdre. But this reading is due to some error. Cf.-L.) (F. The L. inmod.dmwt. celure. (F. to fall asleep. c&nobium. single. seems to have had some influence on the word.. L. O. . F. of inccndere. (F. cncensoir}. (F. E. opinion. stem of Calebs. centre (above). L. as in per cent. cemer. sill. F. ccnt-um. (The n is intrusive. sclleri for Ital.cfntmie. . an l ^ L.]L. ann-us t a year. (F. (F. centenary. L. c&lesti-s. icoiv6-s. cahlhitus.) F. cement. rubble. ccnsier. 63?. beat down (Rhys). to praise. a captain of a hundred. catum. fcoi^r-fiptov. populous. unlife. (below) L. ccelatura. M. common Cenotaph. L.) F. .) cent. Koip&w.. to lie Kftfjtat t I . L. icoivo&tw. gtad-us^ a degree centipede. celte (-with a chu>el). a sleeping-place. valuer. centum.. celeber. Kev6-s.) O Tt. S. to emboss. to hild. to solemnise.) assessor. centnria terium. c heliJ/iOV swallow-wort. Hundred. a single life it and again a single. . centenus.Gk. sense was was afterwards an adj. seltnon. hunL. Divided into . hundredth -L. (2). celier.~\Ate L. to cut (Biugm. and ped-.~Gk. The orig. censure.) L. E cclU. x f ^ Gk. x t ^ ft v ~> stem of x ^ l y t a swallow. Cent. centum. (jk. (L. Centawus. Late L. (F. critic. hundred hundred cfegreeb. and there seems to be no such word in Latin. cenotaphe. r(ty-o?. to a hundred.-Gk. . WAqs. speed. L. sb. (Jerome). pi. fold. L.F. warwai . stem of /<?. 24. btrike through. Gk. kalti. a taxer.** hundred . a many-footed L ctnti-. L. 587). a convent. Cell. for hundred -looted) insect centum. celtis. cfntipcaa.) given to the Celta. hundred. (F. L. dollar. (above).$. Late L cameGk. a name originally From L. hildr. censete. hut. . cent it -m y hundredfold. frequent. F. down.) In America. ) Celebrate. to hide. L. See (-/KEL ) Cellar. . celibacy. Cement.) F. a runner. jStosr. Gk. F. cella.K. married. centcndrius. Celery.) O.) L. Centesimal. the hundiedth part of a ing. (Late L. L (L. Celestial. but did not originate it cf. L. a T. plic-an. M. foot. cella (above). r^v/^. a canopy. censor. celibacy (for *cahbatia). (C. L.-L. celidoine Late L. celdre. a the cf.centuplcx (stem (!-") L.) centurion. (F. (L) relating to a century dred . to honour. life. to hide. heaven. f/. a kind of parsley. L. KOIVO&IOS. senscr (Godefroy) ened from C). L.) L. assumed nom. shortO. ccntuna. strike Icei. ' (L. hundred. Centaur.-L. Lith. Skt. celestieL ccelum. Gk. Brugm. Perhaps tor *cadmentum. 4*Skt fams. (L. quick ace. siller] nor with L. F. L. selini. (L. c&nobita. Celandine. attuvov. Gk.L. L.) M. Helm Coined to mean L. L. pi Gauls. T&QIOV. a primitive chisel or axe. nor with seal nor with seel (F. centesim-us r celer. to give an ) opinion. cense from pp. (L. a body of a hundred men . F. a hundred. L. a plant (F. See Incense. calib*. Gk. census. Celibate. donia. Der. for L pcr-cellere^ to centipede (lit.-L ) M. appraise.. parsley. L. ace centwioL. a tomb. a convent. from ccedcre. censure. . O. of selino. in the Vulgate Version of Job xix. celentattm. - Gk. meaning one who is * L. 1. L. L. chippings of stone hence. (L. . ccntuplic-}. cemetery.) Late L. Century. A. centiped. (social) fraternity a Cenobite. L. ccnti-. celer. living socially. celidonia. Cf. ctleri. a hundred (usu. celer \ O. \ CENTAUR Allied to pass. I lull to sleep in Cemetery. parsley.-L.L. a cellar. i. Gk. to kindle. of the abl. mcensutn. member of a Gk.

chatt/er). later chaf. a journey. (above) Cerulean.L* cathe* a throne. cera. 1 7 ' (Vulgate). L. -J-Du. L. tending towards a centre./cc^ajuttf-os. KtvravpoSy a centaur. white lead. kafer. chaine^ ckatou. for *caluleus> *c(?lulus. Cerecloth. to rate. in the department of Yonne. sure.) . a creature half i Hen. i. L. to coat with tcpa(jt-os. mome. Ital. cessus ace. Globe ed. man and half horse.) L sess. Ktvrpw. centre F. for cerfo-^ stem of artus and -fic~. Cockchafer. cesso.) a yielding.rating. .-L. Chafer. cccipi a bargain. chair. (L ) Gk.. a waxed with Chablis^ cerement.] Chain. L. a chain. which is Gk. Ki'ravptcv. Centenary ? Centennial. L. prick. certth-.) From cere\ -ment (L. Orig. measure. (L. E. Centuple. ttiS) pp. raised seat. I. limit. i. cerebr-um. (L. L.) M. which some have com. make. F. L. France. E. Cerement - . assessment see Spenser. chatre. pp. warm for L. catena. see Cent. (F. sb. Ch.) with suffix finch it fiequents barn-doors. xcpavvvfu Cere.) Most probably . M. certtfier. State of Ireland. gandharvas. of the whale kind. L. a Gk. to warm. make to glow. Chablis. *calefare. (L. centaurea. Cf. centri-^ for ccnt)0~. stem of certtix. a plant (L. 8. &c. Gk. E. chagrin. cf. to warm . Late L. (E. cettts. pet-ere.F.(above). cera wax. (F.) chaufer (F.) Gk. chagrin^ shagreen . centre. Fare. cessionem. (F. 2. stem of centrum andfug-ere. Cessation.) L. Brugm. *o warm. white lead (F. Gk. [Diez identifies it witn F. chaffis from the certify. centaury a short for Assess. to glow. caruleus. Brugm. from . ccrtifien. relating to the brain.) From mi. cettein. (F. (below). see Gere. Gk.) Lit. (F. ferufn-us.L. and E. to calfar. xApa. suffix 'L.-f-Gk. . to cease. a privy (Torriano) which is a shortened form of seccsso. Cf.) L. to cede.CENTAURY CHAIR .) certain L. L.Gk. i. 643. see Cheap and M. a spike. L. centre. a bargaining. L. (F.) In F. centn. 1 2 Cerecloth. Gk. (E. adj. . facere. equiv. a seat. ca/e-re. potter's (fut tf/>a<ro>). -anus. F. cession.) A. from sess. *o0-. -mentuni}. ii. Cerebral. col. Krjros. a bird. Prov. neck. (F. cerussa. chaufen^ to warm. white-lead chaere.) A. for *ar<4. i. secessus. wax. goad on. belonging to the neck. a demi-god. to warm by friction. centripetal. a ceasing. husk of gram +Du. cessaL. Cf. corn. 1u. (E. (Hybrid. a vthite wine. Cereal. Q . cbaire. (L. L.) O. I mix. the brain. tcypos. So also O. S. Gk. to seek.-L. F. F. to wax. xv. blue. ceaf. rite. Late L. to make sure. cessationem. > Cess. relating to a hait. chaff-wax^ for chafe-wax. %ing from a (L. Matt. to wax L. kaf\ Low G. certificare. L. chaitre.) decide. kaff. earth. (F. cernere. Chair. azure. O. I Centurion. see Cere. Ceramic. ccrcdhs. Cession. spike. F. Gk.-L.) L. Cetaceous. For pared with Skt.) M. . centrum. 619. IV. goad. - L. but wrongly. .L. see N. Ceremony. ceremony.-L. .) From L. cethr. ace. to make. kever\ cere- G a kind of beetle.) L. % The verb to ihaff^io chafe. (F. The verb to discrimiChaffer. (L. Chafe. vex. L. to (se)cess-pool. a sea-monster.<Y. to yield. see Hart. (Gk.) ceruse. (L. ' the draught . wax. Center. certi-. . a e. Ceruse. E Chaff. cefer (also ceafor] . L.) F.) relating to corn. (F. cessits. Cervical. calefacere.S. chapfare^ also chaffare. down. rate. ceruse. of cessare. cerdre. (F. Cf. F. S. O.e. relating to pottery. . M. W. \ carimoma. cerf-us. plant named from the Centaur Chiron. cessation.) L. L. Cervine. ceres.) L. of Auxerre. (L.-Gk. melancholy. - L. (F. also business . 483. c&rulus. to separate.) . vex. Allied to L. the head. Kpivtiv. forfac-ere. Certain.) Chaffinch Chagrin. centrifugal. nate Gk. Gk. E. verb. E. Cess-pool. cloth. a tax. chaffinch. rfrfrnom'e. D. From L. ceru-u$> a hart . **>T&W. ** A. (L. E. (E. see Chaff: calum^ sky.-Gk. L. to fly. of cedere.. p. and foru. Centre. a retreat. centaury. .

L. see below. Chant. \aos. (F. dial. dwarf-lion a kind of lizaid. an enclosure fenced off with an open screen. Kapapa. kamsa. . chancl. M. (F. a grating onchancchy. a L. change.) L.Gk.) M.-L.) L. O. a chandler. celll. the ground (see above) Chamois. lit a cleft.-L. calcnge.^ L chame- leon.) see Champaign. Cf. \a\v\^ (stem named from the Chalybes. (L. . a coal. E. cham elerie. O. Chancellor. chancellerie. to Der. Chaldron. Champ. a chamois (G. (F. F. canel. see Candle. ciack. orig. lion.-Gk. L. 1 a tree. chandeLate L. (Lex Salica). L) ME. a ground-lion. (F. camlra. (F.-L. from L. M. a chair. O. to gape. a candle-holder. chanel. xap. Cf. See Chasm. like to crush. (F. chaancc. -Gk. an accusation. Coined from L. campus. candecandeldna. of calix./>. L. - Her. S. (F. xaaKtw. campionem. see Cadence.K. . a . a caldron. cantdre. Caldron.Y. F. Gk. chanli-deer. Chameleon. calumdispute. dealer. F. ch a nib) -dene. of campio. See Chalice.) F. H. M. to sing sing. exchnnge whence . to difficulty. M. Swed. a seat. sb. candlem see Canal. cancel/ana. cancelldrinm. F. L. Chandler. ace. L.) In Sh. cambium. 19. chaunte-cleer. chaise. on t F. M. to change changicr. apple. xxi. . F. (L.F. F. Chancel. chalenge. (I 4 . H Chandelier. chalk. word. (F. a Parisian modification of F. (Southern). spelling of Gk. the record-room of a cancellarius lier. cadenL. in comp. formed with suffix -l-tnc (the same as *>-/-/. CHAP ( I sit . to eat noisily. O. lime. cahce. lit.-L. Late L. orig. screen see . camlndre. chaire. 19. fenced off by a latticed screen. a cup. G. Idrius. water containing chalyb-s. hap. m'a. (F. E. pi. Gk. L. - . chant-ry. ( F. a chancel. Chaos. Rev. E. a place for military exercise. F. F. Channel. camera. . a kind of quartz. chance- .) A. on the ground. Champak. clear-singing. of imitative origin. chandelier. E. ^^te L. a pulpit. Piedmontese camossa. (F. Gk. a falling. . changer. kamerlinc. and AtW. O. from c^o/icu see Cathedral. Lat. M E . candcla see Candle.\vfi-}. O. Late L. .-L. ace. L. frequent.antdria*. - happen. .) A wine (. . gemse}. Chamomile. Cf. (F. M. . L. Challenge. chamberlain.-Gk. vaulted room. O. chalenge. Late L.) Formerly or chamm . . cham L.) Late Der. a chancellor orig. of which the Picard form was campaigjie . G. Late candle-seller. L.-L. champaigite. iron. cancl^ a canal. Champion. (Gk. chalice L. F. steel.L.) So called because orig. H. L.^ O.CHAISE 5(5pa. . . Cancel. Chalcedony. (F. a combatant (Isidore). Skt. calicem. ace.F.) .' A. .L.A. . a chance. a peculiar use of field. chalonge. also.E. corn-chandler. a Allied to calyx y but not the same (L.) F. vb . (Skt. camlire* lo exchange.) F. a seat. Chalk. p. L. an officer who stood near the . cup. change. L. chaL'edonius . G.-L.) borrowed from some Swiss dialectal form. (E. false accusation Used of Gk. ccah L. m. a L. from the applelike smell of the flower. Chancery. chancel. cheance.-L. Chamber.L. claim . chaos. (F. calc-. who made it. bre\ Prov. Chaise. (L. candelarius.) O. chamberlain.) O. (F. open L. Late L. stem of calx. camara. chaos. (E.) F chanter. often in the sense 'a claim. O. a people steel of Pontus. x a /*ai on the ground (also dwarf. ground-apple. a vaulted place. L. H. xxi. (i). of canere. G. a candle-stick. F. Change.) M.) Chance. chew with Champagne.) Gk. chaldion. Late L. tia. screen before the judgment-seat. F. (F.measure. vb. chamerhm. Cf. campus. chcaunce. O. cf. a grating. . camomilla (chamomiUa\ Gk. gamz (for *gamuz). cham jam. E. candela. pij\ov. calenge. see Calumny. cf. Sit. one who has the care of rooms. cansee Chancel. Gk. chauntcne. Gk. O. Cancel. F. ace. abyss. L. where chandler merely means seller. named from Champagne means ' in France. chamois G. a vault. F. xanat-ktuv. cadere> to fall.E. cancclli. Gk. Gk.) cham- paka> the champak. pion. (F. which a plain ' . \a. (Late L. Gk. L. camera (above).) Late Chap .) Chalybeate.) O. to cleave. cancelIus. Camp. (F. see Campaign. a light carriage.) . room. a chaise . xapaiM\ov lit. see Chancellor. Xa\Krj^wv t Rev. humi.cAam- L. - L.

perhaps named from its red belly [the W. Hence. See Ajar. chart ada. to furrow. F. cert an. refer it to M. an enchantment. O.-Gk. chewrc . Chary meant Irish cear.S. a protector orig. L.) Chapman. familiar chap is a merchant. (F. chartoe. charme. . t F. E. to cut. to cut .) O. Gael. happen. -L. hence. chapelet. engrave. Fries. and of care. 37. F.) From char and coal. a turn. L. (2) heedful. as sb. . a paper. S. a leaf . a song. to do a turn of work. from cear. hence. chapitre. a division of a book. (L. a Gaulish word. name is torgoch. blood. a head-dress.-f-M.CHAP chappen.-L. a turn of work. char-coal. (F. A O. (F.Icel. hooded cloak. usually a chapter of a book. wreath. L. F. G. chaperon. to chatter which to was preserved the capa or cope of cape. \ Charcoal. Dan. Chase See Care. chapitre. carrtts. Chart. belly. L . ) Of unknown origin. ceara. in both senses.. red. Charity. (F. price. man the jaws. charta. but the sense of char remains unknown some if . kjaptr (pt pron.4*Du. to turn A. cautious. to as chapter. Martin (F. E. i. a kind of hood. (E ) M. which * meant . (F. O. synod of clergy. cyrr]. F. a merchant. chapel. E. S.-L.) F. to gape open like a wound made by a cut. to turn (as to turn to coal). and man. capa as above. sparing. carrtts. Chapiter. sb. a A. carmen.-Gk. kappa. char. &c. because carrying a burden. (0> to hunt after. red-bellied. S. . 184. C. Chaperon. chapitre. a cope see Chaperon. turn of work. a turn. (E. char (2). carnal . not found in A.carnale. from tor. in Late L. F.-Late L. Char (3).L. idle talk. CHASE mark. A. a synod. scratch. F. also Span.-C. red. (F. xapaacrtiv. Char (i). chart*. see . -Ital. char-woman. action of a clown. from Provengal charrada> a from charra.-L. charg-er. kiaft. car see Car. cock. \afrn]. carus. to cut.) . cappella. orig. (E. happen.) L. lop.S. to cut .-Ital. to turn. (E. prattle prob. great talker. (F.) O. (F.Gk. paper Chary. kaft. E. a car. E.) Gloss. Character. Littre) .A. (Brachet).. of See char (2). * ' chapiter as well chapelet. careful. kappe. but there is no proof this.L. cerr (below). cerr (cierr.. 637. ^f Perhaps suggested by North E. of caput. a shrine in long talk.-L. carricare.) a mountebank. chart. Chops. a head. (E. Gk. karig. Charge.Prov. love. char. E. as //). a see above.F. (Supp. chape. to prattle.-L.) Properly an adj. a cope. carlock. -Gk. to cut . Ital. merely short iof chapman. (i) sorrowful. E. Du. S. . see Chapman. cerlic\ (E. chartre. see Cark. - -O. Pnr. chore. Chariot. load. charnel.) The mentative of F. Charnel. F. . charter. a clown. augL. peasant. .) Also chare. a space of time. Brugm. charitet. speech or Cape (i). F. (F. karg. E. a cemeLate I.) M.. S.O. cherren. sense [[ The ' * burn is later than the appearance of the jaw charlatan. iharta. E. cdritatem.) late word.-L. Chapter. Dan. cappa. a dish or hoise. (F. G. Chaplet .-L. Chapel. (F. See Chop (i). a small paper or document. ciarla. (F. L. also. capitutum. as in charnel-house. possibly from Chap (i). - O. Charlatan. . enchantment.~ O. head-dress. adj. F. a woman who does a turn of work. c hafts or chaffs. M. Swed. S. prattler. capa. full carti. glossed by jlfischns tery. cf. Voc. charA. origin unknown. the Swed. Late L. O. L ) M. usually chare. charger. of paper. Charlock. ace. charro.). . F. Late L cartttla. containing carcases. Der. L.) M. ceapman. ehapele. (flesh-house) Wright-Wulker. a car. S. red].) F. dear. the capital of a column. . happen. . capitulum. orig. Cf. fl" Not allied to Gk. cearig. A. . chape. ccap.) Late L. variant of an older form chapitle. jaw. .L. charge. cherrcn. (E ) M. sb. E.F. Languedoc charrade. sad. barter (see Cheap) . introduced Chap (2) .) . jaws (Cleveland Chaps. F. i M. Charade. L. Late L. (F. (C. charade. A. chariot. card (i ). ciai 'are. xa />a*T^an engraved or stamped Gk. a chapter of a book (little head) .* See Chapter. from Span. but representing L.) F.A. ciarlatano. cher. dimin. of unknown origin . of imitative origin. Car. earn all s\ see Carnal. ren. a fish. also blood. cectm. Charm.-O. to load a car. a kind of wild mustard. character.

\a chatter. see Cattle. (F. of which one keeps a (F. kwetteren. pi. Low check-mate. Chaws. M. repulse. chaste. M. ali>o. Pers. Chatter. schack. F. squares like those on a chess-board. Cheap. cheep. also chdtclaine for which see Castle. Du.CHASE O. from confusion with exchequer it is really a name given to a draft for money. Port. 1 . chek. koop. of cast rum. eschec. Allied See Escheat. Low L. (F. twitter. xaque. F. . Chat.L.jaque.). chatel. used (F. a square of a chessSee chess board. mind the king. see below. always a Hence.) M. Cheek. in a good market whence E. purchase. kop. G. E. (F.) Equivalent to checks. O.E. cattl. -L. of M. in particular. see Check above. Swed. Span. scacco.) by confusion with caldron. . kvittra. L. F. check. G. Chattels. <[fl)evic shews that O. a vestment. tehee. Parv. O. form of Peis. e. pi. CHEEK to chacert pursue. M. dimm. entrails [Cf. kings. castell-an . from Mid.* formed verb ceapian.. . art.' Cot. O. Perhaps from L. Dan. cast us. chess. Cheat. chaste I L.L. North F. for ihah~mat. castellum. kaldaunen. Peis. F. inserted . esches.Pers. x^^t a yawning cleft. also cattle.) property . king at chess . defeat. he is dead. . E. (Hence 7"he Checkers.) F. were * king. also a check. buy. waim (F. chaud). to buy. hence the verb. *f[ . . chess. chaste Chasuble. chaste The word is due to the Chasten.). a little house L casa. shah Arab. L. L. casula. king. G. shorter form chastien. really the pi.) M. ong.-L^ F ch$feau. (F. Fiom Pers. defeat. chess. E. see Castigate. So also Du. to chirp. Gk. . (E. see . Lat. Chateau. PI. from the Arab. chekkei WO. to cheapen. skak.) castigdre. cashes. \ M. esh~shag\ where esh is and shag is the Arab. H. the king is dead. to defraud. cheke. Ital.&aup.) L.E. below. a dish containing entrails (Ducange). short for en (F. (F. a huckster. (F. a huckster. the game of the kings. good cheap. which Franck). Du. koopen. lit. an inn-sign F. G. E. a mantle chasuble. Pers. L. price whence the .L. Gk. chastisen . M. scaao. to make pure. chasma. The escheaChasm. caudun. a Macb. .) Cheat is merely short for escheat cf. mat. (F. L. A ]>edantic Chaw . a chess. cliep. But this is now held to be unlikely (Kluge. with with cf. kaufcn. an old name for the game at draughts from ft&ihecker or chess-board . F. whence shah-mat.) From Arab. a sudden stop. O Chatter sec Chat. spelling of . Icel. ! . a sb. 4chec t a check. * a danger. E.Y squares. of scaccus. a ters were often cheaters . Chase (3). and Arab. charier. a printer's frame. see Chase enchase. to buy. chequers. . (F. shdh. . in playing chess. chequer. also chiteren. cheap. to x a*K * ll'y to gape see Chaos. eschequier. price.& king. shdh y a king.) Used in place of game. checkers. gulf. calduna. calidu$. schach. check. (K. eschec. Low L. O. frequentAn imitative word ative form of chat. ban marcht} as an adj. (F. checker. The orig. Ital. . sense -L.) see Caste. entrails be from G. choufo. F. . . O. check.Q. a box . property. Low kaupon (weak vb.-L. a fortUied place. which is very old. the king is dead.) M. Check.' L. a shrine. of Pers. casubula. eschec represents for al. . that O. is from L. sb. by-form of Jaws . a bargain. barter. caupo. caldun. check at chess-play. chess. see Jaw. S.boat d.board. a cottage. see Check. . kaldtinc. Swed. of eschec. O. to warble. i. memorandum or counter-check. an exchequer. chaudron. ' lit. Der. ceap. ^shag-mat. The r forms is F. siacci. Fers. F. to traffic. 86 . see above.) F. entrails. E. Dan. (E.) Thought to cheque. schaak. repulse. chastier. tehees. a chess-board. xaque.' from check-mate. chdsse. Aiab. chatel. a stop also check Chaste. (2). E chateren. ckekere. iv (F. Similarly we have F. Chaudron. chasty or chastien Chastise. kiob. or of kings. 0. pron. cheokc. chase. an escheat (Prompt. chatter. of check the king was is * ' king ' in ' sense as . to mark Pers/) To mark (F. scaccarium. F. chete. to see. the def. kauf. shah.e. chaudun. older (Godefroyj. - Late L. (L. capsa. Catch. a chess. [[Some say that these words are borrowed from Swed. . hence. i. O F. Indus scaccorum = game oif checks. see at a Chew.) low price ong. with the same Late L. a purchase Goth. F. Cas0 (2). 33. A. E. (E. the same ] Late L.

cherts-. cherise. a chestnut. re- Chemist. L. Succory is a comipter form of the word.) * to be of good cheer? hence. ktste. Chew. Sometimes shortened E. Chestnuts are said to have been called Katrrava.-Pers. cece. S. Augmentative O. L. cheek Swed.) fiom iliitra. Irish ceart. wrangling. kid. for chestnut. F. also Icel. is the old name of the tree. from Rao-rava. . a cherry-tree usually come from Chicanery.) a roll hence. L. ceace. O. cheste. with f-mutation prehistoiic A. . -4- charephylla. chastaignt (F. a story which Curtius doubts. - - form of chevre. an obstruction with Lit. orig. hoi se of Friesland. r&tc&vtov. the pi.). kuiken. cichorium* . a chest. S. chestnut-tree.S cer- to chick . Gk. . a cherry. chita. to wrangle. Icel. :? a rafter. O.E. F. Gk ) M. 2nd ed. cichorium. the hunting leopaid. Chaw. olits. L. P. Gk. a horse.) Der. O F. stem of pres. caprehe-goat see Caper (i). cheer-ful./). <Du. ace. Late L.) Turk. chevalier. cerise . capra. kaskeui. .) F. (Relationship to Gk. . Chequer Cherish. aKo visicheeta See Skt. Chesnut is Chicory. chemist . a mystic figure. (. Merc. said to representing Folk cerams. Low G. S. Chicken. to chew (Streitbergf). tube. of cherir. in . G. a shiit. which short for chesten-nut. kid leather. a little kd. cara. ' CHICORY E. a chicken. 2.) . castanca. (Hind.-L.) O. of chcvrele. Cf. kuken cf. k ruv (pi.) 165. Kiarrj. Chert. F. kieken. chevron. but the M.-L. to perceive. ^Tamil. <t>v\\ov. a Cf. E. apparently for stcwry or cichory. . chevre. shitruttiiy Tamil a cigar.Gk. Castana. . in Pontus . Cf. see Check. leaf. (E. nut of the chesten. T)u. chere. tree. L. Chestnut. kyckling\ related to Cock. a word of Byzantine origin (id. short for al- see Alchemy. chybitk. L. a kind of quartz. of caballus. chemise. ace. *ceresia. ^Heb. Cheeta. E. these. shirt (Stokes). lit. fcapa.) The tine pi v&chentbf/w. Chevalier. a horseman. (F. weak grade *cuc- . clear.) M.jwa/e. short L. .. xaip4<j>v\\ov .) pi. which is - - a plant.kntmri Russ. A. a she-goat. S. which likewise means a prop. a roll of tobacco (Yule). cista. chicaner. caprant. O. KOLffravov. H . building. Merc. Gk. (F.-f"Du kaauiven\ G. thin dress. S. See below. Cheval-de-frise. Cherub. a Tuikish pij^e.' Cot. a (F. F. flle. Cheroot. Gk.) (F. jaw. a kid. of capra. for earlier *ctcse<*ceasi}. G. kak.-Gk. *ftSsi < *casioz. Cheer. Gk. Heb. kjukling. otch&rephyllum. f>w. cheri. O. f Dti. F. A. A. (L. chere. or K&pva . O. Skt chitraka. L. xaip-w. earlier *ciucin. . p. eat. mistake for cheris. chcwen. kase. a chicken. Dimin. Chemise.) Chervil. a goat. to rejoice. box (whence G. Cheetah. pi. cecnvan. Sievers. S. chcttaigne}. chit. succory. L. ' M. chervil. . (L. Chibouk. 349). E. Swed. is doubtful. &c. chtca- Ccrasos. Gk. Late L. whence O. the (F. chibfik. fist. an ordinary. see Cock (i). (F. succory. the head. 2nd ed. pettifogging. from L. tyggja. a leopard used foi the chase. .aravaia.^) F. bat. to chew. a chestnut (Klnge). (l< . (F. the final s being mistaken for the pi. A. the face. word is chiken.CHEER A. fF.L ) . a plant. to hold dear.E. chevaux^de-Fiise is commoner. chaitgan. cheek. pleasant Gk. pipe (Zenker.' a spikes. in heraldry. cheese whence other foims (G. (F. a horse. a chestnut -tiee. tctx&pn> Kixopia y neut. L.) F. clcen. F. chestein. L. Chesnut. Ktpaaos. inflexion. ble. see Check. nerie. a pebble. 75. which shews the Chess. E.F.~ Gk. a stick. dear pt.' chevron. L. Chymist. a club. from kask. the mien M. the name of a city in Pontus where they abounded but more probably from Arm en. I.. caballum. called also Kt^wfuov. chiiorte* .) L. Cot.) jocular name. Irish caimmse. a chevron in ' Cheque. (?) Unknown. fern. dear. -Skt. leaf. (L. Sieves. Cheese. sembling t\\ o rafters of a house. F chcr. (F. Chest. L cams. to dispute in game of the mall or chicane (BrachetX Perhaps from the medieval Gk. kauen O. from Pers. camisia.'F. kuchlein. tftuv /". orig. F chcval. a she-goat. kaas) are borrowed. a Hind. L. kaak y jaw.) 'Most likely meant to represent the saddlepeak ^ Y. (Turk. M. Cherry. chiste. M. Cheveril. face. Chintz. chevre. spotted. caseus. L. tyggw.) cese (A. North F.

E. kilt a chill . from x**/> * ne hand.) A blain caused by needle. to write From Gk. type *ka!iz. kikhosta. a she-goat. a cymbal.L. . We of chint. chahion. Late L.CHIDE Chide. sb. of which the orig. vb.E. (E. E. a chain. chirurgie. chiden. (E. Gk.) Formed with womb. chief. Skt. the same as Cinchona. from the base of M. . . a sb. cin.) . Late L. dialectal form of O. micem.L.cTctan. aug. also. hence Chinee in the singular. Chime.) Hair twisted. Du. to be cold. spine.F. cf. Chinchilla. Fries. The forms chir-p. E.) O. (2). E. dChieftain.. Gk. kinnus.^ Related (with a lighter vowel. pen. S. v. xtnaipa. cimbale. . .) Gk.^/. by a pi. capitanus. kala. tena. celt. (F. . chincough. kikna. hence. to write. Der. (F. . foiypa(p(ir. a .S. a bug.K. Child. An imitative word cf. of cimcx. who handles (and cures) the feet.S. L. to gasp G.F.) M. gelu.L. S. Chin. to bud . kinn. chin to coo. spina. whooping-cough. bal. gloss to praccisus to cut. ace. hanus. also a cupboard.S. caChine. -yivvs. a bug. the back-bone. a head. for-cyppod. Dan. (F. xiiwpos. E. A. the cheek G. sura surgeon people was formerly Chineses\ we have dropped the final s. (China. Chip. pi. Swed. another spelling of F. calcw. cf. brawl M.-O. . i named from a little at a time. capo}. chyme-belle. q. Fries. tsimpanzee in the neighbourhood of the gulf of Guinea. (E. child. chitnbe. kinkhoest\ M. also a spot See Cheeta. chinnen. lit.) dele. gena. F. O. backbone. cymbalum. Span. to gasp. a fabulous monster. Hind. the M. nasalised form of a picker.). L. chhint. chtrken.) M.) M. . a a chain.-Gk.Gk. spotted.Gk ) M. informed that the (African. ChinCOngh. CL.kirren t L. S. spotted cotton chintz. to bud. \ftpovpyia. kin. .G. chirp. xtipoypatye'iv. cf. -f-Du. (E.telling by the hand. caminus. kcimen. Chief. a splint).) is I am with the Gk. chef. (F. rift.catch in the breath. chinchilla.) Span. provided with a chimney.B. E. chimbale.hitra. prickle (G. Chimera. which looks like a popular form for cymbal. chime. base *kik. Du. ktppen. chin. a cleft. the variegated patterns Skt. cf. Gk. clink. chilliness. Mwwa. a rag. Dvi. Orig.) F. ch7nirgia. E. (E. A. A. Also M. .) Lit. F. an oven. Gk. Chill.' Cot. sense was of a henc. S. an ape. F. chir-k. thei. Lye. chatne. did. a link. Orig. (F.H. (. ' . as in A.) to chide. kinke. it. L. and use Chinese as a gery. A.) Yoichints. the old spelling of surF. chef. to hap (i) or chop. chemince. a cupboard. N. Icel. kil- type *ki/f>om. as if to cut chhlt.) 4 Cot. keichen. chine\. on L. chiffon. For the sense. he -goat. clank and see Chincough. L. from *kal-an. ' L. Chimara. (Hindustani Skt. The name of the geon. to freeze. Cf. L. ker-chief. chaine. furnace. frost. the chime or bal cymcym- Chink . *a chimney. E.KOV see Cymfind M. from <#/?//. ment. a A. chiro-mancy. t)pe (Span. L. the head. Goth. . . hand.chirDu. L. (E. \cipo-.E. chinche./*(F. . the ground ) ringing bal. (F.H. cm-.^f name tune. (F. chintrgien. cf. cold.) \\SQchirrnp.' capnt^ *capum (Ital. a chink. CHIRURGEON . chine. Icel. sb.~(jk. neut. Chinchona. ktnn.) Short for china-ware. a captain. M. <. to jingle. a little O. t. place to put rags in. chiffonier. Chignon.kink-host (host means cough}. (E. kinken (a strong vb. KVH&O. chir-m one . + to split (strong vb. also a germ. F.) Kafiivos. cidde. weak grade of clnan. Goth. Scotch kink-cough. but undeservedly if from its smell as head. capit-. A kink is a F. chief. Teut. -L.Jvfowtf. F. to be cold. with a goat's body. L. . schicne. cheek . v Cf. Jiiro-pod-i$t> chin are Irom an imitative base cf. (E) Tetit. Swed. L. China. Shortened from O. a thorn.chcvetatne. a fire-place. second dropping of se.Y. capitaneus. kenen. a chill. (E. handwriting. (. O. so named. a chimney. Der.Gk. L. unknown. to kind Goth. of chiffe. Chimpanzee. or ware from China. bug. pt. E. Chimney.S. Chirp. keinan.E ) Chiffonier. cloth. oven. A. . Chirnrgeon. kind. camlnata. to gasp. a rag. jaw. Dan. cleft. cinu. (F. Chirography. A. Chink suffixed k. (i). a chink. cf. Chilblain. verb. variegated. (Germinating seeds make a crack in 4-Du keen.kieckhoest'. Chintz. Gk. a small rodent animal. G. .G. a For chink-cough.) Q. L. L. .

type Chap (i). (F.D. (F. to cut L. tisel (F. Chivalry. 602. choken. chorum. ctsellus. M. t. only in the derivative aceocung. \*. sense of L. Chrism Christ. and G. Brugm. cheval* a horse. a jackdaw. to cheat. -f I)u. orig. . F. Mex. Choice. whence also Late L. E. *keus-an-. bilious complaint. . Mex. (VGEUS.) Choke. (L. .).O. Gk. Chopine. ^Elfric. the hand Chisel. (F. a horse. and tpyctv. 7f<5o/iai. chor-al.bearer. F. an acid formerly obtained fiom led ants. cholera. high cork shoe. for cces-um. and in the pp.chevalerie. chapin. aceocod. (pt. later choeur.F. mesOr (medisenger. ceds). E. answers to Late L.Gk. Perhaps allied to M. . chois. an ant. (i). . of kiusan. to translate L. Ital. a bird. . 216 : with change from eo to <? eo. woman's shoe. cisoriuni* a cutting instrument wrath. (Span. O. ccosan etas.A. Gk. chivalrie. XP&I* the string of a musical instrument. (E. chor*i-ster. Skt. Gk. a later form of kjosa. G. And see Melancholy. Dan.E. F. Chlorine. anger. North F. S. Diet. Cholera. keitn. (Gk. gulp kok. Choir. F. who committed a Turk. chocolate Clavigero. which has chough. . horsemanship. (Gk ) Named from its colour.) . (E. i. a string of gut.) In Hamlet. (Turk.O. qtteir. chocolate.Gk. Goth.) v//>. knighthood. * wninatio. chois (F. dans. (F. E.L. later chappin (Cotgrave). Icel. kattsjan. QS. Hist. a germ. O. keinan. i..) The . a choir. Jw$e. kiusan. (E.. hands. Cf. O. 1352). to working with the hands. cholera x*4 bile \L\OS. cio. Goth.Gk. a female cat. *clsum. chapa. Palmer's Pers. chisel. Choler. a sergeant. M. aWL. to origin. herald.E. Alchemist. L. ately) from M. (Icel. 534. *ciscllum. cheken. Also spelt quire M. Chop variant green.) L. test. . . cutter above.L. Late L. koka. ^f The snrre word as Cord. A. ii. chorus. E. Dcr. Cf. gus-tare. used to strengthen the chloroform. i. to ci8. carver. a pert child. I taste. bile. the bile.E. a high-heeled shoe. Chord. 605. x et P~> from the gullet. Chorus. . Span. with the XoXpa. i.Tent ) Not E. choir of a church is the part where the choir sit. see Scheler's note to Diez. produce a shoot . p. allusion is alleged to be to a Turkish chiaus or interpreter.-A. F. ccocian N Chouse.) The latter element relates tofonnyl wA formic acid. sprout. O. a band of danceis or See Chorus. D. Anger was supposed to be due to excess of Cf. scissors (A. choix\ . a paste made from cacao. . ketlingr). bile. choisir. (F. L. Icel. Of try. lor chapine. 433. chapin . (L. to relish. citer. F. M. A.) I chorda. formica. E. CMt see Caesura.) Piobably a of chap. Rich. Chit (2). chiTush. Gk. and the early forms nae> chyae. shortening of to o in M.) Chough. . sprout. coler. a shoot. Perhaps liom Span. (E. Not found in S. (2). Horn. kitten. Ben Jonson has chtaus in * the sense of a Turk/ with the implied The sense of * cheat*. to choose a whelp.) M. work . cisel bile also cholera. ace. S. of chorus.) M. Choose.) chocolatl. Allied to kit-ling cf. and to kit-ten] G. (however) the foims ceo. S. F. xui.Gk. kicsen. of caballw. M.) . and subse- the anointed one.E. see below. caballum. . Span. a germ. to barter (E. to taste. colere. (al?o cedsari).~ O. See Gall. Gk. Teut. to work. Chops . a sprout (N. Gk. chisel.) In Holland's Pliny. baa. . (L. 2. ka/a. incisor. a clog \\ith a cork sole. to choose. Swed. a thin plate (of metal). . chttscn. . Chop (i). a pale green gas. chithe. as (Vegetius) . i. a band of singers. Late L.CHISEL I CHRIST . (E. kitze. a sergeant.Gk. i. Briigrn. (F. Goth. Diet. E. chcsen. A causal See Choose. 4. xP^ J a dance. Gk. mace. art. . cub. notorious fiautl in 1609. Allied to L.E. kaauiv. \ cheoken. . Span. ^[ Not allied to cacao. M. See Choir. quer. 'the quire of a church.O. Chocolate.) See Gust. to cut.) L. jush.E. it covers. a . Xp6s 9 a dance.* Cot. ciseau).L. Teut. ace. Somewhat similar forms are seen in Du. F. a band of dancers or singers. to choose. a tioop of singers. ? To act as a chouse or cheat. 447 . . chit. see Chaps. a verb which seems to ha\e been evolved from the sb. supine of cadere.) M. chawush. . which the globsator hardly seems to have understood.Gk. coisir. cholera. skill with the quent lengthening. chapman. singers. Mex. L. (L. surgery.

cluck. lit. strength. (E. (Gk. Late L. . E. Swed. A.) Gk.from mas i anti-christ. Late L. Is. C. . Ital. Sw led. Lord (as XpOVlKO?}. ( L. Gk. Der. Icel. a fish. xp^/*-. anointed. Swed. < of ch Citi a scar. ^ Gk. F . chrysoprase. cronicle\ O. a chopping Der. kama. adj. metal . kumbr trekumbr. Du. chronometer. a (green) leek. Gk. kerl Dan. chrysalis. Gk. (Gk. a yellow stone. humping^ a kumpa. kobbe. c ice> one> a L. f'Du. nasalised form of kubbr. a log of wood. xxi. CID (F. Kubbi*& Chymist | j i . a chief or commander. Skt. to churn. a bloom. a bud. chick. (Gk. from Icel. Cicerone. chyme. colour. toss. L. a block. cirice^ later circe (cf. Chuck Teut. see Alchemist. cf.) a man. S. fat Swed. (K. to chuck as a hen Ch. log. A. . y . chrism. the form taken by some M. ace. science of dates.k^ C. a church. unknown. Gk. tvpes. Late L. (E. cronicle. xP v(f ~** J^old. (Hind. xw* a > colour allied to XP&* s^ in> a suppressed way cf. chump-end^ Icel. time pirpw. Norw. xP vff l&0 *. opponent of Gk.) ville). see Metre. against.CHRISM A. to chop into logs . variety of See above.chrysolithtts. shake . xP v<J v*ixiaos. round stick also Icel. a flower. time-measurer. chrisma. Chump.) M. Dan. tori. Gk.) Hind. t Christ-en-dom. ace. kumbr. glos. Cf. Gk) An t Also spelt chrisome. F. . E. chromium. For(ik. Ital. (L.\j. kirkja . Ciceronem^ prov. Christ . 1 F t\\ . prov. also cromke. see Logic. Lit. M (printed r/rw). ^ Gk x = xiF m(u )> l P our . gold yellow-green stone. (i). to bloom. . a kind of hot cirin 1866. annals. \ . an unguent. pi. Teut. (L Chrysalis. ( Ci ' Cicatrice. chrysanthemum Gk. Gk. Gk. fat like a chub. 90 . Dan. kierne. ' O.. chtrl. churn. John ii. xP v<f(* v ~ Gk. for neut. > Gk. t G Der. sing. I Cid. ' Chubby. exhibit beautiful colours. tevpiaica. x^/-*^^ merly chymus Gk x e'* ft/ as above. Icel.) A its compounds (F. whence chrisomc-child a child wearing a chrisome-cloth. M yso.ik. Chuckle. chirche. holy oil. proper name. Chub. a hero. F. annals. a log. for chicken. relating to colours. sb. xpoviKa. . . thy'inus. discourse . chronology.) Cf. -4- relish. xxi.) liquid pulp. anoint."" Rev. neut. xP vff ~6*> Otpov. .' ! guide oiig. xP vffo ^' s tne goldcoloured sheath of butterflies. F. a flower.) A. Church. (3). jolt. \plv . xP>tAaT ~> stem adj. Swed. . Gk.--(. chronica. from From xP^ yo ^> time ^7' <x j (Gk. G. or (possibly) from Gk. chrysolite. (E. fern. cynn\ older Churl.) (2). cronique. (see Mass Christ (. Swed. cnsolite. chron-u. 20. chatm (Yule). fv7/'<7. stone. Cz. pi. S. kubbct) to chop. a frasus. thick end. kirna. Chronicle. chircche. dial. xfw!MLrilt ^9 of Chromatic. kenta. *kerloz t *karloz Churn. Chuck Cf. croniques. Gk.~L. in chrome. kcrncn^ to churn. Chutney. 20. log. ccorl) \ form chrys&nthexnuniy Gk.) Gk.chuck-Ie> to cluck/ a chicken. (Span. karl. kaina. Swed. or oyle . . Christ-ian. XP 10} (as above). I rub. O. &c.** Cik. fluid. kerk}*~ Gk.3464). milky ihy/e.) Etym. Chuck (2). a lord.) Chump. schokkcn to shock and shake. i. n Cicero. holy unction. a mangold. (Gk. avQepov. S. juice.) Ao*y-os. but see (E. explain the ch . Dtt.S. here I.) Gk. Xi'^os.. (Gk From XP&VO-S. Dan. 1*. Chutny. l in the sense Chuck A Gk. Chyle. belonging to G. or cloth which a child wore after holy unction cf. the pi. Gk. has chuk to eximitative word press the noise made by a cock . This does not . chylus ( O. with mseited /. cicatrice. see Du. Cfinstus. ) . (F. orig mighty. kMen. . Rev. related to &v#o?. xP OVilt " s i kirchg) Du. Gk. Crist. a seal. sing. kitbl>. \pv<ru~s. pi. (F. chcorl. measure . (E. . jolt. cf. F. K. . to give a shock. chronicles. of /rvpta/i^y. ttvpiafcov. kubbug (above). nvpios. e. scar. (L. L ni atruew. btumpy chubby. irpaffov. from xP vo *> time. F. allied to E.Gk ) L.) L.) L. Xpvcro-Sj gold ^ . the crisome. insects. . Cf. from avfon'. Coip. Swed. (E. cresme. treated as a fern. E.) M. L.) To chuckle is to lattgh 15180(6. Kvpos. Formerly wiitten chock (TurberF. L. 1 8). choquer. a kierne. to strike gently. croniquc.

cerc/e. Chinchon is S.) L. cercle. see Circle. -L. circus (above). empty.E.) Heb. F. L drcumferentia.) Adapted from O F circonstance ~\s. Gk. prudent tpicet e. de-cipher. a stone chest. wood. to bend.) A.) L. 'to decvpher. see Cinerary). dross. circtts. circuitum. sweet. ainispectiis. .) Span. #/<w. . zero.-Gk. (L. (F. S. of drcumire . Circuit. Citadel . - - - L. pp. to write. dgarro\ whence also P cigare.S. also drcumitus. Cist. ddre\ O. Circumspect. F. boundary of a circle Cinchona. Cirrus.' slag. cist. 1638. carry round from ferre. ~ Arab. a ling. to he around from iacere. prudent. to summon. Circumcise.-Gk. L. dnctus. (A Cistvaen. shekdr. cinders. cista 9 as above. -f Icel. cmctura. (L.Y/.) L. (L. a box. vermilion. (i) Der. CITE (also drcuire\ to go round.Arab. snitch. aipa. E.) L. Mffre]. ashes of the dead. of Madrid.stem of pres pt. L. .) L. L. a spice. look. de.) merely means strong drink. dstfaen. a sort of tomb. (L.- look around from specere. stctr. (F. relating to the ashes of the locutio. to Named after the Countess of Chinchon. Cinoper. asta. whence Du. cirorif. L. arcumcis-us. circle and see circwn-. . cincr.-L. from stare > to stand.L. pres pt Qidrcum-stare. to be intoxicated.) fercnt-. | a periphrasis. kayu. (L. curled hair. drcuitus. quote. (L. sicera. p.^ qinndmon\ ^Gesenws). drcumCigar. ace.) \V. (Span. frequent. Arab sjfr. .) A. zinjarf.E. thing . butM. see Ceil. 91 . a circle ambient (see Ambient^ drcum-ambulate . P. to bear. ' ' .) . round iiomJJectere. to leaves.) drcum. circuit. Circle. cyder.-L. . (E. strong drink. cinerdrtus. translation of Skt. S. (L. cf. drcum. Gk. From Pers. to write or draw around. dust. a going round. KOVLS. (from L. Qfcmgere. to L. of circum-loqui to speak in a roundabout way from loqui. from stfr. cipher] Cot. around. dead. (see Amble) and see below.-L. Cinnamon. to lie. dust. pp. pp. Cinder. . cuniflexa. a lord Richardson's Diet. sinder G. cistern*.) L. manis. round. Cistern.) ^nbere. stem of cints. tendril. drcon\j. Arab.CIDER Usually a title of Ruy Diaz. circumstance (influenced by F. lying near. chmin. L.coloured down on the . endrrle. a girdle. L. 937. Heb. Cinnabar. L. cendre . Gk. cirrus. fifth . Kicrrrj. to go. . .-Heb. orig. dnnamomum. flexus. sinter. a ring. L. (L. adj. Der circumcircus. of monument made with four upright stones. (Span. of dere I to rouse. round fre. cured by it L syllaba drCircumflex. (L. It Heb. a British monument. M. Cit. and p. Der. . of drcum-ferre. pp.circumstantia. W.) L. to gnd. stem of stance}.~(jk. wife of the governor of Peru. sinder. to speak. X L. sinder occurs in the 8th century. Gk.) L. 84. round. excite. also an attribute. cinnabar. . Cieling .) from L. (L. Der. L. t L. teivi-apapi. of circum-iacere. (F. (L. strong drink.) F. dnumcircumscribe. Segar. citer. red lead. see Ring (i). . (F. dnnabans. Brugm. prefix.. circumference. to bend L. cilnya. F. a syllable marked with a circumflex (A) or 'bent' mark. a chest. Gk. a and a . call. (F. sayyid. .) vermilion. cineraria. to cut round. Pers. (L. drcum. part. dicumstant-. a flov\er named from the ash. a curl. a cipher. pp.o)fjLov. Span. Gk. Cite. shakar. L. Diet. Heb. drcum(Should be chinchona. * said to be of Malay origin Cf. sindr Circumlocution. cisdre (for *cisre}.) ace. round and ccedere^ to cut. (L. of see Circle. Circuin-. F.' fleecy cloud. to stand round . Circus . Cider.) Cincture. . the national hero of Spain.r/. i. Kivvap. empty dfra.L cinerem From stem of pres. a cipher lit. a chest and maen. of arcum-flectere. F.) F. empty Rich. mon from Cipher. pp. dste?na> a reservoir for water. L. L. ctrctdus. chest. (F. scoria. circumlocutus. ds/a) on the top.-f Gk. (L. dechiffrer. O. Cinerary. go. semi-circle Circus. a stone. in the verbal sense of -. Swed. and \V. from scnbere.) confusion with F. Span. . A. Gk. 864. cinna- circumstance.) L. a standing aiound. see Civil (below). of circtttncidere. *f[ The A.-L. zinjifrah. L.) Misspelt for sinder (by circumjacent. (JL. -f- (F. drcum. . . . (2) a cipher. Peruvian bark. of circum. Malay kayu-manis. M.) cifre (F. dtdre. lit. to limit.

) F. Claret. Gael. klunpfen. l*. dam. . from darus. Dan. L. F. Brugm. to make clear. Allied to A. klamme. cJacken. Citizen. caltire. insertion L. Imitative .F. to proDer. a holdiast . klambra. a city. a kind giterne. civil-ise. make Allied to Clack. clock. L. of cntitas Clachan. moist. see Civil ('below. O. M. clamor- re-cite. M . Gk.-L. Citizen. a heavy ringing sound. a citizen. daymy. a noise. Du. dann. darus. citi^oin. civil-i-an. giterne from O. See sticky Civet. K\dyfu}. the clapper of call out for. clack. . to call out . L ) Late L. Clandestine. from A. E E. (Gael) children . orig. a light red wine. Fries. in-citc. City. striking. crack to Irish clag. citeain (F. Cf. re -claim also (from pp. See below. dappctan. (F. L. a small village with a church. Clump. The n is excresF. O. ty\>e*civtatem. (F. . Clap. . clap. (airfTiov (Brachet). (Du ) Du. Der. G. clangers. klam. cent. belonging to citizens.S. fort Ital. to whence clangor.] cent. L) M.) to . citcsein. perhaps from A. darner. klam. *a ringing. Cit . Gk. gititerne. Der. M . klappe. pi. Fries. tfaAciV. civet also the civet-cat Ital zibetto. 92 .. Clamp. L. t. dnnin. (E. ace. . klombr. cite (F. to summon. clamat-ion. klank. \\. members of a household. re-damat-ion. klappcn. a tribe i. Cithern. cithara. which s . demand. clack. of cluitas. (Gael. klappa. - damb.-Ital. ace. Der. clanoun. (F. a guitar. Ir. See Clink. clay (see but confused with an adj. KiOdpa. l^. Icel. G. for auitatem. (Du) XV. clo>e O. Earliest form Late L. E.E. Cf Du klonk. P\ claimer. CITTERN ) * CLARION outcry. Biugm. citoyeit] formed from O. of dair. clairet). ous of guitar. L ) O. and to make. ace.. civil.' XVII cent. with which cf. was Clamber. alee . pt.-L-Gk. ex-claim. >L.CITHERN. E. to resound +Gk. to press tightly together. clamour. a clang. (F. t Clamour. pro-claim.) S. K\ayyrj. a stone also Irish clatkan.) in ME.. was an . cent.F. childien.citadelle a small town.) Orig. (F. -amis see below. Ilexham. offspring. Diet p. klakkcn.+ to The make Icel. Cittern. Gk. allied to /cXcifeii'. Clang. to resound.) F. in imitation of M. cwette. a kind . clairet (F. S. dim in.E. (F. cf. M. cittaddla. otklmken. cite. offspring. ) [Also M. . sense -f" ii> Clack. for facere. orangetree. ace. citnts. (3) a small village So with a church. dandestnws. t. Cf. a herd. ciuTlts. citron to climb by grasping tightly.) . de-claim. clamare. clear.) XV. ^l by Swed. (2) a small rude church. (F O. to pat. grapple. E.-L. ddrificare.) Gael. T)v. as in bitter-n. L. . clamorem. L. F. a hamlet clack. clear. E. -f Dan. (F. klaffen. 669. zabad civet Rich. dann. dappen.Mampet whence klampen. Fries. cldmare (above). -fa-. F. (L. clarifier. See Clear ac-claim. claret. - Claim.) E. . of which the M. O. a tree with flagrant wood. Dan. descendants. ddri-. a smith's vice Teut. Affected by see Clamp. the same Icel. 473. to Crack. pt. L chus. to pinch closely together. ex-cite. a mill. (L) secret. Clan. Clammy. see Claim. ctaref. L. L. Gael. bonowed . Clamp. of lyre or lute. base *klamp. Clarion. Clatter. Clay) . (E. klamre. clear. . Du. allied (E. cfamcren. perhaps Scand. clammy. clank. claim. prate. Der. F. clamour. to grip firmly Climb. M. dtrdncm. (L. dam. Voc. See Hie. klamp. klaka. dam. Arab. cttt) see citadel. . also to board a ship. a loud noise. viscous. L. (citta\ a city. clachan.) M.) Der. L. by help of the suffix -ain L. orig. answering to the 2nd grade of M. a stone. chatter. short for citizen (below). E. i. E. F.) Y. (F. de-clamat-ion* ex-clamat-ion. to [Weonly a noise A. clang. hnvan. from medieval Gk. to clamp. vb.Gk. -l^. Clank. Allied to dam t secretly. . tro-damat-ion. adj. E. . clambren. clash (fut. a cramp-iron Swed.) F. Dan. (E. (F. and Du. see Civil (below V Citron. L. klappen. clamour.plant.] klakken. 764. clamalus] acClarify. find M.(i} a circle of stones. H. family. (F. an L. to clap hands. of dttade^cittaie a citizen (above). Arab. K. Citadel. chris. H. cite (citf) city. klappa. to palpitate. L. /cc'fyos. Irish eland. Cf. O. Skt. kula(ni].O. a cedar. 767 Civil. cluitatcm. to clink.

one of (Gael. Dan. ^X^-m. allied L. . (E. bright. dai. Cleft . k levin . to split. ii. dasse. deni. dey. i. Clash. L) Clavicle. c lenc^^s. dash. ^Av</>em. a small key Allied to daudere see Clause. also dote. deddyf. a clerk (above). Hudibras. t. and O. from Late L. (E. ftceg. cleave to. E. (Scand. frequentative of dat. . to cleave. a passage from a book. pure. Of imitative origin. A.(see Clap). F. (E. chver. clifan (pt. be-klijven. Clew Mo. mor. L. a plant. daron (F. the collar-bone. 2nd grade of *k!eu. is allied to W. 2nd furnished with windows. dene. ace. and see Clout. and to Cleave (2). Late L.. to to clatter. Gk. pt.-f O.) a wedge (as if from A.) An *tt&tf). . K\a. to stick. K\fjpos. to crack a whip. Fries. extended . of claws. dericus. (F. klieven. klattcrn. See Slot (i). \ . Clerk. A. sword and the clergy. bright. from klap. in music. a shoot. Tcel. Fries. clef. (F. Gk. 7X01-0$. G. dau. E. L. O. <:/<?#<?).-L. daideb.-f-Du klaauw. *klaini-. L. a class. xvm. whose portion is the Lord. Icel. chlcini. great. twig. <*l element. rted Fries. Sax. G. E. diene. meaning ready to seize. Swed.) The old spelling c lift. L. to Clot . cliffc. c!eofian. Acts i. dergte. . great. Clatter. (E. a claw. Swed. cave. klei..) M. A. and influenced by M. diver^ adj.) M. weak grade of Teut. (Gk. root *khispelling of clear-story. a ball. (E. datticula. Brugrn. S. detc. sb.) Clever. Class. (F. klufer y clever.O. S. 398 (1663). Clef. klever (Molbech). mild. deer. Late All from Teut. Gael. Gk.) F. pp. a creeping plant. clean. Strong verb.) M . Gael. G. &c. daviculc. a piece of iron for strengthening the soles of shoes a piece of wood or . ace. a fathom . klo. kljfifa (pt. glebys. to M. F. +Dn. a clause.) clawu (also clea). loud. to hollow out. elite. 66 ij. -f. Claw. a key. For M. an upper story in a church. M.' L. lit. (F. Dan. A. W. forceps.) Cleverly is in Butler's make clean. . G. G. A. Claymore. a clattering -f- E. . . brace. H. F. of dandere. from L. slnta. an armful. below is sometimes called the blind-story. L. Dan. dial. The correct pt. L. kloot. to adhere. Clergy. Allied kloss. from * draw together O. *darion. imitative word . prune (Brugm. rAzwjtf. weak grade of kljitfa (above) cf. a claw. Lith. Grasp.(as above). E. and cf. dan. dam The tnforium grade of Teut.) M. 17. Allied to Clay. Gk. which belongs to the verb above. S. E. a rank. base *klau-. CLEVER iron to fasten ropes to. Gk. ace. a cleft. daspe. type *klai-ja. not clave.L. *cltricia\ (2) mod.Gk. dap sen. (E. dericatus. A.) F. (F. classem. kl<zg Clerestory. ^f It took 93 . clergie^ often O. dat- rung. dee. clerkship. S. Mover.) Clasp. F. Fries. Cleave . clofcn ( daspen. chink. sugCf. pure. ' clear.O. E. klyfva. S. to shut. Ir. dedd. Cleave (2).L. to cleave to. kluft. clauem. L. <///&&. (for *klai-moz}i earthenware See Cleave (2) and Glue. maivr. E.) A. All from Teut. klafter. 2. klauf]. L. S. cognate with Du. as if clear. is Cleft. t. See Story (2). from a Teut. fern. dcrge. Cleat.) Old cf. Here daidheamh is cognate with the clergy. . vb. Clematis.F. Late L.^i. klateren. klove.) sword. S. clement. a clearsounding horn. orig. L. klen Du. t. H. break off. dtfian. Teut. der. sticky matter. (F. dimin of dams. ctensian. a lot in late Gk. klibba sig. klein. . S. klatsen. 3 cf. klyfva. a by-form of Clack. (E. klyft. . cleofan. a key. . dair.) M. . kluivi. to Cleanse. W. E. > Clause. Du. kluf-. lump. daf}. Ai//w#os. fine. E. clippen. the collar-bone. Swed. stem of Gk. S. Dan. Climb. Jerome. The base seems to be E. ace. (E. Teut. A. Dn. klaue\ Allied to cf. assembly. Swed. kleben.) Weak verb. pp. S. by clack and crash. A.-L ) F. Clear. i. daidheamh mor. pure. Clay. . (E) \vhich clatter is A kloft. t. . /rAjj/mT-. a clot. -f-Du. darns.) Gk. is cleaved.) F. (E.) M. A. c leaf. I* dementem. clear. and Low G.' (i) O. to t to K\rjna. L. v.CLASH O. G. G. small. dausus. to shut. So also E. Clench . base *kleub cf. a lump. Swed. dcene. A. a great clerc. small G.+Du. E. elapse. der. a sword. (^St. (E. Cf. Icel. (F. t. a Scottish broadsword. i Pet.) Clean. . (F. Dan. a key. dainoii). fleet. O. F. see Clinch. k lieben. base *klib-. found in (VSKLEU. root *kleib-. J. (F. S. kletn. 795. Icel. t/ausa. } . Deut. Clement. S.klap-s-. . see Cleave (i). dariontm. deini Fries. (i ). also (2) learning.

a bell 01 from O. a step of a Gk. See Cf. Gk. orig. . Gk. and together. khppa. . G. clomb. H. shear hair. a blow .) M.climacterc. Der. klippen. klikklakken. Du. . and O.E.-C. . E. 1 . and did not a borrowed word so also Du. a O. klippa. E. a critical time of life. headland. . Climb. stem of /rAt'/ua. . clinquant. khppa. dimban. clash also to inform. Clique. make a noise. to clash. slope see Lean.+ lush log. from the weak grade Cleave (2). Claw. of O.) F. a hard cinder. F. climacter. a clinker. Click. . Irish doc. region of the earth. diquer. (E ) A.) The orig sense was ' bell ' . clamb. Nasaof Click. to embrace. Clime . climate. E.) A. (F. K\ipa see Climate.Y. clingen. . Du. a suitor. of diem duetts. klynge. -DiO slope. de. a physician ^ K^IVIKT). or plh. a wooden sole of a shoe. a gang. adj whence I'an ' the climatencall (su} year chmactere. of Teut. a bell. E. . khppe. named from the tinkling sound which they make when they strike each other. ctyppan. Cf. (E. t. which resembled a bell in shape see below. ex(E. haps allied to L.aKTT)p. or sound as a bell O. pt. Teut.S. Du. a khf\ . nimble. zone. G. klikken. eveiy 7th. is . clew up a sail) M. E. A. . r/^<?. dumbon. clewe.) M.' Cot. (F. . F. all very dangerous. belong to the root as is shewn by Icel. alert . (E. Cf. khnken^ to clink cognate with E. a lump of earth. cluna.E. . to lean. Clock. F. Late L. (E. A. E. noisy set. with suffix -rrip of the agent see below.) Cliff. II. to wind on clews (E. (F. gluere. Ch. &c The G. preceded clocks for notifying times. Gk.E. Fries. prefix. to clip.) M. Cf. ace. clock clogaim^ I ring Du. kluwen and cf. Icel. khnkcn (above). to strike smartly. E. Clip. (K. chmbcn.CLEW. bells (C. Either from Du.) F. Climate. (E. glocke is type *klimban~. Perliber. i . pp. O. Swed.-Gk. kttmmen. K\iv(iVj to lean. CLUE the place of CLOG prompt.) M. wooden shoe. Clod. Noith Cloak. klok}. Gk. Kbivtiv. M. to climb.) M. Gk. Late L. of clitere. to knot or bind Cf. a clew also cleowe (Epinal gl. K\ivciv. 84. shrivel up. cliff. a climate.) lised form t. (Gk. to click. belonging to a Gk.S. (E. Clue.) pressing a lighter and thinner sound than Clack. kick. quick. see Climate. root *k!cu-. a hindrance. . stem of K\t(j. clique. Clinical. The m was orig. to draw together. client. t. of L. Shak. . klenkan. knaiiel (for *klatiel}. 'one that the same. or the 63 yeare of a . climax. climat. Climax. Du. Clime. Gk. Clip *. klink. pi. Low G. See Click. clungen\ to dry up. Du. to make to clink .Gk . the highest degree. Gk. whence kltiwenen. staircase. Dan. Fries. Cloke. a rock. to clink. clientem. to slope. and Dan. man's life. khmmen. pres. Swed. . a crag kleif. Cloud. Teut.S. clocke (Du. . (F. highest Gk. G. climat. (E. O.* bell. deliver.) bedrid. free. to jingle. K\t/xar-. K\tfj. (Scand ) M. An imitative word. klanga. a latch. to climb. Clog. to rivet. A. (Du. K\ipa t alho a horseman's cape. Cf. pt. Clench. see K\ivrj } a bed. O. a bell of Celtic origin. Clinch. klippe. to hcai (y'KLEU. dock. Lean (i). (E.-Gk. In Clinquant. to cut. F. a ball of thread. W. Swed. klikker. causal of klinken. khnka.) Du. pt.' Cot. to click. a dangerous period of life. bed. cllwen. khnker. a tell-tale. klikken. type *klu-ifo*-.) M. A. pt. Lit.S. rivet also. Clink. Client. one who listens to advice pres. dunga. a clew. to cluster.F chque. dot (c]a. a ridge of cliffs. free see Cling. in.L. glittering. delivre. denchen. kluiven. klep. klifa. Clot. dang. F. ctif. Late L. Clew. tinkling/ F. Snip. F. diniqne. North F. Du.n. 94 . prol. klinken. K\IVIKOS. a bell Gk. G. a hearer. clog.-L. a bell.) a ladder. Hence it is allied to clod (in compounds). dink. Deliver. cleouuae] -fDu. stiff. stern of c lima. Clinker. clingan (pt.E. cloia. pitch of expression (in rhetoiic). pt. + O.H. but the last.) M. most.) M. -f Dan. . Du.Cf. ' (F.-L. (L. geklonken Cf. anti-climax.) M E clokc. serted in the present stem. Allied to Swed.S.) L. clod. and Icel. . tell cf. dinqucr. klenken. a clew. clinicus. O H. M. doddc. cloque. and Icel. M . L. Clank. his art. to become be matted together. pp. (E. K\Tnatc~. to clink. &c. a bell. t. Du. . ladder. a ladder. . Clew.G. to stick together. L. ( gang. bound. compounded . a steep rock. F. -f-I^"' klinken t to klonk. G. chmat-. S.

press tightly together. L. clumsy. dough. (Scand. (E. not m (Scand. cliibbe. trefoil. Cloud. fiom A. [A hoise pricked with a nail. . see to split. a dress. see to sate. a nail -f O.' Cf. clou. clans. dumstd. in shoeing. type *klut~to-. S dolt. Span. also See above. clauus. do$e. (in E. a nail. */<?<) -f-Dn klceden. Answering to A. Icel. klotz. Clove (2).) clafre. cloth. *-L. weak grade of for p}. G. M. klinge.) Swed. ClOUgh.) is usually short for ac-doy where the prefix a. . of domsen. clud^ the same.E. L. type *klan\o-. to cluck a mere variant of Clack. as in Klah-uelde.. a patch whence W. Icel. O. pp Swed kladd. to nail. cent. clump. claims. klunn. 95 . dud. dimin. dut. Der. kleid. t. a hollow in a hill-side. pp. Clod.' Cot.S. a hard log. found connate with O. L. *kteut-. kkidcn. S Cloth. Named fiom its cleavage into shells. r/<ar/ : . piece of stuff' from Teut. a by. S. *klcmp~. clattdcre (above \ a field. as in M. Cloister. F. F.-L.lad}. stop up. Clove clou (3)1 a weight. H. k/umba. pp. origin of kltrda. glocire. Low (Icel. close. clou 3 G. dot. dot. S. of earth.represents F. G. klugu. Close (2). . M. fr *klanx. ch'efre. E. as the same word A. lump.S. M. * .F <r/<y '<?/%' to cloy. S. en. closet. Orig. doer}. see Clew. Corn. clwt.CLOISTER { . a lump.) people. clos. dauslrum. dos. to shut.) s. as seen in Clot. (F. semblanoe to a nail. a log. klimpfen^ to Du. Lit. Clout. an association. chiwo. . a round mass.E. F. a clough (Acad. ch<f-ivyrt. E. with b From klump-. type *klut-oz. led.) Ong. whence Swcd. The supposed Mce. . f.E. clou. Club (i). G. was due to the influence Of Ital. klokkcn. a clumsy. .-L. (E ) to shut in.. a mass. See Clause. ktubb.-f esp. Clump below. klomp. Clout. (E. klump. clout j Ir. The A. from //</. a cleft. &c. clover (O. '. klitnt.doistre (. XVII cent.) M. klnntet. of clan- dere. G. lump.S. a patch. F. Forstemann) represents a Teut. F. klubb. Cleave . dial.II. base *kleitt see Cleat. (F. dis-dosc. Formed (or <. of clad. a clump. S. F. a log cf.) M. clut. orig. ^f Cloy do. Cluck. (E. A Dan. klofi. pt. Fiom Teut.) M. and Gael. i close (i\ closen. clothcde (or i Clown. M. in-close. see Clew. A late de girofle. Aug and Sept 1889). dotle. a club. weak giade otcleofan. Clamp. see close (2). F. clavo^ a word cf. A. boorish fellow kluns. a club. a log. . Not found in A.Y. Cluster. clad as. (F. of O.) M.. (F.E Q. . L. to stick together . Clothe. doth. c faster*. Orig. klah. benumbed fingers are This is the pp. of clos. dathen. A.. Cf. -f Du. Clump. Swed. fasten up.nail. a clump. khtmp\ grade of the same root). Cf.) M. M. A.. claver. a clump. log .Kdout. (F. a k" ^ f s pi ce (F. allied to Cleat (which is from the 2nd . clufu.. Irish do. a ball. Tent. A. M. closet. kkedd-r. *(| pp clothed are of Scand. ~] . cloos. or spherical shell of a bulb of garlic. \ and pp. F.) Icel. klunni. E. a bulb.E. : . Swed. M. shut up. dos. a patch.) Clove (i). Dan.S. a clownish fellow Dan. sense log or clod. or a-doy. k Iever cf. block. clothes. A. Closely */. lit. (E M. > Cf.' Cot.?/-. eruloyer in Cotgrav*. dot hen. a weight (for wool).) O. L. clomsed.F. Mump.) Cf. S. a lump. S. dial. Clue.) M. Teut. Swed. O H. fl[ connexion with cleave (i) is impossible. hence. a mass of rock. Mump. a mass of vapours the same woid as M. duf-. clottre}. club (2). G. was said to be cloyed. E. Cf. khibba. root * A. klofver. clatntm^ ace.. E O.) A.) M. ghtcken\ An imitative word. (E. eudouer. G. F. sense mass. (F. en-dose. G.II. L. an enclosed space. A.E. (E. a heavy stick. L. S. of clore (above) dos. G. Teut. pp. to clothe cf. (E. klah. *cloh. pi. (E. to shut in. 4" as a hen . a nail. 2nd grade of *klitix\ cf. except as in dy nip-re. a club. (E. to cover with a cloth. *doh (-O. from Meed But the so also G. Dan.) XvT Du. of Q. lump . klnb. Dan. 'a clump of chlinga. to clumsy.-L. of klada pt. a buttercup (lit clove-wort).form of F. a nail see Clove (i). pp. klaver. dud. F. Not in A. See Golf.-L. (i). mass of rock. do re. G. pr. Clumsy. ilouJ. Clot. klukke. enclosure. Norw. dokkcn.' Cloy. root orig. mere variant of club. - . khtmba. CLUMSY . Der.Scand. from the weak grade of Tcut. * * cladde]. lump. clow the change to clove in the XVIth cent. kk>ver\ Low G. Clove (0. E. from th$ a clove. (Scand.E. cf. to stop up. Clover. t. E. cld6 +l)\\ klccd. hill. benumbed . -O. Dan. Late L. also a clove. log. a knot of people (Rietz). f Allied to Clump.

Clout. which arose from the phrase in course to denote anything of an ordinary See character. coccinus. cf. lit. a mineial. co-ordinate. Du. E Swed. and adiutor. to seize. M. a Peruvian plant. coL Dan. kloter. to and alesccre.) Origin Hung. (Port.) As applied to a pony. 18 (Vulgate).-f- L.riftz. Du. . the same. or to feel benumbed. cochenille. Gk. L. (E.. Sax. Cf. E. . . to cuidle. E. bond. Hist of Inventions. knob. together . to blaze. Cf. Gk. E. to See Cob strike. E. cloke. G. Dinnn. cotte] Low Coax. S.) Gk. type *klut~tro-.made from insects which look like berries). (F. as unknown. -f* Low G. see Cob (i). kleumen. to uare.weak grade of . M.) Span.) . a top. clucchen. cobble (i). latus. (E. numb Course. e. help. L. slope of a hill. vb. better . mod. a cobble-stone. Clutter also meant confusion. (Hoccleve). which causes milk to run together.) Icel.) G. Cleat.-G. Etym. Of G. Cochineal. a cape. F. find also M. village called Port. Cobweb. before a co-. Cobble (2). ii. col. pp. cluster. clyccan (whence pp. (E.CLUSTER benumb. co-efficient. and cop. to pinch.-Gk. of capelhis. of course. rennet. Coal. jval. Fries. cot. cuca\ Garcilasso. - coca-ine. a spider. E. Hence. ?) Formerly or to cokes. See Notes and :hmin. . to grow. Somner). Coagulate. (E.. L co-. L clyster. cote (F. *a spider. Coast. F. luudre. cdte). together. (i). A. H. coste (F. coppa. Clutter . klummsen.) coach Cot. Said. together. L. un into clots see Clot. snake de. coppe- - from M. formed with suffix -tro from *klut. to be benumbed. it means short and M. cf.-L) XV cent. clyster^ a bunch. E. .- cum. co-equal. as in attorcoppa. dtor. cobio. Cob Cob thump (0. E. kop. because considered poisonous . . vb. (F. to assist. a hooded snake. of a scarlet colour. a clotted mass also clutter. cohtbra. a berry. K^vffrrjp. cote.) because first made at a Hung. In some senses. ace. (-/KLEU. Queries. (G. spelt koboldj meaning (i) a demon. web . kittle. G. . coSee otherb below operate. Fries. (E.) M. a great person stout. lock-jawed. kttl.) M. . cobra. origin (Kluge). to . Coalesce. of coif (above). benumbed (Rietz) Icel. snake ' Coach. Coca. coatescere. on the cop or head. for con. M. which was superseded by the verbal form. of codguldre. (L. cobylstone. coco) and cacao. > Teut root *kteut-. (E. 96 . cliht. see Isaiah i. adiuL. capellum. . Cf. Cf. E. kohle. (2) a F. Kocsi or A'ocs. (F. coagulum. copiveb. together . coppe. and see Con-. hood. (L. - Cobble (0. Cf. to mass together. kotte. an adj. Perhaps allied to Cocker Cockney. coccum. a small round lump. a coat. a coarse mantle. Distinct both from cocoa (or bk 8. Swed.) M.L. klumsa.Span. disputed. klemmen. together. koppe.) M. kool. Der. Coadjutor. poison.. claw. (F. cop. poison-bunch. a bunch. S. M.O. to patch up. rough. L. prefix. S. kol> A. cf. From A. 15. a spider. ge~ chcchcn. cobalt. kotsi.) used for con. to be a Hungarian to be the frequentative. cob. Peruv. . din by association with Clatter.. costa.) L. and web. . hat. turmoil. (F. O. cobalt a nickname given by the miners. Cobalt. S. coaguL. S. to wash. Clutter. L. a See Clammy. cob. for which see Clot.) . with a hood. a rattle. to i . a coach. (2). to drive. a rib. 7 S. fiom A. Du.) (Span.-L. L co-. E. E. cokes. of clotter. COCHINEAL Coarse.) . with cold also A. L. co- (cum). cotta.) + Peruv. or a cob/ Hexham. to become clotted. to curdle. word from Hung. ad-. Co-. A. esp. ag-ere. i. c. clasp.F. of. (E. of wnich it seems early as A. a head.cum. - O.E. pan. cochinilla.Peru. kluster. kleitmsch. coadjutour. it seems to be allied to A. so called Cobra. a claw. summit. clnere. (E. a rib. shore. and Beckmann. (E. near Kaab . a confused heap. dupe. *\vfti/ f to wash. Cob (2). W. D 1553. a round lump.. to a bunch prov.) Formerly course.(~cum\ vowel. Suggests a Teut.L. an assistant. F. klutern. (L. for con. dial. Clutch. cota. is a variant vb.) L. to beat. cochineal (. alere. L. (L. of capa. ' (F. a injection into the bowels. an Clyster. (E. clom. coche. from sb. coste. 205. Coat. and E. fiom vb. Cluster. inceptive of nourish. clyster. Cf. L. also cobra de capelto. see Littre. Skt. syringe. kobalt. a cluster .S. to grow together.) A. S at tor. to clot. We a simpleton. copj>.

clod of earth. Cockroach. and Scand. case of a chr>salis. concha. Burne. corn-cockle. kokle* a lijttle lump.) M. of Cock (i). caucatrix. yolk- Cockney. a cocoon from coqitet a Cock a fish. COCkf part of the lock of a gun. p. a roost. 4208. cmaracha. tocri. E. ?) Spelt codde in Perhaps named from its rounded shape .ling. a male bird. S. M.-LateL. cockle. (i) a cock. IXVCVIMW. F. (E. ' Of Scand. kok. to cocker. Cocoa (Port. type cocky/turn. . to cock hay Icel. a corrupt form of Cacao. Swed. ' Gk. a kind of caterpillar. small ship. cf. Cf. Nun's Priest's ' Tale.) koklutt. was Cocoon. the stop-cock of a barrel. also. boat. kokra. coc-shronach. coquarde. orig. see Cock COCO. to be uneven. kodde* a club (Hexham) and see below. fern. tread. cok. with fern. any .) Flono has: Caaherclli^ cackhngs of hens . also egs. hafin. cock. dimin. F. * ' confusion with cock. cf. (2). Gael. prov. Cock (i). a cockle see Cockle (i). coquetiner. a young cod . ?) cokeren (whence W. pucker up. whence Gael. answering to a Latin type *calcatrix. the treader or tracker/ used to render the Gk. an effeminate person. E. (E. cocc from the bird s cry. (2) a stop-cock. a pile of hay. coqitille. COCkloft. cocdtrtcem. cock-nosed. Der. (3). a cock See C. cf. C. dulge) to cocker. suffix -trix. ' * shell. to dandle. So also G. Malay kuknk. as in coc do bhoineid.ptk-erel. Cryde anon cok ! cok I Ch. cocatricc. cogull. dimin. Cockade. Gk. ' .*-lLsit. said to be a monster hatched fiom a cock's egg. a cock. Sct-cocca. COD Gk. Late L. kokelcn. agent. -Gk. cok. Formed with suffix -ard from F.) Dan. egg. of and ay. e.) shell. E. Origin uncertain. a wood-louse. ketikelen. pamper Norw. see Cock (2). a chamber. cf. Cf. coque. Plowman. is the So also G. Cockerel. (i). Cocker. a hay-cock. pi. . (where sie -. .' Cot. 457. coken. Ch. cockroach from cuca (also citco]. to cock. cokenay. . coca. From v COCk its original shape .) coccei. corn-cockle. and Span. cochiglia. of coquard.) . ong. cafcd-re. less egg. (Malay.' Hexrmm M. coq. to call as (a child) . ball Swed. cocar. C. crowing of cocks. at kokke hoet. Cockle A. G. Cockatoo. . to stick up abruptly. a (4\ Cockboat. loft- (Scand. inCf. From M. cockloft Dan. Ital. (4). ' (E. supposed to be a berry. cocca. from Norw. Cock (F. a heap cockled up lumpy. uneven. E. (E. S. 95). origin. Irish cogall. and afterwards transferred to mean * crocodile L.) (0. Malay kakatua from the bud's cry. bonnet & la toqitarde. Norw. Cock kok. a sort of bivalve. (. KoyKTj. ha/mbalken.' Cot. dimin. Koyx^ lov from ) a cockle. a kind of parrot.-L. a small boat. * ' . Cf. . ace. a bugbear. L. KOKKOS. (Span. of koka.) F. Span. of #07- bonnet or cap worn proudly . a kind of Cf. Derived (by Diez) . cock your bonnet (2). a lump. Cockle (Scand. of Cf. Lit cocks' egg i e. S. (E. Span. a cockle or mussel. kokkr. crowing of cf. S. Cock (3). And see Cock- ade. gen. tares . koka. . a cock (from the bird's cry). * .-L. COCkade f a knot of ribbon on a hat. M. of the Cock (i). lump.COCK also kermes.) From cock and loft. as we say cockanegs* From M. to foster.) From . cocker. the cocoa-nut palm. cochineal. Cf Skt. By Cocoa Gk. saucy also coquarde. coco. a foolish person. Cockloft. tares. to fondle. cocks.F. E. of cdcatrtx. to make grimaces. coc. KV\IJ. cod. to cock a gun. Du.). Skt. x. (F. Palsgrave.) O. loftkammcr. Cod .) M. (E Apparently with reference to the posture of a Lock's head when cro\\ ing or to that of his crest or tail. A. Dan. an ugly mask to fi ighten children hence applied to the cocoa-nut on account of the monkey-like face at the base of the nut. a shell from Gk. . Shropshire Folk-loie. kukkuta.Ital. Malay kukuk. husks. (2). And same word. See (i). O. codtyng. cocon. upper loft.. a cockle (P. a young cock. S ag. E. D. T. 97 . C. T. a shell. ey. E. F. A. N Cockerel. [Cf. M. kokkel. room up in the rafters. Du. (E ) Double dimin. (E. cokei. Cf. a cock .sea) ] F. from L. kok. Kvyicr). Cuckoo.) See it Port. ) . to (see account in N. a berry. (F. den JIahn spannen. see Cock (I . a clod. cogall. Cockle (i). see Cock (i). a cockle' . for conchy hunt. a cockle. (F. . a cock. kitkkitia. L. 22Q. Span. shell-fish. to pamper. A. M. i. Cockatrice. a weed among corn.

stem of cuneum. L. E. Perhaps foi caudle. cophimtm. peas-cod. (L.) L. for co-agitarc. COISTREL bolster. of O. to know. clntph (G. kugg. together. . to drive.) L. Turk. con~ noissance^ knowledge . Coerce. as> above. coustilh'er. lit. from the pp Ark. (L. coin . to drive tocoign. to catch as with a cog. from Coil(i). kogge. also a band of soldiers. cohortc L. coddle. a cog. to Coin. to know. L. A. to twist. a codicil nonien. (L. a cap worn under COffin. of An E. a chest . fully. See Noun. pp. cokes-ion.(cum-}. Name. S. of cuneus.) L. (F L ace. E. with) cogitare. cognoissance. the head. to paiboil. to agitate. cogge [whence Gael. to know . part. quodhng. arc ere.) (2). kngga. a *kupp-jdn-. (F. vb. M.gether.(for cui)i) y together. to think. old form of ndtus. - .harere. kudde.F. .-Gk) Ong. Norw. qah. L. E. G. a wedge (as above). an armour-bearer. from cohors. pt. and agitare. ?) ling. a name. F. Code. cogitatus. of codex. ditnm. pres. For coustrel. chest. (L. L. (L ) L codicillus. (F. (L. allied to ana. tofre. L.) C). a wedge. cognition. cohor*em. to dwell. 'one who nasci. 968. Swed. See Habitree. scrotum. cuppa . a surname. . quadL. gether. Cog M . a basket. born. L. II.O. see i7>e. (in Shak.) for allied to Cone. cogent-. lackey. to prob. Eat her spellings querdling. ?) <F. co. Brugm.-L. to stick.) ** and incidere. Swed. cup also. of cognosce re (above). L. to slick Codling (2^.COD Cod (2). kupfe. H. cognitio. II G. 'to cheat. Gk Kixpivos. (L. Cognate. lit. kogga. stamp on a coin. Cf. (L. a band of soldiers. co-h^rere. co-habitare. F. an apple. cocnere. Der. knowledge. toE suffix -ling. *{[ Not Cogent. (F. IgnoMi'tt. We . ioiffe'. see Coin. co-(cnni^< together. Beaumont and cogs of a wheel]. L) Cohort. fall upon. (E. gnosccrc. \j. cocs. a com Oman. of which it is a doublet. (F. M. from (for coniO. G. koddi. a cog . L. O. codicil. pp of Coincide. to fall.) (C. coing. Qnoif. ' ' - . kogge-hjul. 98 . -Arab. L.9 con-. a cog-wheel Fletcher. Swed. adaptation of M. prov. chuppha of coffer} O.) by birth. coin. See E. a cushion. cofea. tation. (Scand. (Turk. stem ^Doublet the helmet . (F. S. F. <. a colloquial or slang expression (Scand. Swed. codiccm.olligere see Collect.O. see Natal. L. Court. altered to gnomen by conto a will . (Kalkar) Coil (2\ a noise. book older form caudex. Low L. Cognisance. kuffe. a co*agere ( con-agere) lit. (F. to conoistre. to cog. (stamped by means of a wedge). Coil (i \ to gather together.) Coign . co-gnatu$. cognitits. ace. Dan.( c uni\ with . cognomen. (F L) Formerly conisaunce. of edge re. coCogitate.) Hence. together . habitare. - Cog . L.) F. From perception.*) to trick. to pamper. kotiri.-L. the older form (Palsgrave). code. dupe. hay. gndtus. to collect. a wedge.) M. i. cognosiere. L. pp. O. O. coi/hr. and cadere. F. see Know.' coin. to cog a die. allied Coiatrel. ace. conoissant. cofre. F. a court. see Cod (i). of codex (stem codic-}. stew. OF -L M M . (L.) L. to be born . Codlin. L. Coiled up in a cable . Coddle. a badge. to Cohabit. Cohere. F.+Icel. ace. cofui. nosccre. a mill-cog . a tablet. W. kugg (Ihre). a trunk of a . (F. bustle. a surname. cohesclose. upon. qahwah. to compel = F. to agree with. a digest of laws (K. F. pillow. dial. frequent. find 'a coil of check it so as to make it fall as desired. to en. cocos. Codling (1). Prob. confine. co~ L. olagere. -Gk. F. (F. co.) Coffer. tiee. to compel. with d\vell together with. together (pp. pres. a mean fellow. a tooth on a wheel-rim (i). . coffee. bag. kngge.) corner . fusion with gnoscere. O. together.' a heap nnd coil.) M.-L. also cqfin. a cap. a case.) vch Arab. husk of a pea. to treat with candle see Caudle Cf. Apparently formed. see Cup. ace. Ong. to cum. (L) L. Coffee. from in. codd. a cap. L.(cum}. L. a husk. Coif. fi om Irish cueirt. a bag. L. Swed. . F. Not in A. kopf}. a chest. coijfc.). co. co-. L. lender effeminate. know. and Irish cog.) L. of i L. co. a kind of apple.-G.

(for con-. 1674. I. colk. Coliseum. coustille. colatorium. (GkO Gk tfoAeo-s. cum}. . to dash toL. seminar}'. Icel. of colligere* to L.. M. Prov. adj. .-Q.) a strainer. kollops. L. E. fall in. to freeze). Colic. a kind of shepherd's dog. collar. G kalt.' poniard variant of O. Collet. coal. co Hateralls. S. to place together. shrink together. F. a sheath. kdl}. togethei colcr. a place. collis-us\* Collie. (l< ) L. a partner (for con-. (L. oiig. L. collare. E. L. (F. of cutter.) For M. -%y. collum. Swed. vb. colkguer. a prayer. koud. collis-ion (from pp. F. M. loalrc.<0/*Vr. gether Collect. charred (E. collega. see Quoit. from * lates-. of pp. F. colter. a (F. a kalofs. colare}. latutn. ^ Plowman\ whence M. col. Gk ) The same as colosseum. See pit-coal or sea-coal charred.) + dimin. fco\\-a. a bring* L. a- (Ins>h. O. couladou. Formerly. Cool.") Englished from L.//). L.) the See Colossus. see Collar. a partner. Etyrn. the neck. a caul. unknown .) L. cabbage. College. Late L. L collum. = cL Collation. see "Wort. collied in Shak. with. wort. F. a solution of From Gk. Collier. to strike. See Colon (2). the colon. Short for colic Gk. L. together. with suffix -flfo Cf. a knife. Cf.) L.. cawcl (01 Icel. Chill. E. dimin. M. appearance. . colliders. large amphitheatre at Rome. S. coloppe.C01T M. suffering Gk. caulis. to choose (of an apple). ?) M. colador. of taile.(for con-<\. Teut. a Late L. . boiv-yer. I. N. a btramer Strainer Colleague (2). a stalk stalk. Span.Icel. . ^Lzdere. L. a comparison: formerly. a slice of meat. cdlare. Colleague (0. coal-coloured. gnl Cole. Colleen. (E. to collect money ( Roquefort \ co Hectare (the same). colliguer. col-hoppe pi. Lat. Swed. V) Coke. atrn^ together .) Legend. L. F. 1> i. collegtie. supine in use with the verb conferre. sheath . dimin. (F. collection geal. L. Cullender. Late L. in money. see Con-TO?.-f A. col. neck. Swed.) Gk. cauL A. see (L. a colleagues or companions. pp of collnln.) From pp ot L.coal (see Coal) 99 later-. . Du. . A. to bind colleague with. coal. cold from Tent *&<?/. irrtp-ov. col. E cold. coloffice.?. colldtum. the core Tolerate. cum\ to fall together. totogether. colligare. ceald. *kal-doz Goth. legere.aile. adj. col. F.-L. glue. like. 0. constel. Gk. see Legend. lain. gun-cotton. See League (i). Collar. collccta. with. . with. cf. a gir! Gael. an abscmbly. (L. L. (Gk. See tellus. kail. . The Ital.) Merc. orig. lateral. a sieve. < (forwof totlere. Collet .(for con-. fig-are to bind. conference. m O Y. obs colly. (E. col.-L. a an assembly for . G. F. M. &7/<fr. (F. col" (for com-**cu side by side. gd-idus. of culcoutel. supine to take. coal-black. F. ace. col-locarc. cald. to (V. and A. (Prov. . Here col. #/#. L. coltint. a collection. a carries a poinard. (F.) M. L.) O Y. ing together. colleague see Colleague (i). t legere. hence a short prayer see above. collector. E col. L. neck. iravXoy.(for con-. COLLOP conference. : kaldr. (Med. Colly. foi Collop.i\. *coldtdrcm> ace. a O. to join in an alliance. society of L. cum). a L. Der. the pait of the ring in which the stone is set. to stiain. glue-like. form of Prov. . together. from locus. Collateral. collapsus. collationem.) M. fern.) L. Cf.col- Coit Coke.' Ray. E colyndorc. colcy coal-y. stem of lotus side. collation. to coliseo. collega. cnm^. col. word is Collapse. cailin.-L. to gather sb. KcuXtKus.(for con-. kaM. O. Dan. L. \ (E. (F. Cole opt era. Collide. colique. Collocate. e.E. collapsed (L. ace. lateralls. cdhcus. . L. a from L. F. L. (F. cum}. same as prob. L collegium. for KoXitcos. kold. from colkcla. heals. of <. Cf. a knife Coulter. hats. KO\OV. F. better L. (L ) Late L.cotfege. Gk.) L. m M.) Collodion. - See Lapse. a country-woman. 1 wing /<7?". bear. to place together. adj. cold. fromM. the neck. Collect. Colewort. col-hoppts (P. to bring together (but from a different root). for L strainer. collect .\\ mgcd insects. cabbage. .) Colander. Wos. hurt. cultellttm.E. F. Cold. -f. tirst used in the pp. saw-yer. collet. black. to be cold (as in Gk. band for the neck. Irish cailin. tcoM&b'-rjs. coally. . a conferring. so named from its magnitude (Gibbon). (E. a collar. adj. *colador. gether. to place. to slip. 14? col. S.

large. Comb. Swed. colonnade. See Binary. kool (borrape-seed. combusL. G. cf.Ital. Column. and seeds of a variety of cabbage. pin. dial. a lamp-oil made from the L. Colossus. from the pp. o\-oy. (for con-. L. Colporteur. pt. yojjupos. to play. color. together.) Colocynth. Der. a column. colossCombe. combttst-us t pp. type *gombhos L. lit. a columcon-. with. lit.) From the nom. combattre. colporteur. a lad. (F. dial. See Culver. />. (L. L.-L. at right angles to the round gourd or pumpkin. combat-ant.F. COMBUSTION Colt. dove-like from a L. Teut. seed. spelling. colurus. join two things together. cf. coin. L. with. from cumar. (E. eolluni. type *kamboz . I)u. (L. col-loqui. a book. a plant. for Allied to Column. carry on the neck. Skt.) 121. col. truncated. ped. (C. to L. young ass. by /. Colere is for *quelere . Collude. pres. col. to converse L. glo(d}hoppa. stroke. collis. curtailed. a tail. (L. /. and Colza - Du. cole. twofold. (L. a tint. with.COLLOQUY dial. colonna. colophon. Gk. a young camel. a column (above X ridge. Brugm.e. Irish F. Orig. whence the pronunciation as kurnel. a burning up. KoAoWy. ace. Gk. A. a husbandman L. KoXovpos. . Der. (F.dove. columna. a limb. colt. a hollow in a hill-side. colonello. Corn. and (sometimes) name Combat.) L. batre. i. a bowl . L. a Colon (2). Late L. colonnade. ovpd. a kind of celestial sphere. a finishing. a bowl. (F. . jambha~st a tooth. Du ) F. . a hill. .+Du. together loqui. L.L. F. (K. a pillar. and ace. L. neck F.) ' F. colure. a hill. collus-ion. Span. with title. cf. a column. a brood cf.) Fiom L. columblna. Colon (0. to unite.) Colony. which the * ' . to act with others in a fraud. a L. act in collusion with. of Ital.(for with. dale . a cup. L. collusus}.) F. a colonel colonel. kumme. Coloquintida . colonna. Colonel. (F. colonnel. com. Kwpa. Du. KoXotywv. and carry. -Gk. . colour (F. cum}. coliseum.) M. dock-tailed. Ital.) Sometimes . a deep sleep. col. Colloquy.) So called because equator. cabbage . Sec Hill. columba. docked. is Ital. with and F. a boy Swed. E.) Gk. prefix. columlnnus. F. cum. cum.) Late L. rowed from L.v. clause hence. (F.) A. S. a hawker of wares. kam.) Gk. a cake baked over (K.) when followed For L. kamm. . koohaad. Gk. together. zaad'E. a verb. (Gk. Swed. kullt. colporter. camb. a sojotirner. inquilmus. peg. comlnnare. (Gk. gledes or hot coals. couleur}. neck.//. L. . S ciimb.) printing. Dan kuld.-L. colza. a mark (:) in writing and a part of them is always beneath the The word means docked. cum}. ace. colour ^. Combine. (Gk. better colzat. KW\OV. See .) A. (E. a pillar. colunma. . and Gk. Dimin. horizon. conversation. (F. G.) L. to Combustion.(for cujn}. up. culmen. porter. band of husbandmen. (VQEL. colossus Gk. L. kom. Com-. a colony. Gk. (F. Ko\off<r6s. Columbine. Coomb. Ital. Colure. to play supposed resemblance. and date. collude re (pp. neck . L. a colure. al. colome. Comb. bine L. to speak.(cum}. pith of columen. hence. Column. L. cum}. tcoXoKwOiSa). i. to till.4-Swed. See Con-. . one who carries wares on his together and btnus.) L. F. Bjorkman). coronet. Coma. cabbage-seed. one of two great circles on the KoXovvvOis (ace. . the same. . a colonia. a large statue. . to speak together. a hollow.) W. a summit O. cauhs]. the fruit of a kind ot cucumber. . combatre. C). Celtic type *kumba. part of the intestines. a summit. -O . (Gk. as being the upholder The colonel Torriano. portfire. crest. &c. tion. Coloquintida. colonnata. Der. to fight with. battuere. from the F. L. a valley. F. from *battere. Icel kambr. ludere. koltring. a dry measure. clipped . com. cases of Gk. cwm. Dan. F. body of troops.. Dan. (F. .) colom bin. Idg. of the regiment was he who led the company at the head of the regiment. S. (FL) . colere. kull. cf. coldrem. battre. L. coldnus. ' Lit.) F. L. clipGk. a little column. (L. kam L. q. a stop marking off a clause. a comb. to fight. . to beat. a range of columns. KoAoi/. -f-Du. (F. (L. oil. see Colo oy nth. Ital. of com-biirere^ to burn to carry. Colophon^ an inscription at the end of kumpf. (Gk ) Gk. colloquium.(for L. a valley Colour. combusfjonem.F. M. .

(orig. (L. tender. F. . a name given to the plant from its sup- Comfrey. together. courteous. commendare. Commensurate. initiare. spectacle. of com-minuere. O. E. pp. M. G. to command. wi etched. a threatening. L. 1'ee Mental. F.** Gk. to break into small pieces. -L. com. as above.) is that which Gk. com. mind. Come. festal procession dot5<>s. comen. Also O. t and the M. confused with Late L. uen-ire.) confit.(cum). + Du. Gk. E. kwiman. See Confect. miser. with singing. to hew.(cum). friendly. of confire. comis. to think. L. . of tomitas. commensm atits. cometa. F. O. ' . M. pp. to entrust to. (F. is closely G. vb.) entrust or commit to Commend. L . Dan. posed healing powers. From L. Gk. . heal up (Celsus). make a note on.COME (perhaps) iirere.. . kommen fiaiveiv. stiong. firmarc. Gk. commemorate^ to call to mind.commenccr.) f. L.(cum). fair. memorate. cf. a reduction to small L. 1^. nouncing. urbanity. Commissary. a stamp.(cum). \F L. komma. confected. (F. commiseration.and Mingle. comL. (L. com.) ace. comMinute. cum). Cf. L.) O. from A comedy was a festive dcfcctp. see Comedy. to grow together. S. fragments. intensive prefix.-L. commcntare. as if an intensive form of manBoth forms are fiom dare. &c. from L Comma. Com. to begin . Goth. ami E) From Comminution. soliitare. to see Command. to devise. tconrj. as in me-min-l (^*me-men-i . comma. (L.) L. probably for I. com.rjrr)s. H/. Skt. comforten Late L. (F. to sing. F. (L. actor. KOJ^WGk. komen. O. commendclre. commination. de- Commination. a commissary. Formed from L. pitiable. a singer. - wander. comencer (with one m . conO. kime. F. (L. a coma. M L. entrust to. put together.. com- to pity. comete. Comity. G. Late L. ace. . us). and minarT.E. to prepare. Gk. entrusted. kaum). (*guen-trc\ Gk. a thieatening. to excite pity (pp. See Menace. - (i). Gk. F. to mention. . a banquet. E. prepared pp. J^TT-TCH/. See Mandate. a comma (that marks the clause). con-fortare. and mcn-s. commiserdrT. L. trade.) L. com- Comfort. com.(for cum). lomrniserdtioncm. . cuman. together . to put into the hands of. -min. minut-u$) pp.+L. . comitatem. L. of com-mindri. conferucrc. I remember. a tommissarius. A. c(u)dm. miserdtt. and to O. Commingle.beautiful. (F. comfrey.' pleasing. ciimfiria . The A. mindful. confectum. L. to consider.Gk. (F. comicus. con. men-. and con soli da (from L. . facere. commindtus. to make. a coined word. to L. ^w//*. Late L. long-haired. (F. to threaten. comment us. O. forfeit. comcommeraum. S y was shoitened before see Initiate. COMMISSARY clause of a sentence. Commence. together.(cum).) (L.) from *commensur5re to measure in comparison with . *a play. Command. L") L. % Comic . later to comfort. comedie. vb. (L.L. threaten. something is struck. ciimig. con(cuni] together ferucre. belonging to a (E. See Ode.) conjire) cumjirie'. together and manddre. con. wensftra. to make solid). (^GwEM. with b inserted by association with amb-iirere. (E. comet. with. of L. fffyto-s.) M. pp. commandarc. star. a weak person. kumh. A. L. strike.) F comment'er. and so gained ////.~ L. merx.) F. -Gk. and fort-is. . lit. <fi Kofj. revel.(cum}. . pp. with difficulty (G. a comic 5ta.(/. t. S. L.//. L. coweta.) to boil It wab also called confinna (from L. with suffix -*-**. commentart. command. (cum^. L. confite. urbanity. cymlic. Comet. L. as if . L. Comfit. together. L. the sense of * becoming. L. to come. an officer to whom Med. a tailed Comment. Ital. a comedy. L. Commemorate.) S. com- . The A. koma. Gk . a measure see Measure.for *tnen. S. with . to go. -dtCommiseration. L. allied to O. COmic. "L. com. see Force a plant. L. confit. hum. Commerce. (F./). hair. F. cuMen. L. komme. L. sweatmeat.' Cot.) . part of an oration intended to excite pity. comander. to L. cyme. cominciare). of comjnitnsci. stem of ( merchandise. (F. (F. E. weak. comli was associated with M. Sw. pt. tonfenta (Pliny). F. see . comccdia. to make firm). Icel. earlier form cymli.-L. to burn. F. ace comminatidnem.) Late A. decorous. hair. H (L. Formerly sb. Gk. KoiyiLKQs. with. H. for L. strengthen. exquisite. from memor. of conficete. (L. Comely. traffic. /fcufio>5os. conforter.) L.L.) /i>/ios.) Comedy. (L ) From the pp. with.

(F.. L. a taking of mittere. pacte. together. L ) M. com. other.(rww\ to drive together. com(CUM}. community. paiti-. L. to eiidmc togethei L. ment. a companion. conimissionem perpeti ati on Commodious. compulstogether . of commumcare.(cum}.) examine likeness or together. to make a L. comL. compcndiosus. . Der commiss-ion. L.') Der. F. to send. comfitted. service. compass us. (1).(cttw).per. a pace. limit common. meals together -L. F. L) O. a companion. an associate.) F. penanother. to agree. . pati. O. fastened together. compartire\ Late L. COMPENSATE commit . from compaigme. of par. to sparing of expense. L. . concuirable.) F. \\itli passus.ompartimento* L. pp. decl stem of pats. L.(cum).(ciiut\. sb. ti ack See Pace. \^.(cum}. to weigh one thing against L. L. mutarc. comparer. comsend out. together. E. Late L. as in Dutch. Der. s. commandore (1695) also commanden deur. pp of commonere^ to disturb.' Cot. M. icady to serve (Plautus) cf. see Pantry. commun208. . pendere. compati. with. also O. pacere. a to asso(for L. adj Compact Compel. lommandare squadron spelt . L. endure. Der. bargain.) L. compassioncm. ace. bread companion. lomparttre. a bargain. used of a benecatus.(CUM). together par. [Cf. com. so that compassus a track passage. cowpactum. mamas. so (F. Der. begin.-L. a part.together. F. compar. L. .(cum). . verb.t. see ion > and mums. lompartimeut. with. Commute. L. sb. from F. . L. to com(L. com. M. from pail. comparare. . See Pact pangerC) to fasten. circuit. of com mot 10 cotnmot-us. that joins together. compain^ (F. common (above). weigh together. com. \j* (F. together. (cum). comL. passion.) Fiompp. compatible. com. an abridgment. ace. (F. . ace. a saving. ace. the commander of a commit.) F. excommnnnate. Company. equal. to exchange with. put forth. L. F. comfuls-us. Compass. Compact .. F. comL. Commotion . comper. circuit. with . pp. F. to set together. com" (cum). commit ni. consign. step. ace. an passes. . communare. with. to weigh. . compas. F. companion. coinMed. L. close.] pdniem.) F\ compendteux. pp. L.ommuniS) passw. adj. sympathy. fitted together. comoun. M. see Command (F. com. L. Ital. (L. entrust. . Also accompany. Compassion. from pp. . company.) F. L. . ' I. commnn. equal. together . with . Y.-Ital. instrument for drawing ciicle^. lit. to share. compendcre. companion (F. from L. to commune passto. a pair of comL. Formerly L. L. eommodus. . to below. firm. comnn.(cum). compensdre. O. torn. Hexham has: Conimandeur van ecn Stadt. (F. \\s\. to move. Compartment. brief. commissns. type *comman. communis. paciut. com-pdlere. parcm. circle. tommuner. useful. (As if helping each Cf.. communis. L. Brugm i Late com. of cornmittere. fice which could be held together with common.) O. compaignicr. O. set L. companye. The Commandeur of a Towne.COMMIT missus.-L. L. compact us.) (F. F.L. (F -L. chffeience. to change. a Common. lit. accompatgnier. <. fiom a commander. F. a peer. modus. (L ) pactus. barter. L. ' . com-. 'compatible. com. (2).) (lh\. Commodore. to to entrust to. F. of companies. pp. Der. Peer. . with. L. as to L. micna. com. (F.' F commands ur. ace. of comCOmmune. Compendious. tomutdre. with.) L com.ble. to share. com. a circuit. Compeer. mtttere. datdrem. F.) -'L. from O. com. com* pagnoii}. from Late L. geneial.(cum). See Move.. agreeL.Y. L) M compensate. (F. ad) and O. also. and mouere. Lith.(cum). with. verb compasses. pi. inceptive form of O. of comfingcre. compatiCommunicate. pellere. \*. measure. of compacisci to agiee with. co-equal. compass. to endure. Late L. L inmihodwsus. Russ. Cot.(*/// \ gether. adj. suitable. equal. com. See Pact. suffering. O. together. pp.) L. E. to L with. to exchange (L. ofL. ion. commotioitem. L. L com- (c um).. to part. and pants. ciate with. O E.. munus. (L. intensive.. from compendium. Compare. to adjust. compatibihi. ( F L ) F co m rn otion another. F. partire. to diive. (F. 'a partition. pel.(cum}. with . Lat. fit. commission. E. companie. see (L ) L. comuneN. F commodicux Mcd.

) complaisant.Composition.Compose. L. q. prehendere. From stem of Complacent. com. lit. intensive . of complex. Complot. complangere. . compline. com. pet i lor. to plait. plangere. appearance. complice. pp. M.compost. o behave. to fulfil. of composer. to behave. to put. full. see Cf. compost. com. a conspiracy.v. com. Comport. cowplaccre. habit of body. poser. or kind offices and orig. O. plexus. (F. see Prehensile. f togcthei . accord with. to fill up. '. complimentOj compliment. F. ace. frequent.^ fill up.) petent . part. Span. of complere. comphxus.(cum).L. with F. to please. civility. Ital. of completus. beat the bieast.(L. F. tion. complete. however.) F. complie (mod.) component. F entwine. L. L. (F. L L. ~ L.(cttm^.) F. competitor. complicem aco. intricate . as shewn under See Pleach. is not of F Ital.) M. (Ital. .) L. L. and F.) jom. r<?/. a mi \ture. to weigh. See Compound. complere completes. Compline. Compound. interwoven. to strive after. pt. obsequious.E. Doublet. complexion.pp. L. F. tere. platsant. r^fw. pass.F. com. pres.) L. comportare. suffixes -ance. of coinL. Compliment.ttftf). Complete.) L. petere. Q. a pestle. see . L.) L.(cuni).positio. (below). composing. (F. F.-L. but is quite distinct. L. orig.' fulfil. . complement. (L. of petere to seek.(foi cum\ together. c. fulfil. com. with . See Plenary. of complexio. to fill up. to Cf. L. O. to yield. to bewail. pp. eowpletus. (above). twined round hence. complniti\ a bad confederacy F. a putting together. to twine. com. to put. ace. plicaie. com. press down. Late complies which is pi. compiler. completnentum* that which L. compilare. L. *[f Distinct from compound* plic-are. L./L. com. also to use compliments.(cum). complicate. anc to grasp. to fill up. .(CUM}. . complexion. (F. to Compliance.L. compliment. ceremonies. com. to please. of compvnej e (below). M.crescent. . bompetitus. . sec Plot (i). Cot. comL. (F.(cum). origin . Compete.(cum). (L. because it completed the 'hours' of the day's service see Complete. (L. sc comportcr. it was an adj. suit. ' . ponre (Hartsch). F. L. a mixture. and Gk.(cum). Jtal. See Pile (3). is compile (Ancren Riwle). make. totogether plere. and plcctere. allied to to put. confederate with . complete.(cum) together pone) . formed weigh (pp. (L. cotnpltte. > . Complicity.) plaign-. Ital.(cum). to com pound. to fold together. Complement. to embrace. (Mke gvM-en fiom gold\^ and stands for complin song the sb. and pll&re. a comprehending. com. compltre. Allied \jople-nus. gether portai e. component see compound. of L.. composiL. com. (F. L.^^\\i of compositus. L. Competitor. ' . ponete. complere-. - offers. plcc. . composites L. of complacere. com./*. a confedeiate. - competent. L. satisfy.) Cot. L. to pound. (L. Comply. -ant^ from the verb to comply which. cum}.) O. (L. Doublet. to be L. L. to suit. (L. (czirn).COMPETE sare. of Gk. f L. to seize .) F.L. competere* com.) L. (X. to plait. to carry together. L. together. pres. of eontponert. petere.L. of competer. to seek. compontwnctn. to press together. see Comto suit. F. together.) O. to fold. to fill. Compliant . pp. L. Component. (F. pp. F. compositiim. . pinsere. com. COMPREHEND of pendere. completa (sc. Torriano. to please plaire. (F. com complicare. of complectT^ to surround.) It has no doubt been supposed to be allied to ply (whence compliant. com.) F. by analogy with pliant^. to stiike. L. en. fern.(ctttr^.) The d is exL.(<urtt). pres. a seeker. Pose. hora). together. complir. and of Ital. . lit. compliment. to be sufficient sufficient for.~\A\s L. pt. to carry. together. L. to compose. (. (L. put together. complere. plete. (L.). componere. . with.L. pp. L. astern of complaindre. L. together. origin. F. 103 . for.) L.comphn r the last church-service of the day . complexionem.-L. Compile. (F. L. compeiere. to compound. Cf. ace.) From pp. from pilitm. with rival candidate. perfect. to bewail. to L. .) L. of L. lom-prehendere Complex. comComplain. together. a L.stem of pres. see Comply.. to please. of complc*\ion. (F. E. Complex. supply. complect!. origin. compouncn. part. F. . See Component t Comprehend. placere. (F.

settlement by con* a F. . L. conccven. Promise. conceldre. to prick.. to retire.) (L) L. of premerc. Der. ' make IO F. j. to . sb. L.) F. ale. to comprehend. concentric. comprehended . reckon.) test. Span For com. L. ' orig. to (L. carder e9 cidere. cauus. camara. n. Formed as if Conclave. . L camera. to conceive.] L.L. observe. pressare. conclave.) In the phrase pro and con? 1 ) . pp. (F. concensus. L. concepttonem. Compulsion. Gk. compromittere.) L.) F. con^ii)'.-L.-f-Skt. comprised. together . A.) L. to L. certare. L. \.. of L. L. con'. cut short .) ceite. capere.(cum}. See Helm (2 . (F. Ktvrpov. Comptroller. L. concertare. alto- concever.' Florio . F. to contend. mix. L.. (E. cf. g. Lith. study. ^L. a stem of O. ' s. (F. concldue. L Conciliate. * to consort. confrom the pp. concession. . of O. Ital. Conceit. L . . con. see Comprehend. (F. L. L. F. . concatenate. conceit. compris. a conch. or v. oppress. concenter. to hide.tester. Concn. 13rngm. pass. L. (F. com. putarc. a council sec Council. eerier.(cunt). see mutually . concilium. to promise . covenant. (L. from Gk. comO. L.COMPRESS L. hollow. * Often con- computare. L.-L. comp unctus. of comprendre. Comrade. i oncert-ina. to hide. pp. intensive.) Concert.(cum}. vb.) . compromis. of con\s.or con-. reckon. pro mittere.-L. compressarc. F. Der. con. sb. Con with.-Ital. brief.(ctim}. bargain . 612. to separate. to to. forms shew that was derived from L. (F. pungerc. of by contest See Concern. together . Span. F. (F. later. m. iegard. pp. vie with .(cum}. frequent. conE. (L. . pp. we concertar. concipere. conception. com. concess-ion (from pp. con. Doublet.. com. M. a company. Concise. a place of assembly of 104 . (F. conccvoir. Concern. * e. of concipere.L. con. and so. concha. compp. see Centre. together. (F. /. to conceive. concessionem. (F. Conception. L. Conceal. Concede. prefix. see Concatenate. computation. M. decree. to take. punctioncm. troller . concauus. scan. F. to concede F. concekr. Span. to decide c erne re. conceiv-. (-/SKLR. against. conceiven.) F. L.. to separate. of compungcre* to prick. L ace. to to i. remorse.) (F. frequent. mutual Orig. com. Compute. . comave. F. Con-. to draw to a centre. to conceive. con. confused with consort in old writers. took up the sense of to settle by debate. Concave. it is concert. cunnian. peruse. . S. d. con(cum}. to decide. concent'rer. and cerncre. in Late Lat. cedere. Gk. of concatcndre to link together. of F. decide . L. refer concernerc. or agree together . L. to conceive (above).(cum}. an associate. know see Can (i). cor- p. before Concession. pp.(cum}. 4. (L. camarada. Der. was conceit (F. C 2 )> short for contra. Der. another spelling of con- see Control. conciliare^ to bring together. a marine shell. Late L. r. con.(cum}'.) F. when the following lettei is c. ce/dre.) F. E. otconccdere. a centre. to press. a chamber. conccrtare. Compress. con. completely yield. Kpivtiv. i]. conccntr-ate (modern). a. (F. a small room (to meet in). . before /. (F. L. [It would seem that the L. L. fahkha. Koyx*] C also ^7X OS )> a cocklebhell. comrade Span. gether . (F. together. cessus}. to separate.) O. prehenderc cessions.) ' promise L.v. L. conciliate. indeed.' compromise. con- chology (from ^7x0-5). with.) L. to contend. - to yield. L. though the real by analogy conceive. conctsus. Concentre. A. a chamber. Concede. to clear up. distinguish. (F. (L. li. See below. agreement. of compungl. concis. f com. it The Ital. to agree. com. concis-ion. Cot. (L.(cum\ together. citnnan. L. ace.(cum}. to settle or adjust. pp. fF. compromettre. concept-us. . (L. L. concedere. com- M.'\. F.) Compunction. to cut. pp. < amaralso ade. to put unto Compromise. together.(cum}. cunnen Allied to A. L.Gk.(cum}. and centr-um. vb. which also points to the same origin.) See Compel. struggle together find also Con (i). 'to agree or tune Cot. together . skir-ti. From O. count (2). promise. E. a chain. catena. concerto. sing in consort. a mutual promise. t col- Before before b. with deceit. Der. ale-conner. .(cum}. cabin.) CONCLAVE concevoir. with. to feel remorse. q. attdGk. to Cot. a room .) L. together. to L. Der.) F. hollow. S. L. Comprise. or L.) From the pp.

and -diidere daudere.) L. (F.) Q. (L ) L. a cone. Late L. (L. L. agreeing.) F. the heait. concourse.(cttm). y L. L. Concrete. to descend . facet e. to agree. of conjicere. Concomitant. to Concordat.(cum). (F. conduit. Confect. (F. condescendcre. seasoning. (L. to put (L. together. confcct-ion. (stem coni-). inceptive form of same. Der.Y. ton. pp. conL. diicerc.. grow. together. ace. concordat '. pardon. Condone. a conduit. see Descend. (F. a discourse L. iotogether.) From pp. L) M. lead to. a convention. and concnpcre.concuconus. Condition. L. concupiscentia.(cum^s coquere. See Cornfit. L.-L) Gk. (K an agreement. into one mass. ace.) O. to shake. quatere. cor of con-cors. \. close. L. Condescend. con. cardinals. (L. assembly. (L with. to lie. conditionem. \f\tii\fdbttlari. pt. Orig. con- L. con. L. . (F. pt. con. condemns. Der. (F.(above). condenser. wholly be guilty. condigne. Conduct. to condemn wholly. condolei e. Cone.) and I. (L. see Cony. to talk over together.(cum). concorddtum. peg.with (lit. pp. to shake together. L Concourse. L. also. con. pp.(cttm). cttrrere. duclus. of pres. L. condire. toncoi d. to talk togethei. L con. dense. Peruvian ) Peruv.condemner. together. from see Fable. confectus. concorddre. -fL.-Gk) T. to converse. of con-currere to run L. to L. spice. dude. of con-ducere (above).-L. a violent shaking. dondre. very worthy. se-dude\ whence in-elussc-dus-ion (from pp. conduit. Der. . con.) Q. Similarly ex-chide. together. guard. (L. 401. fabula. of comitdri. of conditio. concussionem.) Conclude. clduis. together to wards. L. a canal.(cum). to put. concttrsus. \j. Confabulate. condition. to accompany. L. confaderatus. (L. very thick.) L. of L. (L.CONCLUDE place. pp. (F. L. con.) Late L.(cum). currere. to descend with). Conduce.(cum). con. to remit. condcnsare. very digmts. from the pp. Concubine. I. (ct/m). kings.. bb. to grieve (cum). L. (F.Y. ciintur^ a Span.) L. con (cum) . well merited. to grow L.) F. Concussion. (F. L. a large bird. CoxiCOCt. \curn). stem of comes . condJccre. escort . together. protection. concord. to make up into sweetmeats. (F. ctipcre. of L. con. K&i'os. concnlrina. (L. pro- Confederate. -L. tube see above. prc-dus-ion -clilsus = dausus}.(cum). desire. dicere^ to ) Concordant. condignus. ace. agree. grieve. of concussio. cta>together. to cook. to agree (above).(cuni) intensive.) L. concoct us > pp. gether .(cum). to long for. to See Concur. sauce. a late spelling of condicio* a covenant. Biugm. together. ^dna s. escort'. . esp. thing agreed on.-L) F condition. with . t Concupiscence. (F.concttluttc. bkt. to condemn. comitant-em. L. L. in(L. end. M. L. .K. L. between the pope and F. digest.(cum).) F. . ioncret-n*. wholly. to run. confection-cr. agree upon. Late L. Late L conditctus. of concoquere. ( F L ) F . a companion j see Count (i\ CoXXCOrd. L. ctnt. .. pp. condescendre. L. con. Condemn. of confxderdre* 105 . L. con. a whetstone cf. thick. condemndre. fhccnce peak. of concrescerc. make up. the See Hone. worthy. L.(cum) .) F. Coney.(cum).F. to desire 'L.^wtf-L. a locked Tip L. . L. CONFEDERATE nounce to . shut up.(cum). prcb. culnite. condildere. to give see Donation. pp. and together. to shut. L) F. to grant L. L* L. L. conductus. (L ) From L. L. condor. (F. of concorddre. . to draw L con.very dcnsus. con* damndrc. Condign. of concorder. from comit-. . a key. ace. L. cos.(cuni\. concottrs L. From accompanying. formed cere. to cook together. to season. condor. L. descenders. Concur. condus-ion. to lun. (Span. concttpiscerc. ~ O. together. Condiment. to lead. speak. comorde.) L. dolere. together. . L) F. preserve (as fruit). ton. con. Der. pp. ive. concussion. concnssiis. condescens-ion. = together . (cum) together ? . con. together. condefence.) L condfuerc. Condense. i. a defence. E. concoid- Condole. conconcuterc. .. condimentum. concursuui) a running together. agreement. Condor. stem concordia. conduit. concurrerc> to run coiijdbuldrt. to agree L. F. united by a covenant. condona* e. prc-chidc.

together J .(en HI). congest us pp. sb. strengthen. neap L. bestow. of pres flow together see also conflux t sb. . See Genital. confess us. to L. con>t//. Med. repress. ace.(mvt} meare.) F.) F. M Conger. confute. allied to fides ^ fnith . to fashion like. Cot. congenititS) born with. Conge". allied to /<?>/". stem of (L. of faten. L. to be near to. _ Confess. of confitiaie. cotifscdtus. (L. by-form of conger. frost. yuyypos. {\>\\\y . congchve. and Confound. conglomerdre. L confima. (). ace. to confess L. with . a seaGk. F.) }~.) Coined by adding kindicd -al lay by the treasury. congre. Congeal. tonfusus.) From L. conformiire. to form. ^//^.(rw). F. of gignere^ to ). Congenital. Confide.(cunt]. also see Faith. (L. . conof conjtigere. L. an encounter. (L. conferrc. of ' } Congee. L. Conglomerate. (F. to produce. to limit. a configuration trust. leave to depart. con. a mass of particles. firm. (L. conL. Conflagration. fundere.jfir mare.) Gk ) L. (L. <?/*-. congeries. repress. con(cuni] . probably fiom the same root as A. from the From congestion. to form into a globe. t pp. congestion cm congerere (above). tonfirmare. pp of front-. con. coiijnndere. in Chaucer. togLlhei . (L fully. com. globus.) L./- F confliter. geiere. confess arc. great burning. it is not allied to L. to in a coffer. the same. confini^ . pp. E. S. ffttilis. tonneitus. front.//\ with. flagrare. .) fccchis.) to L. . bring together. con-globarc.) bring face to face.L. - (CUHI\ together. confcrmcn } (F. to confound see Confound. to go. Jiscus. tiansfer to cent L. tivrnflgnra. permission ib L comnu'atus. to freeze. ^ . t F. to put togethci. ton(r/w\ together.v+'b. to bring together.(rww). beat back. to adjudge to be foifeit Confiscate. to L. . rt?. L J". conflagrationem. ton. of con-flueret Confluent. fiom L. v. fully fld<. pp. configurationem. jiner. on L. L. speak. to keep within limits L (onjinis. From L See Fuse (i). O. <0. from forma. E. L. conge. confiitare. <-<?. CONGLOMERATE . to cause to fieeze together. forehead. Confraternity. purse. (L ) Coined fL. L confrontarT. word tongenite (XVII ] L. boundary. ( F. See Flagrant. ton. confus^ used as conjitcn. born. Gk. to cany. <<? Jlictus. lca\e. a F. also leave of absence I. L. comjat l^ate L.) M. fcrrc. lismission .(cum). *fades-.) F. confound. con* find. L. <wz. Not from F. fiom L genius.(cum\ together. (parts. .L i otig> e \cum\ together JKget e. a btukmg together. boulering confin* near . stem oifrons. collect. fully. . con~. pp. to confiscate. of con^rtfi. Confuse.. from ]>p. of L. F.(ium]. a heap. . together. tnngc. from ^t7.-T L. a jlagratton tongtet 'F>urguy) the same as Piov. L.(cum) (F. 106 Conglobe. If so. meatns a couise.(^ //w figurate. to burn. L.CONFER L. ace. L./. gcnitn. * L congrum. L. con- confidcre. to pour together. a figiue. O. see Genial. to "fit fare. sea-eel.) Configuration. formare. i- T95 ) Confute. (F.-L. and Fraternity. ow. . F. Confer.) 1 L. congooe. gelare. ton. rtw- (/w). pp of r0tt. to - L. (F. confondre. Confirm. con. ' pi. Conform. L..) Congenial. (F. to I. together. Cf. to strengthen. VIII cent ) . with finh. fgilrdrc.-L. adj. a globe. Confine. together . O. F. r<?M. (L. wF. iiomjirnius. beatan. for See a treaty. and Denial. to wind into a ball.(cum\ together . (L. confiuxus. to Federal. (F. pi confines. a speech. L. to strike. (_ot. a the obs. eel. w/. [f pour. (F. together feeder-. See Final.. a travelling together. to trust <r/////j. has only confine. to acknowledge.-L. to beat (Walde). Congeries. ^[ Mud. (L. pi . formation L confguratus.) i F. (F. See Gelid. ' V F. with. -1 ./. F. L. L. representing (). btem.) L. eongic. M lv. So Fluent. See Figure. r0. together. Confront. Conflict.(cum\ together. accumulation. the same leave. from the pp. to strike together. L.) to pt.) F From (j L. 1 011 for we make firm. (F. confunderc. to a pp. to Late L. L. (F.(/v/w). Brugm. to fashion. to bring. confermer. together. . L) confrontcr. eonfesw L.) From pa of form. whence E. bear.

to (cum}. comungeie (pp. tonniwr. Consanguineous. go in quest of. con. to swear toL. to join. con. conglutindre. conjugal. L Congress.(cum). .) 1^. conscience. Formed with suffix -if (I -tuns) Conjugation. . an ill-contnved word. Congrue. L. vb. tif.(cum). conscionable. to collect into a ilock con.(cum}. together. of consctie. mlbere t to the same sense. . gethei Conjoin. L. conserv-cttory. (L. . M. (Root uncertain. to agree to. 1 M. pp. berc. (F. consare. con. conserudre. to L. a of comcere. of conconsanguine-it* suffix > (L ) From L. longru-ous. suit. to advance. consent!re.(cum}. to a follow together. formerly connoisseur. rolled. Conjugal. Consecutive. to join. (L. together iug-um. con-.) Fiom L comu.(cuni\ toiaccre. from Connoisseur. to be L. to quei. F. to write. coniugem. where a knowing one. gredi. of L. of cojncribere. gether. (L ) From pp. to join L. L. a meeting together. together. . to glue together. conjunct-ive. adj. L. a kind of tea. connectcre.) See Serve. Conscience. fiom greg-. . pt.) Der. connaisseur. conqulsita.) L. See Sequence.) awaie. ace. Connive. (F. conquei en. L.conscicntia. walk. riage.(cunt).) From pp. L. to yoke together. Der.from L.(turn}. lit L. to preserve. fully serudre.(cum] with . con-. L) O. stem of sanguis. (L) . ifirdt e. pp. conF. conoistre kang-hu is lit. tion of conscience} -able. conquesta. See Science. (F. comunJu^]. gregdrc. nectere. Der. to follow. combine by oath. L. marL. to wink cf. of . stem of glomus. aware of (above). stem of grejc t a . O.E. a yoke see Join. . contogether . L. a yoke. tea on see Cognisance. sacrdre. i 664. E. nic-tare. . (F. labour which labour has been expended (Douglas).consecu. . to suit. h net wan. pp. (F. to assemble a flock. to bow Brugm. (F. together . from the pp. L. tngitm. to. L. from See Grace. (Chinese. con. L. consider. to glue. with. Der. congressus. scire. L comcctnia. conconsecrate. suitable congru-ity Conjecture. L. coniugdtus. conjecture. with sent ire. vb. con-.^ pp. * i. conseciit-us. In L. P'rom i^. E conqucste. oi(onqmrere. together.) L. to bind (pp. 107 (F.) Y. grdtus.consentit\ Conjure. L. . a castini: together.conserver* L. with L. ion. Consequent. tuntogether. See Sense. i. Congregate. connotss-ctnt. from Late L. to agree. e. Conquer. gradi. con. Der. with lating to marriage.CONGLUTINATE glotner-.) L. Congratulate. pp.) O. L. to seek conqnerre.(cum}. adj.(cum}.) F. en(L. of consequT (abo\e (cum}. Connubial. together. of contux. Consider. clew of yarn. comecfus. . of L. together iug-. (F. (F. (L. to meet together. -ou<> saiiguin-. L) M. together. L. to keep.) F. conscnpttts. gruere. throw or put together. congruus. to \\nte down L. the Amoy dialect. F. to render sacred. vb . with sufhx -ous. coniutdre.) KLY. con. Connect. used as a contiac- stem of pies. Cot. L. to feel. conmlbmlts. F. ofL. pleasing o L. congresses. con. conniuere^ to close the eyes at.) L. vholl) . stem of pres pt.(cum}. gdtio. pr guess. con. L) F. see Jury. See Nuptial. P flock. L. and (cum}. pres. conjurer. glue. of scqui. to know. together.-10 F. reThe true Chinese is kung-fu ch'a. consci-its. gether . (L. conquirere. to tie L. L. (L. nex-ion [not connection]. called kang-hu te. L. Consent. conconiugdre. Fiom wish much joy. con. pp. and *ntguere t Conglutinate. . CONSIDER . sen* together. Der.(cttm}. blood. co(n}nulmim. Goth. consequent-. of conqulsltus. to wink. together. relating to marriage. From pp. (cuni)) with. L. conquest.(cum}. a spouse. (L. consciousness. conjunctgere. con. (F.) Y. to know along \\ith. con- serve. L conscient-. F. with. Conserve. (L. congrdtuldn. pt. to swear . a conjugation (Piisciau) yoking together. from L. . for *glomes-) a ball. qucerere. overlook.L. 1 (ongrcgare. \^. fully gt dtuldri to wish joy. to throw. ton- marry. ' . after.L. O. (L ) L. F. from the pp. coniurtn.) L. (L. work. (F. Conscript. | conscious. to conL con. in Late L.L. seek. together. Consecrate. . fern. to consecrate sec Sacred. " glu tin-. allied to tuttgere. conL. con. comugalis. of conseqtri. of O. a critical judge. L. (F . See Join. stem si gluten. L. ghltindre. related by blood. conjoindie. nexus}. + .

of contagio. consistory. Console. together. F. to consist.-L. con.\. together. Consul.' the title of Stabull. lit. consonant. L. a sum see . register. L L. v F.) firm L. see Consume. under. press together. conspirer.) L. from status.</w\ stand together.) pp. (L) visible.(cum). consigner. Consummate. L. ace. to set with stars. solntm t (L. continerc^ to hold (F. together . constellation. a partner.(dirti). to L. comtitrttw. considerate to consider. ton. with. sistere. 2nd grade of tag*. (L. consignare. mis-construe* to pile. of consterfright. F. agreeing F. to press. L.(cum]. a familiar abbreviation for consolidated annuities.-L. L. . to L. to sit cf. to cause to stand together. as in *tagpp. (L.) From a tonic stem stella. compicu-us. sb.) and *stemate prob. . bine.L. I. take up wholly. to take up. to consult frequent. to render solid.) (F. signtire. together. slder-. See Species. to stand touching. See F. consort. rest. consternationcm^ sternation. Der.(cum). L. to attest. constcllationcm. Etym. cones table (F. to frighten. stem of cons tans. con-sulere.CONSIGN L. together. build. to consult see below. a consul. together. consul. prob. to comfort see Solace. allied to sub. of constare. .. F. form of Root uncertain . L. stem of sors. See Brugmann. cram. con. (F. const ructus.) L conconsolidare. Construct. together. L. Consternation. see State.Uum\. gether.o take. to. . Sum. ace. of const mere (below). constrnere. See Sort. firm. consumer. to comfort Fiom pp. L. of I.. . to fiighten (Walde).. L. mare. L. L) a peace-officer (F. from tus (>tac-tus)i pp.(cum}. ' - Brugm. comL. (cum). togethei from solidus. Consumption . L. and emeje.L. siimere. (F. . together. Consume. L. Consign.) . pp. L. t From pp. conConstant. contactus. to set up. construct in Late L . sb. stem of pres. togethei statuerc. to touch. a Contact. solidare. pp. to sound . Consort.of O. allied to Gk. see ( Sound (3).) Fiom L. 240. vrvptiv. fetter. recoid. stringer e> to draw tight. together. . spirare* to breathe. nant-. one who shares property with another. i. to (cum together i. see Contingent. L. (F. L. with tag--. Consonant. pt. to sum. con.(cum). Contain. L.'cum). (L. IO L. con.) Fiompp. . constraign-.(cum). to solid. (L. L. to . 108 . contactus. stellilt-us. a Constellation. (L. a stem of constratndre later contraindre. to breathe together. L. to construe a passage. . of stellare. to contemplate the stars (Festns). pt. consols. to touch closely . . lit a dignitary of the Roman empire and afterwards* in use among the Franks. with consolarl. to stand \^ F. cluster of L. consilmere. solan. together. of conslituere.(for cuni) 9 tondrc. to compel. consternatus. gether. of tangerc. (F L) F. Conspicuous.^. see thoroughly. with suffix -0//j.(cuni].-L. stant. (F. a star. comoler. comes count of the stable. to stand."} . hence contagion. F. F.L. Contagion. . L. Conspire.) F. together sort-.) heap together. abide. Der.) F. a position see Statute. share. consoCot of comonare. con. L con(cum). together. L. . consistere. Dar. contenir. consttmmare* to bung into one sum. con. L con-. of L. to bind L. (F. ) F. L. Count (i) and Stable. con. sumpeifect. L. to join closely.(fui) f touching. (F. of contingere^ orig. &c. stem of sidus. . constnngere. con. from ^sitps-^ i. - . See Star. CONTAIN L. a star. (L. consound together sondre. L. plot. L. . con. consort-. stare. F. for sides-. ace. F. make solid. constant-. up. consist. Constipate. Constitute. establish.(cum). con^picere. con. orig. IO L con. allied to scdere. to consult.(cum). Der. stem of consors. from summa. consultare. connttablc). Consult. stars. con. \. consisfer. L. L) F. accordant. to L. build. ( F. * together. to mark see Sign. Consolidate.) constipdrc. to Construe. causal form fiom stare. conspirare. . contagion. vb.) F. contagionem. 499. ofL. Constrain. a lot. to (L. doubtful . con. (L. con. con. struere. pp. O Constable. sec State. spec ere. see. but allied to consulere. pres. Consist. .) O. consumption^ from the pp. denom. fully a seat. wholly buy. stlpare.

(F. b. prefix.(cum].. to hold. vb. of contrahere. from Late L. tcmptus. contester. to L. with and suffix -ous.) F. (L. of contmcre (L. pay to-. pt. (L. pp (L. Der.) JL contentus. From stem of pres. to draw. concontorquere> to twist togethci. con.contemner. for '"'tempos-. consider. to hinder. contia (~L. (L. spise. neai L. L. Ital. ?-.L. Ital. contenders. content. with and L.(cum first of augurs. L. . Contribute. L.) contemplan. 768. L. (F. ) (F. . (ontrcvenir. hilly. to break a law. Contain. pp. viz. together. temnere. (F.Y. here. contrabando. stem of adj . L. pp. high. extra from extents. from contra. Contiguous.) Ital. to L. pres. to weave L. tontemptus. to bestow . to round off. exert. see Contain. dis-ion. L. see Turn. contrContralto. . see Temple. contortus. con. (L.) Contingent. adj. (Ital. to hold together. From pp. to speak.) Prompp. (on. a witness. ofL. Contour. . contorno. prohibited goods.. con. tcstis. (L. Late L. contagion which stands L. (curti). tontrduciiire. F. tcstdri. in an aitistic sense.Jus) pp. to strive. i.(cum) tangerc. con. of contingcrc. . d'cere. L. contra nm.t prep. torquere.contraric. to contribute. Context. adj at the same time L. tendere. adj from Contemporaneous. ) .L. scorn. contra. contigii-us^ that . contra. against *con-t(e)r-us. &c. speak against. wholly. against . L. F. an open space for observation (by augurs) . I.) temper. to draw together. Contrary. continent-. lit.) Contra-. of tangere. a ban. together together. conwith temporane-tis.(cum) together .) L. continu-us. of con tract us. of tangete. to call to witness. conL contemncre. H. (F. CONTRIBUTE con- Contaminate.) from F. to come.) L. stand against. L.(cum). to touch. a \\ord of Contraband. pp. to bring an action. alt its. L.-L. con. to witness. L. Contract (2\ a bargain.) From pp. orig. ' . stem bicontHmen. M. L. of contemnere (above). L. order (hence. to stand. contain. lit.L.) . a comparative form from con. together. 109 . G. N. contendre. of contcxere. tontinere. fight. .*~ to strive. a circuit. contemporary. alto* counter-tenor. conttaJus^ pp. of an obs. con. Cot.CONTAMINATE contentus. contestari. dis-contimie. tac-tus (for * tag. . together. relate to. contextus. to Continue. content. esp. tornare. adj. L/) . contia. for tag-tits. L. see Tribute. diaw tra- Der. of Contemplate. of L. stem of tewpus. ^ Contest. . sb. to de(F. (F. together.(above). tetnpor-. contentus). * as in tact us. F. contend against (hence to be in Late L.) L. (below) continuous. the abl. See Tangent. texerc. Ital. L. to oppose L. continues Der.(cum} for *contagmen. L. Teut. site to. Contravene. to stretch out. L. sb. contexttts. (F.).^ F. contraster. a See Ban. Ital. (F. to ' L. oppoL. Continent. of L.Y. touch Brugm. to ohseive. Der.(mm). (above).) F. satisfied. continent. with suffix -ous. fern. Contempt. L. l^. con" (cum). a^ in tat*-. Ital. L.ontid\ against. tontra. (L) L. Cot Content. 'to ent lono. with . pp. (Span. (cum). (F. tent. See . context of a book). together L. contour. Umpordrius. a drawing together. Contemn. with. used at L.) Span. icntornare. uentre. against see Contra-. moderate. to turn . contain. bannum. pp. content-ion (from the pp. F.(cunt). buere. (L) L. trigether. contest. bando. (F. L. contaminare. see Contingent. (L ) may be touched. L. contract. stare. (F. . continere. together. pt. Contend. O. contrdstdre. (L. time. to despise (cum). contractual. con. r0Cot. contrary. see Contain. and altO) high. tempoiaiy.) oi contraduerC) to L. against. continuarey to continue. dependent on.(cum*).) L. L. continue?. contradictus . against . to twist. F. command. contra. of ace. templum. . contra. con. and Teut. an outline. from O. contdmin-. to defile. con(CUM). opposition to. tenere. circle . a joining together. origin. Contrast. L) \. Contort. to weave. L Contract (i).) M F contempt-. holding with suffix -ous. touch. tag-. ' . L. together. . conttibitcre. lontiactus. together cf. against . together. (L. contrabbando* prohibited goods. ban.) Ital. L.-L.a bargain. pp. (L. F. . pp. contiaire. to thwart. L. <. to touch . Contradict.

to live (hence. (L.\vith.) Late L. O. Conundrum. F. also to convoy A. cline. *convet tire. r<w-. L. A. *{[ Contrive (cf. Der. change to (<///. uergere. ' (F. contu- way. . pp. Converge. ion.) (F. see Tumid. to strike.) con- L conuexus. pp.^. together. - Convulse.woh. Convey is is the A. contra-. L. . con~. F . CONY. a meeting. E. uertere. convoten^* to convey. O. to call together. of comic Here.-L) A. in- Converse.con/Muersia. (F. turn oneself about). Der. to rub together. _ Convalesce. cenuentus. <0together. O. L. or hoax. to incline together (Isidore).) O. iL. (cnm). coni\ L. contreuen (= controven. F. (F. to turn wholly.(cum\ Convivial.) together L. from pp. controver. suit (above). to L. contre. . F. go crook- born. (cunt). macie^i 303). origin. \aulted. unuerc. stub. comiulsus. Goth. F controversie (i$Q ]).) L.) formerly used in the sense of whim.) L. to Control.) L. contion. r0w. Brugm. . ucrsdri. controuen. as in ucic-itlare t to fern. to nib.(L.citni}. L conucnfre. iiersus. L. trover. con. come to- contnttis.(cum). li. Convene. (. Also quonwndrum ong m uriiv. orig. (L. opposed. pies. contrtuv-. L. convert. to come. Coined as adj from iL. . L. convenir. crotchet. ulucrc. eat). ace.) reel. vb. contra. together. con. suitable. with. conttiui-ttfti. udlere. E. conuoluere. i. used to verify the official or first-made roll. L. with.-L. together.-L. to i oil L. uertere. to turn. L. ionvo ]iier. of L. rolulum. to find. (L.-L. find out (Bartsch). wholly . of tiertere. L. an as(L. convulse.) L. conuergere. to convey. of con-iiemre. pass. uolucre. of conuinccre. ma. F. to contntnacia see Conto Convince. couuiare. to associate with live with. for w) . .) L.(cum). con* (cum). connoicn (convcten. prob. to swell with pride . to loll. contra.) F. fully. insult.) F. tuJ. L. tumacy. up. pp. pp. old (F. (Unknown. see Trover. - altered L. iomteien.( = f/w). contuiF. rcpioach. L. to conquer. vitt. r0#. F. together. ^y^STEUD. a twining plant. much and tundere. together. accompany on the \\ay accompany. sb for eontrc-roll. and \. to meet. convcier. allied L.. to turn. contrevc^ answering to O. (F. ualerc.) Control is short form of counter-roll. F. to find. Convex.) L. L <on. convener. seveiely. Convoy. Cot L.o lo bend.) An (F. stautan. against . with. spelling . to come ^ I o assemble. F. t < prob. V F. foim ^f . a quarrel. to strike. from A. a feast. contrcven). O. uentionem. M. comtolutns convolv-ul-tt$.L. suitable. vb. l Contumely. contusus. L ' conuoluulus. L. to gether. contnmaci See Contra-. F. stressed stem of controver. Contumacy. L. From stem of L. obstinacy. to an inceptive form. t (L. against .~ L. tontiimelia. K. i. con* convent. conven* a compact Cot. buuse severely. of the frequent. to bend. conncrtere.CONTRITE Contrite. contuniacia. ( convenient. ) Cony./). thoroughly bruised.onvolntion. bruise. proof. contre-rol(l)e. over against rol(l)c. -f-^kt. 1' . L. to turn. mclie.) M. of con-uenlre. a roll see Eoll. conttalesccre. 818. arched. to iL.L. for L. Folk-L. or neut. vb. convention. of L. compact. of rotuhts. Convey. See Vacillate.(CUM). assemble. (F. itenire. conueniens. (F. pp. ace. F. Coney.-L. l^. convoicr. O. wnthe about. conuentus. crooked. con. controller sus. Controversy. or Norman tonvoy prob. ion. dwell (lit. F. tererc. conand *titm-ax. conL.) F. O. Convoke. CONEY orig. *L. Cf. . contcrere. from tnm-ere. a roll. See Trite. . a rabbit. to A S. pp. connersdri. F. pp. hence. tonnimcrc. contrit. L. and Gk. M. of contundcre. con. L. Contuse.) to bruise wholly. Convolve.) also conyng. | together. < Late L. Contrive. of comienire. (F. (F.^7//w). Convoy see Convey. E. severely. . conil. of edly. L. to be slang i . nocfiie* to call. to pluck L. Anglo-F. F. o\eicome by Pansian.) L. duplicate register.-L. L) F. masc. penitent . L. veib and sb.(CUM). L. to agitate violently. ton<. retrieve) is from M. M. strong. cornier are. begin to grow well L. stem of continual. sembly . to strike . form coi responding . ionvertir. conucntus. L. convoy.on . together. to pluck. pt.

) M. c upri rosa. or Tamil. . L. L. with and the pp. the mod. \vith mutation. . whence W(T<rcii>. to (L. Parcener is the true old spelling utpartner ( t or -lite. L. But this is prob. Cope ) E ky> i e strutting as a cock. papa. Sax. coracle. abundance. .tf-av0os. fem. O. ' ' dung-stone . in-opia. O. Copious. also a copy. and then coquere.) also spelt croo. Cyprian Kvtrpos. a Copeck. sulphate of iron. a coot. Made from Gk.E. Y. (F. but Icel. see Couple . (Gk. from Koll. copparosa.(cum}. +Du. a Cookie. tub-maker. G. Skt. t . kfipa. see Cape (i\ [Cf. peJi(e]. cuprosa seems Copperas. hollow. ) wood. a O. coquus. L. S col. copse is contracted. Gk.< L. kiup. worth a hundredth part of a rouble. (i >. coracle. cock. (L. cuniculus. Russ. work with. F. as in A. for coquus. to vie with. see Cold. <wf/j. boat of Coracle.E.F.) Brugm. twrwgl. O. a small short for . Gk. prob. liire. of convg. for *co~opta. copia^ plenty see Copious. . etymology and the Late L. See Coupon. a blow. colper. iriavuv . earlier cape] A. M See cupe. whence G. So Gael. Coot. band. coping-stone. colpus. S.) A. an East Indian porter. of coy. answering to A N. S. O.) dance. L. kopec . a blow. coquette. type *kol-uz. Dan. a lance. . a basket not found. copula.F. -L. a labourer. coperosc. ample. sense is due to the multiplication of an oiiginal by means of topics. of a L coptt- to join. \s. (Span. civrivg. to bake. a boat. purely imitative Cf. L. Mexican. want. kol. co.) E. (E ) M. Skt. to a small Russian coin. Co-operate. L. convgl. *coppis to cops. coplenty. less than \d. cdpa a cape. of coquet. (L. holding a lance (1535). (0-operarl. not found . a copeck . and copse (cops) from reducing a supposed and [Low O pi. copia. . Copulate. copor. copccia}. underwood freF. cote. Coomb to be merely an adj. a Cf.) of Russ.-L. Cypius. pi.) Comb. of to Coolie. koet. CORACLE L. cop. Coo. (F. cupcr. type *colpaticium. Ital. to work. t freeze /-J/) . S. fowl. cf. see (L.) M. KU\CL<}>O$. Late L.) ttowpo-s.See Rouble. from L. quently cut. copal. lL. Cool. see Operate. a stone. Lit.) W.) Coppy is cype (with z-mutation to doliuni. See Ordinate. L. F. a daydaily hire labourer (Wilson). Coppice. . coop O. 1 word . co. word of uncertain (E. cook.E. O. *ir^-i^.) Hmd. copeiz answers to a Late L. . boat. Copal. *c upc. Co-ordinate. F. conpen. huff. (L. pp. becoming *queqitcre by assimilation.S. coc. Low L. a carcase.flower. So called from the figure of Ivan IV. coup.coo conin rabbit . 66 1 Copper. E. a blow on the ear. kopieika. kiill. colp.) Span.) M. couper. According to Diez. brass . dung and Ai'0-os. toper. also. Tent. A quere. Cf. coperosc (couperose] . Or from Tamil killi. A. . cooley (Forbes) a tribal name (Yule). coupe rt to cut). Icel. kocl contraction for C^lpr^^^1n trs.) O. stroke. a cape (Late L. Coppy. a co-partner. 2ndgiade whence the Romans got copper. . Late L. see Partner. a translation of Gk. S catan. cook L. hence. cufachan. ropeiz L. Mex. a bowl . A.) A. E. to order. a cook. abunCopy.) From L. or wages. a cook. kal'. M.-fGk. fiame. pope. (2). L. Copse. homcotyarffy to strike. cool +Du.-Gk. Ok. orig. Gk. coper (F. Coqly. Cook. copalh. resin. Der. to cut. base of op-es. from curaih. stroke. a metal. from with. a couper). cop (F.") Co-parcener. (F. i. a water- Coprolite. whence also Du. (Hind. copie. Origin unknown. *iapa.D. Coquette. copiosus^ plentiful. *peqncre. coote. dimin. (\V. of ordtndre. porter. dimiiu (Russ. kapa occius. copen. from A. ieitjc. (for aim).~\ Der. tub. dunin. . Coppy arose from coppice being taken as coppies. colaphits. from &?/-. F. Gk. a blow. origin. copa* a tub. Ko\a<f>os. a pit. cf. colafhus.S <w Late L. Late L. M. (tttnij. a tub. 'apratling or proud gossip/ Cot. coop-er. blow. . Icel. KfcV/wos. (j>t. wealth. Coop. brushwood. (E. O. a light wickei . vat. uprum. /('/////. ^ff O. cokcn. K. coppice. K. cupa. Cf.) From Aerolite. colpus. (F. co* whence Lat. coi (F. connil. coup). . to lo cook Russ. xaA. rose of copper. also LateL. to fight. provlittle cock. . a cock. copa. only a popular copperas. L. (Cyprus. though occurs as a gloss . . F. F.S. Cyprian brass. F.E coper.) From pi (0- of L. form from cuprum. kilpa. to btuke (K. F. . a cake see Cake. together op-. copy. and operdri. &?/#. cuckoo. (F. y Cope cope* M.

Hexham cf. of corbis* a basket). Port. E. a cornel. andre. of corvellus.-L) h. L. cordouan. gramim* zerno. G. horny. (F. from the notion of a projecting beak. doubtful. shoemaker. cornel.) ( F. a horny excrescence. Folk. ace.~*(jfc. of cortex. Port. hearty L. and carneol in G. Svved. corniola* Horn. a cork shoe. &c. dimin. i$79\ carnehan in E. from the hard. chorda. for (F. i. though k for ch seems improbable. L. cornel-tree. a crow. . of L.-L.L. of corcho. . the cork-tree. L. a fleshcoloured stone. Formerly cornaline. quercus. a horn. Late L. a thick-ribbed F. corcornel-berry. adj. korn.) Apparently from O. . coruus. an offering to God. from a popular etymology which connected it \\ith L earn-. Cordial. Slav.CORAL wicker-work a boat. corrach. cornclbaum. See Schade. with suffix -alis .) (F. corallum. or corded roi. F. rornua.Jlamant. But probably -moran was due to. grain. cornaline. stuff.. F. L. (F. a horn. type *knnwm.e. whence O. see . a raven.?) Etym. coma. cornw.. heart. Med.) . zrtfno. angle. . (Du. curach. corda. finger-nail. Cormorant. also an officer of such a troop. G.) coral. a cormorant (from mor.-L. 1 ' torttttm. of L. Bret. l[f But the bark of the tree was called. Corn foot.L. (F. corneltree F. M. L.-L. 628. F. F. cornu. fcopiavvov. cornena.L. Cf. i. See Chord. Cf. cor}. L. cornea. is often derived from Span. Arab. corn (F. of cornus. grain . Cordoa. I. is a bird. a gift.+ Du. coin. a crow and O. marine crow from L. cornel.' Cot. corn. a crow). coral.. an oak. angle. (F. F. F. ) O.cornerc\ O. L. form allied to Span. a . . taken as a fern. Corner. cordon} <rm/-//>r (K. (Schade. alcorqne. Dan. Cornel. corvomarinho. r<W/-. corde.-Gk. of F. Corban. jlrna-. cornoliuni.' du England See Cord and Royal. morvran. a horn . x o P$*l> the string of a musical instrument.) Ileb.corbeillc. Cordova in Spain (L. cordelier. cornehna also Ital cornwla. where al is the L. Coriander. nel-berry. so named because its colour resembles that of the fruit of the cornel-tree (Schade). Cord. corma- JI2 . ( ). a shrub. ~L. stem of tor.] cornolmm. cel- in the eye. (F. Cordovan leather. (F. Cf. al-cornoque. See Grain. - Cf. adj. a twist of rope. also. a horn. L. grain. H. qorbdn. a horn. corner. and corn-oque \* formed onyx = Gk. cornet. quern-us (for *qucrcnu$\ oaken. cornil. O. ( K. mare. see Heart. L.) in cordcivanc. O. stem of caro. ^f Distinct from corbeil. flesh. to draw near. corbel. cormorant lit. later. king's Cordwainer. (2) a cornelian. coriS. horny membrane (L ) 4 . Der. belonging to the sea. flamingo. L. [Cf Late L. Kuptov. corcho.) The . S. Late L. cornu. hard centre in fruit. coriandrum (whence A. corp. q urban. CORNET O.^r. . (F. coriander. a thin rope the same as L. coruus marinus. and bran. cordelcr. (Heb.) F.L ) M. . *marenc. coratium. Tetit. bark. a horn. corbellum.L. decl. fl" Altered to carncolns in Late L. i A. prob. of coruus. p. a corn on the foot.E. Brngm. ^. L. pp. name. Du. 'the cornix or cornaline.-Gk. a basket full of eaith (tf. Span. L. invented cord.^/. a trade' lit. M. which seems to be an Arab. corvellum. co) nil. Skt. Cork. a corWeigand. Perhaps from F. sea. Med. Corduba]. Com Kuss. horny swelling. ofjrf. corniere. pi. L. cornille. neus. horny nature of the wood. type *g9rnom. . sea. hndre}. the fruit of the cornelle-tree/ koruclle. also a Gray Friar.ahorn.) M. cormaran (Littre). corn . wv. cornet. . or confused with.Gk ) M. L. a kind of chalcedony. O. cor.. cornea.F. . Tf. Coral. corbictita. KopaKKiov. &c. Ir. Arab. from L. Cf. rF. def. corde in Corduroy. 'F. Lat. Doublet.) korcn. L. F. Idg. projection sing. a worker leather of Cordova. from L. cornillicr. ciHosity. suffix -ing\ cf. a cornel-tree . F. dimin. in fulfilment of a vow from qarab. ace. M .) (2\ a hard excrescence on the L. deriv. F. rant. L. a raven. cornelian. F. ace. corticem. (Span. cornette^ dimin. a troop of horse (who earned a cornet te or standard) . O. cord-age cord-on (F. Ir. Gk.V.) F. worn down. Core.F. fern. art. cordial. Late L. kaurn. Corbel. t excrescent.tree. 1374. (E. cf. of foment. p. a corbel (in architecture).-Span. (ioth. in Span. Icel. core he. with G.Gk. to twist ropes). Hence cork corn fi y horn. . cormoran O. cordc. a sacrifice. 0/GER. E. . (i) a cornel-tree. cordewaner. cordage] . who used such a twist from (F.

double dimin. dre.rector. an outcry.) Span..) L. F. cors. corruptus.) Dimin. form of A. bodily. corporal. See Crown. corregidor. corsari. a crown. ) corporalis. corodie. also. Corse. cor. adj. corona. corolla rium. (Gael. (F. Der. caput) but this does not explain the -or-. [Here corps is F. Corpulent. a course. ace.L. L. corps. (L. vision. (Span.L. (Low Lat.F. hanging tapestry (Florio) a See Kraal. a body. coruner. Correspond. corpus .) Properly an adj.' Gael. an enclosure for animals. a subordinate officer.L. body. L. the body. ^f F. one who corsa). corrupt.-Ital. I* cor. a crown. (F. and riigare. rodere. Corrode. L. corpus. yard. *corpos~. lit. corpor ~e-al (L. . ndtor). [Cf. cum). to break. adj. Der. (F. O. Med. ace. coronal. a circle. wholly . pos-. Coronet.) A. From the phrase correr toros. corridore. Corrupt. for j ' L. a dirge. a Med. E. Brugm. from pp. Corporal 1 (F.) Gael. to gnaw. F. v. O..) M. a ravine. Span. to run (Diez). to hold a bull-fight. Origin uncertain by some identiGk.CORNICE eorne.L.-Ital. kettle Corrie. corv.) hollow surrounded with + . to wrinkle. conia. Corroborate.) 'F. (Gael. corrona. a O. F.) L. corranach. body. (F. Latinised as corondnus. (F. a horn. for *cor stem of corpus. con. a pirate. a body. Ital. cot s. Correct. So also Irish coranach. M. L. -L. i. F. corpor-. L.) From pp. Corollary.) (F. to relate or refer mutually. F. to conect. additional inference. Coined from L. a howling.) L. a crown. L. cornice. sb. to rule.) LateL. to run. L. a wrinkle. corporal -Late L. S. corro. corone. (F. L. L. .) L. 555.) . Ital. sion. a body L. core.~\ M. . for. a cauldron. comh. corpse. F. (L. q. corpus. a crow (from L. From pp.) Span. corolla (above). Correlate. a dirge. (from L. a crown. has now the form caporal. L. con-** cum). corona. and Relate. penTcut. correct us. allowance. = . to wrinkle. corridor. caporale. (2). Corody. L. (F. a square frame. a Ital. Gael. fiom pp. earlier corsaro. (L. L. A. corros-us. pp.(for wholly . stem ofrdbur. a dirge.*Low L. lit. F. a howling together. (L. a . to strengthen. a pre. a captain a leader of a body of L. gether (^cttm). adj. . L. (L. corps. capo. ranaich. to break L.(for corrdborare. G. a coroner (afterwards Latinised as coroO. . (F.= cum).L. corrilgare. Corrody. corse. pair. sent of a garland.) fat. correspon. corse is frtfm theO. Coronach.] W. Ital. See Course. a court. hesse/. cut rcrc.E. together . corupt. and Picard Ital. corpiilcntus. L. from the verb ran. vicorrumpere. corporcl. a horn (above). conrei. F. -L ) F. corpor-} corpor-ate. corpora Us. F. Irish coire. ledge . belonging to the body. a cauldron. a crown.-L. corolla. a kettle. corpulent. eailier corredium^ L. to correct. coroner. to run. belonging to a crown. corondtidnem. a crown. cor- L currere. hiver. stem troops. long (running along) gallery. to crown. proSee Curry (i). Brugm.-L. cum).) F.F.(cunt}. of O. a circular hills.= cum). Coronation. corrosive. corona. Coronal. L. toF. cursus. cry. corniche. from Ital. body. (Prov. L. lit. cors. a swift horse .( ** L. L. F.. corpor-. from ruga. a gratuity. cor- (for con-. the body. a crown.) A. corpus~cu-lum. F. together Coroner. preparation. L.* Span. curved Corolla. of corngere. also. to howl. cors. of corpus. cor. 123. * and Respond. crow). L. rere. to run bulls. CORSE (Span. Corral.(for con. a mountain dell . Corporal (1). cormcem.officer. .) Also crowmr\ both forms represent A. pirate. cors. Corrugate. an corrigere (above). roar. corona. a wreath.-\. (L. (F. coire. wholly .corsaire L. L. corpore-us}. of corona re. which is from ran. corsare. a crown. together as sb.(for fied with coronix. of coCOrregldor. i. makes the course. corral. cursarius. strength. enclosure. dimin. &c. F. a Spanish magistrate. body. (F. gnaw . cor. rumpere.) F. (F.) L. corone. (L. rcgere. allowance. corrodium. O.-L. corondlis. of corpus. /ropo'i/is. wholly . to pieces. corps. a crown. a ring of people met to see a show. (F. Cornice. head (L. . q. cor. L. cornice . cotrodere. wholly. Corsair. a chief of a band as if from Ital. to concttm). F. pp. usually. M. ofL. Corridor. corpuscle. corregir. of L. L. corroder. robor-. (I*) L. a ho. pen.) O.

man (Yule). corf em. . Arab ) M. 114 . *cohhian. quick. O. a hollow vessel. . (L. coughen. Cot. an apple. Cotyledon. F. cost ilma. F. F. E . casiccio.) train. corvette. to lay down. cots. ~ Cortege. constipated. place. retinue. qulun. Gk. fThe usual Cf T)u. a a set of people. collocare. [So Ital. cortes. cot. F. corselet. hut. where the suffix -ard is F. (E. re- COrtes. snugly shel- (0- Lowl. Russ.) stays. costa. (L. from O. Span. kossat. cotoun. universe. Span. Northumbrian Der.) a pet-lamb. costen coster (F. a basket. a slowcorbeta.) the Span. L. Formed. to agree. Scotch cosie. Court tered. E . en- Coruscate. col. L.' From cosset. kot (above).) Gk. See Coast. Costume. cota. (Span. cot sit. cozet. algodon. Doublet of cus- a corteggio. fiock see Coat.) Gk. to a predatory horse- coton.kot. i. (Gk. From i6th cent. S. F.) O. of COUGH CO) set. (F. Cote.-L. dinain. KOTvXijb'wv . Prob. Cf. (where a! ib the Arab. II.) Here couch is a variant of quitch. couchen. tume. a place on which one is couched or laid Couch-graSS. G. or costard-monger. see Custom. closure.. relating to the ribs. G. II. lit. costnttiquc.) A. E to cough . /fotr/xeo. Icel. Low L.' Cot. coste t F.F. (Gk. a downy substance. Costal. cos(F. L. (F. Ital. (E. to cost. corfem. L. seed-lobe. E. a cot. (F. From a technical use of cotton. F. Cosset. Gk. Ital. adj from KOO>IOS. A. suffix) . a grass which is troublesome as a weed.] -monger is costard. cotton Arab. con(cum).+\)\i. (F. G.L. coswo-gony. L. G. see Nares.. together. comfortable. COSSack. a cot. bark. G. cot. cosmo-graphy. a Norw. (F. Teat) a set of people. F. F. S. a dweller in a cot. and A. of the world. body. tom. cdte.cote. cup-shaped hollow.) Formerly costerd-monger. a light-armed S. (F. to - - stand together.fruit tdtett. F. costume . quzzciq. to enjoy . (E. a court sec Cosy. only found in the dciiv. A. . F. -Toit. cor use are. a tenure by cottars who clubbed together. a rib. Gk. company . L. colcher. skilled in adorning whence also F. S. body (above) Double See con* constipatus. bark. stiper in Littre . of cohors. cos mo - logy. a costume. cozie Etym. cohhetan. to form a down upon . servile tenure (Littrc) . KOffftrjTiKos. vb. cocourt. and E. cosmo. (Gk. to refresh koseleg. Der. a pet. F. Span. confer]. cot.* Ital. order. F. Span. to place.) (Burns). see Monger. (F. togethei put together. Cost. court. kazak" of Tatar (Tartar) origin. />0>toy. coterie. from pet lamb (Flono) . pet. perhaps cf.E. con stare. carte. L. cote. (F. to stand. that which beautifies. prob from O. cotton (a). from locus. coscet. aUo the world.) M. palatalised form of see Quick. creation. Cortex. piov. allied to O. . kitchen. L. (F. couch. COSmetic. (Scand. an A. . cot t -age (with F. dimin. M. . casa. a cottager. . L. unknown . last also to cost. Ital. den . Jtosa seg.) L.) F. relating to the world. to place. national assembly. a rib cf. ornament. to S. .L. and Constipate. Cozy. cot on.) Fiom pp. . oneself. to glitter. prov. . F.) From O. a coat. E. a small frigate. a seller of costards or [The suffix apples. and locare. to make a noise. M. order.e tenacious of life M. . cortex (gen. Koafwcus.(cuni). . a small dwelling. sailing ship of burden. L. a vagabond . koth t cot. kosing. sheep. cote. 8 persons. (K ) M. a corvette. .) a Gk. Gk. cortnta. cot. a place. cott-ar or cott-er . sb. kozak\ (Russ. L. a little COrslet. ace. corbis.) coterie. body. with suffix -til. corvefa . O. cowhen. and stare. a retinue.-L. kot. hence. Low L. from Cotton (i). ' cot-sitter. Der.-L. cot-s&ta. Du. (F. qutn.) From Costermonger. see Cotgrave.M. dweller. Turk! I adorn. a cottar A. a pair of ' Costive.(above). astet>/. . E. of L. keuchen. cosy.polite vo\trr)s. F. kosa. \ hortetn. Cotillion. of O.on. from sittan. If . cotton. -L. kuchen. cup. word is hwostan^} CotLgfh. of carte. . cort ids}. ribbed fruit (Hamilton). Cosmic. a dance for 4 or * cotillon. set. body-armour. a cottage. coterie. (F. (citizen citizen).-Ital. .CORSET OOrset. cortical. F. Cotillon. cortege. arrange. to coztcher. L. to set. art. Cotton (i). Russian Tatar ) soldier. pi. Low L.] O. Couch.. coteria. Corvette.) M. a petticoat. Port. snug. cote. ^L. Der.) L. Korv\rj. s&ta. cars. the same as A. S.).

(F.-L.) }?. to imitate. 3. (F. L. exterior slope of a F. F. fern. supine of tre. demeanour.E. Can (i). against Country. (F. ong. cultcr.) .-L. The Counterpoise. contrevail-. lit. ' Count (2). In fact. Thus named. see F. (F. to counterpane (see courtepointe in Littre). Ital. over pant'. to be strong. mandare}. a piece to count with. a point . M. a province governed by a Country-dance.uilt. Counter-. part . E. scarpa.L. together. contra.) ditch. contresigntr. p. comitem. trescarpe . . conin two or more parts. F. (F. against.). (F. (L.) Q. a ground or plain song. from gegen. stem of pres. lit. see Count (i). . ) See . stitched quilt (see Ducange). by a mander . (The F. Ber dis. otter. to command.-L. a coulter. '. Counterfeit. ) iounte (i. contre. panion (stem corn-it. tontinentia. Ital. against. a quilt puncta. Count Counterscarp. a title of mnk.) from counter and potse . contra].stitch. from the points or dots which represented musical notes. ace. contre' poinct. a stem of O. count-ess also count-y (below). to gasp . gesture. bureau. to sign Countertenor. a L. form. a province. orig.-L. Counter. imitated. F.per-celtere. iialcrc.) F.' A. a tenor see Tenor. L tenance. see Continent. coutrepointcr. deliberation. But pany or suite). see Could Coulter.) M. to avail. against . see Compute. O. to attest by signing in L ) M. prefix. v F L. ff Often confused % Often confused with counsel. also look. . count. from a fancied connection with M. a popular etymology.f . (F. conItal. L. Coun ter-. Cot.E. a region. over O. (F. contrdda. tenore. F.contra. contredanse was bprlowed from this E. against facere. to avail against. conte . see Pane.-L. of pungere. contremander. Counsel. - | \ . contra. (F. O. pp.L. to consult. Countenance i . prefix. c&ntree. com. contra]. G. >ummon. (F. conseil. (F.and Sign. L. L. Counterpane ( i )> a coverlet for a bed An altered form. F. Countermand. tra]. contre. otcontin'ere. L. L. From O. with council. iF. back-stitch (from contre . ' (F.COULD o gasp. country. subsigne . conter . and it-nm. L.-L) M.) M. a See Counter. sense was 'ounte (not in M. an assembly called together. cm* .Ifal. contra against. Cot. consulere.~ Late L. a counterpane. . culcita puncta.) M. Ital. in place of (F. stem of comes. contre (L. contra}. to reckon. COUPLE poinct is From an imitative base *keu/i y a corruption of O. of cemitatus. a^ piece. formerly also compter. Cot. to make. the composing of music in parts. opposite opposite. see Poise. ontogether.F.(for cum-}. and were placed on staves over or against each other in compositions F. L. contrefait. over against . . cople. over against . S..) Shak. e. ' companion. ) (2). 'L. (F. pp. to revoke an order F.' ^continent-. . to compute . sense is point against point. F. see Contra-. comitatum* ace. point. contrata. Der. countour. like faire. Cot. contrascarpa.-O. F. trevaikn. vb. contre (L. contra. r#/0*r. F. see Point. {cum}. F. countee. pan. L.E. a count to quilt (also in Cot grave).). to work the county (though the old meaning was a comL. ~\-: consilium. (F. a contretencur\ Cot. conteour. F. E. pt. contrecounterpoint.-Ital. in Late L. I . 'kuh. ilium. contree ( ~ Ital. a</ Tent. gegend. L.) O.) L. opposite . Late L. contratenore. to prick. see Chincough. - L. conL. O. contrepoincter. L. also Count The r L. E. lies cf. also a quilt . contra.) (i).) M. contre* deed. F. E. Council. demeanour. contreCouple. L. contre (L. F. O. F.and Scarp. see Consult. F. cuhita. Cot. tre. Counterpoint. part of a plough. 'to F. L. counterfeit. coun-ti). (F. of punctus. countour. continence. meant ' gesture. F. . L. and Act. signer.L. in music . against. A. comit-. the highest adult male voice. Cl.) command. See Q. lit. mife. as poinit. addition.F. which visage. that which. toinpitconter. M. F. L.) From country L M . contt e. M.F. lata m and dance. Countervail. a comoniU. . F. a scarp. contrada}. (F.countenance. cencontrevatoir. tare. contrepan. countertenor. L. F. Counteract. against. against. opposite. conseil. the back-stitch or quilting. L) (F. (L. Countersign. .) County. against. to go. over against . comtt. of contrcfaire. E. see Counter.) M. Counterpane (2% counterpart of a . to recall a (F. and caldre. of comes.concile. F. . to strike. really connected with M. culter. F. con F . to make.

due to kine. and the From A.L. cud rin}. L. to run. F. cours-er.nus. a bed. M. covciter (F. cohors]. \V. Coupon. together see Convene. (F. I*. heart. L.F. Oscan ace. corage. to desire. L. . ^f Distinct i. sit. KINE t L. later corteous. (F. kine\ see below. agreement. judicial M. and O. i. cupere.onvcnia. agree. courtesy. a bed-cover. court. for *swesr~inus belonging to a sister. slash. semble. ace. culntare (for cupitare]. pi. term. from pp.) A. ky. consobrinus. from cupiditd-tem. see Court. cortigiano (in Flono cortegiano]. cy. F. (F. cattleyard. a blow on the ear. aptus see Apt. one of a series of conjoined Brugm. cort. koben. (F. See Cupid. The A. 658. a nook. conuemre. cortoi-er\ to pi. (F. COW . E. F. together. ber. cu pi.S. bos (gen. F. a door. curt. coiiMtin (coCovet.) } course. Covin. L. ff<$Aa<>os.. from L. (F. to come semble. sit.-L. lit. court court. short for *co-ap-tila.Ital. doors. preserved in the pp. vogue at of courtly manners. diers. Covenant. S. cf.L. Also Court cards. and hart-. O. co!pus. court. (F. + to cut. a corruption of coat Irish and Gael. to cover. Cove.) coverlet.gaw. . L. tonuemrc. formed with suffix -a^? (L. secret agreement.//) from O. L. couver). a runner F.). E. L ) M. a lawM. M. sobnwhich joins. S. . couper. &c. ace. co. G. coverlet. Skt. Cousin. courtier*-* Ital. /3oOs. cognate with (F. twee (F.) F. kofi. curt (F. cohortem (nom. Courtesan. courteous. cosin. (E. A. coverlit (not in O. a swift horse. apere. cortesie. Swed. to seek the sb. enclosure. a pen.) A. a course . pp.) O. whence M. Gk. Ital. also a tribunal. (F. az-wct iu. A. (F. a cham(F. L. ace. F. t. a coupon . E. ky. see Court (i ). a I yard. of bed. short for colaphus. L. copula. as in hort-u* a garden. a yard. corteis. L ) O. kuh Tcut. as if from L. Gk. covenant. agi cement. (cum\ wholly openrc t iQ shut.COUPON couple. fern. Beef. Fern. . Court (i). O. . cy. *g(w)0w-. also a cohort.-L. pictured cards. of pp. courier. Courteous. /m/>os. f L A. . cubarc. L. O. cor. i. svasr. *op-tierire wartai.) O. agree. coupon. lecttis. coop. -#/?V. (couvrtr}. (F. Cf. to join. lit. G1O F.) M. S. (F. soror (for *swesor}. agreement. cy. an agreement ) courteous see courteous. bent. (F. encourage. Gk. come . of convemum. L. to run. courteous from Ital. of cover (F. a. stem *k o-. buw. 116 . cort. *cortei-er (O. a cabin. (cuni). vent. Russ. cugino. lectum. S. cortesie. desirous of. tyncf.) tickets or certificates. Dan. corUm together. a piece cut off.) COUrt (2). coverlite. ' runner/ Ital. (E. a bond. pres pt. L. correre. a blow. bo.(cum\ together. Courtesy. O. corteis. For *cortesiano. (Cf. L. a court. of currere. the child of a mother's sister. royal retinue. . to cover (above). L.) hence. hide. L. F. a yard.F. E. of ctirsus. -enns). Ital. cows. with suffix -our (L. goviado. Sk cards. the old name. corte.) covme. court].) M. M E. F. covert. For Lith. Brugm. corfem. L. Late L. eager desire.(cum}. Courage. couvJe). O.L.) pi. coslnus. L. L. veiten}. cf. I shut. 350. (E. kofva . . coup. Sec Convene. convoiter}. (The O. + . Cover. (nom. cooper ire. to covet. COUrtier. a sister. F. a court . L. together. Covey. covrir to hide. (VGHER. pi. L. E. . Covenant. course. (F M. COUrteOUS. F. L. to asL. Der. F. a courtier. court. F. yard. fosin (F. (i ). to asto assemble. F. stem */*w-.) O. F. whence also Icel. co. kyr. courtisan. F. corf.lLcourteour. cort. L.) O. covcnir. covine. F. currcre.F. a sister.. a hut.) O. A new Late L. to practise arts O. to hatch. cursum.) of covrir. also convenant. . stems See F. gen. female of the bull. ace. covine answers to Late L. Formed. cf. fiom L. F. (F. Romaunsch cusrin. j ' From in favour. a brood of partridges. assembly. E. cor. from cave. Pers. G. *cupiditdre. Icel.O. O. band. Itnl. corteis. Der. Brugm. tofa. F. E. a cave. L . O. alcove. *g(w)0u-. Courier. co(n}vcnant. a blow. . ace. L. . F. M. . con. O. ' of cows/ Cf. . of co(ti}venir. -atoreni}. with suffix -eis (L. koe. 319. (F. F. F. which is from cupidus. F.) A. . heart. (F. coL. that a cousin. covrir. E.) of F. Tcut. live at court Du. Ital. an extension of cortese. com ere. F. to lie down. . F. or band of solL. covert. Swed. a com tier. fraud . oxen gaus} Idg. cousin cows. ko. Cf. to cover. courage. See Sister.

craken. tail. . lit. ace.-Du) Formerly crakencl.) M. to pinch. a cramp. -harty orig. (F. lie quiet. Crane. a cracknel. demand. like + (E. (F. peevish. grits. G. Span. (2).-L. (E. cap with a A S. W. and from cock (4). cu~ cfiU. cramp. < .) a boat. to tyrannise over From a al>. coitren. (Scand. From the and grade of Teut. From voice crabba. subdue.) A. L. change from it to j7.s. E. cf. stork. Gael. a Teut. as in O. Coxswain. Swed. dial. Icel.cow a cow. E. Swed. Dan. See Quiet. a cousin (E. kra^ chen. krab.Xwra. to cry out. character. (F. F. Cf. E A. a crane. Crake . a coward.) out. karrtk. a coward cf. kuret to doze. Crag. COW kreeff. craig. to crack (from E. croak. (E. G. Cf. From cramm-. A Cram. e. krakeling. A pare Crank. crampon. a kind of apple. CRANBERRY claw . grave.+\ct\. a crane. sponge. Cowry sloppe.-Teut. a bird. Cowslip. kramme. cracian. str. Swed. a cracknel. carraig. And cf Cramp. cottard. (Scand. Skt. mr//. spasm.) Modern. (E ) e. *riffn. cock's crest. kraken. (F. (E. hard. crake.) bull-slop. S. G.+Du. sb. prov. Crack. Du. Fries. cock-swain swain. krabben t to scratch. Gael. crab-like. also O. G. a little tub. krappr^ cramped kreppa. S.) A. cnac. cauda. crajian. Craft. ^GER. crammian. cow- a piece of dung. crimm-an. or Crabbed. handi-crajt. ~liff. Icel. and Du. i. quoy. of *qnetus. (E ) A. Irish cteag. G. H. dimin. co-tile. slop. (i). Swed. he quiet. a prairie-wolf. Icel. draw together. codardo^ a coward. awkward. Cousin. to crack. krabbe. From its cry M. a rock. L. cugele.) M. crampe. to to sit hunched up. tub L. a crab. Swed. a cowl . oxlip. citlla. Coxcomb. (F. trane. Swed. of cuve. cratto. crimp. croak.) fool. with F. kraft. see F. cuvcl (cuveau) L. E. Du. force. to crumble. garnys. Gk. . Crab a shell-fidi. creak G. to stuff. O. (2). . knock.) A. also a crane for laising weights. corinption of F craqttelin. older form qtteiy quiet. to beguile. cower. to squeeze. O. crumple . (L. . to call cousin. krimphan. a rock. *quetnm. (Other A. -|- kremja. crampe. Cf.' Du. . cii-slyppe. Der. a large kind of oxlip (Britten). and coi. kauri. Cowl (2). E. of eft. krebs (O. L. a small shell (Cyprcea monetd] used as com in the lower provinces of India. ciab-apple. . 2nd giade of the str. p. Cf Du. Probably named from O. a cf.) M. Cranberry (Low G. Cot. still spelt coy. ^Mexican.O. G. vb. cou. to crack. quictttS) still.r(77mr^. pi.) Cf. G. coy oil. to sup- G. L. pi ess. Swed. a small shell used for money.F. cupa. Cowl (i) a monk's hood. trani (for krani].H. a tub. Coward. coitel. E. from 117 . a vat. careg. S. live on other people see Hamil. (Prellwitz). cradol.ahare. the 'bob-tailed' hare. see Crack. a crab. . a fissure. a basket. cowl-staff. knra. ton and Cotgrave. trana. crake. kura. Perhaps Crabbed.) Dan. Allied to krabbe.) From coyote. to dishearten.) F. A.) To cozen is to act as cousin or kinsman. in CotFolk-L.S. creak. Crab (E. q. a bird. kramp. allied to crabbed (above). A. Irish carnc. to crack. coerce. kue. suffix -ard. Cf. for L. to kufva. rock. kauctn. krabbi. F. Der. kiama^ Dan. and Bret. Icel. names of plants are of a very homely and pr w. a crack. named from or fool's cap. see Crab (i). *krempan-> *krimpan. "kuga. corncrake. Coy. also wcullus. a basket.S. to cower. vb.F. Do. garan^ Gk. Lith. krapir. Swed. cii-sloppe. F. of Mex. tran. (F. . cracknel. kran-ich . from coda}) a tail L. v. W. snappish to scratch.) M. Gael.) kracht. G. S. Cf. to crave. Allied to craik. to sponge upon. And com1 Cramp. crebiz). krahben. a flower.) . crash.). Bret. \V. Coyote. kraan. kaparda. H. to be peevish.E. (F. (C. cramped. Cradle. a crampiron. S. . Dan. Cozen.) . S. 'the cf. H. ctigle. krabba. Ital kribben. is formed by vowelTcel. Du.kraftr. to draw together. cf. Dan.F. i. to cry .) . Icel. kralze. his cocKs comb. coe (Ital. a vessel earned on a pole O. See Crayfish. Cower. Cf. crezso. skill. AS.) Hind. cousiner. Du. gnash. krabbaple. Cf. Dan. crac. For Scand. (E. Skt. (E.+'Du. i (Hind. Imitative. Named from its crispness. rock.G. ye paves.) crag. pron. (E. cousin. creag.

quebiantar. Dan. (M. to break crackle Cf. (L. to grope tries. f. chalk. foiled. (L. Dan. Du. 'frizzled. a crib. or overcome. Nicol sug- I Cf. ^eraser. part. Norw. . (from trane krane. crepe ha. era- Gk. E. crasstts. Kroaf. to II G. fatten. kro. thick. Dan. to demand. krefia. Kipavvv^i. p. i. Crank (2). ?) F. from G. erespe. krank. its wrinkled surface. I quentalive scratch.H. to burst. whence also F. - gested that it is a clipped form of O. a collai). Creak. krdfoa. kiawli. pp. N.) -Icel. crevisse. fs O. &c. krafva. krippe).e. krabli. a war. Crinkle.-L. (E. crop of fowls. bent. a large bowl in Crass. erased. E.) Cf. variant of *kreng+. extended L.) easily bent or twisted aside. stem of pres.?) M. crippca (whence Prov.) at-pe. a garland.') The same word. cmyer. G. a notch (Florio^ Late L. All Crape. ' . 659. t See Crisp. a crab see Crab (i). Frebase *k>ab-. L. Craw. crepanteni. Fries. the same as Crayfish. ful authority). sld in kras. a wicker-case.' crisped. with E. craneberry. kraanbere (Derghaus).E. mand. neck. a small ship. to fail. a garland. kring. (F. clash. (E. break. to wrinkle. neck. krants. to yield. kriek. G. Low G Tent. Crayon. Crawfish. a hurdle hence. L. a crab. Crash. Dan. Kpacrts. Du. Cf. krasa. Prov. F ciavantt. of crcpare^ to crack. (E. krtrng.) L. But it seems rather to be due simply to the O. great lose. 2. to crawl. break. is M. Allied to Ital. S. CREAK worn by the Cro&tians. kraag. F. . to crack. crayon. F.G ) from M. Swed. crisp. dense. 2.' . Gk. E cranke. Crater.) M. g Du. Crave. L. . participle of the O.-Gk. . as a boat. Swed. Q. ~ G. F. ask.E. G. to cracked. Dan.E. krage. I. Med. Du. quebrants. Crare. c> cites. cravant. Crayfish. who were called in G. iv. were introduced into France in 1636. kragc. krnnken. from the idea of turning quickly. krands.) Altered Cratch. -O. a crib. pies. cf. Cf. as (i) Cravat. (Gk. Gk. a bowl. Craze./. . CrantS. F. trover.) Swed. Cravats a Croatian. See Crib Crate. to careen a boat . Gk. .) M. O. see Crab. crany. O. Allied to E. (E. allied totcapa. | ! claw.) L. O j krebs. ' slaae i kras. crater. . not found Allied to Du. cravatc. F. *crepantarc. see Cringe. II. to burst. 1902 .. (F. G. ' i F. trcmbar. crate. Crasis. See Decrepit. Span. Allied to crake. creche (creche) M.Y. dexterous. and see Craze. i which things were mixed. \kravle. krafa. (F. krtinge. (Scand. suffix -y. to crave. ill. Swed. Craven. break hence. Du. I mix.CRANIUM Low beere. Cf. Russ. head. hence. to ciawl . a bend. to heel over Crank (3\ lively. quebrar. crafian. Cringe. cravanter.) M.Slavonic. croflle. crispits. allied to G. E. Cranium. Croat is a name of Slavonic origin cf. of crep&re. vb. tcpdvioi>. tranebar Swed. Mr. 205. O. Cf. of the pres. to be overcome. Swed. ct dtcr. kranlit. want of strength. Crank (i). of oppressed. A. F. Cf. kronkelen. Tent. Crawl. ace. Swed. (L. Soc. Dan trawl . k>ans. (E) Of imitative origin Cf. M. . kronkfl a wrinkle. Cf. L. (F. S. Gk KtpdvvvfAt. Icel.. kragen. a mixing. poor also krengcn.) L. chalk. active. Icel. As if from A. a dekrceve. the craw of a bii d . mix. krafa. crcver.) In Cymb M. creve. to break in shivers. crena. a notch (a word of doubtSee Crenellate. (F. base *krenk*. crevisse (frrevifsc). as above) . f revise. dash closely allied to crack. F. 118 . krabbe. (2) a cravat. Fries. e. II G crebis.vessel.-L. dial. K . Cot. ttpdrrjp. (Scand. a crater. cravant. formerly From curled. turn. wind. firagi . pi. in pieces . . dead . Span. E. a cricket. krase. manger. G. cran. craw. *craga t the neck . kraiiz. a notch . See Phil.) skull . easily upset. to paw. E. collar (whence Late Icel. L.) M. Dan. explained by Cotgrave by * ' this is the pp. | i from kraueln. treer. y . crena. to crawl. formed from crepant-. ?) The oldest form (F.) ' from F. brave. crack. (F. to fail . Croates or Crovates or Cravatts.-Gk. E. Swed. Dan. Cranny. krafa. j N. crawe. (E. (F. i. Of unknown origin. crecche. Trans. Da. with the sense of beaten. Cf. (L. ereta. *m/. kranga. oppress Late L. brisk . E. foiled O. to break. a wieath Sw F kranf). craffle.O.) contraction. a Croatian. Note also Dan. pp. wreath (whence Dan.

to furnish with battlements. (. krefa. Allied perhaps to M. 18. make. cterse. (L. I believe. Gk. Marsden. kijfipa. cressa. a seivant-maid. Cream. kribbia. crest. basket. one educated. 01 -rcste a comb (F. cresme (F. kreek. Creosote. ire-vase. Crease (2). to grow to. 'a dagger. bend of the arm . F. chrhne).^ M. XP^A"1 ? an unguent . (F. chalk \\ith sufBx nook. krik. a re-inforcement. Cremation. str. see Crease (2). Crease (i). L. for Kpeas. F. double dimin. of eremare. ktybe. A. Cress. F. a ridge-tile of paper. crenel. purloin cribb-age. (L. kr. Bmgm i 641.) . Icel. crena. adj.-L. thick. cresme (F. a thin worsted yarn. ^jckd-dadhdmi.E. oesm. unknown. a cresset. Create. instructed. s v. cf. in a Creed.) From Late M. to crepatia). L. Crescent. to create. to crackle. crcviic. a notch. crenellare. crevasse. F. a manger. cremdtionem. Of imitative origin. crates. Du.<r. | ~L.+ Crest. grease. corbis. chia}. -L. criollo. a notch. ac.S creda. cred'~ * " ' '"^ J (O. and prov. stem of pres. Du. see Chrism. kerse. to make. a negro corruption of *criadillo. dimin. E crepen. kris. Creese. S. awfav. II. F. crena (above). Cf. formed. Origin Crenate. if these are from L. (F. orig. (E. notched. (with . Dan. creil. L. G. F. . from Late L. Dan.+ Crib. to crawl. Svved. creditui}. a The crack. * liquid distilled from tar. F. F. Walloon f cress. or brought up . kretlt wiinkled (Remade) Prov. ^f Cf. E. of crest. a wi inkle. L. oeare. also kerse (by A.-O F craisse^. F. granse). Q. 1897. credtura. treke. O. of criare.^\^ for a rift (Late L type *crtiticututn. x in an iron tup Creek. G. of L. chrism (though confused with L. cretta. a ridge (later. or creese to ' . Gk. flesh and preserver. F.E. to grow. crevasse. a roof. but not to Du. allied to craquer. (E. krytpa. ciassits. F. cnadiUa. hence> a child of Euiopean blood. Du and G. pp. to increase. to crack. a basket. an angle. ace. angler's Crevice. short aiLrue. cresset* cretim. Sax. . And see Crescent. met ease . ridge of a roof. Creole. a light believe: the first word of|O. -f O. (F. an osier M. korf. of Late L. -ous. &c. cr&ticula. to create. also. credible. ure. a 'creek . dimin. to put bV in a crib. where crib is the secret store of cards . Littre " So grease. H. Cretaceous. crime) . of burst asunder. . accrescere. really the same word as O. kripfe\ allied to Icel. F. crest. F. ridge (as of a roof). Indies.) From pp. a crest.' . M.CREAM criquer. . grow. credo. fiom L. to for Crew. crefdre. (F. cn'l>.) crista. type *kreitpan-. Creep. wicker-work. Orig.E. to burn. thick juice). Low G. to preserve. wicker-work (Ducange. (L. krybbe. to . dimin. grease. burning. cran. cr~dulus\. krubba. Criado is pp. of etccroistre. inchoative foira allied to cre-dre. cred-nlous (L. Sept. crcis.) L. G.) M. See Crate and Grill. Der. fhrisma.S. (F. kreke.) Lit.) Malay kris. crenellate. crfte. 539 M.) The 'increasing' (Athen. shifting of r). flesh. cresset. of cremdtio . O.-L. ( Late L. Cresset. to creak. Creese . L. (L. credit (L. L. a (Gk. credence. /cpco-. crever. M. O.* as in Swcd. a hurdle. burst.preserver. grease Folk-L. E. tuft on a ere- biid's head. Irish ' M.-L. one born in the W. f Skt. of c revere. dial.L. G. sense is armkrik. (L. Ital. L. cicatO. kntipen. fDu kresie.) crtole. credre. Crevasse. accreite. a esce) e. *crassia. * O.) . S.") O. credential. L. Icel. &c. of pp. F. a furrow). increase (pp. L) Earliest spelling Variant creatf. cup at the top of a pole.L (F. verb. of O. a ridge. Ber. krib. a dagger. Oaisset. moon. nook (whence F. (Malay. pt. O F. a battlement . cren. vb. consecrated oil. crib. Ber. crique\ ' a bend. dense. Swed. L. fem. ?) Biugm i. kriki. Teut. trci. of cnado.-Gk) (F. to make see Create. Span. Late L. cerse..L. (F. cremor. from oeta. Du (E. Span. I Crewel.(for ad].) . cresset. (Ill(TCUT-. L. I the creed.) L. korb. from pp. (L) From pp make. I believe . crescent-. t ace-us. Skt. creature. chalky. Icrs. to educate. from short for awr-ijp. of criada. cre-tus).) Formerly one. but A. create. A. O of European blood.) creopan. craJic. also Walloon cracht.^\y\\.) a" M. as in folding CRIB M. F. E. O.) Creel.

(Gk.fiom Gk. kricke. wrinkled. . a crook. (F. Allied to crake. Dan. eiion. flax. an old ewe.S. crochet. Crocus. W. -f Du. a pitcher. M. Prob. as it arose twisted. of crottus. from L. a spasm (E. hence thread. (E. Gk. E. cramoisyne So also Du. S. i to creake. Northumb. croccum.) cf. bent. kruppel. kaikaw. Cf. fall beneath the foe. 41?. kronie.(krimpan-^. Fries. Der.) Tt. a cricket. *krsmpan. (see cramoisi in Littrej . see Critic. Kpcuffcr6s (for Kpcaicyos}. * -el (for -i/o-) Icel. crin (L. crup-. fit for distinguishing between. E. Icel. Kpifja. ' . tcpiveiv. an old chum. recriminate Cricket a game. staff. See Cramp and Crumple. i. H. Knum. Crank \ Cromlech. (L. Brugm. crom. a circle kringel (cLkringar. /cpo/co5itXos.) M. O. a circle .) Cringle.) Lit. (F. a thread. stick (Cot. O. a pitcher. culled. Crinoline. knck. Skt. and Cringe. dile.t. carrion. s. crycc. (L. M. Crisis .G. Dimin. (2) crinoCrop. L. a ring.kmka. creap}. vb. crajnoisin. S. .) pt.) Tusser has crone. Fries. the pullies of a drag-net). crame. ace. a Godefroy. and Du. v. Gael. crok (Ancren Riwle). critHexham. little .) F. saffron. of E. O. (L.) M. also used in the sense Prob. of cfwtHj ciooked. krcupel. F. crime. G. E. of croc. ace. Cringe. The orig. to wrinkle. KptriKos. Dan. F. *kru?npano-.+L>u. Irish crocan.) Gk. 565. to creak.. see Crank. Du. (W. kiog. saffron. Crochet. kryppill. cioft. * L.) A. Cricket M. ?. fault (stem crJmin-} Gk. in sink battle. criecetung. criquet.^ Crime. Arab.) ) allied to Icel.E. cf. a hook. Gk. crispus. Kpi-vav. Ilexham has M. flax. Crone. to decide. E.S. (Scand. crepel.CRICK Crick. str. cropp. crimin-ate . (Low G. Du. men. flat stone. crochan. to sink in a heap. L. to judge. + . to rattle.' of the agent. krobling (from krybe. (F.S. F. O. Low L. Crinkle. judge. . a field on the downs.) M. (F. From the imitative base knk . Du. Fries. Cringe. criquet. SiaiepiTiKos. krukke. krimfan\ Teut. Butler rimes deriv. from Picard carone. prov. Kplcrts.** L. whence M. allied to Crinkle. | Crincan is a stiong verb.) In late use answering to an A. . an accusation. dia-critic. (E. (E. an insect. crmem\ hair. to judge. M. Cf.. a flagW. E.) F. D. of Cramp. Du. Kptfia. causal deriv. a crutch. crocus. a crisis. was once pla)ed (2 ) . krug. Gk. of crink.). A. form of the causal in college slang (Skinner). a pitcher. crimson (Span. A. krokr^ Swcd. S.) hook . Fries. Of imitative origin. G. Skt. Crocodile. crinkled. a test.) Cf. kroft. . cjocca. to creep. /f/nnjs. c rtticus. E. S. (F. (i). *kramp. krempen. \uth suffix Cripple. crocodthis. A fiequent.' A.) game O. Dan. also. pot. F. cnngan. also carmesmus.) The A. knng. kncken. together. crmcan. cri. (F. Crinkle. See Creep. Arab. croaking. karkoni. KpiT-fjpwv. a field. Gk.cnnoline. Crimp. crimson sect. a crocodile. type .-LateL. L. chirp. krocht. a lady's stiff skirt. cremoiin. rattle. Gk. crequet. Crimson. Perhaps for Gk. F. Gk. crcngcn causal cf. a ring (Lubben x E. See Carrion. of wrench. krimpen. knkkrakken. derivative of A. (Gk. lush crogan. kringel.) M. S. cromlech. Crisis. to draw oneself Crock. a crimin-al.S. criquer. (E. a 'long-lasting' friend. crtket. from qirmiz. hence. Perhaps Semitic . crupel (E. kruik. A. Pepys has chrony (N.-Teut) O. *crewfan. crocosinus. Low G. S. a ciutch. cnncan.) L. curled. krok. Crony. Ital. vb occurs as E. crypel. krukka. A. Xptvios. E. allied to cernere.E. cracket.) CROP line. . & dimin. (E. the cochineal in. an old woman. cronies with monies. bend. Brugm. CIOCKS. (i). E. a cricket . to judge. Of Celtic origin.lizard. Heck. v. Luke v. Icel. stone laid across others. krmi\s\ a worm. 24.) W. (E. Gk. cricket. str. a discerning. with a hooked Crisp. i . kcttonig. which occurs in the A. Cf. L. allied to Crinkle. an iron ring. a creeper. to creep). i. see Crook. to Croft. hook. Heb. a qirmizi. fern.-f-Gk. the top of a L. weak grade of crcopan (pt. pp. a hook. crykke . (F. Du. pi. L. kriek. creak. V. shrink up ctog. or twist in the neck. crended. angle. ( F . t. able to discern Der. and Hn. (i) hair-cloth. Gk. crosse}. E. bend. crisp. creaker. kringla. Late L. an old sheep. Du. Kpu/cos. (C. a decision Croak. cncc. Swed. carmesi. Gk. baton servant dc but au jeu de boule Critic.

Crumb. peevish. ' .S. E. G. krumeln. pt. . s. O. and Ir. kruimekn. verb . cross the sea. L. kruyden. like bent. crumb.S.-LateL. (W. throng.) plant. Crucial. . Irish Crowd above). tcvpros. Teut. (pp. 4 a small hook. adopted from O. crolsier. krumme. to crumble. a clot. from the shape of a cross . Low L. Of imitative origin associated with crow. gj'uwo. in Crucible. proIcel.E. (F. to croak. S.) A. Swed. kropp. chen. end. [To crop out is to sgroban. to Gk.crottpiere (O. orig. knit's. (Du.Gk. figere. crois. a dimin.^. Crow a bird.) F. kro*s. in music.) Du. krop. creow}. cropa. for E. F. Ital. O. a cross.) bend. ace.+Du. crydej). Lith. crildus. grow crooked (Godefroy). of O.) tuberance. Irish cros. (i) a night-lamp. transverse. crui-cm. mod. M. grajati. to Raw. str. see Crucify. to cut off the tops . land Sc. a pitcher. W. (F. Der. crupper.) M. a pitcher. Kpurtav. of the body. krume.] +I)u. Late L. kruyen. land. Gk. (F. crochir. bent the same as F.) above). a crook . L. decl. Cf. crot. E. to push along . F. pattern) as if from cruci-. A. cruci-. (i). erne. cruel. Crude. croup (2). /fopart'oy. gecrod.) tick.' . hence. a fiddle. a game. Dan. crowd. I)er. and with North E. . Teut. a coinage from O. rope. 'a crosier. kraal. . croce. crucibohim. a hunch. Croquet. Crotchet. (see G. and hence crop. (F. harp. Der. Dan. adj. croptere}. kruden.) +Du. been so named from having four nozzles with wicks. kraaijen.) Prov. Foimed. raw F.) L. in the same sense of bishop's O.) Orig. hinder part of a horse. Croton. kroppr.) cruel . crou- stoop.) small vessel (Godefroy) . (F. . a quaver in ' music . a cross with suffix -bolnm = -bu!um. crawe (E. (F.~. L. a kind of cake. kruog. Cot L. t. t. raw. weak verbs and cf. a harvest. kroden. -f M. to call. crocer. t. croupe (O. plant. O. Crosier. Gael. a cross with suffix -alls. Cross. also croc. crosse hook though . L. Crow (i). Der. corone L. bunch out. bird's crop.) From Late L. (F. (The hooked mark now called a French. with suffix -er. G. French croquet. kmisen. crochet.) \Vyclif kruim. Late L. to cry out . . F. cum. ) F crucial. kroppr. F. L. Late L. cros\ from Icel.Late L. cf. - L.) a.) croser. (The final a is excrescent. S. O. Cross. a Cf. G. krop. kraia. (E. fiddle. krahen. Crown. a censer.) Y. orig.) (2). corona. Slav. &c. rottp. S. krahe. (2) a vessel for The lamp may have melting metals. vb. shout hoarsely. as in tunbulum. (L. S. (E. fiom M. croupe. belly.+O.croc- Croup From Low. Late L. Du. to cruet. L. a Crochet. cruise. Gael. G. from crtix. (whence cronne}. crnga. M. 'ion. like beak. Du. A. rufen A.] Teut. Croup (2). tip KO/XUVIS.-Teut. hropa. . from Icel.crucifier. kropf. hreof}. garcurved. ~ L. which the castor-berry resembles. curuus. crwth. O H. a wreath.-L. F. (E. croak. O crudelis. (pt. (F. croc. E. crfima. [Hence the verb to crop. croom. rief). a cross. a bunch. crucifixus}. F. CrOUCh. vb.' Cot. . ace. (F. crope. early confused with M. M. E. a wreath. G. bar with a crow(2). Cruet. to . groti. . push throng. F. hropan (pt. stem of crux. to crow. crupper. Cf. crocia. to Du. to whence croda. a crowd. cread].) *crucificarc. to fix cruel. tiunk Cf. crucifix. <([ Not from cross. of a horse see Crop. 1 allied crudus. Gk. cruie. coroune . Du.cross. Du. stem of crux. Gk. crucifigere on a cross. (L. forming a cross (still a common Ital. couronne}.\& crow. make a harsh noise. type *krudan-. Crumpet. cruit. frawan (pt. *crudan (pr. decl. M. see Fix. harp. cruet. t. croude. croce. Crowd (t). a hook. allied to Crock Cruise. ace. Of imitative origin. staff. a cross. G. F croche. W. of croccus. corone. to fix Q. L. (L. E. . (above ). cruc-em. ? to ciy out. pot. crope. quaver was called crochet See Crochet. Allied . a little hook. dative of crux . a (Gk. croupe.) From N. to push. violin. 121 . Cot. bird's crop Icel. of crux. a hunch (above). a cross. a trunk. with lengthening of /?. kn<g. (F. crow-bar. F. Fries. (EO Late L. a disease. CRUMPET A. (E. crochet. O. . (F.G. kruien. (L.L. E.' .) A.CROUP the craw of a bird . stick See Crochet. crumb-le. weak vb. OF. cross- F. E ' Kopwvrj. (F. . bent. F.

cog. 2. pp. loving cootie. xxix. to thuist. krumm. crumple}. kokeiveld. (Fuller forms occur in Ital. crouste (F. cruse. to hide. /fv/3oj. bird's ciy. Cuckold. an aiomatic. hidden cave ong.) L.) cristal. citffie. . -f Du L. cf. (F. pot. Cf. Cf. to freeze. Arab. cufi y known. A. type M m>/2te). crur. kriustan. to fondle. of cake.Gk. O. ace. S. curve. adj. Kpvnrfiv. bend the length from the elbow to the see Cramp and Crimp. when. 'glutinous substance. kross. kokewold. kabdba(t\ pi. Swed. ctide. die. belonging L.) krommen. Late A. (L - Gk. Du. prov. to strike. to gnash with the teeth. cucumerem. to know. str. (jk.' Ong. cristal. E. S. 297. a krtls. krutit. coucou . (E. sense. L. cruzada. the y see Covey.-L. applied only to a seal . gritar. cucumi*. kuggcl. a vault. crystal. cudu. to ciunch. v. Irish cuach^ W. Crupper Crural. 23) . coucou^t a cuckoo . cubiius.-Gk. to strike. Icel. crurahs. E crucche (E. crisp cake.) in Gregory's Pastoral Care. ?) a 122 .stem of crus. Kpvara\\o$. quando. to Poit. Der. . crystal. O.) F. prov. Cuff Swed. see Shak. L. cnimple. an elbow. kriimpen. A. with to lie down. * to implore the aid of the Quirltes citizens (Varro). W. of crucidre. p. kobbi> koprt a young seal. -wald (Diez. &c. ?) written q or qu in the 1 6th cent. krus t Dan. An imitative word. cruci-. G. L. cubdre. decl. Swed. M.. to crack. (L. crumpy For crump. krftse.) Frequentative of cubcba. be familiar. Span. M. (E. (F. M. (There are endless allusions to the comparison between a cuckoo and a cuckold .ed^ pp. sb. - (F. and supposed to be for L. cock. Cf.. resin. See below. Crumple. Crutch. 346). crosciare). Span. crttaata. F. G Crush. cubum. lit. E. Gk. O. lament (BracheO ' . Allied to L. Fries. cockatoo. fem.' wort. from the Cuckoo.) L. *crimpan. cubeb. Cf. (2). H. couth. crusir. kryika. a spicy berry. a man whose wife is unfaithful. + dcpreciatoiy suffix -ctulf. . f. kroes. kntmpen. weak grade of A.) F.) L. KOKKV. Cf. ii. Cruse. coitctial (^Godefroy). G. a cucumber. to harshly curt (of people). ' L. ?) unknown. Swed. a cross. curved F. staff. Kpvos.-Tcut. Crystal. Dan. (E ) Perhaps for *couthle. kroi. S. h. cttiti (F.. recline . (E.-Gk. M. andS-pan. from couth. croisade Late L. (F. a M. Teut. to cuff (Ihre). crusta. to bring forth young. to curl up (whence E. bieak . with G.O. A. Cub.) cup. Cf. the plant being administered to cattle So also cudthat had lost their cud. crycc. E. curl up . its cry kokila-t a cuckoo. (Scand. kujffa. quide. Gram.CRUMPLE has crompid cake to render Lat. pp. cruxir. in Cotgrave.) .) (F. a small pot. suffix^ M. The Crusade. M. L. crump. Sometimes Cue. citcu (. . ice. cuffe. From crump-. . L. O. frost a ciust.) Cog. cuculus. - formerly cryslalhim. Span. gridare. G. Cudgel. cubcbe. (L. Cf. - *kivedwom also Icel. cokold . (E. (E. E. . Cud.) A. part Cf.E. prov. krykke. (Span. Crypt. for an actor. L. S. num Cube. of .) Cf. cranch. . (L. coticon\ a cuckoo. cttcuaitlt. . to ace. of the sleeve. Du.-L. E. kababah. -a!. Cubit.) crutch. S.E. (F. stubborn. Gk. causal form type *krausljan. ed. fern. CUFF Shetl. cucMMer. cwcodii. t neut. (F. And see Coo. of Kpvwros. crypta.(see Diez). cnen F. a cuckold. KpvcrraivdVy Gk. (E.) mug . secondly. coob. L. /tpuos. (E. F. F.) ciy. KOKKV.~L. Gk. from Goth. gritar. )^ qmrltare. cwtdti. M. shriek. Cuff Etym. See Can (i ). to cross. to curl up. obs. crier. Cf. (i). code. to crook. jatu-^ resin . with Span. crinch. F. vb. Ital.. Cry. from G. E. middle finger's end. . crust of bread. E. coffc. .) Iccl. Crunch. see Crystal. well known. hidden. Cudweed. (L. laga(Ex. cruisir. croissir. Cf. (F. L) form is due to confusion of F. E. like crust-y. Gk. Arab. kuffit. O. tiom rWand lived. vb. M. From a Tent. F. kwtiba. a cuckoo .) The b is excrescent M. to fondle. mug. from kruk. F. Cuddle. krucke. Cubeb. stem of crux. S. a marking with the cross. Fries. a pot. or Roman tcpviTTTj. familiar. ori0. Skt. Cf. a cube. of cunnan. haid Crust. E crumpen. Gk frost. cycgd\ Sweet. see Crop.~L. (F. 920. ?) push. a cuckoo Skt. (L. crucible krause. Cucumber. to the leg.

hummer. see Colander F. couleis.-L. (F. . combrer. citpa.) From pp. a plant. to strain. see Can (i\ Perhaps . boiled and strained (F. a dnnking-vessel See Coop. Formed. kunna. [Cf. doubtful. a side-board for holding cups . from L. to come ( stem of culmen pp. Cumulate.) the L. (L. cuppe. Cultivate. cupid-i-ty. L. Of doubtful origin perhaps formed. of L L. . to collect. L. (F. <:/&. cultus. cultural allied to cult-us^ pp. a heap. L. pres. culpa. cupborde. ceile (O. dimm. F. prov. to strain. a stalk . Cupboard. . uilpare. . (F. cap [Very Culver. Cummin.-L. (F. hop. coglione). (. ace.combrer. a strong bioth.) L. from cask. See Coil ( I ) and Cullender Cullion. pt. shape. (L. F. grief. L. a little vault . thigh. L. .Y. Collect. kunnandi. colpable. cyiuen.TL. guilty) and prist or prest (i. ) cunnm. cnlmiis.Late L. L. from colarc. O. pp. colen. cunnings.) coarse }-. E. coillir. M.Ital. to till. but also G. cuppa. M.) F. to collect. c<wlcuvrin t Formed from L adder-like. knowledge Culpable. to heap up. cult i vat us. a (dldre. S cunnan. of colere.). a single word. cttlmiiiare. (F. *a channel.1. Cuisses. a top. a cup. a cuirass. an addei. leather). (L. of dia. adj to sb. armour for the thighs. to become excited. Brugm. to know M. (L. Culverin. kammon.) A. . with added /. (E. (F.] CuiraBS. comin. cultlvus.toulevrine. select.) Corrupt form. a fault. cumin. signifying that the clerk of the crown was ready to piove the indictment (N. pi. cumulure. e. B. cutrasse}. usual form en. cullis/ Cot. L.F. cotnllon (Ital. coluber.} Formerly . 23. Compare Portcullis and Cullis. wedge-shaped. e. Cupid. E. load. know. Haulm. a culverin. xxiii.-L. (F. god desire. cumulus. (F.) suffix -ate. \\. a wretch. L. comservant. From From From from A. 121. i. F. cumin. Formerly colys* coleys. . a tub. in Late whence also Du. Der. foT+euJevnn. L. Portcullis. of hence. L. cupa^ a Cupola. F. (E.-'L.cmipable. Column. E. a dov. an adder. F cuissaux. F. L. E. a stem. to i.-L. Kvpivov Heb. O. cask. cumbtus. a barrier . and E. servant of God. substantival use of colas. (L) for tilling. from couleuvre. Culvert. coxa. blameworthy. E. culma. coriaceus. (L. (L. Not orig. culinarius. Dan. kuppe. D. cunnan. en-cumber from O. Late L. leather colubra. 'knowing/ . coleus. Irish cele). Culdee.. cuir. to hinder (rare). coupe. know . Cf. O. -L.-L. cuirace (F.-L. see Coif. culprit. F. suggested by I eel. cupere. G. L. Gk Ilcb. L. L. Gk. fiom O. oppiession. of CUPREOUS kupfe. drain. cunci-Jorm i.. coupL. (F. 6ren. coukr. its Cupreous. from L cune-us Coin. dome. S.' Cot. Grig. 1440. later coulis. M. to blame. cu/ture. F. Morte Arth. a stalk. to know. * a. colhgere^ to collect. see Coulter. word. of love.CUIRASS kind (Leo) . See heap. bekitchen. ) . coulouere. ) M. cunning. O. Culinary. culfre. gen. culpdbilis. ]^. G. 'F.) L. a Culdee. 'gliding. Cumin. to to a top. 123 coppery. corium. . cttpifo. H.) A. E. a '. of colere. (L =- Cunning. Cumber. Ir. to (L.) M. 'variant of L. O. cumulus . a piece of ordnance named from its long curace. leathern.) Irish ceilcde. ready to prove it) .Late L. coupabk (F.) O. ctipre-us> . A. to trickle. Matt.) L. 609. e. Der. culmin-* See colutnctt\.) (whence F. a heap. cupula t a small shape. Late L. but due to a fusion of A. to encumber.) Cup. Cull. L. encombrer. I eel.) In Dryden. E. hip.(for culpable. cupidite.S. kuffe. S.) O. a coif. (E. cupola^ a (Ital. cul. cuisse. type *tdla tTctus . orig. God. allied to calamus. (L ) L. of fit till. Culter pp. Allied to a wedge. of doubtful origin. -f Skt. rubbish. to desire. L. with Cuneate. F. S. like a snake. heap in the way. Brngm. A.) M. cuillir. kup. corazza. L. Culture. Culm. able}. &c. and d?. an arched drain. cuminum.) 206. Lnte L. of L. F. culpable. Ital. gutter/ Cot. bumThus cumber **\Q put a mer. citltTvilre* to till. longing kitchen.] Ber. F. A Cullis.) Culminate. Ital. F. (L.^ edge-shaped. later coulis. cupiditdtem. Poems. i. (C. Allit. of L.

verb. cf. O. Cure. Curate see Cure. *koiza}. adj. a house-dog E.F. grufk. cocverftt. hearth. 'I reprehend' (Windisch"). decl. Cf. Cursive. Ital. DQT.) A. Gael. pieparation. a CUrate.' Hence.curfeu\ O. 516. chiurlo. (E. Norw. Prob. a curl. with the same Cur. .. curtiis. and dress leather.) Curd. courir). courtauti curtail. for *curscre. attention. rei is of Scand. (F. pt.) Med. 13001. korre. to wind. sauce. ruption of Corinth KopivOos}. E. S. cttrs-us (above). iursorius. pres. to mock. to curl . conrei. as if a hoarder of corn. see A. % 'a curlue. hasty. L. Sc. currant currants . krul. pt. F. from cttruus. ii. cinly ing ot r} E. In one instance spelt corn-mudgin (Phil. ace. str. L. conreer. Low G. where the prefix a. first syllable seems to be c ur 9 and we find Lowl. cor lieu (F. Curfew. to mb down a hoise. M. cuprum. Current. 119. L. courroier^ to curry. (L. M. F. rede. press together. Holland. also spelt mooch (M. covrefeu. Fries. L M. F. (L. i. to to murmur. origin from Dan. Cover and Focus. with suffix -ous.) .CUR of copper copper. verb. something rolled together krttlla. See Current. Curry (2). to purr . Not in A. Ir. very. L) A putting cover fitty . kurre. a (L. Brugm. twisted . older form orig.) . . crul (with shift(E. (F. Low G. dress leather. covrefen (F. krall. curant. bend. we find corwullion. L. a curl. ar-ray see Array. to nm. . Gk . rei. (K. of focus. L. 6. kurra. L. Allied to E. Curlew. (Franck. corfaldo. *([ To curry favour is a coriuption of M. kurren. 874. cure. -f-M. gruth. -L L. a fire-cover. Curt. (E. . F. Brugm. later conroyer. of cut rere. cnid. O. cursivus. is a corCot. The same as Ital. krullen. flowing said of handwriting. . E. an imprecation. ^[ Not allied to care.) M. to prepaie. a curlew. Fries. arredo. -O.cursed.D. ' 65).) It has nothing to do with tail. crud-. earlier foims conreder.F. F. L.) bcnefictum. . chiurlare. to bend. Swed. to run. to curry favel.) from M.) O. 1225). ktullig. to grumble mudgeon.. The . curaium a benefice with cure of souls. bend or bow together. krillen. rumble. con t ( -redo in order (Ital. In 1596. p. curcorre curre. curios L. Icel. Corinthus.) L. to run. to coo . G. a dog. but is an alteration of the older form curt at. having a clocked tail (All's < } Well. curriculum. Precisely the same O. Swed. (F.S. mucer^ to hide. kur-dogge Du. iourtault. attention (prim. Curb. H. array). G. cursaigim^ sb. running.) L. to run. F. Ir. N. to bend. L.A. 499. crtil. curd. Curmudgeon. fire) see Curious Curl. curs. Named from growling. fire . Mecl. giving a wrong clue. curly. hence. tackle. E. a light car. krull. priest. to howl. stem of cursor. base *krel/an-. Fries. iouvrefeu). L. i. . running.) O. L. muchen). Ital. ctirtal. cf.L. kaii. cunreidf gear. forced spelling. Icel kurra.) O. flowing. rcidi. Cf. Swed. a grimace. being curtailed Cot.) to crudan. E. F. bow. covenng of fires.S. cure. a bird. to dock . of mudge t to hoard. M. From Tamil Yule). sb. E. Cf. made by prefixing con- . krollc. Cursory. Koolman). (F. . related Cf. a-. to turn.+Du. raisins de Corinthe. (E. ' a curtail. E. so that it is named from its cry. short. F. alra. krulle. F. curuarc. F. acorsien^ to cuise extremely. E. to crowd. sense. of L. hybrid = L. curricle. But this ib a v . (K. Curious. Gk.) Cf. knrla. curci. krolle. ret helps to form E. (F. . attentive. (L. to for mlrtdstts.F. see Care.) Formerly raysyns ofcot aunt. S. cilra. (L. krulla. curds. urs-us pp. to snarl (Lubben) Swed. M. from A. (F. to bend . cotreier (Godefroy). . ) Origin unknown. L. Curtail. (Kick. Perhaps allied to Horse. Prob. vb. (Tamil. L. courbcr. a whelp dial. from M. wind krcllen. courben. cursian. from the adj. currere. a curl. M. rere. (E.) E. curate . currant. . to Teut. ' grumble. (A. curr. krull. prov. krtily a Dan.. CURTAIL L.) Late L. cuni] to O. to F. /m'<?/was a common old name for a horse. murgeon. order (also to set in order). a 124 . a runner. L. (<\-*focum. suggesting Tent.F. curatus. cut short.(4). closecurl. 3. later ' . This O. O. ii. to skulk from O. (F. a stingy fellow where mudgin is for mudgmg* pres. cur sort-. Curry (i). bent. tune out fires. a curl. (F. to curl. A word. F covnr. Currant. also. (ab. relish for rice Curse. turn. a seasoned dish.* Cot.

which is the same word. Mid. a knife above). coissin was the true form.E.) Dimin. kuti. to be Jiccustomed . cntstata. i. F. cortm. knifemaker. cycle. Custody. cultdlarius.' from sceotan.-L. (F. xxvi. a weak origin. for *cos~ indue. bent. a cushion. hip . (Scand. a little rib. very suescere (pp. from curuus. kata. ciicle. Custom. and orig. Cf. L. a dimin. KVK\OS. or short sword ' a curtleax.) The same word as a courtly act.Cutler. F. Ital. by shifting of fade. word is not immedibut the a swan ately from L. Gttrtsey. See Diez . pres. of cutis. Spanish). (F. (F. nla wild pigeon . 1 892 . plain wall of a fort.cdtelette. perversion of ci'ttkax. of curuate. curuus. (F. crusta. . cort-em. (F. hip. custod^i}-. a kind of trout) and perhaps cil refers to the coo* of the bird. from -aldus. cuscino. a knife kvdta. costume p. L. a fish. . . short. type *costumne. kytel. cushion. corvetta. bi-cycle..' Cf. shortened form of consitetitdinem^ ace.) curvus. L. (F. of consuescere. (Ital. it M. curv-ature. see . of utlter. G.. pp. curvet. F. cult el (F. Svvcd. 4th ed. coissin. Cusp. Custard. custom. coutelas. Lowl. F. a screen. from cut-is. suetus]. bound L. of O. KVK\wv t whirling round. coste. Low L. Cutlet. 87. [It is supposed that O. -aceum . bent. a rib. eortine. from M. ong. -f. -aldo. darter. Gk. kata to to cut cut . Ital. coutel. kuttelfisch (perhaps from E. con. own. Vulgate). a cutlet. also spelt kula. L. knife. cojin. of KVKXOOJ.-L. L. F. court. cutuula.) If. (E. this O. Cushion. power). variant of cycnus.) M. KVKVOS. dimin. possibly from suns. a stork. See Hide. used with the sense of pasty. pp. < O. (L. courtesy.E quisshin. acinus. < * ' . L. * . L. culttllus. from pp. of cors. or kytti. F. ticnidtura. 125 . trees. L.-* Late L. M. kota. F. cttstodia. L. Allied to "Wheel. guard. cortina. or courtelas. wald. a ^Rietz). type *coxinum. S.F. oldest O. a swan. a kinde of daintie pye Florio. cigne. F.E.-L. L. O^. leap. (L. from Late L. * shot.) M.) F. to accustom. curuns corv-o (Ital.-L. a quilt. a point. O.~L. cushion. of crtistdre. a young swan. crostata. cudele. O. A. with suffix -ault Ital. L. Sc. chakra-. a swan. the ring-dove. ! \ Cutlass. costa. which was a perversion of See ctittelas. coltellacdo. Florio. custume.(cum). dimin. a circle.) L. a wheel. an old spelling of cutlass.).-L. crustade. 0/KEUDIL) Brugm.) A. Der. to encrust. Ital. of cyclus. mspis. fern. to bend . with ace. From a one Curtleaxe. E. (Cf. also cfiscote. sceote. Yet a curtleaxe was a sort ot sword M.) Ttal. a support for the hip.] L.. Ljtitul. cttrvd]. hider. short. ciconia. cow- sceote . cubital. .Gk. elbow-cushion. p. coltello. suffix -<fci//. bent. pt. coulter. F.) O. to be accustomed. kuta.) O. from cubitus. Cushat. (F. (F. curtus. (E. -#<vz0 <ff The F. cycnus. Kvpros. Coast. S. cottteau\ a knife cf. sceota. Cf L.CURTAIN horse without a taile. Here * probably means shooter.Gk. ' r. I whirl round epi. double See Hide. (L. Formerly cus- cmstade. a knife. coussin. telas. iyciuni.) Gk. a kyttel. Cf. from coxa. ace. nb.) O. Swed. Strangely enough. Curve. citrtleaxe. but F. ace. a keeping L.) A s own way. S. F. kotta^ Of Scand (Ihre). stem of custos. CUrvet. Cf. i- 699. Gk. i. cuja. coteler. a small yard. (above). consuetus.' Florio . Span.cycle Cygnet. L. Norw. little knife.K. inchoative form of *consuere. E. coscia. formerly lostelette. Late L. hip. KcvOav. 714. Ital. L. a pasty. custume. (F. L.) verb. coutumc)* Cuttle. spelling uas cisne (as in a swan. cutten.) Formerly cudele. -as. (L ) dimin. so that suescere = to have it . altered to coussin (perhaps) by the influence of O. to shoot (cf. a guardian lit. elbow). Jcel. hide. Cf. atsshtn.~Gk.. e. F. a knife for barking L. See Court. coutelas was actually turned into E. Cuticle. 4.' ( CYGNET Formed. . roustade. a = L. of consuettido.-L. {Romania. cyclone = Gk. L.) L. Cutlass. Late L.-Ital. thigh (like L. bent line. Cycle. together. a cushat. (F. Cut. Der. skin. (F. dial.bkt. Ital. coute. a cuttle-fish. Curtain.-L. L. ace cu'telium. to hide. a curtain (Exod. cut-an-e-ous. G'. a cut' Cot.' F. a court.K. a crust. small with a knife.) ForM.) (F. but the traces of are not many. Ital. ' Der. A. cotelier. L. of O.

L.) Formerly dap-chick. a die. xiii. but where O. czarowitz. dabble (above). a moorhen.' L. Cf.) a robber belonging to an armed from daka. (Cf. kingdom./3rj. cymbahtm. Babble. L. E. cystis. t . Du. Ital. . 24 in Schleicher. arfkodelus from Russ. plinth and the impost moulding. cypirs in Piers Plowman. fern. a thing given. t Dart. &?/<?. case of the word darce* . from Kv\itiv. Cypress (i\ a tree. to pierce. as in tew-as. (E. robbery by a gang gang Der.) later addition. Bab (2).) dabben . Cymbal. cylindrm. rdra. M.M. . Kfaivfyos. in. S.tftWy. dars. a kind of crape. tsaritsa. ' jflctir daffrodille. Gk. blow. cipres. empress Gk. (Jtal. cube. Czar. See Dare (2) . (i). L. a lot. Low G. cynosure. pedestal. dado. p.-L. Bret. 1ata. meaning (i) a dart. see Cf. ' ' . dop-chick. . cesarstvo occurs for Russ. origin of cypress is doubtful . of M. da&ben. fist. gopher Cypress (2). Bagger. to dip often. . Bab (F. father Gk. Gk.Slav. lit. This has been disputed see Matt. O. Dab ' (i). Kvvitcvs. tsare (with e mute). dague. a cup. 126 daga. 275. 1ad.) Formerly used of the die.) also W. datum assumed to dat-z. y to pinch. also affrodille. nom.-Gk.-Gk. tad. tcvvoffovpa. dagger. later cylindre.-L. a pouch morbid matter. cus. the Cynosure.' (E. (F. F. asphodill flower Cot. a blow.) ( DAGGER O. (E. to roll. a centre of attraction). O. dad. . ' a iobber.-Gk. Gk. Comb (2\ (-/KEUBEU Bab (3). Bad. a die. A. a Cynic. The . + Skt. B. F. See Dip. animals) containing (L. Parv. Skt. tcv<rrts. the stars in the tail of the constellation of the Lesser Bear . dabble. diikait. a cloth of gold. F. ' . ajar. written cystis. Folk-L. (F. . dabbe.L. suffix -ina from G. M. or from Russ. a float. of KVOJV. tsarstvo. suffix phodel. L. Cf. M. L) Russ. Du. a roller. a soft See mass dabbed down. Bace. Cyst. translated daffodil-flower. . and as Cyprus in Sir Degrevant. Gk. a dog ovpa. dabble. . (L. asDer. Gk. Bacoit. a Cynic. Baft. L. of KVOW. cynosura. a cymbal named from its cuplike shape. . See Asczar-ina. Teut. and see by adept. Port. lit. Gk. O. Gk.) L. tappen to grope.Gk. Indogermam&che Chrestomathie. the emperor of Russia. dabbelen. Irish daid. a king. (L. ' ' * . kaisar. the metucal foot inaiked -uo. allied to dab M. of dab. th'arTodill. foolish the same as Deft. to give. (2) a The fish is also called a dai't or dace. immerse Du. a dagger.) To keep on dabbing. (Wilson'. tat. a tail. Prov. Dab (i). M. F. d<r<o5Ao?. E. Bactyl. . from expert. t kumbha-. (E. Kufj. Hind.-Gk. allied to of unknown F. but it occurs as cipres. c * . ctsarf. Slav ^[ See Die (*\ C<fw. hound}* L.) daggen. a kind of satin.Slav. ambale.cimbale. also spelt dart. .) a light blow. dacoit-y. F. (Russ. gen. with Ital. (Hind. Cf. O.^/^wr. M. of dare. a finger. A of Cyprus. (F. S. dobber. (in Bado. Daffodil. one of these is the Polestar (hence. F. atpressits. lit. cypiess-tree. or square pait in the middle of the pedestal of a column afterwards applied to the part of an apaitment between the . cypres. See Dub.) Formerly O. inare. Thesis a perhaps fiom M. Gk. robbery. E. dog-like. (E. &c. prov. to frequent. Heb.?) perhaps influenced by dapper or fish. to strike gently.) Formerly Late L. origin (not Celtic). Prob. a kind of lily. tsarevich\ czar's son izarttsa.) l/L&. F. It seems to have been imported Jfrom the isle The vSo child's word for father. datum.L. Gk. Gk. later cypres.) L. G. affodille Prompt. ' . dabben + Gk. a bag. to roll. KVV-. Kvn&aXov. neut. dab (i) Prob. (-/QEL. Tap.) M. Allied to Cup. fumble. a dog (E. CYLINDER Cylinder. cylinder. tappe. fumble. Goth. also dabbe. Span. fyniGk. (F. phodile. cobweb lawn some confusion which suggests of cypress with crape . PalsL. (L. crespe by a cypres for * a womans neck Cotgrave has crespe. O. Du. dactyhts. 7- Cf. dog-like. dop-enid. of pp. 5oTvXoy. gen.) (E. dabble.-L. Kvrrapicr&os. tail of the Lesser ' Bear . E. frequent. a wheel.' .E.) grave explains F. (F.) . cipres. a dactyl. Not in A. adaga. pouch. G. tev\tvoiv.^ mean a die lit. Bab-chick. a dare from its swift motion. Gk. Ital. dipping duck doppettan. . cjtfarissut. dog's tail/ Gk.

damp. M.E. Syria. bles). a delicacy. Gk. a sb. DANDELION matia. (F. dell. S. dalr. dimba. Cf. of dominus. e. adj. . (Ital. E. a girl. Port. /)///. . draw at-thinsan. Icel. ().. " damnatjt) answering to Late L. a vault. a pleasant thing A.) X. also O. Prov. Goth. to trifle. L. Damn. A. + Dam (2). suffocate. deis. deis O.Tcut. mod. 1791). damaskrose damaik-ine.e. sec Dough. E.) ' (Goth. dike. dcyntee. II. damnen. a vestment. Dally. Icel. M. which Dale. dew. short for scene. dial. fern. damm. cf. North. steam dampf. harm. Thorpe. to inlay with gold (F. cf. a milk-woman. Norw. a high table (Supp. Dalmatic. . A. a lady. form digmteit is a pedantic form O. darnm. to reek vb. disc. discttm. to bedew. 06\os. See Don (2). whence also Goth. dolU (Russ. II. vb. F. dommage] .-Q. dans. Dandelion. L. old spelling of digne. O M. Du.) F. theong. E. Siffieos. Icel. timpfen. darnb. applied to animals. a Swedish botanist (A. Jcel.) Named after Dahl. O. dignitatem is . M. 1838). damage (F. H. plum of Damascus. we find Late L. a table. domi- Daisy. damasco. deja. str. damnare^ to condemn. E. of damnare see Damn. dampnen.) M. or of the seat of state. a servant. damostL of dameisel. Fries. dameisele. damnalicus. The same word as Dame. Swed. agreeableness. Bavarian dakn. (Swed. Dan. damm. farmO. Daggle. sb. origin light converse (Bozon). fine. F. Der. do?) cf.) Formed by adding -o-type to F. Thin. Fries. see Dignity.E. Dainty.-L. (Pages were often of high birth. dal a dale. . + a *dominicelluS) double dimin. platter in Late L. daunQ. t dtmpfcn. 9 worthy. a quoit.) (uestis) . L) M. a L. (i). See . From the 2nd grade of Teut. dale. damnd(us pp. maid. dayesye (4 resembles. A. daintie . (E. page. dogg (gen.) deigan (pt. dalmatique. S. fine. (F. daggar]. L. to Godefroy).) E. dam. dent de lion. A. damp^ vapour. loss. named from . Dame. of Dalmaticus^ belonging to Dalmatia.) M. type *daig-j0n-. ( F . to dam up. damasquiner. e. (F. and dalien. E. it was the table itself but was also used of a canopy over a seat of state. pass the time in Of Teut.. Dal- drag along (as in a round dance). as if horn Dairy. Swed. G.) Swed. condemned to the mines..) M. F. a lord. to mould. Dam (E. sense is kneader of dough/ Tcut. syllai. . dampen. ace. damp. Damson. M. *dumpano-. trifle. Fries. D. a dam.DAGGLE form suggests an Eastern origin Heb. cen. F. L.) F.. \ see penalty. O. H. A. thai'. F. . the inventor (A. daigs. the sun. \*. Damascenum (prunum}. deintee. Swed. dammr^ Dan. to clam up O. foi loom M. Gk.D. E. dal\ G. a Late L. t. dust. II. E. See Damask. See Disc. i M Dan.) S. dak hah. M 762. G. Swed. dagg. pull. See Dew. deys. to reek. i. Damage. damage. damon. tooth of a lion . to strike. to (E. daDamask. dcigja. cf. *damp. daintie (i. dal\ Goth. dal (pi. *(]" The cognate deg) dough or borrowed A S diege occurs once only . E. deig. (F. dame. G.) M. to trifle. G. F. (F. G. . a quoit. O. dal-u). a valley. cloth of Damascus. E. maske. 15). 641. to draw towards one. page. (F. F. Daguerreotype. - *ff The O.damnum. . bank against water. Damsel. . cellus. only in the derived verb for-demman. of dominus^ a lord.) mother. dame. a mound. damnaticum. t. dam. Swed. to speak and act as children (Schmeller) . (Scand. chat. to converse. Properly. (F. tarn. (F. E. -f-Dti. F. Q . Damp. (F. *dcmpan. vapour. xiv. L. as in M.-L. cf. Gk. a raised floor in a hall. ace. dairy-maid. L. t (E ) M. faurdammjan. wet with dew or Frequentative verb from spray. Cf. L. to moisten. Icel. Dais. sir. pp. Der.E. from damasqu-in. Dammeseq^ Damascus (Gen. to play. ().. of discus. .) Now used of the raised platform on which the high table in a hall stands. L. . cf. (F. Slav. to danser. a personal name. - A. domina . a flower. G. f. vapour Swed. Ital. (F. 127 . fern. doggva. it young man. Biug. eye of day. Du dam. cf. dcycrye.E. Dahlia. dain. daig\. G. F. (vulgar) dahlen. dam . daintte]. Daguerre. Dumps. p. Dance.) Cf. ^and Gk.) a deye. fern. a (Scand. dalmalica F.-L. . greediness (Bozon). ong.Syiia. 2nd grade of dinsen t to allied to E. Cf. Heb.) squire. the true popular F. datges cage.-L. dalier. who was also the breadmaker.). to condemn. dots.) M. dmcseq^ damask. Goth. F. damner. G. i. dama(L.

i. Swed. ace. derk. excellent. Dan. [F. ing to W. hidden. adj.) M. tarni. Germ.tar-ni. nmny/ (F./ 7 power. sway from side to side.' from Norweg. dial dunkel. (F.-Du. Cf. a pool. ace.' Dare ( i). -daursan . * dondolare. Dan. (Lowl. (F. a dot a dog with spots spot. doinnus. S. dial. nelle *dankivo-\ a pool. S. i a mea. dom (/ ). dart. Low ( G. to thrash Dan. i. sway the body. Darn. sjieak speak "~ " " t^Scand.) M. Oiig. to swing to hide. diunken dial. (Grandgagnage). dart.S. I daie . 563. to be bold. dard). cent. O. L. See Dark.) M. The * orig. bisc-ling. G. depilt. darn. Russ. lull. dandy. Opaavs. A. daurnise. Swed. darnel. daare. about cf. dar. but regularly formed from Late L. Dash. t. dandnff. to swing about frequentative O. dunkelhet. ?). whence the ' ' tooth . a. E. Gode. Brugm. to dare. from derne. dodeliner. dernen. Norw. (E. (E. (Scand. G.) M. daska. A. bold 502. dark . suffix -l-ing. now only preseived Dank. 128 . for older *derc. Sc. dial. a lord. or repe. From an O. dangla. a wet splotch. a spot on an animal.' Cot. . Dart.. Swed. G. . leo. dorste \ cf. dandle. dial. S. dem. OapFlorio. valiant.LowG. a M. danker. tapfer. (E. Walloon darn i~sc. Late L. *dnrran. IL. and prov.DANDLE dens. about. E. of imitative origin . is unsuitable. moisture North. Dare (2). to venture. pt. Sax. prov.m/. from Icel. prep. secret. G. This answers to a Late L. not found. good.) . G. Icel. marw-don. to hide (answermarw. type *domma- cock. Swed. DASTARD * the jagged leaves.' -danrsta. dingle. moist. dunkel. gay. Dapple. (Scand. Dandy. G. nielle. leonem. Of unknown form of dace) as a pi. brave. (E. daschen. in Walloon (Rouchi). Late L. dobrui. . (F. dart F. darnel dank. esp. a dart. arid origin . ( . ^f The W. origin cf. to beat. Dan. . E. made by taking darce (old Formerly also dandniffe. dodincr.) A new form. I dare. O. S. E. t. wf. + . Formed M. 0/DHERS. secret.dan. dangle. as \i\Jiat-ling. dandiner. danger]. . he dare .E. form of Andrew. to dew Swed. (HecartX Hitherto unexplained. to conceal. (Scand. O. Dastard. hidden. I durst. ' to rock. noddy. but cf. Fries. musty. dynke. drs/i.) Brugm. dears. (headlong). A. dark. daschen. thence making a singular dar. E. darnelle. deorling* darkling. H. a beau (E. a moist. infin. *dark-n-jaii) is from the Prov. dande. derling. 2nd grade *dark of the same base. spruce. dorncl} to moisten. with double dimin. A. to stop up a hole. hcdling wards. to walk unsteadily. F. irresponsible authonty. scurf. daungere. cf. Danger. dunken. F. II. F. of idea of splash or blot.) power. to dandle or play the baby. Swed fool. . prov. mfin. dandin.).) Icel. dial. also donsper (XIII cent. brave. a dace. Dan. damel wet (esp.) M. rtum. a. . of dape. infm. we ol wat( of water dashing against rocks. hurf. deor-e (in favourite. weighty. Cf. toy. a dagger. Dandle. (Du) XV O. (E. A. dondola. valiant hence brave. durste. a dart. turran. Ital. dara means to stupefy (as with dynka. Goth. dandola. to wet lolium tennthntum} cf. Cf. taphar. Swed. a slight scurf on the skin . ftigelld). dokk (stem Swed. as in dar-rcpe. forms from ding (pt. sense is a little pool. Prob. de.. Skt. G. scurf. to slap. K. . back- Darling. dandolare. Origin unknown. A. H. M. form ( = dars). see Tarnish. The also Dan. darnel (Godefroy). dial danka. m the dark. dcrne. pt. G. Swed. secret. . E. daske. Dandy is also a also O. brave good. but cf. (E. comp. from M. H. F dangler (F. dead. t.) A. Also Gk. lion. a scab. with ref. tart. Cf. dernel. Dangle. . L. dent-em. S. E. v /.-O. . with F. and Icei. dcrni. E. marshy ground and O F. -{ O. Swed.E. secret. dear. Icel. M. Note M. fine. do minus. fine. dindannen. O. and ton. dang). Dapper. dart. Of Teut. (Iterghaus") .-O. absolute power. Cot. darod. *dominiarium. Dan.) Dandriff.^ XVII cent. H. S. darrabr. F. to balance or afiv. over the eyes is also called depill. I dare he dearr. ic dearr. (E. donke. E. and M. (E. dear-').tar. E. power to harm.) .) M.) Prob. . fioy gives M. authority. M with adv. to throw Darnel. ga-dars. . to swing about. der-ni. hrufa.) suffix -ling. word. sttffix. Low G. dank. dapper. skin. Dan dyrne. tarchanjan. See Ding. scurf on the head.] E. A. Sax. See Dace. now dare. See Dear. dorste. dingla. is from with a broken vowel The O. I dare. derne.. dar~. Dark. dander. a dark cloud. S. H. L.E.-f-O.

deef. ter. K. Dead. Der. given I give. E. datte). ace. daqaL Daub. suffix -/<?. . dastr. frequent. E. dai. dohtor. Dan. diacon. see Day. autumn . to be for dazed] cf. E. who took . iy-Kovtw. Swed. to be out of breath . a daw (Florio). * A.Gk ) Tame. Goth.) . Arab. date. from Swed. O. Dan. Swed. A. to give. a lazy man. L. and E. </^. netit. a deacon. (y'DO. daubcn. S. to plastei M. F. dasi. x. (L. a maid-servant. In no way allied to L.) M. date. 1626). A. E. esp. from albus. a servant. daitylum.-Y. DavL See Die (i). Date L. degti. Swed. orig. . evyarrjp. Dan.) cf. to give.) Hindi $ak. F. Icel. Dawn das-art (i. Daunt. L. the bird. Cf. (E. Day. be-danb. de. fe^. to become day. pi. a dolphin see Dolphin. bright time.) . of domare. Gk. prefix. E. data. day. be wearied. G. to be idle . whiten. dawn. *dau-jan. suffix. tame. to be listless . Der. Gk. hot time. De. dead. dottir. caw. a fool (whence Dawk. tag. o^. date (F. Pers.+T)\\. We also find M. de-. to dawn become day. 129 . dawn. a pp. fiom L. dasinn. From the noise 11. Teut. dis- (F. dotter. &dffoi'os. L. f^. dawn as if from a (Scand. (*}.) M. Skt. daz{e)ard'). dagas. dauths. Also called (Teut. 137. Icel. M. dS. prefix. (Scand.. weary. bedazzle. dasi. t<wb. diaconus. taccola. of dattn. exhausted. F. dawnen dawmng.(i).D. Dan. (L.) M. Low G. doh- S. deyia]. Goth. daunten. (E. a date. 167. 2. Swed. duhitr. dies.daw. a dullard. to be in a daze' (Berghaus).-fGk oigiven. dauber. suffix -A?a proper name (A. a maid . . Day = M. Goth.) Fiom daze} with frequent. form *dalber. Soros. down. lazy.+0. ^fl/fo^r (=z*dealbicare). transport by relaj & of men and pp. <&o/ (E. dasaik. a dair>maid .-L. Icel. i. da*e. Dan. as if from *dau-boz. G. Lith. O.D. date. to burn. very albdre. lit. to plaster. dial. taha. fiom A. E. of Gk. I am quick. ditkle.os.-f ofo<2/. was a word of Semitic origin. (Hindi. The addition of woman is needless. S. plaster. L. . F. date. dead. Skt. M. Icel. dimin.DATE DEAF M. #-.-L. to whiten. dagning.) . L. Dan. dagian.) M. Daughter. dcei. A it J from the province of Dauphiny (A. Icel. subdue . gard. a daw.e. Icel.) Daywoman. E.' a given point of time. danfer also donter. Rubs. L. L. Skt.) . to stupefy. The ong. or F. A.-L. dohle). daviot in A. (F. (F.) Brugm. David.) sb. Span.Gk. G. F. dairy-woman. E. (Yule).+V)\\.) In Shak. M. to burn.) L.E. E.^ M. an d the province had formerly had Deacon. see Dis-. to lie idle ' ' dauhtar. dasatir. fellow.E. dasa. } } dccg. dod. D. made by Du. Cf. . E. white. ?) a ship's boats. datter. pp. tame see F. in das' setn. Dast appears whence Ital. Teut. dated. daskopp. vb. to die. to Cf. Norw deigja. (F. a verb *dag-na. . Daw. a lazy port. type Davit. title of the eldest son of the king of France. Gk. Oiig. Deaf. F. domitare. exhausted. . from VDIIEGH. where -sk ib the reflexive suffix. 27) ' . L. ^-. S. daufr* * obfuscated . dtken. post. Formerly spelt David. Day is the \ hot. to daze oneself. E. answeimg to an older . see Alb. dare. dag. dagr. L. (F. as in dull-ard.base of . day. (E. E. L. dcalbare. dasen. 168. doche. see Daze. fruit of the palm. support for + Du. deye. away.(Icel. data. de-. L. (Scand.) M. Swed. Per. M. assimilated to the word for Cf. a palmfinger/ (i). dag. several lords named Dauphin. to Deflfej. A. dag. a dimin. down. type *dhoghos . M. dottcr. &c. Swed. Low G. . of d(Esa. hence sometimeb . (CLfawtt.L. type *dagoz Idg. a claw Goth. dauQr. S. Icel. tochter Russ. dasaert.-Q. (Heb.***J. dosen. a fingtr albo a dactylus. Du.Late L. But it is probable that Sd/cTv\os a date. . with Idg. A. Aramaic diqla. from the oldei . to . dah. very. I give. of dasask. i.) dood. day. ^| as opposed to night. ni-dagha-t hot season. sense doubtful. dags. dauphin. to dawen. dawning. to (F.. G. ' tiee (see Gen. dazzle. fiojfti. dag. to be hoises. transweary. jack. -ff^-) from the vb. Dan.F. (Scand. Dauphin. of O. doghter. . F. vb. 2. Allied to Lith. })1. (E. in N. S. dothter. Orig. dastard \ where -ard is a F. slugg-ard. to burn . a blockhead (Berghaus). dagas. to confuse. dnkhtar. tahete (now G. sense is slug' M. 349). see Dairy.( ). E.) Daze. da*en. O. E. ey-tcovis. dadami. also datele. a date. . 5d/nri/A.-L. Date (2). . date. from. S. date (somewhat like a ringer). flfe/.

darkness. to debate. of Teut. costly. F. E. a dean. to Bmgm. e. appeal ance a play. down and bnsier (F. sense of . precious.) . they aie due. F. in G. prefix des. O.) deel. have on loan. stock. ace. i. ten . a share. and bouche^ mouth. place. F. des(F.) A bad spelling of M. -t-Dan. Dear. of decas. G. Dean. debonaire. Cf. debt-or. (F. angle.' Cf. " balk/ i.Du. E.L. (F. dfc/Yfl. (E. (F. 130 .(L dis-}. deel. allied to cf.-L. (F. Sax. ' Cot. O. A. dailjan. Der. dodecatwelve). bauche. de. &c. first cast or throw at dice. ten.-L. . daudi. of dec anus. distribute. (F. angles. opening. detcur. F. deft. Debate.) Formed from base by prefixing L. &c.-A.-Q F dette (but L. field. theil. debafen. a share. precious . . -f-G.-L. adds turn aside. de^buter. F.) decagon. blind. feeble. L. Gk.-L.' The orig. to emerge from hence. i. See Butt (i \ from.S. good. see company of ten. deeth. (F. dails. Icel. a part.) decade/ Cot. E. haberc. knee . (L. I debilitdre. embaucher. Icel. (E. (Du. debonaire . Teut. gon Gk. dyrr. dear. G. and Tent. decadent. L. explained by * Roquefort as a little house. of debere. L. be entitled to lead From L. (F.) Balk. Death. debita. lit. ace. (L. Debauch. from the base *dattF. deel. dearth. (F. decanum. rv<t>-\o$. E defte. one set over ten soldiers or over ten monks. datUkus. Fiom Be. represents suggests that it aire. desbaucher. Tent. away M. delen. Goth. bucca. misspelt debte) fern. allied to y6vv. value. to scarcity.) L. away. . type *dau$uz. ace. Teut. ten. dear. for de bon .DEAL allied to Gk.) A. owe see Debt. from dyrr (above) O. cf. suffix -tit-. Dan. (E. see Knee. Goth.) dearness A. ace. a to debosh. e. 'a i. d<?/0. dfe/<?. lit. decade. an aggregate of ten. of debeo. Sax. deel. S. and F. but formed as heal-th. it is certainly derived from the O. prob. Twpoy. (F. (F. debt. mark. de. not -bilis. . F. to have. Godefroy gives desbattcher ' only in the sense of rough-hew/ but his * detach from one's service. Named from ten bauche was prob. fragments. a share (above \ -4. pp.-Gk. dcboncre.-4Icel. Debar Debase. Swed.) M. i. dis-}. ' stroke. F. Gk. F. dtboucher. and Debris. and F. decem. ^/a. L. F.. verbal sb vi debater ^ M. dyrd. det-tur. Brugm. (Gk. A. (L. pr. F. Diez Lat. weak. debatre. a thin board. to D. to beat. and Swed. dtbut. E. Dan. delit. (above). M. from dnin. Sweu. . From Debilitate.e. Supp. L de. <L. Debonair. L.K. 7<w-ia.) barrer. F. to come first. Swed.-L andV H. the theilen respective sbs. value. down battere. broken pieces. G. ace.y strength (for . Debt. 5c/fa5a. to break to pieces. derlhe. seduce. hence.' because such receipts began with the wouls debentur mihi (Webster). A. . S.) M. away. ~du-.S. F. agrum. Diez supmar. theuer. owed. G. its Ten. course in building. tiurida. distract. M. a sum due.) ' Debut. bon-us 9 of a good stock. beam. dead. E. 4. deore> dyre. debilis. eleven) . dinri. origin j see (VDHEUBH. a of titjcas. Not E. E. de-. -f-Du. dyr.) A first first O. dc~. G.(2) and Bar. (i). de ( = O. pass. 553. from tiun (G. pp. F. F. deal M. brisier. and O. Cot. employ. of L. S. smoke.*. theuer]. dood. stupor.) M. to owe. debentur. Der. del. . diele\ see Thill. to have away. deelen. mouth. (E. bnttr\ to break see Bruise. L. See Batter (i). hence frame of a building. ' O. M. of debitus. E.akdf. Dcbere de-htbere (Plautus). Deal Debenture. at ' (at bowls). debris. a plank. of. M. m . lace. Decade. L. aire. . but. from L. m uncork. formed with Idg. divide. esbaucher^ to roughhew. a word of uncertain origin.-L. H. Icel. dearth. L. debilorem . dtbarrer\ O. sense was away from a workshop' . to march out of a narrow pass. 'E. dear. <>*. mislead to enticeposes that the orig.O. tod\ cf.) M. 5'#a. from L. first play in the game of bowls . a&2/. de. down. frame. de. dus-bala-}. deF.. diuntha. L. F. DECAGON small building. debaucher). Mtea. A.Du. warm-t/i. Slav. hendeca-gon (fvfaica. Debouch. a corner.S. 279 (2). from O. precious.' and by Cot* a course of stones or bricks grave as in building. . down.) . del.) M. argue. ' to put from the mark he aimed in dis~. Deal (3). dear. pi. (2). E.) O. weaken. see Dead. O. . to use in business. dur-balaSkt.-L. and O. Goth. F. F. doyen). bala. (K. hence.) acknowledgment of a Formerly debentur (Bacon). des- away. Dan.

) A. of pres. E. dams. to fall. deces). F. (F.) F. (L." Deceive. decoctus. ace. decimdre. . dfica\oyos. and cadere. (F. O.) ace. ace. death. cadere. L.) F. used for the L. dej I Deciduous. decimal. deca- year. and nir. Med. dcLidere. SwStKa. of L. O. Cognate with E Thatch. Decipher. m/. to pour out.) decemtiiri. dis-. from O. dcdarare.(2) and field. dec-em.L. Cf. <a^. deci^us. deceptus. decapitare. dec!inci. of dediuitds. decimate. of de dinare (below). For L. L. cidere. down. L. having . a speech. down. de. F. declare. (Gk. L. F. choir}. from canthus. logue. O tfV. slope.) Gk. to go away. L. to become. . (F. de- O. North to fall into ruin. one of the (L. a man Gk.v.) cf.F. (F. head. falling off. see Sit. of deu'dcte. . to decipher. v. dec hair. deceveir. away. npait. a tithe. KO. L. deciis. F. fully F. deception. <& d?. </<?. L decima. from . do-deca-hedron (Gk. Der. and cheojr (F. vessel. L de-. of dedinatio. (L.) vaii- Decimal.. decline. L. dc. pp. Der. (L.-L.~\*.-L. . cis-ion (from pp.") From pp. L. (L. of decipere. L. de. deces. Lean (i). Decapitate. Decay. a F. cadire. saying see Logic.) Formed after F. of Late off. to take away. (L L. decevoir. fo'/ca. decider. .) L. clear. see Deceive. that falls down . orig. L. pp. down. cSdere. as it was the tenth month of the Roman December. befit. and cadere. -dJnare (only in comp.) L. F. to behead. or F. to fall. . declension. decide. decaDecadence. O. . L. L. -auf) .) O. dtmti. L. dedhiitatem. dece* (F. Declaim. a dean with suffix -al (L. dekken. (F. sloping L. deceive. hendecasyllabic (Gk. q. dcclinatm. ten. decant-er. q. see Incline. of dS<* of ten magistrates. pres. later.F.L. with suffix -ous. declination. deL. coiner of the eye (Hatzfeld). L. L. ten: t$-pa. (F. to deceive . L dts-.) O. de. and Arab. Sera. a beheading. to take. L. decimetre. damare. ace. decalogum. (see Virile). annus. decent. decentem. ten. decem. a downward downward. Der. L. dtdivite. (F. (F. . of decalogus. DECOLLATION Decennial. (L. pp. Gk.L. O. Sera. L. belonging to tithes. ten. decantar}. hill. Camp.) F. . to fall down. M. to select every tenth man.) . de) Decamp.-L. Jes-. a See De. caniper . a ship's deck. ) belonging to ten years. L. F.) Formerly dechme. (i). down and Folk-L. a camp. Declivity. I sit . to cut off. to cook. de. dtcessiim. F. to ciy aloud. to lean. and campus. decaer} ant of O F. ten av\\a&fi. L.. ten .V&OS. a falling dence. cf. or ten men joined in a commission. dedinationem . L. (F L) O. (L. subj. 'seat/ from fo/ia< (for ?5jj/o/<m). pp. L. deeay. F.F. det ant hate (a word of the alchemists).) Named from its decem. son. coquere. Cipher. to cry see Claim. decisus}. to cover dek. pp. a syllable.- Decant. L. See Lean DeCOCt. year. Der. de. F. dechcoir. Belonging to a dean.DECAHEDRON decahedron. pt. deceit. cidu-us. (F. Decanal.L. away . ten syllables. ten (see Ten). Der. of deceveir. ace. (L. see Dean. (Gk. . (Du. decalogue.) From pp. L. ten \6yos. ^. Decide. a cover. descamper. from. down. d-. (F. to cut. eleven). dfrhiffier. dedhtis.-L. Decemvir. for punishment. Decent. decimahs. O F. fully . .-L. a slope. (F. death. (F.) . dccipere.) Du. the lip of a cup. a wine. L. deiessns. to remove a camp. coquere. Decollation. to cover.Gk. decair (Span. de. F. December. ten sides or bases. decent. capit-. to fall. dedaier. Declare. Late L. (F.) O. to lean or bend aside from. cadentia. deceivre . (F. stem of caput. deceive. de. variants of L. lit. down.L.) * ' F. decenn-dlis.L. dcceimtir. to make clear.) Decembre. decasyllabic. L. cadere. one down. Declension. of dccere. L. L. L. Med. decdn-us. (F. . down. and capere.). - L. and L. departure. &/5c/ra.~ L. decem. away . * ' dedinai- O declension of a noun.-L. to depart. honour. . decadent ia. pp. Deception. to depait.-L. L.) to boil L. O. to fall. twelve). and Gk. L. the ten commandments. see Cadence. a peculiar use of Gk. of dccimns. . (F L. of ten years. ace. .-L. deceptionem. dedamare. Deck. dt can- ter (Span. tenth. Gk. bi-enniaL a base. fern.) . Decease. See Decay. de. L.

L. F. Dan. to put into the form of an X. the neck. to quiet. <fy^.(<L. to decree. a coin worth ten asses (as-es). diups. | Defame. yDUE.) decrement. tuowtan. honour. (L. defautc. from (&tern/a/r-\ a sickle. a default. in-decorum. a C). koye. S.' Decrease. =dis-}. L.-L) cry up O ' ' ' (L) abate. a decree. Dan. (I decus. a rendering \oid. deduct. </<?)'. coyen. decussis. to judge. as in dlcere. to deface. law-teim dcfesanct.* F. faJx falcare. Late L. an ace . decrees.pp de<. (above). (F L.) A.1 /* T-X decorum. ritus] . to Deed.) A. daad. O.E. to cut with a sickle. G. tfffretus. crcscere. a wild animal. . . tfW.) Pace. E. to decrease. apart.) L. dSdu I L. L dec ret its. pi es. dffimare. de<>' - deserter. L. domjan.) L. F. dier. de. deer. doom. decollation. a contrivance for catching wildducks. to cross at an acute angle. Goth. flf/j^.-7. *dheusom. type G. M^n M. pp. see Defeasance.) Orig. Deface. Cf. (L. DeL. (F. dius. ^<r/r/ pp. Swed. L. dcsfacier. it onem.' E . (F. i. <&<?/. L. S dear. to abate. to biing. E. F. a decrease . </^. decSr. to cry. L. T /T Jf C . to takeaway a \diffanien. by prefixing l coy. L. deioium. A. Defalcate. deepness. dhollapp. (K) From deep*. dyr. to discrescere.(foi *decos-\ stern of down (above). the reversal of an man's character. put. disparage. Default. Late L. and dilc ere. type *denpoz see Dip. dcd. older form kouwe (Hexham) from L. Late L.! !/ \\n\\ Icel dcema (for damd). (F. Tout. type *dMiz Idg. 1 a doom 1 see Doom. (!>) . to crackle. oinamcnt . F.. (E. S ^/c^/. of Late ( F. E. and Gk) F. demen. to grow. of decorus. type *deuzor. ofdecorare. Merc. away crepitus^ noise. the E de. . Teut.. defesant. ' Decry.. ft. of decres- \ M. cage ^f The Deep.) fromok-. of dediicere. L. weak giade of die-. de e. of dfdic&re. decretum O. See Cry fama. fljyr. DEFEASANCE down dicare. . rey is . A. of crepare. M. deduct-us. L. See Duke. L. andT)\\) Coined from prov. from defaillir. v. Du. take away. to distinguish. of dccerncrc. df- O. of defaire. and therefore M. Swed. to infer). to render void. prefixing of de. aWtf. to say. aged. de. from *donioz. decrease. crepittts. of L. stem of as. decoy. Dan.O. type * domjan-. fE ) . profound. to spread ' ' . rt37*d. cauea. to proclaim from die-. to compose. cere. dom. 132 pp.-LO M. G. L. /'/^/ Teut. M.e. L. cage. from Du. apart. vb. used for descrets.-I. de-toy seemed to mean a 'quieting down.) Ace. -f Du. F. (F. disfigure. an animal. L. to See fail . dec ret ale. prefix. to bring Decorate. see Cage. Dan. -O F. j depth. Goth.DECOMPOSE O. . to bring . (I-) From pp. allied to Decrepit. to devote.. off. give a . and E. -L -L difSee (foi du-\ apart. . diffaharc or dtfalL. </$/. deduct. desfaire. seemly stem of seemhness. H. O. Dedicate. colluni. q. creeping about like an old man. fiom *dheus-. E decree. decrepit us. doom. <#?#. fiacre. O. down. E. /<*. . Brugm. L. Decussate. . al&fr. S. down (hence. deep. L. away a . L de. G. djur* Icel. dc. decre men turn. F. dewois. tfV/>.) 8. or else de. O cf. 4. down. be fit. dif> (dre. ten. F. L. Goth. Du. (F. Swed. deduct. away cemere.was probably due to conf Goth. to derive from. Decompose. away. to devote. to Fiom pp. decre-tus. ^b. fusion with M. a rendering null. so that <f/it/>. deeresc ere.E. diffamer. . | de-. (L. implying and here opposed to ft. defame*. Decree. prob. domme. decent. i. desiroistre. Fame. seemliL. tus. ace. allied to decus Der. ten assi-. '.. From pp. fl?/j-). Mg. Icel.-L) Late L. djupr.) L. A. . to behead. face. type *dhctis\ from See Do do Deem.F. report. to condemn. L. act. de. to ' cry down. defeisant. composer. to adorn. .) and Fault. defaute. diminish . pp. Swed. depth.O. decoy. ' (F.-O.-|Goth. do&men.(F. See Compose. Decoy.) (i) marked with X. L. A. whence M.L. part. neut. cf. lit. that. defacen. from Du kooi. noiseless. d&omposer i^XVI c. imitating faute from faillir. .-L. a i M.Du. (E. Tent. (F. decussdre. dsdncere. dwra. From Deduce.-L. ja bad report. to cross. diupitha. decor-. ness. make a noise. "\ _ __ . to separate. (L.) M. diepte Deer.. 'S. to breathe (Kluge). from djiipr. A. F. Icel. E. pp. (L. G. E. of dtcollare. Icel. see Der wilder-lies:*. L. i. F.. to place. L. H. . (L. decretal decretal. 539 (2). also F. (F. CF. 'animal'.

in ge-dieflc mild. L. of de/it ere. I of defaire. a want. s. dis-}. L. A. Deft. S file. dffiler. defender.) From pp. to make. facere). dtjercr.) Ji. gentle. i. degenetdie. stuke down chiefly in pp. lender void (above). pp. DEGRADE down bend. lo free (L. defens. to defile (Macb. pp. L. to make. to befit. defer (2\ to lay before.//. T L.) From stem of pres.(for filum. (L. . diffoniare] -O. Qifatere.. O. . L. Define. conE. fused with L.m. iii. de. down fene. ably . down. i.-L) O. cairy. Degenerate. fully. (F. renounce renounce defter.= O. de. . ugly. to perform fully. lc trample under foot . Cot. defect-ton. L. L. to defend. F. . defence.F. .K. tteglutition. to 4 -A defait. to delay. defence. F.) Der. 654. . han.) L. to dcfoirn. to deprive by fraud. a line for a breach of the See Affray. (F. of ctifiler. down O. L. ^ away. Godefroy. (F. oiig L. (L. L. L. desfaire. conclude. II G. deflorare. de. fraud. fredum. A. bung before one.) to bend Deglutition. (F. des. Also M. defeat. Defray. fit. E. def omits. dijfferer. F. (F. (3. apart _//. meek ge-dceftlue. gener. as seen Deficient. deferre. Defy. a defending L. defatten.ei to dispossess (Med. . out . dcfendu-e. of-fendere. bring down.) fide re. swallowing.) O. to pollute. used in the pi. latei //-/. neut to delay. to perfoim .Jaetfs. F. see . de. force. of dcfae.F. L. -L H . only in comp. &. to the old word = A. lit. defrauder. Cf. L. sb. (L. pp. Skt. adj (F. Defile (2).(L. Defend. to L. . K. deL. of defungl. L. a flower. L. of L. F. Deflect.-Q. to fail. faithful). and Jungi. - 133 . it fails. and o. (L) L. deft. fltix-us. defeter. F. to trust. Deflower.. S. from J . to strike . Degrade. (F. apart . seasonsee Defect.y/<?r-. Cotg. adj. ugly. pp. fiutre. dcflex-ion.) Fiom ace. desfait. Defect. of deficre.F. L. comO. de-=-des. dt. y/v. lack. forma. O. to bear. caie. (F. later spelling dcfoyle. deficit. Deform.(L. defitruttts.-IO faith. fiom deflex~us. to defile. down \ fleetere. otdeftcete (above). gltititus. clown. L. F. gaddb*. G. (F. to swallow. away fraud-. dc end. (L <//A-). for_/7<7j. d?gene>\ dis~\ apart . pp. to L. daft. give way to an apj>eal. a fine.) . . delay. face-. . (F. Fhape. defile. make foul. Lo\\ L. L. to strike. </trto deprive of rank or 'office. down. a narrow passage orig. defoulen. Littre. to pp. see Function.) M. to dispossess. fricde]. to flow. to spin threads. fraier.) fioni From dregs. L. This word is obsolete.) 3 p. Qtglntire. Guvtiv. oiig to one's faith. faire (L. defect us. F. defamed. F. F. defens. *dafan fitting. fluxio. Legal. Goth. de. See Force. dirftc. frais\ expenses cf.-L.E. de. it suggested a hybrid compound made by prefixing L. F. . to fail L dcfemum. (VGHwEN.-L. M. -fjdare (from fidus. pp. defrattdare. O.E. to spend. desfier. L. defendre. a flowing down. E. filly. defender <'. 1 . defense.-L) M. deioimed. V.position O. Defunct. defyen. gept. Defer (i). beauty. . undo. definer. from finis. frais. M. differren. down. dejjler. (F. filer. dregs. A. (F. O. fres (F. difflddre. Der. L. away. (E. having fully performed the course of L. to j)ay expenses Defraud. DefifUcion. fioin (5. S. <#/". Deflour. base. formed from O. dS. de. lo . Late L. thread. dcflouren. of <#(Tcrtullian). L. pp. pp. Defile 0).. to limit. Der.-L) O. foul Foul. *fendere.) defeat. or aside. defim-us. stem offraus. F. life.DEFEAT des. F. defile. . Deforce. to end. to march in a . (L. c. fendere (above). defo?<. to prepare. (F. to admit or peace self. defect us. to bear diffeicnt ways. desis L . (L. Late L. to peace. race.. G. F. dif.^fl^bto/.away. Brnq. lx dcflcurcr. dead. Cf.(L.?. de. down. (L.-L) . S. file. to bear. (F. differrc. deformen. to trust.L) also. difforme.E.Y. derfraycr.(for dis-\ apart. Defecate. *gc/iS-\ stem otgetitt*. - A.) M.E. submit one. formed (by vowel-change of u to y) from . See Faith. dcfctna. O. pres. (I . of a lost strong vb. F. . facere. L. d&ftan. Fraier from O.) M. dn-}. L. *y>w/. of L. pp. and L. neat.) M. <//-7 away.) 'L. to deflmre. define. Late L. F.I 1 M. degrader. . cf. but see Foil (i). yl. mostly L. deflectere.(for flfo-). See Genus.) O. daf-en. diformer. deficit. de. lo become ba^e. or away. frtdu (G.L. 65) fylait (for *fuljan\ to defile. to gather flowers. and #. (F. dexterous. ls. stem vifaex. -ire. L. F.E.

Delete. .).L. H. to play. fiom L. down . Holland. de. apto depute. (L. godlike. ^f The O. dellneare.) O. for Der. deltoid. pleasuie. delude. a balance.) Gk. ) L. (E.) O F Delirious.E. away. fF. down gradus. O. dignare.-L. rank. the letter A answering to Ileb. llneare^ to mark out. (Gk. di.F. down . to liberare. (F. of dehiscere.. of tollere. DeL. dcificare. pp. 'to deifie. cajole. rank orig.) M deem li.) . O. stem of pres pt. 1310 (Haydn). . tcr.Late L. pleasant. libcnlre. delirus. Delf. deliberatus pp. F. L M. M. M. L. inceptive of hiare.-L) F. L/) O F. a step down (used of L. i. (with from L.) a stem of O. degree. deludere ( pp. 134 to dig. vb. deifyen. to wash away. neut.-L. Ir. . L. to free. de-its .' dileer. g-lci$i\ a track. a funow. L. a chosen deputy. ^L. .) M. and lira. . amuse. L. deigtt-. (F. Deliberate. ii.(dis-} apart. probably allied to delicatus. Cot. to entice. Late L.F. (F. L. pp. by-form oidignari. Sec below.) delinquent-. de. to mock at. (F. to be wet. I harm. Dilatare is from dilatns. . pp. (Dn. luere. about A. (E ) M. deigncn.(dh-^. L. to cast down. to delicia (or delitia. to put off. carefully weighed and stairs). Tent. a washing away. Dehiscent. dllucre. offlS?L. from libra.) L. Delegate. formerly Delf.) A coined \\ord ' delayer. madness. of deitas. failing in duty. down lildere. Skt dcva-. away. gaping. delight. (F. deity. suffix "Oti^\ (L. to throw. Deign. dei-. Delft. F. dign(i}cr. dclci- L. deify. to worthy. daiva-. delicious. to librare. < L/) From L. a dale. deign. 71. <X ^ ) pp of delegate to ffe. due to facere. /<//*/ Late L. to cast down. G. Gk. dilaier\ also dfc/<?r (Godefroy). pi. to wash. type *daljom see Dale. dtUe. Sax.) Earthenware first made at a step. detectable -L delectabilis. .E. of detcere (dencere\. to set free. S^AT/TT^/J. dalcth. F. E Delectable. Cf C). from liber free. delight. deliten. adooi of a tent.-L. . The town was named from its delf or canal . hist ere. allied to Lave. L dclectare. scent-) stem ot pres. deluen. delay. (Gk. of dclere. and -/fr~. L. di. noxious. deletus. E. refined. which would properly give O. delai. depute. of deificare. deliqtiebcere^to become liquid Delinquent. deifter. delivrer. a destroyer. d?//Deleterious.. D. (* -L. delectable -F.-O. From L.) L. (L. *#/'. DELVE . Misspelt for dclite. L. delicia. for deus t God . difficulty. L. leisa. deist. defeired. and diiius. from. to weigh. dclitcr. borne. Der. to fail. (F.-}. from llnca. dc. to sketch in outline. dia. 547. verb. de. oiig.' (Orig. (L. dainty. deute. L de. deitatein y Godhead. iacere. furrow. G.^ien-its. (L. F. to become liquid. gape. cf. fre- dell. delicious. lique^tcre^ inceptive See Liquid. ace. Der. pp. Phoenician. pleasure. liicre. the name of the 4th letter of the alphabet. dilatare^ to defer. to destroy. F. </tT . d(~. deijicat-ion.) deite. See Legate. divine. sustain. rqpios. bear set free. accounting as gods. a god See Tuesday. Skt. E. ak7 down gape open. M. pt. ) From pp. L. A. fo'Ara. Delay. Gk. to yawn Hiatus. delect tire see Delectable. spelling with at causes a L. thoroughly. de. dei-. O. diluuitim. Brugm. digmis. to consult. Qidfltnqitere. de. to make. Gael.DEGREE gradarc. sb. . . L. de. Late L deliciosus^ O. worthy. L. allure. legart) to erase.. for dens. E. put off. W. (F. . L.considered.^/-<?.) 1 a line See Line. ST. L.) L. . to lift. . delibcrdre.) L. Deist . to 66. L. luxurious . Delve. from. 5foy. going out of the in sense to L. a step. (L. Late M. 1 s t . F. It answeis uhich 1^ also adopted into English mad lit. dcliccre^ to amuse (below). E. a god. delegates . (L. deiectus. delit us} .) DeU. .-L. delightful See quent. Delve. fonn Qiliquere.) For Gk. lacere. away.) o. linqitere. to omit one's duty.^r/. Deluge. deL. Deliver. a town in S. Delineate. (X ) L. L. with suffix -ist.^ deificus. deite. F. A. of L. delin-nm. Deliquesce. . apart . see Deity. de. to delight . and to L. F. Deject. the same. ' \ . F. injure. from . S. with !>umx -^/^. (L. L. see Delicate. See Grade. to leave. of delicere^ to allure. Gk. away. Deify. L. L. dutv. L. L. delay. licious. delicious. Cart. ^Aco/mi. from gradus. (F.) Der. delus-ion^ from the pp.K. point. cf Cf. Deity. . Delude. Delta.

) L.. v. Q.down. from Demi-. (L. F. for ST/^OJ. (F. decease. lady. demandc?-. intus. fiom memsti'um. Jnana}. F. Demure. demount. deinzcin also denzeiii). a \alley. F. from a-y-eiv. ni\ pi. . Denary.-Gk mocraty (Milton) rule . L. L. H. S. bitant.) O. pt. to delay. for Gk.) From pp. ST^O-. a tree . Mod. ftieretl^ to deseive. people. though often much perverted. of pp. Demur. of L.) Made. democratic. i elating to tens. d&nwn. . to . to behave. genius. desmise.D. transference. Sec Menace. de ( L. down. whence also F. L.-L. to conduct. ([<. . dtma(F. <5m'o//m. desert . fnfir}. Gk. Demijohn. from moles. a spelling of demi-. See Monster. M.G. and . L. The F. from L.) * 01 merly dttinon* L. dr/nonstrare. to hesitate. also a fault.-L. Gk. G. down. reflex. dcmoliss-. F. fully. deinz. fl5?. middle see Medium. with suffix -tse (==. other demctje. Span. L. ace. calm. from mora. Gk. to M. dimitdesmettre. from Late L. Demean --- Cf.. behave (2). dame (Sp. O. . dama]. to (L. L ) demen^r. and L. shape. F. a naturalised citizen. form is right as it stands. a cave (Kilian).) cave. Cf. F. Ii dtim.mmdn Demoralise. Demolish. meur (F. delven\ bite. to conduct. hollow out. 0. E. morals. to commission. E. tere see Dismiss. . F. dcmoliie. rf?. L)u.(\\ and the adj. piece often (as-es). inandare. de intus. from. dotfen. Demean brid . (Span.) A. Kpartiv. Demesne. dendminaie. Brugm. demi. marcar. des (L. a fiom pp. L. by the people. ten by ten. Demean L. de. of L. mass. ma t tints . I. -iser. lower. allied to dcnu. 6o?. to demandarc. fully momtrare. mind. (F. dc. to pull down. del/an. default. a woul of German origin .) From pp. a portent. Dendroid.) O. to displace. to M.) M. gogite.-Gk.L. like. minare. merit. Prom damaj uana. dis-\ apart. to drive out of one's mind. 'L. de. fully. demarcation.Span.Gk. as opposed ioforein. to M. 87?/io/f/>a7w. O. denicreie. -etSrjs. (K - Denizen. dis-.^ (F. N. = Jeanne (Sp.^ . within.'Henl. (IO Pp of the old \erb to de. demand. to diive .~L. F. 276. Late I . a good sense. Formed by adding the suffix -em ( L. 8?7//-oy.} Formerly de- Gk. . t. Y. de. half. to Gk. 521 (2). dismiss.L. to delay fully L. mure. E. Democracy. to ta iy hence. Denominate. demercri. a god. merere. F. conduct. F. . to deseive L. D. mean.** A.. From F. F. (F. Coined by pierixing de. M. d-. leading. (F. F. to name. a coined wotd. Demonstrate.) XlVcent. Cor. to lead. -i(tiv\ See Moral. demeanour. I impart. . d^midium. to corrupt in F. Marque. popular government. M. . (Gk.E. . in . Jane. within. (i). E. L. (Hydebase. a (L.) } lo threaten. form. but not of Eastern origin. (K-L. See Mean (2\ Demented. ment-. from . demarcation (see L. L. L. detnoliri. . allied to Interior.(i)). demenen. and inchoative stem of demolir^ to demolish. Demagogue. guide. see away Demarcation. . fully . see Mature.. i. itie (F. denl { *decdenarius. m (F.4. vb. L. spirit. order. requiie. denn. ttyfjiaycayvs. denne. den A. Demon.+Dv. O. and O. to demean. 5a(/icv^. a country-district. K. F. dement e. show fully. Demise. demeitrcr. L. and (F. moral.) From Span. O. of L. merit ill desert. dl.H. half. Also Demy Den. Russ. trust .) F. to show. M. mark.-L. -aneus^ to O. DENOMINATE L. Much disputed. mad. like from the prefix De. morari. down. to debase. inhaL. demure. now spelt dans. containing ten. q. a retinue. de. apart . tryoryosr. mature. also demesne (with silent ) spellings of Domain. also the people and Cf. delay. L.M. late L. F. L. stem vimt'ns.. See Merit. (in a good sense). S. L. demorarl. demenbee (X\ cent. deal/. dcmenen. of L. mature. d<?moialiw. heap. ten. St'i^po v. ^F. L. dottelben. E. used in the Liber Albus to denote a tiader within the prnilege of the city franchise. (F. (F. dcmentare. (i . Hence denier.) & popular leader. dame-jeanne cf. dementum.) Gk. de. half. demeinc. to rule.-L.) . to endemand. pp.DEMAGOGUE A. cattle.(see De. from . fully wetter. O. L. Demand. dec-em. denarius.) O. conduct. di--^- v medius. Joan. manage. fern. Cot. Demerit. (L. F. (L. a kind of large bottle.) i. demise. moral. See N. from within.F. de.) Formerly dtynscin. L. L.

.' hair. L O. stem of hang down or from. desL. down ponere. down.) Node. Picture. i. (L ) L. the undoing of a L ) F. to lament over. (L ^ L. . pp. of dens. dent if Depopulate. arid F. Denounce. a tooth. stem of dens. Coined lavage by means of multitudes.Y. F. L. fully plorare. apart djnoucr. See Negation. to give O. . quiet oneself. densus. to place. dc(F. de. Dint. Deposit. (F. positer. depart ir. Cf. to lay. lit. (F. denunciation. pilare. L de. 136 . O F. Deny. to displace. with derivatives fiom \->. denien M. poser. plorer. *depildtdrius. deny. decl. L. L. vtdeplere.DENOTE DEPOSITION L. Cf.. F.) O. (L/) L.L. to hang. adj. (L. dcntitionem. a thing to be given to . poser. to unroll. a knot. Cot. partir. deposition. (F. not found. from (F. denouement. oideus. knot. . Deploy . de. denti-. pp. Deport. tooth-powder. hang on. from ndmin-. and Gk/) O. from nudus. to lay bare. Depend. to deOrig. not are. plicdre. ticiilus. to part fiom away from partire. to part bee Part Depart. L. from L. se deporter.) to testify. see Dental. neut. pp. to pluck out hair. de. nomen. to lay down (above). fill with dentition. depoutdre. extend. Depilatory. de. to depict. depilatoire (Cot. from . (L ) L. to forbear.dat. a tooth poputdre. L.) (F. cognate with K. pend?re. to unfold. (F L) ME. deposition. Denunciation see Denounce. L. (F. to lay bare. of L. ^f Much confused to deny fully. a tooth. to carry down. (L. Denote. of pp. ongm. L) . a tooth. (L. Denouement. dentdtus. Tooth. O. (L ) L. away.) O. L de. L. de. de]. Brngm. doublet of Display.) From 1. a tooth Denude. from a L. de.Blount. ace. (F. neut. ing. . F. . deL. ponerc. L ] See Plenary. to declare. Der. dt. L. from nodus. re- make fully baie. den- . i. furnished with teeth. fully . L. to entrust Obs. 851.-L. deportdre. to L. God. (L. a mark.Depict. away. Der. O A den s. a depositing. des- Deplore. depend? e. denndare. down. Der. denuntiare. in imitation of M. L. of depmgere. dentifrice. Deodand.F. see . dentifncinm (Pliny). to from dare. See . 'Depletion. L) L. to depend. dtployer. a name . F. of dandus.-L. dis-. fully pingere. L. F. to fill. dentist. dc(F. vSee Position. Depletion. of deponere. I Deponent. to empty. to cry out. denier. See Nude. negdre. to pluck < away hair.dentiste. See 1'oimed. See Pendant. -alts) fiom L. ace. a little tooth. pp. to lay down. of deponere'. earlier form deneier. F. to cut teeth. to undo a knot nodare. dcportcment. dent-. from pilus. L dis-. behaviour ^f Foi the varying senses. L. from L. L. Dent . from. people. (F. . deporter. See Nuncio. down. to rub. lit Note. deticgdre.-L. de. depend?) c. dispertire. dent-. de(X F. removing hair. to mark out. L. unfold F. of dentire.) Med. F. to knot. .) . d<?0. as 'L. fric-arc. vb. (F. to bear. in Late L. dcpild-re. from nuntitts. to populate. fully populdre.) M. from nota. See below.. decl. God dandum. fully. deporter. . sb. L dentitus. stem of to fold.^ Formed with suffix >al (F. . a tooth. bare. F. de. L. Brugm. people sec People. to tell. plere.(L. dentated. de. endure . F. depositionem. one who testifies.) F dtnoter. -at. F. weep. . to be given. iiQmpopulus. denti-. L. depositus. apait. to shown under Pose. toothed. see Deponent. nuddre. 15^. to place. dc. thick -f-Gk5a<rvs. L. wail. L. a messenger. to lay waste . Dense. stem of dens. fully. dent-. L. con- den se. pp. X nunfiare. double dimm. cutting of teeth denticle. to open out. a thing laid lay down. (F L.L. to of dent tt w. also iin late L. an emptyJboimed. deportment. . dis-. stem of dens. to paint fully. from L deplctus. (F.denoncer L. (J-) From pp. (L ) ploier.. depositum. to name. paint. L. rue. to mark.F.L. L. depictus.L. stem of dens. down notdre.) Formerly used as a pp.) Y.). denunciatus. deponent-. L. see Noun. <?r L) deplorare.-L. L. Depose. of Gk. to prive of people or inhabitants. move with extended senses in Late Latin. to divide. thick. stem of the pres pt of deponere. in imitation of repletion.

from siecus. de. lit. ascetic. to pray against. see Sacred. fully . Der.L. vb. apart. to serve. See Rivulet. de f down. de. poor a . L. cognate with E.. pp.) secrare or dSiacrare. See Precious. . dcpr&dan. F. O. L. from re-. crooked.' Dervis. pp. off. undress. careless dress.Stpetv. Depreciate. (F.) O. L. a thing deserved. O. dh (L dis-}. to See Serve. F. lo cut L. to account as sacred . (F. to rend.) fem. </<?. store. short form of F. L. desiccare. dens-ive.. O ^ and cner. to de(Godefroy).) O. away . un. merit. Depth . profane. Deprecate. dtsigndre. sacraie. O. to lect. de. one deputed. L. . skin.) M. North F. Depute. (L-). from (Godefroy). siceare. drain off water.) From Descant. de. prey .) L. to ask. a variation and cant-us. see Deep. See Cant (i). vb.F. des. of depositits. F. a kind of crane. deriver. Dirk. away. to job. to cleanse. a kind of song. poor (Horn). deservir. the gallows depot. to write . see (L. and ridere. of L. desert. Descend. L. hangman . formerly desO. a refiain. . a depost* O. price.) M.. of L. to design. F. depre^sus. relinqucre. dis-t apart. F. F. L. detract from. L. L. ed. pp. pp. down. . lit. undress. from .K. to make L. see Prey. L. deserve. dis-\ descrire> O. Describe. to to denote. Arber. of L. fully. (L. de. pi he of office. to flay. pp. precari. from leave. to pray. Precarious. 5>/. description^}.io See Private. L. to serve fully. publish. d?sertnm. Sins of London. F. dSt away (negative). to deserve . (F. from stream. dereUctionem. (L. Scan. to leave behind. See Scribe. to cut off. Tear. to deserve.\n F. Zend dii^u-. Desiccate. Dietrich A. back. L deriuare. dc(L. orig. desert"bere. p. F. of deservir. . iiompnzda.) Gk. away . . rogdre. depreiiare. to cry. luler of the peodric. neut.F. descnvre.) Grig. .-L. type *depressdre . L. rengier. (F. (F. dervish. to dry up. Diederik answering to G. d&h<ibiller. (F. (Gk. to repeal a law. in Late L. (whence L.-L) derive. H G L rangier. dry.) Late L.-L. propose a law. pray to remove. Represser L. S.) fully sciibere. desert. (Du. From pp. F. dcseruire. gare. 17. . of derelinquere. fully . Desecrate. depraved. see Range. priuare.L. describe O. deroL. neutr desert. laugh at. densits. to range (L. to dress ^. do\\n. </<?. (2). to L. pp.-L. also to impute. -L. depraver.F. Cot.) From pp. to press down. distort. fully. descry discern. kabiller. abandon.DEPOT F. Desert Derive. Cf.L. to laugh down. a waste.) dtranger ) to disarrange </is-.E. rangier. (F.-L. to proclaim. of deprimere. deprecarl.dcputer\ Cot. to plunder. descrtbere. seruire. <tf?. (L. O. darvish. Dereliction. L. L. Dervish. (F. pp.-L. Derogate. discantus. \\ aste . pittare. 137 . ' Du. to laugh.) From pp. of L. premere.ta. (L. Depredate. L. deserter. L. F. vitiate. descendrt . to dry. kind of singing. away. see Desire. DESIGN Derrick. scandere. . L. de. L. a thing laid down (hence. in a song. deprivcr Deprive. to climb down. F. .) _ depo^itum.) F. (i). (F. and hnqnere. Dierryk.-L. . professed poverty. to write. degrade. derldere. Der. from de. down. of deserttts. to deprive. riuu s. down destine. Derm. de$LateL. depraudre. . to press.- Gk.E. of dcpitter. Desert serere. Depress. also to drain. frauus.) O.) O. to join. (F. dcput-y. (with change of sense due to O. L. Seven Deadly . apart).-L. people. from L dis-. pp. dessacrer. designer. deserte. to a Deshabille. de. deprTvdre. (F. t crooked. - (F. L. ) Derange. complete negpp. to L. t/<?. (F. fully. Deride.(JL. see below. L.. descant (O. see a song. to climb .-L. (F. and O. depute. Design. to describe. See Relinquish. of L. down pretium.dhhabille. of deserere.) From pp. From pp. dcscendere. of L. pncddrt. to consecrate. Desiderate . M. F. de. dc\(rtptus L. from O. See Rogation. who a Persian monk. (Pers. F. down . apart. de". a wilderness. stored) . F. L. See Deprave. (L. dereltcfu*. Dekker. of dsponere see Deponent. d. to drain dry. to lower the price of.) M.) M. (F. complete abandonment. depntare. L ace. L. descryen. depratien.) and named from a see T. Sense affected by O. to forsake. chant^}.) Pers.

. and G. away. tattler to cut . (F. master of the house. of de struerc (above). husband. and *stanare. pp. F. to contemn. Gk. Brugm. . forsaken from serulre.F. despercn. ace. O. opposed to ton-*uc*<. cf. Skt. despondere. master of the house/ The ' ' *dems. ' . a desperate man. (F. desservir. desk-. mark down. to look down on. ^F. despis-. L. (F. stem of the pres. desist.) M. SeffrroTrjs. (2) to despair). O. a disc. dcspeir-. destructtis}. oidestderare (above). to make lonely. spicere. (i) fully. a small part. desister. causal of stare. to forsake. aco. E.. left Desperate. Ital. L. I set. L. despit. spite.. 'a desk Horio. as in sper-es. desuhus.) O. Gk. Skt. (L-) L. fully . Despond.' horse to horse. pp. ace. down. to do ill service to also.F. to stand. destmare. to hope from sper-.F. of dhuescere. F. Destine. de. (L. of desperare. F. ' (F. to mark. . L. support. L. ' a peece-mealing. O. spoliare^ to strip plunder. L. de. destniire (F. (F. (2) to give up.-L. (F. pp.) O. L. detacher <#--().desuetudo. L. iroats.-L.E.) fully. ofdestftre t L. a master lit. to long for. L. allied to L. O. detains. belonging to a de'sultor hence.) . a scale. Destroy. Cot. dis. jumping from one thing to another. saUre^ to Despoil.ere\ see Custom. Despatch see Dispatch. F.) O. fiom signum^ sign. L. .) M. Span. de. to regret. to despise. for TV. tache. signare. O. . Peihaps (Jike consTderare] allied to sidus. . solare. L. 603. L. pp.) M. . ' .Y. L. to disuse. L. desttna. down. despectus. The syllable TTOTi. (i) to (L. Detach. M. of d'esolarc. a tyrant. to stand. F.DESIRE denote. see Species. Desolate. (L.. de. dam-pati-. dftruire Ital. Cf. despit. pp. Brugm li. (L. desiderate. disuse. design.T. to destine. (L. des.) L.) Detail. dcstiner.ate. (L.E. L. vb. and to Potent. deslderdre. pp. a prop. ofl". L. yield (hence. L. 1128. Destitute. despight. away statuere t to place. L. dcspic-able. 408. miss. solitary. squama. also retaile. dist ruggere}. . de. desperattis. of despire. L. set vir. pi. detailler. despoliare. sirer. despectum. Desultory. Lat. (Span. F.E. from solus. F.-L. a nail. d<!pou{ller}) to despoil. inconstant. pait. L. de^istcre.) deske. (F. Desist. de.desultdnuSyWig. regret. : . L type *dei>triigere stem of desperer. look down on Der. selling by parcels to cut into pieces. from I. M.?. promise L.despoiller(.) \. &c.-L. in Chaucer. (F. (F.) destruction.) C). O. miss. to cause to stand. Attach. Cf. destroien destruien.) pp. from spolinm. to unfasten. to L. de t down . hopeless. to to put away. a sloping stare. de. desdespair. (L. alone L. down away . Med.= Idg. O. pp. to pile up. cease. <?-). C. (above). shtere. . desperare dcstruere. despotus. spight . contempt. O. L. of a house syllable cf. pati-. hatred. dcsquamure^ to remove scales. despisen. Desuetude.-L. F. Der. des-. to despair. fully . Cot. Dish. F. (F. away. to pull down.-Gk. desttetus. down fully . spondere> to promise. a star. Der.-L. of destituere. . L. also to to stand fiom Desk. See Disc. to long for.(L. desert: the last course at dinnei. F. or from .L. L. to look . tack see Tack.) L. down struerc. DETAIL L.) ^. de- look down. as if to turn the eyes from the stars. spoil .-L. desca. of despiceie.E. (K L. F. Despair see Desperate. from sperare. to oidam. destruct-us. ratus. table. pp. spican. de. alone.. to serve. desperado. allied to deto spicerc. despite. to despise. lord. destmr.9 From Desquaxnation. F. Despot. (F. de( below). of spes> hope. of clothing. of discus. see Spoil. . destruct? one m\ from . al&o still.) O. a scaling off. . or a detail. Cretic aravvo). derivative of stare. detachment. Desire.(L. discum. table. F. de. . de- M. Dessert. . de. structionI. det down. desideratus. to take away the courses at dinner. unbuild overthrow (pp. 5e<r. L. of L.Y.) Q. dis-\ apart F. to stand. tonic peiren. one who leaps down. ' grow out of use. O. desperado. Med. a desk. to lose all hope. deslitutus. O. pp. of despectus.) t -F. is allied to Gk. desco. despot. de. \^. ordain.. (L. specere. to leap leap. of dhperare (above) Despise. Q.) L. deL.) L. L.. see Tailor. fiom L. desultor. to put. to place alone.

voidier.) . F. detester. two. a throne. imprecate evil by calling down the gods to witness. (L. tencre. suffixes -ter-ior. Device. to loathe.F.(L.). dis-. the devil. away. (L. de. and M. O. dis-). detention (from the pp. two (above). which . to lay waste. across.F. dis-^. to lub down. Devest. of deterere. to explode. See Throne.) Late L. nasfus. lit. M.) deuotd\ due to detwided.) L. Detest.-L. quite void. it is the other way). Devoid. though in F. dtioitmer. M. from O.M. with comp. (F. from. (F. de. at cards. &a\\civ. expose. verb (which is from the sb.-L. L. O. deui-us.) From a O.) Fiom pp. O. down .or vohtp-. orig. Scvrfpovo/juov. dtL. an exclamation on throwing the deuce or two at dice. desvestir. to divide . L. O.) F. Develop.) tonare. From pp. M. tits-). (L. deL. in E. (F.-Gk. pre-detemnne. de. fully . to devest. and the base velop. tergere. detest ari. . terere.) Determine. L. (F. away.-Gk. \^. de. two* duos. to throw Gk. (L. from . traduce. dttouf a a winding way. devis. (F. (F. to wipe off. Deuteronomy. pp. to throw. see Detain. de(L. L. to clothe. . to hold. as it was a losing throw. L. law. to wrap up see Lap (3).(L. (F. (F. deterior. the devil. deteriorate. pp. deterL. and . de duns ! the deuce (Bremen Worterbuch) G.) of dStonare.F. SctVcpo-?.) L. L. trudere. #WGk. unthione. (L. uastare. See Gk.) L. from the pies.-L. it? a. 'L. devoir. a witness. F. of L. 8ioAos-. also dons. Qpovos./. off. of detegere. aside. way . L. L. trahere. also a dnision. of deuoiden . detractionem. dous. E. (L. Devil. (F. .'L. Detrude. des. also a judgdevice of ment. testari. off. of dJteriorare. to frighten from. pp. -L. to frighten. d. device. detoL. L. detail. L. way. open out. of L. F. end. determinate.-L. devise.) o. de. F. to wipe off. sb. a withdrawal . See Turn. in fen (deviscri). to bound. pp. see Debt 139 . dinJsttm. to cover. This base lepresents Teut. (above". way.. down. to turn. Gk.) From velopei O. and fern pp of dnridere. slander.(L. to unclothe. "Wrap. L. (devoiden). Formed from de. desvoidier. deofol. desvuidier. L.-L. to witness. to unfold.) O. - . a boundary. . Detonate. to bound. dstectus. de. away. wipe. going out suffix -cus. see Void. . apart .-F. down . with L. ace. see Device. also to dispaiage. . Doublet. E. ace.L. detrudere. O. down. neut. (LowG. to owe . F. tonic stem dStine're.E. E. down .-L. deveir. loss . vo^-os. as in M. deuteronomium. to uncover. E. to explode. * a rubbing detri-tus. Der. A. (L.) L. tegere. Deuce duty. to owe. DEVOIR O. down. to hold L.) used as a sb. from adj.- second . . (F. de. to M. from testis. Der. M. pp. to draw. uia. circuit verbal . dSoful. desvoluper. away . F.F. of detrattio. plan. F. pp.) M. to thrust down. wlap-. dftrimenhtm. dc.-L. a two. uestlre. with suffix -mentum. detriment. to thrust. dc. to empty out. O. L. See Tegument. ! deuce Low (2). See Terror.F. debere. dStentus. vuide. natm.' Cot.S Detraction.) diabohis derer. Detriment. terrere. adj. to gcre. F. &d. de. to make woise.-L. to turn aside.'-L. of the Dethrone. de.) devise. Detain.) From L. worse. (F. tertmnare.F. a division. L. deviser. uartare. dis-} . (So also in-ter-wr from tn.F. detrac- L. N (L. O. of back detenir. dens (F. hence a taking away of one's credit. (F.) L. apart. 8ta&d\\eiv. devious. a second giving of the law. F. O. sb. F. to lay waste. (L. see Term.) //<?. L. thronus.F. (i). Detect. Detention Deter. see Divide. to empty. from F. (F. devise} a Late L. (F. Teut. of duo. L.) L.) a plan. O. wlappen. deux]. deuys. (L. see Belemnite. L. from. to empty. 'to des. devoir. diirisa. the slanGk. to execrate. (L. through. apart ioumer. across. L. der daus ! Orig. see Deviate. waste. Der. deiuse (devys. Gk. dcterg-ent.DETAIN I>er. dtvehpper. Detour. (i).F. defcrf/ ~Lt. . divest Deviate. Devoir. pt. itiare. Deterge. empty . desfrom voidc. pp. to rub.F. from te) minus. detraitus. of detrahere y to take away. to go out of the way. See Trite. devis or devise. deterrere. apjjears also in envelope. de.F. G. Deteriorate. des- fully. L. fiom Gk. to thunder. Trace Devious Devise. Devastate.) desthroner.

(for 5k). tiatcjTtie6s. (F. dew. E. through Gk. prefix. (L.) mant. down. F.) \. apart . \^. Diaeresis.) L. of dcitouere . W. ion from the pp. right.) Turk. dialecte.Med. see Pan-. (L. a fillet. Staof an ir&ffSjv. -f-Gk. Gk. Gk. G.i1 Dhow. acioss. Gk. knee. diaconal. discourse. (Gk ) between. *.) Devote. /Jttrpti>. twice. corner. di-. Gk. dialogue. dey. diametre. Gk. language. . to devote. dao.-Gk. Diameter. 5i<i. didconus^ a deacon devilish. deuot (devot} O. Tent type *dauwo-. See Voracity. an angle. See Adamant. (L. deheu. See Vote. ! Gk. right hand. L. concord of first and last notes ' ' octave. so also Ital. diagramma. ( ' Devour. demant. The Skt. dhav. pp. frequent old sense Ber. Cot. yuvia. than.) L.Y. dia- altered form of Gk. Dia-. gamut. excessive discharge of urine. Dialect. fully s. prefix. Gk. . S. dtagonahs^ lunning from corner to Gk. an officer. yvw<ris } enquiry. E. bend. plan). Mod. dauw. F. a L. li. Sid. dial . to stand with diabetes. Sid. on the right between. E. tinctive. to vow. dvis. adamant dmrnant^ M. to roll L. -L. ( F. dPumiere.) a pair of compasses. gamut (hence. also spelt devoute. Skt.) M. . a measure . sketch.) Gk. southern. uouere. Turk. to be strong. from yvwvai^ to know. 8ia0aiviis. deuoluere. SidSrjfJia. devolutof devolve was to transfer. (F. (F. d?aw. the devil Diaconal.-Gk. a1p from alpiv to take. deuotus. (F. Gk.) M. word (Yule). a governor of Algieis. (F. sec Knee. (L. O.) bhorter form of dis. (i). . to speak. Gk. doggvar]. daksh. L. d?. Gk. Gk. diary.) L. an octave. to ' . (F.) L. Come. de. Diadem. Diagnosis. did. dexter. to. gen. 8iaypd<{xiv..) M. concord of a note with its octave. Gk. E. Gk. to gulp . (Gk. a slave ship (?). (Gk. devot . to measure. 6(a.) didconalis. through all the notes. belonging to a deacon.) variety of a language. f. through. hand side. biAllied to Two. and Irish deas (the sameV cf. I discourse. right. diareris. Gk. the legs apart (like compasses or a siphon). day . scientific determination of a dis- (Gk. -Late L. dogg feen.. Siayvcujffi s.) Mid. plan.K. day. \ I &aAf/nw. in Algiers. (Gk. } deu. Gk. dialectus. I bind. the line measuring the breadth across or thickness through. diamond. a siphon. to run. dakshma. .O. allied to Bi. between . devohltus. a conversation. dialis.. F. pp. bind (whence daman. allied to Skt. . taihswa. Gael. pr. 5i<i7pa/u/>ta. devoted. dtalogum. meter .Gk. apait. of was. (y^DE. Brugm. cf. fern. a disease. through . apart. norare. dak$ha. Diabolical. ) ataking. dies. see Deacon. to separate. Diabetes. 707.(2\ and to Two. F. from L. A. Ong. a mark Gk. see Dis-. Diamond.) F. dmdeme. I Gk. hence a plate for shewL. Dey. y mark out by lines. dialect. I discourse (above). bring or transfer itoluere. devolve}.-L -Gk. dianiant. fiaivftv. * fl" A L. except dial. Diacritic. iangua language unknown. diamante. allied to y6vv. Gk. 5tci. describe. harmony. tfa. ace. dvi-. 5mAo70y. Skt. f.L. . through. a garland). Staipfffts. to run. Gk. (L. Dan. but not an Aiab. Gk. ' a figure. &<4/8oAos. Goth. xpiveiv. F. ^[ In nearly all words beginning with dia-. Perhaps allied to Skt. Dial. Briigm. E. 8ct6s. to roll. F. bis. Diapason. Arab. crown.) M. deuot fire to consume. a fillet. SM. dialogue.Gk. a scale.Jo dhtotus. a discourse. to write. Gk. -fL. a disease accompanied with Gk. (E. dis* prefix. of vb. see Devote. lit. L. Devout. dag$. (L. Gk. (F. L. twice. down. eat up. diagonal.) irSawv. \ relating to a I ing the time of day. (2). ) L.) ^ Staicpivcw. . afterwards.Gk. 140 . Di- Gk. Gk. Gk. devorcr (i p. to judge. dew. Std. diaXfyofjiai.) DIAPASON . L. see Devil. tinguishing. L. ( orig. - . Gk.) piefix. fdrpov. see \ffftv. Diagram. diamctros. apart. through. vow fully.-L. (F. ofdtafogus. down to. .DEVOLVE Devolve. (F. Span. dakshina-t on the right or south. dug Swed. Dew. apart. . dai. Dexter.dtabohc-us. double. 5mA7o^at. pi. and O. Diagonal.) dividing. clever Skt.-L. fully . flow . 5moAick. Gk. between . G. Gk. apart. Gk. a <r/y. devilish.+r>u. (L. L. chieftain.' Gk. 5^-w. to go .. Icel.223. did. 0iv. 8mL. L. . all (xopti&v being understood) . diapason. Gk. 5/d. ypaQw.) 'L. of separation. . * ' f. a diaL. F. diadema. a whole octave. a maternal uncle. dc. light. (L. Staydwios (the same). L.

a fine cloth. (E. or diversific Cot. docere. -Gk. stretched out). Gk. davtt(e]. instructive. a cup. Prov. . dieta.E. dfiKvvfj. to dictate. cup-shaped hollow. diapered the verb diaprer. costly cloth (Bartsch) also Late L. diatnba. Gk. L. dice def. Sid.) Late A. dez. base is *dau.) rium. L. . 8ta/ra. touiven. M. Prov. diatribe. a day. L. frequentative of duere. to lose life. a drawing asunder. decwia. datui. dtyja\ Swed.) <f>6prfffis } through to bear Gk.-L.Tovw6$ from Stdrovos (lit. word (above). white (see N. Late L. G. of M. L. diasprus. v." Late Byzantine * ' above. diet. (F. dictionem. a bird. Dicker. de&r). E. sudoiific. Med. K. a saying. to Late L. daily fare. to give. teach ( *dt8aK-aKew) allied to 5oif/. pioceeding by tones. Brugm. to Diaphoretic. to flow. DIET L. Late L. midriff. rpifictv. a mode of F. Used as bing. *dau-jaft (Icel. F. discere. fully. latei diapre. publish. dtctatus. dec~tm.-Gk. Gk. i of life. to rub. a F. . enclose. (F.) M. ) F du fwfi L. i. allied to fyaivav. to carry. diction. see from Gk. discussion. y apart. . Gk. Gk.Q tell. lobes. 5ta. 'a flowing through. (F. diaper. with suffix -ons. Diastole. a learned disputation. L. debit. dado. Diatribe. vidictio. fadpfioia.) . (F. 5iinstructive. Icel. SKMpav-rjs. F. S. (L. (Gk.DIAPER Diaper. ace. L. a set often. i. L. d^e. Didactic. to put aside or apart. carry causing Goth. from KorvXi). to discuss.) Gk. -f-Gk. Der.-Gk. fylle . did. a die (F. 8id.) M. do. point . waste away See Date (i). (F. diaspres. diet. regimen. (Gk.) a Gk 8iao"rrpos. O. 650. diete. H. lit. by making holes. ten. thoroughly. Skt. a plant with two seedFrom Gk. Cf. Diatonic. of cf.) L. zeigen. Gik. (by perspiration). 5frojuat. hence applied toa die for casting lotb. (L. StarpiGk. diarrhcea Diarrhoea. diete.t J I to shew. Ionic for 5xoyuaf. E. Cf. to </>*/></. Dead. talk (F. F. saying. L. to waste time. a ration of food. wholly. Dib. diet.17.) Cf. I accept cf.). dia. to dyeii. See Dial. Dice. die. dmspro. to say. dilatation of the heart. de- etymology which connected di&ta (often spelt cftefa) with dies. to form vidab. see a diete. dey-ja}. phragma.) Gk. Diaphanous. &CKTT0A. <aiy0)7. also a diary. dvnpos. dtf. (L. artXXfiv^ to put. (y'DLIK. allowance. also a ation of food. Divedapper. see Dive. to say (below). oidiccre. dice. an instrument for setting plants.G. figured linen cloth. we even 141 . ^f The peculiar use of the woid was due to a popular dibble . Sidtypay/M. to stretch.-f- deyen . Diaphragm. Gk. stem sidictio. &etv. Gk. I dividing membrane. . to Sa/mKos.) A lighter Hence dibber. </>o/>ciV. diaphragmc.E. to teach. tfys. 195. (0. lit. Gk.' Gk. to diaper. to learn. . .-L. dies. dilatation. D. diarium. Gk. Gk. . Gk. parliament. transparent Gk. mode M. Gk. . Gk. a small cube for gaming. out. Tiivtiv. fence in. a jasper . more L. a day. i 207. appoint . The verb is with fiourishmgs formed from O. . but cf. Russ. datum. . i. a. to flow through. 5m$ia<fjopijTitc6s (the same).) </>pao>).) L. tianspaient. diaprd. to shew announce. diete. a dibble. E. dab lightly. KorvXrfifov. whence strangle. Diet ( i ). partition.) Gk. G (VDEK. 5<a. dia^pes. to The Tent. Siatra. double. white money (Dticange) . allied to dicare. dat. dueta. Die (2). of Die (2). Gk. allied see Bear. S<~.~L. often described as blanc (white). 8ia. a wearing away of time. shew. diker Icel. to accuse. between <f>pauu<u (fut. dta<f>optv ) perspiration. dictw. aspen. (cf.) O. pi. waste of time.\. Gk.) (with long (). gateihan. 5ta. Gk. diaphoretiais.) L.' Cot. also used as a sb (tunica de diaspra alba]. apparently formed from pi. (Gk. through <j>av-. #). Death. from Sz-a. ^f Not the same as Ital. see Diet (i). F. dare. (ticiv. k ) L. adj . dtaTtiviv 9 to stietch out. Dab . (E. of usually dees. half a score. foimcd from diction-. SiacrreAAftj'. (Gk. peispiration. Brugm. a thing given or decieed . diaspre. Diet (2). adj pine white. de$an. Dictate. L. Brugm. dictiond(L. pp.-Gk. biSdaKtiv. ' an assembly. diatonic. Late L. pp. (F. Dicotyledon.-L. Die M. L. a public assembly . (Gk. below.) Gk. a die. dictat-or. (Scand. off . Sta^ety. life.) M.) 707. Span. Didapper. ( L . did. . Ital. ttitfta. q. a daily Diary. of dictate. to think. . pp. through . O. Dan. Brtigm. (L. dictionary.

(F. piesee Dictate.) stem of dlligens. Dilemma. . to scatter like stones. Dimension. Dimissory. difficultatem. (L. A. dilater. of L dcciwus. Grade.) M. Irish deim. Cf. (F.-L. Dignity. O. to send. L. .) ME. used as a pp.) L. to love. 5<-. gerere. digue. industrious. to tear. lacerare. dfr. . to CF. <//. and E. select. Dticange. L. ^L. a measuring. 'delightL. L. to tear apart. a dike see Dike. to wash away.Y. dihtan. See Faith. in imitation (below). to trust. to carry apart.(=rfts-\ apart fnndere.) f-Du. dim M. (E. diligent. to distrust. apart . to lessen. L. dila<* used to mean a day's journey ings. pt. of L.widen. lit. broad.) F. apart luere. worthy .-L.-L. dim Swed. Dilapidate. Xrju^a. . a white (Ital. difficiiltee. From giving leave to depart. dT- make. <#/-( > = <//j-). a trench. O. lit. F. for dignus. Swed. paie. facilis. SiXrjfifjia a double proposiL. See r/> (for flfa-). Der. tenth. (L. tenth. to step aside. diligent-.'3). ' ' From pp. (I-. minnere. to carry apart. F. for L. A. tude. vidifffdcre.) diUe. apart . see Facile. easy between two difficulties.(for dis-\ dimittere. wr/ Du.) a day's work and a daily ptdare. Flem. (L. allied to fides. (F. * M. <//- of diligere. of difficultas (for *difficilttas< like facultas dilemma. a dike. Dimity. pp. = digested. q.-Gk. tilh. from the obs.) L. dilettante. (F. of before another judge. Dilacerate. stem of lapis a stone. .) 142 . ace. L.) Differ.L.-L. diguer. to carry. . A. rate. trench and embankment. </?/".(-dt v-). Sec Ten. G. diet are. premiss. digmtce L. an assumption.Y. L. (L. is short for dighted. digm-. dlmisms. <///. ( diminution. Dan. Digit. of dilitere. dismc. (L. . A.) L. See Measure. daik. of dtmetirt. woithiness. from counting on the ringers.) Q.) away. Delectable. giving leave to go E. Dime. the tenth pait of a dollar. prepare. dihtcn. dif. (K. or argument in which one is caught imfacilitas}. L. sepa- Digest. borrowed from L. twice. 'L. a plant. ace. See Legend. di/erer. digestus. to make \voithy. difficulty. of dlmimicre. (F. of digerere. Gk.DIFFER find diata * ' DIMITY . L. to go aside. to E. scribe a finger.S. (F. (E. See Ditch. to assimilate food. to measure.) = dis-}. 762 . diffTdcns. L.(for dis-}. O. r/z^. verb^/V/i/. met in. . ftrre. also to . djgnificare. Jacerc. M. L. dille. diligent. t fog. teick. L. digtiete* L. . Ital. bank.^ Dight pp. pp. L. E.<\.) L. Icel. miftere.Gk. careful. I^. F. dimensus.+ l)u. diminuere. a ringer hence a figure. to make a dike. Du.) F. apart . dilatare. choose between. L. dimiswrius. to pour see Fuse (i). dignitas.) Dilute.) dilacerdre. of O. L. (for flfo-) Dan. G. dis-}. die. arrange . masc. to choose. 1 delectare. (L. di. rfy^. to go. stvn. L. *#/*?. diminution. Brtigm. stem of See Lemma.(for dis-\. dim. pt. F. to diminibh See Minish. A. and dieta for * ' .(for office or duty . of diffundere. See Ijaoerate. dild. of L. to widen. ill. flf/^. mix with water. to measure L. to delight . E. timmer. M. dig. L. E.) F. Swed. di. to pre- Dignt. (L. digest. O.) M. })p. fidere. E. ace. dignitatem. apart .(**dis-\ apart. v. didifferre. di. legcrc. pres. to lessen. difficulte. dililtiis* dill. to wash. apart. (F. to differ See Lati(for dis-\ apart latus. a lover of the fine arts.disriiiJier. pp. 1< L. apart . O. apart.. diffident-. Der. Defer.) ing in. L. dtmma a . tank. to dictate. digit us. M. ) M digest'. -fiedre.) dimem>wnem. apart. tion. Dilettante. H. pp.-L. L. diffusus. to arrange. adorned.. to bear.) L..Icel.-'L. dignify. faith. dissolve. Diffident. to pull down stone build- dTminutionem. Dig. gradi. dignus. Dim. loving (fond). dim. L. See Minute. to shed abroad.-L. daik. S. ' as a pp. Dan. L. figure.(for rf/j-). apart.' Ital. L. difficihs. pond. dccima. -f. dime. O. dimmr. pp. dlminntus. dilcttare. to Dilate. ha/e . L. double. ace. I. see Diligent. apart. dill. dilatorie. S. of L. dtk. delight. F. pres. dif. L. E. to ruin. dilat-ory. of digredi. worthy. L. Dill. Cf. lessen. (for dis-}. 6#/. hard. dille. F. oiT. . (Ital. stuff. G. dfgressus. diki. tion. Diffuse. lapid-. diminn- Dike. ten. H. di.(for </&-). Med. F. fiorn L. G.') M. i. E. Difficulty.Gk. S.\Q set in order. lit. to lit. (F. dimen(F. to send away./. Coined i)iun^h\ Digress. L. a tithe allied to decem. a perplexity. pp. Q. . L. Diminish. fern. (F.

a wing. govern. G. disner. to dive. Gk. . a thing folded double a . dims.) document conferring a StTrAayta. S. . O. Dan M. Diocese. Also an optical instrument for taking heights. to break weak giade of deup-. flowat-ic. dingiung (for *dyng^t'ung. .-Q. Cf. dial.) From Gk. A. olfcf<a. Dominus incus/ in the office for the dead. a blow. dingen. fiom the \Aeak grade of TTCTO/ICU.. dunta..<\. allied to dip. of i. (E. &'Gk. (L. t.-Gk. (F. to see. . (E. Bine. 5f. **#>Late disner. Gk. folded double Gk. adj. dtimb-M^). through . Sioittrjcris. pi.) cise. F. E. a privilege. dunt. two-winged insects. (E.(for fiom Sts). E. iciundre. ditbus. SwirrpiKos. afo.(fut. t a union of two vowelone syllable. </0//^. *dup-jan. of light.DIMPLE dimito (p\. M. to fast. (L. as seen in A.S. Dimple. the native dog of Australia. I fly. Gk. G. to . administration. regere. 5t. dimi(i) a kind of course Florio. a fold.) Beng. pp. Cf. folded. diocise (F.) M. dump. occupy. L. (F. dimble. A. (Gk. d&mpfel. Din. G.(for 5td ). a scene seen through a small opening. a stroke. (E. fern. (L. E. dirigere.(fiiV. made with a double threads. to resound. dynta. thrty. dune lesound. F.) Formerly dfrige. d&n.-L.) M. ' . dyppan. a dunging . H. one's fast. the science of the refraction cesis.danga to bang. Sfi/'etV. tiioiictw. (Romania. dunt. from of/toy. noise Skt. Cf. boat it has become Dire.. (Yule). (Molbech) Du.) M. M. dympufl. Dan. (Gk. Der. G. a hollow in a field dybbel. ditbti.7 a dm. titmpfd. a hollow Ital. dytn\ Swed. (E. Cf. a?i>#. cotton or fianell Late L. (K. dint. vJL. house. later dippan for F. 4. Kfjuros. . to make being used as a sb. 'L. double -irAoo?. a Gk.-L. t. Perhaps from a base *dump-. . 8-. . 8iw\6os. from see Deep. L. dyntr. from dung. H. irrepov. For the pi enunciation. to strike. Dingo. Cf. dyppe. a house see Wick. direct us.) M. oiftoiiai). I see.) M. f. 1 keep province. dungy. Dan. a small double wrv^T/. fasting. from upacu. silk woven with two Gk. a small trTi/^os. a double-folding tablet. roarmg////z/tf. to dip. Wales dingo. iunare. *) M. di&- j . a deep pool. oiig. dingy. cf. E. dhvan. clamour. J. F. Diorama. boat ' as the name of the smallest ship's Dinner Dint. dimitwit (pi. to direct. (}k. Swed. instrumental suffix. to blunt an edge by beating on it O. 'soiled with Diptera. Si. dnngen as a strong verb though not found in A. all weak veibs.(8<V/ double . Of uncertain origin. dinge.) New S. L. (8h).) dung. Dan. Gk. S. (Bengali. folded in two. the of Pimple. E. Cf. dung so also Swed. E. (Gk. boat. 8. ' . pt. in the uppei lip (pres. . M. see Dine. .ate L. (E. dynt. I dwell. E. tangol. through. also. Dioptrics. to dine the infinitive mood the false membrane formed in the disease. dhwn-. Dip. to tlnow violently. double. Cf. dl~ (foi dis-} } apart .') K. S. . Navy. F. ^L. . to fold.ITOS. 5t<J>dinner. a small hollow.) M. a pair of tablets Dingy (with hard^ Dingey. diploma. tumphtlo. G. Gk. 5*^0770?. dioche}.) Gk. dippen. S. to rule. deop. 5t-d. dompelen. fearful. pp. dung . or Scarid. (F. dial. short for *disien~inare. H. dimita). pi. A. in } Hai. Gk. dicngc^\\o.(for 5m\ throughout . also dent. ra ^ioirrpiK& dioptrics. DIRGE Icel. Gk. K. itTvavfiv. base "*o?r. Lith. L. diner. dincn.-L. . dengia. See Optics. (F. ' . M. neut. from dyng^ Diptych. 5t.. with g asy). dyugig. immerge. dipty(ha. relating to the liioirTpa. double /J.) L. stingy (allied to sting).) Grig. L. diocese. Ding. a town. hollow to be hollow &c.-Gk. causal form from the ba&e dup-. -rpa. ]< rom Gk. to plunge. <#//<?/. vm. 5<. a deep dell. (Gk. Fi oni a Teut type *deni>anDingle. a dint. opa^a. beat. dingle. <f>0fyyosounds Diphthong. with two sounds. leather from the leatheiy nature of O. . dyne. a pool.j L.) Gk. supple. a sight. A. f . diwritten teingo in 1798 (Morris). diphthongum. ace.) Diphtheria. I civ out. from Ofpa. a blow. double. (j>8oyyos sound.+ the dirge. woof. 5i(New S. . dyn\ dynnan.Gk. Gk. } . Cf. . Gk. to dine.-L.fiQ'm di^oj^aT-^ stem of 5/irAcy//a. Wales. diploma (^prob. m Diploma. to dint . dio- O. a thread thread. L. from first word of the anthem dirige. of 5tTrriyxa."! formerly dipthong (Ben Jonson). deep ieiumis. a hammer. foice. a similar sense. Icel. legitimately incorporated in the vocabulary of the British Direct. dine. -Gk. Dingy. Dan. licence. dipthongiie. Icel. 95. see Dung.

dirt. bourse. F. apnrt distinguish.D. to reckon Hence O. a skin See Bursar. E. facere. couvnr. make ease. from O. ^ t l . sec Count (2). prefix versal commonly expresses the reof an act. F. dis-. . discretus. apart quatere. imper.L. dis-).-^. of discrepare. disclose. which sometimes becomes dis. also. planet. (F. foV^os. F des. PPDiscuss. to run. . to count. dignus. Disc. Gk. see the simpler For example. a star. discrepant-. stem of decors. F. F. degnunclose. with. des-. F. variance Dirt. E. apart .) M. (F.y apart conof dlrigere (above). to discomfit. F. Cf. apart. . prefix. discours. stem of di^cnmen. descotcvrir. dis-. L. see forms. drit (with corder. O. des.. F. pp. F. L. to preserve. 144 . &-.(L. discord.-L. desaise.) M. ^K. O. together. solattts. L.DIRK dirige. dedegnier. suffix -we. Du. quer. to differ (in sound). sound. (h's. to take out of a purse. . .-L. drijten.(L. to un(disioveren^ cover. quer. ])p. discursus. Discreet. L. of disallied to Jocere. discrepant pait. see Discern. down). make. disciplina. F. birds. des. 744. E. learning. L. apait crepare. f F. pp. to learn L. O. L. dis- sb. dis. dis-}. soldrJ^ to comfort. (F. discuss. (Du. ' . F. O. F. dis-. disciple. (F. woithy. Gk. L.(L. sb. (L. F. for dis-abuse. Ps. discipline\ L. formed from O. (L. (L. E. dolk. ginning with this prefix. astre. cernere.) L. . discus. sb. drete.(cum). to embark see Embark. apart. drit. (Scand. of E. 'L. to run about . also destiny. pp. dts-^ apart . apart see Di-. @vp(ra. fl&jfTr/. to separate. running about L. discipl-ine. misfortune Lit. of discipulus. Discursive. complete. away.) O. ease.F. from L. O. . desembarready. illa disaster. L. See a word of Slavonic origin. F. Gk ) L. discord-. pi u dent. vb.) Discount. . . discnmin-. Polish tulich) a dagger. F. .-L. desbourser.-L. F.) From M. F. E. to crackle. Gk. of discrlminare.) M. apart. (F. Dais. Sec Discourse. F. sb. pj>.(L. L. . to shake asunder in Late L.adj.) L. from Late L.) M. des. Disaster. (F. (F. O. 1602) also dark. to O. excrement of (the same). ^f Irish dwrc. L. O. discomfited. differing. . t ' Cot. (L. L. of desconfire. desalt re. stem of cor. and Ok. DISEMBARK . O. to think worthy. teach see Docile. dhcernere fpt. . heart. disconL. dis-. Solace. fortune. comfortless.apart . discipulum. The comptcr. Discern. is borrowed from E. Disk. a separation. pp. See ier (L. ace. con. (L. dts~. to L. dis-. L. dis-]. O. disdaudere. con. F. apart. Discord. of consolari. F. a quoit.) discursum. dedignari O.) Late L. to unclose. discre-ni]. drTta. sb. to cast. (F. to . to put. with a fortune.) Formerly -.(L. M . of dtscitrsus. somewhat like the E. pres. (F.) M. disdain. discomfit lo have been substituted for L. separate. away. currere. Der. quoit. cf. discrTmindL* tns. (hence. a star. F. and so on. disdeyn. to console (A. verb. desdos-.) O. des. dis-. O. to discern . want of Disease. desdegnier seems Clause. . astrum. a plate. t. F. (F.-L. disconfit. M. Disciple. For most words beverbal prefix ?/#-. F. discoueren O. disdosen Disclose . .-L. to Disembark. discordant. to disdain (with prefix de~. a learner. cernere. abuse . conversation. open. discompl. . dreet. . cern. Icel. F. cord-. Icel. di^cussus. discursus.and confire. ^ O. of discurrere. L. vb. Cf. of discurrere. F. discernere. Discover. 8) sing. Desk. L. a dagger Cf.. L. as in de-feat. Disconsolate. v. Du. desdein. Discrepant. a bag"). 7 Discourse. discussed. daudere. Disburse. See Fact. discere. a Gk. and conficere. to cover. stem of pres. (F. L. a purse. des- (L. O. a dagger. ... a round plate. destoinpter. ace. dis-). back or off. to separate. des. Brugm. Discriminate. to shake. throw. ?) Spelt dork solatus. stem of desdorre.(cum}. to run about. des-. desa poniard. dis-. See Dish. O. Conapart . dis-) aise. to O. pp. -f. a L. bur set. - i.' sinister or bad sense and M. dignari). to be at vaiiance. Perhaps from Du. cutere. to close. l^discorddre L. to separate. Discomfit. from L. from Dirk.) From L. determine.) O. F. See Cover. shifted ?-). F. E. L. diJ-) away embarpreserve. to void excrement. (Bruce). for L. to duvcn away. and sometimes de-. discerner. vanquish/ Cot.) L.) M. biK(Tv. di\cret- ion. ' . F. iF. with F. direct thou (cf.) Disdain. Der. descord. 2 p.

H. apart embocar. to remove oneself from or cease fiom labour). later L. Dismay. L ) M. F. form is dimittere. to send L. from apart . The away. apart. G. M. F. magan (G. desmettre. to send. Cf. but exactly the same as (Port. disch. Gk. to fasten. giace. desparagcr F. be discouraged. L. . ' (F. expedite. . 145 .-L) dis-. ' dis-). to taste.discheveler . O.wfGlc. i e. des. and O.) O.) L. L. (F. disperses. to distaste.) patch (Florio"). phrase was misunderstood.) L. Dispose. a hair.-L.) Odg. ' O. pp. latter part F. The true L. L. dispantt Dishabille see Deshabille. F. di spot-ten. tnogeri). P. but em. to place. to to flow into the sea. Cf. society. answering to a L. unequal . (F. to amuse. Dismantle. Q. rank. to fold.F. V *desmayer. into. pin are. . (L. apart. with the addition of Disperse. sb. of other sbs. Dis(2) . (Span. Dispel. ace. mali.-L.) and later. L. dispenser. type Formeily spelt to (F cheveif]. to amuse oneself. sc desportcr. apart pcLcre. unlucky days (A.F. also. and confused with Deport.-L. Doublet. and paritt^ equality. desembocar. Lun-di = Mon-day. diswhich only differed in O.F. oiig. L dis-. D. Span desmayar dis-.(L. H. span. power.(L. O. be able. at first used in the intrans. to to change the guise Disgust. to weigh mat. F. fiom pact us.-L. A. L. (F. des. to enter the mouth. O. F disperse)'. ) M. *di spacttdre. dis-. to cease from labour. treated as an adj. (F. E.F. dis-.-L. to scatter. to dis(See N. K. Dismiss. and dismal was out. Disparage. desgmser. to discourage. evil days. to carry (hence.") TA. Ital spacciare.F. in). L. desmaie>\ Ital. gustdre. vb Guise. fix. lower O.I) 1256). apart.) away. apart. ( - .) M deploy. teller. see Parity. M. . days L. apart.-O.). L.di. desplayer. to have a river. . away. (F. (L. faint. From L. (F. to disorder the F. See Grace. pa rage. Wtf. to discourage. to fasten. quoit. 'to lake a mans cloake off his backe. from L. pp. a Late L. dis-\ apart.J L.(L. (Span. throat . smagare).' Cot. Fiom L. see Disc. Disguise. .(L dis-}. apart . F. coined word dis-. dis-. fo^er. gouster. mouth. dispatch. to place see Pose.) O. lose courage. patdticum. S. F. dis. Lit.) Hence *desmayer and Span. not des-. and L. desploier. (F. to disembogue. pp. L. to anange The apart F. of pangere. supplanted by cwiayer in the same sense. of capillns. . see Gorge. dies M. (F. p.) O. (F. to weigh L. Disinterested. apart manteler. platter a dish.(L dis-}. - A. to dismay.-L. Span. desL. (F.F. rank. and boca (L. fiom locus. not found (except di \maye. in Palsgrave. smagare (foi *dis-magare). des. orig. v.paragen. to disguise (L. loath Cot. desgorger. di^pensare. fiom L. F. discus. F. hair.DISEMBOGUE Disembogue. deport er. suggested by F. pp. grace. from to lack power. to drive (L. capillum. terrify. shew.) A Disgrace. des-. gratia. chevel Dispatch. esmayer. buccd].) des. ex-} for des. the See May (i).-L. asunder. see of. of dispergere. see Gust (2).. dis-). G. F. a platter. see Mantle. O. . and interested. Dislocate. hair. Cf. apait pendere. F. afterwards. q.) From (2). * (Cot. [The out. di^par. F. to in offer indignity. F. DISPOSITION O.(L. (^Montaigne).) A. dismiss. prefix es. dis to dispense with. to taste . (F. dl(for dis-). Cot. to raze walls. equal (Diez). as Disgorge. to put out of place.) Ital. dis-).(L. 'to displace.' mittere. to scatter abroad. disparity. lL.-L. (. dis~. Suggested by L. desman. Dismal.) From pp of Late L dislocare. form of dispendere. see Interest see Disc. Ital. and guise. desO. to unfold.. Dishevil. E. O to dische\ell. port are.) . away. Dispense. disgrazia. des. des. G. sense. also to dismay (Florio).(L O. apart locarc. to weigh. to mantel. dis-. pachar.^. desguise. desmis. disposi(-mayer) of these words is from Disposition. type *pactare. Display.-L) ' . apart sparge re. cloak. Disk L. LO O. actively. pp. apart.(L dts-\ substituting the poser. rank or esteem (F. to put out of joint. fl&J-) O. -L) F. (F.-L. See Par. and E. goustcr. F.(for dis-). (F. equality of rank. M. II. place. dis-. away. dispellere. L. .-ltal. disc . (F. frequent.F. Despatch. to drive. Disport. from Dish. L. dis- to send away. par.. to scatter abroad. *desinayer was eaily Hence sport. 519). vb.

A distaff is a staff Distaff. &- (Sis). . discuss. to peisuade. (L. F . see t Fiom (L. Dissolute. disene (Ltibbcn) (Bremen) also spelt E. steepe. fus. Dispute. to mix. coupdistichtis. dis. sudd/re. stem of pres pt.' Palsgiave. dissohltus}. Dissociate. DISTICH apart . to throw. make fluid. diwhtere. put. tion L socidre. trempcr].) L. sound. liquid. disstmilaire (F -L. L dis-f apai I . dissipdre^ see Similar. pet t to soake. L. dissolve. to pretend. (L) L. dissenws\. later flb/. t Distich. (F. dispositus. (L. pere. apart . of L. Dissect. d/s-j. to loosen. to persuade from. to seek. t pp.t apart. a breaking asunder. . to stand apait. to L d?s~. and similitude. ) See Temper.F./ Dissertation. dissertdtio^ a debate pp of diswtdre. disagree. L. a stem of destemdre. dcs. L dissect -its. dis-. Dissonant. temperdrct to regulate. to place. afo-. from L. like . apart. diswiiare* (L. an investigation. the same verb as dissimilitude. o&r-. dtsstiddcre. serere. to scatter seed apart. set in various places. (F. supdre.. the bunch of t See Simulate. dfsscn.F. a low. L. disfrom. I dysyn a dystaj/fe. Diss ever.apart. F. pp. kship* to Dissipate. Cot. and O.) F. Distemper (i\ to derange the temdisserere. dispositionem. tingere. disteMperen. dis-f apait . (L. O. to join. Disruption. afo-. apart. to stretch L. >nes. . fiom L. dtruptus. See Sociable. stem of pres. S. to dye Distant. let (in verse) . allied to artlxttv. L. dysestaf. to debate fiequcnt of tttJti>.) of dissecdre^ to cut apart. Sianxov. rtafl. think. The A. L ) M. to feel. Dissident.E.) L. L ) O. pre^. seed. Skt. See Dizen.) L. dis. L. of oianxos. to seem. disperse. semindrc. to stand. vb. pdnere. apart . F distemper (2). lation. of dissidere. (F. dissert at us. a kind of painting. from L. S dist&J A. of a treatise (L. dcstemprer. seed re* to cut. dis^epardre. See Putative. L. dutdre. disfeinen. solsolve. dissentire (pp. temprer (mod. companion. to anange. dissimulation. L.) M E. (F.(L.' (F -L. to throw into. and similaire. to examine. Brugm. ( perament . pt. simulare. loosen. Der. disputer. dis-. excessive -O.L.-L. dt's-. of disponere. to dissemble. whence pp. to be unlike in sound sottdre. disqu7s7tio a search into. o^-. a couplet. F. to associate. dissolnere (below). moisten. from the pp. to disjoin. (-/STEIGH. dt-. distichon. and *^/3f = Low G. relax. disso- y dist/uts7tus nant. double. dissonant-. dfo- (L. L. apart . dtssensus.-H. desdistam. (L) L. or thin.) M. ot dtssonare. <?w(F. dis-). L.) L. to disL. .) O. to O. F. 0rlxo*. cf L apart. O. afo-. (F. to think. (L dis-}* away. fiom scmin. to buist Fi om L. rows. (L. of body 01 mind. Der. to argue. apart . having two Gk. (F. (L. L d&j-. to L. neut. . to i. away. F.) . dtstaj* it to spynne. to bieak apart. L. dhtendere. tendet e. of dhrumpere. distcnt-us] . dispntdre. sens-ion. sertt7/e. mntpere. dies^e. dT. throw. See Solve. apart. sonus. dts-. eft'suere. I put the flaxe upon K. L flT/j-. take away colour. dise.F. L. sedere. distaf. pp. dc \teniprer. immoderate. and temdre. apart. <&r-) f . fiom F. to go. apait. dii>-. ready to be spun on. solut-ion (from pp. unhke. L. Distain. to stretch . above.apart. cf. ' O. simu- From pp. L. From distantem* ace of distant. dissolutuS) licentious. of L (L. apait. qtuerere.H*.F. t Gk. distant -L. ' M stands for *if7se-stiff where stfrf'E. F. to sow. Cf. disrttptio.) L. a setting in L. . Dissent. scpatdic to separate. (E) bedizened with ilax.L. apart. 9 pp. appear. (L ) From dissemindre. put are. apart. to pretend that a thing is not. Suasion. Disquisition. L> Cot. from soctus. apart. a order.) a L. L.) From L. dts- apart semblcr. Dissemble. Der.F. Dissimilar. pt.' Cot. apart. of L. dirumL. dissident-. L. dissimuler.for semen.) M. 7^ J * Gk.) From separate the pp. design-. Late L. of L. dissimulare. desscvrcr O. pp. O. to Distend. <afo- O. pp. to sit apart. we find also imipdre. F. - L. to differ in opinion. flax on a distaff Disseminate. (L ) disrttpdtruptio. of di^qmrere.DISPUTE ace. L. dc^tcnipit!. dissuader\ Dissuade. to sit. (L. to sound. distent -ion (from the see Tend pp.

allot L. afflict) see Distrain. to distinguish the suffix ish has been added by analogy. strong verb (pt.E. vb.) that which has been said.G k.diumdhs. to clothe. Diurnal. ( DIVIDE distiller.Gk. where Ital. hymn separate (pp.(for dis-) apart. StOvpa^os. dfttertere. (F. to twist aside. S L. See Verge From distnbut-us. Dive. separately. dictam. S. distinct. turn aside. prob. L. . tribunal.L. di. to turn. a plant. dcstorbcn.) Coined from L. (Ital. Dittany. E. down. to mark diKraiJLVov. Gk. substituted for dice. from uestis. Mount Dictl in Crete. diverge. to turn asunder. a tumult. of ovpov.O. . . dittcsttre.. divertir.(dts-}. to immerse. Krugm.) L. down. L. a pelican.DISTIL Distil. distress.) Short for diveCf. to prick. distourben. (F. (F. destorber. dytane. distinguished . . dictatttm^ thing dttt.) O.( F. F. to disturb. tnrbare. dyfa. F. to assign see Tribute.L.) M. 8ttc- Distinguish. and E. dis-. .) M. (L. distinguish (w. to allot. . apart . L. L. a region.) O. to draw tight see Stringent.Late L. Divers. di. apart uarii us. calamity.. pp. in Divest. L. (L.) distract {=. deaf. ( . apart tnbuere.) a stem of destraindre.-*G\a. dctto. apart trahere. urine. a bird. t. 'diveis. de. off. council of state.L. see Dike. to foik. di. a lost veib. Per>. F. divers ion.L. pp. to dip. See Turbid.*>L. to spread apart. of L.K. . to pull asunder ling. dilfedoppa. 5<-a. distringere. see divert. distnbnere. away uestTre.<\^dl.) foim dcstrecc from i pp dofen']. See Still (2).-L. F.L. see Urine.diMreticus. dntersus. distinct. E.diveDistraught. of die.(for di r-). and verge.ditfraffus Divan. and cannot be accounted for in the usual way. Ditty. dmwnis.) Diuretic. to vex. L. detfresse. weak verb conO. . named from ditto. de-. grew. vaiious . icgularly Allied to Dove. neut.") crowd. F. (F. a council-chamber. stick. see Torture. . of dutdre. . fiomturba. apart stmigere. ace. ditan. F. *distrutia (not used'). . daily. duuen 'U = v). cm'fctv. a reduplicated word. (E. . dis-. dapper. wherein a lord has power to enforce justice separate. apart. tamnum. of distrahere. di. i. divers^ masc . . (F. a drop.) M. M . and *uidere. press. of dicet e . 9 . (L. dyfan. down. of distringere'.) O. divan a tribunal Arab. a in honour of Bacchus. stillare.Gk ) Divide. <Pers. di. differing. A. L. straddextremely.) dis-) y apart. Diverse.-V>. . deuestire. L. to strnin.' Cot district. Stovtinguere. formed from L. ol L diudricare. rafjivos. to deal out. frequent. (F. vex 1 rom pp.) L. - . crooked. L. F. of pp. L. [also masc. L. 666.S. distinguer.dt. Disturb. Dip. ptiv. to drop. (E. provoking discharge of urine. ^2). ditee. pp. Late L. (F -L. apart diuersns. alter Cot. Gk. fern. pp. distort. pp. Der. . di uretique Cot. dop^>a\ means a modification of dipper or diver. diverse. L. of dictatus. allied to Gk.L ) O. territory orig.(for Distribute. dieGk. Ditto. iL.(for ofo-). dictum. from L distract-ns\ dipper. L. ( A . to dive. . M . t t .L. F.distinctus). to divert. (L. . to strip off clothes. A. oldest Folk-L. Divaricate. a kind of poem. F. (see below).l.) "L.) From *L. destillare. a day. dhturbare. dies. Dithyramb. dat.) M.) M. . dayman^ a pp. vb. . dis-. fused with dtifan.(dts-) apart. of dis. (L.-L. . . gere. (F. fern.-L. A. torqnere.-L. Gk. . royal court. (L. constrain (hence to seize goods for debt). F. to say. a dike L.E. districtus. dcst reign-. to disorder. to pull asunder (in Late L. to pass urine. see Distract Diverge. of dicere. from uaius. to divide.-L. and dive-dapper. it . clothing. place ot L. district us. drop or trickle O. L. L. + . Icel.^ L. of distrindidapper. *stinguere (not in use). through. . dmen. ncrtcrc. to punish. see Dictate. Distrain. deal out. of dicta mnns. distinguere.L.L. Distract. F. . to draw apait. dittany. S. fiwvpriTiKvs. distilldre. fiom pp. See Instigate. (L. t . Ditch. dftmrw). 'to ' Distrain. pp. L.) E. Distort. of diuertere. F.distracted). sofa. (L.) M. divert (below). Heie dapper A. to . dlthyrambus. dis-. neut. distmctus. duht\ cf. from stilla. L. dictated . vb. a kind ofhymn. L ) C). daily. diuidere. (L.(dis) t apart . to draw see Trace (i). districtus. Deep. F. (F. to prick.L. District. to twist . pp.-L. See Vest. distorquere. to maik with a prick. various.

") M. (E. stupid. Oiig. as in Low G. cut end. godlike.) Dodo. L. a mastiff. the bird being of a to Gk -ri-Qri-yu. dokke. (Gk. waterleaves. a duke of Venice. sullen (^ue N. Cf. doctour. . to XVI cent. . Scotch daddle. is 'put' or place '-f Du. Tent. C. Saul to be borrowed from Devonsh. Dodecagon. Ital. Gk.) M. teacher.-L. Dan. i. Dock (i). pp. S. rail. dizzy.zcc.DIVINE meaning * DOGMA . Decahedron. Du. ) F. . foolish . Do. (E ) To dizen was orig. dokke. Cf don. peg (Berghaus). stem Vav?r-. may daa. document.) A. as a carrot. see Divert. dolt (Diez). detts. ?) From track. divine. ' hither and thither. Jwaat. (F. (Lubben) duizelen.). see (Gk ) Foimedwith owdttca. god-like allied to dtuus.) Doe. to waddle. t Dogma. M. rate sb. a-dokka. 12 angles.L. plug. stump. danih. docilis. dJuortere. (F. apparently allied to History obscuie. Skt. E. dodge. to furnish a distaff with flax.E. L. doccre. bunch (as of straw Du dok. to curtail. a definite tenet. (E. E. lore. a label. (Port) Port. doen. Ilexhamj dock (Kalkar). a great burdock. foolish (Franck). divulspier. Dock prov form Qi*doce. E. see burdock . (K.) . S. ticket. plant. t. doctrine. a teacher.) L. L.wood. like Formed .E. i. with Gk. Files. Divine. Biugm. instead of owa. O + II. tusic. to (F. to teach. hence to deck out. stag. publish abroad uulgdrC) to publish. doctrina. Fiom G. History obscuie. F. Dodecahedron. hence to go from side to side as if to escape perhaps allied to prov. totter. wi etched poetry. Low G. from Teut. dondo. dogerel. I put.) M. a buck. dok. dusen^ to loiter as in Du. docile. i.K. an L. foolish . S docga. F. of doctor. dokke. a basin for ships (Du. divorce. jog along. II. docce -f M. the 01 ig. 13853. a deer. dof-. docke (as in docken bladeren.) teachable. dws. M . to walk quibble. (E ?) Oiig. See Duke. Dock Deity. Disciple and Didactic. dog-cheap. See Distaff.) devin. T. See Dolt (E. a duke. to be dizzy A. ?) E.^i Short for .^. Der. a Dock borrowed from K.) dog. M. G. A. dade. a deer or Celtic . put off. G. to L.-Q diunnts. doccre. a bundle. stupid. a do off. dha t to place. So also Gael. (VWIDH. stump.) (Ilal. doge. a harbour (whence Dan. Dog. a little bunch (of straw) Dan dukke. wheie mcacan means a tap-rooted Der. in place of SeVa. <(j Divorce. in dofhjort. Allied tuon. dold. P. L ) O. to walk unsteadily. dnp. twelve. reveal. docket. to Dodge. G. to hobble. dnsi A. Swed.?) M. E. pt. Doctrine. dysy.).E doctoitr. dadge. . ten. clumsy make. Dan. Gk. ioolish. to divulge. allied to Tent. L. dodgel. S. />&#//. an extinct bird. bull-dog . (E. Divulge. Du. ace. tuelve. . an opinion (stem So-y/mr-). L. D. doo AS. (E) unsteadily. to turn aside. Y. Du. dog-rime. L. dusig. (E. to jog. dysig. Swderca. E. j . sb . abstract <[f . dodge. fiom unlgust the see Vulgar. di-. damhirsch. L. . Corn. L. to put off clothes. Gael. a bunch. Der. <#+Dan. docke. documentum. Noith E. allied to . 11. dclma. the same as E. short column. 528. Allied to (F. a crowd Dizen. L. Docile. ten. Doff. Teut. shew. pooi verses (N. . otdujc. doctrine.) (Du. (VM>HE) Bmgm.) L. dodder. (F. O. E. 129. sense </<?. be-dizen. doddle. da. to go . (Very doubtful. doon. dog. peg. (i). docke}. the stump of a tail. a plant '(E. F. .) . cf. docere. Swed. F. apart. (3). a buck. formed from dog Cf. O. Perhaps further *t/its-. Du. be allied to G. F. ox. the same as diuertere. dogge. a leader. E. wherein the syllable dam. bur-dock. (Gk. to teach. -L. doc ere.. i(c-em. learning. doctor. A. dockM. Docket. L. Dizzy. god. document. Fries. dhtulgilre. sepa. e. deuin. do&ha. baluster G docke. to teach. follow as a dog . to perform.-L. all M. Gk.' Cot. see Docile.E. dod. divis-ion (from the pp. diuortium. to walk clumsily. to deck out. cheap dogg-ed. Irish meacan-dogha.-L. to t . (F. *&<:. a pi oof. people. dogue Der dog verb. dok. dogge. silly. to ' separate see Widow. stem VJ-. (E. Oiigin unceitam but prob. . See Decagon. a skein. (.is thought to be borrowed fiom L. 589. *dus-. iogge.L. for dts-. doctorem. Doge. Document. dyde. Doggerel. Ch. Swed. L. dogg.) very Low G.) Named from its decagon. a skein. teach. a (2). S.?. a scpaiation. ' Doctor. to shake. gedon . doctor.

dominium. (Gk. Gk. F. (F. domare. to grieve. Doll. /w//).L. adj.) From Domesday Dominate. a division (Exod. *J>vTta (pt. a dollar. subdue see Tame.) ' doily stuff. del. domestic. doff. belonging to a lord.. . Dolt. French geologist Donation. Adapted and borrowed from G. (F.) M. but the same as A. dominicalis. *J>vei) t to a lost verb. grieve. lordship.) table (from L. (-y^DEM. 24. L. of domiL. daler\ Du. sad.) Jan. F. (F. of (house of God.E. (F.) M. sir. F. (F. for L.-Gk. sb. L. doit. dominus. dominoes. . toll. ace. Doily. with a third across them.) Ilal. . 138. a dollar.) tolmen. L. dominionem. a coin made from silver found in Joachimsthai (Joachim's dale) in Bohemia. domus. doloztr. domesticus. maen\ a stone. a us. belonging one's own to a lord (the neut. dolmany. lord. Hung. E. . Der. or to the Lord. a dolphin. dominus. L. Bret. stone with a hole beneath from for do on. Devonsh. a game. L. habitation. L. E. a lord allied to L. . (F. put on. sb. . dominus (above X stone. dominus. a monument of two upright dominion Late L. a Bret. dul. dol (F. domi-. i.-L. dolorem. dale. of F.) O. dominieL. small Kind Keeper. Corn. (F. daulphin (now dauphin}. (Personal name. dalfinum. (Scotch doot). of delphinus. . to lord. (Low G.turn. 1ce\. F. dom-us. a kind of loose jacket. dominie w. a fish. tol. domo. 1519. Domain. . i. Turk. borrowed from govern.) The suffix -ftil is E. F. no. iv.) O. Doleful. Lowl.E. dole re. Late L. a masters hood. a doll. belonging to a household. dogmat-ic. D. (1750-1801). see Doleful. E.. a domino. domino. A L. 283. of Dolomite. see (L. ace. (Du. lordship). Hung.-L. to (Du. dolere.E. a small napkin. ace. O - F. domestique. man. -C. dominum.doUum. q. domum. dold.Late L. ace. stem of dfXtyis. a stone masquerade-dress orig. L) (2). nart. i (1679).) Low G. 1u. pp. grief. origin (see N.) Du. possibly allied to Cell. Do- ace. aW/wrttt. L. vin. F. adj. (Hybrid . Doublet. dolo?r. of Gk.Ital. (F. dominical. a kind of long robe. donation. lordship. a portion. a gift. S. F. O. taol. t coin. dolamah. Cf.i\\ cor-dolitim. L. Don . ' . belonging to the Lord's day. F. dolman. dolTurk. from the stem Dolphin.) . to be lord over (above). and E. a dominus. a hole (W.). dolour.O. domin' F dolmen.) Cf. from M. a Spanish title. see Dungeon. see Dull. G.-L) Doll. JSTamed in 1794 from M. dolmen seems to represent the Cornish Short (i)> to put on clothes. a small coin. domicile. to tame. belonging to as Dome. L.' 'the famous Doily Spectator. . for Dorothy a familiar name.. Doit. . (F. L. Gk.) Doom. domicile.) Span don. - See Timber. grief. for domus. DONJON Allied to I am of opinion. dint. Dolomiett. 1712. sorrow. F. deniai)ie. to grieve. a Dolman. a master (above). allied to L. F. Cf. domaine. Du. variant of Deal (i). dolour. t. grief. Brngm. domineer. a M. doroty. Ice]. Cf. d&ul. domtnus. ddme. 23). L. (E.DOILY Soiled. P. . luxuriously (OudeF. F. But (see N. to inans) . feast O dominion. L. (E. donationem. L. bit. dominan. gnef of heai t. ace. a kind of rock. (W. a lord. (F. of dondre. E.) M. F. table .. according to Legomdeo.) this is due to some mistake the F. (F. a' house.G. D. and -cilium. (F. . A.) F. pi. doel. Legonidec. thaler is shoit for Joachimsthaler . domineren. of stones.lLi. L. to give. G.v. . a doit. M.' and Said to be named after dotty petticoats. of the pp.) O. e. thaler. E. a building. duel.) dominio. dolmen. Mentioned in Diyden's fiom O. rule. lit. a dolphin. dominical. The G. cile. dominer. A. delpkinum. a gift.-L. ]>ivitan see Thwite. dolt. (Span. doldman. a mansion. (F. Der. . Swpov. Dolour . doel. L. (E. Don - Folk-L. M. dol Dole. duonio. demesne. Sc. Formerly we read of ' ' .) F. dogmat-ise. S. L. verbal sb. a cathedral church L. dal.Jrveit a piece. of dolor. dult ( = dulled). ab.) O. a house. From be lord over. L domidhum. daalder. tabula} and men.^. a house (above). donum % dolphine. and men dup. dominicum was used for L. Scand. a gift. cut. Dollar. dull . L. deuil). L. Donjon . Dolmen.

decided on. . M. domes dicg. Sc. L. Dote. E.) A. i 4. belonging dorLate L. a judgment. Domick. Goth. equivalent to Late Lat. tcig.pOa. (F. Douceur. of cloth .-Gk. of dormitortus. (E. dotte. daw. f. oU?. Icel. (F.-L. G.) Ital. pi. vb. 167. Skt. a duct . Donna. fern. L.tQ nod with sleep. (VF>HEIGH. (whence the spelling). ddg-^. Icel. of spoilt wool. I lump. a shower-bath.) quantity of medicine given at once. % sweetness. Donkey (first found in 1785) was a prov. to doze (whence dormCf.E. bunch. (F. <&/<?. M. Swed. doublet. <///O. \ O. atorjtf. -age (L. Cf. 1 Dubious. type *ddmoz. dot. to sleep. F. A dormer-window. Y'. G. Med. pour. dutten.-L. -dticunt). L. as Dory. tiizen. fiom Der. Fries. (E. duhii. Tuit. -phts t i. L. which seems to have rimed with monkey Cf. a conduit.). ftj. double.E. (F. G. Banffsh. to sleep see Dormant. double. dorsahs. Du. law (from riOrj^tt. doms. don-ek. fl[ So also a hedge-sparrow. Jloiwck. minds.&c.-- prefix is. *dnres. donna.) -L. dogh. Goth. familiar name for a horse.} M. to . to doze.E. Ital. to fall to pieces. Du. (E.. Span. prov. a sleeper. dott. Gk. L. daigs is from see daig. Juplus. dial.) j . . Moaifu (stems 5ew-. Doom. dobbelet. dot en with F. all apparently from F dornnr. duitng-kee. (E. moiis (F. dorniitoriuni (below) a pistole. f. f. I Dormouse.) Brugm. (F. lump.e. G. fiom dote. dor. dah. Icel. L. F. i. sweetness (hence. from don. Dan. lit.dor* sleeping (F. duct us. dotien. I give.) dulntare. A. dormeor.E doic.) to the back sum. decision.) ( with suffix -k-ey Double dimin. to doze. n. Gk. duru. f. I set). from dun. 2nd stem of deigan. suffix a statute. dom. II. = Lowl. and Dan dor. Du. Cf. We find also prov.. radotage. 41). II. *ductiare. of delta. Named from Flem. M. E. an inner (double) garment. . only in the sense head of a boil/ Cf. F. /0m. L. allied to dubitu. tuom. (F. . i.vtiv. sr ? . dom. to mope. to sleep. A. suffix. Norw. to dote. ' known by name of Toiirnay dah (stem (Lai.. . douceur. derivative of L. dotage. -ick-ie. lit. dial.) S. types *dutotn.S. F. Dan.. dormitor. Doublet. suffix as in toch-ereL sing.^f. Gk. small lump. to knead Dike.) F. pron.) Dormant. doomsday. and Scand. perhaps short for dorm. L. to doze.. duenna.) M. dorrer. a little heap. doubtful. doui- dor. (E) A. dorsal.) better a kind the F. n. Dose. Dorsal. Dot. to mope. thor. K L. suffix. S. See Dulcet. a kind of plover.) L. see John Dory.-L. ^kt ^. Russ. a sleeper. a bunch . //$/*. F. with K (E. t Double. . with dotard. dyrr. as if fiom are. Sax Fjom with F.} -ard (O. Irish dot us. Du. a little bundle * and E. F. with F. . dotten. 0i>pa. obsolete. (F. i deur. lo be of two dormitory. E. 604. a little-little horse. dom. dulace.. doublon. to fall. a fish .getotsen. see Do. a master. (F. deig. H. doble later L.. dorm itorhint . doten. (Flemish. m. a thing set or M. Tornacus}. mistress. 150 . The North mouse } E . pi.+ M. Swed. dotta. Norw. douter. (E ) n. to be foolish (Layamon). 5o-). The Goth. and }\] M.-L.Skt of j . i ' . Mats. Tent. Sp. domr. of donkey. lit. double.j belonging to sleeping L. pleasant gift. dot. watei -pipe. dfof. dost.) dotterel. the double of dormet was a sleeping-room. in hors-ickie. Brugm. \pfni (above). a shower-bath -Ital. datg* a kneaded + . M. dott. doten. sweet. Somersets. Brugm i..DONKEY Donkey. double. -f. 'folded. domes day. doi . doubt. two. radoter. G. day of doom or judgment M. neut. a (F. E. L. see Duct. woicl. dot. Swed. Door. Goth. L.v7. (L. E. (E. DOUGH O. Icel deig. dun' a gate. . from its colour.) M. from its colour (Romeo. A dote. suffix. dotage Irom M. f. and Swed. do. a giving. dorr. M. to sleep dormire^ to sleep. Dough.-.S. two-fold. see Dun (i). Span dobhn. E.. pp. O.-L. E. Dan.-L^ F. a coin. to sleep.. Ital F. Douche. doida. E. douche.O. 462. see sleeping-chamber. Otp Cf. bird easily caught. Gk. Gk. (C. dormir.E. n. Lith. -L. dver(e]. f pi. W. deeg. dortnlre. of dominns. doubloon. 4" O. aclj.. G. F.' doublet. //ar/ A E.goodfornothing(Sewel). deem. dosis. drws. donna L. doitten.) YiK. with suffix -<?/. (Ital. E. S. the back. to set. donnna. a heap. O. a O. dobh. Icjl. Cf. c///-t?.

) . a slut. S. lit. The colour of undyed cloth. doxologia. applied to sea-gulls. dozen. twelve.) E. to doze. dull light brown. see corruption of adown = A. H. E. O. a doll. taube.douzatne}. an ascription of praise. a hill.) mon). F. dragon. (Span. soft (Scand. draf (Layadregs. stain (all from E. or orig. draco. . valiant. Swed. off dune.) 1?. Du. dot are. to be torpid. earlier form dyhtig. to extinguish. of dokke.S. (above).] . Doxology . f . -4. of dun. Also Du. E. A. E.) gift. e. downwards. mope Icel. with suffix -age} from F. to drag. . (C. cant term. and C. E. to give. rather. Dragon. had a dragon on their standard see Douse. an endowment. (Scand. .*. Gk. Dowager. dtis. ?) M. S. draconem. M. A Dout. dusa^ to doze . an interpreter. Prob. .] Doze. G. Dizzy.) (2). (E. to be worth. 1^7. lit. Arab. S. grapnel . vb. from nom. twelve. &c. dragoon. dune. (F. -ena. dou-er. Dan.-L. dowr-y. . a fortified hill. dotare. (E. dovetail. (E. ^f Such is (i). draf. Sax. duhti. Du. [So also L. the same as Dowse (i). translator. a gift.) L. dufan. dot a num. from E. drop. L. Spax-. Icel.). a dragon. Late L. (Bret. to immerse Prob. f. docke.) together. L. cohitnba. Du. i to immerse. doesen. Swed. dons. a dove. a drabbe. . KoKvp&k. dowere. see Dram. a drag. A. seeing from of Celt. Dan drav. Iiish drab. because they were armed with a (2).) XVIII cent. for Roa. L. traber. blow. a low sand-hill. to endow (above).-L. dugan. tAvo decem. S. a push. Du. See O. dregs. ace. a dragoon . a Northern form allied to Icel. strong. sea-bird. Dove. dower. Goth. (M. The same by (i) dout. + see Draught. Gk. - cloth. a term of endearment ^G. 8paArab. J5 1 . to speak. dragoman [Late Gk. is allied to First Gk. en and douer. Cf. F.) (E. draff. draf. dygtig. Cf. Dowse . of Brest. dos. also Cf. plumage. ten. dygdugTyG. a coaise linen. (E.) dune off juman. weak grade of Stpicouat. Dan. taryovuavos]. F. dubo. F. fort A. be valiant. (E. Gk. (F. ?) Apparently the same as Douse the usual account. a slut. Down . L. a hill see Down (2). allied to Draff. drabag. a widow with a jointure. dune. -f. s Allied to violence' Gk.O. Allied to dd-ntiw. of the hill. variously formed from the Teut. an interpieter. his supposed sharp sight. Targum. dftfe.DOUGHTY Doughty. en-dow.-f Du. E. down whence Du. only docke). duva. F. [Cf. dot-. Icel. 5oo-. as in cent-end}. a diver. diver. F.E. a dove. M. duodecim. to fasten boards From dove and tail\ from (E. dosaine (t . a doll. Draft Drag.) F. with suffix -aine '. E. Allied to (Scand. dose. to stiike. 'to smite with Hexham).Dan. in Brittany. Du. comp. a (C. O. tipaitwv. . dnnn. down. dimin. hill. so called because the dragoons to strike. G. A. a diver. dossen. verb *dugan-. dirty . dufe-doppa. Two Drab \ Drab M. out. din t a hill-fort. Down .) From Daoulas. Dozen. and Irish drabh^ Drachm Draff. (3). L. Swed. from (2). <5oo\oyia.) dragon* A down Dragoman. Fries. to endow.) M.) Short for do S. L.-L. S. See Drape. L. dowry. draggm .) dial. later douaire. . drabach. (F. draf. put out. Icel.i). an interpreter. dmbbe. the shape of the fitted ends of the board (:Q). F. (i). draga. dregs. Doxy. dragon. Brugm i. Gael. G. Dowdy . in i. dragga. Again douage is coined Gael.) an endowment. doktje. a doll.>Q. S. . puddle-water. See Dowse (i). dun. douze]. M. (E. dugtig. dnnn. (E. to plunge into. . a notion -Ao7m. I see. lit. introduced from the Netherlands. E. to endow. \V. drabbe. . Der. a spot. dase. See Down (2). A.L.-Gk. duo. tilchtig'. of. dun. M. S. Gael. draff. (F. Irish diln. dragg. tun see Town. Norw. L. . ' ' . from A. doze (F. dat. Swed. Gael. Der. dare. dune (Du. ong.) O. Dowlas. Dowse . and Ten. See Draw. toccha. Swed. twelve. Dan. sense perhaps suggested (L.M. origin. Cf. hogswash. dusa. short carbine called (in F.^ai'. stem of Fries. dun. (F. A. to draw. M.) DRAGOON dohti. glory. Dowse as (3). see Duds. Gk. a bird. from douage. q. doaire. prep and adv. Fries. A. doesen. draff. M. Dowse to extinguish. pi. v. L. duiti) to strike in the face.) CiAn^idrabog.) Span. ^E. douagere-.Gk Douse. short for dower-y. dohtig.

verbal Dredge F. E. a dram.?) M. dragan. Spaa. drencan. grasp. Answering to A. cf. drake O. S. fear. (E. a sugai-plum. drake. Supposed to correspond (3) a boy's kite. 1 . . Low G. goie. Dread. (E ) Drear ib short for dreary.becoming M. E. causal of drincan * to make drink. G. Swed. drastic. dragan (A S. drake. mire dregs. triogan. drew. G. dregs. bb. (2 aor. drags) or mixed corn. type * dragan-. cloth. a load. (i a dragon. sad. (L. a sledge. Draw. A. iJL. type *dr&dan-* \ Teut. dranka. Drama. drama. Icel. Drachm. Swed. draga. drom. a sugar-plum . Cf. I Gk. in-tr&tan. Brugm. S. cf. H. Low G. Drape. f . lees. a drake (a form thought to be borrowed from Low G. . M. Astern Spa/Mr-). to make cloth. (fc. drenken.) sprinkle. from T)\adralen to be slow. |- E. A. dregs of oil.. dreh- draw. from dragen. E. Dan. drawn A. Gk. (i). that which is (E. i. dragt. dpaxpr). altered foim of tfagemata. duck. M. a drake. dragg. dregges.. drat k me. droom.) DRESS to A. fiom dreyri. and-drake. vb. (Scand. Brugin. Dreary. to cover \\ith cloth.9 to be dry. The Swed.) 8pafiar-) Ttic6$.drery. II. a handful. G. (F. drog. drear. effective. see Dregs. ]+O. draulen . *draug. a drama. [Prov. vb. drappus. . (not found). goiy.) *dream. i Opdffffcw.' . Gk. dregg^ pi. ened. (E. corn Gk. is cognate with L.-fDu. see A. mony. t . fiom O. drain t t ) draueln. Swed. *dteusan-.second grade of Teut.] Late L.S. trug-bildy a phantom. Dan. a duck. dragee. to disturb. dray. happiness*. I Der. G. draumr. (y'DAR. Fries. for *drag-jotror. P. draught. tracht. S. E. + also a sweetmeat. drachma. Drear. Icel. a sweet sound. dpdco. drag-net. draco see Dragon. and. was *drattgjnoz. trpayov). Kluge suggests comparison with G./. dpaaaopai. G. Gk. draugr a dry log. . anddrake. to carry Drench.Gk. a draught of A. a diachma. rpwytiv drage^ Goth. fyajja Ijrugni. dramat-ic (fiom (Gk. (Du. Gk. dragea\ Ital treggea. f Swed. to the latter part of Swed.dr<2^. drag-an\ with suffixed /.F. anas The M.) North E. I pci form . draught. *dretg.) as in drage.) O. Distinct fiom L. on-dr&dan. i. [Quite distinct from A. a dream. drat hence Icel. ghost. S. -awe-^. Dram. and see drab (2). parallel to draggle from drag. Matt. O. if coirect.-L. And (F. G. used cf Spay^a. mixed Drastic . A ^. A. a E. Late L.) .E. ^r<?^. races. a duck.'+Du. drescert Fiom A. root *dhretigh.) bee Draw. in Low G.L. E. .) M. dragata. . G. Icel. *dreug-an. Sax. Introduced tranken. vb. Dregs.\i>. Cf. (E. Gk. Brake. M. F. to (E. along. . 68 1. darau. a dragon. orig. G. dreosan. something nice to eat. .-Gk. 24. G. to sprinkle flour on meat. fiom Teut. m. S. dragen. dragkjan. H. S. Gk. pi. drekfishes . Not found in A. y[. dreggjar. E. S. 417. to PI. Lith. phonetic spelling. From Dredge . Sax. E. from tragen. nian. not found. to pull Teut. gore. antrahho. away. of tragema. F. drehnigean. xxiii. andertk. and. trauni. draht. Tpayrjua. trugeif]. dream.) L. *draug^ strong grade of Tent. (E. tragen. dray. L. enteric k. har- Dream. drattr. we also find M. drogha(s}. ant-dradan O. lees. S.dreomg. Goth.' Cot. S. from dragen. ente.+O. Pers. ' . to dread. Cf. draper. pi. t. Swed. dr&ge. drap-er. of M. G. Of unknown oiigin. S. . . in comp. strain off. sad.S. drawl. whence also Skt. dreg. also joy. S. * drear. was suggested by A. of 5/>ao>. Du. Ck. a load.DRAIN Drain.(O. Teut. drawen. Icel.) M. a vision. dtaia. to dup.S. Drama. a ding-net. drake (stem anat-). part of an ounce. as both as weight and coin much as one can giasp. I )an. the Teut. pt. crafty wounding Icel. effective allied to Spao-r^o?. (Bremen) . . oiig 'gory. drageia. as in sowing dredge (M.dragan (F. a O. See Dry. duck. G. (2) a drake. sugar-plum. S. drawe. tnmng. Dress. drenchen. also spelt dreahnian\ orig. Gk. a draw-net. adj. drauga (Pers.).) Frequentative of draw\ kja. (.. draugr t a durugJi}) a deceit. F. drake. Icel. H. goiy.E. i 509.' foimed with suffix -ig from A. draft. eighth L. From the Idg. *drecge from A. drap-er -y . &c.A. 689. perform. bonowed fiora L. Der. an act. *dreugan. drake. make. S. male of the duck. lie . Du. dresser. -f-Icel dreyngr. M.) gnaw. to deceive. See Drink.) Draft is Swed.= Tent. dregs. dreg. -aga. carry. (21. . gore. To dredge is to Late L.) A. glee. drake (Lubben). dreem. *dradan. a drake. (E. Swed. 'to become dry.

which is a E. =. truo^ana. (Scand. Dimm. to drone. see sb. allied to drjiipa. husks of pressed grapes. . to diivel. G. Swed. drojki.E droop.\tt\. Drought. of dirigere.. draff.-L. Sw ed. H. G. M. Drift . Ir. E. to train soldiers. dromadarius. A. pi. see Dry. strange. Dan. Drosky. lees (Kilian) G. drntcn. dran. pp./<:r.-Gk) . dial. dnp. to drill.-Du. A. *dreupau.) to Du. E. see Direct. dru- '53 . Droop Drop. L.(^whence also triefen) . form *d?rectidre. See ForDrizzle. dryppen. A. dreopan\ to drop. directus. M. Du. Dan. drible. (E ) \. dress . Cf. drall. as seen dreopan (obs. (Scand. dropa. drolleri). rumble.(A. to rain slightly. E. to direct . E. to dnp. Dross. . drift. to trickle. rfr///. stem of drillen. S. lees. (E ) meily dnsel or drisle. drcjlian. weak grade of drTfan . to dnp From Teut. sec Drill (i). Tent *dteiban-. H. A. drincan. *dromedane) dromad-. 'a juglar. Opr)vrj. a dew-drop. DROWN U. Skt. Dan. ( Drink. drive. Icel dropi. trilic-. *dreupan. (E.^ The same as dnil. whiil about . A. see Dreary. 0. dreep). stem of dromas. M. t . ^[ With the parallel stems *drn-.K.drenen Not in A. drone. see above. Swed. Swed. Fries. see Drive. a drove. wheel. E. foim of M. cf A. a carriage). a dirge . huckaback. dromedane M. Cf. Cf. stem of trihx. *thrall). E.) drillich. dricka. F. a \\aggon.Y. set up.S. . a non-woikmg bee. Gk. trift. From the dross. Drill (i)> to pierce. S. droppen. L. dioop. vb. (Low E. drib-let. drona. dregs. tri-.S.) m A. S pan-. (Rnss. *dren-. Teut. to sound. E.) M.drevelen.drole. vb. Sax. ^/. a coarse cloth used for trousers. These are from the weak dropian. Teut. a sound. (E ) M. S. hence M. to sow corn in rows. . draf. O. t. See Drop. dregs. Goth. a dromedary. which seems to be a variant of tnll. Perhaps from Du. Icel. E. . cf Gk. dhran. drinken. ( *drup-jan-\ dryppe. to trickle. dran. answering to a Late L. triefen. (E.S.) ' 1 sant to turn. three. M Drove.) Drip. Tent.drtfan Drive. Droll. drounen. (E. dntsen. to drip = dreiban y G. Du.) M. a low four- base draf-. Cf. dial. Gk. cf. dropten.(pt. S. to run. drift.) Borrowed from Du. French).-f Du drop. truckt. drane} was prob.(2\ wheeled carriage (the j sounded as in drove. L fa mm. dros. (L. Cf. Gk. 1 ormed from with suffix -/. Swed. H. droes. drosna. sb. also obs. borrowed from O. ^r^/. geLow G.' Hexham. G. to sink. Drill (2). drunjus. E. drift. dvTeut. drol. below (E ) M. S. fail. A.) Kuss. draf PP drifeti} Icel. tieiben. pi. S. (Du. E. the stems of Queen and Quean. Allied to drill soldiers. dromedatre (older form Late L. O. to drip slightly weakened form of drip. type *threllan. I eel. to drip drysse. pi. E dresen. drw. as in Draff. (E) M. Drown. vb.<lu. a pleawag. Cf. twisted tight. Der. fast running. draabe. + Du. ' G I droop. M. t. of droga. drohne being borrowed fiom Low G. Qpwva (Hesychius). dros. pp. weak vb. pp. sb. having three threads. drozkki. a thread. to keep on dripj>uig. *dren. shake. S. lees. Drip. Dan. Drone (2).). A. Dropsy see Hydropsy. &c. (E. drellen. -4Du.. So also Dan. Du. *drenkan-. to dribble 01 run at the nose. weak grade ot *drcuIcel. . drift. (F. sb See also droppe. Drilling. Frequent. drekka. treno (G. dnkke. diam. see Drive. Corrupted from G. (0? to niim . Dro sixty. to turn round (pp. (also drouneii). drib. trinken Tent.E. strict.(A. M. dngkan = drtnkan) G. dregs cf. drollig. Cf.-j-Du . drjfipa. A. Dan. drop-) of the Teut. roar. drope. feat I. Oprjvos. From draf* 2nd grade of drifan.S. drosen. (G. drosla . i>am ready to drop] i. Drouth . droesem. See Three. drjf-. brandish. Cf.a kind of carriage. drlfa. (F. e. trusana. M. grade *drup. E.) M. ticking. L. A.S. sterna *drctn~. Drone twist. to turn round.) Frequentative of obs.-f-Skt. M . A. G. Cot.(E. to fall in drops Swed. Dromedary. tropfen. tipapftv. vb. dregs. See Drip. droll-. G. . dravelen. driipa. S. G. Dribble. which was orig. odd. stem of Spo^as. pt dranc. drynja. form to arms. a wild-bee. drillen. (Scand. ^f Perhaps allied to Thrill. Dan.) E. of drogi. to bore. a perch (of Drivel. M. + droupen.. drifva. strong vb. . Goth.DRIBBLE to erect. dran which (like G. *drnp-. Goth. E. SpOjuaS-. from tres. Dan. dnjven (pt. . to .to run. dreosan.) M. a-drijt = on the diift see Icel.

Du. moving in two direcOrigin unknown. 1086. tromba.) O. of dnn can. Der. bob the Duck douken. . 1 . Der.-Gk. F. a fleshy fruit bird. to beat the soles of the feet with a stick. Span. Not in G. S. to beat. a drug. Icel. the same. dttbban A S. L. [So also Ital. Dubious. stem of tipvas.DROWSE. p. S. d ry 1 3 u. droog) . S. dntgair. Drum. L dubiu*. to work. Dry. -4drum. from droog. drone. Gael. E. . ' . > magician). dyka to which the shortenmg of the vowel in mod. L) F c ^//''.) L. dry . trotjune. A.-L.-Late L. (Du. drovne. Cf. ' . endure ( O. . dni a!. Dry ad-.) over-ripe olive. of stuff that's half silk. drogue. sorcerer. *rfif< it atem. (E. (b. Du. Chron.) liom A. drugaQ. a s. trumbd) tntmpa. .L ) F. . trumpet. drugian. and ace. E. to dub a knight a Romanic Teut.-f-Du. *dank (whence G. gan-. *drycgean not found formed from drug-. doubtful. du-o. a punishment used in Turkey. due-.) but regularly Usually derived fiom O F aduber. drojte. a drug Also Ital and Span. drupe. duo. dntggen. M. druidh (whence also A. (L. tiumtne. a ducat. to dive. tauchcn^ to 'lent. S.) M. dink may have From . drukne. F. from the cognate E. Dual. S. trommcL a Du. doubtful. 952 ( (N. + . dry . t rocken. (E. a duke. . adubar}. . one who works slowly <ff Diez derives adoitber. druidh. to sink. Dan. ^[Also O. ken.) Drugget. to drink. Bjorkman. Low G. a drug in the named from L duiatns (duchy of Apulia) cf. A t . drtl\ian. -Ital. ^ M. perhaps Oridtoga. tions. F. O. (E. Lowl. pi. dake. a dry log. . drowz-y. dubwsus.) (Late L. stem of du*. A. drunken. trumpet a pipe. also to drip. Sc. F. The -nkn. Drupe.) allied to A. dubba ] Drudge. head.) Gk. A. an. d rough t Doublet. (2). Cot dm a duke see Duke. as F. dubban rather. [So also Swed. S. SpvaS-. (E. Lit. drougne. . D ) M. root daraba (zarabd} stick Dub. hart}. a pipe. dat. dive. druhna.we have Dan. from the coarseness duiot. F.) DUCK (F. Gk.. (Low G. to be sluggish See Dreary. been paitly due. trumba. of the material see alluded to in the legend upon it market. S. of drogue. H to stoop. L. E. Icel. S dmn \ duchy. a pnest of the ancient Britons. drunk. draoi. See Two. Goth.) dnbbcn. ( E. . Icel. Ii. to drink with F. pp. ental. containing a stone. S.adobar. L. Drub. Ital dmato. fern. drjiig-mrkr. dry. duke. with F. drimkna.) the suffix -e represuffix of the agent. >d 9 a nymph of the woods. Cf O.~\ Of imitative origin. (Gaulish) Dnn'dae (Lewis and Shoit). Formerly drouse. to A.) M.) (1).taucJi-cji) \>\). dryge. to be drowned. the Gk. G. tiowpa. dntgg-itf. Cf. Duke. duchess. a woodnymph. O F duchcise ^ee (F. " drought. duck dnke. G. ! (F. Swed. S. and Yiov. to confer knighthood by a stroke. be drowned (Kalkar) . t. druncnian. adj from 'a kind Ducal. duchte. adober. . Dntide*. dreosan. of dnncan. . ducatuni. (F. ' * diver . Imperfectly adapted from M. (F. A. also a duchy rubbish.S. Gk. half wool Dimin. suffix . . fail Browse. ace. Diet. Plowman). . E drogue.-C. dukke. neuter of O. drogue. M. suffix -ard (G. .) A. (L. ?) 'Drub. droogte. to (L. 1. drou$te also drouthe (P. Drowze. type *deukan-. (L. -L. a tree see Tree. A. K. from E. trout. M. consisting of two. two. adouS. Pries. ii. base of pp. drouth (Milton). perform. two from Arab. dive \ . conveis>ely. duct no) of dm. (F.*duk-ano-. driitgan.was preserved in Swed. E. a beating with a dual. darb (zarb]. to be drunk. truin tne G. dubben A. to fall. .) fein. same.K. Port. A S. dualist Apparently a travelleis' woid. f. be sluggish. t " . (F.-L. ^[ Probably not the same word duchy below. plunge. (E ) M. drug^e L dubiitm. doubt. . wen. . her. vb. addobbare. to be dry dryge.S. 8pv-s. . dragnet.) Drug. Perhaps see Two. DROWZE M. (E.) XVI cent. a dukedom L. he beat Rich. weak grade of dr7o%an. as if from Late L. (Aiab. stem of Dryas. Druid. L. used in the sense of ducat.word of unknown ongin (Ital. of dnn. Spvirira. Drunkard. . of dtuiltns. E. (F. Dtitide -L. dree}. 154 . drought. from Arab. A. F.F. Irish dntid. poor stuff. E. draugr. See Drunalso to sink. a coin. a drudge. O. \ magician.. sents the cen. the weak grade duk. II.' (Phillips). Span. . pt. Icel. druje. drunc-. *drett. fiom but surely^ The Gael. From L.

D. duileasg. light canvas. is small solid ball of pudding dnmp-l-ing a double dimin. Der. Du. Goth. ot dump (i).) Ital. i. dagga. formed with suffix -art from the adj. (Malay ) Malay duyong. ductile. H.S.E. a stupid person. 1 . G. cal word. a bit dumpy. Dull. clothes. diving duck. dewe. dutlle.) Duffer. O. dumpling. Dulcet. f DUMPS dux. dump-. Icel. Of unknown (2\ haft of a dagger.DUCK From the verb above. (VDEUK. dogcon. L. two. dudluni. ducem would have given O. . able. G. . dumbs.) M. * to damp one's spirits. dulce melos. stupic Theong. Both Dudgeon wood Etym unknown. a duel. G. dulcis. dumm-y Dump . (F. a sea-cow. pp. dumpf. noix from nucem. ductus. deaf see Deaf. dull. Ital. leaf. (N. a woman's dtJda. (E. -} t Dumb. dude origin.F. (3).O. lo\v. dulcis (cf. Brugm. duh. G. for two. a slut dwd-y. duwm. dumb. easily led L. pp. (E. Duet Du. dug. to wrap up cap. tump.) . Dudgeon (i). L. Span. to beat.+Du. (2). sweet.) has Roque. doek. dumbr.) Du.' from Ir. Dan.) M. dilfii. See Devoir. dimpa. pp. to suckle. *dul-oz. tuoh. supine of str. cf. hazy. *dul. to owe. war).. dul cognate answering to Teut. duetto. E. (Ital. ?) Cf. melancholy.) Melody. duk. doix .) Brtigm. M. a sea-cow. a leader. Skt. Dan d<fgge* to suckle. dois. Piov. (Scand. domb. ] ! A. deaf. dump. dumpe. dom.) Jamieson has dudts as well as duds the // was prob once long. Icel. an ill-shapen piece.) A nauti- dux. Irish and \V. dumf>a\ Swed. to steam. dene.) M. E. blind. ductile. G. see Deaf.) Ital.-L. duct-us. F. L. a duct).) M. dauf-r. Duds. taan. L. Probably a thing thrown down in a mass' .' Icel. ductus. a kind of pudding. plunge Norw. H. G. fort dulcimer. sweet sound. gedwol-god. (F. ace. ftirnb. doulcetner (undated) cf. A. dompa.' duck-l-ing.) so called from Duffel. . a lord. see ' Duel.) a married lady. an edible seaweed. lead. of ducere (above). Allied to Damp . L.) Apparently the same as Duck (2). sense setms to ha\e been 'stupid/ and mute. Dan. ^1 But cf. lit. two Duenna. L. f Dan. to strike. masc. weak giade of *dwel-an* as seen in A. .-L. F. a dandy. E. (F. dulcenamed from its sweet mele. (F. Swed. . suffix. duet. ducere. (C. Duke. (L. Closely allied to A S foolish. (Scand. (Scand.' Swed. F. F. diving fowl. Cf. sweet. known. Lovvl. with double dimin. fern. like F. to err. a false god. sweet. dum Goth. Duck Duck (4). as in dump-id. to lead. nom. damp. duce. (Du. duo.E. . see Dump '2). ?) daubs.-L) F. to be stupid see Dwell. dowd. with From G. . dull. an exquisite. dcu. and ui\$ c]. stupid.(<*dwul). divclan. canvas. 592. of diicere. doucet (Cot. Icel. croix from crucem. F. vb. swaddling clothes Cf. tuck. dumbs is allied to Goth. F. to H The L.) L. idol .) Perhaps allied to Swed. darling. dial. Gael. Cf. Dugong. a kind of used for the handles of daggers. a teat. doulcemele (Godefroy).S.). a conduit-pipe. dukr. According to Macleod.-Span -L. dumpin. (Span. See Span. see Supplement. resentment. Lowl. Duel. doux). mad. cognate with Du.* 155 . Der. Swed. ' A near Antwerp. a leader. dol% *dul-joz. to fall down plump. dump. L. of deL. melancholy. S. dial. M. music (Ital. duyonsr. Dulse. ?) (0. short and thick. to milk. from Teut. dulse. Sc. a duck. E. doh L. of domtmts. a fight between two men L du-o. due. fling down. Dumps. (E. ace. Dug. duena. Due. damp. toll. L. duk. 'deaf. L. dew. answering (Unare to Teut. dolcetto). Swed. Dump (Scand. and Gael. it means water-leaf. E. to plump. II. F. duenna. dol. dykfagel. coarse woollen duffel cloth. debere.) Irish dmlec&g. dial. reek Dan. a leading (hence. domina. (Scand. dumb. O. Dan. dowfart. a place dumb~y). Ital. stupid. 375 (6). .) O. E. dull\ mad. a pet. dowf. orig. Dude. -L. dukand. ductilis. formed from O. pp. due * two. damp. ' water. Donna. a clumsy lump. C).. G. ~ ( perhaps Goth. (F. dull lit. dump. dall.-O. of dimba. L.) Swed. (F. See Duke. daddjan* O. lem. (G. . . duello. (archaic form of L. Low G. bellutn. see . refashioned after L. voir. * Cf. malle- Duct. . E. Duffel. ill-dressed. . a dulcimer sound. (E. linen cloth. i. L. Sc. (Du.

' tance. Cf. died A. .) 1708) to be derived fiom the name of Joe Dun. (C. dox (/or *dosc]. duist. dupe meant F. Perhaps of houperik. 239 36. first of the small Late L. i. L. Du. (E. ditete'^. to last.a5&/?tf. dung +Swed. duty (O. dynga. a nion. dfirus. duration. sense was long endurance of haidship. and bar. distribulong. dink. a low sand-lull. Duplicate. F. -f Irish steel. twelve apiece. F. dmt. -L. i. nation. Dutch. S. duodecim. } touto. Donjon. daik. Swed. so called because about 12 finger-breadths L. .) Lit. E. duplicity. see Dozen. pioperly domi- domnio. i. Brugm. (2) dung.e.' Cf. levee. (L) JnduodectMo^wtfb L. 875.L. L. pt. Duodecimo. firm (F.) Properly an adj. it answers. Dan. belonging to Holland. cogwith A. misty. in Berwickshire. dust. L. the disciples of John Duns Scotus. adj.w. dyst. see Dominion. of L. koma einum dynfynr dyrr. levee. doubleness. E. ong. W. Der. noble. durdrc. cf. E.) l&. donjon. ness. fl" Not to be confused with John Seotus Engena.) L. the chief towtr 112. Skt. vapour. duration. Teut. (F. urge for payment.) A. Goth. 1308. . to fall to pieces (pp. Dust. 11. Cf. two piic-are^ to fold. (G. door ( door) .) i. shoitened from dominio. person easily deceived. captivity. Swed. duodcnl. dial. base *dunst. as if it were what is thrown down or away. Duration see Dure. mist. a hoopoe whence dupe. with suffix -ance\ sec above. admit- Dunce. (Scand. of dilrdtio. food. a famous bailiff in the time of Henry VII.) . Durian. dar. . (E. L. fine dust. brown. ace. fine lain. dun. stem of duplex. ace. . a stupid person. F. brown.</w. But perhaps fiom the notion of noisiness.I). dur-able.) The M. Dure. (L. dust. F. feudal Duniwassal. twelve . cf. Norw. F dureice. -f Du. durationem. E. of Ding. donn. see Brugm. ditijte nasal. S. Allied to Din. dune. L. Dan. domnionetn. . Said (in . a loud noise. a hoopoe. duna. a fruit with a pnckly lind. O. uchel). has only devoir}. (Scotland ) From the phr. force. ' of a castle Late L. ditphcitatem. (PeiO Pers. dur. (A.' . dung. Late L. hard. (F. of dungeon-tower. G. a heap. dhvas-ia-}. form. dupe. 'door of admittance. twelve Dup. duplic-. two-fold (below). .' i.- imitative origin. S. mass. duui) F. twelfth. (F. to last. G. (E ) Short for do up. dongeon. M. a people. duphatt. (F. duress. (C. because the bird was easily caught. Dundee. the n Cf. G. .") (F. F. labt to last. L dilrdre. labting. L. dnplui-.) A Icel. prickle. (i) heap.) Malay dunan. hardship. duskregn. decl. . M . to Dun Celtic type *donnos. Formally applied to the Germans.) M. a fruit. schoolman. L. dhvams. dial. stem of duplex. a hall of audience. 12 leaves to the sheet. . dur~ ing) orig pres. Prob. pp. F. of duphcdre. bvvauis. durer. a native In ridicule of of Dunse. where the people ll. to durance.e.tower. Durbar. Der. duplitwo-fold. \ . tive form of duodecim. duodenum. two-fold.) F. German M. Dung. D.DUN Dun Irish (i). duration. Dune. lift up Duodenum. &c. A. durus. Oscan . Durance. A. Cf. a clupe. of durc durance. du-o. severe. chief. a Northern form (as the sk did not become sh}. sb. (Malay. A coined word. . of duodecimus. gently bom ' exalted . dusky. duine. a Highland gentleman. dur. do^k. dyn] \ L M.dark. Dusk. to make a dm before one's door. C. durer. a dupe. dim deo\c. couit. tluska. Brugm. O ong F. belonging to the dmt-isk. Malay dftri. to n- open a door. see nate noise. translating L flauus Swed. in dung. dim 219 (4). fiorn the pp. and Gk. (So also Bret. lit.) A. lit. ") durtsse. (a latch) . The L. and Gael. ' (W. died A. S. 156 . Duty. to double.) Dupe. Du. dynge. being lost except in G. catus. W. dun.~L. Root uncertain. thiuda. diii itia harshL. In Sir W. Icel. S. Gael. dusk. a dupe.(. durbar. Gael. S. see Dozen. . whence dusk-y. yeoman. M. Down (2). dwn. dun* a down . dunning. a prince's court. -ish. dune (Du. a thorn. (L. dong. (F. the same.) O. .E. to drizzle duskug. hard. II. Scott's Bonny Gael. tuath a people. and dint ib cognate suffix -z'sk with A. G. Ir. Pers. (Scand. duett. to make a (2). gentleman uasat. (F. a Duns man. 218. Vocab. dttodecimo. Dcutsch.) power. F. a city. abl. meal All from a dumt.(for *dwum-t-}. F. to the pp. DUTY L. ace. Dungeon.) L.) the intestines. to thunder. a man (\V.

M. (above) The frequent. dwtncn. from A. A. with a bad sense iriitrtiv. a colour. prefix. A.) M. *dwulano-}. short for a-gi-lie. eehe. Swed. Goth. a dwarf. also to seduce .. . a conduit u aquare. O. Dan Swed. (K. ^jj/ra. A. L. power. entrails. O. *dwaljan. Icfcl.H. H. (reflexive) . <?#. a flood (Godefroy). Svaevwith a bad sense .. S. Tent type *dwerg-oz. type *attzon-. M. dwtttan earwig. M. Tent. Not allied to \. Swawat. . relating to foice. t. languish. pp. 1 T djrnasty. Merc. S. soon ( (E. (F. dwindle. ere. insect prov. E. f. file us. (L. acrem. Earl. See Yean.) plough. -L ) ^ ]. to hinder. from the 2nd grade of A. 1 am Dysentery. piefix.dwcr). (E. Der. Goth.Sax. rept'a. to ar. Gk. see I Dynamic. O. O.. Swed. (E. causal of the str. G. . du. dyspeptic (from SuofTrcTrr-oy). wiggle.+ Du.) Ranting igate. to wnggle. cf. deagian.S. *dwelanto be torpid.) from *?r//V. sb. dvaljas.jeglicher. see Interior. dwellan. F. also dioehan. A. ^dhiir-ta-. dye. E. Swa/^iy. tvina. vb. due. (F.?.) Gk. vacrreia. E-. (F. stupor.dynastie Gk. deh. S. vm-egar. S Icel. Skt. i.+Icel.) Northumb. . <X } M.). see Dike. trance. A. A. E.Gk. acu* (gen. diveorg. *ahiz-. awa/wKos. Eanling. -f jarl. aierii). <?#. a soporific. Cf. . <?/. also G. lyspcpiia. er. aqua. <?^r. t. which is from Gk ^Cos. G reap. 157 .) M. * See Ewer. E. \ also Irish arawi. G.-L. Tent. labour. (runic) icrltee. Gk. S. hard to digest. (E. dull. Gk. A. CE.. to dye from deaft. zwerg. G. the inwaids. digest see . A. S. ^ Dyke . w L.dwergh\\hz Per. w (cf. ace. + . . le^eltch. type hinder. Dwell. Mvajjuu. H. E. divoleri}) to be torpid or elk. a^.) M. Cook. dinna Du. deag-e}> sb. twellen. dvala. See Aye. disease of the Early. See Acid. *r/w<z7. type enlaR.) A. earfrom its being supposed to creep to t. ovffiritros } Teut. aqtnla. A. S. E. O. (VDEU. I plough. S.Icel.E. -tatenf}.L. pi. i. (j. into the ear. A. divan^. I eel. Dyspepsy. dvelja y to dwell. 7/V. S.'. a man. M. to linger A. S. eher.S.E. deadly nightshade. *dwal. a lord..) plough.) Allied to Awn 182. A K. within. ( tidal wave in a river. erian. delay.) (lie. deyen..DWALE A coined word see . indigestion. Dan. (pt. to . E. in bowels. ^n>.G. loidship. . each. also Russ. erja. ^. plough. Ear which isy-ean without = A. colour. a kind of Icel. eWcpa. Svatrtifia. Swed.L . S. Sver-. to vanish. Dwell. S. to dwindle. ore. N. (Gk. to cease.-. to Dan . sb. a lamb. A. Swed. S. (E. -Gk. ear (pi. type *daug-a. lordship. stupefaction. Tent. dwellcn.Liti\.S. F. cognate Brugm. (y dwale-drink .) to colour Dye. I Eagre. <7r.adv. <r/. Dwale Dwarf. Russ. . iv. to dwell Eager. of dc-er. an insect. to get the piofit from the bb. acij not used. erly. (E. a Swed. -x ) Gk.E. (-/DHWEL. G.+Icel. (L. vb. -f-E>u. See Due. Late L. i Ear (3). Si>Y. Norse L. aitsis. ernten. See Aquiline. aigucre. . artt / . (Scand ) Named from its soporific effects. SWOT-. dwerg. E. Gk. A. Gk. to cook. I am stiong. H. w<ga. Iribh <?. A. diuerg. -|-Du. delay. from L. -Gk. O. and the suffix -U* (L. deah (gen. G. See Ere. Dwindle. to at] ana. e. Dan.E. H. dysenteria. to go astray.. S. EARN dett. wicga. (E. (E.E.) And see Dull. form of auris> Lith. Dan. + err. . in the active sense to retard. ou?. every one. dwdan vz. ong. \\ ater. dvale. each. type ernte. Cf. soon. O. *dwelan. #*-). eogalih. an eiror. .) M. dvcrg. Icel.earman. . bvvdffrij^. answeis to Tent. orat(e) arare. dvtele. erl.) . M. aigle). Causal of A. fl7/7'r. a/ww. Cf. tarry. of labour *az(a}n<yan. elch. dwala. *dwelan pp. prefix. () L ii i dwale.^ i A . powerful. pine away Ear (2\ spike of corn.) Eagle. ahre. E. harvest). atre}. M. . $i-tivelan}. from f'O' Earn. auso. 0tfr. ver-dunjnen. Cf. ^r/. . dwell.) Late F. to err (A. *az(a)na . is from the veib the prefix^- (i\ organ of hearing. (pt. like. to err. f represents ' the guttural. Each.S. to Gk. G.ernien. vb. Gk. ^ .-A. Du. see Ex-. S. -Gk. Dure. L. aye-like (ever -like or ever alike). . (K-L. to dwindle. *harp. ^E M. oor. with L. ajc (for a/w\ Goth. dynaslta. to linger M. S.' dvaledrik. cgre (F. Gk.F. to bend aside. t> pe *ahoz. (E. fraudulent. (pt.) strong. eren. M.

Swed. Gk. E.E. ebbe. allied to Over. to shear? also hence. tiffs. eaves. Icel. (~eavese$j\ *exclappitarc. frhelle. Dan. <pflt'. tfx*. f/wj. E. Ital. ace. from the east.aur-ora. ami Gk.. A. Also E. Der. F. ebn'efafetn. comp. azo. East. fKKKrjataffTtKos. . Gk. arres (F. sb. eavesdropper choose. non-Semitic word. ebb.. Heb. one who stands under droppings from the ^f Others connect it with Gk. dawn. y security. G. Goth. easier-^ G. . of O. De . ezel.see easier Cf. <?/^z. Gk. unknown. i. f-Du. ( departing F. asiniis. . E. i. xxii. Teut. opasa. " " Gk. Heb. q. . Teut.9 *aus-to-noalso *aust-ro.E.<?^/t belonging assembly. to eat. S.' M. asilus. [G. e/xi. *erthon-. Heb.) LateL. I call. Ecart6.. earth. eft. ata 9 Dan.ti-s}. Ecclesiastic. from Late L.' tclat. formed from Low G. Swed. Ebullition. ernst. of ebullire^ Cf.****. pi. k&ivrj. (F. itan^ G. . (E. Ration?. G. L. au. ebullition.) Late L. sb. enese eueses pi..-Gk. drunken. (F. out Prob. Gk. various sects. dial. L. xP TT]. Dan. aran t Goth. from a centie. Cf. L) Du. e/(K\T)To$. (F. ostan. O. (L. ace. pp.-Gk. dial. 0/ s. eastre. [whence and vb. Teut type *etan-. (Essex) oavis Origin doubtful peihaps from L. A. adv. Gk. fl70. out. out c/f.) M. 168 . drunkenness. arrhabo. also a support." a porch. Icel. dawn Skt.EARNEST cf. sjastum. hovnim pi. of thatch.) apvvjjai. prob. of barter. Earnest (i). I from 'arab. sb. a hard wood. (E. call forth. ebriui.) dour. Easter.) M. splen- the clipped edge of a thatched to fesclater* to burst. cat-ech-i^e. eastre> a goddess whose festivities were at the vernal equinox see Beda. Gk. Gk. ebeiit. a ladder. to clap. Swed.Gk.E. erthe. hebenits^ ebentts. Teut. S. Goth. (/*A/m/foy. btyttv. 4. Perhaps the Teut. ebullttionem a rare word. echo.** L. oost. 1 . H. L. to the Gk. (E. arrhes].) ~ M.vG\z. . A.] L. eten. . e.-J. erde. S. Earnest (2). eccentncu$. carta. cards may be discarded and exchanged hence the name. aha. aarde./V/ ebnate^ to make drunken. H. of the centre. type M. discarded. orig. appapuv. Heb. L. Easel. Skt. efes. F. airtha G. bubble. essen. Gk. H. Corp.E.]. a Eclectic. G. with suffix out Ktvrpov^ centre. a painter's easel. . see Ear (i). roof.) Formerly ebene.) Goth. Dan. I earn. type *obewua. ost.E. Dimm. avtus. an Eclectic. ^X 7?? a ringing noise. ecuy. security. type is *afjon. G. f.*awj-/v. . See odd. i ! Gk. Temporum awzra. G. scala. of L. t7 out. esc/. a ewes. A.-L. from the projection of the eaves Gk as sb.) Earth.jord. aitstr (gei. (F. Dan. caid. ubizwa. v. -f- (VAS O.. Eaves. O. an Echelon. away F. as in 'in earnest. a boiling over. Eclat. > Cf. carte. (E.-* l/c/cfvrp-o?. ernst. Oiig.) In this game.F. selecting O.) *a bursting O.-L. Der. types *au*-t0. Du. F. choosing out *oefes. Cf. church. Swed. A. Gk. emust. Ebony..oj/. M. sb. cbbe.+ philosopher who selected doctrines from Icel. cf. . 1 . in the east . ebony. F. ernest. out KaKtoj. occasion. ^. easter. eb. (I . . M. ^^.) M' E" ese O F. Port. ffifvos. Lith. (Du. | KK\rjaia^ 7Gk. a secret listener. eSar. also spelt erles. from cbullitu^ pp. a (clipped. (F. ernes L. ar/es. as^. j (L.for ldg. M. F. . to discard. burst forth lit. ^L. sb.) The / is added. . from Gk. see Scale Echo. Lu.-Teut. usra-. oster-. us/ids. arrha. ~ Ease. Brugm. to select. L. to give 2ral>on. ups. ease. forth. Skt. Teut. t/c. sb. Der. Ebriety.t with the sense of going off see Off. t . a ladder (O. 1 Eccentric. eoruost. whence oefsung. -uus. the quarter of sun-rise. . c.) Properly a sb. ECLECTIC Ebb. (F. a l a f vf P a P er > hence a . F. i. Swed.) arrangement of troops in parallel divisions F. A. bullire to Earwig . summoned. (E. asans. eastan. seriousness. see Boil (i). make a noise see Clap.+Du. type *ernustiz. an ass. Icel. Swed. a pledge.. etan. types Bertha.^to. dimin. (E. dchefaji. ebb Du. m. 218 dawn. . S. in '~ (E.&aitJ. . f. . Eat. klapalso ouese. S. a pledge. eorbe... . 474. eclater.S. Y.^'L. to bubble up.-L. dis-case. G. S. -f* Da. lu. Gk. '. (F. a harvest. whence efesian. 15. dawn. jord. (4). A.-LO F. ^vr. oster. F. rix&j a sound. (3. Centre. ex. (Ok. a ray. M. gl. ejuentrique. osfen . E. ease.+ Du ^/<?. L. of the tide. esc/neli). (F. a game at cards. Gk. M. tbrittt. Der.!. ebony wood. Goth. asdlus. edge pen. east. L. f. a round of a ladder .

ejficere. O. Dn.) see Eat. pass. ^/. Cf/ia. F. Cf. jtorere. effect tini y ace. I inhabit.^fc-wttw. to effect . management of a houseGk. G. ide.efftf). Effeminate. arg\ Du.) From L. i.F. L. to oiVo-.ECLIPSE Eclipse. a giem. sir.-L. Gk. fuT. (F. 1 7685. (F. for Gk. dial. a pastoral poem. fail. to eat Late L. timid A. (Gk. edition (H. From stem of pres. out .-Gk.E. Efficacy. clftovntviKos. backwards. L.) From the . to proclaim. a tiance. c/c. See Figure. and vtntw.t for ^JT. Efflorescence. eclipse. to lea\e out. ex. edificr. Effendl. to form. Edify.-L. S. effloEdition. . blossom out. K\oyri.-Y. see Effect. that allied to L. a house eclipse. (L. pt. Edge. to boil over. ior ex. F. Der. (L. <?/. educe. Economy. adtjiciutn. to boil. type *agja. to build (hence.^'L.' From L. . see Effervesce. to leave. ottos. EFFLUENCE coined editor}. pt. type *'loz. of efficcre. efficient. a breaking-out of pustules on effeminare^ to make womanish. to L. to do. pp. of ectere. to bring out. ace.) F. ^dtjicc. timid.E. Effete. edere. (L. Skt. acottomie. Authentic. a point. ##/. face. (F. f/. a woman. fern. i^sc. a despotic master. a steward.-L. whirl about y (-itfy}. Ecumenical. whirlpool Swed. neut. L. pres. ^-j for ex. L. K. Effect. pp. fentcscere. A. ef. fetus. general. y . erje. out. out) . of edttcdre. csp. to form. cecotiomia. Gk. Dan. Gk. (K\iwtiv.-L. Eel. eclipsis. Gk. . ef. (F. cf. displacement. ark. educere. publish. (Turkish Gk. 'a flowering. out . of effigies. Gk. exEcstasy. /"-. fdiicere.) O. for facere. faciem. <?/"-. F. editor . arje. Efface. base of effingere. d<f>&rr)s. virtue. and/<ir^. Icel. stem of ^rffe. (E. out . edge. suffix -al. I . cedilist a magistrate who had the care of public buildings. F. L. bad. a house. deal out.S. eK\ti//ts. affected by fears. a selection. See Yeast. See Feminine. of L. to educate. olKovopia. S ecg. femina. ought forth young. (F. L. brought forth . id&. inceptive vtferuere. exhausted. Gk. L. blossom. editus. ida. out . ff<j/. acri~. acfunenicits\ with universal. Cf.) M. 202. (L. of oitctaj. ruler. a building. effective power. L. a publishing. i. carh^ in Cursor Mundi. edittuni. el. Xfirrav. to speak.E. out crracriy. to choose out . *facia (for L. (F. strange. to L. 574.) Eddy. F.) Late L.) weakened by having L.) L. aties. dare.). effeetus. lit. sir. of efficere. Iditioneni) ace. (L. hearth Der.) F. L. Gk. K^tv. cdCf.) F. inceptive form of efflorere. to effect ejfpcax. tirdificare. eclips. 611. ef-**ex. a Effluence.) From pp. to boil.. L.-L. egg. Swed. zda. ace. effect ^. L.) M. Edible. egge. ecke. (L.for ex t -fie-. Perhaps foimed from Goth. out. from the sl>. force. See Floral. to begin to boil. Gk. Gk. the skin. A of Y. border. O. (L. G. (K\(jfiv. (F. stem of catia. A. a trance. M.) . i. 361 (Brugm. a failure. olicovfjLtvrj effect us ^ an inhabited world. out. dl^ Dan. Eczema. 777). (L. to work out. hold. Gk. Effigy. Brugm. (^AK ) eatable. ^F. the . Brugm. cffiL. an eddy. avOtvTrjs. Brugm. Gk. (L. of poems.) L. word.-Gk. Gk. a/. to biing out.) L. Gk. Gk.) *#-.-l*. edibilis. dial. eg. 587). also. a flowing. Icel. See Face. scence. Gk. -fDu.) M. A. a pustule. erg. L. ##/.) O. ducere. Icel. #/. fffaeer. (Scaml. effiL. argr^ ragr\ timid. a standing.L. out . egge. master. of fades). to bring. Eclogue. Teut.-L. Gk. allied to L. (L. to give. ydy an eddy. edifiie. for oZ/fos. thoroughly. Educate. an edge.L. word was tglogue}. to Turk.) L. see Eclectic. L. . pp. L. Mod. educatus. efficac-. L. an image. Icel. ecloga (the F.E. to make. effect. olxovfjLcvos.-* Gk. eduction (from pp.) Gk. Gk. effig-. id. ecstaws. to terra/xai. S. has was ii. of editio. Gk. efficacious. allied . of pp. Icel.E.-L. i. K(TTaffis. M. esp. (E ) Seejamieson. (below). Eery. efflore^/<?. spelt eri arj. fiom FolkL. orig.) tane (H. efendi. are}. + Teut. ida. Swed. Dan. (L. G. suffer l/r.(prefix). to give out. cowardly. id-. educt-ns}. e.) M. Formerly (F. a building. I stand. of edicere. dips. (L. <?. of L.X Late L.-L.resce re. E. ot/foyo/zoj. e. for <?#. duere. melancholy. (L. thoroughly facere. instruct).) L. Der. d/y. effetHS. acdnouiy.-L. i. earg. Edict. out \fingere.-L. of light of the sun.) L. effisic. ef-j bi for corner.

person. ^A Swed. eahta. s'efforcer. eject. tlnis. pt. labi. Eisteddfod. to endeavour. See Heron. to pour. Skt. labour. a puckle. to glide. cent. . (Du. to Late L. eahtofta. pi. 309 cggen.O. of-franter. duck like is (Swed. egress us. O. *g ( = egg. 0/AK. greatly stem of labor. type *^/<?(). and hwafer whether. (F. from L. w^. A. (L. ag. a sitting. eac. Late L. eohwedar. Gk. shameless. 4^?- albo. to cast frequentative L.) Cf. . Swed. acu-s^ *acvlent-us. O.) From L. See Edge. Egregious. heigir^ heiger. E. 635. och All fiom (and). hind. ef-. type (L. A. (-y^AUGw. foiex.L. pp. vinegar. Q. = Icel. pp. Icel.-L. Goth. ook. M. F. also k\ar-fipj a driver. Der. agg E. F. G. out . Egress. of a-gi-hivtefer. Gk. gress. also a/j ?'. S. augere. to sit.) ^j. Swed. of ejfluere. . (F. to jerk out an utterance. 1 1 vinegar. eigh-ty. to pour out.jedcr. Egoist. w/. Comp. her-0ri). . away . (L. Idg. . M. wM.) M. A. ^//^. and Per. (E. out.E. Aglet. O.-L. 1. . i. -L. . Elaborate. (E. H. S. out dere. of a form *aigre (whence also Prov. hair-on. foi ex. i. L. of acus. eek. ef. egg. laborare. Zend ^/^. (0. eken. F. the Teut. eider. Gael. elain. ef-. egg. excellent. cf. &c. to flow. eisil. L. ! interj. (E. S. where aye. W. eight}. . Icel. the same. In Shak. a going A. \\. ahtau.) Brugm.) M. aigrQ. out gradi. gi (for^?-) is a prefix. /. F. here added to the Swed.G. (L. aither. Either. Eland. Gk. See 0. L.) L. (eider-fowl). lacere.) t XVIII ' . aiglant. verbal sb. Cot. either. to go. eke. <y/) Du. ei. prickly (not found). impudency . ELASTIC ad.) L. #<:///. F. to goad on an edge (point). dial. effrontt. to glide away. S. Ejaculate. base atik. weak vb.egressiu. ei ! . due a akcit. of L.(I. S. S. L. eicere. A.above. strong. M Dan. exfortiare. tgoiste (A. eg. M. pt.) L. oi elaborare. vb. to shine forth. ef~> pres. for ex. an elk. Elapse. type ^aukjan-.G. are hatched. Egg (Scand. aiuh. to go out. elend. a stag. effmus. Effuse.ehtedclfod. with suffix ~ous. Cf. ieder. coined from I drive (fut.) M. ashtau. S. to instigate. wuy.Lith. for ex) out front. L.) Prob. L. Swed. - Lithuan. face. closely related to L. F.. bitter. on. Icel.) M. to flow out. F. L. e. acTtum or . out . acetum. of egi'edi. Aisil appeais to be a dimin.) out. The Goth csiig. t'leitare. forti-s. K.) L. aigrette. Eight. Eider-duck. Gk. e<. weak str. Merc. M. an effort. cAder-a.) Du eland. to use foice. dimin. (. Gk. pp. WJr. S. olene. F. tfgper^ contracted form of cfghwccper. (2). G. E. Dan. og (and. (2). effronterie. . Effulgent. congress of (Welsh) Egg (W. forehead). */. is G. /^j///. Eke (0> to augment. L. elaboratus.) eke L. Pers. (L.) . from F. allied to Irish ugh. sweet-briar. eigh-th. Effort. allied to vb. of effunL. ccan. Egret. K. atta. 1755). Eglantine. A. iaculuw. out. L. spelling of Icel. eisel. a missile. W. (F. See Force. -lentus (as in uiru-hntus). 4-Du. Russ. bards.(jt. e } out iacere. ceftardfyn. OKTW.) M. L. S. an elk. ^^^. to cast out. to work. bright. H. propulsive. A. eigh-teen. Brugm. wyth. L. to labour greatly. ederfugl I (Gk. L.-Icel. vielabi. aukan (neuter). Teut.t stem of out. Front. of L. foi ehead (as if putting forward the Cf. t7. F. om/E. aisil. A. form of aisi. (2).eggja. G. -f-Du.) Formerly elastick. ef~. O. L. Irish Effrontery. the oval body whence chickens.) Egotist. a self-opinionated Coined from L. Eglantine. ^(?.) From stem of pres.) Tecati. M. effort. . African antelope. K. Jluere. cf. ajglantine. *lAao"T^oy. vinegar.. an eider-duck (& pronounced whence Dan. aiglantier. he! G.down. to slime.EFFORT L. pp. a needle. Med. coneistedd. Eh ea\ Du. G. elapsus. W. Eisel. Swed. E. .-L. the lesser white heron.! to glide away. L.) acht. pp. Cf. a$r. (F. I see . chosen out of a flock. A. egrette.). F. a See $lk. aclttis. Cf. + W. ejder. ey. to cast. From t~. duuni. O. fundere. D. \^z\. E. eahtatyne . K. ex. G. (hund^eahtatig. acukus. effulgere.) ^/-wj". . (Scand.-L) F. (F. See Fluent.H. to cast out. 163 . acetutn. A. Cf. out fulgerc. cahtatene. aisil. to oppose face to face. eisil. vinegar (Godefroy). <2//a. from labor-. Icel. F. (L. Goth. + Du. e. (E. a flock. (L. eiaiulari. dimin. (L. G. excellent . (L. S. a heron. ego. " Gael. anka. See of L. a S. Elastic.) TheE.

Perhaps for *e(c}lict-arium. A.^/i^^. some compare Heb. . S. (L. ehgibihs. Electric. old Eleven. See Old. aleitja. enleuen. L. to draw out by coaxing. A. (E.el. F. neat. orig. S. ulna. elch. ferre. aln. elboga. cr. Late L. the arm tasteful. Der. an elk . (E. the elbow. comparative of aid (A. a bow.' orig. from the elbow to the tip of the middle legere. (L. See Alma. Merc. /<?-. ' Element. Elephant. Cf. ace. Shgere. (E. L. alin. elle ell L. <?//*. pp. G. Electuary. S. G. elbowe. (F.) Both as adj. alen. eleemosyndrnis. a threshold.F. but allied to tollere. relating to alms. 8lis-us}. F. age old.-* Elision . elfva.-Gk. to lick. Dan. the philosopher's stone. -L. G. Russ. a medicine that dissolves M Eliminate.) first O.F. L. alf\ also G. And see Elide. (L. adj. Irish uile. elf"in. to lift. Eligible. a sort of powder (JDevic) (Ar. M. O. E. A. el ikiir. elegant. elegia. a funeial ode. 1 ' ttz/of). of (L/) .E. Gk. Swed.<\.E. to L.) From pp. alms.) M. lifted up. a distich (of lament). a bending (see Bow). S.) Ti. Icel. electuatre. pi. <y/<fc. and -//.+Du. . of . out. L. . G. \^>ay.) ligere. *am. (L. A. . #/#. to choose out . (E. Eleemosynary. (E. oln-bvgi. E. an electuary. Elecampane. from eleemosyna. ele~ and boga. elle-boog. . camptis. einlif. Limit. Der. (L.) \ . cubit . elhfu. Origin unknown. claho. neut. Gk. See el-bow. L.) Coined from L. Skt. elm. L. ' arm 3 elyphaunt.) Prob. to choose. Swed. Dan. elder (i). perverted from L imila Elicit. from Gk. A compound of Teut. ////.) (F.) future. IceLate L. L. a kind of confection. eleph. Here campdna prob. Gk. a plant. S. eln.Icel. S. (L. lika. Gk. ~hka perhaps means* elder.*rcup. typiov. G. a lament. fiXfKTpov.) y Gk. elne. used as pp. . out lotus.-L. elg. a tree. to leave. d\ Icel.-Gk. old. el^n. Der. eticere. (E. growing in the fields. elloorn. elbow. an elephant.) M.Y. (G. of . Dan. of aid(A. eln is allied to Goth. to coax out. one. . E. elixir Arab. out. eldest. or rjpuv t diy (residuum) . chosen. yldrd]. elene. i\frjfjioffvvrj pity. L. M.ELATE Elate.~O. ehs-zon L. Brugm.) electrum. L. Merc. <?//. stem of Rmen. eolone. */&.) t M. from in the Med. base of a cubit. fant.^ M. eald}. of L. fit to be chosen. F. ieldu. elli ^. old. -f Du. Gk. $K\eiKT6v. Lll -. out.) L. from Lace. clgr. O. G. li. e. to choose.of L. aldesta (A. Elixir. (F. out.) finger Swed. L.^ M. elbow. rntfftj E. Elk. p. stem of elegans^ Ell.9 and sb. elect uaelectftrium. L.-. elf. alces. Elf. choose out. e. dry powthe definite article.-Gk. sing. .. Elegy. ^f Distinct from <7/kr. alfr. -/?/&^ (in vcnoLith. Slegant-. H.-Gk. alms. ing metal. Gk. ete\fixiv t to lick A. also eln-boga.) O. s. #.t'xi'.) M. elleve. A. Cf. Gk.*- L. H. adapted from M.) A. an almoner. 0hfaunt. lifted ELL . suggested by the M. . . e. remaining linquere. Eld. elegi~ac. foith. Elegant. al-bue. L. Gk. as elch* elh. M. Meic. the bend of the arm. older. to lift up.) } . up. Gk. Elder (2).F. See Ell. d\/crj (HisFound in A. which has electric proGk. L. to strike out. e/le. pi.mare. to lighten. choice. . to entice. of L. ella:rn. eleven). clegic. from leuis. Goth. old age. allied to ^A. fern. . ii 175. (E. O. Dan. ellen-bogen. (Late L. ohfant. celdra (A. A. neat. out means wild. elementnm. rf7*/<?j old age from ald^ en(d}leofan. of elephas. W.) The ^ is excre. /egcre. (F. chctus. out Itedere. eliminare. an elk . superl. L. lacere.-O. a stag. enule-campane (Cot. gen. see Elect. ?etuarie. L. S. (L. L. (F. Icel.-L. L. eeliefne. a field.) M. lift. aleina. elle. S. aratni-. also shinperties.&. prob. Dan. cndhifon O. adj. (F. for *elf-en\ but Low G. dash. mouth. L. Elbow. cf. e. chene of elves (in the Southern dialect) and trom pp. element. a cubit. to thrust out of. light. where el is esp. tory obscure.old. (E. elf. elephant em. flatus. Elect. S. an elegy..E.) From pp. elcuare. leuare. der. a principle. Elevate. e. Icel. Northumb. elecampane.E. gleaming. pana. F. olene. w\ci/ij. A. -Gk. e. out. O. . (from pp. slide i e.+ yldcsta). a nightscent. .. amber. a kind of deer. e. signifying ell. O.-Med. M. proud.yldn from <?#/o?. See Levity.L. amber. for see Elide. inula cam.= Lithuan. an ox.+T)\L. a//. S. E.. \7ta.-L. Goth. S.. Merc.

to flow out. (F. away. of elocutio. sb. to hinder. a circuit. to furnish with battlealjis. Du. F. Embarrass. (E. E. Prob. . of eloqul. 4. i\-. Elude. L. cipdre. to speak out. Gk.& bark . . baik. Elm. loin). weakAll from Late pres.~Q. embargo. Embassy. bastiller.) L. tf/w cf. Leap. from Icel. vttiiov.( = Lat. a bar. out. &c. to remove. an oval figure.(L. for lv. Embers. imba^ciata. ymbren-. man-its. mad-. F. From L. clear.S.n. to make clear. (F. of L. S. Emasculate. cognate with L. (F. put a bar in one's way. body. ambasciata. es~. M. embassade. See }-. Gk. remove and keep an arrest. embers. and to Alien. signifying other. to send on a mission. (L. elm. maciare t to make thin. L. of L. e. ///. to play. G. T)\vatov.") Span. L. ymber. lucid-us. Embargo (F. and Bar.) From pp. to speak out 01 cleaily. es. efasus]. same. E. ambascidre. (. icmyrgcan. (F. of emdndre. to mock. O. (L ) From L. in. prob. to avoid slily. k\\airriK6s. emasculdre. a. <?w-<L. Emanate. prefix. ulmus (whence G. eloquent. . emeres. O. lit. or period the Gk. of alt pen. embecluciddre. F. to transfer pioperty. . Embark.) F. a defect.. A. . .prefix (perhaps for O. ellipse of a word because its plane forms with the base of pp. very.mdndre. . quatuor tempora. quatember. Late L. im-. Swed. Bark (i). in . embarazar. a tree. \f'nrtv to emaneipare. cm. ambassee\ L.) M. . to O.) From nem. course. Elocution. (L. from stem *aljo-. at a distance. em. . elocutio(L. Else. far off. cm. F. to . see *imbarricare. type Formed with L.confused with L. Gk. from ytnbryne.) L. E. in} from Span. behind. leanness . pp. E. barca. barra. to put in a quer. eloquent-. S. Elope.) From pp. to beautify. and hlcapan.) L. lit. see Bun. See Lucid. out. Anglicum). to flow. pp. macer. before b and /. e. ex. e. pt. (E. Scand. to deprive of virility. barra.S. the for z..' as in Goth. to ryne. short for r)\vaiov ember-days are days that recur at each of efystum. S.t prefix). F. out loqut. Hh\et\f/i$. a putCf. esloigner. Icel. deceive. A modification of C. away. Eloin. ambascia. el M. out (L. F. Or from cognate with E. a heaven. one who takes proelliptic.-L. 4. from A. Em-. L. to ruu. Embattle.' A. See Ambassador. the Elysian field (Od.S. Der. See Long. of L. /. L. to fortify. to invest with a body. adj. em. stem of pros. of eloqztl. adv. F. cmbarLate L. far off. ashes. 'a running round.) A. (L. } . to leap. eludere of embellir. away. E. fem. See Battlement. Ital. E./. D. aim also L. embattelen. L. Late L.) M.S. and O. matt" Der. t . leave bola. Late L. F.-Gk. a mission. Land capere. olm). ajop-en. exlongdre). ?. elocutus. Span. Cf. e.//- (for iii}. M. hnquere. clear ulteiauce. Smanatits^ also. as in E. 162 . as in ymber-weke. Embargo. away from culine. to withdraw. A. L. stem of cf. Gk. L. . M.Swed. Span. and bcl fair. Emaciate. ace.) A. E. Elysium. other. keep away O.) A. the four seasons of the >ear. leave. L. male. base of macies. The suffix -es marks ments. out in) (pp. to speak. uline. lopen. to leave in. a/w. pp. F. S. the gen. allied to L.) alias.) F.) From pp. Elucidate. to perplex . Gk. Leech- Eloquent. em. (E. elles. e. <?.) (F. pp.. A. hlaupa. . EMBERS Formerly ellipsis. See Bar. (L. . to escape. adv. (L. otherwise. four enclose with a bank. a bar in the way.ymb. d/u^t) (for in). The A. Barricade. cast up a bank seasons whence G. Mas- <?. EloigtL. Dan. case.(L. /issen. (E. em-bank.) ting prefix a bar. in. fiom the ludere. . Emancipate. . stem of man-ceps.F. king (F. F. embar(F.(L. bar in. Ember-days. imbarcdrc. out. (Law L. the cone a less angle than that of a para. ened form of ambasciata. orig. to take. !o run away (from a husband see N. a-. F. to set fiee. \\fiirw. of L. lound ( = G. eloquent. to anoint with balm. ellipsis. 563). masculus. elus-ory. F.) rasser. Eloquent. of pp. (Span. pt.) L. p. perty in hand or receives it. . embeliss-.) L. Span. Gk. (L. and Hence em. (A. a stoppage of ships lit. See Belle.) M. neuter.O. II. F. away. a-basti) and M.]f. balm. longe. to run (Cath. E.ELLIPSE Ellipse. loqul. a mission. lucid.) A. very Embellish. O. aloper. L. in. L. . im-. -L.+O. . for in. an lean. a run. of Late L. manap-. to speak. ' . jest-. im~ ymb-ryne is lit. cf. dlmr.

to take shelter. Emblements. to cast cf. for en (L. smacarried away (F. the the mouth mouth. emblema. emery. for excel.(L. Em-. F. F. stem of pies. a commander. L. fcetus Gk.t7 out *minere. besil. See li>. in) . Embolism. sL. Embrasure. L. confuse. Gk. point. Gk. bis-.?. L. Gk. em.) Coined from the pp. O . to slope the sides of a window. F.F. vomit see Vomit. bryon. en- . i .\. to foment. Der. mittere.) O. emblader (F. swell out. L. . a fomenting. to dip see Merge. to be full of. Dan. to From see O migrare. and Boss. cf. adorn with bosses or L. apparently from O. Embezzle.) A. Embrace. I causing sickness. (Of unknown origin. (F.) (2). bouche. L. . L. F. see Hemorrhoids. Cot.ixv(L. wander . *ant). and Imbroglio. morja. l/^/3o. out . Med. ble}. the grasp of the arms. L. @px*w. (F. Late Lat. &d\\tiv.) Arab. eim-r. F. ace. cmblaement. in the 1 6th cent. (A.. good punc. Late L. \ifffji6s. . F embrocation. appear. Gk. illpejorative prefix). . sb.F. Broider. Formerly emertl in bonum. Formerly cm- a green gem. e. within ftpvov. prefix . lit. ablatum. -L . O. to sow. bladum L. D. Gk. to filch. embolismus. neut. (L. Gk. to project. M. 'to skue. Q. F. D. to rise out of water.. Embryo.-L.Icel. pp.-L. eyu. of bonus. amir. . to confuse. Emerald. im-minent. See Broil (2) .) M. em. a nobleman. out mergere.(for *). twcri M. emblavcr\. im. For en bon point. . Emir. raised (F. see Braes. plumpness of person. free from .) tion. braser. in-. to em- Embroil. root amara. vicminere. embosqiier. I*. E. bosc. ?w). broider. e. (F. on . pt. aperture with slant sides. lum.) m Embouchure.-~iv. a crop. in L tmergere. in good case. im-. Gk . days. to complete a period. H.) Embrocation. O. ifj. Gk. an inser.(L. e/ijSoA. a wood. crops which a tenant may cut after the determination of his tenancy. F. fifipvov. to sow with corn. migi'are. F. emeraude.= ^. F. L. F. em-. Der. F. emenl. ome ( A. prince. to make away with (for O. L. Gk. . F. mendum. from the pp. a hard mineral (F. iii. F. embonpoint. to Emboss work. From F. eimurja. 'what is 1 1. prefix) and O. to shroud in a wood. . cmboitcher. smengho. bes. out. en. S. O. to send forth. <?. (F. EMIT F.F.) O. ipppoxhi a fomentation. 30 (rare). Eminent. he commanded. (L. emboliwie L. L. pp. 4. Emetic. of /3/>vt>. neut. (F. Gk. . O. apaO. a^pts. F.Q put in or to the mouth. Emery. to project . O. Aiab. Emergfe* to rise from the sea. of L emenddre. to send. F.) (F. (Arab. brouiller. embrasure. F. or drive to shelter in a wood. (F. (L. imblddare. of embrocare.) Belemnite. (F. . ary. Cf. in. treatment. Embonpoint. ragdwn.(L. destroy. eminent-. emiss* . M. and brace. (L. of L. marakata-^ an mteicalation or insertion of an emerald. LateL) F. Icel. from bucca. foi in) . c/i. soak. or ' chamfret . menda^ fault. and G. in. Late L. Migrate. q v. 0d\\fiv t to throw. in.) M.F.) M. esmeralda) . &c. Gk. . to send forth. torture and see Bezzle in the N. also e^meragde. in). the embryo.embou- or opening (of a river). embryon. plumpness.Gk. (F.EMBEZZLE doms. tp-.) L. eimyrja. L. (F.) Ic. to wet. see Bouquet. F. imbecile. to maltreat. e. to F. .) From Gk. From Em.-Gk. L F. (L. an (F. Emblem. vapour = piov. in. embroder. emblemc.. besillier. . haivcst. /w x iv > to soak in. F. (F. Skt. of pres. Ital. corn.and (F. cmblacr. embracer. to free from fault. 4/xGk. ember.-L.G1O 1404). vapour. Emboss Emigrate. to grasp in the arms. ^f Certainly influenced. Cf. E. excellent. O. Swed. F. admir-aL Emit. which cf. esmeraude (Span. G. E. besiler. Cf.(Late L. ffjL0\7]fia t a Gk.) L. Embroider. emcticus./xrySoSj an emerald.) XVII cent. (F. an ornament. ftuisfits. . embrocatus. to wander forth. for thing put on. (i). embrouiller. f/^cu. in. cmiss-ion. of smaragdus. Emendation. emmer.^ apvpLS. foi 4v. . pt. chttre.) O. /zTt/fos. in. O. the produce of sown lands. used as a Cf. Emerods . by a supposed etymology from iinb&ill) to weaken. an obsolete verb formed from the adj. pp. csmeriL Ital.-L. embraser. to put. Gk.

emphatu from (rk. ameise. hnj>antc6s. greatly mdliri^ to accomplish. emolument. See Smalt to O. . to move away or much. in-. said of a pregnant woman. 293. F. L hence 'to in} and <. L. dmciza. . a mait. work. L. . ('yrcavffTtfcos. Gk. c out. (E. an orig. en. a way . . */jnrvpcues. a milk -like mixture. ccinte.-f G. lere. I burn. ) M. Low G smalt (Lubben).K. sb. fern. ( *7T/)ta). over parare.enamorer. emollient. tfAiTetpiKiis^ experienced a certain set of physicians.) M. to take in Emprise. and Act.-L. F.) coined from L. of emoitcre. Encase. . relating to in j Kaiu.^w-. a mart. c/j.O. . void.. encausfique. See Em-. over ready. (F. in (L in^ . Cant (i i. .(tn-} upon. take. Gk. ' to put into a case Cot. fn- epnopios. prehendere .' See Camp. to fold see Implicate. m). y . of O. Gk. Enact. L. O. itnpaare. from O. (Port. to make ready. softening.(h\ in. tm. implicdre. caisse. casse. e></>tt<r<y. L. E. appearance. L.) in sometimes used with a causal force. en amour. F. of cingere. ' to put in act. a quack doctor. (F. in nvp fire see Fire. en is fiom L. (F. and to li. see ' . iti-. See Comprehend. to soften. empire. in traveller. whence <f>acris. empynr-us. so also Enchant. L emollient-. where F. . G. im- (in-}. I appear. Emporium. of pp. enamel ( = Ital. a case. From pp. in^ and M. (F. (F. a declaration. (F.-L. pp. Cf.. extended from c/i-Tru/w. Emulsion. upon. ant. Gk) F. charm. inflame with love.' Enamel. 7 Emu. order. L. to implicate (in Late L. prefix.L. in. lF. ema. Enamour. ^f Isidore explains Late L. out. emprendre. emprise emprise orig. L.. (F. TTO^O?. L. Gk rL. (/4Tr6piov. and cantdre. to gird.) Port. Emperor. seeEnew. merchant. to elemental fire. empirinu. to repeat a chant. an ostnch. see Fare. A. . enamelen. e. . F. H.-L. Encamp. a ruler L.-F.-L) (2). Gk.) Gk. a way. . and w^/. Gk. M. A.) M. y cmuh-ns^ pp. out mulgcre to milk . F. to employ. Empyreal. heap. incincta as meaning ' ungirt'. in love. Emollient.F.) O. H. Gk.) M Empty. fi. L.) M. to sing see Ital. in. older form ^w^/ (Epin. ini. and amour fiom L. to incinta (Florio). or ameiza. 6jU- . (F. com- a . of i?n~ empercor. order. prefix in-. en (L. as . E. to L. to use for. L .L ) M. pertaining Adjectives Gk. out. also effoit. CHcattsticut. Enceinte.F. S. <icc. a tiial. e. en-chain. Empire.) A Limaile. (L. emponutn. F. commercial. . F esmail. ENCHANT E. L. striving to equal. on . see Milk. upon . significant. command. much mouere. In Shak.) M. L M. ungirt. stress of voice. e/jLiropos. Emulate. temulus i tfimtlari) to try to equal. Glos. en. emulsion formed from L. (F. incantare. .suggest a derivation from enio. exposed to fire. enamailler. of L. iTtipa. -L.= e*/. O. incincta.emJ/irf. L. to gnnd thoroughly.S. allied to tropo?. to work out. full of leisure. } .for in-\ in plicare. to move. F. Perhaps icmetta is for *iinotjon-^ from <^-.amp\ form into a camp. empr-ess. I (j>aivofj.4*//fe". leisure. (L ) L ituperatorem. ( b L. melUr. -L ) F. L. an ant. soft.L. vb. ( F.) L. emphasis Fo/zm. Emotion. Gk. Emolument. i. ( Coined from L. merce. enatriamatle. cmpiriquc. Doublet. to rule. of c/trro/ua. vb. to soften mollire. encauser. Imply. of emitlgerc. mi. in. iemette. pp. L. experience. burning in. S. See Calm. eniolumentum* what is gained by labonr. Der. an ant. L. Late L. L. ant. for \malto] y appearance see Phase.-F. stemofpres. privative. tewetta. (F.-L. JhL-i prefix. in (L.) also one of Gk.F. . to milk out. f^aiGk. vb. Emeu! a biid. Brugm. Empiric. pregnant. anwrem^ love. ace. of cmpris.-Gk. 680). Case employer. Coined fiom en(F.F. f?//0. (F.F. en-case. a ruler. Empyrean. F enchanter. Emmet. limtig) temetig) lit. e. gam. a meeting for business.) . appear. from moles. with neg. i'are. from molli-s. A. . G. Encaustic. F.) O. fern. ^F. in. L. (L.= cv. Iv.'for in-}. ftnotiis. L. enterprise (F. or amctte.) L. en. Gk. F. Der. L. employ). impenum.) O. ^f So but the short vowels usually explained in -molii. Emmew. parim\ to make . (F. to designs burnt . ) \ Employ. relating in. lv } L. emphasis.-L. pt. Sec. Lit.-L. Emphasis. very of emollire. neut.E. hand. Gk. emete. an (E.EMMET amote. } . Gk e/*.

Indue . T. endive. limit. (I L. in} and F. action in see "Work.F. wdossd to put on the back of F. L. c?icwt. endive Endive. Cf. Energy. type *"intibea. F. at \\oik.) M. L) M. Encrinite. enJune. encrochiet to seize upon. (2\ to . neruus. M. pp.L. iii} and durer See (2) . disputed. en. ev. (Y.-L. (F. sb. croc. sb. . encyclopaedia. 1^.) Case (2). in. see Crook. Latinised cyic&fiuos el'. (F. and . L.-L.S. in. t Devoir Enclitic.and dotter. Endure. F. against. from F. said of a letter Encyclical. Enew. Gk. the < stone ' lily c*'. Icel. Misspelt emmcw in lead cnew.F. tytcKivfiv. Encumber. Encircle. base of on. of L. L. ffiergfa. Gk. see (F. . with suffix "C-al. &rc. of Encourage. Enervate. \vater. a hook cf. dependent used of a \\ord which 7 its Gk 'leans accent upon another. with P. aurora). (Gk ) . allied to ytvos. a nerve. Gk. Late L.) (=* Ital. Sw.) Cf. work From pp. Encounter. in-.and duty. F. cf dare. a case Endeavour. Hence end. From Gk.?) O. in (L. 0.^\ J 111-. in. andet's. hotamiior in hanc horam. and dot are. ciicular (said of a letter) . to hook tip. Gk. (F.) sb. F accrother. to obstruct. (F.-L. adj. and dot a re. 1^ (F.F cont? er. (L^ Late .E. ' . dtal.ENCHASE Enchase. | chning. en. (F. Nerve.) lily . to nchace or set in gold F. w). fiom dot-. vigour. to erdow other spelling of endow.I*. Compare the old phrase to do his dever* =^to do his duty (Ch. ev. Gk.) ' A corrupto tion of indue as in endue thy ministers L. encore L. hanc this.-L) O. L. F. yiyvonat. in. Endogen. endivid}. indut\re). L aw*/ Tent. stem . ^[ Somewhat vb. reveliy. in. inimlnis. encouragcr. A. h(pyia. friendly. in . en. (L. in(a way). iii} and chasse anh-. F. see TrcuScfa. tpyov. race.) A. (vbrjfji-os. !v. End. (Gk. F. an-swer. to love. enchne. L. to lean upon. (L. : righteousness. F. m. neut laudatory. . E. in . E. a people. (0.E. . icwfJLos. O. LO M. Irish /</. catch in a hook. Shak. in. to last.. piefix entii}. cndttrer. see DemoN cracy. not. kioke. to give a dowiy. sec L. I am born. with suffix -ITTJS. to hour. combrare. A. 7fy-. en (L. L. en. See /Wr.~f. Goth. ewe (F. Enclose.and (F. rage. ( * . (L. 4 . L. awims. to giNe. a ciicle Gk fiom (a coined) Gk. to emboss. from L donum. see Coucottrage ) . (L.) From Gk. 165 .-L. to intioduce (fiom L. to drive into the water. Endow. Gk.~Gk.E. circular (or complete) instruction from iyicvK\to$ (above). (E. round (ecclesiastical). Ivfo-v. cndir. wr<?w- and see above. ** L.K O. G. O. Close (i). aide A. enemi. still. in . see above ^f Confused both with O. endos. to deprive of neive or strength. ber. zw. sent in. .) ' Cot. Du. in. Endue a dowry.) From En. peculiar to a district. (F. Encroach. 4r. y Cointd from Gk. a plant that grows from within. Ivspyos.) Formerly endosse. and Late L. to shut in. endogene (1813). enchasser. against contre. Enemy.) Latinised Gk. tneruare. see Lean (i). } at. Kpivov. Dan. 2598) see Encline.F.energie. the back. type ende. fiom Gk. and M. (F. ende. again.' mdwre. to block up L Cum- See Dure. fAdste\ the same as caue. tuu/e. of cnGk. en (L. ditrarc]. in . full of revelry. ende. for (yttvK\ios 7ra(8ta. krokr. Gk. Coined fiom the M.) (F. see Incline. enduren. -L </<n. Skt. F en in. and with Endue (2) below.^ of clorre. Teut. Endorse. to lean. (Gk. devoir. on dos. from L. iyK\tTitc6s. to attempt. ^f Hence the prefixes ante-. KVK\O-S. endowcr From 1\ en. F.F. L . Endue with clothe. in. C. F. iyK\>K\L-os. to meet in combat. again F.) belonging to a people. ^/ftOfuov. enchmn. K\ivfiv. an obstacle. dcver. out of. (F. (F. (. . a endoer (later endoncr^ to endow (BurguyVi L. ENEW . fiom L intibiis^ intubus.~\^ inclinare. encliner. combnis.) Lit to hook away. a fossil. Fiom En. circular. (KL. . XV (F. . amaie. Gk. en- Endemic. contra. commendation. instruction. M. AnO. Circle. e. within. an.F.-f-Du.) cent. to endow.-L. (F.~Ij. Encore. *and-/oz. *7tfvrAo7rai5e'a. en- Hour. O. eindt) Icel. the back f \\luncc the spelling \\ith 1 r). 5^/x(j.) Q.Y. a plant (F. Encomium. unfriendly. clothe.

F. in large characteis. L. in-).) (F. E. belonging to A. list. CE ) A S. formed from F. i). to lift (Ital.(for *genes-). (F. namncT^ to obtain Cpp.) Enlighten. M. e. O. Goth. and later to ( F. enonnc. sample. Ingrain. Cf. gram. Cf. G. F. en. . Gk. . F. E. Angle kin 1 M. enigmatic (from the stem). to and O.S. enemite genius Genius. L. exemplum. Annoy. - G. grele\. L. it suffices. L.1 eel. <enigma. exalt. tn) Coined genoge. genera re. Jit. (E. to engrail (indent as \\ith hailstones \ O. z. eno)tniS) out of rule. F. Ensign. F. the cochineal 'berry* or insect. afro?. scarlet ' in graine Cot.-L. hail. English. ganohs. . Engender. graine.) enquiied into. huge. in heialdry 'F. F. L. ^jf. sEngl-e. O. to attain. the Angle *. alvlffaoftat. O. i.. Y. grossus. inquire. O. L. scarlet die. enjoin-?). enoghe. inquTrere. H. the Angles. from altus. /. . Enjoy. enquir-y. and amistie t\ Enmity. a tale. quarere.E. F. see Lighten. wherewith cloth is died in. (from L. high. F. in. aqua.F.) occupy wholly. . cngemtrcn. dye in grain. gere^ to bid. see Gage. 1 more correctly enseigne. L. to select a sample. in). cognate with E. and (perhaps. aivtyfAa (stem aiviypar-) . under the influence of the L. O. E. Late L. () enqucst (now inque^. tL. a fief.grain. in. O.) Der. E.joie.grics. often turned into . grossa.E. (F. enLate L. to join into.(L. with suffix -oin. enF.) M. a race. unth F.(L. L. (F. a form of O. grave}. L. pi. in pi. from L. The ^. . enogh A. Enjoin. sufficient. O. bind by a pledge. (F. to breed. gnogr. enhaucier. Engl-c. fix) Coined with F. //^'. F. F. ncg. insigne. enhauncer. enquo re. and Grave Engrave. 'F. insignia. innalL. M. to endue with a tF. F. orig. in . to soak fief. F. ENSIGN enhaucer. legal) sense is the older. standard L. enfiler. Engage. see Amity. Der. genoeg. L. M. . huge. joinare (i p. enewer. allied to A. Gk. as in invention. of L. story. EngrOdS. a straight line or passage. engin. L. Enfeoff. Enfilade. O. toie. en. bee F. in). enfilade. > ensample.-L. sb. a pledge. (F. Cf. Cot. see A. riddles. grana. en L. F. L. prefix en. genng. in water ^Godefroy). &r. in.S genoh. F. laige writing. Dan./*?//. G. en Wtf. a thread. a . enami\he /). mle. in . in. <i^. E. L. to take.-L and Tcut. O. lift.*. in and O. to dye of a fast colour. A. Enlist. Engrain. L. F. geni-. 'the seed of heibs. See Wormal. amity. Der. in.) (L. Gt. from M. in. dis. indented with curved lines. ensatnple. attiare. to write in large letters. Engine. to za>t). ' . enmile. inqutsTta (re^\^ a thing CF. fgrand) vigranum. ish. . F.e. in. F. see Joy. ingeniutn. to enter on a tool. \ 'f. a F. F.) enqnere to enquire.L.) From Enimitating O. pattern. Ensample. L. also. . gcneah. H.icien ( = enjoyeft] .) attoi. From Late L. See Pile (i). pi inohe.) The spelling is Norman F. enDer. eximcre. natural capacity. F. iungcre.. with suffix -zjr. a sample. See Join. en (L. in\ Gk. Hgne.f in to search into. /Engine. (Y. . A i^v/j Anglorum^ Engrailed. F From F. stein See Genus of genus. in. standard. -f. Low G F. to joy in. Ennui. L. in. L. ento bid. altered from M. from gener.) and things). ' great beyond measure. engreynen. a fern. See Grail '3. prefix ) Coined by piefixing with F. of a from F.-L. .is a prefix.filiirn. to join. cnngne. ^ out of. Enormous. (F. a thread. pres. L. (F. pi. also gram. em ere. A. engendrer* ingen- L. grit. G. . %enog. graban. V L. F.S linglisc. A..) O. pp of engresler.) Enigma. engresle. engrosser. vb.) M. engager. F. corrupt form viessample. increase.\. L. to L. Mod. out . 'a sign. enqiter ir. (F. L. (F. to raise. greslc F. nac-tus} Skt. fief. enioier.) Enough. erdre. to The former L. Du. to seek.ENFEOFF from L. i. . prefix .) from lighten. thick Enhance. L) nor ma. noyance (V. vb. 1 speak in dark saying. E. a long string (of L. L. fast colour. to thread. form. engage. in. in en gro$$c. (L. Gk. formed fiom the pi.-L) . Swcd. engraver inquiry. 1) and E. and See JFief. F. > c>rmed from enortn (obsolete) . to produce.F. a riddle. in. iniun(L. en (L in). F. S Angel-cynn. an L. A. an- O. O. enqucstc. exeniple. enqncroi . F. 66 . O. to breed. in . . fiom IL. L. Enquire. and Late L. ordain. ennui. en (L m) to List (2). graven.

to go into. . with being. of interaneus. rtfjiviiv. &c. F. to wrap. intrare. ///.. atpos.' Torriano. ensilar. Ong. to See Prehensile. viron. Enter. whole. inter. See Lap (3). F. from \4yciv 9 to speak. E. strits. from inter. however. F. O Enumerate. inspiration. . ivOovaidfa. Late L. i. $tos. treat . to follow after Late L. O. a circuit. see Essence.(L. set on fire. to store up undeiground.-L. L. to wrap. en. Tailor. and *trarc. ?. Ital. (F. from mtavolare. Gk. in\. intavolatura. fiom numeru^.) (F. (L. to follow. entrails. envoier. entablature. concernmeans limited in a certain way). ENVOY Gk. a sendF.Tent. wrap round. tenere.E. 'an intablature [Cf. Gk. Entangle. in. lare. entre(F.L} O. lit.. to excite. intestines. neut. Enunciate. ensu-. L. Span. to carve. . F. (F. envelop (Remacle) M. ong. carve. voluper. e. underground. later envelopcr. to handle Entail. 'a planking. to entertain. From pp ot L. a plank see Table. In another sense we find M. an insect . M . in. -O. type *intitiare. e. See Integer. F. vloper. a firebrand. entier. E. }?. F. en. (F. in. to utter^ declare fully.F. god. enti-. and O. (F. to goluppare. enticier. . Entertain. attiser. fully nuntiare^ to tell. (F. ensilage.and Tangle. ii-ropo-v^ logie (A. L. F. with suffix -Acrym. intraha. F. and *titius. enunciare. envoluper. L. fiom En. *tabupanel or flooring.) stem of ensivre. entrails L. sure see Sure. entailen. Hi>0os. Obs. a Ensilage. to set on fire. (F. grain.-L. L e. (L. F.) From pp. Gk. F. to undertake. Cf. pcnc-tiare and trans} allied to Skt. to send.-L) ing. adj. upon. I am inspired! Envoy. of L. grave. within. ' L/) tail ' . see Treat. Late L. prendere. a verb formed from the bb. from L. (IO m . F. environner. in. inter. L. attizzare.) Veer. a Ensue. (2).. Ital. something laid flat. inward. Lat.-L. tabulaturn. silo. This base resembles M. is not known outside English. in. fiom nuntins. tara-> a passage. to reckon up.-L.F. wlappen. enticher. (F. beseech. to wrap F. of integer. inspiration.-L ) O. en vole 167 . sequl. coined word. Environ. to surround. Cf. See Brugm. upon. to go through (cf. and Gk. vb. cntailler./} and tailler (tallidre). traiter<\. a pit L.ENSILAGE remarkable. interanea. en (L. F.*. an enterprise. pi. entraiter. sing. Enterprise. number. to cut see .F. L. ^ O. O O.) A. integrum. to hold among . intcrtenere.) entrer L. Ital eivalp^. a being . borrowed from Gk.) A suffix -ty.) M. environ. inspired. in}. Irom ing F. pi. decl. to cut. in.. for L. inwquere. to wrap . M. Ensure.F scur. neut. envohtpen. (F. enterpn\. Develop. (F. E. to board/ tlorio ] Pro- Entablature. enumerare. in. F. Gk. which. lay hold of. L. F. to wrap (Florio). applied to a L. Late L. F. cntren. of enterprendre.") O.) Ong. interprendere**-\_. in. Insect). full of the mark Sign. n. of cnrofto-s. (F. a with a mark on it. (F. having a god kv. veer . O.) Y. Tally. from tabula. tractare. O. in. iv. in. (feodum talhdtum. jnsequt. Note Walloon .' and.F. in).-L. to turn . L. F. . made from a neut. D. pp. from a base vlop-. (F L) O.F.entomoFrom Gk./).-L. Envelop. 'to hold or keep among.F. F (F. Entrails. O. in. within ^f The O. Span en. v. . volopcr. perly " now . see Enthusiasm. fully numerare. prise. O. to follow upon. enfold. a pit for storing for storing grain. and tailler.-Gk. better spelt cnuntiare. ' - ' *eus. cnterprinse.. 1764). god./. a flooring. envoy. (F. entraillc. round about. E. to cut. in. also (more correctly) intranea. the storing of grain.(L. out. to kindle. in". boardwork.' L.) Cot. the inward parts.. for titio. Der. to bestow as a heritage Entreat. Entity. short for prehendet e.. to treat. to make sure. F. from virer. discourse. F. so called fi om the very thin middle part (see Entomology. Span. to surround. (L. cut into. en (L. whole.. cnsettrer. to conveit an estate \r\iofee~ then to treat with. . messenger. entraille was a fem. stem of on . Entice. entretenir. ?. among .' See L. wheie talliatum to treat of. en (<L. a thing. ace. en (L. though applied to the part of a building surmounting the columns. in. and O. entr-ance 579 . enticen. *. ' signum. Tail q. O. Entire.

F. Gk. bung. centre on the circumference of a larger one.I'. a concluding ]^. ^/xc'pa.. on the way. upon. watches. (F. coming . ffT(\\tv. add. L. Gk. ong.\ Little. narrative. a day. Gk. firdydv. epigram. (a term in astronomy V Gk. a tomb. upper See skin. Gk. (F. &\a iVos.tyitaphe. ' Gk. letter.) Gk. to. ep-och.ENVY on the way. epiGk. Ephemera. sb. Cycle. narrative. ephdh^ a measure. } v y^AG. in. epidemus.. epact See Endemic. coming in. M. L. manifestation. . but used as i ! I live for a day. an addition. narrative . Gk. fniypaftpa. ITT/. etrtypd<t>tv. Derm. . L.) L. 'Ewitcovpos. epi~ to seize. (L.) epade.) forming a Gk.* Cot. vi/cv/c\ os. Gk.-Gk.F. Episcopal. the cartilage . . upon. Im Der. in\ij'<//ia. cnuic (enL. dimin. L. a . f KOIVOS. Gk for. episcopm. of ^ftfpoy. ep-ode L. (F -O. epiphama. Ital. a circle j see Envy. neut. shoulder-blade L. ypa<j>ttv } an to inscription.. O. emyXuTTis. c\paule\. from Spank Gk F. on. a shoulder-knot. G. 7Ti<To5*o?.) neut. Epitaph. epilepsia.** O. envy. (ro7roy. Cf. send. inviarc. upon y\a>Tris. imtzdta. a seizure.) epicyclu r. . and cr/civ. see EPITHALAMIUM Gk. Gk. Gk. .Gk. to send to. L. (L. epacta. fpigramme. . Gk.' O. glottis see a shoulder. see Spare.) a story introduced into anGk 7r7o8<0f.) affecting a people. L. O. Epergne. . Egyptian origin . pi. a letter. F. G. upon aKowAs. 1 68 . Epicurus. firiKoivos.) . Voice. Heb. of v (Gk. F. lit. l*. Gk. the Late L. tO.) F. em demic. in ttiam. />fc. Ephod. Invidious. a speech. I | j i m which M. 4pargner\ O. thnitiness. lir/. spatula. an over-seer. . L. to bring 7raKTos. ^panu. Epilepsy. L. XVII cent. 7rt). Epi-. general. to. fmfap/jiis. sing. m<f>aiequivalent to ftrupat'tia. a bishop. song see Gk. in besides. . inscribe. { Epithalamium. to seize upon. (for tira/cros late fern. \\nte. people. 7r/. f-ni\oyc$. Gk. also epistre.' its tomb. adj. (Heb '. (F. bishop that Gk. to equip. ST/^OS.I Li k 1^. (F. message. Epiphany.) Epistle. O. Gk. F. lircAit?. Heb. to speech./>>. (F. (L L. j besides ctVoStos. cf. of liraKTrj Formed from L. Glottis. Libhop. lasting for a day. E. ( F. among. an ornamental stand for the centre oi a table. name a follower of Epicuuis. - L. err/. tmipdvia. pi. cuticle. I 6/n<TToAi7. 4ir. lit. neut. a small circle. in. leaving the design in relief^ \ e spared or left uncut. Epaulet. among the people. Gk. Epidermis. word. Twelfth Day. saying episode. emratytos. Gk. See O H spare. v esj>a>gnc\ Epilogue. (F. Af<j/. | Epicene. Sec leptic (Gk. F. </>cui/eu>. a way. espar^ner. #?'/. a Hebrew measure. (L. 'Gk) besides spelt cph. G k ) F. sparmgness So called from | the method of ornamentation the F. w/. trn- with 1 Gk. to. prefix. Late L. crr^X- Epicure. epitaphtum Y. Epaulette spatula.) (and F. err/. II. for em. ^l-. upon 8e'p/u-a. M. added. ^Vrnv/. tphod a vestment. epicw ) Epic. among. o^s. epic(Knus. See Episode. P^gypt. ITTI- mon. .-L. forth. to put on Gk. L. Irr- Gk Gk. upon a on. a short and pithy poem or L. . from is. epidermis.) L. (phemer-al. of ITT^/XWOJ. manifest. assistant. iri. to G. ong.Gk.~(jk.Late L. tiri. (rk } of common gendei. Qk. Epigram. a marriage . and Cotgravc (s. commonly spelt fyargne. to shew. Gk. to lead. a broad blade see Spatula. 7 /I /"-I \ T J /-.)^ skin. over the glottis. one Scope. (L. to shew forth See Phantom. spare. CTT/J upon . rdupos. Heb Heb. epergne. X Grammar. flics that | I a diary). Gk. Coptic opi^ measure. 'the certain parts are cut away and filled in with enamel. Gk. Epidemic. L. L. Atryos. to upon. proper Gk. (Gk.) Ephah. ITT/. Der. Gk. epilogns. cpiphame eph-emcral^ ep. epiGk.) * ialhng sickness. Gk. sb. eptscopalis belonging to a episcopal. . Epicycle. vciv. (Gk. lid e TT/. Gk.) ?. other.F. Gk.. epistle. L. epistola. 7rtJ. orig pi. common. to. eptthatamium. etper^ner. . . . . Gk. L. to send. Epact. (F. err-. Gk. com| ! 1 Gk. aphad. Epiglottis. ephemer-is ^Gk. (F. tattle cTtpargnc is applied to a sort of ornamentation lepsie. ofj(-k. JT(OS. KVK\OS. part of the priest's habit. Gk. (j\i* epigramma. |(L.

G. before. pies. of L. time of equal day and night root. to root. an epithet. balanced. apva 1'ers. -*-O. stable. . of even temper. er. (L. See Radix. see Equivalent. ^L. A. (L. (F. equity. pt. (iKtcos) A.) confusion with equus t a horse. M. 0oAo/toy.) (L. perly equerry means a stable. O.F. L. L. of nox. to scratch out. 4quinoxe. to make equal. 0a\dfuov y bridal song. a horse. //#nz. Der. equity. esquiper. L. tcquanimitas . of pottere. H. ermine (F. ermine. upon. L. L. G. decl. . upon . ierlue. F. O. (frest.) Formed from L. pp. . -went. check. to root out. pause. (F. A. see Equal. ?pi. cer.) L. Skt. Equinox M. scuria. . perhaps allied to skip. km. to call. herQ. Ot-r6s.. teqii-its t ecmal . . equivocal.-+\z. some- see Equine. place. eqmis. Equal. S. i 109. aqua- Equal. }^. stern of uocdre. Gk. stem of radix. L ) scrape. H. a shelter. (jcqnadonem. E. after. just. Gk. see early. an epode. forms. a horseman. from *(7>rlic. equitt. counters L. S. O. stem Erase. tfrt soon . of square. G. epitome. Voice. early. a stable . From L. \ . L. amnms. . to be woi th . A. Epode. adv. before adv.) (F. . H. (VSEGH.\. Gk. . a stop. to furnish. fixed date. prep. and conj. regere. <?. equivalent. pi of <zs. Gk. out. an officer who has charge of besides. &quus\ HOC-. L. ualere. the same. a hoise. L. i. soon. ImBffov. Goth. for aqims . eauip-age. karmln. e.) (L. bride-chamber. Epithet. (F.) M. _Ere.Gk.o set in order.) L. 2r. of air. UL. fit evenness of mind. epitheton. <equi~. O. for . ^f not comparative. Equity see Equal. Epoch. a stable. relating to horses. i. Ermine.) L. money. erectuS) upright. Gk. equestrian. O. soonest. evenly (for calculation).) L. (L. to sing. H. L. F. tequtuoc-tis. (L.) Brugm. <?quus: pollens. equi- tsqmualent-. Scand. asp .+ icqiiipollens. ermine-fur (G. equiper. equivoc-ate. adv. O. lir-i. L. to be Du. sbur. (fquilibns. epode. Era. lirtTOfoJ. cpddos. G. Brugm. a balance cradicare. a beast. . (L. weak grade of Epitome. Irish ech . aqutnodiitm. *ktpa. ^f So also equiangular^ tqttimultipk. Gk. The two last are positive. to O. Low L.) .^k. mind. of ceqiiiualere. F. (F. crasus. . soon. . L. of doubtful sense. (equilibrium. adj.) \ rom a particular sense of cera. a ship. L. care. aquanimis. (cqnalis. cequipollent-^tem. E. a statement of equality L. skiura (G. skura. from Of-. Gk. Equip. Brugm. 7r. of erigere. F. ceqmts. A. L. Equestrian Equilibrium Equine. equal. L. belonging equestri-. H. equal. an equalising (L.-\. ace. F. also an Gk. to speak doubtfully. eoh 116. out radi* see Librate. erst. stem of eqtiester. sooner. pp. - M. cequi-. fixed date. equus. eques. eher equilibrium.. aqui-.. ** F.-L) <zquitatem> ace. So also equator <L Equipollent. (L. adj. from radu-. G.) from pp. (E. to fit out . allied to horses and stables.z\. rWrjfju. to make straight. "valent. to set up straight.) .) L.) O. even From pp. for cequus noctt-. E. Equerry. stem of pres. equinox. fx fiy > t hold. erst. L. even balancing. see L. a night see Night. (1 ) L.) superlative of &r.L . upon. scheutr\ a shelter. soon. Eradicate. North F. eqiierry stands for squire of the equerry. f Late L. strong. E.) L.) A. <j?qui~. up . 169 . out radere. eskipper. cut. equinus. thing sung after. H. . exact.EPITHET Gk. L. Der. S. Gk. (E. t ERMINE M attributed. dciSciP. L. of eradere. cirytitis.) M. .. L. &c."i Pro(F. (F. equanimity. Icel. tirwoy. Cf. equally potent. //?. erly. G. Altered to equerry by (VSQEU. frurie. escune. E. out. of equal power. O. Erect. (L. of eiu'0Tos. to equipollent. cequus. Equivocal . L. Gk. &qui~ 9 for cequus. S. to be of equal force. equation. (F. G. see Equal. S. I placed. (L. tor. epocha. not used. L. of M.(!irt)> upon. Gk. (L. dr. . <?. like. F. (E. 4. kind. rule. comp. r^veiv. abridgment. to horsemen. 602. pt. of tequilas. for <er. cequus. .) Formed from L. early. neut.) F. O. and mod. brass. a surface-incision. airis. equal. soon. erroxh. <zra> an era. M. equipolent. F. Gk. O. _ Value.

L. G. to shun. esctichon. e. O. Erudite. rudis. Escalade. F. L. L. of escheotr (F. to teach. L. shred. O. ace. G. ^[ It sometimes repieiter. Erysipelas. . i iL. out and cadere. to shun. rubcscere^o grow reel. (L. Erotic. arr.^ F. Late L. O. ipv&-pos. F. E ) M.-Teut. cscape n. timid. G.Q escape. pp. G. sciuhan. to stray. erysipelas. iterdrc. c^hcte (F. a messenger. Escape. scarp Escarpment. of scoigerc. a scaling . L. Ip Gk. M. f l-. Ital. sents the pres. escaper (F. ccrende. -I. H.) Brugm.-L) F. pres. scrowe . M. erroitr. trader. allied to tpavai. an ermine. erronr L. food. F. Brugm. fit for eating. H. Esculent. see Err. (F. a message. fern. arende. Gk. *sctoh M. a pecuniary satisfaction in O. a shield . L. see Correct. wander. O. H. S. L. cscala. belch ^. F. airs- Err. pp. to correct inceptive L. lieu of feudal service. fcrende. allied to e-riigere. Eruption. i. to wander. errer ' v jan. a mistake Errand. eschiver. Dan. a cf. errdre ^above). Eructate. ladder ' Florio also has an escalade Scalada. crude form of f/xws. slip parchment. red. See Shy. e*chcver O. pp. of ernptio. supposed to be an ermine. eichete. Goth. escroe. tum. to stray. excadere. errare above). . lit to slip out of one's cape. (F. L. L. a forfeit to the lord of the fee. Picard Reaper. escorte. rude. A. a journey.F. pt F. /.faar/na. E. scoria. Icel. also to fear. Bed. Escort. O. See 'L.) A. with suffix -age from O. to frighten. see Scale (3). rant. crren. H. From L. +O. choir). error. to be red. erds-tn). Erst see Ere. G. to From L. i.-Ital. of pp. Erubescent. F. Gk. E. E. to break. erto of O. -L. A. Goth. with suffix -ous see Scarp. much. see . a ladclei. the ong. F escalade Span. F. O. wandering L. F.. to break out. North. L. -mcntitm} .-(). a message cf. Late L. a>ciilcntii$. L) (also chete]. Ital. Doublet. edere. i. SrudUus. Hence . Lithuan szarmft. a weasel. pt. to make erratum. For *ed-sca. fpcuri-. O. E. scalata. . pp. hardly possible. a Span.) L. entirely. t L scuttim.) L. eruptidnem. service in the field. rumpere. to wander for *ers-are) -f-G irren. L. escrouwe. dere. O. eschewen 9 t < .) Gk. . O. erfiaway. G . wandering. eatable. Icel. -J-0 pres. H. iptvytaOai. Ital. Usually connected with A. which arundi. O. eircr. Escrow. a runt i. cent. a escarpement. wcAXa.) F. eruptus. Swed. to giowred. ifKOTiws.) out. arrant. L. a shred. ipvai-. orig. from . escusson. Formed from F. out rodere. F. ^f But Hatzfeld supports the derivation from Armenius mils. L. (L. a Escutcheon. guard F. (F. eyrcndi) orendi. (F. guide Eschew. F. form of rubere. Erode. . 753. of Smmpere. See Rupture. with suffix -ment (L. tchapper\J. Cf. scutagium. schroode. tpvoifiij. L ) M. . H.) (F. stem of L. because escttage was first paid in lieu of . the same. escarpe. hca. L. relating to love.) (F. learned. 878. skin.) M. allied to icdness on the skin. L. <?rcout ructdre.Sax M. cseu. uhicch. a guide fern. business. an escalado. shield. Scutcheon.' from Spanish. is Errant. -. M.ERODE O. an Armenian mouse cf. answer- 170 . to scale. to see. Erratum. to fall. hermelin\ +A.) L. ex cappd^ out of one's cape. E. breaking out. F. from cscalar. I love. ESCUTCHEON. aims. J Erroneous. of erudTre* to free from rudeness. of error.S. F. Du. gnaw. - <? one. errer.) escalada. to travel. Gk. Teut. e. escuchon. H. ace. L. a shield. erubescent-.) L errdre. L ex. erende. sc9of of paper (Kilian) See Shred arid Scroll. Brugm. S dr. a guide. <?. . i s love. F. to belch 221.) Formed cscuage < Late L.) M. to fall to one's share. Error .) Put for L. Gk. a scaling of walls. F. cheat. out. a painted XV Formerly escochon\ L. F. Cape (i) mistake. a slip of M. of L. neut. to . E. to eat <F. (F. siroue. that which falls to Escheat. errorem. to set right). Gk. /<?r<?. errfian error (L ) of pp. G. the diminutive. to stray. of errdre 9 to make a faulty. erroneous. to belch . SCUTCHEON (L. to eat. crrone-us. word of which scro-ll is (orig. Der. lent. North F. csealado % Span. harmo. of erubescete. L ex. Ponticus HIUS. out. pt of errdte. led blight on corn. E. perceive. Escuage. Cf. corngere. a redness on the skin. a deed delivered on condition. cf. scdla. etos-ion ifrom pp. O. shy.

E. sup- statum^ ace. cspicr. explanarc. of estraire. (V^SQEU squire. shield-bearer. (F. mouth Esquire. O. Ethnic. Allied to Goth. see. conveyer of food. to place . to establir. a. wtd. port. ing to a Late L.) F. (F. etch .K. an esplanade. trial. O. ga-stmjon. aistan. extiancttm. or excuse ' Cot. to Especial. evennmg of ways * . esfabltss-. to establish. to make strange. F.. a shield -bearer. spahen ). . astir/tare. of stover \ see Stover. ace. F. into. pp. self-will. examcn. *essenf-. L. \\ ithout Estreat. * to make to eat ' . L. causal of G.) From pp. a shield. comp of cr<y.F. a spy. for auiL. (F. Cf. tfcu). squyer. (jk. cssenti-al and see entity. to level. of pp of extrahera . xiv. Gk. air. (L. Essay. Doublet. L. 109.-L) .I. of L. estimer. Brugm. a M. to promise. spy. See Eat. impel. ag-crc. L. Q. to make strange. . gullet. an excuse for not appearing in court. ex. mo\e. etenieL L. extract L. naie.) M. (F. Estuary. L.) stovers. the gullet. inner. custom. Cot.) eterncl.E. from spiaL. ethn. astus. (F. G.F. from planus. Q. Goth. sitte. F. to corrode. to engrave with acids. (F. stabihs t firm. c\oine. 287. Allied to Ether. on the outside. (F. ex. F. a Late L. <stuanuiH) the same L. from !y = ds.) Du. a weighing. in law. ful origin". *$cutionem. fern. strange extraneus* foreign. extended O.(L. to level L. see Epaulet. squire. (y'AG. exti a. cover (F. ^07-. being. cspionnage.~Gk. eat. ii.-L. 0os. otVo.L . E. from cspalher\ Ital Estate.) O. esien. pt.-L. an ternm Age. (L. to value. 692. 9). relating to a natioa. base of (f>ayttv. exagium. Stop. F.H. essmtia^ a being. to spy. Etch. self. sunns (for *sundjQ. X Esoteric. . to level the suffix being due to an imitation of lta\. estaJblis- Gk. and Low L.) O. esplanade. -O. a level space. (F. <zstimare. fspiott. L. out. ]>l. L. to Espouse. . oltro^ryos. k ' of a tidal river (L. mannei. F. L. saries O . (G. a quality. frame-work for training trees. to be. G.-L. c.) O. eternal. inner. Assay. from sunja. F. G. cf. L jt fit. Espionage see Espy. (L. Estrange. Espalier. L. . to bar. -J. Der. to L. Esteem. to spy. espouse. estimate. I .-* L. ace. Esplanade. supplies of various necesA. spchon espycn see Species. Gk. from O. estovets. base of pres. to Gk. secret. (Du. to eat. its lit. shoulder. surge. Establish.F. of spondcrc.-L. ) Gk. !(ra. L. (h.-Ital.F. escuyer^ e^cuier. Cot.lo justify.*/>ianafa.-O. F. pt. see Extract. -L. L. 01 ig. out plan arc. foi asmtm % an age. .Ital. extracta. to icgard. spchon. see Stable establish. value. Doublet. of estrange. moral nature cf. from sva. A. . foam as the tide. custom. See Ether. Ethic. (Gk. 0</Teut. . (L. G.Gk. L. . Gk. species^ a kind. cstretc^ fern. \penalis. See Spouse. level. prep. L. especialL. es. (F. (F. Gk. effwrepos. svad/ia-. i.) ling. from O Estovers. F. heat. fictitious stem of pres. O. (V. within. L. flat. O.) Gk ijOiKos. moral. adv. estranger.) brightness Gk. relating to morals. truth Skt. M atcrnus. Essence. spomus.) L. of pp. L ) M. la\\ful excuse. tide. F. ' . essence L. bonowed liom Ital. (F. sat/a~ t lit. F. ex\ away fiom L.) O. Goth. (L. H. see Extra.~L. L) The same as Brugm. 'a planing. Opposed to exoteric. (F a ti lal of weight . M. Eternal. M. moral. etsen y to etch. air. (F. ) O. Sponsor. L. aui-. true. Formed F. spatula Ital. ) Brugm. of status state see State. ceteiiialis.scutdrius. at her pure upper ai&fjp.L Lit. (2). espouser. of L. i. astumare.) . (VAIDH. Der. dha. stabillre. L. O. lasting for an age. L. i. to value (above) Estop. Esophagus. Espy. upper atfatv. to drive. (F. an essoine. H. spalla. strength. attempt. L. F. Gk. ^ E. sidus. F. O. espalier. a levelled way .G. iJ0oy. back of a chair.) Late Braune. to spy cspi-on-agc. Essoin. .E. to level. essai. atzen.) from glow.ESOPHAGUS ETHNIC . surge. (esophagus. G. a true cop\ . cf. . (F. hence.tat. spallicra. a trial L. spione. essonisr^ to excuse (Godefroy). essoine. belong to a special kind. sponsare. ccstuare.) M.urn.(of doubt. G.Skt.) . of esse. scut ut i a shield. sunjon sik) to excuse oneself. H. custom. to . a swarm.) F. sunnia. esplaner. See Plain.-L sen. special. M. to betioth.) Brugm. 202. (.Tpi/itos.

~G. \e~ffiv. F ety- L. (F. Etiolate. well <pijf*i. (K.-Gk. ^. I biing good news. Late L. fixppaaia. protecting the stamens. of L. stupula. A. even (above). wind. ZTVIJLOV neut (L. wellGk. the latter . Gk. dying Gk." cf. the plant eye-bright. etymologia. v>ta. a tempestuous wind. put. L.A. easy death. well ? away Hadcre. surrounded. Gk. a genus of trees. cfcn. . (For evening tvvovxos. Doublet. vapour. Gk.) thanksgiving. eben. Gk l&) a Eve is part of the day. I grow. ttioler dialectal form answering to s^eteuler. Eunuch.jamn. /. aband. see below. mind. Gk. S. straw. A. result. L. w n td of a gospel. even. Eur-us> E. ( Euphuism. evAo7m.Evanescent. come . to go. -\oyia etymology. prefix. Skt vasn. grow towards evening. e^itfoy. well. E G abend. L. to (fnjfua. evas-ion Eu-. praise. a label. vain. Der. wOavaaia. 0av<ii>.A. fiom a^yeAoy. L. } . Evaporate. ffXF-. '. lit. wealth. from tcaKvirrvs. CVBHA. Evade. (vx a P tffTia a g lv hi of thanks. to ^f Only in Acts . Gk. account. Eve. a stalk. Slogium. even. to vanish.-L. fiom Avfc/. empty. Euphony. rvjj.) Event. sleeken . out uapor. . Goth. short for even. (Gk. (L. well. of eTt. (F. etymon. pleasing sound. etymology. surge.) M. and AqmlO) N. (F. chambeilam .) F. with suffix -ung\ Gk. one who had cue^ettcn. neut of evs. the use of words of good otnen. \\vii. includ. etknuus 0i>o? 2 \ EVENT v<ppew. fvayytktffTrjs. Gk. dash as waves wind. a softened expiession. well . see Angel. From a F. to blanch plants. also a fonn of cf. 2tp on the gate of a court/ &c. S ufen. Gk. of L. pt. cu. true.) with suffix -ate. cheerful. surge. a Even. from the pp ) Eucalyptus.) from tfrfcn. eucntus. Etiquette. L. Evangelist. tiue. euenEuphrasy. is castrated. Euphemism. f-Vy well x a P^ljiai 1 show favour. (Gk. *X eiJ/ > to keep. fS. well. i ceremony. cv.) M. Gk. grow stalk. ing the blue gum-tree (Gk. of L. tukct. ua<.) Gk. level. F introduction a little note. Eucharist. Der. sb. Cf./*os. a nation. ^F. Gk. plants. Of doubtful origin. sleeping npartments. out.. j<zvn. have in 1-trugrn.) v * M EurOClydon. national. CTV/^O-S. Gk. i . G. l)n. . fix causal of G. See Stick (i). wadere (pp. well. efn -f-Du. cttening. u</>i/7J9-. Even. (L. Eur-aqtnlo from L. excellent <f>vrf. evening. See Stubble. evfirfjAKT^s. to escape. S efen. 172 . Yearn. come out. ay~f\ia f tidings. Gk) From L.) cefnian. easy death. K\vdow. pierce. e } out. one who Gk. (L. -4"O Sax. (L. Lyly (1579). tunlre^ to Supposed 1 chaigc of Gk CUI/T. eu. fu. speak. cv. like etiolated F. euasuti. csteule. cupo-s. emj)ty. senger .) . stem of <ppf]v. E euen (even}. of ftienlre.) L. E. avond. Svader. jafn^ Dan. to stick. midriff. e away. c. set. cu^wj'm.. -Gk. The icference is to the hood uanus. tvtyajvoSj sweet. speaking. voice.) mofagie. t . even-tide. <bavh. j from x*fy" ? j favour. with suffix suggested by L. delight. S. Gk. Swed. fo/xa/.) Gk.) L. wind. stipula. Gk) O J^ evangelists L cumgeiL.) M. into haulm or So named horn a book EMphues^ (Gk. a mes. L. to vanish away. (L ) From pp. etiehanstia. to speak. good eulogium. euentus. (-y^BHA. to shun. gtowthjfrom </>voyuou.) Gk. the same as fv. icfcntid. to Eulogy. from A^eu/.' Gk. etiquet (O. to to be beneficial to the eyes lit. euaporare* to pass off in vapour. ticket. Gk. . an inscription. stechen to stick. O. lit. supposed to mean a storm from the east/ Gk. L. . to empty.) from Gk. tteufe. good. Gk. (y'HHPJU. to L. pp. Of. cheer . . Evasion see Evade. L. -L.) L cunuchti^.) Gk. &fnung\ formed from (Gk. Euthanasia. Evacuate. euane^ccrc.) turn. to die.ETIOLATE Gk. Gk. where some read tvpaKv\ojv. voiced Gk. y Etymon. coveied. uanenoe.) From stem oi Latinised pres. i. tvporcXiidcw. Allied to Gk. Gk. well. F. praise. the true source of a word. delight. a couch. charge.E.) by J. Cot G. such as is stuck stu]itct\. *i>. eua^^eA/Gk. heart. (Gk ) Gk. F. real.uiis^ Mtacuare. (E. S. the Lord's Supper. Etiquette. cf. 1 speak. (L. well L. allied to Co mo. Icel. (Gk. affectation in speaking. result. From pp. (E. well grown. (L. for L. 980. F. eS. well . ibns. cv<f>paivcw } to delight.o\o'yia } } 14. (vQ&varvs. i. ev.

Der. Der. Exact (i). M. . pp. one. uolnerc. to weigh careThe word really stands for eiier-yivhcie. to go out. aquaitttm. Evil. L. pros. of pp.4voqner. agere (above). to take. Exasperate.EVER Ever. a chess-board hence. a sheep. Cot. a sheep. to roughen. a sheep-fold. Ex-. Royal Wills. M . of exiipere. exta^^atus. (L. to rise up. F cau. tongue of a balance. ex. . exem-p-tu$.. to evince . actus. as A. htoluere. to go. mod. Ewe. Skt. pp. . to out. ewe. (F. cmscerare. a checkered cloth on which accounts v ere reckoned by means of counters (Low L. L. *cellere. cleaily. Goth. . (obsolete) and actns.) F. to hollow. to change. and agere. a court of revenue. to conquer. L. to expel. E.^ F.-L) F. f. weigh changier. 24. to conquer.) O. See to drive. hollow From pp L. and O. pp. ever-where. (L ) L e. hwar. y. . EXCHEQUER (ever}. Except. jEver-y ever-each see everywhere. the pp. (K. E. /re.) gut. (L) From L. eschekere. pp. E. F. . out. Exaggerate. . .r.) tefre.-L. F. a sample. (F. of exacerbarc. exccder. exie^^um. agger a heap. 'raised. where.. L. e. ewe. i. L. M.// L. (F. lit. exalt. Each. entrails uincere. L. M.' meaning (L ) I. F. out. ever-lasting. 768. (E ) Laws of Ine. (F. 1^. Exalt. out. M. ante-. to out t . aiw. cnolutus. L. euident-. A. cf. precise. Russ. exint-ere. out . .) M TK. Lith. L. A. E-. Cot. F. type *iibiloz (G.(<L &*">. F. Gk. of cxigere. ^ Example. capere. to exclude. L spelt ^w?r. (F. zV. see < . M. eschec. L. very. AS (K. lit. exacter.A. L. to surpass. ex. to prove beyond doubt L.~ pt.) O. .-L. to cull. ex. and sb. as in excesstts. 27. eueriExamine. a hollowing L. F. a going out or beyond. L. Teut. to select. out disclose Exceed. procure. only in comp. L. . titscera. bitter . to bring. See Vocal. euer A S.~\s. 2. ex. L. F.\^. Ewer. + Excerpt. accrlm. forth. Gk. ex.) M. F. F. Evince. to take. gcrere. L. <w/j. 55 eowit. (F. change. sb Acerbity. l/f. to laise Brugm i. cepter. ex 9 out. . each etterit/i. Evolve. (F. extess-. exceller. to see. cniere.euo L. *cweire . A.'\j. F. 173 .) From Pers. see Check. (L. flwV. f. Irish aivi-str. ex. F. ex. Excel. eschange. Cf.) L <#. Der. except. to fare.) M. carpere t excerpere. prep. a selected passage. Goth. iibils. G. the cf. except-ion.O. <??'<?. (L. of cxaspcrare. . 0//w Lithuan. (L. F cxemple. S. to except fnquent. (F. i. Zuinccre. L. (F. visible.S Goth. . <?/ .-L ) <T7wr. ^ ever. sb. Biugm. L - high. . . to drive out. stem of euidens.-f-Du. of cuiJere. L. except are. L. high. L. <tf'e. for *exagmen Evict. L. (F. exalter. G . asper.euet. to gut. Exchange. very. Exacerbate. O. Late L. F. (K. to provoke. (cfre. cedere.S. Evident. Related to A. to exchange. amincr. allied to 'excessive. L. liber). exalL. out. \j. each. from ag-^ad^ to. to embitter. - and in cel-sus. to (L.^ From the pp.-L. very. of exigere. of w<vsee Exceed. ong. exL. to weigh out.) O. cauare. Prob. of excauare. avi-. evident with suffix -///. <?. ovtsa. pp. exannn-. fully. ex. Excess. out. of exactare.) ever. uidere. L.E.' see Hill. ex. fiom cairns. to test. 9 exact (2^ to demand. cxaggerare* to heap up. water. an extract L. exces. to take out. out . to lift out. . cvolut-ton. out.) (F. Evince. E. a female sheep -fT)n. to call foith. to roll. L. out.r s fl^rtf L. a. water. out. out agere. (E. eiiict-its. stem of examen. Cf.) From .) From L. ever-more. Icel ccr. to see clearly. . exanrinare.S. czcedere. to unroll. Eviscerate.cinncere. pp. out . . *ever gehwfir. (L. vb. ace. (F. extremely of I.-L) twn. Evoke. irritate. emri. ever. excellere.) L. fioin pp. .is a prefix (ge-). prefix. and ich .) O. F. 633. alias ^ tare. 6'is. (L. aqua. envel.) O. E.) From pp. of L. also. (F. ^ out.\ . lough. surpass. cxemplum. call. Lithuan. to drive. ewer. a vessel foi water. to rise. of excerptnm. See Harvest. O.-L> O. check . cx-. e. (F. excavaExcavation. neut. uocare. ex. ex. amphfy. out .. e. e. See Change. 00/. provoke. Russ. cschangier. L ace c^cauationcni. for the inserted/ cf. \ every. pp. hollow out. to take out L. eschequier.

to guide. exL. L. of L. 187. exercise L. and census. (xeqnc*. - sound-change. exsecutus. to curse greatly. to release from a charge. ex. L. Excrement (2). an outgrowth. (L.) L. out of. perhaps allied to Seek. pronounced. exempli-. exertus. E. Communicate. cutting out. coridre. a cause. eursus. Lith. also to declaie accursed. a copy fie-. (F. commiinis. stem of crux. L exercitium. Du. from (for dtipensa}. ex. exeeutus. . L.L. (Du. out.) Gk. F. to follow. to call out. to cut out. 'L-) L excludere. out .' L. Gk *. excratus. ex. to shut. aceensdre. sacr-um. . exempltfieare. F. ex. O. &c so called because lying out of the work. emplar-y. (F. to call. cf.) Lit. Exclude. out. accensns.' Gk. (F.) From pp. out. to shut L. claudere. Shak. . food. decl. (L. Excrement . crucidre. pp. of eximcre. ' Cot. exempldns. L. given in the N. L. yrjcris. \L.) M. to run. ex. formed 'with pp.) O. take. (F.-L. 'a Exegesis. exemplaris. sequi. Excuse. Execute. to . . pp . from Excommunicate. OP. ex. i. sb.) Exemplar. to cut interpretation.-L. a leaf. of L.) misspelling of M. F. L. pp. . out of. ' Exculpate. L. -/<?\ from L. exemplaire. ^f F r tne ad). Late L..-L. out currere. (L.). crdrt. (Cf. pi. greatly . Der.-L.Q ijrow out. pp. P In (L. ex. shew by example. excretion . of . L ex. to 'put forth. out seqiii.L. ^r. off. set at work. ci. skin See Cuirass ( excre menL. sxsisa (id. ex. L. to consecrate.\. L. Fiom pp. L. excrCIM.-L. F. out.) 'funerals. to grow. cxcrescentia. to enclose.) cxcre- \ exequies. of exscquitT. exem- ^ . F. excise. F.) O.L) F. to put. (L. to follow. to grow out (below) excrescence. Exergfae. from eruci-. perform.) M. to run out. pt. stem of pres. Du Excision. to follow out. of sacer. See to L) From common. L. the small space left beneath the base. L. belter spelt exsertus. exwquid*. see Ark. pp. proemplifier. ex. excrescent-. ioi facere. cxemptus. L.line of a subject engraved on a coin. exeuser. |T}to explain. D. adj. ascere.) aceeis. excretw. sift out. . out of. aksiis or aksys. L. excise. tus. drive on. to tax. out. creseenee. to separate. to put out of the community. a running out. E. to make. a larder. pp. fieed.r. Exercise. ace. exefor fxsecrdrt. to out. spensa a spence. of exerccte.) From pp. serving as a copy. excriuiare. of excurrere.' L.) ace. Brugm. F. work. <?*Exfoliate. ace. E. ex. L to torture. pp. igrjyciffOcu. excommunicdrc. Execrate. exclsus. ^F. L. See Crescent. allied to Low L. cxcculer. a charge. to take L. mare. t. thrust foith . of L. (F.EXCISE a duty. to sift. to torment greatly *. exen 1 M. exSee Exclaim. rrescere. late form of exemplar. L. (i). cf. out. L. whence exempter. foliare. to follow out. serere. excrementum L of excresecrc. refuse. ex. a payment.' O out-growth. corium. Excretion. to join. to take. prologue. rom L. exculpdre. see Excrement (i). neut. strip off leaves M\<\ folium. to from ex. accise. to diive out of an enclosure.rium. which the mod. fpyov. Exempt. excretus. hide. ex<?r. off.) F. im-ti. a tax. E. tax. accursed. Exhale. exposition.) Late L. A Excise.'word is now conformed). to exempt. vb. ere were. sacrdre. blame. out . a destroying of excidcre. L. \ F. out. Clause. L exemplum see Example. pursue. followings. empt.rL.) From pp of Late Exert. plaire. L. pp.) O. of cxscqul. for cxperly 'to copy out' emplum. out. gibbet. to . F. Exequies. out . hr. L. <?. (L. excusare. O. sacred. cxcisionem. cmere. aeclsia (Ducange) also spelt Late L. . ex. destroying. cxercne. &*< lamer . out cernere. exergue.L.' Cot. a cross. See Claim. spijs. a tax. L. culpa. (Gk. \L. Gk. F.) M. L. Excoriate. excursiSnem. G. funeral obsequies. to clear of blame. and causa. exsequi. L. very . L. -fyytiaOat. suffix .) . EXHALE L. of turn. of excursio. (F. ac. Gk) The final -ue is not (F. ( F. Excursion. . a copy (to excldmdre.) off of L. of L.) From pp. excision. excernere. (F. A coined word as if from F. Der.^ L. to thrust out.e xempldL. free. L exemplify. exL. ^rfree. also. Cf. *cxL. deliver. pp. and aidere.(for rent. 1u. ordure L. cld. of exec mere ( F. F. viexserere. strip skin L. to torture on a Excruciate. L. F.

O. exhtlarare. L.) Late L. hort&ri. Der. Exhibit. . knowledge due to trial. to L. . expatriare* to bamsh. r. out pclleie. pp. li. out. cxpensa money spent. a wheel. L. fandpansiis]. I spread out. tive of speceie. L. o/weosr.F. spectarc. to (I . N tiom pp. expense L. onerarc. with suffix -fa. foreign. Der. ctis.L. better ^rfor anxiously. (F. Gk.' pedire. *|T E\it. open. ex and agere. expziiout oSos. Expectorate. cheerful. to ste. fiom pp. expen-ment. expect are. from Gk. of exhaurire. sb. a mistaken form of the pp. (F. stem vipes. breathe out. ^r. Exordium. from A. prefix } cheer.) From L. out. expellere* to drive out. Exhilarate. to spread out. to spend. to stand. #r(L. ex. release. exor. exit. Hortatory.Expend. to spread out causal from patere. weave. hold . ex. expenent-*steito. of exhibere. exhortari. expen^us expcndit-iti e. See Hilarity. abide Cot. to show. of L. Gk./^/. M. expedient. of L. . (L. from <?/w. adjuration.F. and to be born. to begin. is exiled}. experienced. ^fo/Mcifccp. from/o/w. N Consul. from Gk. L. from e. foot. ^. of adv.~Gk. native country. from gladden greatly. ecu. to begin. exacting (L. l. (F. exordium. pet tor. stare. to \\eave. out. to disinter (F. i. out\\ard. Exhume.Y. waidly. exhaustus.) L. hilaris. out 01 humus. exihum. a track of a of vbelow). exodus. very . (L. L. Gk. From pp.) (F. . cheerful. . (F. Expatiate. of exiii>. ex. L. exit- pt. to drive away by From L. comp. expandere (pp. ex. <?. piKos.^ O. exotiGk. (F. Exoteric. Exhaust.r. hence. from the stem of the pres exile. look .L. to loam. out. out. (L. pt.) departure. F Exile. L. L. Exorbitant.. see ere. cxogene (iSijX from e. .^ . glad. from ipatium. better exsistere.) Exogen. lie ment Cf. exorbitant. L. exorbitant-. the ground .EXHAUST halare. to free from a burden. weigh. departure.) "yryvcortfcu. ex. banishL. Gk. of L. out sis/ere. L experinientnm. L. <?*. a be(L. get used as a stage dnection . (L. . stand. (L.j//j. external. O. sioncm.) From the stem ot pres. Expel. the breast.<vr. . Gk. extravagant. to Der. out. haurire. expendere. external.-6% to . (L. better cxspatian. to encourage . (L. to sit. frequenta. cf. Der. to set. hi lams. to L. spcctare. father. to Expand.(foi *pectos . out of . verb. to L. a trial. of expcnri. Experience. Der.'i L. expulsion. expanse. > x Exodus. L. <#one? fire. to burden. L.r. lav out.) Q... to draw out. stem of be L ex. .Gk. adv. ex. to an oath. forlh. stem of <?r^/V. of L. banishment. exporter. . ace. From i>p.) L. 3rd pers. ex. ptd-. of exorbitare. /*out. ex. Expect. out. Tie. exhumare. eo5os.L ) essil\ later exit.~) F. ex. pt. &#to weigh 7 ^. L. to wander. a banished man out of. out. ex* L. from the pp. to extucate the loot. Gk pulsion. outward. to exact.expectoTare. to breathe. stem of a proof. ready. to have.) Gk.L. L. exhumer. arise. habere. = one who ( exile. to drive.Tios.e rpericncc. F. of pres. (L. to make a thorough trial track. better exsilium.) isteie. Der. L. to stand forth. L. f. 'an exile.> Exhort. base of outside. forrGk. Expedite. from Late L. F. pp. ex. of Late Expatriate. <:>r. mm//**. Fiom ginning. exExit. . to go out. (L. space. go. (L. a way. expenditus. ?o. expert. ex. pits. from pecttts. ^JT. very. exotdirl. out.-L/) Late L. and ordni. to \ Exonerate. L. cuTp<u. L. is irom L. I\ap6s. L. hdlare. (Gk.) pp. away. a burden. spat i art. Exorcise. banishment. L. From Gk e-w. . L. more outward. and (peihaps) sed-)e. (L. Fiom L. pertinent. out. pp. away (for Bones'-}) stem of onus. thoroughly L. 6pitifav 9 exhibit-its^ pp. F. L. exL Gk. Cf. to fly out of a pt.) O. adjure. . s Exist. expense.expeit. ex. L. e. out. to continue lo be. out. of exigcre. to encourage greatly. f U. L. expertus.Gk. orbita.' paina. L. a inarch. exsul. ot pp. pres. L. foreign. wheel. from orfn-. of L. s. P. of exferiri. outwaid. to drive. with (L. From pp. a going out. bb. (L. drink up. out of.-L. expuls-ns (^/SED. exotic. 7'-. EXPERT cizdre. to look. to draw water. lo. Exigent. experientia. to expel from the breast. fern. (L ) L. t he goes out. a plant that increases out.^ expat larl. trial.

outward. *stingucre} to prick. ex. to stand. ponere.") L explicitus. ex. (F.) The d is excrescent. away noisily. L. <?r. . . of L. to set perTtus is common. ex. time. 'to explode. L L. ex. an exploit. esL. with suffix cxtinguere. to breathe out. of which the pp. poser. ex.-L. profit. from piur. to ask. revenue. infinitive. (L ) From L. to stretch. M. expositus. (L.) .) F.. Expiate. expressus. of extendere above). extenciir. un-plore. t\r. (L.E. Explore. at the moment. thin. to atone for fully. to place. up. out. L. a thing settled.) Coined. of cxponere. feint -is. L. to stand foith. L.) stietch out. out rfdre. F. expurgate. (L. Der. See Plenary.exO. pt. outward. L. expunge^ to (L. ex. of cxphci(us\ see explicit. explain. blot out.) Brugm. L. F. an obs. existing. lit. ' Cf. to lay out. Export.) L. Expunge. explode re (pp. explorer. L M. M. pp. with compar. die. port are. Explode. away. L. very . -ive played neut. M. Extinguish. to breathe. 258. See Extenuate. sought out. ex. extent. See Plain Expletive.) L. out . outward. of exquirere. cess. F. to prick. cxtensiis to exploit. of L. Cf. expound. expunctus. Express. of L.) *rom pp. stem Exponent. pp. L. to make to flow L. comL. pttnct-ion. expletiuus. old pp of cxpHcdre. make plain (above). (L. M Expound. explrdre. ex. ended.} From pp. L. . L. to propitiate. to put or drive beyond bounds. pidre. explicdre. later. to quench. F. ex. out . (F. outward. externnndre. (F. poser. out out. exspirdre. exposition. Late L. but was suggested by the form of the O. 'L. ot L. thoroughly pldndre. F. (F L O. ex. of L. i. Exposition. L. pp. of exterior. See Exposition. expungere.) . fully postulate. exponent-. L. qu&rcre. abl. - O. of pres. extentits^ ex.~L. revenue. Expose. Exploit. excellent. . L. fully. explaner. tetnpore. L. to expound. Exquisite.). boundary. to cany.EXPIATE make full EXTINGUISH of. Expurgate. (F. vb. (L. L.-L. to make to flow. Cot. cr. of tenipus.F. suc- Extend. and Gk. ex. ' see Exequies. expirer. L. thoroughly. L. away: clap hands. explicit. better exstmguere (pp extincttts. F. L. explittte. ExsecjuieS . (L. ) Expulsion . -ton. See Pose i). adj. out.>. Der. to unfold. thoroughly pitrgare^ to purge. also to L . exportare. From Explicate. explicititm. pp.F. . to put. pp. 1 L.) O. from the pp.) From pp. (L ) From pp. from plodere. extenden* L. explain. extended form from See Exterior. out . from.-L. (F. ex.) O.. F. expitnction of a word is denoted by dots under */. (L. Extant. terminus. see Expel. ex. to explain. to make plain. to fold. ace. devout. A.) From L. Cf. to purify thoroughly. L. L.) commonly estcntc. exist. Extasy see Extempore. . to carry away.Y. put. 154 L.(L. exactly stated. See Thin. extent Late f L. extcrn-us.) From pp. purify . de-plore. explos-ive. cxquisitw. &r. Expostulate. poneret to L. of cxponere. to fill to fill. F. cxprcs. suffix -tero-. reduce. L.fiom (L.) Gower. pondre.forth. to search out. ex. out. the pp. palliate. from pldnus. O. ex.) M. pros. Ecstasy. L. to Explain. out. plaitdere. explicla. to make plain. (F L. lay. burst. paiative of extents or ex/er. cx t out. of extent us. to explain. out . out. ex- tenta. tenorcni) ace. filling of explere. pidre. phcdre. out of. indicate. outward. cxF. ex. exploits). Expound. to unfold. see Purge. expoiitidnem. expldndre. (L. flatten. Late L. ex. up. expostuldre. to Der. F. lit..) tant-. (F.. publicly to disgrace or duve out .] L. External.) pp. or dis- n. (F. out. <?Jt(L. E. to set forth. act. E. tendere. L. Expire. (L. extents. ForExterior. out plorare. .) flat. ex tem- pore. exstincttis]. (from the pp. ex). F. outward. 'L. Exterminate. (L. to demand earnestly. to pi ess see Press. of exsfdre.) trial and *periri. to seek L.-L. entente.-L. cxlcndere. to drive off noise the stage by (the old sense in !. -/V//. L. exL. O. expounen. pt. of fxpnrnere. See Peril. out. . (L. to press out. fully piere. extetts-ion. ext tcnndre^ to thin. out. spirdre. [In MSS. to seek. to drive . esploit. exponerc. stem of cxtan r. exploder. of L. distinct. for exstans. (F. (L.) prick out. fern. preview. explordre. Cot. 'L. ex. exp'StHSt pp. merly exferiour. C.

(for L. S. . O. (F. - L. ace. . Goth.) L. an eyasc-hawk. Sequence. beyond . Strange. Extravasate. to follow see .-L. rare L See a nestling. F. to wander. (ik. oeillet. ) It should be extrinsec.) O.s stnppcd off. beside. allied to L. ex. out. Eyot. eyes. out trudere. thing. whence faiilro/t niard. out. (F. cf. better spelt exstirpL. allied toL. O. eye. outward. eire. to be bkilftil . L L. nartuv. Der. esp. a vessel . ztcrare. cast skins of animals. fabrique. Distinguish. extraneous. . to force (blood) out of its Coined from (proper) vessel. ex.) For nias by substituting an eyas for a nias. a narrative. extremus. L. to journey from L. Eyelet-hole. beyond. Exuviae. to lift. extollere. out torque) e. exirane-iis.extniojdi- is ordinary. pies. eye. way. *nidaccm. to pluck up by the stem. (E ) Also spelt Late A. beyond pt. Swed. the stem of a . of *ocus) akis. Tornano. r . dimin. q v.-L. Extirpate. 30). to leap. (F. .) M. Dipl. (L.) M. O. vb. to speak. extinct (from pp. to to Cf Intrude. (L. or nidaso falcon e. an udder. ex ft intccuw. ex. to root out. stirp-s. See Nest. exud&re. to sweat out. a nestling ' niard. L. pp of extmhere. Extra. with suffix -ous extra (above). . 17. extravagant. tncare. v. -L. see Udder. to be fruitful or F. . beyond. pp. . . lit. external. iter. extirpare. egc A. F. extinct us). Late L. a journey. eire. See Sweat. ex. Perhaps allied to Russ. ote. Extraordinary. beyond . (L. (F. nidus a nest. circuit. from without L. fabcr. thrust thrust. 1. ordindnus. F. (F. extraLate L. exultare. extnnseque. an island . better spelt exsulL exsultus. outward. L. igeod. cxtract-us. tdre. distil. fable. from L. F. extravagant-^ stem of vagant.) luxuriant. ace. I adorn. a little ait. salire. a nias faulcon. window. trailerc to diaw. (L. (E. fiom L. P.) Extrude. for Fiom L. an oilet hole/ Cot. ex(L. F. i.L ) F. Der. for A. O. base *fab. to From pp. disentangle.S. dats-y. of *nidaxt adj. Lith. of exsilire. ex. Brngm. out. E. exubcrare. exuere. Eyelet ' F. Skt. induuitf.-L. out of. with suffix cagan.) L. Extol. L. (L. . oculus eage. fertile. Merc.) L. extravagans. Tcel.) exsndare.-L. extnn ( = *ejc/rim\ adverbial form Extrinsic. exultcr.) F. oko. ordinary. up tollere. workshop.) L extort-us.) F. to leap up. of ex. -ate. L. a dimin. pt. of L. impediments. clothes. ex. ace. to draw out 1. oga. raise up. Cod. Late L. allied to fiber. 6'<r(7 (dual) . of L. F. pi idimin. of itagarl. from e^ter.^-rz. island. ever. auge. beyond what is necessary O. wandering L. Dan. 1 y . fertility . so that er/rm-secus = on the outside. Ital. exituice. out. (L ) L. q. . beyond what extra. veiy and uberare. to twist out. . tru(T. C?. (F. Exude. \^fabri-. sudare. ( 68 1. a nest . fabula. Eyre.' Cp. (F. of a judge. to journey. outward Extricate. and seats.-L rather . . wring out. cf. of extet us. extract. to leap for joy. augo. ocil. tree. E.) extra. of O. to leap out. E. He also gives niais. igo%. to twist.t fruitful. L. see Island. adv. (L. (L. ex. adj. Cf. wander about. see Exterior. better (L. a young hawk taken out ' of her nest. a workman. . etghe\ pi..-L. from sequt. utis. leg. is allied to secumhim. exult. torqnere. see Aery. Exult. dab-inu. extrinsecus. a little eye. eyet. perplexities.-L. interim according Secus to.+D\\. of L.) \. from Tg. Extravagant. and E.. uagans.) is for M. extrudere. ex t out are. from fiber. extreme. cxter see Exterior. to be fabric a. (L. Eye. FABRIC From L. oog. G. tell See Fate L Fable. (F. . extra. L. See Salient. Lith. ex. . to lift or L. Extort. Fabric. extra. L.EXTIRPATE quench. F. v. Ordinary. oculum. (10 L. $tirp-es. eyen (whence cyne). itincrdre] See Errant. Extreme. oilct^ from M. Fiomstemofpres a story.) Exuberant. yget (Kemble. mdiace. Formed as if from Late L.) From pp.) extended fiom external. pp. Eyas. . cyght. (L. Cot. L. to strip off. fabric. superl. . a chcuit. S. auga. jouiney. to sweat. Extract. Cf.L. of oculus. out. akshi. L.

-L. * O.?) L) Faggot. (F. G. L. i. Albans. see Fay. to drudge. netit of siiniUs. suit. factitious. faith. .feid.L is new Y. ib from M. do. facade (CotA -Ital. e. fader from enchantment.) For fac simile. a deed. enchantment. pp of L. ace. \*. to M. faittir\ cf. cL'fatfaes. Late L. fttgen. fauchon. Ital. M. a fagot. a deed . to eir. do-able. figan. (F. ' to droop. (Ross). (F.' Perhaps a corruption vijlag'. Der.) Formed. taking part. 3.S. M. fade. F. fooleries . with suffix faccrc. Facetious.Fair (2). ~ Folk-L. fey. wit. Faeces.) facultd. adj. Fain.. (-/BIIKIDH. Facile. Cot-Prov. ga-dab-ith. to construct.-Ital. (F. factwnem. The orig. to fit. ' To fag.) ( '= loose end .-L) content witli. fagan. Of doubtful origin perhaps borCot.fet/e. Gk. Russ. fagotto. L./^r^C^oth.FACADE FALCHION facetie.) Fag-end.' id. fades (below) and see below. (E. (F.Jlaggvtft&faggfcdtris'' (feathers). a bundle make thou like L fac. "L.fadlis./tf/ (Gascon^/). Der. facility. later. faction. pi. a sect. * . Fairy. a bundle of sticks .Swed. E. L. ace. vapid.-Prov. L. e made like reality.Dan. I* factiti-us. Ital. (F. A. to form. . (F. S. face re. fair. pretended . . F. 202. Y.facifs. to make. faddle. parently shortened from F fadatse. Cf. foolish. for 1. fallire. dregs. Fagot. vtfoetus.facilis. root *feh-. fiindrc. (L.. .S. Book L. (F. (1^. /pjr. fromy^jr. E. E. fayr.) Ap. facultce E. 66. to feign faction.. (F. ' See purgatory.-L. \ . M. (E. to tiust.//w*M/tf.-L. Sec \\ ord for elf being f<*y-~\ Vapid. F factotum. ^f Vade. ace of faadtas (^-facihtas]. to make. fauchon. beautiful. witty. pp. faltid* satisfy. from pp.) ace. See Figure. voegcn (see Kluge and Falchion. I fasten.) Ital.flag-end ~L . adj enchantment. Franek) falciom (ci proa. orig. it is fit. a holiday. L. Brugm. joy. fader. ' .-L. facet ia. face of a building.fagtn./^/'^ fit. S.L. of fact^o. to do. Cf. falhre.) * F.vb. the okl fany tasteless. tits. totnui. rowed from 1^. gefeon (pt.-L. [The mod. A. 1 (I . Gk. F fae. glad.) L. suit. (L. Fad^e. plained way. Per. fdre (F. a F.) . faint. simile. E. i.) M.fallere. fl" . F.Folk-L face. 757. /zr-?/from fabrica (above). . of Tent. weak. G.fei. facile. Goth. (E. suit. 200. -1 ) M. Facade. dob-ruii. face. sense was Ital. Perhaps for F. j'u/ut. (F. type *Jagtoz. ii. Icel. fit. fadeza. a sword. ffyn. a fair. \fagai. fol. clean. B i a. courteous orig. Du. of feint. the face. Prov. F mirth.///-#/. Goth. F. s of face. faerie. from the Tcut. gefeah}. fattlteux singei.fina. falli. F. Brugm. easy to do. lenhis.Tu. bein some unexL jidcm. of/acert. Faith. ^ Fail. the M. O. Ital. forl . of uapidus. jfo0.K. 1. albo. A. (F -L. pp L. fcith vadden from O. S. see Facile. . (L. faith allied faith sncceea. -f-U. Slightly altered from O. the same 563. toifade.Fair. content. Cf. defiM. napidum. fcgmn.L. factum. foolish.?) In Masfacia.fac(ere^. F. See Deft. G.-A. Sax.) -0t(s. for *fis-ue. witty (Cot ). like . Virg. O. ) Fag. O. L. Brugm. F. fact.?) cei e ^ Levins ( 1 5 70). toyes. Cf. fnVrjy. H. faction. fay rye. face of a building. finger e. - feign. factus. fogian. foire\ \*. /#*. to A general agent.f Icel. 1 of'St. pp. TT^tem. faccia. ! faculty. glad. . to do. e a ^ h0 ^ nc^ foctuni Similar. Mart. F.^{/"^. E. . (F. also M. beguile. O. remnant. of ate. Du. cf Goth. (F. Teut.' ^lorio. appcaiance. see above. do everything \ Fair LI M. fcc-ithnt. fabric. Sax. facility faculty. cleansing fire. 701.-L. Cf.-O. Brugm n. to join. fagot. a doing. . (E. L fac/its. A. Fade. see Flag (i) F.feria. Peast. fagr\ O. weak. follies. CF. allied to L fatuus. ge-fcon (for *-feh an] . common in pl. good.' holiday. imp to make see simile. to to fidere. to rejoice. fine. (L) "L. fulla-fah jan. (F. 'a faggot. Folk-L. /^w/. . f&ger. of \ji t fabricarl. L. as in A. easy Fad. facility to act. fac -Simile. i. folly (Hatzfeld). to adapt. i. as ch}. facitlte .^ M. T. for L. or (like/fl^MO from Norw/?^'. face. feast-days. faerie. artifiFaint. fitur. 1.) Allied to Bide. a folly. E. facere. face. offides.fayn. M. to be defective Brugm i. I)u. to . pleasing. cial. use of the woid . . commonei as pi. whence also O. (L ) orig neut. a fay. base fag-.

fjerran. to bend. [for M. fald. e. Fallow f ' (E) -A Prob. to die of hunger. vb. L. pale red. ////.) fantasie. refl. -f-Du. L. t also L. (L. fallen. fantasie. A. falla^G. A. O. -F. one of a religious ordei of mendicants. Tent. yellowish. of land. of imitative Span. to fall . harrowed (i).' Pineda (1740). (L. L. far.fanfarr-on-ade. faid-on^ to fold jft/0/ (G. faith on.-L. G. ceive. stuffing fam-isk t formed (by analogy with /##.fena. faae. adv. faltreii) from a base totter. which is of similar formation. .. paras. stuffing. vaimus. see F faquir. False. L. v. (F. O. . (F. older form of Fancy. II. to Gk. a farce. a temple . Merc. Fanfare.* len. lit. t l out. *famina.familiaris'}. so named from its hooked claws. (L.fainiU-ar(L .+Du. *fasnom . (F.-'L. O. E. Icel. L. p. to deceive. (hence.fclga.) L. of fallcre. S. Fallacy. allied to \. fallacia.fanatiqtte'lL. Hiugin i. be-fall) from A. F. deceive. fallace. a t . yiz/j (F faux}. iro\i6s } See Pale.+Dn.-L.) O.-L. pallidns^ Gk. Gk. M. i. falconem.) Fall. fengi pp. fdnum. M. i. to Gk. of falciO) a bent sword. Icel. also jfa/ .fern\ . fain A S. a household. -F. beyond. Skt palita-. Dan. . cf. (i). 357. a flourish of trumpets.L. pp. Allied Skt. S. *fal!an-. Allied to L.S. fanum.) A. F.fanaticus.Late confusion with/wrM^r. fcc. Cf.L. F. vangen. able to repiesent or shew See Fancy. fallen. M. - to catch. uanniis. see Phantom. neni) ace. Dan. -y to (F.-Gk. q.II. to catch. vaat. 757 Der. Icel. L. . Fantastic..) A. an Oriental religious Fame. S. to err.fakir. imagination). (-/PER. enthusiastic. ii. Fan. Fantasy. evolving an infin. /afr. Faquir. G. to display. fanfare. 179 . S\\ed. connected faltra-sk. ?) to totter. .. gcfangen the pp. to deto err. fallere^ to See above. FARCE cf. a dance used in the \V. farther servant.stem of faLr. t. also a fang. pole. fann. speak .fang\ . happen fell . sense is hence. 1 Falter. /h//-. Goth. tasia. fandango. a talon.) Arab. fames hunger. or borrowed from Span. *fohan.) sickle. a harrow. a folding-stool. 'falcon. O. (pavraaia. be-feallan. to M.) .) M. A. . famille. fallac-. ^famine.) Gk. a temple. Oscan fisiiam. 1096. (Gk. E. L. mendicant. a sickle. 421.fame.E. L. Icel./*r. religiously insane. stem oifalx. See Fold. ferrer (i. Arab. bluster. ver. Late L. E. .) from L. gray. s/u/if). 'poor. Fane. a catch of fish). sice. Short for M.) O. report. adv. to be cumbered. G fahl. fahtiS) false. farce.-*\j. E. bluster. irtpav.f/arrt. of falcO) a falcon. fangen fair. orig. van}} see Van (2). fama. (Span. L.) L. a jest inserted into a extension from L. Far. (E.E. ') F.fauteutt. famulus. a l fjem G. ./a. a catch. gray.' Richardson's Diet. fealo. ^avraoriK^^ Gk. (2) inspired by a divinity. deceit. Bnigm./rf/^/J/0//. (Low L. E. Indies. (F. (E) t report. Oscan faamat> para-./0/Az. stammer. but plainly an Farce. (E. . F. . F. fa (cf fang^ sb. fang. faUilnlis. L. to deceive. fallace^ a fallacy. falging fallow-land. M. Fang./aAfe (for/<z/fc\Swed.) to Y.comedy. fallen.. E. 1&. (E. mood colour. fahan. to drop down. (F.) Span. (F. /#//a. L. to be puzzled. hunger.FALCON L./tf/v". a making visible Dan. faucon. stem of fallaX) deceitful. a fan (whence also F. G. S. used with refeience to alone survived. S. sb. a temple. deceit. ongin. form fen. Fakir. fat/ere. Cf. Goth. of Forth. . ////".decl. pale. see Fane.~ }?.. phan(pavrafciv. fam-ts.-O. to err. unrecorded. faqir.^/SwVra. Oscan fame! he dwells. O H. .) The orig. z/fl/- Fancy. form having Fallow (2). a Spanish dance. an instrument for blowing. (F. cf. 66. fcalh) a harrow. fealu. L. tpavrafav. Late L. ////'. Der. (F. to seize.) F. Brugm. far-er)] is due to Famine. Perhaps frequentative Of obscure origin with Icel. falc. display. L. (E..G. a shortened from an earlier form temple . beyond familia. palvas\ cf. indigent.) The comp. (F. afamer. to used m the contracted fallow land O. claw.l. Der. only S.. Faldstool./w. liable fallible.-* "Lvite L. Family. to fall and perhaps L.L. (i) belonging to a temple./<z//0.) Formed by adding Fandango. Lith. vaunting.festus. (F.pangcrc\ Erugm. Fries.) LowL. ' ' . -f Dn. Cf. comp. Swed. Merc. a seizing. 'Der. $. Lith. Allied to flectere. a stool. fan con. lit. 9 Fanatic. in dialects. F.fanfarrza. falgen. A. Fate.//. pt.

O. fader. varen. (L.) Q. erranus. Icel. type *pater-. and Icel.. a vat . +Gk. sb. G. a buiden. fascimtm.) Fat (i). a fastness.+Du. fearh. L.) facJion. fardel. S. (2). Perhaps allied_to 187 is Boon (i). *faitjan-^ formed from Teut adj.fastidiu?n. t&di um. I say. "Der. 'a vardingall Span.) peculiar this use is Scand. fat. (F.) food for cattle. the strength. hoop. feitr (Swed. Arab. *fo"r). perhaps L. I pass through.) L. ^^i. fatigare. Span. (F. (F. (E.F. *faitoz. -narrip.farina- A. Irish athir. Swed./. \^ ferthing. Farther . fadme. fast or firm. a blacksmith. fast(E. fascine. Dan. from its support ) See Firm. a farthingale. *faran.) The pron. L. a feast. Farthing. see Pork. drekka fast. Dan. . see Vat. M. verdugado. Fare. feat as.L. (F. E. (F. embrace. Icel. Farm. Brugm. for *fa:>tutldiuni (Vanicek).-|-Gk. See Verdant. F. a passage fast. an embrace.fastni A. ong. F. Fast vast. (From the fixed rent also food. &c. fahrcn. cf S.. Swed. a of pigs. L. G. suffix -ing or -l-ing Allied to A. O (i).S. from L. A. fastan. It means firm. Du. faran. L. JL. fardel. (for *<J>pAtc~ytv} ) to shut in. F. gross. (E. faste. ferme } a farm. face**. -O. (y'BHA. . to follow fast.///r. a bundle. Skt. fatum. to stuff. [A. urgent. F. a pig pi. Teut. be strict fromyfotf (above). A. O. /tftf. four. experior. fascina. feorin}. vcrdugo. 4" I^ u to (E. orig.fylgy'afast. fa fan. dis- fastness. sb. ' (F.fet. a bundle. contr. lit. Per&. A. oiig. loathing.) A. farcin. with dimin. farm. a fathom. a making . fast. (L. fardah. pp. Perhaps borrowed through Spanish Span. pr. Gk.. use of fast (i) above (^/TER. feut).) M. . Icel. Goth. weary. enriched. fader. due to dialectal Fathom.L ) M. from Arab. Goth. L.S. fadar. ness. dium . vater. ground meal. far. 180 .) lu. speed. far (gen farr-is}) grain ^above). II. provided with hoops. ferrier (the same). Allied to Patent. FATIGUE Fashion. (E. view. varch. of F.ferrum. feus. firmament. from *fieted. Cf. feord-a. a bundle of twigs L fascis. Fate.(pt. of L. . quick. Der. farinaceous. Swed. may you Cf. F. Skt. Fascinate.) \ . Brugm. Icel. destiny. (Scand. M. Swed. i 1 80. to make . I travel. ' .) A.' Span. fast Armen. with th 1 E. fourth part of a penny. ace. fat. pig.f&st. to weary. i. rod. . fate. quick. make. fader. $ing. fare-well. Farrier. influences. Father. (F. travel.F.FARDEL farcir. -f feizit (G.porcus'.) E. fastr. Cf.feor(E. neut. Farthingale. mixed a medley. verde. to drink hard. S. M. ftzQm.S.fat. e.) A. S. i.fattgut\ L. farJo. and O. a worker m . Fat (2). to go. see Far. through fast (2). sofa thorough-fare. E. G. to bring over. close. firm. see Faction. oifactio. Formeilyyferrar. firm. L. spell. wel-fare. to enchant. Far din gale. A. S. -L) firmus. factiffnem. Cot verditgalle. to go. Gk. M. fcett. bundle. fastr z verkum. S f cower.ferJ>ing.yfo/.arrogant dainful <\s. to litter pigs.) litter From the farrow.ftst. A.-L.-L. Dan. a kind of giain allied to Barley. fardel (F fardeau\ Prob. L. fast. (E. green.) M. Fatigue. fasta. . s.lLfatt. (F. A. fate (not common). festnes.) F.) Der. fourth. farrago. fascinare. Late L firma. green. of L.) 1 A. O. fate.S. Skt. fast (3). of fan. pater. -f-Du vadem.) fast.ferk-el\ L.L. fasten Goth fastan. (L. fastu-s. see Fast. -\~ M.favn. of a Teut. (L. uiridi^. shape. speed well . to horn fafiguer. of pp. (f>f>a<Ta-(iv L. Farina. older formy^w^///^. young shoot of a tree. to abstain from food. fawn. Gk. fat. vasten. O. A. L. vaJer. disgust . disgust. to stuff. fast (3). a H. to observe. Dimin. FarrOW. a package (I)evicV Fardel. p*1u*f iron. G.) observe. l^. G. pidar. the space reached by the extended arms. (E. corn. hast.-^ Icel fadzr. farrago. 79. Dan. t. G./mz. tribute. hooped petticoat. G. to O G - ^peak. Idg. S. successful pi acticc or hard at vrork. fet. fattened. Span. travel. arrogance. journey. orig. fed). fasten. S. ii. Swed. Brugm. dm able. Dan. firm. a Jatimr. that which is firm A. vb. Dan. fara. ' (E. which is represented by Icel.fasfidiosus. farde.) U. \ A . f-Du. fastness. Fascine. a pp. F. to be fast asleep. so ihatfas/t- Fastness. fern. iron.) From pp. a bundle of rods. Fastidious. what is spoken. farina. S. a pack. S. a grasp.faden. Tropevofiai. (F. L.

now obsolete. .) Formerly faut. fader. Cf. L.) .S. (2). to pierce. favonf.faknian t fagntan t to reover. oiig. (L. F. and Ital. . (F. Also fectless . to venerate. of faccre. (K) M. \ .) ./<?#*. iF. Gk. gefahr. of *fallitus. of *feto.L. to do. Fawn j Feculent.fauere(?) Feature. fate./ (for *jf>ct-sttd)y Skt. neut. Cot. to rejoice. ^Y. . perty. fidelis. work. ace. aec. far. See j . F fet O. Feeble. fete. H. danger.~\j. Ital. (F. ether. (F. faisible. to favour. F. fidelity. (Span. but cf. a deed.A. fever. f&r./aute. pp. Hence also O.F. februanus. foul. Fear. fruitfulness. fee. E. . festivals. oifidelitas. fa/a. G. Y. F. . Origin unknown to falsify. . a fief (DuPiob. a fawn. fata. a payment. Favour.S. stool Febrile. &b. to be \fjader.. pp. fa.fitusy foetus offspring. Low l^.) M. Swed. foe- I . O. faisable. gevaar. and sb.) M. a defect. of L. M./a/te. -Late L. fauere. <~\j.L factus. from O. fealt*. Der. F.) . -L. of favonre. favore. It.fidelitatem.faldistdliurn. see Faldstool. L.-L. Low L. fauher. altar. factura.-Late l-festa.-L. A. fe. O. Der. allied to feginn. (. (F. . fem. L./i (F. fauces. Y.' favourite. ficcukntus. Fallible. [ pait of the throat.FATUOUS FattlOtlS. j L. G. fchu. (F. doable a faucet . Ital. H. -f*Ehi. ace. fe$er. nrtpov. F. fet lire O.) L. /<?. an arm-chair.-L. as Faucet. favour. A. Swed. Juel. ?) H Fealty. F. from/i/$- ) faith. -O.E. (Cot. true service. used of S. feture. -f-Icel. to go... to Feast. (L. rejoice servilely A. a spigot. Federal. fahare.feeltett. a >oung deer. fallere.^ M. O. feeble from pp. fevum. cf. harm. wing. . F. a defect.) O.fec. fl" We also find Late L. \feste (F. L. ' ' . orig. welcome one Pain.-L. pi. of faire./W/U. P\ 0. F. G. a deed well done.F.^.) O. faiuset. felri-s. F. (F. ( O | borrowing fiom \t-a\. giad. "L.-L) F. to falsify. F. Dan. (F. (F. (L. a fay. E. fay./audrem. L. procange). of Jf. See Feeces. fatu-us. of turn. Du. (-v/PEK. (F.favori. fauter. L. Dan. .falsus. M. A. faillir. the ' month of expiation. y Akin to fides. see Fact. F.Folk-L. fief. L. See Fate. a fee.) l^.L. stem of faran. fain. ' short for effect-less see Effect.L. patra-. form. fagna. -f Du. \fcbruum. with sufiix ~al. L. fatiteml. Late L. . danger. to deceive Pail. febnhs. /^/^r. . . fear. fatum. jauorem (above). pi.\.) L..L. a Orig. (F. a faey a fay. danger. travel.faute. easy to be done. (F -L. property. L. cf. pi. . fr-> 3rd peril of travelling. vent. in fats-ant. (K. sb. the upper Feasible. whence M.) F. /^a"\f. ace. (F. also faulser un estu. a rural (Roman) deity.) lk.) Formed. sudden (E. February. faith. cattle. faon. false. a lacking. to a Late'L. (F. cattle. feeder(for *fades-}y stem of focdus.A. L.-L) M. (i)./#<r).F. Sec Feather. favour. | Fecundity. . \. perTcuhim. Fauteuil.) O. goddess of destiny. a fald.Ital. FEEBLE silly. F.-L. fata. But the final / is really due to Of Sabine origin. L.L. pt. fawditi . G. feudum see Feudal. to cringe to. See Fetus. I I j M. O. Fault. fem. Goth. formation. Cf. pp.) ?. faulde. purification \februare. bee Pen. to expiate. F.. make. L. of fauor.-L. False. . to do. veder. pres. See Fetus. (F. K./a/-. . 1\feet. L. Feat.) peril. ftdlial. pi. pa{u-> Fee. variants of fcegenian.) So also A. 15. a young one. a treaty. faihu. a fault. O. favour.). pierce a shield See \fcsta. facere. eaiher feon. failure. of festum. F. relating to fever. to fawn. full of dregs. fait. Fauces.-L. hence. . L. fauhet. dregs. Span. y^p. $. pp. faltaiG. Skt.febrile. a lordship. oflspiing. fccundusy fruitful (not found). cattle. (F.L. (^PET. forge.favorito. (L. far. fecunditatcm. G.) L. Icel. infatuare. from fagen. O.-O. t to be propitious \ 1 . E. from L. tuezl (Cot. feculent. . F. to befriend. ineffective. the with suffix -ous. F. a fate. of L. ^tfr.favorir./^/4? (Godefroy). fada> Ital. februa.-L. fain. . faithful. /#0. See Fact. *fallifa. lit.-L) Also fetsable. to make. A. f [ f j ' faunu$. fidelity. S. I Feckless. fan. Fay. a fairy. Poit. i . (F.E. to make a fool of. pcctts. Faun. new pp.L. Festal. . a festival oi expiation on Feb. in-fatuate.). form *fetonem answering Fawn j L. A. /#..) joice. Cot. to favour.-f led.') feasible. .'] M. allied to fetus t .) M.

O.dimin. (L. Felucca. felimis. //. to boil. fallen . (F. (L. stem of . S. A. a law. Perhaps gall (N. Female.-L) ace felicitdtem.Arab ) Ital. G. by whip. a farmer. feminin.) E.E. F. Fern. Feed. Doublet. femur.) M.O. Feldspar. fe is cognate with A. vellen.?) away. fennna. stern of Fell (i ). /&//. a traitor. Feoff. lit. S. to drive.ferttere. short for defender. F. S. a wicked person. jilt. lit..L. chase -L. pt. companionship. See Food. to Allied to G./*/// A. E fe/. Du.) Ferment. fello.) Yl. -O \filter. womanly. (Sec Dcvic. A. a kind of rmneial. fedan for *fddian Felloe .+ = chase. pellis.Felon. fallan. to cause to fall. peasant. a young woman. a woman. ^[ Distinct from \falzen. dccl. Arab. Fall.) A. 'Du. vetg. (E. to hurry.-Late cruel L- A.' A.falde. *fcysa}.L. thigh S. L. G. From Teut. (L. Felicity. Teut..yf /-///. perhaps allied to Femoral. G. l*. sharp. (Molema). See Fervent. D. cattle. L. v. A + Fend Fender M fel. type Banjoul. fellah. Goth.) Yurfcinell. till. Feline. felon. fel. CLfelare. L. See Fell (3). . cruel. E./r/^^.) F. fencL (L. field. fe. /</]. a ship. oifaemtm. weep. Icel. Icel fella. Feeze. Fellah. +Du. part of a wheel-rim. a to Palm (i).(4). Felly.) Icel. a Arab. ?) /. to fall. . foda. a skin. felTci-. fol-). property. from femor-. offclojello. to take food. .) ' M. A.faiol. fbysa Icel. (E } M. to fall.. Late L. rebel. (cf. FERN fell. Fell (2). . hence.. G. Goth. (Arab. felg. F. Late L. a cat cats. L. (F. feign.) . Norw. (E ) M. 182 . a plant. E. Du. see Felly.b. (<flevole\ feeble [since fjall. S felan. all causal forms. Teut. palina}. (E. hay. to duve away quickly. I Feign. A a shij). a partner in a felag/ Dan. Swed.-L) M. voelen. food.) O. Brugm. causal of O. fen. Du. base /*/. E. ' . Teut. fen. fesen O. M./?</tf. See Felon.) . as mfcign-ant. felnn.jfysau.//<?. Ital. together of property. dial. Teut *fdljan-\ The Icel. drive away. G. fcuter. lit.) M. A.(sense unknown). a bog./r/. felix. ' M . belonging to nurse. faenum Gracum. n. (E.(2nd grade. cf. L. prompt. (F. A. G. pec us. veen. L. Ital./*/. weak. fdwe. a hill . vel. fusion with male. (F. a laying together. .fiten A. femora h* adj. root fa/aha.fa'da. feoh> from Teut. vilt.. fievole Ital. S.) Gk.FEED cf. 6rj\vs. . *faus. Dan. (3). E femen S. fcinella. Fell *feriti-mentum\ leaven. Swed. *falljan-> causal of fallan-.Merc./^//. E.fuotan. femigrec. fodjan lct\. ^ifemina. Icel. a wing. spar. feles. dhart a . flere. Late L felonem. (E ) Pro. Feel. feign-.+ Du. Iccl.E.fclag. female. A. (Scand. join together. folm.) L fingere. S. Low G. fjall. Icel. a woman (below). to plough. Dan. cattle. . (F. Q. double dimin. from//7j. Feaze. a plant. E. pp feint). a rock peasant. L. happy. \/c!tica.felagi. Jennnimis. feden. * E. fcnn. felly. rreAXa. (F. fosa. Cf. cf. fennel . felge. oifeindre. Allied (E. to form. fruitful allied to Feline. Felloe. Merc. (F. skin. the breast. to suckle Gk Orjkvs. type *fodjan-. with vowel-change fi om o to e. S. a hill. harass. Greek .E. H. (Ital.) NL.fellahin. whence also Icel. felaive. by conDer. A. a perly to put to flight. (E. Merc.+Du.}?. (Scand. fermcntum (short M. E. /#//#. Fell L. parna-.ftt!k. . shoit for defence. a partner. fysian. falldh. -///. S. to groove. L. n. type *fcltoz./*/. H. 5QO. fuhlen. D&n. acrid biting. lsQl. M. belonging to the thigh. fallan. worry . base Jilz. (G}\femelle. ace. Swed.. hay. voeden. M. field. Sec short for Defend. 1 faenit ulum. often misexplamed traitor. q. type Fence. feint (from F.finngk. doleful. S. see Defend. felon. fyllan. traitor. a flebilis. t feminine. feldspath. femelle. a laying Teut. A.feallan. Gk. Swed. fell. falma.) M. /?</<?. So also Du. property. Skt. Fen. give food. Dan. S. G. farn(kratit") Skt. M. to grope.-L. S. L. Fenugreek. O. L. for see Fief.. OijXrj. O. Felt. mud. factor. vel\ L. (Kluge).E. Swed.-L. . allied to G. See Figure. E. pres.ia. see Law. fesian. Fheeze.S. felot a malecruel. Corrupted from G. Fennel. ii. fclgt. S. fch. female. F. /*//. fell. dhe.) L. Goth. palrn of the hand (L. (E.+ lag. Der. Fellow.

from O. fetch. See Fare. Fervent.) O.festum. of iron. a kind of silk tape. Profestival.L.F. only found in artificial. ' ' causal of fara. Ferret also spelt fistle^ an ulcer to fester (Godefroy\ L. I ). . fio) etti. . 4 Luke xii. F. pcs (gen. gefeccan. punishing ' L. feather. an armlet. (F. Bear (0. iron) of the stitious dread. the also. zealous. papartis.) M. 183 Fuss. rhedyn. and see Fetch. festival.furectus. of festus. I boil. sense bein^ 'feather.L. a name given by the Port.) L. vb. flower. fahte. plant. to Fetlock. L. fleuret. uirite. Allied to O.) O. to boil. shackle. ^grade of/(?/.feston. . A. a little biacelet .) Festal.Late L. Der.^-w/Vz. Ltem of ferox. Cf. to carry. \^.-L.-Low L. artificial . to fetch (Anglia. S. to an animal. ferja.) Formerly ferula. a ferret. . rusty . of fervent. (F. (L. 20.) O. F. feittfo. stink.festre. ?) O. cf. Cf. a garland. fur.-L. a thief.tern-joint. garland. an object of superCorrupted spelling (due Port. said to be the same as Late L. Festival.Ital. rust -cits./<rr//fc. locc> pi. ]fcrvour<L. vizzeloch (Kluge). (Ital.) also foret or ferret silke. feccan.-|-Du.]L. a flower and to L. (F.festivdh^.-Late L. Fet. a pacer (used and to Icel. a ferret.fernigin-us y same as ferriigineus. of fioretto. vb. festive. a step. wild. the orig. feruorem. belonging feast. Gk. W. V. Gen. v. (F.furet. (Diez.-L. *fet-. carry off. Late L. aim. Russ. foot.ferrum. T. O.' 177\ Allied to A. stem of ferrugo. fecchen. lit. (E. to fetch./to'. S. from (Kluge. F. (F. from L. flower. fesse (Roquefort) .fentidus. Foot. perly an adj. see Ferreous. festoon. Ferry.) As if the lock or tuft of hair behind a horse's pastravel by ship.L.) O. sorcery. L. uiriola. F. fcste see Feast. neut.' Cf.) Fertile. the plant giantfennel/ children. virol fetiche. -f. Brugm. Der. flounshings PI. with suffix L. Gk. a sore. from the strong 5 grade of ^pav. a stratagem.) Fetid. (Scand. paporot(e]. See Fistula. Gk. orig.. fctide. ( . ace. Festive see Festoon.-L. L ferus. a thief. festive. a feast. to go. fertile. fetere^ to faran. but was a rod or bat for thought to refer to Iccl. a Ital. ped-ica and com-pes. iron. Cf. L. F. Low G. > T.f////0.) (F. far/an. Fetch. (F. Fetter. dimiii. feruent-.Icel. (F. made (with F.*. p. fcetidtiS) stinking. also Brtigm. s. of facere. leaf. iron. L. ferret .ferrum. a journey Florio.) M. F. to go Goth. Ahofftro. f . -a/is) from L.) M. ^. to convey across causal of A S. -are pis.festhtus. F. see Fascine. 178. O. Prob. Fetish.) M. A. a later form of ///. ^ Fte. ace. joyful. /<#r. fact-us. festive. to bear. L. fy. Usually derived from ^L. (E. (i). a wing. to the same. O.) Mod. Port. a fess. 973. Jlorem. (L. . . stem of pres.fcrien. i. a Fester.FEROCITY feather.) L. S. (E. older form mrrol\ XVI cent. ong. stick. . a . ffiro. xvni.) A. Cf. a thief. F. L. Fess y a horizontal band in heraldry. ace. fesse I. a foot. Late \j. a lock of hair. fierceness. ferocitdtem.factitiust dimin. i. see Flower. S. a running /?. iron .furetus. festum. Ferrule. Y.) .-L.L.-l. t. fierce fierce. a fetter. fet. roughly made idols of Africa. to bear. ttlis. (F. pt. . . F. (F. Ferocity. of Ferreous. with suffix -otts. .K.-L. of jlos. fttvid. pcd-is\ a foot. E. fervour. fet. pp. allied lofascis. vcter. From L. vtrola. pastern . pt. L. Jit lock (Lubben). ferula. Lith. A. </>oy>. Festal.-L. L. ferreus.fasce. fern.F. a feast. -l-ock is due to a double suffix. Doubtful. Allied to Fair (2) and Fane. whence fcstrir./<r. fecc(c]an is FYom Ital.) Fetich. L. See M. (L. (N. vi. a bundle. a metal ring at the end of a as O. prob.) 'L. suffix -<7/<L. (L. ferruginous. . ferodtt L. Irish FETTER (F. viro/e\ a fenule. heat. Jieitr. E. fetidus. fereii-.festum. H.S. festal. a pace.. elite. a giith. of *ut'rta. fenan. .^\^festiuus (below). G. a pace. step. L. . . hot. from A. fern. E.fete. of fiore. The syllable L. lokkr. Irish berbferuere. Ferret (2). make./?/^r. Der.fat. allied to Icel. to a feast. Formed V iTTp6v. fetre. . Icel* from l*.-L.F. mod. S. the same Ferruginous . step. a rod . raith.. L. a shackle for the foot . sore. foot-measure L. (F. sb.) O. little flowers.) F. Iccl. festom. Y. fetor. L. fcrrugin-. fjoturr\ cf. to confusion with ferrum. Ferule. of horses) G. feter. 319. F.

) A. a hound arid a mastiff. spelling vewter. . to hasten. A. . Brugm. O. "Said to be Celtic. from Low G. iravpos. a O. In Ben Jonson. fiken. (F. used as pass. stem of fidehs. Fidelity.feoffll.S ]A feawe. fraud. Modi- Fib.) A. .^E.yf&z. a piece first Fiction. uittda. L. (F. also a rest (prob. land. Be. G. . 15 .fopfen. to fidget. fio. fief. . enmity. a mongrel between down. Fie. a plant. for veittr-er. in 502. mod F.' L. E. doomed feige. a kind of disease. to be continually moving up and veutre.) Flask. vautrc. an bringing forth. a red Turkish cap. felt. 11. felt.E. to die.E. land held of a superior. Westphal. Y. pp. to fail. fib G. (L. . fidttcidhs. beo.~ Morocco. be allied to fa-i fief . vifeoffer. I am. fa .) Low L. ffat. fraud. . See Foe.L fietioncm. faM. A. .. rest. M. H.' see Fare/ . faide. See phrase unknown. S. as a spider . to deceive. (formerly.L. cf. cf. faa Swed.) M. Swed. L. fab off. S. so called because made at Fez. to banter . feide.-Low L. perpetual hostility. fez' a. fcbri-s./afofr/. Fiddle./XW. a bird.S. *fician. (Li) M. li*\. &.E.+IceL . decree. F fiu. prthivt. a done. Late L. From M.S. a (Woe&te). Cf.fah. S. cf. to hunt after.) . p/tri.fidele cf. and trag.S. veeg\ G. ~ (2). phut. > E. t . E. ftige expressions for L. fdctn. (Low L.) Ital.L. G. shewing trust. ) F. vb. obsolete verb.S. patwts. fidge. 282. fieldfare. in A. bkt. fy. (The intrusive d is unDer. Du.L.L. fede. 283 Fiducial. Swed fy. to trust. far. y^fm. febris. L fldere. Fey. see Future. Fief. 361. Teut ) to lay spear in .) L. comp.) M. pol. Few.jfcfV/. ace. a feigning. Fez. Late L. fugdre. O. E. Swed. S. . formerly spelt fiu 4-Icel./te. F. Gk. phy. vertagra. pi. Felt. See Apparently borrowed from Late L. intensive prefix. /eU. spear. adj. without a brim. 'fields far fiasco. a 'fever-dispelling. put in legal possession small. fy. (F. Y. from Feud (E. viii.fevre. older feltre.) M. Low Lat. feverfew./^/.yfo/. K. a Latinised G. Y. veltrum for L. faith. Brugm. offspring. of disgust.) Allied to fob. Fibre. Swed. (L. cowardly. (F. .) fied in spelling in M. to fiom A. 587. M. also. feg. (L. to he) perpetual hostility. ( ~?ge.+ 184 . faithfulness. fy. adj. (F. vertagus. of fingers. Allied to A. but really allied to fui. Teut. orjief.) G. Y./i//). II. hatred. L. O. to hasten after. (E.) F. ace.lcel./#/.feverfite.fefor\ see Matt. fief. trust. some unexplained way. at the lance. Dan._ fehde). (Scand. C. veld. origin. a a variant of Fee. G. to do. (F.) O.fcoffer.Brugm. jfofc. feudum. fidncia. Field. A. a thread. offspring. H. K A . (i).climb up nimbly. of facere.Cf. cognate with A. Russ. phu. ii 136. (Low small lie. I Feu. perhaps by the influence of foe. f A Y. . Icel. F. A. to delude (Shak. fibre. lit. Y. G. G. Feuterer.feltro. a greyhound. be-fician. Feuter. fetus. L. Der. (L.L. Du. fiction. Dan. . L.F. form allied to O. cap a field . (G. fideli-. Jilt. feld (whence Dan. hkey&? in Noith of England. form of Fidget. Cp.t to run see Fick. Dan. H. also spelt figf see Fee. See Fee. was. ace. ft. to put to flight. i. to make a bottle. to deceive. ver. fika etter. a rest for a fetitre. to endow with zfeoj Also feoffee. Goth. (E. i Older see Nareb. a L.fifer.yfr. pp. febrifitgia. O. dimin.) . L. i. (E.) O. /?</ #/. Fief. A. otfatio. vifidelita*. fibra. lit. *ftiere.-* a dog-keeper.-O. to take trouble. (j.) M . traga.Kjfcw*. . traveller. (Roland). Tent. deceitful . ftp-ken. FIELDFARE break down. explained.) F. from A.) M.) L. feuer (fever}. Perhaps from Celtic vcr-. See Faith. folde.) of his Humour.) A. feldeFiasco. Icel. produce . Of felt. hostile. pursue. to generate.. faithful. of felt. Du.fiSla. to feign.Jefer. fever . earth. a viol see Viol. febrifuga. L. (Origin let it of Fiat. type *felthuz. sb. uiditla. L.L. Every Man out fides. fever. Cf. Dan.' Morocco.$.fictus. fidelity . . fehida enmity . Fend (F.fiedel. feoff. cowardly. I become .) From Fever. feig. (L. . Skt.S. fidSlitatem. A. t I was ii. felted) for vedel. i. 'a bottle/ (Ital. Cf. doomed to die (E. Lat. fare [miswntten feldeware}. and Turk. Fickle.FETUS Fetus.. Norw fika. (F. faivai. See Figure. (F. feitter.

pTpare. filum. ll. a thread. to wind thread. Fries. Pftfen. from fihi (G. Dn. fit. filmcne.) A. a filet.yF^-. plunder. for ^fig-tu^.) O. FiUet. L. unknown possibly > .S fyllan\ formed Fill. orig. (EO O. plunder. (^. of O. thread sec File (i) Fills. foul. L. vtel\ greatly. baih. ^f Called in Germany Lambertsnuss i. thread. to lob.) F. G. full. Swed. fingere (base Fillibeg. to hide. feign. fylan. V^'tf.) a fig~}> to F. ^lcll(m a veil (Macbain) and bcag. F. used for thilh. felt.O.-O. vnjbwlcr. to smear.///. see Felt. II. fcchlen.. tram-figwe. to . to make foul . S. . used for \ J . from /)//. from filer. North F. (-^/DHE. ( . (F. Merc. ful. L. proud). fihgrane XVII cent. . vb. /"<?///#. Filth. spin grano^ gram or texture so called Folk-L. FIN File (3). filament. F. G.) Partly from O. to conceal. fig. to Filter. to feign Dan. S. pre. S. (F.e\.fullen. The Icel.fhtts. (E.pftfa. fruit of hazel. Der. a steel rasp. a because the chief texture of it was wrought ^'tf. L. /?/*/. fel. Cf. very bright (pp fic-tus. thin thiead. JilOj a thread or row. a kilt. fcile. l.. F. . G. a hating one. a kilt. feileadh..) \ J . the pres. to blow. . /</<?. as if from a base *thenh-.) From L. (F. buit> vrij. ment) . front. Low thread. fulithd^ filth.' an enemy.t (Moisy).fu!//an. piob. S. F y^r.-L. L. fiom Late L. Figment.G. (F. to hate Cf. G . pt.) A. Teut. I )n. dimjn. for *fulian. 'VDHKIGH. a foal Formeily phihberd (Gower") Philibird or Ptnlibert nut. by vowel-change from u to Teut. <///*. Swed. foul.) fiom/}//.fi/iaZa. to stiain.E. .-L. to chirp (as a bird).fel. finn. (F. II G. See File (i).) M. e nut from Lombardy (Weigand). L. Fin. daughter oiig.booty. f. Goth. A. Feminine.) * M. Swed /0te). See Pin. O. i. File (i). 589. free L. infant: cf./?//. . H G . fela. II. filhan. fioin the 'Dan.jile. cf. (E. string. File (2). - A Icel fylla. fill-its. bright. /^'.Jihlfn.) linigm. deiqan. (E. E. to hate (Fick). fylla.fewd. E ) Another L. Ital. . (F.) thing made.+ l)u.) Foimerly Late L. little. li^fden. fihlre (see Filapartly from F. ft lament um. . Du. JicrSj old nom. i.-O. . finm L. fine \\roughtwork. a fight -ffight M granum^ (whence > <ffThe $$&&. skin. filet.ferus. (E . filtgrana is grain. a son. teger/elma^ Extended from the base See F. allied to foh. A. from L. ) t A. (F. (E.fallen. . bury. a freebooter. as in skin of an egg.//*. Cf. vin Swed.O. vrijbmten. figura. Low G.) F. y. ^ Filly. pinna. . A.Fillip. feond) lit. Filament. (F. a freebooter.+Du. Filigree. Du. immediately in silver wne. Gael. from t lL. W.Jigmenfuni an invention. Filbert. fashion.) (F. Goth. Fife. line. wiUcH) Sued 1 y . a file. skin.-rrov. vijttnd. filare. Goth. ftna. noix de filbert (fylmcn}. /fmfc. short for fyljct. 185 .. (E. O. Ital. membrane (O. fiom *felnien. . S. G. Cf. G. //>. felt (Littre). see Flippant.-rrov. For W.) A. /?>".in A. to Fig. form of/7. Dan. filmen proper name Phihbert\ (S. (F. Fight. -f D.F. figure. ong. vcchtcttj G. See Foe. -won-. . Dan.fflum a thread. base of fingere. foul (by vowel-change of // to So also O. whistle.) F/%//*.<?. S. feile \ as if from a base *fenh-. See Booty. a filly. related to M.fchtcn. to pipe L. a pipe. Filibuster. See Foal. of/?/. pt. (E ) Ktym. H. L. plpare. "^.-L. A.. S. a female foal.fcldre^ 1c. (Scand ) Icel. See Foul. Phihheit's day is Aug 22) . fierce (Y. Sax. G flu-bo ht. ncut. to hide. merely borrowed from Italian ^Monlau). fllia. Late when jerked fiom the thumb. Skt. *fehtan-. \. to suck. fifre. Span filibuster a mere coiruption of I)n. filtre. Fiom L.jto/. enemy hate. little. -f* Goth. a fig. (L. jfcrr.r. to fight fchte. fromjijan. L filum.M\>. Gael.form is^7/.figure. filigrana. O. to knead. felt. /"///. (Span. skin). Fell (2).-Q>. /. orig. frluw. Film. ofjfia. F fihgranc.FIEND Fiend. FhiHbeg. . foul matter. *filmm-jo. Goth.///. Late L. a thin skin. to . to hate G. S.) See Thill. Skt //>.) M. ffl\ A. of feog(e}an. S. See Defile (i) and Foul.-L. (L. (Gaelic ) make.S. vijl. See Pipe. Ital. . (E. to defile. e.) Fierce. Iccl. filigree-work.) Jijands. to strike \\ith the finger-nail. ftltrer.A. Filial. to strain through a strainer. (E. filare. order. thread. fylde. dis-figure./JVd'. small./ . (Cf.f/dndi> pres.L 'thiead.O./?/. wild.fier. fcileadh-beag) the modem kilt. O. Dan. Filch. Merc. a fm.+Du. E.

fi\kr. E. lush et-aim. finch. . groz orig. O Ir iasc . toifjnire (above \ L. flnare. Swed. Finus is a back-formation firm us. p|>.fissnra. L. fingcr. said of a sentence support also. Teut. 567. to meastue. Swed.F.Icel.) a sea-loch. First. deep inlet of the sea . 'Firth. oiigin. fi^us. *fenth-an-. with suffix -kin (as in kilder-kiti] answering to the M. S fitrh. e. From Du. . Icel. S. . irvp.firntus. Teut. fingr. firm (above). purifying. fust. ma. used in place of L. Y fiscal. drive. answer. (F. fjord.feuer. and Swed. a settled payment.FINAL O.' Fire. fit mamcntum fine. * . *fttr. F. and F. fest.) Dan and A S. Norw. Vierde is from Du. firma. to end. A. i. Dn. A.G. Pers. ba^e of pres L finire. (* Icel. Fiscal. from an base *pznksti-. Lite L.finischen. Kuss. foim identified with aesculus. Finch. Teut type *furii>toz. Late L. Dan. .) finish. Dan. ffiria. . finis. TT^O) and finis. end. 1 86 . fink. Du) M. F. fyri-skogr. finical. to OF fimss-. (E. Skt. A . (E. Cf. Cf Icel prob. J Idg.r^. S. to house or (as we call it) the firm. coined word from L. q. superl. M. seek after. of finire. fuir.z/2jr/fc. fyrst. a fir. Late L finus.*\-'D\\. finis. it may be If the orig Teut.wood (written fyriskogr) from Icel. fin znce. M. A coined word. The older sense was signature of the I find. a pme-tiee to bite. \J Fine (i\ exquisite. rounded or ended.fore. vb. (Span. +G W Brugm. L. to Brugm. (E ) A. which occurs in furhwudu.firmus. end. L ) a L. final. . ^.fjordr. piaste. but . whence O. Fiord. Gk. Cognate with Gk. /tf. ^ . finantia.+\>*. fourth . from the base Finial. ( see Frith. Span. - finalis. Teut type *fisko". (F. finittn. end. chaf-finch. vierde. Pers frafine (2). to Fir. to conduct. fist. finis. ferdekin. (F -L) M.^r/'. the (M. Dan.L. mana (Horn) See Finance (above). of findcte. (F. G. (L Cf final. bull-finch. E fir. finc. expanse of the sky (VnlL gate). O. <|f was Idg. G. S findan.S. see Fore. (Pers. A. Der. . F. O. Swed. a an oak. Fissure. l^. see Petition. final. which is allied to fyri.-t-Du. vier. a journey. firums^ stead- . vink. celestial sphere. -f-Skt. (E) M. Teut. a mandate. Firkin. 634. (^PU. L.finthan.) Skt.+\)\\. vuur.finden Teut. and O. end.) M.) FIST H.Jj/r. fist.'nits.) A. S. to end (L. firm.) . Perhaps allied to L petere. O. finger. L. W. bitan.'E. base *pent-. of finir . support. pyr. sign. L. firmare.finna ( -finfia]. Cf. thin. bind. of Scand. well O. S. -ch-en in madchen}. G. T)M\. F.^jv. a signature. figure -I. G. E.) ^jQ^i. faust) O. fennan. finis. (E) A. a partnership. i. ") Finger. O. to stiengthen . Final. L. to conduct. Fish. Fist. II.f&r. pp. to 1 *. (F. L. ii. Law L.) A S. suffix -k-in (G. (i). a finch prov. firmare. p$sti. fin. finish. Dan fi wd. Sec. (^. final arrangement L. firmament. Irish and Gael. v.) F. . (E. N from finTre. a tree. b o) to Goth figgrs {**fingr*). fjord (with loss> of initial /). decision. a bird. order. vinden. *fii!>tiz. finke. type *fu-zr. sense unknown. and lce\. (Trrcyyoy. revenue.fercian. beat. fust. orig. (i). adj. end. from (Brachet). fourth part of a barrel.+Du. CScand.) finis. Span. double dimin.L. Prob. . to make firm. vuist.. Slav. pertaining the revenue. fast. type *fin. L. to cleave. allied to Fare. the superl. with vowel-change of u (A. fcrme. Lombaidicj^. O. spi'ik. (j. a final arrangement . (F L. a fir. fenne. four see Four. finite. (Soand ) M. also a puise. cleave. Dan.. to pay a fine Late L. limited. payment. and G. a finish or end. a fine. L. a tax (Law L.) A. Firm Find. qitercus. Cognate with /7ss. O. (E./?/. confirm.H. before (Gk. O. a mandate. piscis. See Frith. firmament.yfaf. Der. finis. Cognate with L. pavqka(from^w). perfect. cf. fura. iasg. L pt. Finance. pp. O. from pra. firmar.Late I fiscalts.) extended from Fine (i) above. also fire. pram ana-. (-/HHEID) And see Vent ~L) . of winger. from A. end. (E. fnra fohre.) viur. Icel. -L) Firk. (F. pinc^ chaffinch. F. ing to a mutated form due to A. finis. firm (2). E. Firman. . Swed.fisch Goth. E. Five.S. * *fttnhstiz.S. +Du.L. G. a basket of lushes.finde. witty.

qiiinque. flageUum^ scourge. lit. Fitz. (2) a struggle. as adj. From the .Jlaccus.^/fow. flagna. S. Dor. a disgraceful act cf. sb. Dan. F\fissau. fla men. a pipe. giow weary. F. a flask. stone. E. Du. glaring. L.ytov/. Skt. a scourge. (ScaidO Norw. \^. (L. a 1 G. (F.) Brngm. the same as Vetch. flag (3). Swed. FLAMINGO (L. blotati. \\ ith violence. A.) (4). a skein. ) (L. Late L. limp.Jlaccus. a flamingo.flf-ty. a reed . weakened form rffloppy secFlap. flackern. a son. the same word its waving in the wind. foetus. * Flaccid.///1 ( G VHHLEG Flail. ///to y/7<ftv*. is supposed partly from O. shamelul with suffix -ous. L. . dimin. to be an adaptation of the Teut. \^. Palsgrave has 'Flemmyng. pancha. Dan. . to sacrifice. with the same sense. flacon. F. burns the sacrifice flagrare. L. A. flagna. to act Flagellate. Idg t}pe *penqe.) Fitchew is fiom Picardyfcfoz/jr.-Prov) M. a thin slice. Flag (i). an ice-floe flakna. Fit (i).) Icel. S. funf\ W. whence the peculiar a. (Span.-f Gk. \?\w. to ilap about. an ensign. Du. (F. S. O. G. of fiasco. fixed. L.Jlagre. a flail . dial. )}. w. cf. (F. \. Swed. to flake off. Ir. ftmf. Flagon. L&t. a hanging lip .S. flaccid*.) L. flag^ a cut turf. funm. flak) a slice. /*>/. See tcne-. in Late L. Low flabbc.. cf. ill- Dan. O. (F-LateL. fittja. flaming.flt. a flask.) Formerly fiz flasca. A. E. of a bird's foot .) L. which perhaps are the same word. Fit (2). Pro v. viflagrum. burn. dial. This might give E. cf Tcel. a sort of flute.) Icel. to flutter Flamingo. ~ Prom L. flambeau. (F. oijlagrttm^ a scourge. % . apt. to knit together. -f Du. of L. flagelhun. FlZZ. (F. Cf. q. flaw (see Flaw). to Sk. -L. flakken. (E.Jitz. a skem. fif (for *Jiwf). (i). Fitchew. a priest of Prob. ilabby. a flake. A. narrow abscess. fle$L fleil. M. L. a .^f/.FISTULA Fistula. . another form of flascon Late L. Fitch. to flutter. _/*. (F. a paving-stone. Icel. F. pt. F. (Scand ?) Dan -tng. F.^ Weakened form of flaik. to droop.fait. to bind into skeins. (Scand. to rove flako to flap . .$. flaga^ Flag Flagstone. (L. a whip. E. to bind together . L.) M. (Scand. dial. a part of a poem. from base of but it seems to have been confused with F. Swed. F flambc (below). see Feat. Jlac or. flagrant-. Flamen. to flocculus limp. pp. i 539 (2). (Scand. 'Dwb. /fcY/. flctga. fern.) Imitative. F. as suggested by Diez. bhraj. nem. Irom its . a flame. ^L. flokra. M. Gk. also ' web ' Icel. (i) a song. he v\ho Rome. G Flambeau. cf. All from the imitative flamenco.fete.. form is base flak-. Flagellate.fldgitare. Flabby . form may have arisen . ace. . to be limp from flamem. From pp. to knit Perhaps allied to Fit as to sense by M. From a hem. flagrant. to flutter (above). a polecat from the smell. flabby (Danneil). Fix. of flagrare. to fix. M. /. base Jlac. Icel. See Flail. fla^ioCf. properly burning. coic. -L fixus. i . allied to flap* flicker. Dan. well done . jiogra. t . flz (with s as ts (with z as /j). TrcVre (yKol.JIaqtnr. . flagg* a flag . which cannot represent a Late L. doth.Icel. flammant? (2) .?<:/. Swed. (K. Or else allied to Goth. F. Cf. flilgitium.^fofofr.flageolet.flajols*flaujolst a flageolet.) M.-IO torch .) O. to burn. flabbsig. to 'flake off. Flageolet. "R. <p\tyiv to burn } . L. form of the Pi ov. otfigeie.flstula. F. a flag or slab of Fit M.f.of A. to . son. E. fif\ sometimes fine. flagellarC) M. JfS/'-M. flammc'j also flambc. fromyfotf.' flag. as a fault. fltten. From the shape 'L. }L. a pole-cat. flag-. Flagrant. a deep. y/jvz.) O. fid. Flamand) a Fleming. . flag-torv^ Sc. Y. Perhaps allied to Flay. M. form v^Jlamant. to suit. to arrange. flame. -I*.r. See Flask. fisci) to make a smell. (F. but cf. *flautiolus t a little flute. to hang loosely M.fitius. flame. of flagcol.flaque. v. penkl. TTc/uirc).yfr/ . LJ O. Icel. A. fitja. ^f Influenced E. of O. A weakened form of Flake. perhaps from the base burn See Flagrant. Perhaps allied to Flagrant.r. . attack of 1 ness. stem of pres. and Norw. . S. flying. where the suffix -cnc O. a polecat older form. Dan jfo. . Icel. suffix ' flag (2). Fitchet. cf. roving 4. as a plural. also O. fixed.'fifttg. flagitios-ns. Five. diinin. Flake. L flamma (*flagdimin. dun in. . with the sense of L.) Span.Jt/s. Lith.87 . Y. The F.-L) i F. but said to be a And Pro ven 9al word the Prov. (A. (L) Flagitious. for *flag-i)ien. (E. pump. . . flakka. from (2). L) O.

flasa. (F. flaska.+ Du. to cut. plainly adapted from O. a spot (Scand. Q. . flat. flak-.) Flatulent. sb. 1 strike cf. flap. Kemoter flcah. Fiom A. flanta. <f>\^o-. . Flap. a W. Norw. Q. a lancet. fleax. vbo. Fledge. flatus. Lat plCtga. K. (j.JIaon. Ital. . to blow. Gk. Gk. . (W. L. blaze. TOJU-.) M E flare. . flasca. wAaruy. A. E.fflasg. to caiess. . Flask. Icel flasa.flannen. cf. de Allied Lancke. the base fliedetne. which is from Icel flat-r. F flamme. flaschen. 569. a vein from T/jiV(iv. S. i. 3316. Flare Flash. pt. flakken. Allied to Gr. a crack.flawhc but it KS hardly a Teut. hlancha. to be furnished with feathers. to flay. Flange.sXtf. <f)\(por6iJiov J a lancet. flat Cf. *floh\ to strike.-f Icel. flali-ta. used of (F.) Prov. (E. dial. from flanka. Flea.) to have been influenced by that of the O. \ct\. E flappen. F. fluttering seems to have been particudisplay of The same cf. flewoure. lanka.*) M. like (as of snow) Dn. O. flutteringly.H M. plumes. to waver. Flannel. Allied to "Wool. FLEDGE Flaunt. ( . Swz&. H. flatore. to move to and fro. E. pi. to blow see Blow (i \ ready to fly. a ciack. mod. type ^flahan* t. to weave. flater. (E. a projecting rim. to flirt. flame-like to display the ostentatiously. a plant. . Either. . to Span. to beat with the wings.) larly It the etymology is flamma. H. prov. /*. adj. Flat. a spot +Du. Sc. fleka. Gelenk.) (Korting. fleck flat . flaw. a flawn Der. Jlawe. to flatter (Hexham) from O F. an ordinary on each O. s. (jzvl. see Flag (i). flannel. also. &.-Teut. . Swed. or perhaps *flatth> } See Flagon. a flake see Flake. vlijm^ a fleam. . puted . flach. t. . Imitative \tisuflack. fledged is now used in the flatterie. Fleam. Teut. is Swed. a broad flat cake G. to strip off skin. Flavour. loin. (E } AS. fladen. The pp. flatus. flatter. o-grade of flatttren. a bad odoui . .) M. . flean. flattery is Flection . v. M. flado. fleu>er. Ital.) better form. ace. a stroke. Mid. flegmn. a flame.flat. dial. but probable . M.) M. a flca. sb. fltk. Swed. answering to similar . to flatter base flat-.-O. S flascc. and G. fiom N > gwlan. (Scand ) Norweg fiara. broad. a fiequentativc form. gwlanen. V. Cf. Swed.. a lancet (Vocab. . pp. see Flexible. plakh. flasa (above \ flo. E. of imitative origin cf. (Late L ?) A. flab ken .) M. n). Kyfof. (F. G. (Scand. *flatorem.-L. base *flauh-. fleur. flaxc pt. to beat E. flaw. a plaiting. Jiadonc). M. slender see Lank (Disflank. Flawn.) HamilE. a gust of wind. Gk. vlas.flaun (cf. Flay. flare. \Lflanch. tulent. . fletoma. EA G M . to rush. fern. Gk. Du. flane. flacks Perhaps allied to Goth.yfrt. . allied to side. F. to dash violently. dial. Fries flappen. word savour. F. flat) . from the certainly from L. about Dan. (Scand ) M. Cognate with Lith. flanc. flaga. \V . vtaag.Icel. also a flake Cf. fleiur.FLANGE Still. seen in M. flanc.Jlasir s^fiom floh. . flabby (flappy) . .. to stain Swed. \L. (F. a flask cf aUo word.' Hexham. Icel flo. to flatter. y . smell. to burn cf. beat . a kind of lancet. wool.flanche side (or flank] of the of M. . the notion of making smooth Fleck. . Flax. flcgge. windy. O G. not in A.jflekkr a spot flckka.akind of custard. . Dan. a projection flanch in heraldry. E.flanke\. breath.yfaw. (A. A. (F. (F. flappen to flap. Du.I. F. Teut. stem of <phty. flankt. Swed.-Teut. See Plague Late L. L. the side H ' The form seems (F. F. O . origin nncertam. shortened from Late L. F. flevoor formed from an E. . Ftc ge is a Kentish form of M./. ir\tK-fiv. Flaw. flaur. *flycgt found . to Late L. phlcbotomiim. G. to see Flag (i\f V>\\. to waver allied to ftakka.) Late L. perhaps loosely. see Flag ( i ) The sb. (E. answering L. fla. flaska. ton ftateren. G. to A. See below. we also find 1t\. decl. Hence also M. flaterie.. as prov. a swift rushing. colour of the bird. O. . allied to the veib to flee See Flee. from F. (Scand. flack.Late L flatulentus. bend. fheme. the flancks. G flicte. vlck. ^L. hip. E. (E ) M. S M. see Kluge. M. o{flare. with suffix -er-. pp. to gad &c. fid. flanc. L. F.) . G. to blaze (E. Teut. ready to fly. Lowl.fleckra. Du. flygge. flaon. dial. 400. tonnim.4-l)u. or E. S. a fleam Flatter. }L. also M. E. lirugm. Somewhat . flat-er.) G.) . S hlanc. S flcan. E. see below. side. F. apparently a variant of Swed.

Perhaps cognate with Gk.. t. S fleotig. to titter. . E fleen. vb. bending. -4-Du vlies.fleen (pt. Du.) p.?) XVI cent. &tcms *fleusi~. The G. G . type flexion vlugge] .) vfag_(M.FLEE in the FLIPPANT ' L. G. fle^k > + Icel. D.flem. H. S. Swed. vhls. Fries /*. fleet (2). of M.) Flippant is for . Flicker. hlanca. easily bent. which has from an early date Flight.) Norw. giggle jlim$. A S. corrupt form of L. !?. G. .) . Of unknown origin peihaps from O. S. see Fleet (i). to flow cf. A. 2 June. Iiily. (i). see Flank.o.-f O. <\\o\.thlattli] there was . Du. to vlieten. plu-ma. fleote. pru. For the ending. to flap about Cf A. flees. as in Lith. fliesscn. plu. E. flexus. bend. flexionem^ a bendTent. note E. flyja (pt. bacon. a flick flik-flakken.Dan. From A. pp. i flang.flcotan perhaps repiesent^. flete. Swecl. flykt^ G. So also *flugyoz adj flex-or. jerk lightly. M.) Modern . (F. Moisy (Diet. flow. G .) M. to flutter.) .(pt. to . (F. . from *flug-. i ' N. fliehcn\ also \. or M. fliozzatt. H.-L. see Flesh. E. (Scand.) use violent action. to fillip. (E. from L. a mixture of beer and spirit with sugar.) *flMgan. (Cf. imitative origin. (E ) Imitative j [The M. a light blow. vb. *fleuso-. Flip (2). G. base *p!ettd.from Fleece.flems Fleer. t. *hlcncan. the side (Kluge) . to mock. Sax. Dan fle\k^ Swed. to slash . to float. Jlex-ure. a brick.fltm a film.) M. t Link Fling.flcih. fletige. (E. M. lily. G. flii$o~\ possibly fiist recorded in 1702 (Kersey). L. (E. flet. (E. (E. (E. arliery?r//j alsoy^'j. lenken is lenken. . Tout. \^^\. (E. Flee. Skt. romp. flucchi.t\.flatit. Swed. Gk. See Plume. A. M. hs~ a see Flower and lily Flexible./^ f Flinch. also appeal s cf //>. (E ) A. flucht. pp. (F. See Fly. Teut type *flankoz. to beat up. fly fpt. ir\iv9os } A $. heated. as in unfligge. synonym of flimsy .flicss Fly. a skim on milk. a float of a fishing-net. move swiftly. float.) Swed flmta. Dan.^ A. Fleur-de-lis. O. a creek. E. t. flutis. flow. Du. flying. and suggested \yyjilm M. dial. (E. to turn. . from O. flcitr de fts. flyde. (collectively) a number of ships. fleisck. G. fliret to jeer. weak grade of *Jleugan~. verb to fly. Swed flissa. S. E A. Du. flaiuchir> flechtr. oiigin.) fleos. S. + . See also a woollen itlius . ./0 ong. vhtcht. flenga. fljota. connexion with the Flag (i). we. fleotan^ to float. stieam. *fleutan. S. fleote. fluff-. t t * . Imitative . Cf O. Flange. Flippant. frequent. G. to escape. bee A. -fSv\ed.] A. to flow. fly/if. t flydde} Tent type *thlenhan. cf G.E flikeren. flint. S. also spelt fltsa.) M. as Jlcdde* whence mod. swim. to titter. pt. at full speed (taking one's fling) . Yut$. E. fleet (3).. rhilippe but wrongly. Prob. flenchir. (pt. form . a place where water flows a stream. race about. hke//zr.) Prob. + 1894 (Napier). fleot. to turn abide. weak.-Teut. coat. K. See flacketn. and ndj. of Norman patois) spells it phlippe> as if from F. Cf. flectere^ to bend. ' . (E) a ship. flight. bacon. Icel. bend. Flick. vi fleetere. t. L. Fleet ( i ). S. j>wift Icel. Fries. to flutter. O 11. Der. a fliohan. allied to L. tipsy butnpsy\ also limpsy^ given by Webster as a U.t to fly. Better flection. vleesih\ G. irA 'v. i.. to sail. *fluhti. n. . * fleng* to whip These foims presuppose indiscriminately a stiong veib *flinga which the E. been confused with it. S.yT^T/r. a creek. to fly. (E.) Cf. in-flexible. Jlexibihs. Sax. to stnke.G. flugge. (L. E Flint. (i). flira. tilius. M. thhuhan* so that y/ was orig. flextiS) pp. ////. O. (E. flesh. plndis. compound unflycge. Teut Swed. t yf/W/j. flacor. Teut. to swim. (E. flyta.) Cf. flask. fleotan. flutanoz) Idg. Flap. Du. Brugm. E. E fled.ikened form of'flacker. flanga^ to (Scand. E. 189 (Scand. to strike lightly. Cf. Dan. A. fldy also flyba . S flicorian^ to flutter. flint \ i. S. answering to G. weak grade of ing. a sheep-skin. from O. ) . flch. 4. imitative. fleet (4). of Scand. Flimsy.flakkcn.fl^c. Goth. flexion. O.flengja^ Dan. ) . ace. fl The initial fl would then be accounted for precisely as in the case of flank viz. Dan. fliotan. S. G.' Academy. flench. swift. of inplumcs. Late L. hi. flcrun. H.H. fromjft^. allied to flyge. 74 Of Flip (0. slight. G. H. float. (^P-LEU.) Cf. A. H. . Fleet (i\ a number of ships. Fries. pt. flower of the Here F. 575. swiit From Fleet the verb. act of flying.

(Dan. imitative origin. and M plunge about.. place. Bret. from Late 'L. the oldest sense M. also L.fronser. Y. F. (E. Swecl. a little fleet dimin u\flota. pand prattling. . floflick-. a little floscule. floss-silk ] adj * O.J!ori-. or Scand. Floe. and to E Fleck. Icel floti. G. (E. Ital O. E _/fo/<?w. F. a floren (about A. base *flut. A. flotzan cognate with O. vloer. I. pertaining to flowers. F. act of flowing. Imitative.) Floral. abounding with flowers. flick. Du vlotten Tent *flutojan-. whence Du. nap. ?) Changed fiom M. Cf.). tatidnem. Cf. formerly Jlotson (Blount). flytja. &c flotsam.yfor. plain. floe cits. Swed flock. flail. Teut Span. floscio. sleave silke. cf. fleipa. . a river. dial. cf. a flooding Low L. Perhaps flitr. flytte flyta. isflak. in ramp-ant. ' . otflos. Swed (i). * ice- A. M. -L. dial. a flake of ice. weak. -F. goods floating and S flocc +\w\. E. + .Jlotte (whence (j. Perhaps allied to G. a fleet. */?ff-6uz. Flog. L) L. Flock (E. to swim on a liquid surface. of wool. <f[ Confused with F. . flundra^ to gprawL llawr. from the base flip-. prov. Tent. Dan. flip. (F. saucy. '. the suffix flowers. This wk vb from *flnt~. flodderen. Late L. flosche\ Cot.) L. Flit.FLIRT FLOUNDER to Fldra> goddess of flippand. flGr. flod. . (Korfllk. M. a flap. weak giade i*flcu. to Flood. see frottncc.?) A late word \ . to flood (F. linp.) \j.) A. Swed. plait. flowei. flip.+\vt\ flikki. a fleet of ships. S flota. .) A. a flood . forehead (Korting. flitten. Fleet (i). flippant . Icel. Scand. q Flounce valiant of (j. . Swed.floridu$. *plarus. flirt.flagelhtm. flod. (F. Jetsam. a plait Flail. to . E ) An T)a. Flotilla. on the waves.J!oiher.floralis. tattei. a fish. See Flake. as in Icel. pt. florino (=Jlorino}. from the same see Float. . a coin.F An in floss-silk. a crowd of people. (L. wi inkle fronser le front. to flourish. a L imitative origin. flatter A.' [So also Ital.flottc\ is from a Teut.S yfc7r+Du. Prob. Flounce beat. and Cf. fl'irtje. base *flnt-.flegel. E fleet. stem of/for. to flit. G. E.flokkr. (F.J7ota. (E Floor. florin. lough Fiom L.see Flow. S flicce.) cause to flit M . through mire . y Blow (2) and Bloom. hence. a flail. belonging the stem of Jiffs. O. (i). as M. i M. a lock of spread out. dress. a lock 1 ) flage as in ris-flage. the North. *frontiare. florid. Cf. (E-) flower double dimm. >. L. flcpa. Flock O.jtfok. floter). flore. floscia * FloSS. a the symbol of that town. "L. splash See Plain. vloot. a giddy girl. allied to . to float. rosy. remove causal of Icel fljola. Ital. ace Qlflds> a flower. So also E. meaning to mock. from Low (j. above). lit isflok. flitch.) M (i). M. also frons. . pld-nus. 1303). to acantteim.froncer. tilla. (L. law-term. prattle. Of bably suggested by flagellate. See Fleet Float. plunge. silk. flotaison. type *flotof fiefdb (Godefroy). to talk nonsense . a shij). from *flottnre to float. lit. pres. seta. *flffruz cognate with W.fladdra. (E ) Often written flurt. (1C. Ynts. from *pld. to flutter. E flote.tQ foirn into formation from flocks or tufts. . Cf.Icel. a E company of flok. .) florin.t as -ant imitates the French (heraldic) suffix a flower cf. ice-floe. leur.Jlogger. 3477-) Flounder (i to flounce about. fluth. not found. decl. from knit or wrinkle the forehead. F. to remove fiom place to (Scaacl.) Swed. Norw. +lcel. -2). but regudecl. Du. an flake/ Cf. (E. vlocd. E. to dangle. S. 3349) lost in shipwreck. E. soft. (Law F. flodus. side of bacon. E. a flood from 'Teut base *fld.*. Venetian flosw.) XVI cent.Jldrem. has: soye floschc. from Norw. Y. w&. F. flote. J?d6. Dan. to &c. to a flail. a fleet.{. Tent. a plaited border < on a . a com of Florence._/fo/tf(fem.) (F. flack or prov. cf Du. S. . F.) O F. Flirt. D. whence mod. to (1111676 (L. Of of flirt was to jerk lightly away. Idg. \L.n. Fiom the base *flut(O. gather. stem of "Swed. the lip.y?//. (2). scorn . Goth.) A. Dan. Ital. to flow. (Span. flunsa. flotcson O. flytta. I^. lloiin. Teut. .(as y 1 the same. laily foimed iiom fronti see Front. See source tan-.floscuhis. /lot ten A. to float. to dial. Or else. see Flock (2). flicche.flip nimble. a floor . Irish Idr. a fleet. a light blow . . gibe.jfcv.flirr. Cf. (E. Jlorere. (F. 1 om the Teut. Flounder (2). to float. so called because it bore a lily. a patch Float. A sheep. floiuan. Y. Swed Dan flyde. a flower (above).Y. Flitch. . flatter]. t 190 .

Jlof. flat. Perhaps influenced by F flitx. F. Apparently irom F Jfanqitcttr. to be at one's elbow for a help at need Cot. . pp. Perhaps thesame as Flush (i ). E.flahute> of L finere. floating flue. cf. Fries. old pp. hence. L Jluctus. a servant in livery.fleogan\ pt.L jlorem.yfair. Dan. T)\\.fleow\ cf.. flttnitt^ Flurry.-IO M E.Jlug. flosa. of fltixus. sour oat) (2). have been suggested by L flare.Jlowan. dial. a of fluere. F. pt. Oudemans See Flute.K.-L. (F. a flush * Flush (i). . flutel} as the pipe conducts the flow of the smoke.) M. vheijen^ to flow. * (E.-L. H. E. llymus. flourish. (F. to .) a footman. flat fish.J?orisO. Icel. A. ?) Flush (i). Teit. sense.//*^7-<?. The L. flossa. fluttern. Flour.-O. abundantly full. L) O. ace. (bcand. (E. fuse. Flout. at caids . dial. Dan. 209. E. to gush or break out violently ^Hexham) . to fly tip quickly (N. to blossom. rently distinct from (j. Angl V. ftundra. also had once the meaning to mock. flawte* floite. fids.0. vative of the verb Cf. flondre . Douglas) M. hurry. side Flunkey. prob. cf. flu ere. ib L. L. (L. tart. flotorian. Arc! see Fluster. Fluent. disordered. flour. in Cot. float about. jeer'. Flush deiived (3). "M. j llynuuwd. conbe flustered . flehute. float.and the same word as . Flush (2) and Flash. * ' " flouten. to \\hnr gust of wind. fluiteii).fluysen. 'To flue. a misprint for Prob. (F. part of meal. a flute (mod.) Fiom stem of pres. wave. glide L fluere. (E. fytiga. ' ' to flow.F. to blow. -).) Icel. L. to waver. S. flota. to inundate. \ehemtnce. A. Fluke (O. base . S. florcsccie.) From pp. G. floke. ftinder. an anchor. Du. floiven A. inceptive form of'floret e. fries. fly tide r. a flux . (F.) O. a light food. Fries. Fluster. S. O. Flue light. to flourish. fluff. of */fa^-> as seen in G.meal boiled and S wed. Cf. flummery. F.) M.flunke^ the hook of from the pp.t.jfySra E. (E ) Fiom flurr. Cf. to flow. (F.L.L. E. (E.) E. fluke. A. k.i* the strong grade of Tent. E. flaitstia. Dan. /lucre] Cath. from M.fltish. L. stem of pres. E. a . to float about. D. Fries. E. ?) fleotan. tot fluit Flower. fluster. wind).rj. - (E. to flow. to rustle (as flug'Oti\. to burn. to floki* a kind of halibut. Swcd. a fish. a flowing . ' Also speltyft?0/'. to (F.) Short for flower of wheat. Cf.) M. finer. hurry . . shen Folk-L. Piov. floriss-. flanquer. jluyten (Du. ///*/*. E. see Flower below (which is a doublet). pt. find Low G. to sb. t.yJW. L. Icel./?//& (i). pi. flight. sharp. fltirig. from M. m - 191 . Fluor-spar. (E ) . flute}. fluid.) Piob. ?) Flush (2). level. short ttotfleurdefarine. (L. .). (in Nor. (N. *L. A. i. flilxum. Of doubtful Virgil. stem viflot-en. disordered (as hair) flur. We Perhaps a deriFly (cf. . to stieam. (\V ) W.' -F. F. fluor (lit. t. D. [//#<. FLY jellied. (E.yftw. Sc.. passion. M. Icel.S. cf. 1F. G. also.$>. to gush out. S. Similarly. a flowing. a musical pipe. cf.S. a flowing) was foimerly See Floral. F. level. it This L a (E ?) meant in full flow. * M. Flow. Jlucn.) Lowl. flow. of see Flank. down. W. }L.) XVIIIcer. for Jlotir. flutter* *flo- cognate with Gk. Perhaps the flat end Flux. F. totfluere^ to flow. origin. flostern^fliistern. Fluctuate. of See Floral. flux. . to mock (F. flotercn. flue cf. E. the sea. ' Flue (i\ a chimney-pipe. flare . TrXkw. Clfusfk. Flute. fleah\ Flummery. E. * 1 eel.'. Imitative Swtd dial. Flutter. vb.A. but much influenced by Flash. flunkie. The base *Jloc. flaustr. to float air M. to prov. finer ' Modern. Du. shaggy. pt. flot-. disoidered hair. jlanc. a mineral. . E. E. ace. - + ' .). Phaer's Norwtg. pt. D. . to redden.fa?.flaute*flmie. to blush. a flower. to flood. to fluctuate. flour (F. (L ) L florere. They? may fluidus. to float.flach. From hent with drinking. to flow. flauta. uare. a kind of pi a ice. flu&flog. of. to flow. fleur}. to play the flute.). Lit. whim Norv\eg. to play the /lute. (F. a ship A. fliutus. hee Flood. x. in use as a term in alchemy and chemistiy. FLOUR floundre. a pool of water (G. to flap the wings. Fluor. to flow. And . part of an anchor. . fleitr. a scout (see Flanker in N. Appa. Of uncertain origin. flowing.) Apparently of imitative origin d. floriie. mandy). See Flux. (F. flour. . to flank. Cot. a flux. E. Fluke (2). (E. Swift hasyf//. Cf. F.

) A. a feather. Dan. foil. G. falthan. for which see Bremen Wort. Heart Midi. pi. i feold). | p). (E ) A. Sax. to thrust with a sword. from . piktas. G. word. A. L. from M. . foglia. +Dan foldc. fole. Low G. neut ^f Lithuan. of folium. weak. murky (whence perhaps Cf. Fries folgia.-L. fnne. E. L folia. &\$ofylgan. 'also the flyve. seed-vessel. fusionem. folsne. of folium. sb. ' . fulia.) . food Der fold. Allied to Gk./d//rt (=faldd). Icel fodr. Swed. of folium.' Cot. G. phr. Skt. . long-strawed. (F. a hearth . (E. m. a weak point in character. folium. See Fuse. Norman **Jleugan-. leaf. or gladiator ' Cognate with animal Gk. a set-off. Swed. phcna. Der. only preserved in the N. /#/<?. olden O. F. (whence Irish oech. Follow. a leaf. F. f" Gk. 192 . Span. fliegen. hand) hence. to trample on. . XVI cent. Cf. II. F. F. under foot. Fold (2). Low vaalt. mxpos. an army. S. fern.S. surreptitiously. type *folkom. M. (E. (F. fleoge. in folio. type *fallhan-./0/e. G. pumice. to cheat. Teut. also falod.E foo. neut Foe. . Folk-L fiisionem. Merc. L. a centre f (L. fist see Fist. foam and prob. Perhaps allied to Folk. fa Idan. fame. to take m the fist or hand. (2). a dung-pit a c 1 uster of leaves. F. Allied to Spume. F. Du. A. young of an A. feiiille.). 646. a fiteille. -f O. volgen . unkind. a vehicle. in foiling. plenty. and Lat.) M. ace.fiisus. a foe. Fob. as in two-fold. ch. . Low G. *poiqos fold. i). .jliege. fotm offoda. Teut.flyge See name given afterwards used as a fern.S. plitma. &c.fuht) damp. otfundere.E. See above. folk Foible. with loss of \\i\hfold (i). vustcn. watch-pocket. D. Teut. Dan. to foim. little bag. G. F. foder. L. From the weak grade *piq- we have ! pen . Norw. i. weapon used by a retiarius. weak. weak verb.) Not allied to Flee. (O. but with Dan. S. Poison. scatteied grass in a sheet. Foil (i). fole -f Icel. parrying foil^ a defeat. (F. Q. Icel. a leaf. Foam. falud hostile. to follow. to take in the to palm a die. Foil (2). suffix.) M.-L. fold. . Swed. Tent.E. L. a leaf. (E) M. S. cognate H. F. foyle of precious stones. folk.) Modified from M. for practice folgian. tne sb. a leaf.S. (E. moist hollow (Ross). O. with Lat. : Teut.) M. faible. (F. Goth. (Prussian) fuppe. type (F.fylgja. Foin. L. rifollis. Fold (i). Goth. faille. wlk. folwen. (F. M. for L. (Du ) mex. q. * ' . -fold. fog. Oi-n\d<rtoi. a sheepof fire. an insect. foil. *fulon>. a point where light-rays meet. boggy. sing. titter. pp. L. a trident. Du. A. type mould. O. Swed. bitter. of ffuio. 437.E. see Full (3). (E.FLY FOLLOW G. fula.) . foam Foist. 'DQT. S fealdan (pt. with a net. A. f See Plaster. cf. the eel-spear. to palm or put off. '. folia. L. Dan. hence. \<x\. poltf. G.foil. mossy. Du. . y. Fly A by men Called jfyat Brighton. O.fola +Du. A.) Lit. extended fallen. FOCUS.S fodor.f. vuist.-L. foible. (E. . a mist). Swed. over-charge extremely (Cot.-L) O. l^fulldre. food for cattle.) An vuisten. foddor. abundance. Du Gk. . ^Low G. double fouler. falda. to intrude spurn a (lor *spoima\ foam. in 1816. CK. E. G. A. focus. to trample Follicle. S. veulen. i. vb. fiom Teutonic.) ' coarse grass fogge is ' Brugm i. pi. Dan.) foylen. where folio is the abl. moist. Foliage. Ital. a pocket. were probably borrowed (at an early date) feeble see Feeble. senses .) f Prov. .) From the L. as in setting a gem. a pouring out. Kuss. Foal. Cf. fodder. L. folliculus. M. O. to full cloth. film. (yTLEUGH. see Fetus. Swed. (E). plena. Da voeder. *fodrom. a bag. pullus. a crowd of people. *faimo: Cognate with Kuss. to double together.fa/i. feim \J hence profusion. + f j ' . fohlen. Not connected Teut type *falhoz Idg. L. a blunt sword. E. flyga.) to a kind of four-wheeled vehicle drawn Foliage. ' . sing. fogg. F. A. to defeat. ///*//. v. also to oppress.foldre. hoja. pu~ Du. fueillaqe. fly. fu^cina. 'to thrust with an eelObsolete. adj. doubled. Late dimin. (L. an spear or trident L. M. folio. a crowd. a plait Allied to Food. coach in 1818 (Scott. S. e. leaf. . a pen for sheep. a leaf. In several Fog. G faaL hence foggy. Lith. used as fern. to pour. Also O. E. to fold Fodder.foison. pulkas. Icel. E. (F. (E. Foetus. . t Teut.) O. see O.) M. folgffn 9 Foil (2). nKaaativ. follicule.

Folly. (pt. Cf.Icel. Bid. fol. Forbear and Bear. H. oifolhs. irar. < Fore.) Fiom From Fool (i) named like L. paFor.* Low L. *J>od. see Forage. before. Mantiglia.' Foot. of fons. F. simpleton (see Koolman). fit. E. a wag foppenj. . (L. and pa-sccre.///. a foot (gen. a fool. (2). O Y. a virgin. piep.-. puffed cheeks. Foramlnated.fcucht. to pi ate. FOLLY We also find . irapa. see Foment. stem of foramen. but derived from A. .) . assistance also from A.+Du. vb. A. musty (N. i. pa-bulum. voet. and adj. Swed. . Icel. . /<?/. (F.fuht. -O.) M. fair-. SeeFool(i). S. S. fore. E. A. fodder. and conj. Orig. whence the term was easily forage. type Late L. See Full. voor^ Swcd TJY>O. fontem. Cf.) Y. to go in full numbers. fjuka.) M. see Fodder. O. (F.) Food. Hence the orig. Fool M \ see. fomentare. pi /*/. ver.fur. (E. Footy.for-.) Orig. FORBEAR ped-is) . ) Only in fornts.' to go in a crowd. cheat L fonere. fddrum. allied to A. follegdn. fod. an ancestor. . though ultimately allied to it. fodder. for-get forsee strong grade of the base *fad. Jor-. Fetlock. fone (see Hettema\ E \ iu^~>. . (i). The sb. sense was 'a\vay' ' or forth. from Teut.F. paltry. for. for bid. L pcs. and and in like manner. damp . a fount See Fount. O. to delude (Johnson). Skt. for-feit. Font (2). be-fool.) ' Florio has trifle. G. ace. foot. fopper. . perhaps the orig. to which it is related. L. *fulloz. near.fonte. & . foot (gen. (E. irovs iro5-os). snow base *feuk as in nar-tcaOai.) . Scotch spelling. prefix.) A. . with suffix -j. Fetter. a forager. Cf. a warm application. U. fylstan. Forbear A. answers to fon. S foda. to ieed.-f-Du. fra-. with the Cf. a piep. Fount. fool. A. (E. M. Gk. before. short for Fop. para-.for&eran. with the sense fools-Cap. called zfoole or a trifle Foray. Low L. : . of clouted creame. ( F . lotion. to accompany and it is a . to feed. S.) M. a maid. G. for-sake. * M F fomenter vapour (Franck). S. fuk. fourage. The Skt. what one eats. for-bcar. (E. Fetch. ) L. Cf. Du. . foolish. Teut. perforated. .fut. a coxcomb. gangan. The Jode. fora mitt-. fob off. L. a fool. corresponding give.forre (. fet. former. Goth./p//p-. Fries. (E. a small (F. foot (gen. \^. L.). commonly fonn-ed. &c the Idg. Jilmne.feurre). to go O. E. L. a raid for foraging. feet.fdn. (F. fonne. (i). ful-eode). fultum.. fotr. fond're. for. for. fomentum. (E. H. an assortment of types L. to assist. vochtig. paper so called from the old Lo\\l. Jor-swear to Gk. For- (2). forrier. lage. vifoughty. (ircfyos\ on foot. a dish of crushed fruit. . pi. S. ace. F\ forrier. foolish. fodder. Du. full. /<?</. folly M. mean. to feed./0/. fomne. t. for. E. famne. folles. a wind-bag pi. a fool. whence L. m . vcr-^ Goth. L.E. a forager \ A. of the sense oifrom. to be For (i). foppen.) M. food. A. loot pa-. Skt. coined fiom the M. to forage (i). a casting of metals. forray are i^F. sense was. 578. .yi?r-. pro. Dan. a kind hole.. perhaps.fuhtijiiht.futgangan. + Dan. S. G. forreyer. type spending to (consonant-stem). (2) Teut. Swed. damp Cf. (Quite distinct from fore-.follis. S. See Pasture. fop.Y. (E. type */wa?.t G. sb. S. to act as a fool from the M. full. Du.fone.E. Icel. Teut. damp. \b. Brugm.) Foray.fuss. folye. with the same sense. fond) more foppery). From For- variants *fed. far. S for. to bore see Bore. folgen. Der. cheating ( Fond. transferred to a vain or foolish person Teut. ' of water-mark on it Apparently foraging expedition. Font font. pp. S. (F. of para-. to folleni. //*. t L. to drift as or dust. Forray. L) Forage. damp. a jester (F.fordre. derivative of Teut. A. from O F forrer. pad. From Bear. -L. G. From a Teut type *ffthtuz. Dan. (E.) A variant * . S. Swed. fodder feed. sb. whence also Norvv. *f6drom. E. Gk. . Cf.' from A.-O. fol ($ fnu) . of fonnen. All weakling./^///^. E.has usually an intensive force. fyrii Dan for. fodder. pad-as). fbol (2).(3) the fend. which (E.) For. a *fouimentum. basin of water. Der. chiefly obtained by pil* sb. D. close (misspelt foreclose]. O . to warm. .fourage O F. &c.-L) /*/**. S. to melt See Found (2). or preserves something fond-le. *fit fot. weak. for.E. E forage. as Low L. in English.folja G. Der.' Der. bread. (L ) A. for-lorn. Fries.for-go (v&i^^zVi fore-go^. ir<foy (Molic TTO/S). girl. O. coneIdg. K. para is an old instrumental sing.

forbeodan. to go see Pare. forfeit. Der. verbieten. (F.) O. . foss. piefix. Foreclose. forfenden.A. wateifall. to do. adv. a woikshop. (Vamcek\ nnceps capeie.tQ trespass. -rank. Forget. fyrtr. to Gk. close.fiaifibaH. foster.S. of O. (3^. 756. 7ra/)or before. forest. . orig used for holding hot iron for *forhot . see Farce. -f-T>u.) Foremost.. Goth.foruni. verge ten. foiesta. before. strength.////V. doors. Forefend. (L ) L. forum. of fotdorre. . S. front. -land. + type "furduz. before. -date. befoie. to the L O F. verbieden. Ford. Better spelt fore lose. From Idg */*. 'EJ A '. forbear (Wallace). ^ O. whence Fore. L. O. fonyudicart* by a judge. L. alien. adv. and to prejudge. A. outside and iudi* . forc. ii 108. for *favwga shop (Schwan) for L. . Kvithyiw/. -stall (A. O. (F. rhyd. strength. Late L. one who FORJUDQE ^ 2) For fore-be-er.forgetan (E E.) . out of doors.. most . . (i verges sen. act beyond or abroad. strange. forti-. vb. -ship. meeting-place orig. -lock. *L. ForegO. O Forgive. Give. q. out of of y'PER. ) Forfeit and Close. through secondary influence of most. faurbiudan.) AS. a marketinserted. a ford passage G. market-place. -inn. to exclude. E door. exclude. Late \*. See Fore- -know. forceps. Seer Fabric "Der. (2). first. -sight. outside and claiidere See clorre. a harbour. bud . Forceps. for. -token. A. i. trespass.-. A. Also to j>p 'nctit ) of fontfacere. to stuff Force Force fos. -see. npopos. to the forum. from forts. a fine. -go (in the sense * to go before' -judge * only. putd. ford\ also forth. also a Allied pp. For M. -cattle. -cast.(i). Forego. jois. -noon. .(2) and Defend. 566.. F. (E) Better forgo. *\of Pore./ww/. allied to L. (2) Fiom For- and Go. belonging (L. fores. -gtonnd.%. for Late L.foran> befoie. Welsh doors 01 sier. Icel. to do or Por. forma. O. out . portus. forge. \b. fiom L all easily . forgcfan . fords.) From A Forbid. \*. m front. E. (E. and E. to do beyond. stem of fortis. Allied to L. forelit * i andY.) Forensic. L.) L. . forls. to pjeclude. O. to relinquish see Forgo.-L. L. -head. prep. Welsh (p)rit. F.). Forge. ong. Port.L ) ^. * -foot. fr forge. F forclos. E. Skt puras. -show. vergcbcn (juth. belonging to law-courts. to hold.fortfaire. Gk. F. M . fowls Cf. E. see ^orjudge. adv. misdeed. Swed for. . a thing forfeited or lost by li. fonnus. fotancust adj. a ford. (2) and S.forfaire. fruma. mistoz]. prefix. -f>ont. M . enclosed park). ordain. -wan. open hunting-ground. Allied to L. for'j from L forjs. Forfend. forfait. a vestibule or doorway. The ^ is wrongly Foreign. to trespass. T. lit.-L. fores. strong . -father. by-form of the regular fyrmest (<*furS. force. a workFolk-L *fanjga. free space of hunting-ground . Y. waterfall. npapos. is before. Folk-L.forcttt. Brugm. fore-arm. -warn understood. a familiar abbreviation of del/end. -tooth. . the old superl. G. (F. for. from \^. foi s. through the influence of A. to deprive of place. See Pore and Be. (F L. forestis. M. L. a Coined from L. weak grade L. Skt. a ciime punishable by fine. allied to L fores. . first. of doois. E. -finger.F. F. foraine. fainica. shut out. . doois cf. From Forjndge. v. (E. (E Fiom ForPjom For A (2) and E.' -bode. to pass over. faura cf. 4"Du. (i).voor* G voi Goth. t'F..) S ford.(2) and Bid (2). (F. See For. forfcten. Force M Bmgm.forfete. with ace pi form. firmest. pincers.S. -shorten. -part. in front.) pp. (Hy- s/ea/l. Forgo. and to//-//// see Frith and Der forest-er. Icel. coming first (E. M E. force.. door. fine. Pore and Judge. formerly. also Fend. G-et. -hand. Urugm. vcrgevcn. and facere. Forfeit. fors.for-. to grant. double superl. decl. forms-is. a wood (medieval writers oppose the fores/tv.+DvL. (E. (Scand.. foris faiere. An extraordinary compound of li.fortsfactiem. ir/>u. Tent.E. to give up.I O. S.forgan. -thought. -tasle* .-Late .^>\5\\. fore. which is cognate with Goth.FORBID M. Dan. Forejudge (i). feb -telly a j)osition in front '). . foreyne. Pence. Allied to Borough. } to avert.f0rniest. forgitan. Swed. -top. L. parcns. doors. G.) A . Dan. form being misunderstood./^m. *for&nus forain. to shut. Further allied to Gk. forlia. FOSS.

to commit lewdness.ii. Formidable. fort. first. . i. *f[ E. dhr.) and softe is truth see Sooth (2) may up. from faur-a. prefix. earn. M . (F. related to fo)e. (F. verloren. A. \\hence O. bi-furcated.a.base offomuc. strong grade of *fft]>'\ see make stiong.) Is. . A. see Toward. a load. Teut.2) and Sake. pp. to nurse Swed. fortresse.FORK care. .) See and decl.) a bench.(as nitarl. a Fork. \ e. . see Fort. (F. fort ft. before. Idg type *pdrto-. (L. support. See Further. Swear. for w&e dat oi . F. st length. more fiont. Fort. to lorn. forth.ic .e. small fortclcsic . voer\ O.^ F fosse -L. food -fJcel _/fa//-. fa cere. L. pp. tress (below). sb. j Late L.forteresec. early. fortis. ().L. vb A. Dan. Der. . (F. above). from (L. Brugm. verzakcn.' Cot. to nouiibh. digging. (E. F. G. fort. /ofov.'L. forward. E.+M. before. .-L. Form.fitrca.) O. (Ital.-L. forti^ strong. where -es is the suffix of Forsake.fosfre. of forlcosan. . \fistra. form-ula. Josstlis. to drtad formido. also fourten night. XII cent . ace. nursing. 72.e foda. chance. for sot he. voort. old pi . offodere ^above\ Fosset. a false formation. a vault. E. L. stem of fors.) F. pertaining to ants. ferre. fort. . p. Forward. Der. fortify. fortune -L. f fortuitous. F. S. S. Fortify.) From For- and . Fortune.-L) Forlorn. L. see Four. See L Jof-tts. strong. brothel. Teut. L. L.-L) talitia. j . ong. suit see nights. Du. Fortitude .fmtor. A.) O be digged.") *fost>om. (E. a a small fort. to make. type .S.f0AS-us. fortahtia For- to real . -|-Du. fust. fortitude. 7 "See . for fossil. shape. Late L forL. ' fvrsaka.) s-. Du.) forttut-us. fort-em. . and Further. (F. L. adj. -ficare y for Judge. forward-s. L. adj. A. petrified remains obtained by M.E. rather A . A.) M. Fornicate. forca. for. forma. G. strong with suffix -til do. pp. of fossus. nourishment. chance that *-\*formiddre. Forswear. M. i. formest. M.. two . F. or oppose sac an. causing . L.of A S form. L fortiJudre. (E. fodete* to dig.Y. heavy mass. pri-mus. a foim. sb Foster. for *fod-trom. base form.&<><). formica. E. fiom voor. a spigot see Faucet. weard. Cf L./or/V. of forma. loud. (E.fuder. further. cf. (F. (E ) And see fotsxdin. a truth. see Fore. to \forewfani. forward.>. to neglect.) A. fore. ILudly allied to Furnace. forme. similarly derived. fortalice. Fortress.forsage.) O.-L) terrible Fort. S. ditch fossa. S.' or 'an event from formula. an ant. fortuna. prefix. ftoivertync mht. case. forsaken. fern. . to contend gen.) A. fork. M. Pother. E. fossa. bear. S. ically a superl foim. to contend. lose utterly from for-. A. S.' like (E. Biugm. F. strong (above). formic. L.) adv.fistrian. ace. R. Late fortis Formic.. fort. see Fertile.-L. (F. fear.) *L. fort-em. (E. to lose see For. and G.S. * . F. a See For. stiong.-L.forswcrtan.. in Fortnight. from for-. neut. Der Goth. 195 . Former.form. Form. <. . of L /<?/. Du.casual with suffix -ous. a fort a peculiar use of F. S fore.S. stem of forris. L ForSOOth.e. type *fur-J>o. Forty. G. from vor\ cf. to \fourten. seek a brothel. (E. and Skt.(2) and Lose. So also Dan. allied to See Force. formidable L.forte!csie E. strong. fortifier. ~L. biing up.) M. which is brought. /?-. fonmdabths. j O. Du. H.Y. . forwardes. Dnn. fuodar.) From pp. Fortalice. orig Formula. . faurthis. voeder. M. Fathom. forme also means * \\eeks. l<oi ''domus^. H. (F. foremost A. L. strong. Forth. to From *fof>~. sake Fosse. from nom. (F. whence the L. E. forloren. where -m is an Idg snperl suffix. E.S. fouiteen . i. arch. fossile. S.. dimui. wheic for . (y'DHER. Formed by adding -er to the en night seven mght. for]).. iL./ar/ra. type *foj> rom t n. dug L. decl. and Icosan. E. allied toforti-.) M.forlitudo. against. fortitude. to bung. forquite lost. forti-. (L. 'that (F. a piescnbed lorm (L ) L. So also Swed. used adverbially. vort. forte. A. G. So also Foremost. fear. M forti-s. of 166. suffix .-'L.) Ital. beTeut. POTHER Forfeit to judge. Not fourtemght M . forloren. L forme. night.-L.

tbe same as E. to lay the foundation of. . masc. <ti FOWL . Dii. S. Icel. fond-eric. Voyage a deseitecl child. bird. F. tie. M. cf also adj ftt$f>l.-F fond. ! L ftagmentum. type */tt/i-s-. by fragitis see Fragile. ing. 13.' (So 0. fuiil. fragrant. a casing ol refractory.S. ace fidem\ L. O.fragrant em. Akin to Putrid. to break. strong. vonileling Fount ( a spring. /7 ^r.L. Frail. found-ry. to cast metals. in the sense of 'dissension/ a sense now obsolete see . to shatter. voie. fund-. A. F fondre. pres I-. flying.) h fondre. \ bas" of Sec Fraction. ^GHEUV (i). n. fucks Tent. fratman.S.' is doubtful. avail. N .+ (E. fF. See Marten. tffrangere. CVm<zr6' = L qiiasbottom bottom See Found sfite.) FRAME A. (F . \^. to shatter. lu. font. type y>7-/^ tmd Icel. A connexion with Skt./0*. See Find. Jtal. F. found-ation. foot (Du. a foumart. as if from North E to Fractious. h. ^E) in Matt xin 32 (Rushworth gloss \ nnd mien also fremien. to A. an . fracture.crash. dissimilation the form fluglas. I fraction ace fra<ftdncm< a breaking L. We also Goth. to construct. ' feowertem for-ty. . vo$et "_" Dan. * . N. ( F. Gk rtrrapcs. (\ 4 -L ) F L j W.fundus.. by analogy with mount. } . tail. to emit an odoui fnlgrans. . i . \fraihs. type *fuha. From Dn. - piornote. peevish. Icel. p^ Per. //</. ^ r// L quatito> . see Quash. fitlmard comp. prep among. Fraction. O._ . iE.// F -L. from L. wj-r. fontem. ace. fremien. a See Fund. \ Four.^.) F. G. fugls. Cf Norw. t G. /W/. Goth. to go to the bottom.-L. the From */l2<i>. foul foxglove. fracas. Goth.) . (F-L) a broken piece i- nnsr- four-teen. M.-fDu t See f> cyl. E. Skt. i. by or to a wayfarer. foxglove a parting entertainment. -L > M // ed. fontame. of fragrare. chide. Du. cf.L ) Foi med. (F. a marten. Icel f/onr^ Dan S\ved fyra. - ' . fhatvaras Idg. of type *fughz masc prob. K 1 ) See Fraction /tie.$ feorfa. a fanciful name. and caswre.^ M. weak grade of findan. r/w/ww. S. fuither. -f Du. Swed./<w/. mill. A S 1 Qifrancrc\ with suffix -mention Fragrant. . below. L.E Found (2 A.(imiafondrer (obsolete).////. . M . to found. v pp of frangete. from F. foundation.) F. (r vo^el. uia Cf. F. fracftu. Brugm. . (F -L. for *JlugIoz. zw. fundlin%\ formed AMth suffix -l-ing from A.. easily broken. ong. Der.) Ital. F.foundrcn. in the sense of 'payment. fon- to find -f-Du.FOUL Foul. Dan. (F. to sink in. fraFrame.E. to cf. i^F. S. cast l^ranck ) metals. a fountain. cast metals. . . O F. ace. j)t. (ioth. fon/tcr.L. M.) /Va/V//. fox-bell. (E. Late L. to Cut rather from F. (2). L. to break. foa. Font. . lit./W. j%'. 491. (F.-F. a vixen cf. * Found icvbjolla. metals. pour. ~ -'<-/} fragment./#/ (as above). ^. fraca^ser.E also M. in/id. O F fraile. fracttira. a Founder. tana. \. 196 . : ( K. Cognate with break see Break. fern. Fox. of M. Fragile.) A S. A. E. RUSS. Late faith.-L. E. <2. fmgilcm. Teut. to bieak m L. See Fuse L. pieces.) (in Hexham. A. a way. (iael .y^?^/. fnndeie. and A S. to cteak as a cart. Der. M. Aprov E word. to bitak ceithir. brittle -\*. (0.-Ital-L./w//.' f F O F fracture.^ fides. . to """ cast^-L. occurs E.' //?/. E.\\frangtrc. Der fottnt-ain. Jt'ower./. said of a horse fall. S. Tent. Fracas. M j fun}. (E) E. F.fundare. nssoitrnent of fracchcn. fly fremman. Lith.) l^. 1 Brugm. -\. Swed. fox. from L. t E.T. (. do. S. lit. pp. fauho. fold. fundus. "" to pour. front. weak grade" of Teut. Found Der. to . F. . cet/nt. to break. (i). y t Fugleman and Fly. Foundling. (2). chiefly in comp.E . polecat. fraitus. M. lit. feowertig. tneard. . fonder. a bieach. fan!. 'a banquet given by one at parting from his friends'). a lit. pi. Tent. Irish + being formed from yW/^. fo\'s glove. ~ Icel. ace of font. fu-inn. fottnden .fracassarc. good. fra is ^still m use). Foy. to fall in tated from L mternimperc^ Jtal. See ) squabble. Doublet. But it also occurs in i 7051 in tbe sense of fo. effect. effondrer. (E.. Fount types. bottom. ' . lotten. vix-en.O. . A.s. *jteug'an. i.

) A coined . Sc. frenzy. to fraught or bieakable. Cf. word. Y. Low G. fiec. tique. Frank. We find both frekell and freken or ft akin. frician. E. con-fraternity.~ Low L. and 1. G. franko. (F. Fries Note also (F.fratt ^i ide L. frdlernus. phremticus.\ G. ong.-L.-Gk.O. brother -cidium. H. -f Icel. height. murderer of a brother. fran. G ) /use. bi other. of fratidcm. to lade a ship. O. franc emcns.-L. (2). F. infringe. pt.) fray. a brother-sla)er. pt. typevins.fricatc. fray (F. vrante. L. fratreade (Littre). btcm of pres. faihu-friks. fraihtcn. (F. 'free the name of the most church-lands are Fray (F. rub (Godefroy). L. rater.) Lit. E. (3\ to wear away by rubbing. fiancits. II. said to be short for (F trancorum J\ex (on a coin of 1360). dis-fran^hisc. frdtnada. . voiacious. a French coin. to streak (i).i. frank. Freak word .. ^ M.) O. f infringes (law) to break. from fiacht. freier (also frour]. . See Frank and Almoner. sec Frank (above) and Incense. jrangibtlu. hame. franc. atcr. with E. franc. to temiy. F. L. 212. ace. -line ( = E. F. to be vrante L. privileged hbei ty. Low L. fremja. hence to rangeret to break. fj ample. en -franchise. to . pi freckles Frantic. ftaterman M. fraunkehyn. frek. .o. fram. . Dan.L ) O. a cargo Franion. Cf S\\ed frakta. E. free see Low G. who (O a cargo. biotherly. Frank. E. F.. guile.fraignant. ft am. suffering from forward. mad. an Fray a II.a slaying. fffc.) U.G. francaldmts. sb. Low L. to fiee. The second element is prob. The suffix is possibly from O. Dan. a b lank. L. Fries. a romping child. -clda. O. ftack. Anglo-K almoiue . A. to be cross. fiee see franc/tttdnus. also Dan. from framr. (F. Fraternal. 1^ Fraud. tenure by which held.-L. O. audacious. only in the Frangible. bee Fraction. (Lubben).fromm. francus. fiagte. or eff?ay^ ong. franchise. . Allied frdternus. Al^oframpald. and E. | | -L } . . a whim. cccdcre.) \\e now use ft aught only as a jDer. (2) charge for transport.) from fragt. a cargo .) (F. See Frenzy. a small spot.) A quick movement from M.L. Bruce. a javelin. frama. to streak.-Gk. a M.) Late L. from. fiom E poll. (i). - Langtoft. O. Icel. from see Caesura.) Obsolete. H. wranten^ to chide. Goth.frompall. deceit. bold. G. Brother. franklin. to kill Franc. Y. L. G. Fraught. itee. to/ra. brother Der. see tik. ii.fraternitatem. wrante-pot> a peevish fraternity. and L ) O. adv. Frampold. Swed. frauds. . \^. Freak (i). fram hv>-. xv.E. G. O. \frdtri-. Jranchise. frankincense. O. fracht> Q. O. . F. E fiahten.fram.L.-<J. frekr. brotherly.-L. F.-L. the killing of a brother -L. ftagten. fice. stem of /. shorter form frentik. peevish. fratricide (2\ murdei of a brother.) Short for affray frankalmoign. allied forward. rantipole. a dissolute person.Low L. frante-pot.) M. F. or franchir. frangere. Qtfiamdrt) - "L. one pres. F. to kill. to disorder. A. G.. also Du bcvrachten* from vra*. ( j \ j \ . Frank. a coined ~~ to bieak. (^. *. Frank (above). see Affray.. pp. fidterndlis. L. frdtert n. almosrn^ alms. franca. . to further. -O Germanic people. <f>pviTiK6s. stem of frump. adj Gk. vrampet. F. Late L. \\arped. from frakt. -l-ing as in dar-ling) precisely as in chamberlain.-L. franteti) wranten. caprice. morose wrampachtigh) fratricide ( i ). from cadet e.frene197 a freckle. I i O . a slayer. See . 255. phreneticus.^ freh t gieedy. saucy. . (E. free. of frau s. See Affray. peevish. S. Fleck. puie incense. . Fnesic. to move briskly. (Scand. freeholder (F. (Low G. (F. . (F.Y. good. fraught. L frdttt-. \>\). rater. E. Du. cognate to prov. (F. S. quick. alms/ F. Cf. terroi. impudent. (E. G. Fries. from. E. mad. (L. (F. H. the same as L.frah. . M. a Frank perhaps named from a weapon cf. (2).-O. O. See further Short affiay. F.fratemeL f . E. 'terror/ as shewn by the n&e of ft ay in the sense of for Fragile.) O. under Freight. capriciously (Milton) from Freak Freckle. cf. away. . The Franks were a . frankelein. Der. to rub. F. Y. quarrelsome. G. (F. rash whence vigorous. + . frenaFrom.FRAMPOLD FRECKLE forward.L. G ) ftanc. See \Jratncidium. covetous. A. -O. (F. Dan. f . prep. Cf. (F. frttk. brotherhood.) . Cf.

) M. fresen.) A S. . also 'to E. picrt devour Goth. Jretan.F frequent origin Some have suggeMed L frigcre. fresh. vrijbutten. agreeable. Fret (F. is made of chickens. (F. also fersh.S. Of unknown See Frantic. also Dn. if Not ' ornament . sec Friable ^ OH . with interlaced work. a cargo Fribble./r. A. . L.) O. afncas^ee. wribbclen.S. fern. Late (F.fitht. \frande. (C/if. F. p 56. hoarfrost).fretien. [Cf. the gh being inserted by a true) connexion with * the fraught or fraught q. beloved . . of *frijoz.^-\cc\.K. frisch). or L. Frequent. lit. quisition from agan. fermm. II. wife.) to L fratrcw. &{frequcns. senses. crumble easily E. also. iron. fretes. Common in heraldry -O. phrencsis. loving/ pies.) A. to roast.fre. to squander Gk. to rob.) M.(as n thread. fernata. priirire. refer. </>peVi7<rtJ. dies I'eneris \\}xzie frige is gen fresh. fra-itan. i Free.G. frit s Friable. II. freight of a ship. hence applied to those of the household who were children. See Own Frenzy. (E) Du. freis\ G. pirate.E. to from fra~. Fret (3). sense dear.-O.) F. beloved. v t Friar. Fret (i). Du. Friend. to adorn E.) A S. . crumbled (F. a brother to be the same as G. (W. freis cf mod. A fricas-. and itan. HL. Qpevins.E. entirely. and M . dear. G. . -f A. to rub. a bi other See Brother and ace of fniter. fE. frei. L. 'earn. G. also. fresh '(T frisfh). an iion grating.. L. representing A. H. fretty (in heraldry). j 1 198 . P. Fricassee. allied Y. priya. frete. F fritassce. fret. see Farce.frac*:*. to itch. Ital. plunder. frets (in heraldry) . M. See For.K. lit Free-booter. frcttt. Du. ings. Du. of fricare. influenced by M. uifrfogan. to love. S ferst fresh is from O. frenine Gk. to adorn . prefix From \\ J< lem fubbeien. Friday. to eat. f \ (Cot. G. ace. of frijdn. Friction. \ of Frig. 713. G plaster. F.-L. (F. to fricassee. L. sweet.+ M. free. . vretcn. allied to farcire. allied to L painting \fnare. Dan. Teut type *frcMsan-. free-stone. And see Booty. . preskas. G. Span. L. to cram. Hem -Du. priya-. i 562 . This O. for Teut *fra-etan. u. (K L Gk ^ M. G. Swed freosan vnj^\L.' Cot.fer. Brugm. A F friction I. . j | I Fresco. Y. only in the sense of 'kinsman*.) frcht has been supposed to rcpie&cnt a Teut type *fra-aihtiz\ from fra-. frysa.-L) M E frcre -O. Der. (^ frennd\ Goth. pres. v. -Teut. rub away. a lover. l \ [ j . imdnff. Dan. vriend. \ A. part of a lost verb ^freqiicre to cram. F. to devour a friend. Orig. robber Dn. Cf. a nibbing. (Du. cool. to hoop . a kind of grating. beloved. a ciish of low is cut up. originally to bum (of pruma. inflammation of/>ifa?sfr. '" ''freodom ' . frictidnern.) ' Allied to Lith. (E ) M. frisc &.-L. 'F.r. 11 II. fretten. pt. L. frend. type *frijoz allied to Skt. to ornament.G. L freqitentew. E.S: freo. E. vrij * FRIEND entirely. also to adorn Teut.) neck of the instrument probably the same . frown -f-Icel. A. ftictu\* cont'. (E. Skt plosha-. L.-O.. a ferrule 'also spelt ferter see Fret also a/. a stop on a musical instruFreh are bais across the ment. of F. trans- at ing L. variegate. i e.) M. vnezen. to eat away.] !>. type * own).) fri\c (E.ftcht is thought frcrc. </>pi'. unsoured.S.). type *friskoz. the wife of Woden Teut. cut up into small pieces. fret. crowded.' hire. F. .w. pres. fresh and F. on fresh (Ital. L. \freond. (F. money. S.frats. unleavened (applied to \o\t. a freeDu. a cargo. to rub between finger and thumb. of the brain &c. '.' tiansl.. of pp.(2) and Eat. to rub. fem. strengthen (as O. oiig.FREE Free. a Freeze. fresh. fres. for Gk. not slaves. pi.base of fprjv. < 0/PRKU. 1 (K. //'/V?. iron. E. (see Frets and *ai'Atiz'>\.*/ (in heraldry) (2).F. also See 'free'.fnt-ren. also 'children. cf. fresh. See below./)/^/t>. fresche") .S \ /rTge-rf&g. (F. . llberT. wt yvcn. fratwan. ! The form O. a burning. i M. Swed. ferrule frettes. rub. fretter. free booty. Brugm. Borrowed from Du (3). from fratwe. to rub (Korting).) 657Freight. to breadj Russ priemuii. .fressen (**ver-esseii). frequent. (fem. an iron grating (Diez") pp. an altered spelling later freygkf freyte of F. L. pt. H. Goth. E. loved one. .' vrijbuit. the hire that's paid for a ship. booter. word as fret (3) SecN. frjosa.-O fret (4). frande. to rub. E. heart. Tcutj Friend. entirely. fiittue. pp. fre h-c.-O. Skt. to Ital. the ft eight of a ship. K frcneye. frete. * efranche.) vrijbmter./n/flw/r. freedom. to with iron).) ace. fresco. to tiifle. Friend.

See Korting. Frizz. felpe). for m. trifling. S. Swecl. because the chequered markings on the corolla were in some way associated with L fritilhis. "W . bay.ffridd. a fibre see Fibre. (L. to Allied Urugm Fritillary. G. from \. a wnnkled or curled friuol-us. i e. a frigate. peace. a dice-box. L. O. Cf. plant.fiwbria. a jesting term.} from frise. fringe . A away .. cold.fryght. (F.fibra. Perhaps due Friesland a coarse woollen cloth. Cot. lace. old Prob. Frieze M. Span. Oiigin uncertain. hence fnuola meant broken potsherds. Obsolescent M. a lock of hair. fringe (Palsgrave). The Ital. cheval dc Frise. silly with suffix -ous. (F. /ml. . a border of loose thieads. a . M. '. asylum. (2).) So named whence/rj'///-. wood. E frith. \_Frill. frisle. faurhtei. . ' ' . peace. 567. fiisky. (i). [Cf. sense of a hawk ruffling his feathers but fritter away. riser. Frippery. ' frise . H./resle.fritillus. frize > brie (by metathesis). . . . F. forest. /rise. F. and a seller of them so mended ' Cot. G. peace /ndu. quent. Du. Du. trimmer up of old garments. the same./riff/i. fright O II. &c. Dan. gefyrJihe (Birch.O. O. F. FRIZ to prT. . dial frislively .) answeis to \V. spikes to resist cavalry. . Frisk. friture. ?) it. I. biisk. to diminish. biisk. (F. a fritter/ Cot. Frieze of a column. fright.foracht. (F. to skip about. ciispe. allied toJorht. Cf. an estuary (Scand ) M E firth Icel. I fringe. Swed.] derivative from fritter (2\ The sb. F. to rub. frayed out fringe.L. A S. (F. to curl haii. timid -f O Sax fothta. The orig. De Bo cites frnllen as up into fragments See above. +Gk. Buigm. . Allied Free. ' F. Goth.O.Du ?) M.. (E. De Do also gives W.' This is prob. dial. (F. * . //W/. freallied iojibra. cf. dish of fiied fish.-Ital/) a frigate Cot. E frith is also wooded country. being round the bottom of a dress. M frize.frictus. Cot. i. O Northumb. see Fre^h.) From the adj. Cf./riti. Flem. a different woid A. oldest form of F. fresh. *frithuz from */ri-. fjortir. or between it and the architrave . to hang in pleats. fregatc. Icel. /5fyos. 120). L. Hence some have deduced the See Fracture. a Ford ii. Fright. clothes. Phiygian work. to cover with a nap. vb. (L. A S. allied to Ital. Dan. fried re.frizcr. G. fregio. cold. "Dem.. L. a So Frieslander.. ribbons and trimmings. A. ' . Friesland. to be cold. -L. vb. ' sense stems to have been * rubbed strip. Goth allied to O. [Cf. pp.) (F. bonier. lu. *fi raise the nap on Similaily the F. to frizle.' Cot frise. that shiveied. cold. Frigid. (F. frize. to/>m.* Cot.) to JnlL O. to drap de frise. Span.frisque. rid re. fringe the Wallachian form is frimbie.FRIEZE Skt. fearful. Phrygium (opus]. 875. wrinkled. fyrhto.. Y. Stuff sold fripier. .F friqut. quet. (E ) . adj. frit. F. . (0. forest./risar. .) a fiymg.-Teut. to fry. type fnede. cloth of with which Cotgrave identifies f Vriesland. is from/risa. Brugm. curie Friz. to cut wiinkled plait. F. frieze. frepe (also ferpe. Frivolous. or broker.. E. paik. park. by a fripier. Firth. fnske. ' Frith (2). peace.yfon/. also Swed./rizz-/e. to love. Norm. F. fripier. Ital. ^. (L) 1~. Frigate. frieze. Teut. whence fritter. ornament fregio represents JL. frieze see Frieze (i). vrede. . in commoner use . friller. fringe. 199 . ' Frith . ^f The M. frisO) a <i frieze . /riser .]-O. base of *fn-joz.frlgere. frygt. . a ruffle on a skirt. Fringe. f (F. fibre (Korting). from feeling chilly was said Fritter ( 2 \ a fragment Shak. Swed fjard. See Free. see Friable. trash. bnske.M. (Low G. Sax. which is bonowed from M. DeT. fritoure. ^. part of the entablature i . frtdr. /range. frulkn. . Dan./rlgiilu^ cold. isk. Ci.K. a firth. F. as on a woman's cap. Fritter (i\ a kind of pancake. form. a a fragment . fruktan. E. ni. ' ~ L. S. a horse of Friesland also whence chevaux de Frise. [ Hence O F. render rough. E. an enclosuie.) 'L.) M. Fries. vifrigere. vb was a term in hawking \^. frytowre. to shiver with O. faurhts. forht. to curl. also enclosure. fra^tura. (F.Du. a fracture. Cf. /red.) From L. a hawk fried. O. friend-ship. hnllen en frullen. M.) \\. frigus. F. for this there is no authority. security. waste. furcht. ft eond-scipe. worn-out clothes. 108. Frill. . belonging to Friesland. Flem. frulle. to frizzle. < -O. fyihtit. sb M.) M. Vries. the broad and flat band that's next below the coinish [cornice]. fryhto. i friteau. G. free.y". blithe. ( . frcgata. Hence * perhaps a verbal form fry Han. fret ure L.

L. Frog ( i ). front \^ fruition. of a house a front view. -dta. sb. fra. (hence. adv. formed to Frog . (E. only in the ' but we still to depart i. (F. -wheat. L. . frowning. frontier. L frontale. allied to Ij.froccus. brow. + t. verb. (F. a band worn on the forehead. G. fra. away-ward. Dan. types *frustoz. frontel\ see frontal . an adj. frontal. V. S. In any case. a horse's foot. Also A. froyna. forst A. it fourchette. frilctnm. look sullen. fruit . Frown. m- dial (Lombardic) fro. ?) (2). fryna.*. e.(as in fro-llko. G. curl. to freeze. It is . *frunjan-. milk. (Scand. ^{frons. to whimper. fyBIIREUG. (E. wayward. S. ) O. fronthpicium Cot. origin. From the Teut.. i. -ficare. oiig. "L. ace. Tent. from L Of. (k.. vorst. 1 verb *freuthan-j to froth up a-freoftan. Icel. frugal. a monk's ftock. "vrolijk. i (F. Late land.-L) M. floccus. frugal. fromiveard. frok\ merry.L.froc Low \^. ace.) M K. head Allied to fruit. from.weak grade of O. ( F. . frogga. make a wry face.) wheat boiled . fron tana. (Cf. from -f. an ill-lempered peison. Trob. Icel. frvda. formed with suffix lijk (=E like. brow. bolder). whence F. (Scand. rock).-L) O. frficti-. form of . front. L. //wr/i. Late fromentee. f Lit. framis.) M.) frozen.fraat/e (Swed. the pp. ) For//w//^F. L. ace. forehead. as in Swed.' or .) M.Icel. A.+T)M. made with. From Teut. fradgd}. Cf. Y.) a leafy branch. to frent)\ Goth. (F. frontd-et dinnn. (F.' Cot.) L. stem of frons. Froth. O. fork . commonly frcnvard (Northern). ot frons. furmety. Allied foi frilctus. perhaps the P\ name is has been con- From ward.fructijler.frogge. of fnntioncm. fram. frfictificare. O.froment. i. S. a branch. and S. froco. to make fruitful. v.G.-Low L. forehead. O. foam on liquids. -L enjoyment.) Frond.Icel. Of Teut. F. (Du. of frui.E. G. frost. further. . . fro. (F fern.friiges. Froward. frost. (F -L. a snow-flake. (F. stem of see Species. from. also Icel. . F. 532. fram. . .frounen Ong. from. F frongnier. From.froklich. make. Dan. hroch (G. ii.-L. See fruit. allied to Brook (i). frontel. Frore. lit belonging Front.\ specere. to freeze. F. merry. forward (Swed. of O F.) XVI cent. 1 1 1 . Of doubtful but cf Jrampold a * A frump formerly meant sneer. L. to wrinkle. the frontispiece or fore-front Late Tu. M. corn. froth. to enjoy ornament for a horse's forehead. From. wfrnctus. plait. Frolic. Teut. Goth. Dan. E fruit -O. II. stem oifjons. perverse. origin . an fruits. forth. See forst (for fr0st). pice . n. sense of from-ward. See Freeze. adv. fram. . Du. fruit.tct see frontlet. frugdhs.FRO Pro. see Flounce (2). sodden made with wheat. forth. and fngnare. oi'fn/r. fro/i<. e.*~L. frocga a frog. fruit. (Scand. merry. Ital. S. A about keep the orig. froskr. L ) * . Frounce.) fra. dial. Ital.frumcntnm l^frumentum. frontiipict. borderfront-. a substance in shaped like a a corruption of fork. fore.) FRUMP . pp. E. -ly) from the O Sax to frown. and E. frontispiece. perverse. an animal. make a wry face 3324. L. economical. (E.frttit-u*. O. Frnctity. Swed. S. fnlctus.front-. (F.*frustom. fruit of the earth. for facere. (E. it Diez but Brachet derives *([ So from O. Du vorsch. fronti-. froward. as in A. fram. . frng-i.) M. adv. in Li. . {. K.). m. Frog (L.) A. -f. Norw. y f . Fries. thrifty. pp See Freeze. L frond- . in which the initial h is unoriginal. From *frus. from. refrogner. stem frugal. of L. the suffix -e . Frump. fram . Cf.) N. ~ - It. (E. fruit.) And see Toward. Icel. K t \. (above^i . l^rugrn. fraud.. so also spelt floicus (Ducange). same thiough the influence of piece ' frumenty. adj sportive. fruit 10. friiges). G.) M lL. decl. q.. *freusan~. of frilctus. away. A. The Scand.) oifteosan.. to Frame. . (i). a coat. L. froren.) fra. E.) O F fronticre. enjoyment Lale L ftuition.E. rot he -Icel. to H. 'furmenty.) O F. L. frok . L. dat. averse. called because woollen see Flock (2). (F. front. Frock. (Korting. S frox. wheat. sense * Cf. frux Cpl. frontcm. forehead. Der frolic. frolic. fro fngno. Port. L fronttn a. to enjoy. (K L ) The older form of flounce'. (L. Dan.

cent Du. (F. fultgin-. fouatlle (Low L Late fill. ( ' orig. fommclen. an unseemly warped.-/. deceitful. /. of Cf. Fuchsia. -igare. (for/n//). ab 1542.' O. Fulgent. fullo. \V. . ance). .) of froi (F. tav\ny. Geiman botanist. fnlmm-. full. -f. L. fulsome. to L. + vol. clothes. L^ M. pres. focus. F.) 853. fewaile. fever-few. fiom -J0w M cloying. O F.) Named aftu bolt (^*Jttlg-Mcn^. a wing. of L. full. fry M.' Late L. to flee.L. \V. fullare. Gk. from (Jpavtiv. anger. felt. fleeing L. or thicken (O. frustrari. frlgcre. lu. smoke. dhilma-. to on. (L) From pp. Cf. plenus. to fly. Der Fuliginous. ^ 393. from flug. palma fcbi i-Juge. fugit-um. lit. F. . cf. shining. Irish *//*). (L. 're-fulgent. (F. . Sc. fulfil. L. Low. //w Frustum. Full (i). fugittf. fill. tive fumitory. fuler. E. //-. soot. E. 4. a man See mann. Fumble. to rub.fewell ^Barbour). Fill. . oi L. L ef-fulgent (efAT). hurl lightning. L. Yellow. Dan. spirit. (F. It meant a trick from an obs. A. -. sus. see Supp. (E. Frustrate.^/. Fugleman. to shine. filled Russ. to render vain. to -f Gk </>/> eti/. Fugue.) fuller. the leadet of a file. root */?/. Brugm.L.type *fulloz . polnun. froier. tawny Late \. (L. Cf. A. Du. abundance ^and peihaps its curly appearfill. a plant. some. S.) From L fuhms. H3 . F. Focus. fumigate. F. Jlugclmann. bleacher. Brngm. to full cloth. to to flee. (^. '* Fudge. Gk. to dress food. Pers. allied (i). to parch. from Jliegen. i. O. rumple.Skt. Gk. /0w&?. fumitory (for L. in vain orig. sooty.fu/geie. (F. 'bag fill full. to bieak i.) Allied to Fuliginous.) fulfyllan. fulfil. to drive lit. - .-L) O. Fun. Gk. fume Fulfil. a fuller. (^Sce above.) Formerly a Fulcrum. of foalha]. Juga. point of support. Prellwitz Full (2). (F. A. . Godefroy cf. Swed. (i) to cleanse \ fry. tuin aside. dust. lete adj. bhuj* to bend. to full. Cf. so named from its A. to pt. spawn. Cf. fulls. a flower. . fray']. L ) O.FRUSTRATE Cf. frdunttkt fumitoiy.//^/ . tivd y mwg^ lit..) From stem of 'earth-smoke'. ace of Jumus. Skt. //. smoke.about. G Fume. focdha. Bow .) A. with suffix -sum ( as in winsome}. Julio. + of smoke. See Full. ftillcre. of obso. flight. FulvOUS. L. = E. fuel. expression of contempt. frier. a bleacher. Idg. pi. (2).) K prop. (E. 2) to full. fold . (L. to cheat. furn. of a wing or file of men. fulgcre. (L. *fri. Ovfjos. to loast. from M. centn-fugal. full. full . the palm of the hand. parently ml is for lm cf. Dan.Swed. to grope about. see Palm. Gk. (G. K fulsum. hoax prob.. a fragment.. '. pilnas. CC G. Cot. fulflllen. to fumble. Goth. Skt. v. also used la the A. Fulvid. F. ^L. a flight. to thunL. complete. L fftrn-. F. F\jugnc. L. O. jttgitiuus. M. G. F. : Fnchs. appealing as Allied to Der.fruare. to full . far full/ten. falma. . to Fulminate. L. Fulsome.) Picard fiuhe feuche ! an interjection of contempt (Corblet). l^. frustum* a piece cut off. . voll Teut.-L. of L fulmindre. Sec focdle. iJrugm. . . Skt bhrajj. Late L. Apaway.flugcl.) the leader fumum. to render vain. to dc terre^. Icel. film us. trX^pT/s. . O. I eel. a piece of a cone or cylinder. fyllan. *//^. (L ) ~L. }?GtjtMgleman. fult u e. Lith.) meniment. tawny.) Fiom pp. fttmla (also famla} Dan. S. for agere. spawn (F. what 363. E. a thunderder. Sec Fugi.) i. dhu'li-. . See Full (i\ E. (L ) funnier. (E ) M. fuel. (ppvyeiv. Bpaiapa. flight. (G. of fishe. supine of fugere. to crease FUN . from the sb. frtlstros (=**jnld-tros). for (F. frire L.fuligind.) From L. Idg. fumus teira. pp. Ital fugct. Brugm. vapour. a bleacher of cloth. . . Fly. Skt.-L. - the tarth. S. J.' booty. bhraj. S folm. f^4crllm^ a support.) XVI Fugitive. to disorder . smoke of //. a sense of 'offspiing. L. Fuel. Fry ME. in pieces. a musical composition. variant fuller.fuluidus. vrampet. to thunder. to burn . Dor. giope about. Allied to frump. famle. Fume. frample. S. A. -L.) XVIII cent. ^. /. q. 461. (VDHEU. full Allied to Fraud. f L./////r. abl. (K. fuimgdie^ to fumigate. (F. O. l^. F. type *p9lnos. a fugue. Ital. cloath in a mill.) (F. to spawn. L.frustra. Also 'to trample ft ten. ' 1 ( Fry . vb. F.. 481. i. fern. a health. stem of futtgo. to shine. (Du. fumetfne.

(E ) M.. -laub". to furnish. fnrbor.] .H. ft As to the prefix. to provide. same as }L. M. \t. 'to truss. a flounce. c. (. case. to pour in L. F H j G. polish. fine? Due to the Bourdcaux vine-trade.functtis. trim.(i. Allied to Former. FungUS. Cf.ferler. Cf. Der funere-al. *furbjan. further as the comp. infundtbulum. Goth. to pour. founiL funnel.. a bottom. the same as Dan. . to furbish. L ) Formerly funambulo. L) Furmety . S. f furthest. the vb. utility. O see Found ( ). leave. the same word as Prov. f/or/nr. (i. ghanna-. ur- fundament. adj. Latf L fundibulum fouml. A. funereal.-fSkt patra(m\ a receptacle . . Furlough. whence furh. Furbelow. ambul-are. E funttenient. warm. 'protection. a spongy plant (L ) L. adv. O. an oven. us. L porca. foim. verlof. (F. Tent. to make into fardles. rub vb . A. fond.+Dn. type *furthero. Brugm. Dan. funeral. Irish . F. Late L. (Du. leave of absence. Furl. but also explained as comp. Sax forthora. L. L. 408. Gk. L.' Cot. are the . a merchant's stock . Sponge. a furrow . PJO\. &( fore i* first. Ital. G. as seen in G. borrowed from E. scabbard. vorloffe. Span. Cf. 174. ftirber.) M.fundanientuni.fonction) functionem. ong. H. fodero. G. inceptive stem of fournir<. Ital Goth.-L. L. super! a late made bright. furftra. O. L fundus. to perform. in. See Warm. (F. fornacem. forlov. forrer. Furlong. ate.-L. forth 7rw/*a. allied to formus. fordar.forreF.) 1L. to walk see Amble. F fondement. Icel. + . adj. (F. a case. further. (F.(for *ffines-]. Gael. (2) syllable -lof-. ^ inceptive stem of forbir.. O. .) M. 7rp6-T(p-o$. (F. F. 1 .) M. a furrow. of fornax. to and due to regarding The Arab. S. lining for clothes. of the same. . Hence also Span. G. Swed. function (f. the usual form is F. Furnace. foundation. of forth. forbiss to polish. Borders. F. unknown. fornus. is the equivalent of G. ith of a mile. performance. lining M. /unit and even Bret. out. in fundere.t. long. fungus.ffiner. f. to fit up. furlough Dan orlov. performance. homljffinere-Hs. to permit. for-. See Leave also Believe. type *furh-. f ) . Function. Furrow. . B ?ttom. shortened from The burial. a furrow-long. lof. an a burial.) A. urlaub. Port.' Icel. II. Skt. F. A S fyrtiran. 11 G frumjan. ver-. 11 bhuhj. a foolish person.-O. to hue with fur Chaucer fure. Dan. Brugm. farbala. fun-is. fur-long. L.FUNAMBULIST fon. furh. leave. a bundle . to Funambulist. + 628. Swed fare. furnish. (F. formed from ti fw dor as the by vowel-change of toy. A. oven. song. From fardel. F. lang. ace. a flounce. piofit.Q. a . E. -f-Du voor. see Frumenty. Furnish. L. Formerly to roll spelt (F. ong. H. a rope-dancer. "Dot. of irpo. Span fono. comj). fur. F.G ) In this view the comp. warmth. furlang. fonne. 202 . fardeler. adj. G.for- . Du. to use. (F. funL. Fund. or the length of a furrow. O. i.) Prov. in the dialect of O. a cover. O. adv further O. lining. fur. equip. furrows. ) Funnel. a store. S. stem otfunits. for. pleasure. urban. adj. orig.frnwa. FURTHEST in See Pond. W. a flounce. Skt of fungi. adj. see Fardel. er-laub-en. formir. relating to a I leave.-L. a ridge between two [Cf. . and in A. bottom cognate with E. Low M gam. further. G.-O. . (E scabbard. Cf.fromm. to enjoy. a sponge 146. farthel. O Fur. of allied to G utter. office. Tttit. forneis. cnfoumlh. pp. Probably the comp of fore. forre. translates form by 'furred.G (TW. good. fornaise from i. Miffix is -thcr (Gk. rhych.fue tre. whilst Dan.' R. clean. furl. cf. base. (E. a furrow . glow. untie. R. Fries fordcra. S. fonn. delight. E L. infundere. for-. (F. f m . (Lewis and Short) fourmss-. forlof. Lief.] Further.H. Der. furlough . is from E. Hainault (Diez). vorder. Scand. a funambulist. leaf. an oven (F. a sheath. [Y. or-. Oiigin *fiir-ther-o-} ans\\ciing to Cik. i. lining. forwe. Furbish. a bundle. a furrow. Du.-L) M. fodr. up a sail furdU.y&Ji/f prob. Cf G. Funeral.) Ong. G. arc . foinl. permission. -rep-). Port falbala. fo$r. a rope anibulo. ffiru-yyos. Span. see Biugm. . foundation L fund\j. to purify. S. E. Gk. roll up true superl. cf O. E. Swed. O. (Span. And see Veneer. Frame.' Cot.-O.) M. of which an older spelling is fotmr. funeralis.

) . and was so thiead. (E. Jills theyW. D.. . s. brown with suffix -ous. of \. gtutan.-L) In Hamlet. gualvardine> a * loose frock. Genoese (i)./. a shaft (of a column) Futtocks. a (VHHEU.) fire. Du. furere. loose. . to rage. melt. Low G. empty. fury a thief. 4. filsus. (F -L. in Sir T. part. fuse-its. a fusil. fem. Ital. (2). trunk. 39. \<w (foi *x F~ lV }> Cioth. allied to L. furtluus.. 4-Ok. A. Bailey gives the form foot -hooks.) From L. (F.' Cot. to pour Der.) to a mistake. Perhaps a pilgrim's' frock from M. G. Gaberdine.L. (f>u>p. futtirus. to become mouldy. descriptive of spluttering and puffing. v. light and spongy . Fusil (1). L. Fusee (E ) Futtocks the compassing timbers also. fut. fussig. fust. F. orig. fustaneum. see Fust (i). the shaft of a column. that which easily pours fuse. fustaine Ital.fnsu\.Span gabardina* a coarse frock.) L.-L) Future. e. a kind of coarse cloth. F. (L. fust. Modern. (F. of pp. brown. (F. a cudgel. thick stick. certain timbeis in a ship. j . iF. a cask. (F. fusus. cf. answering to O. fits. Fuse is fiom bomb. . from /-*". Cairo. >j-*VM* (fiom O. pp.forth. foot-hooks. furia. a spindle. adj.fftsi/is. to bear. easily molten. Browne. fustt. for agere. fustat> a suburb of FUSCOUS. Futile. V^HEQ. (L. Der. a tptptw. stolen.) Furze.) L. E. Fury. (L. haste. rage. theft.) In Kersey (i7i5). fusillade.fustem* ace. and hiss. Fustian. be. F.E/w. explained in 1644. a spindle.-L.-L. a steel for kindling fire. fusee Called foot-stocks in ^1715). (E. fem. F. meaning a space in a painted window at the bottom.ILG.) trunk.) F.fiitilisy futtilis.) also fustian A. prompt. (F. allied to against which the flint struck. focus. li. F. * is from F. a fuse. waifart (G. ) F. The first syllable ' fusil. Is. l to pour.S. L. to melt by heat. Span. E. Qtfundeie. e. fern. F.furtif. fusee orig.-L. a fusee. (Span. flurry. also find M. fustain A. ftt\el (see O in heraldry. stem offustis. Fusil ^2\ a spindle. F. fozy. i. vain. Fust We \. 1 was. * Fustigate. Cf. L i Fuzzball. fus&. to use a spindle. Fusil (3). eager. weak. (L. furari. a stock. (y'BHER. future. From F. to drive.S. E. a ship. (F. in Egypt. in mod.FURTIVE Furtive. and due Dimin. fusata.) M. L. log. fusus. i. -Low L. F. Fusty. carry (away). but the steel futur. vifustis. a fire-steele for a tinder-box. shaped pipe .' Kersey (1715) XW. -igdre. L. prov. tasting of the cask.) . Gabardine.Lansd. 874. See Gush.^ O. E.-L. a spindle. a cudgel. voos. L.fuso. fusee. ///. allied to fundere. oifnndere. 160 (3). spongy a peculiarly formed cross. ' Cot.) Fylfot. easily molten. fustagno Low L. of L fustigarC) to cudgel.F. Kersey r lorio.) Cf.] l^focile. From L. a pipe filled with wild. fustane\ Egypt. a cudgel . to steal.) O. see Focus. leaf 190. about to Orig. L. not the musket itself. commerce. F.-O.. stamine. also vain. wallfahrt\ Tent. . L ffisus. I. Due through to fus-ible (in fus-ion.. Fusee (i) Fuse. orital. (E. pp.ftistem."! (0. furt ive. Also [Cf. 203 . futile. a spindleful of is for foot futtocks is thought to be for Late L. A. to pour. 'fusty. a thief. a light musket. Coined from fusty (A. a spongy fungus. hook referring to the bent shape of the timbers. fuisel in Godefroy). a spindle 2./tf/*. iv. eager. that make the breadth of it . of fft \iire. wield. (L. . Allied to Gk. See Fuse (i). Brngm. the same. /us.. see below. furic.' FUSS. Gk. ace. Chaucer). \. which i& from O. (F. L. to puff.) *[f Introduced M M. . fuff.. L. F. a spindle in a watch. fust (2). 1398).-O. that /// il-eer. fuzzy.) fusil. fust-. fusible'] fus-ion. and put into the touch-hole of a *//?-. pp. L. gawbardyne . galvardwe. . MS. O. secret L. * Fuse (2) see Fusee (i). (F. L. whence the stuff first late came. Fuse A word. GABARDINE Y. Arab. lio\. to pour.) Piobably of imitative origin. fustiane. a hearth. ^f It cannot be connected with M.~ furtuin. has jylfot. about to be. See Fuse (i\ the Erroneously connected with gammadion. (E. to cudgel. Be. a spindle. F. oifustis.

( . [It partly displaced the M. Icel. a sort of boom from (F.S gegn. gabbione. advantage 1 . dial.-Tent) 'Yea. on the mow.fare). a cage. . (Scand. . 7') Origin doubtwester. . a peak of a house-top. G. gaff. goad. 1 Scand. the same .GABBLE . gicbeL ' . and allied goose to Span ga^fia. a spear. Gag. *ivadjom. A S wfJd.\rj.) a gabion. a covering (ioth.G. <X F. a fishing-spear is hooked. gabcl^ a lork. (K. Teut. cegio. a goad Icel. see Ungainly spike. Dan.E Galaxy. . /*-- . . \V. Gabion. to win. gable. With a different gradation. gay. (Scand Cf. Further allied to O. cognate with Goth. A . cackle. *ting. H. origin from Icel.) (2) See aUo Gantlet 2\ Gaff. gabion. and Poit. F. Gable.). iron hook. gain. (above). . gable. a ship's gaff: Du gaff el a pitchfork.. ^abenar^ a sim. . a simpleton. a wedge of steel. M. Icel. (F.> Frequent of Of imitative origin . gititre. gagnrr. Kf>a. stupid. as in Goth. a fork. The ful.. gaddr on the gad. merrily cf. weide are Norw. though he %aine and cram his purse with Du. also bpclt^v?^/^. ship's gaff. gazds. of Cf. gaGk. Icel. Gainsay. Icel. gage. a pledge. gaggio. $ad. gabble \ also Icel gagl. a pledge (Low L.gage. (F. This F. stem of ya\a. -Ital F. II G. F. Gaby. . Y. . geafel. Crage ( i ) a pledge. from /#/#. to goad.) t\\e forked end against the ma 4 the F gaffe. gelal. Swed. \ { . which wns the ong. advantage. boi rowed from Ital. gabe. perhaps of imitative origin. The or g. frequent. gaddtij Cf.F. (Scand ) Tn A. Ital. Irish gath. a fork. which is also are Ital. to gaggle L. to gape pasture-ground. see Gate Teut. to prattle. an old man. the form of gra nd-fa thcr. g^an see Against. gibla. a tuogaff. Fries gaffe/. sense was to run about Gait. ] gain (2). O. coop see Cage g-at. form from the imitative base gag. possibly allied to M. L ue-nan. lit. milk. gapa. to choke the mouth. G-aL ( 2 )? to gauge . gabel. M. and a rod. . formerly guest re (Cot. gafvel. iveide^^ mouthed). fruits Gaff. allied to Dan. (F. i . pronged hay -fork E. 'To get a game by Gk.-Ital.' and again. profit. >an gaini. O. for ya\afcr-. G. Low G. . E.) From gramfe? \Vest E. grandfather.II.Icel gavl. galanic. gagg* the cry of a fox gabbia. -M Gable Gaffer. gevcl. L and E. the fork gabul.gagner^ to gam. gapa.) M. a covering for the ankle. gagn> gain.form *ghebh-}. II. . gajffel. gaber. to >peak against. the chase. M. a goad. a fork. a light fibhing-spear. see Vest. (Scand ) M. A ship's zaffv* named O Gaiter.} against cf. to mock.F. Dan. Gain (i). \ '1'he prefix is Icel gegn . Gad (i ). Allied to G. a fool pleton. Irish W. (I'. a cage (for madmen) gageti. hunting. (ik ya\atr-. head (root. to suffocate. nadittrti). GALAXY - $tt shews the word to ( ( be Teutonic ^<G. ftf/rf. \vhich was of Scand. E. . gaggle Also.. laxiam. to prattle. lively. . gapi. < The Prom the same souice jabber. a pledge. See Gammer. Cf. gagne> from the veib below. See any trade or kmde Gascoigne. Span. gallows of the thighs. See "Wed S. a \\ild Lith. gaffel. to mock. cf ivadi. Der. . clen. . (E.woid from O II G. . ciunes. See Lacteal. gafli Dan .-L.. . H. E. Gainly . Swed gagn. a gabion augment. a ture. see Gauge. L has fa. festive attnc \\hence di gala. mdky way (F -L. (Scand. See Gay. \*. .-Gk.E. gaggcn. ivasti. to wander pilgrimage. head. laxie. canea. . of Wai st 69 and s>t 66 O F. is and see "Wage from O. sense of the F. to gape (Dan. particular use of M E gaff t a i way . (E. to cackle as geese. gaigncr. Cognate with G. Y. . gaiett Tent. Tent. a fork G. profit.) A we find Goth. Tent. (F.) M. G. heedless man gapanntSr (lit.-Tcut) O.) Gaiety. gage.. wallen. (F A . F. travel. n. G. spelling w. gape. mariner of walking. Apparently of imitative origin zi. to hunt. Gabble.) ' ' 204 . gaddr. ace. Icel. ya\aias. wcidcnon > wfideneH) to pasnar means fool '). Gaggle. gain.F. M^. gable -O. a hollow place. See Gallant.} Gala. . to amble idly. a gable -fA S. See a child'^ chnsom-cloth. gad (2. pinnacle. wed. (F. fart. of galaxias milky way. E. a fork Du. or is allied to a pie 'ledge. cage. .gaagnier (Ital gttai/agnare\ is from gabe.) F. vctdr. gay. weida (G. clothing. Levins. large basket filled with earth. gab. gala. gabben. to go (lL.

Galley. Y.. Venitians. the same \\ord as L. to cry out. in galleys. of galea\ see Galley. galoner. O.?) in. Rus*. Late L. galla. as being galley- Drought ovei . . L. Du. G. unknown. Ital.. garO. (F. (L. Gallon. to leap. S. yellow. S. F. A. Gale (2). galloud. adorn the head (with ribbons. Tort. (Scand. M.) O. as il ' fieldl^.G. galea. Galloon. Ital. Ital. G. O. ' //. E.galea.. a galling. able. &c. F. to be able. cf. furious. galy-haljpeny.) L.-L) Y. dcco.Ital Late L. See above. (F. lively.) lH. Note W. galanga. . A. stormy weather. to gallop. 1. (F. . F. ein galen rform. GALLOW lively Spanish dance. Late L. Orig. #*//?. E. galwen. gahn. Gall (2\ to rub a sore place. G. furious. G.gallerie. also (F. galie Late Leap. a galley . So also partly E .ILG. Sax. Also Late L galla. Late Gk. from gala. F.Greekish. seems to have been due to Low G. Of unknown oiigm possibly. eit galet ^veer. Allied to Yellow. cf. Gall (i).-M. Norweg. Galingale. see Galliot. See further under Walnut and Gk. Span. wmdgalle a soft tumour app.) Perhaps from M. gallant. gahngale.gnlle. .). festive attire. large hose or trousers. a lively dance. Arab. a disease called A Flono.) doubtful origin but cf. O.' Cot. galop gaillani. (K L.] O. -yaXafa. Gall (3\ a gall-nut. Orig. is only a modern adaptation . galon. see Gallant gala. F. Street). E.' na\ov. Korting suggests Gk. a cock. Galliot. of O. /&.' Cot.) tile pot. O. . wallon. ' (F. fl/0. Gallias. .) O. long portico. F. *([ The Norw.galtote. [Also Span. gall (J ^zh} jellini. M. gallarda (with // as !y]. ' . a galley. Y. galle >-. Cf.) O. gallery. a low-built ship. a north-west wind. (L. Orig. (F. gallajdo. Ital. the bog-myrtle. Gk. to run. lanjan. (Korting). O ' with one galcr. galca . galZlnace-tts. ) a large galley. Ital. age. sb. vb. a gallon ong. Bret. galcaz^a.) King Leai. . Late L galeota. small galley. Gallery. gale. The name was given gale said to be of Chinese oiigm. galea. Irish gal. L. small galley. power. galerne. galde (for galle). + Gallinaceous. part. F. jale. com brought over by galley-men. galloon. a sort of galley.) Coriuption of F. (L. walopieren. heavy galley. (F. G. galun.galeatus. a gall-nut. galop. 2. bile. u'allen.' Sec below. plant. gale. 44. Gale (i). Grechesco. F. galeie. the pungent root of a Galligaskins. brave. and Late L. 'slops.) Span. galopcr. See Galley. a Galeated.-L. galena.] The sb. oak-apple. gallon. who landed wines at a place called Galley-key (F. Span. wood. O. II. a gallery to walk in. ivalop (Bartsch). galingale. see belo But also galla* a gall-nut . khfilanjan. Cf. F. galley and pot. Dan. jelch(e}. Greek. Of cf.) *L. Gallow. Cot Span. F.j>alerie. H.C. . to a paiticular kind of hose worn at Galiot . a bowl. . gaillard meant valiant or bold. L. ?) K. vallhopp. gay. a helmet ^e Galley. galon. a hen L gallm>. Galliard.gascoms. E galon.) spelt walopen. (F. [Hence was M . Pers) Ital. a furious storm. a galley-halfpenny. gallu. gregs. (h. (Cf. galopen-. Ital. Venice. . M. Icel gall. from Gk. F. galmgal. to terrify (E. 205 . ya\<a.-Late L. a galleon.) . to galoon-lace.) M. dimm. gaL (2) a gall on a horse. Cf.Merc. Icel.GALE strong wind. (Span. with suffix -ous. Dan gal. S\\ed. . a gallop. peihaps of Celtic oiigm cf. also sometimes a ship. Span. ' . guesqties. garingal. jalon. gallad.) A. boldness (Thurneysen). galwan. (F ) M. gal. preb. H. belmeted.Teut. See Yell. O. Fiorn cf. a kind of to terrify. tca\ov. a small glazed eaithen (F. kha. Pers. F. better galant. gahngale. timber elements. (F. festivity. M. . bile. M. mirth. H. Late L. . wood.O. gay. gealla. galle galla. Walh) a Celt and hlopan. splendid. M. festivity : Galleon. a Greek. and meant 'Celtic running. galeace. (i) gall. bonowed O. H. S. Gallipot. M belonging to poultiy. Span. greguesqttes . perhaps through ' the galhard . Gallop. Gallant. shows. gallina. F. So also Du. a large ' bowl augmentative form of the word which appears as mod. . F. (Thames I< . to go on pilgrim/. a XVI cent. a so that it is not of O. (Span. galloArab. itching galla.. origin. XOAT. gala. gahnn. to rejoice. in comp. Span. F. hop. unknown. O. L yW. agalwan* .) O.

L. galga. 78. a hog. E. a ciew of persons. E. a tumour on a tendon. (E ) M. . the last being Ut is the old name for do. Named from Galvanism. a whence it was brought after A.GALLOWAY '. hard ground. form which gr(na. (ji\i. jams. Goth. gait. cognate with E. clay and mail. O. . * gammcn. type *ganroii-. ialga. see (Scand. grandmother. Tent.) Gamboge.gambaud. and ut. (i\ the preserved thigh of a galg. Ital. a going. used in scale. from in plenty. yayypcuva. gante.i^a (y\ because the musical scale was icpresented by <z. . Ganglion. caper. -f. crooked.L. gander M. Celt.G k ) gamm~le or gam-le. ganle. E game. (F. (2% a oar-pig (Scand ) Icel. to grow old games from gamen. Gk. galga. wooden Gk. of solan corruption Gannet. See Gammon (2). youth. M. *calopia from *calopus. also gamen. (Scand. by ' prefixing go or gu.' but used to singing.E. S.) lush qoleor. also fact. Gait 1 M Gander. . gambe. Italy. wood. Icel. gamen. and W. . gtt leor. sej Game. L. . an Englishman . (Scotland. oglach. Dan. Galor6. pony.S. . -f" Icel. S. Dan.' as explained Stokes-Fick. Formed In-li and Gael leor. Late L. a shoemaker's last Gk. wooden shoes .M. Gang (i). e. View of the State of Ireland. a mortification of the flesh. E. Du. Cot. a gang related word Gambado. gang. O. (F. put for ( F . an old man. 6 S.(K E form of grand-mother. answering to O. (See N. H.) Named from Galloway Scotland. Gault. crooked. c.) Icel. to Gannet and Goose. gatnman. course (whence E. a tripping up. goose. in the Annarnese territory. a = zA). . Ital. .' John. a clog. Formerly gambold. O.) leg. jambe. the leg (Irish.-Gk.+Lovi G. fluid. a gander (see ganta in lent. into an adverb. g. galgi. from cf Skt. S. (E. cam. a going. . Gallowglas. fca\a-rrovs. gamenen. pole ( Galoche. gandra. M. Ut queant ' &c i^ . of Late L calopodes. and calopodimn. gamen. gambade . ganot. gamba. D. an eating soie.) . a (2). O. soldier (from og. p. spoit. gang. and Q.l)u. . Pliny). A. a jest. Gael. F. H. Swed galge. Gamble. It meant an English servitor. dimin of /cahoirovs. gealga. sufficiently. E.rmed foot-soldier. answering to a Gk. * .) Galvam of Bologna. (g) to ut (a\ \ the hard-trodden snow. a frisk.) Norvveg. a L. A. also spelt ganra 'the d being.) F.F. Swed. to play at ^yep. gambetto.) .KO-V. to gang (2 j. H5-) - Gallows. Arid see Backgammon. golti gafti.) M. H G gaha. we aUo find Late L. Swed. uf O. gander. Ir. G. . has taken the place of M. a galloglas. 206 . tion. Low G. cross gibbet whence mod Gammer. galoche. Galloglas. gent. excrescent). Globe ed. (L. A. hog.) A Gangrene. Ital. West. gambon. See Game. F.L ganword. gcifd. ganglion. A. calopedia (see Biacheti. gambit Ital.) gallo.) L. ydf. (E. path. F. H. was affected by the gengc.) Gambol. 7077X10^. Here gam me lepresents the Gk. Cf O. a game . . Gamut. age. -f-Icel. cf. a heavy. gang-way} . ganze.) Cambodia. old play at games. b. the same as F. F gangrene . A . m Allied (L.& servant.gamenian.gambata.) .pl. to. in Cf. a cioss. oc. ganazo. go. Romance type formed *galopia. (Ital.Gk. gaman. to go. a joint of the leg. a kind of shoe. L.) For grammer. A. jamboii].I). M. F. Iri Irish Ital. the ist note in gy. 640. x. because St. a game. Ciael. 'a gam boll. gammon. 1600. and Comp. Gammon (F. game. KO. G. from 7 Gamut singing. (E. A K gambon O. lit. Late a foreigner. A. Game. S. oac. G. gu leotr. to Allied to yep-ow. gaman. -Ital. ninth. galloWj the s being the pi. a nag. ganga. A. (Asiatic. Ka\otTuotoi\ shoe. G. a sea -fowl. ' it began an old hymn to laxis. servant. by Spenser. type *galgoncf. Gait (O. d. a kick. Young). Gambit. see Gambol. gamba. a foot. an opening at chess. *kambos (fern. substitution for F. a place wheie ground is trodden hard. about A.) F gambe. Cf. . an E. M.}&y. gait. Irish gall. sufficient.--L. GANNET 1 Galloway. sing. gambade.) . Lith. the leg .E. S. jaraya. to consume (see Prellwitz). Gammon (}L. an old lady. 'F. (E. (F. Gambol. /. Dan. a sow. see Go. gamme. and^E. progression but the 1792. (C. gambauld. gandrc. *kambd}. glach. I "hi. E See nonsense orig. galgen. irovs. gamba. from Gambol. learning turn an adj.S. . young. a frequent. late M .

q. lo gape (below) Scand ) M. (i). Icel. Yard. a garland.}L. O. a spear leac. gar- punishment. O. sort. H. (F. O. piison. gargola. to garble or sort out spices.GANTLET a gander.) M. gt anum. (Scand. Arab. II Swed gap. as seen in garg-arizare^ to gaigle. gauren. E. Arab. H. L So from Gk. H.TLgerlond. to pick out. yare see Gear. garawT* ganvi. lit. gabiola. gtabba. garbullo. gapen. F. Swed. E.E. gata. make. . a jaid. of gardo. Gantlope. street (see buglio. sense of handful/ small bundle. a running. ready cognate with E. see Gorge. lattde}. A. and Picard Late L. pointed cf. ' . H.garlande. Garfish. agrees in form with O.) Ict\. a sense tect see Garnish. sifting. imitative. (O. H. Garner. billo. also pike. O. the weasand of the throat. M. base gan- see beller (see Gander. F. garner. orig. gamir. caveola. gappe. guir(F.) Orig.) Also O. F. 1046. gharbil. G. E. So also Span. (F. Span. (F. to seize.-Gk. a sheaf. g&rbe}. Ital. Skt. E. cage. disorder. . cognate with E. garba. cf. gargoidller ' '. Prob. to garble or sift wares. Allied to M. jardin. Gar boil. O. S. or mouth of a spout. Span. Cf. L. gape. G.) M. R. cage. G. garleac. good fashion. Ital. frequentative of ivieren. a gargoyle . Cf. G. a coarse sieve (Swed. 531Garlic. ghirlanda (whence Mod. O. gargatta.-O. G. 'a running down a lane. Hence also Ital. F. H. dimin. hollow. yapyapewv. jabh. . Diet p. i to gargle Cot jambh.E.' garbage. Icel. G. H.corn . ready.O. From an imitative base head. ged.O. garhe passes. gernier^ variant toigrenier^ a granary. gaole. garfish gozza.O. N. gen and dat. to run. a gardin. to make ready. ' ' . i. Modified ' .g0rtta gargagliare. gedle\ a prison.O. . Wire. (2). iviara. to murmur. gapa^ Dan.) Formerly gantlope connpted by confusion with gauntlet. Ital.gral>. Gar (Noreen). 'a garboil. G. the uvula. . Noith F.) lit. Gurgle. who strike the offender as Cf. garbillar. origin. M.?) M. yapy-api&iv. (F. a garboil. Frankish. Icel. searching. gartut]. staring.) A. (F. which occurs for Low L. gartin-ari.' to run the gantlope is to run between tw o garbottil.) A.) In gotnlle (above) O K Shak.elt gaiiruh. and Swed. gold.f. Icel. garnement.E. base is gurggora. lit. to stare . Florio has Ital. from Ct. Gk. Brugm.formerly sj. mark. and /<?//. Span.-Teut. to heed. cave. formed. . F. gat be. F. Gargle (F. H . go bage. Low G.) M. entrails of fowls. abyss. Prob. prepara. gjore. A. the same s&grabeller. gat bage. (Scand. to gargle. gar din. See Gore (3) and Leek. (E. to rave. cause. garbe. G. see Grain. F.Garble. D. Of unknown Gate (2)). (F. S. gawen.) from F. gharbalat. a tax paid in garbs or sheaves. garbeltare. a wheatsheaf. dap. and Du.-LateL.. Icel. H. gar. to sift. F. to select for a purpose hence. G. Leap. gerbe. Arab. garbage. Swed. a spout. garg-. showy. tion . to stare (Chaucer). to throat. F. Frank. 207 . From A. and Swed. H.leek. (2 \ localise. . and O. Skt. (F. S. F. fine ornament. a crowd Ital. The same as Span.). see Cage.) M. garba (G. a lane. Gar to gape. L. a (ien. refuse.) M. Garden. O. II.-L. garniment. From a (i) . F. O. gantlope is a corruption of Swed.-L) A. to corrupt an account (F. spear. Rich. Garb (2). Swed. files of soldiers. to adorn. (F. a garb. hurliburly . Garfish. sift out. a plant.) F gargarb (O. Cf. gabe +E.-L. M. Garland. a granary. Garment. Vedic grabh. dress. Cf. also a gargo)le. plant. refined grah. (E. gar. G. to grasp. Garish. Garlic. cf O. G. ga. cognate with E. ?ee Gar (i). see Tare. ghirbal. F. in the a robe (defence). G gapa. a gap. . v. L.<~Q. Span. wiere. F. garabullare. a body a spear fish. to get ready. Gaol. or caught up into a bundle by grasping. Cf. gfrr. 'what is grabbed' suffix -and?) from M. gar. gardin birdcage. of L cauea. garnement. garawen. geiote (F. gargoyle. M. a cage. . a gaidener. granariutn. GARNER . a military Pers. with Lit. Gantlet Gantlet see Gauntlet. garo. ' Cot. guirnalda. a commotion. (F. gapen.gbrr. Jail. from fapa. a sieve . H. * . dress. F. the The parallel L. a sheaf. *wierelen. ganvcn. to piosimilarly foimed from O. gatlopp. gargouille. cauus. G. the gullet. and Picard garbe. gaff en. P nes. crown. Prob. Dan. (E } A with slender and . This a leek. G. Again. E. in heraldry Q.

gtel. n pres pt. (i. Gastric. (E. to O. . watch-tower.) M. &pa. L. F. gata. yavpos. Coined fiom belonging to the belly. . also to the vb. garse. gra^p geador. M A. cf Du gijpen. garrire. from yaarrip. granatus. E. garniwn. (F. Allied to "Weir. Late L. Latinised form of E. Go. (E. L. ative. . clutch. gartier North of France. talon. strangling by means of an iron collar. to defend preserve. garnish See Gait and And see "Warison. a gate.. also means . latter (E.GARNET M. Garrison. i.) Garrote. to O.O.) Gk yaffrpo-. warms-. O. seed. jauge. (Span. C.' gata. suffix -ote. a <how. garra. L. was formed. i . S. Icel. garnigarniture. Low L) Spelt gagt in suggested by the Gk. " a gaping. M O Gate (0> a door. gtcdeGarrulous. or mdlum granatum. Late L. garsa. street. F. with dimin. (F. .f. gas and Idas come into use. ga ud-y. . See Garter pany. gar. the ham of an t>iriament. incharaxare. stem of pres. pi. garnis ant. Garrotte. Late L. form. E. (F. Perhaps allied to Gate (i). iortify. a claw. orig. See "Warn. Gage. gauge. the latter did not adj terras. H./(not found). parser. to measuie the content See N. gatit opening (whence M. gaispen. garite (F. 1644) invented tv\o Brugm. North F. (Scand. granat. incise. Teut. y Icel. spelt L.garet (F. answers to Icel. D. of a vessel. Gamish.gadiHggs. Formed.) Also7<y^r- Character. ivarnir. Swed. together. . Cf A S. G. also gador-. to defend oneO Frank. O. gale.ling. A. stores. to pierce.yate.S. 208 . to yawn (cf. A. cf. H M The gaspa.-O Low G. as in gairisw sum. a precious stone called a granat or garnet. to guard against. talk. Gate (i) answeis but gats (2) to to Teut. G.} A. ganger.LowG. by making incisions in the skin.) The Belgian chemist Van ( = yaf-ittv). xa sGasconade. get together. also M. gauid-. geispa. 589. Icel getspa is tor*geipsa . gaderen. a way. a husband Peihaps allied 638{\v\h. see Garnish. i. O. a grain. Late L. pp. yate) E.-L. instrument wherewith a Gascons at any rate named from them. to scarify. F.) spelt . ii. - " t Gantlet gadenan. . winch is merely a F garnir (above). Low L. North F. E. O.) F. war/an. supply. short for incaraxare. to gasp . The Gasp. O Sax. a cudgel. . joy hence. F. called in Gk. CF. lit. Swed Goth. pierce with a lancet. type *gatwon. to supply. society (whence also A S. to icjoicc (base Bret. gaitdcie. whence the Late L. of garnir. seeded apple. foresight. liehnont (died A.S. GAUGE F. a companion) L. H. hole. gat. Confused with M. care . path. together. of tura garnire. -f-I)u gadeien. E. and nison. to rejoice gar. Dan. type *gatom.G. pt. (Du. garniture. the leg. (L ) M. war(F. jauger.-//<?r<?\ O F. P. the shank of (fc gader. boasting said to be a vice of gage/ Cot a gage. geat.rugm. ivarna. ' grenat. garnishment Low L garnltus. So called from its resemblance to the seeds of the pomegranate. granaU .F. gufnte}. W > . A.' Cot. and Corn. gattdntm. garnis-.S gader-. jarret\. (L) L garrulus. opening. of garnir.Gk.) O. garite Garret. to Good Gaud. caraxare. E. ga^e. warisoun. Fries opening. yr)0fiv. jartier in Cotgrave (F. (F.-C. G. cut deeply. . lane. scarification. G O. H. . granum. gatwo. cf. gadc O F. r>. F. Du. a reward but the true form is M. F. the belly. O. a street. gate}. Dan gispe\ iormer represents the cognate A S *?*/w. type *%arrts. 694. garir. (Gk. O F. \ .) Gate in the (2>. tying a rope tight. store. gasconnade. (2) Gather. a comthe leg (Die?). gladness. *warnself.) Gash. provide oneself with.n. wanton. to rejoice. to adorn. a dimin. F. Ci cf. gtrd. . used as pt t \ allied to yaifiv -f-Gk. Der. .) M. warir. to collect. gaspcn. from Bret W.) Common i North it a way. gattc. (whence M . defence. vb. proud. Formerly garsh. garter O. gade. . garnison. boasting. from Span. gifwng. supply. to hack . See garnet. garnish. Cf. 4* Du. nish. a hole. garnet. gaitde and Norm.. E gari*oun. a comrade ge-gada. E. p. Ilecart). . place of refuge. a cousin Garter. ornament. ( F. O LowG. lie tells us that gas was Gauge. (F. (Ga&cony. O. fan warnen. Gas. to chatter. E. gar.) F. a spouse./<7r.garr0te.. gap gat an opening .) g<pdriaiij to collect. Shak. shank of the leg Celt.

gantea double dimin. dial. Der. gendren. . (F. orig. issued at Venice. Biugm. Gauze. L. kind. gorvi.) M. . gazzatiim. km. Gavotte. F. (L. . frost. a pert. with cold. see Tare. a glove. rude person. i. 481. (Scand. Gait (2). Swed. gervi.) (F. origin cf. a Span gacela } wild goat. . a tall and thin man. cf. case is due to the common phrases ffenere natus. from the abl. Prob from Wind. (2\ Garb (i). see Engender. Geld. of gazza. ornament. -want. . tainecis of the Alps (see Ilatzfeld). Swed. a dupe. said of the fingers . tribute.V7. 1446). ^geldr. gand. preparation. O II. Gelatine. gender ^| kind. fern. so also Ital gencre. gafol. D. . And *genes. +A mitten. (F.) L. geanvt. frost. to produce. Icel. val-hendt. from Ital. Is. of the moun. S. to emasculate. ghazal. Arab. M.Tu. .gewand a garment. .-Scand. Span. 351. in Palestine. gencre. Hind. Perhaps Gawk. dial. dial. (F. Icel. -Gk. gai. a mitten (prob borrowed ). genre.) gazelle. . < M. gemma. measured/ Cot.L cmme. of ganf. stripling (Aasen) . where -tck is a suffix. And see Gar gearo. gaze gikkr. ivantc. . twins pi. gasa. F. (A. whence jewel. gecko. cloth (Lubben). ( F. foi O. also called pike. Gauntlet. Gelid. so named from an imitation ot its cry. Swed. fine. . Du. numb Of F. v. Du. c ot gjek. E. A. (Scand.) (F. geht.GAUNT cask is GENEALOGY Low L. gazcl. gau/e gazetum. a gecko. gazette. Here gawk is shoit for gaul-ick. Gay. a gazette either (i) a abstract of news. genet-. a glove. E. animal.gcndre (with excrescent d\~* O. jelly. Norweg. magpie. (F. Nt. .Ital. gbrr. ^w. E. the same Dan a fool. sort. related to Goth. q. 4 . a Cf.F a bud. S.gpnerare. Of unknown . O F. dress.gelu.) M.) ) Allied to (F. I gendrer (GocleL. formerly geek.) Also F. gaugia origin. gelatina L. D. pp. geyrr. beautiful. pp. gall. A. benumbed. pi.S. gemml.Ital. gem me. Gauntlet. E. geek.Y.-Swed. K. L gelatus. Doubtful. ^.F. E. H. a coin less than a farthing. dressed. a iogaddr. dimin. see Gantlet (2). Swed. G. Cf.E. lirugm. giltha. a dance of the Gavots. gauelkynde answering to an A. G wahi. Low Geek. M ^ . of gora. gabuluni) is from Teut.gaviat(a. a thin silken fabric Palestine. gelda. M. (Scand) Gazelle. to gaze. condition. Swed. hoc gcnere.) half-starved horse (Rietz). gehi-ing. Hind* gJiartyat. (Du. a treasury. gazelle. the orig. gazzelta. E. i. a sickle. 2nd grade of Give.- dial. in Provence. to beget. form ged allied Named kind of see Swed gadda. Cf. (L. v. diess. Cf. gazzetta. fool . Scand ) From Gawky. abl. F.^ (F. (F.) M. (Scand. O. wine from Ga/a. lean. from Ital. Gaze. the fish called a pike. M. the same. Gaunt. -L. verb (Noreen) cf G. the crocodile of the Ganges. (F. Gecko. sense is O. a thin stick.V Gender (i\ kind. case of germs. .S. 413 (4). In Tw. vottr \stem van/u-).) Y. fl Not to be confused with S. E. yafa. (F. ready. harness. (F. (Scand. l<oimerly gazel. to make. Dan gieddc.) O. E O. Malay gckoq. barren.?) An Eastperhaps Scand. valen. 209 . omni gencre . Low L. Gemini. . *gab.-L. (Malay. G want. S. gear. . cool. gavote.gehdus. Ged. The A. Cf. Dan vante. appaiel. *gafol-cynd payment and cynd. a magpie. gcac. an froy^. to freeze. val-handt* Norw. Prob. .gaf-ol (whence Low L. Span.) . Dan. Gavelkind. a sort of tenure. (A Gazette. Gavial. Said to be from Gaza. thin head hence . a crocodile. Also spelt magpie. not from of qennnits. gere. Icel gedda. Anglian word gant (1691). whence it may have meant * tittle-tattle * a . an overgrown Swed.) M. Ital F. gllatine.) M. The unusual deriv. stare at.a lean. Genealogy. a nocturnal lizard.) Q. also a gem. awkward.. L. let. tackle. Gear. Gavot is a gelden. G. Ital. from Scand . . skilled. kind. clumsy. or (2) a very small coin (perhaps paid for the privilege of reading the news). . L. F. . Burgund.) Icel. gek. a glove. from \v&> gelding. whence it was first brought.galla (for galda] cf. cuckoo nor with gowk nor with gawky. probably from Gk. garvk-liandcd. thin. gaztetfa. sobriquet. of gelare. kind. E. gauliL k handed) left-handed gawk. Cool gdle. a goad see Gad (i) from the sharp. corrupt form). Icel. stem of genus (above). Icel./. Dan. L. an Arab. Gem. gilde. double having numbed hands gauche (N. A . gctsa. Gelid a dance.

applied in grammar to a certain case of nouns. pleasant . on the ground fyvs.(as above) . xapovfyvk. genesis. 7*0.- Germ. the tutelar spirit of any one also * wit.germe. ?/<belonging to a genus (stem gener. 760.for flexion. a kind of weesell Cot. O. Genicnlate. (F.L. of genu. genius. form of 777. F. Genteel.\a. . km. xa/iotfyw. bending of the knee. race. allied to Crane. a supreme commander. belonging to birth. (L. jointed. M. gemcttlum. 1 . ytpaviov. l^. F. low tree. an account of a . generis.) O. genius. genette. a gensy a clan. ' gentry. Gk. (L.gcner-. Genie. (F.. generosity (properly) above.) L. Late L. B. Gk. an animal. a demon see Jinn.Gk. see Gyr falcon.C. georgic.-L. same grandfather. (L. Gerund. S. (F. gener-. (below). gerGentian. a knee.-Gk. -L. Allied to Germ. Genet.-L. F.L. genterise. an Illyrian king. of cent. geometria. flex-us. genitdhs. **///. genus of L. germandree. general-issimo. genti-. gentrise. generare. another form of A<>7/a.-L. . gera gentile (afterwards applied to mean mandrte.- combining description.-Gk. botany. (F. ' Arab. yVf6.) F. shortened from M. the same. from /-ifT/^'cy. O. germander.) O. F.Gk. Genuflexion. (F. O. (L. of noble birth. decl. produce.) cf. 4). .E. km. generous. family. x a A"* Gentile. -Hfrpia. F. germin-ate (from the stem).F. -L Geranium. yipavos. general.(as above) . .) L. (F. . allied to L. double dimin. germain.~ L. F. - 604. geranium. german. See Kin. gennanum. abt. genus (gen. see Jennet. logia.} O.) L. genuflexionem.-Gk. + Brugm. G. \ F.Y. (L. gent'i i is . F. a Gennet gentiL clan.) O.gennamed after mander. a little knee.) Cousins-german are cousins having the . . Genuine. (L.) *geneses\ generic. inborn nature.) L. geographia. akin. see genus) and same. Allied to Knee. a part of a Latin verb. ace. tree. logics). a plant.' i.^/// (above). Span. creation. plant. L. lLa. F. (L. from ypatyew. geographic 7770-. -Gk. t } suffix -issitno.-L.) XVI -M. germane. sb. relating to husbandry.) genius. . E. tillage.e.-L. pei taming to a genus. a geranium or crane's bill (from the shape supine of the seed-pod). genuinus. .) related to y4vo$ } race * origin. Gk. tiane. x . closely akin. Geography. &c. F. earth. 7*0. from Ital. (Godefroy. \^. L. (F. (F. GERUND gentle. ytupyta. decl. Work. a lit. Span. L.F.L. tribe.urn. race . a crane.Gk. with snperl.) O. the birth (allied to ytvos. an account.' Allied to genus. mander.) geometrie. geiier-. L gentilis. Der a seed. source. Formerly spelt germain. of the General. Latinised from Gk. later gdnereux. Gerfalcon .) M. allied to \6yos (see gent i Use y rank (-Late L. genttum (above). earth-description. cyn.L. germander. (F. genera Us. inborn L. ycu. belonging to the same Germander. gineta.-Gk. faculty. O.) Q. Kizh. see genus. ycv(a\oyia. See - .iQ L.-L. common. L.-Gk. (F. stem of genus L. 'ground-tree.GENERAL genealogie. yfcjfjKTpia. *gentilitid}.^wmz/. gaAllied to genus. of jlectere. nirpov. Gk. (F. . to ytvfffis. for 7fVoy.F. genereus. genettuus. joint in a plant.) In From L. L. L. adj. ) genitive. \ J . . knee. genittf. A. . geometry. F. (F. genus.high relating to a genus.) genus.gentiana\ Gentius. gamandria. Supp. issimo. Genuflection. *pyiv>$p$eii' ) to work. to (L.) M.) Coined from L. to genes} a leader . gentile see Genteel. (F. a^ia. true generate. write. L. . germdnus.Gk. pedigree (i Tim.-L. Gk. land-measurement. L. measurement.-L. (L.jarneit (Dozy). Gk.) . georgicus. i. L. . (L. Hence general. F. L ) O. as Gk.L. . i. genealogie. lit. L. lit.) From pp genus or stock kin. genial -\~ measure. genii. -7/xi</Ha. F. popular a alteration of Late Gk. sprout. . L. Genital. (F. germ. (F. from genius see L. genttlis.). 180. see Genteel. F. Y. generative.) 210 . a measure see Metre. a O. Gk.bend. (F. stem of gemamiree well-bred.germen (stem germin-}. birth . genidhs. genital . pp. Genesis. I Genial. vigignere. ace. . Gk. * see genus. genedGhi. yfapyi^s.^^V. stem of (-/GEN. genii. decl. to beget.

Hind. But the word is imitative like allied to gjdsa (pt. uses ~je in fact.).geystr. of gerere. from Arab. suffix "ken where mod. S. specious trifle.) Der. infidel. ( ( ' > i . agorke (Sewel). Arab. a landing-place. 632. Fnesic. . ogurek. which is the frequentative of Origin unknown. Ghaut. A. \. allied to Cioth. from gerere (pp. (E.) boiled or clarified butter. get en. Gebensh. . of gtgas. Allied words are Ghastly. a fire-worshipper.) Short for origin cf. variant of Pers (F. Der. Ancrcn Kiwle. ness. terrible. teirified. of gesticulari. One sense of to gabble. <^Scand. Ghost. ivippe. angarak. a kind of ape. to mock. in Buffon of unknown origin. i. ghat. Russ gadate. n. pp. okurka. Pers. Bohem. Fuller has HL. cooking. geaunt. acto Littre*. E. of gerere (pp. geip. Giaour. A. gibdct. a gerund. . orig. (E. attacking suddenly. t. to ten if}. Gherkin. to M. E*t.) L. ) M. 57. F. Get. answers to mod. getst. we have Du. gawr.gctinn. gaitSee Ghost. gibbe. a gheikin (of gijbelen.) M. bring. geisa. L. to make gestures (L. geten. Giblets. ges-tus]. gictfan. from L. Norw. (Pers. L. L. of M. Du. -geten. Gibberish.) Of imitative Slav. cording lemoved befoie . (F -L. of gerere.) \^. Without the preserved in E. to blow . gesture. . gigantem. gestus. g .) The The pron. bent butter. guva. Diet p. gibet. F. gestus. Ghoul. gibbet. a giant.) allied to Icel.E.M.) Late L. L. F. L. (<^GES. prob F. ace. (F. pt. humped.GESTATION L. of gestus. to gush. gibbus. geyw. a Jew's harp (Mignard). (Hind. double Brngm.) M. gestiira. Du. a gibbet/ in Hexham 9 Gibbon. i. to rage (like fire). (Hind. dyyotipiov. Gibbous. a cucumber (Florio) Low L. t . Gk. Of uncertain origin. ogorka. -hcndcre (base //#/). geest. . Byzantine Gk. gat. *agurken ( agurk-ken). Iccl. which. pp. a water-melon. See Aghast. gibbet ^F. 4-A. p. Iccl. a cucumber Rich. and O F. Piob. to sneer. pp. humped (whence also a hunch gibbosc} l^gibbits^gibba. way btining up earth. A. anguria. Fiom pp. an infidel. m of the Levant (ByronV Pers. to geant. (F. agurkje. gigaitt-> stem ot gigas gestures. geatit. of gkr. peihaps a dimin. to mock. oigestdre.-Pers. because M. to gtgant-ic. the carrying of the young in the womb. Hind. mode of action. down to a river . L. i^GHwED. 196. gest-us). gcipa. . gibeltt. giant. Gk. gibble-gabble. allied to O. t. Brugm. to make mimic and to Goth. mountain-pass. a .-Q. obtain . ghol. and to the jargon of (pt. v. a gestiue. from M. a cairying. idle talk. uncertain. pt. i. us-gais-jan. used the dimin. a ghitwalj a demon of the woods. (F O. a spirit. Formed fiom M. perhaps gesticulate. unmeaning talk. Ghee.gvosf. gibe.) F. guva. small cucumber. G. an Arabian alchemist of the 8th century. gibbon. Iccl. cf. to terrify. form type *gat stoz. hump. (^Du. fiequent. Swed. an Ital. K. a water-melon. Fries. parts of is final n. Du. perform. ghrta. Jibe. . pt. L.-Gk. Oth.E. to gush See N. which an older foim was doubtless to talk nonsense. Gibe.- (E.E. gtuegoHe. an imaginaiy sylvan demon. a large stick. gtbeln. gesticulus. From clarified . Icel. gusher alchemy. gibet. that which is to be done or carried on . to tonify. (L. Norw geipa^ to make grimaces. usgaiyan. gerundium. gibct]. Note also Icel. E. an a^plaything. . Bengali ghat. Buigundian jibe. a kind of demon. Teut. t. gestation. -gitan cognate with 7/70? (stem 7<7ai'T-). \av^avttv (base x a ^)> to seize. Gibbet. h D. 816 (2) dimin. gerundus. to carry on. gestdL. giuegoue is. O. (L. the internal eatable a fowl. gauv^}.Y.gas/fy. pp.gat -pp. See Gush. .) M.E. gyva in allusion to Gebir. gasted. seize. hard separates it from the verb gibber. lit. ace.-Gk.) Giaour is spelling usual among the Franks Gewgaw. S. (E. gdst.gaus). angurius.) See Wilson. gestdtionem. t. 106. S. prehendcre.) gestation. gibbon us.Skt. F. quay. Geysir. a gibbet. E. GIBLETS Pol. a verbal adj.Du. Lear. pp. F. giant. Ital.) M. be-get. -Low . cucumber.E. to conjecture. the form augurken . gewgaw is a Jew's harp gawe. ' Or an implement for is gib-et a dimin. E. a gesture. Du. a soit of stick shod vuth iron. *agherkin. -gcft.) M. and allied to jabber. pp. i. . ghawl.) I'ormcily gugaw. Goth. to bring. and Camdcn Gebrish\ apparently dial. Giant. tus.) Pers.Skt. (Arab. geta. (perhaps) answering gahr^ a Gueber see Gueber.for-get. to cairy. (F. Du.) M. a melon. ogorek. 194. spelling. -getan. L. of O. cf. -f. to sprinkle. gastcn. E. ght. gost.

E gift.) M. F. G.+Icel. gal. a (s v. gold. A. Giggle. cf. a thread or silk lace.H. gel. a god cf.were omitted. m t ' ' . corruption of M. II. a kind of eagle. Gin (i ). 1 stewed rabbit.Y. L.gmmpe. Brugm.) gill . E. Prob. a trap. geiga. from L.-L/) M. gier. Yearn. (3. (L. engin. . ) E. a light carriage. ginger . L. give. gille. Fneb. tffrgavera. gtfan. Dan. E.) M.gella . (F. . geminus^ gift. S. . "52 (whence E. Fries. gibeiet\ Norman Ch Ho. M . a ravine. Low (E cf gaggle G.. lad . 759. caryophylhtm. gille.Gk. name per. gewd. to gild cf. F. gidi. which ?'inlet is the dimin. . Irish giolla. Late ^. S. gemelnuptials. ^ gylden. gilden. gfnevre. GINGER Gillyflower. E.+\jitf\\. See Guigtupure. gir. (F. E. to keep it horizontal. fcy*yi0pts. (Scand. luhus see July. a wanton woman. Jig.\ht same.Dm. Of unknown perhaps related to F. also called gemmoiv or gemmow-ring. a vultuie. of up. Iccl. to overlay with gold. gcraflour.) Icel. (Scand. of gigle. soft. (F.. a quarter of a pint. ongann^ pp ongunneti}. vmdla. insane. (Scand. ongm. pure. 0) to y) from gold.) Short for jumper. a servant. I)er gift-cd. See Gold. confused with F.gidig. See Wimble. god. Allied to G. G. ground-ivy. a twin. E. Cot. to turn or Prob. Gimmal-ring Gimp. appaiently a whirling thing Fame. a contrivance foi suspending a ship's compass.) M. boy. influence. Irish gingembre] giolla. (E. Tale. M.) Short Gill (4). Late See Engine. the same. Plowm. Swed. gmnan^ . See Give. Gin (2). n.G. to begin.E.zingibcr. cotton. Gift. gedy. . ^f The hard g is due to double. with g ME. Du gift. a kind of . a light robe. adj. gigge. Swed.gialle. ' .) gimbelet) a gimlet or picrcei In Shak. Y. ?) Dmiin.^v//.a streamer bee Wimple. gille. a boy. dial. Gild. (F. snare. wendel-bohrer^ a take a wrong direction. Gin CB). Gill Gill (2). and F ) The hist syllable is from Du.O. jilt. 1731. ongm cf.Skt.) . commonly on-ginnan (pt. a vulture.E. to wind Cf. see Giant.-Gk. a twin. Giglct. Gig.-Teut. G. a gin. (E. mod.yifi. L. for geneva. L. to titter. gil. tcapvo-v. /capv6<pv\\ov. 376. origin . ' . formed from a base wind-.lus. vindill. to gemcaii) and O. a nun's wimple. E..F. lit. (F. to wind cf. guinbkt. galle. L. a clove A S. G. gadromllette] Pergigge. of Scand. A. flirtGinger. A. (F. 1 . gibier. a gig is a boy's top M. t. Q.atinised from Gk. page. gier-ig.vessel. v. mniperum\ sec JuniGiliian. (E ) Obsolete often needlessly wntten 'gin> as though be. G. to S'Pgte.?t'/Av/W. used by from M. gill or gill-flirt. giihelti. L. (E. a wine. (f)v\\ov. light boat. A. clou de Late L. M. gyldan. kiJiern. with^. Fi om l.GIDDY gibelotte. Gimbals. (Danneili. due to L.) Of imitative Gier-eagle. Prob. S. vol. S. to begin. nut-leaf. ivimple\ a fillet for the head. G. 01 wool. a pitcher. S. du -ginnati. A. gengibre (F. The forms gema gift (rare) common the pi. S. (F. G. giroflte^ Giddy. Late l^. H. Norw. E.& ghyll M.) . F. Skt. organ of respiration in fishes. Gk. sort of wine-measure. a goddess. lu'liana a fern. of imitative origin. a ' Formerly gilofer. . whirligig). late A. a double ring. geuet e (-gingevere}. Scand. chasm. M. . a dimin. (C. gyden. O. made of twisted silk. H. .soft. O.gwgiber. (Du. G.A. foiin of L. mow and ginimal correspond to M. . ravine . gil.. u (>A. ^. trimming. dbto guimple (see index to Cotgiave. L. haps allied to Gig or Giggle. a kind of spirit. and to E. S . From F.) ' flower. geier. ginger. Also in the comp. F. Gill (1). s. Giglot. . ace. Cotgrave . E. guimbclct. game. ed. Gimlet. ginnen. M. a dowry). mutation from Teut. the root of a certain plant. Note also Icel.) Gael. to love at landom. which would mean possessed by gtrq/!e. see Gimbals. leaf.-L. flirt. wimble. Formed (by confusion withyftwtr) from M. gtggdn Cf. . . a contrivance. Gigantic . a wisp.) See Bailey's Diet. . gelle. M O .Late L. (E. in. a woman's name. short for M. Gk.gfft with two or more links. i. *gydig. gifta. gitto.) Formerly gim wa/s . origin .' . Formed (with vowelgolden. -gift (in mit. F. Of M. "Des. ginnati. K M . . a nut tree. gift. Godefroy (F. ginGillie. Gimblet. wimpal. cf. Named from a resemblance to some kind of wimple. answering to earlier a gilloflower Cot. to begin. greedy.

to \glabcr. ( j A Glacial. Gladiator. Y. (F. L. jttgier. }'af(S ). girth M. gentium. Arab zc I give. foim from Teut Allied to N. lacere. Iccl.-L. giraffe Cf O. (F. Russ. a kind of cotton cloth. Skt. O. Garden. a dimin. L. ^^ tes. Gingerly. gtsiM}. \\ hich 1^ girds. the white of an egg. gla diator. Gittern . gigena j gytRa. a child.) Savoy word \ F glace. gmngan. glac tal. pp. icy. shining. yeuen (Southern) pt.S. 213 . lit.' Folk-L.) a girdle. a triangular piece. cheerful. a depreciatory term gnl (Sandeis. Dimin. Goth. gladiolus. to beget. gtonte. Fries. the pith of a matter. (Diez. only in juisier (F. whence the proverb 'c'est la que gtt le lievre.) From the adj. t gaf (N. F. Scott). gldbr. gff). G. .-).-L. Girdle. cooked 'J ate pi. L. to covei with ice. to gird. F. L g\zcna]. to be. that . fine. gtfva -fA S. see Glad. (O. gitrle. a sword. Schade. *gerda9?. gairda. geven\ {jotCb. glacier (a icy. ice. bright. (F. with soft steps. Radius.- .. Dan. light.) grade of Teut.) gonal line from the top corner to the centre. G. M. gltfdi Cf. j a mountain ice-field. smooth. i'0n/-f Goth. iacet^ See Jet (i). jest at. (Scand. glatt. mean child.gebcn. II. more delicate. giff (Northern).' that is where the difficulty m. glad. F. L gfafar. sarcasm Tarn. (E.) Icel. Teut. delicate (with soft g}. a swoid see Gladiator. even. Gingle . L. ice. smooth. clara out. gcrun. gingham. Javanese gmggang. polished. Du got den Icel. gefa. E gndcn. \>\>. Malay. soft. F. Malay and getten. E. O G. often gordcl. glacier. L. Glair. To gnd at-\r> strike at. giser (the \d being added) ( ). cognate with A. bigairdan.' from the horns on it.D ) Gingham. the eighth of L. Gird (T). S gyrdan.) M. to lie L. gleyre. ' GLAIR the waist. gurdian. Gladen. giron. glad.) The gist is the point wherein the matter hes. a horn vera. . giants. pp of lit.-L. bind round. Span. i 589. verb gesir (now #. to gird. . A. frit .(pt t *gard). gor. j From L. a lance. cf. form *gyrel-.E. fa. of clarui. type *gurdjan-\ troni *#v/. G. and Yard. youen (S. made by drawing a diaGlade. born. a gii-d is a cut. (L) ghtdene\ altered from L. gifan. F.) L. f Du. type * M. O. delicate. pwudaioi-w. Teut. II. Dan.gifen (N. Giraffe. F. Diet/ M. to gird glacis. Cf. Gipsy. sense was prob. a giron (Little). Icel.rf-. weak Glabrous. P. to enclose.). (F. stem enclose . L. . to begird. Giron. Sax. smooth see Glabrous Glad. AS a plant . noble ong. bright. . E ) use ol M. cut. a gore or gusset in a garment. Gist. See Gird (i).S gfad. *ginger. the white of an egg. clara.S. gcre. entrails of poultry. frfiga.S gynlan. gifen Du. II. a body. bright Late L. girdcn. ~ F. the same as Jingle.-O. ice. give. genzor.-L.) slope. glairc.S. v. Teut. dial.E. gurden.^r/ar/a. . giro . Swed.) M. striped cloth. go* del.) ustd to seeGird(i) Swed. E. an open space in a wood. fern.) Malay ging- gang. (N E. M. (F. TA. (E M E garden. (F. girafe]. pt. Swed. L) F. L. (F. striped (C. the same as Gypsy. spear. of wellgent. Idg. Shrew. for L. smooth gladfai. E. S gyi del. ace &{ gno. gladuts. Brugm. g/ad. Give. to strike.GINGERLY horn-shaped. gyrbill. see Cithern. I take. born (well-born). a swoid-lily. m heraldry. G. i ' . ^guiil-. smooth. a *gHtLow G. *gentum. (Scand. a long-legged animal. ' that's where the hare lies From the F. gurtcn. Apparently adapted from O. t. i N t Gizzard. (j. an opening for and fiom the centre horizontally towards from A. ace of gcnitns. Dan. gcaf. "~ ^^ (above). A. glacer. gignere. comp. bright. . (E. (E) . F. a Answcimg to an A. . 58.) G . bright. \ytucn. type *gerda. Y. it lies. ! Teut base girl. gist mod. gar. a girdle. Gyron. *gladh-ro- Allied to Garth. completely open. t. Swiss for a Gladden. ji be. zanifa(f}. 2. Gcr. C). -f O. gezur. Dan G. giban. . eculiar Gird ( 2\ to jest at. The ong.) M. ( (I ) A ' tolk-L. gnrrh. L. pt. (F. Cf. passage through a \\ood the same side a right-angled triangle. *geban-. H.) Girth. smooth (L. boy'. ' .gist L. a spear. qitrn'. a su o rd sma n ( L.A. (F. smooth \gtacis. a get (F. gore. j j. gor. See Gore (2). F. said of a lake whence the ice has all melted away. spear. gigenum. shining. girth round glad-yppen. Arab) Span. gensor. part of a shield.

Cognate with Du. . S. 561) cf. glimmer. gly. Of unknown Dan. O We . . to glide. A M. A. t Low G.) graze.) M E. (below). also spelt ghchcque dula. see Glede (E ) Gleed. Allied Gleam. A (where e is from J. glitter. . G. pi. Gleek (2). ' glas. ' sword. brightness a glow-worm (from base *gleim-').Low G. M.) ofte ongelijk spelen. to glimpse . sb. Glee. II G. Glass. ' . Swed. . warm. M. t glood. glibbcrig. cf.. ghjden. Swed glimma. to flash. a narrow valley. dial glimmer. its S. soil.9 prov. L. Du. The A. an acorn. a gland. glan. glandre glande. Dan. away. (C. sense prob. x^ ^ ( -a/0<>s. A. a handful. vowel-change). a game at cards . slippery . ice See Naies. S. Teut type *gleidan-. Cf. to provide handfuls of straw (for *ghmu}. glenen. S Teut.. (F. G.. F. still found in Swed. gled Glamour Glide. M. to glean L. ghe-. glar. gletia (the same). pdXavos. to glide off or from. to shine. gladness . to glow. O. The sb. L. to weak grade A. a clod of earth. gliden.see Gleam. glider.O Sax. slip.) A. ( % Brugm.. pt. . dial. glita t to shine. Glib (3). to slip Icel. S.O. glance. glid-. mirth. a gland &tem ghc. voluble. slippery. . a kite. E. to Gk. glod. glacier. glide. . Ficquent. E. from smooth flight. y\av(E. S. M. t. the F. gleo. 633. Dan glar^ Icel. -f. glim. ?? glace. Gk Brugm. + Glen. clib. an acorn. glance.) shine . E. . a sword.L. ^f Hexham has 9 . Glebe. 7 a J es *Cf. a beam of light. Glib smooth. by A. ghbbcrcn^ to (i). joy. yelm. Du lubben. . F . glena. A. Cot L gleba^ soil. gelima. F. . See Nares. M. E gii(E ) mercn -f.) M. pt. lance. GlaHG6 f a swift dart of light.O. Cf. grayish blue. a %leek meant three cards alike (as three secreting fluid.) Irish and Ir. -lijk. (F. 214 . W Gael. glandres. is from L. a bird so called. 2. glimo. glanders. Low L. to play at even or odds. E x*^ Gleek (i). See Glint . (E. *glaid. cf. glebe. Du. to shine brightly.) earlier gllu. to shine. glendre A D. ge-. alike. to glow. E. amber. Low glimmer. E. lit. whence Swed. shin- slide Du. Swed. to Glaze. glenten. F. Du. glas. glimre. (2). of gladius. 665 glandular swellings. a sword.) Irish gleann. F. glas ' Glass.Gk Glib ) ghb also Gk. glaren. See Left. Cf. nasalised form (influenced the verb. G. M. will not account for weak grade of *gleim. prefix ( A S. formed with suffix -s. Orig. S. music. glciten. GLINT M. geGoth ga^)\ M. + Glimmer. (F. the same. also find the form ^f glimpse. to shine Dan. with suffix -ous. to glenten. -f" Icel. S. quick look . a valley. by M. glinta. a glance. a scoff. -lijck. joy. to shp. L. also spelt gte we. cognate with E. and glyn.kings). dial. glinto. ^F. pi. cf.Q gleame (Levins).GLAIVE Glaive. (F. glener glaner (F. M. glen. Swed. gihn. a a sword . glans gelijk (E. glass Glare. pp. singing. Peihaps allied to Glass. glenten answers to the causal form of the strong "$e\\> ghnta. I^. a lock of hair. (E. mockery. of glldan. nasalised from Icel. to shine. gticm O. E. . in which L) M. -f-Gk. glee. ge-. glaive. from L. . a glowing coal. of glans M. form. gland-}. glowan. land belonging to a parsonage Glint. gl&r. O Irish glenn . glitter. (E. Fries. Swed. ace.Du ) O. swollen glands (above). jest. splendour ready for a thatcher. bluish. F. glaive. M.) For\. (E ) glippen. to glide Cf. with E. E. (F. glidan. *ghdanoz verb. Prob. glacer. Low glaren. a handful. Du.) The same as A. i. (Godefroy) dialects (Rietz). ' glebe. sb.. glass glass prefix. F and F. gleimo. Dan glat . glaner). ing See above. glida. Swed. gleomu origin from *glim. + Du. Celtic type *glennos. V>Vi. vb. .gladiutn. gelijck. S.-f-Du ghbberig. A. lubbcn. ghppen. Lat. Icel. of gehna.from *gltm (above). Dan. a kite. hke see Like. to glance) of O.) A. see G-ramarye. Swed. E. a game at cards. giant a. frequent of glimmen. vb. A S. glimsen. a slight gleam. tiate. S. with prefixed ^Gael. ghmme. a lock of hair. S. (E. . see Glow.) glandulas. Glean. (Scand ) M. furnish . (L. glede. glascn. a fleshy organ in the body. ( (F ) M See Glimmer. dial. gler. merly glimse M. (E. type *glainnz. . gler. a particulai use of Gleek (2\ Gland. dimiu. a common lib. and (2). as a verb. L. E. gtes. glauc-us KOS. Cf. to cas- . glass. ace.) see ' gleaming. to castrate. Du ge-. (E ) A. glida.. E. F. Glede U. (C. gly. Glide. see Glacial. glimmern. i. F. (F. \ GlauCOUS.

to look gloomy. to glitter.) Y glycerine from Gk. to Gloaming. glisien. M. to II.-A.-L. sticky. K glose.gfasttrium.} Coined from glosso-. Cf. to cieak . dusk A. relating lo carving in stone. gnyrran. ghtia. (E. Gk. extended from glowan. O. lofi. gtutta. Icel. S. E. glonius. . is nlhed to glare. stem of glomus. to staie. glottttr. Allied to Clay. ghtttire^ to swallow . a sullen look. Dan.) O. Cf. . Gloom. \ .(for ge-\ prefix. stare. a husk h nil . . gloeren. glommen. F. glue ghtta to grin. y\wo-(ra. 7X010?. glutdnem.) A L glowermi'ratc. glywa. gliadict\e\ to look at. Du. 639. Kuss. (F. glutti. Swed. gluhen. to snarl. glotir. (L. Gk. gloscn. lustre.). gfys. 156. flatter. \v/fpus. + Der. g?otJen.) O. icfen-glommung. L. (F. to look sullen. S rum Glume. Swed glutcm^ ace.) A. g/ummen. gluey. (E. gloumcn. . gluren. y\waaa. . Glow. (E) Formerly glote (XVI cent. E Du.L. g/os. to shine.) A. a ball. a ball 01 clew of yarn See Globe. (E. Du gluren. a glossary. G. lo peep . 7\& rra.E. . know en.) Fiequentative of gnat'y to snarl. mud. glossa. - - - - M . lustre . growl. i. a sparkle Der.gfinzen. E. glntire t to devour. S. E. gloton. (E. glis term. E. Prom glit-munjaiii to glitter.+M. Du. glossary. S. . Brugm. out. - word requn ing explanation. ) L. smile scornfully . glossa. knurre^ to growl. gliteren. Dan. cf. Possibly from g. L. gluten. Der. (E. ace. the tin oat Der. Gk. glotta. A. of gifts (gen. See Gloom. (F. L. i. from Cik.H.. an imitative in O. gloeijen. sweet. Dan. ^low. Glutinous. a commentary.) M. Sax. fur *glomcs. G.) E. in grasses. finciy. gloft a glove . to glow. (F. glmnen. glow of eve Gloze. yXviTTiKos. Cf. to Icel gloa.glitter. gloren. lofa. g/uutti.E. Fium pp M. -f-Gk. the time of becoming stare. tui bid. Du. - Glisten. . to glow Noiw. gldrta GloSS v 1 ). Fries ghren. 'L. M. Svrz&. bonowed from A. L. F. S. to inteipret.G. . Der. overcast. Gk. glue. gloton. See Cleave (i). to make turbid Norw. the tongue. E. A. L. (Gk. to hollow y\virr6s. and Glum.) Extended from base glis. also We also find M. M. ^pi-glottis. S. ace a glutton. Glycerine.L. Low G. (E.) O I- . A S. the tongue. G1OSS (2). of glita. 7\wms. to + t A . prob. 16. a language. gbc. glistren. from Gk.F. gliimcn.^vfaa. M. as if fiom A. taste. (Scand. dial. See Glow. gluttonem. to .GLISTEN GNARL mouth of the windpipe. a bracteal covering. to look sullen. whence Cf. gliit Tie. gtorcn ^Fianck). E. a ball cf. dial. glisa. a difficult Glutton. CF -L^ M. to stare. to peel. Files. glose. -f-Norw. globe . glofi. to write. V/*/-. . -f-Du. glo*s-a (above) glossogTapher. glum. glitter. sweet Glyptic.. (E.) Icel.' HexScot ham . take of! the husk.) M. Glister. ghnsteren. (E. knave. glisian . y\v<f>iv. dial. gloma. foi gluten. to shine. . to glitter glitter. frequent. to shine brightly. Attic form of yKwo-ffa. Fries. glu. a gloss see Gloss (2). E. to cieak. F. glyma. look. glowen.^vfosj*. (Gk. . gaze with admiration. to shine M.E.Late collect into a ball. .-Gk. (Gk. and Icel. E. explanation. t . globum. glose.) M. to glow. to swallow Glory. . gloumen. carving. ( and prov. glisnian. gfatfon. him a. G. L L.E. Goth. Goth. Cf. F. See greedily. engiave. sullen. Q F. glede (2). ghttra. glotzen. See Cleave (F.. (i). to shine Swed glo. vb. g/oss. to glint. room from . git tan. gliibere. S glitinian> to shine. a viscid fluid. Gk. gloze. word needing explanation.) . -f Icel. glof. glue. (E.E.glindra. Glomerate. Brugm. glfttis). gloi> e). gula. -fLow G. weak grade of *glett. to lower. L glosen. the snarl. an overcast sk} Low G. E. to make glosses. Glower. A. the palm of the hand. of sweet (V -Gk. Gloat. gluren.) 'a glosse. Hymn. glitian. S. + M. gum. to glitter Swed. 1 foimed with suffix -armm fiom L. to look frownmgly. Fries. Globe. carved. twilight. Gk. ^f M. fox-glove. glottis. Glove. 16. glutus^ tenacious. - allied to L. yXvicvs. *glumian tl. gnatren. Glue.' Cot -L.) Gk.of to shine. Glut. Glitter. (L) ghttin-. a haid word. cf. O.gteissen. a blaze.L. G. glorie (F.) glow ben. to be ardent. vtglolms. Surtees.) word for even-glow. i Gnarl. glymc^ a sullen Glum. S. Swed. clue (F. See Glitter.-L. 'to look awry. to stare. E ^r/r. shine Icel. (L. to leare. sb. M. Gk. to 215 .

to devour see Gobbet. in S. (Gk. O.Named fiom Giles Gobelin.) FreG gneiss fi om quentative. a vat see the index of a dial. goon.) cup. C. properly . Icel gneisti. l j . M.) Gk.) Gobelin. -C. cof-godas. an interpreter a cup. Swed. gd-. (E) U.' Cot. pt t. O. (E ) S gnagan. gnat. mouth Irish gob.S. . of gnar or knar. eti\ cf. Idg. tz. gad. -/I.) O. mouth. G. Goby. (E) G. tween the teeth) Dan. Icel. yvajpcw. F. and takes shipped/ a pp. gncett.guagen^lhi. 216 . one to whom sacri' . is. to gnash. base weapons. Gk. gtl'fatt. Gk.conjugation^ the fice is offered. goae^ Swed. gnostic. Icel kofi.gut/i. S. ace. gnoh.) Found Gnu. applied to the gudgeon. . citfa. E. aorist to woiship. knotty. hadus. to GOD know. a Goblet. cf A.' is full of gnarls. to bill. whence huta-. M. a gnome a word due to Para. root the place of Idg. ^\ (the Goth. gnomon. gudgeon. (F.ha^> no old primi. Icel. gnata. Swed gud. woi ry. to clash. See Cove. 'gobelin. Gnash. Goth. N . a French tapestry. G. S. to impede. in Lat. . (E. gnaga. cf. clash of G. to sacrifice . G. gei~rr. E. gnisen. Uvai . Goat. a small piece. ( (Kluge). G . . as in Skt. yrwvai. with suffix -/t' } from O. E. Gk. tyj>e *guthom Idg.K. a kind of antelope. E. type *gatda. II. A. cofa. -|. Low L gobelimis. emi.S wed. cfyu. F. Cf. C).GNARLED creak . ^W. knorra.F. to gnash Teut.gan. a rock its O. to supposition arises that Teut *gaim. have G. to crackle an impediment whence A. -f" A. geit. H. ^[ Not allied to good. gnasttrn. whence prov. ' . gaits. Swed. (F. knarren. gobble Uj. from the base *gat-. gnesta (pt. vF. A.) For l*. (F. M. a spark. (. Since Teut. of cupcllus^ L. to know. Gnat. Without the g. gnauen. ) Gneiss. eshi. H. gehen gudgeon.) M. Imitative so aUo Dan. Gk. a kind of sprite. knasc. S. E. yvojGTiKus. Swed. gneista. cupelluin. <f[ The Teut. E. gnasten. S. *gais. ge-} supplanted gu. a knot in But this is mere conjecture wood. Go. Low G. ong. (E. G.) . Dimm. to know. (one who knows) " . f. See Knurr. pi ob. gnasf]. gei*s gcisse Goth. a a hut. Late L. Icel. Africa. t. Said to be may have meant stopping-place/ named from the whirring of the wings. Icel. O. M . yvunai. gnastan. F gobet* a morsel of food (see Littre) . known. knastta. ire. wool-d)er of celsus. gob^ beak.) A. G. sb. E.^vw. hut a dimm. S. a spear. to devoui. Shoreham. to go. knaga. S. a mouthful. gob. to make a gabbling noise. a fish L . one of a certain sect.-f Dti geit. Irish gai. a kind of fish. (E. advance. /iu. pt. H. gnave. from yvwros. kobel. ^gud. O. Gael. knagcn. Skt.+Du god.-G. A M t . in the i6th cent. (to). Icel. get. to gnash.( God. twisted. Dan. ktiaske. nagga. mod.gen. form from Idg.) goblet.. kobe. Gk. Gk. ' | t . i. S. nage. Gobble (2). *gaitk are contracted from the verbal Gnarled. *gait. gneiv. sparkle. gncistan.) Gnarled particle ga. see Gore (2). whence also A. to ^naw. Fries. ' a ' household-god 1 penatcs/ of M. yvuo-Tos. gobel. j . growl. reveal secret treasures Gk.Gk. of O. . G.rj. code still and as it iddja remains). gnome.^w/. the winning-post in a race.allied to L. Goad. Goal Icel gnlsta.*ghai-. a gnashing. (K ) Imitative a variant of gabble. Idg.) A. Goal.gdbiu$. Picard gobe. to devour. Coop. F. to gnaw. Dan.L. j ' Gk. (E. Teut. ged Swed. wise./<?w<w. a stall. E t nes. the teeth. tench. adj. Goblin. to crash (be. Gnome. to crack Answering * to A. cognate with S. a gence.) F. where gnar-l is a dimm. Gt. t. . a goblin . S. naga. . inflected after the -mi. S. A.type *ghutom perhaps the being wortive noun-derivatives in Teut.K. Gk /w/3tos. intelliF. of L. E gnawen. gnow.-f-Du. a small piece. gndstern. beak. to gob-er. gober. . 145. a spark.^/. got. gai. to gnash. Dan.+Lombardic gaida. gd-r t Icel. nagen also Dan. (E ) M. 'P. pp. gobelet. gode. S. we allied to M. See Supplement. E gobct. p. . .A. knarre. ' t Gnaw.goot. A. Gobbet. knurren. 11 G. to move about. . ( Hottentot. dimm.-L. A. yvwp. sparkling. Gk. knasfern. a gore (Due. ga\ G. from the notion that gnomes could Pans.gott. Kluge. *gal. chamber gaan^ Dan. nag. to creak. S gnast. (E. Icel. Gk yviavcu. good at knowing. Teut. Der.) Said to belong to the Hottentot language. ith Skt. a gulp (in swallowing".and the inherited im. index of a dial (L. proceed.) ^ M. (^GEN. to crackle. gon. a great cup. O.

. a of the house. goed. fano (G. A. Swcd. for ^ Not buy you peated). gild.) *gunth}. goose -grass. battle. &c.) M. origin.) A. bolt. mace. (I)iez). gooseberries fultaka-. haung rolling and M. Gonfalon. type in Savoy. see Good. Goodbye.e. G. from gog to move Hut gog seems to slightly. was bonowed fiom M II.E. also goahod. father in baptism (E. (E. . butt-end. Allied to Russ. suffix?) M.) (lengthened o caused loss of it. a good wight. M. colour.Pers. godhcd. Gonfanon. an eaithen vessel. . see Gather. mistress of the * ' ' ' the gong. . Icel. (E. from god and fader E. ges (E. mart-gold. Apparently from O. knob .) Origin un. adding the O. the old form of farewell . Icel. cranberry.K. Pers handft. gnltur. gund. c. 9 : . . frizzled. G. Gong. butt-end of a weapon. Gk. git It h. gull. a bird. game played \\ ith club and ball. common. n In Levins. esp. F. Late L. The . be by you\ the form God re- Goodman Goose. god. gmfanon. type *gul-th om. i. . a gooseberry. to plait or crimp ^uitable. a kind cf. Der. coggle. Goffer. from kttts. a game. kolfr. clapper of a bell. 1 house. H. hanisa. E. *groisc or spelling groisek kolbe. S. H. dimin. a swan O. Golf. Cf.E. god. Idg. H.) M. Gauffer. gaas. Bavar. A \sugood-man. &c. eye.) Goth. F. wafer . and sut I. M. hiranya-. gu$ (for goadesse (godesse}. cf. a boat. but also K all a club used to strike balls with Low + bonowed fiom M. G. fit strong grade of *gadand birds). G. ktttf. hockey-stick. throat. gogs hut leach. Gooseberry. hau. the same. a gooseberry. ^F. Swecl. gods.' -M. form groisek. A. culling.Goth. goggle-eyed. gauf. Swed. G. the suffix answers to A. battle-flag.S.) M. (E. type *godoz\ ture (wiht being often applied to animals from *gd(/~.. From goose and berty. ktusbar. cf. good wife. godr. i. fit season. (Ital. + throat . Skt. F. G gans. (E. kofo. a sonorous instrument. not recorded. S. .\F. Skt. godfader. but meaningless. A. gold. often \\ntten God b'wy. battle.-L . also Pers. (E. cf. name as ttna crispa (frizzled 217 . god wiht. Here gunt is cognate with A. G. See "Wight. Godwit. V^. kolf. to }<ano is allied to Vane. zarattya-. shaft. Made from god by godfather. gunt. crisped. G. . see Wafer. type *ghzl-tom a We also find North. The name was first given to the rougher kinds of the fruit. *gans cf. Zend K. *grotse. type *gtt1trionem. Du a gooseberry. a club Dan kolbe. (Malay. and gos = a bird. F. Cf. (F. of gonda. flag. Dan. . Irish and Gael. &c. Skt.GODDESS goddess. gold hzsgrozet. gonfanon. kill. gundfano. kolf. from the shape KWOV. chmin. godnuii. L. (DiO *grose. had. S. goffre. steady. F. F. zar. E. I. anser.M. to goffer edges of wafers. n T 457 The name is from that of a (Jam. to be unt . Russ zoloto. Can it mean good creature ? Du. but occurring not only in the O. similaily.) . Dan. a rough gooseberry. having wandering eyes. E. Goggle-eyed. gtit. .S. + Du goMd(fa gets. whence G krausbecre* a . type *ghans~ from L.-M. dignity. goition. from the curling hairs on it. fa/me). GOOSEBERRY = banner. state. Irish Gold. Teut. with F. G. . Tent. F. < . S.+ known. Der (y'GHEL. *g'ost Golosh the same as Oaloche Gondola. Idg. grosck. is as old as the I3th and answers to the century (JSartsch^ form crowla in the dialect of Como (Monti\ P The ong.Gk. kylfa. contraction of God be with you. Allied to Yellow. club. -issa -tffffa). suffix -esse (==L.) Du. grosers. lace. Gk. a gooseberry. be from E and of imitative origin Cf. gold]. a drinking-vessel Said to be oi Pers. godti. gos. ciisp. goitre. Levins gives the Lat. God Cod be-with-you you (you . good crea. gold. O. ?) gondola. a banner. O. war cf. ace. (K.good-s. of grape). H. cuiled. a swan Lith gss. Teut. F. pi.-O Low G. < lit. very farewell. Named from its a goosebeny. a swelled Du gans. . Descr of Ireland. xfiv\ Skt. office. gogil-eyid. a goose. Swed.^7////. prov. gauffre. c good things. (E. Swecl gas Icel gas. Goitre. see -hood (suffix). G.<l&. F.f. ^A/. M. . master frer. godhead.) Malay agong or gog.) A familiar. Hohnshed. from (). property ong to mark like the goodwill. O Slav. ) *gons *gans). sb pi. .Good. gagfln. Ital. Gk.. I eel.) Mentioned A. arrow. Dan. 'They staring eyes ' gogle with their eyes hither and thither .

Skt. M. a spear-point (with the usual change Nov. gossamer. fearful. 218 .) Only Goshawk. gote. . to bristle. Ir. lit. gorgeous. Gorgon. relationship. G. a whirlpool. ) down the head. Martin's summer geese were eaten on . sibja. armour for the throat. G.) Now a crony formerly a sponsor in baptism. a spear. go- fiom d to long o) summer the throat. goose-summer-film. S. L. see above. gore . gorga th oat variant of L. Irish gai. gossomer. G. A. or to make ' M. dirt-fIcel gor. we say. So also Swed. A. a (Icel. Alexander cut the knot. Gore (3). M . lit ger) allied is from to Gaulish Teut. projectfrom %dt a dart. Northumb.. lE. Gorgo. Formerly gorst. AfriAn old word revived. F. a monster. filth. sippen. .e. G. O. fi om geirr. E. E. filth. Gordian.) . sib. G. lit. November) 1 1 during St. near the end. God. gurges. m goose. t L. E. as distinguished from go<5-=. se rengorger. The A. clotted blood. ' Formed from A. E. as some do in pride. ^. a stoiy of God. dirt. e. * . (O. the life of Christ. H. (F. The prov. gargara-. (F. sibbo.gorgias. related.GOPHER Gopher. S.e. gore-crow ' carrion-crow. gor. goise. hence (in Late L ) the gullet. . der allwcibersommer. and applied the suffix -I-ing. god^ related in god/ their faces look the fuller . Cf. bridle it. sense of 'summer-film. with double dimin. goor\ H.) See Gore . godspcll. (F. trusty.' i. sommertt&d.* goose kafuc. S goshafuc. E. from sabhd. Named from the shape. in the phr. M. S. II. F. affinity. i . some creatuies can. gar. and into Germany as O. S. -Gk. to hold or gossummer. filth. M. gorge throat (above). gos). goose-hawk. from gar. gore. S. i. gore ] Gossamer.e. Du. Gk.) L. gossib. name Named (early (in Craven) is summer-goose. gorgeous . i. L. also neck. gorget. fl. An oracle declared that whogosling. the same. gullet. 567. S. Lowl. having a fat belly. or thrust the chin into the Gossip. ' (E. Brugm.. Lai e L.") undid it should reign over Asia. gurgulio. L. (E. a ing piece of land spear-point. Christ spell. a tiiangular slip of land. In the Periplus of Hanno. a wedge. from the time of yeai when it is O. life of Christ. . Lit. e. S. gorst. god Gospel. most seen. gorgias also meant a gorget appear that summer is here used in the ' the sense of gorgeous was orig. zomerdraden. gosesomcr. [So also Icel. also Also called summer-colt (Whitby) summer-gauze. Named from the Phrygian king Gordius (FopSios). O. gar geer. L. i e good . a narrow pass. (E. (L. E. Gorbellied. gotspell (where got god. gehre.) GorgOU. a triangular piece let into a garment. narrative Lit. (i). gusset. gor. gos. Swed. Maiden-summer. A. and balg.2). (popular variant). a spear '.' Cot. proud. pi. hrsh. yopyos. to pierce. gopher. 124 (4). gossamer ~from the swelling of the throat in pride. garbalg. are described which the interpieters called Gorillas in Greek. (E. belly. (L. assembly. (E) It for- gospel. ' ' Gormandise Gorse. lit. contents of the intestines. allied to Goth. which also the old women's summer means St. gore.] It would . sabhya-. + O. type *gaizoz. to godsib. Swed. relatives.summer' M. The O. Skt. a gore. goose (M. good). a javelin. [But . gusset.) Cf. A. Topyfa. the intestines) dial. +Skt. Martin's summer. Sc. gorcrow. '. god. who tied Gk. (Heb. gorge . in whirlpool. a Gorge. arid showy. fit for an From gorge. Cf. G.) Heb. (E) From A S. Gore U). ever oracle to himself. from O.) E. * . (E ) k. (E.) I. Gordian knot. Cf. yopi\\as. summer -threads). from its voracity Cf. S. a triangular slip of land. ^j?r. it is also called madchensommer. as N distinguished from . formerly.' Hence the derivation is from god.) Compounded of E. O Gore spell. < gem.' so t\wA. the Gorgon. . a fat paunch.dnt. an assembly. Martinmas. viz. a translation of Gk. Du.Du M. ) OF. splendid. . hawk. GOSSIP Gk. Gorilla. Origin uncertain. (E) A. (Better spelt gossomer Cotgrave gives F. spell. F. gciri. dirt (also and belly. (E. gaesum. guot. but soon altered to godspell\ tvayyc\iov for the E. see Gourmand. f" Orig. gdra. intricate knot. a wood. kinsmen.' i. merly meant filth. fierce. sommerfaden (lit. a kind of wood. A. gos. a kind of large ape.good}. word was early introduced into Iceland in the form gubspjall (where guft= god. throat. j. it. G. garg. i. sippe.

. 524.) GRAMERCY a hollow-bladed chisel. . gonnc. gradient-. grabba.) M. Late L.) Grace. goute. ) \\. a loose robe.-Gk. graduare.) Cf. gressus].-L.gradu-s. and due to confusion with graffed. grabbelen. Manx goon. see (i) Grammar. Gk. to steer. see Crater.) F. grabh. gouhourde and cougotirde (Cot. in. (C. Gout (2). fine i. 707. a gradual.O. i * cuckoo. (F.) Ong. a gourd. of Late Gotird. a daisy. i. a sei vice-book. (VGHREDH. San% Real (JRoyal Blood. See Garb (2). guul. . (F. formerly L. go. bs. equivalent to L. skill in grammar.) Late L. grabbehn. sb. mand. grace. Gael. Gowan.GOUGE Gouge. to walk. Gascon goujo. to grasp. gradual or meaning (i) gramarye or grammar. E. to seize (E. tiat-tts.) _ O. 7.favoui.Irish at. stilts. p.grae!. (F. (Scancl.). gouge.") F. in gradibns. taste see Gust (2). F. one who has taken a degree pp. gray I. a gram. L Gk. to mean Real Blood). gratns. from Late L. a flat dish. graft. F. *gobia. F. L. step. . L. also a (for gourmand-isc]. Late L. on the steps (of the F. Flies. great thanks 8964 Grand and Mercy. Gk. E. Dan.) t Icel. (F. F. advance. gonnc is Gaulish] StokesFick. . ypato defluxion of humours. gnberndre. simpleton E. I eel gulr. A gradus. *gubiay only recorded in the form guvia choir). Swed. gour. (Piez. wading birds L. F graal. 632.) a degiee L.+G gauch. 12.L. L. O. grammar. (L. pleasing. and Zend grab. Bellay. cucurbtta. a glutton. degree. Cf. Kvfitpvai'. gutta. Ill. to slender. Norw. F. Corn. stilts. gralldtor^ a vsalker on L. . L. corn marigold change from San Greal (Holy Dish") to Named from the colour. gun. to dudle sec gradual. goiter. grcle\ thin. gustns. gradudle.. Grade. E. a glutton. gradualis. has pp. sb. goiite. 'L. a degice. are from E. thanks. F. m. goutte. ' ' . Graft. Litlu kumbnti. Q. and O.) M. gradient. gician. rule Grail (2). to insert buds on a stem.) Supper.) .^-ra//^ (for *gradfa}.) North. bteer a ship. taste. graff Cot. M O. L. E. gaukt . cratert a bowl . corn. (Scand. L. L. F. a step. Cf. grammar gramaiie. Govern. . degree. gormandise 127. sliangely taken . term applied to Grallatory. Shak. Der. 2X1. E was very eaily falsified by an easy gowfan. a bowl'. only in neut. gradate. Chaucer. (2) is O. nen Gk. gubia). E. pt. unknown. Gramarye. L. a O. K (3 i.) grade. gout. Gown. (2) magic. graislc. Ital. to steer. small. ^pcuptiv. L. L. (F. gramaire. 4. a bo\\l. Gk. of gracilis. granum. and in E. <piov. Gout (i).) sand. 1. (F. graile. gourde. grabltg. E. step Brugm. (F. taste. gradi (pp.~\i. gram cry. to grab Grain. Rich. yellow gowan. would appear that the word was coirupted in vaiious ways from LateL \y\&*cratalis (cf. go. en. (F. to grab at. Ttf/?tf. L. sgorbia. graduate^ a service-book of portions sung Low L.) Graft is a later form of Gourmand. a scramble. . Gowk. gradu-s. greedy. See Yellow.) F. stem of pres. with numerous other It forms.gwn. S\\cd. gradual.graff. M . v Grail Spenser. a grammarian. yellow. a disease supposed to be due pointed pencil in shape. a maa mere i([ The word glamour of corruption graJi. a drop. ace. grand merd. flush gnnn. advancing by steps. a service-book called in Lat. graffe. Grail (O. O. dear. (F. st. gran \N gronyn. graduate. graduatus. gra^aJ. C.) Vis. giaphium. style to write with. e. from graffe.-L. a drop. gradum. F. a loose robe. grain* 0. ace. (Span. i . (F. (F. (F. both in O. F. . Cf. 7. O. gracilem. (L. F. helly-god pp. a simpleton a cuckoo. (L. graile (. Low L. Graff.L. gnl. (F. set 219 . . a M. the same. the Holy Dish at the Last The etymology Cf. and Corn. greal. grayle. a. gtabbeln. Du g abbe I. Grasp. F.-4-Skt gmh. Pers. Late L gradatey also called graO. to hence skill in magic. disease. gradual. (F. magic. Etym. to bcizc. L ) M. Low G. walk.) Brugm. gaverner. and Late L. Grab. grein.~L. merly graund mercy. ypatyiov. Gramercy. (F. a sort of pencil. because it resembled a M. to walk. to write. Cognate with E. V>. gormatid. Skt.) . scramble for. of (L. a step g> adf. of gradns. ForT. 635 h. L) slip for grafting. gul. L.-L Gk. 6 In L. S\vccl. a gradually rising slope. O F. gouge. L.O. a drop. to graff.

) L. L) F. grammere. v\ ith E. '\\\sg) apple of a ship.ze with a grapnel. Iccl. Fries graps. of credere.. K . fF. auiMfiKos. stem of ypdfj. granite. versed in one's Grapnel. for GRATUITY -M. (F.gratitudinem. a hook (above). F. store-house for giam. . ypdtyHv. whence the later senses. grandiloquent.) A. to speckle). pertaining fruit. a grain. Granule. great L. chrazzon ktattc. great.L.E. grandi-. F. [In E.grappc. 152. G. of which is doubtful cf.grandem. a E. (Hybrid. speckled stone. credent-. gratitude. \ . a present. pompous in speech. O. of granire. (L. used in (E. to of formed with suffix -cur (L horn grand. to trust. ' OY. gratify. great. G. a handful . F.. L. Y. assure. grate. to please Grant. (L. to rub. creanter. (F.) O. promise. See Grasp.) grampasse.) F. G. decl. Goth.) grappil. Gk. grappe. (Span. bunch. a grapnel -O. scrape. (F. \\z\. see Loqua. grandem. F. fiom L. pres. L. G. . ypd<f)iv.gtand. graanter.' (F. ing to painting or drawing.) L. stem Grate (O. pleasing. G k ) grammatical. Ulk. freely given with suffix -ous. gtas from *gra. ace. granito. Grampus.) Also grapsen. to scrape *kratfon). creantdre. Gk. The true L. pt.gtappin. L. greatness. L. .) M. grammatical. gramto. i. Cot. Grange. of grandis. Late "L. Swed Ital. M .grauttm. ypa/npar-. krapfe. graunter. (F. II. The senses Allied to Cramp. grande. O. F. matical. * 220 . to gratis. closely Cf E. a grating.. Graphic. grange. to write. the sense Garner. gratter). grdL. F.' M. . . . with suffix -e-ous. for grdtus. gram mat u us.-L. grdnea. .) Span. ace oigrandis piscis. . grapple. Y. a framework of iron bars. to caution. in to grope.] The orig. L. thankfulness. guarantee for gratiis. -L) to allied \. pt. l3an. grater (F stone. a Spanish nobleman. H. M . G. Swed gras.' Prob. a letter O. vlgtandis. M.grata. grdnum. . G. E. the sense has changed. (F.) The first syllable is fiom O. abl. (L. to giab (Kluge).-M. graphicus. a little grain. pleasing. Properly to se. of gratia. and -ficare y Der. sense gratuity. (F. grand na. crata. ypatyiKfc.Gk. corn. F. or cluster of grapes. nobleman. gratis^ adv.L. .to Carve. form is grandi- Ste Crate. H. Grate Dan. M.) and loqtient-. loquus. Fries. Dimin. + Du. pleasing. grapenel. a large fish (F.' then clustered gratuiti. L. gratificate. to clutch Low G.Gk. . L. gres.Late L. grdtus. and E. (F. grow Coined from L. (E. see a hook. graltfer.E.) See M.-L (Ital. to clutch. gramen. kratta.) L. great.) L. great fibh. dimin. ' (L. gram. later spelling of grati-. cluster to single berry. gets. hurdles. A. grampais L grandem pisccm... also grandeur -oreni).Gk. ace.-Teut. a hook. graunten* O.E. Grape. craanter. grape. grace *cri>dentdre. krapfo. F. Gk. O. stern of (Late L. gras. (2). granite. bllfflX -fill. the same. A dm. pp. freely. see below. Cot. gieat. giammar(Schwan). for freely see Grace. a grain see Q-rain. ' .) M. See Creed. F. gratult-us. great. gttts. pi. to write.) pleasant. Late L. grano. ( F. L ) Spelt Grape. A. of grappe was 'a hook. a gram. S. (L. corn L. . a barn. to scrajx*. crates. of M. II. . to make. a faim-house. ktapfo. of 'hook' and 'cluster' result from that of clutching/ to descriptive. from L grains Ilal.) M. ace.L. grammatical. E. letters.Late L. also Lith. Gk. L.Q. M. grains (hence. a free gift . ( F. for *grab-scn. grapsen grandee. also. Grab. \^t\J . . F. (F. ot grdnum. q v. fttm/icos. 7/>a/iftari77. from From grdtus.E. G. (L. belongwriting. of gratitude. gratifuari. Teut. L. * Cot.-M. yield . G. II. L.) a farm-house.). : loquii speak .) . F. gifrs. grappe. grass Grammar. F. Allied F. .GRAMINEOUS Gramineous. Graphic. knowing one's letteis Gk.) gramaire (XIII cent. gratuitous.) O. A D. M. to reduce to grat. gratific-at-ion. gi aspen. gratitude. Late L.t the sense type *gra-sorn t n. gi apsen. Gk. a hard (< Grateful. a grappling-iron. H. Bk. stem of pres. freely given. O. L.) L. Hoccleve. cious. (F. pi (L. . of grandis. nulutn. gnes. Granary. for facere. . a barn. - . Grass. grandeur. grdp-i. L granuw. a hook. Grand. H. 1655. sb.

^[ Not allied to gray^ low in candle-making Swed. A origin.baka. . graucm. ^\)\\ groct. )' L. of gratuttas. also G. gives gnaibe.) *reg. use of ^7-fl^. a broth with powdeied Greet (^i). *gronjoz t Teut. . to be greedy.< Also girdle. . the same as . grey. ' . a dog. Teut. greil ^Godefroy) grediller. grave.. greg-. ' a per. grafva. dimin ofO. i. as in Du. grotian. greaves. a hound. ' ' . fat. grains. a green plum. sb. Cf. where grig. gnrde.=* of sediment Teut. grave. ^rawt'. of greba. heavy. to visit. gr<znn. Brugm. *grot-. grieg. to wish son joy. Graves.^) S.ian. gre\e. S gmg -f Du. Diet. ^E. guru-. grata. Grey Gray. from Celt. II. Sax. . form of O. grdhra-. from grdh. F. Graze (i\ to scrape slightly (E.GRATULATE gratulate. .) a sea-mew. greves. 1725. light-dirt. Gray.) M. full ' grar. A. gravel. full of seed s. L. greaves. fatness. (F -L Skt S.) O. Greyhound. dirt tjui-grcfit'ctr. O. Grease. ?rtf (gen grdw-e^. lit. Sued. Gravel. to congratulate. S. a bird. Span granada. -f-Du. Apparently a peculiai longing to a Hock. Icel.S. Icel. type *grcduz. a herd of horses.) shank. Ciccn is the colour of growing herbs. O. greed. a gram. S.) M. See Sward. word. A. j Dan h. grey-). G. g>ob" . Dan. Late L type ^trassia. grJ/att.-Span. to feed as cattle.) M. L.) F. granum. 221 . pebbles. 665. G gros\. I M.E. the same granado.+ gretig. Fries. There is also a blue Gage. Der. G. law-y-er}. greet. *grot-janr0Y. (E. jSap^'y. vb. a salutation. (0> to cut engrave. and a gravel. grdtir. Du. graz-t-cr E. foiin. S. +O Graze . . Greengage. Named from its likeness to a pomegranate. Span.' lefnse of tal. gra<. pi. Low (\. O i 4 . (like grains). Origin unknown.grene. grouan. of L. greedy. L. s. from Of unknown (E. graben. Swed. E. L. grafan. a greyhound.~*L. grata. thing cut or dug out Der. gret. \V. weep. iF. t. Teut. which is like the Span. Gravy. E. G . grass bow-y-cr. ~~ L ^ M. Grebe. type great. Goth. gro. 10. Greaves (2). Cot. E. (E. stem of grex. leg-armour. *cratuulum. r grant. to civ. grow.. to grill (same^ Late L. Cf. (L.greve. Grave kaunis\ (2). E. gievar. gredags cf. grey hit mir. grey. graauw. F. \\v3s\graig.) E. gredi! (Moisy. pt. F. grediis. (E. O. grehound. type grott.v?j. W. Y . gro-ivan. O. Greedy.. 986.fiom Sir W. F grenade. gretan. gredil (F. dial.+Icel. ctaisse. a bitch. grave. M. As if for *grdti-tuldri GRIDDLE the grdtuitatem. (E. See Cra^s.' as a Savoyard L. pi. Greet (2).. ?) Gregarious. gmfe pi. Icel.gteihound.Der. A. gr?dig. Dan. Grave > grauen.-L.ML. So graa* Swed. a war-mi-sile. sb.^.) L. L. From pp. graf. near Bury. see Grass. Goth. gnttan. a pan for baking cakes. (F. I O. (L. a Green. (F.^. M. addiess. greens. hundr. cf. type from the sb. ]L. Cf. type *graban-. grntpo. L. Greaves . shin. hunger Teut. before A n. M. grMig. gfusscn O. L. grebas. giaban. mistaken purple Gage. K. Teut. O. G gi'&u. (E. to salute. grcnad-ier. gravel. grasen. . see Grain. vb. as in Bret. Grenade. E. Skt. S. Picard tmtus (above). ' .-C) M. xvi.-*A. 1 a pomegranet. gray. (ci.gravele. a giam. groj graven. graadig.. greaves gricbe. griubo. of Norman also Cot. greaves. base *gravo. t. *grob. ace Digrams. P giove. E. gratulart. (F. (E.) S. to giow. A.") >oimerly also granado. (F. to crop grass used of a flock. Ps. E. . M. Icel. of Hengrave Hall. -f Goth. for (i). sad. grascn. gruss. S. G. Teut. G. ^w?. G. grdbugr. Brugm. (2).grf'tan. A (E. gr'eissc. answers to Icel. Goth. A . Icel. i. granum. a ball of wild-fiie Cot. Great. A. (. Gage. grebe. II. Corn. gt an a tits* full of seeds. . being filled with combustibles as that is \vith seeds. thick. Dan. ace. hunger.-f M. pi. M. giave. pleasing. heavy.E. Allied to Grow. grejwar.. stems gf eten. grafa. Griddle. Named Of Celtic origin. Cf. F. The sb. Dan. boots. from Icel. green. Swed. melted tallow. grim earlier type *gro-ms (Sievers). pt. groen. *grai4jo-. greaves patois). grdnatum. a tomb. grattel. F. cannon-balls that rebounded from grass.-4-Du. greygrafen. Gk. greten. beFormeily grase. . almonds of grains. grece.^vwfew. A. gregarius. gra. G. crassus. (K) M. a yelloiv Gage. Swed. which is represented in Icelandic by grdr. grlghund. Der. greven. Goth. Russ. A.(Icel.

a splint ^ Grimace. S. a step. F. horror. to howl. a gridiron. t. spine of a hog. grindan. a fabulous animal supposed to have a M. .) Also from L.) M. E. gnjnen. Swed. . F. S grisllc. (F. grenncn. gnjpen. Dan. 36. gtundcn* Gk. L. named from the cheap gi ay dress Tent. the latter being a Malkin Maid-kin. grief.> ri(tv. M. Q. heavy see Grave (2). Du. grap. now from M. a small gridiron (Roquefort) cf. to grasp at. F. grim. allied see Grizzly. t. See Crate. 149). (E ) Gk. to pierce. E. (F. Cf. F.) A S grim furious. . Gride. a small eel. Griffon. 572. O. dere. pp. F.grisle. Grilse. gnpa. lamp-black. to grenja. af-grijzen. cuived. Grin. greese. Dan. grcf. af-grijssdijk. gnl. a hurdle. S. a step. H. for craticula. gris. (whence F. Xf^M ^ noise. ii. Hence M. S. the young salmon on its first Grisette. F. a craticula. gi eil. (F. fret burden from grants. . a crabd looke . see smut on the face gird. *gram-}. iron. a cricket. gripe. root *grem. bunlensome. g) ipa.spelt greet e.M. M. grec. (E. . 8. Sec. See Grizzly which they used to wear. Prob. Better^r^w. E. Fries. A. to fierce. A. (E. grimmeln.. simpei. grimlachen. pt. Dan. . extended form of gryps. grimmr. (F. a cat. to grin. Gird (2). . O. vulture. Griffin. grissens.) ' Cot Of uncertain origin A. t. H. (E. pierce Cf.gras}. a step culum. F. Matilda from gridiron. i. luxuriously. grig is for Greek graibyti. to become smutty Grief. E. i. xP t* ~ grade. gryphus.G. .) A. 2. formed from Late L. where ikm Cf. tick. ( .-Teut. young pig. to snail. gripan.. gre. \s. Perhaps cf. grills. ypvi// (stem ypvir-). of Cot .) Formed with suffix -lit (like) Perhaps from Icel. . grim. grille. The lit. E. Maid -Maud. hook. . girden. F. Der. a mask. to broil on a gridiron. to live like Greeks. . O. Derived by Diez from Icel. Mahthilt. F. E. Grimalkin. Icel. grisette'. griffon. pi^. grine^ to grin. Jb gns. -yu^.(2nd hostile. shudder.) See hilt means battle.I^u. tenible Fries. F. grail Late L. cratis. L. Gk. E. O. S. . louse. grennian. to seize. type *greipan-9 preserved in cnck-et Cf Lith. (F. Macb. dc-gn*.-L. still Lovvl. Low G. fierce. Der. *grmp. 1 neigh. (E'. (E. E. angry (above) Low G. ^f In pt. gripen. to gnash. gnller. Gridiron . griselik. <fl" Confused with Gk. grieve vb. Icel. E. Brugm. -f-Du.gremen. sense is Dimin. Swed. grce.) Swed. Grisly. a grating). ' . to i.-f-Icel. **. Grig. Dan gnbe. . gripe Grip. See Groan. *cratl. L. E. (Scand. ctick. (Norf.) A. Cioth. gredire. gramr. Teut. O F. Here maht = might . a treble plural. G. L. (F. a grip from the weak grade of hooked beak beaked. a Spenser. grim. dimin. grimace. G. angry.' grimtnr. a gay voung Frenchwoman return from the sea to fresh water. . . . grants. a grami. I. Du. to begrime. terrible. ii 8) Grise. of L. gridiron. Grize. + Icel. . Creel. see Grizzly. a pp. a gris^ a pig (Scanci. to laugh mali. gre. little pig. grief. Allied to L. Cf. Grees is the pi. frenL. gray j grayish. by confusion with M. 'as merry as a grig. t. (j. . kriek. gris. Piov.) F. greinen (Noreen. griffon. angry Dan. steps ~gree~s-en-s. cut through. -f. E. of A. crick. E. cf. afterwards turned into cat's name. grille. phr. and from grts-an (pt.GRIDE for GRISLY dimin. 8. ' GrisMn. grim. a gnpan (below). . Grisled . cratis. icpresents Dan. of imitative origin.) a hurdle. . i. Sc. . *gripanoi. gr i m gra m an gry G gn mm fu ry gram From Teut. A metathesis of Grime. Grizzly. to strike. a gnffon Grind. . grimace.) Ong. gray Malkin. heavy. E. of the lower class. skmne. sb. from gnsent to horrible .Fries. a step. ypvnos. griss. grim. (F. . terrible. Grim.. to weep. greipan. ire E.greifen. e. e. L grauate. O. for ( Dor. a griffon. XP^M. sad. de-gree.) Swed. see Griddle. griim. gradus. grima. and Griddle. Dan. a cricket. (E. to broil.) App. Merygreek is a character (Troll. pp.) 'a flight of steps. pi O. grime. E.' meaning a single step. spelling is grees. dial. grima. to shudder. soot. i. Allied to Gk.' though often used as F. . gray. a griddle. See Grill and Creel.) M. grever. and the proper sense is Grill. griffon . in Udall's Roister Doister The proper cari. ciously. pt. gref. griffus. '. M. gram. (E. ^f Or is it for *gris-skin. . gnis.

lees. groin also means 'extremity. v. see Grave (i) E. grapian. to weep. a wholesale dealei. a lad. gris. M. Gael. grummet. weak See Groove. fins. to feel one's way -A. grote.L.-L. ing it if eaten. Gk. Grot. use there. Gross. grogram.-L) the copper coins (Schivareti} formerly in grosse}. a channel. lad (Egilsson). the head or the bottom.^ (Ital. S. Ground. grumelle.) F. CE.grofta (above). F. fr>'/>/a. A S. . a coin worth $d. from knarsen. grotte. gi ay . M. M. abyss hence. grnian. Grizzled. from grunnd^ bottom. M. gourmet). grotto. (E. (E. from his grogram breeches (ab. From the base of groin. Swed. groot. Groats. with the tiunk.' because large in comparison with . S. Groom. gremil. (E. - K . 'great. to nire. So also Du. Perhaps M Du. in the dimin. And see Bridegroom. a gray-haired man. Dan. Tent. -f" O.-L. fat. (0. grisel. S.E. grumel. . Grocer. grit. type *grainojan-. Du.Ital. S.\. gros MS. spirits (F.Ital. (F. Du.G. from itshaid seeds. sicr. Groat (2). depression. gromr. nicknamed Old Grog. E. atom. t. a cave.grinde (grynde in Palsgrave). Grope. O. (E. CO- G. O. gristbitian. S.' Late L. gnma. a wholesale dealer. Prob.) From M. great. gros^ groat Ital. -Allied to crunch. depression of the human fiom being at the bottom. 2nd giade of gnpan. boy. grdnum. gTOg. gr/t. upper part of the shoulder-blade. coarse sand. of a theatre. Der. grist. Gk. gtyot. or graymil . suy. -M. from grunnt t F. grap. (E. M + . groef\ to dig. A. dregs. Short tor giogram\ L. (F. to groan. See Gripe. S. a grain. Ital giotta i^above). A. E. F. cognate thick. suffix -l-tng.) Formerly gtograti) so called from its coaise giam. a groove (pt. a vault see Crypt.L. \\ith a con- groundling. Sax.GRIST GROUNDS 1 Grlfit. valet (whence F. a Du. AS. grotcs. water. cf. grundtt-. Aines] fuller form with reference to the necessity of crunch. From the base of grind. (F. E. gristle.) ForAllied to Grout. Tent. great. Fries. a particle. (F. gristel.' The O. . knarsbeen. whence J 745)l he oideied the sailors to dilute Icel grunnr. from the same O. grin allied to G. type *grunnium. Gross. G. (E ) T0/.grund-. H. servant. F. \\ith double dimin. . gromet. F. F. Groat merly gromelle. ludicrous.) M.) j grotta 1 it had its name fiom Du. a supply of corn to be ground. GrOLt giot. * 223 . . gray.. gries. KpvTTTrj. Icel. a spectator in the pit From ground. A.+Du. headland. grotta L. (E. a stuff. . giogrnm.) Cf. a boy. Ital. Low G) M. Icel. From *grut-. E. gros. (F. Groin.) M. grofe. grynde. ployed on the walls of grottoes. II. F. S. .^rryj. . grayish.' Cot. lit. gronen. to seize. Admiral Veinon. Goth. groote Low G. grome* in O. the . .) Grind. and A. graven trench. H. grnnd.) Either from M. fiom L. gris. Grin. Du. and A. 'the herb gromil. cartilage allied to grist.) A. A. dregs. grungristle. a plant. (E. *grome.Low G. a com of Bremen meaning . gives groin de pore. to Ground. s.(as in A. curves that fork off. to weep. l>. gray. grom.gtcts. G.) . grocf. at the junction of the thigh grunndas. grot. to grunt. grtne (in Cotg. see Der. M. handle. grow. a gray-haired man. Cot. Du. S. (F. grotesque. gros. grenil. Der.curious painted work. grain of oaU. G. A. groeve. S.] But groin is a variant of gnash the teeth. Grizzly. grain. L.Gk. gieat. bits see Groat (l) above Gk^ *grntgrotesque. grcot. a cave. (Du.) Formeily^-mwror F. an atom. E. Groan. 2nd grade of *gteznan. from L. grotesca. (F. (E ) A. (Low G. F.) [Confused with ground Irish gntntas. F. g/eot) Grit. (iO tcipptuous force So called grounds. t or F . to seize.S. engrosser. or from O. from *grain. L. coarse grain. Grout. groin-ed. type *jv unduz also *gnmthuz. Ital. 'snowt of a hog. greinen. hence. (. L. (Du. grocet and -y. grond. grade of *greut. S. such as was emO. grdnwn. . Gromwell. which is prob. grijnen. with E. cf. gros (fern. formerly gros. . body in fiont. - - Better + \ j j their rum with water.) Du. gromel. grote. having angular Grit.) Formerly greet. grosgrain. O. O. A. O.

. f


groundsel, a small plant (.) Also grobben. Cf. E. Fries, grubbeln, to grope groundswell (Holland's tr. of Pliny). A. S. about, -f Low G. grubbeln, the same; grundeswelge, as if ground-swallower,' Gr.grubeln, O. H. G. grubilon, to rake, dig, but really from the older form gundeswelge, grub. Allied to Grave (i). lit. swallower of pus,' from its supposed Grudge, to grumble. (F.) M. E. O. F. healing qualities from A. S. guud, pus. grochen, grucchen, to murmur.


ground and




groucier, groucher, to

murmur; Low L.

grunsel groussare, A.D.I 358. Probably gru-dge, ^Milton). gru-nt, grow-l are all from the same imiGroup. (F.-Ital.-G.) F. groitpc.- tative base cf. Gk. 7/>D, a grunt. Ital. groppo, a knot, O.II.G. Gruel. (F.-O. Low G.) O. F. gruel heap, group. Ijovf L. *grutellum, dimin. kropf, a crop, wen on the tin oat, ong a (F. gruati). bunch Low G. kropp see Crop. of grutum^ meal. O Low G griit Du, ropp si a Grouse, bird (F.- Celtic') Grouse gruit, grout, coaise meal; see Grout. to be a from false form, evolved appears Gruesome, horrible. (Scand.) Dan. an old \>\; grows (1531). In 1547, the pi. grusom, ciuel. Dan. gru, honor; with was gtewes. Of unknown origin, though suffix -sow, as in virk-som, active. Cf. the form seems to be Fiench. Giraldus Dan. grue, to dread, gruclig horrid. -|-Du. Cambrensis, Topographia Hibernica (Rolls gruwzaam (j.graitsam M H G griisam Seiies, v. 47) has: 'galling campestres, grnwesam from M.1I. G. gruive, horror. quas vulganter grutas vocant.' *(]" Cot- Allied to O. Sax. r;'/, A. S.gryre^ horror, grave, s. v. gricsche, has 'the hen of A. S be-greosan, to overwhelm with terror. the grice or moorgame.' This must Gruff, rough, surly. (Du.) Du grof, be a mistake, as the word grice is big, coarse, loud, blunt. -|* G.grefr, coarse otherwise unknown. Perhaps gruta re- (whence Swcd.^r^, Dan grov] O. H. G.
sill, q. v.
























(F.-G.) F. coarse m<jal Low and prov. G. Grouts, diegs. grommcler (Cot ). M. E. AS. to (E.) grut. grut, coaise gruwmelcn, grumble, frequent. o( meal. Cf Du grnt\ \vs\.graulr, porridge, grummen, grotnmen, to grumble M. Du.

E. Fries, gruffig. Grumble, to murmur.



grommelen, fiequent. of grom men. From allied to Lithuan. grudas, *grumm-, weak grade of Teut. grutze, groat^ *grcmman-, corn L. rudus, rubble. Cf. Grit. to rage, as in M. H.G. and A. S. grimman, a Grove, collection of trees. (E ) M. E. to rage. Cf. G gram, anger, and E Grim. w A S. graf, a grove. ). groue (with Grume, a dot of blood. (F.-L.) F grume, a cluster. L. grumus, Grovel, to fall flat on the ground. Raie.

Dan. grodj Swed. grot, boiled groats
; ;



Due to M. E. groveling, pro(Scand.) perly an adv , signifying Hat on the ground; afcso spelt grofting, grojlinges, where the suffixes -ling, -hnges ate adverbial cf. head- long, dark-lmg. \m\. grufa, in phr.

a little heap.

f*S7 a
grit fa,

Gromet, a ship-boy, a (F. cabin-boy. Teut) O. F. gromet, a seiving-boy cf. Span, grumete^ a shipM. \i\ji.grom, a boy; sec Groom. boy.



8*Ttfu, to he grovelling, to swim on the belly
; ;

symja a


Grunsel see Groundsill. Grunt. (E) M.E. gninten



Swed. dial. grunnettan, extension of A.S gt union, grufta, to grovel gruva, flat on one's face, Hgga a grwve, to to grunt. 4- Dan. grynte, Swed. grymta, G. lie on one's face. grunzen so also L grunntre, Gk. ypvfriv. S. growan, pt. t greow, All imitative GrOW. (E.) cf. Gk. ypv, the noise made pp. ffrowen.+'D\\. groeijen, Icel. groa, Dan. by a pig.



groe, Swed. gro. Esp. to produce shoot-,, as herbs- allied to Green. "Der.grflw-th;



a kind of resin, from ligIlayti.) vitae.



Icel. grd^r,



growth. grumble.

- Low (F.



guayacan, lignum language of Hayti.

Span, guayFrom the

Picard grouter.


Du. grollen, to grumble; rumble; Norw. gryla, to
grol\r\ Franck.) Grub, to grope in dirt.

grullen\ cf. G. grollen, to



Gttanaco, a kind of Pciuvian sheep. - Peruv.) Span, guanaco (Pineda). vSpan. Peruv. huanacu, a wjld sheep.



Peruv.) Span. guano, (Span. Peruv. huanu, dung.



Fora stranger, also an Hostile.

Allied to enemy. merly guaranty or garanty, which are O. F. garantie, garranbetter spellings. Guide. (F. - Ital. - Teut.) M. E. fern, of pp. of garantir, gyden (also gyen}. F. guider, to guide. tie, a warranty to warrant. O. F. garant, warant, a Ital guidare cf. O. F. guier, Span.guiar. wan ant; see Warrant. Der. guarantee, The gu (for w) shows the word to be of Teut. origin. O. Sax witan (A. S. ivitari), vb. cf. F. garantir. Guard, vb. (F.-O. Low G.) O. F. to pay heed to O. H. G. wizan. Allied to Wit. Cf Guy -rope. garder, earliest form warder, to guard. 0. Sax. warden, to watch cognate with Guild, Gild. (Scand.) The spelling A. S. weardtan, to watch, from weard, guild indicates the hard g. M. E. gilde. Dan. Icel. gildi, a payment, a guild Der. guard'ian see sb. see Ward.
sb. (F.

- O. H. G.)








Guava. (Span. W. Ind.) Spau.gwayborrowed from the native name in aba Guiana. Gudgeon. (F. -L. - Gk.) M. E, goTu. \?. ione. gobionem, ace. of goujon. Gk. /cwfids, a gobio, a by-form of gobius. See Gold. gudgeon, tench.
a fire-worshipper. Pers. gabr, a Guebre. priest of fire-worshippers; Rich., Diet., p. 1228.

geld), to pay; cognate with A. S. geldan, to pay, yield; see Yield. fDu. ?A/; whence G, gilde. (Du.) Guilder, an old Dutch coin. Du gulden, * a gilder/ Adaptation of Hexham. From Teut. adj. type *gulthinoz, golden, from Teut. ^gulth'Om, gold.
Icel gjalda (pres


Gueber, Gheber,




Guile, a wile. (F - O Low From a Low G. form


O. F.

see further

under Wile.
prefix be- (


beguile, vb., with E.



Here guelder
O. H. G.

stands for Gueldre, the F. spelling of the province of Ge/de> land'in Holland.



recompense. O. F. guerdon
of O.




L. widerdonum, a


G. widar, back, again,

and L. donum, a

The word


Named after a Guillotine. (* ) French physician, J. L Guillotin, died A.D. 1814. First used, 1792. Guilt, crime. (K.) M. E. gilt. A. S. gylt, a trespass; also, a fine for a tresTeut. type *gultiz, m. perhaps pass. related to A. S. geldan, to pay, yield; see Yield.

a half-translation of the tiue form O. II. G. widarlon, a recompense. Here widar

G. wieder, back again and Ion (G. lofui} is cognate with A. S. lean* Du. /oon, a reward, allied to L. lu-crum, gam Brugm. 1. So also A. S. witier-lean, a 490.

Guinea. (African.) First coined of African gold from the Guinea coast, A. D. Der. guinea-fowl (fiom Guinea). 1663.


so that

The guinea-pig is from S. America; it may mean Guiana pig.


irregular wai Span, guerrilla, crown (whence waips, a wreath) G. weifen> Mittle war;' dimm. of to reel, wind. lit. O. H. G.) O. H. G. werra, war; see Guise, way, wise. (F. M. E. gtse, guise. O. F. guise, way, wise, War. GueSS. (Scand.) M. E. gessen. Dan. manner. O. II. G. wlsa (G. weise\ a gisse, Swed. gissa> to guess. +E. Fries, and wise; cognate with Wise (2). Du. gissen, Icel. gtska N. Fries, gezze, Guitar. (F. L. Gk.) Y.guitarc. Gk. tciOdpa, a lyre; see L. cithara. Allied to Dan. gjctte, to guess ged^e. * the Icel. giska may be for git- ska, a deno- Cithern. minative vb. from a base *git-i$kO', inGules, red. (F. IO M. E. gou!*$. to Late genious, acute, from geta, to get, also, F. gueules*, gules, red ; answering L. gula (pi. of gula^, meaning (i) mouth, to guess. See Get. E. gest. - Icel. (2) reddened skin, (3) gules. (See Gula Guest. (Scand.) Dan. gtest, Swed. gast.+A. S. gccst, in Ducange.) L. gula, the throat. Du. gast, Goth, gasts, G. gast. Gulf. (F. ~ Ital. - Gk.) Formerly ; Ital. golfo. Late Gk. F. golfe. Teut. type *gastiz goulfe. Idg. type *gho$tis cf. Russ. a variant of Gk. /fuXTros, the bosom, gost(e} a guest, alien ; L. hostis, tcv\<f>o$

Guerilla, Guerrilla,
O. H. G.)

lace of cords, kind of gimp. F. guipure. Teut. *wp-a*t, to wind, weave as in Goth, weipan* to

Guipure, a


(Span. a skirmish, guerra, war.















a deep hollow, bay, creek.






grongnard (F. grognard), gruntwhence M. F. gournauld,


(0, a



gnll ; W. gwylan foilenn, 'alcedo.'

M.E. gtitte. A. S. gut\ pi. gum (Prob. of a channel) guttas; ong. a channel.' Monc, Quellen, Coptic kome, gum.) Gun. (Scand.) T*\.Y*.gonne\ from an p. 333, 1. 198. A. S. gut-, weak grade A S. geotan, to pour. engine of war named Gumlda in 1330-1. of Teut. *geutan-, From Icel. GnnnJnldr, a female name. y'GHEU.) -I- Dan. gyde, a lane, M. Du. Gunny, a coaise kind of sacking. gote, a channel, G. go^se, a drain. See Hind, and Mahratti gon, Gush. (Hind.-Skt.) go ni a sack, sacking. -Skt. goni, a sack Gutta-percha. (Malay.) The spelling gutta is due to confusion with L. (Yule). Gunwale, upper edge of a ship's side. gnlta, a drop, with which it has nothing Sec gunwale 01 gunnel in Keisey to do Malay gatah,gutah, gum, balsam; (E.) A wale is an outer timber on a percha, the name of thetiee producing it. (1715). M. E. gotere. Gutter. (F.-L.) ship's side ; and the gun-wale is a wale from which guns were pointed. A wale A. F. guttere; O. F. guticte, goutiere H. utre, s. v. goutttire, a gutter). see "Wale. is a beam Esp. Gurgle, to purl. (Ital. L.) In Spen- used for catching drops from the eaves of a F. L. a Ital. Imitated roof. from ser, 'Ihesstylib, 3 goutte. gutta, diop.

see Grunt. to grunt The same Gush. (E.) M. E gwchen. E. Fries. a dupe. (C.) from the notion that a gull was a stupid gusen, to gush out.-f M. Du. guysen, to But cf. Du. gul, soft, good- gush out (Kilian) Icel. gusa, allied togjosa bird, M. Du guile, a great wench (pt. t. gauss), Noi w. gjota, to gush. Allied natured to Icel. gjota, to pour, Goth, giutan, without wit,' Hexham. M. E. L. fundere. Cf. Du. gudsen, to gush. Gullet, the throat. (F.-L.) - M. F. zw/*/ (Cot.) dimm. of O. F. (VGH.hU.) See Gut, Geysir. golet. L Gusset. (F.) F. gousset, a gusset,' the thioat. gole, goule (F. guetile), Cot. Also the piece of armour by which throat. Urugm. i. 499. ^gttla, the the arm-hole is covered,' id. Named from a channel worn by water. (F. a its supposed resemblance to a husk of a Formerly gullet. M. F. goulet, rlly, Cot. The bean or pea dimin. of F. gousse, husk of gullet, a deep gutter of water bean or pea; cf. \\s\.guscio, a shell, husk same word as Gullet (above). Gulp. (E.) M. E. gulpen, gloppen, of unknown origin. Cf. E. Fries, and Du. gulpen, Gust (i), a sudden blast, gush of wind. ghtbben. Icel. gus-, Icel. gustr, a gust. to swallow eagerly; Du. gulp, a great (Scand.) Prob. of imita- weak grade of gjosa, to gush see Gush. billow, draught, gulp. So also Swed. dial, gust, stream of air Cf. Swed. glupa, to devour tive origin. E. from an oven, Noivv. gust, a gust. (i), flesh of"the jaws. (E.) Gust (2), relish, taste. (^L.) \^.gustus, gome. A. S. goma, jaws, palate, -f- Iccl. a tasting; ci. gust are, to taste. (y'GEUS.) cf, G gaumen, Lith. gotnr, Swed. gom Der. dis-gust Allied to Choose. gomurys, the palate Brugm. i. 196 L. Gut, the intestinal canal. (F.) (The (2), icsin of ceitain tiees. (F E gomme. F. gomme L. word is allied to M. E. gote, prov. E. gut, Gk )


Corn.gullan, a grougnaut, gurnard (Cot.).-M. F. grognO. Irish ert to grunt with suffix -ard ( G. hart). ;























gum fin.




Egyptian origin







gorgogliaie, to purl, bubble, boil; gorgoItal. gorge, a glio, gurgling of a stream.


L. gurges, whirlpool




See Gorge. gulio, gullet. gorgel, G. gurgel, throat ;

So also Du. from L. gitrfish.



499. a

Gurnard, Gurnet,

- L.


with Teut. suffix.) Gurnard is the better and fuller form. The word means 'a grantor/ from the sound which the fish

makes when taken out of the water.

Guttural. (F.-L.) F. guttural - L. L. gutturalis, belonging to the throat. guttnr, the throat. Guy, a hideous creature, fright. (F. Ital Teut.) Orig. used of an effigy of Guy Fawkes. F. Guy. Ital. Guido ; of Teut. origin. Cf. Guide. Guy-rope, Guy, a guide-rope, used to steady a weight in heaving. (F. Teut.) O. F. guie, a guide. O. Y.guier, to guide sec Guide. Cf. Span, guia, a guy-rope.


(F.) Apparently suggested by O. F. goziller, gosiltier, to vomit ' (Godefroy), understood to mean to swal-




F. kab-

low greedily.' The O. F. desgosiller had both senses (Godefroy). Cf. O. ^.gosillier,
the throat, allied to F. gosier, the thioat. Remoter source unknown. Gk.) L. gymna(L.

F, habilhr, to clothe, illement, clothing. orig. 'to get ready.' -F. habile, ready, fit. L. habilis, easy to handle, active' L. habcre, to have see Able

Gk. yv/ju'dffiov, an athletic school, sittw. where men practised naked. Gk. yv^dGk. fvjjLvos, (tw, to tram naked, exercise. Der. gymnast naked. yv^vaur^, a
trainer of athletes


practice. custom, dress. (F. L.) F. habit, a dress, a custom. L. halnturn, ace. of habitus, a condition, dress. L. habitus, pp. of habcre, to have, keep. See






L. gypchalk. Gk. yvif/os, chalk. Prob. fiom Vs\s* jubstn, lime, A.\ sib. jibs, plaster, moitar; Rich Diet., p 494. Gypsy. (F.-L.~Gk.~- Egypt) Spelt Hubbaid, 86. Short gipsen, Spenser, for M. L. Eg)'pcicn.~Q.TP. Egyptien. Late L. JEgyptianus\ fiom L Agyptiiis,



gymnast-ic* Arab.)

F. habitable. L. habitabilis, that can be dwelt in halntdre % to dwell, frequent, of ha here, to


habitable. (F.-L,)






pres. pt. of habiter, to dwell.

habitant, L. habit&ret


frequent, of habcre (above). Habitat, the natmal abode of a ]jlant. (L.) L. habitat, it dwells (there) 3 pres s. of habitare, to dwell (above).

an Egyptian Gk. AlyvTrnos. Gk. Af7V7TTo i Egypt. <|f The supposition that their they came from Egypt was false


home was


abode. F. habitatwneni. L. habitatu, pp. of habitaie, to dwell, frequent of habere, to have. habitude. (F.-L) F. habitude,






cncular course



Gk. yvpos, ring, circle. gyr-atc, from pp. of L gyrare.


L habit-, Is.hahituao, condition. as in habitus, pp. of habere, to have

orig as th




Tent and


a farm, estate, farm-house. Span, hacienda, an estate,


^ 01 mci ly get



O. Span. factenda. 'L. to translate L. ^vrofalco).-* O. F gerfaucon. factenda, things to be done; gtrundive -M, H. (;. gnvalke -O. H. G. glr-, for neut. pi of facere, to do. M. E. gin^ greedy (whence also G. geicr, a (i), to cut, mangle. (E.) arid L falco, a falcon, A. S. haccian, to cut, in the vulture) ^f L. hakken. gyrofalco \* a mistaken iform, comp./<7-^r7<zw.-f-l)u hakken, Dan hakke, Svved. hacka, G. hackcn, to chop, back. Gyron; see Giron. M. E. giues, Tent, types *hakkon-, *hakkojan-. Gyves, fetters. (F.) A F. give*, letters (Godefioy). 2 ; see Hackney. gyues Ci. O. H. G. be-wi/cn, to fetter. Hackbut. (F. - Low G ) Also hagbut. M. F. haqudmte, a haquebut, a cahver*

gtn'faucott (used

by Tre visa



c is









(i.e a sort oi





A coiruption


mterj. (E."


Cf O. Fncs. haha, G he\ O. F. 7w/


exclamatory sound denote laughter;


a seller of small wares.

So named from his selling a stuff called hapertas in A.F. see Liber Albus, Arquebus

G. hakebusse (Du. haakbits), an arquebus; due, apparently, to some conlubion with O. P Lit. butcr, to thrust. so called from the hook on hook-gun the gun, by which it was hung on to a biippoit. -"Low G. hake, (Du haak), hook busse (Du. bus}, a gun See






arid see



this sinff is

The pp. 2^5, 231. of unknown oiigin.





Hook Hatchel,

an instalment

for diessing flax




Habergeon, armour for MK (F - O. H G



long shining



habergeon, Q, F. haubergeon, hauber-

the neck of a cock. to Hackle (O.



Probably allied

/on, a hauberk ; denv. (treated as dimin.) of O. F. hauberc\ see Hauberk.

Hackney, Hack, a iioise let out for hue. (E.) TA.l^Jiakeney. O.F haquenef,


which was merely borrowed from the A. F.

(Scand /)

hakeney (1340), hakenei (1307), Low L. hakeneius (i 292) all from M. E. Hakeney,

Frequent, of North E. hag, to The hackle is of hack, to cut.

form hag



hoggva, to hew,


Hackney in Middlesex,

A. S. in 1199; fr island. ^[ Hack is short for hackney, and hence hack, verb, i. e. to quite a late foi


Hakemia cognate with Haccanjeg, Hacca's Norman dial,





bargain. (E

hagtier, to hack. (2), to be slow in

making a
v. harceler.


In Cotgrave,


use as a hack or hackney. M. K. haddok Haddock, a fish. (E (XIV cent.). Ong. doubtful ; the Irish for

Du. hakkden, to hackle, mangle, i. e. stammer (Sewel) hakketcren,


wrangle, cavil.



probably the

Cf. also same word as Haggle (i). abode of the dead. (Gk ) higgle, to bargain. Gk. qfys, atbrjs (Attic), dl5rjs (Homeric), Hagiographa, holy writings^ (Gk.) the nether woild; in Homer, the god of Gk. dyiuypatya (fiifiXia), books written by Gk. ayio-s, holy; ypaty-tiv, the nether world. Of unknown origin. inspiration.







Arab. the pilgrimage to Mecca. (Arab.) a Christian who has performed the lidji, pilgrimage to Jerusalem, or a Muharnmedan [who has performed] that to Mecca;' Rich. Diet., p. 549. Oiig. the

Hadji, Hajji,



has performed

to write. F. haha, an interjection of laughter ; hence a snrpuse in the foim of an un-


Ha-ha, Haw-haw, a sunk fence.


expected obstacle (that laughs at one). The F. word also means an old woman of surprising ugliness, a caution/ latter. Haematite, Haemorrhage ; see Hail (i), Irozen rain. (E.) M. E. A. S. hagl, hagol. 4- Icel. haghel, hayL Hematite, Hemorrhage. A. S. haft, a hagl, Du. Dan. Swed. G. hagel. Teut. Haft, handle. (I<O A. S. haf-, base of hebban, to types *hag(aMoz, m.,*kag(a)lom n. Cf. Gk. handle. see Heave. Du. heft, I eel. htpti tcdx^'nt) a round pebble lift Lit. Hail (2), to salute, greet. (Scand.) (pron. hefti}, G. heft, a handle. * M.E. heilen; a verb coined from M.E. that which is caught up.' Hag. (E.) M.E. hagge\ with same heit, hail, sb. winch is an adaptation of sense as A. S. h&gth, a fury, a witch, Icel. heill, prosperity, good luck, a sb. a hag.+Cr. hexe, M. H. G. hecse, a witch, formed from the adj. heill, hale, sound, Cf. A. S. h<fl, safety, luck. O. H. G. hazissa, also hagazussa, a fury. fortunate. Perhaps connected with A. S haga, a hedge, See Hale (i\ hail (3\ an exclamation. (Scand.) enclosure but this is uncertain. used m greeting. tieill, hale, sound Haggard (i >, wild, said of a hawk. Icel. G.) M. K. hagard,vt\\&; esp used This word is common in greeting persons, (F. of a wild falcon see Cotgrave. Perhaps ^far hall- faiewell, kom he ill, welcome, The Scand. veib is Icel. heiha, the ong sense was hedge-falcon formed, hail See with suffix -ard (<O. H. G, hart}, from Swed. helsa, Dan Jnlse, to greet. M. H. G. hag (G. hag), a hedge; see Hale (i).
* t ;










E. form



influenced by F.)

Haggard (V, lean, rnea^re. (F. G.) Really the same as the wonl above (Cot We also find hagg-ed, e. hag-like, fiom

was M. E. heer

The true Fiom A.S. hier,

The ghostly prudes with hagged Gray, A Long Story, near end. G. hager may be fiom M. F. 5f Mod. hagard; foi G. hagerfalk means a haggard
hag. face/

chopped up, seasoned, and boiled






cntiails, in the

M. sheep's maw. fF.) A. F. hagiz, hageis; from the verb hag, Of Scand. origin ; cf. to cut up, chop up. Swed. dial, hagga, to hew, Icel. hoggva.

E. hagas, hageis.

Haggle (i



hack awkwardly, mangle, 228

haar, Icel. har, Dan. haar, G. haar, O.H. G. har. Teut. Further related to type *htirom, neut. and lc'l. haddr, hair, Teut. type *hazdoz to Lith. kassa, plaited hair also to Russ. chesat(^}, to comb out, L. carere, to card wool. p. But the mod. E. form is due to confusion with A. S. hcere, han-cloth, which was replaced by M. K. haire, borrowed from O. F. haire, with the same and this O. F. haire was from sense O. H. G. harm (for *harja), haircloth, a derivative of O. II. G. har, hair. Hake, a fish. (Scand.) Cf. Norw.


Swed. har




' '


hook-fish from the hooked 759). So also Du. heilbot, halibut, from Sec Hatch, (i). heilig, holy, hot, a plaice; Swed. helgeHakim, a physician, doctor. (Arab.) Jltmdra, a halibut, from hclig, holy? Arab. haktm> wise also, a doctor, physi- flyndra, a flounder; Dan. helle/lynder, Arab, root hakama, he exercised a halibut, from helhg, holy, Jlynder, cian. See Butt (4). flounder authority. Halberd, Halbert, a kind of pole- Halidom, a holy relic. (E.) M. E. O. F. hahbarde.- halidom, hahdani. A. S. haligdom, holiaxe. (F.-M. H. G.) AS. M. H. G. helmbarte, mod. G. hellebartc ness, a sanctuary, a holy relic sometimes explained as an axe with a hahgi holy -dom, suffix, ong. the same as long handle cf. M. H. G. halm (?), a helve dom, doom. See Holy and Doom.-f Du. Icel. helgidomr, Dan. helligBut it has been bettei heiligdom (helm), or handle. ^f By my kaliJam interpreted as an axe for splitting a helm, doni, G. heiligthum i.e. helmet, p. The O. H.G. barta, G. (with -dam for -dom} was imagined to barU) a broad axe, or axe vuth a broad refer to Our Lady (dame). O. Merc. Hall. (E.) M. E. halle. blade, is from G. bart, a beard. [Similarly the I eel. skcggja, an axe, is from skegg, hall; A. S heall, heal, a hall, ong. a a beard; and see Barb (i).] Cf. Icel. shelter. Du. hal, led. hall, ho II, Swed. Teut. type * holla, for hall, Dan. hal barfia, halberd. ,








a kingfisher as adj. serene. *halnd, fern.; fiom *hal< 2nd grade of calm days; *helan-, to cover (A. S helati\ Allied to Gk.) Halcyon days it was supposed that the weather was calm Helm (2), Hell. when kingfishers weie breeding. L. Hallelujah., Alleluia, an expression Gk. aKtcvw, of praise. (Heb ) Ileb. halelnjdh, praise halcyon, alcyon, a kingfisher. Heb. halelu, praise ye (from Allied to L.. alcedo, ye Jehovah d\fcvuv, a kingfisher. the true L. name. ^[ The incorrect aspiiate hdlal, to shine, praise) jah, Jah, Jehovah. in Gk. was due to a fanciful etymology Halliard; see Halyard. from d\-s, sea, and KVOJV, conceiving. (F.) Halloo, Hallow, to shout. Hale (i), whole. (E.) M. E. hah, hal. M.E. halowen O. F. halloer* to pursue O. Noi thumb, hal, which became hale, with shouts. Of imitative origin. while the A. 8. (^Wessex) hdl became Hallow, to sanctify. (E.) M. E. halM.E. hool, now spelt whole. Cognate wen, haleiven, halowen. A S. hdlgian, to make holy, from halig, holy see Holy. with Goth hints. See "Whole. Hale (2), Haul, to drag, draw violently. So also Icel. helga, G. heihge^i. M. E. halien, halen. F. (F. -O. II. G.) hallowmass, feast of All Hallows, E. and L.) i e. All Saints. haler, to haul a boat, &c. (Littre). (Hybrid O. II. G. halon, holon (whence G. holeii]. Short for All Hallows Mass, mass (or Sax. halon, Du. halen, O. Jbnes. feast) of All Saints. Here hallows is the .4- O. halia, E. Fries, halen, Low G. halen, to gen. of hallows, pi due to M. E ha /owe or = to ha/we, a saint cf. also A. S. geholian, A. S. hdlga, a saint, def. pull, haul ; Gk. foim of the adj. hdhg, holy; see Holy acquire, get L. calare, to summon Hale and Mass. KoXtiv, to summon. (-y'KAL). haul is later, dates from the XIV cent. Hallucination, wandering of mind. r^rom L. hallilcinatio, a wandering (L.^) appearing as hall in 1 581. Half, adj. (E.) M. E. half. O. Merc. of the mind. L. halluandn, better #//// l)u. cindri, alucinari, to wander in mind dream, A. S. Aeatf. half, O. Fries. half\ Gk d\viv, d\vtiv, to wander in half, Icel. halfr, Swcd. half, Dan. hah, rave. Goth, halbs,G.halt>. 2. Allied iohatf, sb., mind cf. i]\t6s, distraught. from O.Merc, half, A. S. healf, sb.+Icel see Haulm. ; in all these hdlfa, Goth, halba, G. halb Halo, a luminous ring. (F L - Gk.) languages the oldest sense of the sb. is F. halo. L. ace. halo, from nom. halos.-* 'side.' Der. halve, vb. be-half. Gk. aAws, a round threshing-floor, in Halibut, Holibut, a fish. (E.) So which the oxen trod out a circular path. called because excellent eating for holiHalser ; see Hawser. days; the lit. sense is 'holy (i.e. holiday) Halt, lame. (E.) M.E. halt. O.Merc. From M. E. halt, holy (see halt; A. S. ^^//.-f-Icel haltr, Dan. Swed. plaice.' Holy), and butte, a plaice (Havelok, 1. halt, Goth, halts, O. H. G. hah. Teut.













+ Halm




type *haltoz> Cf. L. claudus, lame. hah, vb., A. S. healtian.



West Indian
(i), to


Halt! (F.-G.)

F. fralte.-G. half,



hampren\ from






strive against; cf. Swed. dial, hamla, to be awkward, to grope about. Perhaps and O. Low G. hahftra (Schade). Tent, types further allied to Icel. hemja, to restrain, G. From the hemmen, to check. See Hem (i). 2. Or *halftr*halijtr- (FranckV to hold'; a nasalised form allied to Low G. hapern, base *haflh, app signifying E. Fries, haperen, to stop short cf. Swed. I e. see Helve something to hold by dial, happla, to stammer, happa, to back cf L. capistntm* a halter. Halyard, Halliard, a rope for hoist- a horse Dan. happe, to stutter. See As if for hale- Hopple. O. 11. G.) (K. ing sails

has M. E. halter (an (E.) A. S. halftre, a halter. -f M. G. halffer, O. H. G. halftra ;


hamla, to stop,

same root as Icel. hinder, Norw. hamla, to





(F. (2), a kind of basket. O. F. G.) Formerly spelt hanaper. hanapier, Low L. hanapemtm, ong. a C). F. hanap vessel to keep cups in. Low L. hanapus^, a dnnkmg-cup. O Frankish ^frnapp-, Du. nap, O. H. G. hamar)\ piov. (i hamtue; O. 11. G. hnapf, M. H. G. napf, a cup. 4- A. S. frnap, han 421) connects a cup, bowl. liiugmann (i. these with Gk. wi)^, the lower part of lianaper, old form of Hamper
; 4

or haul-yaid, because it hales or hauh the yards into their places but really a perveision of M. E. halier, meaning simply See Hale (2). that which hales! E. ham me. A. S hamm. Haill. (K.) -f-Du. /iai, M. Du. frame, Icel. horn (gen.





the leg

L. hamadryad-, stem ol hamadryas. the life d^j a wood-nymph of each nymph depended on that of the tree to which she was attached







(above). the

Hence Hanaper office, named basket in which wills were


Du. hand,


Icel. frond,

S. hand, hond.+ Dan. haand, Swed.


Hame Hames,

together with


5/>0-s, tree.


the bent sticks

roun<l a hoi se- collar.