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Professor Kleiman's Music Marketing : chapter 1 workshop by Ken Bixgorin Solo artist Ken Bixgorin, performer in the genre

of acoustic country blues, features fingerstyle guitar an !ocals, both instrumental pieces an songs with ris"ue lyrics# $he genre is consi ere a subtype of %mericana, typically performe by Southern black legen s such as &ighnin' 'opkins, Blin Blake, (e!# )ary *a!is, Mississippi +ohn 'urt, Big Bill Broon,y, an especially by the Mississippi Sheiks to whom Ken pays homage# Picture the guitar style of -het %tkins playe to the lyrics of .scar Bran or /anny Brice# .ne top echelon notable fingerstyle country blues player to ay is %ustralian guitarist $ommy 0mmanuel# Bio: Ken has been a lifelong stu ent with stu ies in science, technology, an music# %n 12year member of the Browar -horal Society, Ken has performe guitar recitals for se!eral years with the Browar -lassical )uitar an Browar +a,, )uitar ensembles# 'e also plays concerts with a popular music ensemble each month in Browar -ounty an is an acti!e member of the Browar %coustic )uitar -lub# Ken warns that the baw y song lyrics are full of innuen o an ouble enten re an may not suitable for chil ren an fa!ors those who en3oy blues, folk, or classical guitar# 4mme iate !enue opportunities focus on local play# $arget !enues inclu e: coffee shops, open mic opportunities in ta!erns an lounges, in2store performances at music stores 5)uitar -enter, Sam %sh, M%06, bookstores, malls, 7hole /oo s, restaurants, an talent opportunities at Browar -ollege, meetups at Secret 7oo s 8ature Park an +ohn Martin's 4rish Pub in -oral )ables, clothing stores, art galleries, an grocery stores# $he imme iate goal is to grow a strong local fan base# &onger2range !enue opportunities inclu e: performing at local colleges an uni!ersities 5PBS-, /%9, &ynn, 8o!a, M*-, /49, 9M6, county an city libraries, parks an recreation centers, airports, performing on the house concert circuit, at con ominium association clubhouses, hotel clubhouses, country clubs, short2term cruises, an con!entions# % longer2term goal is to recor either li!e or in2stu io an album containing co!ers an original material# -onsi er the title Blind Ken's Zen 5legally blin without glasses6 inclu ing co!ers of /re ie King's :'i eaway Blues:, (e!eren )ary *a!is' :-incinnati /low (ag:, an Sonny $erry an Brownie Mc)hee's :)oo Morning Blues#: )enre2specific an me ia opportunities inclu e the Browar /olk -lub an South /lori a /olk /esti!al, the South /lori a Blues Society an Sunshine Music an Blues /esti!al# (a io opportunities may inclu e Michael Stock's /olk an %coustic )uitar show on 7&(8 an Sun ay Blues with *ar 5*arlene Mc-auley6 on 7KP;# /ree press opportunities exist in the local press 5-ity &ink<;S, 8ew $imes, community sections of Palm Beach Post, Sun2Sentinel, Miami 'eral an city<township 3ournals#

&ocal tele!ision community bulletin boar s are a!ailable# $hese will be use to support playing ates# Press releases an inter!iews will be use # .nline presence will inclu e an artist website 5supporte by search engine optimi,ation an analytics6 inclu ing embe e music samples, =outube !i eos, blog, announcements of performance ates an locations, creation of email list use for communication to fans !ia newsletter, (SS fee s, an /anbri ge# &ater,# -*Baby is planne to be use for physical -* an igital istribution# -*s sales opportunities exist at performances an may be negotiate with the !enues afterwar s on a consignment basis# %n a itional uni"ue proposition coul be the charitable onation of the procee s, inclu ing merchan ise sales# %rt stu ents will be solicite for creation of a logo to be place on the website as well as on business car s# Social me ia will inclu e /acebook business page, &inke 4n, an $witter# % itionally, songs will be uploa e to Soun -lou an (e!erb8ation# % itional blog opportunities exist through Blogger an 7or press# Ken's guitar is a )ibson &2>1, a long2range potential partner#