How I made a feature film by myself in 6 months

Hello. My name is Achim Scarlat and I am an obsessed 15 year old. My obsession(s)? Mostly filmaking. O er the !ast si" months# I managed to do the im!ossible. After $%5 years of failed attem!ts# I finally com!leted my first feat&re length film called 'I (no) *o&r +ro)ser History'. ,hat else? I did it by myself. I )rote# directed# !rod&ced# edited# filmed and starred in my o)n mo ie# taking the role of e ery other character in it. -he other thing that is left for me to do is !romote and release it in at least one ma.or theater. /all me an 'ine"!erienced amate&r )ith some beginners l&ck'# b&t I can !ro e yo& )rong. In fact# I'll e en sho) yo& ho) I did it. 0In case yo& still don't belie e me yo& can check o&t the links at the end. A little back story: I started my first *o&-&be channel called 'achibest' in 1223()hich I ob io&sly filled )ith s!ecial effects and retarded little mo ies). 4es!ite ho) m&ch I hate this early initiati e of mine# it )as the s!ark of my 5%years%and%gro)ing !rod&cti ity ram!age. ,hat did I )ant o&t of my life before 1223? I ha e no idea. +&t )hat I do kno) is that I daydreamed abo&t becoming famo&s. -he channel )as a boost thro&gh )hich I reali5ed I co&ld become a ictorio&s and )orld%reno)ned film director. If I got to that !oint# I co&ld do anything. 6&estion is% ho) )as I going to do that? -o this day# I still )onder. +&t I like to think that I'm getting closer. I started by )riting 1 !age# action !acked 'screen!lays' in notebooks I fo&nd aro&nd the ho&se. -hese ideas )ere ob io&sly )ay too short# st&!id and co&ld easily s&ck &! a Holly)ood b&dget. So I decided to !ay more attention to my scri!ts. I read more abo&t scri!t )riting and came &! )ith a 12 !age scri!t(a bit more realistic# b&t still cra!)# then another one# 57 !ages long# a !arody called '8inishator'. +&t hey# I )as 11 and had no idea ho) hard is&al effects are )hen the only things yo& ha e are ,indo)s Mo ie Maker and a chea! lo) resol&tion camera. I tried many other scri!ts and )hene er I'd start filming one I'd immediately lose interest. -here )as a ma.or difference bet)een the )ay I sa) it )hen I )as )riting it and the )ay it ended &! looking. My ne"t tho&ght )as to )rite a book# get some money and &se that !rofit to make a good

mo ie. So it started. I m&st ha e started o er 52 fast%!aced no els and 'g&r&' scams# o&t of )hich 15 )ere e er com!leted(abo&t 92%:2 !ages each) and only 5 )ere satisfying eno&gh to be !&blished. In fact# I )as so determined to b&dget my mo ie that I )rote a 192 !age book in ; days )hen I )as in the 7th grade. -his book act&ally ended &! in the <ational =ibrary and )as a s&ccess )ith other kids my age(back then)# yet I still hadn't made any money. Seeing that this )asn't going to )ork# I began )riting e%books )hile getting back to filmaking again. 8ast for)ard t)o more years of fail&re. At this !oint# I )as trying to sell my t%shirt design on a )ebsite called /afe >ress(or something like that). ,hile my ne) models )ere &!loading# I )ent on to take a look at the 'meme' section. And there it )as. A t%shirt that read I Know Your Browser History. -here and then an entire fab&lo&s mo ie flashed before my eyes. I immediately dro!!ed my c&rrent !ro.ect at the time and )ent on to )rite. I !romised myself this )as the last idea I e er ga e &! on. 4id I kee! my !romise? <o!e# b&t I ke!t the title# )riting se eral screen!lays of different genres )ith it. I Know Your Browser History, The Mo ie! How I did it! ? ent&ally# it )as s&mmer 121; and I )as str&ggling )ith a black and )hite detecti e mo ie. And as m&ch as I lo ed the title# I lo ed the other idea that )as on my mind. +&t this time# I came &! )ith a !lan. *es# I ga e &! on that ersion of I(*+H in order to com!lete the other ersion of I(*+H. -he only )ay for me to do this )as to kee! it as sim!le as !ossible. I had to face it. I had no friends and nobody to hold the camera# so the scri!t had to be as chea! and as sim!le as !ossible. -his meant no ideo effects# no com!licated shots or locations and as little characters as !ossible. I )as also going to a oid a lot of !ro!s# filming indoors and at night# etc. So far# this seems like a !retty bad mo ie# right? <ot if it's done on !&r!ose. @reat. <o) that I kne) the r&les# it )as time to )rite the scri!t. TH" "#$ %& A'(')T I think there )as abo&t a )eek or t)o of s&mmer left# then a fe) more days of acation in Se!tember. At the time# I tho&ght I )o&ld ha e the )hole mo ie done in t)o )eeks. I )as )rong abo&t that !rediction. +ack to the story# I created a strict ro&tine that had me )rite at least ten !ages a day o er 9

days. And so I did. ,hene er I )as a fe) !ages short# I'd make &! for it the ne"t day. If I didn't make &! for it the ne"t day# I )o&ldn't slee! before I )as done()hich is a bit strange beca&se I had 17 ho&rs in hand). +y the end of the )eek# I had a 7; !age scri!t that )as not e"!ensi e or hard to make. It )as a sim!le scri!t# b&t not an easy one. -hen came a b&nch of &seless !lanning as to ho) I )as going to get it done before school started again. And g&ess )hat? I barely ke!t &! )ith abo&t 1A of the )ork ethic sheets I ke!t on )riting. If there's one thing yo& sho&ldn't bother )ith# that )o&ld be a detailed# ste! by ste! !lan of ho) yo&'re going to get the !ro.ect done. S&r!risingly# I did manage to stick to most of the scri!t# also adding a fe) e"tra scenes and shots# as )ell as changing a fe) !arts )hene er I'd get the ins!iration. +&t there )as another im!ortant thing I needed to manageB my constant loss of interest in )hate er I did. In order to make s&re this )asn't going to ha!!en again# I decided to make myself belie e that )hat I )as )orking on )as act&ally im!ortant. -hat got me thinking. I al)ays tho&ght that ha ing a ,iki!edia or IM4b !age sho)s ho) yo& are abo e the a erage and going to s&cceed. -o me# it seemed like a )ay to !ro e that yo& are a serio&s filmaker. -hat's e"actly )hat I did. At the time# I barely(if not at all) started filming anything# b&t it didn't really matter. I C&ickly set &! an official )ebsite# official blog(that I )as consistent )ith and still am)# official IM4b !age# official 8acebook# *o&-&be channel# MyS!ace# -)itter# etc. I .&st like the )ord 'official'. I ne er got to !&blish the ,iki!edia !age# as I needed ; so&rces related to my mo ie that also had nothing to do )ith it in order to con ince the moderators. I'm C&ite certain I can't get on ,iki!edia no) either# b&t I )ill% soon. =ater on# I deleted most of these e"ternal links from the IM4b !age# as I am con inced they aren't m&ch &se. +&t back to filming no). )"*T"MB"+ -his is the time )hen I'm freaking o&t o er my !ro.ect. I &!load ; ne) ideos# )rite at least a blog !ost# &!date social media# back link to e ery online e idence of my mo ie# film# edit and )ork o&t(I took &! the )orking o&t !art .&st beca&se it makes me feel !rod&cti e) e ery day for this month. My monthly blog ie)s shoot &! from 92 to abo&t 922 in ;1 days. I ha e my first reader s&bscribe# etc. All this )ork# only to reali5e that I'm slo)ly drifting a)ay from the !ro.ect. I )as )riting abo&t H-M=# @oogle 4ri e# other mo ies and ho) to get on ,iki!edia# )hen instead I )as s&!!osed to be making a mo ie. At the end of the month# I make another(&seless) filming !lan and start adding 'behind the scenes' ideos to the *o&-&be channel. I need to get the mo ie done# right?

%,T%B"+ @ood. My birthday is a!!roaching(;2th October) and if I really try to# I can finish this thing by that time. =et it be kno)n I didn't finish it by <o ember. +&t )hat I did do )as shoot abo&t half of the mo ie. -his is )hen I also disco ered ho) to get the shaky cam look )itho&t anyone holding the camera(yo& tie a ro!e at both edges# then ha e the tri!od hanging in the middle# slo)ly bo&ncing &! and do)n. -r&st me# the difference bet)een this and an act&al g&y holding the camera is negligible). Still# most of )hat I did )as sim!le dialog&e and other easy%to%do scenes. I still had to com!lete a foot chase scene )here I r&n after myself# a nin.a fight and an arri al to a mysterio&s island called =amica!&kima. I had some attem!ts at the action scenes# b&t none of them )ere satisfying. I edit e ery scene that I film and !&t it in a shared folder on my >/(I later got them together). +logging and &!loading ideos# as &s&al. #%-"MB"+. $","MB"+ I dislike myself for !rocrastinating most of the time. >aranoid at night and la5y and annoyed d&ring the day. I start hating s&nny days beca&se they remind me that I ha e to go o&t in the middle of the field or forest and film )hile I still get the light. ,ith the hel! of my dad# )e get the other half of the mo ie done. -ime for editing. I get e"cited abo&t com!leting my first e er feat&re film# )hich is something I had been trying to do for 5 years. I !&t it together# add some m&sic and oilaD Eeleased for the family. -hen shame. -hat )as the moment )hen I fo&nd o&t ho) cra!!y the mo ie t&rned o&t. -he ambient noise )as mostly dogs barking and )ind blo)ing into the... ahem... internal camera mic... I had to &se an e"ternal one from the beginning. In a moment of des!air# I fig&re o&t that I ha e come too far to gi e &! no). Instead# I decide to re%make the entire a&dio track. -hat's abo&t 75 min&tes of dialog&e# ambient# footste!s# lea es# !a!er r&stling# ob.ects hitting different s&rfaces and so on that I had to re%make. I made a transcri!t of the dialog&e# !&t together all the so&nd effects I )as going to need# m&sic and e ery other thing# then got to )ork. -hen came three days of standing o&tside in my shorts# recording a&dio )ith the camera !laced inside a f&r ca! and )orking )ith a giant !ro.ect(so many a&dio files that I had to make se eral back&!s) in the e er &sef&l /yberlink >o)erdirector 3. -he editing soft)are crashed a lot and there are lots of b&gs to it# b&t I e ent&ally got it done.

-his time# !eo!le finally &nderstood )hat the mo ie is abo&t# since the dialog&e )as finally clear eno&gh. I am still ama5ed at ho) I got that 'a&dio thickness' )ith nothing b&t a ca!. /A#'A+Y -he mo ie is com!lete and decent eno&gh to be )atchable(or so I ho!e). I'm foc&sing on !romoting# then releasing it in at least one ma.or theater. Also considering an internet release. >roblem isB Ho) do I get the )anted attention(!roof of abo&t 52.222 !eo!le )anting to see this mo ie)? If I get it fig&red it o&t# I'll let yo& kno) ho) I did it in !art t)o of this article.

*+%%& %& M" A#$ I KNOW YOUR BROWSER HISTORY htt0:11www!imdb!com1name1nm233456417ref89tt8o 8wr htt0:11www!browserhistorymo ie!com htt0:11the rincent!blo:s0ot!com These links will also redirect to e erythin: else I wrote in this article! As for the book that;s in the national library<ctrl=f and search for )carlat, Achim>! And no, I do not li e where this book is re:istered! htt0:11www!bibnat!ro1dyn?doc10ublicatii1,I*1Biblio:rafia@ABcartilor@ABin@ABcurs @ABde@ABa0aritie@AB?@AB,I*@ABiunie@ABAB55!0df Thank you for readin: and beware of 0art two!!!

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