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08/24/2009 MON 17~13 FAX 609633 9252 ETHICS5055 ~002/003

State of New Jersey

Jon S. Corzine POBox 082 Paula A. Franzese, Esq.
GQvernor Trenton, NJ 086:ZS-()08Z Chair
Karhleen C. Wiechnik, Esq.
executCve Dlreaor
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August 24, 2009 t:tnail;

Edward G. Werner
Strawbridge Professional Center
212 West Route 38, Suite 200
Moorestown, NJ 08057

Dear Mr. Werner:

I am writing in response to your June 21, 2009 letter regarding State Ethics
Commission ("Commission") staff member Jeffrey Stoolman, Your letter contains
various criticisms of an investigation conducted by the Commission, including failure to
recuse and a criminal allegation of official misconduct.

The Commission's investigation was conducted in accordance with established

practice and sound investigative procedures. A review of the facts surrounding the
recusal issue confirms the staffs initial conclusion that there was no basis in the Conflicts
Law or the Commission's regulations for the rccusal that you have suggested was
necessary. Your characterization ofthc relationship between Mr. Stoolman and a former
member of the VCeB is not supported by the evidence.

Matters involving allegations of criminal activity are riot within the jurisdiction of
the Commission. In appropriate circumstances, the Commission refers allegations of
criminal activity to law enforcement authorities, Of course, the Commission maintains
confidentiality with respect to such referrals. If you believe that your allegations warrant
a criminal investigation, you arc free to refer the matter to appropriate law enforcement

You have indicated that the Commission owes you an accounting of the resources
utilized in connection with its investigation. I am unaware of any statutory or regulatory
authority for your request. However, the Commission does have a statutory obligation to
conduct a proper and through investigation of alleged. violations of the Conflicts Law or
the Code of Ethics. In the instant matter, the Commission utilized the resources
necessary to fully investigate the matter and bring it to an appropriate conclusion.

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08/24/2009 MON 17:13 FAX 609 633 9252 ETHICS5055 ~003/003

Edward Werner
August 24) 2009
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In view of the foregoing, there is no issue to be addressed by the Commission at

an upcoming meeting.

Very truly yours,

Ka cen C. Wiechnik
Executive Director


c: Paula Franzese, Chair