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EMSA Action Plan Grade 7.

Specific needs identified through data analysis. Subject

What areas of each subject do you need to target for development?

Time-framed Strategies
What actions will you take, by when and who will ensure you achieve your targets?

Indicators of Success
What will you see? How will you measure this?


By when

By whom


Use a diagram to interpret the explanation of a technical term. Use appropriate strategies eg skimming/scanning to find information. Read and discuss literature related to their age. Analyzing challenging texts for deeper understanding.

Providing students with practice worksheets and EMSA past papers that cover most of the targeted areas of weakness for class work. Allocate the first fifteen minutes of each lesson to practice the targeted skills. Providing students with EMSA mock exams for class practice. Assigning HW to help students further practice the targeted skills. Integrating EMSA learning content points of the targeted areas into the curriculum ( parallel or modified curriculum). Communicating with students' parents to emphasize the importance of EMSA in improving their children academic achievement. Applying computer-based EMSA training software. Assigning scheduled three periods per week for EMSA in class practice work by the beginning of March. Review term 1 through one period once a week.

On-going practice for next years assessment will be evident in teachers daily lesson plans throughout the rest of the year.

Ibrahim Sarkas

Samer Ali Coordinator EA

Students' EMSA scores on the targeted areas will increase by at least 5% as compared to the previous exam, the region and all male schools results . Integrating EMSA content points into teachers' daily lesson planning. Students will be more enthusiastic, motivated and serious about their EMSA work. Parents' awareness and appreciation of EMSA testing will increase.


Can express a number as the product of its prime factors. Can perform simple calculations with percentages. Can perform operations with directed numbers. Can find squares and related square roots and cubes and related cube roots. Check if these topics are on this years test.

each Monday (Mr Ayman) each Wednesday ( Mr Ghanem). term2.

Mr Ayman

Mr Ghanem

Collect the students work to and arrange the students according to their level . the result of the practice test

Include the content of term2 inside the daily worksheets. make PRACTICE EMSA exam.

the last week in term 2.

EMSA Action Plan Grade 7.

Can complete simple numerical exercises based on geometrical properties. Can complete a simple numerical exercise based on the geometrical properties of a quadrilateral. Can translate between words and algebraic symbols. Can build a geometric pattern and complete a table of values.



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