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Duty to God: Deacon Cross-Reference

Personal - Priesthood Duties and Standards

Scout Quorum Family Sunday
Do All The Following Regularly
Week Month Month Month
Live the standards in For the Strength of Youth
Have daily personal prayer
Read the scriptures
Attend sacrament, priesthood, & other meetings
Keep the Word of Wisdom
Pay a full tithe
Pass the sacrament
Gather fast offerings
Perform other assigned priesthood duties

Family Activities
Scout Quorum Family Sunday
Do All
Week Month Month Month
Develop habit of reading scriptures daily. Read 1 Nephi through Mosiah &
share with family
Read For the Strength of Youth & discuss with your parents the importance
of standards & values.
Under the direction of your parents, organize & teach at least 4 family home
evening lessons each year
Keep a written record of your family history. Prepare a 4-generation
pedigree chart.
With the help of a parent, prepare at least 2 meals for your family. Also,
wash & iron your clothes for 1 month
Read the 12th article of faith; briefly describe the structure & functions of the
Federal Government
Perform at least 2 service projects for your family each year

Quorum Activities
Scout Quorum Family Sunday
Do All
Week Month Month Month
Read the Prophet Joseph Smith's testimony (J.S. History 1:1-20) & discuss
it with leader
Explain the law of the fast & how fast offerings are used. Read Isaiah 58
and D&C 59.
Give at least one 3 - 5 minute talk each year in priesthood or sacrament
Discuss the history & purposes of the Aaronic Priesthood & quorums
Participate in at least 2 deacons quorum service projects each year
Participate in baptisms for the dead, if possible. If not, talk to a leader about
the temple & what it means
Write a half-page explanation of the purpose of the sacrament

Personal Goals
Do 8 or more Scout Quorum Family Sunday
Week Month Month Month
Identify 4 scriptures that testify of Christ & talk about them with parent or
Read "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" & "The Living Christ: The
Testimony of the Apostles"
Recite from memory the Articles of Faith to a parent or leader
Read D&C 20:38-60 & talk with a parent or leader about the duties of a
Read or learn about an ancestor. Report what you learned in a FHE or in a
quorum meeting
Complete additional family history work (e.g.: A family group record) and
share the information
If you do not already have one, start a journal, and write in it regularly for 2
Set up a plan to be spiritually and financially prepared to go on a mission at
age 19
Make a list of skills you will need to become a successful missionary. How
can you learn the skills
Invite at least 2 friends to a Mutual activity, Sunday meeting, or FHE.
Write a letter to your parents, grandparents, or leader. Thank them for their
example & influence

Physical Development
Scout Quorum Family Sunday
Do 8 or more
Week Month Month Month
Run 2 Km & set a goal for steady improvement
Develop & begin a 1-year plan to improve your personal physical fitness
Swim 50 meters, using 2 different strokes
Learn to float on your back in the water for a least 2 minutes
Learn how to rescue someone who is drowning
Hike 10 Km in 1 day
Prepare equipment for an overnight camp. Set up a tent, cook on a fire or
stove, build a latrine, etc.
While camping, build a cooking fire or set up a camp stove. Teach someone
else & show 5 safety rules.
Learn a new game or sport
Play on a sports team in your quorum, ward, school, or community.
Learn the rules of play, and officiate for a sport of your choice
Explain the rules of safe bicycle riding. ?Complete a 30 km ride
Educational, Personal, & Career Development
Scout Quorum Family Sunday
Do 8 or more
Week Month Month Month
Make a plan to improve basic reading, writing, & arithmetic skills, & follow
plan for at least 3 months
Choose 2 careers you may be interested in doing someday. Find out
educational or requirements you need, interview someone in each position
to learn what you must do to prepare for these careers.
Visit a government office. After your visit, explain the function of the office.
Learn how to purify water & to wash & prepare fresh fruits & vegetables.
Learn emergency treatment for electrical shock, near drowning, serious
burns, broken bones, heat exhaustion
Attend a cultural event such as a church, school, or community play, music
program, or musical.
Learn to play a musical instrument
Perform a musical selection in sacrament meeting or another church or
community meeting
Develop & follow a financial budget for 3 months
Learn computer & keyboarding skills. Demonstrate these skills by typing
family history information
Read the Word of Wisdom (D&C 89), explain what is meat by Shall find
wisdom & great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures."

Citizenship & Social Development

Scout Quorum Family Sunday
Do 8 or more
Week Month Month Month
Explain how to be a friend, maintain a friendship, & resolve conflicts
between friends
Be a friend to someone who may feel left out, & invite him to a quorum or
Mutual activity
Show that you know how to use proper manners while eating, greeting
acquaintances in formal & informal setting, greeting a person of authority, &
introducing a speaker at a public event
Teach your family to play a new game or sport
Explain what it means to obey, honor, and sustain the law
Participate in a cultural event such as a school play or musical
Learn & practice proper dance etiquette
Explain Luke 6:31, & tell when & how you have applied its teachings
Help organize & carry out a quorum or ward youth activity
With your quorum, clean up or repair a part of your neighborhood
Participate in 4 family, quorum, or ward social activities - (see joint YM/YW
Sing with a church, school, or community choir

My Personal Journal
Scout Quorum Family Sunday
Do All
Week Month Month Month
At a minimum, fill in the journal section of hte Duty to God guidebook.
However, you are encouraged to use and write in a journal on a regular