Tubman Bonding: HF 1452 (Lillie, Clark, Halverson) SF 1247 (Wiger, Kent, Pappas, Housley, Scalze


tubman.org // 612.825.3333

Tubman is a statewide community resource providing family crisis and support services including safe shelter, legal services, counseling and therapy, elder care resources, youth programs and community education.

Harriet Tubman Center East is now providing safe and secure housing for 65 women and children. State bond funds ($2 million) were critical in leveraging an additional $4.9 million in funds that allowed the conversion of three floors to be upgraded for families experiencing domestic violence. Legislative Priorities  Support for up to $720,000 to complete the remaining two floors (20,000 square feet) to provide an additional 36 shelter rooms and common space for underserved victims of violence and exploitation and their children.
Facility Hospital Jail Assisted Living College Dorm Tubman Shelter Sq. Ft. 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 $/Sq. Ft.* $235 229 162 147 $ 36 Total Cost $4,700,000 4,580,000 3,240,000 2,940,000 $ 720,000

Increase levels of service funding for domestic abuse shelters and programs. Overall demand has increased while funding has remained static. Our shelters have been running at 120+% of capacity for over two years.

2012 Service Highlights  1,698 women and children fleeing violence stayed in our shelters (Tubman has 130 beds—65 at Tubman West and 65 at Tubman East), running at 121% capacity.  17,863 people received crisis support, created safety plans, and connected with new resources on our helpline.  4,074 people navigated the legal system for Orders for Protection or family law support with help from our advocates and attorneys.  1,318 people received mental and chemical health therapy in our licensed clinics.  2,580 seniors and caregivers received resources to age with dignity through intervention on elder abuse cases.  7,573 students attended classes and presentations on dating violence prevention to build safe futures.  1,002 adults gained stability, self-sufficiency and networks through support groups and classes focusing on financial literacy, job readiness and housing.
*Estimates are from Reed Construction Data, 2011 report (OVER)

tubman.org // 612.825.3333
Operational Efficiencies  95 cents of every state dollar spent on families and services.  Annual budget of $8.4 million + $2 million in-kind goods and services.  Statewide awareness and engagement through 100% in-kind media. Annual Impact  Tubman serves 40,000 people.  Partners with 20 law enforcement agencies and 40 high schools.  Leads four federally funded partnerships to build best practices.  Engages 200 interns and 200 pro bono attorneys to serve. Board of Directors 2013-14 Officers
Bradley S. Wood Chair Richard M. Niemiec Chair Elect Tammie L. Follett Vice Chair Jay R. Lindgren Secretary Ron Anderson Treasurer Eric L. Lipman Past Chair Beverly C. Dusso President

Norma Adams Sheila D. Arrington Laurie Bakken Tommie Braddock Charles M. Byrne Colleen M. Carey Michael Crusham Robert O. Erickson Jean A. Freeman Diane J. Gates Jim Gilroy Patricia Hamm Sheron D. Horris Shirley Hunt Seamus Hyland Kristen Kimmell Mary Kaul-Hottinger Melissa Kuchenmeister Laurie I. Laner Sonja C. Larson Julie M. Loosbrock Harry D. Melander Debra Page Grant Piller Kathleen Schmidlkofer Robert Schneeweis Dan Seeman Christine R. Stanson R. Christopher Sur Kate Wisser

Shelter & Residential Services  2 metro-area domestic violence shelters  24-hour crisis & resource line  Affordable transitional apartments  Family & children’s advocacy

Legal Services  Orders for Protection  Divorce & custody advice  Court advocacy for victims  Pro bono attorney representation

Counseling & Therapy Services  Individual & group mental health counseling  Chemical dependency assessments & counseling  Co-occurring therapeutic treatment  Psychiatric medication services

Youth & Family Services  Trauma-informed child care  In-school violence prevention & healthy relationship curriculum  Youth & parent support groups  Youth & young adult outreach & advocacy

Seniors & Vulnerable Adults  Consumer rights  Elder abuse intervention & prevention  Caregiver support  Community & professional education

Public Information Campaigns  Intern & volunteer programs  Public awareness & media campaigns  Training for professionals  Community event speakers

Advisory Board
Sharon Sayles Belton Josie R. Johnson Sheila C. Morgan Diane Robinson Sharon G. Ryan

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Sustainability Services Support groups Career, housing & financial workshops Resource & referral connections Community access to computer labs

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