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29 January 2014

N e w s l e t t e r
A very special welcome to George Romeril, Samuel Lloyd, Addison Moore, James Fleming, Elizabeth Dearden, Bethan Mundy, Marcos Mattos, Joe Roberts, Andrew Cochrane, Ella Smillie, Alice Wyatt, Maisy Hill, Gracie Bell, Hannah Bell, Elisey Abdula, Loek van Broekhoven, Stijn van Broekhoven, Nout van Broekhoven, Jack Flanagan, Jarn Hollows, Morgan Blair, Jamie Rhodes, Adam Rhodes and their families to Kaikorai Primary School!

Dear Parents A very warm welcome back to another year at Kaikorai Primary School and a special welcome to the many new families who started with us today. We hope that everyone has had a chance to relax and enjoy spending time together over the holidays and that your child is excited about coming back to school this year. Welcome to Shane Melrose who will be teaching in Room 4 this year. He has joined us from Wanaka Primary School. We will be saying good bye to Sue Graham at the end of this term and her job will be advertised in the near future. Sue has been a dedicated, hardworking and innovative teacher at Kaikorai Primary School for last 27 years, we wish her all the best for her last term.

Important Dates Feb 6 - Waitangi Day Feb 12 - Meet the Teacher evening February 26 - Futsal coaching starts March 3 - Middles Rocky Sea Shore visit March 4,5,6 - Parent Teacher Interviews March 18-21 - Seniors activity week, including Y6 camp March 24 - Anniversary Day April 18 - Last Day of Term

Kind regards, Simon Clarke

Wright St, Roslyn 4640065

29 January 2014

Meet the Teacher
The Meet the Teacher evening is on Wednesday the 12th of February starting at 5.30pm for the Junior and Senior classes and at 6pm for the Middle Syndicate. This meeting will take 20-30 minutes and it is not designed to talk about your childs needs as you will have an opportunity in March to have an individual meeting. Your child can be supervised during this time by the staff. The meetings will be in your childs room and teachers will discuss what learning will look like in their classroom. They will explain their literacy and numeracy programme, homework expectations and exchange contact details.

School Donation and other fees

A donation of $65 is sought so that we can provide the highest quality resources and appropriate stafng for your child. This donation can be paid in installments via the accounts system in the school. The school has signed on for another year of the web site for students in year 1-6. This is a very valuable resource as it helps your child develop math condence and skills at their own pace and it makes up an important part of our math programme. It is able to be used both at home and at school The cost for this is $20 and will be put onto your account.

Kaikorai Primary School is a silver level Enviroschool, and as such it is important that we try to reduce the amount of paper that we use. We will be sending future newsletters home digitally, not only is it more environmentally friendly but also to save the school money. We do understand that not every family has the internet and we are happy to print copies for families who need a hard copy. Please ll out the form below requesting a hard copy of the newsletter. If you have not received this newsletter electronically then please ll out the email section so we can update our database. Please download our Iphone app or Android app from the school web site and accept Push Notications when asked as we think these will be invaluable in the case of an emergency, on snow days and for general reminders.
________________________________________________________________________________ I would like to receive a hard copy of the school Newsletter - Name __________________________ Rm __ I didnt receive a digital copy of this school newsletter - Email = _______________________

Wright St, Roslyn 4640065

Kaikorai Kiwis Our transition to school programme begins Wednesday!12 February. If you have a child or know of someone with a child who has turned 4 and are interested in attending then please contact Susan Oldeld at school or at Lunch Orders Pita Pit will return on Wednesday the 5th of February. Order envelopes are available at the ofce. (Marlows Pies) will resume next Friday. Easy Lunches will be available Monday-Thursday beginning next week. These consist of pizza bun, jelly, piece of fruit, mufn and bag of popcorn for $3.50 small and $4.50 large. Please send your childs money in a named enveloped to the ofce before 9am. Walking School Bus
A Walking School Bus operates every school morning from the corner of Highgate and Belgrave Crescent (at the top of Ross St, just along from Roslyn Kindergarten) to Kaikorai Primary School. The Walking School Bus leaves from this point each school morning at 8.20am. Children can also join the bus along the way. We walk straight along Highgate to the Roslyn Village, cross Highgate there (via the 2 pedestrian crossings) and then continue along Highgate to the pedestrian crossing between Selkirk Street and Field Street, cross over at the crossing, go around the corner into Wright Street and then along to the school entrance.
Road Patrols We are desperately seeking parents or friends of the school to join our fabulous!road patrol team.! A large number of children rely on us each day to safely cross them at a number of places on the way to and from school.! The parent helpers!cover four crossings each day, with a fth covered by the Year 6 Road Patrol children.! Currently there are gaps on Tyne Street (mornings) on a Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday; and on Wright Street (afternoons) on a Tuesday afternoon.! On Highgate we have gaps in both!the mornings and afternoons. If you have children using these crossings, please consider helping them out.! Let me know what you can do by emailing me, or if you have any questions about it: kaikorai.roadpatr Thank you all, Vanessa Hornal (Road Patrol Co-ordinator)

The Walking School Bus is a fun, healthy, safe and environmentally friendly way for children to get to school - and it means that parents dont have to deal with the hassle of the busy trafc around the school and trying to nd a park! Every morning adult volunteers walk with the children on the Walking School Bus to ensure that everyone gets to school safely. All children are very welcome on the Walking School Bus. The walk is great exercise and the kids enjoy talking with one another along the way. If youd like to try out the Walking School Bus just come along one morning. For more information, please contact Tor Devereux on, 453-1108 or 027-635-1512.

School Activities Kaikorai Primary School prides itself on offering a wide range of activities for children to be involved in. Below is a list of the major extra curricula activities that we offer (not including winter sports). A meeting will be held on Thursday morning at 10.20 for all children wanting to join a sports teams. You can either enrol your child at the online addresses below or ll out the form that will come home tomorrow. If you would like any further information please contact the teacher responsible.

Futsal T Ball
Waterpolo (Flipperball)

Year 1 - 6 Year 1 - 6 Year 3 - 6 Year 3 - 6 Year 3 - 6

EMA IL Other Activities


5 February

Same teams as last year

5 February 5 February 5 February

Touch Rippa

Activity Orchestra Choir Ukulele Guitar Tuition Kapa Haka Te Reo Maori Mandarin TV Station

Age Year 3 - 6 Year 3 - 6 Year 3 - 6 Year 1 - 6 Year 1 - 6 Year 1 - 6 Year 1 - 6 Year 1 - 6


Meeting Date 31 January 31 January Week 3 Week 3 Week 3 Week 3 Week 3 Week 3

Closing Date 13 February 13 February Week 4 Week 4 Week 4 Week 4 Week 4 Week 4

Kelly Club
Welcome back to school from the Kelly Club and Kelly Sports Dunedin team, we hope everyone had a great summer break. Kelly Club will be based in the kitchen and library over the next couple of weeks and we will be in contact once we are back in the school hall. Enrol online at or call AJ on 021853559 for any questions. There will be an open day for all parents and children to come along on Tuesday the 4th of February from 3pm. Also, Kelly Sports skills sessions will start up in week 3 with iers and a promo day next week.

Our Sponsors Many thanks to all of our sponsors for 2013. We certainly hope that parents have supported those businesses that have sponsored us. We currently have a few spaces available for 2014. If you would like your business promoted through our newsletter and website then please do not hesitate to contact the ofce. School Top and Hat The school hat is compulsory for all students this year and will be included in the school stationery pack. It comes in two sizes sizes 55cm and 57cm and cost $12.00. Please ignore the 59cm and 61 cm sizing on the stationery list. " ! " " " " " " " " " " ! " " " " " " " " " " ! " " " " " " " " " " ! " " " " " " " " " The school top is compulsory for all children in years 1-5 and optional for children in Year 6 to buy. The cost of the top is $28.00 and will also be included in the stationery pack. You will be able to buy additional tops from March from the school ofce. " " " The top will be required to be worn, but not limited to, the following events; sports events including regular competition xtures, choir and orchestra performances, red roof visits, other school visits, ukulele jam, eld trips but not school Stationery Packs Stationery lists have been sent home today. These can be purchased through the school, at a very competitive rate. Simply ll out the form for each of your children and send a cheque or correct cash in a named, sealed envelope with your child tomorrow. If paying by account please contact the ofce. If the tops or hats are the wrong size we can easily exchange. The packs are sold as complete packages only and we cannot remove any items. Should you require a few items these can be purchased separately Property News A new toilet block is currently being built as part of the Junior Block that will include new storage space, foyer entrance and asphalt. Room 8 have joined with Room 12 and Room 10 is upstairs in Room 7 for the next few weeks. We apologies for this inconvenience. The run of poor weather in Dunedin hasnt allowed sufcient grass growth to occur on the back eld and therefore it will be a few more weeks before we can open this area to the children.

A final thank you to our 2013 sponsors!