Volume 23, Number 3

February 2, 2014


Growing as a Disciple of Christ in 2014 This Sunday, February 2, the Eastmont family will have the opportunity to worship through bringing their 2014 Discipleship Commitment Cards to the altar during our worship services. Your tithes and offerings can be brought to the altar at the same time and placed in the offering plates provided. If you forget to bring your commitment cards, they will be available on each pew. A Look Inside... Youth Disciple Now Page 3 Wild Game Supper Page 3
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Except for Easter, I believe this Sunday is the most significant of our church year. This Sunday I am asking you to join other Eastmont members in renewing your commitment to be a disciple of Christ. Most of you do this privately on a regular basis during your daily devotional time with God. I am glad you do. However, this Sunday, let’s do this together. There is something special and powerful about a church declaring their unified love for Christ. Just prior to my sermon we will pray together, ask God to help us and then place the commitment cards on the altar. Remember we do the possible, God does the impossible. By the way, unity really is important. A snowflake alone is nothing. But as we discovered this week, when you get enough of them together an entire state slows to a crawl. Two of the preachers I admire from the 1700’s are George Whitfield and John Wesley. I recently re-read some accounts of their ministry. John Wesley is the most popular of the two and is the founder of the Methodist denomination. (I think he was really a Baptist at heart) He served over sixty- four years in active ministry. I found this motto of his that partly explains why he was so effective. “Do all the good you can By all the means you can In all the places you can At all the times you can To all the people you can As long as you ever can.”

When I brag on a certain ministry, other ministries might feel unappreciated. Nevertheless, I hope we all agree that this church is only as strong as our prayer ministry. Whether you pray with a small prayer group, or at home alone, or through Eastmont’s organized prayer ministry, it is essential that we pray. I have heard it said, “There is a time to pray and a time to work.” Yet I have discovered that prayer is work. In fact it is the first work you should do before any other is begun. The Lord willing I will see you Sunday,

R.A. PINEWOOD DERBY & LUNCH This Sunday, February 2, at 11:45 AM (after church) in the Fellowship Hall; Grades 1-6 Boys & families 11:45 Hot Dog Lunch 12:15 Gr. 1-3 Car Weigh-in 12:30 Gr. 1-3 Race Gr. 4-6 Car Weigh-in 1:00 Gr. 4-6 Race 1:20 Open Race 1:30 Trophy Presentation Race Technician – Dwight Sisk (from Raceway Ministries) EASTMONT SOUP-ER BOWL Sunday, February 2 Bring cans of soup to place in marked boxes in the hallway. This will benefit AIM (Aid for Inmate Mothers). JUMPING the HURDLES Sundays from 5 PM for Grades 1-6 Kicks off Sunday, February 9 Everyone gets a prize!! *Cool BIBLE Stories! * *GAMES!* *MUSIC!* *PRIZES every week!* *FUN SNACKS!* Earn points to spend at our TeamKID Store!! LOOK at ME Sundays at 5 PM For Preschoolers Starts Sunday, February 9 Come play with us as we learn about ourselves and how we can grow to be like Jesus! There will be games, parachutes, hoops, balls, Bible Stories, crafts and snacks! Fun! Fun! Fun! BIBLE DRILL Sundays at 4 PM for Grades 4-6 in the Fellowship Hall SUMMER CAMP SIGN-UP Register Now Boys & Girls (Grades 1-6) Information & Forms at Children’s Welcome Center Registration due by Wednesday, March 12

Tablescapes Banquet Tablescapes will be March 30, 2014 If you would like to decorate and host a table, please call Rosalyn Godwin at 277-2565 as soon as possible.

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THURSDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDY All College Students are invited to our Thursday night Bible study. The topic is: “Twenty Questions Every Christian Should Answer.” We hear a lot of answers regarding the issues we face today, but what does God have to say about it? Join us at the Luker’s at 7 PM to find out. Food will be provided! Please contact Gene at 678-524-7949 for more details or directions. BROOM HOCKEY AT EASTDALE MALL Looking to relieve some of the stress from schoolwork? Join us on Friday, February 21st at 9 PM at Eastdale Mall for a memorable time on the ice. You will not want to miss this! INTERNATIONAL DINNER On Wednesday night, March 5th, some of Eastmont’s international community has offered to provide the supper for us. There will be authentic Korean and Chinese cuisine, along with other wonderful food options. I hope that you will make plans to attend this event with your family.

Lancaster Show & Dutch Country Trip September 1-6, 2014 See “Moses” at the Sight & Sound Millenium Theatre, parting of the Red Sea, burning bush, the plagues, the Ten Commandments and guided tour of the Amish country & much more. Contact Cheryl Wells for more information (277-6300). RSVP by Eastmont Seniors 55+, then open to Eastmont members and last available to friends of Eastmont. Only 52 spots available. Forever Young Tuesday, February 18 at 10 AM in room 205 Covered dish meal to follow program.

House to House Ministry We need you to help with a local construction project on the third Saturday of the month. Meet at the church at 7 AM. For more information, please contact Travis Jordan at 391-3503 or Thomas Corum at 868-7176. Guatemala Mission Trip September 27 - October 4, 2014 Please check your calendar & be in prayer for this mission opportunity. More details coming soon.

D-Now February 14-16 Cost: $35 / student Registration forms available in the student ministry area. Help with D-Now We need assistance in providing monetary donations, providing or preparing food. If you would like to help, please contact the church office at 277-6300. Complete Conference Girls only event - March 7; for more information, contact Amy Corwin or visit, alabamawmu.org/complete Seniors Only a 4-week series with Tommy McGregor
(Founder of The Transmission, thetransmission.org)

Loving Care Craft Class Wednesday, February 5, 9 AM - 12 PM in room 112. Focus on the Family’s ‘The Truth Project’ Begins Tuesday, February 4 at 5:30 PM in room 118 Twelve 1 hour sessions discuss in detail God’s design for living out the Christian world view in daily life. A brief discussion will follow each DVD lesson. Each class will last no more than 90 minutes. For more information, contact Keith Rudolph at 303-4102. Wild Game Supper 2014 Tuesday, March 4, at 6 PM in the Fellowship Hall Guest Speaker: Jeff Shearer (WSFA News Sportscaster) Duck Dynasty Look-Alike contest (for 18 & younger) Cost: $10/person (proceeds benefit Eastmont Men’s Ministry) Tickets go on sale beginning February 9 in the connecting hallway.
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Sundays @ 5 PM (January 26 - February 16) This will help you keep from getting lost in the transition from High School to College.

February 2, 2014
Sunday, February 2 8:10 AM Worship Service 9:20 AM Sunday School 10:30 AM Worship Service 4:00 PM Bible Drill 5:00 PM Discipleship Classes Tuesday, February 4 9:00 AM Sr. Adult Choir 5:30 PM Aerobics Wednesday, February 5 9:00 AM Craft Class 5:00 PM Outreach 5:15 PM Fellowship Meal 5:45 PM Acteens 6:15 PM Adult Choir Orchestra Practice 6:30 PM Mission Groups Prayer Meeting Men’s Small Groups Thursday, February 6 5:30 PM Aerobics Friday, February 7 7:00 PM Marriage Conference February 5, 2014 Country Fried Steak, Baked Potato, English Peas, Salad, Dessert, & Drink

February 2, 2014 Special Music Amy Blake 10:30 AM Sanctuary Choir “I Will Bless the Lord” February 9, 2014 Special Music Eastmont Bells 10:30 AM Sanctuary Choir “This is God’s House” 10:30 AM Michelle Jones


February 12, 2014 Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Salad, Dessert & Drink $5/Adult $2/Children (Max. $15/family)

January 19, 2014 Preschool.................. 76 Children....................52 Students.................... 81 Adults......................598 Total...................... 807

January 26, 2014 Preschool.................. 74 Children....................63 Students.................... 83 Adults......................655 Total...................... 875

February 2, 2014 Dallas Vick Pat Norris

February 9, 2014 Kent Harwell Kent Johnson

Saturday, February 8 9:00 AM Marriage Conference Office: (334) 277-6300 Fax: (334) 277-6322 Careline: (334) 277-6384 Website: eastmont.org _____________________ Kindergarten: (334) 244-9324 Prayer Room: (334) 277-8876 E-mail: ebc@eastmont.org Sunday, February 9 8:10 AM Worship Service 9:20 AM Sunday School 10:30 AM Worship Service 4:00 PM Bible Drill 5:00 PM Discipleship Classes Tuesday, February 11 5:30 PM Aerobics Wednesday, February 12 5:00 PM Outreach 5:15 PM Fellowship Meal 5:45 PM Acteens 6:15 PM Adult Choir Orchestra Practice 6:30 PM Mission Groups Prayer Meeting Men’s Small Groups Thursday, February 13 5:30 PM Aerobics
Facebook: facebook.com/eastmont Twitter: @eastmontbaptist

January 19, 2014 General Budget $19,779.98 Emergency Fund $1,734.00

January 26, 2014 General Budget $27,134.93 Emergency Fund $2,663.50

February 2, 2014 Bobby Edmond 271-4083

February 9, 2014 Bob Franklin 514-6953

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