Reframing R democrac cy. Perspec ctives on the t culture es of inclu usion and a exclus sion in contemporary y Sri Lanka a. By Jayad deva Uyang goda and a Nelouf fer De Mel l. Published by Socia al Scientist t’s Associa ation, Colombo, C 2 2012. This T publication has be een written through a series s of cas se studies which w was w placed in the Dist tricts of Kur runagala, Monaragala, Badulla, Nu uwara Eliya E and so forth. The book b highlights facts and evidence on o why Sri Lanka L should think t of ref forming the e democracy y. Throughout the his story, thoug gh the issu ue of democrac cy has been n heard, no action a was taken t as the e war was in progress. The T authors point out the importance i of ethnicity and equalit ty also gend der, caste and migrant work, giving g the right of citizens c to ha ave a real cit tizenship wit th a changed d democracy y. Managin ng in a dev veloping co ontext. Sri Lankan pe erspectives s. By Sudatt ta Ranasin nghe. Publishe ed by Suda atta Ranasi inghe, Colo ombo, 2011 1. This boo ok is a com mpilation of f articles ba ased on ad dvanced res searches explaining manageria al issues wh hich are relev vant to the developmen nt of the country. The author believes tha at it is nece essary to hav ve manager rial skills to handle the countries resources in order to be e competitiv ve in a sustainab ble way. These ar rticles are especially tar rgeted towards manage ement stude ents and practition ners to gain more knowledge about this subject.

Statist tics
Bu ulletin of selected retail and d produce er prices 2008 2 – 2011. 2 Pu ublished by y Departme ment of Cens sus and Sta tatistics, Co olombo, 201 12. Th his statistica al report is on o retail and d producer price p data which is related to th he household d consumption expenditure on food and other r items, also o the da ata has been n taken on monthly m bas sis and being g analysed. This data co overs th he period of 2008 to 2011 in 25 dis stricts including Colombo o, comparing g the fig gures given throughout t the years us sing graphs and a tables.

Quarter rly report of o the Sri Lanka L labou ur force su urvey. Publ lished by Depa artment of f Census and nd Statistics s, Colombo o, 2011. This qua arterly repor rt covers employment and unemp ployment da ata to monitor the t program ms and the po olicies made e by the gove ernment. Th his has data from m July 2011 1 to Septem mber 2011 but b the Nort thern and Eastern provinces s have been n excluded fr rom the sur rvey. This re eport is done e from a sample e of 5,170 ho ousing units covering the e basics of the t survey. Quarterly Q re eport of the e Sri Lanka a labour fo orce survey y. Publishe ed by Department D t of Census s and Statis stics, Colom mbo, 2012. Th his report is s about the labour force e survey in Sri Lanka which w covers data fro om April to June 2012. This surve ey has been n able to ca apture the entire e co ountry but excluding e No orthern and Eastern pro ovinces. An annual a samp ple of 19 9,420 housin ng units have been selected for th he survey and a the repo ort is ba ased on a qu uarterly sam mple of 6,360 0 housing un nits. Sri Lanka demog graphic tra ansition. Fa acing the challenge es of an ageing population n with few w resources s. Publishe ed by Worl rld Bank, Washing gton D.C., 2012. 2 This repo ort discusses s the econom mic implicati ions of demographic tra ansition in Sri Lanka a focusing employment e t and produ uctivity issue es as one focus f and performa ance of cash h transfer pr rograms to help the po oor as anoth her focus. The repo ort highlights s that any change c in these small ar reas can imp prove the labour market m and the t difficultie es faced by poor and vulnerable v pe eople and the policy ac ctions will facilit tate the dem mographic ch hange in the e country.

Broaden ning gende er. Why ma asculinities matter. Pu ublished by y CARE Internat ational, Colo ombo, 2013. Violence against wo omen has been b a majo or issue and has been n talked about all over the wo orld. To a na ations develo opment, gen nder based violence v is a grea at obstacle which w affect ts the whole e society. From this stu udy, we hear abo out the ma ajor factors in relation to violenc ce against women, w childhood d trauma and men’s exp perience abo out violence. This is a useful resou urce to those e who work with child protection, se exual and repro oductive hea alth, men’s health h and in n youth prog gramming.

The eco onomic contribution of o women in Banglade esh throug gh their unp paid labour. By Debra Efroymson, E , Julia Ahmed and Shakila Ru uma. Published by Health Bri ridge, Ottawa, , 2013. Th his book is based b on a research r on the contribu ution of wom men to their local an nd national economies e t through their unpaid wo ork in Bangla adesh. It includes all the household chores women do on daily ba asis and the e research shows th hat each day y they work for f 16 hours s approximat tely. Th hrough the study, it is understood d that dome estic work play an impo ortant pa art towards women’s ri ights in Ban ngladesh an nd that the economy of o the co ountry depen nds on the contribution c of women.


An A introduc ction to systematic s andy reviews. By David Gough, Sa Oliver O and James J Thomas. Published by Sa age Publica ations, Lon ndon, 2012. 2 This T book ma ainly focuses on an igno ored area of f research which w talks about a fi ive areas of f research which w are ap pproaches to o reviewing, , getting sta arted, gathering g an nd describing research, appraising and synthe esising data a and making m use of o reviews/m models of res search use. This T covers the reviews from statistical Me eta analysis to t Meta ethn nography. This pub blication is lo ogically structured and will be useful for anyo one who is doing d system matic reviews.

ssues, dire ection and perspective p es. State re eform in Sr ri Lanka. Ed dited Is by b Jayadeva a Uyangoda. Publishe ed by Socia ial Scientist sts’ Associa ation, Colombo, C 20 013. This book off fers a compr rehensive ac ccount of the issues, the emes, discourses and dimensio ons of the de ebates and processes p of f the politics s of state ref forms n Sri Lanka. In addition, , it discuses about the rising r questio on, ‘restruct turing in th he post-colonial state’ an nd whether it is right or wrong.

Qualitative Q data analysis with NIVO. By y Pat Baze eley and Kristi K Jackson. Pu ublished by y SAGE pub blications, London, L 20 013. This T book provides p det tails on planning and conducting qualitative data analysis a with h NVivo soft tware. The new edition n is combine ed with practical in nstruction, methodology m y and real wo orld experien nce by making it more useful u fo or the reade ers. It also highlights how w NVivo soft tware can ac ccommodate e and assist a analysi is with most t type of research questions. Some of the new areas a in n this book focus f on han ndling literat ture review, visualising data d and wo orking in mixed methods an nd social media datasets s.

Principle es of meth hodology. Research R de esign in so ocial scienc ce. By Perry y and Chris stine Bellamy y. Published d by Sage Publication P ns, London, , 2012. With enr riched inform mation on so ocial science e methodolo ogy, this boo ok shows how an understanding of methodology can n be used to design re esearch in o test theories and being able to t answer interesting research order to questions s. This book talks abou ut why meth hodology ma atters, comp peting virtues s of good research design, pu urposes of theory, mod dels and fr rameworks etc. New researche ers will find d this book both intere esting and useful u as it presents many pra actical challe enges in designing resea arch.

Discove ering statist tics using IBM I SPSS statistics, 4th edition by Andy Field. F Publis shed by Sage e Publicatio ons, London n, 2013. The 4th edition e of this award win nning book has h been tra ansformed in n a way for the students s to be more engaged e wit th statistics. This has unique methods of explainin ng factors with w excellent examples to make it a more d concept. Some S of the e key feature es in this bo ook are, IBM M SPSS advanced statistics environme ent, explorin ng data with graphs, Non- para ametric c regression etc. e models, correlation, Also the author has balanced th heory and pr ractice for th he students to use the comp puter as a tool t for learning statistical concepts s which will give a better un nderstanding g in both the eory and practice.

Sociolog gy in our times. The essentials fifth editio on. By Dian na, Kendall. Publishe ed by Thomso on Wadswo orth, Belmo ont, 2006. text is no This ma ainstream, best-selling b oted for its s especially strong integratio on of comp pelling and engaging ‘L Lived Exper riences’ - ex xtended examples s that focus on various social issues s to illustrate e chapter co overage. These extended e ex xamples ar re introduce ed with th he social is ssue or applicatio on that opens each cha apter and ar re then carr ried through hout the chapter in various boxes, b featu ures, and ex xercises. Ke endall's text is also known fo or its except tional covera age of curre ent social iss sues, along with its . The author includes diverse theoretical integratio on of race, class, c gende er, and age perspectives p viewpoints, including g feminist theory. The au uthor's vivid, applied, pe ersonal writing style eng gages students, , and her compelling c e everyday exa amples mak ke sociology y particularly y relevant to o the diverse student s pop pulation of today. The e author sh hows students that so ociology inv volves importan nt questions and issues that t they con nfront both personally and vicarious sly. Quoted from f -: http://ww ww.cengage h/productOv N=0&Ntk=P_ _Isbn13&Ntt t=97805346 64629 5  Categor rical data analysis a for r the behav vioral and social scie ences. By Razia R Azen, , and Cindy Walker. W Pub blished by Routledge R , New York, , 2011. Featuring a practical ap pproach with h numerous examples, this t book foc cuses on helping the reade er develop a conceptu ual, rather than technical, understanding of categ gorical metho ods, making g it a much more acces ssible text than others o on th he market. The T authors s cover com mmon catego orical analyses and emphasize e specific re esearch ques stions that can c be addre essed by each ana alytic procedure so that readers are able to addr ress the rese earch questions th hey wish to answer. Thi is book cove ers the most t commonly used categorical data analys sis procedur res. It is written w for th hose withou ut an extensive mathematical m l background, and is id deal for grad duate cours ses in categorical data analy ysis or cro oss-classified d data ana alysis taugh ht in departme ents of psyc chology, human develo opment & fa amily studies s, sociology, education, , and business. Researchers in these disciplines d in nterested in applying these procedu ures to their r own research will appreciate this book’s accessibl le approach. . Quoted from f -: nalysis-Behav vioral-SocialSciences/ /dp/1848728 8360

Foreign aid in Sout th Asia. Th he emerging g scenario. . By Saman n Kelagama a. Published by Sage Pu ublications, New Delh hi, 2012. “Foreign Aid in Sout th Asia” exa amines the individual i So outh Asian country experienc ce in deali ing with fo oreign aid. The article es show th hat the effectiven ness of fore eign aid as a developm mental tool over the la ast few decades has been mixed, and that the Paris P Declara ation of 20 005 has brought about som me improvement in aid ownership, harmon nization, mainstrea aming, utiliz zation and so s and so fo orth. The book examines how emerging g as well as less develop ped South As sian econom mies are adap pting to these de evelopments s in the context c of security is ssues, post-conflict rehabilita ation/reconst truction and d so on. The boo ok provides many less sons for designing d an n internatio onal framew work for ai id or internatio onal aid architecture through case studies, hig ghlighting th he future po olicy prioritie es for that coun ntry. For the e very first time, focus is s laid on Bhu utan, Maldive es and Afgha anistan-the three least-doc cumented co ountries in th he region-be esides discus ssing about India, Pakis stan, Banglad desh, Sri Lanka a and Nepal. Quoted from f -: outh-Asia-Em merging/dp/8 8132108744 4

Journ nals
Social forces. f Edit ted by Arn ne L. Kalle eberg. Pub blished by Oxford Un niversity Press P , London. . Volume 92 / No 1, September S 2013. ncluded in th his issue are e listed below w Articles in 1. Jo ob authority and breast cancer by Pudrovska P 2. G Gender, bilingualisation, and the ea arly occupat tional careers of se econd gener ration Mexic cans in the South by Hernandez – leon and Lakhani 3. Ev victing child dren by Matthew Desm mond, Weilh hua An, Ric chelle W Winkler and Thomas T Ferr riss 4. C Casual effects of parenta al leave on adolescents’ a household work by y Kotsadam and Finsera aas

Enviro onment & Urbanizati ion: Towar rds resilien nce and transformat tion for ci ities. Edited d by David Satterthwa waite and David Da Dodm man. Publish hed by Sag ge Publicati tions, Londo on. Volume 25 / No 2, , October 2013. 2 A Articles includ ded in this is ssue are liste ed below 1. U Urban enviro onmental ch hallenges an nd climate change act tion In D Durban, Sout th Africa by Debra Robe erts and Sean O’Donoghue 2. “S Shared learning” for building urban clim mate resilien nce – ex xperiences from f Asian cities c by Sar rah Orleans Reed and Richard R Friends 3. Governing G urban climate change adaption in Chin na by Bingqi in Li 4. U Urbanization and econom mic growth: the argume ents and evid dence for Af frica and As sia by Iv van Turok an nd Gordon McGranahan M

Climate e change issues in Sri S Lanka published p b Institute by te of Policy y Studies of o Sri Lanka, Colombo, 2012. Janu uary – Dece ember 2012.

A Articles includ ded in this is ssue are liste ed below 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Impact of climate I c chan nge on Agriculture in Sri S Lanka by y C. S Shanthi De Silva S I Impacts of global clima ate change on inclusive e growth in Sri L Lanka by Kanchana Wick kramasinghe e O water an Our nd climate change c by Dr r. Herath Ma anthrithilake C Climate cha ange and coral c reefs in Sri Lank ka by Sand deep J Jayawardene e and I research IPS h studies on climate change Athula Senarathne S K Kanchana Wickramasing W ghe

by Instit Network k. Special l issue on o rural linkages l p published tute of Rural R Manage ement, Gujr raat, 2013. . Volume 17 / No 1 & 2, January y - June 20 013. A Articles includ ded in this is ssue are liste ed below 1. 2. 3. The Rural ur T rban divide in India by Swati S Pillai an nd Atulan G Guba I Impact of industrializat tion on rura al communi ity in Jharp para v village by Ila a Patel I urban dev Is velopment in n Gujraat healthy? By Ab bhishek Nair, P Pramod Sing gh and Laksh hmikant Tiwari R Rural roads for f last mile connectivity y. An overvie ew by Anand d Venkatesh h


Echelon n. Rise and fall of PC house. Published by Capital Media Me (Pvt.) ) Ltd, Colom mbo, 2013. Volume 1 / Issue 12, August A 201 13. A Articles includ ded in this is ssue are liste ed below 1. 2. 3. 4. Colombo’s ch C hanging skyline T Titles industry seen grow wing under tariff t protect tion C Crisis Redux B Business bar rs

Echelon n. Retire ric ch, take co ontrol of yo our future. Published d by Capita tal Media (Pvt.) (P Ltd, Colo ombo, 201 13. Volume 2 / Issue 1, 1 Septemb ber 2013. A Articles includ ded in this is ssue are liste ed below 1. 2. 3. 4. Prospects for informal se P ector wealth h manageme ent B Benefits outw weigh port risks r for JKH T Katunay The yake express sway F Focus on fun ndamentals

Busines ss LK. Published by Bu usiness Lan nka AN (Pv vt) Ltd, Colombo o, 2013. Vo olume 1 / Issue I 7, Oc ctober 2013 3. A Articles includ ded in this is ssue are liste ed below 1. 2. 3. 4. Diverse expe D erience in ba anking profe ession by Tila an Wijeyseke era A perseveran nt approach to growth by b Kanchana a de Silva R Riding high on o apparitional mood by y Dilshan Perera B Being a dem mand chain solutions provider by Era anga Jayawa ardene

Develop pment Bull letin. Chall lenges for participat tory develo opment in contempo orary develop pment practice. Pub blished by y The De evelopment t Studies Network and Australi ian Nationa al Universit ity, Canberr ra, 2013. No N 75, Augu ust 2013. Articles included in this issue e are listed below b 1. Midni ight in Paris s? Case stud dies of partic cipation in the t new pos st-Paris world d by Mark Mc cPeak, Rocardo Gomez and a Solin Ch han 2. Persp pectives on participation n and partne erships: Par rticipatory pl lanning and practice p in Vanuatu by Pamela P Thom mas 3. Partic cipatory gen nder monitoring: sharing learning from f plan’s WASH progr ram by Lee Leong L and Deborah D Elkington 4. Foste ering social change through participatory vid deo: a conc ceptual frame ework by Ta amara plush

‘Forced Migration n’, Detention, alterna atives to de etention an nd deportat tion. Publis shed by For rced Migrat tion, Oxford, UK. Issu ue 44, Sept tember 201 13. A Articles includ ded in this is ssue are liste ed below th at risk in n immigration detentio on facilities by Ionna Kotsioni, 1. Healt Aurelie Ponthieu and Stella Egidi E ntion of wom men: principles of equali ity and non-discriminatio on by Ali 2. Deten McGin nley 3. Conflict in Syria compounds c vulnerability y of Palestine refugees by b Gavin David d White 4. Refug gees’ rights to work by b Emily E Arnold-Fern nandez and Stewart Polloc ck

‘Forced Migratio on’, Preve enting disp placement. . Published d by Forc rced Migra ation, d, UK. Issue 41, Dece ember 2012 2. Oxford e are listed below b Articles included in this issue enting displa acement by Valerie V Amos s 1. Preve 2. The managemen m t of climate displacemen nt by Scott Leckie L 3. Post-conflict lan nd insecurit ty threatens s re-displac cement in Northern Ugan nda by Levis Onegi 4. Makin ng work safe e for displace ed women by b Dale Busc cher

‘Sowing g the seeds of grow wth’ compiled by Ishara Rathnayake and d Roshni Alles, A Centre for f Poverty y Analysis in Lanka Monthly M Di igest (LMD D), Novemb ber 2013. Page P 93. Published by Media M Servi vices (Pvt.) Ltd., 2013. With the end of the e war, oppor rtunities for tourism in Sri Lanka are flouri ishing. As a result, the government g t has restore ed several small an nd medium enterprises s in Sri Lanka to imp prove the income levels of the people and th hereby to generate ment. employm In 2012, , CEPA car rried out a study on SMEs, focu using the Trincoma alee District that produc ces a variety y of handicra afts using Palmyra and seashel lls. The stud dy aimed at giving recom mmendations for further r improveme ent in productio on and other r factors to improve i their market pr rofitability. This T article highlights som me of the key findings f from m the study.

‘Plight of o female migrants’. m c compiled by y Mohamed d Munas an nd Nadhiya a Najab, Ce entre for Pov verty Analy ysis, in La anka Mont thly Digest t (LMD), O October 20 013. Page e 89. Publishe ed by Medi ia Services s (Pvt.) Ltd. d., 2013. This artic cle mainly fo ocuses on the t women based in the Middle East countries who are a engaged d in labour activities. a De espite an existing law, it is evident tha at most wo omen are harassed, h abused and a not paid properly. In order to t prevent some of these issues, the mig gration policy y has brought forward several s strategies like prohib biting the migration of women w with children f years, setting a minimum m age crite eria for below five employm ment and many m other aspects. Th he article th herefore, highlights s some of th hese strategi ies and ideas for the bet tterment of female labour migration n.

‘Develop pment at what w cost’ ’ compiled by Vagish ha Gunasekara, Cent tre for Pov verty Analysis s, in Lanka a Monthly Digest (LM MD), September 2013 3. Page 85 5. Published by Media Services S (Pv Pvt.) Ltd., 20 013. Th he article hig ghlights som me key factors that may widen the social s dis sparities due to urb ban develo opment and d beautific cation pr rogrammes. Ev ven though urban re egeneration facilitates constructing g or reconstructing g city infra astructure, the benef fits are mostly m ha arvested by the t middle class c or the elite e while th he less privil leged are prev vented from enjoying any a benefits s. If econom mic development could lead to gr reater inequality y, there ha as to be a mechanism m to minimi ize these adverse a effe ects. This article a therefore e, raises som me concerns related to empowering e all citizens within w this pa aradigm.

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