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2014/1/12 -NO.


Syrian forces advance in Aleppo Shells on Homs and Jaramana
checking a plane in Turkey was heading to Syria



PAGE 3 Raping wives and
women of al-Mujahdien and Muhajren

“Friends of Syria” Conference in Paris

Mass grave in Aleppo


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One citizen was killed and 9 injured due to the fall of many mortar shells at al-Zahraa, Akrama, and Abaseyya neighborhood in Homs and at alWehda and al-Janaien neighborhoods, and on al-Khudr street in Jaramana in Damascus countryside, caused also material damages.

Shells on Homs and Jaramana

A mass grave in Aleppo..
opposition Sources revealed that members of the Free army discovered a mass grave in one of the headquarters of the organization, “the state of Islam in Iraq and the Levant” near the roundabout “Bureij” north of Aleppo after the Free army controlled over it, the mass grave contains about 50 bodies handcuffed and executed by firing, according to witnesses

Denying control on al-Bab city by the “Islamic state”
A media source of “al-Bab city Front” in the eastern countryside of Aleppo denied reports by some media that “The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant” controlled fully on al-Bab City and that the clashes are still ongoing there between the Islamic Front and the Islamic State. The source added that the movement Ahrar al-sham arrested number of soldiers of the Islamic State at Qabasin village affiliated to al-Bab city.

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The death toll in Syria

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the death toll in Syria during the past two days exceeded / 294/ people, including /210/ of the Islamic state, the fighting battalions, the Syrian army and the national defense forces.

The human rights Organization “Shahid”, stated that members of “Ahfad al-Moursalen” Brigade affiliated to “Abu Laith” broke into a house of young man affiliates to the “Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant” in “Inzarat” neighborhood, and arrested his mother and sister, and stole many of the contents of the home. The source also re-

Raping wives and women of al-Mujahdien and Muhajren

ported that the members raped the mother and her daughter, then they released the mother two days after arrest, while the is girl still detained.

bombings in Aleppo
joint checkpoint of al-Tawhid Brigade an al-Shamal Storm Brigade at al-Salama border crossing Road.In Old Aleppo, “al-Ezza Bellah” brigade targeted by mortar shells gathering places of the Syrian Army in Maysaloun neighborhood, Babli buildings, and the Political Branch. Whilw Syrian warplanes carried out many air raids on Hanao Neighborhood at east, and at the western areas in the city.

A Fighting Brigade executed a man on charges of supporting the Islamic state In Aleppo, many people were

killed in two suicide bombings targeted a headquarter of al-Tawhid Brigade and a headquarter of the Islamic Front at Masaken Hanano neighborhood at north. A car bomb exploded, targeted a

Opposition sources said that members of a fighting Brigade, known for its corruption and bad reputation, executed a father of five children, at al-Maysar neighborhood inn Aleppo on charges of supporting “the Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant” and tried to arrest him, when he refused to comply, they shot him by heavy machine gun, killed him and injured his cousin.

Sharia Board in Aleppo
Sharia Board in Aleppo announced carrying out an expand military campaign against the so-called “corruptors in the land and bandits” and prevents the establishment of any checkpoint in the city only via it. It also called on the citizens to report any violation by “the climbers on the revolution” . As it said

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Daash advances in al-Raqqa
Clashes Intensified between the al-Qaeda linked organization “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” on one hand, and the “Islamic Front “ and “ Army of the Mujahideen” and “Syria’s rebel Brigade” on the other hand. The opposition sources said that the Organization controlled on most parts of the city of Raqqa, where members of the organization controlled on the main streets in the city. The Observatory pointed that Daash threw dozens of bodies of gunmen of other Brigades and of “al-Nusra Front” in al-Jazra village. It also pointed that the mosques are calling on people to bury them, and pointed out that Daash blew up a number of houses of armed opponents in the city of Tal Abyad , after they controlled fully on it and its crossing border with Turkey after fierce clashes between the two sides, amid withdrawal of gunmen towards Tal Abyad and the Turkish border

Commander of «Syria’s rebels» Front, Jamal Maarouf, said that “brigades and battalions of the front will be the first nucleus to form The Free national army”, and stressed that “the mission of this army will focus on fighting the regime of President Bashar al-Assad and fundamentalist organizations, which does not differ with the Regime in

Commander of «Syria’s rebels»: We are the nucleus The Syrian forces adof the national army vance in Aleppo

doing oppression, in condition to seek to maintain the security of the people after the departure of the regime”, as he said.

Gunmen in the hands of the Syrian Arab army
Media sources asserted that 450 gunmen from Madaya in the countryside of Damascus and 61 gunmen from Hama surrendered to the Syrian competent authorities.

Forty gunmen had been killed during an operation of the Syrian Arab army in Heratan village in the northern countryside of Aleppo. Most of the gunmen from foreign nationalities, while media sources pointed that the Syrian army had targeted the gatherings of the opposition gunmen in the northeast of Al-Nerab airport and the central prison in Aleppo. In Alhaedraia region in Aleppo city, units of the army destroyed the vehicles, cars, weapons and the ammunition of the gunmen

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checking a plane in Turkey was heading to Syria
A Turkish official announced that Turkey prevented a plane, which stopped in Ankara, to continue its journey to Syria for checking the goods that it carried before they allow it to fly again on Sunday. The official, who preferred anonymity, told AFP that “the plane was prevented from flying, and it was checked in spite there weren’t any suspicious materials. And the plane will fly again Sunday morning.

Syria’s friends conference in Paris

On Sunday in Paris, representatives of the 11 countries that support the national Syrian coalition of the opposition will meet for urging it to participate in Genev2 conference which should be held in 22 of January. The head of the coalition Ahmad Jarba and two of his deputies are going to meet the foreign ministers of eleven countries and they are:(Britain, Germany, Italy, France ,Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and the United States), At the headquarters of the French Foreign Ministry in Paris today.

The Syrian team equalizes with the Emirati team in the Asian Cup finals

The Syrian Team for football started its participation in the Asian Cup finals with one goal versus one goal of the Emirati team during the match in Al Seeb stadium in the Sultanate of Oman