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2014/1/13 -NO.


700 people killed during 9 days

“ISIS” announces the public mobilization

The Syrian Army take advantage of the opposition infighting in Aleppo

“ISIS” control totally over al-Raqqa


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700 people killed during 9 days
About 700 people have been killed during 9 days of the fighting between members of the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham “ISIS” and the Syrian Opposition fighters, as reported by the Syrian Observatoryfor Human Rights on Sunday. It stated that it documented the death of 697 people between Friday, January 3 and mid Saturday. The Observatory noted that the killed people are 351 opposition fighters and 246 members of the Islamic State and 100 civilians. It added that the destiny of hundreds of detainees at both fighting sides is still unknown.

The Syrian Army advances “ISIS” defeated

“ISIS” announces the public mobilization
The Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham organization announced the public mobilization against all factions that don’t pledge allegiance to the organization. It mentioned in a statement that these factions are the Islamic Front, the Free Army and the Syrian Army.

After fierce battles with opposition fighters, the Syrian army advances in al-Naqqarin neighborhood in Aleppo, and regained control on Zarzor town and al-Sabeheya village northeastern al-Safera “ISIS” executed Emir of alNusra Front in Raqqa “Abu Saad Hudrami” with more than 100 detainees of the Islamic Front in Raqqa. “ISIS” also burned and detonated all houses of the Islamic Front in Tal-Abyad boarder town, after full control over the area. At the eastern part of

in Aleppo countryside. The Free army showed footages said they are about controlling over Bayanon area in Alepo by its members, who announced that they expelled members of “ISIS” out of the region. the city, precisely in Mashlab, Senaaeya and Tharwa Hayawanya, fierce clashes broke out between “Thwwar al-Raqqa” brigade and “ISIS” near Houttin school. “ISIS” established a checkpoint near the old bridge, and detains the arrivals and prevent them of entering the city.

“ISIS” control over al-Raqqa

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“ISIS” is still trying to regain control of the city of al-Bab in the eastern countryside of Aleppo after that it has brought in huge reinforcements known as (a convoy of Chechen) relative to the commander of the convoy, “Omar Chechen” who reports pointed to his death, the news haven’t been confirmed yet. But near al-Bab city, FSA liberated Qabbasin town adjacent to the city of al-Bab and arrested 30 members of the “ISIS”organization, while Tal Refaat witnessed fierce clashes between the “alTawhid Brigade “ and “ISIS”

Clashes in Aleppo

The so-called “Maher Gawlani” a brigade commander at “Ahrar Syria” group, and “Husen Gawlani” a commander of “al-Nusra Front” have been killed during clashes with the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham “ISIS” in Raqqa. killed commander of the fifth regiment of AL-Tawhid brigade “Saad Qaddour” as well as the “Azaz” city, After the organization targeted a checkpoint of the Free Army by a car bomb on al-Salama crossing border road.

Commanders killed in clashes with “ISIS”

Statement of “Ahfad alRasoul brigades” Command
The General Command of “Ahfad al-Rasoul brigades” combination announced dissolving the combination in southern Syria and re-structuring them within Syria’s rebels Front rebels.

Clashes between al-Mujahdin Army and “ISIS”

The “Mujahdin Army” announced that it controlled on regiment /111/ at Sheikh Salman village at the western countryside of Aleppo, after clashes and siege for many days between the organization and al-Mujahdin Army. The regiment /111/

is considered the most important strategic site for the organization in Aleppo. It also controlled over “Talas” association at the western countryside of Aleppo killed and arrested a number of the organization’s members and arrested others.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )356)


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A solidarity campaign with al-Yarmouk camp

the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign to stop the humanitarian disaster at besieged Yarmouk camp south of Damascus, who some of them died of starvation due to the siege for months ago, in the

meantime, a Palestinian delegation arrived Damascus in an attempt to put an end to this human tragedy. The leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, a delegation member, Bilal Qasim,

said from Damascus that the delegation had contacts with the relevant authorities of the Syrian state and all regional and international organizations to develop solutions that can put an end to this disaster.

vaccination Campaign of two million Syrian chil- Petrol stations in Damascus After the opposition put redren against polio
a group to combat polio is about to complete the first round of the vaccination campaign, which named “from house to house,” and included all areas of Syria, including the areas dominated by the FSA in the northern and eastern Syrian provinces, the working group formed by many medical, local, and Arab organizations had received vaccines from the Turkish government through the Turkish Red Crescent. The campaign was scheduled to continue for 6 days startstrictions on the supply of fuel to the General capital Damascus, the Syrian government is working to equip and operate a number of small and medium petrol stations in Damascus to circumvent the shortfall to supply the citizens.

ing from January 2, but the outbreak of fighting between the Free army and the “ISIS” prevented the completion of the task.