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Message of the Cross Church Preaches the Original Message

The Message of the Cross Church, also known as the Church Purchased With His Blood, declares original bible truths, now lost in the churches of today. They believe that in order to receive God given results, you must not leave Gods prescribed order of doing things. This can be altered through new age ideologies, beliefs and shallow philosophies nurtured by humanistic views and overtones. Charleston, SC, January 28, 2014 -- The Message of the Cross Church, located in Charleston, SC, declares the original message of the cross, a practice that sets it apart from other churches in Charleston and the surrounding areas. The original message, given by God and taught by the Apostle Paul, was ministered in the power of the Holy Spirit by churches founded by the Apostles in the first century. They preached the cross for salvation as well as born again believers sanctification. Unlike modern churches, the Message of the Cross Church is devoted to teaching and practicing original God given Bible truths. Modern day Christian disciplines often include fasting, praying, Bible study, and church attendance. Disciplines like these are enforcers of faith in Christ and the cross. The Message of the Cross Church understands that these are strengthening methods and are benefits given by the Cross of Calvary. As such, the Message of the Cross Church preaches a belief of faith in Christ exclusively, rather than merely in faith enforcers or the faith in righteousness and doing benevolent works. Further, they believe that a lack of faith in Christ as the proper object constitutes self-righteousness or the idea of merely doing good deeds, which cannot ascertain heaven or victory over the world, the flesh and the devil. In the way the Message of the Cross Church believes exclusively in Christ, they believe that its not faith in the law with which humanity finds deliverance. Instead, under these teachings, the Holy Spirit works to help deny sin, addiction and other ungodly passions. Through each of these truths, the Message of the Cross Church stands for preaching faith

in the biblical sense, beliefs that have widely changed since the original message. Yet, the Message of the Cross Church shows that this faith has not been forgotten. Still, this isnt the only thing that sets the Message of the Cross Church apart from other churches in the area. It also has a unique approach to finances, in regards to its ministry. Rather than become a primarily financial institution, the Message of the Cross Church focuses on spreading faith. The ministry strongly believes in the importance of spiritual growth and development above financial profit. In recognition of this, the church only takes one corporate offering a week in order to support its ministry. From the beginning, the Message of the Cross Church set out to be a place of compassion and warmth, where visitors know they are welcome. The Message of the Cross Church in Charleston, SC, continues to grow in every way. It promotes betterment for all and remains a safe space for all to seek, no matter their situation. While the church embraces original faithful truths, its adaptation in various aspects allows it to provide for its visitors in faith, finance, and many other ways that work towards the good of the community, the saving of souls and the restoration of lives. Contact: Bishop Amos Elliott Message of the Cross Church Charleston, SC (843) 556-0029