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Advice and G idance !or Practitioner"


Thi" advice and g idance ha" &een 'rod ced to " ''ort the 'ro!e""ion (ith the delivery o! co r"e" (hich are either ne( or (hich have a"'ect" o! "igni!icant change (ithin the ne( national ) ali!ication" *NQ+ !ra,e(or-. The advice and g idance 'rovide" " gge"tion" on a''roache" to learning and teaching. Practitioner" are enco raged to dra( on the ,aterial" !or their o(n 'art o! their contin ing 'ro!e""ional develo',ent in introd cing ne( national ) ali!ication" in (ay" that ,atch the need" o! learner". Practitioner" "ho ld al"o re!er to the co r"e and nit "'eci!ication" and " ''ort note" (hich have &een i"" ed &y the Scotti"h Q ali!ication" A thority. htt'/00(((.") -0"),l

Acknowledgement 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746. 8o ,ay re9 "e thi" in!or,ation *e:cl ding logo"+ !ree o! charge in any !or,at or ,edi ,; nder the ter," o! the O'en Govern,ent Licence. To vie( thi" licence; vi"it htt'/00(((.nationalarchive".gov. -0doc0o'en9 govern,ent9licence0 or e9,ail/ '"i<nationalarchive".g" - . =here (e have identi!ied any third 'arty co'yright in!or,ation yo (ill need to o&tain 'er,i""ion !ro, the co'yright holder" concerned. Any en) irie" regarding thi" doc ,ent0' &lication "ho ld &e "ent to " at en) irie"<ed cation" - . Thi" doc ,ent i" al"o availa&le !ro, o r (e&"ite at (((.ed cation" - .



5 Learning and Teaching Scotland 677$

skills for life and skills for work B C 47 44 46 46 42 4B 43 4C 67 62 63 6C A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $.e ProDect @NA "e'aration @etail" !or @NA "e'aration @NA "tr ct re @ar(inE" nat ral "election Nat ral "election in .Contents Planning for Learning and teaching: inheritance Introduction: Setting the scene in a Scottish context Curriculum for Excellence Learning in demand Inheritance Exemplification of learning and teaching The > .an Geno. BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 1 .ice Re'rod ction and inheritance Further research Skills for learning.

2 A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $. environ.anner. $ulticellular organisms: reproduction and inheritance • Identi!y 'henoty'e and ho. production of proteins and genetic engineering • Str ct re o! @NA/ do &le9"tranded heli: held &y co. $ulticellular organisms: health and disease • The e!!ect o! li!e"tyle choice".ent and heredity on health. The"e -ey area" are a" !ollo(". "election and the evol tion o! "'ecie". The"e ) e"tion" are intended !or 'ractitioner"E "e in the identi!ication o! &ig i"" e". natural selection and the e(olution of species • M tation. !a. con"ideration o! (hich nder'in" the learning and teaching !or thi" conte:t.and in) iry9&a"ed 'ractical learning (ill " ''le.oGygo "0heteroGygo " genoty'e o! individ al" !ro. Re!lective ) e"tion" !or learner" are 'rovided to aid 'ractitioner" in 'lanning learning and teaching to . • Nat ral "election and "'eciation thro gh i"olation and "election.eet the need" o! learner".any ca"e".I !E"I#A CE Planning for Learning and #eaching: Inheritance Thi" advice and g idance i" intended !or "e &y 'ractitioner".'le. Cell %iolog&: ' A.andatory.entary &a"e 'air". Thi" advice and g idance " gge"t" a conte:t !or learning and idea" !or learning and teaching o!!ering o''ort nitie" to 're'are learner" in the . BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 .ent the learning and teaching de"cri&ed here.eeting the need" o! learner". Thi" advice and g idance "ho ld &e "ed in a re!lective and "elective . • Tran"!er o! genetic in!or.andatory co r"e -ey area" !or National $ Biology. It i" non9 . Life on Earth: adaptation. It i" antici'ated that 'ractitioner" (ill &e creative and innovative in 'lanning a''roache" to . In . inve"tigative (or.ily tree". • The role o! ada'tation !or increa"ed " rvival. variation.ation and genetic engineering.

ay &e e:'lored.ay &e "e! l !or thi" di"c ""ion.'le/ Geogra'hy/ It .I !E"I#A CE There are al"o o''ort nitie" !or lin-ing to other c rric l . BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 $ . area".ove. !or e:a. A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $.ay &e 'o""i&le to con"ider the glo&al geogra'hic "'read o! inherited di"ea"e" and relate thi" to the . Modern St die"/ The de&ate regarding H"avio r "i&ling"E in re"'on"e to inherited di"ea"e .ent o! the 'o' lation. The Glo( Science Savio r Si&ling" 'age" .

Our Future: Realising the potential of genetics in the NHS .ain" to &e di"covered. "o.I !E"I#A CE Introduction: Setting the scene in a Scottish context ?very "i: . On de"cri&ing hi" Scotti"h travel".eone die" !ro.illion to 6. die. " ch a" &otani"t Ko"e'h >oo-er .'letion o! the "e) encing o! the h . it i" e"ti. the n .'act on healthcare and radically alter the a''roach to di"ea"e 'revention.i""ioned a "t dy entitled Our Inheritance. @ar(in e.&ar-ed on a le"" (ell -no(n Scotti"h e:'edition in 4C1C .. ?very year I2.illion. F rther. It advi"ed that advance" in genetic" (ill have a 'ro!o nd i. Reali"ing the i.o " voyage on the Beagle . @ar(in (a" ndo &tedly in!l enced &y Scotti"h "cienti"t" at the ti.&er o! 'eo'le (ith dia&ete" in the UJ ha" increa"ed !ro. he "aid that it had &een H&y !ar the . the Scotti"h Govern. ?din& rgh. and al"o Charle" Lyell .ore.&er o! year". Altho gh there ha" &een a tre. travelling via Gla"go(.an geno. Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution Theodo"i " @o&Ghan"-y * !merican "iology #eacher .inedE.ent co. there i" "till a great deal that re.endo " revol tion in the &iological "cience" in the 'a"t 67 year".B . a heart attac. "t not &e overloo-ed/ hi" early "t die" aro nd the Firth o! Forth (hil"t a "t dent at the Univer"ity o! ?din& rgh . (ho " ''orted hi" theorie" on nat ral "election.o"t re.ated that death" d e to dia&ete" in the UJ (ill increa"e to 2 . along (ith hi" !ir"t 're"entation in ?din& rgh on hi" o&"ervation" o! "ea "hore creat re" . a!ter co. 1$.ore.A that i" 47 'eo'le every ho r. diagno"i" and treat. te". Loch Leven and Glen Roy.e.'leting hi" ! area I ever e:a. By 676$. F rther.ent. Fol. 4. '' 46$A46I. "ince 4IIB.777 o! the. (ho (a" ed cated at the Univer"ity o! Gla"go(. " rely "ha'ed hi" career 'ath.e ha" increa"ed B A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $. and hi" connection" (ith Scotland . BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 . ?very day 43I 'eo'le lo"e one o! their 'arent" to a !atal heart attac-.illion.'ortance o! genetic" in ScotlandE" health. The co. heart di"ea"e and "tro-e" have long &een -no(n a" the three &ig -iller" !or their 'revalence in Scotti"h !atalitie" over a n . 4I31+ The "tory "tart" (ith @ar(in.2 .

a'' @NA have &een identi!ied. catalog ed and "tored along (ith the three &illion &a"e 'air" that .ed deci"ion" regarding to'ical develo'. A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $.ade con"idera&le 'rogre"" to(ard" that goal.a-e in!or. The de&ate over (ho "ho ld ac) ire or even 'ro!it !ro.any 'o""i&le &ene!it" and concern". Over the 'a"t decade. Given the 'revalence o! dia&ete" in Scotland. thi" -ind o! in!or. It i" vital that learner" are (ell e) i''ed to .ent" " ch a" tho"e regarding dr g develo'. the h . the relevance o! thi" area o! (or. and inheritance and di"ea" learner" cannot &e ) e"tioned.ent" in genetic "cience. "cienti"t" (or-ing in the !ield o! genetic engineering and gene thera'y have .an geno..ea" ra&ly the 'o""i&ilitie" o! genetic re"earch.ation i" a long9"tanding one that re) ire" -no(ledge o! the . BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 3 .ent.I !E"I#A CE i. Altho gh there i" c rrently no c re !or dia&ete".a-e ' @NA.777 gene" in h .e 'roDect. @ e regard ha" there!ore &een given to allo( learner" to e:'lore a"'ect" o! arg .ately 6$.

(ith (ider learning. • Interdi"ci'linary learning i" a -ey a"'ect o! C rric l . in a !a"t9changing (orld. o! "-ill" !ro. !or ?:cellence " ''ort" the develo'. !or ?:cellence and i" an e:citing (ay !or "chool" to develo' rich learning e:'erience" that & ild 'on the "trength" and e:'erti"e (ithin di!!erent di"ci'line". B ilding the C rric l .ent "-ill".ent o! "-ill" (ithin learner" i" at the heart o! C rric l . To'ic" " ch a" Inheritance and >ealth can &e "ed a" co. BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 .'ortance o! "-ill" (ithin C rric l .'le: ta"-" are o!ten the nor. and it "ho ld ! lly e) i' learner" (ith the "-ill".eet the need" o! learner". li!e and (or-.e" !or interdi"ci'linary learning or ta ght (ithin the &iology conte:t to lin. leader"hi' to inter'er"onal "-ill" to career . !ro. 2 give" ! rther in!or.any (ay"/ • The driving !orce &ehind C rric l . !or ?:cellence i" that it i" a c rric l . The Skills for $earning. The"e al"o o!!er e:cellent vehicle" !or learner" to develo' higher9order thin-ing "-ill" and 're'are learner" !or the li!e o! (or.ent o! relevant career" "-ill" in ."tance" and are the -ey to " cce"". !or learning. Skills for $ife an% Skills for &ork Frame'ork (ill al"o aid yo r 'lanning to . !or ?:cellence and ho( they have &een e. C A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $.ation a&o t the i.e" !or all learner". -no(ledge and con!idence to thrive and " cceed in the increa"ingly glo&ali"ed (orld o! the 64"t cent ry • The develo'. "-ill" (ill allo( learner" to ada't to changing circ ..'le: the. (hich the "-ill" (ithin the learning !or National 2 "ho ld 'rogre"".(here interdi"ci'linary a''roache" to co.&edded (ithin the e:'erience" and o tco.I !E"I#A CE Curriculum for Excellence C rric l . !or ?:cellence in recognition o! the !act that. The"e incl de the entire "'ectr .anage.

colla&orative and o tdoor learning."elve" to 'rogre""ing learning in di!!erent (ay" !ro.ent and a''lication o! "-ill" !or learning. GLO= 'rovide" an o''ort nity !or learner" to (or.ent in conte:t yo . active. 'rior learning and locality. S ch a''roache" to learning incl de co9o'erative.ay !ind that the learner"E intere"t".eet" the need" o! yo r learner". lend the. There are . "trength".any (ay" in (hich thi" learning Do rney can develo'. national and glo&al event". By 'lanning o''ort nitie" !or "-ill" develo'. ! n. develo' the "-ill" o! learner". !or ?:cellence enco rage" a''roache" to learning that are . li!e and (or-.'ortantly. challenging and. A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $.together acro"" geogra'hical area". Idea" !or learning and teaching can &e ada'ted to allo( develo'. the " gge"tion" (ithin thi" advice and g idance. relevant. a" (ell a" local. or to incor'orate ICT and ta-e acco nt o! a range o! learner"E need". BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 I . and yo (ill -no( &e"t ho( to 'lan learning and teaching that .I !E"I#A CE • C rric l .otivational. i.

i" &elieved to co. genetic "t die" o! organi". F rther re"earch o! the .'loy." and their 'attern" o! inheritance (ill 'rove vital to .ate change . In 6744 the Univer"ity o! @ ndee o'ened a ne( L1.'act o! ne( genetic" -no(ledge on healthcare in the "horter ter.ent" are having on the. 47 A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $..ay ta-e the !or. Food and R ral A!!air" @?FRA and & "ine""e" or charitie" " ch a" the Fo ndation For ?ndangered S'ecie" * F?S + and the =orld =ildli!e F nd *==F +.6 .acogenetic" .ain co. The"e . facilitating numerous clinical trials an% bringing innovative %rug pro%ucts to market rea%iness Over )*+ organisations an% .ental re"earch 'rovide" another aven e o! e. The Pat McPher"on Centre !or Phar.ent o! ne( intervention" and their i. "'ecie" " rvival and 'rotection.ent.e !ro. The greate"t i.ay &e thro gh govern.ic" and Phar.ent" in 'har. Thi" .onitoring and identi!ying the e!!ect" (hich h . o! re"earch. Given the c rrent concern" regarding " "taina&ility and cli.acogeno. =elco.ent organi"ation" " ch a" @e'art.aDor ca "e o! ill9health in Scotland i" " gge"ted to &e vital..-. employees make up Scotlan%/s po'erful life sciences in%ustry Talent Scotland.entation and eval ation..e to Li!e Science" The li!e "cience ind "try i" one (hich i" highlighted (henever ScotlandE" health and ! t re are .ent !or ?nviron.illion cancer re"earch centre.ent thro gh the area" o! con"ervation.. develo'. ?nviron. BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 .on ad lt di"ea"e" that are a .acogenetic" . develo' develo'.entioned.'le.I !E"I#A CE Learning in demand Scotlan% is an internationally recognise% research an% bio(manufacturing base an% reno'ne% service centre.

.ic"/ "t die" the large9"cale genetic 'attern" a. Genetic" i" the &ranch o! "cience that deal" (ith the "t dy o! gene".olec lar level 'o' lation genetic"/ "t die" the di"tri& tion and !re) ency o! gene" in a 'o' lation geno. The"e incl de/ • • • • . Bione("online "et" o t the -ey de!inition" o! inheritance along (ith a ti.e line o! nota&le "cienti!ic di"coverie" on the to'ic. A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $.ent. inheritance i" the 'a""age o! gene" !ro. 'attern" o! heredity and the variation a. there are ." (ith re!erence to their environ.olec lar genetic"/ "t die" the "tr ct re and ! nction o! @NA at a . 'arent" to their o!!"'"t a "'ecie" ecological genetic"/ "t die" the gene" o! nat ral 'o' lation" o! organi".I !E"I#A CE Inheritance P t "i.'ly.any aven e" (hich the "t dy o! inheritance no( ta-e". Altho gh all & ilt aro nd the -ey 'rinci'le" !ir"t di"covered &y @ar(in and Mendel and then develo'ed ! rther &y =at"on and Cric.".ong"t organi". BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 44 .

'lication" o! increa"ed -no(ledge o! o r @NA.aro nd thi" to'ic. the .an Geno. (ith the !ollo(ing .o"o. o! (ool or "tring can &e "ed to create a (a"hing line a&ove the &ench. Thi" 'rovide" a rich conte:t !or e:'loring idea" o! inheritance and heredity.y genetic" and thi" "ho ld &e availa&le to other" H7E/ ne tral A neither !or nor again"t HAE/ again"t anyone -no(ing a&o t .e ProDect and (hat it ha" Geno.I !E"I#A CE Exemplification of learning and teaching #he !uman )enome Pro*ect The > . The Geno.a. lating di"c ""ion and dee'ening nder"tanding.eaning/ HME/ a&"ol tely clear that I "ho ld all -no( all the detail" o! .e di"order". chro. (hich i" a "e! l techni) e !or "ti. cancer. The "tart 'oint !or thi" idea i" a video called The Cho"en Child/ Screening Genetic Content *clic. e.7 . incl ding .e on it and a!!i: it to the line "ing a clothe" 'eg.e 'rovide" in9de'th !ile" lin-ing to develo'. (rite hi"0her o(n na. ?ach learner in the gro ' "ho ld ta-e a "tic-y la& Geno.ight &e "e! l !or ada'tation !or yo r learning and &eing. 46 A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $. The National > .'lete &l e'rint !or a h .ed o'inion. BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 . co.e Tr "t 'age on the > .g. a"th. o! develo'ing learner"E a''reciation o! the i.ent" and article" !or a range o! i"" e".y genetic".ately 7. allo(" "cienti"t" to read the co. Thi" 'rovide" an introd ction to the > . The idea !or learning and teaching incl ded here co ld &e "ed a" a "tarter or a 'lenary !or learner"E (or. One end o! the (ool "ho ld &e la&elled HME *'o"itive+.on Genetic"0>eredity+. (ith the ai.iddle H7E *ne tral+ and the other end HAE negative. -ey legi"lation and dr g di"covery.$A4.'leted in 6771.e ProDect. A''ro:i. The activity de"cri&ed here i" a (a"hing line activity . incor'orating to'ical "cience and the o''ort nity to increa"e learner"E "cienti!ic literacy/ a""e""ing evidence to e:'re"" an in!or.e Re"earch In"tit te 'rovide" a range o! re"o rce" that .

. Thi" co ld lead on to e:'loration o! ho( "cienti!ic advance. BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 41 .ent".ore a(are o! certain hereditary di"ea"e" earlier.ay (ant to "ee yo r geno.ay not &e allo(ed to have children i! yo carry gene" !or certain dangero " characteri"tic". A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $. • Parent" can !ind o t i! their n&orn child ha" any genetic di"ea"e".ent.ortgage d e to a genetic .a-e " re yo donEt carry or are li-ely to " !!er !ro.e a"'ect" learner" !eel di!!erently a&o t the "e o! genetic" co. to . ?ach learner "ho ld ta-e a t rn to "elect a "tate..'ortance o! the "tate.ent "ho ld then decide on the i.'loyer" . read it o t to the other" in the gro ' and di"c "". "ooner.a-e a . thi" that in "o.ine a''ro'riate dr g thera'ie" !or individ al" &a"ed on genetic in!or.ent" *"o.ay &e denied a . (here each individ al e:a.ay choo"e to "egregate and loc. • I! yo are .ed clothe" 'eg a" a re" lt. S gge"ted "tate.ent to hi"0her o(n 'er"onal o'inion and decide (hether he0"he "ho ld .ation *'har.. yo . and the 'otential &ene!it" and ri"-" o! either overly la: or overly "tringent reg lation. The learner (ho cho"e the "tate.e.ed deci"ion a&o t ho( to live their li!e.e are " gge"ted here+ to "ti. Thi" activity co ld &e "ed in a di!!erent (ay.acogenetic"+. and that there i" no clear9c t an"(er.ent i" legi"lated. • The N>S (ill "can yo !or certain di"ea"e" earlier i! yo are !o nd to &e genetically li-ely to get that condition.ove o! clothe" 'eg or not.ove hi"0her o(n na. any 'o""i&le inherited di"ea"e". • 8o .ove" hi"0her na.e &e!ore o!!ering yo a Do&. • 8o . • The 'olice .ent"/ • >ealth in" rance (ill e:cl de0not 'ay !or certain treat. to .' certain 'eo'le (ho have the genetic 'otential !or violent characteri"tic". • I! yo -no( yo carry a gene !or a hereditary di"ea"e.ent" they con"idered and D "ti!y (hy thi" re" lted in a .ine" a n .e clear !ro. • Jno(ing a 'er"onE" genetic" can hel' the. late di"c ""ion "ho ld &e 're'ared (ithin a &ag or a &o: "o the learner" choo"e at rando.ay &e a&le to "'ot the.ed clothe" 'eg and then each 'er"on di"c ""e" the "tate.ore in!or. • @octor" can &etter deter. yo can ta-e "te'" to 'revent it develo'ing earlier.'ared (ith other a"'ect".ent" i! yo are genetically 'redi"'o"ed to the.&er o! "tate. • ?.&er o! "tate. It "ho ld &eco.edical condition and th " never &e a&le to o(n yo r o(n ho.I !E"I#A CE A n .

I !E"I#A CE • Jno(ing . BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 . 42 A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $.an 'o' lation can hel' " to 'redict change" that .ore a&o t the changing genetic" o! the h .ight occ r in the ! t re.

-.e 'roDect .ight 'rovo-e ! rther di"c ""ion and dee'en nder"tanding o! the 'otential i"" e".at the vie('oint" o! di!!erent co ntrie" on genetic te"ting and the geno.ation &eing "hared and arg . A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $. incl ding reg lation.e.ove the 'eg".e co.ent. &a"ed on c rrent "cienceO To (hat e:tent i" the " gge"tion a li-ely reality !or the ! t reO The US @e'art.e 'eo'le. all the "tate.ation .ation 'rovide" in!or. one learner (ho ha" .. a glo&al Geno.ean that le"" .'leted ! rther (or-.ay . Alternatively. • Peo'le (ho have greater li-elihood !or genetic di"ea"e" .erciali"ed and inter'retation o! the re" lt" i" not al(ay" clear c t.ore in ta:. BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 4$ .org + or on re4uest via e(mail "t"<""erc. • Jno(ing thing" a&o t yo r health can lo(er an:iety0"tre"" level" !or "o. in a Scotti"h conte:t. • F nding !or the 'roDect .ent" again"t. incl ding ho( legi"lation control" the .ari"e (hy he0"he cho"e to do "oN another (ho ha" not co ld &e a"-ed to D "ti!y thi" choice. • Te"ting .. eg Gene Thera'y/ Molec lar Bandage . There are a n .ent o! ?nergy O!!ice o! Science > .oved a 'eg co ld &e a"-ed to " . ?ach le""on or each (ee-."cience194C.oney i" "'ent on the N>S loo-ing a!ter "ic. Once the learner" have co. ' A separation A"'ect" o! the 'rotocol de"cri&ed in the re"o rce have &een ada'ted !ro. Learner" co ld "e a Glo( &log or a =i-i to con"tr ct a (e&"ite that gather" "cienti!ic evidence aro nd one or .e ProDect In!or.ation on gene te"ting.ore i"" e".aterial" 'rovided &y the biology team at the Scottish Schools 0%ucation Research 1entre 2SS0R13 In most cases such materials are available via one of SS0R1/s 'ebsites 2 (((.ay &e " &Dect to &ri&ery and corr 'tion.ent" tr e at thi" ti. .I !E"I#A CE • Certain religion" and c lt re" are again"t genetic "creening a" they &elieve the ! t re in i" GodE" hand".'eo'le.i" "e o! "cienti!ic advance.ent" a" a &a"i" !or ! rther (or-. • The 'eo'le (ho hold genetic in!or.ain in 'lace and a" learner"E -no(ledge and nder"tanding develo'" thro gh the to'ic they co ld contin e to .ay &e charged . Learner" co ld al"o "e the "tate. The Univer"ity o! UtahE" Learn Genetic" "ite incl de" a variety o! idea" !or develo'ing learning and &eco. To (hat e:tent are the "tate.&er o! ro te" to & ild ! rther on thi" activity. =a"hing line" co ld re.ent" co ld &e revi"ited and gro 'ed into arg .ent" !or genetic in!or.

I can e:'re"" an in!or. BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 .e he0"he (a" "een (a" in thi" o t (ith ta'e.ent "et9 '" that . the &road general ed cation.e". local e"ta&li"h.y"tery.y nder"tanding o! @NA.o"o. All Scotti"h "chool" have &een given electro'hore"i" tan-" &y SS?RC in the 'a"t t(o year" *677IA6744+. 5N! an% genes an% their relative si6es A CSI "tyle "cenario can &e "ed to "et the "cene !or learner". Learner" can &e in"tr cted that the -idna''ing o! a teacher ha" ta-en 'lace.can introd ced a" a .ethod o! "'litting ' a 'er"onE" @NA into gene". a ni) e 'attern can &e created. S1N 7(-7c The MayoClinic ha" a "hort "lide "ho( that can &e "ed to vi" ali"e the conce't o! chro. Thi" (or.ent "ing di!!erent the.ation. a na. gene" and @NA." o! e) i'. Ideally. A" the gene" are ni) e to the individ al. 4B A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $. H@o not ?nterE ta'e ..ent".Online/ @NA ?lectro'hore"i" 'rovide" ! rther in!or.olec le". The -idna''er le!t the o tline a" a ta nt and it i" ' to the learner" to "olve the .e tag or a teacherE" identi!ication tag . gene" and chro. 'hich incorporates investigative 'ork. S1N .ental 'rotocol and diagra.can &e "ed to ill "trate the e!!ect !or learner".iliar (ith thi" e:'eri.o"o. reca''ing on 'rior learning. is inten%e% to offer opportunities to %evelop learners/ un%erstan%ing of the terminology of chromosomes. An o tline o! a &ody . tan-" .y nder"tanding o! ho( characteri"tic" are inherited to "olve "i. I! the"e are not c rrently availa&le or cannot &e &orro(ed !ro.ilar " gge"tion" !or thi" e:'eri. I have e:tracted @NA and nder"tand it" ! nction. ABPI Re"o rce" !or School" ill "trate" @NA "'licing and electro'hore"i"." and relate thi" to .ay &e le!t on the o tline !or e!!ect. ?lectro'hore"i" i" the 'roce"" o! "ing electric c rrent to "e'arate @NA .'le genetic 'ro&le.ay 'rove hel'! l to tho"e n!a.ent/ =onder! l =iGardry Finding a Gene =onder! l Gene =iGardry Food @ye" and ?lectro'hore"i" Thi" idea .ay &e loaned !ro. The la"t ti.ed vie( o! the ri"-" and &ene!it" o! @NA 'ro!iling. The !ollo(ing lin-" contain their " gge"ted activitie".e".I !E"I#A CE SS?RC ha" develo'ed "i. SS?RC !or the d ration o! thi" "ection o! (or-.(-7b I can "e ."ho ld o!!er 'rogre""ion !ro. Thi" (ill involve the. The electro'hore"i" tan.ay &e 'laced acro"" the door(ay to add to the "etting.ay &e chal-ed onto the !loor or . A 're9r n tan. learning a&o t the "tr ct re o! cell" in greater detail. e:'eri. The Molec lar Biology Note&oo.e".

"et o! 'o"itive0negative electrical (ire". *(((. Thi" "ho ld &e heated on a hot 'late and cooled.&er o! o'tion" !or learner". e.6S Brilliant &l e/ 7.'le o! the -idna''erE" @NA ha" &een le!t on the door handle and re.ay record a diagra.' ter (ith internet acce"" Experimental set+up and process Be!orehand. electro'hore"i" tan.'le.. " &"e) ently recording the 'attern !or each r n and the concl "ion on the . &lac.Q o! (ater 'er tan-.icro'i'ette" and ti'" to load each (ell (ith 67 Tl o! a di!!erent "a.and the !o r (ell". . o! the tan.'ly dye" . 'etails for ' A separation "esources: Car&on !i&re electrode".odel" 'roce""e" "ed in real li!e. "t al"o &e 're'ared. Alternatively.card *.'le"E o! " "'ect"E @NA (hich they (ill "e to . Learner" can then &e 'rovided (ith 1 H""ine/ 7. The @NA i" in !act "i. One dye "ho ld &e "ed !or (ell 4. $ c.icro'i'ette ti'".oved. then 'o red *(ith co. the electro'hore"i" tan-" (ith agar "ho ld &e 're'ared &y technician" "ing 7.&.ar-et dye" have &een re' learner" co ld e:'lore ho( (ell thi" la&oratory e:'eri.& in 'lace+ and le!t to "et.6S Q inoline yello(/ 7. 'er tan-+. agar gel. there!ore the late"t reco.icro'i'ettor. So. (here electro'hore"i" .e "cene "a. co. La&el (ell" 4.ade ' "ing the reci'e 'rovided. a thin layer o! (ater "ho ld &e 'o red over the gel to cover it and the &attery 'ac-. Once "et.atch ' to the -idna''erE" @NA to identi!y the c l'rit. there are a n .'le"E.a"' + Stoc. three @NA *dye+ H"a.2S Car.oved !or evidence.'le.atch (ith the cri. 6.B g o! agar and 67 c.!a"tcolo r". P 1 c." (ith " 'er.e .ended "o rce i" Fa"tColo r". Learner" "ho ld &e told thi" A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $.ight &e "ed. Pro&le. =hil"t (aiting !or the e:'eri."ol tion" "ho ld &e 're'ared in di"tilled (ater a" !ollo("/ Green S/ 7. U"e . 1 and 2. The dye" .ent . .&" re. crocodile cli'". BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 43 .$S The learner" "ho ld carry o t the !ollo(ing 'rotocol/ 4. 6. -0!ood9dye"Rla-e"9I9c.6S All ra red/ 7. di"charge &ea-er.ent to r n.I !E"I#A CE The "cenario i" contin ed &y indicating that a "a.and co.

"eflecti(e . =hich o! the"e "-ill" are tran"!era&leO Identi!y Do& role" in (hich yo r learning today co ld &e a''lied. learner" co ld co. the Univer"ity o! Utah can &e "ed to !a. BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 . to ching the (ater. Attach crocodile cli'" and lead" to the electrode" and to the end o! the tan-. $.'leE ta-en ! 4C A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $. ta-ing !inger'rint" !ro. The three " "'ect"E @NA "ho ld &e located in the other three (ell"N one o! the"e "ho ld . =ire ' the tan.'lete a gra!!iti or a 'lace. Co.edicine .atching in the event o! a cri. 2.card nderneath the (ell" in the tan. In"ert car&on !i&re electrode" at each end o! the tan-.eO I" thi" any di!!erent !ro.uestions for learners Revie( yo r learning in thi" "ection to identi!y the "-ill" yo have "ed.e " te".I !E"I#A CE i" the H"a. hel' learner" to "ee the (ell" clearly. 3. Prior to "ho(ing the cli'.atch the dye in (ell 4. the cri. (ell 4 to the other" to indicate the c l'rit. "(itch on at 63 F and leave !or a''ro:i.ent. eg pharmacogenetics shoul% be un%erpinne% by the science associate% 'ith 5N! an% genetics. ' A structure Learner" nder"tanding ho( o r genetic" can &e "ed in . Place the &lac.ately 6$ . T rn the &attery o!! and re.ove the (ater care! lly.'are the 'attern" on the agar !ro. a " "'ect or doe" it rai"e other i"" e"O Con"ider yo r learning a&o t the 'otential "e o! genetic in!or.ation (hen re"'onding to thi" and D "ti!y yo r re"'on"e. Sho ld every individ alE" @NA 'ro!ile &e held on a data&a"e !or . e g base se4uence structure #his i%ea aims to familiarise learners 'ith the base se4uence structure of 5N! The $earn 8enetics To r o! the Ba"ic" ! the &attery *the negative end goe" neare"t the (ell"+. incl ding the " gar 'ho"'hate &ac-&one and the !o r &a"e" in the do &le heli: arrange. 1.iliari"e learner" (ith the &a"ic "tr ct re o! @NA.

. A revi"ion " .al Ma' .g." Hada'tationE and Hnat ral "electionE &y "ing @ar(inE" theory to e:'lain the ada'tation o! the Gala'ago" I"land !inche" to their environ. i" e:'lored in . and other i"" e" " ch a" evidence and &elie!. the Univer"ity o! Utah can &e "ed to enhance learner"E un%erstan%ing of the use of base se4uencing in pharmacogenetics The Univeri"ty o! UtahE" Learn Genetic" "ite i" nder develo'. the &road general ed cation.a-e "e o! or a''ly thi" -no(ledgeO The $earn 8enetics P " Po''inE Frog" activity !ro. inclu%ing the local environment #hey can explore simple a%aptations 'hich have taken place in plants an% animals.e Tr "tE" Big Pict re on ?vol tion "ite.ight .ore de'th in the =ellco. an% plant a%aptations for %rought or living on 'ater #he concept of evolution can be intro%uce% by stu%ying the evi%ence of fossil recor%s to %evelop an appreciation of organisms 'hich have become extinct A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $. such as features that allo' flight an% s'imming.ent. The learning in thi" "ection "ho ld 'rovide 'rogre""ion !ro. The theory o! evol tion 'rovide" a good o''ort nity to enhance learner"E nder"tanding o! the nat re o! "cience and the "cienti!ic 'roce"". e. 'arwin-s atural Selection The ' r'o"e o! thi" "ection i" to develo' nder"tanding o! the ter.ary ) iG & "ter" activity can &e !o nd on the Teacher" @irect (e&"ite.ent to incl de a range o! ne( idea" !or learning and teaching. a" de"cri&ed (ithin Conce't @evelo'. fee%ing mechanisms.ent in the Science" / 0volution is intro%uce% at the secon% level 2S1N *(. Finding a Gene on a Chro. BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 4I .o"o. Thi".-a3. 'here learners relate the physical an% behavioural characteristics of living things to their survival an% extinction #hey %evelop their un%erstan%ing of the %iversity of plants an% animals by exploring a range of resources.I !E"I#A CE task to explore prior learning #he ABPI School"E Gene" and @NA 'ebsite also inclu%es useful information "eflecti(e question for learners =hat are the 'otential a''lication" o! -no(ledge o! the individ al"E &a"e "e) enceO =hat Do& role" .

"eflecti(e .ent !or nat ral "election related to "ic-le cell . Learner" co ld &e 're"ented (ith a . rather than (hat !it" (ith the "cienti"t"E hy'othe"i". It al"o ill "trate" the i. di!!erent area" o! the large"t o! the i"land".'ortance o! "cienti"t" . Biology Online con"ider" the ada'tation o! !inche" and 're"ent" an arg . e g flightless bir%s such as the %o%o9 an% %inosaurs 0xamples of living things un%er threat %ue to environmental changes can also be %iscusse% #he concepts of species %iversity.ill "trate" the i.ore i.age" o! the !inche" .a-ing care! l o&"ervation" HliveE in order to 'rovide evidence !or dra(ing concl "ion". %istribution an% a%aptation for survival are further %evelope% at thir% an% fourth levels * S1N . @ar(inE" (or.'ortance o! recording (hat i" o&"erved. Thi" cli' !ro. I"a&ela I"land and the !ood "o rce" availa&le on the northern and "o thern ti'" o! thi" i"land.! di"c ""e" @ar(inE" Gala'ago" !inche".-a an% 7(.ed that @ar(in had identi!ied 41 "'ecie" o! !inch. HThe Ma-ing o! the Fitte"t/ Nat ral Selection and the @NA Record o! ?vol tionE i" a lect re !ro.uestions for learners On ret rn !ro. Learner" co ld &e 're"ented (ith i.ight a!!ect the " rvival o! a "'ecie"O 67 A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $. @ar(inE" ' &lication On the Origin of the Species cele&rated it" 4$7th anniver"ary in 677I.yo t &e.ade note" on h ndred" o! "'ecie" living on the Gala'ago" I"land".'ortant in !or.0(atchOvUl6$MB)CT33(V!eat reUrel.. lating hi" theory o! evol tion and (hy (a" it i. it (a" con!ir. Con"idering yo r learning on ada'tation in the conte:t o! @ar(inE" theory o! evol tion.a' o! the Gala'ago" I"land" and their geogra'hy to "et the "cene !or the nder"tanding. the anniver"ary year that i" relevant to thi" to'ic.on in A!rica. (hat "election 're"" re" . htt'/00(((. a genetic de!ect co.I !E"I#A CE $earners coul% stu%y features 'hich %i% not allo' these organisms to survive in the changing environment.ined.-a +.(. the Gala'ago" I"land". (hich (o ld &e &e"t ada'ted to living in each 'art o! the i"landO K "ti!y yo r an"(er. >e !o nd that one "'ecie" in 'artic lar varied a great deal in a''earance A the !inche".ation had @ar(in recorded that (a" even . dre( and .age" o! !inche" and identi!y di!!erence" in their a''earance. Loo-ing at i.'ortantO Con"ider !inche" ta-en !ro. @ar(in e:a. the O'en Univer"ity de"cri&e" @ar(inE" arrival on the Gala'ago" I"land". =hat other in! BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 .

?ach learner "ho ld al"o &e given a li"t o! !eat re".e . A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $.ation called Roc.'act on "'ecie" " rvival. atural selection in mice In thi" "ection. The conte:t o! ada'tation and "'ecie" " rvival lend" it"el! to e:'loring ho( changing environ. Alternatively. The Ber-eley re"o rce =elco. an activity i" "ed to ill "trate e:a. Learn Genetic" !ro. Learner" "ho ld &e introd ced to @ar(inE" (or-.ate change. lating re!lective ) e"tion" !or learner" o!!er" rich o''ort nitie" !or de.o "e o tline. o!!er" a (ealth o! idea" !or 'lanning learning and teaching to develo' learner"E "-ill" and overco. either "electing !ro.on"trating nder"tanding.Poc-et Mice . incl ding the ter. the te.I !E"I#A CE Sur(i(al of the fittest or sur(i(al of the fit enough. a" a re" lt o! cli.i"conce'tion". U"ing thi" a" a &a"i" !or !or." and the 'roce"" o! evol tion thro gh nat ral "election. BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 64 . Provide each learner (ith a .ation co ld &e "ed.'le" o! variation that e:i"t &et(een organi". Hevol tionE and H" rvival o! the !itte"tE.e to Under"tanding ?vol tion !or Teacher" .'late*"+ &elo( or "ing yo r o(n. 'artic larly the 'otential 'it!all" "ection. 'odca"ting or another a''roach a''ro'riate to the learner.ent". the >o(ard > ghe" Medical In"tit te cli' Nat ral Selection and the related ani. thro gh e""ay an"(er". Thi" co ld &e done "ing the idea" !or learning and teaching given in the 'revio " "ection. the Univer"ity o! Utah ha" a "e! l ani." Hnat ral "electionE. .ay i.

&er o! 'air" o! 're. ch . Only . #he stor&line For !ive year" "no( !all" !or a . any learner (ho"e .ll. &ro(n.o! . large n . "traight eye location/ . At each "tage.all. The "toryline (ith the vario " "it ation" "ho ld &e read o t. 4$. the"e . or thic. grey.. . in the !reeGing te.ore vi"i&le to 'redator" and there!ore are 'reyed on over the lighter colo red .olar"0.ental condition" 're"ent.o "e.edi .ite" are tho"e (ith c rly coat". ch colder. 1.. .ice !ace di!!ic ltie" -ee'ing (ar. (ho are .ore central in ". long "iGe/ ". Mice " !!ering !ro. The la"t learner*"+ "tanding i" the (inner.ore ca.edi . A" the (inter get" .ice die o t.edi . learner" "ho ld "elect and nderline the one !or. long cla( length/ "hort...ite" itch and "cratch the..ia. Blac. The .o " (ith .edi . 2 coat length/ "hort. $ Once thi" i" co. ch longer 'eriod over the (inter. . (hich &eco. The . long (hi"-er"/ 47.o "eE" " rvival. al&ino coat de'th/ !ine.o "e held '. Li"t o! !eat re"/ coat colo r/ &lac-..o !laged. .e &adly conta.inated (ith &acteria. 66 A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $.ice lo"e (eight and event ally die d e to "erio " &acterial in!ection. Learner" "ho ld ill "trate thi" on their 'a'er o tline o! the . covering the gro nd !or ' to 1 . .'leted. (avy. . and they event ally die o!!.edi .ice are . all learner" "ho ld "tand (ith the .olar"/ 6.. "o.ite" occ r".o "e ha" not " rvived "ho ld "it do(n. thiccoat "ha'e/ c rly.edi ..edi .o"t &ene!icial to the . lateral. long tail length/ ""elve" ntil they develo' o'en (o nd".&er o! cla(" on hind !eet/ 2.. Blac.ore lateral (hi"-er length/ "hort.onth" o! the year.coat" " rvive.ore 'rone to 'ic-ing ' and har&o ring the . a "erio " o t&rea. ch .o "e living in Scotland and con"idering the environ. .'erat re" and die d e to hy'other.(ill 'rove .ice that are .I !E"I#A CE Ba"ed on a .ice.e . (ith the &e"t ada'ted . 67 each "ide o! !ace n . Over the " . o! each !eat re they thin. BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 .

'. 'redator" a" ) ic-ly a" 'revio "ly.. Learner" co ld con"ider nat ral "election in h . !e( (hi"-er" die o!!. (hich i" "carce. HThe Ma-ing o! the Fitte"t/ Nat ral Selection in > . Mice (ith "hort. they ) ic-ly die o!! d e to high level" o! 'redation. A long.ore readily and there!ore die o!! d e to increa"ed 'redation. The co ncil decide" to deal (ith thi" on an ind "trial "cale and h ndred" o! tra'" are laid o t aro nd -ey area" o! -no(n .do(n the "eed" eno gh to relea"e the n trient" in"ide thro gh dige"" in the area.ain !ood "o rce !or the .ice (ith eye" located laterally are a&le to "'ot and hide ! A "eed" A !reeGe !or long 'eriod" o! ti.ll are na&le to do thi".&er on each "ide are a&le to detect the .an"E . !airly (ar. BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 61 .ice ha&itat" thro gho t the entire " .n "ea"on 'rovide" ideal condition" !or gro(th o! a ! ng " called #richophyton mentagrophytes .alaria in A!rica. 'redator" are on the h nt !or !ood. cold (inter "ee" the . a t . 'redator" " ch a" o(l" on the h (ith . and long (hi"-er" o! at lea"t 4$ in n .er 'eriod. Only tho"e .olar" " !!er death d e to "tarvation.o "e tra'" and avoid the tra'.I !E"I#A CE A" (inter -ic-" in again.edi .er. " . ch . re'rod ce and very ) ic-ly &eco. in the conte:t o! "ic-le cell and . Tho"e (ith long cla(" har&o r thi" ! ng " .ice (ith only t(o 'air" o! . A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $. thi" develo'" into a 'ain! l ! ngal in!ection in the !eet o! the .olar" are a&le to . Only . leaving the.ore centrally in the ".ice (ith " !!icient .e a 'e"t to h . (atching the >o(ard > ghe" Medical In"tit te !il. The da. Tho"e (ith eye" located . .ice. Tho"e". Tho"e .echanically &rea. In the (ar. na&le to retreat !ro. there!ore.

Learner" . BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 . generate di"c ""ion a. A revi"ion ) iG i" av aila&le o n the Te acher" @irect (e&"ite. thi".ind .a' or ongoing learning log. learner" co ld .ay alternatively "e a . 62 A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $.'oc-et .a-e an e:'lanatory note o! their nder"tanding "ing the (ord" Hnat ral " learner".o "e.I !E"I#A CE U"ing the cartoon &elo(. Fro. Hevol tionE and Hada'tationE.'le o! the roc. and the e:a.

*a " gge"ted layo t !or recording re" lt" i" 'rovided+. The te"t9t &e" at either end "ho ld &e la&elled HPE !or 'arent". BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 6$ . Start &y 'lacing t(o HAE "eed" in each o! the HPE te"t9t &e". Learner" .ogeno " *co.oGygo "E and HheteroGygo "E "ho ld no( &e e:'lained.'o"ed o! ele. "esources: $7 large "eed". 'la"ticine. each 'arent HPE to !all o t into the HF4E t &e. Sha-e each te"t9t &e to allo( one "eed *re're"enting an allele+ !ro. (hite&oard ." can &e chec-ed &y highlighting on the record "heet in one colo r all heteroGygo " gene".e+. e.g. learner" "ho ld &egin recording re" lt" in an a''ro'riate !or. "ci""or" Part / Place three te"t9t &e" in a te"t9t &e rac-/ one at each end and one in the ..ari"e or circle a de!inition o! Hrece""iveE and Hdo.odel !or the act al 'roce""e". in another colo r ho. The .ay have enco ntered the"e ter.ent" that are all the "a.ogeni"ed *to .eaning". A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $.ing" o! thi" a" a ." Hho.eio"i". 47 te"t9 t &e rac-".ilar.odel and (hat it re're"ent" "ho ld &e di"c ""ed (ith learner". Learner" "ho ld identi!y that thi" re're"ent" .oGygo " gene".il. . ho. At thi" 'oint. eg ho. The ter.inantE.inantE and Hrece""iveE can &e e:'lored at thi" 'oint. (ith a "traight!or(ard nder"tanding that can &e & ilt on thro gh thi" activity. Re'eat "tarting (ith an HAE and an HaE "eed in each HPE te"t9t & 'en". Prior learning a&o t Hdo. to hel' learner" nder"tand the .a-e "i. Learner"E nder"tanding o! the"e !o r ter. 'la"tic "tra(".(here !at i" di"tri& ted evenly thro gho t+. incl ding any "hortco.iddle. o! the gene. Learner" co ld al"o " . Re'eat thi" "ing !o r HaE "eed" and di"c "" the alternative !or. 67 te"t9t &e".ilar." in earlier learning. and the one in the centre la&elled HF4E !or the o!!"'ring. lin-ing to other (ord" that are "i.I !E"I#A CE "eproduction and inheritance Thi" "ection o!!er" o''ort nitie" to ill "trate the genetic inheritance o! gene" and allele" thro gh a hand"9on activity. ?ight "eed" are re) ired/ on !o r o! the "eed" (rite HAE and on the other !o r HaE.

The ter.ilar organi". Sha-e each te"t9t &e to allo( one "eed !ro.&ination" re're"ent". Pro!e""or o! Anato.arro( !ro.ation given &elo(+. The 'ractical ele. For every gene. The learner" can "e thi" in!or.age o! the creat re. learner" co ld " . highlighting the rando. a Scotti"h "cienti"t ha" identi!ied the n . the te"t9t &e" "ho ld &e "ha-en "o that one "eed !all" o t o! each t &e. !or (hich ntil no( there ha" &een no vi" al i. BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 .in di"a"ter and con!lict Gone" (orld(ide.ation !ro. @i"c "" (hat each o! the co..inant and rece""ive inherited di"ea"e.E and one HrecE+ in each o! the HPE te"t9 t &e".'leted. nat re o! the co.ation to " gge"t a 'o""i&le i.'le o! the &one . "ci""or" and "tra(". each 'arent HPE to !all o t into the HF4E t &e. the !re"hly d g ' creat re. Learner" "ho ld note the variation in the re" lt" a.'aring the gene" to tho"e o! "i. &one" and the i.I !E"I#A CE T(o "hort cli'" on the Gene"are " Gene" Co nt (e&"ite de"cri&e a do.&er o! gene". learner" "ho ld re're"ent the 'henoty'e "ing 'la"ticine. The Conver"ation" (ith Pathologi"t" (e&"ite at htt'/00(((. Once co.'ortance o! thi" (or. The "cenario involve" the di"covery o! the "-eleton o! an n-no(n Scotti"h creat re." o! career".org0conver"ation"0: incl de" an intervie( (ith Pro!e""or S e Blac-.E and on the other t(o HrecE. Start &y 'lacing t(o "eed" *one Hdo. 6B A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $.ong the learner". By co.ari"e their nder"tanding or circle the de!inition on their "heet.e ! rther in ter." Hgenoty'eE and H'henoty'eE can no( &e introd ced and di"c ""ed. Learner" "ho ld record the genoty'e o! each !eat re * "ing the in!or. It ." Hgenoty'eE and H'henoty'eE (ill &e "ed e:ten"ively in thi" "ection.ent o! thi" !ollo(" the "et ' !or 'art 6. Again.age. Part 0 Fo r "eed" are re) ired/ on t(o o! the "eed" (rite Hdo.&ination o! allele" o! each gene. A "cienti"t ha" e:tracted the @NA !ro. Part 1 Thi" "cenario allo(" an o''ort nity !or learner" to a''ly their learning.'ath"oc. tal-ing a&o t in!or. a "a.ay &e o! intere"t to learner" to e:'lore thi" the.y and Foren"ic Anthro'ology at the Univer"ity o! @ ndee. The ter.".

>h U horn" a&"ent hh U horn" 're"ent TT. J-. Cc U long 'ointed canine" cc U canine" a&"ent ??. Ll U !o r leg" ll U t(o leg" >>. Tt CC. ?e U laterally "et ee U centrally "et JJ. hh. ii. Cc Phenot&pe possi%ilities SS.U t(o cla(" 'er leg FF. ?e JJ.'lete 'ict reO =hat i" . Tt U tail 're"ent tt U tail a&"ent CC.I !E"I#A CE )ene Coat "ha'e ?ar "ha'e Coat length Leg" >orn" Tail Teeth Allele letter S I F L > T C )enot&pe possi%ilities SS. Ii U c rved in(ard" ii U c rved o t(ard" FF. cc. Fv U "hort coat vv U long coat LL. BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 63 .on . narro( !ace !! U "hort. F!. >h TT. .i"conce'tion".polygenic inheritance/< >o( did o r un%erstan%ing of %ominant an% recessive genes %evelop< The Univer"ity o! Utah /s $earn 8enetics vi%eo HThing" 8o May Not Jno( a&o t ?vol tionE tac-le" co. F! U long. -. A revi"ion ) iG i" av aila&le o n the Te acher" @irect (e&"ite. ro nded !ace ?ye" Cla(" ? J ??. A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $. !! "eflecti(e .U three cla(" 'er leg -. ll. tt. vv. "". Fv LL. Ii FF.. S" II. -- Face "ha'e F FF. ee.uestions for learners =hy do rece""ive allele" not di"a''ear altogetherO I" thi" the co.eant &y the ter. Ll >>. S" U "traight "" U c rly II.

glo("cience. the i"" e" they !ace and o tco. The charity @ia&ete" UJ ha" ' &li"hed a re'ort entitled 5iabetes in the => *.ind.-. BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 . -0.glo("cience.ent 'rove" c o! e:cellent re"o rce" relating to gene".glo("cience. GLO= Science contain" "hort video" on inheritance.e".ind. incl ding !act" and !ig re". -0.odi!ication and @NA "tr ct re0! nction/ htt'"/00(((. thi" doc . It cover" a (ide range o! i"" e" aro nd the to'ic. genetic". diagno"e" and treat. The "ite contain" real9li!e ill "trative e:a. relevant and detailed. genetic .'le" o! 'eo'le (ith hereditary condition".a'0WX0&iology0cell"YandYdna0dna htt'"/00(((.org.a'0WX0&iology0cell"YandYdna0genetic" htt'"/00(((. Given the 'revalence o! dia&ete" in Scotland.: >ey Statistics on 5iabetes . -0.I !E"I#A CE Further research The Gene"are " (e&"ite i" de"igned "'eci!ically !or ed cation "e and contain" a n .a'0WX0&iology0cell"YandYdna0 "ingYge netic" 6C A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $ inheritance and di"ea"e.

I !E"I#A CE Skills for learning. umerac& Learner" are re) ired to "e "cale" to .and to con"ider &oth "ide" o! an arg . enterprise and citi2enship Learner" are given in!or.ation to de&ate in a &alanced (ay in order to enco rage the.ent" to " ''ort their vie(" in re"'on"e to ethical i"" e".ent. Thro gh P nnet ") are".ation in order to identi!y. BIOLOG8+ 5 Cro(n co'yright 6746 6I . #hinking skills Learner" "ho ld &e a&le to develo' rea"oned arg . Learner" . !ealth and well%eing Learner" are re) ired to a''reciate the genetically inherited a"'ect o! certain di"ea"e". learner" "ho ld develo' the "-ill" o! calc lating the 'ercentage li-elihood o! o!!"'ring carrying certain allele". learner" "ho ld a''reciate the environ.ay &e a"-ed to calc late n . Emplo&a%ilit&.ea" re. A@FIC? AN@ GUI@ANC? FOR PRACTITION?RS *NATIONAL $. nder"tand and re!lect on -ey 'oint". Along (ith genetic inheritance.ea" re and ta-e .ental a"'ect" o! di"ea"e 'revalence and lin. Learner" are re) ired to read article" and "cienti!ic in!or.ed 'er"'ective on the to'ic.thi" to a"'ect" o! li!e"tyle.&er" !ro.entation.ent" in an acc rate !a"hion. to thin. 'ercentage" to a''reciate act al val e" !or the 'revalence o! inheritance9lin-ed di"ea"e". Learner" are enco raged to li"ten to 'eer vie('oint" and identi!y -ey i"" e" in order to gain an in!or. skills for life and skills for work Literac& Learner" are re) ired to !ollo( 'reci"e 'rotocol" !or e:'eri.