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English 10: Report Plan Name: Topic: Aliya Ahlanna C.

Miranda The Episcopal Church, feminism, and the Philippine Catholic Church’s influence in the nation.

Thesis statement for report paper: The Philippine Catholic Church influences the state of mind of the people too much that it impedes the operations within the government. 1. Define the purpose of your report. Be as specific as possible. Show the influences that the Philippine Church has in the nation and how much it affects the political system.


Identify your audience. Who is this report for? What do you think they would want to know? What do they already know about your topic? The paper is for people with educational backgrounds below the high school graduate status but is already a member of the working society. They would want to know how the mingling between the church and the government, and also their point of views of whether they are religious or not is affecting their lifestyles. I will assume that they at least know the popular stories within the bible.


In the table below, list the specific and relevant research questions you wish to pursue in your report. Write down how you plan to obtain the answers using keywords. Include your sources. Research Question What: What are the direct influences of the Philippine Church to the government? Answer The issue about the RH Bill and same sex marriage Specific Source of Information (Bibliographic citation in APA) Rodis, R. (2009 November 15). Overpopulaton and the catholic church. Inquirer. Retrieved from ns/view/20091115-236389/Overpopulationand-the-Catholic-Church Uy, J.R. (2013 September 28). SC asked to declare RH law unconstitutional. Inquirer. Uy, J.R. (2011 June 26). Catholic bishop wants gov’t to stop same sex marriage rites. Inquirer. Burkhardt, C. The position of the catholic church in political and social relations in the Philippines [PDF Document]. Retrieved from site: n_of_the_Catholic_Church_in_Political_and_So cial_Relations_of_the_Philippines Santos, T.G. (2013 November 9). Keep off politics, don’t be kingmakers, priests told. Inquirer. Retrieved from Atun, J.M.L. Religiosity and Contraceptive Use among Filipino Youth. Retrieved from the Philippine Center for Population and Development site: -and-contraceptive-use-among-filipino-youth

When: When did the religious way of thinking of the Filipinos start?

Spanish Era History

Why: Why shouldn’t the government and the church join forces? How: How much does the church influence the common people?

Different objectives

Religiosity and Contraceptive use

*You may add more questions only if they are relevant and not redundant.

Possible research questions for concept paper o o Main Concept 1: Why is feminism needed in the Philippines? Main Concept 2: What is the Catholic Church is lacking?

Possible research questions for position paper o o o Debate/Issue (“should/shouldn’t”): The Philippines should abolish the patriarchal system. Problem statement: To develop an open-minded society that the younger generations can live in. Solution: Teaching feminism to the younger generation in schools and correcting dramas, radios, and other types of media that shows discrimination.


Identify 3 or more expository techniques that you need to use in your report. Put a check mark beside the techniques you will use to explain the answers to your research questions. ___ Narrate: Give anecdotes ___ Describe: Use details ___ Define: Use terms & meanings ___ Illustrate: Give examples ___ Divide: Break into parts ___ Process: Give instructions / Explain how it works ___ Determine Cause: Show background / Give reasons ___ Analyze Effect: Explain possible consequences ___ Compare & Contrast: Show similarity & difference ___ Classify: Create categories / Identify types