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What is the Importance of Mini Petroleum Refinery in Indian Market?
Indian Scenario The growth of the Indian economy, increasing the income of the country's middle class has led to an increasing number of passenger vehicles and therefore, increased gasoline demand in India for the last 10 - 15 India's consumption of gasoline in !00"-0# is estimated at "! 5 million barrels in !00"-0#, which is a strong $%& increase in consumption in !00'-05 of %0 5 million barrels (asoline production in India has shown a mar)ed improvement in the past two decades supports the creation of new refineries and increased capacity utili*ation (asoline production has increased from !% million barrels in 1##0 + #1-11,'00000 barrels in !00"-0#, mar)ing an increase of $50 & (asoline e-ports from India have grown substantially, with his .ump of 1, , million barrels in !005 to 0%-$#100000 barrels in !00"-0#, representing an increase of 1!0 &, e-posure Indian refineries e-porting to the high volatility of world prices /i- 0romatics 1olvents /ost refineries in India are state-owned and have a policy of stable prices under government regulations /a.or refineries include Indian 2il 3orporation 4td 5 I234 6 , 7harat Petroleum 3orporation 4td 5 7P34 6 , 8industan Petroleum 3orporation 4td 5 8P43 6 and 9eliance Industries 4td 59I4 6 The 9I4 be a private actor e-ports most of its production of petroleum products Market Moving Factors (lobally, gasoline prices are highly correlated with oil prices as the cost of gasoline production includes the cost of crude oil used plus the cost of refining, distribution, ta-es and includes measures for environmental protection It is estimated that oil constitutes only ,0& of the price of gasoline Therefore, all the factors that influence oil prices have a profound influence on gas prices too These factors include supply and demand, the global economic scenario, natural disasters, currency fluctuations, geopolitical tensions, interest rates, prices of other assets, commodities, etc

The scenario of supply and demand in the : 1 Is very important as the : 1 is the largest consumer, accounting for about '0 & of global consumption 2ils ; 0llied /i-ed 8ydrocarbons 1easonal fluctuations seen in world prices of gasoline, such as increased driving and air travel is seen during the summer season in temperate , developed countries This increase in demand is consistent with an increase in prices, provided that all other factors are held constant 8owever, refineries generally are well e<uipped to meet this growing demand The storage also plays an important role in trade patterns and prices =hen inventories are full, the availability of large amounts lowers the price 3onversely, when stoc)s are relatively low, prices tend to increase Interruptions in production due to e-treme weather conditions or other unforeseen events can lead to prices collected 0rham Petrochem recogni*ed mini petroleum refinery producing 8eavy 0romatic 1olvent and /ini Petroleum 9efinery