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June 2010

Project Manager’s Manual

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INDEX FORMS ................................................................................................. i INDEX SOP’S (Standard Operatiing Procedures) ........................................... ii EXPECTATION ..............................................................................................iii SUMMARY Design .......................................................................................... iv

SECTION – A THE PLANNING PROCESS........................................................................... 1 The Design Process ................................................................................................. 2 Design Procedures ...................................................................................... 2 Consultant Design Procedures ................................................................. 2 Plan Review Submittals ........................................................................................... 3 SECTION - B BID PROCEDURES and CONTRACTING.................................................... 5 Using a Job Order Contractor(JOC) ..................................................................... 5 Through Procurement Services .............................................................................. 6 SECTION - C CONSTRUCTION PROCEDURES ................................................................ 8 Pre-Construction Meeting Checklist ..................................................................... 8 Project Management/Construction Administration ........................................... 8 SECTION - D PROJECT CLOSE OUT ................................................................................. 10 Project Folders Checklist ...................................................................................... 10 Turnover and Project Close-Out ......................................................................... 11 Records Distribution Checklist ............................................................................ 12 Occupancy Checklist.............................................................................................. 12 SECTION - E CONTRACT & CONSULTANTS .................................................................. 13 Design Consultant List .......................................................................................... 14 Job Order Contract (JOC)List .............................................................................. 16

FACILITIES DEVELOPMENT & OPERATIONS PROCESSES FORMS – INDEX AEP AEP AEP AEP AEP AEP AEP AEP AEP AEP AEP AEP AEP AEP AEH AEH AEH AEH AEH AEH AEH AEH AEH AEH AEH AEH AECT AECT AECT AECT AECT AECR AECR AECR AECR AECR AECR AECR AECR AECR AECR AECR AECR Return to Index PLANNING DOCUMENTS Construction Project Request Form Instructions 1 Construction Project Request Form 2 Request for funds 3 Project Review 4 Proof of Site Visit 5 Sign In Sheet 6 Educational & General Capital Request Form Fiscal Year (pdf/form fillable-fill in current year) 7 Contact Information Sheet 9 Space Programming Form 9 A Space Request Form 10 Scope Statement 11 Estimating Recap 12 Project Checklist DOCUMENTS 1 Project Route Sheet 2 Phone Log 3 Punchlist Inspection Sheet 4 Transmittal Letter 5 Daily Field Observation Report 6 Submittal Log 7 Contractor Performance Evaluation 8 Consultant Performance Evaluation 9 Bib Award Recommendation 10 Contractor Evaluation 11 Fire Marshal Plan Review CONSULTANT DOCUMENTS 1 Substitution Request During the Biding Phase 2 Consultant Pay Request 3 Additional Services Authorization 4 Scope of Service Letter Exhibit 5 Contractor Documents 2 Subcontractors & Major Material Suppliers List 3 Application & Certification For Payment 3A Schedule of Values 4 Construction Contract Change Order Request 5 Certificate of Substantial Completion 6 Certificate of Contract Completion 7 State Fire Marshal Request for Building Site Inspection 8 Partial Lien Waiver 9 Final Lien Waiver 10 Certified Minority Business Data Form 11 Request for Information Updated: June 2010 i    .

Plans Examination/Permitting AES 2.XXX PROJECT PROCEDURE AES 2.010 .018 .Mapping Updates Maintenance AES 2.doc .004 .021 .Delivery of Project Submittal Documents to UWF AES 2.003 .Interior Finish Standards AES 2.014 .017 .020 .Design and Construction Procedures – In House AES 2.007 .Computer Server Filing System and File Naming AES 1.Construction Change Order Procedures AES 2.015 .XXX ADMINISTRATIVE SOP AES 1.Construction Projects Contracting AES 2.Project Drawing Review Process AES 2.UWF Dig Procedures AES 2.ADA Projects and Reasonable Accommodations Projects AES 2.024 .002 .013 .019 .Department Funded Project Procedures and Cost Responsibility AES 2.Liquidated Damages on Job Order Contract (JOC) General Contractors AES 2.008 .009 .Project Folder Contents/Checklist AES 2.FACILITIES DEVELOPMENT & OPERATIONS STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES SOP .001 .Departmental Moves AES 2.UWF Construction Project cost Database C:\Documents and Settings\pcravatt\Desktop\AES SOP Index.003 .016 . Contractual Construction and Costs AES 2.Project Pre-Construction Procedures AES 2.Job Order Contract (JOC) Negotiation AES 2.005 .INDEX AES 1.012 .002 .Construction Project Updates AES 2.023 .011 .Department Funded: In-House Design.006 .Security of Campus Documentation AES 1.004 .Direct Purchase Orders for Professional Project Services AES 2.Campus Building Roof Plans AES .Department Funded: Consultant Design and Construction AES 2.Construction Safety AES 2.Mapping Updates/Maintenance AES 2.022 .Furniture and Fixture Purchases Related to a Project AES 2.

Telecom Outlet Installations AES 4.Lease Space Telecom Access AES 3.Lease Space Procedures AES 3.010 .Outside Plant Cabling C:\Documents and Settings\pcravatt\Desktop\AES SOP Index.Interior Signage AES 3.AES 3.000 .003 .005 .XXX JOINT ITS/AES : (Review Process) AES 4.External Direction Sign System AES 3.007 .Campus Building Floor Plans AES 3.Lease Space Maintenance Procedure AES 4.008a .004 .006 .XXX SPACE MANAGEMENT AES 3.002 -Telecom Room Access AES 4.Assignment and Utilization of Space AES 3.005 .Premise Wiring AES 4.doc .001 .Risk Management Procedures AES 3.009 .Space Request & Leased Property Flow Chart AES 3.003 .Space Committee Procedures – Customer Service AES 3.008 .Space Database Entries and Maintenance AES 3.002 .

Manage the scope to avoid “scope creep” by the users. 2. BUDGET – review and provide input to the planning and budgeting process to ensure an adequate budget. Take time to perform detailed punchlist inspections. 3. specify and approve products. Select finishes and provide users with 2-3 options. Manage and track all expenses on the PM report. Communicate with the users and any others affected by the project. 5. MANAGE 100% OF THE PROJECT: Coordinate any and all equipment or furnishings related to the project or subsequent to the project. budget and schedule are communicated. If scope creeps. Keep contractors accountable for warranty work. _______________________________________ Associate Vice President Facilities Development & Operations iii Updated: June 2010 . 7. 4. SCOPE – ensure that the scope is fully developed to include other items affected by the project. Bottom line is….Carefully review. DESIGN and CONTRACTOR ACCOUNTABILITY: Ensure that design firms and contractors are performing work in compliance with the Building Design and Construction Standards and contract documents. QUALITY . Ensure compliance with the Design and Construction Standards. 6. SCHEDULE – Develop a tentative schedule with the users and all others affected by the project. Continually communicate schedule changes or delays. budget will be impacted. Be very apprehensive about approving substitute products. Ensure scope is clearly understood. Communicate clearly and frequently with the user through ever step of the process. Do not allow users to meet directly with vendors.Return to Index Facilities Development & Operations Project Management Expectations Be PASSIONATE and take PRIDE in your work 1. COMMUNICATE – Critical to customer service.think “Quality” and “Long LifeCycle”.

AND PROVIDE CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION (“WOMB TO TOMB”) DESIGN PROCESSES 1. 4. (Note: If negotiated with a “blanket” contractor. iv .P. Project Request Form is circulated for review comments and signatures. CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION 11. a. For initialing and forwarded to the Assoc. V. DEVELOP THE SCOPE OF WORK WITH THE USER. (See page 22 for “Project Manager Responsibilities during Contract Administration”). Procurement & Contracts posts notice of award and issues Notice-to-Proceed to contractor. 3. Project Manager sets up project on TMA Project is designed in consultation with the requestor and fiscal agent and estimate is refined (if required. Any change in scope of work shall be documented as a Change Order. The Project Manager approves payments submitted and forwards to Business Manager. schedule and budget. After approved. signature and forwards fully executed PRF to the Project Manager. Prior to award. Project Request Form (PRF) Space Request Form Project Manager contacts user to determine scope. acquires Assoc. ESTIMATE. TMA work order number is identified. I DESIGN PROCESSES (cont. COORDINATE DESIGN DEVELOPMENT. 7. 12.P. 6. for signatures and copies to the customer. based on the bids. request additional funds). Procurement & Contracts notifies the user of the updated budget amount required. Request for Additional Funds for Construction Form State Fire Marshal Plan Review Section Payment Information Project Review Form UWF Building Design and Construction Standards BIDDING/NEGOTIATIONS 8. Purchase Requisition Form 9. requisition shall name such contractor). V. Project to be reviewed by in-house staff. (Note: If negotiated. A&E Services appropriate staff and Business Manager). verbal. Project Manager to hold project meetings every two weeks on the project premises to review progress and schedule. Contractor performs work and invoices Facilities Development & Operations for work performed. Project Manager to consult with the Escambia County Building Inspectors Division and the State Fire Marshall for code compliance review comments. Project Schedule Project Manager to review above documents with customer for confirmation prior to proceeding.Return to Index PROJECT MANAGEMENT SUMMARY AND INDEX THE PROJECT MANAGER WILL BE RESPONSIBLE TO RESPOND TO THE USER REQUEST OR INITIATE THE LEGISLATIVE FUNDED PROJECT. Scope Statement –(1 page) b. it is determined if the project can be designed “in-house”. Purchase Order to will be sent to the “blanket” contractor. Project Manager will prepare a Purchase Requisition with bid documents (plans and specifications). Prepared package is sent to the Business Mgr. Work Order or PRF form.) The Office of Procurement & Contracts advertises & receives bids.010) Construction Project Application for Payment State Fire Marshal request for Building Site Inspection Change Order Request Change Order Request Log Submittal Register Substitution Request Form (post-bid) Construction Meeting Agenda Daily Field Observation Report Certificate of Substantial Completion Certificate of Final Inspection Certificate of Contract Completion and Release of Lien Transmittal Form 2. the customer sends a written authorization to proceed with “Review and Approval of Fiscal Agent”. Pre-Construction Meeting Agenda (SOP 2. Project request via email. Detailed estimate of Work c. Business Manager encumbers funds. including contingency. 5. After this. the customer and fiscal agent. Any clarifications will be addressed via addendum Addendum Proof of Site Visit Form Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting Agenda Sign-in Form (for meetings) Substitution Request Form (pre-bid) Bid Tabulation Form List of Subcontractors Form 10.

Project Manager and consultant are to consult with the Escambia County Building Inspectors Division and State Fire Marshal during design phases. Purchase Requisition Form Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting Agenda Proof of Site Visit Form Addendum Substitution Request Form (Pre-bid) Bid Tabulation Form Sign-in Form (for meetings) CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION 12. 7. a Design Consultant will be required. i. Refined construction estimates required at each design submittal and copies are sent to the customer. Facilities Management Director. Project Review Form Request for Additional Funds for Construction Form UWF Building Design and Construction Standards 10. account type and account name to which invoices may be charged. Scope and submittal requirements Project Checklist Fee Proposal Customer sends written authorization to the Project Manager to proceed with completion of “Review and Approval of Fiscal Agent”. The fee proposal is reviewed by the Project Manager to verify values and hours with blanket contract and then forwarded to the Business Manager. 1. V. Project Manager and Business Manager.) Consultant use criteria: If a project is an assembly area or has excessive electrical. Initialed PRF is forwarded to the Business Manager to identify the budget amount. 2009 2 of 2 CONSULTANT DESIGN PROCESSES CONSULTANT DESIGN PROCESSES (cont.P. account number.010) Construction Project Application for Payment State Fire Marshal request for Building Site Inspection Change Order Request Change Order Request Log Request for Proposal Request for Information Submittal Register Form Substitution Request Form (post-bid) Construction Meeting Agenda Daily Field Observation Report Certificate of Substantial Completion Certificate of Final Inspection Certificate of Contract Completion and Release of Lien 2. 5. Incremental design submittals are required in accordance with the UWF Buildings Design and Construction Standards. 8. then the A&E Services Director. for signatures and copies to the customer. Prepared package is sent to the Business Mgr. Purchase Requisition Fee acceptance letter Procurement Services issues a Notice-to-Proceed and Purchase Order to the consultant for services to be rendered and copies the Project Manager and Business Manager. Customer Request via Project Request Form (PRF) and TMA work order number is identified. Contractor performs work and invoices A&E Services for work performed. (See page 22 for “Project Manager Responsibilities during Contract Administration”). The Project Manager oversees design development in consultation with the consultant. Contract documents are completed with all review comments incorporated. 13. HVAC or plumbing renovations.February 27. v . 4. The Project Manager approves payments submitted and forwards to Business Manager. Any change in scope of work shall be documented as a Change Order. The letter shall be copied to the Plant Operations & Maintenance. After this. If consultant design fee is approved. 9. Project Manager prepares a purchase requisition attaching the consultant’s fee proposal. it is determined if a design consultant is required. V. customer and fiscal agent. requisition shall name such contractor. 3.P. 6. Each submittal is to be reviewed and commented by in-house staff. for initialing and forwarded to Assoc. PRF is circulated to internal departments and estimate is sent to the customer (PRF Steps 4-8). Project Request Form (PRF) Space Request Form Project Manager meets with the user to identify a scope of work. Project Manager to hold project meetings every two weeks on the project premises to review progress and schedule. for signatures with a copy to the customer. BIDDING/NEGOTIATIONS 11. The Purchase Requisition shall have the contractor’s negotiated proposal attached). Scope Statement –(1 page) Detailed estimate of Work Project Schedule Project Manager requests and receives a written fee proposal from “blanket” design consultants. (Note: If negotiated with a “blanket” contractor. The requisition is forwarded to the Business Manager for initialing to encumber funds and forwards to the Assoc. Environmental Health & Safety. or EH&S Director will accept the fee proposal via written confirmation (letter or email) to the consultant stating that a NTP and Purchase Order will be forthcoming from Procurement Services. Pre-Construction Meeting Agenda – (SOP 2. Project Manager prepares a Purchase Requisition with bid documents (plans and specifications).

and project title. The budget will include inspection fees. planning and estimating will provide the requestor with the following documents: a. c. campus requests are submitted throughout the year. Sketch. signage. During the site visit. project number. 3. The requestor is contacted for a site visit. tagged equipment. Formula Funded. b. the scope will be identified and a signature will be obtained on the Project Request Form (PRF). and design recommendations. utility/infrastructure. The scope statement will have the funding source. The budget will be reviewed and approved by the scheduled Project Manager. The Formula Funded PECO list is divided into the following categories: *Note: All PECO funds revert 31 months after the July 1 year of release. These projects are either paid for by the department or added to the Capital Projects Requests list for planning for the next year.Return to Index A Section The Planning Process Planning begins each year by prioritizing the Capital Projects Requests. Scope. inspection. An in-house hand or CAD sketch of work to be done will be completed by the Planning and design department. contingencies. The Project Manager will be identified and be a part of the process. Within 10 days after the visit. capital projects. ADA Life Safety Capital Renewal Non-Recurring Recurring The Project Manager will follow the following to plan projects: 1. schedule. The scope statement will address any issues with codes. Budget. EH&S. 2. The resulting list becomes the Formula Funded PECO Projects for the coming year. construction guidelines. Space Management. In addition. 1 June 2010 . and estimate to do the work identified in the scope statement. and departmental projects will be assigned project numbers by Planning before any work is executed.

Design-Build . planning with the firm to provide a fee proposal letter explaining expectations with drawings. the services of a licensed professional will be required. 2. In-House design and construction procedures summary is outlined in AES 2. or has excessive electrical/HVAC/Plumbing renovations. This SOP gives a list of forms used for the project process. The project request form will be routed to obtain the necessary signatures. will require the Manager. (SOP AES 2.Exhibit 5 ) 2 June 2010 . Computer Drafting Services. will submit four (see SOP 2. sketch. 3. 2. and construction will be required.001) copies of the approved drawings to the Escambia County Building Codes Division for plan review and permitting. (For Fee Proposal Letter template see: AECT4-Scope of Service Letter . The Project Manager. In-House Design Procedures 1. and budget review. the design begins.Use a JOC Design licensed design professional. Design Process 2. 4. Consultants are selected based on expertise and workload. the Project Manager will send a “Request for Fee Proposal” letter to the consultant. whether in-house design or consultant. After completion of preliminary scope. or construction cost is over $25K. After the design is complete. the Project Manager (PM) will request review and comments. The Design Process After the project request form is signed with an account number. Consultant Design Procedures 1. to send out a notification of drawing review. All drawings.006 Project Construction Procedures – In-House Design. Projects for an assembly area. however. 4.001) 3. The Project Manager will provide a review sheet for signatures and comments for the review. Consultant Design . Building Code Administration. (AEP 1) The form will be filled out and ready for the requestor’s signature and account number indicating that they wish to proceed with the project.d. to receive recommendations throughout the design process. There are three types of design: 1. Project Request Form. The Project Manager will communicate with the Escambia County Building Codes Division.Design build projects are acceptable for some smaller scale projects.

4. The requisition must include the PM name. A “Fee Acceptance Letter” will be sent to the design firm. The Business Manager will route the requisition to the Associate Vice President for signature and then send to Procurement Services. The Project Manager will send comments back to the designer for revisions. 3 June 2010 .e. contact. 7. deadline for responses. 5. PRF. A minimum of 14 days is required for this review and comments are normally provided via email to the Professional Designer and Project Manager. Note: Plans that are required to go to outside agencies for review (i.012) The letter will state the fee has been accepted and that the project is being routed for signatures and processing. the project start date.001) 10. The requisition (to the consultant) will be submitted to the Business Manager with a package including scope statement. The Project Manager will send the Building Code Administrator four signed/sealed sets for plan review and permitting. Florida State Fire Marshall. The Project Manager will obtain account information and signatures on PRF to complete a “package” for submittal for the project. and project number to everyone for the “final” review. After the 100 % design is complete.085. 11. 6. The Associate Vice President of Facilities Development and Operations will determine a Project Manager and ensure that the PM is fully involved and aware of the project and agrees with the package submittal. 8. Florida Statute 633. (SOP AES 2. will provide a review sheet for signatures and comments once the project is reviewed. The PM will sign the requisition as well as approval of the contract for design work. The Project Manager will verify that the fee proposal meets the contract requirements (values and hours) and scope needs as well as obtaining the project manager approvals. remodeling. paragraph (3) (b) requires 30 days. The Project Manager. This procedure may take as long as two weeks. The Architect/Engineer will submit (6) sets of 100% drawings to the Planning Department. and supporting information. the Project Manager (PM) will send an e-mail.001) 12. (see SOP 2.3. with the project manager’s name. Plan Review Submittals The following items must be submitted to the Building Code Administrator for any new construction. four of which will be signed/sealed (see SOP 2. and contact number and if possible. The Project Manager will be responsible to summarize the comments prior to being forwarded to the design consultant. or renovation The BCA review process is a 100% plan review in which the BCA formally supports the Architectural and Engineering directorate in their plan reviews. 9.

Design Professionals have the responsibility to request Fire Marshal reviews and Final Inspections.3. it is the PM’s responsibility to ensure that this has been done and to track the timeline. Geo-technical report iv. rear. and keep track of the project drawings. 8. o Florida Product Approval Certifications and products it applies to o Project Mangers Name and Account information for permitting There are additional items that maybe required for projects that require special reviews or have special circumstances. left/right side) Roof/Floor system design (truss designers layout sheet if necessary) Details in accordance with Florida Building Code. Department of Environmental Protection approval Once projects meet the minimum qualifications for acceptance and review. but are not limited to. The PM has full responsibility to track Fire Marshal approval. Four (4) sets of signed/sealed plans containing designers name and signature on drawings or an Architect/Engineer stamp and seal for any of the following: i. 6. however. These items include. Topographical survey with flood zone addressed ii. fasteners.000 in job cost Construction over 1. or Institutional types of occupancy Construction over $25.1 to include. 2. 1. 5. gable bracing. Army Corp of Engineers Approval v.000 square feet in area Wind load certification Site or location plan—to scale Elevations (Front. o Floor Plan o Wall section(s) o Foundation o Rated assembly identification and details o Rated system identification and details o Connectors. Educational. 4. and fastening specifications. iii. 104. ii. It is ultimately the PM’s responsibility to ensure routing/approvals. 7. (See SOP 2.004) 4 June 2010 . 9.In a 100% plan review. then the permitting process may begin. the following are the minimum requirements. 10. Assembly. 3. i.

Project documentation must be kept in the project folder following SOP 2. If the project comes back over budget.M. Planning will assist to obtain additional funding or reduce the scope to allow the project to continue. and if possible. The PM will work to obtain pricing from the blanket contractor. The Project Manager may check the “SCT Banner” financial site directly for copies of their PO. 5. and supporting information. The req. Means breakdown. 6. 2. The PM will sign the requisition as well as approval of the contract for work. contact. which must follow the contract guidelines by providing the R. The Business Manager will route the requisition to the Associate Vice President for signature and then send to Procurement and Contracts. 5 June 2010 . 8. It is the responsibility of the PM to check with the vendor or contractor to ensure that they received the PO.S.Return to Index B Section Bid Procedures and Contracting Using a JOC Contractor 1. 4. PRF. Procurement Services will also provide an electronic PDF copy to the P. The Project Manager will submit the requisition (identifying the contractor) to the Business Manager with a package including scope statement. 7. The PM will not accept a project from Facilities Maintenance or AES Planning until the full package is completed according to requirements stated above. the projects start date. 3. contact number.009. must include the PM’s name. The values must be compared to the Contract’s agreed upon OH&P and mark-ups. The PM will ensure that the Program of Requirements and the Construction Standards are being satisfied.

000 $24.999. Two or more written/faxed/emailed departmental quotes obtained from two or more vendors. 4. Please refer to the Procurement and Contracts website for additional information. The Project Manager will contact the consulting firm to request a design fee proposal by written memoranda. The information below is on the Procurement Services web site. 6.999. Written Request for Quotation initiated by Procurement and Contracts upon receipt of requisition.99 $10. 1. 2. The design consultant should provide an approximate estimate of cost for budgeting and to provide to P&C office at this time. Incremental design submittals are required in accordance with the UWF Design and Construction Standards and the SUS Professional Services Guide. *The information below (1&2) is a duplicate (somewhat) of the information provided in the planning stages of project management.Request for Proposals will require more time). projects below $200K are not required to advertise outside of the Procurement Services website.999. 3. Items to have complete before sending to Procurement Services: Specifications Drawings Division 0 Division 1 Unit Pricing Project Schedule Notation within documentation of mandatory site or pre-bid information 5. The standard fee proposal letter should state that this be provided.$9.99 $50.99 $25. The 6 June 2010 . but is re-stated for the P&C process.002 SOP – Contracting Procedures for summary.000 up Departmental quote (can be phone) obtained from vendor to include shipping. As a guide to assist the PM with determination of project schedule. Formal Sealed Solicitation Process (allow 3 to 5 weeks for normal process . These guidelines pertain to all jobs not utilizing one of our blanket contractors.Through Procurement Services See AES 2. $0 .000 $49.

but will only be used in the following circumstances: "When the Chancellor. the Institution may proceed with the procurement of commodities or contractual services without a competitive solicitation. should the contract need to be modified. An Emergency Justification is required and can only be used if: According Administrative Rule 6C-18. The PM will submit a purchase requisition to Procurement and Contract Services with specifications.) 8.P&C website stated that time frame for each project will be determined between PS and the PM. Purchasing prepares bid as per information in the above section. See list of AES forms for “recommendation form. special conditions.” 11." Change Order – After construction begins. in writing. 7 June 2010 . 9.050 (7). a President or his/her designee determines. that the delay due to the competitive solicitation process is an immediate danger to the public health or safety or the welfare of the Institution. If quote is over $25. it is the responsibility of the PM to complete a written recommendation as well as the signed bid tabulation sheet (signed by the PM) to Procurement Services within 24 hours. Projects above $500K are required to advertise for 30 days before bid opening. and drawings. a change order (CO) form will be required from the Owner. Administrative Weekly for 21 days with an additional 10 days to submit (for a total of 31 days on the project schedule.000 and a formal sealed solicitation is required. emergency purchases are not subject to the competitive solicitation process. Projects above $200K are required to advertise in the Fl. 10. 7. After the bid process is complete.

Utilize this form to provide building contacts as well as contractor and vendor contacts. All requisitions. This will allow for easy “quick find” if you are out of the office and someone else has to take care of issues for your project. Project Management/Construction Administration 1.002) 9. Assist with parking for the contractor – see vehicle restrictions map 6. and change orders are to be signed by the Project Manager 8 June 2010 . Keys (see checkout procedure (SOP. You can e-mail the work control center and request exact wording and it will be sent to all occupants within the building.010) The SOP above provides a checklist and information to be provided to the contractor. Periodic field reports 8. Form AEP7 is a contact list for the PM folder. The PM is responsible for assisting the contractor with acquiring permitting and ensuring that a permit has been pulled before the start of the project.FS 1. Document Routing of Information 5. The PM should utilize the work control center to provide information to the building occupants regarding any work taking place in a building. Construction Details-Adherence to Documents 4.Return to Index C Section Construction Procedures Pre-Construction Meeting Checklist (See SOP 2. Monitor Construction Schedule and document 2. Document account information 7. Quality of Material-Adherence to Specifications 3. pay requests.

Telecom e. Formula Funds cannot purchase movable equipment.MUST be from Prime Contractor 11. Univ. Coordination. Environmental Health and Safety b. Oral Discussion is NOT Authorization 12. b. Weekly Construction Meetings – (Major Projects) a. Campus Interface – stay up to date with reports such as CPU and PM Report in addition to required notifications to other departments on campus such as: a. Problems) c. As-Built – remind A/E of obligation to provide as-built during the project so that they can work to document as project progresses 17. Moveable equipment purchases – a. Active Subs) b. Reps. Instructions to Sub-Contractors . Any items over $1. Schedule Additional Meetings as Required 16.. Facilities Maintenance c. ITS f. University Police 9 June 2010 . Publish Minutes d. Signage (interior and exterior) – See Space Manager for Assistance 14. Field inspection reports 15. A/E.10. Adjacent or Affected Departments d. Who (Field Super’s.500 must be tagged by Controllers Office 13. Agenda (Schedule. Users.

Return to Index D Section Tab 4.ORRESPONDANCE/REPORTS Correspondence/Meeting Minutes Letters E-Mails/Telephone Notes Transmittals Permit Inspection Reports Field Reports Tab 3.Addenda Tab 6 .009) The underlined items should be in the project manager’s folder before Planning provides to the project manager.INVOICES/PAY APPLICATIONS Invoices/Pay Applications Expense/Budget Tracking Spreadsheet Tab 5 .CLOSE-OUT Warranties/Wavers Liens/Affidavits Punch List Close Out Documents Checklist Contractor Evaluation Project Close Out Project Folder Checklist (AES SOP 2. and the remaining items are a checklist for additional items throughout the project: * Be sure to remind the contractor that all forms are available on-line Tab 1 –HISTORY/FINANCE SUMMARY Work Orders Project Request form Scope Statement Contact List Start & Scheduled Completion Building Permit Substantial Completion Certificate of Occupancy Fee proposal NTP document (if any) Pricing documentation Requisition Tab 2.FINANCIAL INFORMATION Estimates and Quotes Fee Proposal Request Fee Proposal Responses Purchase Requisitions Purchase Orders Change Orders Additional Services 10 June 2010 .SPECIFICATIONS/DRAWINGS Specifications Cut Sheets Design Documents .

Final Walk Through with User Group. Complete invoicing – see SOP 2. Warranty paperwork to work control center – complete a transmittal 8. Summarize budget status of all accounts 16. PO number. Prime gets Punch List items signed off by Project Manager upon completion 5. Elevator. mechanical space. Building Services and Landscape Services if applicable. Invoices should include AES project number. etc. Insure all credits. O&M information and transmittal checked into the CAD room 6. final Occupancy Inspections (Signed Certificate of Inspection) Structural.009 12. 22. etc. ITS. it may be used in lieu of the schedule of values form. and Fire Marshall 21. Punch List prepared by design consultant with input from the Project Manager 4. the contractor must provide a. Telecommunications.Turnover and Project Close-Out 1. Facilitate State Fire Marshal review scheduled by the PM through the BCA utilizing standard UWF form 13. 10. and/or materials. allowances and Change Orders. Electrical. Final Lien Waiver 25. Occupant/Customer survey 7. Substantial completion 2. Final completion and punch-list walkthrough will be scheduled by the PM and should include persons from Facilities Maintenance. Factory & Building Inspectors.) 23. Final “As-Built” electronic drawings 24. Prepare transmittal to provide any keys to the customer or Facilities Development & Operations 12. *Remind contractors that invoices should be sent directly to the Business Manager in building 90.O. Complete the project folder following SOP 2. roof. have been properly addressed. Other Inspection Certifications required: Pressure Piping. and sufficient detail to document the actual materials and labor. 11. 11 June 2010 . *If purchases of labor. Submit Signed off Certificate of Plan Approval for Occupancy Permit (C. Obtain partial lien 3. pipe chases.) 17. 15. 14. Complete a work order to remind of one-year walk-through “end of warranty” period. Schedule of Values c. Boilers. Service Groups 19. Lien Waiver (or partial lien waiver if applicable) * if the std company invoice is in sufficient detail to document the status of the projects’ services and materials. Final Cleaning (public space. Final Site Work and Restoration 18. Application for payment b.002 9. State Plumbing. Demonstration of Equipment by Contractors 20.

e. traffic and parking associated with the completed project Coordination with Space Manager to input building data into TMA so that work orders can be completed by the occupants. Submit a work order to Building Services to schedule the final cleaning of the facility and installation of custodial and toilet room equipment. pencil sharpeners. Occupancy Checklist • • • • • • Advise user group(s) of available occupancy date(s). dividers. dismantling.) Planning and Design maintains a copy of the warranties from the O&M manuals and sends Work Control the original copies. ADA student service. 12 June 2010 . etc.. moving and reassembling furniture. visitors. Final installations of data/telecom systems and start of service Bulletin boards. Utilities. drapes. Coordination with Public Safety and F regarding signage and controls for staff. Occupants are responsible for scheduling.Records Distribution Checklist Operation & Maintenance Manuals • • • 1 set to Planning and Design File Room/Library 1 set for breakout of sections to go to various groups (i. telecommunications etc. Maintenance. etc.

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Fl 32502 Office: 850-432-6800 Fax: 850-432-8010 Hernandez-Calhoun Design Int'l 1120 E. FL 32505 Office: 850-332-7255 Contacts David Luttrell Jack Baker Owen Gipson Numbers 850-565-7272 850-217-1769 850-939-4862 Contacts Don Carlos Larry Law Giles Yokel Dennis Solis Contacts Alicia Stephen Number 850-393-2221 850-323-1454 HDR One Company/Many Solutions 25 E Cedar St Suite 200 Pensacola. Inc.O. Pensacola. FL 32504 Office: 850-471-9005 Fax: 850-471-0093 MACTEC Engineering 9211 North Davis Highway Pensacola. 9th Avenue Suite 6/P. FL 3252 Office: 850-434-0059 Fax: 850-434-3929 Ken Horn & Associates 7201 N. Horne Charlie Kranosky Ed Bowles Number 850-380-3778 850-554-4833 850 292 4409 850-292-4409 786-229-4738 Number 850-982-0559 850-982-0053 850-380-7053 850-221-1869 Number 850-206-6067 850-380-8077 850-291-1935 Contacts Richard J. Fl 32502 Office: 850-429-9004 Fax: 850-429-9005 Gulf Coast Architectural Group 2510 West Cervantes Street Pensacola. Palafox St Suite 201 Pensacola. Brown Sean Westfall Steve Freeman Number 850-232-4717 850-393-0594 850-602-3124 . 49 East Chase St. FL 32514 Office: 850-478-8100 Fax: 850-478-0990 Number 850-221-8781 Contacts Rus Calhoun Sarah Hernandez Joe Simpson Susy Castillo Contacts Donald Jehle Glenn Halstead Donald Richmond Roz Sestnov Contacts Kenneth C.UWF Consultants Updated: April 2011 DAG Architects. Fl 32501 Office: 850-434-5142 850 434 5142 Fax: 850-434-5146 Jehle-Halstead. Cervantes Street Pensacola. Inc 40 S. Box 10669 Pensacola.

Box 2549 Panama City. FL 32502 Office: 850-429-8288 Fax: 850-429-83347 Schmidt Consulting Group 40 South Palafox Place Suite 300 Pensacola. ASLA Landscape 116 Tarragona St Pensacola. FL 32502 Office: 850-438-0050 Fax. 205 East Intendancies St Pensacola. 850-432-8631 SMB Architecture 40 South Palafox St Suite 201 Pensacola. Inc. FL 32502 Office: 850-432-7772 Fax: 850-432-7057 Strobel & Hunter.O. 718 E. Gadsden St Pensacola. Inc. Fl 32501 Office: 850-432-6560 Fax: 850-438-6537 Contacts Alan Holt Number 850‐914‐9006 Contacts Miller Caldwell. Jr Keith Bullock Number 850‐380‐7059 850-982-8797 .MEP Engineering Solutions. ASLA Landscape P. Holt. Holt. FL 32402 Office: 850-914-9006 Alan D. FL 32501 Office: 850-432-3153 Fax: 850-432-3892 Contacts Hamza Tlemsani Phil Parker Number 850-393-4364 850-393-4362 Contacts Diane Baxter Number 850-432-8631 Contacts Randy Maxwell Number 850-525-9216 Contacts Stan Strobel Number 850-432-3153 UWF OTHER CONSULTANTS Alan D.

Facilities Development & Operations Job Order Contract 16 June 2010 .

Box 18830 Pensacola.O. Lurton Street P. 400 E. Lurton Street Email ricky. 400 E.UWF JOC Contractors Updated: April 2011 HVAC Mechanical Air Design Inc. FL 32534 Office: 850-473-9039 Fax: 850-473-9069 Cell: 850-232-2744 Vendor #593333671 Contacts Lee Utility & Excavation Contractor Brown Construction 10200 Cove Ave Contacts Billy Mayne Numbers 850-810-0211 Email . Spencer Field Rd Plumbing Mechanical Air Design Inc. Brown Drew Brown Gaba Jackson Numbers 850-336-2335 850-336-2336 850-336-2617 Email lee@thebrownconstruction. FL 32571 Office: 850-994-9033 Fax: 850-334-1512 Cell: 850-8100211 Vendor #B00015786 Contacts David Swartz Bill Mitten Steve Born Marilyn Ricks Steve Alderman Michael Solliday Numbers 850-698-2261 850-698-2262 850-698-2249 850-380-5731 850-698-0279 850-698-2267 Email salderman@airdesignhvac. Box 18830 Pensacola. Fl 32523-338 Office: 850-434-5592 Fax: 850-438-3708 Cell: 850-698-2270 Vendor #591756694 MMI .Mechanical Contractors. FL 32503 Office: 850-484-4999 Fax: 850-484-4947 Vendor #742885030 Contacts David Swartz Bill Mitten Steve Born Marilyn Ricks Steve Alderman Michael Solliday Contacts Rick Lockett Mel Harris Numbers 850-698-2261 850-698-2262 850-698-2249 850-380-5731 850-698-0279 850-698-2267 Number 850-393-2221 850-323-1454 Email salderman@airdesignhvac. Fl 32523-338 Office: 850-434-5592 Fax: 850-438-3708 Vendor #591756694 Confort System USA 435 Corday Street Pensacola. 4904 W.O. Inc.

Inc. FL 32502 Office: 850-433-5995 Fax: 850-433-7055 Cell: 850-393-3300 Vendor# 132762488 Contacts Bobby Marcus David Lewandowski Britt Rowland Jason Adcock Number 850-393-3300 850-393-3284 850-393-3298 Email Webb Electric Company of Florida. FL 32534 Office: 850-476-2280 Fax: 850-476-223 Cell: 850-516-3339 Vendor #593588717 Contacts Gary Warrington Numbers 850-516-3339 Email wuediggres@bellsouth. Box 1057 Roofing Contractor Edwards Roofing 18 Stumpfield Rd Pensacola. FL 32534 Office: 850-477-8181 Cell: 850-712-1166 Vendor# 591143230 Number 850-712-1166 Email dwebb@webbelectric.marcus@siemens. FL 32560 Office: 850-968-6500 Fax: 850-937-8113 Contacts Jason Touchstone Numbers 850-324-2568 Email . FL 32503 Office: 850-478-0320 Fax: 850-478-0409 Contacts Number Email Greg DeRycke Tony Hill Adam Purdy Rick Edwards Boby Purdy 850‐232‐2919 850‐232‐1629 850‐232‐1110 850‐232‐2916 850‐232‐2917 info@edwardsroofing. Contacts 3194 West 9 Mile Road Danny Webb Pensacola. 1233 Barrancas Ave Pensacola.nte Electric Contractor Bill Smith Electric P. Inc.UWF JOC Contractors Updated: April 2011 Utility & Excavation Contractor Warrington Utility and Excavation 8401 Untreiner Ave BAS Contractor Siemens Industry.

Inc. Fl 32505 Office: 850-429-0144 Fax: 850-49-0145 Vendor #593386617 ThomCo Contacts Number Email Nathan Green Jason Green 850-429-0144 850-429-0144 nathan@green-simmons.O. "W" Street Contacts Sean Harmon Number 850-937-8520 Email esaouth@aol. Morrette Matt Comerford Bill Norton David Del Gallo Number 850-393-1318 850-393-3230 850-393-5119 850-393-1326 850-393-1322 Email molvra@moretteco. Contacts Fred Thomas Number 850-244-0811 Email fred@thomcent. Fl 32504 Office: 850-472-1001 Fax: 850-472-1004 Vendor #592061760 ESA South 1681 Success Drive Cantonment.E. FL 32563 Office: 850-429-8905 Fax: 850-432-8010 Cell: 850-384-7126 Vendor #593025291 Morette Company 1201 North Tarragona Street Gulf jennifer@aenewjr. Inc. FL Office: 850-244-0811 Fax: 850-244-4924 Vendor #593219057 Contacts Will Errington Jennifer Beasley Number 850-232-6768 850-341-5366 Email will@aenewjr.. Jr.m Contacts Steve Lolokouris Alixia Stephen Number 850-384-7126 850-221-8781 Email skolokouris@heardconstruction. Fl 32501 Office: 850-432-4084 Fax: 850-434-5005 Cell: 850393-4318 Vendor #593047389 The Green-Simmons Co. 745 Hollywood Blvd. NW Fort Walton .com Contacts Mark A.UWF JOC Contractors Updated: April 2011 General Contractor jason@green-simmons. 2424 Executive Plaza Pensacola. Olvera Michael J. FL 32533 Office: 850-937-8520 Fax: 850-937-6979 Vendor # 593610701 Heard Constuction 5066 Mandavilla Blvd. Box 13452 Pensacola. New. 3407 N.

Olvera Michael J. FL 32501/32591 Mark Olvera Email: Office Phone: 850‐432‐4084 Fax: 850‐434‐5005 Cell: 850‐ 393‐1318 Vendor # 593047389 Contacts Mark A.. Jr. FL 32533 Sean Harmon Email: esasouth@aol. Inc. Steve Kolokouris Gulf Breeze. Fl 32504 Will Errington Email: Office Phone: 850 478 ‐0320 Fax: 850 478 ‐0409 Contacts Greg DeRycke Tony Hill Adam Purdy Rick Edwards Bob Purdy Number 850-232-2919 850-232-1629 850-232-1110 850-232-2916 850-232-2917 General Contractor A. 2424 Executive Plaza Pensacola. Fl 32503 Bob Purdy Email: info@edwardsroofing. New. Morette Matt Comerford Bill Norton David Del Gallo Number 850-384-7126 850-221-8781 Number 850 393-1318 850-393-3230 850-393-5119 850-393-1326 850-393-1322 .com Email: Office Phone: 850 472 ‐1001 Fax: 850‐472‐1004 Vendor # 592061760 ESA South 1681 Success Drive Office: 850-429-8905 Cell Phone: 850‐384‐7126 Fax: 850‐432-8010 Vendor # 593025291 Morette Company 1201 North Tarragona Street Post Office Box 13452 Pensacola. FL 32563 Alicia Stephen Steve Kolokouris Email: Office Phone: 850‐937-8520 Fax: 850‐937‐8679 Vendor # 593610701 Contacts Will Errington Jennifer Beasley Number 850-232-6768 850-341-5366 Contacts Sean Harmon Number 850-937-8520 Contacts Heard Construction 5066 Mandavilla Blvd.Roofing Contractor Edwards Roofing 18 Stumpfield Rd Pensacola. E.

com Office Phone: 850‐ 429‐0144 Fax: 850‐ 429‐0145 Vendor # 593386617 ThomCo Office Phone: 850‐244‐0811 Fax: 850‐244‐4924 Vendor # 593219057 Contacts Nathan Green Jason Green Number 850‐ 429‐0144 850‐ 429‐0144 Contacts Fred Thomas Number 850‐244‐0811 . Email: Jason@green‐simmons. FL 32505 ‐4054 Nathan Green/Jason Green Email: nathan@green‐simmons.General Contractor . FL Fred Thomas Email: fred@thomcent.Continued The Green-Simmons Company. 745 Hollywood Blvd NW Fort Walton Beach. 3407 N W St Pensacola. Inc.