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VALUE ADDED EDUCATION Department of Mechanical Engineering MCET-SIEMENS Centre of Excellence for Digital Manufacturing

! Title of the Cour"e an# Num$er% Lo& Co"t Automation

'! Aim()urpo"e of the Cour"e% To impart knowledge in automation for Process industries, Automotive Industries, Home, Factory, Agriculture etc.

*! )rere+ui"ite"% • • • Basic knowledge in hydraulics and pneumatics Basic knowledge in Analog !igital circuits and electrical drives Principles and operations of sensors and transducers

,! Learning -oal"(Outcome"% • • • • "#pertise on hydraulics, electro hydraulics and its circuits "#pertise on pneumatic, electro pneumatics and its circuits !eveloping an automation system with suita$le sensors %nderstanding of Industrial $ased controller and developing & ' solution for the specific automation system

.! Cour"e A""e""ment an# -ra#ing S/"tem%

. Aptitude Test-B. *. De"cription Practical Test ) Hydraulics Practical Test ) Pneumatics Practical Test ) &ensorics Internal Total -A. . Max! Mar1" *+ *+ (+ /+ *+ . Total 0arks -A3B32.+ (++ 0! Teaching Strategie"% S!No De"cription Teaching Metho#" .S! No (. 0ini Pro1ect -2.

Unit III Sen"oric" 4 Introduction to sensorics 6 2losed loop system 6 Types of Pro#imity sensors 6 construction 6 principle of operation 6 Applications pro#imity sensors 6 electrical connections 6 Practices on all types of pro#imity sensors Theor/% . Basics of Pneumatics 6 2omponents of Pneumatics 6 Types of valves 6 !24s 6 operations 6 Pneumatic circuits ) "lectro pneumatics 6 "lectrical 8ogic circuit ) 7elay ladder logic 6 Applications of electro pneumatics 6 Practices on different types of electro pneumatic circuits. 5. *. 4ideos and Practices using Pneumatic Instruments PPTs and Practices on different &ensors 2! S/lla$u"% Unit I 3/#raulic" .(. 4ideos and Practices using Hydraulic Instruments PPTs. Basics of Hydraulics 6 2omponents of hydraulics 6 Types of valves ) !24s 6 operations 6 hydraulic 2ircuits ) "lectro hydraulics 6 &olenoids 6 7elays 6 "lectrical logic circuits 6 Applications of electro hydraulics 6 Practices on different types of electro hydraulic circuits.3r" )ractical% '. Hydraulics and "lectro Hydraulics Pneumatics and "lectro Pneumatics &ensorics PPTs.3r" Total% . Unit II )neumatic" .43r" .

8a$ 8a$ . 8a$ 8a$ 8a$ PPT -2lass 7oom. &olenoids and relays Practices on Hydraulic circuits Practices on "lectro Hydraulic circuits Practical Test ) Hydraulic "lectro Hydraulic circuits Basics of Pneumatics. 2omponents and types of !irectional control valves Practices on Pneumatic circuits . 2omponents and types of valves.+ Practices on "lectro Pneumatic circuits Practical Test ) Pneumatic "lectro Pneumatic circuits 2oncept of control systems and !ifferent types of sensors 9perations of Pro#imity sensors Practices on different types of pro#imity sensors Practical test electrical connection. PPT -2lass 7oom. 8a$ 8a$ 8a$ PPT -2lass 7oom.5! Cour"e Content% No of 3our" Content to Deli6er Basics of Hydraulics. testing and performance analysis 7emar1" PPT -2lass 7oom.