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Speed Trap Inside the Biggest Scandal in Olympic History Charlie Francis with Jeff Coplon ST. MARTIN’S PRESS NEW YORK Some of the conversations related in this book took pi: tae Ge aon bonacnad haha dent that I have accuretely related the substance and content of wha was said, if not the precise words. what —Charlie Francis Copyright ® 1990 by Charlie Francis and Jeff Co i xeserved. Printed in the United States niet nats os tmay be wed ot reproduced in any manner whatsocver without writes permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews, For information, adclress St. Martin's Press, 17 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10010. saat Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data, Francis, Charlie, ‘Speed trap : a track coach’s explosive account of h the world’ See ae drugs / Charlie Francis vi cope Acknowledgements cous with their time and insights in the devel- ike to thank Dr. Hammer, and Many people were genet ‘opment of this book. The authors woul Mauro DiPasquale, Jim Ferstle, Mike Hurst, Anne-Lise Vera Eubanks. id particularly In addition, the authors are grateful to Michael Carlisle Morris, the agent who engineered this editor, and to collaboration and kept i editor, both of whom sustained rare good cheer in the ee ae ‘Catherine Yolles, deadlines; and, far | especially, to Cat x ‘who went far beyond the call in keeping this track. Contents The Knock at the Door / The Whole Truch 10 No News Is Good News 14 The Schoolboy 19 Stanford 23 The Mentor 27 Olympic Dreams 33 Transition 43 Graduate School 49 A New Optimist 54 Desaiand Ben 58 Tony, Mark, and Angella 64 Progress 7J Breakthroughs 76 Decision 82 Steroids: A Brief History 87 Boycott 95 LessIsMore 100 Crossroads 109 Commonwealth Champs 1/4 Pointing Toward Helsinki 122 Fear and Testing inCaracas 127 New Protocols 137 The Bronze 142 Conquering Heroes 149