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How to Empower Employees

Employee empowerment is a term used to describe an employee mindset of responsibility, accountability, capability, and autonomy. In terms of business, empowerment is the opposite of micromanagement. For this reason, it may be very beneficial for managers to empower employees, thus fostering employee reliability and an environment of team-work. If you are interested in knowing what it takes to promote employee empowerment in the workplace, you do not have to be a college business major to learn how. Just follow these guidelines for how to empower employees

Adopt the traits of a good leader who promotes employee empowerment.
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Show respect for yourself and for your employees. Be accountable for the things you say and do, and expect the same from your employees. Listen to what your employees have to say. Show sincerity in your dealings with employees. Be a good example of discipline in the work place. Avoid taking credit for team accomplishments. Communicate regularly and effectively. Focus on having a positive, winning attitude. Keep asking "What are the key traits of highly effective leaders?" Make a list and build on it, then develop those skills

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Delegate tasks clearly and concisely. See to it that there are no gray areas when it comes to assigning specific duties to specific employees. That way, employees will know exactly what is expected of them and there will be no room for passing the buck. Additionally, when you show employees that you are entrusting them to complete responsibility for a task, it improves their confidence and boosts pride in their work.

Acknowledge employee achievements. Making it a point to cite successes at board meetings and to verbally congratulate employees on a job well done is a great way to create an office atmosphere focused on success and to empower employees to keep up the good work

. if your ace marketing exec insists that telecommuting part-time would aid creative flow and ultimate productivity. this helps to build your respect as a leader. go searching for info and learn the skills fast. 9 Be willing to do what you ask them to do. An important part of empowering employees is letting them know their opinions are valuable to you. 8 Invite feedback from your employees. show that you are invested in their professional success by arranging for them to attend career development seminars and courses. Provide a means for employees to get whatever training is necessary to their optimal performance so that they can truly master their job responsibilities. Take wellintentioned suggestions into consideration and let your employees see that they really do have a role in the overall success of the business. 7 Give up some of your power in favor of employee autonomy. 6 Promote employee education. allow them more freedom in defining the methods by which they will accomplish those tasks. For example. You can go a long way in empowering employees by asking them how you could best aid their empowerment. Adopting an open door policy lets employees know you care about what they have to say and enables them to give their input and play an active role in the well-being of the business. Then acknowledge their ideas have been looked at and or implemented. Not only does this provide for employee empowerment. Any employee who feels involved is an employee who is empowered. Then stand 'shoulder to shoulder' with them assisting them with the task. At times you might need to 'take the lead' and take over the task for a while as you coach them along the way. Put out a suggestions box and ask for opinions at meetings and one to one. provide for that flexibility. but it is a great way to gain employee loyalty and improve employee performance.4 Open your door to employees. As you feel more and more certain that your employees are skilled and dedicated enough to take responsibility for their own tasks. 5 Become BRILLIANT at coaching employees to be all they can be in the role they have. Also. not sure about being a coach.

After awhile. Organizations that use a formal top-down communication hierarchy make it difficult for their employees to speak up. these people may give up on speaking up. Face facts . Provide plenty of contexts.every idea isn't good. in his post on LinkedIn. Be transparent with your employees. Tell them why you make certain decisions and what direction you're planning on taking the company. colleagues. "Empowered people are crucial to any organization's success.3 Ways to Empower Your Employees To Own Their Work How do you make your team more efficient? You empower them to take ownership over their work. "If we can do a better job of sharing the core values and the important business goals. and more independent. provides plenty of context. Even if they did gather enough guts to share their opinions. ." writes Sanker. they may feel like their input won't matter much. They are happier. and requires accountability. 1. but you won't find the game-changers if you don't explore new concepts." 2. Encourage open communication. which allows the whole team to be more productive." But how do you empower your organization? Sanker says it's all about building a culture that encourages open communication." says Dan Sanker. more productive. "Acknowledge input. "Create methods for direct communication. "They will go the extra mile for clients. and the company. CEO of logistics outsourcing company CaseStack." he says. Foster an open exchange of ideas. we can hope to draw out team members' talents and energy.

" At the end of the day.3. It’s their region. Require accountability.” New hires require a two-thirds vote from their team to stay.dPIm3PaT.” Employees vote every three years on benefits they want.dpuf Team members are well-trained. It’s their store. “As much as possible. knowledgeable. The best way to do this is by discussing setbacks and recognizing extra efforts among your” Individual stores determine what items are stocked..success. we decentralize back to the regions and the stores. Why would someone want to continuously work hard if they don't think that their efforts are appreciated? "Empowered people are confident. “How can a team have true accountability if they can’t select or have a final say of who gets to be on the team? I really believe that empowerment requires having the team have veto power over new hires for the team to have psychological ownership over their workplace." Sanker says.See more at: http://www. this is better for you as their superior and better for the organization as a whole.. John Mackey . make more money.. “To fulfill our mission.” Regional managers design brand-new stores instead of borrowing blueprints from corporate. and then the good ideas that get created get copied by other stores. We are allowing individual innovation and creativity to bubble up from the store level. “Happy team members create happy customers. and 88 percent of them are full-time employees. and able to be more productive without being micromanaged or having excessive oversight. The team members are the best judges of what benefits they would most like to have. “The benefits that they think are most important that fit within the budget we’ve established are the benefits that we’ll have for the next three years. They have a real sense of psychological ownership. and happy customers create happy investors. Make sure the people you work with are able to self-actualize themselves to the greatest degree possible so they can advance. 6 Ways to Empower Employees From Whole Foods' Co-Founder and CEO. learn and grow on the job.. based on local tastes and goods. our purpose and create value for our . "They demonstrate initiative and own their work.

What is a Satisfied Employee? More than just happy (a very subjective word at best). and the absence of negative emotions such as apathy and sadness.* demonstrate direct links between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. We are organized into 11 geographical regions. Other studies* go a step further and point to a link between the satisfaction levels of employees in a back office and customer satisfaction. or neutral at best? It immediately sends the message that the employee is not happy. and.dpuf 7 Ways to Lead and Empower Your Team – Because Satisfied Employees Make for Happy Customers Don’t you just hate it when you walk into a store or business and the first person you come across is unwelcoming.” Employees determine how to spend their paid time off and their store’s emergency fund. without breaking the bank. “If someone gets sick. This includes the presence of positive emotions such as joy and interest.See more at: http://www. Science Daily* identifies satisfied employees as those with a sense of well-being. here are seven ways you can foster a positive work environment and empower your employees. and let’s face it: they can be an underlying factor in your success. but are you a good leader? Do you always have one eye on inspiring your team to excel and succeed? Assess your leadership skills and find out how you can use them to nurture employee potential in: 4 Tips for Effective and Inspiring Business Leadership in Uncertain Times. is it really the kind of business you want to give your patronage to? Studies have long shown the links between employee morale and business success. Be a Good Leader – You might be a good manager.success. 1. just as positive emotions can enhance employee perceptions of finding meaning in their work.stakeholders. they reflect its culture and values. we are pretty decentralized. So there’s little doubt that employees are an essential part of your brand – they are often the face of your business. a lot of times team members will donate hours from their own benefit banks [paid leave] so that person will be taken care of while they are ill and recuperating. that this might not be a great place to work. disengaged. 2. .dPIm3PaT. . achievement and employee growth. and the regions are fairly And. by extension. but new findings published in the Journal of Service Research. even though there is no direct contact between them. they can also be a factor in performance. 7 Ways to Lead and Empower Satisfied Employees While it’s hard to hire only employees with an innate sense of well-being.

be sure to put some parameters around the decision-making process. areas that need to be improved and plans for the future. “Show and Tell” – Has an employee. To avoid any sense of favoritism this is best done in the case of significant team achievements. Empower Your Employees –Employees with a strong sense of well-being tend to be more eager to take on new challenges and play a wider role in the success of your business. Let Them Telework –Telework is a huge incentive for employees and when handled and managed correctly can be a win-win for both of you. Topics might include:    Business performance and team goals – Keep everyone engaged and aware of the impact they have on your business by presenting your quarterly business highlights. 4. Here are some considerations.2. Go on. partner. Remember to set aside time for Q&A so that your employees can participate and stay engaged. and your business profitability. the team. This can take many forms. There are always problems to be solved and better ways to do things. . their concerns. Likewise. Have Educational “Lunch and Learns” – Give your employees the opportunity to learn more about your business as well as the market with informal brown bag lunch and learn sessions. When employees make decisions. with teams regrouping each day to report progress. Encourage creative thinking. From mentor/protégé programs to giving your employees more face time (try skipping email for once and have a quick one-on-one meeting in your office).customers. but why not go the extra mile and make a point of using gift cards. Whether it’s a game of golf once a quarter with your entire management team. Give your Employees “Boss Time” – Everyone wants to spend time around inspirational leaders. they’ll need to consider the impact on three things -. and other gestures to recognize achievement. or team achieved success by doing things differently? Is there a new technology or market force changing the way you do business? Give those involved an opportunity to showcase what they did or what they are observing so that others can learn from it and apply those skills and insights to their areas of responsibility. Be Unexpected in your “Thank You’s” – We all appreciate being thanked. Very often your employees are closer to the action than you are and often know the right decision to make. or one-on-one lunches with individual managers once a month. make it a lunchtime challenge that takes place over five days. hand-written thank you notes. so why not challenge your employees to come up with creative ways to deal with common business issues. bringing in an inspirational speaker from outside the company can help give perspective and broaden everyone’s horizons to new ways of doing things. 5. and their aspirations so that they stay engaged and productive. high-quality performance is greatest when the demands of the job are highest! Here are a couple of ways to empower your employees:   Let them make decisions independently of you. Come up with a topic calendar and each month set aside time for the team to meet and learn and participate in these interactive sessions. but consider giving them “social” face-time too. and tax incentives to bear in mind as you go about setting up a telework program: How to Make Telework Work for Your Small Business. Bring in a Guest Speaker – Whether it’s a business partner. 6. howto’s. In hierarchical businesses. You could also write hand-written thank you notes to employees on their anniversary dates. it’s also important to recognize your management team: it’s likely they already get workplace face time with you. an industry thought leader or a community leader. and it’s important for you to listen and show you care about your employees’ work. But first.Whether it’s tasking individuals to seek out a low-cost software solution for streamlining your invoicing system or suggesting a process improvement for managing inventory – put the challenge in the hands of your employees. If there is no time to do this during normal business hours. 3.

*Note: Hyperlink directs reader to non-government website. It also outlines options for rewarding employees with wage hikes and bonuses. . This quick article (Recognizing Performance in a Tough Economy) has some useful tips on how to assess employee performance. Set Up a Formal Performance Review Process – Everyone deserves to know how they are doing against both your business goals and their own performance goals. and demystifies the facts of employment law as it relates to wage-related benefits.7.