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Meeting of the General Assembly 22 January 2014 Daggett Lounge, Thorne Hall . I. Call to Order: 20:31 II.

Roll Call: Many absences. Too many to count. III.Approval of Minutes: Minutes are amended to reflect revisions. IV. Public Comment Time: NIL V.Introduction of Guests: NIL VI.Old Business: NIL VII.Reports of Committees a. Academic Affairs – Jordan Goldberg ’14  Food for thought up and running  225 reviews  Pushing on Credit/D/Fail b.Facilities & Sustainability – David Levine ’16  Mattresses in the union.  Student activities has been spoken to about shuttles.  Possibility of having Adirondack chairs.  Price has gone up this year. c. Student Organizations Oversight Committee – Daniel Mejia-Cruz ’16  Revise rules and regulations of chartered clubs.  Club constitutions need to be improved.  Rules and regulations of clubs need to be refined. d. Student Activities Funding Committee – Megan Massa ’14  Came in under budget e. Student Affairs – Roberto Tavel ’16     Michelle campus scheduler is working on the event. Feb 14th March 14th Good ideas up and running. Nelson: Posters are up and talk about creative things.

f. Executive Committee – Sarah K. Nelson ’14 / Allen Wong Yu ’14 1. Proposal: Funding for ‘Winter Weekend’ 2014 – Sarah K. Nelson ’14   Nelson believes that it will be really nice this weekend. Proposing funding that will come for BSG.

Nelson tells meeting the schedule for the weekend: Thursday, January 23rd 7:00 PM Hypnotist Dan Lornitis (E-Board) – Kresge Auditorium 10:00 PM Pub Night –Jack Magee’s featuring DJ Alex Pensavalle. Friday, January 24th 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM Blizzard Bash at Ladd (BSG, Class Councils) 7:00 PM Men’s Ice Hockey Wounded Warriors Game vs. Middlebury 10:00 PM – 12:30 AM Late Night Free Skate and Broomball at Watson Arena (BSG, A-Team) . Saturday, January 25th 9:00 AM Polar Bear Dip (BSG, BOC) Higgins Beach Portland, ME 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM “Home base” on Dudley Coe Quad (BSG). 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM Ice Sculptor (E-Board). 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM (check times) Horse-drawn Carriage Rides (E-Board) 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Snow Sculpture Competition (IHC) at Mac/Quinby 1:50 PM Seventyfive free snack wraps at CFT. 2:00 PM Women’s Basketball vs. Colby. 3:30 PM Polar Bear Run (BSG, IHC) Leaving from Mac/Quinby. 3:50 PM Seventy-five free snack wraps at CFT. 4:00 PM Men’s Basketball vs. Colby. 10:00 PM Cold War Party (Mac and Quinby, IHC). Suspension of 2 Week Rule YES: All NO: NIL ABSTAIN: NIL Proposal # 131407 Funding for “Winter Weekend” 2014: Nelson needs funding for the following:  Advertising: $200  Campus food trucks: $1325  Cups (to be given to students at Blizzard Bash): $352.25  Total: $1879.25 YES: ALL NO: NIL ABSTAIN: NIL 2. Wong: Two new members Elizabeth and Dan  Election coming up

 Newsletter that came out.  Next week and March 5th, the meetings will be in Kanbar.  New Charter organization. 3. Nelson:  Spoke with Silvia in activities, showing Olympics in the pub.  Super bowl in the pub.  Free food given at debates.  Food line up food for budgets for super bowel.  Massa: Nachos, Bernie got “giveaways”.  Nelson: Service with Brunswick Taxi free rides within one mile of campus.  Massa: What times can you use it: 10:00 PM.  Nelson: Tips are neither expected nor required. 3. 2014:       Not met Working on winter weekend. Bought keg. Surprise that’s in the works. More senior nights Planning senior week.

4. 2015:  Both were abroad  Cohen: Spain  Szuflita: Denmark  Will be meeting this weekend.  Cohen: Reinstall class council office hours  Facebook page.  Cohen: Complaint: A lot of complaints in the winter term. 5. 2016:  Samples of sweatshirts

6. 2017  Duan: Just met  Frosty’s doughnuts, everyone loved it. 7. IHC (Nelson):    Snow sculptures and winter polar bear bash. More at Mac and Quinby. Polar bear run.

Varnell: Trucking snow from Farley and Quinby

8. E Board:    Dan Lornitis event Horse Drawn carriages Ivies putting contracts together

9. Athletic Council: NIL 10. McKeen Centre 11. At large. Colbert: “Win win” for everyone. People from outskirts tend to clog up safe ride. Cohen: you can request van taxis? Nelson: yes Cohen: Fancy Cohen: Word Meeting ended: 21: 07