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ziggurat [ˈzɪgʊˌræt] is a rectangular temple or terraced mound built by ancient

Assyrians and Babylonians. Ziggurat comes from the Assyrian ziqquratu meaning "height, pinnacle." Sentence: Some people belie e the top of each ziggurat !as used as a shrine. 2. gauche [g"ʊʃ] is !hen you !ant to call something tac#y, graceless, tactless, rude, boorish, or a!#!ard and foolish. $a e you %ust pointed out someone&s misuse of this !ord' (h dear, ho! gauche) Gauche !as used for a long time to refer to things that !ere %ust so !rong, it almost hurt to tal# about them, li#e publicly as#ing someone !hy they don*t li#e you. +hat is so gauche, it could induce a cringe) Gauche is almost a gauche !ord, as it is comes from a ,rench !ord meaning left -as opposed to right.. /t !ould be gauche to call left0handed people tac#y) 3. Abacchanalian [ˌbæ#"ˈneɪlɪ"n] party is a !ild, !ine0soa#ed, ro!dy affair. Bacchanalian is used to describe any e ent that Bacchus !ould ha e en%oyed. Sentence: 1entheus !as torn in pieces by the bacchanalian priests and !omen, for despising their mysteries. +he 2omans celebrated Bacchus !ith !ine, songs, dances and more !ine 3 not the #ind of beha ior you !ould e4pect from self0respecting adults -and probably not the #ind of thing they !ould tell their #ids about.. Bacchanalian sounds li#e 5bac#0and0nail6 yen so you might !ant to thin# of it as a description of party !here e eryone has one drin# too many and !ants to gi e each other a bac# rub.
7. To bowdlerize 8ˈbaʊdl"rʌɪz8 means edit offensive parts out of something.

Sentence: /f the hero in an 20rated mo ie adapted for +9 e4claims, 5(h shoot fudge darn)6 but his lips seem to be saying something else, that mo ie has been bowdlerized. +he !ord bowdlerized comes from the name of :r. +. Bo!dler, !ho decided to publish an edition of Sha#espeare !ithout se4ual references or double0entendres -!hich is !hen a !ord has t!o meanings, one of them chee#y.. ;r. Bo!dler thought he !as performing a great ser ice for humanity, but generally if !e call something bo!dlerized, !e*re implying that it !as edited in a prudish !ay. <. cappelletti [ˌ#æp"ˈlɛtɪ] n -=oo#ery. small s>uares of pasta containing a sa oury mi4ture of meat, cheese, or egetables [/talian, plural of cappelletto, literally: little hat]