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St. Louis Section
and the

Refractory Ceramics Division

Forty-ninth Annual Symposium on Refractories
March 27-28, 2013 Hilton St. Louis Airport Hotel

“Refractory Challenges in the Chemical and Petro-Chemical Industries”

Louis Section Chairman Dilip Jain Kyanite Mining Refractory Ceramics Division Chair Bill Headrick Missouri Refractories Company Co-Program Coordinators Jens Decker Stellar Materials. 2013 5:00 P. Amer. Soc.A. 8:00 Registration and Coffee Morning Technical Sessions Welcome and Introductions St. Jenkins and Co. Invited Paper – 2012 Al Allen Award Winner Effect of Alumina and Silica on the Hydration Behaviour of Magnesia Based Refractories Wagner M.M. Germany Appeared in the J. Silva and Modestino A. Brito – Magnesita Refractories S.. 2013 7:15 A. Rick Volk UNI-REF. Aneziris – Institute for Ceramics.. Kickoff Event – Blues Hockey Game March 27th. Technical University Freiberg.M. 8:15 60 Years of Petroleum & Petrochemicals Industry Refractories History & Opportunities for the Future Ed Linck – Linck Refractory Services Paul Schlett – Valero Energy Corporation Refinery Catalytic Cracking Units – Refractory Uses and Challenges Richard Parkinson – UOP. 94(12) 4218-4225 (2011) Questions and Discussion Co-Program Coordinator Luncheon Banquet 8:45 9:15 9:45 10:15 10:45 11:30 11:45-1:00 . Glass and Construction Materials.PROGRAM “Refractory Challenges in the Chemical and Petro-Chemical Industries” March 26th. Inc. Ceram. Brazil Christos G. M. LLC ASTM C-704 Abrasion Standard Ben Markel – Resco Products Coffee Break Elevated Temperature Abrasion Testing Donavin Duhon – Robert J. Inc.

Afternoon Session 1:00-1:30 Presentation of the T. Willi – Sunset Refractory Services. Louis Refractories Award to J.P. Planje St. Refractories WORLDFORUM Refractory Minerals SQ Chemical Company / Overseas Trade Network TAM Ceramics Washington Mills 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 4:45 5:00 5:00-7:00 7:00 Buffet Dinner . LLC Material Selection for Gunite Veneer Repairs Stephen Libby & Jim Stendera – Vesuvius Advanced Refractories R&D Deterioration of Calcium Aluminate Bonded Insulated Monolithics in Field Conditions Ken Moody – Refractory System Solutions Coffee Break Refractory Materials Based on Magnesia-Alumina Spinel for Improved Performance in Coal Gasification Environments James Hemrick – Oak Ridge National Laboratory The Use of Low Biopersistence Fibers in Refineries and Chemical Plants Steve Chernack – Morgan Thermal Ceramics Developing Better Refractories for The Steel Industry – The Steel Manufacturing Research Center (SMRC) at Missouri S&T Kent Peaslee – Missouri S&T Questions & Discussion Co-Program Coordinator RCD Annual Members Meeting Closing Remarks Dilip Jain Kyanite Mining Bill Headrick Missouri Refractories Company Exposition and Cocktail Hour Almatis AluChem Alteo American Ceramic Society BassTech International Calucem.A. CE Minerals Christy Minerals Cilas Particle Size DIFK GmbH.J. Inc. Germany Fibercon International Great Lakes Minerals Kerneos Kyanite Mining LAEIS GmbH Lancaster Products Missouri S&T Orton Ceramic Foundation Possehl Erzkontor N.

Peter Quirmbach – DIFK. Louis Section Officer Business Meeting & Lunch 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 . 8:15 Refractory Ceramics Division (RCD) Breakfast Meeting Morning Technical Sessions Welcome and Introductions St. Scheetz – The Pennsylvania State University Cement Bonded Alumina Systems for Chemical and Petro-Chemical Applications Jake Wieland . Louis Section Chairman Dilip Jain Kyanite Mining Refractory Ceramics Division Chair Bill Headrick Missouri Refractories Company Co-Program Coordinators Jens Decker Stellar Materials.AluChem Questions & Discussion Co-Program Coordinator St. Schlussler Feuerungsbau GmbH Energy Efficient Lining Designs for Today’s Fired Heaters Steve Chernack – Morgan Thermal Ceramics Coffee Break Hydrogen Corrosion – General Principles and Experimental Approach Prof. Germany Bernd J. Louis Section Chairman Dilip Jain Kyanite Mining Refractory Ceramics Division Chair Bill Headrick Missouri Refractories Company 12:30 St. Inc. 8:30 Evaluating the Resistance of Container-Glass Furnace Refractories to Alkali Attack Dave Lankard – Lankard Materials Lab Raw Material Concepts for SiO2-Free High Strength Castables in the Temperature Range up to 1200°C Dale Zacherl – Almatis Andreas Buhr – Almatis GmbH.M. Baier – S. 2013 6:30 A. Hellmann & Barry E.March 28th. Rick Volk UNI-REF. Inc. Bonn Germany Application of Cast-Off Materials as Proppants for Hydrofacturing John R.

Reservations must be made before March 8th. MO A block of rooms has been set aside at the Hilton St. Louis.00 $125.jhtml Hampton Inn Drury Inn Marriott Airport (314) 429-2000 (314) 423-7700 (314) 423-9700 . 16th NOTE: Dress Attire – Semi Casual (Tie Optional) LOCATION Hilton St. 2013) (314) 426-5500 Your web page address is: http://www. 2013 HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS Hilton Hotel (Mar 8. Louis Section) Send To: Patty Smith Missouri S&T 105 Straumanis-James Hall 401 W. MO for this meeting. Louis.00 CC#: EXP: CVV: CHARGE MY CARD: MC: $ VISA: AMEX: Exhibitor for Exposition (Table Top) $300. Please refer to Group Code CER at the Hilton when reserving a room for which the rate is $104. Fax (573) 341-2071 Email: psmith@mst. Rolla. Dollars (Make checks payable to: St.REGISTRATION FORM Please select: Pre-Registration Fee (Deadline March 23) On-Site Registration Fee Emeritus/Senior Fee Student Fee METHOD OF PAYMENT $225.00 $275. Louis Airport Hotel 10330 Natural Bridge Road St.00 (Exhibitor cost does not include registration fee) Lunch Dinner Chicken Fish Pasta/Vegetarian NAME ON CARD: SIGNATURE: (Fill in below) NAME: NAME ON BADGE: COMPANY: ADDRESS: CITY/STATE/ZIP: EMAIL: TEL/FAX: Company or Personal Check in U. Louis Airport Hotel in F-CER-20130325/index.00 single/double per night.hilton.00 $50. MO 65401 Tel (573) 341-6265.