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Agreements (A-3) ·Employment Visas Temporary Employment (C-4). Religious Works (D-6). Temporary Business (C-2). Those who fall under one of the special cases specified in the Immigration Control Act are exempt from visa requirements. Foreign Language Teaching (E-2). Labor Aboard (E-10). Professor (E-1). Technological Guidance (E-4). the foreigner's entry can be rejected at the discretion of the immigration officer. A visa is affixed to the passport. Non-professional Employment (E-9). In Korea. if immigration officers find that a foreigner does not meet the requirements of entry. having a visa does not necessarily mean anyone with a visa can enter the Republic of Korea. Specially Designated Activities (E-7). Study (D-2). Arts/Entertainment (E-6). Industrial Training (D-3). Press Coverage (D-5). Supervisory 8 1) Types of visas ·Single entry visas Only one entry is allowed within the . Visa Any visitor who enters Korea needs to have a visa whether his/her purpose of entry is to work. travel or study. a visa indicates a consul's recommended action for a foreigner's entry. Thus. during the entry inspection. Official Mission (A-2).01 Immigration term of the visa(Single visas are valid for three months from the date of issue) ·Multiple entry visas An individual can enter the country two or more times within the term of the visa. Working Holiday (H-1) ·Non-profit & Short-term Stay Visas Temporary Press Coverage (C-1). However. General Training (D-4). Profession (E-5). Research (E-3). Temporary Visiting(C-3) ·Long-term Stay Visas Culture/Arts (D-1). 2) Visa types according to status of stay ·Diplomacy/Official Mission Status Diplomacy (A-1).

hikorea.Designated visa-free entry . if necessary. 9 ·Documents to Submit .Passport .kr 3) Visa issuance procedure ·The Place of Visa Application & Issuance The embassy or consulate of the Republic of Korea ※Prior to visa issuance from a consulate overseas.Re-entry permit holders . Business Investment (D-8).hikorea.Countries under visa waiver agreements .kr ) ·Visa Issuance Fee . Visit & Stay with Family (F-1). Ulsan/ Donghae. and issue a certificate for recognition of visa issuance (or Visa Issuance Confirmation Number).go.Europe-bound Chinese transit tourists . . (91 days or more): amount equivalent to $50 4) Visa-free entry An individual who falls under one of the following conditions can enter the country without a visa . an Immigration Office or a branch office (only Sejongno.Single entry visa (90 days or less): Living in Seoul · English Edition Stay Foreigners who intend to stay in Korea should have a relevant status of stay for the period and purpose of their stay.Required documents for each status of stay (Detailed information can be checked at www. Trade Management (D-9). Sokcho Branch) can conduct a preliminary inspection on the application of a foreigner entering Korea and a domestic inviter.International treaty organizationissued passport holder (LAISS EZPASSER) .APEC Business Travel Card holders Check applicable countries and free-entry qualifications on the following website: www.Those with special entry arrangements for Jeju Island . Overseas Koreans (F-4). Residency (F-2).Japanese tourists / visitors .Visa issuance application . Others (G-1) amount equivalent to $30.Transit tourists bound for another country .go.Frequent visitors . The visa can be issued conveniently by submitting the ”Certificate of Visa Issuance” to a consulate overseas.Chairmanship (D-7). The valid term of the certificate is 3 months. Family Dependency (F3).

10 2) Scope of Activities and Domestic Employment of Foreigners Staying in Korea . Arts/Entertainment (E6). Technological Guidance (E-4). 3) Extension of Stay A foreigner who intends to continue his/her stay in Korea beyond the permitted period of stay should receive permission for the extension of their stay. . Research (E. Application Period Application for an extersion of stay is available from two months before the expiration date of stay through the expiration date. Specially Designated Activities (E-7). . Professor (E-1).3). or designated by. a local or district immigration office. foreigners should get permission from their jurisdictional immigration office before making the change. ·How to Apply for Permission for Extension of Stay The principal or his/her agent should . Foreigners cannot be involved in any political activities unless the law specifically permits their political participation.Foreigners are allowed to stay in Korea within the scope of their status and the granted period of stay. Labor Aboard (E-10).To change the company of employment. Residency (F-2). Working Holiday (H-1) 1) Period of stay ·Short-term stay : 90 days or less ·Long-term stay : 91 days or more ·Permanent Residence : unlimited period of stay Foreigners with long-term stay or permanent resident status should complete registration as a foreigner and/or Domestic Residency Report within 90 days of entry. Overseas Koreans(F-4). Permanent Residency (F-5).Foreigners who wish to obtain employment in Korea should have a status that is eligible for employment. Foreigners are allowed to work only at workplaces that have been reported to. Training Employment (E-8).01 Immigration ·Status of Stay That Allows Employment Temporary Employment (C-4). If an individual applies for permission for an extension of stay after the expiration date. Journalism (E-5). Foreign Language Teaching (E-2). Nonprofessional Employment (E-9). he/she will be charged penalties.

which allows such activities. ·Application Period Before starting the activities of the change of stay qualification.A foreigner with a single entry visa 11 4) Changing Stay Status When a foreigner staying in Korea wishes to participate in new activities not related to or permitted within their current status.submit required documents according to status of stay to the Immigration be made upon passing a strict examination. he/she should get permission in advance. he/she must request permission to change the status of his/her stay. 5) Activities beyond the Given Status of Stay Office of their jurisdiction. . a permission of change of visa status must be obtained from the Immigration Office. As a general rule. he/she must depart and re-enter Korea with a new status that corresponds to the desired qualification.When a foreigner staying in Korea intends to carry out activities beyond his/her given status of stay while maintaining the current status of stay. Under these circumstances. foreigners are not allowed to get involved in said activities. if he/she meets the requirements for the new status without having to depart Korea. . the foreigner should leave Korea and enter the country with a new visa or get permission for change of status of stay. a limited change of status can Living in Seoul · English Edition .If activities beyond the status of stay become the main purpose of stay. . However. ·How to Apply to Change Status of Stay The principal or principal’s agent should submit the required documents to the Immigration Office of their jurisdiction.

If the foreigner works for many companies. 6) Change or Add a Company of Employment A foreigner with status of stay for employment in Korea who wishes to change or add a place of employment within the given status of stay should obtain permission prior to changing or adding a company of employment.01 Immigration 12 (the maximum period of stay: 90 days) is not allowed to participate in activities beyond the current visa status. or wants to receive education on traditional Korean culture or art within the period of stay. If the foreigner’s working hours for the activities beyond status of stay are longer or the salary is higher than the original workplace. . .If activities at the changed or added company of employment are different from the work for the employment contract at the original workplace. ·Principles for Changing or Adding a Company of Employment . ·How to Apply for Permission for Activities beyond the Current Status of Stay The principal or his/her agent should submit the required documents according to status of stay to the Immigration Office of their jurisdiction. the foreigner does not need permission for activities beyond status of stay. changes his/her job too frequently or the person’s activities during the stay are considered against national interests. ·Application for Permission for Activities beyond the Current Status of Stay A foreigner should receive permission for activities beyond the current status of stay prior to carrying out these activities.When a foreigner wants to learn Korean at a foreign language institute or college. changing . the activities beyond status of stay are not allowed. the foreigner cannot change or add that company of employment.

A registered foreigner’s child who was born in Korea is granted family dependency status of stay (F-3) . Adding more than two workplaces in addition to the original workplace will not be permitted.Korean-born children of foreign national parents who are under one of the following visas Diplomatic (A-1). Individuals in violation of this requirement are subject to penalties. . changing or adding a company of employment will not be permitted. A foreigner who is qualified to obtain status of stay can depart Korea without acquiring status of stay within 30 days from the date when a cause for the granting of status of stay occurs.If at the new place of employment.The foreigner cannot add more than two companies of employment to the original workplace approval. ·How to Apply The principal or principal’s agent should apply by submitting the required documents for status of stay to the presiding Immigration Office. .or adding a company of employment will not be allowed. ·Applying for Permission to Change or Add a Company of Employment For applications.A child under the age of 20 of a foreigner holding permanent residence status of stay (F-5) is granted permanent residence status of stay (F-5) 13 7) Granting Status of Stay For persons who have lost Korean nationality. ·The Criteria of Permission for Granting of Status of Stay . Permission for granting a status of stay is affixed in the passport. Official Mission (A-2). . or foreigners who are born in Korea or who stay in Korea without having a status of stay owing to other reasons. the principal or principal’s agent should submit the required documents to the presiding Immigration Office prior to changing or adding a place of employment. ·Application Period An individual eligible for application should apply for status of stay within 30 days from the date when one of the aforementioned causes takes place. the foreigner will work longer and receive a higher salary than he/she does at the original working company. Agreements (A-3) — are granted the same status of stay as their parents. Living in Seoul · English Edition . getting a new qualification of stay is called granting a status of stay.

a registered foreigner is given duties as a foreigner.A Korean-born child of a foreigner with one of the following visas: Residency (F-2).Citizens of Canada intending to stay in Korea for less than 6 . Visit & Stay with Family (F-1). 14 .A Korean-born foreigner who was born in Korea and intends to stay in Korea for more than 90 days from the date of receiving residence status ※ Exemption from alien registration Foreign Registration According to the Immigration Control Act. registered foreigners can receive medical insurance benefits. Immigration Control Act 27 obliges foreigners over the age of 17 in Korea to carry an alien registration card and present it when requested by immigration officers or other public officers.A person who is discharged from the U. Others (F-1[LHJ1]). Residency (F-2). In addition. 1) Applicant . military stationed in Korea is granted one of the following visa statuses: Agreements (A-3). A-2. Official Missions and Agreements and their families (A-1. . foreign registration is required for foreigners who intend to .01 Immigration stay in Korea for more than 90 days after their arrival date.S. A-3) .A foreigner who intends to stay in Korea for more than 91days . Children of a registered foreigner in Korea can attend either Korean or foreign schools.Individuals engaged in Diplomacy. However. Industrial Training (D-3) and Non-professional Employment (E-9) is granted visit & Stay with Family (F-1).The spouse of an individual with permanent residence status of stay (F-5) who attained his/her spouse’s nationality and lost Korean nationality is granted residence (F2) status of stay .An individual who gives up his/her Korean nationality and gains a foreign nationality . Temporary Visitor (C-3).

When the registered foreigner abandons his/her foreign citizenship and acquires Korean nationality . Family Dependency (F-3) and Others (G-1) . 4) Returning alien registration cards Under any of the following conditions.Applicants should submit the following documents to the Immigration Office or a branch office of the jurisdiction concerned. . .On the final departure date of a registered foreigner . the person should return the alien registration card within 14 days of his/her acquisition Living in Seoul · English Edition . or.months who fall under one of the following statuses: Culture/Arts (D-1). and other foreigners for whom exemption is deemed necessary by the Minister of Justice. or. a color photo (3 cm x 4cm). . foreigners should return their foreign registration cards to the Immigration Office. Religious Works (D-6).Foreigners who intend to stay in Korea for more than 90 days: within 90 days of entry . .When the registered foreigner becomes exempt from foreign registration. or.Foreign registration is valid beetween the time period printed on the registration card. : foreign registration application. . Return Period of Alien Registration Cards .Foreigners who received permission for status of stay or change of status: upon receiving permission 15 3) Registration procedure .Upon the death of the registered foreigner[c2] .Individuals undertaking diplomatic.Foreigners planning to leave the country for good should return their alien registration cards upon departure. 2) Registration period . their family members. passport.When a foreigner gains Korean nationality. Visit & Stay with Family (F-1). Renewal must be done before the card expiration date. . fee of 10. or other important duties for national security. industrial.000 won and otherrequired documents according tostatus of stay.

Religious Works (D6). The registered foreigner in violation of this requirement will be charged a penalty.When the passport number. A Medical report. the foreigner should submit a Korean nationality verification certificate and give up the foreign nationality verification certificate.[c3] ※ Penalties will be imposed[c4] if alien registration cards are not returned within the required periods. 5) Foreigners' reporting obligations Reporting Obligations of Changes of Particulars of Foreign Registration Card A registered foreigner should report changes of information on alien registration card to a local immigration office of the jurisdiction concerned under one of the following circumstances . ·Reporting Method The principal or his/her agent should submit the required documents to the Immigration Office of the jurisdiction concerned.01 Immigration . . Supervisory Chairmanship (D-7).Application form of report on changes of particulars of alien registration card . inquest report.When the name. or other death verification document should be submitted with the returned alien registration card. When returning the alien registration card. . Trade Management (D-9) changes its name. Business Investment (D-8). . . sex.Upon Death The alien registration card should be returned within 14 days of the acknowledgement of death or within 30 days of death.When the organizations of foreigners with one of the following visas Culture/Arts (D-1). Study (D-2).Passport and alien registration card . date of issuance or expiration date change . .When the organizations of foreigners under one of the following visas Press Coverage (D-5). General Training (D-4) changes its name . date of birth or nationality of a foreigner change . ·Reporting Period Within 14 days from the date when one of the previous causes takes place. ·Required Documents .Documents verifying the changes 16 of Korean nationality.

the person should report it to the jurisdictional Immigration Office within 14 days of the foreigner's change in residence. the reporting obligation of foreign students is imposed on the head of domestic universities or graduate schools. when the company sends the employee to another workplace. where the General Training Living in Seoul · English Edition .When the hired foreigner's place of stay is uncertain . penalties will be imposed on employers or the head of the company.When important information in 17 For the efficient management of the increasing number of foreign and language students in Korea. ·Required Documents .In the case of hiring. For the infringement of this obligation. name or location of the company.Passport and alien registration card . Penalties are imposed in breach of the obligation.Reporting Obligation of Change of Place of Stay When a registered foreigner changes his/her place of stay. retirement or death of the foreign employee . or when the foreign employee violates Immigration Control Act and/or other related regulations Reporting Obligations of Foreign Students Employer's Declaration of Obligations According to the Immigration Control Act. where the D-2 status foreign students study as well as on the head of university-affiliated language institutes. or employer changes. employers of foreigners or the heads of companies offering foreigners industrial training should declare to the Immigration Office within 15 days of the date when they know about one of the following causes. ·Conditions to Declare .Report form of change of place of residence employment contracts change: when the contract period.

If one of the following grounds for reporting arises.” Korean nationals residing abroad are those who have attained permanent foreign residency status or lived in foreign countries to acquire permanent foreign residency status. foreign nationality Koreans who have not reported Domestic Residence and .01 Immigration Korean nationality or their immediate descendents acquired foreign nationalities. Those staying abroad temporarily are not considered overseas Koreans. Domestic Residence Reporting is optional. ·Grounds for Reporting .When a foreign student admitted to a school or permitted to train does not register or is absent within the designated period . However. Overseas Koreans include “Korean Nationals Residing Abroad” and “Foreign Nationality Koreans. Overseas Koreans Overseas Koreans refers to Koreans residing in foreign countries. foreign students must declare it within 15 days of that date. Koreans of foreign nationality are those who had a 2) Report period Domestic Residence Reporting is not mandatory. Thus. so there are no definite periods for reporting. or when the whereabouts of the student are unknown 18 1) Overseas Koreans' reporting of domestic residence Domestic residence indicates a place where an individual stays with the purpose of residence for more than 30 days. (D-4) status or Temporary Visiting (C-3) status foreign students study the Korean language.When the overseas study or training period is terminated for a foreign student because of expulsion or withdrawal. overseas Koreans who want to benefit from Domestic Residence Reporting are recommended to report their domestic residence. or . or they will be fined.

In addition. 19 3) Benefits of Domestic Residence Reporting When reporting domestic residence.Domestic residence report for Korean nationals residing abroad .Passport or foreigner entry permit and copy of passport (page with photo) . medical insurance.000 won Korean Nationals Residing Abroad .Copy of permanent residency Living in Seoul · English Edition . pension and indemnity payments for persons of distinguished service to the state and persons of distinguished service to independence and their families. The Domestic Residence Card can be used as a Resident Registration Card. 4) Reporting Method & Required Documents The principal should submit the required document to the jurisdictional immigration office of his/her place of residence. those who have reported domestic residence are permitted employment in almost every industrial field in Korea except simple labor and speculation.5cm) . financial transactions. foreign exchange transactions. stay. country without a re-entry permit within the period of stay.1 photo (3. overseas Koreans can depart and re-enter the Common Documents to be Submitted . real estate transactions.Basic registry . overseas Koreans who have reported domestic residence have the same rights as native Koreans with regard to departure and entry.5 cm x 4. Those who received overseas Korean status (F-4) or permission for change of status should report domestic residence upon receiving permission.intend to stay for more than 90 days should register as a foreigner within 90 days of entry.Fee: 10.Family relation registry (for those required to verify family relation) . a residence report card for Koreans staying overseas and Koreans with foreign nationality will be issued to overseas Koreans. According to the Overseas Koreans Act. Also.Certificate of cancellation of resident registry (those born outside of Korea are exempt) .

1.When the Korean national residing abroad acquires foreign nationality .When the foreign nationality Korean loses qualifications for the status of stay as an overseas Korean . .A copy of overseas Korean visa (F-4) ※ Documents to be submitted may be added or reduced if a review process is needed. . . or.When a Korean of a foreign nationality acquires Korean nationality . 6) Return of residence report card of overseas Koreans An overseas Korean should return his/her residence report card to an immigration office or a branch office under one of the following conditions.When the overseas Korean dies in Korea[c5] . .When the overseas Korean departs Korea without intent to re-enter the country within the term of stay with overseas Korean status ※ Overseas Koreans who do not return their 20 5) Residence change report of overseas Koreans When an overseas Korean changes his or her residence. . or. certificate of de-national ization indicating loss of Korean nationality (if removed before Jan. gun (county) or gu (district) office or to the jurisdictional immigration office where the new place of residence is located within 14 days from the moving date. 1. or. or.Domestic residence report for foreign national Koreans .Domestic residence change report Foreign Nationality Koreans .Basic certificate of loss of Korean nationality (if removed after Jan.01 Immigration certificate of residing country or other documents verifying the long-term stay status attained Required Documents for Residence Change Report . .Passport and domestic residence report card . 2008). 2008) or receipt for the report of the loss of Korean nationality (issued by Korean embassy) . or. penalties of less than 2 million won are imposed. In violation of this rule. .When the Korean national residing abroad returns to Korea permanently . the person should report the change to the si (city).

50. Sweden. a citizen of re-entry permit waiver countries can re-enter the country without reentry permission. Employment for Training (E8).Fee: single . Luxembourg.30. . Denmark. and Chile.E-application is also available on the following website: ※ Qualifications for applying for re-entry permit at the airport immigration office Living in Seoul · English Edition . one-year maximum period . Liechtenstein.Single : one-time re-entry is allowed.000 won / multiple . Norway.) 2) Required documents for application .Multiple : two or more entries are possible. Switzerland. . Suriname. (Exemption for Chileans is limited to those with C-2. Non-professional Employment (E-9). two-year maximum period Re-entry Permission When a registered foreigner who intends to stay in Korea for more than 90 days departs and reenters the country within the period of stay or when a foreigner exempt from foreign registration departs and re-enters the country.000 won ※ Foreigners with the following status of sojourn should submit a letter of consent or reference from the head of the training enterprise or their employer: Industrial Training (D-3). it is required for the person to receive re-entry permission from the immigration office. Countries exempt from reentry permits are Belgium.residence report cards to the immigration office within 14 days of the aforementioned reason pay a penalty of up to 1 million won 1) Types of re-entry permits .hikorea. D-7 or D-8 status.Passport and alien registration card .Application for a single re-entry permit can be made at the airport immigration office on the departure date. Netherlands. Germany.Application for re-entry permit . France.The principal or his/her agent should submit required documents to the immigration office. Inner Harbor Sailor (E-10) 21 3) How to apply . Finland.go. However.

Individuals applying for single reentry permit on their departure date. . the person may be detained. any national leaving Korea should go through departure inspection conducted by the Immigration Bureau to prevent unlawful departure. Foreigners departing .hikorea. foreigners with a valid passport can leave the country at his/her free will.Applicant with Treaty investment (D-8) status is granted a multiple re-entry permit within one year. Those who stay beyond the period of departure are subject to deportation or criminal . the person should return his/her alien registration card during the departure inspection. such as holding a forged visa or criminal conduct. the foreigner may be deported regardless of his/her will. Nationals prohibited from departure may receive restrictions on residence and the scope of their activities. Detailed information can be checked by calling the information center of the Foreigner Policy Headquarters of the Korea Immigration Service at 1345 without an area code or by visiting the website www.01 Immigration after their granted period of stay may leave the country after prescribed procedures at the Immigration Bureau. . However. 22 Departure In principle. Nationals who receive prohibition notice of departure may appeal the prohibition decision by submitting an application form to the Ministry of Justice within 10 days of receiving the notice. In special cases. When the foreigner permanently leaves the country.Applicant with a spouse of the national (F-2-1) status is granted a multiple reentry permit within two years. A penalty is charged to the foreigner in breach of this rule. ※ The above application documents to be submitted may be added or reduced when a review process is needed. When the immigration officers find the departing individual suspicious of illegal acts. .go.

Eunpyeong-gu. does he/she need separate permission from immigration? If foreign language teaching is the major visa qualification for the stay compared to the current stay qualification of religious activities. Gangbuk-gu. A jurisdiction office is determined depending on the address reported to the Korea Immigration Service. Nowon-gu he/she must get a new visa as a foreign language instructor. Seongbukgu. Dobong-gu. Dongdaemun-gu. permission for additional activities of foreign language instruction is needed and can be added to the visa. Junggu. Re-issuance will take 2-7 days. they must get a new card. if religious activities are the major visa qualification.Jurisdiction of Sejongnro Branch Immigration Office: Jongno-gu. Immigration affairs cannot be processed at an immigration office outside of your jurisdiction. Living in Seoul · English Edition . go. Jungnang-gu. foreigners who depart Korea after the expiration of their visa must return their alien registration card to a departure review or by calling the immigration office of the jurisdiction concerned.How many immigration offices are there in Seoul? How can I find an immigration office within my jurisdiction? There are two immigration offices in Seoul: one at Mokdong and a branch office at Sejongno.000 won. However.hikorea. If a missionary with a visa for religion who is undertaking religious activities wishes to work at a private foreign language institute. However. . I lost my alien registration card 2 days before departure. Foreigners who do not return their cards will be fined less than 100. so you should check your jurisdiction immigration office beforehand. If they have lost their card before departure. Information about the documents needed for the application of permission can be found on the website of the Immigration Office at www. What should I do? In accordance with the Immigration Control Act. 23 I have heard that foreigners must return their alien registration card during a departure review at the airport when departing Korea after the stay period is expired.

What is the maximum length in which I can extend my stay? The maximum allowable time for extending the stay period for departure are 30 days. alien registration card.01 Immigration My stay period will soon be expired. 24 . An application for the extension of stay is possible only before the expiration of the stay. and passport. Documents needed for extension are your air ticket with a specific departure date. but I am not prepared to leave Korea.

Transportation Using Public Transportation / Subway (Seoul Metro) / Transit Cards Intra City Buses / Taxis / Express Buses / Trains & Planes / Q&A .

This is unimaginable for commuters traveling by car or bus during the hectic rush hours. However. advanced public transportation system provides convenience and helps alleviate this congestion. a systematic. traffic congestion is a serious problem in Seou. Various bus routes are available across the city. the average travel time between stations is around 2 to 3 minutes. Bus routes cover all corners of the city. Not only is it cheap. but the most efficient method of getting around town is by Seoul Metro. It is also one of the most densely populated cities in the world. the bus routes can seem daunting. Trains to regional cities have become a lot more convenient with . and has an area of 605 square kilometers. you may find that they are a very convenient means of transportation. Due to the dense population. At first.02 Transportation 26 Using Public Transportation Seoul is one of the largest metropolises in the world with a population of over ten million people. but with a little experience and understanding of the system.

the Korean National Railroad and the Seoul 27 1) Subway payment methods Several ticket purchasing options are available for the Seoul Metro. then an additional 100 won is charged every 5km up to 40km. an additional fare of 100 won is charged for every 10km. 100 won is added to the fare of the transit card. Seoulites can often travel to their desired destination without the use of buses or taxis. adolescents get a 20% discount off the adult rate (basic fare: 720 won). With eleven lines connecting various parts of the city. the basic fare of 900 won is charged for the first 10km. The schedule can vary depending on the line. If a one-time ticket is used. Subway You will find that the subway is the most efficient way to get around the city. In addition to KTX. meaning stop number 24 on line 4. and children get a 50% discount of the Living in Seoul · English Edition . For example. In addition. two major domestic airlines. The subway system has grown significantly over the years since the inauguration of line 1 in 1974. The subway operation hours are from 5:30 a. The first digit refers to the line and the last two digits indicate the station number. to around midnight. provide flights to numerous regional cities on a daily basis.m. You might also notice that some of the subway trains and platform designs differ slightly as Seoul's public transit system is run by three organizations: the Seoul Metropolitan Subway Corporation. For an adult fare. When using a transit card and exceeding 40km. Seoul Metro is quite easy to use since the lines are color-coded and each station is labeled with a three-digit code. The estimated travel time between subway stations is about 2 to 3 minutes. Myeong-dong station is 424. so remember to make note of the schedule in advance. as well as several other smaller airlines. Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation.the addition of KTX in 2004.

02 Transportation 28 .

29 Living in Seoul · English Edition .

30 ·One-Time Transportation Card . shopping and other tourist destinations are located near this line. perpendicularly crossing the center of the city. 2009.02 Transportation adult rate (basic fare: 450 won). When purchasing your ticket.Starting May 1.When purchasing the one-time use transportation card. is added to the transportation card fare. it crosses all the major stops around the heart of the city.000 500 . . ·Line 4 (Blue) Commuters residing in the northeast or southwest areas of Seoul use line 4 to reach central Seoul. Category Adults Adolescent Elementary School Students Transit Card (won) 900 720 450 One-Time Ticket(won) 1.After getting off the subway. 100 won. . The most obvious kind of ticket is the one that can be bought at the ticket window or at automated machines that dispense tickets. a deposit of 500 won is paid along with the fare. it is important to clearly state your destination. ·Line 3 (Orange) The orange line connects the northwest area to the southeast area. ·Line 2 (Green) The only circular line of the Seoul Metro.000 1. . the Seoul Subway system has stopped using paper tickets and changed to a recyclable one-time use transportation card. the 500 won deposit can be refunded from “Deposit Refund” machines installed at each subway station.Usable only for the subway. 2) Subway lines ·Line 1 (Navy Blue) The first line built in Seoul. . Many of the entertainment. the main purpose of line 1 is to connect southwestern cities with the northeast city of Uijeongbu through Seoul. These tickets include one-time tickets and prepaid tickets.The fee for using one-time transportation card.

·Line 6 (Brown) Connects the northwest to the northeast parts of Seoul. ·Bundang Line (Yellow) Bundang Line was created to accommodate the growing population in this satellite city south of Gangnam. ·Incheon Line 1 (Ultramarine) A line connecting the northern and southern parts of Incheon city. it was built to provide commuters access to the southeast area. 31 ·Line 9 (Gold) This line connects the Gangseo (west of the Hangang River) and Gangnam (south of the Hangang River) areas.General Card: It is a prepaid. passing through central Seoul in the process. the residential island on the Hangang River. Therefore it can only be used by adolescents and children. This is the most common type of T-Money Card. . connecting the southwest and northeast areas of the city. ·Central Line (Turquoise) The central line connects the city center with northeastern parts of Seoul. and operates an express train that can reach Gangnam from Gimpo Airport within 30 minutes. ·Line 8 (Pink) The shortest line. Notable cultural and historical stops are on this line. ·Line 7 (Olive) The olive line supplements line 4. rechargeable card. Transit Cards A T-money transit card can be used for buses. subways. but will automatically apply the discounted fare for adolescents and children. and most taxis.Discount Card: The discount card works the same as a general card. .·Line 5 (Purple) Makes stops at Gimpo Airport and Yeouido. .Credit Card: Some banks will issue credit cards with a built in T- Living in Seoul · English Edition .

000 won. . be sure to contact the transit card on the reader before getting off. Transit cards can be purchased at ticket windows or convenience stores (Family Mart. A combined fare system is applied when transferring.A basic fare is applied for trips up to 10 km. For trips within Seoul proper. . the next leg of the trip must begin within 30 minutes after getting off the previous leg. Starting October 2009. transfer time is extended to 1 hour). . By the Way.000 won increments up to . The total fare is added to credit card balance at the end of the month.500won. and be automatically recharged in 10.The bus system uses a single fare rate. 7-11.t-money. up to 40 km. and an additional 100 won is charged every 5 km. trips usually cost only 900 won to 1000 won. ※ For metro buses.Transfers can be made up to 4 times. . users can use subways faster and more conveniently since it eliminates the need to purchase a ticket each time. . It works on a postpaid basis.To get a transfer discount. so it can be used as a transportation card with no need to charge money in advance. but the subway system uses a distance-based fare rate.subway fares range from 900 won to and Customer Center: 1644-0088 By purchasing a T-Money Card. GS25. When exceeding 40 km.Card Usage and Inquiry: Homepage www. Depending on the destination. T-money cards can be linked with credit cards. a basic fare is applied for trips up to 30 km. an additional 100 won is charged every 10 km.02 Transportation 32 Money function. etc).To get a transfer discount when transferring. and an additional 100 won is charged every 5 km. (Between 21:00 ~ 07:00 of next day. ※ Note Public Transportation System: Using a TMoney card and a credit transportation card is more convenient and saves money. .

If you’re worried about traffic. it may be easier for you to reach destinations not easily accessible by subway. You can also make the report in person at the corresponding subway station office or to one of 22 crime units with officers patrolling various stops on the Seoul Metro. and pick-pocketing can be reported to the 112 police hotline. The busses travel in 5 to 15 minute intervals. Another method is to check one of the Lost and Found Centers at following stops. but most routes start at 4:30 a. as designated lanes. do not panic. The lost items are collected at the very last stop and brought to the corresponding lost and found center. Circulation Route and Metro Route. (If you just got off bus number 150 and you immediately board another 150. If possible. (Tel. the officers will signal for the lost item to be retrieved from the car. it is good to know that some bus routes do not get as congested. Main Route.m. but may take longer in busier parts of the city. Make your way to the subway office or ticket window and give the transit officers on duty details such as the number of the car you left your belongings in. 02-2218-0898) Intra-City Buses 1) Riding the Bus Four types of buses cover routes connecting every corner of the city: Branch Route. ·Subway Crime Crimes such as sexual harassment Living in Seoul · English Edition . with the last bus of the day making its round at 1 a.m.※ The transfer discount does not apply when boarding the same numbered bus route as the one you just got off. However. you will not get a transfer discount.) ※ When transferring to a subway after leaving the subway. there is no transfer discount. If you forgot an item on a subway car. 33 ·Lost and Found Centers Each line on the Seoul Metro operates its own lost and found center. One of the advantages of traveling on a bus is that you can actually enjoy the sights and sounds of various neighborhoods around Seoul. Schedules vary depending on the bus routes. Bus routes can be the hardest to master for newcomers. once you get the hang of riding the bus.

shopping and business areas around the center of the city. The city of Seoul partly operates these buses. The yellow buses circles downtown Seoul and make short stops at major tourist. 2) Bus Types “Ilban” buses are sometimes referred to as city buses. ·Green (Branch Route) buses Green buses are operated by private companies. However. To access a bus route search engine and a Seoul Bus Map. ·Red (Metro Route) buses Red buses or express buses are the quickest of the group for a wide area line since they make fewer stops.02 Transportation marked in blue. These buses are the most comfortable and are designed to seat every passenger on the bus. Express buses come in various colors. blue and green. the CNG (compressed natural gas) bus with a lower platform and the regular CNG [K. These branch buses connect residential areas. and the main . E] ·Blue (Main Route) buses: These buses connect suburban areas to downtown Seoul. and they travel at higher speeds and longer distances within the city.seoul. provide a free flow of bus traffic. “Ilban” buses come in the colors of yellow. subway lines and bus terminals. Three types of blue buses exist: the bendable bus. 34 ·Yellow (Circulation Route) buses Circulation buses accommodate various traffic demands. Their routes are identified by a four-digit numbering system: departure area + arrival area + double-digit serial number. Their routes are identified by a three-digit number: departure area + arrival area + single-digit number. Their routes are identified by two-digit numbers: area number + serial number.go. The experience gets a bit more interesting when you have to squeeze your way towards the rear exit. visit http://bus. which are the most commonly seen type of bus in the city. Bus numbers indicate the area of departure and arrival plus another digit or two for bus identification. the drawback to this is that it may be difficult to find a position on a moving bus full of commuters.

000 1. Bundang. Anyang and Incheon.purpose is to provide commuters easier access to neighboring cities such as Ilsan. Taxis in Seoul are affordable and therefore a comfortable and convenient way to travel around the city.800 800 700 Adolescent 1. Maeul buses are easy to spot due to their significantly smaller size in comparison to other buses. White caps indicate privately owned taxis while blue caps are company owned cars. Black taxis are mobeom or luxury taxis.000 1. Suji.800 800 550 Children 450 450 1. silver and black. Express buses are labeled with a four-digit number on the front. Taxis are three types of taxis in Seoul: white. Suwon. side and back. Seoul City Bus Fare Category Main Route Bus Branch Route Bus Metro Bus Circulation Bus Maeul Bus Cash (won) Adults 1.700 700 600 Transit Card (won) Adolescent 720 720 1. ·Maeul buses Smaller community buses are for shorter routes that often include residential areas. There Living in Seoul · English Edition 1) Ilban taxis While you can differentiate between .000 1.360 560 480 Children 450 450 1.200 350 300 Adults 900 900 1.200 350 300 35 * The fares listed above are subject to change at any time depending on the situation of a bus operation company. White and silver taxis are ilban or regular taxis and are identified by white and blue caps.000 1.



a private and company owned taxi by the caps, it's usually easy to spot company owned cabs as they have the company name and numbers on the side doors. The basic fare for these taxis is 2,400 won for the first 2km with an increase of 100 won per 144m. Keep in mind that there is a 20% fare hike from midnight to 4 a.m.

Seoul. - By securing an information desk and the designated platform at Incheon International Airport and Gimpo Airport, more convenient and safer services are provided. - Each taxi is equipped with a card payment system; customers can pay the taxi fare with a credit card (Visa, Master, JCB, Amex) or T-money.

2) International Taxis

Types of International Taxis
·Mid-size Taxi 5 persons or fewer (including driver) 1600cc~2000cc Orange

International taxis are Seoul’s officially designated foreigner taxi service for foreigners who visit or live in Seoul.

International Taxi Service
- Seoul manages the overall services, ranging from the selection and training of drivers to the operation of the fare system and call center. - The service is organized by drivers and customer representatives who have mastered strict foreign language verification and training courses. - Customized services, which include assistance for airport use, Seoul tours, and business, as well as guidance for Seoul life, are provided for foreigners. - More economical services are provided by applying a flat fare system to the distance between Incheon International Airport and the designated areas of

·Mobeom Taxi 5 persons or fewer (including driver) 2000cc or more Black

·Big-size Taxi 6~9 persons (including driver) 1600cc~2000c Black

transporting the baggage of passengers. - Call-Van: A cargo transporting business. Its main service is transporting freight, but it also transports the owner of freight at the same time.

4) Mobeom taxis
※ Drivers wear a uniform and name tag, and have an authorization card. For more detailed information, visit (K, E, J, C), Tel. 1644-2255

3) Call-Van
Call-Van is a newly established transportation business adopted by Korea. They offer a pickup and delivery truck service business, with large taxies the size of vans.

These taxis are black with yellow caps. Being considerably more comfortable, these luxury cabs also cost more. The basic fare is 4,500 won for the first 3 km with an increase of 200 won per 164m.


Express Buses
·The Transportation Concept of a Taxi and a Call-Van - Taxi: A passenger transporting business. It provides services for When planning a trip to regional cities, airplanes and trains are good options, but an express bus is also an excellent hassle-free way to travel around the country. There are four bus

Living in Seoul · English Edition



terminals in Seoul: Dong Seoul, Sang Bong, Nambu and Seoul Terminal. You do not have to make reservations in advance to get tickets and since there is an abundance of buses for each route, a little wait will get you comfortably seated on the next bus. Express buses come in two types: ilban and udeung. While udeung buses cost a little more, they are more comfortable with a row of single seats to the left and double seats on the right. This provides much more leg room for those long rides.

1) Bus terminal

imperative that you find out which terminal offers routes to the destination of your choice. For example, not all terminals will offer routes to Mokpo, Jeollanamdo. The best way to search bus schedules and make reservations is through [K, E] or [K]. Although reservations are not necessary, many commuters take trips to their hometowns on major holidays or long weekends. It is good to make reservations in advance to avoid waiting in a crowded terminal. To make reservations by phone, call the Express Bus Terminal (Gyeongbu Line) at 02-535-4151 [K] or the Express Bus Terminal (Honam Line) at 02-6282- 0600 [K] between 9:00 and 16:30. You may cancel reservations up to two days prior to the departure date, and all last minute cancellations will result in a penalty.

You need to prepare and research a few things before making your way to one of the four bus terminals. It is

Trains & Planes
Several options exist for those looking to travel to regional cities from Seoul. Although express buses are one option, it's always better to use trains or flights for domestic travel.

1) Trains
Three types of trains exist in Korea: KTX, Samaeul and Mugunghwa. The introduction of KTX in 2004 has made life easier for travel to regional cities. These high-speed trains travel at 300 km/h and have 20 cars with 935 seats in total. The special section has 127 seats with three per section while the general section has 808 seats with four per section. Standees are also allowed on the KTX as use of the train has steadily increased since its induction in 2004. Samaeul trains are the next fastest way to travel, taking Seoulites to Busan in 4 1/2 hours. These trains are roomier and do not have standing tickets available. Samaeul trains stop at all major cities and were the fastest trains before the introduction of KTX. These trains can be easily distinguished by their blue, green and yellow color. The length the train can vary from five to twelve cars.

Mugunghwa trains, named after the national flower of Korea are the slowest and the least comfortable of the group. Standees are allowed and the seating arrangements are not as spacious as the Samaeul train. Mugunghwa trains were commonly used prior to 2004 and are still widely used since they make many stops not serviced by KTX or Samaeul trains. (K, E)


Living in Seoul · English Edition

2) Domestic Flights
Two major airlines, Korean Air (KAL) and Asiana Airlines, as well as several smaller airlines, serve

When considering domestic flights or train rides. C. Jinju/Sacheon.koreanair. and [K. Yangyang. C] for flight and terminal information in English. The two major holidays in Korea are Chuseok in September and the Lunar New Year in February when people often make their way to their ancestral hometowns for family gatherings. F] or over the phone at 1588-2001. E. They are the equivalent to the hectic transportation schedules around Christmas or Thanksgiving overseas. Purchases can be made directly at one of the stations. Cheongju. J. E. and Asiana Airlines tickets can be reserved online at www. J. Tickets for KAL can be reserved online at www. Daegu (Asiana). Visit gimpo. Ulsan. Jeju. E.02 Transportation 40 domestic flight routes. Gimpo Airport is the base of all domestic flights with daily flights to Gwangju. Wonju. Yeosu/ [K. Busan. . plan ahead and book your tickets early. Try to avoid travel on major holidays and if it's absolutely necessary.flyasiana. C] or over the phone at 1588-8000. D. or reservations can be made with the amount paid in full at the [K. Gunsan. it is important to check the calendar for national holidays. J.

co. E. airport pickup service. [K. .internationaltaxi. if the child turns 13 years of age. The fare rate may vary depending on car type and rental period. Korean driver’s license. but also offers observance of business VIP protocol. or valid passport.I would like to travel with my friends on the weekend by car. There are metered fare systems and distance band fare and Adult Use (19 or older). T-money card or credit card is acceptable for payment. E] . J] 24 hours a day. C. you should call the telephone number 1644-0088 or register at the homepage (http://www. In recent years. You can rent a car with an international driver’s license. Only one discount card is allowed for the alien registration card of one person. A fare which has not received a discount by registering after 10 days is not refundable. Are there any call taxes available to foreigners? Seoul provides the services of taxi drivers and call center representatives who can speak foreign languages [ [K.AVIS: www.avis. Adolescent Use (age: 13~18). 365 days a year. and a shopping guide service. When registering. an adolescent fare rate will be applied automatically. Can foreigners rent a car for a short time? Different documents are required depending on the rental car dealer. Living in Seoul · English Edition . so that foreigners can have a more comfortable life in Seoul. please use your children/ adolescent’s alien registration number. The International Call Taxi (www. J] t-money. so contact the following dealers for more information.Kumho Hertz Rent-A-Car: www. most rental car dealers provide automobiles equipped with a GPS. After purchasing a transportation card for children or adolescents. customized within 10 days after the first use to get a continuous discount Service is a reservation-based service that not only provides convenience. 41 Is there any way children can get a discount for the public transportation when using a transportation card? The T-money card is classified for Children Use (age: 6~12).co. While using a children’s card.

The registered lost properties. Seoul operates an integrated lost and found center for citizens who use the public transportation system.html?Sid=407_00#).kr). In the case of taxis. along with the /v2007/lifeinfo/find. 42 . Seoul Global Center will help you to find the bus company. or the Seoul Taxi Association (http://www. Is there any way I can find it? In the case of the subway. taxis are classified into the private taxis and the union taxis in Korea.stj. You can find your lost belongings via the properties registered on the websites of the Seoul Private Taxi Association (http://www. knowing the subway line (and the time you rode it) will help facilitate the finding process. and time you got off.seoul.02 Transportation I lost my wallet while using the public transportation system. there is a lost/found center designated for each subway line. The lost belonging can be found by tracing the bus number. can be viewed at the homepage of the Integrated Lost and Found Center (http://www. riding time. The operation hours are 07:00~22:00 In the case of bus. The lost/found centers are managed accordingly.or. To use the lost/found center. There is a lost and found center at each bus company.or.

Accommodation Types of Accommodation / Types of Lease Contracts / Real Estate Agents International Districts / Purchase Procedures for Foreigners Residing in Korea Making the Move / Electricity / Gas / Water Service / Q&A .

Due to having a lower cost than a hotel. serviced residences might be the right choice. business [K / E ] Oakwood Premier : Tel.fraserhospitality.oakwoodseoul.03 Accommodation 44 Types of Accommodation 1) Serviced residences Serviced residences are furnished apartment buildings with hotel-like services for both short and long-term visitors. 02-6262-8282 http://seoul. and hotel-like service is provided as well. These units are usually two to three times bigger than your average hotel room and usually include kitchens.hansuites. For foreigners who do not want to trouble themselves with unfamiliar rental systems in Korea. and community space are provided. more and more visitors are choosing serviced [K / E ] Han Suites : Tel. These residences are also convenient since they are near public transportation systems. Furniture or other facilities needed for living are provided. 02-6730-8888 www. although a hotel-type front [E ] Somerset Palalce : [E ] . Fraser Suites : Tel. 02-3466-7000 www. 02-2280-8000 www.

Vabien : Tel. 02-6399-0078 www. they have been frequently used for residential purposes. ※ Kookmin Bank Real Estate : http://www.vabienseoul. Apartments are also preferred by most other residents of Korea due to convenience. Recently. Drawbacks to living in apartments include distracting levels of noise.kbstar. apartment units in a private house. Nearly all complexes have facilities nearby and easy access to public transportation. Prices vary depending on location and size of the apartment complex. One ‘pyeong’ is equivalent to approximately 3. Similar to the mass housing of apartments. Basic utilities such as water. the unit ‘pyeong’ is still used as 45 3) Officetels Officetels originally referred to an office furnished with minimal residential facilities. ·Price Range The official unit of area for housing or office spaces in Korea is the square meter.3 square meters. They are also located where easy access to public transportation is Living in Seoul · English Edition . They are preferred by unmarried workers and are designed to protect people’s[K / E/J] 2) Apartments (Flats) Apartments are the most popular housing option among Koreans. gas and heating are wellestablished. The current market value for an apartment is available at the website of Kookmin Bank Real Estate. Because the residents share the parking area of apartment buildings you may have parking difficulties due to the narrow parking spaces in the case of old apartments. etc. there are row houses. But customarily.

The rooms are furnished with necessary furniture and amenities even though the room size is not so large.03 Accommodation available. 4) Private house Private houses are constructed on their own sites for a household. Currently. Seoul. Ichondong and Pyeongchang-dong. One room units are a cost-saving alternative to officetels. the place where many hanoks are preserved is the area of Jongno-gu. 46 5) One room One room units are of a similar type of housing to officetels except they are smaller than officetels. In recent days. Private houses are becoming harder to find in urban settings in Korea. Types of Lease Contracts The contract forms for residential housing 1) Jeonse (Key money deposit) Jeonse or key money deposit is a housing rental system specific to . Private houses for foreigners can be commonly found in Itaewon. 6) Hanoks A hanok refers to traditional Koreanstyle housing. Lots of them are located near universities. Bukchon Hanok Village is a typical area for the traditional houses. These remodeled homes have various modern amenities to go along with the beauty of the traditional architecture. more and more people are remodeling hanoks by harmonizing the excellence of hanoks with life convenience.

and pay a monthly rental fee. with monthly rent paid on a specified date of each month. which is less than Jeonse. the landlord has the right to deduct the amount from the key money deposit. In the case where the renter fails to make a monthly payment. 47 Living in Seoul · English Edition 3) Signing the lease Wolse requires renters to deposit an arranged amount of money with the ·How to conclude a lease contract (1) Before signing the contract. the deposited amount is returned to the renter. The other one is to pay a specific sum of money in advance. In the case of conversion from jeonse to wolse. However. and some amount of money for the lease deducted from the paid money every month. The total amount of the deposit sum is negotiable with the landlord. be sure to check the right relations . a large lump sum payment is deposited into the landlord’s bank account for the duration of the contract. the criterion to estimate the monthly rental fee should be about 14% of the key money deposit.Korea. they can make considerable profits by utilizing the large sum of money paid in advance by lessees. lessors are beginning to prefer Wolse lease type to Jeonse for diverse reasons. There are three types of Wolse contracts. As for lessors. Instead of paying monthly rent to a landlord. 2) Wolse (Monthly payment + deposit) landlord. Another is to pay a deposit in advance. most people pay a deposit in advance. they tend to prefer Jeonse type contracts because they will get the entire deposit back later even though they have to pay a considerable amount of money in advance. In general. As for lessees. One is to simply pay monthly. You get the total amount of the deposit money back when the lease period is over. and pay a monthly rental fee. At the end of the contract. and you will get the remaining money back when the lease period comes to an end.

Under law. each party keeps one set of the contract respectively.03 Accommodation 48 (debtor and creditor relation) about the target house. real estate agencies are supposed to explain the state. about 10% of the key money deposit will be paid for a down payment and the remainder will be paid when moving in. the commission rate changes depending on whether it is a . the location. etc. because the real estate agent is supposed to issue the confirmed and explained details about the target house (the right relations. the amount of the commission for the real estate agen and payment method will be discussed and agreed on. This makes it easy for the tenants to verify the right relations of the target house. the tenant should request the explanatory documents other than the lease contract. (2) When you want to conclude the lease contract after the right relations are ascertained. the amount of down payment and the date and the method to pay the remainder are discussed and entered in the contract. (3) In concluding the contract. the real estate agent must compensate for the loss. the state of the house and location. Then. They must also present evidential documents such as a certified copy of real estate register to the tenants. At this time. In other words. and keep them along with the contract. discuss with the lessor all the details (including the lease period. These days. etc. and the right relations of the target house to the tenants with sincerity and accuracy. Normally. ) in writing to both lessor and lessee. At the same time. the standard to apply in case of termination before the expiry date of the contract. if a loss occurs to the tenant because the real estate agent does not help the tenant check these. The commission for the real estate agent varies a little depending on the type of real estate transaction and the type of the target object to mediate.) and clearly enter what both parties agreed upon into the lease contract before drawing up the contract or signing or placing your seal on the contract.

If there is not a declaration of intention about the contract renewal or the termination of the contract with two year lease period from either lessor or lessee between six months and a month before the termination of the contract. when both contractors agree on a period of less than two years. sale. In case the negotiation between the contractors breaks down on the halfway termination caused by the lessee. For this. However. the lease contract is considered to be renewed with the same conditions as the previous contract as of the date of the termination. (2) Visit the Ministry of Justice Registry Office with your updated alien registration card it and the lease contract to get a fixed date on the contract. the lessee has to pay the monthly rental fee until a new tenant moves in. and whether it is a residential building or commercial building. Also. actions will be taken according to the agreement. even though the lessee has evacuated the target house. The fixed date is to make the existence of the lease contract assured by authorities. In case of wolse. ·The lease period The lease period is usually two years in order to protect the lessee. The best resolution to the dispute is to minimize the mutual loss through smooth negotiation between the contractors. the validity of the contract is also declared. The commission rate for sales or exchanges is higher than for leases. or exchange. without advanced agreement. the commission rate for a businessresidential building or an officetel classified as a commercial building is higher than that of a house or apartment classified as residential building. the authority puts a confirmation seal on the 49 Living in Seoul · English Edition . the lessor has the right to refuse to return the key money deposit until the lease period ends. as for leases. disputes over compensation of loss incurred from contravention of contract often take place between the lessor and the lessee. Things to do after moving in (1) You have to update the address on your alien registration card with the address of the new house you moved in at the public service center of the local ward (gu) office or the Immigration Office. If there is an agreement on a halfway termination at the time of drawing up the contract.

8% [Other Real Estate Transactions] (Non-residential building/land. exchange and lease.5 0. Action to exercise the right to obtain preferential satisfaction over subordinated bondholders and other creditors from the money into which the leased house is converted. less than 200 million More than 200 million.000 Limit (won) 200. A fixed date gives you the right to repossess the key money deposit if the lease relation gets extinguished due to the sell-out of the leased house by auction or delinquency disposition. etc. etc. Real estate) Category Sales. less than 100 million More than 100 million.9% Limit (won) Remark N/A .4 Rate (%) 0.000 - Category Sale/Exchange [Luxury Residences] Category Sale/Exchange Lease. Real Estate Agents 1) Commission rate ·Commission rate chart (Commission for real estate agent in Seoul) 50 [General Residences] Category Sale/Exchange Transaction Amount (won) Less than 50 million More than 50 million.03 Accommodation contract and enters the serial number of the fixed date register into the contract. Getting a fixed date is important because it is a necessary requirement of counter.000 800.5 0. less than 600 million Transaction Amount (won) Less than 50 million More than 50 million. etc. less than 300 million Rate (%) 0.3 Limit (won) 250.4 0. excepting sales and exchange Object to deal Selling a house worthy of 600 million or above Leasing a house at 300 million or above Rate (%) To be determined between client and agent within statutory commission limit of 0. Transaction Amount (won) No set standards Commission Rate Top Limit (%) To be determined between client and agent within limit of 0.000 300.9% To be determined between client and agent within transaction amount limit of 0.6 0.

payment methods and commission amount paid to the realtor. the criterion for calculating the commission. When the deposit money is paid and the contract is signed. When a commission is calculated based on the top limit of commission rate exceeds the amount limit. One copy is for you. both the lessor and the lessee have the duty to observe the terms and the conditions of the contract. In the case of either the landlord or the tenant loses their copy of the contract. realtors can provide photocopies of their contract to either the tenant or the landlord. In case of wolse. Moving Tip When reviewing the content of the contract. 4) When you have taken all the aforementioned steps. 3) Take your alien registration card (or residence card) along with your contract to the registry office for a fixed date. How much do I deposit when signing the contract? You need to prepare 10% of the entire deposit sum Living in Seoul · English Edition when signing the contract. both contractors draw one up and keep one set of the contract respectively. When the estimated transaction amount is less than 50 million won. 2) If both the landlord and the tenant come to an agreement on the terms of the contract. remember to check for the following: 1) Deposit and rent amount. Registering your move with the district office provides some protection in case of unforeseen circumstances. your rights can be protected in an unexpected situation. The remainder should be paid at the same time you move in the target house. you need to carefully review the contents of the contract and sign three copies. The realtor holds a copy to prevent misunderstandings or arguments that may arise in the future between the tenant and the landlord. the transaction amount. the second for the landlord and the last copy goes to the realtor. the commission is calculated by applying the commission rate to the amount estimated by adding up the initially paid deposit money to the amount equal to the monthly rental fee x 70. Remember to have all the necessary payment amounts ready beforehand as you will also need to pay the movers as well as other services on that day.The commission for the real estate agent is paid by each contractor respectively when a contract is concluded. is estimated by adding up the initially paid deposit money to the amount equal to monthly rental fee x 100. . 51 Why are there three copies of the contract? When signing a contract at the realtor’s office. If you get a fixed date on the contract. Also move-in date and duration of the contract should be checked thoroughly to avoid problems. you pay only the amount limit. it is important for you to report your new address to the district office’s public service center or the immigration office within 14 days.

The neighborhood also boasts a large number of bars. Egyptian. The following is a short list of some of the prominent foreign communities in Seoul. 52 . Suitable for its reputation as a multicultural region. The growth in the number of foreigners is expected to increase further with plans for foreign investment zones around the city. Itaewon has a lot of foreign specialty restaurants including American. Pakistani. with a diverse range of shops catering to the needs of the foreign community. 1) Itaewon (Yongsan-gu) Itaewon was and still continues to be the largest expatriate community in the country.03 Accommodation 2) English-speaking real estate agents There are a number of English speaking real estate agents in Seoul. French. International Districts Seoul has several international districts. Itaewon is favored by many foreigners who work in Korea. it is designated as a special tourist zone : Itaewon is famous for shopping. and Middle Eastern restaurants: Many foreigners reside in the area. clubs and restaurants. Located near the Yongsan US military base. Indian. ※ Please refer to the directory for the list of licensed real estate agents.

hence. Numerous officetels and onerooms in the district are quite popular with the students and singles. common to see authentic Japanese restaurants in the area. You will notice a number of fancy villas or big Western-style houses in this exclusive area. Hongik University and Yonsei University are located in the district and. This district is surrounded by mountains which allow for regular. Numerous universities including Ewha Women’s University. 53 4) Sinchon-dong(Seodaemun-gu) Located in the northwest area of Seoul. 3) Ichon-dong (Yongsan-gu) Ichon-dong is widely recognized as a predominantly Japanese district. many foreign students and professors reside in the area. Ichon-dong was once home to embassy staffers and employees of trading companies in the city. Seodaemun-gu is a popular residential area among foreigners. It’s Living in Seoul · English Edition . the district consists of two areas: The UN Village and an ordinary residential district. Ichon-dong is a unique and pleasant residential area. Hannam-dong is a primarily residential area with many cultural and business facilities located in nearby Itaewon.2) Hannam-dong (Yongsan-gu) Hannam-dong has a significant number of foreign diplomatic missions. convenient weekend hiking forays for residents of the district. Located near Itaewon. It’s also quite common to see Japanese business signs in the area. With Yongsan Park in close proximity.

officetels and one room studios in the district are popular with the single working class population in the area. COEX. the large number of office buildings and academies in the area has resulted in a steady growth of foreign workers and English instructors making Gangnam-gu their home away from home. Gangnam has various cultural and business facilities such as Korea International Trade Association (KITA). the popularity of this district has lead to an increase in housing costs and hectic traffic. Seongbuk-dong has a lot of cultural facilities. Art centers and galleries are plentiful. none stand out more than Seorae Village in Banpo-dong. 54 6) Pyeongchang-dong / Seongbuk-dong Expensive villas and luxury houses line Pyeongchang-dong. Gangnamgu is popular among Koreans because of the convenient transportation to various areas around the city and elite schools and academies in the area. Distinctly French and unique. On the downside. The most famous residential area for foreigners in Seocho-gu (adjacent to Gangnam) is Seorae Village in Banpodong.03 Accommodation 5) Gangnam / Seocho-gu These two areas are the shopping and business hubs of Seoul. Of the many neighborhoods in Seocho-gu. Public transportation is also limited with a few bus routes. Numerous apartment complexes. and Seoul Arts Center. Seorae Village is located next to Montmartre Park. . the area offers a quiet residential atmosphere. it’s hard to find commercial businesses nearby. This area has a dense population of French people and shows the uniqueness of things French. The area also boasts some of the most affluent areas in Seoul containing pricey high-rise buildings and trendy fashion districts. However. Furthermore. Located on the hills and surrounded by mountains with a scenic view of the city.

Residents or corporations purchasing properties must register the acquired property at the appropriate district office within 60 days of purchase (contract signing). registration application. real estate register. ※ In the case of using an agent.Purchase Procedures for Foreigners Residing in Korea Sign contract Report land acquisition Transfer of ownership registration certificate. Properties purchased for reasons specified above fall under the Foreigne’s Land Acquisition Act and the Real Property Registration Act. Once the purchased property is registered.). Foreigners residing in Korea are exempt from the procedures outlined under the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act. The necessary documents include the sales contract and property 55 2) Non-residing foreigners Living in Seoul · English Edition . the agent needs a proxy signed by the delegating person. authentication documents (contracts.e. you must complete the Transfer of Ownership Registration at the district office. Necessary Documents: Alien registration card. application for registration. written contract with a seal). 1) Foreigners residing in Korea Foreigners residing in Korea include individuals purchasing properties for residential purposes or a foreign corporation making a purchase for the purpose of opening a branch in Korea. documents confirming the sale (i. registration certificate. etc.

or address confirmation with proper authentication. Foreign Exchange Transactions Act.03 Accommodation 56 Non-residing foreigners include foreign corporations acquiring properties in Korea and non-residents as outlined under the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act. ·Documents : sales contract.passport of agent. ·Non-resident individuals . and Real Property Registration Act. ·Documents certification of proof for a corporation’s legitimacy. (2) Register your money. country or district office where the land is located with Land Acquisition Certificate and an Authentication document issued by home country ·Using a proxy . after selling a property. The following are steps non-residents must follow when purchasing property in Korea. land register (4) Apply for registration number.register at local immigration office with Land Acquisition Certificate and copy of a passport ·Non-resident corporations .register at land registration department of city. public land evaluation confirmation. issued by appropriate authority or address confirmation with proper authentication. Individuals must report lease rights as well and. ·Documents: sales contract. warrant issued by home authentication institution (5) Registration of Real Estate Individuals and corporations must . Corporations also need to prepare a few documents prior to their entrance into Korea. Non-residents bringing capital for real estate purchase must register the capital with a foreign exchange bank. capital to be sent out of Korea must be reported to the departure bank. surveying report. (1) Individuals must prepare several documents before entering Korea. (3) Land acquisition report after payment (Foreigner's Land Acquisition Act) ·Non-residents must report their purchase within 60 days to the land registration department of their district office. property register. ·Documents : certification of residence in a foreign country. This number is a mandatory requirement for land registration. Nonresidents must adhere to the Foreigner’s Land Acquisition Act.

This method is quite convenient considering you only have to organize your belongings and the movers will take care of everything else. Cleaning and 57 The procedure for non-resident foreigners to acquire real estate Sign contract Report land acquisition (foreign exchange transactions act) Payment Report to land register (foreign exchange transactions act) Living in Seoul · English Edition Apply for registration number for land register Real estate registration . When you make a reservation for using a vehicle. the application for registration. etc. a call van service may be the economically wise method of relocation. there are several types of relocation services available. ※ In case of delegation. You must pack and unpack all your belongings and although not the most convenient method of choice. the transcript of the register. (3) Complete relocation service The moving company provides 2~3 movers. the registration certificate for registration of real estate. it’s the most economical option available. the certificate of registration. The movers pack. the proxy notarized by a notary authority in home is needed. ·The documents to submit are the address certificate. (1) Call van service If you’re single and own a few possessions. (2) Standard relocation service Standard is the most affordable way to move and best suited for singles without much to pack. Making the Move 1) Types of relocation services & storage services When thinking about making a move in change in ownership at a district office within 60 days of paying balance. transport and unpack all your belongings. the document evidencing the ground of registration (sealed contract). you should confirm if you need a worker to move your belongings.

03 Accommodation extra services to make the entire moving process easier is also available at an extra cost. They provide cleaning services for the entire house on move-in day. Since more people may reserve these dates for their move. 243) for the list of the companies of moving & storage services. ※ Remember to take note of “No spirits days. . The service provider will store your belongings in a storage space until your designated moving date. 243) for the list of professional cleaners. Check with your service provider for the specific dates. Storage services depend on the amount and duration of your storage needs. you may have difficulties in finding a vehicle or workers. 2) List of moving companies / Storage services ※ Please refer to the directory (p. sofas and carpets. They also provide cleaning services for blankets. but certain days of the lunar calendar are considered to be free of evil spirits. 3) Professional cleaners 58 (4) Store-then-relocate service Storage services are often provided by overseas complete relocation movers. ※ Please refer to the directory (p. As things can get hectic and there’s a lot to cover.” What is a No spirits day? It is more of a longstanding Korean myth than anything else. you might want to hire a helping hand to clean up the mess in your new place.

you need to contact the city gas company for your residence for the subscription. subscriptions. the friendly folks at Seoul Global Center (SGC) are always available to lend a helping Located on the third floor of the Seoul Press Center. accidents. it is recommended that you include the details in the contract after having prior consultation with the lessor.seoul. SGC offers help in all areas of life in Seoul. An engineer visits you to install the gas from the gas Living in Seoul · English Edition . Korea applies a progressive system to electric charges. When you conclude the lease agreement. as of the year 2008). (K. Gas ·The gas types used in Seoul are city gas and LP gas. ·In order to use the city gas. the city gas has been distributed to most Seoul areas (96%.kepco. However.go. (K. remember to include them in the lease agreement. ·The electricity service is provided by Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO).Moving Tip If you need further ※ If you notice any furnishings or items in need of repair. and some regions use LP gas. 123 E) http://www.E) 59 Electricity ·The base voltage for domestic use in Korea is 220V. Take the initiative and head on over to the SGC office or give them a call at Tel. ※ Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) Tel. some old houses may still use both 110V and 220V. 02-2075-4130~1 or visit http://global. ·In order to protect the lower income group as well as to promote energy conservation. Be sure to check the voltage before you use the electric goods brought from abroad. which increases the unit price successively as the usage increases. You need to contact KEPCO when you have inquiries about electric charges.

·The experts from the city gas company should carry out the installing and the uninstalling of the (K. ·You can find the charging system and other related information at the homepage of Office of Waterworks Seoul Metropolitan Government. ·The water bill is issued biomonthly and it includes charges for both the water service and (K) drink directly. The name of the water service of Seoul is ‘Arisu’ and the water is high quality tap water to .go. ·You can find the city gas company for your residence at the homepage of Korea City Gas Association.citygas. you also need to contact the gas company to remove gas from your residence. ※ Korea City Gas Association: http://www. Water Service ·The water service of Seoul is run and provided by the Office of Waterworks Seoul Metropolitan Government. E) 60 ※ In case that your residence uses LP gas.03 Accommodation company on the day you want to start using the gas.seoul. you need to contact a nearby gas company for installation of the gas. When you move out. ※ Office of Waterworks Seoul Metropolitan Government Tel. 120 http://arisu.

The fee varies depending on the storage period.5m x 2. after a consultation with the Living in Seoul · English Edition There is a drainage problem. However. the limit amount is 300 thousand won. Do I have to pay any compensation to the landlord? You don’t have a legal duty to pay a specific compensation to the lessor. You can also request a truck service to move your belongings. 61 I want to terminate the contract five months before the lease period ends. the transaction amount for the calculation of the commission should be estimated by adding up the deposit money to the amount equal to the monthly rental fee multiplied by 100. The commission rate for transaction amounts from 100 million to 300 million is 0. one million won * 100 + three million won = 103 million won.5m) a month. you need to find a new lessee to move in. Do I have the right to ask the landlord for the repair? . The cost of the storage service is about 60~80 thousand won (2. and utility charges until the lease period comes to an end. The amount should be paid respectively by both the landlord and the tenant. Is there a storage service around to take care of my belongings while I make an overseas trip after the termination of my employment contract? Local moving companies provide storage services. So.I concluded a wolse lease contract with the conditions of three million won deposit money and a monthly rental fee of one million won. etc. So to speak. according to custom. the size of the packs. How much commission should I pay to the real estate agent? In case of wolse. and pay the commission for the real estate agent for the lessor. you still have to pay the lessor the monthly rental fee. In the case of you failing to find a new lessee.3%. it needs repairing. and water overflows. landlord. and the cost of a truck service depends on the moving distance.

the duty to repair lies with the lessor. the lessee has the duty to repair. When the lessor does not repair it. the lessee can ask the lessor for reimbursement for the repair. if the problem is caused by the lessee’s negligence. 62 .03 Accommodation When there is a problem with the basic facilities for life in the leased house. However.

Garbage Disposal Preparations for Garbage Collection / General Waste / Food Waste Recycling / Large Waste Matter / Waste Collecting Days for Major Foreign Residential Areas Recycling Centers and Flea Markets / Q&A .

1) Penalty for violations 64 ·Penalties ranging from 100.000won up to 1. 3) Collecting places ·In front of the gate (if residence is an individual home) ·Outdoor receptacles for apartments ※ You can easily find garbage disposal bags at supermarkets and convenience stores.000won(depending on the local district) will be levied against an illegal disposal. It has been enforced since 1995. ·Recyclable material and general garbage shall be discharged on the .000. ·Discharge hours : Discharge hours: From sunset to midnight ·Collecting hours : You need to ask your district (gu) office for details. (Penalty rates apply differently for each local district. penalty rates for illegal disposal will grow progressively higher. Preparations for Garbage Collection Sorted garbage collection is designed to levy a graded charge for the amount of waste you dispose of. The system facilitates the disposal of recyclable waste and the reduction of general waste by using the Standard Plastic Garbage Bag.) 4) Types of garbage bags ·General waste : For general waste (semi-transparent white plastic bags) ·Food waste only: Domestic and commercial food waste (semitransparent yellow plastic bags) ·Public waste : Blue plastic bags ·Recycling : Discharge in ordinary plain plastic bags 2) Time for discharge and collection ·Discharge day : You need to ask the district (gu) office about the day because it varies for each local district. ·If food waste is not separated from general waste.04 Garbage Disposal same day.

600 1. leftovers.Double check the district specified on the garbage bag (Different districts use different bags) ·Discharge waste after sunset before collection day .650 2.000 2.200 1.The price of volume-rate garbage bag (in case of Seocho-gu) Classification Capacity Selling price Before change After change 80 100 150 190 300 370 720 880 320 400 800 990 1.180 3) How to discharge general waste ·Fill the garbage bags with a declared amount.580 3.620 2.480 1. and large waste matter such as furniture. food to dispose due to passing the expiration date. reusable waste. 2) The standard plastic garbage bag ·Easily purchased at supermarkets ·Various sizes in semi-transparent white and yellow colors ·Different districts use different bags ·Different prices by districts Living in Seoul · English Edition .970 1.100 1.Inquire at the district office for designated collection days 65 5ℓ For domestic use 10ℓ (white) 20ℓ 50ℓ 20ℓ For domestic use 50ℓ (yellow) 75ℓ 100ℓ 50ℓ For workplace 75ℓ (green) 100ℓ Special bag 50ℓ (gunnysack) Food Waste 1) What is food waste? It refers to the remaining part of food to dispose after cooking.360 1.150 2. and tie the bag twice in the shape of a cross . General Waste 1) What is general waste? Waste matter exclusive of food waste. etc.

Discharge the plastic bag into a dedicated collection container (120ℓ ) established in the apartment complex. peaches. ark shell.Exclude such toxic or stimulating matters as the eggs of blowfish (intestines). grounds of herbal medicine 66 3) How to discharge separate food waste ·General houses : Detached houses and apartment housing units with under twenty (20) households . abalone. . and pepper paste.000 won . . the peels of onions.1st offense : 50.2nd offense : 100.04 Garbage Disposal ·Food waste is collected everyday (except on Sundays). persimmons Meats Bones and feathers Shells of clam.Charge : The charge will be included in the monthly apartment maintenance fees. ·Get rid of moisture and exclude objects such as vinyl. Classification(ℓ ) Selling price(won) 2ℓ 40 3ℓ 5ℓ 10ℓ 20ℓ 60 90 170 340 2) Food waste classification Classification Items not included in food waste Hard shells such as shells of walnuts. Putting food waste in general waste bags or mixed with general waste) The penalty will increase with repeated offenses .000 won . Seeds of drupes such as apricots. ·Apartment house : Apartment housing with more than twenty (20) households . bones.M. chestnuts.g. peanuts.000 won . oyster. crawfish. coconuts. sea squirt. acorns. Fruits pineapples. Seafood lobster. etc Internal organs of globe fish Others Tea bags. before a designated collecting day.3rd offense : 200. ·A penalty will follow unlawful disposal (e.Discharge the yellow plastic bag containing the food waste into a dedicated container (25ℓ ) in front of the gate before 10:00 P.You will be fined for not separating food waste from general waste (different penalty rates apply for each local district) : . turban shell. and shells from the food waste.

Items indicated as ‘PET’. iron wire. buttons. corrugated cardboard. disposable cameras. soda beverage bottles. steel noxious materials tools. baby-walkers. . ‘PVC’. contaminated plastic bags Dispose of batteries at the designated area indicated by each neighborhood office Living in Seoul · English Edition 2) Methods of recycling Divide the waste by type and place in an ordinary plastic bag. oil containers. etc. or containers of containers. items indicated as ‘철’ or ‘철사’ Safety packages for household electrical Styrofoam appliances.. mirrors. stainless utensils. ceramic wares Glass Metals Beverage cans. Plastic coated paper cups Sheet glass. Because the collecting day is different for each building.Recycling 1) Separate recycling waste by type Items Paper Recyclable Item Newspapers. books. ‘PP’. butane gas Paint containers. etc. notes. telephones. heatproof tableware. ‘LDPE’. black. spray cans. paper boxes. toys. items indicated as ‘종이’ or ‘종이팩’ Beer bottles.) Batteries Broken fluorescent lamps or bulbs Instant noodle packages. you need to remember the discharge day and discharge it on the proper day (from sunset to midnight). clean instant noodle containers Plastics Writing implements. sockets. ‘PS’. paper bags. delivery containers for fresh fish Disposable dishes or fruit. You do not need to use a standard garbage bag. liquor bottles. items indicated as ‘유리’ Non-recyclable Items Plastic coated paper bags. or ‘OTHER’ electric heaters Milk cartons 67 Milk Cartons Fluorescen Unbroken fluorescent lamps or bulbs t Lamps Plastic Bags Plastic bags (white. ‘HIPE’. wrapping paper. milk-white bottles. cosmetic bottles. aluminum.

000 3. air-conditioners.000 2.000 Supporting frame 3.000 Under 1m 2. 68 Air conditioner / Hot blast heater 2) How to dispose of large waste matter (Applying either by internet or phone) Application > Payment> Printing/ attaching a certificate > Discharging the waste > Collecting Audio (excluding Speaker) Audio speaker (unit price) Computer Size Over 500L Over 300L Under 300L Over 42 inches Over 25 inches Under 25 inches 80 pyeong (264. Ex) furniture. office machines.000 4. electric home appliances.04 Garbage Disposal 3) Recycling centers ·For private residences: In front of the gate of the building or designated place ·For apartment complexes : Designated place in apartment complex Items Refrigerator Television Washing machine Hydro extractor Vacuum cleaner Humidifier Iron Facsimile Large Waste Matter 1) What is large waste matter? Waste that cannot fit into standard waste bags.000 4.000 3.000 Desk 4.000 2.116m2) or greater Up to 20 pyeong (66.000 5. PC gaming device Heater Gas stove & oven Microwave Electric fan Body (Including Keyboard) 3.000 5.000 5.000 6.000 (Large-size) For domestic (Small-size) 2.000 2.464m2) or greater 20 pyeong (66.000 3.000 3.000 Printer 3.000 Monitor 5.000 8.000 Monitor (Including Keyboard) 3.000 3) Disposal fees Each district office charges varying fees for the collection of large waste.000 3.000 2. etc.28084ft) Under 1m (3.000 2.000 .28084ft) - Fees (won) 8.000~7.000 Over 1m 4.116m2) Over 1m (3.000 3. bedding.000 1.000 Electric fan For business 3.

000 5.000 2.000 3.000 4.000 2.000 1.000 4.000 2.000 9.000 1.000 3.000 1.000 2.000 15.000 1.000 15.000 1.000 2.000 3.000 1.000 2.000 4.000 2.000 4.000 8.000 2.000 1.000 4.3058m2 (1 pyeong) Floor rack Picture frame CabinetFile cabinet Piano Organ Door leaf Aquarium Mirror Bookcase Bed Bicycle Baby carriage Pottery Washstand Baby-walker Chair Display cabinet Dresser Stationery case Shoe case Up to 50cm in width More than 50cm in width Up to 50cm in width and length More than 50cm in width and length More than 100cm in width and length Over 4 column Under 3 column Up to 1m in width and length More than 1m in width and length Up to 50cm in height More than 50cm in height Two-wheeler (for adult) Two-wheeler (for child) Three-wheeler (for infant) Up to 30cm in height More than 30cm in height - 4.000 4.000 3.000 3.000 4.000 Chest Toilet bowl Carpet Floor sheet Clothes rack Rice chest Wall clock Toy car for baby Rocking horse for baby Swing for baby Bags More than 5 drawers Up to 4 drawers Per 3.000 2.000 2.000 2.000 2.000 8.000 2.000 3.000 5.000 3.Broken glass Air cleaner Electric rice cooker Cassette Radio Duplicator Wardrobe Living room furniture Dining table Short-legged dining table Sink Desk Smaller than the size of a desk glass Smaller than the size of a veranda window Bigger than the size of a veranda window Over 1m 120 cm 90 cm Long sofa Short couch Seating more than 4 Seating less than 4 1 piece Desk size for 2 (double) Desk size for 1 Up to 2 shelves More than 3 shelves More than 5 shelves Single Single mattress Double Double mattress Single Seating more than 2 120cm 90cm - 1.000 3.000 10.000 2.000 2.000 3.000 5.000 7.000 5.000 15.000 3.000 3.000 5.000 10.000 3.3058m2 (1 pyeong) Per 3.000 2.000 2.000 2.000 69 Living in Seoul · English Edition .000 5.000 2.000 2.000 10.000 1.

Wed. Anam-dong. Yongsan2(i)ga-dong. Wed. Thu : Ichon 1(il)-dong. Sun : Chunghyeon-dong. Hangangno 2(i)-ga ·Tue. Jangwi 1(il)dong ·Tue. Yeonhui-dong. Thu. Dongseon-dong. Hangang 1(il)-dong. Wonhyo 1(il)-dong. Fri : Seongbuk-dong. Hyochang-dong. Donam 2(i)dong. GongdeokÄ 2(i)-dong. Thu : Jeongneung 4(sa)dong. 4) Mapo-gu Discharge hours Summer (Apr-Oct) : 19:00~24:00 Winter (Nov-Mar) : 18:00~24:00 ·Mon. Ahyeon 2(i)-dong. Sinchon-dong. Wed. Yeonhui-dong. Singong deok-dong. Thu. Bugahyeon-dong. Bukgajwa 1(il)dong. Bukgajwa 2(i)-dong 70 2) Seodaemun-gu Discharge hours : 18:00~24:00 ·Mon. Seokgwan-dong ·Mon. Ichon 2(i)-dong. Fri : Huam-dong. Cheongpa 2(i)-dong. Hongje 2(i)-dong. Wed. Gireum 1(il)-dong. Gireum 2(i)-dong ·Tue. Jongam dong. Wolgok 2(i)-dong. Hongeun 2(i)-dong. Namgajwa 1(il)-dong. Wed. Donam 1(il)-dong. Jeongneung 3(sam)-dong Waste Collection Days for Major Foreign Residential Areas 1) Yongsan-gu Discharge hours : 22:00 ~ 01:00 ·Mon. Jangwi 3(sam)dong. Hongje3(sam)dong. Chunghyeon-dong. Hannam 2(i)dong. Hannam 1(il)-dong. Yongmun-dong ·Mon. Yonggang-dong. Jeongneung 2(i)-dong. Gongdeok 1(il)dong. Bomun-dong. Namgajwa 2(i)-dong ·Tue. Namyeong-dong. Fri : Cheonyeon-dong. Hongeun 1(il)-dong. Seobinggo-dong. Dohwa-dong. Sinchon-dong. Wed. Fri : Ahyeon 1(il)-dong. Daeheung-dong. Sun : Samseon-dong. Fri : Wonhyoro 1(iI)-ga 3) Seodaemun-gu Discharge hours : 18:00~22:00 ·Mon. Hangang 3(sam)-dong. .Itaewon 1(il)-dong. Fri : Jeongneung 1(il)dong. Bogwangdong. Wonhyo 2(i)-dong. Hongje 1(il)-dong. Cheongpa 1(il)-dong. Itaewon 2(i)-dong.04 Garbage Disposal Jangwi 2(i)-dong.

Seogyo-dong. Seocho 4(sa)-dong. Sun : Seogang-dong. Sinsu-dong.dong. Yangjae 1(il)dong. Donggyo-dong. Ttukseom Resort Station. E. Seocho 2(i)-dong. Tue. Yangjae 2(i) [K. E) Tell : 02-732-9998 71 Recycling Centers and Flea Markets 1) Flea Market for foreigners ·A flea market held for foreign sellers Living in Seoul · English Edition . Thu : Bangbaebondong. Thu. F) Tel : 02-2075-4130~1 5) Seocho-gu Discharge hours : Sunset~24:00 ·Sun. Wed. Mangwon 1(il)dong. Mangwon 2(i)-dong. Seongsan 1(il)-dong. Exit 2 or 3) http : //www. Bangbae 1(il)-dong. Yeon nam.seoul.Yeomni-dong. Seocho 3(sam)-dong. Naegok-dong 2) Ttukseom Beautiful Flea Market ·A space for practicing reusing and sharing by the direct participation of citizens ·A sharing marketplace that donates more than 20% of the sales amount ·Ttukseom Resort Station Square (Line 7. Banpo 4(sa)dong. Fri : Jamwon-dong. C. Seocho 3(sam)-dong.go. Seongsan2(i)-dong ·Held by the Seoul Global Center http : //global. Bangbae 2(i)-dong ·Mon. Hapjeong-dong. Banpo 4(sa)dong. Sangamdong ·Tue. Bangbae 3(sam)-dong. Bangbae 4(sa)-dong. Seocho 1(il) [K. Banpo 1(il)-dong. J.

J] Tel : 02-2238-2600 3) Beautiful Store ·Takes donations of new and used goods. 1577-1113 72 6) Itaewon second-hand furniture street 4) The Salvation Army Thrift Store ·Sells goods donated by individuals or companies at low prices. E] Tel : 02-365-7084. E] Tell : 02-3676-1009. local products. traditional scenery and customs as will as the Cheonggyecheon Stream attract of not only citizens but also tourists from both home and abroad.seoul. Line 6. 5) Seoul Folk Flea Market ·A place where you can come across Korean items at low prices. tourist [K. Collects used articles for repair to resell at low prices. .org [K. etc. E. http : //www. http : //beautifulstore. ·Transportation: 100M from exit 9 of Sinseol-dong Station http : //pungmul.04 Garbage Disposal ·The harmony of the streets. C. ethnic food. 1588-1327 (Inquiries for donation/sponsoring) ·Used furniture formerly owned by foreigners can be purchased at low prices.go. such as appliances and home [K.nanumistore. ·Located between Exits 3 and 4 of Itaewon Station.

Exit 4 Go straight for 20m Turn left at the first corner Go straight for 100m Gangnam-gu • Gangnam Recycling Center : 02) 501-7157 • Gangnam Recycle : 02) 584-9900 • Banghwa Recycling Center : 02) 2666-7262 Gangseo-gu • Deungchon Recycling Center : 02) 3661-8272 • Hwagokbon-dong Recycling Center : 02) 2602-050 Geumcheon-gu Guro-gu Gwanak-gu Jongno-gu Jung-gu • Geumcheon-gu Recycling Center : 02) 802-7282 • Doksan Recycling Center : 02) 863-7282 • Guro Recycling Center : 02) 858-8272 Living in Seoul · English Edition 73 • Guro-gu Recycling Center (Cheonwang-dong) : 02) 2683-4459 • Gwanak Recycling Center: 02) 884-7289 • Jongno Recycling Center: 02) 762-7289 • Jung-gu Recycling Center: 02) 2235-0890 . 3rd Bldg : 02) 2216-4303 Dongjak-gu Eunpyeong-gu Gangbuk-gu • Dongjak Recycling Center : 02) 822-7289 • Korea Total Junggo : 02) 581-6772 • Eunpyeong-gu Recycling Centr (Eungam) : 02) 389-7282 • Eunpyeong-gu Recycling Center (Susaek) : 02) 372-8272 • Gangbuk-gu Recycling Center: 02) 987-8272 • Recycle City : 02) 992-8425 • Recycle City : 02) 426-7282 Gangdong-gu • Green Recycling Center : 02) 470-8230 • Line 5 Dunchon-dong Station.7) Recycling centers (Sorted by local district) Gu (District) Dobong-gu Recycling Center • Dobong-gu Recycling Center : 02) 906-8272 • Dobong-gu Used Goods & Recycling Center : 02) 1544-7054 • Dongdaemun-gu Recycling Center. 2nd Bldg : 02) 2242-7282 • Dongdaemun-gu Recycling Center. 1st Bldg : 02) 2243-7282 Dongdaemun-gu • Dongdaemun-gu Recycling Center.

04 Garbage Disposal Gu (District) Jungnang-gu Mapo-gu Recycling Center • Jungnang-gu Recycling Center • Mapo-gu Sinchon Recycling Center : 02) 713-7289 • Mapo-gu Recycling Center (Mangwon) : 02) 337-7272 • Seoul Recycling Center : 02) 790-8049 • Nowon-gu Recycling Center. 2nd Bldg.: 02) 974-7282 • Nowon-gu Recycling Center. 1st Bldg.: 02) 933-8289 • Seocho-gu Recycling Center 1 : 02) 571-7272 • Seocho-gu Recycling Center 2 : 02) 581-8272 • Seodaemun-gu Recycling Center : 02) 394-8272 • Hyundai Recycling Center : 02) 3217-3016 • Seongbuk-gu Recycling Center (Jeongneung) : 02) 942-7289 • Recycle City : 02) 414-8425 • Songpa Recycling Center : 02) 418-4911 • Songpa Recycle : 02) 941-8272) • Yangcheon-gu Recycling Center : 02) 2651-2582 Nowon-gu Seocho-gu Seodaemun-gu Seongbuk-gu Songpa-gu 74 Yangcheon-gu • Yangcheon-gu Recycling Center : 02) 2691-8945 • Yangcheon-gu Recycling Center : 02) 2605-0028 • Yeongdeungpo Recycling Center 1 : 02) 2632-7289 • Seoul Yeongdeungpo-gu Recycle : 02) 2636-7289 • Yongsan-gu Recycling Center : 02) 797-3662 • Recycle City : 02) 716-8425 Yeongdeungpo-gu Yongsan-gu .

you have to purchase a special bag at a selling place. I properly disposed of my garbage recently as I always do. 75 I have a broken glass from my desk. you will have to file a complaint at the local district office by filling out an application form and submitting evidence. we need your active cooperation in not discharging fluorescent lamps or batteries They are toxic wastes of daily life. In your case. How I can donate these clothes? Use a collecting bin for old clothes. If you live in a detached house. and break the glass down to small pieces to dispose of it. However. too. you can use a collecting bin for old clothes. because it a dangerous substance. I think someone went through the trouble of opening thebag and going through the contents. but have been fined. standing by the other bins for separating waste. In the case of the Living in Seoul · English Edition . My kid’s clothes do not fit him anymore but are in very good condition. If there is a large amount. Every dong office has a separate bin for them. How should I dispose of it? If the amount is not so much. you have to wrap it thick enough with newspapers or the like before putting it in the bag. Can I make a complaint to someone? There have been reported cases of individuals who go through other’s garbage or stray cats going through the contents of the garbage bags looking for food.How should I dispose of fluorescent lamps and batteries? In order to prevent environmental pollution by heavy metals. you can put it in a plastic bag for general waste. you can use a collecting bin for old clothes. I feel like I’ve been unfairly fined for the actions of a garbagepicker. and the places that have large collections have separate bins for them. If you live in an apartment building. You can obtain information about the locations of separate bins for fluorescent lamps and batteries by contacting the local dong office. standing at the alley.

please contact the social welfare department of the ward (gu) office because it has a welfare center for children under its control. To donate to a local welfare center – If you want to donate to an organization for children. and are not controlled by a district 76 . – To use an organization for donation: Please check with a BeautifulStore near you at www. they are established by an organization of the handicapped.04 Garbage Disposal bins for old clothes.

Communication & Banking Communication Facilities / Postal Services Telephone Services / Banking / Q&A .

service charges may vary depending on the Internet service provider and Internet Plan. To use Internet service. LG Powercom and SK [K] www. if you cancel service within the term of your contract or shorten the period of your basic charges consist of a monthly service charge. There are three major companies offering high-speed Internet services : KT Megapass. However.skbroadband. URL KT QOOK LG Powercom SK broadband www. Discount rates are applied depending on the period of your contract. you need either wired equipment for wired Internet or wireless equipment for wireless [K] www.qook. Also.000 won (VAT excluded). discount rates are applied depending on the duration of contract. High-speed Internet services are available in many homes. with the area code+100 (fee charged) 1644-7000 Tel. Regular phone-Tel.000 won and monthly service charges range from 25. Initial cost for installment is An installation technician will be sent to your home to install Internet services. 106 (without area code) / 080-8282-106 #3 (English consultation) ※ Service charges .500 to 30. Tel. In general. without dialing area code 100 (toll-free) mobile phone -Tel.05 Communication & Banking Communication Facilities 1) High speed Internet 78 High speed Internet has spread rapidly in Korea. However. . You will also have to pay rental fees for the modem and AP. and monthly charges for terminal. a fee may be charged to compensate for the amount of the discount you received during the length of your contract. contracts vary from 1 year to 3 years. installation fee.xspeed. one of the world’s most Internet savvy countries. You can either sign up for service by calling the registration numbers or sign up for service online.

SK Broadband Term of Contract Service charge Installation fee Addition of dynamic IP No Contract Contract 33.390 Living in Seoul · English Edition Installation fee for new contract . such as APT.500 5.500 No Contract 33.000 Remarks Free of charge after 3 years Installation fees for a new contract 30.000 8. and detached house).010 Two-Year Contract 31.000 Installation fee in case of transfer Indoor .050 Four-Year Contract 27.000 Remarks Free of charge 79 ※ Residential environment (Rates may vary depending on the type of residence.500 3.700 Forty-Month Contract 28.000 7.700 4.400 1.000/IP .000 One-Year Contract 29.000 Two-Year Contract 27.350 Three-Year Contract 29.000 / Outdoor 10.000 no charge Two-Year Contract 26.000 (exempt if contract is set for longer than 1 year) Transfer to different gu 10.000 Transfer within the same gu 10.30.500 One-Year Contract 28.000 One-Year Contract 32.KT QOOK Service charges and charges for terminal Term of Contract Service charge Charges for terminal Three-Year Contract 25.000 Monthly 12.000 LG Powercom Term of Contract Service charge Charges for terminal Three-Year Contract 23.500 No Contract 30.10.000 4.

500won. entertainment. Japan. cable TV providers have begun to offer additional services including highspeed Internet services. (For money transfer by giro. Australia.) Required documents may be different for each cable service company. Alien Registration Card. hobby/living. including movies. address. contact information. These places are called PC bang. and a bank account for automatic money transfer. Recently. go to a PC bang in your neighborhood. news/information. Hourly rates are between 1. 80 3) Cable TV Cable TV is a means of communication that combines broadcasting and telecommunication and provides multichannels relating to a variety of specialized fields of broadcasting.000 and 1. so you should make inquiries at your local cable TV provider. When you need to use the Internet to check your e-mail. Depending on their needs. work on or print documents. A foreigner who wants to sign up for cable TV service needs to provide his or her name. China and Europe. You can use the Internet at a reasonable price. dramas. viewers can watch not only territorial broadcasting.05 Communication & Banking 2) Internet cafés (PC bang) Throughout Seoul. If you have membership or go to the PC bang during nighttime hours. there are many places where you can use the Internet. education /public access and religion. Tel. so it should be easy to find one in your . In addition. music. viewers can choose from many specialized channels. children. 02-735-6511 www.kcta. a Korean word for Internet cafe and can include words such as ‘cyber’. surf the web. You can contact the Korean Cable TV Association for phone numbers of each local cable service provider. women/family. but also overseas satellite TV programs from America. it is cheaper to use the Internet.or. regional access/TV guide. culture/documentary. a copy of one’s passport is required. home shopping. ‘net’ and ‘internet plaza’ in their names. sports/games.

sekisat. It is a multichannel digital satellite broadcast station that provides high definition pictures and high quality sound based on digital technology. an interactive TV service is where viewers choose information through the TV and remote simultaneous broadcasting of the same quality programs throughout the nation. which are not available on territorial [K] K. For instance. which is located 35. hundreds of channels. 4) Satellite broadcasting Satellite broadcasting refers to broadcasting TV programs and PCM programs using a BS (Broadcasting Satellite). 1588-3002 02-717-2256 02-2231-7989 81 Living in Seoul · English Edition SkyLife Nasa Satellite Seki Satellite www. E] www.Rates are differ between on services and you should pay for installation and equipment [K. E] . You can also videotape your favorite programs and watch them later. Through connected interactive services. SkyLife is a representative satellite TV provider in Korea. viewers can watch channels from all over the world. URL Tel.784km above the earth. viewers can watch TV and see the synopsis of dramas or buy clothes of main characters in the data broadcasting services through interactive communication and specialized audio channel services. There are two kinds of interactive TV services: independent interactive services and connected interactive services. Through satellite broadcasting. Independent interactive services are similar to web services and viewers choose the information they want from the

receiver.000 8. You can get newspapers or magazines through a . you need to pay for the receiver. antenna and installation. a penalty of quite a large amount is imposed).co. and rates.000 Discount rate 10. in which all menus are supported in Korean. Or. you need an antenna. To watch satellite programs.) 2009 general service and equipment charges for English programs of SkyLife Contract duration 3 years Normal rate 12. It is difficult to recommend a 3-year contract package. if you leave a message by e-mail (english@skylife. SkyLife’s staff will install this equipment.e. since foreigners do not normally reside in Korea for a long time (In case of cancellation of the 3-year contract.000 ( ( including Installation fee Total ( not installaton the company will contact you. products and the term of your contract.05 Communication & Banking i. In this context. Smart Card and remote controls. a rate sys tem that does not cause any penalty is recommended in case of cancellation of the contract at anytime. ranging from newspapers issued daily to weekly and monthly magazines.1588-3002) or through registration consultation. 5) Newspapers and magazines Numerous newspapers and magazines can be found in Korea. is meaningless to those foreigners who do not understand Korean.000 Discount rate 8. Monthly rates vary depending on satellite TV providers.) 2009 general service and equipment charges of SkyLife Contract duration 3 years Normal rate 12.000 10. For this reason. Sky Touch should not be added to the service for foreigners with no understanding of Korean.000 Set top box Free including Installation fee Total ( not installaton 30. an information (text) service like Sky Touch. See the Website of SkyLife for further inquiries.e.000 Set top box Free 30. In addition to the monthly rates. 82 A foreigner can sign up for SkyLife services by calling SkyLife’s customer service center (Tel. which is generally applied to Korean people. Moreover.000 ※ The charges vary depending on products.

joins. Korea Times and Korea [K] www. [K] www. readers need to pay for the offline media.hani. but you can also buy them at newsstands around bus stops or subway stations as well as and 24-hour convenience stores and www. Arabic] [K] anyone can view online information free of charge except for some [K] www. 83 English-language Newspapers Name of company Joongang Daily Korea Times Korea Herald URL [K] Living in Seoul · English Edition .kr connected to the [K] [K] [K] www. [K] www. [K] URL [K] www. http: // [ Name of Company Hankyoreh Hankook Ilbo Yonhap News Maeil Economy Seoul Economy Hankyung Newspapers Herald Business Financial News URL [ They also offer English Various media companies (including newspapers and magazines) update news and information through their websites and in print.khan.donga. C] www.kukinews. [K] [K. as long as he/she is Monthly English-language Magazines Name of company SEOUL ELOQUENCE Groove Korea Dailies Name of Company Kyunghyang Newspaper Kookmin Ilbo Seoul Newspaper Donga Ilbo Munhwa Ilbo Segye Ilbo Chosun Ilbo Joongang Ilbo URL www. Although.seoulselection. E] http://economy. Englishlanguage newspapers for foreigners in Korea include the Joongang [K] www.

epost. radio programming. E] UPS 02-2022-1000 www. Postal Services Shipping Company DHL Korea 1588-0001/www. In E] EMS 1588-1300 / www. 102. more programs have included viewers’ opinions or information on the In addition.05 Communication & Banking 6) Broadcast stations and radio 84 Korea’s three major broadcast stations include KBS (Korean Broad casting System).com/kr_english [ FM) are 24-hour English language radio stations. You need to write down the . the Internet and DMB. Each broadcast station has broadened the scope of broadcasting through territorial postcards and little parcels by putting them in a mailbox on the street or by visiting a post office in your neighborhood. MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation) and SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System). cable and satellite programming. the development of Internet homepages has enabled viewers to watch program [K. You should go to the post office when using nonstandard envelopes or [K] You can mail letters. E] Hanjin Shipping[c2] 1588-1612 (International Shipping) / hanex. Arirang TV is an English-language broadcast station that provides news and information on Korea.go. AFN (1530 AM.7 FM).kr [K. TBS eFM (101.jsx [K. E] Federal Express 080-023-8000 www. All TV and radio programs of the broadcast station are available in

However. For more information on rates. so it is possible to track the mail. Express Mail Service provides the fastest and safest international postal service that delivers urgent letters. overseas postal counterparts. but some post offices are open until 8 p. When you choose registered code when you send a letter or a package. The hours of most post offices are 9 a. to 6 p. a direct visit to a post office is mandatory. and so forth. DHL. Before sending your mail.m. and EMS provide shipping services.. fees. the process of delivery of registered mail is recorded. Post offices. Hanjin Shipping Company[c1] . (Tel. contact the following number. 1) Domestic postal service National zip code directories are available at post offices. compensation for damages. Federal Express. zip codes.m. UPS. Registered mail is more expensive than regular mail. you receive a receipt. 1588-1300) 85 Weight up to 5g 5g~ 25g 25g~50g up to 50g Each 50g exceeding 50g Standard mail rates (won) 220 250 270 340 120 Living in Seoul · English Edition 2) Overseas postal service For overseas mail. Monday through Friday. EMS is operated by the Korea Post under special agreements with reliable. make sure to write down the address and names of senders .m. documents and packages. You can use General Postage Rates (As of 2007) Category Content Standard mail General mail Non-standard mail domestic postal services by writing down the recipient's zip code and attaching stamps for regular mail or express mail. and some are open even on Saturdays.

Marketable securities . etc. 82-2-2108-0051~0059). printed stuff. With a call. If you’re calling from outside Korea. air mail.Items that are dangerous to handle or that can destroy or contaminate other items. Rates vary depending on the kind of mail and its weight (letter. etc. numbers and costs of items. 02-2108-0050~60).).Money Remittances . use the following number (Tel. so you need to check the information through the homepage or the post office's window.Items that are prohibited at the receiving country .Flammable or explosive materials or dangerous materials (paint.Business Samples .Commercial Papers . Because senders leave the receiver's contact information. silver. dial the following number (Tel. ink.05 Communication & Banking and recipients.Easily perishable foods . airmail or registered mail.) .Magnetic Tape .Check Clearances .Computer Data . Transmissible and Non-transmissible items for Overseas Mail Transmissible items Non-transmissible items . it is less likely to lose the items for delivery.Microfilm . postcard. phone numbers and the contents.Animals and plants 86 .Coins and Bank Notes .Processed or unprocessed gold. . When you call in Korea. parcels and heavy goods) anywhere in the nation the next day after receiving the items (On holidays or in certain areas .Obscene or indecent items . gems and other valuables .Drugs and other hallucinogenic materials . platinum.) 3) Door-to-door delivery Door-to-door delivery refers to a service directly delivered to a recipient.Merchandise (some countries may prohibit sending certain merchandise. you can check the status of delivery through the customer service center for international mail in the post office’s call center. After sending your mail through EMS. package. an employee of a doorto-door delivery company visits your place and delivers various items (including documents. but safer and faster than regular mail. It is more costly.Prohibited Articles .

you can visit a post office and signup for the service. additional charges will apply.ilogen.For the Jeju area.The same delivery area refers to si or do where receipt and delivery of items were made. Gyeongsang buk-do / Jeollabuk-do / Gangwon-do / Jeju-do) . . If any of these exceed the standard. the delivery might be delayed for one or two more days). For the post office door-todoor delivery service. Gyeonggi-do / Busan. Gyeongsangnam-do / Daejeon.The post office door-to-door delivery service delivers the items the next day and items sent to Jejudo by sea are delivered in two days.doortodoor.kgbls. and Jeju area are applied. Ulsan. For other http://d2d. You can also make a reservation through the homepage of the door to-door delivery .kr www.including islands or mountainous www.The size refers to the sum of the width. Other areas and Jeju-do are separated from the same Door-to-Door Delivery Companies URL Hanjin Transportation Korea Express KGB Logis Logen Post office delivery areas. Chungcheongnam-do / Chungcheongbuk-do / the rates are applied depending on the delivery area. . . receipt of delivery items is made in Jeju-do and the rates of Jeju are applied to the delivery items sent to other areas. . the kind and size of the items and the number of items. and You can verify this information on the homepage of the door-to-door delivery company. 87 Living in Seoul · English Edition Tel.go. other areas. The delivery areas are divided into nine areas (Seoul.For the items sent from other areas.hanjin. Jeollanam-do / Daegu. the rates of the same delivery area. length. 1588-0011 1588-1255 1577-4577 1588-9988 1588-1300 www. Rates for the door-to-door service vary depending on the receiver's area.

Rates for quick service are different depending on the distance between the place of origin and the place of receipt of the item. by coins – The rate for local calls is 70 won per three minutes. credit cards and IC cards. 88 Telephone Services 1) Pay phones Features – Only domestic calls are available. Phones operated – Local calls.000(won) 11. calls to mobile phones and international calls are available.000(won) 7. all year round. Investigate this information in advance on the websites of the quick service companies. Many quick services are available through the internet and operate 24 hours.000(won) 6. you may use phone cards.000 and 10. Category .05 Communication & Banking (Ex) Basic rates for post office door-to-door delivery service (As of 2009) up to 2kg up to 5kg up to 10kg up to 20kg up to 30kg (up to 60cm) (up to 80cm) (up to 120cm) (up to 140cm) (up to 160cm) Post office Within the same area 4.000.000(won) 9. Quick service delivers items to the recipient within 24 hours by a motorcycle or car.000(won) 9.000(won) Delivery to Jeju by sea 5. and coins You will be connected with a telephone operator. – Phone cards are available for purchase at newsstands or convenience stores. ※ When you make long-distance calls.000(won) Weight (size ) 4) Quick service Quick service is faster than door-todoor delivery service.000(won) 8.000(won) 8. and the weights of items.000(won) 7.000(won) 5. – You can also use credit cards for this type of phone.000. You can pay for the service through various payment methods such as cash. by phone cards – To use an international collect call service. 5. – For this kind of phone. – You need to dial the number after inserting coins.000(won) 6. credit cards or money transfer depending on the delivery companies. the type of items.000(won) 9.000(won) 7. insert coins or cards and then press the area code and phone numbers.000(won) 8.000(won) 8.000(won) 7.000 won denominations. 3.000(won) 6. Phones operated – Local calls. – International calls are available. press the emergency button and 00799. Phones operated – The rate for local calls is 70 won per three minutes.000(won) 5.000(won) door-to-door Other areas delivery Delivery to Jeju by air 6. national calls. by phone cards – Phone cards are available in 2. national calls and calls to mobile phones are available.

press the number of the phone service provider.S.g. International call code (001) + country code (1) + area code (212) + phone no.Major area codes Seoul (02) Incheon (032) Gwangju (062) Chungcheongbuk-do (043) Gyeongsangbuk-do Busan (051) Jeollabuk-do (063) Jeju (064) Gangwon-do (033) Gyeonggi-do (031) Daejeon (042) Daegu (053) Gyeongsangnam-do (055) Chungcheongnam-do (041) Ulsan (052) Jeollanam-do (061) 2) International calls When you make international calls. area code and phone number. (123-4567) . dial the numbers in the following order. country code. Number KT 001 LG Telecom 002 Onse Telecom 00365 SK Telink 00700 89 Major country codes Guam 1 + 671 New Zealand 64 Denmark 45 Macao 853 Mexico 52 Venezuela 58 Saudi Arabia 966 Spain 34 Ireland 353 Iraq 964 Australia 61 Chile 56 Thailand 66 Poland 48 Hong Kong 852 Greece 30 Netherlands 31 Romania 40 Malaysia 60 Bahrain 973 Brunei 673 Singapore 65 Saipan 1 + 670 Argentina 54 Iran 98 Austria 43 Kuwait 965 Turkey 90 Finland 358 Hungary 36 South Africa 27 Germany 49 Russia 7 U.A 1 Bangladesh 880 Brazil 55 Sweden 46 Sri Lanka 94 Italy 39 India 91 United Kingdom 44 Columbia 57 Pakistan 92 Philippines 63 Norway 47 Taiwan 886 Libya 218 Myanmar 95 Bulgaria 359 Belgium 32 Switzerland 41 Andorra 376 Egypt 20 Japan 81 China 86 Canada 1 Portugal 351 France 33 Living in Seoul · English Edition (e.) When you call your friend living in New York.

When the foreigner's agent intends to sign up for the mobile phone service.200 won. There are three major mobile phone carriers in Korea: SK Telecom. the use of VoIP Internet phone is gradually on the rise as an alternative to the landline telephone. a foreigner needs a passport and a copy of his/her foreign registration card. In Korea. video cameras and videophones in addition to text messaging and call services. English is available on the websites of the companies and you can check out details on different services and rates. For phone installation. KT Show and LG Telecom. In addition to the monthly fee. he/she should visit a mobile phone store with the agent's ID 4) Mobile phone 90 The number of Koreans with mobile phones has significantly increased. . KT (www. Once you call the or Call 106 for simple procedure subscription).000 won for signup (including installation).kr or Call 100 without the area code). A foreigner who wants to use a mobile phone service needs documents including passport and foreign registration card.05 Communication & Banking 3) Telephone installation services To install a telephone line in a home or an office. you should pay 60. You can choose one in consideration of service rates and service contents). the telephone company in the area of your residence will install a phone line for you.qook. Thus.skbroadband . The monthly basic charge is 5. call 100 without the area code. mobile phone carriers have striven to attract customers by providing a variety of services including cameras. and SK Broadband (www. There are two telephone landline companies.

and high quality calls similar to general phone calls are provided. so you can choose an inexpensive service plan that meets your needs. ·When it is used along with the Internet. online remittance.Software produced with voice and image transmission technology for ·A user can pay the same single rate for local and toll calls nationwide. GIRO. but you need your own bank account. 1544-0010 Mobile phone carriers provide differing service plans according to customers' various lifestyles. ·Video telephony is also offered like a mobile phone through the Internet video phone. English consultation service available: Tel. and LM calls from a general telephone to a mobile phone at low cost. communication through the Internet. there is a rising trend in subscriptions of Internet telephone services. English consultation service available : Tel. In Korea. credit card.Security deposit must be prepaid.No need to pay a security deposit. English consultation service available: Tel. CD/ATM. but a Korean credit card/ bank account is required. ·Smart service.This service provides two-way data communications in real time using a telephone or PC via connecting to the telephone network through Internet network access technology. You can pay for the service through various methods including money transfer. international calls.There are no restrictions on signing up for service plans. a more stable service is offered. Prepaid service plan is available. online payment.SKT . since everyday life information is offered without Living in Seoul · English Edition . and the rate of call to mobile phones is cheaper than that of a general landline telephone. . while that of landline telephone subscriptions is gradually diminishing. 080-2525-0111 KT Show . 91 Features of VoIP internet phone ※ See QOOK VoIP Internet phone 5) VoIP Internet phone VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Internet phone . It’s a service through which users can make domestic calls (local/toll calls). 02-2130-1180 LGT.

The same services as mobile phones are available.Useful information. and integrated billing with other services including the Internet. however. everyday life.Combined billing or separate billing from the home landline telephone is possible. . . funds. you can subscribe the VoIP Internet phone service additionally from the service provider concerned. · A user can simultaneously subscribe to this service. you can use various financial instruments and services including deposits. When the Internet is already installed. and home ATM can be conveniently used. For foreign exchange transactions. If you combine the two services together from the same service provider. since relatively strict domestic regulations are applied to all financial transactions. mobile phone. For some cases.You can easily and conveniently make/receive a phone call. Banking In Korea. such as community.05 Communication & Banking 92 searching the Internet. and IP TV is also available. the banking transactions of foreigners staying in Korea may be restricted under regulations. VoIP Internet phone service providers ※ The service can be simultaneously offered from Internet providers. ·One-stop installation to the high speed Internet . only if the VoIP Internet phone is connected with the Internet line. . foreigners need to be careful about relevant regulations because some documents are required and maximum transaction amounts and so forth are applied depending on transaction types. the service charges can be discounted. Fee payment is also simple. traffic information. See Internet Service Providers. when he/she subscribes to the Internet service. especially. and insurance products through a variety of financial institutions.

the amount must be within the amount of the foreign currency exchanged into Korean Won (KRW). some document of evidence is required. If you are not a resident foreigner in Korea. When a foreign tourist or a non-resident foreigner conducts financial transactions. and non-resident foreigners whose income source is abroad.Deposit and overseas remittance . . you can carry out your business more conveniently. there can be restrictions in the amount of deposit or withdrawal to and from a bank. In such a case.e. or income generated within Korea. depending on the status of overseas money inflow or domestic money outflow. passport) According to foreigner classification ·Resident foreigner . you need to carry an alien registration card (in the case of ethnic Koreans. For all financial transactions.A foreigner residing in Korea. your passport is always necessary. 93 . who has declared one’s address within Korea or completed foreigner registration.1) Opening an account For the account opening of foreigners.Required document : Evidence of income generated in Korea or evidence of currency exchange (i. foreigners are actually classified into resident foreigners having an income source within Korea. This classification is required upon foreigner’s opening a bank account. one’s address certificate). Living in Seoul · English Edition .Only KRW can be deposited and withdrawn. If you are a non-resident foreigner. If you reside in Korea.There is no difference from an account of a native Korean. If you heed the following regulations concerned with financial transactions in Korea. . you need to visit a bank (due to the real name verification system).

.Foreign currency account: Deposit /withdrawal through a bank teller is .Resident foreigners : Only KRW account can be opened. Moreover. a capital gains tax is imposed in the event that profit is generated when a foreigner sells stocks. ·A Korean having permanent residency in a foreign country . .Non-resident foreigners : Only foreign currency account can be opened.The investment registration certifi cate is essential. . the difference of the accounts between native Koreans and Koreans having permanent residency in a foreign country is that the withholding tax rate conforms to the tax agreement with the country concerned in the case of interest income generated within Korea.KRW account: Deposit/withdrawal is possible through bank tellers.Depending on the status of residence within Korea. and foreign currency account can be opened. However.The registration of the permanent representative is essential.Koreans having permanent residency in a foreign country: KRW account. .A Korean having permanent residency in a foreign country can open an account as a native Korean.05 Communication & Banking 94 ·Non-resident foreigner . Only currency exchanged through a foreign exchange bank in Korea can be deposited and withdrawn by sending or receiving from/to abroad. ·Classification of KRW account and foreign currency account . but overseas remittance is impossible. .A person who has foreign nationality and who does not reside in Korea. According to transaction business ·Status of opening KRW account and/or foreign currency account . .Foreign currency account or KRW account is needed. the tax amount is decided under the tax rate agreed upon with the country concerned in case interest income is generated.In the case of opening an account for a Korean having permanent residency of a foreign country . . permanent representative designation and the use of KRW account/foreign currency account can be chosen. .For the differences from native Koreans. since his/her resident ID number still exists.

and capital gains tax is not imposed. an account must be open under the foreigner’ s investment registration and an investment registration certificate containing a designated number has to be issued. For the transfer. and other pertinent information in English. you can transfer money at a bank. ·Required Documents Passport. you need to write down the name of the recipient. . 95 Note: In relation to account opening ① Foreigners can open a credit account.000 (for one entry) at a time. so it is recommended you compare information at different banks. certificate of earned income (when applicable) ·When you transfer money to an overseas bank account It is convenient and fast to transfer money through telegraphic transfer.Non-resident foreigner: Limited tax rate (in case a tax agreement is in place) or special case tax rate (in case no tax agreement is made) is applied and capital gains tax is imposed. including the Korean Exchange Bank and the change booths at the airport. the name of bank. . then you can transfer any amount within the range of income. ② When a foreigner wants to invest in stocks. special case tax rate. you can easily exchange foreign money or traveler’ s checks for Korean money at Korean banks.000 (remit + exchange) a year. you can transfer up to $ 50. Different banks have different fees and restrictions on transfers. The foreign exchange rates are not fixed Living in Seoul · English Edition 2) Transfer When you want to send money overseas.Resident foreigner: Same withholding tax rate as native Koreans is applied. but overseas remittance is possible. ·Tax rates depending on a resident foreigner and a non-resident foreigner (Check limited tax rate. and if you have a document showing how the money was acquired. You can exchange up to $10. address. Through designated foreign exchange banks. 3) Exchange of money If you have a passport. account number. and capital gains tax imposition) . Alien Registration Card.impossible.

the evidence documents required by the real name verification system should be submitted. subscription of offshore funds is impossible. When an American residing in Korea wants to buy a new or additional domestic fund. needs a fund investment method for market situation. and non-resident foreigner judgment sheet proving the person is not a resident foreigner) should be submitted.05 Communication & Banking and change depending on economic factors. There are no restrictions for customers with nationalities other than the U. In the event of transactions through a representative. In particular. regardless of residence in Korea. through a consultant of a bank where a foreigner can invest in such a fund. and tax affairs information. unless the fund concerned specially sets forth restrictions. . fund and asset management. Check tax affairs. and restrictions under the local laws. documents (certificate of one’s address.S. This system is applied to both native Koreans and foreigners. all financial transactions are possible through one’s real name verification. deriving from investment in funds. the following restrictions are applied to fund subscription depending on the nationality of the customer concerned: For an American. two 5) Real Name Verification Act Under the real name verification system put into effact in 1993. 4) Investment 96 A customer who wants fund trading in Korea.

co. In the case of a nonresident foreigner staying in Korea temporarily. For a non-resident foreigner. the person must possess a passport. he/she is allowed to sell within the income generated within Korea or the foreign currency amount sold in Korea by the person. When there is no foreign currency selling record in Korea. 82-2-1588-3500(#3) 97 6) Credit cards Living in Seoul · English Edition . Also. . he/she can sell foreign currency up to the amount carried into withholding tax rate. and non-resident foreigners in foreign exchange transactions in Korea under the foreign exchange regulations.000 can be exchanged into KRW. foreign residents. .kr/main/en/ ·For More Information The Exchange Rate ARS Service: Tel. is withheld for interest income generated through all financial transactions.000 as travel expenses.keb. ·Related Websites Yahoo Finance : http://finance. foreign currency up to USD 10. 15. foreign currency can be bought up to USD 10. tax preferential treatment is not allowed for foreigners.Buying foreign currency : When a foreigner wants to buy foreign currency.Foreign Exchange Regulation The following regulations are applied to foreign tourists. For a resident-foreigner. which is imposed for interest income of native Koreans. 82-2-1544-3000(#3) Tel. In this case. the limited tax rate of the country where the person stays is applied and the tax is also withheld when interest income is Korea Exchange Bank http://www. The same principle applies to overseas remittance.Buying KRW :When a foreigner wants to sell foreign currency (buy KRW).

etc. public officials.). The basic annual membership fee is charged once a year regardless of the number of cards you have. If you don’t have a good credit record. and a document verifying your income (proof of employment. ·How to Issue a Credit Card and Required Documents A foreigner who intends to receive a credit card needs to find out various benefits and services offered by credit card companies or banks and can sign up for one through the credit card company’s website or by visiting a bank or an office of a credit card company. including company workers. However. your request for the issuance of a credit card might be rejected. The Annual membership fee is divided into basic annual membership fee and affiliated service fees (except for the family card and the corporate card). ·Annual Membership Fee Annual membership fee is a fee charged for the issuance of the credit card and various services offered by the credit card company. different banks or credit card companies may require different/ additional documents. a foreign registration card.05 Communication & Banking ·Qualification for Issuance A credit card can be issued to only those who meet certain criteria presented by a credit card company. people engaged in educational. medical sectors. tax invoice. 98 . Required documents for the sign-up include an application form with your photo. An anual membership fee is charged every year starting with the month of issuance. Affiliated service fees are charged for the different cards you have. and other professionals whose workplace and company address are confirmed.

a tariff will not be imposed up to KRW 150. apartments. When it exceeds KRW 150. When a foreigner.S? Korea currently uses a CDMA and 3G network. but only in roaming mode. Some wireless Internet services are often available if you subscribe to the Internet membership. who acquired a work permit. etc. The tariff varies depending on the types of goods. a resident foreigner within Korea can send money up to KRW 50 million a year.koreapost. foreign phones are not allowed to be used under standard plans. including postage. See the website of Nespot for further details (http://www. I have purchased a product from an online shopping mall operated abroad. although I bought it in the U. Due to the way Korean telecom systems work. The membership can be subscribed based on hours or days. or with Korean USIM cards. If the goods are allowed. Can I use a Korean brand mobile phone in Korea.html). tax set forth by the Korea Customs Service is imposed.Where is wireless Internet available in Seoul? Wireless Internet is available in coffee shops. his/her total income can be sent to the home country if the employer presents an income tax payment certificate to the bank concerned.nespot.000 including postage. wants to remit more than KRW 50 million. you need to check whether the goods are allowed into Korea at the website of Korea Post (http://www. so it is technically possible to use a foreign phone in Korea. Books and equivalent 99 Living in Seoul · English Edition What is the maximum amount that a resident foreigner can remit to his/her home country? . According to the Foreign Exchange Act and relevant regulations. libraries. com/ web/eng/index. Can I get some information on the tax and delivery status of the goods? Before buying goods from online shopping mall. and it can be paid to the delivery person upon delivery.

go. Check for more details at the website of Korea Customs Service (http:// When you want to inquire about delivery you need the transport or shipping number. and it can be checked through the website of Korea Post (http://ipo. 100 .05 Communication & Banking are excluded from tariff

Employment Scope of Activities and Employment for Foreigners in Korea Employment Procedures by Visa Status Visa statuses that can seek employment with an approval Labor Law (Main Regulations) Support Centers and Information Bureaus for Foreign Workers Four Social Insurance programs / Recruiting and Employment Sites / Q&A .

Vessel crew (E-10).06 Employment The status of sojourn permitting employment includes Short-term employment (C-4). research. etc. The status of sojourn can be divided into ‘employment allowed’ and ‘employment not allowed’. Residency (F-2). fashion model activities. Non-professional Employment (E-9). Not all foreigners that are granted a status of sojourn in Korea can be employed in Korea. advertisement. Specialized Profession (E-1~7).Working Visit (H-2). 102 Scope of Activities and Employment for Foreigners in Korea Foreigners are limited to the scope of activities and period of stay as stated in their visa. Working Holiday (H-1). Training Employment (E-8). technical guidance. lecture. and Permanent Residency (F-5). etc. Foreigner’s Status Allowing Employment 2) Specialized profession (E-1~E-7) Specialized professions as stipulated . Employment Procedures by Visa Status 1) Short-term employment (C-4): Within 90 day working period This is the case that a foreigner temporarily engages in promotional activities. and Overseas Koreans (F-4) under certain conditions. speech.

foreigners looking to work as a general practitioner in Korea must obtain a certificate from the National Health Personnel Licensing Examination Board. and the limit of the sojourn period for training employment is granted two years at a time. the spouse of one with permanent residence status. The initial date is the day after training is completed. Profession (E-5. 103 4) Residency (F-2) The spouse of a Korean national who is eligible for residence. a medical certificate showing a clean bill of health and a document showing the authenticity of the applicant’s diploma and criminal background check. can apply freely for a permanent position or a temporary position to make a living. took a foreign nationality or one who has parents or grandparents . five year working period). Research (E-3. So the granted period will be within that of the labor contract or that of the fidelity guarantee. two year working period). For example. allowing for two year employment in Korea. There are seven in total and each applicant needs to possess a certificate or a special skill in the area they are applying for. Certified doctors and nurses can obtain a permit to gain employment in Korea with the consent of an affairs minister. Applicants can only take the exam after a thorough assessment by the members of the the Immigration Office are as follows: Professor (E-1. Foreign Language Teaching (E-2. E-2 applicants must now submit a criminal background check. Technological Guidance (E-4. one with the status of refugee. five year working period). The period of labor contract is one year. Specially Designated Activities (E-7. five year working period). five year working period). 3) Training Employment (E-8) This is the status granted to a trainee who undertook industrial training (D3) for a year. Due to recent changes. etc. Living in Seoul · English Edition 5) Overseas Koreans (F-4) One who used to have Korean nationality. two year working period). Arts/Entertainment (E6. obtaining an E2 visa for English instructors has become a little more complicated. but the total of sojourn period in Korea including the period of industrial training and the period of training employment from the date of entry shall not exceed three years. three year working period).

but who are seeking employment for a short period of time to pay for travel expenses.06 Employment of a foreign nationality. and you should be insured for homecoming expenses and accidents. and New Zealand[LHJ1]) that signed the MOU or Agreement on Tourism Employment. The period of labor contract can be concluded or renewed according to ‘the agreement of both parties within the three years period of employment activities’. Japan. sojourn period for the status is one year. before you are placed at your workplace. 6) Permanent Residency (F-5) The one with permanent residency status has no limitation on employment activities in Korea. whose main purpose is tourism. Two years are permitted for them to receive employment in all fields except for simple labor and fraudulent acts. 8) Non-professional employment (E-9) According to the Employment Permit System for Foreigners. the person with nonprofessional employment can remain employed without leaving Korea. either of whom used to have Korean nationality. you should enter a labor education institution to be educated about the work. ‘reemployment’ is permitted only once. immediately after your entry to Korea. In case the employer of the current work place applies for the reemployment from 90 days to 30 days before the expiration of the sojourn period. you should complete a pre-education course arranged by your country’s labor export institution. 104 7) Working Holiday (H-1) This status is for those from countries (Australia. Also. The . and according to the changed re-employment system. can be granted overseas Korean status. The employment period in Korea is 3 years. Canada. after you agree to sign a labor contract.

article 25 of the law)”. Article 25 of Foreigner Employment Act. However. the cause of shifting workplace where “in the case it is admitted that the foreign worker cannot continue to work at the workplace due to closure. In case it is admitted that the foreign worker is not suitable for working at the business or workplace due to injuries. the foreigner can change workplace up to three times. but can work at other businesses or workplaces The foreign worker who wants to change workplace should apply within a month after quitting the previous workplace and should get reemployed within three months from the application date. and other causes that the foreign workers are not responsible for (item 2. 5. termination. foreign workers are supposed to work where employed first after entry. ※ Reference: Causes for the Permitting of Shifting Workplace (Clause 1. or other causes that the foreign workers are not responsible for 3. the employees can change the working place based on the following reasons by law. for the granted period for employment activities (maximum of three years) after the first entry. In case the employment approval is cancelled according to clause 1. However. and when the period for employment activities is extended due to reemployment. article 19. In principle. etc. In principle. In case it is admitted that the foreign worker cannot continue to work at the workplace due to closure. article 20 4. 1. Article 30 of Enforcement Decree working conditions. the foreigner can change the workplace up to twice during the extended period. In case the employer tries to terminate the labor contract during the contract period under a justifiable cause or he or she fails to renew the contract after the termination of the labor contract 2.Employees are not allowed to bring family during the employment period. termination. it is not counted in the number of shifted workplaces. or the employment is restricted according to clause 1. In case it is hard to keep up the labor contract on the basis of public perception due to the different working conditions from the labor contract and the violation of 105 Living in Seoul · English Edition . clause 1.

H-2 visa holders can only work at places with a special employment possibility certified designation given by the Minister of the Ministry of Labor. once gaining employment. Furthermore. they can seek employment on their own terms or go through the Employment Support Center. In order for visiting overseas Koreans to get employed by the ‘construction industry’. 106 Visa statuses that can seek employment with approval 1) Status of Study Abroad (D-2) Foreign students studying in Korea . After notifying their status as an employment seeker. they have to get an Approval Certificate for Employment in the Construction Industry issued after applying for the registration of employment in the construction industry and completing employment education according to ‘the system of the registration of employment in the construction industry’ for visiting overseas Koreans.06 Employment 9) Working Visitor (H-2) Overseas Koreans looking for employment opportunities in Korea with an H-2 visa must complete an education/training course provided by an education institution designated by the Ministry of Labor. they cannot get employed in the construction industry effective December 2009. H-2 visa holders with successful completion of employment education must apply for employment-seeking status. Without an Approval Certificate for Employment in the Construction Industry. a H-2 holder must notify the Immigration Office within 14 days of their new place of employment. You must remember to complete your foreigner registration at an Immigration Office within 90 days of entering Korea.

Living in Seoul · English Edition 1) Maternity leave • What is maternity leave? All pregnant women are entitled to a leave of absence to prepare for the birth of a child and also to recuperate . E. and then be allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours a week.go.go. Labor Law s (Main Regulations) Foreigners residing in Korea are protected under the same labor laws as Korean [K. E]. engaging in a high technology research center. or wants to support Korean parents or family.Ministry of Labor: www. (Language studies are not included.) It is also applied to one with the status of family visitation (F-1) and the status of dependent family (F-3) who wants to enter a university after graduating from a high school in Korea.are allowed to have a part-time job during the semester or vacation time which does not lie beyond the scope of activity to study abroad. C] 107 2) Status of Family Visitation (F-1) One with the status of family visitation can get employed after getting approval for activity besides the status of sojourn when one tries to raise a child who was born by a Korean spouse and oneself.Human Resources Development Service of Korea: www. the foreign student should take more than a semester in Korea. visit [K] .Information Center Complex for Foreigners: www. be recommended by the college [K. For more information on labor laws.go. However. is not allowed.hikorea. adult entertainment establishments.molab. business area of fraudulent acts. Referential Organization . etc. However.or. [K] . regulations and information. or when it is admitted that one needs to be employed to make a living for oneself or one’s family.hrdkorea.

depending on the length of the pregnancy. companies are legally obligated to permit not only pregnant employees but their husbands to take maternity leave. if an employee is pregnant for 16 weeks or more and has an abortion or gives birth to a stillborn child.000 won. A male employee must apply for maternity leave within 30 days after his wife gives birth. . the employer must provide 30 to 90 days for leave of absence.06 Employment 108 after giving birth. the employer will be sentenced to up to 2 years imprisonment or fined up to 10. A minimum of 45 days must be given before and after birth totaling 90 paid days. If a company refuses to grant maternity leave or salary. the employer must still provide at least 45 days after the birth of the child in order to allow the employee to recuperate. if the birth is delayed. The leave of absence starts approximately 45 days prior to the expected day of birth and. Furthermore. The term of maternity leave for husbands is three days. • Who’s eligible for maternity leave? From 2008.000.

.An employee who has worked for the enterprise for more than a year and has an infant under the age of 3 . employees who give birth after January 1. and the remaining 30 days will be covered by the employment insurance.For companies receiving preferential support. the grant amount is not to exceed 4. for a base period of 90 days.• Maternity leave paid period and amount outlined under the contract agreed upon by both employer and the employee. . However.The maximum legal period for childrearing leave is 1 year Living in Seoul · English Edition . Regular wage: Refers to the fixed income promised to the employee based on a set number of hours as 109 2) Child rearing leave • What is child rearing leave? Employees with a child 3 years of age or younger can take at least 30 days leave for child-rearing purposes.Thus. it is important to note that application for a maternity leave grant past a 12-month period will nullify the employee’s eligibility to receive the grant.The maternity leave grant is to be calculated at the regular wage amount from the date of leave.An employee whose spouse has not applied for child-rearing leave for the same child . However. 2006. . For those who work for large enterprises. if the employee’s regular monthly wage is in excess of 1.350. • Applying for maternity leave grant Employees who wish to receive a maternity leave grant need to prepare a maternity leave confirmation document from the employer along with an application for maternity leave and submit it to the employment support center supervising the applicant’s area of residence or the location of the enterprise.000 won.000 won. the employer must pay the balance. • Who is eligible for child-rearing leave? .050. will receive a 90-day grant covered by the employment insurance. the grant will be covered by the employer for the first 60 days.

If the employee cannot submit the application at the arranged time. • How to receive a child-rearing leave grant . Only one extension is allowed. . . legally the employer is obligated to pay the grant for only 1 year.06 Employment 110 • How to apply for child-rearing leave . the grant will be calculated on a daily basis. . and even if the employer allows the employee leave for 2 years. the employer is able to decide his or her leave date within 30 days from the day the employee submitted it.) . the uninsured unit period must total more than 180 days.Submit the child-rearing leave application to the employer 30 days prior to the start date of leave.000 won a month (If the grant is to be paid for less than a month. and the employee must not have an uninsured spouse on childrearing leave for the same child.If the employee wishes to extend the period of the leave. he or she must notify the employer 30 days prior to the scheduled last day of the childrearing leave.Required condition: Before starting the childrearing leave.Grant: 500.

). Illegal aliens residing and working in Korea are provided the same basic protection regardless of their standing with the Immigration Office. • According to the Labor Standards Act. Employees must submit these to the employment support center supervising the applicant’s resident area or the location of the enterprise within 12 months.Those under adverse circumstances such as natural disasters. injury to the applicant’s person or to his/her spouse. if an employer refuses to pay his or her employees. starting from 1 month after the child-rearing leave begins. in entirety.000 won. (the employee) → Bankruptcy notification process period of 30 days. • Wage Claim Security System: A retired employee who is left without any retirement grants due to the employer’s bankruptcy or any other viable reasons are eligible for grants from the wage security fund. along with a document showing regular wages (ledger of wages. illness and other circumstances that may put a financial strain on the family can apply for the grant within 30 days of the end of the period. • Wage Claim Security System process: Recognition from the Ministry of Labor and confirmation of delayed paymentt → Application for confirmation of bankruptcy etc. can be delayed once Application for confirmation and application for delayed payment → Confirmation results notice (to employee) and forwarding of delayed payment bill (Korea Workers' Compensation & Welfare Service) → Delayed payment deposited into employee’s account → Government holds rights to claim payments from employer 111 Living in Seoul · English Edition . Article 43. . at least once a month. etc. • Foreign workers registered with the Immigration Office are protected by the same Labor Standards Acts as Koreans. he or she can be prosecuted and criminally charged with a sentence or up to 3 years and a maximum fine of 20. 3) Wage payments • The basic principle of wage payment is that the employee should be paid in cash or check.000. labor contract.A confirmation of child-rearing leave (limited to one instance) is required.• How to apply for a child-rearing leave grant .

wrongful dismissal.130 won x 30 days x 1.621 won 112 • Retirement grants are mandatory at workplaces with five or more employees. April 30. etc. 02-2075-4137 . 25.g. (1) Ministry of Labor FAQ's: http://minwon. 02-2075-4130~1. salary on daily basis [K] .688 days) . Seoul ·Tel. 6 months and 28 days = 1. Unless under special circumstances. question & answer.go.688 days ÷ 365 days = 5.Overdue wages. As mentioned before.06 Employment 4) Retirement grant won (total wage amount over three months) / 92 = 39. Seoul Press Center.130 won . 2002 (4 years.Total period of labor: e.molab.Calculation of average salary three months prior to retirement: 3.600.364.Retirement grant = Avg. • A worker employed for a year or more is eligible for retirement grants.000 2) Ministry of Labor . 1998 ~October 31. foreigners working in Korea illegally are technically considered employees of a workplace and hence are also entitled to retirement grants. foreign workers are eligible for retirement grants as well. Taepyeongno 1(il)-ga. • The four basic requirements for wage payment covered in section 3 are applicable to retirement grants as well. • Retirement grant calculation method: Support Centers and Information Bureaus for Foreign Workers 1) Seoul Global Center ·Migrant Worker's Services team 3F. Jung-gu.

Ground level of Byeonhosa Hall . Bomun-dong 5(o)-ga. 11-3. Exit [E] 4) Other Information Centers Jogyesa First Sunday of each month (14:00~17:00) 45. Jongno-gu.Homepage: www. Dongheung Bldg. Catholic Labor Committee First Monday of each month (14:00~17:00) 14.molab. Bongcheondong. E] Seoul Bar Association members make visits to the following venues frequented by foreign workers to provide legal consultation services. Seoul Tel. 1350. 02-872-9290 113 Philippine Cultural House Second Sunday of each month (14:00~17:00) 2F. press #8 to speak to a Chinese operator) (3) Ministry of Labor English Site: [K. . line 2. 14:00 ~ 17:00. Seoul Tel.Tel. Seoul Tel.or. 02-732-5292 3) Seoul Bar Association · Free legal consultation for foreign workers Seoul Bar Association provides legal consultation to foreign workers through phone calls and visits free of charge. 02-3476-8080 . Seongbukgu..Days: Every Monday . Jongno-gu. 02-735-2885 Living in Seoul · English Edition .Location: Seocho Station.Time: 10:00~12:00.(2) Ministry of Labor General Helpline: Tel. Seoul Tel.seoulbar. 02-928-2049 Chinese-Korean Love House Second Sunday of each month (14:00~17:00) AFC Mission.go. Gyeonji-dong. Gwanak-gu. 1544-1350 (Press #7 to speak to an English operator. . Gwancheol-dong. 932-13.

It secures the finances by receiving a certain amount of premium from the employers and the nation.33% of the income National Health (Other half should be paid by the employer) Insurance Local registrant: Applied differently based on individual Corporation properties. and the disability pension to compensate for the income loss due to the loss of long-term working ability caused by diseases or accidents.06 Employment Four Social Insurance Programs Insurance Legal Obligation Mandatory *There may be exceptions for foreigners based on the laws of their home country Mandatory Health Insurance Optional Insurance Fee Enterprise registrant: Half of 9% of the income (Other half should be paid by the employer) Local registrant: 9% of income Enterprise registrant: Half of 5.Unemployment payments are made 50% by the user and 50% by the worker . • Definition: One of the social security systems that aims to stabilize national life and improve national welfare by granting the old-age . the employer must pay 100% 100% paid by employter Organization National Pension National Pension Service Employment Insurance Optional 114 Industrial Accident Insurance Employers 100% Korean Labor Welfare Corporation ※ Fee rates can be changed according to law amendment 1) National Pension pension to compensate for the loss of earned income due to old age. incomes and family constitutions .In the case of other businesses. the survivor pension to compensate for the income loss due to the death of a main income earner.

Belgium (total of 16 countries) • How to receive a refund Foreigners can also receive all the pensions in the National Pension Act the same as Koreans if they are eligible for the old-age pension. Though foreigners from the nations to which the social security agreement or reciprocity is not applied cannot take a lump-sum refund at departure.• Social security agreement: This agreement is to adjust for differences of pension policies between countries. .) (1) Confirmation of rebate possibilities (2) Visit the National Pension Service branch office to apply for a foreigner rebate . 2007. bank account information. ※ In case a foreigner asks for a lump-sum refund due to returning home. Italy.A. China. The agreement is divided broadly into the "totalization agreement" and "contributions only agreement". the application can be accepted before the departure. or H-2 (Working Visitor) who joined the national pension can take a lump-sum refund from May 11th. Ireland. 115 Living in Seoul · English Edition . passport. or the disability pension. the survivor pension. if a document such as a flight ticket evidencing the departure plan within a month is submitted. basically to provide advantages such as exemption of double registration. Australia. adding up registration periods. Mongolia. U. different processes are required to confirm the authenticity of the applicant and the relationship between the applicant and the agent. Germany. the lump-sum refund is paid only if the departure is confirmed from August 29th. and guarantee of payment transfer for those who are citizens of compensation-covered countries.Compensation-covered countries: Canada.. Hungary. the foreigners with the status of E-8 (Training Employment). Uzbekistan.S. Czech. France. 2007. In this case. England.Required documents: grant payment bill. (However. Netherlands. E-9 (Non-professional Employment). Japan. airline ticket (to prove that the scheduled departure is within a month of the application date) (3) Domestic bank account within one week and overseas bank account within one month (4) Rebate calculation: National pension (employee + employer portion) + rate of interest (5) Confirmation process at branch office ※ You can apply by proxy or by post personally for overseas residence reasons. equal treatment.

it is enforced actively combining with labor market policies such as the project for job security and the project for vocational capability. • Eligibility and application: Employers with at least one employee since October 1. rehabilitation..The construction of which the total construction amount reaches less than the announced amount annually by 116 • Applying for health insurance in Korea is optional.Non-corporate businesses hiring four full-time workers or less (like agriculture. must apply for employment insurance. treatment. However. Non-office jobs (laborers) offered medical checks on a yearly basis. The employee and employer will pay equal portions (50% each) of the total calculated amount. • Health insurance coverage: (1) Medical treatment: Illness. • If a foreigner leaves Korea for more than a month. it is not possible for the foreign worker to cancel his health insurance. as long as the foreigner is employed. death. birth. • Insurance fee: Average monthly income multiplied by insurance fee rate (5.33%). preventing injuries. (2) Medical checks: To prevent illness and maintain good health. forestry.06 Employment 2) Health Insurance checks provided once every two years. 3) Employment Insurance • Employment insurance: The purpose of employment insurance as social security insurance is to provide insurance in case of unemployment as well as to encourage safe hiring. fishing industry. . etc. Also. 1998. medical . diagnosis. and hunting industry) .Exceptions: Considering the business volume and the characteristics of each industry. . the National Health Insurance Corporation will have his or her health insurance automatically canceled through a notice from the immigration office. the employment insurance is not applied to the following businesses because their workplace and the insured are considered to be difficult.

Unemployment Grant • What is an unemployment grant? When a worker is unemployed. professors. industrial trainees. • Unemployment grant process: In order to receive unemployment insurance. Included in the unemployment grant is a job seeking allowance and an allowance to accelerate employment. income X daily payment Maximum amount: 40.The ones who are eligible for employment in Korea.the Minister of Labor (20 million won in 2004). a grant is provided to help ease the financial woes and to help ease the unemployed individual’s transition into his/her next job.Housekeeping services • Foreign workers eligible for applying for employment insurance . you need to fill out and submit a seek employment application form and revenue and expenditure qualification application form. short-term employees. Once at the employment support center. In the case the unemployment assistance is granted.The foreign workers not mentioned above are classified into the ones who cannot apply for employment insurance. one needs to head to an employment support center with an identification card immediately upon being unemployed.000 won per day Minimum amount: 90% of minimum wage X daily working hour (8 hours) (Minimum wage is subject to change on a yearly basis and therefore the minimum amount granted under unemployment insurance is also subject to yearly change. one has to visit the employment support center every 1~4 117 Living in Seoul · English Edition . • Unemployment grant calculations: Unemployment grant total = 50% of avg. one can receive an unemployment grant from a minimum of 90 days to a maximum of 240 days. and the major repairing construction of a structure with the total floor area of 200ß≥ or less . foreign workers eligible for residence .) • Grant period: According to one’s age at the time of unemployment and the period insured.

The coverage now includes new industrial diseases. they can apply for the grant. • Industrial accident application process: .go.'Building construction or construction work for a major repair operation' performed by unlicensed construction companies on a continuous area of less than 330m2 .kr [K]. This is the system compensating the injured worker on behalf of the employer on the basis of finances from the premium imposed by the nation on the employer to secure the employer’s liability of accident compensation according to the Labor Standards Act. fishery and hunting industries with five employees or less normally (unless the business is conducted by a corporation employing five workers or less) . Compensation is provided for workers who are injured or to family members of deceased workers. .Foreign workers under contract with a Korean company or employer and paid a regular income after providing the employer a service.Foreigners working in Korea illegally without proper visas are considered workers and regardless of their standing with the Immigration Office.06 Employment weeks to report that he/she is actively seeking re-employment and get the unemployment status granted to receive the unemployment grant. he/she must report it immediately. • Employment insurance homepage: www. if the employer of the foreigner has his employees covered under industrial accident compensation insurance. Furthermore. One can easily calculate his or her unemployment grant amount on the site.Household service industries • Eligibility of foreign workers: .ei.Agriculture. • Eligibility and application process: Employers with at least one employee since July 1. forestry (except logging). overwork and stress. the foreigner is automatically covered. 2000 must apply for industrial accident compensation insurance. The grant will cease past the 12 month period and once the unemployed individual gains employment or gains a source of income. • Exemptions: . 118 4) Industrial accident compensation insurance This is an obligatory insurance that the nation is responsible for in order to secure the living of the worker injured and his/her family. the foreigner is recognized as any other Korean worker.

or. 1588-0075 Living in Seoul · English Edition KT (EDI) www..C] [K. Further documents and application forms may be given out by the officials from the Labor Welfare Corporation. 1644-2000 Korea Workers' Compensation & Welfare Service http://www. E] Tel.ktedi. The application form along with the employer’s confirmation letter and doctor’s opinion are submitted.or.E. Once a thorough investigation and paperwork are completed. eye witness and employer for accuracy. Contact Information for Major Insurances National Pension Service www.kcomwel. The application covers details from the applicant as well as an eye witness’s account of the accident. the officials determine whether the individual can in fact be classified as an industrial accident [K.or. . E] Tel. 080-318-5306 . the family may apply for compensation and funeral costs. you must apply to the Korea Labor Welfare Corporation. a detailed investigation is done with the [ [K.Once the Korea Labor Welfare Corporation receives the application form. 1355 National Health Insurance Corporation www.hira. 1577-1000 119 Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service www.In the event of death.or.nhic. .kr [K. E] Tel.nps.In order to be classified as an industrial accident compensation case.E] Tel.

Teaching English in Korea . .kr [E] . Also contains job boards as well as discussion forums.The most actively used online community for English instructors.Tel: 02-3999-009 [K] • Dave’s ESL cafe .kr [K. 02-2629-7002 Social Insurance Information System 120 www.06 Employment 1) English instructors in Korea • ETIS (English Teachers in Seoul for Native Speaker English Teachers) .4insure.Email: recruiting@sen. . 02-2240-1153~ 4 Recruiting and Employment Sites .A site for native English speakers looking for English-teaching positions in [E] • English Spectrum [K] . E.eslcafe. C] Tel.Homepage: http://etis.go.sen.Homepage: www.go.go.An online community for English Employment Insurance (EDI) www.

com www.adecco. 02-6677-9900 (7) Adeco 2) Recruiting and employment sites in Korea (1) Koreajoblink.manpower. E] . 02-2016-6600 webmaster@ppcg.instructors in [E] Tel.koreajoblink. 02-551-2300 (4) Unico Search www. 822-733-2244 ck@halcyonsearch. [E] Tel. [K.Homepage: www. 02-725-0400. 818-337-7442 (2) ASK Now Inc. Also contains job boards. [E] [E] [K] 02-555-7234 (5) People Consulting Group www. 02-555-4575 (3) Halcyon Search International [E] [K] (3) Top Head Hunter www. E] 121 Living in Seoul · English Edition .co. E] Tel. 02-6000-3800 (2) The European Union Chamber of Commerce in Korea 02-725-9880 [ 3) Recruiting and employment sites abroad (1) Dave’s ESL Cafe [ [E] (6) Manpower Executive Search www.

I want to work at another place before the labor contract ends. you can change your workplace without leaving Korea if 3/4 of the contract period has passed (e. the school will pay back the retirement pension that you paid. Corporate body 5. Also. Is there any way to find out how much pension I paid? The Private School Teacher’s Pension is for the personnel of a private school. Be sure to check with the immigration office because each district immigration office has different regulations on changing of workplace. You can take a lump-sum refund including the accumulated pension you paid earlier when you apply for the retirement pension at retirement. the Private School Teacher’s Pension can be successively applied. in case you keep paying the pension after shifting to another private school. I worked for a private university for four years. and moved to another private university. (Private School Teacher’s Pension. If you paid the Private School Teacher’s Pension for more than 20 years. Government 3.5%. If you want to move to another workplace before it reaches 3/4 of the contract period (e.g. If you apply for severance pay when you retire from a school. nine months of a one year period contract).5%) The Korea Teachers Pension: 1588-4100.06 Employment Because of a disagreement with a hakwon (private educational institute). you can receive it in the form of a pension. The former workplace did not award the retirement pension to me. 02-769-4000 122 .0%.g. nine months of a one year period contract). Personal load 8. The required documents are the same as the documents you had in order to apply for E-2 visa at first. In order to change the workplace. you need to apply at the embassies consulates abroad after leaving Korea. you need a document from the former employer showing their agreement and a labor contract with a new employer. Is it permitted for me to change my workplace before the termination of the labor contract? In the case of an E-2 visa.

123 Living in Seoul · English Edition .


Education Education / Educational Options / Preschools / Foreign Schools Korean Language Education / Libraries & Book Stores / Q&A .

as well as smaller specialized schools and technical schools. 3 years of middle school. Regardless. but at the middle and high-school level. private Korean schools are much cheaper than even the cheapest international school. Higher educational institutes are also divided into colleges / universities and graduate schools. Subsequently. Local Korean schools 2. In addition. Educational Options Broadly speaking. There are also other specialized colleges. there are the main branches of elementary school. and high school. 3 years of high school. and 4 years of university. Foreign Schools Each option has its own advantages. Children lacking fluency in Korean might find it difficult to adjust to Korean school. there is pre-school education. Korean schools are divided into public and private.07 Education Education What is Korea’s 6·3·3·4 Educational System? In Korea. Home schooling 3. 126 . These are: 1. middle school. Private elementary schools tend to be much more expensive than their public counterparts. the general course of education is as follows: 6 years of elementary school. prices are comparable. you have three options for their education. This is an option especially for those children with sufficient Korean language skills. Public elementary schools are free (except for school lunches. 1) Local Korean school Foreigners are free to send their children to Korean school. and 2-3 year college courses. if you have children in Korea. for which you must pay).

international schools provide a quality foreign language educational environment. in some cases. there are a number of websites that will help you build structured curricula for your children. 02-798-2195 http://franciscanschool. Hannam-dong. ·Follows the Montessori curriculum ·Located at [E] This English-language preschool is run by the Franciscan Fathers of the Catholic Church. Seongbuk-dong and .000 a year to send your child to an international elementary. 127 2) Franciscan School Tel. such as Homeschool. middle or high school. It currently has some 180 students from 30 countries. be sure to check if the school provides necessary services and facilities. Preschools 1) Early Childhood Learning Center International School Tel. Ichondong.000-20. particularly for non-Korean speaking families who don't want to pay for an international school. 02-795-8418 www. (www.2) Home schooling These days. English language international schools usually follow American or.eclcseoul. If you've got children with special [E] ECLC is an and the US Distance Learning Association. thanks to the Internet. Be prepared to spend US$12. British curricula. usdla. If you've got the patience and dedication. nondenominational preschool for children ages 2 to 5 years. That being said. home schooling has become a real option for parents. Yongsan-gu ·Busing is provided for students living in Itaewon-dong. Living in Seoul · English Edition 3) International school Most foreigners eventually send their children to one of Seoul's international schools.

·Busing is provided Appletree Nursery Seocho-dong. 02-423-0509 Sinsa-dong. Jongno-gu Tel. he or she must meet at least one of the following requirements: 1. depending on their age. Seocho-gu Tel.nsis. 02-3785-2478 Rainbow School at Itaewon Tel. Yongsan-gu ·Provides classes for ages 2 to senior kindergarten ·Students accepted on a three-to-seven week trial basis. Permanent resident of a foreign nation 3. 02-796-2776 Hana Kindergarten at Pyeongchangdong. Gangnam-gu Tel. 02-502-0509 Gaepo-dong. 02-502-0509 Itaewon Samsung Nursery Tel.07 Education ·Located at Hannam-dong. Gangnam-gu [E] ·Applicable Age: 30 months – 5 years of age ·Facilities: purpose built teaching areas and outside play areas Foreign Schools 1) General admission requirements For your child to be eligible to enter a foreign school.or. Seocho-gu ·Ages from 2 to 7 ·Supported by Orbital Education and follows the British curriculum 128 4)Namsam International School Located at Sindang-dong.englishedseoul. Citizen of a foreign nation 2. Jung-gu Tel: 02-2232-2451 / 2 www. At least one parent is a citizen of a foreign country 4) Other international preschool Programs . 02-394-1152 3) British International Kindergarten Tel. 02-790-9025 www. Korean citizen who has lived at least 3 years overseas [E] ·Located at Seocho-dong.

·Student and/or parent interviews may be required. 02-330-3100 www. elementary. 02-797-5104 www. Seoul Tel. ·Follows an American curriculum for [E] . Seoul Tel. an English proficiency exam such as the IDEA Language Proficiency Test may be required. Yongsan-gu. depending on the school 4) Foreign schools in Seoul (and its environs) Seoul Foreign School (SFS) Yeonhui-dong. Seodaemun-gu.sfs. as securing them from within Korea can be a time consuming process. when it was founded by Methodist [E] Seoul Foreign School (SFS) is one of the oldest international schools in Korea. middle and high schools ·Also has a British School which follows the English National Primary Strategy and National Curriculum for Reception to Year 9 ·Facilities include a performing arts center and a football pitch 129 Living in Seoul · English Edition 3) Admission tests Many schools require admission tests. ·If you ’ ve been attending a nonEnglish language school and are Yongsan International School (YISS) Hannam 2(i)-dong. an application form.yisseoul. with a history dating back to 1912. along with recent photos ·Official transcripts/report cards from previous schools ·Medical history and medical examination report ·Standardized test scores ·Letters of recommendation (some schools require recommendations from particular teachers) applying to an English-language school.2) Required documents You’ ll probably want to bring some of these documents with you from your home countries.or. ·Naturally enough. obtained from the school.

family members of US citizens can also attend if space is available.seoul-es. Admission is limited to US citizens. ·Primarily for families of US servicemen. although US citizens Seoul American Elementary School US Yongsan Garrison Tel. two libraries. 130 Seoul American High School US Yongsan Garrison Tel.dodea. two outdoor playground areas. meaning admission priority is placed on US military families. with priority placed primarily on families of US servicemen and employees of the US embassy and US government–related organizations. Located on the US Yongsan .pac.seoul-hs. ·Facilities include 50 classrooms. although in rare instances. it's one of the largest US military schools in the Asia-Pacific region. Seoul American Elementary School is a US Department of Defense school. Located on a brand new campus in the heart of Yongsan. ·Accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. an indoor swimming pool and a soccer pitch with artificial turf. ·One of the largest US military schools in the Asia-Pacific region.pac. an American elementary school in Seoul. 02-738-5261 www. a 400-seat auditorium. Like Seoul American Elementary [E] Seoul American High School is the US military high school located on the US Yongsan Garrison.dodea. Yongsan International School has some of the best facilities of any international school in Korea ·Offers American-style education for students from preschool to high school. ·Primarily for families of US servicemen and employees of the US embassy and US government – related organizations. 02-738-5261 www.07 Education This is exactly what the name would suggest. two gyms.

Music classes are also offered. The school enrolls 160 students. ·Extracurricular activities include classes in music. this might be the place for you. elementary and middle school classes for foreign students. ·Accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. PE areas and a play area. and there are ESL classes for students whose first language isn’ t English.kkfs. 02-2201-7091 www. ·School has Bible classes and weekly services (every Thursday). Seoul Academy International School Daechi-dong. ·One of the largest US military schools in the Asia-Pacific region. Seoul Tel. ·Accredited by the Western Association of School and Colleges (WASC). library. Living in Seoul · English Edition .net [E] Seoul Academy International School offers American-style kindergarten.seoulacademy. located on the slopes of Namsan Mountan in Yongsan. offers a US-style education for preschool to grade 12. it's a Christian school. Korea Kent Foreign School now offers a US-style education for kindergarten to high school students. Korea Kent Foreign School Guui-dong. ·18:1 student-to-teacher ratio in the classroom (although this changes for some electives). cafeteria. Gangnam-gu. Seoul Tel. art and Korean culture. 131 Centennial Christian School (CCS) Yongsan 2-ga.may also attend in rare instances if space is available. Gwangjin-gu. ·Enrollment is 300 students. so if Christian values are important to [E] Founded in 1993 as a high school. 02-554-1690 www. Seoul Tel. Yongsan-gu. 02-772-9275~6 www. ·Accredited by the Western Association of School and Colleges (WASC). ·Facilities include a computer lab.ccslions. As the name would [E] This school.

apis. Nowon-gu Tel. This includes Korean language classes for grades 1~8. athletic field. Global Christian School Hannam-dong. Asia Pacific International School provides an . Global Christian School seeks to provide an outstanding American-style academic education in a nurturing. It is Seoul's only government-established Frenchlanguage school. ·International student body from ten nations 132 Lycee Francais de Seoul Banpo 4-dong. F. E] One of Seoul's newest foreign schools.lfseoul. 02-593-5444 www. Seoul Tel. Asia Pacific International School Wolgye 2-dong. Yongsan-gu. ·Facilities include a main academic building.07 Education American-style education in a loving Christian environment with the goal of producing students for the coming Pacific Century. gymnasium. kindergarten to high-school grade 12. [K. children's playground. and a separate seasonal camp and conference facility in Pocheon. ·Emphasizes Asian language education as well.seoul. 02-797-0234 Founded in 1996. ·Students can take advantage of a Korean educational system through class partnerships with neighboring schools. 02-907-2747 www. with Korean. Chinese and Japanese classes available. Christian environment. ·Emphasis placed on learning about Korea. founded in 2007. ·Accredited by the French Ministry of Education and regulated by the National Agency for French Education Abroad. ·Offers classes to students. outdoor [K. E] The Lycee Francais de Seoul (Seoul French School) is located at the heart of Seoul's French community in Banpo 4-dong. main auditorium. Seoul Tel.

02-574-0348 www. 02-792-0797 [D. Seoul Tel. although Korean language classes are offered as well. 02-776-1688 Located at an old pink building near the old Chinese Embassy in Myeongdong. Hanseong Chinese Elementary School Chungmuro 1(il)-ga. ·Students must be competent in German. elementary school. Jung-gu. Seoul Tel. Seoul Tel. students must be competent in French. Living in Seoul · English Edition . is Korea's only German-language school. provides Japaneselanguage education to Seoul's Japanese expatriate community. Yongsan-gu. From elementary school. Japanese School in Seoul Gaepo-dong. Hanseong Chinese Elementary School is one of Korea's oldest ethnic Chinese schools.or. founded in 1972.sjshp. ·Provides from the pre-school course to Germany’s high school graduation test (DIAP: Deutsche Internationale Abiturprüfung) course. ·Upper school prepares students for the baccalaureate. ·Offers classes from kindergarten to middle school. and junior and high school. ·Follows the curriculum of the Japanese Ministry of Education. [J] The Japanese School in Seoul. E] The Deutsche Schule Seoul (Seoul German School) founded in 1976. ·Has a kindergarten.dsseoul.·Enrolls about 390 students. 133 Deutsche Schule Seoul Hannam-dong. It's supported by the German government.

ac. [K. ·Tuition at Chinese school is about 170. C] . E. Seodaemun-gu. although the school has grown increasingly popular with Korean parents wanting their children to learn Chinese. Professional.550. Korean Language Education It should go without saying that learning Korean can make your stay in Korea much more convenient and rewarding. ·The Regular Program is a 10-week intensive program. 02-2123-8550~2. E. ·Extracurricular activities include classes on Chinese calligraphy and painting. C] ·Offers Regular. ·Follows the curriculum of the Republic of China (Taiwan) education system. Sogang University Korean Language Education Center Tel. 1) Korean language schools If you're really serious about learning Korean.000 won per month.sogang. Hanseong Chinese Middle and High School provides quality Chineselanguage education primarily to Korea's own ethnic Chinese minority. J. Seoul Tel. Hanseong Chinese Middle and High School Yeonhui-dong. 2123-3464~5 www.000-270. you're going to want to enroll in a Korean language [C] Located by Yonsei University. and Short-term courses. 02-705-8088~9 http://klec. as well as other programs. 02-335-7027 http://scs. J.or.yskli. a specialized Korean language program attached to a university.07 Education ·Provides Chinese language education to mostly Korea's own ethnic Chinese minority. ·Regular program tuition is 1.000 won (textbook costs not included). Summer [K. 134 Yonsei University Korean Language Institute Tel.

J] Konkuk University Foreign Language Institute Tel. Regular. 02-2220-1663~6) http://www. C. J.610. including a 10-week Regular Program. ·Tuition for the Regular Program is 1.hanyang. J. J] Kyung Hee University Institute of International Education Tel. C] Hanyang University International Language Institute E.000 [K. C] . 02-450-3075~6 E. 02-3277-3682 20 hours a week Regular Course costs 1.sogang. J. ·Offers an assortment of course 02-880-5488 http://lei. 02-3290-2971 http://kola.000won (textbook costs and admission fee included). ·The 10 Evening Courses and other [ C. C] HUFS Foreign Language Training and Testing Center Tel. 02-710-9165 www. Other Korean Language Schools Sookmyung Women's University Lingua Express Tel. (classes are four hours a day) [K. C] 135 Ewha Language Center·Offers two Regular Courses (of 20 and 15 hours a week). E. C] ·Offers Intensive.konkuk. 02-2173-2260 ·The three [K.snu. [K. 20 hours a week Intensive Course costs [K. J. Living in Seoul · English Edition Seoul National University Language Education Institute [K. ·The school also has a very good free online Korean course at http://korean. 02-961-0081~2 [K. E] Korea University Language and Culture Center Tel. E.000 won. E. E. ShortTerm and Special Courses.

and Friday.prok. [K. ·Offers elementary.or.go. ·Classes divided into four levels (Hangul A & B. [K] Korea Foundation Volunteer Network provides Korean language classes to help foreign residents in Korea easily adjust to the country and better experience Korean culture.migrantok. ·Weekday classes meet 3 days a week for an hour. 02-2151-6500 volunteer.07 Education Korea Foundation Volunteer Network 2) Free Korean language courses Some volunteer groups and civic organizations. C. [K] Korea Migrants' Center Tel. Tel. weekend classes meet every Saturday and Sunday for an hour and a half. Classes meet every Sunday. 02-6900-8000 www. Urdu] The Migrant Worker's Welfare Society in Korea offers free Korean classes to help migrant workers better adjust to Korean society. Vietnamese. elementary. Uzbek. . With Migrants Tel.kf. ·Classes held every Monday. E. especially those dealing with migrant laborers. Filipino. offer free Korean classes.seoul. ·Divided into two semesters. J] Migrant Worker's Welfare Society in Korea 136 Tel. intermediate.miwel. in order to help migrant workers better adjust to living in Korea. 02-2075-4130~1 http://global. Mongolian. [K. 02-3672-9472 http://ijunodong. and advanced classes). Seoul Global Center Tel. Thai. intermediate and advanced grammar and writing classes. ·Must be a foreign laborer to join. 02-858-4115~8 [K. E] With Migrants holds classes on Korean language and computer skills.

02-788-4211 www.000 volumes of literature (as of November 30. 737-4641 www.go.480. near Banpo-ro. this is Korea's largest library. with 7. J. 2009) [K.seoul-kla.·Tuition is while text books are about 15. Gangdong-gu. public institutions and the public. E. 02-563-3226 www. 02-535-4142 www. J.go. [K. Yongsangu and Jongno-gu offer Korean classes for foreign residents. Namsan Library sits on the slopes of Namsan Ganada Korean Language Institute Tel. Eunpyeonggu. E] Located next to the National Assembly Building in [K. Located at Seocho-gu. 02-735-0039. the National Assembly Library plays a similar role to that of the Library of Congress in the United States to quickly and accurately provide knowledge and information to lawmakers. E] If it's been published in Korea. organizations supporting lawmaking.gkli. Local District Offices The district offices of [K. cheaper than university programs.000 won. C] Living in Seoul · English Edition Namsan Public Library [K. it's here. Days and times differ from district to district. Guro-gu. Libraries & Book Stores 1) Libraries National Library in Korea Tel. E] Seoul Korean Language Academy Tel. Yangcheon-gu. 3) Private language academies Private language academies. However. National Assembly Library Tel. C] . Seongbuk-gu. as quality of classes tends to fluctuate from academy to academy. are a good option for working folk who need flexibility in their study hours. be sure to check out the academy before hand.go. 137 Language Teaching Research Center Tel. 02-332-6003 [K. local communities. J] As the name would suggest.ltrc.nanet. 02-754-7338 www. E. state–run

Seoul National University location: Seoul National University Station Goethe-Institute Seoul (Tel. F] Kyobo Bookstore 1. Line [K. Line 3) Book stores French Cultural Center (Tel.go.turkey.france. 02-3452-8182) www.or.iscc.07 Education Turkey Center (Tel.latina. G] Israel Cultural Center (Tel. 02-765-3011) http://www.or.iicseoul. Line 9. exit 6 or Shin Nonhyeon Station.or.esteri. Jamsil location: Jamsil Station (02-2140)-8806) 4.7446) .htm [K. Gwanghwamun location: Gwanghwamun Station. Italian] Latin American Cultural Center (Tel.emb-japan. 02-754-9831. 02-558-2300) www. E] ( [K. J] 138 Russia Culture Center 2) Foreign cultural centers British Council Korea (Tel. Gangnam location: Gangnam Station. 031-962-7171) www. exit 3 2. 02-3702-0600) www. but the library is equally famous for its great views of the Han River and Seoul.russiacenter. exit 7 (02-1522-1900) 02-317-8500) www. 02-796-0634) Mountain in [K. It has a ton of resources available to readers.britishcouncil. It's also a great place to stroll around in spring and [ 02-525. Italian Cultural Institute in Seoul ( [K. 02-2021-2800) www. E] Public Information & Culture Center of the Embassy of Japan (Tel.

com [E] Seoul Selection. near Gyeongbokgung Palace. Myeongdong location: Myeongdong Station (02-3738-4300) www.ypbooks. Mia location: Mia Samgeori Station (02-2117-2880) 6. Sinchon location: Sinchon Statio (02-3145-2920) 7.seoulselection. Cheonho location: Cheonho Station (02-2225-8977) 5.bandinlunis. Yeongdeungpo location: Yeongdeungpo Station (02-2678-3501) 6. Line 1. Exit 1 Tel. Jongro location: Jonggak Station. Bandi and Luni's Seoul Selection Anguk Station. Lotte Star City location: Konkuk University Station (02-2218-3050) ※ Kyobo Bookstore is one of the main bookstores in Korea and offers the largest selection of foreign literature and publications. directly in front of exit 3 (02-2198-3000) 3. Line 3. Jongro location: Jonggak 139 Youngpoong Bookstore 1. Sadang Station location: Sandang Station (02-3487-4747) 5.(02-880-1937) 5. has a large collection of English language books on Korea. Mokdong location: Omokgyo Station (02-2163-2251) 4. Line exit 5 or 6 (02-1544-9020) 2. exit 5 or 6 (02-6002-6002) 2. 02-734-9565 www. Living in Seoul · English Edition . Korea University location: Korea University Station (02-927-0364) 4. Line Sogang location: Sogang University (02-703-6638) 6. Mokdong location: Omokgyo Station (02-2062-8808) www.kyobobook. Gangnam location: Gangnam Station (02-595-4700) 3. Coex location: Samsung Station.

Line 6. 140 .whatthebook. E] Selling used and new [K. 02-797-2342 www.07 Education What the Book Itaewon Station. Exit 3 Tel. What the Book? (in Itaewon) is a good place to direct order the latest releases and has a large online bookshop.ko.

Seodaemun Living in Seoul · English Edition Are there English-exclusive university/graduate school courses? At present.studyinkorea. 141 I have an elementary school child. which is admitting only foreign students. I want to teach the kid extracurricular activities in English. Some universities are offering English-exclusive courses by having international colleges. Most schools are assisting up to 30-100% of tuition depending on the grade point average of students. Additionally. For more detailed information. such as the exchange student system and semester programs. What kinds of scholarship programs are available? Many universities in Korea operate various scholarship programs for foreign students. go. ·Ballet Vaganova Ballet Academy www. each school is offering various programs for foreign students. The Underwood Division of Yonsei University. each government agency of Korea is operating scholarship programs for foreign students. The ratio of English-exclusive courses offered by graduate schools in Korea is higher than that of universities. universities which are interested in globalization are .php [K] Location:Subway Line and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade are currently offering scholarships for foreign students. is the only such English-exclusive school in Korea. the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. you can send your kid to a private educational institute or private tutor to get education from Koreans who have an overseas educational background. To find a teacher for private music tutoring. Is it possible? Yes.vaganova. The Ministry of Education and Science teaching 30% of their courses in English. the music department offices of each university can recommend a teacher. and they are increasing the number of invited students.I would like to take regular university/graduate school courses about the Korean language and culture. In addition. visit the homepage of the National Institute for International Education: http://www.

of Education Station. Samseong Station Tel: 02-6000-8880 Where can I find an indoor playground? 1.littlebearcafe.zerois. Little Bear www. Express Bus Terminal Station. pass the SK Telecom Retail Store. Seoul Nat'l Exit 7. Exit Tel: 02-564-4405. 4406 Location: Subway Line 3. Exit 3rd floor Location: Subway Line 2. take an underground passage to get to the basement floor 2 of Yeoungdeungpo Times Square Tel: 02-772-3775 Location: Subway Line Exit 4. Exit 3 Lee Ballet http://leeballet. Apgujung Station.php [K] Location: Subway Line [K] Location: Subway Line 3. Daechi Station. Little Prince www. Exit 6. Walk straight 200m.littleprinceseoul.theballet. 9 th floor of Son Jangwon Orthopedics 3. Exit 4 ·Soccer teams Cha Bumgun soccer Tel: 02-795-8049 142 Tel: 02-886-5482 Location: Subway Line 2. Seoul Nat'l Yeongdeungpo Station. 8 th floor of Shinsegae Department Store Tel: 02-2638-2618 Location: Subway Line 1. Exit 1 or 2 The Ballet Academy www. Euljiro 1(il)-ga Station.kidsneverland.07 Education Station. Sanggye Station. B121-124 of Daechi First Building ·Piano lessons Yamaha Music School. Bubble Story Child Cube www. in Samseongdong COEX Convention Center. 7 th floor of Lotte Deaprtment Store Tel: 02-3479-6040 Location: Subway Line 3 and 7. Tel: 02-6083-2955/2953 Location: Subway Line 4. 5 Floor of Seyak Building at the Satgatbong Park Crossroad 2. Never Land www.

Medical Services Korean Medical System / Medical Services for Foreigners Medical Insurance / Other Medical-related Information / Q&A .

more than 4 medical departments. Foreigners can use medical services from international clinics in third-tier hospitals directly. First-tier medical facilities have a limited number of medical departments and provide a comprehensive medical service for treating and preventing early symptoms of diseases. 144 ·First-tier medical facilities These types of facilities include private hospitals and public health centers. spine surgery. Emergency treatment is available. these types of facilities have 30 to 500 beds. dentistry. provide high quality medical services through their medical specialists and cutting-edge medical equipment. However. ·Second-tier medical facilities Second-tier medical facilities have medical specialists. oriental hospitals and district operated community/public health centers. more medical facilities have opened international clinics and have endeavored to provide medical services that best meet foreigners’ medical needs and global standards. Highly advanced medical fields in Korea include ophthalmology. including private hospitals and clinics. In general. Korean medical facilities are categorized into three types by the number of medical departments and the size of the medical facilities. he/she cannot receive medical insurance coverage and will have to pay the high medical costs. it is more costly. a patient needs a referral letter from a first or secondtier medical facility. plastic surgery. To use third tier hospitals. general hospitals. and provide medical services for both inpatients and outpatients. If the patient goes directly to a third-tier hospital without a referral letter. . heart surgery and infertility treatment. With the rapidly increasing number of foreigners visiting or residing in Korea.08 Medical Services Korean Medical System 1) Medical system Various medical institutions in Korea.

more than 500 hospital beds and offer specialized medical services for emergencies. insurance coverage may not be applied depending on the hospital. The medical expenses vary depending on whether you have insurance or not. In general. 2) How to make medical appointments To receive fast and convenient treatment. If you have overseas health insurance. 145 3) Paying for medical treatment For payment of medical costs.·Third-tier medical facilities General hospitals or hospitals belonging to medical schools are categorized as third-tier medical facilities. Most hospitals take credit cards for payment. you have to pay medical fees in advance. provide English receipts for any medical treatment performed. you can pay the medical fees through the international clinics. At some hospitals with international clinics. Also. you need to go to the Administration office of the hospital. most general hospitals can Medical Services for Foreigners Living in Seoul · English Edition ·Medical Referral Service (MRS) Seoul Global Center (SGC) (launched by the Seoul Metropolitan Government) operates a 24-hour Medical Referral Service (MRS) for foreigners. it is recommended that you make medical appointments in advance. In that case. and get an appropriate reimbursement of medical fees later by making an insurance payment request. It’s medically trained. appointments are available through fax or the hospital website. English-speaking . You can make appointments by visiting or calling the hospital. These types of facilities have medical specialists in all different medical departments.

Japanese and French. Its trained doctors offer medical advice over the phone 24 hours and the service is available in the following languages: English.Tel: 010-4769-8212 or 010-8750-8212 . the staff in the situation room connects the call with a translator of the Korea National Tourism Organization (KNTO). The 119 rescue team will react quickly to meet the caller’s needs. to 8 a. Japanese and Chinese language 146 provides English. The 1339 service in Seoul .08 Medical Services staff provides foreigners in Korea with information and recommendations on medical facilities and ·1339 ·119 For emergency situations. ·International SOS Korea Ltd.m.Tel: 02-790-7561 (24 hours) . However. For emergency only : 8 p. offering professional medical assistance such as sending an ambulance and taking patients to the nearest hospital. . the foreign caller can 1339 is the number of the Emergency Medical Information Center.m.go. The 119 ambulance is free of charge.internationalsos. When using the 1339 service.Hours: 8 a. your location is automatically identified. you must dial the area code 02 as well (021399). The MRS team has striven to provide quality medical information by regularly visiting medical facilities that offer medical services to foreigners and by seeking feedback from foreigners who have used the services. . provides medical assistance services and evacuation and repatriation services for expatriates in Korea. call . When calling.Website: www. Through a three way call with the translator and the staff member in the situation room. providing them with relevant medical information on emergency situations 24 hours a day. where English speaking doctors assist foreigners. When a foreigner calls 119. International SOS Korea Ltd.m.m.E-mail: medicalreferral@seoul. the service is available only to members. to 8 p.

go.m. E.effectively communicate his/her needs and obtain [K.Hours: 9:00 a.m. When using 119 from a public phone.m. The caller’s location is can also be automatically identified when calling from a public phone. C. You can visit the following website: www.Website: www. Seoul . to 4:00 p. to 11 a. Seongdong-gu. press 119 without an area code.m.Emergency: Tel: 02-3010-3333 .Tel: 02-3468-3127 / Emergency: 010-9161-3117 (available 24 hours) . to 5:30 p.m. to 12:30 p. Reporting emergencies is also possible through mobile text messaging at 119 and fax at 1544-9119. (weekdays) / 8:30 a.Transportation: walk ten minutes from Exit 7 of Yeoksam Station on Line 2 in the direction of Dong hodaegyo or walk fifteen minutes from Exit 3 of Hakdong Station on Line 7 in the direction of Yeoksam Station 147 4) General hospitals with international clinics in Seoul ·Asan Medical Center -Address: 388-1 Pungnap-dong.m. co. Seoul Living in Seoul · English Edition ·Hanyang University Medical Center .Tel: 02-3010-5001. .m. Songpa-gu. Gangnam-gu. When using a mobile phone.m.Hours: 8:30 a. (Saturday) . and press 119.Transportation: walk ten minutes from Exit 1 of Seongnae Station on Line 2 or Take bus 4318 from Exit 3 ·Cha General Hospital . (Saturday) – hours for OB/GYN patients are extended to 5 p. 5003 . J] . [K.amc. E] [K] and report emergencies online 24 hours a day by completing an application form in either Korean or English.Website: http://kangnam.Address: 650-9 Yeoksam-dong.chamc. press the red color emergency call button. Seoul .119. (weekdays) / 9:00 a.Address 17 Haengdang-dong.

kr [K. Exit 2. E. Japanese support 24 hours) ※ In an 9 a.Website: index _ frame.supports 14 languages. Seoul .m. C. Jongno-gu.jsp [K.3410-0200/ emergency: Tel: .3410-2060 .590-2932 . 7 / Line 7.m.Transportation: Hanyang Univ.Website:www. R etc.Address: 50 Irwon-dong. M. Chinese.m. samsung hospital.smc@samsung.Website:www. you can obtain information on where the nearest hospital is and which hospitals have English-language support. (weekdays) .Tel: 02-2072-2890/0505 or 0130484-0505( E.cmckangnam.Transportation: Irwon Station (Line 3.Transportation: Seocho Station (Line 2. (weekdays) – lunch hour: 12:00 ~ 13:30 / English.Hours: 8:00 a. com [K. Gangnamgu. 010-6270-2296 (English support) .Address: 28 Yeongeon-dong. Mary's Hospital .24 Hour Emergency Care Center (English support): Tel: 02-22908282 / 016-379-7534 (English support).Tel: 02. Seochogu.m.jsp [K. . but for some languages. Russian. to 5:00 p. J] .2290-9553 .snuh.Tel: 02. J. to 5 p. Seoul . Japanese translation available . Seoul . translation service is not available] ·Seoul St. to 5:00 p. (weekdays) .hanyang.Address: 505 Banpo-dong.m.Tel: 02.08 Medical Services . E. Exit 7) / From the Express .m.Hours: 8:00 a. 4) in the direction of the Catholic University of eng/main/ index. exit 1) Bus Terminal Station (Line 3. C] .or. exit 1) 148 ·Seoul National University Hospital . Station (Lines 2. 7. College of Medicine ·Samsung Medical Center . Exit 3. C.Email: ihs. E] .

(weekdays) / 9:30 am to 12:00 pm (Saturday) .Tel 02.. 40th Floor.m.Tel: 02-2112-5503 .m.Transportation: Yeoksam Station (Line 2. Seoul . S] . 39th. The hospital is located to the right side of Yonsei University. Yeoksamdong. (Saturday) . to 6 p. Gangnam-gu.Hours: 9:30a.m. (Saturday) . (Internet reservation available) [K. to 5 p.or. R] .m. (weekdays) / 8 a.Tel: 02-709-9158 / emergency: 02709-9117~9 . C. exit 2) ·Soonchunhyang University Hospital Living in Seoul · English Edition .Transportation: Hyehwa Station (Line 4.Website: www. (weekdays) / 9 a.Address: 657-58 Hannam-dong.Website: www. Seoul . 2:00p..Website: http://healthcare. J.m.Hours for reservation: 8 a.m. E. Exit 3 (Line 2). to 5 p.m.Hours: 9 a.Hours: 9 a.Transportation: Go straight out of Sinchon Station. Seoul . E] .m.m.2228-5800/ emergency: 010-9948-0983 .snuh. (weekdays) .Email: [K. to 12 p.Address: 134 Sinchon-dong.737 Gangnam Finance Center.yuhs. to 5:00p.Clinic Hours: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm (weekdays) / 7:30 am to 1:00 pm (every other Saturday) . to 12:00p. J.m. 149 ·SNUH Healthcare System Gangnam Center [K.Address: 38th. Yongsan-gu. Seodaemun-gu. to 1 p.m. exit 3) ·Severance Hospital: Yonsei University Health System .

Sinsa-dong. to 12 p. Seoul . 472) ·Kyung Hee University Medical Center .Website: www.m.Address: 1.m. relieves pain or symptoms. Dongdae mun-gu.khmc. to 12:00 p. (weekdays)/ 8:30 a. Hoegi-dong.Transportation: Hoegi Station (Exit 1. Gangnam -gu. which was . 142.08 Medical Services / 9 a. Oriental medicine strengthens the immune system. (Saturday) .Website: www. J. Medical services for foreigners are available at the following oriental hospitals: 150 ·Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine . R] .Transportation: Take bus in front of Dankook University (No. 144.m.Hours: 8:30 a. 470. 471.jaseng. recovers strength and normalizes metabolism. 400. 02-32182106/2169 . Exit 2 6) Free Medical Center for Foreign Migrant Workers in Korea ·Kyungdong Church Good Neighbor Clinic Good Neighbor [K. Seoul .m.Tel: 02-3218-2167.m.m. 402.Address: 635. [E. 01 5) Oriental Hospitals Differing from Western medicine. at the last bus stop of Maeul Bus No. C] . (Saturday) . 140. J.m. 405. oriental medicine includes acupuncture and herbal treatment. Subway Line 1).Transportation: Apgujeong Station on Line 3.Tel: 02-958-8114 .or. (excluding New Year and Chuseok holidays) . E.Hours: 9:00 a.m. 110. to 5:00 p.~ 6:00 p.

Medical services of internal medicine.Tel: 02-863-9966 . obstetrics and gynecology. (Sunday) . .m. Subway Line 2.2274-0161 .established by Kyungdong Church. oriental medicine. to 5:30 p. Seoul .m. (Sunday) 151 ·Foreign Migrant Workerdesignated Clinic The Foreign Migrant Workerdesignated Clinic is a medical facility for foreign workers. Station[LHJ4] (Exit 2 or 3. Seoul Medical Insurance 1) Medical Insurance Types and Qualifications National Health Insurance is divided into two categories: Employer -Sponsored Insurance and Community Insurance.Hours: 9:00 a.m. (1st and 3rd Sundays) . to 4:30 p.m. Living in Seoul · English Edition ·Employer -Sponsored Medical Insurance Refer to Chapter 6 : Health Medical Insurance (116p) . and general diagnosis are available. surgery. (weekdays) / 1:00 p.m. 26-6.Address: 137-22. Medical services of internal medicine. pediatrics. obstetrics and gynecology.m.m.Address: Kyungdong Church. Guro-gu. (weekdays) / 1:30 p. orthopedics.. Garibong-dong. pediatrics.m. .Website: http://mclinic. to 11:30 a. Jung-gu. 5) / Dongguk Univ.m.Hours: 2:30 p.Transportation: Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station [LHJ3] (Exit 4. 1:30 p.Hours: 9:30 a. orthopedics. oriental medicine. dentistry. to 6:00 [K] . and general diagnosis are available. offers free-of-charge medical services for foreign migrant workers residing in Korea. dermatology. to 6:00 p.m. dermatology.m.mwhospital.Website: www. Jangchung-dong 1(il)-ga. 4.m. to 3:00 p.Tel: 02. surgery. Subway Line 3) .com [K] .

Health and Welfare Notification No.12.08 Medical Services ·Community Medical Insurance Applicable Qualifications for Community Insurance ○Foreign migrant workers who are registered in accordance with Article 31 of the Immigration Law and who have the following qualifications: Code D-1 D-2 D-3 D-4 D-5 D-6 D-7 Qualification Culture & Art Education Industrial Training General Training Journalist Religion Ambassador Business Investor Trade Code E-1 E-2 E-3 E-4 E-5 E-6 E-7 E-8 E-9 E-10 Qualification Professor Conversation Instructor Research Technical Instructor Professional Art Promotion Specific Activity Training Employment Non-professional Job Visiting Sailor Code F-1 F-2 F-3 F-4 F-5 H-2 Qualification Accompanied Stay Residence Accompanied Overseas Korean Permanent Residence Visiting Employment 152 D-8 D-9 ○Persons who have reported domestic residence in accordance with Article 6 of the Act on the Immigration and Legal Status of Overseas Koreans Period of Qualification Acquisition ○Related Basis . 2008-159 (2008.Article 93 of the National Health Insurance Act.17): Health Insurance Application Standard for Long-term Stay Overseas Koreans and Foreigners ○Revision Category Applicable period for the community insured Before Revision Upon the registration of domestic residence report After Revision More than a 3-month domestic stay December 17. Article 45 of Enforcement Regulation . Article 64 of Enforcement Decree. 2008 Effective Date .

the proof of leaving and entering Korea (passport) and the details of income. the day that they entered Korea is applied. ·Foreigners: A copy of the Alien Registration Card or proof of foreigner registration. Reporting Procedure ○Overseas Koreans and foreigners who wish to acquire a community insurance qualification should submit the Community Insurance Qualification Acquisition and Change Report Form attached to each of the following documents to the National Health Insurance Corporation. But. and who will definitely stay in Korea for longer than 3 months for reasons of studying or employment. the day they have lost the qualification is applicable. ·Overseas Koreans: One copy of all documents required for the imposition of insurance payment. a copy of the domestic residence report or the proof of domestic residence report.○Initial Acquisition . such as a copy of the Domestic Residence Certificate or the proof of residential status report. ○In the case of people who have lost the qualifications due to departing Korea. ○In the case that people who have lost qualifications due to delinquent insurance payment.The day that exceeds 3 months after entering into Korea. in the case of overseas Koreans or foreigners who have not resided in Korea for more than 3 months. proof of leaving and entering Korea (passport) and a document required for each residence qualification ○Persons who are qualified by reasons of studying/employment (Entry day required) ·Studying: D2 (Study) and foreign students among overseas Koreans (Proof of student identity required only for overseas Koreans) 153 Living in Seoul · English Edition . the day that they enter into Korea is applied. proof of leaving and entering Korea (passport) and other documents needed in accordance with Regulation Table 8 depending on each residence qualification ·Koreans with Foreign Nationality: A copy of the Alien Registration Card or proof of foreigner registration.

○ Foreigners with no proven income (salary). D7~D9. so it should be easy to spot a . visit the following website or make an inquiry call. ·Other: Married immigrants(A copy of the family census register and proof of marriage is required) 2) NHIC (National Health Insurance Corporation) Branch Offices In Seoul. E] 154 Insurance Rate depending on Residence Qualification ○ Foreigner with proven income (salary). . general training (D-4). ·Employment : For Foreigners designated with the qualification D5.08 Medical Services ※ Persons who are studying in university or graduate school (University and graduate students are the same as people applicable to the community addition certificate) . accompanied (F-3).Applicable Persons · Culture & art (D-1).Tel: 1577–1000. To find the closest office. E1~E10. . ※ Household which is below the average insurance rate ⇒ Average insurance rate applied Other Medical-related Information Using pharmacies in Seoul ·In the case of Religion (D-6).kr [K. employment proof is required. Overseas Koreans (F-4).Monthly insurance rate ·Monthly income× the insurance rate applicable to employer at the time of registration. H2. . there are a total of 31 branch offices for managing the National Medical Insurance. There are many pharmacies throughout Seoul.Average insurance rate imposed · 50% discount applied to foreign students (D-2). 30% discount off insurance applied. study (D-2). and Overseas Koreans.nhic.or. 02-390-2000 (English) .Website: www.

pharmacy with the Korean sign of “약” or “ 약 국 ”in your neighborhood. Korean pharmacies sell both prescribed and over-the counter medications. Medicines that can be purchased at pharmacies without a prescription include digestives, nutrients, vitamins, aminopyrine and some cold medicines. Medication including antibiotics, hormone drugs and painkillers for serious symptoms must be purchased with a prescription. It is advised that foreigners inform their doctor and pharmacist if they have any allergies. In addition, for those who were taking prescribed medication before entering Korea, it is recommended that they bring a sufficient supply and a copy of the prescription to make it convenient to continue taking the medication.


Living in Seoul · English Edition


Medical Services

I am an immigrant who has married recently and an going through some difficulties in marriage. How can I get family counseling?
The Medical Referral Service (MRS) of Seoul Global Center will be able to refer you to medical organizations and professionals such as family counselors and psychotherapists who can speak English. Direction: Itaewon Station on Subway Line 6, Exit 3 4. Itaewon Veterinary Clinic Direction: Noksapyeong Station on Subway Line 6

Can I purchase dental insurance separately?
Tooth decay treatment is covered by the National Health Insurance. False teeth (dentures) or dental prostheses (including prosthodontic materials and dental technician fees) such as artificial teeth (implant) are considered as care payment according to the insurance payment policy, so they are not covered by insurance. No expenses related to examinations and treatments for dental prostheses and implants are covered by insurance. Recently, some private insurance companies in Korea have started to sell insurance products and detailed information is available from each insurance company.


I have a dog, but it is very sick. How can I find an animal doctor who can speak English?
In Seoul, there are several general animal hospitals equipped with the state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment, as well as private animal clinics. 1. Seoul National University Hospital for Animals Direction: Exit 3, Seoul National University Station on Subway Line 2 2. Konkuk University Veterinary Medical Hospital Direction: Konkuk University Station on Subway Line 2 3. Cheong Hwa Animal Hospital

I would like to purchase community insurance. How is the insurance rate determined? ·Residence qualification with proven income: For persons with D-3, D-5~9, E-1~10, H-2 qualification, an insurance rate equivalent to the employment insurance rate is applied. That is, (Monthly income×5.08%) + Long-term Insurance Rate 4.98%× (Monthly income × 5.08%). For persons with the same qualifications with irregular income, the average insurance rate of the previous year applicable to local Koreans is applied. For persons with D-6 (Religion) qualification, a 50% discount of the total amount calculated from community insurance is applied. ·Unproven Residence Qualification with Irregular Income: For persons with D-1~2, D-4, F-3~4 qualification, the average insurance rate of the previous year calculated from local Koreans is applied. For persons with a D-2 (Study) qualification, a 50% off discount of the total amount calculated from community insurance is applied. For overseas Koreans or foreigners with Korean nationality, an insurance rate equivalent to local Koreans is applied. However, if the calculated insurance rate is lower

than the average community insurance rate of the previous year, the average insurance rate of the previous year for locals is applied.


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Driving Driving in Seoul / Penalty points for traffic violations / Penalty points from traffic accidents Purchasing a Vehicle / Rental Cars / Motorcycles / Traffic Accidents / Q&A .

.09 Driving 160 Driving in Seoul Due to heavy traffic and a shortage of parking driving in Seoul is not easy. they should know administrative information related to driving and automobiles. Since January of 2002. As such. drivers should have a Turbine or Type 2 General Driving License. To drive in Seoul. upon expiration. are allowed to drive in Korea. However. a complex road condition can be accepted as a dynamic aspect of living in a big city once you get used to it. like other characteristics of Seoul. Korea recognizes international licenses from other nations under agreement of the Geneva Convention. 1) International driver’s licenses Korea is a party to an agreement of the Geneva Convention. To do so. drivers must get a driver’s license recognized by the Korean Government. ※ Note: Even when driving motorcycles with 49cc less capacity. the international license cannot be renewed. International licenses are valid until the date of expiration. people with international licenses. The term of validity is limited to one year and. issued by the nations under agreement of the Geneva Convention.

Bosnia-Herzegovina. Macedonia. Venezuela. San Marino. Lithuania. Namibia. Thailand. Netherlands. Jordan. Algeria. Republic of Ecuador. Iceland. Liberia.dla. Cote d’Ivoire. Denmark. Dominica. Slovakia. Sweden. Argentina. Uganda. Barbados. Tazakistan Guiana. Iran. Jordan. Canada. Hungary. Burkina Faso. Moroco. South Korea. Rwanda. Peru. Portugal. Togo. Fiji. Singapore. Slovakia. Swiss. Central African Republic. Serbia. Uzbekistan. India. Japan. Republic of South Africa. Papua New Guinea. Austria. Uruguay. Jamaica. Hungary Living in Seoul · English Edition Europe (41) Middle East. U. Ireland. Kyrgyzstan. Malta. Arab. Netherlands. Bahamas. Finland. Georgia. Greece. Turkey. Madagascar. Malaysia. Czech Republic.K. Cuba. Europe (31) Middle East.go. Luxemburg. Russia.. 161 Nations under agreement of the Vienna Convention Asia (8) Mongolia. Monaco. Kyrgyzstan. Albania. Chile. Pakistan. Bulgaria. Kuwait. Sweden. Albania. Belarus. Trinidad and Tobago. Vietnam. Bulgaria. Botswana. Lesotho. Poland. Syria. Guatemala. Norway. Niger. Denmark. Turkmenistan. Italy. U. Mali. Peru. Bangladesh. Republic of South Africa. Brazil. Egypt. Cyprus. Niger. France. Estonia. Kazakhstan. Czech. Germany. Cote d’Ivoire. Cuba. Oceania (16) Americas (16) New Zealand. Luxemburg. Malawi. Israel. Norway. Cambodia. Moldova. Sri Lanka. Belgium. Croatia. Zimbabwe. Benin. Tunisia. Belgium. Seychelles. Senegal. Philippines. Sierra Leone.A. Latvia. Israel. Italy. Serbia. Spain. Australia. Haiti.S. Republic of the Congo. Monaco. Arab. Poland. Azerbaijan. Senegal. Central African Republic. Bahrain. Republic of Congo. Georgia. Tunisia . Finland. Kingdom of Lesotho. Romania.Nations under agreement of the Geneva Convention Asia. Zimbabwe. Laos. Slovenia. Morocco. Lebanon. Russia. Austria. Africa (30) Ghana. Paraguay. Greece. Moroco. France.. Armenia. Africa (16) www.

09 Driving 162 .

Nations which recognize Korean driver’ s license Asia (23) Nepal. Barbados. Taipei. Austria. Zimbabwe. Guinea Bissau. Guinea. Samoa. U. Botswana. Tonga. Colombia. Sri Lanka. Niger. Namibia. Burkina Faso. Cambodia. Sierra Leone. the address change cannot be made at this location. Cyprus. Bhutan. U. Moldova. Rwanda.K. Mongolia.. Malaysia..000 Won ※ Foreigners can exchange their driver’s licenses for a Korean one at the Drivers’ License Agency in Seoul Global Center (3rd floor. Poland. 02-2075-4130~1) ※ Information regarding driver’s licenses can be obtained from Seoul Global Center. Ireland.dla. Guatemala. Taiwan. Morocco. Cape Verde. East Timor.E. Finland. Vietnam.Simple knowledge test (for those who have a domestic license that hasn’t been recognized): 6. Papua New . France. Japan. Myanmar. Qatar. Iceland. Liberia. Tunisia Americas (15) 163 Europe (38) Middle East (9) Africa (40) Living in Seoul · English Edition www. Uzbekistan. Haiti. Grenada. Brunei. Malawi. Nicaragua. Luxemburg. Slovakia. Indonesia. Burundi. Kuwait Ghana. Kazakhstan. Oman. Maldives. Mali. Liechtenstein. Denmark. Brazil. Hong Kong Guyana. Dominican Republic. Albania. Sudan. Germany. St. Angola. Swaziland. Lesotho. El Salvador. India. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Uruguay. Russia. Bosnia-Herzegovina. Switzerland. Central African Republic. Republic of South Africa. Afghanistan. Sao Tome and Principe. Yemen. Nigeria. Hungary Lebanon. Spain. Serbia. but the international license was not issued in Korea. Belgium.go. Chile. Eritrea. Gabon. Senegal. Madagascar.A. Portugal. Uganda. Italy. Czech Republic. Laos. Pakistan. Ethiopia. Cameroon. Jordan. Cote d’Ivoire. Turkey. Equatorial Guinea. Tel. Tanzania. Congo. Costa Rica. Press Center. For those wishing to report a change of address on their international license. Seychelles. Estonia. Gambia. Philippines. Bahrain. Greece. Ukraine. Panama Georgia. Netherlands. Algiers. Croatia. San Marino. Lucia. Canada. Democratic Republic of the Congo. Romania. Turkmenistan. Libya.

12. Detailed information about violations and fines can be obtained from the homepage of the . free-of-charge) ② Traffic safety education (1hour.09 Driving 3) Acquisition of a new driver’s license National Driver’s License Testing Agency Current (7 Steps) Revised (3 Steps) ① Aptitude Test ① Aptitude Test ② Traffic safety education (3 hrs. drivers should be familiar with the traffic regulations and follow safe driving rules.000 won) Paper and pencil test Paper and pencil test (Practice License Acquired) (Practice License Acquired) ※Conductedsimultaneously ③ Paper and pencil test ④ Required technical education(15-20 hrs) ※Conductedsimultaneously ③ Required technical education(12-15 hrs) 164 ⑤ Within-agency technical ⑤ Within-agency technical test(Practice License test(Practice License ③ Taking the within-agency Acquired) Acquired) technical test and the road ⑥ Required driving ⑥ Required driving driving test simultaneously education(10 hrs) education(15 hrs) or separately allowed ※Required technical education ④ Required driving education(10hrs) ⑤ Taking the within-agency technical test and the road driving test simultaneously or separately allowed Minimum 9 days Minimum 1 day Minimum 15 days Revised (5 Steps) and road driving education abolished ⑦ Road driving test ⑦ Road driving test Current (7 Steps) Revised (3 Steps) Current (7 Steps) ※ The revised driver’s licensing procedure is scheduled to be implemented from the first half of 2010. free-of-charge) (3 hrs.000 won) ③ Paper and pencil test ④ Required technical education (3 hrs) Driving Schools Current (7 Steps) Revised (5 Steps) ① Aptitude Test ① Aptitude Tes ② Traffic safety education ② Traffic safety education (1hour. 12. Penalty points for each violation are presented in the following table. 4) Safe driving After acquiring a driver’s license.

In particular.seoul. Gangseo. For more detailed information. please visit the website or call 1577-1120. applicants can take a technical test immediately at a driving school in order to obtain a driver’s license. go.dla. so drivers should be familiar with the laws and regulations. Driver’s License Test Center and Driving Schools Driver’ s License Test Center Nationwide.go. and Seobu. dla.go. After passing a written test. Detailed information is also available at the website (http://global. Dobong. One drawback of driving schools is that they do not have enough instructors who can speak foreign languages fluently. If you cannot find a driving school near your residence. 02-2075-4130~1) for further information. but there are some differences. In The laws and fines related to driving in Korea are similar to other countries. Seoul Global Center also provides information about test centers in Seoul. applicants can take classes at private driving schools (hakwon) in preparation for the technical Driving Schools In Korea. call Seoul Global Center (Tel. there are four test centers at Gangnam. 26 driver’s license test centers are operated by the Korean Government. 165 Living in Seoul · English Edition . drivers must pay attention to the penalty points that can lead to driver’s license cancellations or suspensions.Driver’s License Agency (www.

Driving with disturbance within vehicle 3. Refusing to appear in the summary court past 60 days from the final notice of court appearance or from the expiration date to pay the fine 4. No passing zone violation 16. Passage violation (Crossing center divider line) 4-2. Safe driving practice violations 20. No passing violation 10. Children’s school bus driver’s duty violation 11. interfering with surrounding traffic.1%) 2. Passage violation (sidewalk or pedestrian crossing invading violation) 12. Pedestrian right-of-way violation (including stop line violation) 17.05% or higher. Passenger safety violation (getting in and out of vehicles) 19. Safe driving failure (dangerous driving or speed when refusing organized or police officer’s order of 3 times) 2-4. 20-2. DUI (Driving Under the Influence) (Alcohol level 0. Failure to secure safe distance (including lane change violations) 15. Speed limit violation (20km/h over 40km/h under limit) 9. Bus only lane violation 14. Lane changing violations (changing lanes on a no-change zone) 13. Driving recorder non equipped vehicle operation violation 10-3. School bus special protection violation 15 points Fine levied 15 points Fine levied Summary court . Mobile phone usage while driving violation 10-2. Railroad crossing violation 30 points Fine levied 40 points (except accumulated points) 40 points Fine levied 110 points 110 points Criminal 90 points prosecution 166 5. Violation of signals or directions 8. Prosecution from assaulting a police officer 2-2. Not renewing an expired license for over 1 year 1-2. Driving on the shoulder of highway or bus designated/high occupancy vehicle lane 6. Failure to present driver’s license 7. Illegal parking (traffic obstruction by refusing organized or police officer’s movement order of 3 times) 2-3. Engaging in disputes or arguments on the road.09 Driving Penalty points for traffic violations 1. Speed limit violation (40km/h over limit) 4-3. less than 0.

etc) after causing an accident Delayed voluntary report (Fatal and injury accident) Voluntary report within a deadline (Fatal and injury accident) Hit-and-run after property damage 15 point 60 point Subject to criminal prosecution 90 point 15 point When the victim dies within 72 hours of the Accident Injury that requires 3 weeks or longer of treatment 5 point Injuries which need more than 5-day or less than 3-week treatment 2 point Injuries which need less than 5-day treatment 30 point Purchasing a Vehicle 1) Registration It is important to register your vehicle upon purchase. dealer.Certificate of safety test (for safety tested vehicle) ·Required Documents for Re-Registration . ·Legal Basis Article 8 of the Automobile Management Act..000. etc. Driving a brand new vehicle without registration can result in a sentence of up to 2 years prison or a fine of up to 5. are required by law to register vehicles at the purchaser’s request.Same documents as above. Article 18 of the Automobile Registration Statute.Proof of permission to drive the vehicle temporarily and temporary tag number (for those who get permission to drive) .000 won. 1~7 167 Living in Seoul · English Edition .Application for registration .Certified copy of Alien Registration Card and passport . The car manufacturer.One import declaration document or import certificate (for imported vehicle) . and Article 27 of the Automobile Registration Regulation · Information and Administration Office Si/Do or Si/Gun/Gu (City/Province or City/Township/District) ·Required Documents for Registration of New or Imported Vehicle .One vehicle certificate (for new vehicle) .One ownership certificate (for those who cannot prove ownership with document 3 or 4) .Penalty points from traffic accidents Per death Bodily damage Per serious injury Per light injury Per injury Failure to take the proper procedures (rescuing injured people.

Additionally. it is not easy to check the condition or the rights of the vehicle. such as an original copy of the vehicle registration card and a certificate of the owner’s registered seal (for an ownership transfer registration) from the individual. if a buyer purchases a vehicle directly from an individual.09 Driving defects that may occur within the period guaranteed by the dealer after purchasing the vehicle. The reason is that. (5) If a buyer purchases a used vehicle from a registered dealer. based on this record. if defects occur within 30 days from the transfer date of the vehicle or within the mileage of 2. a buyer should check whether the vehicle is under seizure due to unpaid fines or taxes concerning the vehicle to the Traffic Administration Department of the city.One certificate of cancellation . (2) Before purchasing a vehicle. a buyer must obtain documents needed for a transfer registration. a vehicle transfer registration becomes easy because the dealer does a vehicle transfer registration for the buyer or provides all related documents to the buyer. If there are unpaid vehicle taxes or fines imposed because of a violation that occurred while operating the vehicle. Because the details of a performance inspection are recorded on the performance check record.One certificate of new automobile test 2) Purchasing a used vehicle (1) Purchasing a used vehicle from an accredited used vehicle dealer is safer in case problems related to quality or property rights occur later. and it is not easy to get compensation if problems are found after purchase. if purchasing a used vehicle from an individual. a buyer can get free repairs or claim compensation for 168 . a performance check record of the respective vehicle can be requested from the dealer. a buyer can demand free repairs or claim compensation regarding the respective condition check items. (4) In the case of a used vehicle. transferring . (3) If a purchase decision is made after a performance check. it is important to check the overall performance of the vehicle via a test drive. before paying for the purchase.000km. or district (or gu) under the jurisdiction of the previous owner’s domicile. However.

If the transferor and the transferee make a direct deal. However. Article 27 Paragraph 1 of the Automobile Registration Statute.If a car dealer or car auction owner made a deal or acted on a recommendation. you can do it yourself.The vehicle must be a medium–sized vehicle. Trucks. mobile Living in Seoul · English Edition . . .One car registration (except when the previous owner applied for it for you) 169 3) Cars imported as part of moving cargo Foreigners entering Korea with the intent to reside for at least a year. 20 days for donation. and provide your name and resident registration number) If you satisfy the conditions described below. Small vehicles and sedans are ideal. 3 months for inheritance.Must be recognized by customs as part of the moving cargo . ·Legal Basis Article 12 Paragraph 1 of the Automobile Management Act. (For purchases only. and the transferor confirms at the Gu (District) office that the car has been transferred personally. then the previous owner can do the job. you should write down that the usage of the certificate is for delivery reasons.Certificate of seal impression and legal seal from previous owner. or . and Article 33 Paragraph 1 of the Automobile Registration Regulation ·Information and Administration Office Si/Do or Si/Gun/Gu (City/Province or City/Township/District) ·Required Documents for Registration Transfer of Used Vehicle . 15 days for others) or you can be fined up to 500. You must register your used vehicle within a specified period of time (15 days for purchase. you won’t need them. .One certificate of used vehicle transfer (for purchase) . or those accompanying a family member and planning a stay for at least 6 months are eligible.ownership to the name of the buyer is not possible until unpaid fines are paid in full. ·Vehicle Registration Transfer If you purchase a used vehicle from a car dealer.000 won.One certificate of presentation (for donation) . most of the time the dealer applies for the registration for you. If you don’t apply for a registration transfer.

nier. then you will need a certificate regarding the changes of the / Tel.go. according to the Transport Service Act) to certify the purposes of address alteration (contents of changed address) . 032-5607653) 4) Change of address A change of address requires an application by you to alter your . and Article 29 Paragraph 1 of the Automobile Registration Regulation ·Information and Administration Office Si/Do or Si/Gun/Gu (City/Province or City/Township/ District) ·Required Documents .kotsa.One copy of car registration . visit the Korea Transportation Safety Authority.For vehicle and emission inspection information. 1577-0990) .For more information on gas and noise emission visit the National Institute of Environmental Research.Taxes and Tariffs: 2.Two registration number plates (for changes of registration number) 170 homes and other vehicles exceeding passenger space for ten persons are prohibited from / Tel.000 won. .52%). a registration of change in the base location of use can be substituted with a report of changes to the owner’s place of sojourn. 800 cc – 2. Those who fail to register their new address within 15 days of their move (which starts from the day of the move) will be fined up to 300. ·Change of Address Article 11 of the Automobile Management Act.000 cc or more (34. . (http://tprc. .000 cc (26.24%). (www.One document (if the car is kept for business.09 Driving registration.Vehicles must have been used for at least three months prior to departure date. Article 22 Paragraph 1 of the Automobile Registration Statute. Must provide vehicle registration and insurance documents as proof.or.8%).Registered under the applicant’s own name. . 800 cc or less (18. If the registered address of the automobile owner is also the base location for use of the automobile.

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Disposable if the Vehicle Registration . if there is an inevitable reason that you cannot get a regular vehicle test during the period. However.000 won.09 Driving nationwide.Certificate of vehicle registration . ※ If using unauthorized junkyards. ·Required documents . vehicles registered in certain areas (which are specified by the law) must receive exhaust emission close inspection test. . 7) Disposal When vehicle disposal is not possible for vehicles under mortgage settlement or under seizure Vehicle owners with a proper identification card and vehicle registration card can dispose vehicles at any of the auto junkyards registered Disposable if interested parties submit a revocation certificate of and a seal impression certificate. so using registered junkyards is recommended. and penalty fine imposed on missing tests are the same as regular tests. In addition. a vehicle disposal acceptance certificate cannot be issued. you can apply for deferment of the test. The areas are designated by executive orders among areas with populations of 500.You must also present your alien registration card 172 penalty is 300. If any problems occur. a registered seal certificate of vehicle ownership is needed additionally. the liability will be on vehicle owners. After disposing of the vehicle at a registered junkyard.000 or more or the air pollution control areas.A copy of the vehicle’s original registration issued within the last three days . Vehicle disposal procedure It takes 5-10 minutes for disposing of a vehicle at a junkyard. a vehicle disposal acceptance certificate is issued.A certificate of ownership with the owner’s seal impression . The validity term and method of tests. You can get regular vehicle tests from the Road Traffic Authority or from private repair centers authorized by the Road Traffic Authority. If using a proxy (vehicle disposal agency) and not the registered junkyard.

Office submits a vehicle disposal request. but now the applications are accepted every two years on July 1. Resident prioritized parking system Resident prioritized parking areas are a system of giving parking priority to the residents of an area by marking parking blocks on roads or the land managed by public organizations.Residents who commute via a company vehicle among the residents of an area .People who want to use a parking space because their workplace is close to a respective area ·Selection criteria (1) Distance between residence and a parking block applied (2) Number of vehicles applied per household (3) Engine displacement (4) Years of residence (5) Special added points . and a criterion of assigning the highest points has been adjusted upward from less than 800cc to less than 1000cc. .Not disposable if registration details such as vehicle identification number are different from the contents on the original vehicle registration record. .Applications for the Resident Prioritized Parking used to be accepted twice a year (June 1 and December 1).The selection system assigns applicants first who obtain high total points from the five selection criteria. disabled people (Class 1-3) and residents living in front of a gate/shop are assigned first equally. The resident prioritized parking areas are managed by public agencies. to resolve a problem of excluding small vehicles which are presumably used for making a living when applying the existing ‘Vehicle Displacement’ criterion. if they applied for the same parking block.Residents who have vehicles registered in a neighboring area . Additionally. small type 3 van/ trucks (1 ton) are included by changing the ‘Vehicle Type’ criterion. ·Qualifications . The highest points are given to applicants who apply for only one vehicle. . and residents must pay certain fees. However. the residents who reside closest to the respective parking block are assigned first. and the permit period is extended 173 Living in Seoul · English Edition .In the case of applicants with the same total points.

kumhorent. However. Motorcycles 174 Rental Cars Although you may have a license. Most car rental companies offer rentals to foreigners with proper driver’s licenses. Most of the riders are students who prefer scooters for transportation and couriers who are often seen around the business districts. change is not allowed for two years. the first and most obvious . there are a few restrictions. If you’re thinking about purchasing a motorcycle. so applicants should carefully check before Kumho rent-a-car 02-1588-1230 to two years. Once an assignment is made.avis. but the majority of riders in Seoul prefer motorcycles for economic reasons and convenience. There are motorcycle enthusiasts who like to go for rides on weekends.09 Driving AVIS 1544-1600 http://www. must possess a valid passport Motorcycles are affordable and easier to maneuver around the congested streets of Seoul. (1) Drivers must be over 21 years of age (2) Must have more than 1 year’s driving experience (3) Must be a holder of a valid driver’s license (Korean or International) (4) For international driver’s license holders. you might not want to purchase a vehicle in Korea. You still might want to make good use of your license to travel around Korea or to make business trips. There are also a large number of motorcycles on the streets of Seoul. especially in the downtown area of Seoul.

In the case of foreigners who cannot speak languages assisted by the Seoul Global Center. the procedure for obtaining a license remains the same for motorcycles and automobiles. 175 1) Getting your license Those who need to obtain a Korean driver’s license or those interested in riding motorcycles with 125cc or bigger engines need to obtain a class 2 Korean license. BBB provides free-of-charge translation services in 17 languages for foreigners. it’s important to note that motorcycles with an engine size up to 125 cc do not require separate licenses. obtain auto insurance to avoid complications. If you plan on traveling long distances or to use various expressways in Seoul to commute. People wishing to use such vehicles must report the details to the mayor. without a doubt.step is to obtain a license. ·Documents to be submitted . you can start by contacting your insurance company for help. Before obtaining a license for motorcycles. ※ Two-wheeled motor vehicles of less than 50cc which are manufactured or sold from January 1. 2011 are subject to the Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. You should. Other than the age limit being 18 years or over. A regular 1 & 2 class license will allow you to drive motorcycles with smaller engines. The English-speaking employee will be able to provide fast and efficient service to ease your worries. It is also important to remember that motorcycles are not allowed on highways in Korea. Living in Seoul · English Edition . 2) Motorcycle registration (50cc or more) In Seoul. governor or head of the respective city. gun or district (gu). contact Seoul Global Center (02-2075-4130~1).One document attesting to the current address of the applicant. the Traffic Administration Office closest to your residence will process your driving test application. automobiles are better. In the case of an accident. Traffic Accidents Driving in Seoul can be difficult as there are a lot of aggressive drivers out there. contact BBB(1588-5644). If you need translation or further assistance.

imprisonment penalty of not more than two years in case of accident .35% or 0. To get back your Chinese license.000~ 1. passport. Now. and license revocation .000. 176 I would like to dispose of my vehicle.26%~0. the junkyard will tell you. When I get back my Chinese driver’s license.Blood alcohol level 0.09%: Monetary penalty of 500. required documents are air tickets or vessel tickets proving a departure plan. If you have unpaid taxes or fines. alien registration card and Korean driver’s license.Fatal Accident at Blood Alcohol Level 0. I have received a Korean driver’s license in exchange for a Chinese driver’s license.000. and 0. If no accident occurred.Refusal to Sobriety Tests: Criminal charge.000 won and a 100-day license suspension.05% blood alcohol level was detected.000 or more. the junkyard will issue a vehicle disposal acceptance certificate. and 100 penalty points imposed . You need to go to the National Driver’s License Corporation where you returned your Chinese driver’s license. Would I be punished for that? The drunk driving criteria are as follows: . That is. I went through a blood test.05%~0. After disposing of your vehicle. I need to visit China. your junkyard will provide a towing service. What procedure should I follow? To dispose of a vehicle. If you cannot move your vehicle. do I have to return my Korean driver’s license? You do not need to return your Korean driver’s license when you get back your Chinese driver’s license.05% or more: Criminal charge (imprisonment). monetary penalty corresponding to a blood alcohol level and the suspension of license will be imposed. you can get back your Chinese license and still use your Korean driver’s license during the effective period in Korea (Administrative procedure in accordance with a mutual agreement).1% or more: Monetary penalty of 1.Blood alcohol level 0. You need to apply for the cancellation of vehicle While driving drunk.09 Driving . you need to find the nearest junkyard.

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such as water skiing. However. There is a sandbank and a large colony of reeds that has been naturally formed by the deposit of earth and sand. Among the 12 Hangang Citizen Park Districts. Citizens can enjoy various water sports. 02-406-4781~2) http://dongseoultennis.seoul. ·Ttukseom District Tennis Court Ttukseom Information Center Tel: 02-3780-0521 Even before the construction of Hangang Park. ·Dong Seoul Tennis Courts (Tel.Once a Day: 3. Songpagu this spacious facility offers hourly rates as well as monthly membership rates.Operation Hours: 09:00 ~ 21:00 180 Tennis courts are plentiful in the surrounding areas of Seoul. . deposited in from the upstream of the Hangang River.Operation Days: Mon ~ Sat (Free of charge on Sunday and Holidays) . Seoul City has constructed this tennis court along Hangang River to provide sports and recreation space for [E] Located in Macheon-dong. On-site facilities include locker rooms. this district was famous as a riverside amusement [K] ·Gwangnaru District Tennis Court Gwangnaru Information Center Tel: 02-3780-0501 Located between Ganddong Bridge and Jamshil Railway Bridge. Gwangnaru Hangang Park has the most well preserved natural environment of the Hangang River. night lights and a spacious parking lot. motor boating and wind surfing. ·Hangang Citizen Park Tennis Court (Tel.000won / Monthly Pass Card: 50. ※ Parking Lot Available . Apartment residents can use tennis courts within apartment complexes. it is important to remember that some tennis courts are open to registered members only.go. 02-120 [night] 02-3780-0777) http://hangang.10Leisure Sports 1) Tennis As part of the Hangang Comprehensive Development Project. four districts operate tennis courts.000won .

Living in Seoul · English Edition . saw grasses. Doung-ri. ·Konjiam Resort San 23-1. Gwangju-si Inquiry Tel.·Ichon District Tennis Court Ichon Information Center Tel: 02-3780-0551 Ichon Hangang Park is located between Jungrangcheon Bridge and Wonhyo Bridge.konjiamresort. The most recognized and popular winter sport is skiing. A pass allows members access to both lifts and accommodation at discounted rates. E] 181 2) Skiing Korea is a mountainous country and therefore offers many mountain sports for all to enjoy. and cosmos flowers. ·Mangwon District Tennis Court Mangwon Information Center Tel : 02-3780-0601 The tennis court is located at the northern edge of the river between Wonhyo Bridge and Sungsan Bridge. (031)8026-5000 www. adjacent to Mapo-gu. [K. Citizens enjoy jogging or taking a walk along Hoanga which is beautifully decorated with seasonal plants such as reeds. The most cost efficient way to enjoy skiing is through the purchase of a season A grass field that formed along the riverside provides a wide open resting space and walking trails.

com/vp [K. Namgok-ri. C] Equipped with 9 slopes and 7 lifts ·Jisan Forest Resort San 28-1. C. intermediate. Palbong-ri. [K. E. J. [K. Hongcheon-gun Inquiry Tel. Pocheon-si [K. Sohak-ri. Namsan-myeong.elysian. Haewol-ri. Majang-myeon.10Leisure The largest ski resort in the vicinity of the metropolitan area. Dunnae-myeon. E] Equipped with 31 slopes and 15 lifts ·Hyundai Sungwoo Resort 204. C] Equipped with 13 slopes and 10 lifts ·Yongpyeong Resort 130. Namyangju-si (02)2233-5311 www. and advanced levels ·Daemyung Vivaldi Park [K] Equipped with 6 slopes ·Elysian Gangchon 29-1. Ichoen-si Tel. E.daemyungresort. (031)338-2001 www. Pyeongchang-gun Tel. Yongsan-ri.bearstown. Namyangju-si Inquiry Tel. 8 [K] Equipped with 9 slopes for beginner. Yangji-myeon. Daegwanryeongmyeon. Mukhyeon-ri. 031-644-1200 www. (033)260-2000 www. J. (031)540-5000 www.pineresort. Seo-myeon. Chuncheon-si Inquiry Tel. Hopyeong-dong. Hwado-eup. 1588-0009 www. Cheoin-gu. J] Equipped with 10 slopes (7 main slopes and 3 minor slopes) ·Star Hill Resort 548. Yongin-si Inquiry Tel. and a snow sleigh field ·Seoul Resort Located closest to Seoul ·Yangji Pine Resort 34-1. (033)434-8311 www.starhillresort. located within a 40 minutes drive from Seoul Equipped with 11 slopes and 5 lifts ·Bear Town Resort 295. Naechon-myeon.yongpyong. (031)592-9400 Equipped with 4 slopes and a snow sleigh [K. E] Equipped with 11 Hoengseong-gun 182 . Duwon-ri.

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Taekwondo has Kukiwon. but to bring them down by kicking or tripping them using the strength or weak spot of the opponent. and the only martial art which has been designated as the Important Intangible Cultural Asset No. 02-413-2707 www.) 5) Taekkyon Taekkyon is a Korean traditional martial art. E] Kukiwon is the mecca of Taekwondo training. As the “headquarters” of the [K. thirty-five minutes long. (Reservations must be made at least a day in advance.000 won per hour. ·Taekkyon Korea (World Taekkyon Headquarters) Tel. excluding Mondays.10Leisure instructors in the world.or. If Judo has its 184 ·Kukiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters) Experience Taekwondo Program Tel. 76. This program offers a basic training program. in its very birthplace. Each lesson is an hour and . selfdefense program and Gyukpa (breaking) program. the world's best come to Kukiwon to advance their skills by training with the best. The principle of the technique is not to simply wound or kill the opponent. Kukiwon offers affordable lessons on the grounds of Gyeonghuigung (Sungjungjeon courtyard) six times a week. Taekkyon strictly prohibits harming the opponent. which is designed as a onetime experience class. when they are totally different from each other. Some people tend to misconstrue that Taekkyon is an old form of Taekwondo.taekkyonkorea. or that Taekkyon and Taekwondo use similar techniques. Taekkyon is a bare-hand martial art that was developed by Korean ancestors in primitive ages. and the fee is 20.kukkiwon. might be a good idea. 02-567-4988 www.

As such. popular tourist destinations and culturally significant places as bicycle courses.9 km from Gaehwa-dong. While there are plenty of ways to get some outdoor physical activity within the city limits. thanks to which the number of health conscious Koreans has risen. The asphalt and concrete-covered roads are designated for bicycle riders and therefore riders can freely enjoy the view and ride in comfort without having to worry about the traffic.·Korea Taekkyon Federation Tel.or. riders can use the Hangang Park sports facilities. Gangdonggu. To let you in on some valuable information for in-line skating enthusiasts.6385). the busy schedules of many do not allow for much adventure. Hangang Park in Ichon District has an In-line Skating Plaza (Tel. The benefit of signing up for a longer period is a significant discount in membership fee. 02-790. Perhaps the most popular and well-paved of the group are the courses lining the grounds of the Han River. Gangseo-gu to Amsa-dong. 02-516-2707 www. The length of bicycle roads near the Han River measure Furthermore. Most fitness centers in Korea offer monthly and quarterly membership plans. Koreans work hard sweating off excess weight in light of the new “well-being” trend. 6) Jogging/ In-line Skating/ Bicycle roads 7) Fitness clubs / Swimming All parks in Seoul are great for jogging. Some offer six month plans and even annual plans.taekkyon. Some high-end 185 Living in Seoul · English Edition . fitness centers are the most viable option for busy working people.

E] A total of six outdoor swimming pools on the Hangang Park grounds are open to the public annually during the summer months in the following locations: Gwangnaru. . the Olympic Park Sports Center offers various fitness/ sports lessons. Ttukseom and Mangwon. ·Hangang Park Swimming Pool http://hangang.000won for children aged 4~12 and 5. a total of 38 types and 59 various weight and cardio machines are available along with fitness lessons and activities such as swimming. basketball. Other than weight training.seoul. [K] As a complete sports facility. badminton and kendo (Japanese fencing).kr/leports/04 _leports_01.go.html [K. Some places have hardwood yoga rooms and swimming pools and offer lessons as part of the package.10Leisure 186 fitness clubs offer golf course access and other benefits as part of a lifetime membership package.or. yoga.sosfo. Jamsil.000won for adults aged 19 and over. Facilities selling swimming goods such as goggles and bathing suits are also available. All fitness centers have lockers and shower stalls. Admission is affordable at 3. Jamwon. making it an ideal place to spend an afternoon in the sun with the family within the city limits. ·Olympic Park Sports Center www.

line 2 http://stadium.html [K] Season : December to April (University: Spring) http://stadium. baseball.go.seoul.8) Sporting season Korea is a great place to check out some professional sporting events as various pro leagues are [K] ※ Baseball Match Info.seoulworldcupst. 1644-0211 02-2240-8809 Stadium.or.seoul. The quality of games is fairly good as well. Unlike most North American or European sporting events. 187 Tel.html [K] www. There's something to enjoy during each of the four seasons as [K] Stadium.E] Season : March to October numbers to play here. Exit 1 or 2 02-2128-2000 ※ Facility Control Sports Complex 02-2202-3834 http://stadium. soccer and other professional leagues provide fun and excitement all year [K. line 2 Living in Seoul · English Edition 02-2240-8746 02-410-1114 Sports Complex Stadium. considering many foreign athletes and Korean athletes with experience abroad are increasingly recruited in large Venue Soccer Sangam World Cup Stadium Baseball Jamsil Baseball Stadium Basketball Jamsil Gymnasium Volleyball Pro Jamsil Gymnasium Olympic Gymnasium 2 Season : November to April Website Season : Mid-March to Early November www. The quality of facilities and sports in general has been improving since the '88 Olympics and 2002 World Cup.go. volleyball.go. line 2 Olympic Park. Subway Station World Cup Stadium Line 6. line 5 .sosfo. tickets to a pro sporting event in Korea are unbelievably cheap.

10Leisure 188 .

if not all. and a DVD viewing facility is available in an open space of the library where one can Living in Seoul · English Edition .kfcenter. A topic is chosen each week and films are chosen by the organizers [K] Goethe Institute Seoul (Tel. 1544-0600 www. The following is a list of theaters screening Korean films with English subtitles. E] Korean and foreign films from the past are screened on a weekly basis. 1544-8855 www. 1544-0070 www. it's a great way to catch up on some classics with friends and also take a tour of the cultural center and its events.lottecinema.or. The cultural center's library offers various books and DVDs for rental.cinus. G] This German cultural center is located within a 10 minute walk from the Namsan Hilton Hotel. 1544-1122 www. Most theaters.cgv. the popularity of their dynamic and spectacular dance movements has been noted by fans around the world. but for those interested. exit 9. CGV Tel. 189 2) Movies There are several small and large movie theaters in [K.goethe.Non-verbal Performances Those playing a significant role in heightening national prestige are bboys. there are theaters that show Korean films with English subtitles. many nonverbal performances involving bboys continue to be [K] Mega Box Tel. As b-boys have been gaining notoriety by sweeping international competitions. Korea Foundation Cultural Center (Tel. 02-3789-5600) [K] Cinus Tel. As such. The Korea Foundation Cultural Center is located near City Hall Station. Although you won't be able to view any new releases. show foreign films with Korean free of It is especially popular among foreigners because without a working knowledge of Korean. The list below shows the representative multiplex cinemas in [K] Lotte Cinema Tel. they can still easily enjoy the shows. 02-754-9831-3) [K.

4) Traditional art lessons Korean art. Templestay (Tel. calligraphy and traditional lantern making. The impressive curriculum . 02-2011-1972) www.10Leisure easily enjoy one of the films from the library's collection. There are the National Library of Korea. Korean music and traditional arts are available for foreigners to learn.3pp.templestay. and the Municipal Library in Seoul. the National Assembly Library. 02-765-3700) (Service in Samcheonggak Educational Program (Tel. As the name of the program suggests. tea ceremony. E. 190 ※ Refer to 244p of the directory to get the list of libraries. Check Samcheonggak's website for more information. includes Korean classical music. J] Samcheonggak offers one-day and extended lectures on traditional Korean art. industrial [K. citizens can get information easily and reserve books via on-line conveniently. participants will stay at a temple varying in length from overnight to ten days. E] Those interested in Buddhism should participate in a templestay in Korea. At public libraries. This is an excellent opportunity for foreigners to gain a deeper understanding of a religion deeply entrenched in Korean culture and history. Those who have interest in any of the aforementioned genres should take the time to gain a deeper understanding of Korean culture through various lessons offered in the city. traditional women's quarter's art and traditional knot-tying art among many others. tea ceremony. Various programs are available gearing around Zen meditation. 3) Bookstores / Libraries Each district of Seoul City is operating public [K.

Tel. 02-777-6090 www. Seoul Tel. Jongno-gu. Yeouido-dong.seoulfringefestival. Jung-gu. 5-1.royalguard.seoulfringefestival. J. 02-2171-2592 www. The following is a list of festivals in Seoul. www.ydp. Taepyeong-ro 1(il)-ga. Jongno 2-ga. The entire area of Hongdae University. 02-325-8150 5) Festivals in Seoul Seoul City Tour Bus 63-1.) Seoul Fringe Festival www.go. .com Hangang Yeouido Spring Flower Festival The entire area of [K. Seoul Tel. =E070030020 Living in Seoul · English Edition Regular Striking Event at Bosingak Bell Jonggak. French. Yeongdeungpo-gu. Jung-gu.Japanese. 02-2670-3114 www. Seoul 191 Seoul is a city that's hopping yearround with festivities. and English is available. Chinese. Seoul Tel. E. C] Royal Palace Gate Guard Change Ceremony (Deuksugung Palace Gate Guard Change Ceremony) Deuksugung Palace.visitseoul. 02-731-0532 www.seoulcitybus.

kr/jsp/experienc e0401. Jongno-gu. Seoul Unhyeongung Palace. Seoul . Yongmun-dong. Gangdong-gu.go. 02-790-1891 192 Unhyeongung Palace’s Auspicious Ceremony for King Gojong and Empress Myeongseong Crossing Hangang River Experience Program 30. Ichon-dong. 02-766-9090 Great Sacred Hall of Chun Period Great sacred Hall of Sungkyunkwan. Jongno-gu. Seoul Tel. 02-210-1234 http://culture. Seoul Tel. Munhak Jipgil. Seogyo-dong.yongsan. Seoul Tel.10Leisure Lighting Beacon Fire Ceremony of Namsan Mountain Mound 11-1.Unhyeongung. Seoul Tel.seoul. Unnidong.skkok. Sachon 5(o)-gil.jsp Great Ritual for General Nam-I 107. 53. Yejang-dong. Yongsan-gu. Mapo-gu.asp Gandong Prehistoric Culture Festival Seoul Wow Book Festival 411-19. Yongsan-gu. Prehistoric Residential Site.go. 02-760-1472 www. Myeongnyun-dong 3(sam)-ga. Amsadong. 114-10. 02-336-1584~5 www. 02-710-3320~4 www.user. Seoul Tel.

bulnori. Yeongdeongpo-gu. 02-480-1410 http://culture.jongmyo. 02-762-4868 http://cgg. Jongno-gu.) 2010. Jayang 3(sam)-dong. Banpo. Seoul Dream Festival Special Stage of Seoul Forest. Seoul Tel.2010. Jongno-gu.Tel. Jung-gu. The whole area of Seoul.go. Nanji) and Gwanghwamun Royal Ancestral Rite and Royal Procession 1. Seoul Tel.hiseoulfest. 02-765-2124 www. Seoul (Hangang Citizen Park Yeouido District) Hi Seoul Festival 2010 May 1 (Sat. Seoul Living in Seoul · English Edition . Waryong-dong. 02-2266-6923 The 50th Birthday Feast for King Yeongjo 2-1.go. Yeouido-dong. Namsangol Hanok Village Seoul Dano Festival 84-1.seoul. 02-757-2121 www. including Hangang Park (Yeoui. Seoul Tel. 02-729-1728 www. Tel : 02-3290-7154 www. Pil-dong 2(i)-ga.) ~ May 9 ( 193 Seoul World Fireworks Festival 43. Hunjeong-dong.go.gangdong.cha.

plays an important role in many Seoul 194 National Museum of Korea (Tel.llf. it plays the central role of all things including economics and culture. J. Sajik-dong.or. www.rfo. E. The National Museum of Korea is appreciated by visitors and residents alike because of its extensive collection of artifacts from ancient to modern times. 02-765-2124 www.visitseoul. Furthermore. at Yongsan-dong. Tourist information on destinations in downtown Seoul as well as its surrounding areas can be found on the official tourism website. makes it easy for any Seoulite to easily access the museum. 02-2077-9000) www. the heart and soul of Korea.10Leisure Lantern Festival Bongchuk Committee population is concentrated in Seoul J. Jongno-gu. E. Check their Seoul Travel The capital city. C] The location. as such. various special exhibitions and performances are always in store. C]. Sajikdaeje Ritual [ [K. Gyeonji-dong. Approximately a quarter of the entire Korean .go. Jongno-gu. 02-2011-1744~7 www. Seoul Tel.

nfm. C] Located in Seosomun-dong. C] The National Folk Museum is located on the Gyeongbokgung grounds in [K. It is also operating the Nanji Creation Studio as part of the Author Resident Program. and offers various publication activities and author-assistance programs. E. Seoul Museum of Art (Tel. In addition.seoul. On the first for ongoing and upcoming events/ exhibitions. Seoul Museum of Art systematically collects and preserves art works. 02-120) www.seoul. J. On the third floor. collect and exhibit aspects of traditional Korean culture. C] The museum is located within the premises of Gyeonghuigung Palace of Jongno-gu. and holds various exhibitions and educational lectures for the general public. 195 Seoul Museum of History (Tel. and the Museum Shop.go. there is an exhibition about Seoul. the museum conducts research and investigations for the development of contemporary art. National Folk Museum (Tel. Seoul Museum of Art is operating the Nam Seoul main building and its annex located at Sadang-dong and the Annex of Gyeonghuigung [K. It was established to contribute to the development of art culture. the Donated Artifact Exhibition Hall.go. The visit to the folk museum is a nice way to finish the tour after your stroll around the palace grounds. there are the Exhibition Planning Office. The main purpose of the museum is to research. Living in Seoul · English Edition . The beautiful landscape architecture provides a nice place for a stroll. J. E. 02-3704-3114) [K. J. E. 02-723-0455)

go.seoul. 02-3700-3900 www.cdg. the noisy downtown area of its surroundings. You will notice the tranquility and serenity in contrast to (Tel. It is a place where the ancestors of the royal families are enshrined. J] The city that is now Seoul. The effects of exhibition are increased using various tools. touring the four royal palaces is a great way to discover the history of Seoul. and the Development of 02-762-4868 http://jm.go. In addition. Namsan is now . it was given its name.royalpalace. 02-3783-5900) http://parks. Jongmyo is another site worth visiting. The Culture of Seoulites. the Life of Seoul People.go.deoksugung. E. such as actual artifacts.10Leisure which is displayed according to four [K. Since they are all located north of the Hangang River (Gangbuk) and in relatively close proximity to each other. such as Old Seoul. during the Joseon Dynasty was north of the river and since Namsan (South Mountain) was located south of the city. Changgyeonggung and Deoksugung are major royal palaces from the Joseon era. models. City 02-771-9951 02-765-0195 Changdeokgung Deoksugung Changgyeonggung Jongmyo 196 Namsan Park Major Royal Palaces Gyeongbokgung. and dioramic 02-762-8261 www. C.cha.cha. Changdeokgung. As the city began to grow over time into areas south of the river. Gwanghwamun and Insa-dong are all nearby which provide tourists with easy access and plenty of activities before or after the tour of the palaces.go. the museum is operating an information search corner for visitors to see the contents of exhibition comprehensively via the touch museum and multi-media which provide information by utilizing videos and experience space where visitors can operate old tools.go. Gyeongbokgung www.

the park achieves harmony between both nature and man-made space. such as : Changnyeong Wigung Living in Seoul · English Edition . Namsan Hanok Village. The area is divided between Peace Park. a walkway and National Theater are just a few of the attractions clustered on the grounds of Namsan. the Seoul Dream Forest offers residents of Seoul a place to enjoy a break with forest walk pathways and various other entertainment facilities. commuters trying to beat the chaos of rush (K. and Nanjicheon Park. E. water skiing and other water activities make it a great place to enjoy summer days. Sky Park.471.associated with the central region of the city. Seoul City has been hard at work to utilize the Han River to its fullest potential. Hangang Park runs along the river and ferries. the high water volume and the width of the river crossing the central area of Seoul is quite impressive. the Byeok-oh Mountain. N Seoul Tower. World Cup Park Tel: 02-300-5500 [K] Hangang is often the first notable landmark in Seoul that visitors will notice.090㎡ of land was transformed into a largescale ecological park to create the space.seoul. J) Located on the west side of Seoul.seoul. 02-120 [Day]/ 02-3780-0777 [Night]) http://hangang. Noeul Park.go. Located near several branches of the Hangang River. It is recommended that visitors take the cable car from Myeongdong up to the Namsan area. C. Nanjido Landfill was transformed for the 2002 World Cup and to commemorate a new millennium. As a river that stretches from East to West.go. 3.go. Their latest plan involves affordable water taxis that provide a solution for the busy Seoul Dream Forest Park Tel: 02-2289-4001~5 http://dreamforest. Hangang Park 197 ( (K) Containing one of the most beautiful views in northern Seoul.

Wolyeongji Pond. the site of Mongchon Fortress.23” and the Waterways of (K) Gwanghwamun Plaza opened on August 1. and later used for both racecourse and golf facilities.or. became Seoul’s first water purification plant in 1908. it has been transformed into a park with a dense canopy of trees and a lake. The trails at Olympic Park are particularly beautiful. and connects the area to the nearby Choeonggyecheon Stream. Now.sosfo. located on the old site of the Street of the Six Ministries or Yukjogeori. Gwanghwamun Plaza Olympic Park Tel: 02-410-1111 www. citizens can breathe the invigorating fresh air offered by nature. The square is 34m wide and 740m long and features statues of King Sejong. The square also contains the “Fountain 12. Admiral Yi Sun-shin. creates an urban plaza. as well as various cultural exhibitions for citizens to enjoy. where . a plaza.200. 2009. reproduces the image of the old Street of the Six Ministries. The square serves many functions: restores the history of Gwanghwamun. a large public plaza. and Seoul’s mascot the Haechi. an ancestral shrine. C.seoul.or. and the Dream Forest Art gallery and Art Center.000㎡ The area that was once a royal hunting forest. as it is one of the five great sculpture parks in the world. a mythical character of Korean E. According to seasons. J) Seoul Forest is a nature park located in Seongsu-dong and covers an area of 1. Various leisure facilities such as the Seoul Olympics Museum of Art. and various Olympic stadiums now surround the fortress walls. the Mongcho Fortress History Museum.go. gardens. Tel: 02-120 http://plaza. provides a space for citizens to participate in (K. this park was created in order to commemorate the 1988 Olympics held in Seoul. The site was restored thanks to the Mongcho Fortress Restoration Project.10Leisure Jaesa. Once a 16 lane thoroughfare. Gwanghwamun Square is located in the midst of a ten lane boulevard and is now a space for citizens to take a break and relax. 198 Seoul Forest Tel: 02-460-2905 http://parks. E) Originally. serves as a representative square of Korea. there is also a flower carpet or ice skating rink.sisul.

The museum is located near Exit 8 of Jamsil Station of Subway Line [ [K. 199 Living in Seoul · English Edition Samsung Children’s Museum ( use (K) The area where Seoul Plaza is located in front of City Hall was originally a traffic square. a plan was made to renovate the area and remove the roads. all the information is provided only in Korean. Sharks attract the most attention.seoul. leisure. after the end of the World Cup in 2002. cater to children under 12 years of age. but was widely used as a space for various meetings. Due to that.coexaqua. 02-6002-6200) www.2. so foreign children can enjoy experiences without any difficulties. demonstrations and events during the June 10th Student Uprising in 1987 and again during the 2002 FIFA World Cup. All information is provided in Korean. so it provides various experiences for children. and art events. Regretfully. it is not easy to find. and follow the signs in COEX. To get to the aquarium. E] This museum was constructed to . E] There are a total of 500 species of marine organisms in 6 halls organized by theme. However. 02-2143-3600) http://kids. COEX Aquarium (Tel. but many exhibitions are for direct experiences. 5 or 6 of Samseong Station of Subway Line 2.Seoul Plaza Tel: 02-120 http://plaza. Seoul Plaza reopened in May 2004 to provide a space for various cultural. so the telephone number of the museum may be useful to note.samsungfoundation.

providing great places to rest your feet. Korea is the place to be. Various areas offer something distinctly unique. . It's home to a number of shops and boutiques that offer hip and trendy threads at affordable prices. line 7. accessories and shoes at discounted prices in search of a gem. Apgujeong-dong An excellent place to view Korea’s leading fashion. Directions: Apgujeong Station. Apgujeong offers luxury brand shops. Galleria Department Store opposite Rodeo Street contains some of the priciest goods around. Try to visit some of the nice shops and boutiques on the street that leads to Cheongdam Station. and provide differentiated services depending on the grade of membership. popular overseas brand shops and even used luxury goods shops. exit 2 and walk up straight in the opposite direction of the exit. There are some nice cozy coffee shops along the way.10Leisure Shopping 1) Department stores Contain brand-name goods and are a great way to shop since all the necessary goods are gathered in one place for your shopping convenience. so it's fun to pick and choose an area and start shopping. Introduce various cultural content by operating the cultural center. Milliore and Avatar are large shopping malls that can provide shoppers with hours 2) Street shopping If you're the type of person who gets a kick out of wandering the hectic streets full of vendors offering clothes. 200 Myeong-dong This area has become a mainstay on the list of tourist destinations. line 3.

201 Itaewon This is the most multicultural place in the country. line 6 and any exit will lead you to the streets of Itaewon. line 4. there’s more to Itaewon than great food. The underground walkway is connected to Euljiro 1(il)-ga Station. walk straight until you reach Tapgol Park and then make a left. line 3. Replica jersey shops are clustered near exit 4.of fun. Directions: Take Itaewon Station. Insadong If you are in search of traditional items. Directions: Take Gyeongbokgung Station. Samcheong-dong The area running parallel and to the rear of Gyeongbokgung is known as Samcheong-dong. line 2. From Jonggak Station. exit 6 and walk down until you Living in Seoul · English Edition . Koreans also frequent this area in search of antique goods and traditional tea shops. Make a left and you are now on Insa-dong Cultural Street. Insadong is the place for you! Neckties with traditional patterns. exits 6. you are way off! Modern and hip fashion designers with their own unique styles can be found here. reach Crown Bakery. which leads to Jongno 2(i)-ga rotary. Itaewon offers some of the best authentic ethnic food in Seoul. line 1. 7 will lead you to the busy streets of Myeong-dong. modernized hanbok sewn from the national flag. Directions: Myeongdong Station. line 3. If you think this area is full of traditional garments and clothes. Guys come from all over the city to this interesting and unique neighborhood. exit 3. Insadong has anything and everything related to the country and its traditions. However. It offers Korean antiques and sports uniforms at low prices. especially for the customized jerseys. exit 5 and follow the palace stonewall until you reach a street of shops and restaurants. Directions: Take Anguk Station.

a large fashion shopping mall offers options for young. and Garden5 Tool. The same can't be said for Dongdaemun market. line 1. trendy shoppers. 02-991-7718) www. multiplex cinemas. Nowadays. shopping centers contain hundreds of booths per floor. it is a world-renowned .com Garden5 is a one-stop cultural special [K] A wholesale market containing traditional hanbok. Dongdaemun is known as the place to shop for trendy clothes at affordable rates. where a total of 6.000 stores. 202 Dongdaemun Market (Tel. Migliore and other buildings/ Kwangjang Market (Tel. The specialized shopping area has a total of 8. Namdaemun has retained most of its original looks throughout the years. basic industrial material sales facilities. 02-2262-0114) www. line 4. and it is divided into three blocks: Garden5 Life. The building is divided into three categories: specialized shopping area. Cheongdaemun. and revitalization complex.kwangjangmarket. Located near Hoehyeon Station. Garden5 ( [K] When it was established in the early 20th century. and assistance J] Also known as Dokkebi Market (goblin market). are located.300 stores. Another part of the market contains imported A dizzying array of booths offering various selections is available. exhibition halls. bookstores.dongdaemunsc. fruits and other goods. and Dongdaemun Stadium Station. line 2. including extra-large shopping malls. logistics facilities. the market was a traditional outdoor market containing fish. Taking a cue from the modern Dongdaemun [K. Doota. 02-2267-0291~2) www. modern wares and well as fabrics. but these buildings contain high-tech electronics at unbeatable prices. logistics complex.indm. The shabby and rundown looking buildings might deter you from venturing in. 02-2047-4019) www.10Leisure 3) Markets Namdaemun Market (Tel. Located near Dongdaemun Station. spa facilities. Mesa.garden5. E. production facilities. Garden5 Works.

whatever it may be.wholesale market and very popular amongst visitors. and repair and rental shops. saxophones and drum sets among Jongno 5(o)-ga Station. 02-814-2211~2) www. Euljiro 4(sa)ga Station. Visitors can buy fresh seafood and also enjoy a dish of raw fish served up fresh on the spot. pianos. line 2. Nakwon Arcade (Tel. Take Jongno 3(sam)-ga Station. Noryangjin Station. Living in Seoul · English Edition The biggest fisheries wholesale market in Korea. It is not merely a wholesale market. exit 5 and walk in the direction of SC First [K] If you want to make something.susansijang. a trip inside will reveal a world of guitars.bangsanmarket. This market offers everything from wrapping paper to kitchen utensils and design supplies among others. line [K] Nakwon Arcade is home to various shops selling musical [K] 203 Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market (Tel.enakwon. amps. you should take a trip to Bangsan Market. Bangsan Market (Tel. line 1. this is a great place to start. line 5. If you're interested in purchasing a traditional Korean costume. brought to this market and distributed after fierce biddings during the early hours of the day. 02-742-4020) www. You can also find used instruments. Located near Insa-dong. 02-2266-8765) www. Various marine products from all over the country are .

10Leisure 204 .

afc-online. E] Club Italia members gather every Sunday at the Franciscan School. This club maintains close ties and provides aid to newcomers through a monthly Coffee Morning [C]. ocwckr@hotmail.britishseoul. Overseas Chinese Women's Club (OCWC) (http://ocwckr. Coffee Morning meetings are held in homes of members on a rotating basis. Korea Contract Bridge League www. 205 German Club www. The club consists of Chinese with various nationalities such as American.deutscherclubseoul. Australian and New Zealand Association of Korea (ANZA) www. British Association of Seoul (BASS) www.spaces.kcbl. [F] A club open to all French Overseas Chinese Women’s Club is a Chinese Women’s association with a 20-year history. This club is Hosts monthly Coffee Morning meetings as well as trips and events throughout the year. They host annual events and members are issued Le Petit Echotier free of [E] Primarily for American [E] Membership is open to both males and females and monthly meetings are held at the Seoul Club. associate memberships are given to those of other nationalities. and Hong Kong.SIWA is known for their annual charity/ fundraising events. Hosts various events throughout the year including the Melbourne Cup Ball. [ [E] Hosts a monthly Coffee Morning meetings at the Hyatt Hotel.php [K] A club formed to join Koreans and foreigners interested in playing bridge together. 02-749-3554) http://awckorea. Foreigners who can speak Chinese can join the club. Living in Seoul · English Edition Association des Francophones de Coree (AFC) located at Hannam-dong. Club Italia www. American Women's Club (AWC) (Tel.

seoul.10Leisure not limited to Italians and all those interested are welcome to join.seoul. E. 02-2075-4130~1) http://global. 02-776-8473) http://volunteer. [K. F] Seoul Global Center is recruiting Korean and foreigner volunteers. The love and understanding shared between people regardless of race and nationality can lead to development of truly special 2) Volunteer work Volunteer work is the best way and the quickest way to understand and love Korea. Seoul Volunteer Center (Tel. .go. 206 Seoul Global Center (Tel. J.go. It is running activities via various social activities and cultural exchange programs in order to provide volunteer work and to increase the interest and understanding of different cultures for foreigners and Koreans.

hiking. scuba diving.go. However. and dance. basketball. 207 Are there any volunteer activities that foreigners can participate in? If for non-profit purpose. fencing. There are other organizations. paragliding. hockey. citizens are not allowed to have pet animals at apartment buildings or multi-family housing without the approval of the housing management. and knitting are also available. http://www. as many households keep pet animals at home. foreigners can participate in volunteer activities. so the quality of service or any problems that may occur from using this information are not the responsibility of the information provider. The following information was obtained via Internet and Seoul City Volunteer Center (http:// and other non-profit organizations that need the volunteer work of foreigners. Korea Green Foundation (www.halloween. In addition.seoul. There are Seoul Global Center (http://global. racing. together with local residents. such as Korea Animal Welfare Association (http:// I would like to have pet dogs or cats. often visit nursing homes and child centers as part of volunteer work. such as beat box.go. Living in Seoul · English Edition . Seoul Global Center can search related information for Are there any administrative reporting procedures I should follow? Legally. More varied club activities with local http://www.Are there any stores where I can rent Halloween costumes? The following Internet sites rent party supplies or costumes for special the Global Village Center.hicharacter. people do not raise an in which you can www. How can I find clubs where I can share hobbies? There are various clubs organized by foreigners for various activities such as http://www.

000 won. you will be fined 50. When pet animals leave your neighborhood. Upon violation. When you walk your pet. you are required to inoculate your animal regularly. To prevent infectious disease. and contact numbers. address. 208 . and bringing a tool to be able to pick up the excrement of your animal immediately. which contains your name.000~300. Upon violation.000 won.000 ~ 150. you are required to take safety precautions such as using a leash for your pet. you will be fined 100. you are required to attach an identification tag.10Leisure but you need to be careful so that animals may not threaten neighbors or make them uncomfortable. to your pet.

Administration International Marriage / International Divorce / Birth Report Death Report / Seal Registration / Q&A .

For an international marriage to be legally and validly established in the Republic of Korea.Koreans The Korean spouse does not lose Korean nationality. . so that such fact will be recorded in the family relation register. the same laws of the couple’s respective countries. unless otherwise specified in the Private International Law. and report their marriage to the relevant authorities. ※ The place of habitual residence: A location where a life is sustained for a certain period of time in actuality 1) Nationality after an international marriage ·Marriage between Koreans and Foreigners . After residing in Korea for a specified period of time and having certain qualifications.11 Administration International Marriage International marriage refers to a marital relationship between a man and a woman of different nationalities. both parties must satisfy the requirements of marriage set forth by their respective countries of nationality. the same law of habitual residence of the couple. A residential (F-2) visa will be issued to the foreign spouse. a naturalization qualification will be provided. The acquisition of foreign spouse’s nationality will be determined in accordance with the law of the respective nation. 210 ·Marriage between foreigners Nationality will be determined in accordance with the law of the respective country. .Foreigners A foreign spouse who is married to a Korean spouse cannot obtain Korean nationality immediately. Regarding a legal relationship after marriage. and the law of the location closest to the couple will be applied in principle in due order.

a fine of 50. Copy of Passport.Detailed information can be obtained from the respective embassy or consulate. ※ Marriage should be reported to a respective government office (district office) of Korea as well as to a respective government office (embassy) of a foreign spouse’s nation. an original and a translated copy of nonmarriage certificate) 2. When reporting to Korea first 211 1. ※ If not reported within three months without justifiable reason. Marriage Report Form (Signatures of the respective parties of marriage and two adult witnesses) 4. Identification Card. Identification cards of the respective parties of marriage in attendance ※ A method of reporting to the nation where a foreign spouse belongs can checked at the respective embassy or consulate. Identification Card.000 won or less will be imposed. In the case of a Chinese national. Foreign spouse’s original and translated affidavit of eligibility for marriage (cf. Certificate of Marriage (A registered certificate issued by an organization with the authority of the nation which carries out the marriage. Birth Certificate. Marriage Report Form (Signatures of the respective parties of Living in Seoul · English Edition . A notarized document proving the nationality of a foreign spouse (Family Relation Register. etc) 3. A notarized nationality certificate of the respective foreign party (Family Relation Register. marriage and two adult witnesses) 4. The identification cards of the respective parties of marriage required. Procedure of marriage report Reporting a marriage between a Korean spouse and a foreign spouse ·Marriage report method Korean government office (district office) When reporting to a foreign country first 1. Copy of Passport. Birth Certificate. etc) 3. and a translated copy of the certificate) 2.

marriage between people with different nationalities should compare the laws of the respective nations. An international divorce is granted either by an agreement between the respective spouses or upon a court decision. and a divorce between Koreans in a foreign country. 212 International Divorce International divorce refers to a divorce which has a foreign element. However. a divorce between foreigners in Korea. In general. such as a divorce between a Korean and a foreigner in Korea. the Private International Law states that if a party of a divorce is a Korean national with a habitual residence in Korea. a divorce by agreement can be reported in accordance with the Korean law. a divorce by agreement will be granted. In addition. Accordingly. 2) International divorce upon court decision A divorce decision by the foreign court is also effective in Korea under . a divorce between a Korean and a foreigner in a foreign country. and it must be applied in order. In that case. 1) International divorce by agreement The Private International Law indicates that ① the same law of the couple’s respective country. ② the same law of habitual residence of the couple. the Korean Law should be applied. and the law of the location closest to the couple. if there is a consent divorce system in a respective country. ③ the law of the location closest to the couple is the law applicable to divorce. the nation of the husband is applied.11 Administration ·Reporting marriage between two foreigners A marriage between foreigners with the same nationality should follow the laws of the nation of the respective parties. Detailed information can be checked at the embassy or consulate of the respective nation.

A mutual guarantee must exist ※ Detailed information can be received via a free legal consultation offered by the Global Center. (Tel: 02-2075-4130~1) Birth Report 213 For children of foreigners who are born in Korea. a birth certificate Living in Seoul · English Edition . Accordingly. ○ Article 217 of the Civil Procedure Act (The Effectiveness of Foreign Judgment) The confirmation judgment by the foreign court is effective when satisfying the conditions of each item: 1. a certificate of divorce decision and a certificate of confirmation as well as a translated copy of each certificate must be attached. If a defendant who lost a case has received a letter of summons or an equivalent letter and a notice of date or an order in accordance with a legitimate method at reasonably enough time needed for defense (excluding cases by delivery of public notice or by other similar delivery methods). alien registration cards of parents. or has responded to a legal action even if a letter of summon was not received 3. the parents must submit a birth certificate to the respective embassy.a condition specified by Article 217 of the Civil Procedure Law. when reporting a divorce upon a divorce judgment by foreign law. When applying for a visa. A passport must be obtained for the children after birth. The judgment must be recognized by the International Court Jurisdiction of the respective foreign court according to the principle of the International Court jurisdiction in accordance with the law or treaty of Korea 2. and an application for a visa must be submitted to the immigration office within 30 days after birth. Recognizing the effectiveness of the decision must not violate well- intended customs or other social orders of Korea 4.

Seal Registration Death Report Upon the death of a registered foreigner. the original copies of a death report. 214 1) What is a registered seal? A registered seal (or Eengam in Korean) is a special seal registered beforehand to an administrative office to use for checking the integrity of a respective party. assignment of right. In Korea. a registered seal is required for legal affairs such as a property right when contracting real estate. contact the Seoul Global Center (02-2075-4130~1). required documents may vary). or an autopsy report. person specified by Clause 1 of Article 89 of the Immigration Law. For detailed information.000 won are needed (Depending on the visa. When cremating the body. and other documents proving report of death attached to the deceaseds alien registration card. an autopsy report. contact must be made with the respective embassy. parents. and a death confirmation certificate are needed. Detailed information can be obtained by calling 1345 at the Call Center for providing comprehensive information to foreigners. photos (2 copies). a respective spouse.11 Administration issued by the respective embassy. . When transporting the body to the respective nation. or the owner or manager of the building or land where the death occurred must submit a death report to the immigration office or a branch immigration office under the jurisdiction of the residence along with a medical report. and a fee of 50. Foreigners who have an alien registration card can get a certificate of a registered seal after registering a seal in accordance with the Immigration Law. or lawsuit. within 14 days from knowing of the death or within 30 days from the date of death.

When applying for the issuance via proxy: An identification card of the respective person (Alien Registration Card or Resident Registration Card). passport. the certificate of the registered seal cannot be issued.2) Registration of Seal ·New registration When registering a seal for the first time. the English name on the alien registration card is used. After extending the duration of stay. and an identification card of the proxy are required. passport. If it is difficult to include full name. Overseas Koreans with a resident registration card (permanent resident) must go to the dong office of the domicile. registered seal. passport and seal to be registered. power of attorney with the registered seal. the respective person must personally go to the concerning district office (which has jurisdiction over the alien registration card) with his/her alien registration card. When making a registered seal. a Korean seal is acceptable. If the duration of stay on the identification card has expired. and a registered seal are needed. . The size of the seal must not exceed 7mm wide and 30mm long. ·Application for the issuance of a registered seal certificate . 215 Living in Seoul · English Edition . the last name must be included. and the first name can be abbreviated.When applying for the issuance in person: An identification card of the applicant (Alien Registration Card or Resident Registration Card). the certificate can be issued. However.

If a marriage was held after February 1. 1956 and January 31. Two witnesses must be present). What procedures should I take when reporting the birth? You must obtain a birth certificate from the hospital and . the English names. I would like to know about divorce procedures in Korea. Family Relation Register. Korean Copies). When filling out the application form. three copies of Divorce Application Form (Obtainable at a district office or court. 216 I am American and my wife is from Thailand. the civil service offices of a city. the courts will issue a certificate 1-3 weeks later. 1995. We want to divorce in Korea. and gave birth to a child in Korea. Alien Registration Card.11 Administration How can I get an international marriage certificate? Depending on the time of a marriage. In the case of an agreement divorce. If a marriage was held between January 1. the case can be processed only by the Seoul Family Court. or district issues an international marriage certificate. filed an agreement divorce in person at the court. 1995. an administrative government agency is determined. the divorce is reported. gun. If respective parties I am Irish. birthdates. If foreign couples want to divorce in Korea. an attorney must be appointed. Agreement Divorce Application Form (obtainable at the court). When submitting the certificate to a district office. Copy of a document proving foreign residence (A copy of the resident registration) If a divorce agreement has not been made. The following documents must be submitted to a district office: Required Documents Passport. the Seoul City Dasan Plaza issues the international marriage certificate. Marriage Certificate (English. please visit the Seoul Family Court (02-530-2475). and marriage report date of the groom and bride at the time of the marriage report must be used. Seoul Global Center or the Korea Legal Aid Corporation provides legal consultation services free-of-charge.

you should apply for a visa and an alien registration card for the baby within 30 days of birth. After obtaining the passport. you must contact the respective embassy with a death certificate issued by the hospital. 217 Living in Seoul · English Edition .report the birth to your embassy. My husband of American nationality passed away two weeks ago. The embassy will provide information regarding companies that can perform a funeral or transport the body to the respective country. After reporting the birth. Can I report the death and hold an American style funeral in Korea? Upon death. you must obtain a passport for the baby.


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Yongsan-gu. 5 (02-797-5560) 02-2170-5200 (02-734-4528) 02-379-9714. 4 (02-796-1771) 02-794-6482. Jongno Tower Bldg. Janggyo-dong 1(il)-ga. Dongbinggo-dong. Seoul 4F. Hannam 1(il)-dong. Yongsan-gu. 738-20. Seoul 657-9. Jongno-gu. Hannam-dong. Cheonggye 11 Bidg. 730..Public Offices Governmental Institutions 222 Country France Gabon Germany Ghana Greece Guatemala Holy See Republic of Honduras Hungary India Indonesia Iran Ireland Israel Italy Japan Kazakhstan Kuwait Laos Lebanon Libya Malaysia Mexico Mongolia Morocco Address 30. Jung-gu. Gungjeong-dong. Jongno-gu. Seoul 22F. Seoul 4-1. Seoul 33-6. Jongno 2(i)-ga. Yongsan-gu. Jongno-gu. 1. Seodaemun-gu. 2 (02-780-4280) 02-793-7751~3 (02-792-7052. Yongsan-gu. Lotte Hotel. Leema Bidg. Yongsan-gu. Hannam Tower. 9 (02-749-3687) 02-796-1713. Seoul 4F. 4 (02-794-6485) 02-797-6001~3 (02-797-6007) 02-795-9203 (02-794-5480) 02-798-1694 (02-790-0939) 02-798-3464 (02-794-7605) 02-793-6249 (02-792-8178) . Seoul 1-398. Hannam-dong. Seoul 2. Sogong-dong. Yeouido-dong. Yongsan-gu. Seoul 1-103. Seoul 13F. Yeongdeungpo-gu. Seoul 308-5.. Jung-gu. Yongsan-gu. Seoul 27F. Soosong-dong. Hannam-dong. Yongsan-gu. Yongsan-gu. Yongsan-gu. Yongsan-gu. Yongsan-gu. Seoul 310-49. Seoul 309-15.. Dongbinggo-dong.3) 02-774-6455. Seoul 18-11.. Seoul 310-22. Dongbinggo-dong. 02-730-8403 (02-738-8403) 02-792-2103. Hannam-dong. Hannam-dong. Seoul 55. 5 (02-792-2109) 02-798-4257 (02-796-9534) 02-783-5675. 7. Yongsan-gu. Hannam 1(il)-dong. Yongsan Bidg. Hanhwa Bidg. Seoul 5-4. Hannam-dong. Seoul 210-71. (Fax) 02-3149-4300 (02-3149-4310) 02-793-9575. Seoul Tel. Seoul 33-5. Jongno-gu. 02-394-9716 (02-395-9766) 02-749-3688. Dongbinggo-dong. Seoul 18F. Seoul 614. Hannam-dong. Jongno-gu. Yongsan-gu. Seoul 274-5. 149.. Itaewon-dong. 6 (02-793-9574) 02-748-4114 (02-748-4161) 02-3785-1427 (02-3785-1428) 02-729-1400~1 (02-729-1402) 02-771-7582~3 (02-771-7584) 02-736-5725 (02-736-5738) 02-738-8402. Seorin-dong. Yongsan-gu. Junghak-dong. 7 (02-774-6458) 02-3210-8500 (02-3210-8555) 02-796-0491. Yongsan-gu. Hannam-dong. Seoul 37-3. 02-783-5371. Dongbinggo-dong. Hap-dong.

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General hospitals that have international clinics or clinics dedicated to foreigners

135-710, Ilwon-dong, Gangnam-gu

Samsung Medical Center 1599-3114 712, Yeonju-ro, Gangnam-gu

Gangnam Severance Hospital

International Clinics
101, Daehakno, Jongno-gu 1599-6114 650-9, Yeoksam 1(il)–dong, Gangnam-gu

Seoul University Hospital 02-2072-2114 22, Deasagwan-gil, Yongsan-gu

CHA Hospital 02-3468-3000

Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital 02-709-9114 17, Hangdang-dong, Seongdong-gu)

Songpa-gu Asan Medical Center 1688-7575

Hanyang University Hospital 02-2290-8114 1, Hoegi-dong, Dongdaemun-gu

Emergency Hospitals in Seoul
Jongno-gu Seoul National University Hospital 013-0484-0505 164, Pyeong-dong, Jongno-gu

Kyung Hee University Medical Center 02-958-8114 250, Seongsan-ro, Seodamun-gu

Seoul Red Cross Hospital 02-2002-8888

Sinchon Severance Hospital 1599-1004 / 02-2228-5810 505, Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu

Kangbuk Samsung Medical Center 02- 2001-1000

Gangnam St. Mary's Hospital 02-590-1114

Ewha Womans University Dongdaemun Hospital 02-760-5114


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com/online/portal/lh/kr 02-777-7761/ 2 032-744-3501 Malaysia Airlines www.2 032-744-3255 032-741-6035 Living in Seoul · English Edition Vladivostok Avia 032-743-2920 SAT Airlines Shandong Airlines Shanghai Airlines .com 02-775-2691/2 1 02-322-7038 032-742-9257 032-744-6800 Mongolian Airlines Southern Air KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 02-3483-1133 032-744-6700 02-732-1700 02-774-8800 02-3788-0222 032-743-2620 032-744-6300~3 Northwest Airlines Dalavia Airlines Korean Air 1588-2001 02-756-9761 02-3420-0400 032-742-7654 Lufthansa 032-744-3400 229 02-757-8920 032-744-6565 Vietnam Airlines 02-733-2920~3 02-753-7131 www.malaysiaairlines.shanghai-air.Culture and Tourism Airline Garuda Indonesia Main number Website 080-773-2092~4 Incheon Airport office 032-744-1990.lufthansa.koreanair.shandongair. 032-311-2700 032-744-6766 02-3788-0100 02-779-8899 02-766-9933.shenzhenair. 1 032-744-3700 032-743-1014 032-744-0898 032-743-8999 032-744-3512 S7 Airlines Shenzhen Airlines Eva Air Air Macau Air India Air Canada Air France Air Hong Kong Orient-Thai Airlines Uzbekistan Airways Far Eastern Air Transport United Airlines 02-757-6399 02-734-6075~6 02-752-6970 www.s7.230 Air-Astana 02-3788-0170 Culture and Tourism Airline Cebu Pacific Air Main number Website Incheon Airport office 032-743-5704~5 032-743-2620 02-3455-1234~5 02-318-2293 www. 1 www.airmacau. 02-319-9788 02-757-1691~7 032-744-6666 www. 02-755-1523 1588-6886 02-779-0600 02-319-4555 www.Airline Uni Air Main number Website 02-756-0015 Incheon Airport office 032-743-5669 032-744-3200 Air China 032-744-3255~8 China Southern Airlines 032-744-3270 China Eastern Airlines 032-744-3780~6 Xiamen Airlines Living in Seoul · English Edition Hainan Airlines China Airlines 032-743-1513~4 Cargolux 032-744-3711 02-774-6886 02-775-9070 02-775-3922 032-744-3224~5 032-744-3601 032-744-3728 032-744-3000 UPS Airlines Iran Air El Al Japan Airlines 231 Nippon Cargo Airlines All Nippon Airways 02-752-5500 02-739-0456~8 02-518-0330 02-3455-1666 02-757-1711

kr 02-3663-0174 02-3707-0114 032-744-6100 www.aeroflot.2 Thai Airways Turkish Airlines Federal Express Polar Air Cargo Amerijet International Qatar Airways .com/kr 032-744-4215 02-774-3581 02-551-0321~2 032-743-5220 www.232 Philippine Airlines Culture and Tourism Airline Cathay Pacific Airways Main number Website 02-311-2800 Incheon Airport office 032-744-6777 02-3708-8571~3 032-744-3370~2 032-744-3720~3 032-744-3737 1588-8000 / 02-2669-8000 02-755-1226 02-2022-8400 032-743-8101 032-744-8672 032-744-2133~5 032-744-6500 Singapore Airlines Asiana Airlines Aeroflot Russian Airlines Atlas Air Emirates Airline www.

Deluxe First Class Hotels in Seoul Jung-gu Westin Chosun Seoul 02-771-0500 Millennium Seoul Hilton 02-753-7788 Seoul Plaza Hotel 02-771-2200 Shilla Hotel 02-2233-3131 Hotel Lotte 02-771-1000 Hotel Riviera 02-541-3111 Novotel Ambassador 02-567-1101 Ramada Seoul Hotel 02-6202-2000 Ellui Hotel 02-514-3535 Hotel Prima 02-6006-9114 Songpa-gu Lotte Hotel World 02-419-7000 Yongsan-gu Grand Hyatt Seoul 02-797-1234 Deluxe Second Class Hotels in Seoul Jung-gu Seoul Royal Hotel 02-756-1112 President Hotel 02-753-3131 Sejong Hotel Seoul 02-773-6000 Sofitel Ambassador Seoul 02-2275-1101 Koreana Hotel 02-2171-7000 Pacific Hotel 02-777-7811 233 Gwangjin-gu Sheraton Grand Walkerhill Seoul 02-455-5000 Seodaemun-gu Grand Hilton Seoul 02-3216-5656 Gangseo-gu Mayfield Hotel 02-2660-9000 Yongsan-gu Hotel Capital 02-792-1122 Seocho-gu JW Marriott Seoul Hotel 02-6282-6262 Seongbuk-gu Holiday Inn Seongbuk Seoul 02-929-2000 Gangnam-gu Imperial Palace Hotel 02-3440-8000 Renaissance Seoul Hotel 02-555-0501 Park Hyatt Seoul 02-2016-1234 Grand Intercontinental Seoul 02-555-5656 COEX Intercontinental Seoul 02-3452-2500 Hotel Ritz-Carlton Seoul 02-3451-8000 Best Western Premier Gangnam 02-6474-2000 Mapo-gu Seoul Garden Hotel 02-717-9441 Living in Seoul · English Edition Geumcheon-gu Novotel Ambassador Doksan. Seoul 02-838-1101 Yeongdeungpo-gu Hotel Lexington 02-6670-7001 .

kr [K.oakwoodseoul.or g [K. E] National Palace Museum of Korea 02-3701-7500 www.hansuites. E] National Museum of Korea 02-2077-9000 www. [ [ [ [K. J.kyunginart. J. E.seoul. 02-733-4448 www. [K.samsungfoundation.go. E. C] Serviced Residences ·Han Suites 02-2280-8000 J] Yongsan-gu Samsung Museum of Art Leeum 02-2014-6901 http://leeum.234 Culture and Tourism Gangnam-gu (Nonhyeon-dong) Seoul Palace Hotel 02-3440-8000 Jung-gu Seoul Museum of Art 02-120 http://seoulmoa. C] Seoul Arts Center 02-580-1300 www. J] . E] ·Oakwood Premier 02-3466-7000 [K] Gangnam-gu Kimchi Field Museum 02-6002-6456 C] Gahoe Museum 02-741-0466 [K.go.gahoemuseum. C] Seongbuk-gu Gansong Museum of Art 02-762-0442 Seocho-gu Museum of Korean Traditional Music 02-580-3333 www. E] Kyung-In Museum of Fine Art Ltd. [E] ·Somerset Palace 02-6730-8888 www.go. E] Museums & Art Galleries Jongno-gu National Folk Museum 02-3704-3066 [K. [K. [E] ·Vabien 02-6399-0078 [K.

kr [ E] National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts 02-580-3333 www.mct.i-pmc.sotc. C] Seoul Arts Center 02-580-1300 www.sejongpac. C] Jung-gu CGV Myeongdong 1544-1122 MMC 02-2268-0262 (1577-1015) m/main. E. 7942 www. E] 235 Gwacheon Korea National Museum of Contemporary Art 02-2188-6000 /about/ [K. E] Nanta (Gangbuk.dsartcenter. E. E] Movies Jongno-gu Seoul Cinema 02-2277-3014 [K] Primus Piccadilly Theater 02-3676-7142.moca. [K.asp [K] .Songpa-gu Lotte World Folk Museum 02-411-2000 www. [ [K.[K] Dobong-gu Seoul Open Theater Changdong 02-994-1465 [ E] Sejong Center for the Performing Arts 02-399-1111 [ [K] Living in Seoul · English Edition Jung-gu National Theater of Korea 02-2280-4114 www.or. Gangnam) 02-736-8288 http://nanta.sac.lotteworld. E] Myeongdong-Chongdong Theater 02-751-1500 www.or.ntok.thepicca. E] Seocho-gu Yongin-si Ho-Am Art Museum 031-320-1801 [ [ [K. C] Live Performance Theaters Jongno-gu Dongsoong Art Center 02-766-3390 www. [ [K] C] Donga Ilbo 02-2020-0114 www. C] YTN 02-398-8000 [K] JoongAng Daily Media Broadcasting Station KBS 02-781-1000 [K] SBS 02-2061-0006 / 02-2640-3000 [ [ [K] Newspaper publishing companies Chosun Ilbo 02-724-5114 [K] Hankyoreh 1566-9595 [K] Munhwa Ilbo 02-3701-5114 www.imbc.236 Culture and Tourism Daehan Cinema 02-3393-3500 [K] Gangseo-gu CGV Gimpo Airport 1544-1122 Gangnam-gu COEX Megabox 1544-0600 [K] MBC 02-789-0011 / 02-780-0011 [K] Broadway 1544-9150 [E] Kyunghyang 02-3701-1114 www. C] 1577-0510 http://joongangdaily. [K] Cine City 1644-0757 www.daehancinema.kbs. E.kukinews. [K] Kukmin Ilbo (Kukinews) 02-781-9114 [K] Cinema Jeong-dong 02-2004-8000 www.

Sindang-dong. Hannam-dong. Jongno-gu 1F. Jung-gu Gu Yeong-ju 82-2-2233-2525(82-2-2233-2503 347-355. 373-114. Sindang-dong. Yongsan-gu 108. Sindang-dong. Yongsan-gu 254-4. Ichon-dong. Sindang-dong Jung-gu 104-ho. 300-301. 1F. Changsin-dong. Ichon-dong. Jongno-gu Language E E E E E J J E E E J E E E E Living in Seoul · English Edition Gu Jang-yeol 82-2-2233-4800(82-2-2282-1147 348-43 (Yaksu-gil 7). 561-2.(Fax) Sin Chang-su 82-2-734-1557(82-2-734-1557) Lee Dong-won 82-2-763-8833(82-2-763-8838) Kim Hyeong-gi 82-2-738-4984(82-2-738-4983) Address 16. Okin-gil (153-1. President Bldg. Namsan Town-(Aa)sanga 4(Sa)-dong. Yongsan-gu 106-ho. River Hill Samsung Apartment Jusangga. Sancheon-dong. Hanggangno 1(il)-ga. Hangangno 2(i)-ga). Okin-dong). Yongsan-gu 278. 202. Yonsan-gu 301-146.Designated Global Licensed Real Estate Agencies Agency Jung-ang Licensed Real Estate Agency Hyundai Licensed Real Estate Agency Jinsol Licensed Real Estate Agency Areum Licensed Real Estate Agency Gukje Licensed Real Estate Agency Hyundai Licensed Real Estate Agency Ubiquitous Licensed Real Estate Agency Star Ville Licensed Real Estate Agency Samsung Licensed Real Estate Agency Onnuri Licensed Real Estate Agency Hana Licensed Real Estate Agency Eden Licensed Real Estate Agency Genie Licensed Real Estate Agency Asian Tigers Licensed Real Estate Agency Ian Licensed Real Estate Agency Dongwon Licensed Real Estate Agency Gukil Licensed Real Estate Agency Peace Pyeonghwa Licensed Real Estate Agency Landmark Licensed Real Estate Agency Yeonse Licensed Real Estate Agency Representative Tel. Yongsan-gu 237 Kwon Yeong-pil 82-2-796-4955(82-2-796-4946) Hong Sun-won 82-2-714-5873(82-2-714-5429) Choe Yeong-ho 82-2-793-4774(82-2-793-4776) Jo Jin-hui Jeong Hwan 82-2-749-5959(82-2-749-5633) 82-2-790-1844(82-2-790-7400) Jeong Sang-ho 82-2-711-0599(82-2-711-5998) Kang Chang-su 82-2-792-1035(82-2-792-1036) Kim Deok-yeong 82-2-798-0123(82-2-749-4920) Park Ye-sun 82-2-792-1006(82-2-792-1033) E E E E J Seo Gwan-oo 82-2-797-4555(82-2-797-4556) Ban Hyeong-seok 82-2-798-3223(82-2-798-3226) . Yongsan-gu 312-5. Jung-gu Kim In-cheol Jang Yeong 82-2-798-8990(82-2-798-4560) 82-2-717-3399(82-2-714-6806) 84-1. Yongsan-gu 183-1. Yongsan-gu 81. Jung-gu Han Jeong-won 82-2-2256-9988(82-2-2257-7007 Kim Seon-suk 82-2-2256-0142(82-2-2256-0143) B-1. Hangang-ro (256-2. Samiksangga. Yongsan-gu 396-1. Ichon-dong. Tongeui-dong. Hoenamu-gil (229-5. 300-301. Sancheon-dong. Itaewon-dong. Itaewon-dong. Ichon-dong. Jongnojgu 147-9. Yongsan-gu 105-ho. Itaewon-dong). Yongsan-gu 193-4. Hannam-dong. Yongsan-gu 532. Samiksangga.

Yongsan-gu 1009-ho. Seogye-dong).. Yongsan-gu 231-19. Cheongpa-dong 3(sam)-ga. Hyochanggongwon-gil (2-36. Ichon-dong. 35. Yongsan-gu 708-ho. Bogwang-dong. Seogye-dong). Yongsan-gu 3F.18-5. Yongsan-dong 2(i)-ga. Yongsan-gu 1-ho. Yongsan-gu 1. Hangangno 1(il)-ga. Yongsan-gu 1F. Yongsan-gu 234-6. Itaewon-dong). Yongsan-gu 5-1612. 301-152. 1F. Aengdunamu-gil (561. Yongsan-gu Language E E E E E E E E J. Yongsan-gu D-1114-ho. 220. Itaewon-dong. Yongsan-gu 105-ho. Hannam-dong. Itaewon-dong.238 Accommodation Agency Representative Tel. Itaewon-dong.(Fax) Alps Licensed Hong Sun-wook 82-2-774-1588(82-2-752-1588) Real Estate Agency Viva Consulting Licensed Park Eun-woo 82-2-792-5500(82-2-793-5363) Real Estate Agency LA Licensed Park Gyeong-bae 82-2-790-3555(82-2-790-5143) Real Estate Agency Nice Rent Licensed Park Su-min 82-2-793-8866(82-2-793-8849) Real Estate Agency Hanshin Licensed Mun Hyeong-won 82-2-798-9966(82-2-797-9935) Real Estate Agency A&A Licensed An Hui-jin 82-2-794-1133(82-2-79-8-0201) Real Estate Agency Giwoo Licensed Lim Seon-jeong 82-2-797-8814(82-2-749-1549) Real Estate Agency Green Licensed Kim Myeong-su 82-2-749-9500(82-2-717-1636) Real Estate Agency Jun Licensed Lee Jun-cheol 82-2-719-8289(82-2-718-1514) Real Estate Agency Hilltop Licensed Choe Hyeon-jun 82-2-795-4999(82-2-795-4992) Real Estate Agency New Town Licensed Jeong Don-hui 82-2-797-8200(82-2-797-8208) Real Estate Agency Summit Licensed Yu Dong-suk 82-2-765-6820(82-2-765-6821) Real Estate Agency Seoul Budongsan net Choe Yeon-sik 82-2-796-7114(82-2-798-0894) Licensed Real Estate Agency Hansol Licensed Lee Yu-sang 82-2-798-6262(82-2-790-8882) Real Estate Agency Orient Licensed Yu Nan-hui 82-2-796-4400(82-2-792-3319) Real Estate Agency New Town Licensed Kim In-sun 82-2-703-7888(82-2-703-7891) Real Estate Agency C&G Licensed Jeong Jae-hweon 82-2-795-9043(82-2-790-9105) Real Estate Agency Prime Licensed Jeong Ju-hui 82-2-796-0023(82-2-796-0024) Real Estate Agency Ire Budongsan Consulting Jang Mi-ra 82-2-798-9888(82-2-798-9895) Licensed Real Estate Agency Yongsan Licensed Song Myeong-gu 82-2-792-7111(82-2-792-7021) Real Estate Agency Address 251-16. 274-13. Huam-dong. Woojin Bldg. 57-38. Hannam-dong. Itaewon-dong. Yongsan-gu 552. Yongsan-gu 16.. Hangangno 1(il)-ga). Yongsan-gu 1F. 529. Yongsan-gu 24-4. 737-37. Hyundai Hyel. Hannam-dong. 653-103. Hangangno 1(il)-ga (50-1. Seogye 6(yuk)-gil (27-1. C E E E E E E E E E E E . 739-37. Yongsan Park Xi. Hannam Bldg. Mallisijang-gil (267-39. Yongsan-gu 1F. Yongsan-gu 1F. Itaewon-dong. Yongsan-gu 903-ho. Hannam-dong.. Daeyeongsangga. 261-3. Hangangno 2(i)-ga). Yongsan-gu 2F. 131-24. Hannam Bldg.

Yeonghwa 82-2-749-9959(82-2-749-7959) Real Estate Agency UN Licensed Jang Mun-hui 82-2-792-2558(82-2-793-0741) Real Estate Agency Green Budongsan Consulting Jeong Seung-seop 82-2-749-8070(82-2-749-8060) Licensed Real Estate Agency High Rent Consulting Ahn Yeong-bok 82-2-797-7277(82-2-795-7077) Licensed Real Estate Agency Gangsan Budongsan Yu Tae-sik 82-2-446-0092(82-2-453-3646) Licensed Real Estate Agency LBA Leaders Licensed Jang Seong-wook 82-2-456-4989(82-2-456-4997) Real Estate Agency Sobaek Licensed Choe Gyo-hwan 82-2-432-8949(82-2-469-3300) Real Estate Agency Janghanpyeong Licensed Wi Tae-yun 82-2-2249-0088(82-2-2247-0211) Real Estate Agency Woori Licensed Kim Jeong-ja 82-2-433-8338(82-2-433-0821) Real Estate Agency Geumgang Licensed Yeom Heung-seop 82-2-977-5775(82-2-972-5776) Real Estate Agency Orient Licensed Choe Won-hyo 82-3672-4400(82-2-3672-4426) Real Estate Agency Prime Licensed Park Gyu-seo 82-2-983-4589(82-2-983-4578) Real Estate Agency Hangbokhan Licensed Kim Chang-hui 82-2-982-1100(82-2-987-0880) Real Estate Agency Susan Licensed Lee Sun-seop 82-2-906-9911(82-2-906-2704) Real Estate Agency Joeun Licensed Lee Gyeong-suk 82-2-990-0708(82-2-990-0711) Real Estate Agency Dulimaeul Licensed Cha Bo-geun 82-2-990-9055(82-2-900-9011) Real Estate Agency Hyundai Licensed Yang Yeong-dong 82-2-354-5533(82-2-354-5575) Real Estate Agency Address 103-ho. 28-11. Mia 8(pal)-dong). Dobong-gu 17-4. Gwangjin-gu 1F. Muk 2(i)-dong. Itaewon-dong. Chang 5(o)-dong.. Solsaem-gil (707-4. 321. Susan-Triple Apt. Pungwonsangga 302-68. Songpa-gu 248-1. Ichon-dong. Hanseong Bldg. Dobong-gu 102-ho. 28-12. Ssangmun 1(il)-dong (28. Hannam-dong. Sangbong 1(il)-dong. Yeonglim Bldg. 817. 36-1.-sangga. Yongsan-gu 1F. Yongsan-gu 226-1. Yeokchon-dong. Gangbuk-gu 102-ho. Yongsan-gu 2F. Junggok-dong. Hannam-dong. Gireum 3(sam)-dong. Gueui-dong. Yongsan-gu 101.Agency Representative Tel. Jangan-dong. Seongbuk-gu 481-24. Dobong-gu 1F. 1F. Jungnang-gu 1F. Itaewon-dong. Yongsan-gu 201-ho. Dongdaemun-gu 221-7. 263-33. Bangi-dong. Seongbuk-dong. Yongsan-gu 229-17. Jungnang-gu 244-143.. Chang 2(i)-dong (75. Ggotdongne-gil). 286-5. Yongsan-gu 200-1.(Fax) Gukje Licensed Lee Yongg-yun 82-2-794-8844(82-2-749-8892) Real Estate Agency Dreamland Housing Kang Sin-yeong 82-2-794-0811(82-2-794-9876) Licensed Real Estate Agency World Licensed Kim Jae-woo 82-2-797-0330(82-2-794-2181) Real Estate Agency Limco Licensed Yu. Gwangjin-gu 160-14. 433-11. Eunpyeong-gu Language E E E E E E E E E E E J E E E Living in Seoul · English Edition 239 E E E E J . Changnimsaessak-gil). 46. Itaewon-dong. Seongbuk-gu 1F.

Complex 7. Mapo-gu 255-16. 82-2-2651-2244(82-2-2651-9966) Mok-dong. 925. Eom Ok-su 82-2-784-5655(82-2-784-5756) 203-ho. Chungjeong Lision. Hwagok 3(sam)-dong. Shinhan e-Morgen. Gangseo-gu Kim Sang-hyeon 82-2-2695-4998(82-2-2696-7611) 1029-42. Hwagok-dong. Noryangjn-dong. Gusan-dong Eunpyeong-gu 101-ho. Dongjak-gu Kang Ji-yeong 82-2-814-5848(82-2-824-5114) . Gangseo-gu Park Deok-myeong 82-2-2601-5660(82-2-2606-2282) 105-64. Yangcheon-gu 204-ho. Donggyo-dong. Guro 5(o)-dong. Chungjeongno 3(sam)-ga). Mapo-gu 02-ho. 159-6. 35-4. Hwagok-dong (175. Kumho Richensia A-dong. Sindorim Posvill. 860. 61. Siheung-dong. 93-1. Donggyo-dong Mapo-gu B-03-ho Paradisetel. Ggachisan-gil). Yeouido-dong. Yangcheon-gu Lee Seong-mu 82-2-2691-1700(82-2-2692-1113 1006-1. Yeongdeungpo-gu eongdeungpo-gu Woo Yun-seong 82-2-6337-1000(82-2-783-0086) 15F. Sinchonyeok-gil (101-6. Ltd Richensia Licensed Real Estate Agency Samsung Licensed Real Estate Agency Representative Tel. 26. Seodaemun-gu 180-8. Gongdeok-dong. Yeongdeungpo-gu 263-11. Gangseo-gu Han Yeong-jun 82-2-860-5656(82-2-860-5657) Park Nae-yeol 82-2-808-8920(82-2-808-8970) Song Gyu-sang 82-2-2631-0003(82-2-2631-0048) 125-ho. Hyeonseok-dong. Yeokchon-dong. Seosomun-ro (465. Mokdong Apt. Daehyeon-dong. Seodaemun-gu 422-ho. Daeheung-dong.(Fax) Lee Jong-bae 82-2-383-2459(82-2-383-2480) Jeong Da-un 82-2-353-1123(82-2-353-1143) Address 21-62. Mok-dong. 28-68. 116. Guro-gu 917-36. 1F. Eunpyeong-gu 12. Mapo-gu 118-6. Sangga. 164. Hyundai Apt. Geumcheon-gu 104-ho.240 Accommodation Agency Yeseong Licensed Real Estate Agency Eunpyeong Licensed Real Estate Agency LBA Munchangho Budongsan Licensed Real Estate Agency Jiwoo Licensed Real Estate Agency Shinhwa Licensed Real Estate Agency Yale Licensed Real Estate Agency Budongsan Tuja Club Licensed Real Estate Agency Hyundai Hometown Licensed Real Estate Agency Mapo Licensed Real Estate Agency Woori Consulting Licensed Real Estate Agency New Seoul Licensed Real Estate Agency LBA Seoul Licensed Real Estate Agency Hyundai I Licensed Real Estate Agency LBA Ilsong Licensed Real Estate Agency City Licensed Real Estate Agency Cheongho Licensed Real Estate Agency Hometown Licensed Real Estate Agency Star Fox Budongsan Junggae Co. B-sangga. Dangsan-dong 2(i)-ga. Hyeonseok Bldg. Mapo-gu Language E E E J E E J E J J E E E E E E E E / Chinese /Russian E E Mun Chan-ho 82-2-392-4040(82-2-393-0804) Song Wan-hui 82-2-6414-8540(82-2-6414-8400) Kang Ae-ri 82-2-338-1550(82-2-322-0576) Jang Deuk-geol 82-2-3141-1233(82-2-3141-1546) Lim Gyeong-chae 82-2-716-5100(82-2-713-5456) Yu Gyeong-min 82-0707-4999-0021 (82-0303-0001-0072) Choe Hyang-suk 82-2-717-4100(82-2-717-0144 O Yeong-ok Lee Hak-no 82-2-2654-5959(82-2-2654-5952) 125-ho. Yeouido-dong.

Maronie 2(i)-gil) Banpo-dong. 467-7. B1. 1444-21. 321-2. Woosung Character Vill. Seocho-dong. Gangnam-gu 241 Lee Hui-seon 82-2-578-0508(82-2-578-0589) Park In-sun 82-2-529-2089(82-2-529-8207) Mun Jong-gyu 82-2-576-5765(82-2-576-5796) Du Jang-hwan 82-2-541-4008(82-2-541-4481) E E E. Dogok-dong. 60. 143-48. Banpo-dong) . Bongcheon-dong.(Fax) Bae Jong-deok 82-2-888-6880(82-2-888-7880) Lee. Jugu Center. Samseong-dong). 1F. Dajong Bldg. Seocho-gu Language E E J E E E E E E E. Daewoo Apt. 60-4 (12.Agency LBA Seoul Licensed Real Estate Agency Hana Budongsan Licensed Real Estate Agency Eoullim Budongsan Licensed Real Estate Agency Banpo 114 Licensed Real Estate Agency Hanbo Licensed Real Estate Agency Posco Licensed Real Estate Agency Nambuk Licensed Real Estate Agency Sinsegye Licensed Real Estate Agency Mirae Licensed Real Estate Agency Cheongdam Xi Licensed Real Estate Agency Seonneungyeok Licensed Real Estate Agency Bant Licensed Real Estate Agency Hanguk Licensed Real Estate Agency NewYork Licensed Real Estate Agency Rexletop Licensed Real Estate Agency Taeyeong Licensed Real Estate Agency Sambo Licensed Real Estate Agency Daejong Licensed Real Estate Agency Best Licensed Real Estate Agency Samil Licensed Real Estate Agency Representative Tel. Gangnam-gu 137-ho. Samseong-dong. Sinbanpo-ro (three lots in addition to 938. Woosung Livingtel. Cheongdam-dong. J E E Lee Gwang-deok 82-2-3445-9857(82-2-540-7170) 108.. Poonglim i-want. Gangnam-gu 309-ho. LG Twintel 2. Seocho-gu 1F. 47. Gangnam-gu . Dogok-dong. 467-18. Dogok-dong. Gangnam-gu 101-ho. Apgujeong-dong. Nonhyeon-dong. Gwanak-gu 105-ho. C E E Living in Seoul · English Edition Lee Yeong-jun 82-2-588-7282(82-2-588-7289) Lee Dong-ha 82-2-595-5982(82-2-595-5909) Park Il-kwon 82-2-532-7050(82-2-536-8524) Bae Jeong-su 82-2-525-0024(82-2-587-5911) Lee O-seong 82-2-577-9498(82-2-577-9407) Kim In-hyeok 82-2-545-8844(82-2-3444-5400) 105-ho. 467-10. Gangnam-gu 132-8. Nonhyeonno-dong 1(il)-gil (455. Gwanak-gu 1066-3. Gangnam-gu B110-ho. Dogok-dong. Bongcheon-dong. Gangnam-gu Lee Won-gi 82-2-565-8800(82-2-565-0505) Kim Dae-gon 82-2-543-5885(82-2-514-5833) 26-15. Gangnam-gu 106-ho. Samseong-ro Hwang Chang-yong 82-2-2191-6694(82-2-2191-6695) (157-3. 469. Samseong-dong. A-dong. Donga Town 21. Samseong-dong. Sangga. Academy Suite. 890-54. 7-312. 426. Gangnam-gu 806-ho. M-dong. 1F. Seocho-gu 102-ho. Gangnam-gu Sin Chan-yoeng 82-2-517-8282(82-2-517-3720) Choe Gyeong-ho 82-2-511-6644(82-2-540-1335) Seong Tae-jung 82-2-558-8949(82-2-553-6799) Jo Jun-hui 82-2-575-1006(82-2-575-3988) 102-ho. Seocho-gu 3-3-ho. Namhyeon-dong Gwanak-gu 14-ho. Banpo Mido Sangga. J E E. Gangnam-gu 170. 527-3. Dogok Rexle-Sangga. Yangjae-dong. Hyundai Sangga. Apgujeong-dong). Jinok 82-2-889-7003(82-2-888-6714) Address 103-ho. Gangnam-gu 8-ho. J E. Daechi-dong.

Jeonyeongseok Licensed Real Estate Agency Onnuri Licensed Real Estate Agency Daeheung Licensed Real Estate Agency Excellent Consulting Licensed Real Estate Agency Geoyeo Licensed Real Estate Agency Hanmaru Licensed Real Estate Agency Pureun Licensed Real Estate Agency Core Licensed Real Estate Agency Corea Licensed Real Estate Agency Leejikseon Licensed Real Estate Agency Samsung Real Estate Agency Representative Tel. Gangdong-gu Language J E J E E E E E J E J E E E. Yeoksam-dong. J E E J Park Sang-won 82-2-541-8866(82-2-541-4012) Lee Seong-hun 82-2-560-2780(82-2-560-2783) Baek Chang-sik 82-2-508-2860(82-2-508-5058) Song Tae-cheol 82-2-557-0808(82-2-554-3345) Sim Ik-seop 82-2-568-6886(82-2-568-8448) Jeon Yeong-seok 82-2-581-3318(82-2-581-3319) Jeong Chun-sang Jo Seong-ju 82-2-558-0601 (82-070-7016-0601) 82-2-406-8836(82-2-406-8837) Lee Jae-chun 82-2-424-1616(82-2-424-0880) Lee Jeong-hun 82-2-404-9990(82-2-404-9930) Jeong Yeong-jo 82-2-448-2002(82-2-448-5114) Bae Hong-mun 82-2-408-4833(82-2-408-3003) Lee Won-muk 82-400-5949(82-2-401-0707) Song Won-yong 82-2-400-1310(82-2-400-3830) Lee Jik-seon 82-2-470-8946(82-2-472-4455) Jeong Ho-gab 82-2-486-4005(82-2-483-0021) . 319. 705-9. 823. 40. 51-7. 701. Chunggusangga. Gangnam-gu 305-ho. Gangdong-gu B1. Gangnam-gu 200-73. Songpa-gu 1F. Yeoksam-dong. 1F. Gangnam-gu B106-ho. Dunchon-dong. Geoyeo-dong. 1(il)-dong. Garak-dong. 479. Gangnam-gu 126-ho. Gangnam-gu 703-8. Sangga da-dong. Gangnam-gu 1212-ho. Gangnam-gu 317-ho. Yeoksam-dong. Gangnam-gu 107-ho. 78-4. Songpa-gu 121-ho. Yeoksam-dong. Songpa-gu 116-ho. Samseong-dong. Ltd. Ssangyong Platinum Value Sangga. Yeoksam-dong. Jamsil-dong. Macheon-dong. Songpa-gu 101-ho. Songpagu 103-ho. Sangnok Plaza. Sangga. Samseong-dong. 534-2. Songpa-gu 554. 690-3. Seongnae-dong (20. Macheo-dong.. 826-37.(Fax) Bae Jong-ju 82-2-543-9036(82-2-543-9038) Address 12-ho & 13-ho. Munjeong-dong. Ogeum-dong.242 Accommodation Agency LBA Teukjip Licensed Real Estate Agency LBA New Star Baksangwon Licensed Real Estate Agency Bexel Licensed Real Estate Agency Office Seoul Licensed Real Estate Agency Namil Licensed Real Estate Agency Global Property Co. 4-4. Yeoksam-dong. Songpa-gu 148-7. Dongsim 2(i)-gil). Samheung Officetel. Daerim (Aa) Sangga.

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