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10 - Gigabit Ethernet

In computer networking, 10 gigabit Ethernet, 10GE, 10GbE, 10GigE refers to various technologies for transmitting ethernet frames at a rate of 10 gigabits / sec (10X109 or 10 billion bits per secon !, first efine b" the IEEE #0$%&ae'$00$% 10GbE supports both copper an fiber cabling% (owever, ue to its higher ban wi th re)uirements high ' gra e copper cables are re)uire ' *+, -a or class ./ *+, / cables for links upto 100 m% 0nlike previous Ethernet stan ar s, 10GE efines onl" full" uple1 point ' to ' point links which are generall" connecte b" network switches% (alf uple1 operation an hubs o not e1ist in 10GE%

Optical Fiber
10 GBASE-SR 2hort range 10G3+2E'24 is a port t"pe for multi'mo e fiber an uses #50 nm lasers% Its 6h"sical *o ing 2ubla"er -7b/--b 6*2 is efine in IEEE #0$%& *lause 79 an its 6h"sical 8e ium 9epen ent 689 in *lause 5$% It elivers seriali:e ata at a line rate of 10%&1$5 Gbit/s% ;ver obsolete .99I'gra e -$%5 8icrom multimo e fiber cabling, it has a ma1% range of $- m, over -$%5 microm ;81 it has a range of && m, over 50 microm ;8$ a range of #$ m, over ;8& &00 m an over ;87 700 m% ;8& an ;87 are the preferre choices for structure optical cabling within buil ings% 88. has the a vantage over 28. of having lower cost connectors because of its wi er core% 10G3+2E'24 transmiter is implemente with a <*2E= which is a low cost an low power% ;8& an ;87 optical cabling is sometimes escribe as laser optimi:e because the" have been esigne to work with <*2E=s% 10 GBASE-LR =ong reach 10G3+2E'=4 is a port t"pe for 28. an uses 1&10 nm lasers% Its 6*2 -7b/--b 6*2 is efine in IEEE #0$%& clause 79 an its 689 in clause 5$% It elivers seriali:e ata at a line rate of 10%&1$5 Gbit/s% 10G3+2E'=4 has a specifie reach of 10 >8, but it can often manage istances of up to $5 >8 with no ata loss% 10G3+2E'=4 transmitter is implemente with a .abr"'6erot or 9istribute .ee back =aser (9.3!% 9.3 lasers are more e1pensive than <*2E=s but their high power an longer wavemength allow efficient coupling into the small core of 28. over greater istances% 10 GBASE-LRM

% It uses 7 separate laser sources operating at &%1$5 Gbit/s an coarse B98 with 7 uni)ue wavelengths aroun 1&10 nm% Its 6*2 #3103 is efine in IEEE #0$%& clause 7# an its 689 in clause 5&% It supports a range of &00 m over .81.he 10G3+2E'E4 transmitter is implemente with an e1ternall" mo ulate laser (E8=!% 10G3+2E@E4 has a reach up to 70 >8 over engineere links an &0 >8 over stan ar links% 10 GBASE-ZR #0 >8 range E4 pluggable interfaces% .% . . an uses 1550 nm lasers% Its 6*2 -7b/--b is efine in IEEE #0$%& *lause 79 an its 689 in *lause 5$% It elivers seriali:e ata at a line rate of 10%&1$5 Gbit/s% .87 fibers% 2ome 10G3+2E'=48 transceivers also support istances up to &00 m on stan ar 28.8$ an .8$ fibers. links the B98 output nee s to be couple through a 28.8& or .? originall" specifie in IEEE #0$%&av is a 10GE 6(A for passive optical networks an uses 15// nm lasers in the ownstream irection an 1$/0 nm .his #0 >8 6(A is not specifie in IEEE #0$%&ae stan ar % 10 GBASE-LX4 10 G3+2E'=X7 is a port t"pe for 88. . or G%-5$ however this is not part of the IEEE or 82+ specification% 10G3+2E'=48 uses electronic ispersion compensation (E9*! for receive e)uali:ation% 10 GBASE-ER E1ten e reach 10G3+2E'E4 is a port t"pe for 28.8& fiber t"pes% 10G3+2E'=48 reach is not )uite far as the ol er 10G3+2E'=X7 stan ar % .81. .99I'gra e.=ong reach multimo e 10G3+2E'=48 is a port t"pe for 88.99I'gra e.99I'gra e 88. . the transmitter shoul be couple through a mo e con itioning patch cor % ?o mo e con itioning patch cor is re)uire for .or 88. an 28.8$ an . an the same $$0 m ma1% reach on .8& multimo e cabling% It also supports a range of 10 >8 over 28.81 an . an uses 1&10 nm lasers% Its 6*2 -7b/--b is efine in IEEE #0$%& clause 79 an its 689 in clause -#% It elivers seriali:e ata at a line rate of 10%&1$5 Gbit/s% 10G3+2E'=48 supports istances up to $$0 m on .o ensure that specifications are met over . offset'launch mo e' con itioning patch cor % It is now an obsolete technolog"% 10 GBASE-PR 10G3+2E'64 6.

64$0 an 64&0% C pper 10GE can also run over twin'a1 cabling.he autonegotiation protocol selects between 10003+2E'>X.5 or .lasers in the upstream irection% Its 689 is specifie in clause /5% 9ownstream it elivers seriali:e ata at a line rate of 10%&1$5 Gbit/s in a point to multi point configuration% It has & power bu gets specifie as 10G3+2E'6410.6C stan ar % *able is rigi an more costl" than *+. low cost an low latenc"% It uses less bulk" cables an has smaller form factor% Bac#plane Bac#plane Ethernet +lso known b" its task force name #0$%&ap.6 cables% 9irect attach uses a passive twin'a1 cable assembl" an connects irectl" into an 2. twiste pair cabling an backplanes% 10 GBASE-CX4 It was the first 10GE copper stan ar in IEEE #0$%&ak% It uses the X+0I 7'lane 6*2 an copper cabling similar to that use b" Infini3an technolog"% It is specifie to work up to a istance of 15 m% Each lane carries &%1$5 G bau of signalling ban wi th% It offers the a vantages of low power. but has a bigger form factor an more bulk" cables than the newer single lane 2.E*.6C or 10GbE *u 2. is low power.6C housing% 2. an like 10G3+2E'*X7.6C 9+ has a fi1e length cable t"picall" 1'/ m (passive cables! or up to 15 m (active cables! in length.6% SFP! "irect Attach +lso known as 9irect +ttach (9+!. a backplane autonegotiation protocol an link training for 10G3+2E'>4 where the receiver can set a & tap transmit e)uali:er% . low cost an low latenc".0.his operates over 7 backplane lanes an uses the same ph"sical la"er co ing as 10G3+2E'=4/E4/24% . 10G3+2E'*X1. 10G3+2E'>X7.he stan ar efines $ port t"pes for 10 Gbit/s (10G3+2E'>X7 an 10G3+2E'>4! an a 1 Gbit/s port t"pe (10003+2E'>X!% It also efines an optional la"er for . is use in backplane applications such as bla e servers an mo ular routers/ switches with upgra able line car s% #0$%&ap implementations are re)uire to operate in an environment compromising up to 1m of copper 6*3 with two connectors% .6C*u. 10G2. 10G3+2E'>4 or 71G3+2E'>47 operation% 10 GBASE-$X4 . 10G3+2E'*4. 2.

cable infrastructure can also be use for 10003+2E'. has latenc" in the range $ ' 7 micros compare to 1 ' 1$ micros on 10003+2E'.to provi e 10 Gbit/s connections over unsheil e or sheil e twiste pair cables. .ransmission characteristics are now specifie to 500 8(:% . over istances up to 100 m% *+.10GBASE-% 10G3+2E'. uses the IE* -0-0&'/ #6#* also known as 4D'75 connectors% . -+ is re)uire to reach the full istance of 100 m an *+. allowing a gra ual upgra e from 10003+2E'. using autonegotiation to select which spee to use% 10G3+2E'. or IEEE #0$%&an'$00-.% 10G3+2E'.will reach a istance of 55 m% 10G3+2E'. is a stan ar release in $00.