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TRIP TO DAVAO By : rene Antonio s castillo One of my events I won’t forget is when my cousin’s and my family went to davao

. it started about 2 years ago in the airport we were getting ready to go to our airport, we met some of our cousins and I was sipping on a drink while I was waiting for my flight. Once I went inside the airport I looked around I sat on my seat and I chatted with my brother who sit beside me while I sat beside the window seat. It took some time waiting in the airport while I woke up when my ears felt it burned from high altitude closing in on us, once we were near it felt I passed out on the chair on how fast time went. Once we made it to davao we needed to take one of my ninong’s ships to his resort, while I was riding I was looking around while the boat was piecing through the waves. It was quite scary when we were stepping on the bridge because it felt like a 50-50 step of falling due we needed to go to the bridge. Once we got to his resort I stepped in the sand and I hurried to swim in the bright water which had different creatures. Some played a pilipino game like sunka some stayed in the house to play and most swam in the water shores. We went scuba diving and we found a lot of fish one time I got scared of swimming because my cousins found a sea snake wrapped in the corals beneath the water. We rode a speed boat luck did not strike in our boat, it was a coconut that got trapped in our engine and we had to wait in the sun feeling the warm heat while our cousin’s who rode a boat that we called the slow boat rather than the speed boat because it was slower that it was called for. But after luck struck me and that we were able to relax because there was a near resort that my ninang owned and we ate cold drinks and had ice cream as a topping. We were able to get home only using the slow boat but alas we made it. It took a part of the day but it felt like a fresh day out of the boat. The next day we went to an island that contained houses on the shore and on day fall it would be the house only seen. Then some of us we get to go fishing but we never found a single fish, I laughed when my cousin thought that he got a fish but he just found a plastic stuck on the hook. We bet on playing cards while my ninong’s friend showed us a trick in his hand. We played monopoly card game on the table while we wait in the sun. we had ate great food for all the days, food that would delight all our taste buds. We had our great times but it was time to go to our separate ways I said goodbye while I smelled the good sent of the ocean shores, it felt nice going home but a lot bad to leave the great place of davao. we went to our airport and we stared in the window seat as we leave the island.

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