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Jay Jacob Wind’s mission is to see Arlington recognized as one of America’s top communities for the sport of running

As of June 2013, Jay has finished 150 full-distance 2 .2-mile marathons and more than 3,000 shorter races. !is fastest marathon "as #oston 1$%0, "here he finished % th in 2&2'&25, (ust 5&3% short of )ualifying for the *+ ,lympic -rials. !e ran the last 30 .arine .arathons, finishing 25, "inning the 505/ age-group t"ice0 and he has run #oston .arathon 2$ times, including the last 1$ in a ro". As late as age 5', he continued to run su1-3&00 marathons, and his 1est in 2012 at age 2 "ere 3&1%&00 at !ouston 2-34 .arathon and 3&21&25 at !a"5 6ndoor .arathon in !agersto"n .7. Jay’s success e8tended 1oth to longer races 9 he "on 7.:. ;oad ;unners :lu1’s 1$%3 <ort .eade 50-miler 9 and shorter races, "here he earned All-American status at 3,000 meters 21.% miles4 e=ery year 1$$5-200/, "ith a 1est of $&3'. !e ran all 10 Arlington !ospital 10>s, finishing 2 nd in 1$%0 and 3rd in 1$%$. !e "on Arlington ?.:A -ric5 or -reat -rot 5> t"ice in 1$%$ and 1$$$ and the ?’s .other’s 7ay 10> once. 6n his prime, Jay "on 7ela"are .inuteman .arathon in 1$%0 in 2&32&12 and finished 3 rd at 7: .arathon and !istoric @etty1urg .arathon in 1$%1. Jay "as inducted into Arlington +ports !all of <ame in 200'. !e "as named #etter +ports :lu1 of Arlington’s 2003 +portsman of the ?ear0 Aotomac Balley -rac5 :lu1’s 2AB-:4 1$$$ AresidentCs A"ard "inner and 2001 Dd #arron .emorial +er=ice A"ard "inner0 +ea1oard ;egion *nited +ynagogue of :onser=ati=e Judaism .en’s :lu1 2002 E#lue ?armul5e .an of the ?ear,F for organizing his temple’s .itz=ah 5>0 7: ;oad ;unners :lu1 1$$% ,utstanding .ale .asters ;unner and 1$%0 .ost 6mpro=ed .ale Athlete0 Arlington :ounty #oard and Arlington +un @azette’s 1$$' Arlington G:ommunity !eroG A"ard "inner0 ;oad ;unners :lu1 of America’s 1$$/ Hational Bolunteer A"ard "inner0 Iashington ;unning :lu1 1$%3 Alfred -om <elde A"ardee for ,utstanding :lu1 .em1er0 and one of Metro Sports Magazine’s 2001 G <i=e .ost 6nfluential Aeople in the 7: area running community.G As a =olunteer, Jay coached Arlington’s !ershey ?outh -rac5 and <ield Arogram 1$%'-1$$5 and cofounded AB-:’s ?oung <lyers -rac5 J <ield Arogram in 1$$ and coached it e=er since, leading more than 1000 young runners to the finish line. +ince 2002, Jay coached more than 1000 adult marathoners for many charities. Jay has directed more than /00 races in the 7: area. !e started "ith Arlington’s -oughest 10> in 1$%1, attracting more than 500 participants. 6n 1$%', 7: ;oad ;unners :lu1 appointed him as director of Arlington’s All-:omers 6ndoor -rac5 .eets at -homas Jefferson :ommunity :enter. !e 1uilt the meets into a regional attraction, "ith /00 athletes at each meet from all o=er the 7: area and the Dast :oast. !e directs -idal #asin ;un’s monthly 1500.-3000.-5000. races. !e directed Arlington<airfa8 Je"ish :ongregation 2no" called :ongregation Dtz !ayim4’s .itz=ah ;un 5>s 1$$%-20030 Arlington-1ased Banguard <oundation’s ;un for ;eco=ery 5> 2001-2002, "here Angolan ,lympian Aurelio E.itiF !andanga ran 13&5%, the fastest 5> e=er run on a *+A-<-certified course in Iashington 7:0 +afety And !ealth <oundation’s Aotomac ;i=er ;un .arathon and !alf 200/-2013, raising more than K200,000 for the marathon’s partner charities0 <riends of the IJ,7 10> 2the area’s first EgreenF race40 @rant-Aierce 6ndoor .arathon, "here .ichael Iardian set a "orld-record 2&2'&12 in 20100 A1e1e #i5ila 7ay 6nternational Aeace .arathon and !alf0 and .o1il 6n=itational L Adidas 6n=itational high school and masters’ miles at @eorge .ason *ni=ersity, "here Julia +tamps set a national high school girls’ record and +te=e +cott set a national masters’ record, 1oth in 1$$1. Jay ran his A; of /&/2 at that one-mile race. !e ser=es +afety And !ealth <oundation as a director and contracts "ith a dozen 7:-area races each year as their e8pert consultant for document design, registration, and results.

+ince 1$$$, Jay has "ritten the "ee5ly EArlington ;unning ;oundupF column for Arlington Sun Gazette, co=ering e=ery Arlington race and top performances 1y Arlington runners locally and nation"ide, promoting Arlington as a nationally-recognized running to"n. !e focused particularly on Arlington’s e=ery-gro"ing num1er of #oston .arathon entries and on Army -en .iler and .arine :orps .arathon, "hich 1oth start and finish in Arlington. Jay ser=ed on Arlington’s Aar5 J ;ecreation :ommission 1$$1-1$$%, including t"o years as chairman. !e chaired Arlington :ounty’s 1ond issue campaigns for par5s and recreation e=ery t"o years 1$$2-2012, raising o=er K500 million for Arlington’s par5s. <or this "or5, he recei=ed a :ertificate of Appreciation from Horthern Birginia ;egional Aar5s Authority. !e ser=es Arlington :ounty :i=ic <ederation as its Aar5 J ;ecreation :ommittee chair and recei=ed its :ertificates of Appreciation in April 2001 and April 200/.

Jay "as 1orn in :hicago, 6llinois, and got his start running to and from D=anston -o"nship !igh +chool. !e graduated from *ni=ersity of Iisconsin 9 .adison in 1$'1 "ith a #A in Asychology and from *ni=ersity of @eorgia in 1$'' "ith an .#A in .anagement +cience. !e mo=ed to Arlington in 1$'%. Jay is married to Dstelle ;oth and has three children, Aaul 2no" 2'4, Julianna 22 4, and ;osalie 22/4. 6n his last (o1 1efore he retired to 1e a full-time race director, he "or5ed for -he :entech @roup, 1ased in <alls :hurch BA, and managed the :ost J Arogress Aro(ect for the *.+. 2010 7ecennial :ensus. Jay "as a certified Aro(ect .anager Arofessional 2A.A4 and :apa1ility .aturity .odel 6ntegration 2:..64 auditor.