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The Suffolk Journal
hazards that come along with secondhand smoke. But there’s still so many people smoking on the streets,” said Fiorentino. L e c l e r c added:"what I’m curious to see is how it’s enforced and how the community enforces it. I think smoking should be banned but it’s a personal choice and if I were a smoker trying to quit, I now have an area where I can go to and not have this fear that I’m going to be smelling someone’s smoke and have that drive to smoke again.” “Now, I can enjoy a beautiful

January 29, 2014

Smoking ban garners mixed opinions from students
Will Senar Journal Contributor
With the New Year started, the Boston Parks and Recreation Commission has decided to outlaw smoking in the city’s 250 or more parks, making some Boston college students happy and leaving others running out of places to light up. “We think it’s a step in the right direction because secondhand smoke is still very dangerous,” said Stephanie Fiorentino, a Suffolk senior. On the other hand, Diana Novakovic, also a senior, said, “I don’t agree with it.” The ban, which criminalizes smoking of cigarettes, marijuana, and other lighted or vaporized substances like e-cigarettes in city parks, will be enforced by the Boston Police Department and the Boston Park Rangers. Violators will be fined $250 per violation. The ban was unanimously voted for by the Parks and Recreation Commission and was initially proposed by former Mayor Thomas M. Menino. “This amendment is necessary to maintain the health and safety of our public parks and ensure that these valuable resources can be enjoyed by all Boston residents,” said Menino in a letter supporting the approved ban. Fiorentino, a biology major, and Mari Leclerc, a junior and also a biology major, both members of the Suffolk University PeerHealth Education Resource aka the SUPERs, praised the ban on smoking in city parks. They held a smoke out for National Collegiate Awareness in November to try and help students stop smoking for 24 hours and maybe even help them to make the decision to stop smoking permanently. “We’re just pro-trying to get people to stop smoking because there are so many health hazards that go along with it, and maybe eliminating it from the parks will help prevent some of the health

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Photo by Melissa Hanson

Sigma Alpha Epsilon creates Blackboard problems quickly resolved textbook lending program
Thalia Yunen Asst. News Editor
Chances are, out of all of the textbooks you have bought for your general, core, and minor classes, you have at least one laying around occupying closet space because it couldn’t be sold back to the Suffolk University Bookstore. Sigma Alpha E p s i l o n ( S A E ) , S u f f o l k University’s o n l y fraternity, is currently developing a new textbook l e n d i n g program for students that targets this problem. SAE’s mission is to promote the standards of friendship, scholarship and service for its members based upon the ideals set forth by its founders. Its relationship with S.O.U.L.S., Suffolk’s own community service organization, has made way for its participation in many community-based projects. Some of the organizations it Sam Humphrey has worked with in the past Asst. News Editor include Cradles to Crayons, Boston Healthcare for the Homeless and the Greater Students and faculty began Boston Food Bank. In alliance to notice widespread issues with its dedication to service, with Blackboard, a website SAE is currently encouraging where teachers can post syllabi and assignments, among other See SAE page 4 class-related media, earlier this month, as small problems turned into a catastrophe. Suffolk apparently tried to update its Blackboard service package on Christmas Day. Suffolk’s Chief Information Officer Tom Lynch said that the school’s information technology department had experienced problems since then. “Blackboard is a hosted service, so Suffolk’s IT doesn’t run it ... Blackboard Company provides the service and they’re responsible for maintenance and upgrades,” Lynch explained. Blackboard does have its own helpdesk, though, which assisted Suffolk Photo courtesy of Sigma Alpha Epsilon IT in the past few weeks. Suffolk began experiencing small, random issues after the update was completed. Smaller issues became larger problems Jan. 16, one day after Suffolk IT held a teleconference with a Blackboard VP to discuss the upgrade issues. “We started getting hundreds of hotline calls saying that hundreds of courses were disabled and that course data was missing” from the Blackboard website, Lynch said. “Blackboard restored courses within a couple hours [of the initial reports of failure], but the site wasn’t complete,” said Lynch. “That meant that newly registered students couldn’t access courses. Meanwhile, students were submitting assignments, faculty were uploading assignments, and then we had

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The Suffolk Journal

January 29, 2014

Obama, Patrick focus on P O L I C E B L O T T E R education and economic policy
Tuesday, January 21
2:47 p.m. Law School Larceny. Investigation.
Thalia Yunen Sam Humprey Asst. News Editors
President Barack Obama gave his 2014 State of the Union Address in the Chamber of the House of Representatives to speak about his plans for the rest of his term in office. Governor Deval Patrick also gave his State of the Commonwealth address on Tuesday, due to threat of winter storm during his regularly scheduled speech last Tuesday. While both speeches were made to address their proper constituents, they had many similarities. attainable American Dream. “The notion that if you work hard and take responsibility, you can get ahead in America - that belief has suffered some serious blows,” Obama said. In order to combat this, he plans to continue to work with Congress to insource jobs from abroad and increase the minimum wage. Obama encouraged business leaders to raise the minimum wage to $10.10. Finley highlighted Obama’s “calling on Congress to make sure all socioeconomic statuses are empowered and can benefit from the economy.” Finley also lauded Obama’s calls to raise the minimum wage, expand student loan regovernment will focus on governing for the long-term, rather than short-term solutions. Patrick briefly mentioned the need to improve the Department of Children and Families (DCF), referencing the five-year-old Fitchburg boy who went missing late last year. Officials later found that DCF workers grossly mishandled the case. Obama emphasized education. “Today, more young people are earning college degrees than ever before," he said. “Reform in education also means measuring new ways to how children think, not just measuring how they bubble in a question. One of the best

Tuesday, January 21
2:59 p.m. 73 Tremont Larceny. Investigation.

Wednesday, January 22

11:20 a.m. 10 West Liquor Law Violation. Judicial Internal.

Friday, January 24

12:53 a.m. 150 Tremont Liquor Law Violation. Judicial Internal.

Photo by Flickr user the office of Governor Deval Patrick

Attention Students: As many of you know, Suffolk University has teamed up with SALTTM, a membership program that helps students manage their money and student loans. Here’s the best part – we are providing all of the services SALT offers to you– free of charge. What Is SALT? SALT was created by American Student Assistance, a nonprofit organization, to help Suffolk University students like you become more financially savvy. Activating your SALT membership allows you take advantage of members-only features, like: • Interactive money management tools that show you how to take control of your finances. • A repayment navigator that tracks all of your federal student loans in one place. • Loan advice from SALT’s expert counselors. • Access to thousands of jobs and internships to jumpstart your career. To celebrate our official SALT partnership, the Office of Student Financial Services will be hosting our first event: SALT Enrollment Event Friday, January 31st from 11:30am to 1:30 Donahue Lobby (next to the HUB) Stop by to learn more about the SALT program and receive some free SALT swag. As an added bonus, anyone who has already registered their account or anyone who registers by 5pm on Friday, January 31st will be entered into a raffle to win 1 of 5 book store gift cards!

The presidents of Suffolk’s Democrat and Republican clubs had different responses to Obama’s proposals. “He pressed Congress to focus on the recovering economy and rebuilding the middle class. He was very good and on point,” said Conor Finley, president of the Suffolk Democrats. The Suffolk GOP took a different stance, saying in a statement: "while our President speaks very eloquently, unfortunately his rhetoric does not translate into action." While President Obama had a great tone, there was no overarching substance to his speech.” Obama began his address by saying, “Today in America, a teacher spent extra time with a student who needed it, and did her part to lift America’s graduation rate to its highest level in more than three decades,” and continued on with anecdotes that gave insight into how most Americans are investing their time today. Finley praised Obama’s education proposals, saying, “From fighting for equal access pre-K and college, students have no greater advocate than Barack Obama.” The focus of the president’s speech was the deflated middle-class, and avoiding an un-

lief, and fight for equal pay. “As the largest political club on campus, we would ask the President what he has to show after nearly six years in office. To many of our Suffolk friends graduating and entering the work force this year, the harsh reality of the President’s failed economic policies are going to be evident,” the Suffolk GOP said. Patrick also encouraged his constituents to do the same. While the minimum wage is expected to increase to $10 by the year 2015, Patrick is encouraging business leaders in Massachusetts to raise their workers wages because “it boosts morale and productivity.” Other problems Patrick noted were educational gaps, an ongoing cycle of violence, those whose professional careers stalled because of the 2008 recession, and those unable to find success because of their birthplaces' zip code. To combat this, he offered a three-point strategy. First, he will continue to invest time, ideas and money into the state's education, innovation and infrastructure. Second, state government will continue to collaborate on improving the state of the commonwealth, and third, the

investments we can make in a child’s life is high-quality early education. Last year, I asked Congress to help make highquality pre-K a possibility for every four-year-old," Obama said. Another point of contention in Obama's speech was when he said, “It is time to do away with workplace policies that belong in a Mad Men episode. Women make up about half of our workforce, but they still make only 70 cents for every dollar a man makes. Today, in 2014, that is wrong. Women deserve equal pay for equal work!” This caught a rousing applause from the audience. In regards to the new healthcare system, Obama proudly stated that no American could ever be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. Other quick points: Obama plans to close Guantanamo Bay prison, stop the use of drones in foreign countries, tighten up on immigration reform, negotiate with Iran to prevent their development and use of a nuclear weapons, and overall hopes to make diplomacy at the heart of his international agenda. Both Obama and Patrick made it clear that education and innovation are at the heart of their domestic policy.


The Suffolk Journal

January 29, 2014

Students, faculty reflect on Peter Caputo, a passionate professor who inspired all
Melissa Hanson News Editor
Peter Caputo was known for having his students sit in a circle during class. The English professor was quiet but could spark vivid discussions on books or poetry during class. Caputo taught advanced freshman English, Victorian literature, classical mythology, postmodern fiction, and a few other courses during his 30-year tenure at Suffolk University. Professor Caputo died on Christmas after a lengthy illness. He was 63-years-old. A fiction writer himself, Caputo challenged his students to improve their writing, and was not afraid to give students a large amount of work, said Quentin Miller, director of Suffolk’s English department. One of Caputo’s greatest accomplishment’s at Suffolk was creating the writing center, now known as the CLAS. Caputo had hoped to create a scholarship for students interested in mythology, but never was able to complete it, Miller said. “He was very dedicated,” said Miller, “willing to listen, willing to participate.” Caputo not only created the writing center, but also started organizing scholarships for the tutors. “He really established personal relations with students,” Miller remembered. “He had what I call ‘groupies’ or ‘followers,’ people who would continually took his classes.” Miller said professors and students at the university knew Caputo was sick, but did not realize the extent of his illness. “I think that says a lot about him,” Miller said. “He seemed to have been getting better and there seemed to be no indication that this was going to happen.” Peter Jeffreys and George Kalogeris took on Caputo’s courses for this semester, with the help of teaching assistants, Miller said. Matthew Bancroft, a TA and former student of Caputo’s, said he knew Caputo had been in recovery from cancer but did not realize how sick he was. Bancroft said Caputo helped him improve his writing and encouraged him to become better by looking at the world, rather than an MFA program. Caputo told Bancroft, “’to write, you must go out and find.’” As an undergraduate, postmodern fiction with Caputo was Bancroft’s favorite class. “The way he read really brought life to the texts and his assignments were just awesome,” Bancroft said. Despite being a quiet professor, Bancroft said Caputo, “like any good professor ... was not afraid to I found you online by typing your name have his opinion and to clash into Google with students.” Bancroft remembered Caputo as “the stereotypical I click, scroll and there you are introverted writer.” and there you are alive “You got the sense that he was a really quiet person as well,” he said, “when he did there’s an icon under you that I click talk about something he was up pops a voice box, I hear you pronounce interested in he was really your name passionate.” Daniel Ryan, a 2010 graduate of Suffolk who now I hear your story begin had Caputo for freshman hear you here again English also remembered the professor’s artsy style, and said he sometimes wore blackthree and a half almost minutes you are rimmed glasses. “He was a little bit eccentric your voice booms again, booms giving life at times,” said Ryan. “He was to words a nice guy and he was always adamant to come to his office,” you keep yourself alive through the life if students needed help. Ryan remembered Caputo you give successfully encouraging your voice, you sing students to do the class reading. “He didn’t hold your hand sing Peter, sing or baby you,” Ryan said. let your voice be heard ringing "He was never annoyed you were interrupting, which was accomodating." your words forever ringing One of Ryan’s favorite in my ears memories of Caputo’s class was sitting in a circle to discuss the readings. English, where they also sat in said. “He was someone who Ryan Pantaleo, a junior, a circle for discussions. was always smiling.” also had Caputo for freshman “Professor Caputo loved his “He had a great sense of students and it showed with humor with his students,” said how he interacted with us as a Pantaleo. “Even though he was class,” said Pantaleo. “He had a Yankees fan, I never held high expectations for all of us that against him.” and made us think outside the Miller echoed those box.” thoughts, remembering Course work for Pantaleo's Caputo welcoming the teasing. class often included reading Miller said, “We would rib novels and poems. him on [for being a Yankees "From what I could tell fan] but he would take it well." in class he was a very deep Caputo was a writer of thinker. As a writer, he speculative or fantastic fiction, analyzed and critiqued our said Miller, and had two works writing with an extreme eye," published recently. said Pantaleo. "He was very His published works added passionate about every story to the impression he left on and novel that we read." his students. Pantaleo said he “Suffolk was really remembered Caputo saying fortunate to have him as a students were too involved professor and I feel lucky to be with their cell phones, and one of the students who had encouraged students to open him in class,” said Pantaleo. their eyes to the world around "I was really sad when I heard them. the news of his passing. It is Aside from teaching a a tremendous loss for the great course, Pantaleo said university but his legacy and Caputo also wrote him a impact on the students will be recommendation for an there forever. internship and helped him The university will be improve his resume. holding a ceremony to “I’ll never forget the time remember Professor Caputo he challenged me to a ping on April 3. The event is still pong match before class,” being planned, Miller said. remembered Pantaleo. “We "He was an intellectual," ended up being late for the said Miller. "He cared deeply start of class but it just showed about Suffolk." you how much he enjoyed being with students.” Miller echoed that thought. “He was genial,” Miller Photo courtesy of the English department

A poem for Peter Caputo By Matthew Bancroft


From IT page 1
to look at what was lost in the data gap.” Blackboard was able to recover most of what was lost in that gap. “There were a total of 90 help desk tickets over the course of the whole incident, which have almost all been resolved,” said Lynch. Within a few days, Blackboard restored things and Suffolk IT staff began to help faculty restore things missing from their courses. When Lynch asked nonSuffolk Blackboard users, none said that they had experienced any issues similar to what Suffolk experienced. Blackboard later confirmed the problem was localized to Suffolk and that they had not

The Suffolk Journal “There were a total of 90 help desk tickets over the course of the whole incident, which have almost all been resolved.” - Tom Lynch, Suffolk's chief information officer
From SAE page 1
students to donate their used textbooks to help start a library for Suffolk students of all majors and programs to use. SAE will collect used textbooks from students, and will subsequently compile a list of books that are available. From here, students will apply to participate in the lending program. Decisions on who is eligible for textbooks will be merit-based. In regards to the new program, Head of Recruitment and Head of Fundraising at SAE Josh Caldwell said, “Every semester we have a first meeting. One thing I had been toying with was starting a fraternity library. Since we are always looking for a way to help others while establishing our brand’s equity on campus, we thought it’d be a great idea to expand on this idea and open it up to everyone.” He also said, “If you look up the rate of inflation in book costs over time, it’s insane. I think it’s something like 488 percent.” A recent Huffington Post article stated that, on average, college textbooks are 812 percent higher now than they were three decades ago.

January 29, 2014

The average cost of college textbooks per year is about $900, which is unaffordable for many. Another common option Suffolk students have is to study by using the textbooks that teachers request to put on reserve at Sawyer Library. Although SAE is starting its program after the peak time for book-buying, but Caldwell said he’s confident that it “still has the possibility of helping students,” and is looking forward to not only helping others, but new developments in SAE overall. While SAE is always recruiting new members, it is also looking for students that would like to be a part of the committee responsible for selecting students through a merit-based application. Also on the SAE calendar, starting Jan. 27, is recruitment week, with several events throughout the week including a hang out with the Monster Energy Team on Thursday, Jan. 30, and poker night on Friday, Jan. 31. For more information on SAE upcoming events or how to get involved in the book lending program, check out the frat's website,

From BAN page 1
garden without breathing someone’s smoke,” she added. “For teenagers and college students who smoke in the parks now it will make them think twice if that is a place where they should be doing that, or even help them avoid smoking in the first place.” However, there are those opposed to the ban. Just weeks after the ban was passed, a small group of protesters lit their cigarettes near the Soldiers and Sailors Monument despite the cold weather and rainfall. “I can understand banning

previously experienced the same problems Suffolk had after Jan. 16. However, many clients were unable to use the collaboration module, an application on Blackboard that provides chat sessions and video feed for online courses, cancelling online classes. “Except for two, [all the issues] we know about, we’ve fixed ... if there was a really widespread issue [still remaining], we would know about it.” “Overall, I think Blackboard has been run pretty well,” said Lynch, who has about a decade’s worth of experience with Blackboard, first at Worcester Polytechnic Institute before joining Suffolk seven months ago.

Lynch said that Suffolk began using Blackboard around 2000, when it became one of the first schools to have an online MBA program. “Blackboard is actually a conglomerate of several companies they’ve bought, which is a challenge for them ... when [employees at companies] don’t necessarily communicate very well with Blackboard Learn.” Regarding the issues with Blackboard, Lynch said, “Suffolk IT is very sorry about this incident, but we’ve escalated these issues to the highest levels of the company.” Lynch and the IT staff have talked to the president of Blackboard Company who “promised to improve communication inside his

company and to focus on quality assurance.” “The president of Blackboard is going to come here and meet some senior members of the administration within the next month. We’re also going to look at what their future product plans are.” Lynch hopes that faculty and students who have future issues with Blackboard will seek help from IT. “Part of the vision I’ve tried to carry into this job is something I call ‘continuous customer delight.’ I want the students, the faculty, and the administration to be delighted with our IT services,” Lynch said. “I want things to work and I want be people to be happy” with the technology available to them.

smoking from closed spaces like restaurants, but banning it in parks just seems extreme,” said Novakovic. “People would be more affected by secondhand smoke in the sidewalks than in parks because they’re large open areas.” Jacque Goddard, spokeswoman for the commission told the Boston Globe that her department plans to post signs about the ban and its penalties. The department will also pass out informational materials and launch an advertising campaign to inform people of the ban.

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The Suffolk Journal
Dani Marrero Asst. Int'l Editor
However, the movement fell out of the public’s favor after its Californian founder, Jason Russell, was arrested for public nudity. BBC reports that the Obama administration sent troops to Africa to work with the local forces to find Kony, who is believed to be hiding in the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The LRA is blamed (CAR) and the region would locate him,” according to BBC. Kony previously agreed on an assigned time to call OkelloOryem, but he did not come through. Other topics addressed in the letter were that the LRA should not be blamed alone for the murders, claiming that some massacres were committed “to spoil [his] name” by the government.

Notorious war criminal Joseph Kony sues Ugandan government for peace
Leader of Lord’s Resistance Army Joseph Kony is seeking “peace and forgiveness” from the Ugandan government. Kony was asked to sign a peace agreement in 2008, The East African reports, but refused to take part in it, leaving room for questioning his motives in the letter claiming peace between the LRA and President Yoweri Museveni. “I want to assure the people of Uganda that, we [LRA] are committed to a sustainable peaceful political settlement of our long war,” the letter reads according to EA. “I am pained to see the loss of life brought by the fight ... President Museveni should take blame for splitting South Sudan.” Kony and the LRA have been active in northern Uganda since 1986 as a violent opposition force to the Ugandan government, according to the U.S. State Department. At the height of the internal conflict, more than two million people in northern Uganda were displaced. D e s p i t e withdrawing from Uganda in 2006 and relocating to several neighboring countries, the LRA is still active and designated as a terrorist organization. The LRA is widely known in the U.S. due to a campaign in 2012 led by the organization “Invisible Children.” An online video that exposed the crimes the LRA was involved in became the “fastest growing viral video of all time,” the official Invisible Children website states. This launched the “KONY 2012” campaign, a movement that took the top spots in trending topics on Twitter and other social media with the hashtags #stopkony and #kony2012.


January 29, 2014

Amid protests that have been wreaking havoc across the nation for weeks, Ukrainian prime minister, Mykola Azarov, has resigned along with the rest of the current cabinet. President Viktor Yanukovych accepted the bid for resignation as an attempted concession to ease the unrest against his rule currently ravaging the country. In another attempt to appease protestors, the parliament repealed laws passed only last week that restricted freedoms of speech and assembly. Yanukovych also announced that Azarov and the rest of the cabinet would stay in office until replacements for them are chosen by Parliament. Further concessions by the government, including amnesty for arrested protestors, are expected in the coming days.

Following short clashes, vigilantes and police forces in the Mexican state of Michoacan have put aside their differences and joined forces against the Knights Templar drug cartel. The vigilantes, who call themselves “self defense” groups, formed to protect themselves from the cartel, which they claim extorts local businesses and farms. When government forces came in to disarm them, they refused to put down their weapons until all of the cartel leaders were captured. The government then integrated the “self defense” groups into units called the Rural Defence Corps. The Corps will only be a temporary measure until the leaders of the Knights Templar are caught.

Central African Republic
The UN has announced that it will take at least a 10,000-strong force to keep the peace in the Central African Republic (CAR). In the same resolution, the Security Council also authorized the use of “all necessary measures” by foreign peacekeepers to protect civilians. The country has been in disarray for the last 10 months, since its president was driven from office. Since then, violent acts of vengeance between Christian and Muslim militias have escalated. There are currently 1,600 French forces deployed to the CAR, assisting 4,000 African Union troops attempting to keep the peace. The EU has also recently pledged 600 forces to assist in keeping order and protecting civilians. Many UN officials are concerned, as the number of foreign peacekeepers in the country is nowhere near their estimated total needed to keep the country from sliding into chaos.
Photo courtesy of flickr user Best Planet

for “abducting children to serve as sex slaves and child soldiers” and mass murders and rapes. Along with the U.S. government, the International Criminal Court has been searching for Kony to have him arrested. Uganda’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, OkelloOryem, is waiting to have a phone conversation with the LRA leader to discuss his letter for the Ugandan people, but Kony fears that he could be traced and arrested. He is “worried that U.S. satellites operating in the neighboring Central African Republic

He asks the ICC to consider President Museveni’s fault as well. Media Centre leader Ofwono Opondo rejects the LRA’s talks for peace, saying Kony “wasted the opportunity to hold peace talks” in 2008 and asks him to surrender himself, the EA reports. “The allegations against the President are wrong as people of Northern Uganda know who exactly cut off their lips and raped them,” Opondo said, the EA reports.

Peace talks taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, between the Syrian government and the opposition forces it is battling on the ground at home, have ground to a halt early. Government and opposition delegates had been struggling with the issue of a transition of power away from the government of current president Bashar al-Assad. The opposition’s first condition for a transitional government is the absence of Assad, while the government refuses to envision a Syria with anyone other than Assad in power. While the opposition is hopeful that the current break in talks will give the government time to map out a comprehensive plan for a post-Assad Syria, government rhetoric over the span of the now three-year conflict has shown that Assad can only be removed by force.

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The Suffolk Journal

September 19, 2012 January 29, 2014

Taiwanese Students Association helps international students network, acculturate
International Student Services Spring 2014 Events
Jan. 30
RA and CA Information Session
1-2 p.m., 73 Tremont St. International Student Lounge | 6 floor
Dani Marrero Asst. Int'l Editor
part in cultural events such as the annual Chinese New Year festival to allow networking with other international organizations from Suffolk and other schools in the area. Some activities also held include playing board games and friendly competitions to create a close community for students. TSA held its first event Oct. 10 on “Taiwanese National Day.” “That is part of our signature events,” Hung said. “We did quite well. Nearly 100 people showed up for our first event. We had traditional food and celebrated together.” Every October, the Taiwanese Student Association of New England hosts a festival, and SU TSA participated last year. “All the organizations for Taiwanese students in New England get together for that event. The TSA of New England calls us to let us know.” The event took place in Chinatown. Hung explained that no organization existed for Taiwanese students when he came to Suffolk for the first time, forcing him to seek help and guidance elsewhere to get accustomed to the U.S. “We now have a Facebook page where students that are planning to come to Suffolk can ask questions. For example, students talk about what it is like to live in the dorms, how they should prepare before they come, and other things like that. Then, people like me, and other members, can chat with them to deal with their problems,” Hung said. Membership is not restricted for Taiwanese students only, and any Suffolk students interested in the culture are encouraged to join and participate in their events. TSA also hosts weekly meetings for the executive officers, and monthly gatherings for all members. To join and keep up with upcoming events, students can find them on Facebook. “Not only can we help, but we can also spread the culture. We know that a lot of people like the Taiwanese culture,” Hung said. “We prepare food and share the culture with everyone. We want to create an environment where people may feel like this is a family and not just a club in Boston or Suffolk.”

With a vision to ease the transition for Taiwanese students as they make their decision to study in Boston, SU Taiwanese Students Association seeks to connect students on campus and in th the New England region. Want to be a leader on campus and get free housing? Apply to Composed of over 50 members, be a Resident Assistant or Conference Assistant. Students who the TSA serves as a guide for the increasing population of are interested in being an RA or CA are required to attend an Taiwanese students at Suffolk. information session. Senior Richard Hung, one of the students that founded the organization in 2012, currently serves as the copresident, working closely with students who will be left in charge to manage the club once he graduates. th “The idea of this group is to gather everyone who shows This summer the Suffolk University Madrid Campus is offering an interest in the Taiwanese a variety of exciting courses and internships in fields including culture,” Hung said, “and to communications, business, Spanish language and more! facilitate the social networking The Madrid Summer Program will be running at an overall of all the Taiwanese students discounted rate in the summer of 2014. in the Boston area. We want to promote the culture in Suffolk to help all the new students adjust to the U.S. and enjoy their experience while studying abroad.” The organization takes th

Feb. 10

Saving Money and Earning Credit: Suffolk Madrid Summer Programs
4-5 p.m., 73 Tremont St. International Student Lounge | 6 floor

Feb. 17

Suffolk Serves!

4-5 p.m., 73 Tremont St. International Student Lounge | 6 floor

Are you interested in volunteering and learning about your community? This session is an introduction to community engagement through an interactive showcase of service opportunities in the Boston area and beyond. Learn about ongoing service projects as well as programs like Alternative Winter and Spring Break.

Feb. 24

How to Connect with U.S. Employers
4-5 p.m., 73 Tremont St. International Student Lounge | 6th floor
Hundreds of employers will visit campus this spring to recruit Suffolk students through Career Fairs and Employer Information Sessions, and the Suffolk Job Fair, the largest fair of the semester, is coming up soon on March 6!

March 3

International Students: How to Interview with Confidence

4-5 p.m., 73 Tremont St. International Student Lounge | 6th floor

What does it take for an international student to interview confidently for a U.S. employer? This session will address this question and international students will also learn about various types of interviews, tough interview questions and guidelines on how to answer them.

March 5

Tax Preparation Workshop

4-5 p.m., 73 Tremont St. International Student Lounge | 6th floor

This workshop will provide guidance on filing your federal and state income taxes.

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The Suffolk Journal

January 29, 2014

International student advisor gifted with rare talent
Vassili Stroganov Sports Editor
Imagine if you were able to remember every day in all of your life. In seconds you could recall everything you did on a specific day. Instantly, you would see vivid images in your mind of events that took place that day and even be able to remember specific conversations. If anyone said they had these abilities 10 years ago, people would simply laugh at them. But today those people are starting to realize how wrong they were. With research in the memory of the human mind progressing in recent years, scientists from the University of California in Irvine have discovered that there are in fact people who have an extraordinary memory of a caliber never documented before. The condition and ability is called HSAM, which stands for “highly superior autobiographical memory” and has been identified over the last five to 10 years. Only around 30 people in the world have been diagnosed with this incredible ability. One of these people is Tracy Fersan, the international student advisor at Suffolk University. Fersan helps hundreds of international students at Suffolk every day and remembers every single one of them. “Initially they only thought there was five or six people in the world, but now its more like 30 or 40 people in the world," said Fersan on her ability. "I think more people will step forward and they will realize that it is not as uncommon as they thought it was." Fersan always knew about her great memory, but she never thought it was a scientific phenomenon that other people were blessed with as well. “My friends and family have always realized that I

Photo courtesy of Tracy Ferson

Tracy Fersan (left center) appears on 60 Minutes
remembered dates, birthdays and anniversaries. I can’t tell you how many times I have started a sentence with: do you know what you were doing a year ago today? I was first aware of it when I was around 10 or 12 years old, but none of it really made sense before Jan. 28, 2009,” Fersan said, showing how she remembers specific dates and what exactly happened on the day. “It was a snow day. I was home. I was working as a teacher five years ago. Five years ago, tomorrow. I saw an article on Yahoo! about a woman who could remember every single day of her life and she didn’t really seem that happy on the picture, but I read the article and it indicated that the University of California Irvine was doing research on memory. So I wrote to them and said, 'it kind of sounds like me and I would be interested in testing.' So they reached back to me a couple months later and I started testing in February 2010. I have been doing research for them for about four years now. Every three or six months they call me and say, are you ready for another test?” 60 Minutes originally did a story on HSAM in December 2010 and then did a follow up story in 2013 – a story that aired on Jan. 12, 2014. Five people with HSAM were on the show, including Fersan, who in September 2013 was contacted by the University of California in Irvine as 60 Minutes was interested in doing the follow up story. “Part of the [testing process] was that we were all given MRI’s, and the tests showed that there is definitely more white matter in a certain part of the brain so that is an easier access to information going back and forth” said Fersan. “The research shows that within a day or week, we are all the same like anybody else, its when we start really going back in time, that we can really make a difference. For instance, when I went out and tested on the camera they asked me, what was the day the Monica Lewinski scandal broke? And I said Jan. 25, 1998. Another question was what happened on Sept. 6, 1997, what was the big event? Questions like that.” Even though the test experience was exciting, it could not compare to being on the actual 60 Minutes show hosted by legendary journalist Lesley Stahl. Not a lot of people in the world get the honor of being on this show. Now Fersan is one of them. “The experience was amazing, the producers were incredible. Jenny and Sherri were both very helpful and very polite. We all still keep in touch. Lesley was a classmate of my mother here in Swampscott, Mass. I met her 20 years ago and when we had to introduce ourselves she said: get your cellphone, let's call your mother!” “Leslie was incredible, classy, nice, really great questions, she was fun and two and a half hours just went by in a heartbeat. She was so nice,” Ferson said. There is no doubt that Fersan’s ability has a positive side to it, but sometimes it is also a burden, she said. “I look back and I can identify a lot of happy memories, but I also know when the sad days are. There is also a downside to this ability. Out of the people they have been studying only a few of us have children and I’m one of them. Most of them are single. And that when you ask the question, is it a good thing to have or not? Can you let go of grudges? If you remember everything, how does that affect your relationship? Can you have a fight and move on?” Fersan says that it is not something she can just turn off if she wants to. This ability is part of her identity and she would never want to give it up for anything in the world. Fersan’s ability enables her to look at every day as if it has its own unique identity and this certainly not how most of us do when we try to remember specific days.

“I look back and I can identify a lot of happy memories, but I also know when the sad days are." - Tracy Fersan


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set. Along with the music, the climate discussion will be led by speakers Michael Mann, Cameron Wake, Jack Healey With so much music in and and Bill McKibben, all of which around the city of Boston and so are authorities on climate much local flare for fun it was change. only natural to hold a benefit concert within city limits. And with Cambridge based and born We Are Music, the event only came naturally as a way to provide aide and awareness within both a local and global community. It will also be a way for both local music and local cuisine and brewing to showcase the local community in and around Boston. On Feb. 1, We Are Music will be presenting “Right Now!” a concert to benefit the victims of Typhoon Haiyan, and as well as a panel with discussions on climate change; with all proceeds from the events going to Typhoon relief. The benefit show will also feature locally brewed beers and distilled spirits, as well as a free oyster bar for the patrons of the show. It will be used as a display of local fare and local tastes from the area, as well as a chance to introduce people to new brews. Local band Bearstronaut and New York-based Escort will be two of the performers headlining event. Along with Escort and Bearstronaut, the event will feature mixes and spinning by Juan Macclean who is billed for his “epic mixes” and Kon another local based DJ who was described by Soul Clap as “the best Disco/ Funk/Soul/Boogie DJ in the world” and will be spinning a

January 29, 2014

We Are Music hosts RightNow! staff Benefit to donate all proceeds to Phillipines reflief SOUNDS
Alexandra Martinez Journal Staff
Mann is the creator of the Hockey Stick Graph and author of The Hockey Stick and The Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Line, in which Mann describes what led him to become a climate researcher.



Wake is a professor at the University of New Hampshire and a climatologist with more than 500 papers published on the subject. Healey has been called “Mr. Human Rights” by U.S. News and World Report. Healey has spent the bulk of his career inspiring the world’s youth into using peaceful protest and Non-violent activism. Healey also spent 12 years as the head of Amnesty International. McKibben is the founder of and has worked in almost every country fighting against the use of fossil fuels; McKibben will be skyped in for a screening and panel session. Right Now! will be held at Brooklyn Boulders, Somerville, which is a 40,000-square-foot indoor climbing facility and co-work space and is located at 12A Tyler St, Somerville, Mass. with all the proceeds going to help the victims in the Philippines. The event hopes to raise awareness on the climate issue. The event is sure to be a full night for everyone participating and should be an experience. Tickets for the event range from $25 to $60 and can be purchased at



Wolf of Wall Street bringing in box office money
weeks following big release
Soleil Barros Arts Editor
When one decides what movie to choose at the theatre, varying by personal taste it may be the day for a thriller or an action film to satisfy a mere full theatrical experience. Upon arriving to a small local theatre on Cape Cod for a late night spontaneous flick, I was surprised to run into a professor I had for a film critique class in the fall. After saying a brief hello, I wasn’t surprised to learn that we were both catching an empty screening of the latest big screen blockbuster Wolf of Wall Street. Needless to say, after watching Leonardo DiCaprio snort a sea of prop cocaine off a blonde bombshell’s bustier to seeing Jonah Hill jokingly peer pressure Jordan Belfort into trying crack for the was rooted from the idea convey the concept of life on first time to hearing “F***” that I thoroughly enjoyed New York’s Wall Street into 506 times – I can admittedly every moment of the film. a fun, adventurous story that the audience f o l l o w s along with throughout the highs and the lows of Belfort’s crazy life. Although there was an immense a m o u n t of vulgar material that may have seemed a bit Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures u n n e c e s s a r y to the art of report that I left the theatre Often times when stories the film, it had a dense impact with my head tucked in my are converted into a screenplay on the outlook the audience hood, slightly embarrassed to the essence of the tale can be had towards this Wall Street have seen the same graphic lost due to the added extra moguls crazy mind waves. content as a professor I greatly Hollywood element. Based on DiCaprio, playing the lead admired. After reflecting for a a book written personally by character Belfort, a young minute or two in the parking Belfort himself, director Martin SeeWOLF pg. 10 lot, the sheer embarrassment Scorsese somehow was able to




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January 29, 2014

Grammys! Grammys! Grammys! Read all about it!
the 56th Annual award show gleaming with stellar suprises
Soleil Barros Arts Editor
As the 2014 Grammys served to deliver a brew of controversy, the annual worldly popular music award ceremony also did quite a swift job at hosting a few revolutionary moments. Many highlights of the show were featured in headlines across the news spectrum with stories sprinkling into newsrooms, reporting on the various Grammy parties hosted around Los Angeles and the performances that were deemed to be best during the long presentation. I’m sure many of you have heard about Beyoncé and Macklemore one too many times already, with that taken into consideration – I can spare you the additional coverage on the celebrities featured on the front page of Perez Hilton, but give more on the pleasant surprises that the 56th annual Grammy awards had to deliver. Snippets of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s performance were Tumbled and retweeted almost as many times as GIFs of Taylor Swift awkwardly getting her groove on front and center of the audience almost the entire show. Aside from many starlets that were surprisingly allotted to stay seated throughout their slew of Grammy nominations, a few unexpected awards where taken home this year, leaving many top charters seated in the audience for most of the show. The night’s performers were introduced with ‘top 10’ type sets by Katy Perry on a stripper pole, Beyoncé in fishnet stockings, Pink trapezing from the venue’s ceiling, and Taylor Swift crying another love song – all, shockingly played merely their most recently released singles. Those who were able to sit through the Hollywood’s hot list lineup throughout the first hour of the show were in for a true treat as the remainder of the program was quite entertaining. Kudos to this year’s producers of the Grammys for arranging an element of what seemed to share the idea of unity and the concept of the old reconciling with the new, pushing boundaries like never before in mainstream music before. The most revolutionary performances at this year’s Grammy Awards were delivered by creative/producer/ musician/designer/etc. Pharell Williams and France’s dynamic duo Daft Punk took to the stage with a cameo by Stevie Wonder, performing their hit single ‘Get Lucky’ and throwback tune ‘Le Freak.’ Pharell’s “robotic friends” remained in their space-like suits throughout the threehour award show as they were like Rihanna, Jay Z and Kendrick Lamar as a reel of Flavor Flav, the Beastie Boys and other various old timers first time on the Ed Sullivan just moments before being Show just a few days following awarded her two Grammys. the award show on Feb. 9. On an opposite end of Paul McCartney was joined on the spectrum, after being nominated against his wife, Jay Z was awarded a Grammy for best rap/ sung collaboration for “Holy Grail” featuring Justin Timberlake who was not in attendance surprisingly. Adding an arrogant but lighthearted statement to his acceptance speech, Jay Z poked fun at the Grammys saying, “I want to tell Blue (Ivy,) Daddy got a gold sippy cup for you,” as the historic rapper tilted his golden Grammy sideways. Many chart toppers were also noticeably absent from the award show in addition to Timberlake, as the likes of starlets including Rihanna, Kayne West, Miley Photo of Grammy winners Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams courtesy of Soleil Barros Cyrus, Drake and Justin broadcast live on television play on the enormous screen stage by Ringo Starr, as the Beiber (understandably for only the second time behind him. Members of the remaining members jammed absent) seemed to skip their since their formation in 1993. audience were blown away out for a new generation – invitation to the Grammys While accepting the award for just minutes later as Lamar proving that age is literally this year. Speculation towards Record of the Year, Pharell brought massive energy to the just a number. Yoko Ono, wife controversy grew as celebrities Williams shared a few words of stage with Las Vegas’ popular to Beatles member the late attended Pre and Post Grammy sentiment towards his French success story Imagine Dragons John Lennon, was easily the parties, including Clive Davis’ friends saying, “I bet France delivering one of the best coolest member in attendance famed gala party in Beverly is really proud of these guys performances of the evening. as she repeatedly threw up Hills at the Beverly Hilton tonight,” as the trio won every As these two genres found a peace signs throughout the Hotel, but in turn chose not single category their hit song beautiful way to fuse their show and danced along with to attend the event itself. ‘Get Lucky’ was nominated for. sounds, the concept of unity the biggest smile to nearly all Finally, a wrap up of the Paying tribute to the was apparent, as the musicians the performances as her son 56th annual Grammy Awards late Lou Reed of the Velvet were able to effortlessly Sean Lennon swayed by her would be incomplete without Underground, Metallica perform exclusive content side. As Yoko Ono and Ringo the mention of the beef and delivered an extraordinary together, live for the 56th Starr wore their sunglasses present tension throughout performance with famed annual Grammy award show. indoors at the Staples Center, the venue due to the winner pianist Lang Lang, providing Another grand performance comfortably dancing to the of ‘Best Rap Album’ – newly settled on the scene Seattle based Macklemore and Ryan Lewis beat out the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z and Drake. Winning Grammys for ‘Best Rap Song’ and ‘Best Rap Performance’ generated a bit of fury for music lovers, as they have been extremely open and vocal about sharing their disapproval of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ Grammy sweep. While indeed one of the most memorable and talked about performance’s of the night was declared by the evening’s rap champ himself, as he illuminated the stage with his (again controversial) Photo courtesy of Drake's Twitter account - tweet was later deleted. song ‘Same Love’ as the theme of the show brought a heartfelt a fusion that was not only the that seemed to fuse a latest pop tunes – there was and historic moment as Queen most heartfelt of the night generation or two was the set a true note displayed, you Latifiah married 33 couples, but also the most diverse introduced by Willie Nelson, are never to old to rock out! same-sex and non same-sex combination in styles of music. Blake Shelton, Merle Haggard, While artists like double live on national television. Lang Lang tailored his beautiful and Kris Kristofferson as they Grammy award winner, Only to have Madonna talent with the piano keys to fit collaborated in singing and 17-year-old Lorde graced emerge with a full choir on Metallica’s ‘One’ which literally guitar-strumming along to ‘The the stage almost speechless stage to sing ‘Open Your blew the mind of the audience Highwayman’ and ‘Okie From to accept her award, it was Heart,’ leaving nothing but an as they stood and watched Muskogee’ finally bringing the slightly humbling to see the encore of applause following the unique jam session occur sing-along-song out of a vast genuine shock in her eyes the heart-warming and eyein honor of rock legend amount of audience members as the announcer called her opening performance. Reed, who passed in 2013. as they closed their lively set name as the winner of Song Following this year’s As retired rapper LL Cool J with ‘Mamas, Don’t Let Your of the Year and Best Pop Solo Grammy Awards, the producers welcomed Compton, Calif. star Son Grow Up to Be Cowboys.' Performance for her work of next year’s 57th annual Kendrick Lamar to the stage The Grammys shed light on the popular tune ‘Royals.’ show will have quite a list of – he took a brief moment to upon the Beatles as the Lorde also took to the Grammy legends and performances to celebrate an anniversary legendary band was celebrated stage to perform a more live up to. of Def Jam Music Records, for having premiered on CBS acoustic type version of her calling name to musicians 50 years prior for the very chart topping single ‘Royals’


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The result is some truly beautifully crafted songsindividually-but as a whole an album that feels disjointed- a lot of ideas without a lot of payoff. Sometimes h a v i n g such a strong, wellreceived first album can be detrimental to a musician when a listener, critic or what have you will undoubtedly compare all future efforts with the first o u t p u t . T h e strongest songs on the album are the ones that add some variety to the slower, instrumental reliant album. “Gold” is an upbeat, horn-heavy song that allows an instrumental interlude to build the musical

January 29, 2014

James Vincent McMorrow releases Post Tropical
Ally Johnson Opinion Editor
With a sound destined for rainy days, a sound that’s imbued with melancholy and vocally heavy, its mood music for any mood that you are in. Inspired by the music of the ‘70’s singer/songwriter era, James Vincent McMorrow wears his influences on his sleeve. From the slow beats on the opening track “Cavalier” that emulates James Blake, to his smooth vocals reminiscent of his early influences such as Sufjan Stevens and Band of Horses, to the atmospheric folk edge he leans heavily on. His first album Early in the Morning was an instant favorite in my eyescombining vocal acrobatics, emotional lyrics and acoustic instrumental accompaniment that I so easily fall for. Released in Ireland in March 2010 by Believe Recording, the album was met with a multitude of accolades. To record his second album Post Tropical, he hunkered down to a small studio in Texas in 2013 and proceeded to take a nearly 180 from his previous album-infusing new aspects such as loaded synthetic instrumentals and horn charts. momentum rather than slow one that is most reminiscent song to drag people out of everything down. “Look Out” of the McMorrow’s debut Early the slow pacing of the album. On his first album, is a lullaby, a haunting piano in the Morning combining McMorrow had songs ranging from the effortlessly moving and lyrically and musically intricate “We Don’t Eat” to the mournful “Follow You Down to the Red Oak Tree” to “From the Woods!” which ends the album on an exuberant, lively note. There was variety but all of the songs were uniformly linked to make a complete sounding album. The misfire of his sophomore effort is the pacing. If there is no mixed tempo, the songs begin to blend together which can be in danger of becoming forgettable - which sadly this album seems to do. By no means is it a bad album, there is some great musicality going on, but it is undoubtedly disappointing. With such a talent, such a vocalist behind the effort, there was hope that his sophomore effort Photo courtesy of Vagrant Records would keep the spirit of piece that allows for the vocals his delicate vocals with the his first album all the while to sweep over, rather than roughness of folk music, easily injecting a new sense of life overwhelm the natural appeal creating the strongest song on into it - instead it seems the of the music. Post Tropical the the album. “Glacier” changes it album couldn’t decide what title song of the album, is the up, including an upbeat tempo direction it wanted to take.

WOLF from pg. 8
man that lives throughout all the troubles a rich man could possibly attract – from the F.B.I. on his tail, to the allure of cheating on his second wife after getting caught by the first, to overdosing on his favorite rare drug of choice, Belfort is not one to miss a beat. Starring Jonah Hill as Belfort’s right hand man, the goofy partner in crime character of Donnie Azoff who quickly learns the strings of Wall Street as he grows into success unexpectedly with his mentor. As a man that quickly figures out his way to enter himself into the luxury life of a millionaire in the '80s and '90s, Belfort is an immense unstoppable p o w e r - h u n g r y businessman that sees no limit for the amount of money that he can retain. With a daily routine of a roster of illegal drugs and snappy whited narrative to accompany the story, Belfort’s character becomes extremely entertaining within a matter of minutes of the film's start. A film that flows together in the most

magnificent way, regardless of how twisted Belfort's thought process may have been or how crossed his game plan was – at the end of the day, you always wanted him to find a way out. You truly want him to get away with all of the naughty, cruel, crude behaviors that he engages in throughout the story. As Belfort continues to exploit his clients and

resources, he learns more about himself proving that the moral values do exist in most humans regardless of how deeply they may be hidden. It is no wonder that after a month at the box office, this instant classic is still coming in strong as viewers are choosing Scorsese over any currently running movie in theatres at the moment. Both

Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio have both been nominated for Academy Awards for their performance in Wolf of Wall Street, showcasing their talent. Starring in a film that has a wide range of dark comedy, realistic drama and luxurious densities – this story was shot in such a manner that it is certain to reach the likes of Pulp Fiction and Easy Rider. A

film that exemplifies a lifestyle that we have always wondered about but could never relate to, living through a series events that could only happen to a character. With a star studded cast, a famed Hollywood director and an interesting true story to guide a screenplay from, there is no doubt Wolf of Wall Street will create buzz for many years to come.

Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures


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to celebrate its 75-year anniversary next fall. While our editors hope Suffolk’s paper is never faced with the Aggie’s issue, it would not be right of the university to keep it afloat by tacking on another cost to students. The state of Washington did not bail out the Seattle Post-Intelligencer back in 2009. The paper has since run as an online-only media outlet. It is only a proposed $9.30 fee for each student, but the cost of attending college anywhere is already high enough. Part of the reason that student newspapers exist is to teach future journalists, editors and photographers, as Aggie Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Orpina noted to the Bee. It is harsh, but part of that preparation for the real world is that the government will not bail out your paper if you are failing by increasing taxes. UC Davis should not essentially tax its students with this proposed fee to keep the Aggie alive. Instead the university should simply find money within its budget to allocate to the paper in order to help declining advertising income. College newspapers give voice to and inform the student body and are an important part of any school’s campus atmosphere. It would be great to see the Aggie make it to its 100th anniversary, but not at the expense of the entire undergraduate body. If the UC Davis administration truly values its student paper, it can find at least some money to keep the Aggie afloat.

January 29, 2014

STAFF EDITORIAL Google Glass is the future
All the way across the country, the university newspaper of the University of California, Davis, the California Aggie, is in danger of extinction just before its 100-year anniversary. Despite cutting the paper from a daily to a weekly and docking the paychecks of its editors, The Aggie is proposing that the school enforce a $9.30 campus fee to all undergraduate students to stay afloat. Mike Thomas, senate president pro tempore at UC Davis told the Sacramento Bee that “a fee referendum is the only way the Aggie could keep its integrity as a newspaper.” While this proposal might seem like the easiest, and to some the only fix for the publication, it seems wrong to force a student body to fund a singular campus organization. The Bee noted that the Aggie is primarily funded through its own self-raised advertising funds. Perhaps one way the administration could help keep the school paper afloat would be to designate a certain amount of money to it each year the way Suffolk University does with the Journal. Attracting advertisers can be difficult for any school newspaper not named the Harvard Crimson, so the Aggie should be proud of its success on that front. If UC Davis would cover half or even a smaller portion of the annual cost to publish for its student paper, it is hard to believe the Aggie could not continue to publish. The Suffolk Journal is about

Ellie Hawkins Journal Staff

After further researching Google Glass and getting a better understanding of what it is about I am hooked. I can see this becoming the next thing that will lead us into the future. If one goes to the Google Glass website, one can see videos of “glass explorers” that show different situations for using the glasses. Google Glass gives the option for the user to send emails, research, take videos and photos, text and make

Jackson, does daily activities in his line of work. It gave him the option to ask Google Glass to pull up a diagram of a car so he knew what areas were the best to cut to save the man inside with the jaws of life. The fireman was also able to use them to look up floor plans of a building that was on fire so he knew how to safely enter the building and how to navigate. It gave him the opportunity to react faster to situations that needed immediate attention. Google also had another explorer video about how a famous tennis player, Bethanie Mattek-Sands, used Google

candidate for one. I believe once they become more popular within our culture the price will be lowered and more people can afford them. I think Google Glass gives people the opportunity to enjoy life without having to always look at a screen or having a phone in one's hands. Google Glass comes in five colors and has the option to turn into sunglasses when one goes outside. The one thing that could be an issue about Google Glass is one always having the availability to have technology literally in front of a person, but I believe if someone really

"What Google Glass has showed is it gives people the option to have the Internet available in a way that has never been thought of before."
phone calls. All the user has to do is ask Google Glass to perform the task that one wants. For example, ‘Ok, Glass make phone call to Britney’ and Google Glass will make the phone call. It gives its user to be able to do things hands free. What Google Glass has showed is it gives people the option to have the Internet available in a way that has never been thought of before. In one of the videos Google has available to watch a fire fighter, named Patrick Glass. During her busy days, it helped her stay organized with different appointments and by being able to keep her updated about flight information during her travels to Wimbledon. During her practices it showed, through the videos she took, how she hit from her point of view. It gave her the opportunity to improve the way she played before her big tournament. As of right now, to be able to get Google Glass, one has to sign up on its website and see if they are a possible wants to take the time and enjoy being technology-free they can do it. All one would need to do is take the glasses off or, as of right now, put one's phone in their purse or jacket pocket. The countries that have technology so available to them have to realize that sometimes we are too synced with technology and I think that is what Google Glass is giving us the opportunity to do is to see what is all around us instead of always looking down at our phones.

Photo by Flickr user tedeytan


The Suffolk Journal
Ally Johnson Opinion Editor
shooting as he made his way outside and was caught by police. It has been announced that the prosecutors have formally charged the Purdue Univerinitial court hearing. There has been a not guilty plea entered, as well. The second incident happened at a mall in Maryland. The shooter was 19-years-old cover a linking factor between the murders. The incident caused panic in the mall as the shots when off -- five people went to the hospital for treatment after the shooting took place. This is exhausting, this is horrific, this is the new normal in today’s world and it should be causing more outrage than it seems to be. It has gotten to the point where there is nothing left to be said other than to reiterate the misery of the situation, mention again and again that the victims and their families are in our thoughts, and adjust to a world where schools, malls, movie theaters etc. are potential threats to your life. So, what do we do next? How do we challenge these tragedies? Do we simply watch on as families mourn? Do we hide behind our Twitter and Facebook accounts as we become internet activists? Do we raise our voices to those of

September 19, 2014 2012 January 29,

Are mass shootings the new normal in America?
In the past week there have been not one, but two widely publicized deadly shootings. Just another news week in today’s society where it seems that gun violence has become so commonplace that Justin Bieber can be allotted more screen time on nightly news that the victims of the assaults. The first of the incidents happened on Jan. 21 on the campus of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind. The assailant was 23, according to the Purdue University Police Chief. The name has been released but I’m of the mindset that these types of people get their names in the spotlight far too often and all it does is exacerbate the violent mindset. The suspect was apprehended moments after the whom who proudly advocate the ownership of guns? Do we find a way to safely moderate those who own guns legally and are found capable of continuing the ownership-something that has not seemed to have succeeded in the past year or two. Or do we simply wait and watch as more and more incidents like this take place, watch as the news tries to dissect the killer and their motives, rather than trying to come up with a solution? We’ve seen 20 school children, a theater full of innocent movie-goers, university students, people on the street, all gunned down by mindless violence. How much more does it take? If the loss of school children does nothing to change minds, to provoke action, is it a lost cause? Gun violence is out of control, it is more than just isolated events and this is a discussion people should be having.

Photo by Flickr user MDgovpics

sity student with murder in the shooting of fellow student Andrew Boldt. The charge was entered before the scheduled

and shot and killed two people, Brianna Benlolo, 21, and Tyler Johnson, 25. Investigation is underway trying to dis-

Fewer students seem passionate about college media
Alex Hall Editor-in-Chief
One of my first and fondest memories from my freshman year at Suffolk was when I attended my first Suffolk Journal meeting and there wasn’t a seat to be found in Donahue 535. It was a standing room only meeting and there were more people than stories available for the week. Being on the Journal staff for all of my 3.5 years at Suffolk, it is sad to say but I have seen the number of staff writers dwindle down each and every semester. This is not just an issue for the Journal but for all the Suffolk media clubs. From the Voice to Suffolk Free Radio, all the media clubs have seen a drought in passionate students that want to be involved and hold editor or manager positions. That does not mean that there are zero passionate CJN are going bankrupt. The print news industry is changing, not dying. Even if print newspapers no longer exist at some point in the future, school newspapers will always be around. Students are far more likely to pick up a paper while waiting 10 minutes for The Suffolk an elevator in Sawyer or Donahue than they are to ignore Reddit, Amazon or Pandora for 10 minutes to check out their school newspaper’s website. That is not going to change regardless of what happens in the professional side of this industry. Speaking of the professional side, having clips from your college’s newspaper carries a lot more weight than you might think when applying for internships or your first job in journalism. I know I was asked about my time with the Journal while interviewing Photo courtesy of CJN Suffolk's Facebook page for my Boston Globe sports co-op last table at the Temple Street Fair 2013 winter. Oh, and one majors left around Beacon Hill. Every media group can point to its “go-to” writers or DJs and that is great to see. The problem is those “go-getter” types are becoming harder and harder to come by at Suffolk. There are about 180ish print and broadcast journalism majors currently enrolled at this university. The communication and journalism department has more students under its umbrella than the entire Sawyer Business School. Despite these numbers however, I cannot tell you how many classes I have had with fellow journalism majors and know quite a few who have never written for the Journal or the Voice. I just do not understand why those students choose not to get involved with either newspaper on campus. In the Journal’s case, perhaps it is the recent belief by many that newspapers are a dying breed. That simply is not the case. If physical newspapers no longer exist, do not think that means the New York Times or



Photo courtesy of InstaRamSU's Twitter

Journal table at the Winter Involvement Fair 2014
of the reasons I received my first interview was thanks to a verbal recommendation from a former sports editor for the Voice. The bottom line is, if you want to get a job in broadcast, print or online journalism: having clips from your work with the Journal, Voice or your radio show on SFR helps a great deal. All three outlets are some of the only real options at Suffolk to see one’s work published and available to more than just 19 fellow classmates and a professor. Your interviewee does not want to see the midterm paper you wrote for Journalism II, they want to see your published interview with President McCarthy about how Suffolk helps with student loans. If journalism is not what you want to do but you are intrigued, go to a meeting for the outlet that seems most up your alley. None of us bite and the reason our organizations exist is to make our members better at what they are interested in while doing so in a relaxed atmosphere. I think I can speak for any editorial or managerial member of all the Suffolk media clubs when I say that what we do is a labor of love. We do not get paychecks for what we do. What we get out of our involvement is being prideful of what our hard work produces. It is unfortunate to see each new class of students come into this university and see fewer and fewer showing the same drive and interest that I saw when I struggled to find a seat in Donahue 535 just a few years ago.

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feel that the ban is a little extreme and find it ridiculous that smoking is banned in parks while people can smoke in sidewalks at any time where the non-smokers are more exposed to the secondhand cause while also portraying tobacco companies as people who respect people’s freedom of choice. The show also criticizes that even though there are so many other leading causes of death in Americans, smoking is singled out and treated unfairly just because they don’t like it. While it is ridiculous to think that people who only have our health as their priority are evil, the ban limits our right to choose whether we want to smoke or not. Through the years there have been limits implemented on smoking. Some cities have banned smoking inside bars and it is weird that someone cannot open a bar specifically for people who want to smoke indoors or people who don’t mind being exposed to smoke. These restrictions have grossly limited smokers’ rights. People always consider how nonsmokers feel but completely forget about smokers’ feelings on the matter. This can cause a feeling of alienation for Photo by Flickr user Mark Morgan Trinidad B them and to be looked at as the problem. smoke, both from the smoke aren’t thinking about the wellIt just seems like this ban is they exhale and the smoke being of their fellow students. trying to help us stay healthier from the cigarettes. When thinking about without any ulterior motives, The ban also raises some this ban, one can’t help but it could have been done eyebrows in Suffolk since but remember the South with more involvement the SGA has reportedly been Park episode “Butt Out.” In from those who disagree so interested in banning smoking the episode, anti-smoking that there would be a better at the entrance of Sawyer lobbyists are portrayed as evil discussion from both sides where students usually group masterminds who want to ban so they can create a law that together to smoke outside. The smoking and are also willing benefits everyone equally. issue is overcrowding near the to kill a child to help their entrance and how it negatively affects non-smokers passing the building or students trying to get to class who do not want to smell like smoke. But it also alienates smokers and makes it seem like they

September 19, 2012 January 29, 2014

City parks smoking ban goes too far, unfairly limits rights
Will Senar Journal Contributor
The Boston Parks and Recreation Department recently unanimously voted to ban smoking lighted or vaporized substances from the city’s 250 plus parks. The ban has also been supported by former Mayor Thomas M. Menino who proposed the ban last November. What is interesting about the ban is that it bans all types of smoking from parks, including marijuana and e-cigarettes. While still considered a drug, marijuana is not known to have harmful effects on the body and is even used as a prescription medication. E-cigarettes are considered the safe alternative of smoking tobacco cigarettes so banning it from parks forces some people to think “Are they eventually going to make smoking illegal?” While that is unlikely, people do have the right to be worried about the ban. It limits where people can smoke and seeing that people can’t smoke indoors and now they can’t do it in parks, there’s only one place they can do it: sidewalks, where people are more susceptible to secondhand smoke. This could then drive the city to ban smoking from these places as well. Some non-smokers even


Hello Students!

The Student Government Association (SGA) would like to share some updates from this week! As many of you know, Martin Luther King Day was last Monday. Every year, Suffolk University celebrates Martin Luther King’s inspirational journey and his fight for freedom and equality for all people by coming together at a luncheon held at the Wyndham Boston of Beacon Hill. This year’s speaker was Jamie Washington. He spoke about the role of allies in our daily lives, and pointed out the fact that even though we live in the year 2014, we are all still not equal! We thank Mr. Washington for his inspiring words. We did not have an SGA meeting this Thursday, due to the Winter Involvement Fair, which was held on the ninth floor of 73 Tremont. Many of the wonderful and diverse organizations on campus, came together from 12 p.m.-2 p.m. to promote their interests. Students visited tables, submitted their contact information to learn and be apart of groups, as well as received t-shirts, umbrellas, pens, snow globes etc! It was certainly an awesome event! The Donahue café is now open Monday through Friday until 5 p.m.! We hope you all take advantage of the later hours and grab some dinner before heading home. Our weekly meetings are every Thursday in Donahue 311. As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

Children's shows should embrace gay characters
Ally Johnson Opinion Editor
The group One Million Moms are at it again and this time it is targeting the Disney Channel. Of course it is -- because the Disney Channel just screams depravity and un-wholesome viewing for children. Its outrage is directed at a show aimed at children called Good Luck Charlie, a show that has decided to include a same-sex married couple in one of its upcoming episodes. One Million Moms is against this -- despite the fictional couple in question consisting of two mothers. Regarding the issue, a member of One Million Moms wrote:

“Alerting all parents! If Good Luck Charlie goes through with introducing LGBT content, then the floodgates will be opened for all programs on the Disney Channel – a trend that will be almost impossible to stop. An upcoming episode in this last season of Good Luck Charlie will feature a family

with two moms, a first for Disney Channel. Because Good Luck Charlie is coming to a close, the characters are only expected to appear in one episode. However, one episode is enough, especially since the network repeatedly airs reruns of all its programs. One Million Moms launched an email campaign in 2013 that urged Disney officials to abandon their plans to corrupt the children’s network with LGBT content.  However, Disney officials have not responded to the thousands of emails protesting their plans. Disney has decided to be politically correct instead of providing family-friendly programming.   Disney should stick to entertaining, not pushing an agenda. Conservative families need to urge Disney to avoid controversial topics that children are far too young to comprehend. This is the last place a parent would expect their children to be confronted with topics that are too difficult for them to understand. Mature issues of this nature are being introduced too early and too soon, and it is extremely

Considering its nature, there are a number of problematic mentions in this note. Most alarming is the idea that the Disney Channel is pushing an “agenda” by presenting LGBTQ characters. Despite the introduction, the channel still is not close to any form of equal representation, but it is an attempt and that has to be appreciated when it seems that the cause is moving at glacial speed. It is not a liberal agenda to try and create a LGBTQ representative channel; it’s a move that shows a willingness to change with the times. It shouldn’t be shocking news to have a gay character on television, even a television show geared t o w ard s y o u t h . It isn’t corrupting y o u n g minds; it’s telling them that a child can have two moms or two dads and creating an accepting

mindset at an early age so that they do not grow with the same prejudices and hate as the members of One Million Moms. It is a good step for the kid friendly channel to take and I could only hope that more channels would follow suit, with a want to breed acceptance and love and open minds from an early age. Children should have a willingness to accept, learn, grow and know that groups such as One Million Moms are nothing but fear mongers and ignorance shouters who feel the need to dispel their ill thought pre-conceived notions onto the listening world.

Have a great week, Student Government Association

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September 19, 2012 January 29, 2014

New protective caps for MLB pitchers
The MLB is taking major steps for the safety of baseball players. The league approved a baseball cap for pitchers to wear that offers extra padding for protection against line drives back to the mound. These caps will available for pitchers to wear next season, but will not be mandatory. They will be available as soon as spring training, giving pitchers the option to test them and at least get a feel for them. After numerous incidences of pitchers getting hit in the head, not to mention the dozens of times they have almost been hit, but most recent being Oakland A’s pitcher Brandon McCarthy. McCarthy, after hearing the news, surprisingly tweeted out referring to the caps as: “headed in the right direction, but not game ready.” He tested out the caps and said they need adjustments, but he approves of the focus on pitcher safety.

Team standings
Men's Hockey Men's Basketball Women's Basketball
1. Rivier 14-3 2. Saint Joseph's (Me.) 13-4 3. Emmanuel 11-6 4. Suffolk 9-6 5. Anna Maria 8-9 6. Johnson & Wales 5-12 7. Lasell 8-9 8. Norwich 8-8 9. St. Joseph (CT) 8-10 10. Mount Ida 3-13 11. Simmons 2-12 12. Albertus Magnus 3-15

1. Salve Regina 7-11 2. Nichols 11-4-2 3. Johnson & Wales 14-4 4. West. New England 9-8 5. Suffolk 5-10-1 6. Wentworth 5-10-2 7. Curry 6-9-2 8. Becker 1-13-2

1. Albertus Magnus 16-1 2. Johnson & Wales 13-4 3. Saint Joseph's 9-8 4. Lasell 8-7 5. Suffolk 7-9 6. Anna Maria 7-10 7. Rivier 5-12 8. Norwich 4-13 9. Mount Ida 4-13 10. Emmanuel 4-13

Ron Rivera gets three-year extension with Panthers
“Riverboat” Ron Rivera gave the Carolina Panthers a season that was worthy of a “Coach of the Year” award, and it looks like he will be sticking around for a while. Rivera has agreed to a three-year extension with the Panthers, after coaching them to a first-round bye this season. Ironically, Rivera gets his extension the same week former Panthers head coach John Fox prepares for the Super Bowl. After Fox and the Panthers parted ways, the 2-14 team gained Rivera and quarterback Cam Newton, and have improved to a top NFC team three years later. Rivera has made major draft selections like Newton and potential defensive player of the year linebacker Luke Kuechly. The 2014-2015 season would have been the final year of his contract, but now he is locked in until 2017.

Staff Super Bowl Predictions
“I predict a strong win by the Seahawks and Russell Wilson. Peyton Manning will fall! 28-14.” - Melissa Hanson “Peyton Manning sucks. Go Seahawks!” - Sam Humphrey

Photo courtesy of Flickr User Football Schedule

“Seahawks will earn their first ever Super Bowl victory thanks to a late Richard Sherman interception. Seahawks 30, Broncos 24.” - Alex Hall “Los Angeles Raiders will return, ressurecton in 2015!” - Soleil Barros #blastfromthepast #SuperBowl2015 #letsgitit #LAALLDAY #1980sMTVYO #RedHotChiliPeppersRtheSuperBowl "I definitely think that the Broncos will win by at least 20 points! Red Hot Chilli Peppers will play the song 'Zephyr Song'." - Vassili Stroganov “Seahawks win 23-20. Battle in the trenches, old school football. Marshawn Lynch wins Super Bowl MVP.” - Jeremy Hayes “Patriots lose.” - Ally Thibault

Aussie basketball phenomenon Exum to enter NBA Draft
In the middle of one of the most competitive college basketball seasons in years, a top NBA prospect in making waves over in Australia. Dante Exum, point guard and Australian native, has announced that he will enter the 2014 draft. Exum, 18, is young and raw at the point and is projected to be a top-five draft pick this off-season. He is also the best prospect at point guard, which only increases his odds of being a lock as a top-10 pick at least. He has incredible elite size standing in at 6 feet 6 inches, he is lighter than an average point guard, but he can easily gain that weight and muscle through whichever organization drafts him. His stature allows him to be a versatile guard in the NBA, off-guard or at the point. Exum stayed overseas to finish high school, so as an international player he is draft eligible.

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The Suffolk Journal
CJ Haddad Journal Staff
as much, if not more than the P.K. Since the devastating concussion Marc Savard suffered in the year he inked a seven-year contract, the power play has been short of impressive. We all remember how incredible the drought was during the Stanley Cup run in which the Bruins failed to score time and time again on the one man advantage. Skilled players such as David Krejci, Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand, and Zdeno Chara have put the Bruins in sixth place in the Eastern Conference on the power play, and eighth overall in the NHL. This may be shocking for Bruins fans, but having the 7 foot tall Zdeno Chara patrolling the crease certainly cannot hurt your chances. In fact, Chara leads all Bruins in power-play goals with eight. In matinee action this past Sunday, the Bruins took part in a Stanley Cup Finals rematch with the Chicago Blackhawks at the United Center. After going back and forth through three periods, the Bruins found themselves tied at two-a-piece with the defending champs. Brad Marchand led the way with two goals in regulation, but the Bruins failed to convert in overtime with Gregory Campbell missing an open net in overtime. The high-skill of Chicago’s forwards proved to be too much as Patrick Kane tallied the shootout winner. The B’s flew home the next

September 19, 2012 January 29, 2014

Bruins defeat Islanders to secure a four game winning streak
The NHL season is in full swing and action around the league is heating up. Teams are now realizing the moves they have to make going down the stretch in order to fight for Lord Stanley’s glory. Claude Julien and the Boston Bruins have put in the work to get themselves in a prime position to have a high seed going into the playoffs. The B’s have notched wins in five of their last eight games, improving to 32-153 (67 points) on the season. That record puts them in first amongst those in the Atlantic Division, trailing the highpowered offense of Pittsburgh by seven points for rights to the conference. The system is really starting to click for this year’s team as they learn to cope with the loss of their secondbest defenseman, Dennis Seidenberg. The penalty kill for the Bruins has become derailed as of late, dropping them out of the top 10 in terms of best penalty killing teams in the league. The team is now starting to come together and kill penalties in the fashion that they are used to, always finishing amongst the best short-handed teams in the NHL. Surprisingly enough, the power play has improved just

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

day to dress in the alternate black out jerseys they often wear on afternoon home games. This time the B’s took on the Los Angles Kings, who recently put up four goals in a victory at the Staples Center. This time the Bruins would get out to an early 2-0 lead on goals by a red-hot Brad Marchand and a power play goal off the stick of Torey Krug. The kings would score the next two goals to even things up. But just 18 seconds after, the Kings did tie it in the third; Marchand once again struck and netted the game-winner for the Bruins. After the Martin Luther King Jr. day game, the Bruins

Chara is one of the players who has been key to the recent progress of the team.

had the week off until they took on the Flyers at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. This game would be the third straight matinee game for the black and gold, which their record indicates, they don’t mind (6-1-1). Simply put, the Flyers didn’t show up for this one as the Bruins routed the Broad Street bullies 6-1. Chara and Iginla both buried two goals each, with Iginla tacking on two assists as well. The Bruins power play converted three times, improving their success as of late. The next game would be one of revenge for the Bruins, as they were to face off against the New York Islanders at Nassau Coliseum Tuesday night. Revenge was the name of this game as the Isles have taken the first two of three games on the schedule this year. This being the last matchup, the Bruins wanted to leave their mark. The Islanders have been playing well as of

late with stars as John Tavares and Kyle Okposo. This would be a back and forth contest as seven goals were scored through the first two periods, with the Bruins never trailing, but never leading by a two goal margin. Heading into the third, the B’s had a goal advantage of one. 4-3 would be the score until Patrice Bergeron worked his tail off behind the net after a penalty kill, eventually getting the pass from the still on fire Marchand and knocking it off the post and in. After the Bergeron goal, Chara added another to extend the lead to 6-3, sealing up two points on the island. The Bruins have a short three-game home stand, taking on the Panthers Tuesday, Hab’s Thursday, and Oilers Saturday. This TD Garden set will include the return of Tim Thomas, Andrew Ference, and the first match-up of the year on home soil against Montreal.

Women's basketball cannot find answer against Bridgewater
Jeremy Hayes Asst. Sports Editor
All teams will have to overcome adversity, and for the Suffolk University Lady Rams it has been easier said than done. The Lady Rams have had a tough road as the season lacks towards the end. The team cannot seem to create a wining streak, even with the return of team captain Jennifer Ruys. Their third defeat in six games was delivered by Bridgewater State University Bears. The Bears came out and simply executed on offensive possessions more effectively than the Lady Rams. The first half was a blowout with the Bears outscoring the Lady Rams 40-25. The devastating part is that 14 of 25 of the points were scored by Ruys in her first game back. The Bears were allowed to have the game plan of just winning or keeping the second half close while not worrying about any type of comeback. Ruys led the team in scoring, finishing with 22 points and 10 rebounds, but it was no enough to beat the Bears as the Lady Rams lost 75-61. It would be hard not to blame the loss on turnovers as well, since the Lady Rams had a total of 22 turnovers against the Bears, which is the second most they have made this season. The Lady Rams are now 3-3 in their last six games following every win with a loss. Obviously Ruys’ injury threw team chemistry off a bit as well as the game plan, but if one player goes down, the rest have to give even more effort. It is seen too, in guards Iliana Quadri and Shelby Santini stepping up their game, but the problem is it is not good enough to win. Up until the game against the Bears, the problem appeared to be scoring up front with the forwards, but now it seems like there are inconsistencies all around the floor. Whether it is defense, scoring, ball handling, the Lady Rams are playing sloppy basketball. 
 The one positive about losing these string of games means that Coach Leyden will have the team work on situational basketball as well as the whole game plan all around. It is better to refurbish a team as they head into the postseason than being a predictable team that could get knocked out with the right opposing game plan. There are 10 games left on the Lady Rams’ schedule and they have plenty of time to find an answer to their inconsistent offense and defense. One month left to overcome adversity.

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The Suffolk Journal
visit. “It works for both of us. We combine our mutual interests, that’s been the trade off. [We’ll go] to a wonderful museum in Worcester after I visit the Bob Cousy statue at Holy Cross,” Nelson said with a chuckle. From Cousy’s to Bill Russell and Rocky Marciano’s, Nelson has been able to visit several of projects for the university or fine-tuning his class, Nelson can still be found in the stands at most Suffolk home games in all sports. Attending now as a fan, Nelson stated that last semester he did not get to as many games as he would have liked. “It was my Modus operandi to be at every home game that

January 29, 2014

Former AD Jim Nelson enjoying new job
state taking pictures of statues honoring famous athletes for his Olympics course. “It’s allowed me to travel to For the first time in 47 a number of locations across years, Jim Nelson can hit the the state to continue to do snooze button on his internal some research on them and alarm clock at 5:45 a.m. After take photos as well. I’m not serving almost half a century so sure my wife is happy that as Suffolk University’s athletic we’re going out to Springfield director, the school awarded or Worcester but I’ve been him Emeritus status and Nelson finds his workload a little lighter these days. Working just three days a week now, Nelson spends most of his time in his new office working on special projects for the university or ways to improve his history of sports in the Olympic games course. “There [used to be] times I was scrambling to review my notes for class but this gives me more opportunity to go into more detail on each topic that we speak of.” “I still get up at quarter of six without an alarm clock thinking ‘okay, why am I awake?’ I’m [at Suffolk] at 8 a.m. and answer emails, do a little background work on my class and look into some accommodating her interest as things for admissions and the well,” said Nelson. alumni advancement office,” In order to compromise for Nelson said. the long drives out to Central The former athletic director and Western Mass., Nelson has used some of his extra takes his wife to the notable time to travel throughout the museums in the cities they

Alex Hall Editor-in-Chief

the state’s noticeable statues and discuss them in his course. He even has his students give their own presentation a statute as part of his latest installment for the course. When not working on

The longtime AD is very impressed with the work of his successor and interim athletic director Cary McConnell has done and would like to see the“interim” status removed at some point. “I hope that it would be Coach McConnell as athletic director but whomever it is will come in with new and exciting ideas and that’s the way it should work,” Nelson said. Some habits like waking up early in the morning and putting the warm up gear laundry in the wash upon coming into work die hard, but still being at Suffolk three days has helped Nelson adjust to his lighter schedule. “The fact that I’ve been able to come in three days a week [has helped me] make that transition. I didn’t cut myself off completely from my former life for 47 years, I think that would have been difficult,” he said. Whether it is traveling around the state on the lookout Photo courtesy of Suffolk Athletics for sports statues or watching each team participated in [the games featuring players he has fall] ... I was at a number of gotten to know so well around home games but I was a little Ridgeway, Nelson couldn’t be selective on it. I wanted to happier with his new role at avoid the presumption that I Suffolk. was looking over the shoulder,” said Nelson.

Super Bowl XLVI I I: The Battle for History
Jeremy Hayes Asst. Sports Editor
This Sunday, America will get the treat of witnessing the best offense taking on the best defense in the NFL for Super Bowl XLVIII. The Denver Broncos face their toughest challenge all season facing the best team in the NFC, the Seattle Seahawks. It has been a phenomenal year to say the least, but only one team will get to walk away with the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The Broncos are led by future hall of fame quarterback Peyton Manning, who is one win away from proving himself as one of the best quarterbacks of all-time. With this win, Manning would receive his second ring, along with improving his playoff record to 11-11 (with a 2-1 Super Bowl record). This would also most likely go down as the greatest single season by an NFL player ever, with Manning leading the offense that has been ranked first virtually all year. On the opposite side of the field is the team led by its outstanding defense that is great at pass rushing and even better at defending the pass. The Seahawks have really been the team along with the Broncos that have consistently been at the top all NFL season long. The Seahawks averaged 14.4 points per game this season, but to be fair they gave match-ups positionally, but in this year’s battle, both sides match-up fairly well. The strong elements match the opposing team's strong elements. For example, the Broncos top passing offense versus the Seahawks top pass the Seahawks passing game which is the sixth worst will be going head-to-head with the fifth worst pass-defense led by Champ Bailey. Sometimes it is the question marks in games that end up being the deciding factor, and big-name receivers. Whatever opinions are on Wilson, he has led his team to the big show, and sometimes that is all it takes to be champions; don’t mess up. One player who has been close to perfect is the Seahawks’ loud and proud corner back Richard Sherman. Ignoring all off the field quotes and rants by Sherman, he has been a lock-down corner all year long. His only bad game was against the Colts, which was a game that the defense really lost for them, but other than that he has been startlingly consistent as he continues to back up his trash talking. Leading to the biggest headline in the Superbowl: Manning versus Sherman. It is unknown if Manning is even willing to test Sherman’s side of the field, but if the Broncos want to play a smart and conservative game, they will most likely avoid Sherman at all costs. No other sport event in America can match the hype of Super Bowl weekend, but fans will have to wait and see if the game will be one for the books.

Photo courtesy of marsmet522

up 34 points in a loss to the Indianapolis Colts on the road. The next closest was 24 points allowed in a tight overtime win against Tampa Bay. The most underrated elements of football are

defense. The Seahawks have the fourth best rushing attack in the NFL, but they will face the Broncos run-defense, which is eighth best in the league. Even the positions that are a little worse are still even, like

that can very well be the case for Russell Wilson’s first Super Bowl appearance. Wilson has really had help by Marshawn Lynch this season, a great offensive line to pass-block for him, and some solid but not

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