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Acceptance By Ophiel In the matter of living this physical life there is too much ready acceptance.

The word acceptance comes from the old French, and means ‘to take,’ readily or to receive easily, probably receive without objecting. I seem to recall that, when I was quite young, I accepted situations readily and without much examination or resistance. Then, as I grew older, I developed resistance much to the dismay of my dominating parent. I cannot say, that I profited knowingly from this developing resistance, but I must have saved myself a lot of otherwise unknown troubles. What I can truly say is that all the real trouble I had in my life has come from a too ready acceptance of what was put on me by others. And for which, I got the blame for. I am not sure as to how the acceptance is with others personally but I have noticed some very peculiar happenings in the world due to this uncritical acceptance of things. For example I am trying to work with several people here in the matter of Supply for them. I have discovered, to my surprise, that they have a kind of basic indifference to the doing of the operations that can lead to the supply of goodies for this world’s use. I give them directions and show them how to set up the pattern, and then I find that they do not follow up but just act lackadaisical and frivolous about it, meanwhile being on the edge of lack of goodies to live a nice life style. I was not that way at all. I found lack to be very degrading, and I worked like hell to get around and over the obstacles that held me up. I am now on Easy Street, I can still do better and I am working on it all the time. However, to repeat it again so I am sure you will get the meaning of this Vignette. You do to have to accept the situation that life has pushed onto you! You can protest and work to get out from under the negative pressures. The desire to get from under has to come from within you, no one else can do it for you or supply you with the drive, desire other than to tell you about it as I am doing. I might add here, that you cannot do anything for anyone else until their desire comes to them form inside them. YOU CANNOT DO IT FOR OTHERS; THEY HAVE TO WANT TO DO FOR THEM SELVES. As I have said before, and it bears repeating, this physical world is the tail end of whole bunch of outer other worlds. The whole cosmic universe consists of Forces, and these Forces culminate in and onto this Physical Plane. The Forces come down from no-things to some-things. You can learn how to interpret these on-coming Forces, and direct them the way you desire them to out-press themselves here. All these changes and modifications are done by you; through KNOWLEDGE, which becomes WISDOM, and wisdom makes life a thing of niceness rather than a thing of struggle and negative actions. Much of this knowledge is in my books now, and what is there can keep you busy for the rest of your life. And I am always getting more Knowledge and analysing it for your easier understanding and applications. I do not know exactly what this physical world is all about but I do have a few grasps of some things and ideas. I have an idea that his physical plane is a creation of the First Cause, who ‘lives’ in a non‘hard’ world. To make it very simple, in a non-hard world there is not much you can ‘DO.’ In a ‘hard’ world there are things you ‘CAN DO,’ manifest and work on your ideas, and put ideas into idea-

things. There are other disadvantages though, as you can well know, BUT YOU DO HAVE INNATE POWERS THAT CAN ENABLE YOU TO WORK OUT THOSE DISADVANTAGES, and progress, which cannot be done in a ‘non-resistant world’ of just ideas. I am not too much conversant with the Hindu religion but I have heard of something called, ‘The Dance of Shiva,’ and I have heard that the Hindu regards this physical plane as a ‘hell’ or as a ‘playdrama-dance’,’ which we enter voluntary in order to learn to use our powers on our own creations!! Manipulate our own Creation-Selves!!! These are certainly some very different ideas that the Bible Belt Bible Thumpers. Give these ideas some meditation and see what you come up with! -So Be It-

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