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Role Description: Deputy Manager / Area Sales Manager Job Title : Deputy Manager / Area Sales Manager (4 nos

) Function: Branded Sales and Mar eting Role !urpose: To achieve sales targets in the assigned territory selling existing and new products & developing the sales territory Reporting To: State Manager-Branded sales and Marketing "ocation: Maharashtra & Gujarat #ducation: B.Sc Agriculture #$perience (in years): -! years o" #xperience in Sales with exposure to $etail Sales and %ealer &anage&ent in Agro-che&. or che&ical industry

Role Description !er%or& Sales • • 'on"ers with State Manager in de"ining annual (usiness plan "or the sales "unction (ased on the de"ined corporate strategies. Translates the annual sales plan into )uarterly and &onthly* weekly operational plans and develop* on a regional scale* sales targets and volu&e goals "or each product+(rand* in con"erence with the $egional Manager $eceives "inali,ed Sales -lan* co&piles and co&&unicates to .ield executive -lans* organi,es* i&ple&ents sales progra&s "or the area handled and is responsi(le "or achieving overall sales o(jectives. $egularly &onitors the orders taken (y the sales executives. /n case o" nonachieve&ent o" sales target* takes appropriate &easures. -ositions new product line+(rand+S01 in the assigned sales ,one+&arkets (y direct interaction with key retailers and through sales executive channel and keeping track o" the process Actively tracks sales &ove&ent o" co&petitors products and &arketing activities through sales executive channel and &arketing intelligence and co&&unicate exception scenarios to regional &anager

• • • •

Arri'e at !ricing ( )osting • • %eter&ines 2et $eali,a(le 3alue 42$35 & runs cost+(ene"it analysis on proposed price schedule. .orwards to superiors "or review and approval 'o&&unicates pricing internally and to custo&ers in the area handled

es* docu&ents and receives -urchase 6rders #nsures '&.rders ( Sc-e&es 'onducts pro&otion activities and distri(utor wel"are activities* with inputs "ro& superiors 'o&&unicates in"or&ation a(out Sche&es* $e(ates and -rices to the distri(utor $eceives %istri(utor+%ealer orders and checks credit li&it* "orwards to superior "or approval &eetings and %e&onstrations and provides in"or&ation to "ar&ers on products and distri(utor 'onducts pro&otion activity in region+district -rovides expense state&ents to superiors "or approval Manage Distributor +.ollows up with the %istri(utor+ %ealer "or -ay&ent* collect pay&ent and send the che)ues to '&.• • • • Monitors and evaluates pricing with custo&er and co&petitors in the region handled Maintains pricing * discount and re(ate details Appoint&ent o% Dealer /denti"ies and provide in"or&ation o" the %ealers in the territory handled and "orward details to State & $egional Manager 'ollects docu&ents and "orwards to Sales co&&ercial "or veri"ication and creation o" %ealer account in SA- De'elop and *&ple&ent Field !ro&otion !lan • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • /denti"ies pro&otion activities "or &onth+year* allocates (udgets "or pro&otion activities* and prepares pro&otion and activities calendar /ndenti"ies vendors* prepares and approves pro&otion &aterial* in con"erence with the state &anager 'onducts . sends the order to the dealer Monitors &ove&ent o" product at %istri(utor Manage )ollection Takes aging report "ro& Syste& "or ensuring ti&ely collections . #nsure collection within credit period as per co&pany policy #scalate to State Manager in case o" any collections issues* and "ollow up "or (ounced che)ues i" any Manages )usto&er co&plaints and sales returns • Manages custo&er co&plaints and ensures issue resolution .

ield executives work as result-oriented and well-&otivated tea& 'onducts rando& retail visit to get "eed(ack o" the product &ove&ent* sales "orce and &arketing and positioning activities e""ectiveness Competencies Functional )o&petencies • • • 'usto&er .• /n case o" sales return* analyses reasons "or return* in"or&s '&. agent to &ake a sales return order* receives goods (ack at '&.es sales and co&petitor reports sent (y "ield executive -rovides in"or&ation on co&petitor activities to State Manager Manage !eople -repares regularly daily + weekly and &onthly activity reports and suggests appropriate i&prove&ents to "ield executives -rovides leadership* &otivation and control so that the .* inspects goods and docu&ents reason "or return M*S/De&and !lanning • • • • • • • %iscusses & provided sales "orecast to the State Manager -repare M/S "or actual results to "orecast &onthly+)uarterly Analy.ocus Sales -er"or&ance Manage&ent Service 6rientation Be-a'ioral )o&petencies • • • • • 'o&&unication 'on"lict Manage&ent 'ontinuous 7earning Tea&work -atience and -ersistence .