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The Power of Complexes: Metabolic Conditioning for Superior Athleticism and Conditioning

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htm . you should use this information as you see fit and entirely at your own www. legal. use common sense and good judgment. Dragon Gym Legacy Inc.“Build a physique to withstand all odds and be free from ailments as far as practicable” DRAGON GYM MARTIAL ARTS AND FITNESS Nothing in this publication is intended to replace common sense. medical or other professional advice and is meant only to inform and entertain the reader. This publication is for personal use only and may not be copied or distributed without prior written permission.chroniclesofstrength. All Rights Reserved. Limits of Liability and Disclaimer: The authors and publishers of this book have made their best efforts to ensure that the information provided in this publication is accurate and assume no responsibility for errors or The Power of Complexes: Metabolic Conditioning for Superior Athleticism and Conditioning © 2011 by Dragon Gym Legacy Inc. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. © 2011. http://www. Additionally. Lastly.

Dragon Door Kettlebells Without your body.dragongym. Super Joints Russian Longevity Secrets for Pain-Free Movement. Strength. Relax into Stretch Instant Flexibility Through Mastering Muscle Tension With Pavel Tsatsouline 150 pages. All Rights Reserved. http://www. Conditioning and Athletic Performance” Enter The Kettlebell! Strength Secrets of the Soviet Supermen By Pavel Tsatsouline 200 Money and Time—While Ensuring You Achieve Your Precious Goals for Weight Loss. Dragon Gym Legacy Inc.Dragon Gym Martial Arts & Fitness and the Authors recommend the following resources: Find a Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certified Instructor “Choosing a Dragon Door-Certified Kettlebell Instructor Can Save You Frustration. Maximum Mobility & Flexible Strength By Pavel Tsatsouline 130 pages. you are nothing – invest wisely when it comes to your most precious asset! © 2011.htm .

All Rights Reserved.The Power of Complexes: Metabolic Conditioning for Superior Athleticism and Conditioning By Pat Flynn . you have to train like one. Undoubtedly you will develop an indomitable spirit. and a certain degree of mental sickness. To become the ultimate warrior. as pain will be prevalent! The intensity of this training will beat you down. metabolic conditioning occurs when you simultaneously engage both the muscular and the cardiovascular systems. http://www. they aren’t even for most people. the perfectly chiseled physique. It takes a certain breed of person . you will be forged into the ultimate warrior. As a matter of fact. and the strength of a Greek god. Through the power of complexes and metabolic conditioning. no matter what your current level of conditioning. but as soon as they are tried. Perhaps it takes a person bordering on masochistic intent. and endurance to levels never before thought to be attainable. © 2011. you’ve come to the right place. for this level of training. Dragon Gym Legacy Inc. Ambition alone will not get you through you don’t have what it takes. then the answer is no. power. again and again. But if you are confident in yourself and are ready to take the next step towards becoming the ultimate performance machine.RKC Introduction: So you want to be a man amongst men? You want to take your conditioning.dragongym. and power to you! What is metabolic conditioning? To put this as simply as I can. Many will begin. then read on. If you have any doubt as to if you have what it takes or not. as you endure these grueling workouts calling on every ounce of strength you have.htm . Well. Watch as your resilience instantly amplifies and your athletic abilities enhance exponentially! But be warned! Complexes are not for everyone. they will fail. Your will power and staying power will be tested through and through.

including your own bodyweight. which are great. and the quicker the results will come! What are complexes? Complexes are simply nothing more than a string of exercises. which in turn enables you to perform ridiculous amounts of work and create even more ridiculous amounts of stress on your body. The more we stress our bodies. http://www. The asymmetrical load also often requires greater core recruitment and but also to push the system beyond its normal work capacity. you will perform the required exercises and reps on one side. then immediately repeat the sequence on the other side.dragongym. Remember. Some athletes like to use barbells for complexes. but for our purposes.So the equation looks something like this: Heavy Strength Efforts + Elevated Cardiovascular Stress = Metabolic Conditioning. This way you keep the system working as a whole. Dragon Gym Legacy Inc. Single Kettlebell Complexes: Single kettlebell complexes are great when compared to double kettlebell complexes for a variety of reasons. Complexes can be done with almost anything. we want to stress our bodies. Sounds like a great way to train metabolic conditioning doesn’t it? Well. But Wait! There is more to it! The goal of metabolic conditioning is not only to hybridize strength and cardiovascular activity. we will be primarily focusing on complexes using kettlebells. and will have a great effect on improving your overall endurance. performed back-to-back with little to no rest. but do not smoke one muscle group too much at one time. and that is exactly why we will be taking advantage of the great power of complexes. For all single kettlebell complexes. it absolutely is. This is accomplished by varying the movements/exercises and performing them back-to-back with little to no rest. the more of a response we will get. All Rights Reserved.htm . The first being that the lighter load will allow you to work for longer periods of time. with no rest in between (unless otherwise specified)! © 2011. The kettlebell happens to be the perfect tool to use when training with complexes the ability to flow from exercise to exercise without having to put the bell(s) down.

Dragon Gym Legacy Inc.All Jacked Up One Arm Swing – 5 Reps High Pull – 5 Reps Snatch – 5 Reps Clean and Press – 5 Reps Racked Squat – 5 Reps Variations: Substitute reverse lunges for the racked squat Substitute pistol squats for the racked squat The next complex has a great balance of pushes and pulls. Enjoy the pain! This is a great warm up complex! 1. as well as knee dominant and hip dominant movement. Perform the required amount of cleans on one arm. Without resting. The exercises are single arm clean. The progression is simple.htm . which I named “ All Jacked Up” is fantastic for not only working on your basic kettlebell techniques.Let’s Begin: This first complex. and front squat with the bell racked on one side of your body.dragongym. and it’s performed in an interesting sequential manner. Switch arms and do the exact number of reps of both exercises. immediately followed by the required amount of front squats on that same arm. switch back © 2011. with each exercise getting progressively more difficult than the one before it. but will also tax and strengthen your grip immensely. You get the best of all worlds with this complex! you begin with one arm swings.It’s So Easy… Snatch – 10 Reps One Arm Long Cycle Clean and Jerk – 10 Reps Reverse Lunges – 10 Reps Single Arm Kettlebell Row – 10 Reps 3.Sequential Dismay Next up we have one of my favorite complexes. All Rights Reserved. http://www.

Sucks. 1 minute R One Arm Swing – 1 minute L. 10L + 10R reps + front squat .3 reps(L+R) Clean . and you are using at least a 16kg kettlebell if you are a man and a 12kg if you are a woman. Complex. Gimme a Bullet … To Bite On This appropriately named complex will have you wishing just that! This is indeed a long. 8L+8R. after four comes six. endurance complex. 1 minute R Snatch – 1 minute L. More Productive… I’m going to put this to you as delicately as I can.1 rep(L+R) The entire sequence is to be completed with NO rest! 4. 8L + 8R. If you make it through the entire ladder without putting the bell down once. 10L+10R Snatch . So here’s how it works. then eight. Your shoulders and grip will surely be set ablaze not long into this circuit. 1 Minute R Halos – 1 minute L. 4L + 4R.htm .5 reps + front squat . 8L + 8R. http://www. except now you perform 4 reps each exercise. your starting arm.2 reps + front squat . 10 One Arm Swing . 1 minute R © 2011. 4L + 4R.2L + 2R. 8. 6L + 6R. and perform the next sequence of reps.dragongym. then you go through the complex again. and finally 10. based on time rather than reps. This. 6L + 6R. All Rights Reserved. Here are the exercises: 2 Hand Swing – 2. but do your absolute best to get through the entire complex without resting or setting the bell down! Total time = 20 minutes Around the Body Pass – 1 minute L. 4. especially in the later reps(yep it is a ladder). grueling.2 reps(L+R) Clean . Happier. 6L+6R. You start with 2 reps of each exercise. etc.5 reps(L+R) Clean .Fitter. This complex is incredibly high on the misery index. 4L+4R. The sequence is as follows: Clean .3 reps + front squat . 1 minute R High Pull – 1 minute L... Dragon Gym Legacy Inc. then you are one tough mother. 10L + 10R Racked Front Squat to Press(thrusters)-2L+2R.2L + 2R.

One Arm Swing Snatch Overhead Squat to Sots Press 7. go through the complex twice (still one rep for each exercise. but rather the sets.htm . Now. but they are to be performed in a ladder fashion. one being the windmill to further help develop your © 2011. All Rights Reserved. 1 minute R Snatch – 1 minute L. 1 minute R Reverse Lunge – 1 minute L. The difficulty of this complex is the overhead squat to sots press. 1 minute R Windmill – 1 minute L. Pick a side to start on and perform one rep of each exercise. http://www. 1 minute R 6. So to further clarify.OA Long Cycle – 1 minute L. Just three basic exercises.dragongym. Then once you are back to your starting side. but now you are doing two sets each side). The rep scheme for this complex is a bit different. as well as your grinding strength. Complete the allotted sets on one side before you switch and do the other. go through the complex three times on each side. Then four and five times each side. Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be If you are an AC/DC I’m sure you see a recurring trend with the names of these circuits! But aren’t they all so suiting! This complex will test and improve your mobility and flexibility. The Twister The twister is similar to the previous circuit expect there are two more movements included. This is performed by locking the bell out overhead and pulling yourself down into a deep overhead squat. Next. 1 minute R Turkish Get Up – 1 minute L. while you are at the bottom position of the squat pull the bell down into the rack and press it back up before you stand back up. then two sets on the left side. Dragon Gym Legacy then immediately switch sides and do the same thing. we are not really laddering the reps.

All Rights Reserved. Perform one rep of each movement. Burn Burn is all about working your overhead stability and endurance. Cadence Snatch (R) – 1 snatch every 10 seconds for 1 minute Cadence Snatch (L) – 1 snatch every 10 seconds for 1 minute One arm long cycle clean and jerk (R) – 1 minute One arm long cycle clean and jerk (L) – 1 minute Speed Snatch (R) – perform as many snatches as possible in 30 seconds Speed Snatch (L) – perform as many snatches as possible in 30 seconds 9. and stand back up with the bell locked out overhead) 8.mobility and flexibility. You have one minute to perform the following: One Arm Swing Clean Press Squat Snatch and step – take a step forward while the bell is locked out overhead Snatch and step Snatch and step Snatch and step © 2011. Down In It – may also be performed with two bells The beauty of this complex is that you can do it for as long as you This is a great complex for improving your snatch and long cycle numbers. and cycle through the complex five times on one side before switching. Dragon Gym Legacy Inc.htm .dragongym. http://www. and the other difference being the manner in which you perform the exercises. OA Swing Snatch Windmill Overhead Squat Sots Press (pull the bell down from the overhead squat and press it while still in a deep squat position.

then stand up with the bell locked out over turn around. and Really. Dragon Gym Legacy Inc. Really Dirty This one has a fun flow to it.As soon as you finish that sequence. You may wish to cycle through this multiple times on one side before switching. switch sides and repeat. except for some slightly different sequencing and the fact that I recommend that you perform this one with a bell one size up from the one you have used for “Gimme a Bullet to Bite On”.dragongym. Down. immediately from there step back into a reverse lunge. rest until the minute is up. All Rights Reserved. that is until you’ve gone through it five or six times and you’re about ready to vomit (just be sure to maintain good form as you hinge over a proper receptacle)! Start by cleaning the bell into the rack. drop the bell back down and perform one snatch. Then continue to press the bell up to a full lockout still from the kneeling position. put the bell down. Finally. The “2 to 10” fashion means that you start © 2011. Low. if you go for 30+ minutes straight that’s pretty damn good! 10. or you may perform it in a “2 to 10” fashion. You can easily make an entire workout out of this complex just by running through it 2-3 times! One Arm Swing Clean High Pull Snatch Jerk Single Leg Deadlift Reverse Lunge Military Press Overhead or Racked Squat Two Hand Swing Swing Burpees (Add a push up in between each swing rep) Plank – hold this for 1 minute total Check out the 12-minute Kettlebell Complex from Hell! 11. The 12-Minute Kettlebell Complex From Hell This one doesn’t need much in terms of elaboration. Continue for as long as desired. Perform 30 seconds of each exercise (L+R) with no rest until the entire 12 minutes are up. Similar to :Give Me a Bullet to Bite On”. but keep it locked out yet again and finish by performing one windmill.htm . http://www. Hold the kneeling lunge position as you re-clean the bell yet again from there (be sure that your stance is wide enough so that you don’t hit your knees).

Here is a video of me performing option 1: © 2011. you bump all the way back up to ten reps of each movement! May god have mercy. Rests for as little as possible then begin again on your right. Repeat as many times as desired One Arm Swing – 5 reps Clean – 5 reps High Pull – 5 reps Snatch – 5 reps Jerk – 5 reps Option 2: Remember the “2 to 10” fashion in the last complex? Well now we are going to do the “10 to 2” with a ten rep finisher! I first saw this rep scheme used a while back when reading an article about how the actors trained for the TV show Spartacus. High Voltage Very similar to “All Jacked Up” in terms of exercise selection (except the reverse lunge is out and the jerk is now in). working your way up to 10 reps of each movement! Clean Reverse Lunge Kneeling Clean Press From Kneel Overhead Lunge Windmill 12. All Rights Reserved. So I applied this rep scheme to a few kettlebell complexes. Option 1: 5 reps each movement. But wait! It’s not done yet. Here’s how it works. Once you get through the chain of exercises on your right. this time performing 9 reps of each exercise. but now I’m going to offer some special variety in regards to how you can perform this complex. then the next time through you perform three reps.dragongym.htm . Dragon Gym Legacy Inc. analyzed the misery index. and quickly concluded that this is simply what an eternity In hell would feel like physically manifested into the form of a workout. Work your way all the way down to two performing two reps of each exercise. start by performing ten reps of each exercise. I think you are going to love/hate this one. and switch sides once you have completed each exercise. For the last switch sides and go through immediately on your left. http://www.

5 minutes right and 2. The design allows you to use a slight bit of momentum to complete your press as the fatigue catches up to you. Let’s start this out with a bang! 1. then you have no business with double kettlebell complexes! Continue to improve your conditioning to the point where you can confidently complete all single bell complexes before you move onto double bell work. which you can watch here (but don’t worry it will © 2011. and finishing with one over-head press. either up the weight or increase the amount of time. The beauty of piggy is that this complex is best done for time rather than reps or sets. Piggy Piggy is very simple. As far as bang for your buck workouts go. Perhaps start by performing Piggy for five minutes (2. Clean to Squat to Press Here’s Piggy Double Kettlebell Complexes: Disclaimer: If you cannot complete all of the single kettlebell complexes without putting the bell down. The additional weight and additional lack of rest (both sides work simultaneously now) leads to an accelerated rate of systemic fatigue. right into one squat.5 minutes left). It’s just three exercises that flow together incredibly Dragon Gym Legacy Inc. All Rights Reserved. And as you become more and more conditioned. One clean. The Great Destroyer The Great Destroyer. This is where the men will be separated from the boys. http://www. you can elicit an incredibly substantial systemic and hormonal response in as little 15 minutes from double kettlebell complexes.htm . I gave it this title after I came up with it for my infamous 300 workout. Double kettlebell complexes are a completely different kind of beast than single bell complexes.High Voltage Kettlebell Complex 13.

3. 10 Front Squats – 2. Got You By The Balls This complex is similar to “it’s so easy”. and then back to an upper body pull. All Rights Reserved. and for the ladies. 5. Long Cycle Clean and Jerk – 10 Reps Front Squats – 10 reps Bent Over Rows – Perform five reps super slow. effective. as you want to perform it in a ladder fashion. but now includes additional reps. and straight to the point. http://www. Dragon Gym Legacy Inc. 8 © 2011. Men should opt for at least 2 x 16kg bells. and an additional bell! Double Clean – 10 reps Long Cycle Clean and Jerk – 10 reps Bent Over Rows – 10 Reps Reverse Lunges – 10R + 10 L 3.htm . 8. this complex will quickly speak for itself.dragongym. This again is riding off the heels of Sequential Dismay. Ruff Stuff This double complex is simple. An upper body push. 2 x 12kg will do nicely Double Swings – 15 reps Double Snatch – 15 reps Double Front Squat – 15 reps Double Clean and Press – 15 reps Push Ups on Bell Handles – 15 reps 2. as well as additional exercises…oh yeah. Nervous Shakedown Big movements yield big results. Enjoy the pain of this one. Double Snatch to Press – 3. and five reps at an average tempo covered again later in this ebook:) Watch me perform this complex! Enough 5. a lower body knee dominant movement.

http://www. you work your way up to performing a six-movement complex. All Rights Reserved. you then add in a renegade row. Once you have gotten all the way through the chain. After which you repeat the double clean. and so on and so forth. drop back down to the beginning and repeat it again for as many times as desired! Double Clean Double Clean Push Up on Bells Double Clean Push Up on Bells Renegade Row(L+R) Double Clean Front Squat Push Up on Bells Renegade Row Double Clean © 2011. but then add a push up on the bells. Just do one rep of each exercise flowing from one to The objective of this is to add one new movement each time through. Eventually. rather than sets of reps. Dragon Gym Legacy Inc. in the allotted time.dragongym.htm . The goal is to get as many quality cycles of this complex in. Following those two movements. then a 45 second set. The Flynn Man Maker The original man maker includes a double clean. Challenge yourself and see how long you can go while maintaining good form. I’ve added some whistles. Double Swing Double Clean and Press (you may drop the bells from the top of the press or from the rack to lead into the double snatch) Double Snatch Double Front Squat 6. You simply start with one rep of a double clean. Shake Your Foundations This complex is done for time. Start with a 30 second set. then a minute. following with a push up on the bells.

Renegade Row x 5 cycles © 2011. Double Clean. You really can’t beat All Rights Reserved. Front Squat. a horizontal pull. See-Saw Press.dragongym. Front Squat. Push Up on Bells. Front Squat.0! This time around the man maker offers layers and for some more creative options for working your way through this complex. See-Saw Press x 5 cycles Layer 2: Double Clean. http://www.0 Presenting the Hardstyle Flynn Man-Maker Version 2. Dragon Gym Legacy Inc. Double Clean and Press – 10 reps Alternating Reverse Lunges – 20 reps ( 10 each leg) Alternating Bent Over Rows – 20 reps ( 10 each arm) Floor Press – 10 reps 8. Push Up on Bells x 5 cycles Layer 4: Double Swing. or extend this complex into an entire workout by itself and perform 3-5 sets at each layer (I swear I heard god calling down from heaven the first time I did that!) Layer 1: Front Squat.Front Squat Double Press Push Up on Bells Renegade Row Double Clean Front Squat Double Press Push Up on Bells Renegade Row Double Snatch 7. a horizontal push (floor press). a knee dominant lower body movement (lunges). Double Clean. Hurt Hurt features a vertical push (press). See-Saw Press x 5 cycles Layer 3: Double Swing. and a hip dominant lower body movement (double clean). You may wish to perform one set at each layer before progression got the next. Flynn Man-Maker 2. See-Saw Press.htm . One set is equal to running through each layer 5 times (or 5 cycles).

Dragon Gym Legacy Inc. it’s really about how you put it all together isn’t it? Feel free to get creative and combine the complexes however you want! You can also implement them into an existing routine as well. just be sure not to over’s a video of me running through this daunting complex: Flynn Man-Maker 2. All Rights Reserved. Note: Sets and cycles are terms I tend to use interchangeable.htm .dragongym. Here are a few of my favorite fat hacking. with no rest Complex 1 – The Twister – 3 cycles Complex 2 – Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be – 1 cycle Complex 3 – It’s So Easy – 3 cycles Complex 4(optional) – Sequential Dismay – 2 cycles Single and Double Kettlebell Complex Sample Workout 1: Warm Up: 5 – 10 minutes of joint mobility © 2011. http://www. muscle building workouts. A cycle simple means to complete a complex in it’s entirely. Single Kettlebell Complex Sample Workout 1: Warm Up: 5 minutes of Turkish Get Ups – switch sides every rep Complex 1 – Gimme a Bullet – 1 cycle Complex 2 – Fitter Happier More Productive – 1 cycle Complex 3 – Down In It – 15 minutes Complex 4(optional) – Sequential Dismay – 2 cycles Single Kettlebell Complex Sample Workout 2: Warm Up: 5 minutes of Swings and Planks – 30 seconds of each.0 Example Workouts Now.

dragongym.2 cycles Complex 4(optional) – Down In It (yes do this with two kettlebells!) . Dragon Gym Legacy Inc. All Rights Reserved.Got You By The Balls – 2 cycles Complex 2 – The Flynn Man Maker – 3 cycles © minutes Double Kettlebell Complex Sample Workout 2: Warm Up: 5 – 10 minutes of joint mobility Complex 1 .Complex 1 – Down In It – 20 minutes Complex 2 – The Flynn Man Maker – 3 cycles Complex 3 – It’s So Easy – 3 cycles Complex 4(optional) – Shake Your Foundations – 5 sets of 1 minute on. http://www. 30 seconds off Single and Double Kettlebell Complex Sample Workout 2: Warm Up: 5 minutes of Turkish Get Ups – switching sides every rep Complex 1 –Nervous Shakedown – 2 cycles Complex 2 – Ruff Stuff – 2 cycles Complex 3 – Burn – 3 cycles Complex 4(optional) – It’s So Easy – 2 cycles Double Kettlebell Complex Sample Workout 1: Warm Up: 5 minutes of Turkish Get Ups – switch sides every rep Complex 1 – The Great Destroyer – 2 cycles Complex 2 – Got You By The Balls – 2 cycles Complex 3 – Nervous Shakedown .htm .

Shake Your Foundations – 30 second set. Down.5 L) High Voltage – Option 2: 10 to 2 with a 10 rep finisher Flynn Man-Maker and 90 second set. Really Dirty – 5 Cycles (L+R) – minimize rest between cycles Ruff Stuff – 2 to 3 sets Want to get even stronger? Visit today to find out how! Bonus Video Content: Comlex Demo 1 Complex Demo 2 Complex Demo 3 Grinder Complex © 2011.Complex 3 .5 R + 2. Complex 4(optional) – Hurt – 3 cycles Single and Double Kettlebell Complex Sample Workout 3: Piggy – 5 minutes (2. All Rights Reserved.chroniclesofstrength.0 – 2 . Dragon Gym Legacy Inc.htm .3 sets of each layer Single and Double Kettlebell Complex Sample Workout 4: 12 Minute Kettlebell Complex From Hell Low. http://www. and Really. 45 second set. 60 second set. Rest < 45 seconds between sets.