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UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS Taught Postgraduate Admissions Policy 2014 Entry The purpose of this document is to set out for

all interested parties the position of the University of Leeds on key matters relating to recruitment and admission to our taught postgraduate programmes. This policy was last reviewed: May 2013

Contents Section 1 Section 2 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8 2.9 2.10 Section 3 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7 3.8 Principles Admissions Requirements Selection principles General entrance requirements Qualifications English language requirements Applicants who have non-UK qualifications Part -Time Study Disabled applicants Applicants with a health-related issue Applicants wishing to defer/reapply Criminal convictions Admissions processes Applications Application deadlines Academic documents Referees Written work Communication with applicants Fraudulent statements, plagiarism and omissions Offers 3.8.1 Conditional offer 3.8.2 Unconditional offer 3.8.3 Unsuccessful application Fees and scholarships Interviews Accepting an offer Feedback Complaints 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 7 7 8 8 8 9 9 9 9 9 9 10 10 10 11

3.9 3.10 3.11 3.12 3.13


Acceptable English Language Qualifications Section 1 Section 2 Exemptions Acceptable English language qualifications 2 .3 11 11 11 11 12 12 12 12 13 13 13 APPENDIX A .UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS 2014 Taught Postgraduate Admissions Policy Applicants’ Personal Data Further Information Pre-application enquiries Post-application enquiries Governance Context Taught Student Recruitment Committee Monitoring Section 4 Section 5 5.1 5.2 6.1 6.2 Section 6 6.

age. gender re-assignment. 2. political or other opinion. The University recognises that. it may need to demonstrate a flexible approach and. religion or belief. disabled applicants or applicants who have faced exceptional circumstances. integrity and inclusiveness. advances and disseminates knowledge. The University is shaped by the values of academic excellence. association with a national minority. All selection decisions are made on the basis of merit and the ability of each applicant to meet the academic and non-academic criteria for admission to the relevant programme of study. birth or other status. sexual orientation. race (including colour. pregnancy and/or parental status.2 General entrance requirements Admissions decisions for taught postgraduate programmes at the University of Leeds are made by academic Schools. The setting of high admissions standards plays a key role in maintaining academic excellence. professionalism. in order to provide fair and equal access to all prospective students. Section 2 2. Applications are assessed by admissions staff on the basis of information provided on the application form and the submission of relevant academic documents.for example. property.1 Admissions Requirements Selection principles The University of Leeds endeavours to ensure that the selection process provides equal consideration for applicants who apply by the relevant closing dates. community. their Admissions Tutors and Administrators should demonstrate 3 . gender. from other EU countries and from further overseas. national origin or ethnic origin) disability. The University aims to provide fair and equal access to all prospective students who have the potential to benefit from and contribute to academic life at a research-intensive university. Admissions staff selects students who are suitably qualified and capable of benefiting from the educational opportunities available. Our policies and practice are driven by our belief that the life of the University is enriched by having a body of students which reflects the community at large and includes students from all parts of the UK. All applicants are assessed as individuals and will be given equal opportunity to demonstrate relevant skills and provide supporting information where required. The University of Leeds is committed to providing a professional admissions service through clear. The selection criteria must treat all students fairly and not discriminate unlawfully because of marital civil partnership status. fair and consistently applied policies and procedures. Academic Schools.UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS 2014 Taught Postgraduate Admissions Policy Section 1 Principles The University of Leeds is a research-intensive institution which creates. Achievement or predicted achievement of the required qualifications does not guarantee an offer of a place. nationality. social origin. Our aim is to develop outstanding graduates and scholars who can make a major impact upon global society. where appropriate make adjustments for individual applicants .

Any offer made will be subject to provision of documentary evidence that the required standard in one of these tests has been met. 2. Students who have a choice between language tests are requested to opt for IELTS. Prospective applicants who wish to discuss whether their qualifications will meet the University’s entry criteria should contact the Admissions Enquiries Office. Criteria for entry to individual programmes of study may be higher and applicants are advised to check the relevant academic School prior to making an application. 2. It should be noted that some departments specify higher requirements than the University minimum. Exceptions to this academic requirement may be made when applicants can demonstrate significant relevant industry experience and their potential for benefiting from the programme is clear. Even students with high language scores can find they need additional language support before and during their degree studies at the University of Leeds.4 English language requirements Teaching.leeds.UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS 2014 Taught Postgraduate Admissions Policy flexibility where appropriate in response to individual applicants requesting adjustments to assessment methods. Admissions staff have experience in considering a wide range of international qualifications against the University’s entry requirements. Section 2. A list of applicants who are not required to undertake further English language tests can be found in Appendix A. 4 .5 Applicants who have non-UK qualifications The life of the University is enriched by having a body of students from all over the world and we welcome applications from students with international qualifications. Academic Schools must be confident that candidates have the proficiency in English language necessary to succeed on the chosen programme of study. Applicants who are uncertain about the requirements for a particular taught postgraduate programme are advised to contact the University prior to making an 2. including presessional intensive English courses for academic purposes from July to September. assessment and student support will normally take place in English. The contact details for pre-application enquiries can be found in section 5. Applicants who have already taken one or other of these tests should enclose a copy of their test score with their application and will be required to present the original certificate at the point of registration. The Language Centre offers a range of classes throughout the year.3 Qualifications Applicants to taught postgraduate programmes should normally have a good first honours degree of at least second class or equivalent. Details of programmes and contact details for the Language Centre can be found on our website at: A full list of acceptable language qualifications and the minimum pass level required are detailed in Appendix A. notwithstanding that these tend to be expressed in accordance with standard British qualifications.1 of this document. unless otherwise stated. Applicants for whom English is not their first language may require an English language qualification to gain entry to the University of Leeds and will be made an offer which is conditional on successful completion of one of the approved tests. Section 1.

uk. health issues are generally shorter-term (lasting less than 12 months) and have a less significant impact on a person’s ability to carry out normal day-today activities.1 The University will make reasonable adjustments to help ensure that disabled applicants have full and equal access to our admissions procedures and courses. diabetes.8 Applicants with a health-related issue This section deals with health-related issues. to discuss any support requirements they may have in relation to the programme for which they have applied.leeds. The University aims to be flexible in such circumstances and to take such issues into account. Information for international applicants can be found on the University of Leeds website at http://www. or in some cases impossible. 2.leeds. 2.1 of this policy. 5 . Overseas applicants and applicants from non-EU countries should note that visa regulations will not normally allow study on a part-time basis. for the University to make adjustments. The judgment about an individual applicant’s academic suitability will be kept separate from any consideration of the applicant’s disability-related support requirements. 2 In contrast with disability issues. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and HIV/AIDS amongst others.equality. Applicants are invited to indicate their disability status on their application form and we strongly encourage applicants to disclose any disability. Disabled applicants are also advised to contact the University’s Disability Team (part of the University’s Equality Service) once an application has been submitted. epilepsy.7 Disabled applicants The University welcomes applications from disabled people. The University is committed to the social model of disability and in line with the definition under the Equality Act 2010 defines a disabled person as someone with a physical or mental impairment which is long-term (lasting 12 months or more) and which has a substantial impact of that person’s ability to carry out normal day-to-day which are distinct from disabilityrelated issues. Contact details for the Admissions Enquiries Office can be found in section OF LEEDS 2014 Taught Postgraduate Admissions Policy The University works with a network of representatives across the globe who can give informed advice on all matters relating to life in Leeds. Applicants with a health-related issue should contact the relevant Admissions Tutor as soon as possible if their health is likely to impact on their ability to engage with the admissions process.6 Part-time study Applicants who wish to study on a part-time basis should be aware that not all programmes offer this mode of study and are encouraged to check with the relevant academic School prior to making an application. The admissions process is covered by the University’s Policy on Equality and Diversity which is available from the University's Equality Service at http://www. 2. Applicants and enquirers may be referred to one of the University’s regional offices or agents overseas. Where candidates choose not to disclose their disability this may make it more The definition of disability includes long-term medical conditions such as cancer (from the point of diagnosis).

ac. This policy includes applicants seeking Applicants wishing to defer/reapply Applicants who wish to defer an offer of a place or who have been unsuccessful and wish to reapply in the following academic year should contact the relevant academic 2.gttr. It is also possible to apply by downloading a paper version of the application form from this section of the website. 6 .1 Admissions processes Applications Applicants to taught postgraduate programmes are encouraged to apply online at Criminal convictions The University has a policy statement on students with criminal records.leeds. Having a prior criminal record will not necessarily prevent an applicant from being offered a Any decision on the eligibility of applicants who have previously held an offer of a place but failed to achieve the academic conditions at first attempt will be an academic judgement. It should be noted that if an applicant is required to disclose a criminal offence and fails to do so this will generally be considered a very serious matter and is likely to lead to their application being rejected or. Section 3 3. for example. and that the conditions of any future offer may differ to those of the original. which can be accessed from our website at The University may request further information about the nature or context of an applicant’s criminal record. Any such factors will have no influence on the selection process but any offer of a place to study on the programme is ultimately made on the basis that any specific disability or health related needs can be reasonably accommodated.leeds. this may depend.htm. Applicants to Healthcare programmes follow a different route and are advised to contact admissions@healthcare. timing and relevance of the criminal offence in question. if Deferral of a place to study is at the discretion of the academic School and is strictly limited to a maximum of one academic year. Applicants for all Postgraduate Certificates in Education (PGCE) courses must apply online through GTTR (the Graduate Teacher Training Registry) at www. The admissions process is covered by the University’s Policy on Equality and Diversity which is available from the University's Equality Unit http://www.leeds. Such candidates should be aware that no guarantee can be given that another offer will be made.equality. 2.leeds. Applicants who request deferral for more than one year will normally be required to prior to submitting an application. Applicants with a disability or health related issue should notify the University as soon as possible by contacting the University’s Equality and Diversity unit in order to discuss their specific needs and how these may be accommodated. to their registration at the University being revoked.UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS 2014 Taught Postgraduate Admissions Policy The University operates procedures to ensure that applicants who have made the University aware of specific individual needs are provided with appropriate support through the application process and subsequent study where possible. on the nature.

Original or certified copies of the academic documents submitted with a taught postgraduate application must also be produced to the University at the point of registration. Transcripts of an applicant’s academic record are also required. which provide evidence that an applicant has met the minimum requirements for their chosen programme of 7 . We will accept English translation from sworn translators only where documents are in the original language and certified by the awarding institution. a copy of the final degree certificate should be submitted with the application form. you should submit an application for a place at least one month before any specific scholarship deadline. If these documents are not in English they should be accompanied by a formal certified translation into English by the awarding institution or by University of Leeds accredited agent and offices.UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS 2014 Taught Postgraduate Admissions Policy 3. 3. Applicants should be aware that the UK Border Agency may request to see original copies of academic documents at the point of entry to the UK. Section 2). Please note that if you intend to apply for funding. These should provide full details of the degree class and grades obtained in each unit or module. and to the production of original or certified copies of academic documents to the University at the point of registration. to ensure they have sufficient time to obtain a visa and prepare for arrival in the UK. Applicants who are awaiting the outcome of another undergraduate or postgraduate programme should provide an interim transcript where possible. whether at a UK or overseas university. and should note that the normal University deadlines for receipt of applicants for entry in 2012 are as follows: International applicants – 31st August 2014 Home/EU applicants – 10th September 2014 Some academic Schools also have specified closing dates and applicants are advised to check these prior to submitting an application.3 Academic documents The following academic documents must be submitted with a taught postgraduate application.2 Application deadlines Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible for taught postgraduate programmes. o Higher Education and Professional Qualifications If an applicant has already completed professional qualifications or previous degrees. Any offer made will be subject to completion of the programme concerned at the prescribed level. as approved by the University (see Appendix A. o English Language Qualifications Copies of the results of any formal English Language tests. International students are advised to apply no later than the end of May in the year in which they wish to enrol.

8 . 3. The acceptance of references is at the discretion of the relevant academic school and any further questions relating to the format of references or nominating appropriate referees should be directed to the administrator for the specific programme of study applied to.leeds. including the Leeds University Business School. signed across the seal and the signature covered with clear Where they are requested. for example acknowledging receipt of individual applications or requesting further information where required. Nominated referees should not be related to an applicant by blood or marriage and should be qualified to comment in detail on their capacity to cope with the academic demands of the programme for which they are applying. applicants who are applying with directly relevant work experience may nominate a person with knowledge of their employment activity to act as the second Where they are requested. In exceptional circumstances.5 Written work Applicants should also enclose with their application any written work that may be specified as an admissions requirement for their chosen programme. Academic Schools may request references from academic referees as a crucial element of the selection process. references should be made on official headed notepaper in a sealed envelope. Applicants to some faculties. Academic Schools may also communicate with applicants during the admissions process. any offer made will be conditional on completion of an approved English language qualification at the required level. All offers made will be subject to the provision of original or certified copies of academic documents to the University at the point of registration.UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS 2014 Taught Postgraduate Admissions Policy study should be submitted with a Taught Postgraduate Application. Contact details can be found in section 5. will receive direct communication from admissions staff within the School including formal communication of the outcome of their application. 3.6 Communication with applicants The Taught Postgraduate Admissions Office will formally communicate the outcome of an application directly with the applicant on behalf of the University of Leeds. Applicants should check with the relevant academic School prior to making an application as to whether there are any such requirements.4 Referees Full. please note that it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure references are sent to the University. 3. Once an offer has been made applicants should contact the academic School to which they have applied using the contact details contained within the formal offer letter.2 below. clear and accurate contact details of two referees should be given to the University by the applicant at the point of application. Without this evidence. Applicants who have any queries during the application process are encouraged to contact the University’s Taught Postgraduate Admissions Office. Contact details can be found be found on our website at http://www.

3.8 3. Any documentary evidence of funding that has been secured. Applicants must meet all conditions as set by the University prior to the start of the course. Each offer is specific to an applicant’s individual qualifications and circumstances. A conditional offer means that the University of Leeds will offer an applicant a place providing they meet certain conditions. Applicants who are uncertain if they meet the entrance requirements for a particular taught postgraduate programme are advised to contact the University prior to making an application. 3.7 Fraudulent statements.8. make any misrepresentation (for example. should be included as part of the application. complete and accurate.9 Fees and scholarships Acceptance for taught postgraduate study does not imply that the University will provide financial assistance.1 of this document. 9 . The contact details for pre-application enquiries can be found in section 5.UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS 2014 Taught Postgraduate Admissions Policy 3.1 Offers Conditional offer A conditional offer means that the University of Leeds will offer an applicant a place providing certain conditions are met.2 Unconditional offer An unconditional offer means that an applicant has met the academic and nonacademic entry requirements and has been accepted onto their chosen programme of study at the University of Leeds. for the whole period of the proposed programme at the University. for example in the form of a bank statement or sponsor's letter. Should this occur the University reserves the right to dismiss an application.8. withdraw an offer of a place and/or revoke registration. Conditional Offers may state the overall grades that must be achieved and/or specific grades in named modules. Usually conditions are based on the completion of outstanding qualifications or meeting the minimum English Language requirements. 3. which are usually based on the completion of outstanding academic qualifications 3.8. The above does not prejudice the University’s right to rely upon published disclaimers relating to delivery of programmes and services. both for programme fees and for living expenses. plagiarism and omissions By submitting an application to the University of Leeds applicants are confirming that the information given is true. The expectation is that applicants will make satisfactory arrangements for financial support before entry. through plagiarism) or give false information at any point of the application process including after an offer is made. Applicants should not omit any requested or relevant information.3 Unsuccessful application Applicants will receive a response telling them they have been unsuccessful from the academic School to which they applied if the University has decided not to offer them a place on the programme.

disabled applicants. Some applicants (for example.12 Unsuccessful applicants may wish to request feedback on the reason for the outcome of their application. These range from partial funding towards academic fees to fully funded awards which also provide a living allowance. The University’s Equality Service should be consulted for further advice or information. Applicants can accept their offers in a number of ways: o o Applicants may reply to their offer online by following the link provided in the offer letter and entering their application number and date of birth. The letter sent by the University detailing the outcome of the application will contain the contact details of the relevant Admissions All requests for feedback must be made in writing to the relevant Admissions Tutor and must be signed by the applicant.leeds. In some cases interviews are used as an opportunity to find out more about an applicant’s qualifications. Applicants should contact the University of Leeds as soon as possible to confirm whether or not they wish to accept this offer. motivation and preparations for undertaking a taught postgraduate degree. Applicants who are invited for interview may obtain further information about the interview process from the relevant Admissions Tutor. Feedback 3. 10 . understanding and aptitude for the programme of study. etc) will require adjustments at interview (for example.10 Interviews Applicants may be invited for interview.UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS 2014 Taught Postgraduate Admissions Policy The University of Leeds currently offers a wide range of scholarships and studentships that provide funding for students to undertake postgraduate study at the University. Academic Schools are responsible for making reasonable adjustments where possible in such cases. pregnant applicants. Further details can be found on our website at http://scholarships. 3. For some programmes an interview or audition forms part of the selection process to provide each candidate with the same opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge. and the title of the programme being accepted. applicant number. Generally where applicants ask for feedback on why they have not been admitted feedback will be 3. a sign-language interpreter or an adjustment to an audition process) to provide them with full and equal access to the process.11 Accepting an offer Applicants who are successful in gaining a place for taught postgraduate study will be made either a conditional or an unconditional offer. Applicants may also inform us that they wish to accept their offer by sending an email to or directly to the School to which they have applied. The email should include the applicant’s full name.13 Complaints The University will consider all applications fairly and effectively in line with the procedures outlined in this document.

ac.1 Further Information Pre-application enquiries For enquiries about the range of Taught Postgraduate programmes on offer please contact either the relevant academic School or the Admissions Enquiries 11 . If applicants have any concerns with regard to the processing of their personal data they should contact Adrian Slater. at a. On receipt of a complaint. The complaint must normally be made within 14 days in order to give the University a realistic opportunity of reviewing any application decisions ahead of the start of the programme.slater@adm. Applicants who have complained to the Head of School and remain dissatisfied may submit their complaint to the University’s Student Complaints the Head of School will review the decision to reject the Post-application enquiries For further information about postgraduate admissions to the University of Leeds please contact the Taught Postgraduate Admissions Office. LS2 9JT Telephone: +44 (0) 113 343 2336 Email: study@leeds. This Officer will not review academic judgements that have been made but will review matters relating to process. Personal data will be processed in accordance with the University’s Code of Practice on Data Protection http://campus. one of the University’s Data Protection Taught Postgraduate Admissions University of Leeds Section 5 Web: http://www. Following this review the Head of School will write to the applicant giving grounds for their decision.leeds.j.UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS 2014 Taught Postgraduate Admissions Policy Applicants applying for a taught course who wish to challenge a decision to reject their application should write to the relevant Head of School detailing the nature of their complaint. The University’s Student Complaints Officer will report the outcomes of any reviews S/he conducts to the University Taught Student Recruitment Committee Section 4 Applicants’ Personal Data The personal data of applicants is processed for the purposes of considering their Admissions Enquiries. University of Leeds. Leeds. LS2 9JT Telephone: +44 (0) 113 343 4044 Fax: +44 (0) 113 343 1751 Email:

Monitor the quality of Home/EU and International student admissions and recruitment in the University. Formulate University policies. The Committee’s terms of reference are broadly to:   Promote fairness. regulations and procedures for the admission of both Home/EU and International students. to oversee the implementation and effectiveness of these. 6.UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS 2014 Taught Postgraduate Admissions Policy Section 6 6. The admission policy of academic Schools will be reviewed annually with recommendations taken to the University Taught Student Recruitment Committee for approval. to identify development and training needs for admissions staff and to ensure that these needs are met. ensuring integrity and alignment of processes with the University’s strategic aims and specifically its Widening Participation Strategy. and to monitor compliance with relevant University Quality Assurance statements and external legislation. consistency and transparency in the University’s recruitment and admissions practices.  Promote the dissemination of best practice in recruitment and admissions across the University. 12 . 6.1 Governance Context The University’s admissions policies are consistent with the Quality Assurance Agency’s Code of Practice on recruitment and admissions and comply with current law affecting the admission of students.2 University Taught Student Recruitment Committee Taught postgraduate admissions policy at the University of Leeds is overseen by the University Taught Student Recruitment Committee.3 Monitoring This policy will be reviewed annually by the University Taught Student Recruitment Committee and where appropriate policies and procedures for the admission of students to taught postgraduate programmes will be revised in line with changes to the internal and external admissions environment.

Trinidad & Tobago. The Gambia. Namibia. Papua New Guinea. with not less than: 21 in listening and reading. 23 in speaking. New Zealand. Uganda. Please note that several Schools specify higher requirements than the University minimum listed below. Zambia.   NHS registered overseas doctors Applies to graduates who have normally spent a minimum of two years in the UK or USA to complete a degree **Applies to graduates from these countries irrespective of nationality (English speaking parts only) Section 2 Acceptable English Language Qualifications A full list of the acceptable language qualifications are detailed below with the University’s minimum requirement.5 with not less than 6. Nigeria.UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS 2014 Taught Postgraduate Admissions Policy APPENDIX A .Acceptable English Language Qualifications Section 1 Exemptions The following applicants are not required to undertake English language tests:   UK and USA Graduates* Commonwealth graduates from the following countries (with English as the medium of instruction): Antigua & Bermuda. University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations: Certificate of Proficiency in English: grades A – C University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations: Certificate in Advanced English: grades A . Belize. Kenya. Tanzania. Lesotho.  IELTS* (International English Language Testing System): an overall band 6. Solomon Island. Guyana.0 in each component skill TOEFL* (Test of English as a Foreign Language): a) internet-based test: a total score of 92. Swaziland. Fiji. Canada*. Australia. The Bahamas. South Africa. Grenada. Sierra Leone. Malawi. Botswana. Ghana. and 22 in writing. Jamaica.     Pearson Test of Academic English (PTE Academic)*: a minimum of 64 on PTE Academic. Cameroon*.C University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations: 13 . with at least 60 in each of the skills. Barbados. Zimbabwe.

TOEFL etc that are over two years old. distinction) Euro Examination Centre’s (based in Hungary) Euro or Euro Pro C1 examination (C1 is essential): pass Trinity College Integrated Skills in English III examination: pass Please note. speaking and writing)  City & Guilds Pitman Qualifications English for Speakers of Other Languages: a pass at Expert (or the higher Mastery) Level in both the ESOL and Spoken ESOL examinations            London Tests of English (Edexcel/Pearson Language Assessments): a pass at Level 4 University of Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language: grades A – C Malaysian Certificate of Education: English language at Ordinary level if designated 121 (not 322 or 122): grades 1 . reading. IELTS. Edexcel Certificate of Attainment in English: grades 5 – 6 TEEP (Test of English for Educational Purposes.UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS 2014 Taught Postgraduate Admissions Policy Certificates in English Language Skills: Higher level in all skills (listening.. administered by the University of Reading): an overall score of 6. reading. Students must have an English Language test report which is valid at the date a CAS is issued.0 in listening.g. we do not accept English scores for secure English Language Tests providers (SELT) e.5. together with use of English as the medium of instruction at school. writing and grammar)    Anglia Examination Syndicate’s Proficiency Level Examination in English: pass or higher (credit. with at least 6. 14 .6 Hong Kong Examinations Authority Use of English: grades A – C Hong Kong Examinations Authority Certificate of Education in English language Syllabus B (Ordinary): grades A – C Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education: grades 4-5 in English Cambridge Overseas School Certificate in English language: grades 1 – 6 Singapore/Cambridge GCE O level in English language: grades 1 – 6 70% or higher in English in the Indian Standard XII.