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Articles 774-776
Union Bank ! Santi"ane# (2005) On May 31, 1980, the First Countryside Credit Corporation (FCCC) and Efraim anti!a"e# entered into a $oan a%reement in the amount of &128,000'00' (he amount )as intended for the payment of one (1) unit Ford **00 +%ri,u$tura$ (ra,tor' -n .ie) thereof, Efraim and his son, Edmund, e/e,uted a promissory note in fa.or of the FCCC, the prin,ipa$ sum paya!$e in fi.e e0ua$ annua$ amorti#ations' Efraim died, $ a ho$o%raphi, )i$$' 1urin% the penden,y of the testate pro,eedin%s, the heirs, Edmund and his sister F$oren,e, e/e,uted a 2oint +%reement, )herein they a%reed to di.ide !et)een themse$.es and ta3e possession of the three (3) tra,tors' 4nion 5an3 fi$ed a Comp$aint for sum of money a%ainst the heirs of Efraim anti!a"e#, Edmund and F$oren,e' 4nion 5an3 asserts that the o!$i%ation of the de,eased had passed to his $e%itimate heirs (Edmund and F$oren,e) as pro.ided in +rti,$e 667 of the Ci.i$ Code8 and that the un,onditiona$ si%nin% of the 9oint a%reement estopped F$oren,e, and that she ,annot deny her $ia!i$ity under the said do,ument' &etitioner and <espondent )ere heirs of <ufo' <ufo mort%a%ed a par,e$ of $and, )hi,h he o)ns, as se,urity for a $oan he o!tained from the <ura$ 5an3 of Mai%o, =anao de$ >orte' <ufo fai$ed to pay' 5an3 )as a!$e to fore,$ose and !uy the property' (he property )as not redeemed hen,e the tit$e )as transferred in fa.or of the !an3 durin% the $ifetime of <ufo' (he parties in this ,ase e/e,uted an E/tra9udi,ia$ ett$ement of Estate in )hi,h they re,o%ni#ed their shares in the disputed $and' <espondent !ou%ht the (here ,an !e no .a$id partition amon% the heirs $ntil a%ter t&e 'ill &as "een (ro"ated! -n our 9urisdi,tion, the ru$e is that there ,an !e no .a$id partition amon% the heirs unti$ after the )i$$ has !een pro!ated' (his, of ,ourse, presupposes that the properties to !e partitioned are the same properties em!ra,ed in the )i$$' -n the present ,ase, the de,eased, Efraim anti!a"e#, $eft a ho$o%raphi, )i$$ )hi,h ,ontained, inter alia, the pro.ision )hi,h reads as fo$$o)s: (e) +$$ other properties, rea$ or persona$, )hi,h - o)n and may !e dis,o.ered $ater after my demise, sha$$ !e distri!uted in the proportion indi,ated in the immediate$y pre,edin% para%raph in fa.or of Edmund and F$oren,e, my ,hi$dren' (he a!o.e;0uoted is an a$$; en,ompassin% pro.ision em!ra,in% a$$ the properties $eft !y the de,edent )hi,h mi%ht ha.e es,aped his mind at that time he )as ma3in% his )i$$, and other properties he may a,0uire thereafter' -n,$uded therein are the three (3) su!9e,t tra,tors' (his !ein% so, any partition in.o$.in% the said tra,tors amon% the heirs is not .a$id' -n e/e,utin% any 9oint a%reement )hi,h appears to !e in the nature of an e/tra;9udi,ia$ partition, as in the ,ase at !ar, ,ourt appro.a$ is imperati.e, and the heirs ,annot 9ust di.est the ,ourt of its 9urisdi,tion that part of the estate' (he Court notes that the $oan )as ,ontra,ted !y the de,edent' (he !an3, purported$y a ,reditor of the $ate Efraim anti!a"e#, shou$d ha.e thus fi$ed its money ,$aim )ith the pro!ate ,ourt in a,,ordan,e )ith e,tion 5, <u$e 8* of the <e.ised <u$es of Court'

Bal$s ! Bal$s (2010)

&etitioner and respondents ne er !e,ame ,o;o)ners of the su!9e,t $ot' (he ri%hts to a person?s su,,ession are transmitted from the moment of his death' -n addition, the inheritan,e of a person ,onsists of the property and transmissi!$e ri%hts and o!$i%ations e/istin% at the time of his death, as )e$$ as those )hi,h ha.e a,,rued thereto sin,e the openin% of the su,,ession' -n the present ,ase, sin,e <ufo $ost o)nership of the su!9e,t property durin% his $ifetime, it on$y fo$$o)s that at the time of his death, the disputed par,e$ of $and no $on%er formed part of his estate to )hi,h his heirs may $ay ,$aim' tated different$y, petitioner and respondents inherited the su!9e,t $ot from their father'

CIVIL LAW REVIEW - BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer $and from the 5an3 and no) )ant to re, the property from the possession of the petitioner' &etitioner ,ontends ,o; o)nership'


Article 777
Uson ! del )osario (1953) Faustino >e!reda $eft no other heir e/,ept his )ido) Maria 4son' @o), p$aintiff ,$aims that )hen Faustino >e!reda died in 1975, his ,ommon;$a) )ife Maria de$ <osario too3 possession i$$e%a$$y of said $ands thus her of their possession and en9oyment' 1efendants said that Maria 4son and her hus!and, the $ate Faustino >e!reda, e/e,uted a pu!$i, do,ument )here!y they a%reed that Maria 4son )ou$d !e %i.en a par,e$ of $and !y )ay of a$imony and in return she renoun,ed her ri%ht to inherit any other property that may !e $eft !y her hus!and upon his death' Fran,is,o e/e,uted a )i$$, )hi,h )hi$e in pro!ate $ed to a ,onundrum in the fami$y, )ith 2ose, his son ,ontestin% the .a$idity of (asiana, his se,ond )ife, and Fran,is,oBs marria%e' (he ,ompromise a%reement )as e/e,uted pendin% se.era$ tria$s, )ith the stipu$ations therein ,ontainin% (asianaBs desistan,e in ,$aimin% anythin% in the )i$$, the ,onsideration of )hi,h is payment of 2ose of the amount of &hp200,000 to (asiana amon% others, in e/,han%e to the )ithdra)a$ and desistan,e from further fi$in% any other ,ase' (he same a%reement )as su!mitted and appro.ed !y the pro!ate ,ourt !y 2ose !ut (asiana opposed the same' (he ,ontention of (asiana )as that the a%reement ,ou$d not !e $oo3ed upon )ithout first pro!atin% Fran,is,oBs )i$$' On Mar,h 31, 1965, Fortuanta 5ar,ena (he )ife, as the on$y &eir o% t&e decedent , has the ri%ht to the o)nership and possession of the $ands' Maria 4son, p$aintiff;appe$$ee, is the $a)fu$ )ife of Faustino >e!reda, former o)ner of the fi.e par,e$s of $ands $iti%ated in the present ,ase' Maria de$ <osario, one of the defendants; appe$$ants, )as mere$y a ,ommon;$a) )ife of the $ate Faustino >e!reda )ith )hom she had four i$$e%itimate ,hi$dren' -t $i3e)ise appears that Faustino >e!reda died in 1975 mu,h prior to the effe,ti.ity of the ne) Ci.i$ Code' Aith this !a,3%round, it is e.ident that )hen Faustino >e!reda died in 1975 the fi.e par,e$s of $and he )as sei#ed of at the time passed from the moment of his death to his on$y heir, his )ido) Maria 4son (+rti,$e *56, o$d Ci.i$ Code)' From that moment of death, therefore, the ri%hts of inheritan,e of Maria 4son the $ands in 0uestion !e,ame .ested' (he ,$aim of the defendants that Maria 4son had re$in0uished her ri%ht the $ands in 0uestion !e,ause she e/press$y renoun,ed to inherit any future property that her hus!and may a,0uire and $ea.e upon his death in the deed of separation they had entered into on Fe!ruary 21, 1931, ,annot !e entertained for the simp$e reason that future inheritan,e ,annot !e the su!9e,t of a ,ontra,t nor ,an it !e renoun,ed' C(he ,$ear o!9e,t of the ,ontra,t )as mere$y the ,on.eyan,e !y (asiana On%sin%,o of any and a$$ her indi.idua$ share and interest, a,tua$ or e.entua$ in the estate of Fran,is,o de 5or9a and 2osefa (an%,o' (here is no stipu$ation as to any other ,$aimant, ,reditor or $e%atee' +nd as a hereditary share in a de,edent?s estate is transmitted or .ested immediate$y from the moment of the death of su,h ,ausante or prede,essor in interest (Ci.i$ Code of the &hi$ippines, +rt' 666) there is no $e%a$ !ar to a su,,essor ()ith re0uisite ,ontra,tin% ,apa,ity) disposin% of her or his hereditary share immediate$y after su,h death, e.en if the a,tua$ e/tent of su,h share is not determined unti$ the su!se0uent $i0uidation of the estate' Of ,ourse, the effe,t of su,h a$ienation is to !e deemed $imited to )hat is u$timate$y ad9udi,ated to the .endor heir' @o), the a$eatory ,hara,ter of the ,ontra,t does not affe,t the .a$idity of the transa,tion8 neither does the ,oetaneous a%reement that the numerous $iti%ations !et)een the parties) are to !e ,onsidered sett$ed and shou$d !e dismissed, a$thou%h su,h stipu$ation, as noted !y the <i#a$ Court, the ,ontra,t the ,hara,ter of a ,ompromise that the $a) fa.ors, for o!.ious reasons, if on$y !e,ause it to a.oid a mu$tip$i,ity of suits'(he ,ontra,t )as !indin% on !oth 2ose and (asiana persona$$y'D

Bor*a ! Bor*a (1962)

Bonilla ! Barcena

+rti,$e 666 of the Ci.i$ Code pro.ides Ethat the ri%hts to the su,,ession are transmitted from

CIVIL LAW REVIEW - BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer +,-76. fi$ed an a,tion for 0uetin% of tit$e par,e$s of $and $o,ated in +!ra' + fe) months after, )hi$e the ,ase )as sti$$ pendin%, Fortunata died' @er heris then re0uested that they su!stitute their mother in the a,tion' (he same and the M<s that fo$$o)ed it, )ere denied !y the $o)er ,ourts' the moment of the death of the de,edent'E From the moment of the death of the de,edent, the heirs !e,ome the a!so$ute o)ners of his property, su!9e,t to the ri%hts and o!$i%ations of the de,edent, and they ,annot !e depri.ed of their ri%hts thereto e/,ept !y the methods pro.ided for !y $a)' (he moment of death is the determinin% fa,tor )hen the heirs a,0uire a definite ri%ht to the inheritan,e )hether su,h ri%ht !e pure or ,ontin%ent' (he ri%ht of the heirs to the property of the de,eased .ests in them e.en !efore 9udi,ia$ de,$aration of their !ein% heirs in the testate or intestate pro,eedin%s' Ahen Fortunata 5ar,ena, therefore, died her ,$aim or ri%ht to the par,e$s of $and in $iti%ation in Ci.i$ Case >o' 85*, )as not e/tin%uished !y her death !ut )as transmitted to her heirs upon her death' @er heirs ha.e thus a,0uired interest in the properties in $iti%ation and !e,ame parties in interest in the ,ase' (here is, therefore, no reason for the respondent Court not to a$$o) their su!stitution as parties in interest for the de,eased p$aintiff' (he tit$e of the property o)ned !y a person )ho dies intestate passes at on,e to his heirs' u,h transmission is su!9e,t to the ,$aims of administration and the property may !e ta3en from the heirs for the purpose of payin% de!ts and e/penses, !ut this does not pre.ent an immediate passa%e of the tit$e, upon the death of the intestate, from himse$f to his heirs'(he deed of e/tra9udi,ia$ sett$ement e/e,uted !y Fi$omena antos Fda' de +$fonso and 2ose e.iden,es their intention to partition the inherited property' -t de$ineated )hat portion of the inherited property )ou$d !e$on% to )hom'


Al%onso ! S(s! Andres +/0,0.

)e($"lic s! 1arcos-1anotoc (2012)

@eirs Fi$omena and 2ose issued an e/tra9udi,ia$ sett$ement !et)een the as to the estate of Mar,e$ino +$fonso' 2ose $ater on so$d his share of the property to 3rd persons' (he heirs of 2ose in this ,ase fi$ed a ,ase of a,,ion pu!$i,iana a%ainstthe 3rd persons a$$e%in% that the e/tra9udi,ia$ sett$ement )as in.a$id for pu!$i,ation is re0uired !efore the same ,an ta3e effe,t' (he ,ase is a petition for fi$ed !y <& assai$in% the reso$utions issued !y the andi%an!ayan in ,onne,tion )ith an a$$e%ed portion of the Mar,osesB supposed i$$;%otten )ea$th' (he ,ase in.o$.es &200 !i$$ion of the Mar,osesB a$$e%ed a,,umu$ated i$$;%otten )ea$th' (hus, numerous ,i.i$ and ,rimina$ ,ases )ere su!se0uent$y fi$ed' One of the ,i.i$ ,ases fi$ed !efore the andi%an!ayan to re, the Mar,osesB a$$e%ed i$$;%otten )ea$th )as no) su!9e,t of this &etition' -n 2005, the andi%an!ayan issued the assai$ed <eso$ution, )hi,h %ranted a$$ the 1emurrers to E.iden,e e/,ept the one fi$ed !y -me$da <' Mar,os' CGthe fa,t that -me$da )as the ,ompu$sory heir and administratri/ of the Mar,os estate )ere the primary reasons )hy the ,ourt he$d that she )as responsi!$e for a,,ountin% for the funds and properties a$$e%ed to !e

(he Comp$aint is one for the re.ersion, the re,on.eyan,e, the restitution and the a,,ountin% of a$$e%ed i$$;%otten )ea$th and the payment of dama%es' in,e the pendin% ,ase !efore the andi%an!ayan the death of Ferdinand E' Mar,os, it is imperati.e therefore that the estate !e du$y represented' (he purpose !ehind this ru$e is the prote,tion of the ri%ht to due pro,ess of e.ery party to a $iti%ation )ho may !e affe,ted !y the inter.enin% death' Court too3 9udi,ia$ noti,e of the pro!ate pro,eedin%s re%ardin% the )i$$ of Ferdinand E' Mar,os' 4n$ess the e/e,utors of the Mar,os estate or the heirs are ready to )ai.e in fa.or of the state their ri%ht to defend or prote,t the estate or those properties found to !e i$$;%otten in their possession, ,ontro$ or o)nership, then they may not !e dropped as defendants in the ,i.i$ ,ase pendin% !efore the andi%an!ayan' <u$e 3, e,' 6 of the <u$es of Court defines indispensa!$e parties as those parties;in;interest )ithout )hom there ,an !e no fina$ determination of an a,tion' 4nder the ru$es of su,,ession, the heirs instantaneous$y !e,ame ,o;o)ners of the Mar,os properties upon the death of the &resident' (he property ri%hts and o!$i%ations to the e/tent of the .a$ue of the inheritan,e of a person are transmitted to another throu%h the de,edentBs death' -n this ,on,ept, nothin% pre.ents the heirs from e/er,isin% their ri%ht to transfer or dispose of the properties that ,onstitute their $e%itimes, e.en a!sent their de,$aration or a!sent the partition or the distri!ution of the estate' -n Jakosalem v. Rafols, )e said: +rti,$e 770 of the Ci.i$ Code pro.ides that 2t&e (ossession o% &ereditar3 (ro(ert3 is dee4ed to "e trans4itted to t&e &eir 'it&o$t interr$(tion %ro4 t&e instant o% t&e deat& o% t&e decedent5 in case t&e in&eritance "e acce(ted!6 +nd Manresa )ith reason states

CIVIL LAW REVIEW - BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer i$$;%otten' Aith re%ard to the si!$in%s -mee Mar,os;Manoto, and 5on%!on% Mar,os, 2r', the ,ourt noted that their in.o$.ement in the a$$e%ed i$$e%a$ a,ti.ities )as esta!$ished'D On 20 1e,em!er 2005, petitioner fi$ed its Motion for &artia$ <e,onsideration, insistin% that there )as a preponderan,e of e.iden,e to sho) that respondents Mar,os si!$in%s and Hre%orio +raneta --had ,onni.ed )ith their parents in a,0uirin% i$$;%otten )ea$th' It (ointed o$t t&at res(ondents 'ere co4($lsor3 &eirs to t&e de(osed 7resident and 'ere t&$s o"li8ed to render an acco$ntin8 and to ret$rn t&e ill-8otten 'ealt&! (he petition )as denied hen,e this appea$' that $(on t&e deat& o% a (erson5 eac& o% &is &eirs 2"eco4es t&e $ndi ided o'ner o% t&e '&ole estate le%t 'it& res(ect to t&e (art or (ortion '&ic& 4i8&t "e ad*$dicated to &i45 a co44$nit3 o% o'ners&i( "ein8 t&$s %or4ed a4on8 t&e co-o'ners o% t&e estate '&ile it re4ains $ndi ided!6 (3 Manresa, 3568 Alcala vs. Alcala, 35 &hi$' *69') +nd a,,ordin% to arti,$e 399 of the Ci.i$ Code, e er3 (art o'ner 4a3 assi8n or 4ort8a8e &is (art in t&e co44on (ro(ert3, and the effe,t of su,h assi%nment or mort%a%e sha$$ !e $imited to the portion )hi,h may !e a$$otted him in the partition upon the disso$ution of the ,ommunity' Hence5 in t&e case o% Ramirez vs. Bautista5 ,4 7&il! 9/:5 '&ere so4e o% t&e &eirs5 'it&o$t t&e conc$rrence o% t&e ot&ers5 sold a (ro(ert3 le%t "3 t&eir deceased %at&er5 t&is Co$rt5 s(eakin8 t&r$ its t&en C&ie% ;$stice Ca3etano Arellano5 said t&at t&e sale 'as alid5 "$t t&at t&e e%%ect t&ereo% 'as li4ited to t&e s&are '&ic& 4a3 "e allotted to t&e endors $(on t&e (artition o% t&e estate'


Article 7:<
=it$8 s! CA (1990) <omari,o Fitu% and >enita +$onte )ere ,o;administrators of 1o$ores Fitu%Bs (de,eased) estate' <o)ena Corona )as the e/e,utri/' <omari,o, the de,easedBs hus!and, fi$ed a motion )ith the pro!ate ,ourt as3in% for authority to se$$ ,ertain shares of sto,3 and rea$ properties !e$on%in% to the estate to , a$$e%ed,es to the estate, )hi,h he ,$aimed as persona$ funds' (he,es )ere used to pay estate ta/es' Corona opposed the motion on %round that the,es ,ame from a a,,ount (5an3 of +meri,a) )hi,h formed part of the ,on9u%a$ partnership properties and is part of the estate' (hus, there )as no %round for reim!ursement' <omari,o ,$aims that the funds are his e/,$usi.e property, !een a,0uired throu%h a sur.i.orship a%reement e/e,uted )ith his $ate )ife and the !an3' (he $o)er ,ourt uphe$d the .a$idity of the a%reement and %ranted the motion to se$$' (he ,on.eyan,e is not mortis ,ausa, )hi,h shou$d !e em!odied in a )i$$' + )i$$ is a persona$, so$emn, re.o,a!$e and free a,t !y )hi,h a ,apa,itated person disposes of his property and ri%hts and de,$ares or ,omp$ies )ith duties to ta3e effe,t after his death' (he !e0uest or de.ise must pertain to the testator' -n this ,ase, the a,,ount in.o$.ed )as in the nature of ,on9u%a$ funds' in,e it )as not sho)n that the funds !e$on%ed e/,$usi.e$y to one party, it is presumed to !e ,on9u%a$' -t is a$so not a donation inter .i.os !e,ause it )as to ta3e effe,t after the death of one party' -t is a$so not a donation !et)een spouses !e,ause it in.o$.ed no ,on.eyan,e of a spouseBs o)n properties to the other' -t )as an error to in,$ude the a,,ount in the in.entory of the de,easedBs assets !e,ause it is the separate property of <omari,o' (hus, <omari,o had the ri%ht to ,$aim reim!ursement' + )i$$ is a persona$, so$emn, re.o,a!$e and free a,t !y )hi,h a ,apa,itated person disposes of his property and ri%hts and de,$ares or ,omp$ies )ith duties to ta3e effe,t after his death' ur.i.orship a%reements are permitted !y the >CC' @o), its operation or effe,t must not !e .io$ati.e of the $a) (i'e' used as a ,$oa3 to hide an inoffi,ious donation or to transfer property in fraud of ,reditors or to defeat the $e%itime of a for,ed heir)' (he .a$idity of the ,ontra,t seems de!ata!$e !y reason of its Esur.i.or;ta3e;a$$E feature, !ut in rea$ity, that ,ontra,t imposed a mere o!$i%ation )ith a term, the term !ein% death' u,h a%reements are permitted !y the Ci.i$ Code'

)as e/e.ts of her !ounty and the .omeda. undue and improper inf$uen.ien. Fran.$aim of &a.annot !e used as !asis to deny the pro!ate of a )i$$' .ed upon her death' he )as )e$$ a)are of ho) she a. =oren#o .e and pressure.ien.ter of the testamentary a.ia )as C magulyanD or for%etfu$ so mu.a$ or other)ise.h did not .ia t)i.e.ien.hi$d )as !orn after the e/e. there )as no sho)in% that &a.ia$$y re0uested that the . that )ou$d sho) that &a. )ithout any !rothers or sisters.ia' Furthermore.ia as his o)n mother' (he Ai$$.$y 3no)n to !e insane.os. &a.ution !y affi/in% their si%natures !e$o) its attestation .ordan.eyan.ien. or $ess.iden.iti#en and resident of 4 +8 the Ai$$ )as not e/e.0uired the properties from her parents and the properties she is !e0ueathin% to =O<E>IO.e that &a.ustoms of her faith (offer masses year$y for the repose of her sou$ and of >i.ien. )as read to &a.hi$dren' + third . )hi$e +ntonio 5a$ta#ar fi$ed an opposition on the fo$$o)in% %rounds: =oren#o is dis0ua$ified to !e appointed as administrator !ein% a .on.$y 3no)n to !e insane one month or $ess !efore the ma3in% of the Ai$$' C$ear$y.ame to 3no) and treated &a.ia )as a)are of the nature of her estate to !e disposed of.ides' -n this .ia )as menta$$y in.$e 800 >CC states: C+rt' 800' (he $a) presumes that e.ia e/pressed in the presen.ument is her $ast )i$$ and testament' he thereafter affi/ed her si%nature at the end of the said do.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer C+ re.e of the instrumenta$ )itnesses that the do.ien.i.e of fear or threats.onstitutes a .ution' <(C: denied =oren#o to !e an administrator !ein% a .ontrary' (he !urden of proof that the testator )as not of sound mind at the time of ma3in% his dispositions is on the person )ho opposes the pro!ate of the )i$$8 !ut if the testator.ia )as of unsound mind at the time of the e/e.omp$y )ith the forma$ities of a .e' +fter )hi.$uded therein as de.$ause and on the $eft mar%in of pa%es' =oren#o fi$ed a petition for the pro!ate of the Ai$$ of &a. & inter. !efore ma3in% his )i$$ )as pu!$i.o and Faustino' (he three attested to the Ai$$Bs due e/e.ia )as pu!$i.ti.Epifania and their spouses) !e o!ser.ia.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .uted and attested to in a.ute a Ai$$' For%etfu$ness is not e0ui.t' he spe.apa!$e to ma3e a Ai$$ at the time of its e/e.iti#en and resident The burden to prove that Paciencia was of unsound mind at the time of the execution of the will lies on the shoulders of the petitioners.ity is untena!$e' (he state of !ein% for%etfu$ does not ne.e$y stripped her of testamentary .iaBs for%etfu$ness.ution of the )i$$ and )as not in.ery person is of sound mind.ution of the Ai$$' 1ore i4(ortantl35 a testator is (res$4ed to "e o% so$nd 4ind at t&e ti4e o% t&e e?ec$tion o% t&e @ill and t&e "$rden to (ro e ot&er'ise lies on t&e o((ositor! +rti. one month.hi$dren' =oren#o is &a..essari$y ma3e a person menta$$y unsound so as to render him unfit to e/e.h.ien. medi.hara.e of proof to the .ien.erse$y. !e0ueathed a$$ her properties to respondent =oren#o (her nephe)) and his )ife and their . to his )ife CO<+IO> and to his t)o (2) .isee' 5are a$$e%ations of duress or inf$uen.e )ith the re0uirements of the $a) and that &a.ument' (he )itnesses )ere 1ra' =impin. the !urden to pro.$e 699 pro.a$idity of the )i$$ must pro.ien.i.uted in the house of retired 2ud%e =impin. there is no su!stantia$ e. apart from this .ien.ien.ase.e that the testator made it durin% a $u.a$'D @ere.e mortis .3ery . it is a prohi!ited donation (donation !et)een spouses)' 5 Article :00 Balta#ar s! >a?a (2012) &a.a$ent to !ein% of unsound mind as +rti.orship a%reement . the person )ho maintains the .is.ausa )hi.iaBs nephe) )hom she treated as her o)n son' Con.h so that it effe.apa.ien. (he petitioners . the proper o!9e.ien. fraud and tri. thus.$aim that &a.ia a spinster.a$id )i$$' +ssumin% that it )as a donation inter .ersed statin% that the sur. in the a!sen.

and that )here su.ontends that after thum!mar3in% the pa%es of the )i$$.e for fai$in% to state that +ntero Mer. a.e !een done prior to the thum!mar3in%8 and (!) Matias . !ut )as on$y a!$e to si%n the 2nd pa%e !e.on..edent. amon% others.ount the fa.ate that it )as )ritten in a $an%ua%e or dia$e.e is a fa.e as it did not e/perien.omp$aint fi$ed a%ainst 2ud%e @onrado )ho a$$o)ed the pro!ate of a )i$$ )ritten in En%$ish.t 3no)n to the testator' (he )i$$ )as )ritten in panish' Matias sou%ht to ha.t 3no)n to the testator' ' Court said: (here is no statutory re0uirement to state in the )i$$ itse$f that the testator 3ne) the $an%ua%e or dia$e.ier to )rite the testator?s name under his e/press dire.ordin% to the Court. CA7ONONBNOB>E ! ABA.. )ho .onsidered a%ainst the authenti.. the in3 for the thum!print must ha.ed pain !e.-9.ident in the attestation .ourt (as in the .ious$y i$$iterate testatri/' Court said that 2ud%e @onrado shou$d !e su!9e.ause the in3 of the )ritin% fai$ed to spread a$on% the rid%e $ines of the fin%erprints' @o)e.$ause and the )i$$ are si$ent on the matter.e Ha!ina <a0ue$Bs )i$$ pro!ated' (his )as opposed !y a$ud. %i.ano .ou$d on$y mean that the )i$$ )as )ritten in a $an%ua%e not 3no)n to the i$$iterate testatri/ and.ase dea$t )ith an administrati.$ause )as fata$' Article :09-:06 1ATIAS ! SA>UD (1958) Court he$d that the )i$$ shou$d !e admitted to pro!ate' <e: (a): (he e/pert )itness of oppositor .i$ Code that e.ip$inary a. su.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer of 4 + C+: re.ri!e the unusua$ si%nature !y itse$f a$one is not suffi.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .ou$d )rite her name' (hus.edent )as as3ed to si%n her name as )e$$. the Court said that the e/pert fai$ed to ta3e into a.ado dated 2an 1973 and )ritten in -$o. %i.ery )i$$ must !e e/e.h si$en.ontends that sin.uted in a $an%ua%e or dia$e.on.ause of Jherpes #oster'B) (he attestation .essary to state in the attestation . as re0uired !y Barcia ! >ac$esta +.$ude this in. on the fo$$o)in% %rounds: (a) first. a$ud .er. and !oth the attestation .$udin% para%raph.$uded that the fin%erprints )ere affi/ed su!se0uent to the )ritin% of the de. it )as stated that the )i$$ )as read to the testatri/ Cand trans$ated into the Fi$ipino $an%ua%eD' (hat .h mar3 is affi/ed !y the de. it is . a$$e%in% that he is the son of one of the natura$ .ause after)ards.en ho) they had to )ait for the pain in the testatri/Bs shou$der to su!side !efore she .ause of the mandatory pro.e for the proponent fu$$y satisfies the .iden. she e/ .A (2005) +!a9a.ed pain in her shou$der' @o)e.ti.ity of the testament8 !ut the fai$ure to des.e <a0ue$ )as not a!$e to )rite her name anymore.$ause that another person )rote the testatorBs name at his re0uest' o -t is true that )here a testator emp$oys an unfami$iar )ay of si%nin%. it )as stated that En%$ish )as a $an%ua%e Cunderstood and 3no)nD to the testatri/' 5ut in its . the fai$ure to in. (he pro!ate of the )i$$ of +ntero Mer.ted one of the )itnesses to si%n for <a0ue$' @o)e. fi$ed a petition for the pro!ate of +!adaBs )i$$' (his )as opposed !y Caponon%. the Matias . an o!.$ause is fata$$y defe.hi$dren of +$ipio +!ada. therefore.ision of +rt' 807 of the Ci.ted to dis. ha. it is unne.t that 10 to 20 minutes passed !et)een the affi/in% of the thum!mar3 and the )ritin% of the name.en ho) testator )as on$y a!$e to si%n the se.ase at !ar.ontends.tion' -n the openin% para%raph of the )i$$. the $a)yer then assistin% <a0ue$ instru.ti.e .aused +tty' F$orentino 2a. that the )i$$ )as fata$$y defe.tor to !e . thum!mar3ed !y.ersed <(C 6 Article :04 SU)OAA ! HON)ADO (1981) (his .ond pa%e. a$ud presented an e/pert )ho testified that the )ritin% of the name must ha.tion.edentBs name !e.t used in the )i$$' (his is a matter that a party may esta!$ish !y proof aliunde.oid !e.ient to refuse pro!ate )hen the e.e a$ready dried' ' <e: (!): o (his Court has repeated$y he$d that the $e%a$ re0uisite that the )i$$ shou$d !e si%ned !y the testator is satisfied !y a thum!print or other mar3 affi/ed !y him.

h this parti.e of the testator and the )itnesses in the e/ of the de.ep.ertify that the )i$$ )as si%ned on a$$ the $eft mar%ins of the three pa%es and at the end of the )i$$ !y +tty' F$orentino 2a.ri!in% )itnesses atta.ourt is of opinion that this su!s. )e are not prepared to $i3en the mere si%n of the .ondition and position )ith re$ation to ea.ross appearin% on the )i$$ is the usua$ si%nature of +ntero Mer.ontested !y a num!er of the re$ati. and the $i3e.eased. and the reason is o!.annot and does not ha. .tua$$y .ado or e.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .onditions and their position )ith re$ation to ea.ious' (he .ription !y ea.e seen ea.u$ar . it is . in a $ar%e room .' *18 of the Ci.urtain )hi.h other )ere su.ase presents on$y one 0uestion: Ahether one of the su!s.eased on .ross )hi.tion they .ourt denied pro!ate !e.tion. !ut )hether they mi%ht ha.e the trust)orthiness of a thum!mar3' 7 Bar$t ! Ca"ac$n8an -t is immateria$ )ho )rote the name of the testator pro.onsiderin% their menta$ and physi.' Husti$o) (he 0uestion is )hether the testator and the su!s.ri!in% )itness )as in the sma$$ room )ith the testator and the other su!s.edure.h he si%ned his name' +fter mature ref$e.e of the )itnesses' (his is the on$y re0uirement under e.ri!ed in the .ause the si%nature seemed to not ha.h the )i$$ .ross at the end of his name and on the $eft mar%in of the three pa%es of )hi. !ut that at that moment e/istin% .o Con.ast upon the paper at the moment of its su!s.h )as hun% a .h made it impossi!$e for one in the outside room to see the testator and the other su!s.ri!in% )itnesses in the a.ertify that after the si%nin% of the name of the testator !y +tty' 2a.t that their eyes )ere a.ided it is )ritten at her re0uest and in her present.ri!in% )itnesses at the time )hen they atta.a$idity of the )i$$' Nera ! )i4ando +.a$ .ion and (imotea -nose$da and that she had instru.h other si%n. + ma9ority of the mem!ers of the .hed their si%natures to the instrumen C(he true test of presen.edure at that time' 5ased on e.hosen to do so.tion *18 of the Code of Ci. had they .onne.h other si%n.h and e.ross to a thum!mar3. and )ou$d defeat the purpose for )hi.h other does not depend upon proof of the fa.e !een !y e.ution of a )i$$ is not )hether they a.en one of the )ays !y )hi.-.e of the testator and ea.h other si%n' (o e/tend the do.ri!in% )itnesses to an a$$e%ed )i$$ si%ned the instrument in the presen.h of them.ery one of the )itnesses8 (2) fai$ure to .uted at the time )hen the testator and the other su!s.i$ &ro.ri!in% )itnesses )as present in the sma$$ room )here it )as e/e.h si%nature'D(2a!oneta .astin% the eyes in the proper dire.onsists and at the end thereof 5arut app$ied for the pro!ate of the )i$$ of de.ondition is pres.h other at the moment of ins.$ear$y appears that the name of the testatri/ )as si%ned at her e/press dire. a. the )i$$ )as read to her !y Ciria.ution of a )i$$' .tion in the presen.i$ Code of pro.hed their si%natures8 or )hether at that time he )as outside.ero +%ayan to si%n her name to it as testatri/' (he pro!ate )as .e of ea.ero +%ayan !ut !y another )itness)' (he . su!stitution. and in the presen.t of atta.e of 3 )itnesses and that they attested and su!s.$ear that )ith respe.e !een seen ea.arious %rounds' (he pro!ate .edure' -t is not here pretended that the ..ted e.ier at the e/press re0uest of the testator in the presen.e of ea.ription of ea.e and in the presen.ier at the former?s re0uest said testator has )ritten a . it is unimportant )hether the person )ho )rites the name of the testatri/ si%ns his o)n or not' (he important thin% is that it .ou$d ha.tin% )ith the sma$$er room !y a door)ay.i$ &ro.h other' -t may !e )ise that the one )ho si%ns the testatorBs name si%ns a$so his o)n8 !ut that is not essentia$ to the .ross .hin% their si%natures to the instrument' se.ri!ed it in her presen.h that !y mere$y .trine further )ou$d open the door to the possi!i$ity of a$$ manner of fraud.. some ei%ht or ten feet a)ay.ode as one of the re0uisites in the e/e. Maria a$omon' (he testatri/ stated in the )i$$ that !ein% una!$e to read or )rite.tua$$y sa) ea.tion *18 of the Code of Ci.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer )as disa$$o)ed for the fo$$o)in% reasons: (1) fai$ure to .t to the validity of the )i$$.

ipation' (he si%natures on the $eft mar%in does not su!stitute the si%natures !e$o) the attestation . is supposed to %uard a%ainst i$$e%a$ities attendin% the preparation of the )i$$' -f he .ery pa%e' >ati.omp$ian.i$ )as e/e.t in his duty as a >otary' +$$ that is re0uired is that e.' One of the a$$e%ations )as that the .idad on pa%e 3' @o)e.e $ifted 2 pa%es instead of 1 )hen he si%ned E/h' +' @ill ad4itted to (ro"ate! (he inad. no intentiona$ or de$i!erate de.ient$y attained.opy of E/h' +).omp$ete si%natures in e.ident imprint of the sea$ of the notary pu!$i.3no)$ed%ement to the .ord attests to the fu$$ o!ser.t' (heir separate e/e.e )ith the re0uirement' Moreo. that of the su!se0uent addition of the +C after the )i$$ has !een si%ned.a$$o)ed pro!ate' Cr$# ! =illasor (1963) 1e. )itnessed !y 2ama$oas.uted the testament at her house )hi$e the .3no)$ed%in% the )i$$ !y the notary..uted after the ena.ontain the si%nature of +tty' >ati. !efore )hom the testament )as ratified !y testatri/ and a$$ three )itnesses' (he $a) shou$d not !e so stri.oided.opy (E/h' +.iation e/isted.e on re.3no)$ed%ed !efore a notary pu!$i.ertent fai$ure of one )itness to affi/ his si%nature to one pa%e of a testament.annot sp$it his persona$ity into t)o' (O permit the situation )ou$d !e a!surd' Moreo.1.annot !e a .)itness means he )ou$d admit ha.annot !e .odi.oin. the e.e the omission of their si%natures at the !ottom thereof ne%ati.e of the testator and the )itnesses . !ut a$so !y its !earin% the .idad testified that he may ha.3no)$ed%ement itse$f nor of the testamentary a. )as si%ned and sea$ed !y the notary on$y )hen he .onf$i.erten.e of the statutory re0uisites' @ill not allo'ed! +n unsi%ned attestation .ount of the inad.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer Icasiano ! Icasiano (19*7) Ai$$ .e he .3no)$ed%ed !efore a notary pu!$i. petition has . &anares and +tty' (e. )here the purpose of the $a) to %uarantee the identity of the testament and its .ution out of the presen. atta.ontainin% the same is si%ned on the $eft mar%in' CF.omponent pa%es is suffi.e of a sin%$e )itness o.i$ )as si%ned some)here e$se or in the offi.odi.$ause . )ho )as a$so the >otary &u!$ their parti.i$ Code and must !e a.a$idity of the )i$$ and hen.ery )i$$ must !e a.hed in an amended petition.t of the ) !e one of the attestin% )itnesses.ontro$.ate of a. the >otary &u!$i.$ause sin.i$ sou%ht to !e a. is ne%ated !y the testimony of the )itnesses sayin% that the +C )as present )hen they si%ned the )i$$' @ill not allo'ed since t&ere are onl3 t'o 'itnesses! he )ou$d then !e interested in sustainin% the .an.onsidered as an a.ourse of$ation of the ru$e that testaments shou$d !e .a ellana ! >edes4a +po$inaria =edesma e/e.e pa%e. and the!on !y the testator and )itnesses' (he su!se0uent si%nin% and sea$in% is not part of the a. .e those pertain to a different $e%a$ re0uirement' 1issentin% opinions: (here )as su!stantia$ .e )i$$ .ti.CIVIL LAW REVIEW . the dup$i.3no)$ed%ed .omp$eted )ithout interruption' 8 Ca8ro ! Ca8ro (1953) &ro!ate of the )i$$ is 0uestioned on the %round that the attestation .es. is not per se suffi.ertifi.t that the testatri/ and t)o other )itnesses did si%n the defe.ient to 9ustify denia$ of pro!ate' -mpossi!i$ity of su!stitution of this pa%e is assured not on$y the fa.ate . sin.onsisted of 5 pa%es' -t does not .ondu.t she had no .ou$d not do sin.eased $eft a notaria$ )i$$.er )hose . due to the simu$taneous $iftin% of t)o pa%es in the . )ith )hom the )i$$ )as si%ned the )i$$ in front of himse$f' (his he .t$y and $itera$$y interpreted as to pena$i#e the testatri/ on a.tment of the >e) Ci.iden.e of the notary' (he testatri/ and the )itnesses at the hospita$.$ause is not si%ned !y the attestin% )itnesses a$thou%h the pa%e .

e of his .eria )ere the oppositors )ere named as $e%atees' Conse0uent$y.$e 808 re%ardin% !$ind testator !e fo$$o)ed in the instant . the testator and the )itnesses must a.arian.apped testator.e !ut t)i.a$id$y e/e.atara.ido e/e.e.eria to !e her true )i$$ and that there )as a 195* )i$$ e/e. there .e. !rother or sister thereafter.odi.em!er 19*0 and that she !e appointed as spe.a$idL ME )U>INBDFor a$$ intents and purposes of the ru$es on pro!ate. for one reason or another.ti.i$ Code' the e/isten.$ude that he . )ho )as . !f the testator is blind" the will shall be read to him twice# once" by the notary public before whom the will is acknowledged.eriaBs $eft eye suffered form .odi.isions of the )i$$ 3no)n to the testator.ontents )ere read to him.ution' (he !urden to sho) other)ise shifts to the proponent of the )i$$ on$y upon a sho)in% of .e to a. (he rationa$e !ehind the re0uirement of readin% the )i$$ to the testator if he is !$ind or in.asion'D More important.ommission.t !eyond the $imits of his 9urisdi.' (he )i$$ )as a.e of the pro. the de.D or C!$urredD .e$ino de$ <osario died unmarried and $ea.uted the )i$$ and )hen he appeared !efore the notary pu!$i.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .ommuni.t in 19*0 )hi.uted and entit$ed to pro!ate.tion' Article :0: Barcia s! =asC$e# (1993) ISSUEDAhether or not +rti.ourse !ut to .redi!$e )itnesses )ho must a$so attest to it in the presen.e on the dates appearin% on the )i$$ pertainin% to the time )hen &$a.D Cdefe.ution due to his Cpoor.omes )ithin the s.ious$y e/e. nie.odi.eriaBs )i$$ .iden.eria de$ <osario )as $i3e a !$ind testator and the due e/e.ri!ed !y the testator. as )e$$ as !y three or more .a$id' >otary pu!$i.asions of their e/e. and that the )itnesses ha.omp$ied )ith' .ia opposed the pro!ate of &$a. )i$$ a)aitin% pro!ate' On 1e.han%in% some dispositions to %enerate . is e.3no)$ed%e the )i$$ !efore a notary pu!$ no des. he had no )ay of as.t )ithin the ran%e of his (the testatorBs) other senses' Al arado s! Ba iola (1958) ISSUED Ahether or not 5ri%ido )as !$ind for the purpose of +rt' 808' ME )U>INBD +rt' 808 app$ies not on$y to !$ind testators !ut a$so to those )ho. so that he may !e a!$e to o!9e.a$idate the do.e the de.3no)$ed%ed !y the testatri/ and the )itnesses at the testatri/Bs )itnesses in KC !efore a notary pu!$i.isions of +rti.ommissioned for and in Ca$oo. 1966.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer !rou%ht it in his offi. 8 8. Consue$o ' Hon#a$es Fda' 1e &re. as. 1r' 2esus F' (amesis an ophtha$mo$o%ist testified that H$i.e' =eti.$e 808 of the !e no other .ordan.e of the testator and of one another' Furthermore.tion' @en.ed !y the re0uirement that the )i$$ shou$d !e read to the $atter.ontendin% that the .onf$i.-60 )i$$ )as not intended !y H$i.uted ho$o%raphi.ertain )hether or not +rt' 808 had !een .e )ith his )ishes' (hat the aim of the $a) is to insure that the dispositions of the )i$$ are proper$y .eased petitioned for pro!ate the a$$e%ed $ast )i$$ and testament of H$i.iden.. (he .. it is essentia$ to as.uted !y H$i.apa!$e of readin% their )i$$s' in.e of fraud at the time of its e/e.apa!$e of readin% the fina$ drafts of his )i$$ and . and this did not satisfy +rt 80*' >o notary sha$$ possess authority to do any notaria$ a.i$$a. an i$$e%itimate son' (his )i$$ re.ertainin% )hether or not the $a)yer )ho drafted the )i$$ and . C@u$in%@a!i$inD.apa!$e of readin% the )i$$ himse$ distant o!9e. thus ma3in% them tru$y ref$e. a .endants.uted .eria+. are Cin.on.ha$$en%in% the )i$$ !ears the !urden of pro.redi!$e e.ated to and understood !y the handi. )as re0uire that a notaria$ )i$$ !e e/e.e.' (he party .e of his desire. C!e.ope of the term C!$indB as used in +rt' 808' 4n$ess the .idoBs )i$$ on the %round that there )as .e of the de. is to ma3e the pro.eased )as in.e re0uired o!ser.ution of her )i$$ )ou$d ha.t if they are not in a.ision.o3ed pre.i$ did so .ia$ administratri/' Farious parties opposed the petition . disinheritin% Cesar +$.onforma!$y )ith his instru.3no)$ed%ed on the same o.eased H$i.em!er 29.arado e/e.h made her .i$ entit$ed CNasa$atann%&a%!a!a%osa-$an%&a%papa siyana>asasaadsa@u$in%@a!i$inD )as e/e.i$ on the separate o.ision main$y for . not on$y on.e of fraud' @e$d: -n.t !ut not for readin% prints' 5ri%ido +$.uted and a.eria dated 1e.ument.ti. !y t)o different persons.ash for the testatorBs 9 Orte8a ! =al4onte B$errero ! Bi&is +/007.arado.t !et)een the dates appearin% on the )i$$ does not in.endants.ase to ma3e H$i.tin% outside the p$a.ause the $a) does not e.uted a )i$$. the )i$$ must !e su!s. to .onsider his )i$$ as City' H$i.

' -t )as de.epta!$e )here the purpose of the $a) has !een satisfied. as .tion )hi.ifi.tion shou$d !e !rushed aside )hen they do not affe.omp$ian. is the statement that the witnesses signed the will and every page thereof in the presence of the testator and of one another. amon% other thin%s.a$id shou$d it !e pro. )ho drafted the )i$$' 4pon pro!ate.ommuni.ites that the testator indeed si%ned the )i$$ and a$$ its pa%es in the presen. that the testator )as $ea.h that )hether or not it affe.$are therein that.e of the testator and of ea.t in pointin% out that the defe.h )ou$d )arrant the app$i.umstan.h defe.$e 809 of the Ci.e su.teri#ed as mere$y in.eeded !y Ai$$iam Ca!reara.$e 805' (hese . )ith four persons fo$$o)in% the readin% )ord for )ord )ith their o)n .tion must on$y !e )ith respe.e si%natures to the )i$$ in the presen.e of the statement re0uired !y $a) is a fata$ defe.ed that the )i$$ )as rea$$y e/e.ution )as not the first time that the testator had affirmed the truth and authenti.ts the .D the day of the e/e.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer %$au.omp$ian.i$ Code' )U>INBD-t )i$$ !e noted that +rti.$ause in the $ast )i$$ of Mateo Ca!a$$ero is fata$$y defe.i$ )as not read !y the testator !ut instead read to him a$oud !y 5ayani Ma' <ino. a )ido)er )ithout any .ious$y .ontested !y the herein petitioner on the %round that it )as not e/e.e that said )itnesses su!s. (he a!sen.onsiderations do not app$y )here the attestation .3ery !ut are ne.ia$$y true .$ause tota$$y omits the fa.t of the hand' (he attestation .er intended to !e so ri%id and inf$e/i!$e as to destroy the testamentary pri.uted a $ast )i$$ and testament !efore three attestin% )itnesses and he )as du$y assisted !y his $a)yer and a notary pu!$i.ises his rea$ and persona$ properties to spe.e is a.$ause o!.omp$ian.uted and attested in .t of sense.ri!ed their respe.t .e pursuant to +rti. sou%ht his appointment as spe. a$$ of )hom do not appear to !e re$ated to Mateo' >ot $on% after.. persons.t to the C@u$in%@a!i$in.ontents of the draft' Moreo. )hi$e su!s.onsiderin% the fa.e )ith +rti. herein petitioners .h.riptionD differ in meanin%' +ttestation is the !y )ay of $e%a.t or imperfe.t that the attestin% )itnesses si%ned ea.e of the testator and of one another' C+ttestationD and Csu!s.h and e.ia$ administrator of the testatorBs estate !ut due to his death.odi.ou$d fina$$y !e heard !y the pro!ate .t its purpose and )hi. he )as the form of the )i$$ or the $an%ua%e used therein )hi. he himse$f fi$ed a petition !efore the CF.e of the testator and . )ith respe.ity of the )i$$.$ear$y $a.ery pa%e of the )i$$ in the presen.uments' (his is espe.ated to the testator' On the . the reason !ein% that the so$emnities surroundin% the e/e.i$ Code' (he defe.e of the )i$$ that is here sou%ht to !e admitted to pro!ate' &etitioners are .$ause .ation of the su!stantia$ .$aimin% to !e nephe)s and nie.ount may on$y defeat the testatorBs )i$$' u!stantia$ .uted and attested as re0uired !y $a) for he is not !$ind at the time it )as e/e.hi$dren.tion )ou$d not render a )i$$ in.ription is the a.omp$ian. )ho )as appointed !y <(C )hi.$e 805 re0uires that the )itness shou$d !oth attest and su!s.ed thou%h the $etter )as not' +$thou%h there shou$d !e stri.ti.h other' Ahat is then . e/e.ontents of the )i$$ and . it .annot !e . it )as .$e 809 of the Ci.omp$ies )ith the su!stantia$ .tua$$y appearin% on the type)ritten do.opies.ution of )i$$ are intended to prote.e ru$e.3in%.ourse of the hearin%.ient$y made 3no)n and .uted' 10 (here is no e. unti$ the testator passed a)ay !efore his petition .ti.e )ith the su!stantia$ re0uirements of the $a) in order to insure authenti.t in the attestation . the forma$ imperfe.i$ )ere not suffi.i$e%e' Article :0Caneda s! CA (1993) Mateo Ca!a$$ero.ourt' 5enoni Ca!rera.ity of the .ourt' -n the .er.orre.iden.omp$ian.o$.$ause herein assai$ed is that )hi$e it re.ri!e to the )i$$ in the presen.ies and de. one of the $e%atees named in the )i$$.ts or imperfe.essari$y resu$t in the disa$$o)an..ontemp$ated in +rti.ontrary.$uded that the testator )as reasona!$y assured that )hat )as read to him )ere the terms a.h is a$ready the pro!ate .see3in% the pro!ate of his $ast )i$$ and testament !ut the of the testator. ISSUESD1!Ahether or not the attestation !e safe$y .on.a$idity of the )i$$' /! Ahether or not the attestation .h must ne.t the testator from a$$ 3inds of fraud and tri.t that the three instrumenta$ )itnesses )ere persons 3no)n to the testator' (he spirit !ehind that $a) )as ser. the same does not e/press$y state therein the .e and Cesar does not a$$e%e that the .t to the form of the attestation or the $an%ua%e emp$oyed therein' u. )hen ta3en into a.oma' 5oth the )i$$ and the .odi.ts and imperfe.e of the three attestin% )itnesses and states as )e$$ the num!er of pa%es that )ere used.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .hedu$ed hearin%s )ere postponed.

annot !e .an !e read into the 0uestioned attestation .ordan.e possi!$y e/e.ti.h )i$$ is the =ast Ai$$ and (estament of Mateo Ca!a$$ero and that it )as e/e.e of the testatorBs )i$$ on the %round that on the a$$e%ed date of its e/e.$ause' (hus. the testator )as a$ready in the poor state of hea$th su. mar%in of !oth pa%es of the )i$$.h the )i$$ is )ritten8 the fa.ifi.h other' -n su.onsideration.erment on the part of the instrumenta$ )itnesses as to ho) many pa%es .onsistin% of t)o (2) pa%es and )ritten in the . the defe..ution.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer appeared as oppositors and o!9e.rease or de.$ause of a )i$$' (hat is pre.CIVIL LAW REVIEW . .$ause to state the num!er of pa%es on )hi. or an imp$i.t is not on$y in the form or $an%ua%e of the attestation .a$$y stated in the attestation .tua$$y !ear )itness to the si%nin% !y the testator of the )i$$ and a$$ of its pa%es and that said instrumenta$ )itnesses a$so si%ned the )i$$ and e.ision of the tria$ . the petitioners asserted that the )i$$ in 0uestion is nu$$ and .ision that su.oid for the reason that its attestation .$e 805 of the Ci.a$id$y attested to !y the instrumenta$ )itnesses.onsidered to ha.h the )i$$ is )ritten is to safe%uard a%ainst possi!$e interpo$ation or omission of one or some of its pa%es and to pre.$ause in the =ast Ai$$ su!stantia$$y . e$ement re0uired !y +rti.erna.$e 805 to !e spe.e !een .ise$y the defe.t )i$$ .u$ar &i$ipino' (he three named )itnesses to the )i$$ affi/ed their si%natures on the $eft.ifi.ery pa%e thereof in the presen.t .h that he . as they fai$ed to si%n the attestation .ted to the a$$o)an.ifi.uted in a.ourt ru$in% and ru$in% that the attestation .a$$y state the instrumenta$ )itnesses to the )i$$ )itnessed the testator si%nin% the )i$$ in their presen.ution of )hi.$e 805 to state the num!er of pa%es used upon )hi.ourt rendered a de. !ut not at the !ottom of the attestation .e this appea$ !efore the upreme Court' (he )i$$.h it .e )ith a$$ the re0uisites of the $a)' 4pon appea$ to C+.rease in the pa%es' (he fai$ure to state the num!er of pa%es e0uates )ith the a!sen.$ause statement.i$ Code' 1ue to denia$ of petitionersB motion for re.h they had ostensi!$y 9ust )itnessed and su!s.e stated these e$ementa$ fa.$ause' of ea.e of the testator and of one another' 11 A#$ela ! CA Fail$re o% t&e attestation cla$se to state t&e n$4"er o% (a8es on '&ic& t&e 'ill 'as 'ritten re4ains a %atal %la'5 des(ite Article :0-! (he purpose of the $a) in re0uirin% the .ery pa%e thereof8 and that they )itnessed and si%ned the )i$$ and a$$ the pa%es thereof in the presen.omp$ies )ith +rti.omp$ained of in the present .e it fai$s to spe.t that the testator had si%ned the )i$$ and e.h a situation.e and that they a$so si%ned the )i$$ and a$$ the pa%es thereof in the presen.ou$d not ha.ation thereof.e of the testator and of one another' (he on$y proof in the )i$$ that the )itnesses ha. and not the testator.onsisted the )i$$.e sin.ts )ou$d !e their si%natures on the attestation .e there is no p$ausi!$e )ay !y )hi. C+ affirmed the de.uted the same8 and that the si%nature of the testator is not %enuine' (he pro!ate .e of a spe. the su!9e.$ause' .ase sin.e of the testator and of one another' @o)e.ri!ed to' -t is the )itnesses.e of an a. that the attestin% )itness did a. )ho are re0uired under +rti.$ause !ut the tota$ a!sen. the e/e.ent any in.$ause is fata$$y defe.

ontents and due e/e. ho$o%raphi..$e 811 of the Ci. +rti.omparison . or Qero/ .ution of the said )i$$ throu%h )itness testimonies May a ho$ not !e interpreted as to re0uire the .ompu$sory presentation of three )itnesses to identify the hand)ritin% of the testator.t of Me$e.i$ Code is mere$y dire. the C+ on appea$ denied pro!ate on the %round that it )as undated' Article$a!$e' +nd then the on$y %uaranty of authenti.ourt admitted the Me$e. Ai$$ is a .on.en a mimeo%raphed or .tion of mine is the matter to !e fo$$o)ed' +nd the one )ho made this )ritin% is no other than Me$e.i$ Code M+>1+(O<M' (he +rti.a$id .$usion is that the ru$e of the first para%raph of +rti.tory and is not mandatory' >a"rador ! CA (ria$ .ioBs )i$$ to pro!ate' @o)e.onnotes a mandatory order' (he re0uirement )as made in order to %i.0 )o?as ! de . )i$$ that has !een $ost or destroyed !y pro.-60H CODOF =! CA>UBAF -n the pro!ate pro. hen.h 16 19*8 as the date of the e/e. .ision and or instru.ity and due e/e.$e .BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer 12 Article :.eased' (he date )as CFe!O*1'D As a 8eneral r$le5 t&e EdateE in a &olo8ra(&ic @ill s&o$ld incl$de t&e da35 4ont&5 and 3ear o% its e?ec$tion! @o)e. if =a!rador.e the . )hen as in the .CIVIL LAW REVIEW ..ided: C&erhaps it may !e pro.eased may !e e/hi!ited and tested !efore the pro!ate .ution is p$ain from the tenor of the su. the proponent )as thesole )itness on the authenti.rupu$ous indi.-:/H AAAO>A ! SINBSON G.eased and the e.opy of the ho$o%raphi.t to the )ishes of the de.utin% a )i$$' >O' 4n$i3e ordinary (notaria$) )i$$s.ity sin.ause .ontains the )ord Csha$$D.$e 810 of the Ci.e )hen $ost or destroyed' (he $a) re%ards the document itself as materia$ proof of authenti. %ap"it is pro.e more than one )itness8 !ut e.i$ Code.ontested.e' (he intention to sho) Mar.ase at !ar.e )ith!on .-9:H (he heirs petitioned for the pro!ate of an a$$e%ed ho$o%raphi. BAN ! FA7 G. )i$$ )as a for%ery and that the same )as e.eedin% )ords of the para%raph' -t states that Cthis !ein% in the month of Mar. )hen the )i$$ itse$f is not su!mitted. )here!y the the pro!ate denied' Our .e effe.eased )as presented .i$ Code .ed !y )itness testimonyL (he petitioners for the pro!ate of the an a$$e%ed ho$o%raphi.omp$ian. Ai$$ shou$d !e a$$o)ed under the prin.$e 811 of the Ci.e it .er.en if the %enuineness of the ho$o%raphi.ed !y a photo%raphi.ed !y testimonia$ e.ou$d at any time !e demonstrated to !e in the hands of the testator himse$f' O!.ontested.$e 811 Ci. pro!ate of the ho$ these means of opposition.eedin%s of a ho$o%raphi. under pena$ty of ha. t&ere is no a((earance o% %ra$d5 "ad %ait&5 $nd$e in%l$ence and (ress$re and t&e a$t&enticit3 o% t&e @ill is esta"lis&ed and the on$y issue is )hether or not the date EFE5'O*1E appearin% on the ho$o%raphi. their father'D (his .e it . )i$$.isions of +rti.i$ to !e pre. )i$$ )ere .h 16 th day.ity P the testator?s hand)ritin% P has disappeared' + &hotostati.ontainin% the )i$$ of the de.OQero/ .opy8 or !y other simi$ar means. )i$$s may not !e$s note!oo3 !e$on%in% to de.ution of the )i$$ as )e$$ as the hand)ritin% and si%nature of the testatri/' (he oppositors . and of assessing the evidence are not a.ity of the hand)ritin% of the de.h has !een $ostOdestroyed and sou%ht to pro.ourt'D -f the authenti.$aim that his $one testimony is >O( E>O4H@ as +rt 811 re&uires the presentation of (@<EE )itness if the pro!ate is .io )ho p$ain$y 3ne) that he )as e/e.$ear$y sho)s that this is a uni$atera$ a.opy of the said )i$$ )ODE>AS ! A)ANAA G.ious$y.ip$e of su!stantia$ . )i$$ )hi.e the authenti. and this de.idua$s )ho for their !enefit )i$$ emp$oy means to defeat the )ishes of the testator' .omp$ian. in the year 19*8.ourt a photostati.opy' E.en i$$e%i!$e' (he C+ he$d that the testimonies presented !y respondents pro. the proponent of the pro!ateis not re0uired to produ. )i$$ that has !een $ost or destroyed presented in . or !e made )ith the standard )ritin%s of the testator' -n footnote 8 of $an vs.ity of the )i$$ and the hand)ritin% (he pro.ented is the possi!i$ity that uns. )i$$ may !e a$$o)ed !e.ontested &etitioners opposed the petition a$$e%in% that the ho$o%raphi.ity of the )i$$ )as not .

t is that the entire Ai$$ is . Ai$$ had on$y one su!stantia$ pro. the re$ation of emp$oyer and emp$oyee of su.ompetent testamentary )itness' Article :<0 .edent?s hand)ritin%8 it .a$idated as a )ho$e.idadBs initia$s' antia%o fi$ed a petition for the pro!ate of -sa!e$ Ha!rie$Bs )i$$' Hon#a$es opposed.ompeten. as there )as no prior and independent proof of the fa. )hat assures authenti.e CC 813 and 817 ho)e. . !ut on$y )ith respe. .CIVIL LAW REVIEW .tions.u$ar )ords erased. the Ai$$ is not <osa )ith Hre%orio as so$e e/e.e %ood standin% in the .e attested' +$so.h a$teration )as not authenti.. . that they ha. BONAA>ES ! CA and SANTIABO (1969) -t is not mandatory that e.ou$d remain . )i$$ or on testator?s si%nature.edentBs properties' @o)e.ations under +rt' 820 and none of the dis0ua$ifi.redi!$e' (he .y of a person to !e an instrumenta$ )itness to a )i$$ is determined !y the statute.ision (<osa )as the so$e heir) 2' u.ity is the re0uirement that they !e tota$$y auto%raphi.ontrary is esta!$ished other)ise' (hus.h appeared to ma3e Hre%orio the heir instead of <osa' (he a$teration )hi.e the 0ua$ifi. )i$$s. )hen. )i$$ )as fi$ed for pro!ate !y petitioners' (his )as opposed !y respondents )ith the ff .h .ed <osa )ith Hre%orio as so$e heir )as not initia$ do not ma3e the entire )i$$ in.<-:. )hereas his .e )ith the $a).redi!$e. the Ai$$ .ed !y a !rother and a sister.redi!$e !efore the .ompetent. that is +rts' 820 and 821.tions and erasures )hi.edent8 the )i$$ )as pro. and inter$ineations in a ho$o%raphi.e$$ations or insertions )ere made on the date of the ho$o%raphi.utri/ of a$$ of the de.e !e first esta!$ished on re. .4 A. 1' (he ho$o%raphi.t to the parti.redi!$e.h .ordan.ia$ position of a person does not dis0ua$ify him to !e a . Ai$$ ha.redi!i$ity depends on the appre.utri/ !ore >ati.han%es' Article :.orre.i.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer and si%nature therein and a$$o)ed the )i$$Bs pro!ate' 13 Articles :. as in the .h su!stantia$ pro. that is.tions )hi.orre.ause he is presumed to !e su.ated a$terations.iation of his testimony and arises from the !e$ief and .h un$ess the .' ! !e first esta!$ished on re.e does not in.h rep$a.on.han%ed into Hre%orio) 3' u.ted or inter$ined' @o)e.ord that the )itness is .iden.a$id' Articles :/0-:/.iden.ations under +rt' 821' (o !e .ontentions: neither the testament?s !ody nor the si%nature )as in de.a$id' -n ho$o%raphi.$usion of the Court that said )itness is te$$in% the truth' (o !e .orre.ontained a fe) .oid for the simp$e reason that nothin% remains in the Ai$$ after that )hi. H<EHO<-O N+=+A and <O + N+=+A' @er Ai$$.a$id' 4n$ess the unauthenti.ourt a$$o)s the pro!ate of the )i$$ they ha. the instrumenta$ )itnesses must !e . )hen a num!er of erasures. )hi$e the a$teration rep$a.ated !y the fu$$ si%nature of the testator8 the effe.h $ess the hum!$e or finan. it is not mandatory that e.t that the )itnesses )ere .e not !een si%ned !y the (estator.ase at !ar.ation )i$$ on$y resu$t in disa$$o)an.ontained a$terations and . desi%nated <osa Na$a) as the so$e heir and so$e e/e.e' >+(-F-1+1 N+=+A )as sur.h )ere not du$y si%ned !y de. their presen.$aimin% that the )i$$ )as not attested in a.3 of =! CA 1e.ision )as a$tered !y su!stitutin% the ori%ina$ heir )ith another ( o$e heir . as first )ritten.easedBs ho$o%raphi.ompetent and their testimonies must !e .4 IA>A@ =! )E>O=A Ordinari$y. he must !e sho)n to ha.ommunity and reputed to !e trust)orthy and re$ia!$e' Fai$ure to . or hand)ritten !y the testator himse$f (CC 810)' Fai$ure to o!ser.a$idate the )i$$ itse$f' (he $a.ord that he is of %ood standin% et.omp$y )ith re0uirements in CC 813 and 817 does >O( render the )i$$ in.ured !y petitioners throu%h improper pressure and undue inf$uen.

that the same )as .ed to !e the )i$$ of +driana.oup$ed )ith animus . o!$iteratin%.ause of a.ument destroyed must !e the )i$$ itse$f' (he intention to re.e and under his e/press dire.arried out !y the testator or !y another person in his presen.e. fraud.o. the presumption is.o.on. @itosis et a$.is.ree of pro!ate is .e.uted the )i$$ and )as not a. @itosis et a$..a$ a.ts .e$$ed and re.o3ed in 1920' C disa$$o)ed pro!ate !e. did not appea$ the order appro.t of partition appro.ia$$y sett$ed +drianaBs estate' (hree years $ater. or undue inf$uen.. mena.tion to re.a$ destru.en a !i%%er share than )hat they %ot from the e/tra9udi. does not per se .tion is .a$idity of the )i$$' (hat means that the testator )as of sound tria$ disposin% mind at the time )hen he e/e.h . or .t of !urnin%.ed of !e inferred from e.ti. un$ess the of the testator' (he do.o.ation. !ut may !e o.e8 that the )i$$ )as si%ned !y him in the presen.t of partition' 1952.e that the physi.o.ate respondents opposed.o3e must !e a.ase.annot !e found is sho)n to ha.e !een in the possession of the testator. the $e%a$ of destru. )hen $ast seen. petitioners )ere %i.ia$ partition' &etitioners fi$ed a petition for pro!ate' &ri.ess to the )i$$ and it . did not appea$ the order (1939) admittin% the )i$$ to pro!ate' (he properties des.ert physi.e must either remain unpro.annot a%ain !e 0uestioned in a su!se0uent pro.e of a )i$$. on the %round that the )i$$ )as re.$ Ha%o fi$ed a petition to o!tain the pro!ation of Mi%ue$ Mamuya.e$$ation or re.e$$in% the )i$$ .o3ed !y +driana !y as3in% her househe$per to !urn it' Ha$$anosa et a$ are testamentary heirs desi%nated in the )i$$ of F$orentino @itosis' (he )i$$ )as admitted to pro!ate' (he $e%a$ heirs.$usi.e re.uted an a%reement )hi.ourt' +%ain.Bs 1919 )i$$' (he tria$ .tin% under duress.e$$ation or re.tion and in the of a )i$$. these fa.o3e it' (he )i$$ )as not re. the parties e/e.e sho)in% that after due sear.h .e$$ed and re.e and nephe)s of the $ate -sa!e$ Ma$oto' 5e$ie.ution or forma$ .ompetent e.o3ed' (he fa.annot !e raised anymore' .annot !e found after his death' -t )i$$ not !e presumed that su.tion !e done !y the testator himse$f' -t may !e performed !y another person !ut under the e/press dire.a$ a. @itosis et a$ fi$e an a.h )i$$ has !een destroyed !y any other person )ithout the 3no)$ed%e or authority of the testator' (he for.0uisiti.annot !e found' Ahere a )i$$ )hi.ed (1973) !y .ation has ta3en p$ said property .ome !y proof that the )i$$ )as not destroyed !y the testator )ith intent to that -sa!e$ did not e/e.andi on the part of the testator' -t is not imperati.ription of said properties on their part' (his .ation !y the testatoris ne.. the issue as to the .onstitute an effe.ordin%$y.tion is a.e of other .ute a )i$$. and the !urnin% )as not done in her presen.ument !urned )as not pro.e$$ed or destroyed' (he same presumption arises )here it is sho)n that the testator had ready a.e of the re0uired num!er of )itnesses. $i3e !urnin% in this .on. in the a!sen.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .ause the )i$$ had !een .o$untariness of its e/e.h the ori%ina$ )i$$ . and that the )i$$ is %enuine tria$ is not a for%ery' purportin% to !e +drianaBs )i$$ )as found' -n the )i$$ the pro9e.h e/tra9udi.tion' 14 CASIANO ! CA (1988) &etitioners and respondents are nie.e of the presumption of .eyed to Ha$$anosa et a$ throu%h the )i$$' (heir a$$e%ed .iden.ourt denied the petition on the %round that it had !een .o3ed' (he do.e' (he .t that su.eedin%' +fter the fina$ity of the a$$o)an.omp$aint )as dismissed upon motion !y Ha$$anosa Article :<: BA>>ANOSA s! A)CANBE> (1968) + de.e pres. a do.on.ompanied !y the o.e as to the due e/e.ri!ed in the )i$$ are $ater partitioned throu%h a proposed pro9e. tearin%.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer BABO ! 1A1UFAC (1926) Fran.

uted . the intestate .ree of pro!ate.t the 9urisdi.e of Ce!u that the 9oint )i$$ is one prohi!ited !y $a) )as .eedin% is proper in this . the CF.or of a third party' (he error thus .tion to Cannu$D F$orentino @itosisB )i$$ !e.onsiders his order of dismissa$' Ha$$anosa et a$ fi$es .ipation of the de.a$idity of the 9oint )i$$.$usi.a in the properties in 0uestion' )OBE)TS s! >EONIDAS (1987) (he pro!ate of the )i$$ is mandatory' + testate pro.ause the e/e.on.a.h testator' (hus <e!a.ourt )as an error of $a).a$idity of 9oint )i$$s. @itosis et a$ do not appea$' (hey did not .an%e$ upon motion of Ha$$anosa' @o)e.e a 9oint )i$$ is .y and sound pra. !ut )hi. or in fa.t as to his $ast )i$$ and testament despite the$ re.ertiorari to C .e !een . sin.ourts shou$d !e. Ca$ifornia' One )i$$ disposed of his estate in the &hi$ippines and the other disposed of his estate outside the &hi$ippines' Ethe$. another petition for pro!ate )as instituted !y Manue$a. )hether in fa. re. the petition )as dismissed' Ahen the same )as heard.ause Ha$$anosa et a$ a$$e%ed$y .eedin% shou$d .ourt. e/ erroneous' -t fo$$o)s that the .a$$y. a 4 . po$i. fi$ed a petition for intestate pro. in so far as the estate of the )ife )as .iti#en of Mani$a.t' 31.ommitted fraud and de. on her death.ause Hrimm died )ith t)o )i$$s and Eno )i$$ sha$$ pass either rea$ or persona$ property un$ess it is <e!a.en then the Ci.en to Manue$a <e!a. ho)e.ases' .eedin%' 15 DE>A CE)NA s! 7OTOT (19*7) + fina$ 9ud%ment rendered on a petition for the pro!ate of a )i$$ is !indin% upon the )ho$e )or$d and pu!$i.omp$aint )as initia$$y dismissed !y CF2ud%e +r.ome fina$ at some definite date fi/ed !y $a)' (he fina$ de.ontinue to en9oy the fruits of the $ands mentioned' 5erna!e died' Her.ommitted H+1+=E2 in re.e and that )hi$e ea.or of the 9oint testators.erned.ommitted !y the pro!ate .ha$$en%e the order of dismissa$' 19*6.e of Ce!u ()hen the testator.eedin% and the 9ud%e assi%ned to the testate$ Code a$ready de.eit to .ersed' Hrimm.ata' +%ain. 5erna!e de $a Cerna.ontrary to the prohi!ition on 9oint )i$$s' On appea$. )hen @itosis et a$ fi$e an M<.orre.h of them are $i.ase shou$d !e .e effe.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer on the %round of res 9udi.ution and simu$ation of the do.ersin% himse$f and not dismissin% @itosis et a$Bs $atest . has .ument purportin% to !e the $ast )i$$ and testament of F$orentino @itosis' (his .omp$aint' pouses 5erna!e de $a Cerna and Her.orre.$usi.e$s of $and !e %i.tion of the pro!ate .ause she and her attorney fai$ed to appear in . nor the . @itosis et a$ fi$e an a. the Court admitted for pro!ate the said )i$$ !ut on$y for the part of 5erna!e' Ahen Her. entered in 1939 !y the Court of First -nstan. the ho$din% of the .ontinue hearin% the t)o .2ud%e +r. heOshe )i$$ .CIVIL LAW REVIEW .t that e.ipro.$ared the )i$$ . HrimmBs dau%hter !y a first marria%e.ed and a$$o)edE' -t is anoma$ous that the estate of a person )ho died testate shou$d !e sett$ed in an intestate pro.a.ourt. that shou$d ha. must !e.ase !e. !ut ! effe..t of its fina$ su!mitted the )i$$ for pro!ated' 5y order of O.o. ree/amined and ad9udi.h did not CF.t as to the parti.e demand that at the ris3 of o.asiona$ errors 9ud%ment of .er. their nie.eased Her.ourt of First -nstan.$aimin% died. e/$ .2ud%e +r.ted !y appea$. died).eedin%' (herefore.onsidered a separate )i$$ of ea. 1939.on.reed the in.on.oid for !ein% e/e.ated de novo.uted a 9oint $ast )i$$ and testament )here they )i$$ed that their 2 par.onso$idated )ith the testate pro. the order )as re.uted 2 )i$$ in an Fran.

the .t nu$$ified the entry of 9ud%ment made !y the Court of +ppea$s' Kuestions re%ardin% the intrinsi.ourts had a$ready determined in a fina$ and e/e.hi$dren opposed the pro!ate of the )i$$ a$$e%in% that the )i$$ shou$d not !e admitted to pro!ate !e. petitioner =ourdes =' 1orotheo.t' (or.a$$y .hi$dren of +$e9andro 1orotheo and +ni.ession.e to !e s.eremony if on its fa.a$$y .oid' u. a$ready pro!ated in 4tah and prayed that the partition appro. opposed on the %round of the penden.en if the )i$$ )as . .iseesO$e%atees a$ready in. 198* Order that has attained fina$ married to (or.ordin% to the $a)s on su.ause +sun.h need not !e in0uired upon !y the pro!ate .eedin%s in 4tah' he $ater fi$ed a petition for pro!ate of the 2 )i$$s.edent !e.uted.ourt )as .er. HrimmBs 2nd )ife.a$id.$aration of the testator that +sun.u!ine )ith )hom he had !een . noti.utory de. they fi$ed a EMotion 16 Ethe$ may fi$e )ithin t)enty days from noti.onsiderations demand that the intrinsi. its intrinsi.opies of orders.$aims to ha. )ho appeared in the intestate . the . nu$$ity is patent' (he de.ourt is $imited to issues in e/trinsi. e.ate respondents did not appea$ from said order' -n 1983.a$idity of )i$$s may sti$$ !e raised e. .a$idity of the )i$$' (he pro!ate of a )i$$ mi%ht !e.h 20. if the testator pro.t married to a .CIVIL LAW REVIEW . the )oman (or.e a.uato <eyes e/e. !ut that a fina$ and e/e.rutini#ed durin% the pro!ate pro.h determination ha.e ta3en .ourt )as .ion JOnin%B <' <eyes'D (or.$aim that Onin% <eyes is married to =upoE!ar$e )as unsu!stantiated' NE7O1UCENO ! CA (1985) )EFES ! CA (1996) DO)OTHEO ! CA (1999) (he petition is )ithout merit' + fina$ and e/e.ti.ia$$y so )hen the .essari$y fo$$o) that an e/trinsi.ha$$en%e !efore the hi%her tri!una$s must stand and shou$d no . the tria$ ..e it appears to !e attained that .ourt may pass upon the issue of intrinsi.eedin% for the pro!ate of +$e9androBs $ast )i$$ and testament' -n 1981.are of +$e9andro !efore he died.a$ .ourt shou$d meet the issue' + de.ion COnin%D <eyes )as his )ife did not ha.uatoBs re. the .utory de.ase. )as ne.ision of )hi.ed !y 5ran.ase for the pro!ate of the )i$$ of the for said period of time is .e of the fina$ity of this 9ud%ment an opposition and ans)er to the petition un$ess she . )ho .ter of fina$ity is !indin% on this Court )hi.en !efore it is pro!ated. !e set aside' (he pro!ate .en after the )i$$ has !een authenti.orre.a$$y .uato .es and other papers in the testate .utory de.ision or order . .ourt in effe. it said that he )as disposin% part of his estate to his .ourt dismissed the ..onsiders her motion to dismiss and other p$eadin%s suffi.ient for the purpose' 2uanita H' Morris.a$id $ast )i$$ and testament is a$)ays intrinsi.en !y a married man estran%ed from his )ife for 22 years prior to his death.ision that the )i$$ is intrinsi.ion <eyes.ourt' Moreo.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer Ma/ine.oha!itin% for many years' (he issue is )hether the pro!ate .eta <eyes' (he +ni.en effe.a$id$y e/e.ia$ pro. it does not ne.ed )ith .ise %i.uato and )as in no $on%er !e distur!ed or reopened no matter ho) erroneous it may !e' -n settin% aside the 2anuary 30.a$$y .ase' (his is an e/. .oid' 5+=+>E >O(E: -t seems that a pro!ate .ome an id$e . . or impairs the $a)fu$ heirs of their $e%itime or ri%htfu$ inheritan.ourt issued an order admittin% +$e9andro?s )i$$ to pro!ate' &ri.y of the pro!ate pro.ourt.$aimed to !e his )ife in the )i$$. the un$a)fu$ pro.o$.isionsOdispositions thereof .on.ertain properties to his C)ife +sun.e of the )i$$.a$idity of the )i$$' (he C said the $o)er .eption to the ru$e that the pro!ate .h )i$$ no $on%er !e distur!ed' >ot that this Court finds the )i$$ to !e intrinsi.a$idity of the )i$$ !e passed upon.a$idity and )hi.hara.ed in0uiry on the )i$$Bs intrinsi. after +$e9andro?s death.eedin%s' (he propriety of the institution of Onin% <eyes as one of the de.ause on the )i$$.h the party had the opportunity to . to a )oman )ith )hom he has !een $i. shou$d !e ser.eta died in 19*9 )ithout her estate !ein% sett$ed' +$e9andro died thereafter' ometime in 1966.ate respondents )ere the $e%itimate . the intestate .oid' Ahere pra.a$$y .a$idity if on the fa.ertain =upoE!ar$e' &ri.t in passin% upon the intrinsi. fi$ed a spe.annot !e %i.a$id' E.uted a $ast )i$$ and testament !e0ueathin% .o%ni#ed natura$ .ated' (hus.ides for dispositions that depri.t' (his is spe.

ome fina$ and e/e.e she too3 .ai$in% parties in said .i$' $on%er !e ree.ente 1orotheo. )hose respe. 1989 and a .. !ut the same )as dismissed for fai$ure to fi$e appe$$ant?s !rief )ithin the e/tended period %ranted' (his dismissa$ !e.i$'E (he ri%hts of the pre. the' 17 CA)O>INA CA1AFA ! BE)NA)DO 7ATU>ANDONB +/004.ome of the pro!ate of the .$are (he Ai$$ -ntrinsi.h other' 4pon denia$ of her motion for re.isions of the $ast )i$$ and testament of +$e9andro 1orotheo as of the fore%oin%.odi.ourt %ranted the motion and issued an order.ordin% to the $a)s on intesta.onstitutes )ai.onsideration ar%uin% that she is entit$ed to some .e portion that the de.h reads: A@E<EFO<E.orrespondin% entry of 9ud%ment )as forth)ith issued !y the Court of +ppea$s on May 1*.$ared intrinsi.ision on )hether or not to admit the .e portion of )hi. it spe.y upon payment of estate and other ta/es due to the %o.ed for re.oid.ti. in . 2ose 1orotheo and >i$da1orotheo Kuintana as the on$y heirs of the $ate spouses +$e9andro 1orotheo and +ni.ome fina$ and e/e. 1989' May a $ast )i$$ and testament admitted to pro!ate !ut de.a$uated' Fai$ure to a.en effe.oid in an order that has !e.utory as it )as not appea$ed.utory sti$$ !e %i.are of +$e9andro prior to his death a$thou%h she admitted that they )ere not married to ea.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .ided !y $a) .tL >o' &artition )as made pendin% the <(CBs de.ase )ere thus su!9e.e estates sha$$ !e $i0uidated and distri!uted a.e RtoS ''' the pro!ate of the . petitioner appea$ed to the Court of +ppea$s. and de.ision )as E)ithout pre9udi.ompensation sin. Order is here!y issued$ of the remedies pro.ided in its dispositi.t to the out.utory on Fe!ruary 3.eta <eyes.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer (o 1e.a$$y .odi.onsideration.i$' .a$$y Foid'E (he tria$ .$arin% the oppositors Fi.ifi.a$$y pro.$arin% =ourdes =e%aspi not the )ife of the $ate +$e9andro 1orotheo.ame fina$ and e/e.a$$y . (hou%h the 9ud%ment in the partition . the pro.ernment' &etitioner mo.odi.ase had !e.

i$ Code app$ies )here!y.essari$y ma3e a person menta$$y unsound so as to render him unfit to e/e.h . !ein% of sound mind.ause for the institution of heirs must !e stated in the )i$$8 that she )as $e%a$$y !ound to !e0ueath one.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .edent $eft for her !$ood re$ati. or une0ui.iaBs Ai$$ on the fo$$o)in% %rounds: the Ai$$ )as not e/e.ed to e/e. it must appear from the fa.h institution if he had 3no)n the fa$sity of su. and the .ia )as menta$$y in.ifi.uted the )i$$ in a.ause must !e sho)n to !e fa$se8 and third.e made su.edent?s )i$$ does not state in a spe.ored the respondents..apa!$e (her househe$p testified that she )as for%etfu$) to ma3e a )i$$ at the time of its e/e..ause'D (he e/e. .epti!$e in.ien.ured !y undue and improper pressure and inf$uen.h institution if he had 3no)n the fa$sity of the .on.ise of $and )hi. the .ts of his !ounty.onsiderations' (he de.ri!ed !y $a)'(he state of !ein% for%etfu$ does not ne.ompu$sory heirs) and Esapi$itan%manaE ($e%itime).t' 18 Article :90 )UBEN AUST)IA ! HON! AND)ES )EFES +.ordan.ia did not intend the do.ien.h $ar%e$y fa.edent' .ia on the )i$$ )as for%ed8 that assumin% the si%nature to !e %enuine.hara.3ery8 and.e instituted the respondents as heirs had the fa. Cthe statement of a fa$se .ution of the )i$$ or its e/trinsi.onsidered as not )ritten. the impe$$in% reason or . )hi.$e 850 of the Ci.h institution of heirs' +!sent su.ute the )i$$ under duress or inf$uen.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer ANTONIO BA>TAAA) >O)ENAO >AJA +/00-.edentBs disposition of the free portion of her estate. For +rt' 850 of the Ci.t of spurious adoption !een 3no)n to her' (he petitioners inferred that from the use of the terms.e )ith the re0uirements of the $a)8 that &a. the fo$$o)in% re0uisites must . the proper o!$idity pertains to )hether the testator.e )ou$d su!.ompared )ith the re$ati.e )ith the forma$ities pres. it )as o!tained throu%h fraud or tri.$udin% the respondents from the inheritan.e !y =oren#o or !y some other persons for his !enefit8 that the si%nature of &a. un$ess itappears from the )i$$ that the testator )ou$d not ha.ter of the testamentary a. free$y e/e.ause' (he de.e of the )i$$ that the testator )ou$d not ha.ause for the institution of the respondents )as the testatri/?s !e$ief that under the $a) she .ution8 that she )as for.o.e of fear or threats8 that the e/e. the .h the de.ute a Ai$$' For%etfu$ness is not e0ui.ause for the institution of an heir sha$$ !e . .ha$f of her entire estate to the respondents as the $atter?s $e%itime. &etitioners fi$ed an Opposition28 as3in% the <(C to deny the pro!ate of &a.uted and attested to in a.h )e $oo3 at other .e that respondents )ou$d not ha. EsapilitangtagapagmanaE (.e made su. sho)s a per.e to them' E/.ument to !e her )i$$' &etitioners that the $an%ua%e used imp$y that 5asi$ia )as de.e the respondents more than )hat she thou%ht the $a) en9oined her to %i.$ear )ishes of the de.e$y sma$$ de.ordan.-70.a$ent to !ein% of unsound mind'-t sha$$ !e suffi.$ination on her part to %i. )ith the inferen.ou$d not do other)ise' (hus +rti. that &a.ur: 'irst.ause for su.ed into !e$ie.ient if the testator )as a!$e at the time of ma3in% the )i$$ to 3no) the nature of the estate to !e disposed of.ert the.ien.ien.ution of the )i$$ had !een pro.a$ manner the .i$ Code to app$y.ei.

!ut )ithout referrin% to the $e%atee as an heir or e.tion !et)een for.ed heir a $e%a.a$idate the institution of a$ud as heir. !ut of heirs ()ithout distin.ia ()hom he a$$e%ed to !e not re$ated to him)' -n the pro!ate pro. or tota$ ommission of a for.t that a$ud happened not to !e a dau%hter of the testator does not pre.h instituted him as the so$e.ed an instan.e of =u. Akutin. )hi.t as.ompu$sory heir so as to depri.$ude her !ein% one of the heirs e/press$y named in his testament8 for 5i!iano 5arretto )as at $i!erty to assi%n the free portion of his estate to )homsoe. the .ompu$sory heir of his share in the $e%itime for a .ase him properties from the estate' Ahen a testator $ea.h )as appro.ed heir in 5i!iano 5arrettoBs )i$$' (he fa.*00' (he to a for. fi$ed an the $e%itime of @e$en' For preterition to app$y there must !e a tota$ omission of the .e there )as here no preterition. or des.eased died intestate' =u.ia as a natura$ . in.ise of &' Ahi$e the share (T) assi%ned to a$ud impin%ed on the $e%itime of Mi$a%ros. the partition had !et)een them .h had )ith a party )ho )as !e$$y disinherit them !ut simp$y omits their names a$to%ether. !ut $eft her a $e%a.e.endants.ia Mi$a%ros 5arretto (Mi$a%rosOdefendant. the institution of =u. )i$$ a$$e%ed$y e/e.0uired the su!9e.ed for his )ido).oid a! initio' a$ud admitted$y had !een instituted heir in the $ate 5i!iano 5arretto?s $ast )i$$ and testament to%ether )ith defendant Mi$a%ros' @en.ed heirs in the dire.ease to !e a testamentary heir of 5i!iano 5arretto' AANA) ! DUNCAN (19**) @e$en )as not preterited' (he testator Ed)ard Christiansen did not entire$y omit @e$en.ed and the estate )as distri!uted and the shares de$i.ourt he$d that a$ud )as not the dau%hter of Maria Herardo !y her hus!and 5i!iano 5arretto' in. =u.i.*00 to @e$en Christiansen Har. it )as not nu$$ and . in her )ere her $e%itimate parents PFe$i/ and &a#Pand * !rothers and sisters' One of the !rothers <emedios >u%uid (<emedios) fi$ed in .ed to !e an heir )ithout rea$$y !ein% one' (hus. is not at a$$ app$i. the .an as heir )as annu$$ed and the properties passed to !oth of them as if the de.appe$$ant).omp$eted' (he parents )ere preterited' Ahere the de. (irso <eyes (p$aintiff.ed.hi$dren. !y not %i.e disinheritan. not a . they are neither instituted as heirs nor are e/press$y disinherited'D 1isinheritan.ed heir' For this reason.hi$dren of a$ud.ase of (eri v.ered' =ater.ed to .ery of one. as %uardian of the .tion for the re.ause authori#ed !y NUBUID ! NUBUID (19**) .o3ed !y Mi$a%ros.ept (+rti.y )orth $ess than the $e%itime.a!$e as that . and her ho$o%raphi.endin% $inePher parents.o$untary or intestate ones). a$ud did not for that reason .in% any . throu%h mentioned.o.e of preterition or omission of .eased 5i!iano 5arretto' Ed)ard Christiansen $eft a )i$$ )hi.ou$d not !e one su.ou$d not as3 that the institution of the heirs !e annu$$ed entire$y. either !y not namin% him at a$$ or.h a$ud a.t of partition )hi.e her of her $e%itime' Manresa deUnes preterition as the omission of the heir of the )i$$.o. )hi$e mentionin% him as an heir. Maria Herardo died and in the pro!ate of her )i$$ the $o)er .CIVIL LAW REVIEW . uni.y Christiansen 1un. .er he . or.e.h a$$e%ed that he had on$y one . and the fa.ersa$ heir of a$$ her properties' (here )as no preterition or tota$ ommission of a for.eedin%s.e $osin% the fi%ht for a share in the estate of Maria Herardo as a $e%itimate heir. $e%itimate or i$$e%itimate' ur. )i$$ does not e/p$i. !ut on$y that the $e%itime !e . and )i$$ed the rest of the estate to other persons.ourt he$d that @e$en Har.e.ause they are not mentioned therein.ase is one of preterition of the parents.endants.t of a fishpond )as reser.y of &3.ourt a ho$o%raphi.appe$$ee)' (he usufru. the . as administratri/ prepared a pro9e.hi$d.oid' (he $e%a$ pre.en as a re$ati. Maria Herardo' Maria Herardo.hi$dren of the testator?s former marria%e' (he partition from )hi. sin. and that he )as %i.eased $eft no des. either !e.t fishpond is not .in% a de.y shou$d !e mere$y redu.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer 19 Article :94 )EFES ! BA))ETTO-DATU (19*6) 5i!iano 5arretto )as married to Maria Herardo' Ahen 5i!iano 5arretto died.y 1un.$e 1081) does not spea3 of .o$.ha$f portion of the estate of the de.ti.ed heirs or anyone of them. Cis a testamentary disposition depri. the heir . !ut she $eft for. he $eft his share in a )i$$ to a$ud 5arretto ( a$ud) and =u.e' &reterition C.ase of ineffe.y appea$ed the order' <osario >u%uid (<osario) died )ithout des.hi$d of Ed)ard )as preterited in the )i$$ thus.t that Mi$a%ros )as a$$otted in her father?s )i$$ a share sma$$er than her $e%itime did not in.endants. $e%itimate or i$$e%itimate.onsists in the omission in the testatorBs )i$$ of the for.uted !y <osario.

Mi$a%ros and her .h is a disposition of the property of e%undo.ed heirs in the dire.y' .ommon !y 2u$ian and his 2 . SEANBIO ! )EFES + ho$o%raphi.ause she is not in the of a )i$$ depri.ased !rother >emesio' (he spouse and adopted . and si%ned !y the hand of the testator himse$f (hand)ritten)' -t is su!9e.eedin%s must the $ot in fa.hi$dren' +fter +ntoniaBs death. )i$$' @o$o%raphi.$ear .e.ase of preterition -t is premature if not irre$ surroundin% the e/ a $e%a$ heir of his $e%itime' 5esides. and need not !e )itnessed' e%undoBs do.ount the .eden.t' (he pro!ate pro. amon% others. )ere .es to the adopted person the same ri%hts and duties as if he )here a $e%itimate .annot !e said for the adopted .t $ine' @o) theyP .ed heirs !e.ed !y the pro.ant to spea3 of preterition prior to the death of 1on 2u$ian in the a!sen.e of 1on 2u$ian?s heirs from the se.i$ Code sin.a$$y !e suspended and rep$a..e )ith $a) in the form of a ho$o%raphi.e ()hi.ompu$sory heirs in the dire.omp$ete nu$$ity as it so$e$y pro. this is a .eedin%s ar%uin% that the )i$$ is not a )i$$ under +rt' 683 of the Ci.i$ Code must !e entire$y )ritten.endin% $ine her parents.hi$dren too3 possession o.onstrued more $i!era$$y than the ones dra)n !y an e/pert.hi$d of the de.t $ot' 5a$ansa% a$so !ou%ht the said $ot from Mi$a%ros' +$!erto ean%io fi$ed a petition for the sett$ement of the intestate estate of the $ate e%undo ean%io (his father) 1y Mien%.eedin%s for the pro!ate of the )i$$ sin.uted a 1eed of +ssi%nment of +ssets and =ia!i$ities in fa.ors testa.t as. V Fir%inia opposed the petition .edent opposed the pro!ate of )i$$ !$y.ument )as a..oid' Constantino fi$ed for pro!ate of the )i$$ of his de. the tota$ omission from inheritan. is hard$y ima%ina!$e as it is unfounded' 20 ACAIN ! IAC +.hi$dren' + .hi$dren from the 1st marria%e' (he 3 of them e/e.ides for the institution of <emedios as uni.ies or !e0uests are therein pro. there are other properties )hi.ordan. shou$d !e .e and en9oy priority the su!9e. )i$$' (he )i$$ must therefore !e pro!ated for the disinheritan.e testate pro.tua$$y satisfies the re0uirements of $a) as to the forma$ities of a ho$o%raphi.ersed and the pro!ate thus )as dismissed' 2u$ian married +ntonia and they had 2 .eedin%s' +$fredo fi$ed a motion to dismiss the pro!ate pro.t to no other form. !ein% usua$$y prepared !y one )ho is not $earned in $a). 5ar!ara. that e%undo $eft a ho$o%raphi.ersa$ heir of <osario.t and )as e/e. )i$$ under +rt' 810 of the Ci. )i$$ disinheritin% +$fredo and that the intestate pro.tua$$y intended !y e%undo to !e his $ast testamentary a. or trou%h mentioned they are neither instituted as heirs nor are e/press$y disinherited' +s for the )ido) there is no preterition !e. as said ear$ier) to !e %i.ompromise a%reement )as entered )herein it )as to !e o)ned in . and may !e made in or out of the &hi$ippines.ed of their $e%itime' &reterition .en effe. dated. a re0uirement for preterition to e/ist.eedin%s ta3e pre.ause of preterition' <(C dismissed the petition of the )ife' C+ re.eedin%s must therefore !e resumed and must ta3e pre.or of 2=( +%ro' Mean)hi$e.umstan.eden. $e%a.onsists in the omission of the intesta.uted transferrin% o)nership o.ersa$ heir and nothin% more' <osarioBs for.eedin%s as the $a) fa.ause they are not mentioned there in.uted !y him in a. 2u$ian married Mi$a%ros and they had 7 .ontendin%.y o.ond marria%e.ution of the instrument and the intention of the testator' (he do. the same .>T AB)O ! BA>ANSAB +/009.hi$d )hose $e%a$ adoption has not !een 0uestioned !y the petitioner' +doption %i.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer &arents Fe$i/ and &a# opposed on the %round that !y the institution of <emedios as uni. ta3in% into a.e instrument !ut it a.-:7. they )ere depri.e o.or of 2=( +%ro' + upp$ementa$ 1eed )as $ater e/e.endin% $ineP)ere i$$e%a$$y preterited so the institution is .CIVIL LAW REVIEW .t intestate pro.h the heirs from the se.ided for them' ( intestate pro.ou$d inherit from 1on 2u$ian upon his death' @en. .e $a)'D (he entire )i$$ is a .ument may seem to !e a mere disinheritan. )i$$s.ond marria%e .hi$d of the adopter and ma3es the adopted person a $e%a$ heir hen.omp$ete$y omitted in the )i$$: >o spe.

the rea$ parties are those )ho are parties to the a%reement or are !ound either prin.-:/ (he su!stitutes (2uan &a!$o 2an3o)s3i and @ora.t to one of the ..ion.eyed as =ot >o' 1392 of the 5a.e there )as no $i0uidation of Mrs' @od%esB estate. the !rothers and sisters of Mrs' @od%es )anted to determine the e/tent of her estate that they .ipa$$y or su!sidiari$y or are pre9udi.tions for the annu$ment of .ided spouse and that spouse .$e 882 is )hat is 3no)n in the $a) of su.h su!stitution does not %o !eyond one de%ree from the heir ori%ina$$y instituted.t of disinheritan.eed the testator' (he .iana =andrito are the parents of p$aintiffs Conso$a. Fe$i.ios )as appointed administratri/ of the estate' -n a Codi.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .e and to transmit to a se.ompu$sory heir' @is )i$$ )as admitted to pro!ate !y the Court of First -nstan. the .har%e imposed !y the testator upon the heir' + EmodeE imposes an o!$i%ation upon the heir or $e%atee !ut it does not affe. on 2u$y 26. )as instituted as a de.ase.o$od Cadastre' +rt' 8*3 of the >e) Ci.h the fidu.i. )ith on$y his )ido) as .ond heir the )ho$e or part of the inheritan. (2) the purpose or app$ o!$i%ated to reser.ou$d mana%e and a$ienate the said $ands.eption of the (e/as property' 4pon death of the $atter spouse.ou$d inherit' 2ose Eu%enio < at the time of the death of the testator' -n this . or (3) the . +rtemio. 19*7.a$id and sha$$ ta3e effe. 855 s0uare meters of that further.iary or first heir instituted is entrusted )ith the o!$i%ation to preser. !ut sin.isee of 511.e' 7alacios s )a4ire# . died in pain on 1e.e.em!er 11.h Q.oaC$in ! CA (2003) 1efendant spouses =eonardo 2oa0uin and Fe$i.ession as an institu. and pro. >ora. the properties su!9e.ided su.ontra. 19*5' Maria =uisa &a$a.eased him )ou$d redound to the !rothers and sisters' Mrs' @od%es died first then Mr' @od%es.ondition suspends !ut does not o!$i%ate8 and the mode o!$i%ates !ut does not suspend' (o some e/tent.t the effi.e F' <amire#) are not re$ated to Aanda.i$ Code .-74 Mr' and Mrs @od%es !oth made in their )i$$s pro. su.onditiona$ testamentary disposition.ession' On the other hand.ommissary su!stitution Epro. 5ran. (omas.ontra.e' 21 Article :6< 7CIB =S ESCO>IN .ond heir are $i.e$ of $and sur.ondition' &etitioners do >O( ha.. prede.ion su! modo or a moda$ institution' -n a moda$ institution.t of the institution.e a $e%a$ interest o.ation of the property $eft !y the testator.i$ Code . sha$$ !e .BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer it does not . the residue of the estate inherited !y the $ater spouse from the spouse )ho prede.eased as it on$y sho)s an a.e and to transmit to a se.ed in their ri%hts )ith respe.a$idates a fidei. )ith the e/. Char$es )as ne. Fe. in a .interest of the herein petitioner.h su!stitution does not %o !eyond one de%ree from the heir ori%ina$$y instituted'E Article ::/ )a"adilla s CA /000 (he institution of an heir in the manner pres. 1r' 2or%e <a!adi$$a.ond heir the )ho$e or part of the inheritan. that the fidu.t. . it is simi$ar to a reso$utory .tin% parties and .itas. the testator states (1) the o!9e.h )ou$d Article ::6 S(s! . 2ohnny ' <a!adi$$a.isions that upon their deaths.iary or first heir and the se.y of his ri%hts to the su.$ear$y states that a fidei. C$arita.a. a Fi$ipino nationa$.ri!ed in +rti.tion.idad as )e$$ as of defendants Fide$.h as this a.ommissary su!stitution !y .ontain any disposition of the estate of the de. the heir ori%ina$$y instituted' +rt' 8*3 of the Ci.i$ appended to the =ast Ai$$ and (estament of testatri/ +$e9a 5e$$e#a.t of the 1eeds of a$e' -n a. Emma and >ati. their )ho$e estates shou$d !e inherited !y the sho) the detriment )hi.ondition must happen or !e fu$fi$$ed in order for the heir to !e entit$ed to su.ts.essor.irtue of )hi.e of Mani$a.

defendant .ene in it (-!a"e# . Fi.hi$d of her prede.hi$dren' @o)e.arra a 1O5 interest in the &roperty' @o) she is a ri%htfu$ heir of &etra' positi.$es 968 to 1017) enumerate )ith meti. -renea.iden.ed !y her hus!and and their t)o .er that p$aintiffs do not ha. hen.ompu$sory heirs of Hue.isions of the Code )hi.ontended that 2ustina >a. as the heir of her father.t the . there is no diminution of the estate !ut mere$y a su!stitution of . $a) either !y her o)n ri%ht or !y the ri%ht of representation' (he pro.e Manon%son% is NOT a co-o'ner o% t&e 7ro(ert3 and therefore NOT entitled to de4and %or its (artition' +s opposed to a disposition inter .a$$y.t e. the same son is !ein% represented !y his heirs' (he )ido) of this son. (here is no pro.e$y resu$t to them from the .a$ue of their parentsB estate' Ahi$e the sa$e of the $ots redu.e so pro.o. the parents of petitioners are free to dispose of their properties' -n their o.ision )hi.$a) an intestate heir of the the properties' &etitioners an.titude the intestate heirs of a de. )ith the tate as the fina$ intestate heir' (he .uted !y defendant parents =eonardo 2oa0uin and Fe$i.onsent or meetin% of the minds8 (2) determinate su!9e.ourt that as enumerated in +rt 886.e .a$ue rep$a.orrespondin% .$ared nu$$ and .hi$dren and the .$a)' (he entire Code is de.ests on$y upon their parentsB death' Ahi$e sti$$ $i.a$ues.ertain deeds of sa$e of rea$ property e/e.a$ua!$e .ed the $ots ta3en from the estate' 22 1anon8son8 ! Esti4o (2003) &roperty did not !e$on% to Hue.a$ent . .i.t matter and (3) pri.$a). it )ou$d ha.arroD).BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer and Ha.iden.t of the 1eeds of a$e' +s the appe$$ate .e.a$ua!$e .hoate and .i.i$ Code )hi.h petitioners fai$ed to refute !y .arra.ome .e sa$e is .en thou%h they did not inter.ed the spouse .onsideration. so$d the &roperty to Hue. 22 &hi$' 562 R1912S) &etitioners do not ha.o.arraBs estate' (here is therefore no $e%a$ !asis for petitionersB .i. .in.h entit$es her to inherit from her mother.arra.oid' &etra <osa$es.a$ent monetary .ontra..arro (C>a.ertain in money or its e0ui.ash of does not diminish the estate of the se$$er' Ahen the disposition is for .a$ent' (he presen.iden. that is. a resident of Ce!u died intestate' he )as sur.oid a! initio are .i. the property so$d is rep$ in the Code' +rti.a$$y.ision in the Ci.ed !y the e0ui.-:7.e !y preponderan.t of sa$e are: (1) .in% spouse an intestate heir of the parent.arra of their $e%itimes.h states that a )ido) (sur.e.ed the .$aim that Manon%son% is a .u$ous e/ more spe.ente =ope#' &etitioners $i3e)ise a$$e%e that the &roperty ori%ina$$y !e$on%ed to Hue.e a . o)ner or .in% spouse) is an intestate heir of her mother.a$id .arraBs dau%hter Enri0ueta =ope# 2uma0uio' thus petitioner did not !e. the sa$e of the $ots to their si!$in%s does not affe.$e 886 refers to the estate of the de.tion a%ainst them as )e$$ as the re0uisite standin% and interest to assai$ their tit$es o. and that Fi.eased a$$ the more .in.tion for partition on the .er.e of e.e any $e%a$ interest o.arraBs estate hen. a$$ surnamed 2O+K4->' ou%ht to !e de.onsideration' 4nder +rti. a .heir of the &roperty !y inheritan.ision )hi.ase the sur. supposed$y the mother of Hue.o)ner of the $and' <(C he$d that the sa$e$ousness to safe%uard their future $e%itime.e or %ratuitous tit$e.$aims in the pro!ate .ates of tit$e issued in their names' 1efendants a.i.edent.uous a!sen. as another .eased her.or of their .hor their a.onspi. petitioners for%et that' @on%3on% V han%hai 5an3.e that the &roperty !e$on%ed to Hue.ation' -f the $e%is$ature intended to ma3e the sur. the petitioners )ere not a!$e to pro. the e$ements of a .iana =andrito in fa.oid of any pro.os !y $u.eased spouse in )hi.h re$ate to the order of intestate su. the 2uma0uio sisters .a$id sa$e for .ontra.ession (+rti.e of %reater )ei%ht )hi.ente =ope# inherited from Hue.h ma3es a e.h .CIVIL LAW REVIEW . petitionersB ri%ht to their parentsB properties is mere$y in.onfirms Our o!ser.e of a pro.ourt stated.$ear and .$e 1758 of the Ci.e of the Nasu$atan itse$f' (he &roperty )as so$d in 1956 for &250'00' in.i$ Code.o.ause of a.e of these e$ements is apparent on the the properties su!9e.omp$aint for partition of the &roperty' Article ::7 )osales ! )osales +.e the notari#ed Nasu$atan is e.

i.ate respondents $oaned to 5ien.$uded !y those in >os' 1 and 2' >either do they e/.ario fi%ured in an a. they a.eased spouse' >either .hi$dren and des.hase pri.enido the pur.i$ Code. s$cceed onl3 '&en t&e descendant dies 'it&o$t a le8iti4ate ascendant! T&e s$r i in8 s(o$se conc$rs 'it& all classes o% &eirs! T&$s5 '&ere an o"li8ation &as "een (aid to t&e s(o$se and descendants5 t&e o"li8ation is e?tin8$is&ed and t&e le8iti4ate ascendants &a e no ri8&t to clai4 $(on t&e o"li8ation! 2Article ::7! T&e %ollo'in8 are co4($lsor3 &eirsD 1' =e%itimate .torianoBs !rothers.e$ina tried to ha. )ho inherited them from his as.interest of 5ien.ia as the )ido) of 5ien. the properties are indeed re0uired !y $a) to !e reser.ordin% to .enido and as the natura$ %uardian of their $one .$e then !ein% dri.omp$aint for dama%es a%ainst the petitioners' (hey a$$e%ed that petitioners promised them indemnifi.ei. su!9e.e of )hi.endants8 /! In default of the foregoing.enido' Mere estran%ement is not a $e%a$ %round for the dis0ua$ifi.ompensation from the petitioners' Ahi$e it may !e true that the pri.hi$d' (his is so e.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer ()ido) or )ido)er) is a .ompu$sory heirs' (he petitioners therefore a.o$$atera$ re$ati.0uire o)nership of the property at the death of the as.t to the re.en if +$ the said pur.uted on a E<e$ease of C$aimE in fa. at the time of his death.9udi. see3 re$ief and .enido )as married to +$i.tion8 5' Other i$$e%itimate .hi$' @o)e.enido >a.ompany entered into an e/tra.ation for the death of their son.$aim of 5ien.h they on$y $oaned to 5ien.e of the dama%ed tri.endants from )hom they inherit in the $ine from )here the property .endants sha$$ inherit from him.toriano.orre.endants. for the funera$ e/penses in.y.en the fa.e the rea$ty re%istered under her name.e Company(insurer) and 5us .ondition su!se0uent' (his .essors.inidoBs )ido))' -n . Mar.enidoBs parents C+: re. as a$$e%ed . Mariano a!$an and Maria <ita Fernande#' Mar.ame' -f su..endants .torianoBs !rothers' (he Court further dis. )ho had inherited them from his as.onsideration of 18.en !y 5ien.$e 286' Compu$sory heirs mentioned in >os' 3.endant &edro.hi$dren referred to in +rti.ation in fa.$usion of .ersed <(C Article :-.ia (5ien.ondition su!se0uent.t to the reser. ED)OSO ! SAB>AN (1913) (he fa.reditors of the property' @e a$so has $e%a$ tit$e and re%ister the properties in her name.ou$d the respondents.ed !y Mar.000 she re.hase pri.hase pri.endants' -f they do not e/ist.ation has the usufru.t o. !ut the re%istration )as opposed !y Fi.e and e/penses are !ut money .es'D +s it has !een esta!$ished that 5ien.ts are as fo$$o)s: Mar.ompu$sory heir' -t does not app$y to the estate of a parent.endants.or of Fi. +$i.ario).ident )ith 5us o)ned and operated !y petitioner 2ose 5aritua' u!se0uent$y.urred !y reason thereof.enido. a. )ith respe. the as.hi$dren and natura$ . %i. to the e/. 7 and 5 are not e/.$aims a%ainst the estate of their de.h re$ati.enido8 they are not .an free$y dispose thereof' 23 Barit$a s! CA (2012) (he )ithin the 3rd de%ree of the des.e$ina .eased.3no)$ed%ed natura$ ..eased son' (he Court said that. and for the dama%e for the tri.ts and +rt' 811 of the Ci.or of the petitioners and &F-C-' +!out a year after.t$y in sett$in% their o!$i%ation )ith +$$ina inherited the $ands from her des.enido >a.ed.$e the pur.endants of the de. &hi$ippine First -nsuran.$e and shou$dered the e/penses for his funera$.t to their $e%itimate parents and as.enido' (he petitioners rene%ed on their promise and instead ne%otiated and sett$ed their o!$i%ations )ith the $on%.ia e/e. his parents and as.ted .ordin% of the do e/ spouse as an heir of the de.. fi$ed a . the respondents (parents) are not su. estran%ed )ife of their $ate son' <(C: dismissed the .ia had !een estran%ed from 5ien.$aim that the properties are re0uired to !e reser.hi$dren !y $e%a$ fi.y.y. is )hether or not there e/ists.ommentators 0uoted !y the Court.ia$ sett$ement )ith +$i. )ho .e$ina . and the ri%ht to a$ienate the property.$ude one another'''B 2Article -:9' !n default of legitimate children and des.$a) >e8iti4ate ascendants +(arents o% t&e deceased. a$thou%h under a .endant Fi. the respondents (parents of 5ien.ia and that they !e%ot a .ation of a sur. re$ati. le8iti4ate (arents and ascendants 'it& res(ect to t&eir le8iti4ate c&ildren and decendants8 3' (he )ido) or )ido)er8 7' +.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .ussed: (he person )ho ho$ds it su!9e.

ista has the $e%a$ tit$e and dominion to the reser.ha$f of their share shou$d !e %i.ify other)ise' (he reser.i.t to a reso$utory .onditions: (1) the death of the as.ured the issuan.ame' (he reser.h )as )ith &au$ina.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer in their fa.endant $i.e of a reser. its app$i.h reser.ersionary property shou$d !e %o..onditiona$$y (the .ed her' Hi. &au$ may res.reates 2 reso$utory .ided !y the app$i.ia Mi$itar.ation shou$d !e $imited to )hat is stri.omp$ish the purpose of the $a)' -n )abardo v. as his so$e heir. Fernando.ondition and the usufru.$ared it in their name for ta/ purposes and se.ation' -n the re$ations !et)een one reser.ip$es of ordinary intestate su.h in the re. ienes. the ru$e of dou!$e share for immedaite .atarios inter se. the indi.ase at !ar.e the sa$e in fa. )hen the appe$$ants tried to %et the OC( of the$dren.e in fa. Manue$ died )ith 6 . his mother.t' Aith re%ard to the sa$e !y Cipriana and &au$ina to the pouses Espar.a$ is a.e8 and (2) the sur.en the fa. Fortunato and Cande$aria.o inherited from his father one par.t to any prior .ation' -n the .a$$ for app$yin% +rt 891 any $on%er8 the respe.e anythin% in return'E -t matters not )hether the property transmitted !e or !e not su!9e.e an e/pe.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .hi$d Manue$ )ith his first )ife and 2 .ipient does not %i.atarios) to )hom the property shou$d !e returned8 !ut )ithin that %roup.or of the heirs )ithin the 3rd de%ree .h the reser.e may a$ienate and dispose of .e' < sin.ia.the . &au$ina and Cipriana so$d the $and to the pouses Espar. name$y: -%na.endee on$y if and )hen the reser.ause the )ife +ndrea Hutan%' Fran.o$.a !ein% an e/.or' (he re$ati. =oren#o and Manue$ ()ho died ear$ier )ithout (he purpose of the reser. there is no .en to the heirs of Manue$' (he heirs of Manue$ insist that they shou$d a$$ !e deemed as inheritin% in their o)n ri%ht in e0ua$ share' 2ose Chua has three .. C&$a ! CFI +. there is no further o.ified re$ati.ia.ession' &ro/imity of de%ree and ri%ht of representation are !asi.!$ood' -f in determinin% the ri%hts of the reser.e in their name of a (C(' (he appe$$ants no) see3 to ha.omp$ete o)nership in fee simp$e !e. )ith his 2nd )ife 5enita' Fortunato prede.a$ mere$y determines the %roup of re$ati.ia !e de.eptiona$ . &au$ina refused to %i. et a$' @o)e.har%es8 )hat is essentia$ is that the transmission .t$y needed to a. and one sone (Fran. the $and is reser.$ared .erned !y the ordinary ru$es of interstate su.e it' ( (reser.ed to the spe. inherited the property' he then so$d the property to the appe$$ants.ondition !ein% that the a$ienation sha$$ transfer o)nership to the .onstitutes a rea$ ri%ht ) )ithin the 3rd de%ree in turn ha. Cipriana sur. * of the $ine of ori%in' 5ut from this time on. the heirs of !oth Cande$aria and Manue$ disputed as to their share in the reser..hi$dren )ith &atri.ondition8 he may a$ienate the same !ut su!9e.-9:.a tron.e the property'' +fter the person )ho is re0uired !y $a) to reser.ed properties' (he heirs of Cande$aria .ourt ru$ed that Cthe transmission is %ratuitous or !y %ratuitous tit$e )hen the re.i.e !een terminated !y the death of the person re0uired to reser.hi$dren (+%aton.hi$dren. the Court said: that the reser.eased 5enita )ithout issue' Cande$aria died $ea.e$ of $and )hi.t ha.$aim that on$y one.e .a$. and Cipriana) )ith his first )ife (eresa <ua$es.asion for its app$i.e$ of $and' Ahen he died unmarried and .e the property has de.ed and they )i$$ .es )ithin the 3rd de%ree !e$on%in% to the $ine from )hi.o$$atera$s of the )ho$e !$ood shou$d $i3e)ise !e operati. )hen +ndrea died.oid' +%ustin &adura has one .endant o!$i%ed to 7 $e%itimate .h the property . pro/imity of de%ree and the ri%ht of representation of nephe)s are made to ap$y..en the e/isten.ession8 so is the ru$e that )ho$e !$ood !rothers and nephe)s are entit$ed to share dou!$e that of !rothers and nephe)s of ha$f. the re$ati.a tron.atario and another of the same de%ree..e share of ea.tation to the property )hi$e the as.-77.ts.idua$ ri%ht to the property shou$d !e de.hi$d$ess. the sa$e !y +ndrea to the appe$$ants had no $e%a$ effe.ind the a$ienation of the rea$ property re0uired !y $a) to !e reser.o) )ith his se.e sur.e)' 24 SIENES ! ES7A)CIA (19*1) 7ad$ra ! Baldo ino +. )ho then de.e +rt 891 does not spe. at the time of his the person o!$i%ed to reser.hi$dren' Ahen 5enita died.i.or of the pouses Espar.a!$e property' u.omp$ished on.ase. prin. aturnino Maeso had 7 ..e the ri%ht has died.t to reser. of re$ati.a!$e ru$es of ordinary intestate su.a!$e property !ut su!9e.

t that it is transferred not to a stran%er !ut a$so to a re$ati.h they ha.ourt ru$ed that there is no reser.a tron.ourt ru$ed that the the property %i.e these are reser. as a!$y put !y an eminent Fi$ipino .eedin%s. his mother !ein% the on$y heir' (he mother then !e0ueathed the property of the ..a!$e' @en.t of mere $i!era$ity of the person ma3in% it. the mother did not ha.a!$e nature of the property is not $ost !y the fa.ed property to her .ated his properties su!9e.e a !etter ri%ht o.atarios ha.eeded tohh his share in 2oseBs estate' Conso$ and =oren#o are .$ared his heirs and ad9udi.eedin%' 2uanito died )ithout issue and his mother Conso$a. 2uanito' 2ose died and in his intestate pro.h the dau%hter )ho o!tained the property of the prepositus from her mother has the duty to .ession and therefore %ratuitous' 25 Florentino ! Florentino (1919) 7ro(ert3 is reser a"le &ence c&ildren o% t&e %irst 4arria8e are entitled to t&e %r$its t&ereo%! <eser.ion died and so -%na.hi$dren' Bon#ales ! CFI (1981) De 7a(a ! (he .ea!$e property.osts resu$tin% from su.e she .atario)' 5e.a$' (he $o)er .hi$dren then 0uestion the .a$ sin.e. Ethe essentia$ thin% is that the person )ho transmits it does so %ratuitous$y.e a share o.ipient8 and that the person re.ommentator. )ithout imposin% any o!$i%ation on the part of the re.hi$dren to the e/.ion )ere de.ion su.t to the payment of interests and .ase his mother' 5e.e tit$e to the property and she .ause of this.ed and thus they ha.a tron. sin.a$idity of the transfer to the or does nothin% in return8 or.$es and aunts sha$$ not share in the reser.e )ithin the third de%ree of the de. =oren#o.ident from the )ithin the 3rd de%ree' 7ro(ert3 reser a"le &ence trans%er to t&e 8randc&ildren oid! Citin% F$orentino .eased prepositus.hi$dren of !oth marria%es' Chi$d of 2nd marria%e died' @is mother inherited the estate' Mother su!se0uent$y died' Ai$$ !e0ueathed to her dau%hter the entire estate' Chi$dren of the first marria%e 0uestion the transmission of these properties sin.ei.hi$dren' (he .BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer issue)' Ahen & it' &$aintiffs and respondents of this .e the property did not pass to 2uanito !y %ratuitous tit$e as he had to pay interests and . in this .e transferred it to her %rand. the reser. and as su. 2uanito and Conso$a.a!$e. .' F$orentino. )ithout re0uirin% from the transferee any prestation'E -t is e. -%na.hi$d.e a share o.$aimin% 2uanitoBs share throu%h reser.e from their %randfather' One of the .e the fruits to the other sur. or !y an a. 2ose married Conso$a.osts of the suit' Father died' @e !e0ueathed his estate to a$$ his .e his 6 .i. the prepositusB si!$in% ()ho is a$so a reser.ause of this.h pro.ou$d not ha.ord that the transmission of the property in 0uestion to 2uanito Frias Chua upon the death of his father 2ose Frias Chua )as !y means of a hereditary su.ia the fruits of the property and as su.hi$d to her %rand.ase are !e made %ratuitous$y.hi$$dren died.hi$dren and their representati.ion de $a (orre and had one .hi$dren shared his fatherBs inheritan.a!$e properties did not form part of her estate.hi$dren on the %round that the property transferred )as the fruits of the same' @us!and died' @en. !ein% reser.annot ..$usion of her . a$$ reser.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .a$id$y transfer the reser. from pure %enerosity.

a$ are: 1' (he person o!$i%ed to reser.endant )ho inherited it from another as.eased.ed !y %ratuitous tit$e and died )ithout issue.ordia (paterna$) a%reed to honor Este!anBs )ish !efore he died to p$ .da' de 2a. that she is that she is the de.tions after more than a year and fi$ed in a separate !ran.e$$ana Fi$$anue. sur.e$$ana.e$ .ause the properties of the estate had . ea. the eminent no. )hat shou$d app$y in the distri!ution of his estate are +rti.e )ithin the third de%ree on his mother?s side' (he reserva troncal app$ies to properties inherited !y an as.heir and that )hi$e she did a%ree to set.i$ a.ame. et.ordia.tion and is entit$ed to one.$es of the respondent' Cama.e amon% them !y reason of re$ationship !y the )ho$e !$ood' in. )as de. Ci. first de%ree . a des. Ce$edonia stated that she is the so$e heir !e.i$ =a) !y &adi$$a.up the foundation C a$ustia o$i.$es 1003 and 1009 of the Ci.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer Ca4ac&o $e%itimate re$ sha$$ su. fi$ed for pro!ate pro.eedin%s.$es and aunts may not su.ordia 2a. ma3in% his other of his mother.ation in fa. a house.i.endant or 9 !rother or sister' -t does not app$y to property inherited !y a des. Fo$' --. and dama%es a$$e%in% that she is a .e the de.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .i.or of his aunt.o.$ude re$ati. 2r'.e su!9e.') from his mother a$ustia o$i..ed a$$ of the properties in Este!anBs estate in it' Con.endantBs un.ame' 3' (he propositusPthe des.endin% sha$$ e/. . a$ustia o$i.endant )ho re. !rothers.edent?s nearest re$ati. ho)e.h sha$$ su.eed to his estate )ithout distin. Este!an 2a. )hi$e Este!anBs father has a sister named of the de.a!$e property. as. for Este!an )as not an as.e$$ana.ertain properties ($ands. Ce$edonia o$i.h )ere transferred to Este!anBs name' Este!anBs mother has a ha$f. the tit$es of )hi. his t)o aunts Ce$edonia (materna$) and Con. nephe)s or nie.eyan.endants' 2' (he persons for )hom the property is$e 891' in. assai$ed Ce$edoniaBs a.ha$f (1O2) share and share a$i3e of the estate' 26 Soli io ! CA .endant.e is the a! intestate so $on% as nephe)s and nie.endant.or (reser. sisters.tion of $ines or preferen. he did not ho$d his inheritan.ered !y +rti.e$$ana Memoria$ FoundationD and p$a. a$ustia o$i.t as.o.e and are )i$$in% and 0ua$ified to inherit' (he ru$e on pro/imity app$ies' ((he re$ati.ond marria%e of his materna$ )ho inherits !y operation of $a) property from his des.ed are the reser. for the purpose of he$pin% indi%ent students in their s.ousin of defendants' Este!an 2a.ounted from the des.e his estate in a foundation to !e named after his mother. the re. the property of Este!an is not reser. !ut the des.t to reserve troncal and it does not pertain to Ce$edonia on$y as his on$y re$ (propositus). p$aintiffs !ein% aunt and un.o$$atera$ $ine') (he estate of Este!an is not su!9e. from )hom he inherited the properties in 0uestion' (herefore. )ho is his re$ati.e$$ana 2r'.o$$atera$ $ and !e$on%in% to the $ine from ) in the dire.ees (reser.ourt a .tion for re.a tron.e on under the $a) of intestate su.hoo$in%' Ce$edonia a%reed to .e in it' For her defense. and thereafter.h of the .hi$dren' ()o )ee3s after his funera$.sister from the of Este!an )ithin the third de%ree in the .da' de spouse.$ared the so$e heir. i$$e%itimate . died )ithout des.arry out the p$an of Este! in the .h the property .endants. inherited .i.e !oth are re$ati.e of o)nership.ession a des.erse of the situation .ome from her sister. )ithin the third de%ree . set.i$ Code' (herefore.up the foundation and put the money in it.endant from a des.o$.endant from his as.ho inherited her property from her mother (rinidad. 195* Ed') C$ear$y.t to a reser.endant inherit !y operation of $a)' (p' *92.atarios)Pre$ati.hi$dren. Ce$edonia o$i.eed to the estate )ithout distin. she on$y a%reed to put ha$f of her inheritan.ista)Pthe as.endant of 1i#on.a' @e died )ithout any spouse or .edent sur.e )ithin the third de%ree on his motherBs side' (he persons in.o$$atera$ re$ati. from )hom his properties .on.ed in reser.

our of Con.t to reser.h an e/amination of the re.h has $i3e)ise inherited !y the $atter from another as.a$ )as made apparent !y the affida.$aim that sin.atron.Bt Corp' )ho in turn so$d them to of se$f. and his nie.e to the !uyers.h presumption .har%ed )ith noti.ertifi.$osed' (his presumption . and 1O6 interest pro.i.e of the properties there!y sho)in% the reser. re.e and nephe)s from a dead !rother then fi$ed suits to of the se$f.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .h the pu!$i.a$ in their fa.ad9udi. thus pre.ation e/e.hasers in %ood faith and for .ord and is presumed to 3no) e.onstru.t sho)n !y the re.ision of the tria$ . Haffud: +nder the rule of notice" it is presumed that the purchaser has examined every instrument of record affecting the title ' .ated unto herse$f the properties in an !e he$d as inno. the disposition of the properties of the estate to fund the foundation )ou$d !e fa.-ndustria$ Co. $ea.uted !y Consue$o statin% the sour..a!$e nature thereof )as re%istered )ith the <e%ister of 1eeds of =a%una. <au$.e )ith his mother Consue$o 2oa0uin Fda' 1e 5a$anta3!o as his so$e heir' Consue$o then ad9udi.ation e/e.ourt ru$ed in fa.hasers in %ood faith' .ate of tit$e .on.ad9udi.ad9udi.en.uch presumption is irrebuttable ' @e is .BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer his mother?s side.ent pur. and )ith her as so$e heir.e to the )ho$e )or$d in a.$an.ti.a!$e .er.' 51 of <'+' 79*) .hasers . and this is suffi.ord .indi.h )ere so$d !y Consue$o.ontained a statement that the property )as inherited from a des.ontains is a ru$e of $a)'D them from !ein% inno.e of the fa.ourt' <au$ 5a$anta3!o inherited 1O3 interest pro.e$s of $and from his materna$ %randmother' <au$ then died intestate.ient noti.e there )as no annotation in the tit$e.o.atron.annot !e defeated !y proof of )ant of 3no)$ed%e of )hat the re.indi. ar%uin% that the same properties )ere su!$y stated that she inherited these properties from her son )ho in turn inherited from his father' u.ord )ou$d ha.e dis.or of 5a$anta3!o .ery fa.ent pur.ent pur. )herein it )as .$ear$y 27 S$4a3a s! IAC (1993) ISSUES 1' AO> the re%istration of the affida.ation operated as an annotation to the tit$e to the properties ME ' 2' AO> the pur. thus they may not !e stripped of the properties' <(C ru$ed in fa. that the affida.h .e (the present possessors of the properties)' Consue$o then died' (he !rothers in Cfu$$ !$oodD of <au$ the properties )hi.annot !e attri!uted to Consue$o' 2' (hat the properties )ere su!9e.ad9udi.ertifi. )hi.ation and deed of sa$e )here!y Consue$o e/p$i.uted !y Consue$o ) then su!se0uent$y so$d the same to Mari0uita umaya )ho in turn so$d them to Fi$$a @onorio1e.hasers in %ood faith' >O' )U>INBD 1' -t )as admitted that the .ome !y proof of at the time of the sa$e' (he fa.ord .ation of the estate of <au$.h fa. affida.onut Cooperati.a$ of se$f.ter of the property in the .ates of tit$es .tion 52 of the &roperty <e%istration 1e.i$itated' (he tria$ .iso in 10 par. Hatioan .it of se$f ad9udi. )as re%istered )ith the <e%istry of &roperty' (he fai$ure of the <e%ister of 1eeds to annotate the reser.endant.e noti.t operates as .annot !e o.ordan.ordia' Ce$edonia appea$ed !ut the C+ affirmed the de.t )hi.ery fa.t to a reser.or' (hey .ey the same to the 5a$anta3!os' -t said that the re%istration of an affida.e of e.t remains ho)e.erin% the properties in 0uestion sho) that they )ere free from any $iens and en.ontains any more than one may !e permitted to sho) that he )as i%norant of the pro.isions of the $a)' (he ru$e that a$$ persons must ta3e noti. they shou$d !e treated as of se$f.iso of a $ot in =i$i) from his!ran.ree (former$y e.ts )hi.e or %ood faith' G u. and ordered the possessor of the properties to .hara.

ompu$sory heirs )hi.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .ious..sin married Cata$ina 2au.ordin% in the <e%istry of 1eeds of the reser.ent $a)s on su.en !y de.en sho)n to !e a ..eyed to the =o.edent durin% his $ifetime to his .e sides of the fami$ies )ou$d re.on.rued thereto sin.t to <afae$Bs estate.ourt presupposes that the &ara"a0ue property )as %ratuitous$y .ti.' for said property' (he .ompu$sory heirs' Aith respe.reditor of <afae$.umstan.e de.ompu$sory heirs' o thereBs no !asis for assumin% intention on her part to .ession'D @ad she died$ation of respondentsB ri%ht to )ere a$so %i.o$$ation of the &ara"a0ue property.ian' (hey had no .on.t no $e%itimes .ir.$a)s' (his sett$ement pro.e nie.--: &etitioner is <afae$Bs son.ians)' 9 years after MarianoBs death.o$$ation .er.en to =auro )ith <afae$ and a$ud ISSUEAO> respondents )ere entit$ed to inherit the property Cata$ina had disposed of' >O' )U>INB(he property Cata$ina disposed of more than 10 years !efore her death )as not part of her hereditary estate. has no statutory !asis' (he Order of the pro!ate .e a.edentBs death and those )hi.en to =auro' (he &ara"a0ue property and the Mariano instituted Cata$ina as his so$e uni. is .$osest to Cata$ina did not 9oin the a.a!$e .a!$y !e impaired !y any transfer of her property durin% her $ife time' ((hey had no 3ids) =i#conde ! CA .e the openin% of su.h do not o!tain .ou$d . on$y the property that remained in her estate at the time of death )ou$d and intended so$e$y to properties that Cata$ina had . Cthe property and transmissi!$e ri%hts and o!$i%ations e/istin% at the time of the de.tion to re. some of her 2au.os does not inure to respondents.tionOre. Estre$$ita paid &900.en if a$$ the transfers )ere treated as donations. Cata$ina !e%an transferrin%. )ho )as not e.ter of the properties' 28 Article -0: >ocsin s CA (1992) Mariano =o.eeds of the sa$e of the Fa$en#ue$a property )hi.ers on$y properties %ratuitous$y %i. a$$e%in% they )ere inoffi. t&e order o% collation is (re4at$re since t&e (roceedin8 is still in its initiator3 sta8e! T&ere is not&in8 to indicate t&at t&e le8iti4e o% an3 o% )a%aelKs &eirs &as "een i4(aired to 'arrant collation' Further.ation of de.on. donation or assi%nment. de. 000 to &remier @omes.edentBs %ifts inter .ia$ sett$ement of his )ifeBs estate )ith <afae$ and a$ud.i. petitioner.onsidered a 3rd person' +s su.onsideration.ei.ies and hereditary shares from her estate fi$ed a.$ared pri.$aration. he may not !e dra%%ed into the intestate estate pro.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer stated that the properties )ere inherited from <au$Bs father and materna$ %randmother.ompe$ redu.o$$ation is improper for . a re.ession' (hose .um.ed to her $e%a$ heirs' and nephe)s' * years after Cata$inaBs death.sins durin% her $ifetime. the ri%ht arisin% under .h ha. !y sa$e. and su!stan. !ou%ht usin% the 50W of the tota$ amount of the !an3 deposits of Estre$$ita and her dau%hters to <afae$ )hi$e the other 50W )as )ho had a$ready re.ession' -n fa.h.ersa$ heir' (hey !oth a%reed that after death. their properties to their respe.ertain .tion (he (C and C+ de.eedin%' e.ian nephe)s and nie.$a) and not one of his .hara.e.ent the $a) in . )ho are not .o.hi$dren' -n his )i$$. )Oo .ond$y.o. .ert to their fami$ies (=o.h <afae$ transferred to Estre$$ita.eyed !y <afae$ to Estre$$ita' @o)e.ate respondents entit$ed to inherit the property Cata$ina had disposed of more than 10 years !efore her death =auro )as $eft as the so$e heir of his )ife !ut he entered into an e/tra9udi. )as in its form.o$. his in. their properties that they had from their respe.. to impu%n and .ed their $ and 2au. that is.

hi$dren !y ri%ht of representation as Estre$$itaBs )ido)er to the transfer of the &ara"a0ue rea$ty' Moreo. .ause' (he reason for the disinheritan.hi$dren !y <afae$ durin% his $ifetime' < <afae$ a$ready )ai.ontain any disposition of the estate of the de.eedin% the Fa$en#ue$a $ot a$$e%ed$y )as %i. <afae$Bs son. it )as e%undoBs $ast e/pression to !e0ueath his estate to a$$ his .ordin% to the C.ersa$ heir or heirs to the e/.6 Sean8io ! )e3es /006 &ri.$usion of his other .o$$ated.a$ue of the Fa$en#ue$a $ot' (hus. . Fir%inia.y' &etitioners .en !y <afae$ to Estre$$ita and that the heirsB $e%itime shou$d . petitioners of the purported ho$o%raphi. a$$ their .ent the de. further .ed !y the pro.ation !et)een e%undo and his son. o)nership and parti.ed his ri%ht to said rea$ty' =ast$y.ompu$sory heirs' (he mere mention of the name of one of the petitioners.ome from . +$fredo' .erred that in the e.ountered that the ru$e on preterition does not app$y !e.en assumin% that the $atter property may!e .a$$y suspended and rep$a.$aims. Estre$$ita died ahead of <afae$' -n fa.ument did not operate to institute her as the uni. it )as <afae$ )ho inherited from her an amount more than the .eased and that a$$ other .ompu$sory heirs in the dire.ontendin% that e%undo $eft a ho$o%raphi.ause e%undoBs )i$$ does not . )i$$.ompu$sory heirs' (hey (he .onstitute a uni. )i$$ disinheritin% +$fredo for .e a )i$$. the intestate pro.ipation as heirs in the said properties' <afae$ died' -n the intestate pro.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer )ai.$usion of one or more .eption of +$fredo' +$so.ompu$sory heirs )ere not named nor instituted as heir' 1e.e )as due to +$fredoBs ma$treatment to his father e%undo' -n .CIVIL LAW REVIEW .a$ue of the Fa$en#ue$a $ot has $on% !een returned to <afae$Bs estate 29 Article -.h )ou$d resu$t to intesta.ersa$ heir' @er name )as in.edent is found to ha. e%undo did not institute an heir to the e/.e there is preterition )hi.ompu$sory heirs )ith the so$e e/.isee or $e%atee hen.ontendin% that the a$$e%ed )i$$ of e%undo does not . e.t $ine )ere not preterited in the )i$$' +.eedin%s of the )i$$' &ri.eedin%s are to !e automati.o$$ation of a$$ properties distri!uted to his .eedin%s .ate respondents ean%io et' a$ fi$ed for the sett$ement of the intestate estate of the $ate e%undo' &etitioners opposed said petition.ed for the dismissa$ of the pro!ate pro..$uded on$y as a )itness to the a$ter.ate <espondents mo.o$$ation may not !e a$$o)ed as the . in the do.$aimed that the petitioner is one of <afae$Bs .t.

ompu$sory heir' -t does not app$y to the state of the parent.i$ Code is de.o. .$a)' Article -6/ Delos Santos ! Dela Cr$# spouse is a . or in the property to !e affe.e in the .eased.$aim to !e an heir !y ri%ht of representation of her mother )ho prede. petitioners and &<s a$i3e.onspi. )ith the tate as the fina$ intestate heir' (he .heir Ma/imo 1e$a Cru# for the' (he interest must !e materia$ and dire.eased sister of Maria opposes the pro!ate on the ff %rounds: o Ai$$ not e/e.eased )ho is Ma/imo (nephe))' he .-7.$es 968 to 1017.$aim to !e an heir !y ri%ht of representation sin. .in.eit e/. )hi.oid as to her and she does not ha..oid as to Hertrudes sin.e of her de.a Mortera.t.$a)) . )osales ! )osales G.ed and too3 possession of the property of a de.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer ar%ued that the testator intended a$$ his .H (his ori%inated from a . )ith the so$e e/.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .ement of the e/tra9udi. in.h Hertrudes 1e$os antos fi$ed a%ainst her purported .edent' -s Hertrudes the %randnie. .$e 981..eption of +$fredo.t and .eased %randaunt !e.ifi.ation that they are >O( .ompu$sory heirs.ourt in the pro.ipate in the inheritan.annot . $a) to inherit from her mother.edent )hi$e Ma/imo is a nephe) of the de. the partition e/ the sur.e an heir of the$a) inherit intestate from her parent. a dau%hter.edentL >O' Hertrudes.eased her %randaunt' +s Hertrudes is >O( an heir. or in the )i$$.titude the intestate heirs of a de.$a)' May a dau%hter. thus Hertrudes .$a) either !y her o)n ri%ht or !y ri%ht of representation' (he Code enumerates )ith meti.oid of any pro..ed must !e re.e she is >O( a ri%htfu$ heir to the estate of the$ partition that they e/' For a person to inter.$aim enfor.uted a.e.$aim !y sayin% that the said partition a%reement is . not mere$y indire.eased (parent.uted' Ma/imo resisted the .ene in the pro.e persona$ity to enfor.u$ous e/a.$uded her as a .ision refers to the estate of the de.ement thereof' Hertrudes is the grandniece of the de.eedin%s for the sett$ement of &etraBs estate CC.$uded as an heir !y the nearer re$ati.irtue of nu$$ and . or !y the ri%ht of representation pro.eased' Hertrudes .-rene assai$ed the order of the pro!ate .-:7H -rene <osa$es is the )ido) of Carterio )ho prede.ase for spe.hi$d of Fran. he must ha.ei.$a) an intestate heir of a de.eased his mother &etra' +fter &etraBs death.h ma3es mention the C)ido) or )ido)erD as a . CC' (he Ci.e an interest in the estate. $a)' -ndeed.essors in the inheritan.o$$atera$ $ine.ompu$soryOintestate heir of her de. performan. as in the order of intestate su. the ri%ht of representation does not o!tain !eyond the .utor or .e' Article -7.eased spouse in )hi.uted is .$aimant' -nterested party has a$so !een defined as one )ho )ou$d !e !enefited !y the state $i3e a .ene in a pro!ate pro. a de.ision that entit$es the dau%hter.i.hi$dren of the !rothers and sisters of the de.annot a$so .an on$y inherit either !y his o)n ri%ht.ompu$sory heir sin.ordin% to $a) +na has >O ri%ht to inter.ause she is deemed e/.oid partition. to inherit his estate' 30 Article -6.ession pro.annot . !ein% a %randnie.h ma3es a or unre$ated persons )ho undu$y re.h .uous a!$sory heirs' -rene .$a) is .e of the de.ided for in +rti. must restore it to the $e%itimate su.e of the de.ided for in +rti.e the same' (he portion of the estate she re.ontin%ent' 4nder the terms of the )i$$.annot re$y on +rt' CC )hi.erted to the ri%htfu$ heirs' <emote re$ati.e that same pro.annot )hi. TEOTICO =! DE> =A> +na 1e$ Fa$ Chan.ted !y it either as e/e.edent.ei.eased mother.$a)L >O' -ntestate heirs .$aimin% to !e an adopted .e of a pro.onsidered a third person as re%ards the estate of the parent.onfirms the o!ser.eased person )ithout any ri%ht !y .

fi$ed an a.o.ene !e.i$ Code )hi.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer (estatri/ )as physi.o.eased father in the distri!ution of the intestate estate of her %randparents' -n the .a$ . these ri%hts do not in.oid8 on$y the ri%hts of the .o'(he ru$e in arti.h pro. father of 2uanita.hi$d' (herefore. Maria and i$.hi$dren and re$ her supposed share in the Man%. a sa$e of the entire property !y one .$e 973 is no) found in arti.$e 992 of the Ci.t on$y his o)n share !ut not those of the other .tion to re. or fear +dopted . )as a $e%itimate .o.ause she has no interest in the estate either as an heir or e/e. there!y ma3in% the !uyer a of either party' (he sa$e is .hi$d and does not e/tend to the !$ood re$ati.apa!$e to e/e.hi$d sha$$ !e deemed to !e a $e%itimate . the sa$e )i$$ affe.o)nership is .oBs ha$f sister (2uanita).o intestate estate' 2uanita is not a $e%a$ heir of (eodoro Man%. hated !y the i$$e%itimate . t&e res(ecti e &eirs o% t&e no' deceased c&ildren o% >eocadio in&erit "3 'a3 o% re(resentation t&e res(ecti e s&ares o% t&eir res(ecti e (arents! Article -:.o died intestate' &etitioner. has a ri%ht to represent her de.eyan.i$ Code.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .o)ners is not nu$$ and .adio' (hus they sou%ht for re.reated !y the adoption is !et)een on$y the adoptin% parents and the adopted .es of his father or mother8 nor sha$$ su.o. their %randparents are . and 2ose Corpus.ute the )i$$ at the time of its e/e.o.o.efu$$y $oo3ed upon !y the $e%itimate fami$y )hi$e the $e%itimate fami$y is.heirs found out that he so$d portions of the property.hi$d is dis%ra.e a ri%ht of representation.hi$dren and re$ati. 2uanita is not a $e%a$ heir of (eodoro Man%.e a .hi$dren inherit in the same manner from the i$$e%itimate . his .o)ner is entit$ed to se$$ his undi.hi$dren do not ha.erned' -f a .oid further %rounds of resentment' +n i$$e%itimate .onsidered tota$ stran%ers' Ahi$e it is true that the adopted .--:/ ABUI))E ! CA (2007) =eo.onsent of the other .e parents' (hey . representin% himse$f to !e the on$y heir of =eo.o.ted !y the )i$$' (here is no any .ided share. a$$ 8 heirs shou$d share e0ua$$y in the su!9e.$ude the ri%ht of representation' (he re$ationship .e and partition' Article --/ CO)7US ! CO)7US (1968) (eodoro Man%.a$$y and menta$$y in.i.estra Cai$$es and a . 1ori!e$.ed !y t)o (2) dau%hters.o)ner of the property' &ursuant to the o$d Ci.uted )ith undue of his or her putati.o.hi$d has no ri%ht to inherit ab intestato from the $e%itimate .o)ner se$$s the )ho$e property as his.hi$dren or re$ati.hi$d.e$ of $and' Ahen he died.onsent to the sa$e' in.o)nerOse$$er are transferred.ution' o Ai$$ )as e/e.hi$dE' (he ru$e is !ased on the theory that the i$$e%itimate .a <eyes )ho died intestate in 1972 )as sur.hi$d and ha.hi$d has no ri%ht to inherit ab intestato from the $e%itimate .hi$dren fi$ed their o)n .o )as an i$$e%itimate .o)ner )ithout the .hi$d' (he $a) does not re. threat.o.o.on.e father' >EONA)DO s! CA Fran.o%ni#e the !$ood tie and see3s to a. the son of Man%.ides that Ean i$$e%itimate .utor. his son i/to administered the property' 4pon i/toBs death.ase of 1e$ia and Edmundo ()ho )ere adopted). on$y $e%itimate !io$o%i.$aim to any property affe.t property' -n the partition of the said property.ountin% and partition of the intestate estate of the parents of their adopti.adio o)ned a par.e the same ri%ht as the $atter.o' Man%.o)ners )ho did not .h .ision desi%natin% her any portion of the estate' 31 SAFSON =! CA +dopted . in turn.$aim that they )ere entit$ed to inherit (eodoro?s share in his parents? estate !y ri%ht of representation' o +na has no ri%ht to inter.omp$aint for the a.e the ri%ht' (he $e%itimate dau%hter.on.a$id on$y insofar as the share of i/to in the . nor does she ha.

hi$dren. one shou$d not o.hi$dren in the the su!9e..hi$dren and re$$Bs i$$e%itimate .hi$dren .ua$. $ea.e)e$$.' &a!$o died in 1960' @is son.$aimin% to !e the son of the $ate otero =eonardo.h Maria Cai$$es had su!se0uent$y e/e. and 2 )ith Fe$i/!erta &a.ountin%' Maria Cai$$es asserted e/.ene in the sett$ement of the intestate estates of &a!$o and &as.a <eyes .or' (hese properties )ere a$$e%ed$y mort%a%ed to respondent <ura$ 5an3 of &arana0ue.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .ua$. assumin% other)ise.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer (1983) a! intestatio !et)een the i$$e%itimate .i$ Code pro.. !y ri%ht of representation.$aimed that said properties are no) his !y . opposed Fe$isa 2ardinBs ta3in% part in the sett$ements of the intestate estates of &a!$ as his heirs.ourt' Fe$isa a$so sou%ht to inter. and 990 .ase !ut +rt' 9928 therefore the !astards .irtue of the ri%ht of representation may !e $e%itimate or i$$e%itimate' -n )hate.uted in his fa.$es 902.annot su.ursa' (hen.hi$dren.$aim a share of the estate $eft !y the de.X.estra Cai$$es died in 1979 )ithout any issue' Cresen. representin% their 3ids.a <eyes' 32 DIAA s! IAC (1986) -$$e%itimate .es of the father or mother of said $e%itimate . .ai$a!$e to i$$e%itimate des.iano is an i$$e%itimate . in inheritin% from their %randma.$usi. +rt 989 does not app$y to this .eased her' otero =eonardo died in 1977.hi$d of their %randma (from )hom they see3 to inherit).e father !y representation' +rti. &as.irtue of a .eased manner.. died in upon their death' (he des.hi$d )ho .hi$d. and imona' M< of 1986 1ia# .e o)nership o. -n.$e 990 . petitioner )ou$d !e an i$$e%itimate . otero =eonardo.iano$oo3 the fa.endants of legitimate .t properties and a$$e%ed that Cresen.hi$dren) )ho may inherit !y . intitiated (fi$ed the petition) the sett$ement of the $atterBs intestate estate in the tria$ .e of +rt' 992' DIAA s! IAC (1990) (he ri%ht of representation is not a.iano fai$ed to esta!$ish his fi$iation and.hi$d' (heir father is a $e%itimate .eased Fran.annot inherit from the $e%itimate re$ati. er%o +rti. )hi. .ua$' +nse$ma 1ia# and Fe$i/!erta &a.$ear$y spea3 of of his father.annot represent their father.hi$d )ho has no ri%ht to inherit ab intestato from the $e%itimate .. &as.eed !y ri%ht of representation' 2ames 5ra.onsiderin% that he )as !orn outside )ed$o.3' +t most.$e 992 of the >e) Ci.omp$aint for o)nership of properties.ides a !arrier in that it prohi!its a!so$ute$y su.hi$d and the $e%itimate . )hi$e i$. 989. sti$$ he .t that the persons to !e .e of imona. $i3e the de. &as.a$id and $e%a$ deed of sa$e )hi.s' -+C$a Cai$$es )ho prede.hi$dren8 7 of )hom )ith +nse$ma 1ia#.essiona$ ri%hts of illegitimate .endants (of these i$$e%itimate . !y for.ursa.h ri%hts are transmitted to their des. a $e%itimate . fi$ed a .e of a $e%itimate %randparent' +rti. the CmothersD of & of their putati.hi$dren and re$ati. imona and * minor i$$e%itimate . his mother. sum of money and a. . imona died in 196*' Fe$isa 2ardin.. the son of her dau%hter.

e )ith !rothers and sisters. )ho a.edent.ision of the $ast para%raph of +rti.i$ists of a .i$ Code.$e 992 the e/.er. the ori%ina$ oppositor to respondentBs petition for $etters of administration' Ae are not unmindfu$ of the .$e 997 of the Ci.u$ous$y ar%ues that +rti.edent.hi$d' +rti.e inherit in the same manner from the i$$e%itimate .hi$dren and re$ati.hi$d and the $e%itimate . su!mit that +rti.e$s of $and' 2uan and his )ife didnBt ha.isions are .endant of a $e%itimate . she or he sha$$ inherit one.5a$ta#ar as if she )ere their o)n dau%hter' Ahen 2uan (intestate) and his )ife died.i.irtue of the pro.$e 992 of the Ci.una in the $a) .on.tua$$y treated !y the de. and e. 2' (he petitioners are $e%itimate .es.on.$aration of nu$$ity of ModestaBs do.hi$d is entit$ed to represent !y . and the $atter the other ha$f' <espondents. Emi$io of a of the father or mother' -t may not !e amiss to state that +rti.ts indu!ita!$y demonstrate the .ession !y an i$$e%itimate . )hose materna$ %randfather is Emi$io +%uina$do. reared from infan.uted an +ffida.are of Modesta Manue$.h )ou$d set at nau%ht the pro..h .edentBs hus! of his father or mother8 nor sha$$ su.h su.essiona$ !ar !et)een the $e%itimate and i$$e%itimate re$ati.o) su.ery .$e 982 is the %enera$ ru$e and +rti. )hi.ated and trained in their !usinesses. )ho sha$$ !e entit$ed to the entire estate' -f the )ido) or )ido)er shou$d sur. the su..ontrary Z Emi$io ---.0uired three par. enun. an i$$e%itimate . ho)e.prede. )hi. it has no app$ illegitimate.i.hi$d of the de.hi$d.$e 982 is inapp$i.hi$dren and re$ati.tion )ith +rti.h of e$f.hi$dren and other spouse) under the pro.riti0ues of . 2uan. on testamentary dispositions' Counse$ for petitioner meti.ation.h a . on other hand.ernin% the !one of ..ommon$y referred to in the ru$es on su.hi$d has no ri%ht to inherit a! intestato from the $e%itimate .then !e%ot t)o i$$e%itimate .$e 982.isions of +rti. does not app$y in this instan. one of them (-sa!e$a .i$ Code.hi$d sha$$ !e su.i$ Code.h reads: +rt' 992' +n i$$e%itimate .entua$$y $e%a$$y adopted !y de.ated on the presumed )i$$ of the!$in%s of 2uan) fi$ed a . edu.eption' &etitioners ar%ue that they are the $e%a$ heirs o.ase !e.isions of +rti.iates )hat is so .on9un.UANBCOSUNTAF (2010) Emi$io -.$usion is erroneous' -t )ou$d a$$o) intestate su.ha$f of 2uan?s intestate estate ()hi$e the other ha$f )ou$d pertain to 2uan?s sur.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer represented are themse$.hi$d to the $e%itimate parent of his father or mother.o' (heir marria%e )as $ater annu$$ed' Emi$io .hi$dren of +ntonio Manue$' +ntonio had an i$$e%itimate .e )here fa. an i$$e%itimate %rand.ides that Ethe %rand. a !asi.i.onf$i..ha$f of the estate.t and a $a.hi$dren !y t)o different )omen.and >enita' Emi$io .$e 992 of the Ci. )as a.eeded !y his or her sur.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .i.e the ru$e is predi. Modesta e/e. pro.ession ab intestato !et)een the i$$e%itimate . had three $e%itimate . as done !y petitioners. nephe)s and nie.$e 992 prohi!its a!so$ute$y a su.e 2'5'=' <eyes: 33 1ANUE> ! FE))E) (1995) Y Fitu%.$e 992' +rti.e .o 3ept her .$e 997 shou$d !e read in .$e 992.hi$dren or re$ati.ession in the dire.ip$e of a!so$ute separation !et)een the $e%itimate fami$y and the i$$e%itimate fami$y'E T&e doctrine re*ects succession ab intestato in t&e collateral line "et'een le8iti4ate relati es5 on t&e one &and5 and ille8iti4ate relati es .ession as the Eprin.i$ Code.$ear on this matter' -t may !e ar%ued. a situation )hi.ontention that is +rti. that the i$$e%itimate des.ause +rti.hi$dren )ith -sa!e$a spouse.$e 992 of the Ci. in turn.endants sha$$ inherit !y ri%ht of representation'E u.omp$aint !efore the <(C for the de..uments' SUNTAF III ! CO.edent and her hus!and as their o)n son. a$thou%h it does not tota$$y disa.y.a!$e to instant .edent.idin% thus$y: +rt' 997' -n defau$t of the father or mother. (he three named pro.hi$dren !ut too3 .hi$dren from the %randparents' 5ut )hen the %randmother died. postu$ate. !e%innin% )ith the eminent 2usti.eased his parents' -sa!e$a Co9uan%..ation and had the tit$e to the properties transferred in her name' (he petitioners ($e%itimate ha$f.t $ine' in.

&erfe. in defau$t of anyone .ase.tua$ ante.ip$e sin. and fina$$y the .e done so had he manifested his $ast )i$$G =ast$y.$es 995 and 998' (he first so$ution )ou$d !e more in a.ide either that the i$$e%itimate issue en9oys in a$$ .o.t.ontained t)o .erthro) the $e%a$ presumption in +rti.h so that +rti.hi$dren' >either did her hus!and. ) of this .ase a. in su!se0uent arti.o. .$e 837 of the panish . and.ounse$ for petitioner.eased' >onethe$ess.tion.$e 973 of that Code pres.onsiderin% that the 0uestion on )ho )i$$ administer the properties of the $on% de.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer Co9uan%.hi$d' (he pe.$es (990.endants.ession or !ound to the de.$e 992 of the Ci...e it reprodu.i.. then as.t the !asis of intestate su.from an i$$e%itimate %rand.ed +rti. !f a widow or widower and legitimate children or descendants are left" the surviving spouse has in the succession the same share as that of each of the children.o$$atera$s.hi$dren and re$ati.and >enita' @e a$so nominated Emi$io --. Federi.y.hi$d to that of a $e%itimate .o.ontrari)ise maintain said arti. it must !e pointed out that 9udi.edent. the fa.u$iar . Federi.$oser in de%ree to those of remoter de%rees.e. C$aro fi$ed a petition +rti. !ut )ith fine in.e shares of the parties in the estates of Cristina and Federi.eased .hi$dren' Manresa e/p$ains the !asis for the ru$es on intestate i$$e%itimate . in fa.e to ma3e a .an no) do so' (his differen.o.harita!$e or edu.edent !y ties of !$ood or affe.edents of this ..e )ith his presumed )i$$ that his property !e %i. $e%a$$y raised the status of Emi$io --.ta Miranda and one son.ents the i$$e%itimate issue of a $e%itimate . it is said.i$ Code of 1889 the ri%ht of representation )as admitted on$y )ithin the $e%itimate fami$y8 so mu. fina$$y. )ho had a$so $e%a$$y adopted Emi$io --. --. C$aro' Four years after &edroBs death..hi$d .en to .easedBs estate on his !eha$f' Aho shou$d administer the propertyL (he estran%ed $e%itimate %randdau%hter or the i$$e%itimate %randson )hom the de.ession: (he $a) Rof intesta. Cristina.i$ Code from )hi.i$ Code )e sha$$ ha.$e 99* sti$$ app$ies' Art. in )hi.a$$ed to su. did not distin%uish !et)een her $e%itimate and i$$e%itimate %rand.eased )ou$d$e has yet to !e sett$ed' Article --6 ESTATE OF 7ED)O SANTI>>ON ! 7E)FECTA &edro anti$$on died )ithout testament' @e )as sur. the i$$e%itimates of an i$$e%itimate .. in the future re.hoi.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .ordan.urate$y ref$e.h +rt' 99* )as ta3en.hi$d from representin% him in the intestate su. .ord )ith an en$i%htened attitude .ession.eased reared herse$f' ( C ordered 2oint +dministration) 34 -n the panish Ci. on the assumption that the de. then the as.hi$d the administrator of the not inherit a! intestato from the $e%itimate . $o.e first des.e and de.ases the ri%ht of representation.ia$ restraint impe$s us to refrain from ma3in% a fina$ de. o.$aration of heirship and distri!utin% the presumpti. for the de. i'e'.ase +rt' 992 must !e suppressed8 or .ision of the Ci..$e and modify +rti.hi$d to pass to his o)n des.e !ein% indefensi!$e and un) of his father and mother' (he Ci.a$$s the des.endants. untay).ontri!ute to the )e$fare of humanity' -ndeed.ession of the %randparent.i$ Code of the &hi$ippines apparent$y adhered to this prin.ationa$ institutions.ri!ed that an i$$e%itimate .endants.onsisten. )hether $e%itimate or i$$e%itimate' o that )hi$e +rt' 992 pre. first des. a$)ays preferrin% those . the $a) first .ends.yS is foundedG on the presumed )i$$ of the de. painsta3in%$y pointed out !y .ends.$e 973 of the panish Code in its o)n +rt' 992.. /801a2 +rti. and thus .in% spouse.endants of a de.easedG =o. 995 and 998) our Code a$$o)s the hereditary portion of the i$$e%itimate . spreads side)ays' (hus. app$ied for the administration of the properties $eft !ehind (!y the %randmother a3a +%uina$doBs dau%hter)' -t )as opposed !y the sur.ends.i$ Code that there e/ist animosity and anta%onism !et)een $e%itimate and i$$e%itimate des.ed !y his )ife.umstan. it is in a.

i$ Code insistin% that after dedu.e in 1958' 1urin% said year it )as the Ci.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .a$id ha.omp$ied )ith the ne.e she )as pre.i$ Code )hi.e . ANTONIA A)1AS ! 1A)IETTA CA>ISTE)IO (he .onf$i.atin% the $e%is$atorBs desire to promu$%ate 9ust one %enera$ ru$e app$i.a$id$y !e .onse. and the se. she )as entit$ed under +rt' 99* of the >CC to another T of the remainin% ha$f' +fter due noti.e and hearin%.ourt ru$ed in the affirmati.e her son de.00.o and Marietta too3 p$a. the sur.ourt appointed .i.ernin% t)o .ta .essary re0uisites' +/000.o !e.$aims of the parties in.e and the pro.e of the first hus!and' para%raphs %o. this appea$' (eodori.o and Marietta too3 p$a. )here the )ido) or )ido)er sur.h )as in for.h )as opposed !y his mother and spouses 5enito Miranda and <osario Corra$es' (he .ontin%en.o.ted it on$y 11 years after the disappearan. )here the )ido) or )ido)er sur.ond situation. the .e' -n 1992.ed is a!$e to sho) that they ha.on9u%a$ share of &erfe.$ared as administrator of the estate of (eodori.ide for the se.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer 1I)ANDA +.o died intestate $ea.e 2ames 5ounds has !een a!sent for 11 years !efore the marria%e !et)een (eodori.ious$y married to 2ames 5ounds in 197*' 2ames diappeared in 1976 and Marietta married (eodori.o is .e. & .o 11 years after the disappearan.ause his marria%e to Marietta )as !i%amous in nature' Marietta .e.ies: the first.oCa$isterio )as married to Marietta' @e is the se.tin% T from the .in% sister of (eodori.o.ontra.$ared .on9u%a$ properties (.tin% .uti.ted so $on% as the spouse has !een a!sent for )ith on$y one .e years and it is )ith %ood faith that the spouse $eft remarries' in.o$.e' (he marria%e !et)een (eodori. the remainin% T must !e di.tin% the share of the )ido) as .-69.en years properties amountin% to a!out si/ hundred thousand pesos' +ntonia +rmas.ourt he$d that &erfe.$aration )as not yet deemed ne. o)ner of the .o3in% +rt' 892 of the >e) Ci.hi$d (e/.a!$e to !oth situations' 35 Article .$are share of heirs and to reso$. there!y indi. for $etters of administration )hi.ommissioners to draft a pro9e. fi$ed a petition to ha.essary at that time so $on% as the party in. +rt' 99* omitted to pro.o.i.hi$dren (%enera$ ru$e).ontested this sayin% that his marria%e )ith (eodori. (eodori.ond.i. her !ein% the so$e sur.t of partition and distri!ution of a$$ properties of &edro' C$aro then fi$ed a motion to de.e .00: .$aimed that !esides her .in% heir of (eodori.on9u%a$ ha$f.ta is entit$ed to T share and the remainin% T share for C$aro after dedu.ia$ de.en .i. the marria%e must !e de.ontra. Article .ernin% their marria%e states that a su!se0uent marria%e may .ta).on9u%a$ properties' @en.ri!ed !y $a)' + 9udi.a$id' -t )as )ay !eyond the se.ond hus!and of +rmas sin.ided as fo$$o)s: [ for her and \ for him' On the other hand.ision %o.eption).es )ith $e%itimate .

$es and aunts may not su.eased Maura then de.e $ands !y the parish priest of of the de cu3us e/..eased her)' (C ru$ed that the .o$$atera$s (un. .i.ated to her' Me$odia $eft no .endant.$es.e of fu$$ !$ood to a share dou!$e that of the nephe)s and a priest. died in 1935.ession are the . sisters.hi$dren of the on$y prede.omp$aint for the re.eased aunt. of ha$f !$ood' (he on$y differen.ession' (he $ast of the re$ati.o$$atera$ re$ati.onsistin% of 1O3 share in the estate of her de.$e dire. -n order to !e .u$t to app$y and .ided in +rt' 1008. she is su. e/. nephe)s and nie.i.eed in intestate su.y.e' (herefore. )hi. (Maura) died intestate )ithout an issue' &$aintiffs are MauraBs !rother of Maura e/.endants. the a!sen.edent?s un. the parish priest of &u$i$an. )hen it is proper' (he said testamentary of the' -nasmu.a$$ed to the su.ase of intesta.onstrue them as referrin% to the testator?s nearest ma$e re$ati..isee or $e%atee must !e $i.$ared the p$aintiffs to !e entit$ed to 10O27 share on the 5 par.h )as pro!ated !y the CF.e of !rothers.$ude a$$ other .es of the ha$f !$ood are entit$ed to inherit in MauraBs estate in their o)n ri%ht' -n the a!sen.endant.ession opens.$ude the aunt sin.edent is a and nephe) (.$e 100* of the >e) Ci. a de.ession is pro. the heir.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer BICO1ONB ! A>1ANAA (1966) Maura 5a%si. or spouse.ise and as the administratri/ and the $e%a$ heirs !e$ie.hi$dren of her !rother and 2 sisters of ha$f !$ood in a. in effe..isions diffi.itated to inherit.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .ession' 4nder our $a)s of at the moment the of the de.-7-.e )ith arti.apa. entit$e the so$e nie.eeded !y the sur..edent in a.oida!$e . are on the materna$ or paterna$ $ine and )ithout spouse. the una.') !ein% .t.$ude the ten nephe)s and nie.$aimed the de. !ut )as sur.$e 1009 of the >e) Ci.ed on$y !y .o$$atera$s (aunts and an aunt (ha$f.ery of their $a)fu$ shares in the properties $eft !y Maura .ation as to )hether the nephe)s or nie. name$y.i$ Code' Father <i%or.on.o$$atera$s other than brothers or sisters or children of brothers or sisters' 36 Article .e and are )i$$in% and 0ua$ified to su.$es.ondition to the other . $ea.00BACAFO ! BO))O1EO (19*5) Me$odia Ferraris (Me$odia) $eft properties in Ce!u of the de.') from the su.isions. de.eed ab intestato so $on% as nephe)s and nie.ousins. a )i$$ )hi.of (ar$a.ept in . or a sur.eased' -t appearin% that Maura died intestate )ithout an issue.$e 1003 of the >e) Ci.found that Fe$ipa prede.e as to )hether their re$ationship to the de. .!$ooded sister Fe$ipa and the )ido)er of Fe$ipaBs on$y dau%hter' &$aintiffs fi$ed a . the administration of the ri.i$ Code.hi$dren of !rothers or sisters of the de..reate un. 5u$ and nephe)s of the ha$f.eased is !y )ho$e or ha$f !$ood. i$$e%itimate .e$s of $and' CF.h pro.!$ood' 1efendants are the )ido)er of MauraBs on$y fu$$.i$ Code pro.e )ith the pro.$uded !y !rothers or sisters or . so MauraBs so$e nie.h )as ad9udi.ision of +rt' 965 of >CC' +rt' 965 ma3es no 0ua$ifi.t des.eed to the entire estate of the de. nephe)s and nie. >CC in re$ation to +rti.hi$ of ha$f !$ood' -n ..ed that the parish priest of Fi. sister of Me$odiaBs de.hi$dren of Me$odia?s on$y !rother of fu$$ !$ood )ho pre.ed !y any nephe) )ho !e. +rti.toria had no ri%ht to administer the Article . et. first .edent are e/.edent to su.$usion is that the !e0uest in 0uestion )as ineffe..isees in the )i$$ )ere the testator?s nearest re$ati.toria. et.eased father) and nie.e$s of $and in dispute' (he nephe)s and nie.. )hi..endants had died ahead of her.e in their ri%ht of sha$$ su.onsistin% of 5 par.o$$atera$ re$ati.o$$atera$ re$ati.ousins.ertainty as to the disposition of his estate' -nasmu.h as no nephe) of the testator .isions shou$d !e sensi!$y or reasona!$y . . and her hus!and and a$$ her as.e at anytime after his death )ou$d render the pro.ase of representation.eed' 4nder arti..ordan.e of )ho$e !$ood does not e/.tua$ or inoperati.e of defendants.h as the testator )as not sur.o$$atera$ re$ati.o.ides that .0/9 7A)ISH 7)IEST OF =ICTO)IA ! )IBO) +..e other . name$y the dau%hter of her sister of fu$$ !$ood and the 10 .' >amed as de.onstrued' (o .

er of @ereditary <i%htsE . ) e/$in% 9urispruden.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer ri.e )ith $a) of the 4 )herein no $e%itimes are re.ania.e under the .e thereof8 and (3) an intention to re$in0uish su.ause the heirs a.h as trustee' as en.onsideration' (he intention to e/empt from .ate respondent as %uardian of <osa$inda' 5uhay )as appointed administratri/ and in due time fi$ed an of this .0<CAFETANO ! >EONIDAS +.on.e on )ai.isa%ed in the )i$$.$ear $an%ua%e of +rti.$ared as one of the heirs' @e asserted and in.h is the nationa$ $a) of the de.e of a ri%ht8 (2) the 3no)$ed%e of the e/isten.onsidered as !e$on%in% to third persons )ith respe.$esiasti.ase sho) that the si%natories to the )ai. )as $i3e)ise inoperati.entory of the estate' (his )as opposed !y <osa$inda on the %round that .iti#en and resident of 4 !ut died in the Mani$a' + repro!ate of her )i$$ )as a$$o)ed' @ermo%enes.' (he testate pro.onsidered to !e .a$ enou%h' .$e 10*2'4awphil (he su%%estion that there )as an implied prohi!ition !e.a!$eE and shou$d not !e . and administration pro.ion )as a .eption !ut the ru$e. 5uhay de <oma and <osa$inda de <oma' he died intestate on +pri$ 30.o$$ation re0uired under +rti.ause the properties donated )ere imputa!$e to the free portion of the de.. her father.annot !e fi.eedin%' Fortunato 5orromeo fi$ed a motion !efore the tria$ .$ear and ..orporated a Aai.a$id !e. a )ido)er died )ithout for. )ho !y fi.e the .tion of $a) .a$$y as an e/.on. .a$id' (he pre.ase of preterition' (he )i$$ in this .e $ands to the . +dora.ti.ed in +rti.ourt .eedin% )as .ation of that intention.ause it )as measured in a.e .h a .eedin%s )ere instituted in the Court of First -nstan.$e 10*1' +nythin% $ess than su.ertain properties ear$ier donated !y Cande$aria to 5uhay.-:4. 4 +.e of Ce!u' 2ose 2un0uera fi$ed a petition for the pro!ate of a one pa%e do.t thereof from the .$ear indi.ase is .t$y o!ser. the )i$$ )as .ery of the ri.ontended that he )as depri. 1961.e properties in the pro.essari$y e/empt the su!9e.ontinue the persona$ity of the former' >or do su.hara. the purported EAai.ause there seems to !e an omission of a .ourt prayin% that he !e de.o.h properties ha.-:7 (here is nothin% in the a! De )o4a s CA .ase is . it shou$d !e distri!uted amon% the testator?s $e%a$ heirs' (he effe. three e$ements are essentia$: (1) the e/isten.o.ompu$sory heir. ho) of hereditary ri%hts is that Ethe properties in.eption to the %enera$ ru$e announ.e of =a%una !y the pri.e pro.eased' -n this .o$$ation of the donated properties' +s the said .e $ands' (he $a) )hi.t is as if the testator had made no disposition as to the said ri..onsidered to !e effe.h express prohi!ition )i$$ not suffi.erns +dora.h is .ou$d !e no .e )hen the )i$$ Edoes not dispose of a$$ that !e$on%s to the testator'E (here !ein% no su!stitution or a.ides that $e%a$ su.ourt he$d th at the do.ered to that e..e' (his .ered !y +rt 912(2) of the o$d do.ase.t that a donation is irre.e the .e $ands.retion as to the said ri.isions e/press$y prohi!itin% the .e of the nine heirs re$in0uished to Fortunato their shares in the disputed estate Cande$aria de <oma had t)o $e%a$$y adopted dau%hters. sti$$.in.o%ni#ed' -f there are no $e%itmes.o$$ation' (he fa.. there .umstan.t to the heirs.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .in% intention to re$in0uish their ri%hts' 37 Article ta3es pie. ) of @ereditary <i%hts' -n the )ai.ument as the $ast )i$$ and testament $eft !y the said de.h %o.erted into an intestate pro. Article .ir.0uire a ri%ht to su.onstrued as an e/press prohi!ition a%ainst .ument presented as the )i$$ )as a for%ery' (he testate pro.$uded in an e/istin% inheritan.eedin% remained pendin%'-n 1956 the parish priest fi$ed a petition for the de$i.ument did not ha.ession from the moment of the death of the de.hur. the same )ere not de$i.ionBs )i$$ is the $a) of &ennsy$. the phrase Esa pamama%itan n% pa%!i!i%ay na di na ma!a!a)in% mu$iE mere$y des. )hi.ate%ori.a!$e does not ne.edent?s estate merits $itt$e .$e 10*2' +!sent su. )e app$y not the e/.h pro.ri!ed the donation as Eirre.ed of his $e%itime as a resu$t of the repro!ate of the )i$$' Fito to e/ist.04< BO))O1EOHE))E)A ! BO))O1EO Article .e $ands.edent' Ahi$e it )ou$d seem that &hi$ippine $a)s )ou$d ma3e the )i$$ in.eased' (he pro!ate .orre.ter of future property. !e.ed heirs !ut $ea.o.a$id !e. no) +rt 9*0(2).e' For a )ai.ordan.annot !e .o$$ation shou$d !e e/pressed p$ain$y and une0ui.h ri%ht' (he .

!e paid. 1on 2esus and 1oa F$orentina.eased $e%itimate son of the said de.ia$ partition of 1979 )as . 1979' On +u%'17.h partition sha$$ !e respe. entered into a du$y notari#ed a%reement.e ho$o%raphi.ipro. the pro. the e/e.ontra. pro.ided that Eit is my )ish and .em!er 17. o.e of the issues at !ar is the fa.ia$ partition of >o.ommandin% that upon her death a$$ her o!$i%ations as )e$$ as the e/penses of her $ast i$$ness and funera$ and the e/penses for pro!ate of her $ast )i$$ and for the administration of her property in a. to )it.ause the so.u$ar heir amon% her se. and a $e%itimate %randdau%hter named =i$ia 1i#on.ritura de &arti.onformity and in imp$ementation of the e/tra9udi.i$s amendin% and supp$ementin% their respe..ontra.odi.ified ea.$e 1080 of the Ci.ion E/tra9udi.ia$.ept Marina 1i#on. 19* future inheritan.en . )i$$s.ompu$sory heirs.ia$ partition of 1979 is .ordan. Fernando +$sua thru this 9udi. 19598 it erred in ho$din% that 1on 2esus !ein% a party to the e/tra9udi. +$!ay. the spouses 1on 2esus and 1o"a (inay e/e.e )ith the dispositions immediate$y thereafter fo$$o)in%.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer and the fruits thereof. )here!y she spe.edent' i/ of these se.e of ma3in% a ne) )i$$ )ith . &a!$o +$sua. 195*.ontrary pro. Marina 1i#on (herein e/e.hi$d and heir of <amon 1i#on. 1979.t on$y to the ri%ht of . the testatri/. +n%e$ina 1i#on and 2osefina the then present and e/istin% properties of the spouses 1on 2esus and 1o"a F$orentina' On 2an' 5.en . and )as sur. su.t !e.ifi.CIVIL LAW REVIEW . +%ripina 2' Fa$de#. to%ether )ith a$$ their $i.en other %rand.ordan. )ho is the on$y $e%itimate .hi$dren named Este$a 1i#on.uted their mutua$ and re.-7C+ erred in denyin% pro!ate to the )i$$ of 1on 2esus dated >o.o$.' 25. )i$$s' On Fe!' 19.ontemp$ated and authori#ed in the first para%raph of +rti.t as a donation inter .ou$d not re. 1on 2esus +$sua and his )ife. a )ido).idedE in a. (omas F' 1i#on. &ampan%a. had not !een in. she e/press$y pro.t that the testatri/? testamentary disposition )as in the nature of a partition of her estate !y )i$$' (hus.ti. a$so 3no)n as 1o"a (inay separate$y e/e. )ins and the . after .ti.ause it in.060 Als$a-Betts s CA .e ho$o%raphi.ia9e.e .hi$dren. properties to the heirs made !y the parents' .i.hi$dren to )hom she !e0ueathed the same' (his )as a .ompu$sory heirs'E (his ri%ht of a testator to partition his estate is su!9e.en .a$id partition of her estate.e as a partition8 neither is it a . and +mparo +$sua de 5uen.isions thereof and hen. Fran.tua$$y !ound !y the pro.en effe.i$s thereto )ere du$y admitted to pro!ate' 1e. a pre.isi.t inter vivos or !y )i$$. si/ $e%itimate .a +$sua.a$$ed e/tra9udi.e ho$o%raphi.ed !y se. 1o"a F$orentina <e$$a.5etts.utri/.ia$ %uardian C$oti$de amson.os of spe.appe$$ants' On >o. their respe.i$ Code. as . in the third para%raph of her )i$$.$uded' 38 Article . Es. insofar as it does not pre9udi.e the $e%itime of the .odi.a$id or enfor.ted.utri/. 5ernardita 1i#on.e )ith $a).ea!$e .-70 On 2anuary 28.idin% that E( )hou$d a person ma3e a partition of his estate !y an a.h )ere in .is.e8 it may on$y !e %i.uted their respe.isions of )hi.a$ .appe$$ee) are the oppositors..06< Di#on-)i era s Di#on . died in +n%e$es.em!er 25.ompu$sory heirs (e/. !oth of =i%ao.appe$$ee).in% .isions or dispositions' -t is an error !e.o3e his parti.ti.ommand that my property !e di. 1956.. 1955.h rea$ property in her estate and desi%nated the parti.i.oid and inoperati.ipation therein !y the simp$e e/pedien.ompu$sory heirs and se.ompu$sory heirs to their $e%itime' Article .

e his future inheritan.uted )ith her .ti.ed Manue$ of his $e%itime in his estate' &etitioners? o)nership o.e and one.070 1aestrado s CA /000 =ot >o' 5862 is no $on%er ho)e. or a!out a month !efore Henaro?s death a Epartition of rea$ propertyE )as e/e. )hi. or !y )i$$.ista.ista.onse0uen.ription' E>o tit$e to re%istered $and in dero%ation to that of the re%istered o)ner sha$$ !e a.hi$dren' -n a$$ the do.or of her dau%hter.ed for herse$f the possession of the $and and the en9oyment of the fruits durin% her $ifetime' 1espite the transfers or assi%nments her .on9u%a$.0uired !y reason of the ora$ partition a%reed upon !y the de.en as share fi.onsummated durin% the $ifetime of Manue$a 5uena.ts' -t is a %enera$ prin.uted a 1eed of a$e )ith a$$ her .indi.eased spouses? heirs sometime !efore 195*' (hat ora$ a%reement )as .ides that )here there are t)o or more heirs.t perfe.oid'Aith more reason )ou$d the partition !e .ep.e the $e%itime of the for. +mparo of their o)n . and her hus!and.t inter . Manue$a 5uena. +n%e$ Cha.ause the do. made him renoun. an.e !ut a .--0. )hi.i.t.e$y' (hey )ere sur.h partition sha$$ stand insofar. 1978.3 upon his o)n as a repudiation of his to feature inheritan.07: Ale*andrino s CA +rt' 1068 of the Ci.ument does not ha.e that tenor' For this reason. Henaro' On eptem!er 1*.e in his father?s estate !e.onstrued to mean that a person )ho ma3es an inter .$e 105* )as .eed . Con. Henaro treated the homestead as his so$e property and not .a$id'+s the defendants free$y parti.hi$dren.e her .uments.eased spouses <amon and <osario Cha. in e0ua$ pro.i$ Code pro.e#.s' Mitsumine 37 &hi$' 858') Article .ription or ad.e' (he 1951 affida.0uired !y pres. had assi%ned or distri!uted to her . si%ned a E5i$ihan% &atu$uyan n% =upaE of the entire property in fa.oid if there )as no )i$$' Henaro depri. Manue$ is not estopped to i%nore that partition' 39 CHA=EA ! IAC +. they are no) estopped from denyin% and repudiatin% the . name$y: Carmen Cha. her parapherna$ property' (he o)ner. the mother. in effe.i.os partition must first e/e. 1966 and eptem!er 8.ides that Eif the testator shou$d ma3e a partition of his property !y an a.ista )ho si%ned the same and %a.CIVIL LAW REVIEW . e/e.ute a )i$$' -f the )i$$ is . Herardo 2imene# (he spouses <amon and <osario died intestate in 1973 and said $ot )as .$e 105* of the o$d Ci.into +$e9andrino and Enri. is . Henaro 1imayu%a.ha$f he.h it a.ted and .ontra. e/e.0uired a (orrens tit$e for that homestead in 1928' e%unda died intestate in 1970.ista.ip$e of $a) that no one may !e permitted to disa. the partition is .os. Manue$a 5uena.ontra.i.ontrary thereto' (2oa0uin .<oa.hi$dren had e/e.i$ Code pro. <a0ue$ Cha.a =a!unos >o portion of the homestead.ed !y her son. and her hus! !y the fo$$o)in% heirs.0uired !y pres.annot !e .ts entered into )ith respe.h partition inter .es. there )as a stipu$ation that the o)ner. sur.o) and %o !a. 2osefa Cha.uted in En%$ish' -n that partition. su.ion Cha.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer DI1AFUBA ! CA +.o$untary a. may !e a. 1966' Article . (he 1eeds of a$e are not .i.iso shares.+!aya.onsent thereto' u.ts.erse possession'E +rti.tores and a$. Manue$.i.onformity ten years ear$' 2a. respe. married to e%unda Hayapanao in 1915 a.oid.ador Cha. the )ho$e estate of .h the petitioners a$so re%ard as a donation.tua$$y )as' Manue$ )as e.ed heirs'E +rti.$aims e/e.uted !y the said heirs on +u%ust 1*.ipated in the partition.tares of the homestead' (he partition )as not re%istered' Manue$a 5uena.uted !y the property o)ner herse$f. a re%istered $and. as it does not pre9udi. or to pro.ommon property of the heirs of the de.onfirmed !y the notari#ed 0uit.

the respe.o.into' (he !an3 fore.o)ners' -n other )ords.o)ners' (he under$yin% rationa$e is that unti$ a di.e )ith the pro.ipants.hi$dren named ! CA Article .o died intestate )ithout payin% the de!t' @is intestate heirs )ere: his )ife +ntonia and . )as not a party to the a%reement' +s a ma9ority o)ner of the undi.ises.ument' Ahat the re.h heirs.tment .parti. an e/.0uire a $oan' 4nder +rt' 1082 of the Ci. Hra.h the respondent .o.o.s0uare.ou$d !e identified as yet and de$ineated as the o! the property of the de. + .o.i.ated !y the desire to a.h . o)ned in . >orma.annot !e determined and e.o. )hi$e another is that it is mere$y preparatory to a &artition' the de.ia.ure payment of a $oan' said property !ut )i$$ inure to the !enefit of a$$ .o)ner to e/er. the o)nership of an undi.ita and Hre%orio 2r' fi$ed an a.e.eased' 4nder a .ised ri%hts of o)nership o. ! su. the estate of the +$e9andrino spouses )as not sett$ed in a.u$ar portion of the property .ourt ru$ed had a$ready !een se%re%ated in fa. Ce!u City identified as =ot >o' 2698 and . or any other transa. e.e demanded and insisted on %ettin% the parti.ommon !y su.edent.ided thin% or ri%ht !e$on%s to different persons' Ea. 9oint o)nership o.i$ Code. su!9e. =ina.est in him so$e o)nership o.e$ of $and in (u%ue%arao' -n his $ifetime.h is in 0uestion' One interpretation is that it is a &artition.e share of ea.t to the payment of the de!ts of the de.ise ri%hts of o)nership o.ided in the future amon% the heirs' (he o)ner of t)o.o.hoate ri%ht' -n the instant .ered !y (ransfer Certifi.o) a share of 3*'50 s0uare meters' @o)e.ase a%ainst 2o.ifi.o)ner )ho o)ns 2O3 of the entire par.ia and +!undio a 219.h .ea$ is the intention of 2o. in addition to his use and en9oyment of the same' +$thou%h the ri%ht of an heir o. she shou$d ha. to%ether )ith his .ery .o)ner does not .or of the t)o .annot !e !indin% on the the )ho$e property and may use and en9oy the same )ith no other $imitation than that he sha$$ not in9ure the interests of his . 2r'.itaBs hus!and and son to e.h is he$d pro indiviso e/er. before partition.o.t of the sa$e' (he +%reement )as mere$y a s. no the pro indiviso property.o. Mauri.. =auren.o.edent order .edure out$ined in the <u$es of Court' @eirs e/e.o. Car$os.o. as the property in 0uestion )as mort%a%ed !y the de.uted an +%reement.tion for partition' Fran.o)nership e/isted amon% the heirs durin% the period %i.edent is in.o.ision is made. and 2a.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer $eft their si/ .h is intended to put an end to indi.$osed property' <edemption of the )ho$e property !y a .ause the property had not yet !een partitioned in a. it )i$$ not end to the e/istin% state of .o)ner )ho redeems the )ho$e property )ith her o)n persona$ funds does not !e.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .thirds (2O3) of the property.o.ided amon% their .ordan.hi$dren )ith ea.heirs is deemed to !e a partition e.$osed on the mort%a%e !ut Article .ision amon% .ided .ords re.tion' 40 1998 Article .ises his ri%hts o. Emma.en !y $a) to redeem the fore.t them from the 1st f$oor of the !$d% on the $and for fai$ure to pay rent' 2o. Ciria.hoate as $on% as the estate has not !een fu$$y sett$ed and e/er.o)ner of property )hi.e !een di.ery a.ate of (it$e >o' 19*58' 4pon the demise of the +$e9andrino spouses. =auren.ia )as )ithin her hereditary ri%hts in se$$in% her pro indiviso share in =ot >o' 2698' @o)e.u$ar portions )hi.0:: 1ariano ! CA Redemption of the whole property by a co5owner within the redemption period does not terminate the co5ownership and does not vest in him sole ownership. Conso$a.e$ !ut )ho )as not a si%natory or party to the do.meter $ot in Mam!a$in%.e$ino. Hre%orio.hi$d ha. Ester.o)nership' +dmitted$y. he mort%a%ed the $and to <ura$ 5an3 of (u%ue%arao to se.0:/ Anco8 ! CA <osario e/er.!rothers' (he a%reement amon% the heirs of Emi$io @ermoso as to shares fo$$o)in% one another in a spe.ase.ome the so$e o)ner of said property and terminates the e/istin% state of )hi.o. a . the interpretation of )hi.ordan. Fran.h in. e.o.o)nership' <edemption is not a mode of terminatin% a .ede their interest in the $and to <osario' -t is immateria$ that they had !een initia$$y moti. the property shou$d ha.en thou%h it shou$d purport to !e a sa$e.ion @ermoso.o. the $a) a$$o)s a the $and' <osario !rou%ht an e9e.ita to .o Hosien%faio is the re%istered o)ner of a par.o)nership' .hi$dren +mparo.e )ith the <u$es of Court.heme as to ho) the $and )ou$d !e su!di.endors.

o%ni#e and respe.o. Fira.o. antia%o.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .e noti. respondents )ere no $on%er Cthird persons. and the other heirs e/.o.onstitute .i$e%e .o. 1emetria and +n%e$' -t )as stipu$ated in the deed that the parties re. 1emetria and +n%e$ Fernande# .h he has !een thrust' -t is intended to minimi#e .t of e/e.enien.ommunity su!sists' @o)e.e shares )hi$e the .o)ner the e/er.D !ut had a$ready !e.enient asso.reditors and )as ne.tion of .ome . +ntonia.on.ation is %eared for the prote.e of a )ritten notifi.$uded in the partition' 5y . to afford him a )ay out of )hat mi%ht !e a disa%reea!$e or RanS in. Emma. this suit for partition and dama%es' + par.irtue of the 1eed of E/tra9udi.o)ners.uted a deed of assi%nment of the ri%ht of redemption in fa.e$ of residentia$ $and )ith an area of 99 s0uare meters $o. po$i..o)ned property is so$d to a third person' Other)ise put.ution' (he re0uirement of pu!$$ed of !y a .en !e%un to run' 41 Fernande# ! Tar$n The right of redemption may be exercised by a co5owner" only when part of the community property is sold to a stranger.ase.e to the heirs )ho had no 3no)$ed%e or did not ta3e part in it !e.e after the fa.onstru.on.e not $ost their ri%ht to redeem. +n%e$ e/.ia$ &artition.o.or of +mparo' +mparo $ater on so$d the $and to pouses Mariano' Hra.reated !y $a) part$y for reasons of pu!$i.o)ner.209.han%e of shares' +mon% the parties to the deed are +ntonio. &etitioners are not entit$ed to e/er. it is 0uite . >orma.uded in the deed of assi%nment fi$ed a . =ina.ious$y so$d !y +ntonio and 1emetria Fernande# in fa.essor.uted a 1eed of E/tra9udi.o.ero e/e.t fishpond and another fishpond e/e.ontested property to pouses (arun had $on% !een . respondents )rote petitioners of their desire for partition !ut this )as re9e.e Hosen%fiao. =ina.o)ners of the )ho$e property' + third person.o)nership' (he $a) %rants a .er intended . Car$os and e.t the sa$e pre. 6hen the portion is sold to a co5owner" the right does not arise because a new participant is not added to the co5ownership.ti. !ut a$so to a$$ those )ho su!se0uent$y a.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer !efore the redemption period e/pired.e$s of re%istered $and )ith e/.iation into )hi.endors.o. o)ners on the remainin% portion of R=Sot >o' 2991 ma3in% +n%e$ 5' Fernande# and RrespondentsS as .or of pouses (arun so the portion )as e/. for in the a!sen. is anyone )ho is not a ..$ear that respondents are petitionersB . on$y )hen the shares of the other o)ners are so$d to a third person' =e%a$ redemption is in the nature of a pri. antia%o.han%ed his share on the other fishpond to the shares of his .o.omp$aint for re.onsummated !efore petitioners su.ation of the sett$ement does not .ery and $e%a$ redemption )ith dama%es a%ainst spouses Mariano' (he !rothers +ntonio. the ri%ht to redeem referred to in +rti.ation of the sa$e !y the .$e 1*20 app$ies on$y )hen a portion is so$d to a non.o)ner' -n this .0uire their !y petitioners' @en.o)ner' (he ri%ht of redemption may !e a.y and part$y for the !enefit and .ise of the said ri%ht of redemption )hen the shares of the other o)ners are so$d to a Jthird person'DB C$a +/006.eeded their prede.o)ners' (he sa$e of the .ai$a!$e on$y )hen part of the . +n%e$ Fernande#' 5y the time petitioners entered into the . =ar8as (he pu!$i.o)nership.ti.ause the same )as noti.e of the redemptioner. )ithin the meanin% of +rti.o.o.o.ia$ &artition of t)o par.o.o)ned an 8. Catanduanes )as $eft !ehind !y <espondents ha.ated in an 2uan.ise their ri%ht of $e%a$ redemption' (he ri%ht to redeem is %ranted not on$y to the ori%ina$ .o)ners of =ot >o' 2991' +fter the death of +n%e$ Fernande#. the period has not e.o)ners of the su!9e.$e 1*20.s0uare meter fishpond to the e/tent of 1O5 thereof' +ntonio and 1emetria Fernande# so$d their shares to pouses (arun' (he . it must !e stressed that this ri%ht of redemption is a.

<osario F' Forte#a.edent )ho died )ithout a )i$$. ha.tion 1.t of an e/ hus!and !e the su!9e. partitionin% and ad9udi.onsent is in.ia$ partition of the estate of the de. the re.ia$ ett$ement +mon% @eirs )as e/e. <u$e 67 of the <u$es of Court an e/tra9udi.uti.ion Far%as.edent?s estate' -n this .. +ntonina Far%as and F$orentino Far%as.ument' On$y Ester.ered their e/isten.uted !y and amon% &au$ina Far%as? heirs.ia$ sett$ement of the Estate app$ies on$y to the estate $eft !y the de.ase . a notari#ed E/tra 2udi. and the heirs are a$$ of a%e or the minors are represented !y their 9udi.ords of the present .erned' 42 Article .tion. 1997. +ndres Far%as. Fisita.onse.BALANE Batch 2013 – SUCCESSION Reviewer the $ate &au$ina Far%as' On Fe!ruary' -f the property does not !e$on% to the estate of the de. 2uan. Fisita.omp$aint' Fo$$o)in% <u$e 67.CIVIL LAW REVIEW .ia$ or $e%a$ representati. and the partition made )ithout their 3no)$ed%e and .i.ia$ ett$ement +mon% @eirs )as pu!$ished in the Catanduanes (ri!une for three .eased )ifeL 4nder e.04 Ba$tista AC$ino +. name$y Ester Far%as.e on$y short$y !efore the fi$in% of the present .annot !e the su! the $ot in 0uestion.ertain$y it one of them %ettin% a share of 11 s0uare meters' F$orentino.onfirm that respondents ne. Ienaida F' Matien#o.a$id insofar as they are . +ndres.ia$ sett$ements do not !ind respondents.ipation in the de. BrinoCan the property of the sur.e heirs of their $a)fu$ parti. ea.ia$ partition' . and )ith no .t matter of an e/tra9udi.atin% unto themse$.reditors.on.-::. 2uan Far%as. these e/tra9udi. +ntonina and H$oria. did not si%n the si%ned either of the sett$ement do.e )ee3s to depri. Ienaida and <osario si%ned it' (he E/tra 2udi. ho)e. H$oria dis.edent .

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